Newspaper of Evening Star, 26 Aralık 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 26 Aralık 1860 Page 4
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TI1K EVKMMi STAR fKo* TM *T\? t OUT. ?t Htm *r#ric. Brr>th?r9x?rh'> with Jaokt"* Med. ftrotfccra. wtiVw by bwn U.L Now ib tioidi of t>cioD __ ?U*iu y? (i.i* by id# ! Jl* 1* ia i.a? oon4U?rin( Ur.d, r>9 to ?ar?y?ur Iw, P jo?r d*?r R?nib!lc lUul, W hat?o?'er b. tide! Lot th? Buier o'er you *?v?, Borne bf htm of Vernon's *r?T?? Heroes <^iel its ?r*r?to Know ye not fni! well Twm your cirea, hrothrea el., l.o! from Harker'a hif ht they oill s Wm tn vain their |b-ioui fa.l, Vlotore, tho' they fell! Tee! in vain the valiant dead for their Country's h.nor bled. If, br wild (flan! on '?i, Ve the I'd on rend! Man of iron heart an.' soul, Cm re tear ha' owed eoroli? Nay. a* lo*( a> time ahall roll. Brother*' name# oiuit blend ! Fh?!l yon hil'-top. crowned with spire*. Bern with da'k Diannion firea? Light ?he worl I in unenai p.rea? l.ea e it then in night Hark! thedia'ant ory of "Fire I" Noting now, it ri?0* higher? be* tie Qioke ins flame aspire ? ' ? 1 1- ? I L . AH me i<inn io ii;bi Voices thr??n?H the mark? air Ca 1 to fi v? fv?rjwl?re? K .*e, a>:d to jron- posts repair! (.'ear ye not the shout. rat'i?' hji-i'l ?.n ) i>?tn.t i-'^ast, ?>>me fi"m North, S*outh, East a**! West, N?v?r wesrv, n-v?' r?.'t. Till U.e hre"s??t! Litbiatckk.?Mr. t?rot?. the historian, i# en (i|[nl In the study of Grertaa philosophy. pre curatory to a work on the subject. No out would do th? theme bet'er justice. 1 he Rer. Charles iit*(^Jry he* rerrntiy bf^me'eaar? of Modern H story at Cambridge l'ui> Tars't , England At the r<*ent trade s*le of M s rray, the F.ueUsh pabitaber. Vlot'er ? "H'story of the L'ntwf Ne tb?r iodi'' \rii tue bcok in peiU-kt demand. Sir Arehioa d Alllaon is Mid to have received a larger :m for tie copvrieoT 01 e'.a "tiuury 01 Kurope' toan w it ever jaid any oiber author fur lv or.e w'-.rk. In anv country or time. Towinend A. to are about to issue a complete edition of Charl?? D^kena work*. Tb? tbird ? cf AsFits'z's Contribution* to tbe Na^ral Hiatory of tte United State* of N r'b Am- lea" ta j ?at pubMatart Count Gar-w?ki i?nd Vit* Harriet Preacott W ite f*>' tbe Saturday Press Moatal-tfibert bas Ja?i jiiven to th<? world a work *ntit!#d. ' Tte \t?r.k<?rf tbe Wert, from S-e'-t Benoic to Saint Barnard " Mr? JulU Ward Huwr, a'Ute? of "Pa?!on Flower*,"' a-d of t'r.e r. -.y ?.f '-Tbe Worid'a 0?u,"l?'.h?< oorj^-p n-i ntoftteTribu..e. P?*t7T:*!? C0(T05 ? Tbe Nevy Vcrk Journal ?f Commerce say?: Co-a'denb!