Newspaper of Evening Star, 26 Aralık 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 26 Aralık 1860 Page 3
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LO V A L M EWS. SritENAtt to Senator Pcsi.?Ob Monday last our limited space prevented the publication of tbe full particular* of the serenade to Senator I'ncb Tbcf will be found subjoined ?? Saturday utgbt a large uuraher of citizens and others, th- friends and admirers of Senator of Ohio, proceeded with the Marine bamL, to bis rtsldem. on Louisiana avenue, to offer IIm IK csnuumtnu <i a acrcuaue, tug their high appreciation of hit recent *f frrts for the restoration of peace to our distracted country, on the floor of the Senate After aevoral aire hy the band, Mr Ward, of this crty, came tpon (he balrony and slid Fellow-cltiTen??I bare the honor of introducing the Senator frxim Ohio. Mr Pi2h. a !*nlon man; what more can ><e said thin that- (Enthuaiaetic chcers and ex l"??tons ] Mr. Hugh said: Mv friends, rertntnlr do man eTer had more cause to be thankfal for a compli ment ao unexpected. 1 deaerve only tbr credit of bavin; discharged my plain duty aa a Senator ?f the United States. In atrlving to avert tfee cate trophe of civil war. I am truly, as my friend has aid. a I'nion man (Loud cheering. md crlea of "Good"Good But 1 do not believe that oar L'alon cau b? maintained by the award; It must repoae In tbe aiTec tions of the peo pie In every State; and the way to preserve the llnlon, now and at all times, la to endear It to the liearts of the pro pie In every ?tate, by convincing 'hem tbat It l* better, infinitely belter, than any ofeer form of liovernment. Let us prove, as we can easily prove to ?outh Carolina, that all her rights of property, her Interest, and her honor, can be *e?vired within the I'nion. rather thm by sepa rating from It. The Net Is so, and ever waa ao. Our Revolutionary fathers were of tUat opinion; and until we can find a greate*- prophet than him whose name your proud city bears, we may well to it The L'nion was erected upon this foundation. L*t us coot!Dually oba?rTf* the foun dation, and thus protect the Union forever. (Cl.eert. and ejaculation* of ''Bully for you."] Tbe American people, like all frer people, some times quarrel; we inust expect that, but If we ran prrvcnt the spilling of blood la our quarrel* this will b? no anion of thirtv-two states but of thir'y-three and very aoon of more (Voice, " Bring backSorth Carolina !"] ,'Iip will come hack of her own accord if we p- ak to h?r only in kindness. My frienda. I have Mid enough; v?a all know my sentiments, I am surrounded by eloquent and patriotic gentlemen, aoinc from tbe slav-holding and some from the iion-slaveholding States. Allow me to th\nv you. [Cries of *'Go on. go on. Oh ' goon!"* *1 should oulv rt peat what I have said to tbe J,. ' c>f New Kuulaud upon one side and to ' "(W* of the <ulf StaW-s upon the other. |*ople nance or overthrow of tbe Uni?~ ' ^sln!e" h.val.le alternative. It is ro? y e" - I... in? ?n. th? With you o* me . .v ? ?-? j- rocrt oi wnai couia t>e two hn*tllr' (T,p^Tp# 11 tbf estremc#?'r^tinue to be unreaviiiabl-,T*r ?f thr berd?r. ^ ,r?t bid them both to ?'^nd *nd l-:ave os *", determine the whole irtatlet Wi >iU nd to tw tr peace and to recap I the I" nion whrrfft it bu proven to b? faulty, or can b? .rii. jf ntbfr extreme shou'd leave ua, 01 ufnw to co operate in the of honorable ad j "i' vent we will cou?'.uue at peace amon^ our V ivf * and w*it for %agon and justice to conqnei 'theni ?toc>d ni^*" k gentl'-men, I need bardly ?a] afiain ' thank .ou Tbr?e -b' prt for Mr Pugh.and cric? for Mr > a.) ' Jad' gbam FltCH OF MR VALUJI&MiHA* Mr Vallandt^bam.of Ohio,appeared and tald h ?iio a rti u ns. .i? a \ve??rn man. is a citizen o: Ohio, as a Inug time friend, and now the col league and House mate of the Senator from at State, in wbK* honor you have at* in bled, thank you cordially for this demonstration, a* i rt rawnl compliment to l:-m for the ability an< ?oora^f which he th* other d*y displayed In th ' nt? ChitBbrl No man has deserved 11 better iI?(1 he too. 1 am sur>\ ?h inks you heartily for ll Hut it it \s a testimonial In be&alf of the doctrin enforced and the policy pronounced by him th otbet day. that this demonstration has p^culia l^rr.H^apce. i'o ni>{b<youare hereto endorse th ^?r?t policy of conciliation, not force ; peace, n< v ivil war The desire nearest the heart of ever rUiot in th:s crisis, is toe preservation of th nlon of th?-s? States, as our fathers made i I \ nrUn&p 1 Uiit thp 1' ninn ran hp n?r?c?ifc^ a?I W th* e'oi jtitntlon, and the const Vi?!?nil rights, and ab^ve *11, thepetfeet equalit " ft very State and every section of th's Conf-dei *cy |Che?rs ] That constitution was made i peace , it his, tor now more than seventy ye*n been preserved by the policy of peace at boon and it can alone be maintained for our chlldrei and the.r child'en after them, by that tame peac Thi? L" lion is not to b?s bfld tque'her, tbis Coi atitntion is not to be cemented by the blood of 01 cilia'ca poured out in civil war; and coercion civil war. and It la folly to attemp to disguise i true character under the name and pretense < "enforcing tb* laws " The people will In ti ?>nd demand a bloody reckoning tipc i the hea< of those who may thus deceive them [Lou ? herrs ] No; let us neg"tia'e, compromise, co cede, let us. If need be, give and receive ne guarantees for our respective rights, for thia wisdom and true statesmanship. and in tbis w: only ran tbe Government be pr^-scrved or restore A* !! 1?* ? W-. 1 -" - ol a generation or two hence shall seek Tor pea and security under tb?* despotism of tbetwo, tbi or int?r?- military leader* who stall partition tl magnificent country of our* bftwwn them. by 1 sword Hence, citizen* of Washington, you i right to lie here to-night to testify your appro' ?>f that great policy of peace ana concillatl ?hlch alone cau avert these borrors [<?r cb?-ertng | The Republican party has come Into pov with th? threat of hostility to the r gbts and im tutions of nearly one-bnlf of this Cnnfedera and it > right and lit, according to the court* the common law, but, above all, of the great li ? f sdf-pr??? rvation, tbst they ibcnlj be put an< bonds not to carry that threat Into executli J Applause] This is the philosophy of new t" antra for ti l rghta It Is the philosophy of t! f iicy to which the gentlemau in whose hoi you h!?vt assembled. together with myself a thers from the North and Northwest, are writ and r**tolutely commuted W e mean to stand It P ibtic ?> ntimeut may, indeed, at first Fellow citizens, 1 din all over, aid Mtogetb I niou man I would preserve it in all ns In rltv and wiflh Bui, I repeat, ttut tbiS&a?i?? done by coercion?by tbe sword. He who wi ri-aort to fori e?military force, is a dtsuulo call blmaclf wUt be mjy, and disguise l> tt?< ti i;iar under tlie pretext of executing (tie I add pf-aef vtnj; ti>e I nion. He ia a 4 diaur 1st," wbetlter be knows it and ineons it or Hence 1 am for peace and for coon promise, 1 irrepeaiabie compromiae, so that we may se pf?er, bat i am for peare in any event?peace i both sides snd upon all side*, now and forevi Mr. Wallory, of Ky., was then latroduced. PBKCB OP Ml MALLOtT Mr. MaUory, of Ky ? tienUeuoea, I know you desire to bear me, Ux>ugh | luiow ibst u^ainst us; the tide may run heavily the ot wjy for it little while; but tbank Uod vr* all hi utrve enough, and will enough, and faltk enot in the people, to know that at last it will turu peace;' and though we may be prostrated fo time by the atorm, yet upon the gravestont every patriot who shall die now in the caiiM peace <tud humanity and the country, shall writ'en. '-RtfMTfam"?I shall riae again. A it will be a glorious resurrection. [Loud and c tinned applause ] From the Senate Cham I then, from the Hail of Repre?? ntatives, and fr tfcla asvmblage to-night. let tte word go fortl the hearta of tbe p-ople throughout the length i breadth of the land, that come v-hat may of aw a.on, disruption, and political discord and atr the sword at least shall not be drawn bv the rl sections nor our quarrela ever be submitted tc tern arbitrament [Applause J A Voice ?Let South Carolina go to b? H. South Carolina is bound, 1 trust, upon so s mission; (loud and deafening applause.] travel iu no auc&direction [tawri j Hut I hope and lie vc ttot if security but be given to ber for the and uudiaturbed enjoyment of tbe naif right* no more, the mutt ask no more?[A Voice ? don't uk more]?which she ia entitled to no\ thi I uion and under tbe Constitution: if tbe i guarantees for old nghfa, proposed by Mr. t tendeu or similar guarantees. ample eaotig erttle finally and furrier thispestilentantislav citation. which, for a annrter of a century, I ?ng atuikcu tbe temple of tbia I uion. is now a I to topple it down 111 ruin* upon our beads Ibrte abali to given in tbe uiuv spirit wi;h wl the Constitution itself was made and agrrtH ??0!)th Carolina will uUdlv retorn to that ( frderacv in the founding of which, ?a in the of the Krvolulion which preceded 11, be." be and patriot* and statesmen bore ao gallant Douorable <?nd dxtinvuiahed a nart ICbrer i\? cciiw tc? *? un*c iiu rim war. ia ppilUM And, as one living near the borders of what ni be, unhappily, and in an evil boar, a dlvld Confederacy, I am resolved that by no vote, bv ?pe?rt?, by no art of mine shall anything be do tn plunge this my country, into the horrois ol Mrar among brethren I lament profoundly indeed the causes wbi have led to this most alarming crisis in the mi<{ of which wf now are. 1 have labored faithful and right jianfully for years to correct and remove t^em I regret also the ft-sults whi na'urall.y and inevitably have followed thei But 'A we must separate, let It. in God's name, ? ? * ? peace, in'ii we saau oe aoie xo reconsiri ?bis Government If we cannot preserve, w? c" aud we will, restore it, and become tbua t second founders of the Republic That Is c mission, Inferior only in glory and honor, and pxid, to tne mission of thoie who laid its fouuc lion at first [Applause] Preserve p?->ice and we shall yet save this (Jo eminent; we shall h.nve time to correct pub] sentiment everywhere, and to agree upon su< terms of adjustment as will consolidate tae uni of these States and make i! firmer and strong than before. But tbe first drop of blood sh among us In th? wicked and murderous lnsani ?f coercion will be the beginning of a civil w; ind of massacres and atrocities, the end of whi t.<-lther you nor your children's children will ? till wearied. impoverished, exhausted, tbe peoj * fUitiply becana- I am ftmn tile enod o!d State of i Kentucky?because of the fact that I represent la , part that State, and 1 tell you tbat representing that State u I do, I claim to know ber sentiment | and feelinj?, aad 1 assert it that the la tra? and faithful, as the ever baa been I recollect a dieting ilahed citlsea of Nn pro claliued tbat Kentucky could never regard lb? dlaaolution of thia L itlon aa a remedy for any evils abe has auffered. And I tell you tkat aantlmeut still lives In that State, and whenever the time comes for her to utter an fx p retain a, she will say to you that her attachment to that I n Ion la aa firm new u when the sentiment wax proclaimed in the halls of Coigrra I tell yon that the be lieve* that we of the Smooth have Wn aggrieved and a be intends to make her grievance* known, and usarrt her righto, and to have them too. Give the fact? to the whole Confederacy, North and 9outh, blast and Weal, and we are in hope* that when they coma to think thev will reform every thing that la wrong and do justice. 1 tell yo'i now that 1 fear that tone 9tate* South are too rapidly hurrying Into a future about which thev know nothing. Let them osll \lpon Ken tucky to join them,'and V'oey will mart with the cooperation of that State. i believe we have auf fered wrong, bat still I thank Ood I can yet look upon the people of the Northern States as breth ren . and believe that they will y?t do ua justice aad not continue to deny us our righto. But in an emergency like thia no Government ahould think of force by way of coercion. Great as I regard the evils of seceasion and the evils of dissolution, I believe those evils would be aggravated to an (incalculable extent by resort* lne to force and civil war. And upon this *ub)ect I believe I am speaking the aentimenta of all Ken tucky. Vou aee, gentlemen. I am laboring under a se vere cold, and I know yon will excuse me from further entering upon your attention. [Retires amid enthusiastic hurrah* and calls for Mr.9egat, of Virginia ] SPHCH OF MR SXGA*. Joseph Segar. Esq , of Va., being known to be present, was nailed for, and responded In a very spirited speech. He said ; "The Old Dominion stands true to the Union. This hour, the land 01 Washington and Henry, the 4 Mother of States and Statesmen,' is wof fthlpplng with hoi" devotion at the altar of the union." And srvaiing of the condition of attain ?rC<iU ^?orth ana South, said: "Concession, mutual j, the only policy that can save us ;%* either party should b<? extreme In Its de,r^nd?. We must givr and take. Ttom the bright constellation pf Atnerlra on1! baa already fallen; star lew glittteH on the fotd? of our naticiial flag; b'H Vrtth concession And good feeling, w*r*h drive the black cloud that now hang* o<rer us, away, and bring back our erring ?i?t-T into the great sisterhood or tStatea. Don't, in God s name, think of coercion. 3hould you re*ort to it, Old Virginia will Instantly be alongside of South Carb'ina In the common cause of rt-slltan'-e E^jainst any forte brought to bear 11(101* a State standing up in this crisis for her tiahts I. f>r one, am against this policy of precipitation, and do not regard the election of Mr Lincoln ai just cause for disunion. Both the North and South are in the wrong. The prospect for a recon ciliation look* dark, vet 1 cannot help hoping for the Union. When 1 ice that noble, patriotic, gifted son of Kentucky, the compatriot friend of gallant, noble, glorious old Harry Clay, 1 say when 1 see the venerable John J Crittenden, of Kentucky, holding out the olive branch of peace In the proposition to return to the Missouri Com promise,?that compromise so reasonable and juat which hat been before the bow of hope in our political heavens, and to which our Northern friends ought joyfully to leap,?and *hen I he bold the honored patriarch of old Kentucky helped on in his patriotic 'ork by a sifted and generous sou of Ohio.?the gallant Uugh?a states man of a slave State and a statesman of a free State cooperating in the holy work of rescuing from ruin the Union of our fathers,?] say when I w itness this glorious exhibition of a noble patriot ism I cannot but trust that many of the colleagues of Cr'.ttenden and I'ugh will copy an example so twortby to