* !nr?r??t baa been manifeated in tbi? city wriitin a ftwydavaln regard to an invoice of Pernvisn cotton receiy*d via Panama. We nndsratand that it i? part of a shipment of 1,300 Mitt mnii or wbich was rontigu-a to feu rope The quality 1s very beratifnl. and the samples ibown would sell re-idilv at 13 cents, even in the present state of the market. The plant from which 't ia taker. ia said to b? perrenmal shrub in Peru. Jnd'^enous to tfc; soil, the growth of which al ready ex torts over a considerably tract of coun try. and njfding only a little labor ia the way of cultivation to yield large returns. Exrxrrsivs SwmoLtxa.?Mr. Bernard Knoh, a trurchint of New Orleans, La. purchased during bit (umaier a large amount of "lug" tobacco, ach cample having a genuine Inspector's card upon It He then destroyed the samples and af fixed the sample card* to tome sample* of tine cigir leaf tob?cco. he then sold bis tobecro by these samples, realizing from jMO to ??5o per Hogs head. ana decamped Stnee his departure the tiick was discovered, md a terrible storm of in dignation wm exhibited by the ' sold " The amount realized by Koch Is laid to be over Sunday, (L? 16th In-taut. tfa? Hlght Rev Michael Domenec wr.icoi* n>?i as B'shop of that Dlo Id St Paul * Cataedral, Pittsburg. Penrisyl an!a Arrbbiibup Keorlck, of Baltimore. Md , oSic'ited, aaa ?ted by ti shop WheUa. of Wheel ing, Va , and Bishop Youn^. ?if Erie, Pa The follow Mi? Bishops were In attendance: Blshor T of Buff lo, N Y ; Bishop Wood, of Phil adelphia. ar a Bishcp Lynch, of Toronto, C. W. About seven thousand persota were pre*eut. 1X7" A d!s.isirlou? fire occurred nt New York on W win sday eve:iin,; it Noj ,>C and * ; Frankfurt street, a sevat story building, owned by ('bar!*! Jenkins and occupied b; ditfereut persona The loaa is eaiima'ed at about ou^ hundred thousand dollsra, about one half covered by Insurance Soctm urn Niwririt tWBMNM ?Within tfte pnal fortnight, tne Daily American. Dailj Locomotive. Dally Confederacy, and Weekl) Chaoiploa. all published at Atlanta, Georgia nave perl stud IO- The New York authorities tare allowed i com pan v to lay pipe* through ail the street*, u convey - hydrngenated f?el " or otuer h?ati?ii agents. to every house juat u i?as and water art Bow convryed. So we move onward. Mra Curtla, of Bath. Me . long m para tec from her huabind, and living at Portland, wai abducted by him last wee*, aud forcibly carried ARRIVALS AT TUB HOTELS. W1LLARRS' HOTEL?R J ^haffjrd. Maaa F. Salomon. 1.% H Ewinz, Va; II S JUnford, ? H R Hoicle. Pa; VV Wood, NY; K W W Fry, do ? C Koch. do; A Hrfglitnd. London; 3 Kerrl and family, Md: K Muilnie, do; C P Wolcott, O; 1 Brlglnoll, .Md; A Olllei and lady, NY; A C?(>?n ter and ladv. Va. P Whiting aud lady, do; I Barlletl and lady, Mom; Mr and Mrs Wilton, do P R Vootbees, Md; M Wilis, Fla; Mr and >lr Colaoo. ?; H Morgan, do, li H William*. NY Hob D C Bomes. Me; A Clarke. Md; J Johnson Pa; 9 J Dasis. Judsje Os'wrn aud ladjr, V'; R J Osfoorti and lady, do, L Janin. La; J D Sickler Kv; R M Walsa. DC; A Klv, NY; J S llud^rs Dsl; E F Kn?o. Ga; E R Pre^o!