be copied, and unite with them in the noble work of saving the Conftderacy from dis ruption Let this be the hope of us all; let us, one and all, talk for, work for, and pray for tbil Union,?this thrice glorious Union Be this oui daily and hourly sentiment?"The flag of oui Union forever?forever?forever ! Mr Woodson, of Missouri.?Fellow citizens All our difficulties are not th? mere result oI pas sion , simply the foundations of tbe Governmeii have been attacked; in the language of Cbie Justice Spatslding, " I his Government was found cd in part upon the institution of slavery." It ii tiiat. find that only, that is now disturbing th< people, and until that question shall be s*ttle< satisfactorily to every section of this Union wi can not expect to look for permanent peac< Nov is the time and now the hour for its settlement and it will not do to delay it until the 4th of Marc I is upon us The rights of all th? States must b preserved as guaranteed by the Constitution o this Union. All cries of peace without that an but empty sounds, " as sounding bras* and tink ling cymbal " Gentleman, I speak for Missouri, and I say, a much as we love thi3 Union, as willingly as w are to die for It we Intend to abate nothing of ou rights; we iutend thxt all the guarantees of th Governmeut shall be observed I tell you. cltl zens. South and North, unless this Question is ad jusvd upon the principles of the Constitution, a announced bv the Supreme Court of the Unite States, this Union, I fear, will be dissolved tell you now, tbat 1 do hope to live and die ba' tling for the honor of this country under our ol common fliff, the flag of our Union; and whe every str pe shall have been erased and everv sU extinguished, may I be found in my explrin, moment* clinging to the flag staff still But, should this Union be dissolved, as I fear ; may be, 1 desire to lie distinctly understood tli> I shall stand, and my State, to all intents and pu poses, will stand on the S< uth side of Mason an Dixon's line. [Applause] Si'KfiCU or XI. PKXDLKTO.f Mr Pendleton being Introduced, said:?Fe low cittxe;is: Nothing is left for me to say, exce] a repetition of the patriotic sentiments which yo hive heard to-night Mr. Crittenden has Just a rived, and 1 know you will wish to hear him. will therefore detain you but a moment. In the midst of all our troubles and trials, whe disunion Is staring us hideously In the fare, wht the fabric of our Government is reeling as If might fall, when our passions and our fears a all intensely excited, it seems to me tbat it is t! first duty of every patriot to see to it that tl public peace is secured Tbat will assuage angi passions; that will give reason opportunity to I heard; that will evoke the feeling of fratern affection in our people, now unfortunately do iisaiit- tK>t Uilll umIiIo i > a dolihrr itxlu (<i avuniii null V, uu I n ill wcauirai us <ii 11 uv li >V/i y tv t AUlllll the foundation* of our Government, and, if hall be nec.f??s<try, to relay them and *t?ady tl tott rin? edifice. We o?the Northwest love thlsUnlou We lo< thisConstitution. We have never known anoth Government We never desire to know auotbr Our hearts are true to it. Our affections clli around it Our interests are bonnd up in It \\ admire, gratefully, tbe wisdom displayed in'1 c<*i*truction; tbe harmony of its compltcat< movements; Its wonderful adaptation to tbe d velopment of all the material Interests of t] country But we bow in reverenca before tl spirit In which It wag conceived?the spirit conciliation, the spirit of concession, the spirit fraternal affection. We believe that the Unit and the Government ought to be maintained V li tend, if possible, that they shall be maiutalne and we believe it to be possible only by invokli Itial iniril nniaf f km- ttiii'a <> 1 ??? "P" 11" " | U-ll OW( tuui V V< > J T he centripetal forces of this Union are inter) and feeling. Force cannot maintain it. An cannot bold it together. Armies cannot unite i The only ln?nds wbicb can bold these states confederation?the only tiea which can make one people?are the soft and silken cords whi< encircle the heart, not the Iron chain which ma acles the limbs These are woven In peace, 11 war: In conciliation, not coercion; in deeds kindness and acta of friendly sympathy, and r in violence and blood. And therefore, to mainta the l inon, to uphold the Government?that i may detain those sister States which are dls-at flea, and racall the one. which haa left ua?we i determined, as far as in us lies, to maintain peat [Continued cheering, and criea for Mr. Crltt* den j Mr Vallandigham, after the applause and cc fuaiou which followed Mr. Penaletou's spec had subsided, introduced Mr. Crittenden, a aaid it gives me great pleasure to introduce you the venerable Senator from Kentucky, w baa for more than forty years served the conn1 under the present Constitution, and who deai now to maintain it just u it was wnen ne am i tired the public service. [Applause ] rsxcu or xi crittkrden. Mr. Crittenden MidYou will not ?p< many words from me under the circuinstanc I have now, as I have ever had from my na hour, a love and admiration for my country, love It for the blessings it haa showered upon and I want to preserve it. It is not too large me 1 want to travel North and rtouth, Hast a West until I am tired, and atill be upon my o1 country's soil, and offer my hand to my o countrymen. [Loud cheers ] I don't know >s we cannot. \V e have lived in peace together; have fought battles together, and slept toget on tbe battle fields, we have seer. battles fooi by men of the North and &outh side by side;? now, fellow-citizens, we want them to be so agi As far as there Is any power in me 1 shall exei to this end, and heartily welcome those who with iu<- uow, whether be be from tbe Not >o itb, East or West. l,et us stand for the un of our country. This very city, tbe seat of Government, est lisb*d by Washington, is dear to my heart, i mingled in my beart as a part of it are its mei ries, and bp whose name it bears I venerate s You have assembled here for the parpoa doing honor to s faithful public servant, wuo. . at . i I _ J \ I. W Ll_ . A oibrr (lay, auunKunora uimvru ov bib riuii bebaif of tbe On?tltutloa and our rommon ci * 4 f untry. You have doae well toaoaaaena and I congratulate yoa upon tbe tribute wk you have to Justly bestowed upoa him for tbe Unseats aad policy which be then announced an a Keotucfciao, and am fraud of It. M ttm tb?t, f an a entree aTtbe raited State* t6U are my f-ilow cttUena, and I tuvlt* you to lend vonr voices for tte preservation of the Union. He**, In this country. political liberty bet thirty m!Ill? * of people that worship her H?re?b? stands In our great mansion, ana t Want to k*ep her there in possession of this great mansion. (E? cesslve chorine ] I should he ashamed to show my face In my home If 1 could not say I a cltlien of the rnltcd bt&ter We ar* b^n Iti Ihfcl flag, and we will not desert It. Tb*n t? it as your coun'ry's honor or Government calls, and let jroar h??rt swell with that great point, '-know lit tle of dlaunlOB?the breaking of It up lightly into fragments " If yon do. yon are not vroftby the existence which you have. [Overwhe lming ap ...WUI. tl . P.I44a.i.. * r t pittUVG; ?