*. Mass: J Ca meroa, Va; F H Woody, do; P Woodruff am ladr. DO V? Woodruff, do; O Dayton and laJy NY, E H Harlan, Md.G, do, J Sterrett t da; W T ilcCsv. Pa; J 11 Lackey acdiadv. Mom C N Bb?-psxd, Ci BROWN'S HOTEL?F Day, H Clark, G I* CTKrt, .' ! J. J N Power, D McGuir* 3 S a;U Mrs Str> 1 and fam. W G W r,;U. Fa, I ? L ; H H 'Jim'z, R Fcgilah, Kf, A Colt m a. Minn; J H, NC; J R Fiuegan.Fla A d VI jkT ' . ?*V f j ? " ?* m. j .<i?v^iwu?u. J WiT.erViUI*, I. IviilCafii, V H Mead, Mr Jnekson. Tenu; W J Wor&anr. i K'dwsll, W VV Randolph. A Hopklsa aid 1) Mlsa Wortt?.ti, J Patton acd ly, Va. Mr? Duuor R iCajMui, L A Lepratn, 8 ? snsitti, DOi H V Richardaoa, BC; w Btewart, L Dadl*y, W I fiV.aee, Ark: D' VV C Sharp. J ? Haekatt, NJ: 1 R Cow-io, NY; B D Lenmaln. Ct;R H H i nee, G; 6 E MattJ-rwi. C fi G*rner, P C Cook, O Patlc aal If. S H Moo?*, Ala. NATIONAL HOTEL.?P A Cla*ett. S Vo^n Va- E K^k, J Sa:der, Pa; W Corvrln. - G 4 Ltscb. N J; h' P Gautter and ly. N J; G La irr, Maaw. K H Ycuag, Tea; H snrder, M< CBn-lif, Mae*. MiaaOwla, Cal, T J McK.i.g,M< I kl JjUoio,, W O PrMinaa. P J ftevboi , W Coo^rf. NY. B tVIiilama. DC: C A Da*?daon,V, W H Caa??. Pa, r Siball. DC: Dr R Hlackbun a; B Kaufman, J Ncr'oo, NY; J Wade, NC; Jarm?, J P?t?re, La KIRK*OOI> HOl'SE ?J 8rvJf?rd. Md; W K! aril aud ly, J Rrackeubnrig.G M Bdrbani ftY, R Purd>n>, >ll?a. R*v J E JH??lDarran. ^ W A **t. P Cur?*?t, W A N">rrU. DC, J \ b*? m?n, USNj W O SU.ep, I A Scott, Va l^-tniAL N'?TlCt Tl? CITIZF.N* AN nSTKASGFKS- KENi'H 4. *?CHdrFIN 2 7* ?'? ?v?i o-?. ia iii? ?u j p. vw iQ the c:t? wfte <Ui:i p?p?r? o&n t* fouo-i from i-err iu-1 ol u>th*l *joa. >?w \ ork, Kni;*d* prua.. ?a : B& I mor# t%9 r? de iv^rid ia tft" oit j mnd ftoor?eUJV .''iraMlstcly on (be *rriv?> of ihrftr-uus. All tl .Uunttiiy Woolly P*p?r??n<l Mft *? n?*t. No l? tno urn to aat>?iTibe. with ik? t^(>bniu| of tl N?v > eor. Ho.e ?<euU .'or iha Ctt?.l??ton M > nor d?r THK BTKAKfc 1 on XU1 'JtK JAW. ?UY Will rrrnu'B h UE8DAY, 21 it of ~ ^ w " itMl 9 O'CfCl a. DU IfATH'l, BOlV? H^A ftA*?? ^OLOMS, COLD^HOjR8KNWW, *#. CQMFOCHD SYH UJ 0* oCM ARABIC **M. F <*?-nt aad ?>??; ' C?,utu R*~5t h I *a ?o icn< kno vii and rxt?naiv*t, aamj T,/ " *<*r? n? h*?e bAOom? f*rn, iar jntu ita j'triwordm rj atlov? on.: ' upi at aft tux p?;l0 a,-. ?' >r * ?t >rtT? m>? firtm Vw TRAVKI.INb TRUNKS." ' " K H?T*|b troxivini tU- larsftt u? or tine ?r. 1 ? >? ii. 1 it ?l?r' ?iv? viriHiML. ? K t.i:\IUKK. i.Altli> DKE**Sfv aa ! HACKING TftT^KN H A.T BOX* VA |2?K?. CARfhT BAGS, i?ATCHKL8.*< m ?'? ? city, trntoh w? a'- aa:l ct at wry lc vV Al.L. *TKPHBNS A CO , '??? * . "Mi >M.ayw? ?"$U*i25SE& MISCELLANEOUS. 1 LLtarRATKD BOOKt* FOR PRESENTS. We h*T? now onr swat lnrje and ro?iLifia#iit asaortsnabt o' ?ie?anUr louodaod i !??tf?t44 Book* for Pr*?