** *??? TTHlwU tU I . VI i vtcaucu IVMIW.] Titt Girat Ro*Bt*T o* rate, torsion bfc r*KTMKMT ? Arrrit qf ?Further Farticm Ian.?Ycstemay, Detective Officer Allen returned t? this city from Aew York, accompanied by Offi cer Doudegan, one of Marshal Rynders' aids, as && hssistant. and bringing In custody William H Russell, whose name la mentioned In connection with the late dedication. Officer Allen left thW city at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon, wtth one of hla partners (Officer Busber) whom he left in Baltimore on other business. knd proceeded lm mediately through to New York. He h*d Infter mation that a person wni dispatched on the mne train to notify RuSfeetl of his coming, ai soon as he arrived IK New York, but managed to bead n*" the messenger Allen went dlrercy t3 Marshal Ryndera for asalstane.e. Marthal R. did not know Ruae'l, or wb-re ne stopped, but from the first r-sist?* Alien to the best of his ability. Allen rr^nt to the post office with Rynders. and tuere ascertained where the pony **pt"ess office Is loca ted. Allen then went 1o the express office, leav ing Rvndees (Who would be recognized) on the opposite corner, and inquiring for Mr Russell, Mid he bad a package to deliver to bim in person. The clerk replied that Mr R was not in, but wa< boarding at the Everett House Allen ifrent there and ascertained that he had taken breakfast two hours earlier than ulual thnt morning (Monday.) Returning to the marshal's office, Allen got the assistance of one of the marshal's aids. r* turned to th*? pony eXptMM office, wbtre he found Russell, arrested him, carried bim to the office of Marshal Rynders, and delivered him into his cus tody. Russell was then taken before Judge BetU, who remanded him U> the custody of Allen, to be taken tg 7> uhlngton for trial. When arrested, kuftsell appeared to be momentarily excited, but It s#or_ finished, and he told Officer Allen that he inew he was in New York after him, and had been informed of it that morning. Upon his arri val here, he was taken to the residence of Captain Goddard, who issued the warrant for his arrest, and thence to tail. where he Was committed for a further hearing. Yesterday afternoon the further hearing was had in the guard-room of the jail, before Justice (joddard?District Attorney Oiild appearing for the Government, and Measrs Dav iagc, Chilton, and Humphrey Marshall of Ky , for the defense, assisted by several le^al advisers, friends of the prisoner. It resulted in a demand of not) bail, which not being given, Mr. R. was Anally placed In custody of the Marshal of the District, to b? retained for trial at the Criminal Court. Among those present at the jail examination were Messrs R . \V. Latham; ? Lea, of the Arm of SMiter.Leai Co ; H.G.Fant, Esq ; Hon. Hum phrey Harshall. of Kv ; Senator tireen. of Mo ; Hon Mr Parrot, of Kansas; Cornelius Wendell, Esq , and others The hearing yesterday was only to ft* the amount of bail to be required by the magistrate. Messrs Davidge and Chilton were sent for as counsel by Mr. Ronell, and reached the jail just previous to the commitment. After Mr Russell bad been placed in custody, of Marshal ?elden, he obtained permission from the District Attorney to go to his private bouse in ttrat urar/l urhUli?r Vi u-rnt i ti rf lUin. I UV ui J* **l ? I *? U *UV I UV ?' Ill VUBI tv. VI w I# uty Marshal Phillips, and remained in ronsulta tion with several friends until about half past one o'clock p ra , when he again conveyed to the jail. He occupies at prtseuttbe nflce of Jailor King, and was visited there to-day by a number offrifnds B illey was bailed on Monday evening after we we lit to preej in the sum of the sureties 1 being Mr. Fant, of the flrin of Fant. Kitten bouse A Co., bankers, and M W. (ialt, of the ftrm of r Gait A. Brothers, jewelers. It is stated that the abstrai tion of the bonds was known as long ago as Thursday last, it Having been at that time communicated bv Bailey to Secretary Floyd. Bailey asked the advice of the t latter. Secretary Floyd replied that he had no f advice to give, but that on Secretary I hotr.pson - return the matter should be thoroughly investi i gated. Uailey confessed the whole matter to Bee - ? retary Thompson, alleging that be had been 1 led Into the commission of the larceny through a ft desire to save the honor of Mr. Floyd, whose ac v ceptances to a large amount In possession of Mr. , Runcll, of the firm of Russell, Magera k Co., a Government contra tors, would otherwise have e been dishonored, he (Bat ley) apprehended. These f ' acceptances," It appear*, are slmoly memoran e dumi of the amounts which would M due at cer - talu perioda to Russell, provided be executed hli contracts with the Government, and Invoked nc s liability whatever, they being given to enable e him to obtain credit. The records, it la alleged, r prove that the existence of these acceptances wai e unk.iown to Bnlley at the period of the first ab i- strjetion of bonds, and that his excuse In refer i- ence to Mr Floyd is merely a subterfuge. Rus sell asked for thes* acceptances to show his cred d itors, to satisfy them of his resources- Slmilai I motiiArjnfliinni Viavi> Kpon <r i to nnhllr rnn tractors for several years past Those who profeM to know the facts in the cas< say that Mr Russell, who has b^en largely en gaged in transporting United States stores acroa the Plains to I tab and beyond, finding hlmsel financially embarrassed more than a year ago obtained the consent of the Secretary of Wart< draw upon bis Department to the amount o 100,000. The Secretary accepted the draft Som t ine afterwards he made a similar request for th iiine amount, asauring the Secretary that the fl i draft was taken care of. a td the latW supposini that at no time did bis obllgatlonsauiount to ovc 81(JO,OW. Mr Kelly, Chief Clerk of the Interior Dnparl ment, is now In New York for the purpoae c hunting up the missing bonds and identlfyin them. The list of bond* missing,as far as can tj ascertained, ana now oenevea u> i>e correct, is: MlMouri 6 per cent coupon bonds 370.0 North Carolina (1 per cent, coupon bonds 357 ,U Tennessee 6 per cent coupon bond* 144.W ffc71,W Riots ok the Navy Yard, Yestvrdat ? Aboi 12 o'clock n? , yesterday, a general riot occurr< on (jarrison atreet, Navy \ ard, in which som thing like one hundred persona participate lining fence palings, atones,brickbats, club*, etc pretty fre?lv. A few hours afterwards, a numb of men were collected on the pavement near tl scene of the above att'alr, making a dlsturbanc and Auxiliary Guardsman Thompson went amor them and ordered them to disperse and afl'oi rootn for the street passengers to go along. A im named Tib Mullins refused to move, and told tl officer that he couldn't make anybody leave. Tl oHirer went up to Mullins and remonstrated wi him. and requested him and the others to dispen Mullins refused again, and defied the officer make them disperse. Thompson then placed h hanil on M nllltta'a rnllar ann In ? twinklintr II whole crowd rushed to the anisUnce of MuTllr knocked the officer down, and beat and stamp* upon him in a furious manner After using eve possible other means to defend himself, Thouips< drew his pistol and discharged it in the air wi a view to frightening off his assailant*, hnt t strategem did not succeed, ar.d he four d it nec< ary to shoot at Mullins, striking him In the k>; ana shattering the limb seriously. Other ott<:? here arrived and put the crowd to flight, but battlecnsued, which lasted for some time, betwe the officers and the rioters, In which the weapo were