*nU for th? Hoi War*. Ttia Mw Boots fi>r tt?t? inr ?r? wjt fHMtltul. Onr J rani! lf>*partni*nt comfriwi all tha latsat Booka'-ut ai.d al< t?a od unn auitabla for ohii <- ? Tk? 1^1 i?ftlwiM. Via nr? R/ im A nA? VI I VU . a IIV i/t XVI V1UI * !? ? I IW ? P'" tillde for the little mm. Oar %?eortnient i>r Writ tnf DmIc- Portfe'.ioa, Papef Tjeea. P?fl?f NMM Boih, K*jw?t (nkataada, J?o!? rMey aad all other atyiea Panknir^e. Paper J oldera, Catton. AO , Ao., is large and wi?4i and Will N widU """ """" StSftcHUtD * ?OB.l{l. dein cor. Pa. ? . and Klevanth it. Thk tery, ooadaetM by the Swinisb Goverwpent, under Uta aupermion ef the Captain ttenerai of Cuba, trill Uta place at Havana on FRIDAY, Jixrat 4. 1881. SORTEO NUMBRO 64h ORDUfAMO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,000. fim,ow ?M>00 KMNO *>,000 IN AL1 S'T US do ? approi. itjm ... Z.L 989 PRIZES, Whole Ttaketi. atlO?Hvtm. A 1 0?Unartera. >i. & izes earbed at ?ijht at? oent. dieooant. Jills on all solvent Bank* taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded aa toon aa the recmlt beoomea known. Ail ordors ior schemes or tiokeU to bo add rested to DON RODRIGUEZ, de 17-tr Oare of Hit* Host. f.har'.Mtuii. K O. F IREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital #200,000. corn r C ftrtet and l.o*>*inna ir., ? ? Bank INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRK. Dtkkctoxc. Geo. Slic^malw, rtamu^ R^dferc, Samuel c'rople*, William WiIhotj, RienarH Joses, John D Bare!?,;, Jaoub Gideon, Andrew RothweH, Thos. Parker. Kiwhard Barry, B. R. Freooh. ;>o c.iar?e lor rouo'.cb JAMES ADAMS, president. Abkl G. D.*.v"u.seoretary. oo jo-eotstn Read the followinotfromthk w?u known Captain of the Steamer Fulton: n'w orlzan*, sd <<ot, ism. Dr. J. C. Av?*, LeWtJl.? Mr: 1 a;n urged by my w i? to report to ">'iu & care four sartaparil a ha* " u4 in on' family, ^nd ai it n the tniy way >u wh'oh wo can make tou any acknowledgement of our (ratifioa'ion I will pr oeed t ?t*te My lit.le on. ^'erea year* cid, n%* hvi ^tr fua tore a on hi* t-ar>. neok and arn. i f >r five yea?? ; hey were moeh of the t>?r.? very d?tres?idk and we fe red hey woad klil him. \t first a swelling would aj p-a r. it wou d tr ak and make a < unn'na tore, wmeh wou'd not hea. Tney bf name verj ioath *o"i and nfteu paii lv; they st pped hie giowth ae<! s em d t?>'miie in* h al h.?o thai he be came f'ebie an-1 k ak j wet-ied phjainati" and m^-dieic^* butthoydtjno good. A oicuyman in our naishborhnod. who h?.J *>?a*""ne reina nahie pjrei bj jour Onerr* ' ss>!ora', atlnied unto try ?our Sar-apariiia an<1 we d i. i'ne cma test sore* ?h >wed ev'i'ptom* of kcahnz tn about two weekr; i rt 1n mrtpu t.^aw tlfl i k i* i m w\A in ( <wn m nt i.., the oh Id was & w?ii as an?ho<iy. He now nnjoys perf. ot hral.h, with no rernnaut of the disorder about nsm t.iat w* oao <ii?oov?r. If yon, air. are a rarent, y?u mar well ueuevs that wo aaaf! not toon forgot you. Very truly, your humble s?TYart, J*o. W Hatii, Prepared br DR. J. C. AVER A CO., Lowell,Man. de 21 Milm THE OHLY PREPARATION WOBTHT OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE 4 PATRONAGE FOR STATESMAN, JUDGES, CLE R(j\ ME S. LADIES. and OESTL S.WJT.V la a parta of ih"* world testify to tbe efficacy of PROF. O. J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, and gentlemen of the Press are uoanunoua in its praise. A few testimonials only oan be here siven ??e oi ou ar for inore.and it will be impossible for you to doubt. 47 Wail Stexbt, New Yom, Dec. JO. 18rB. QtntUm a. Your uuto of the 15th instant baa been reo-ired, ?ayinc that ?<> u&d heard that I had been bnueblad by the useof Wood's Hair Ke storativo, an requesting my oertiBeate ol t?e fact if 1 had ro objeouon to gi v? it. I Atffirii it taa ?nil AhA^.fall* hrtr. *11 rA I t h i <a *r if due. .My axe is abou' So y#-are ; the ?a lor of my h?ir auura, acd inclined to oorl. ib-m* five or sax Tear* since i? began to turn gray. *j<1 th? soa'p on tr.eorown of my F.^-vl to lose its reumSi ity and iKruJ'nJ to form ujion it. Kacn f?f tiieieacagree tbilities innr<>ase<i witti tnuo. ana about I uiontha i since a fourth was adje<j t? them. by hair fai in? off the :?p uf my head au<l threatening to make in* bala. Il tain ar.p1' asatjt pred:c?i:.f ut 1 wa? indaool to try ' Vin .j'j Hair K jaforative, i^inly to arrant th? iai^ng off >jf mj hair, for I had read* no naprx.ia i Uon thai <r%y 'iair ever be reatoron to lta I original ootor eicpt from d*e?. I waa. however, , g'eatly surprise to find, aft<?r the use of two bot tleaocy, hat not only win tne failing <>ff arrest* J but the o'dor was eatored to th* grr.y haire ant 1 aeastbi ity to tiia so%ip an<l dandruff o?-wd to form un my vr y inuoli to the gratification of lit] i wife, at whose solicita'ion 1 wan Induced to try it For thia. am<>n< the mar y obligations 1 owe tc har efx, I atrougly recommend ali nttsbaruls wh< a ue the arfmirati n of ttieir wirea to profit br ini i example, and uir it if growini^rraT or gettin, r>a a ?erj rtujiTOnuiy. Dkx A. l.ArrioiK. T?<>. J. Wood & Co.. 444 Broadway, N. S . Mr ffcmilr ar* absent front the city, and I am n? longer at No. II Carrol P aoe. 5*ta*?To*, .\!a.. July JO,115?. To P?.)?. O J. Wood: Dtar Sir?Vuir "Ha; R'ltor&" has done my hair ao n.uch good si no 1 soiuiiieooed tiii as*of it. that I ?ish to inak< known to the puhiio of its ects ot'hf batr, vhioi ?r? rreat. /> man rr woman m?? linearly deprive! of hair. aii' 1-y a rosort to your "Hair Kfktorativ*1 the hair wi:l return more beaatifn. than ever; a least this is my expenecoe. Believe it all' Yours truiT, W*. H. Kk.vedt. P. 8.?Yon o*q publish the above if you uke B; pubimhinc lu <>or Southern papers you will so m >re patronage S_>?ti). I see several of your oer tifieates iq the Mobile Mercury, a strong Houtheri paper. W. H. Kksb?T. WOOD'S HAIR RK8TOKATIVt. Pbof. O J. VVsod: Dior Sir: H .vir.r bad th muf<>rlune to lose th? f>e?