revolvers, clubs, stones, brickbats, ?t Finally, the crowd was separated and driven o Mallins was taken to his house, and after warr by advice of a surgeon, removed to the Ci Infirmary for amputation. Cextkal Guard-house Gases ?John Drui ? ii .t_ - u J t- 1 ji j __i anas rnwiCK omuFum, uruns anu uiaoraeri fine and coats, 9*2 JM. Mary Rider, disorder! workhouse (SO days. Mary Martin, do.; Hue ai costs, S3.15. Augustus Lewis, do; 93 00. San Netter, do ; workhouse 60 days. (Wo. W. Join drunk and disorderly: line and costs, 93 U5. Au Lewis, second time, disorderly conduct; securl for good behavior, and paid coats, 91 45. Mi Martin, do.; security for ^ood behavior, in defai of which, workhouae Mi days. Miry Smith, d 30 daya. John Mortimer, do.; line and cos 91.94. George Goldvnith, do: 91 U1. Hilly B low, profhoity; St U4. Mary Taylor, do. and d derly; workhouse (V) days. Jenny Hurch, d 60 daya. Wm Bryant, profanity; fine and cm 94 0.) Andrew Brown, colored, out after hou workhouae 60 daya. Joaiah Burgeas, colored, t and profanity; workhouse #0 days. FrancisSmi colored, out after hours; line and costa, Dennis Ball, drunk in the street; 91-58. This 1 contai na the casea of the eveuLng of the U4th a morning of the 45th Escapid fkom ths Pbnitentiaiy ?About o'clock thia morning it wna discovered that \\ liam Wells, (marine,) who, It will be recollect was tried and convicted of murdering bey longing ?o me garrison in 1001, ana sentence* death, and afterwards bad his sentence com mil to Imprisonment for life, had escaped from cell ia the Penitentiary Measure* were iini dlately taken for hia re-arrest. Robbery or a Store?About twelve o'el< m., yeaierday, aome person or persona broke I the grocery store of Mr. Wm. R. McChesney Seventh street, and abstracted a gold watch i had been left than by tte proprietor, who, sbo previous had left the store te take a ride in country. Piki in GsoaesTowN.?On Monday even about sundown a small frame stable in the res Mr. A. i>. Shekells' residence, on High str oancrht ft re in/1 Mraa onflralv ^Anan 'PI i no alarm, ma have not I PON It wa#tfce ' Hi n JV'tt* AH lout. I, butt .1 >.a no? ?i-r * ' 4'*>* fit - Bit paaed rrrr ? mr city. ThetU^ht snowfall in the moraine gave the appropriate Christina* took to all |bout; in dead. without it wtibouUk jp ?iv haw halte?e4 (bit Chtistiud* *-e* with Us Among the pleas ant occurrences of the dsy we not? the 'Christmas dinner" prepared f&r Ums poor c hildren and or phans gathered together ct the Young Man's 'lifit'ian Atosalatloa fooins by tbe ladles of Cap iftl Hill, whoa* fair had jusl terminated. A ho? ?f hungry children conirefiu'ed long before the tlmp t/i m'ImI snil In th#? ^vpni ncr. ivi it nu .i^iiicu uy? J yw??*4u?, wmi /; *. wisd,otn of tb* fiaire#: c^m^nted Wy th4* 1?l?oH of the uero?a of the Revolution, recorded in the council chamber in heaven, a* a beacon light to illumine the path of the votaries of freedom to the temple of liberty, and destined to last until the clock of time shall be stopt by the linger of eterni ty. " In conclusion he told them as they bad so promptly and so cheerfully toed the mark, he would dismiss all the cases by paying costs; a de cision that gave general satisfaction, and they left with three cheers for the Union. WitLiAKD* Hall.?It was a large, brilliant, and fashionable audience that assembled at this Hall last Monday evening. The Opera Don Pas quale, was given In the very best style that we could expect lu a concert room. Madame Colson as "Norlna," was positively bewitching, and Susini is the Don l'asqnile of the musical world Perri saug and acted admirably, whilst Urlguoli never sang better Ills " comc 'egentile" was rap turously applauded, and the cxnuiaite duetto with Madame Colsou, creaU-d quite a furor and was encored. We would ad viae our readers to not lose the opportunity to hear once more this galaxy of talent to-nignt, as It will lie their last appearance In this city The programme sparkles with musical gems, embracing the choicest elec tion in the repertoire, of the company In addi tion to the associated artists is Signor Francia, an eminent pianist, just arrived In this city from Kurope, who kindly renders his services 01 tbu occasion, and will play theoverture of ' Martha'' and "Alasanielo," with Slunor Muiio, who will be the director and conductor of this most brilli ant entertainment (to early and secure your seat! at Mrtzerott ' music store. Criminal Court ?Mcnday afternoon Janm Welsh was tried on a charge of assault and bat tery on bit father, I homas Welsh, and, convicted was sentenced to pav a fine of 30 cent? Peter Brooks (colored) was tried and convtctoc of an assault and battery on Rlrhard Thoma (also colored ) He was sentenced to one week'i conBncment In the cot'nty jail, and a flue of & cants William J oh iisou, convicted of grand Urccny a few days ago, was sentenced to two years in th< penitentiary Today, Wm Brown was placed rtii trial fo an assault and battery upon John P Dennis The caae was pending when our reporter left th Court Fires anu Alarm ?Yesterday afternoon, ai alarm of tire was ei*en In the western part of tb Second Ward, which brought out the Bremen 1 was soon ascertained that no serious cause of alarn existed. About 0 o'clock last night, some mall cion* person sei are 10 ? tiniii nnri siame ikc? pied by Mr. Smith, a hnckinnn, in the alley wsi of Fifteenth street and north of Pennsylvaut avenue. The coaches and horses were got 01 safely, and moat of the food and other content* c the stable. By hard work with buckets the fit was prevented from spreading to adjoining pro| erty until the Bremen arrived, when water wi obtained and the tire extinguished The loas \wt mall. RhMEMBtft the concert to come off on Thnrada (to morrow) evening at Willards' Hall, for tt benefit of the poor of the city of Wasbingtoi The effort* of the Society of St. Vincent of Pai this winter to provide relief for the increase number of cases calling for their assistance, ha\ been thus far entirely inadequate to that end, an thev now rely upon the cordial cooperation of tt public in their charitable work In behalf of a the suffering poor In our midst, we earnest recommend this concert to the liberal patronage our fellow-citizens. The programme iaattimctiv and will doubtless be admirably performed. I early and go all. Akreut ro* Ihcixdiakum?Yesterday mor Ing W. L. King was taken before Justice Clar at tbe guardhouse, upon a charge of setting fi to a house situated in the alley between Twelf and Thirteenth and E aud F streets. In the Secoi Ward. Watchman Hudson alleged that the pri oner had been suspected before, and upon this c caslon he was closely watched by the witnei who saw him take out the matches and set flr? the house. King was committed to jail for cou Is Lcck ?On Monday last, among the preset given to purchasers at kvatis'Oift Bookstore w? two gold watches, one worth 965. and one % end one silver watch worth 915; tbe first by a gf tleman residing on Tenth street near the aveni tbe second by Mr. Hughes, of l*oudnn, Va , a the last by a lady. A line gold chain, worth 9 was also drawn by Mrs. Crlllan, of Bladeusbui Orvic-irss Klxctkh ?At the annual election Federal Lodee No. 1. held last niebt. tbe folio Inn officer* were electM : G. Alfred Hall, W. ( R. B Donaldson, 8. W ; S. Y. McNair, J. V Jo^iali Eaaex, Treat ; J. F. I. McClery, Sec.; Houiam, Tiler. liiactXT.?Jaa. Shield#, (col d) waa arre* by policeman Rosi for the larceny of a curt, * die, and otber barnrss, belonging to J F. Ball barne*a maker. H? was taken before Juat Donn, and held to bailforhisappearauceat coi The at'PiBB piano uaed at tbeopera on Mom nlsbt, and which tilled Wlllarda' Hall with full pure note*, waia 'SW.inwav," from the eat liahment <jfour neighbor, \\ . G. Metxerott. Tuirk la nothing like good eating and dri ing; and after that, a line Havana. These you have in excellent style and at very moderate < at Emrich's Restaurant, corner of Eleventh sti and Pennsylvania avenue. ( Hollo way's Pills awd Ointmkkt. Astkmn ?Though thia disease has baffl?<l skill, and been pronounced by eminent inedioal r as irremodiable. The numerous oertihcaiei d: received by ])r. Holiowa>, a ? a direct refutat tii such ill-founded and fallacious oonolusu Coughs, Colds aud Asthma in all its oat i of bronohial atTeotion*,diseases of the cheat, thri to., have b<*en cured ia their worst stages by tc expectorant and laxative remedies, sold by Druggists, at 25o., 62u. and 91 per box or pot. de lw NARRIKD. In Georgetown, on the 20th instant, br Rev. ] Robey, Mr. ETHAN P. VAUX, . f Bnfl*lo, Miss MARGAK fciT G ASKING, oi the uier place A MUSIC BOOK IS THE BESTCHRISTM GIFT. Moore's Melodies beautifully bound, The Moaieal Album, ^eudelaohu's Songs, without words. The Home Cirole, ? A II A.U -_-J AH mo ' ?pt5i n> wibll i?wu wivnvHt WV(U"| BeHhoven's, Mozart's and Clement!' Sonatos Bach's Cherubim's, Mars and Albreohtsberg Theoretical Works, All the Oratorios, Selections ol Motto with beautiful title pages. Also, a large assortment of !*teinway A Sons' Raven, Baoon A Co's Overst nn Pianos, do ah ted ly the best now manufaotu. ed. A ' large stock of Piuo Htoolg and Cover* at redi prioes at the M usio Store of W 6 MKTZKROTT de22 corner Eleventh st and Pa i OFF f^HEAI' CARPETING 8, SELLING Best Three-ply Carpetiug at ?> cents, *' Ingrain do. SO and W oents, " Half-wool do. sih cents, " Rss do. 25 cents* " 1.1st do. 31.U cents. Good Stair do. li>* oents, " Passage do. A cents, " *-4 Oifelotji at 44 and SO oents. Also, ? < Curtain DainaA* at en oents. Curtain Muslius at akariaes, Buff Hoi ands, ail wiotlM a. d prioes. .A1 ^"KNIY KGAN'f de 19 St 52 1 7th kt-. near Avenue Huu C* BONNETS, HATS*, and FLATS i> var* latest stjle*,and id all oases made .rtL. L?. r>.ll .? ...? . ?.i the J*3 e*t, Mr* W? Kip* n HID u<? WI VWI " v?v? WN |?l choice. " At STEVENS^, ' , betw. 9th ?nJ lotto i oofitf 336, T . REMNANTS PA PER HANGINGS, IN L?U uffioient to p?per an oMiairy *ia?rf or pfcaa&ge alone fourth l??? tli*n ih? usca pi fk&m f?^ a*or'WW5t Pa PER HA me. ?* "~ng?;ixVTER" d. ??rN'-m ~ "* fo'fiSXXW a partr of abont twenty of the foung 11 Ml' of oul cftyWert fctltbHMnjr w iifaw"?tr??af| I? 9 ;rt o fantastic feature, beirg diaguitod iliu Krettv wfell?' what you call "em." They paraded if ttreeti and hotel* Indian file, with Christmas >yKlrs and tin wh!rftl?$, making a grand display oi the*r Christmas g;fr? If mme of theft *'4 not " pay dear for their whistle ' before morning we aball oe surprised The day waa observed by the Catholics and Eptaropallana by the usual Christmas services At St Matthew's Church, high mass was celebrated at II o'clock a ra. Or. While preached from the Scripture aa found in tbe ut chapter of St. John'* Gospel The choir, conducted by Mr Cblncblla. performed tbe 10th rand maas of Haydn With hill ore better. I-OLIC* A1ATTKKS ?Juttui Mt K'*na OH 1*1 State of ihf Vnicn ?9ome.flhy or more Jbiiiiness Crtles Id (tb? Flft* \V?rti havlug failed or neg trrl lo lace out their license according to the requirements of the law, warrants were placed in the hands of the officers, who waited on the back sliders. and requested tbPTn In 8 P<??!te man ner to fall at the office and settle matters, as the corporation treasury was empty. To this invita tion they promptly responded, andput in the pie* that as the Union was about to be dissolved, they did not think worth wblle to take out license, as Washington would be such a poor place to do business In. The cwifdently assured them th<y need entertain no fears for the safety of the Union. " It was a Gordian knot," be s.ld, ' that the sword Qf an Alexander could not cut asunder, frt? It xf ta nn( Ku Hilt V\ P th? GEORGETOWN ADYERTMTH f ^nn ?alt. I J?W PACKS 0. a. Salt Expected to m?t tiii? week,aad for ?u? low froa tu? tiwf1. bj * *>-it W. h. tTnNF.V. | f\JOTICE II. DON'T trASTK iOCJt MOXtY. baa op*aed ??* P BOOT !?HpK f TOM K, Did pu'K^iMii will fi-d th?:r tn* l?Wr?t?H th? Dlktr lot, A lATge Ud V?ri#J M-u.fiu?ot on ham. Celt early at H. MKASJtRufcR * BRO'S. No. ?3 Br idee ?t wl, Pwiwn and M*cbar>c? Rank. BBL". Hn.*i (Sheeted Baldwin*. St??i tireeoingi. R?aaeU, Roman*, ylnodiat. Pippin* tcc., tn prim* order, juet arrived per p-Konatr J. W. leaver. For aa e uponacoommodatiag terrr* i<j .. jno. xvTmjmkoon. de W-Tt* So. 79 *Vitw at.. Georgetown. 600 BBLS. Printe^i^ BALDWIN ?P*1JCS, per schooner J. and N. Baker. Will be ?old d? reasonable term* by J. G. IVA fERS. de 17 2w No. 109 Water at..Oeorg-town. FOR rent? In 6?or<etown. a handaome and convenient CoTTAGK RESIDENCE. con taining 9 rooma, kitchen, pantrv, A c There i? at tache a larre and spa?i?a* lot, aud ahnodanoe of ft^ueniict and pamp irater ?a the remiaen. It it in the immediate Tiofcity of the cotlfcge awl A"nUmj of the Viaityion, equi-distant from b^th. The property iaall in oomplete refair. Inqaire onrner d and High ata. d? l?-eo3w* r"fcY0TfeK8! OYfTERS!! vJ OYSTERS!!! The anderaigned haa opened an OYSTER DE POT on High afreet, near the oomer of^^ /?v Gay, and car. fnrciah.atalltimee.Rav.^^la /.J Stewed, Fried, Rnaated. or Soalded^^^l^# OYSTERS. Partiea can he aft red in private rooma. Farnili?a aupp ied with Oyatera or FISH, by leaving their ordenj as *bore. dell-lm J. V. COt.I.INS. ^TORE ON SEVENTH ST FOR RENT S' Th* Store opposite the eabt portico of Patent Ofl?e?. at present occupied as tailoring e?tal> i?h i'i"nt. Possession givenon lit JanuarT. Inqu re of BATES A BRO. de21-3f If OR RENT?A r?w BR I' K HOUSE, r l>aek huilffins and cellar, harms a room* with gas, mid s? e alieT. sitnated On L street. near Thir teenth. Rent moderate to a good tenant. Inquire of M. GRtEN, G>oo?r. corner of Thl'toenth and L sta. Th'a property la roar Franklin How. only ? few iui> 11UV walk f">m the Treasu'i Hm!dnii?, and one of the healthiest loca ion* in VVa*iiington. do 21-lmeo* UOR RENT?'The large three etorv FRAMF P HOUSE on New Vork avenue, f>etw-en Jtti and Hh str?e's. rwe?nt!v occupied t?r Rev. Mr. Ca rothers. Apply to JOilN W. MANKINS, or tu Mr. ROSS, next door.where the ke? may he found Alan, the three three 6tor? Brick* at the oorner ol Ninth and N sta.. Northern Liberties- Or foi ale low for ea*h, or propertr in the dimIt taker in exchange. Apply at Mr H AiuiEKTY'S ator< opposite, for the terms And the key, or to DICK 8l?N A KING'S wood and CjAI je.rd, ?o?ner ol I street and Vermont avenue, or to tha aul'tenbM at Georgetown. de 19 <vt4w JOHN DH'KSON. rr*HE STOCK AND FIXTURES or a LARGI 1 MERCHANT TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT t-OR SALE?The subsoriber having de termined to retire from liusine?a, oilers for sale hi entire stock of ?renh and well s?lect=d Cloths. Ac The st< ck i? nofverj^heavy, and well assorted fror law impnivuinni. i ne *?>ro, wnicn no n?* itcu pied for over twenty y?*ra, ia an old establi?he< ataml. one of the best on the Avenue, nnd?r a lar* and well patronized hotel?the United State*. Fo patron U ni ted StatM^fl tel. " de u 3tswtJa.ii 1 t 'rmt, Ao.i app y to P. \V. browning, unde " " B? II. f " * " Rent reduced.?That pleaaant COTTAOl R <?SiDENCE, containing 7 rooms, with fron baloony large ?aril in frontand rtar, fronting H st in Printing Office Square, between North Capito and Fi rat ata.. will I* rented for #16 per month t a punctual tenant. Addreaa, by letter or in p<"raot WM. STICKNEV. de 11 tf FOR RENT?A thrce-atory and baaemen frame HOUSE, near Pa av? on Tenth, be tween G and H ata.. No. 413. Inquire at SIBL.E' A. GUVS Hardware y to re, Pa tv. de 13 tf Furnished rooms for 4n?> i atreet, between 6th and 7xh eta. de 4-tf 1?OR RENT-A parlor, on the first floo and three fine Bedroom* on the floor abov?, t No 5170 Fa. avenue, two doors eaat of the Kirl wood House. de 3-if FOR RENT.?A three-atory brick DWELI INS house, with bark building. on 12th at No. 4TO. l>etween F and G atreeta. Applv to , K1RK *VPOD. 476 Twe fth at. no 19-dtf HI' imn R I R < o f 1001 AT " I PD SMLLINGTON'8 NEWSPAPER AMD MAGAZINE AGENCY, CHron BuiliimK.tomtr ?|. and Pa. The plaoe in thi*eity to *ub*erihe to any of tl following work* i*atth? old, well known. and *>' tennive Book, Newspaper, and Periodical Htoi Odeon building,< orner 4.H at and Pa. avenue. New York an?f Philadelphia lMilr paper* deii e'ed immediately on the arrival of the traia eve evening. WEEKLY PAPERS. New York Ledger, the great Familj Paper #2 H?>per'* Weekly ? 2 Wilk-a'a Spirit. Home Journal .2 The Century 2 .V' American Un on ... 3 New York Weekly 2 en Waverly Ma*azin* 3 N York Mercnry 2 Novelette Flat of our Union ..2 90 True Flac 2 Literary Companion. Iriah Ameriran. 1 Vanity Fair trieh News 8 Lea ie'a Illustrated S Of Alh on 6 H*i*?i?ifi? American 2 <* ISririt of the Time* 5 N V. WmHv llflr'd 3 00i Sni.tlinh Journal 2 " Tribune 2 on Freeman's Journal 3 " Times. .2 00 OoMar Newspaper .1 tondoa New*. Brother Jonathan 1 ondon Punch fi nt New \ork Clipper. 3 Porier's Spirit ?? .3 Of I Bo*ton Pilot -SI Saturday Po?t _ . .2 oo| \i. Y. Hlu?tM News .3 Family Journal 2 n<| Household Journal 1 MAGAZINF.S. Harper's Macaxme.fS 00 Horticultu-i*t 9' Godey's Lady's Book 3 floj A'l the \ ear Kound : Arthur's Home Ma<.2 On London Art Journal ! A lantic Monthly 8 O'i?>noe a Week ( Chess Monthly ,._.3 <tij l.ond>>n i Le Bon Ton Fash 5 oo Hunt's Meroh. Mac . Ladie.-' Nat. Mag... 2 00| riionipson's R*p.... 1 Knickerbocker Mac. 3 ooi Kcleetio Maraz-n* A Frank I.-s!ie'a Mac Si*1 "Blackwood's Mae tiring Age (weekly *> * Westminster Rev. ! N?.rth British Kev .. Kdiaburp Review. ?-<"-eiKn C>uar. Re*.: Chambers' J? ournal .3 on Ballon'* Do . Month 1 oo Sehoolf.llow 1 00 *AU fire of these one y?ar, fio. An* of the above, or any Maeazmeor NewsM published- wiil lie sent regu ary by nail, or de ered ii. any part of the city on da; of pubticati Now is the t< me to subscribe A n*w year and i vnluin s just commencing. Sei.d your orders, w the money, or cal! at SHILLINGTON*S Bookstore, Odeon Buillin, Corner Four-and a half st aid Pa. a' |T^ Any two of the above Magazine* w ill be I nisned one year for $S. ne22-S,WAJ ALL SNOWED UP 05 THE 3d of January, 1*61. <i*c a' t?t ?yO INVKNTORS AND PATENTEES MUNN t COMPANY. Proprietor* of the S< HHTirtr Axmirx?, Ageuu for procnrinf An?nou and foreign w9 Vfitk Sirt*** )'??r?' Esp*ru*tt tm tkt Bu.sin Refer to Hon. Jidie Muoi, Hon JrMfj fi Hon. W D. Umbo*. Ex ConmiMinnere ol Pat? hud to more 1I1&11 A/teem tkou?mmd imvrntort have hM biua?M donethrough mild*, to.'i I ent Agency. Pamphlet of Advice Mat free by m\i Patent Laws and* ratei.iSo "Sk~-N o. >7 Park Row. New York. W I niton office?corner F and Seventh ?U, erf Patent Office. d? a eo JKLKGANT CLOTH CLOAK*. I'ST Opaced for the Christina* and New V PreeenU, ell marked down at the loweet rrtw nit the tmei, for ca?n. dell J W COLI.BY A OO. MU*IC BOOKS BOUND UP IN flflil aleo, new MUSIC, at RLLl&^t S?6 Pa. bet Hh and 10th ?U. d? | OT*? OF PIANOS rOR ?BNT O* I sale iponeaay J> ELLIS, Pa. av.? bat. 5th and joth ?t?. 4< THIS LATK8Tf1CW> T?L?0R ATHIC. Tk? tli ( artltii ??rnU?i. Cruiitoh, IVr ?V?Tk? Pr?H?ut of th? CmvmUm read a comtKuataattoii from (ioTerno* Parr*, of Florida He aaya. la arkBowledftax the compliment of heiacc InvtW to a arit on lb* floor, that be bad n?m mm honored w! lb a aea? with tbctr martlng under wreega br the Irtdrrt of a perYerted Government, and who uave.w ith a unanimity unpariUeled, broken tl?e link with a Confrdracv " Vou are," bt aav?. " eti gaged In h:jrb and landableaini??e, not to add ItK' high and eo'.v purpose of devialug a Oovrro inent which ahall oft.rthe f?*otr*t lihertv contiat pat with the llhertleeof the poodle * I eaure roS. gentlemen. the gallant little Mak> Florida will follow four l?o3.*' etc. .Mr Maniganlt oft-red a reaointion jnetm<- tins the Governor to make forthwith all preparations *uH mav be Heeded to assert, by foroe, the right and Jurisdiction of Soath Carolina in ita territorle*; wh?rb wna loot. Mr. Finley ofl-red resolution tbot copies ot the ordinance of secession adopted by the Con ventioo. wttb the declaration of the imnaedlate cauaea whlA Induced ard juatify the w~rm\o* of South Carol in* from tbe Federal IV.oe, and tbe addreaa of tbe propW of South CtrollM, W trans mlttf l bv tb? Uorrrnor ot the State to the Go* ernors o(the slaeeboldlnx State* foe tbo Inform* tion of their respective I ^jftalaturea or coaeentt?i>e where conventions of the people have born called in any of tbe slaeeholdlng States After debate, Mr. Or*|fl( offered a* amendmint, which Mr. Manlffanlt accepted, that copies of tbe ordinance of secession be s^nt to all of the SUl#-s, and. to the slave-holding States, la addition, tbo address to tbe people of tbe alare-boldta* StaW r, and the derlaration of the causes for aeceaal?a Tbe reaoiutioa waa adopted after ineffectual ef fort* further to amend It The committee on the relattaaa with the alave boM*ng States of North America reported two resolutions 1. To appoint roromiwtwn to anrh of tbe alavebeUing M* which nxf umblt In con vention. to liy the ordinatcr Wfocf then and to Incite their cooperation la *onth*rn Confed eracy S That the romrataalnneri atonaiibinlt tbe pres ent Federal Constitution aa the hnaU for a prort atonal government for aucb t*tatea aa a bail ha*? withdrawn from tbe FMrrtl liorrrnmpnt and that tbe commlaaionen (arite the to meet in convention for forming a permanent government. Three Days Later from Karapr Halifax, Dee Sf6?The ateamchlp Canada, from Liverpool. Dec 15, via t{u?enttown on Ums lrtth, baa arrived here. rnttnn - The estimated aalea on Mitartav were 15,000 bales; the market waa Irin Br*adatutt? ? Wheat advancing tendency Flour dall. |*rc visions dull. Consols 92e/-dlvidend A dispatch from W Petersburg aa\i that tb? Allies and Chinese have concluded a peacr. anl tint the Kmprrof had returned to Pekn The reported aasna*1nation of Uarlbaldt aroar fr<rm the attempted murder of Col. Dunu, of tb ficilianarmy TIm ijtest mail advice* from China aav that thn chief ahc*s pf the spoils at Pektn fell to th<- Praac . In sacking tt? J'mpcror 'a auinmer palce, but th* trcaaurr taken from ih'ixe woo Id be rquallv di vided between the French and bnglian (Vmi.b of the privates aold their *b?res for .* .?*> franc* The Canada maaed the Af. 'Ckand Arabia gnlitg up the channel on the Ifith 1 he Canada has ?450,000 in specitf Eiritrmrnt at Pittsbarg riri??t'*6, Pcnn . Dec. 44 ? Intense e*'?*? n.'cul exist* here today. In r-onaeqtwnce of Its Ite ing mad?* public tbat United States'{uartennasi'r Taliafero was negotiating for tbe shipment from the Alle^hancy Araenal of 78 guns to Newpor'. near Galveston Island Texas, and forty-six mws to Sts!p Island, near Italiie, at the mouth of the Mlssl?ippt river?tbe apparent object being t? strip tbe Alleghany Araenal. and place tbe gins where the secessionists could get them Tbcguuaare ten Inch Columbians, and carry thirty two pounders. Leading Democrats telegraphed to Washington to have tlie orders countermanded,Saving tbat th? people would not allow the guns to be mn?M A e*ll lain circulst on. addressed to the Maror. to convene a meeting of tbe eititeas to take artion in tbe matter. The call is signed by prominent citizens or *11 ptriiH rof iwnng ?;-nn>' lowing a gun to W removed MnU tulmmt uuin lrnoua. The rreeting of citi/eas will be held at Ihf Du quesiie depot on Wedmaday. The report prevails thla evening that ahel'a, balls. and cavalr; accoutermcrita ba?e al ready been shipped for the South . Secesslsa la Texas Naw 0*lea5?. Dec 25?Governor HouaUn convenes the Texua Legislature in an extra session to be held on the '.'1st of January, tt> consider tta crisis. In a Convention of the people, on the -*th ! November, the secession feetinj v*?s in the cendsnt. Death sf sa Fi-Xeaber si Caagres*. Philadelphia. Dec 'M ?Hon Henry M Ful Ifr, ^X'lP^moer OI tongrm IH?IU mr nwiirwmir District, dl*d this morning, 1n this city, ol typbna frvfr, atird 40 He wm tbf defeated candidate in the second district laat October. Flew Y?ek ItltrktM. New York, Dec. 25?Flow and wheat Arm ind quiet. Corn and pro talons quiet Whlakv nominal at ISjfc POFMlJaL ROPOSAL* fok KRKOT1N0 A court and post office at phila phia, pa. Titiinr DtrikTXi5T, Dtssnbtr a IIM. Pealed PicrMiLi will m r>'Mv?>1 at th>a r>-> pa tm-m ?nti. the fctu day ?i Keforaary. A D l*?i. at U o'aii ck at noon, for lb* comt'iotioii of tha Phil'de phia Court-Ht>a?? nod IV>st ONIoa.aooord id* to the pi&nt and specifications prepared at thia IWaitmont. Tnere pr< po?a's irnst he for the whole work; hat #?r cn pnrn< n rI in* won una vov u n merv r r mu?t be separate t ?tate<J i' tft? bid; the re*p*? tive amount (or each kind of work oa'ried out. ?n>1 the total amount *tated;the Department e serving tho right to rejcct or accept the proposals hereby invited, or any parts thereof ? en itdeema the I terett of the United Mate* require* it; the Department also rese'ves the r.ght to exolerie the nil* of any person or person* whom there i? j i*?. oau*e to believe viII not faithfully perform the <>? traot*, or which the* have attempted to obtain bv indirection; ard all bids when there ahid' be parties in intsrest vho do not jots in the hid* and all bide that, upon investigation, are beiow a fhir pnoe for the work. No contract will be awarded to bidder* until de tail* are formatted the Department of the erioee of the different kind* of work and materials, whmh *? all be snhjeot to the revision of the Depart. n? fit. ao that th? fro** bid shall beeqaitahj appor?iu- e<i upon the whole work to (aide the Depattment in nuking par meet* Ninety per ceo\ of the amount of work don* and material* delivered, according to eontraet prie*. ( aid amount to be Ascertained by th? estimate of an a??it of the Department appointed for that fir pose.'will be pain from time to time a* the work protreas?*, and tea pere >ct retained anti! the com plrt.onot the contract and acceptance of the work, .? r t>T thn *??rl ?firoaai J . and he lorfeitAd in the evnt ?.f norTTnlli'mert of oontraet. Contraots will ititi'kI orl? to mut?r >ml<1 ere or Riuu*amoe. and the anticnment the-e. . f i <">?? by concent of t?? * ecrelary of thcTtwuurf, will be a forfe<tare of the eame. Each propoea mnit b* acconr,paned b? a writt n *u\r*fit"', ?irned by tw"r*?tonsiM* persons (?er tified te be io hy the United States Dittriot Judge, or Attorney or the raid d'ttnot.) in the i?n of #*V?n. that the bxMer will, whan required, if hia propoeal h< acoepted. enter into a oortrast and honii. with proper and sufficient eeountie* for it? fa thful performaroe. Plane, epeoifioationa and working drawing* oan be rxan-.iiad altar forty days, an 1 oth?r informa tion obtained on ayp.ioatioe to the Depa-Uaent. I he propoaale must be eent to this Department. nuurruBf-u mi c?i iov ir?*??iy. ?r? dorfd"Pr0?o**hfortkt rkilmdnlfkim C+ttrt // ?? and r?st Ofae,") and wil 1 fce opened at 1 o'elook p. in ,oi the iMt da? named for reoetvint the eame. in the preeenoe of the b'ddere, if any ohooee to at tend. PHILIP F THOMAS, <1e 24 HndJtaw Secretary of the Tr?Mur< rpHE THIRD OF EVfcRY Or. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, fcnde it impox i b<e to nut WaahingtoB every week. *"d ui made ernmemenu to p^eiti rely be in the city the third Wedneeday of every month. He but suit of rooms at the Arenee where patienU ean obtain adnoe free. He oelr ohv<ee ?hn it i? oeoeeeary to make a tnor ucn examination of the Lunga with the Reepiromet jr. S B. Waite ? went for Hehenck'a Pulmonic pnoc 91 porboltla. for tboea** of Couch*. ?.ol<l? and 1 oi.gmtnoi: Schw*'? Wo??f 1*? m 1 a k < ^a A 4 W. *41? J & * 'a ? oaeum^ion ^oDenoi twi 91 r*f bolt . for S<*hwk'? tl?, prios 2Sooata birtvl. for iplainu aotl of th? H"? Tomo, pnoe *?., Muil'?k? fall*, BtUou* Comrlai ___ ??w? ? - Dr. Achenrk wo?l<i b? ?ral-f? to tho??> vkn h*v? h?ot> oured by his r?Mdi?? if tiny vo?)4 ten their o*rtii?UM 01 our* wiU#. B. w A ITh, ww awHt it ud La a*- I* ?w> C4"" ?","CWiW??Y WITS. Black Trooot Cloth, Black CI th?. for lAdiw' Cloaks In urdtr to ounrtrt oir itook into rash, vt trt ~-"sart tfcsrrte} r "** No. a* Coifral !*?o Wwii Tth and *to ib?f, d?l12v n^MUCntfr Maflr-t^ Nkw cum W ALU *TEPHKN? A CO.. 3?* i'Mi.aflva ?ia Avmh, har? jo?t r?i*?d a i*nt* ?ar?otf of PPIBPPVHPMMP VMap ?<-w Kaij feoorfa, to wtiieh t?or ia>iU> tW? a'tratiy* nf Ui?r fritmla *?< ?n?'nim?f? ? >1? row r A(fkk!nch,jjT jf/ctiriiN*!. n? r?*~pV ft-ruoa. S?w Book#?Or" * ? * - UUr*, jr ?* ?, prto* #?, Jtukcoa 1 vuli. oioth, r ot bj E*?r???. a. tw wii U*i4 took*. ~. *r?? 11?? nrlaa'i ii? ..f Ml; Cuada it . priM ?1 or ?h m ?il o?r r |UST RkcfiITKD? _ J 10 hhda. prime Porto Riafl RI'GARS, 150 libla. uid "Rye WHICR V, 25" hhU. HERRING and ALEWIVHS. M bbla. Cruahed and K?bn<?i r*UGARs, ? b4?> Rio %?ri Jars COFFEE, lo hhdn.ilow piiiiefl' .^OLASdES. Foraalehr JOHN J. BOGTr. . ? 1<> \f AS8EY, COLLINS * CO.^ PHILAtfBL L?I PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are onnatantly receiving froth auppliea of the above delightfal bev erage, and invite all persona who want a para an admterated Ala, to give it a trial. ARNY A 9HINN, Agents, fe ?7 *Jre*n at.. 6eor**tnw*. FOB 3ALE AND BENT. [For oMar "Fbr S<ii? and RtHU" IN Jlr*t fxig* ] A SUIT of FURNISHED ROOM* for B KNT. Inquire at 4S6 Eleventh st., l>etw?en E and F. d?J6-I* SEVERAL HANDSOMELY FIRNI8HED ROOMS, with Board, can b? had at No 339 v tteet, tjetween !<ih and l<Hh aU.. on reasonable terma. re??ons in search of plraaatit boardmc houtea would do #el? eo call and examine for th?m elvea. W 26 6t Market garden f o ft ft ft n T-Twn nquar-R of crouod, containing Aiw?it a^re*, east of the Capitol, well fenced, and inurovec a Rood frain?|hoiiM. Posceamon given (January' I, * Wl. Inquire of J B. KIUHKY, No. 65 L?uimana I av., I>f t woeti U and i o'clock. de *4 St

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