>t portion of my hair, fror the (feots of the yei.ow fever, in .New Or.eans ti 1461, i wat lu Hoed to make a trial of your propara tiou a. d found it to ansver as th> very ti.ini ne ded. Mr hair is now thiolc and flossy, and n< words can express ray obligation* to you in givim . > K ffl , SiiaK m lr?St!Hr? fifc'i ??* I -%? ? ?? The Knrtoretirt i? put up in bottles <>f three aixe? ria : large, mediant and small: the Kmall hold h*l * piut,and retails for one dollar per bottle; theme illuia uoids at 20 per oant. rro'e in proportioi 11*'. tn? amt.l, r? la.:? for two dollars per b ittle th* largo b" ds a ?u<?rt, <0 por ottU. inure in proyor ti?n,aud rtt'i's ft?r ?S O. J. WuOD A CO., Pi?>prietor?, 444 Broad way, New York. a.?d 114 Marketstreet, St. Loaii Mo Bold in thia a tt by C. ?TOTT, 375 Fa. avenm &u J? aolj.alw PROCLAMATION O THE ^AeHIN^T^'Si^SStS^TOWN *0. Wk4Tt*1< W9I DWDt It ranet b? of th# . F'R?T CONSBQUBNCB to erwy fenf]? to fcoov nt A REMEDY ?? Pa*i?, MIRACULOUS PAfN IILLEJl ?I!MES?m,??V?Ife5?lUIKT In ordsr to gatitfr Tto" t? int >at M Wli, ( HI UK PUBLIC "lad in that no imposition t? intended iq the ia!e of till* Great Meiilaine, THE MONEY WILI. HE hErUNDED i* til eaut hen the medicine iai'.s to give entire eatlcJtatio Ask, then at anr DrogiUore f? r DR. MONTAKbE'S MIRACUU)L9 PAIN EII.LKR, take aa directed, and if aot perfeotij aatufied Return to our Ascot. D.'B. CLARK, EPQ., 4K Street and PennaflviMila Ami\ wh-j will refui.d yonr niocer. Prio??34 and AO Canta per Bottle. For aale at ail Dru* Stoioa ararj where. J AS. MCDONNELL, 6or:eral Atent, JylJ-eotr Haiti mora, PURE OLD RYE WHISKY FOR MED C1NAL USE. Frit* $2 per t<Ultm er SO (Mil frt boitU. Tbe va?t bom* and formgn demand w* bar* f tbi* artiole aaftoientir at tea.a ita tnrtty and eiw !euo? Moreover it may Ita mentioned in thia coi nezton that many inra'.idaol dehoate orranisatio aoab:et<> nee arhlaky of other brand a, bar a foui the ahpra moat eftoaoiooa and hMyr In tta effect A liberal diaeoont on the abuA prtoea made tue trade. EDWARD HALL. Deaiar in &na Winaaand Llauora, Family Grooeriee, Ac., op*. Center Market, oo/J torn betwen 7th and ?th atreeta. IP R ANC I 9 HA R~P E R. *FAMILY OjriftiV'ftPFKKDSTORK, Cornrr of Mr*e York ?r?HM Mi T-mlk ttr$*l. Kanp?cLfo(iy avuciu tb? aatrouftfe of thoaew oar t? tn wiiiI of nay article in abova lis*. H >i>t?*v<>r? nni; to to pt?a??, and by * atnct attai Uon to ili? waata ut tii? public, k? DOpaa to mar it "IK*"' l^*lr patrouaja. la lock ?ofasiataor rrary artiofc aauaili to I in a ftf?t jiv>? Faiail> tirooary aaa Fa< w... ?'*. AT., tlrrw.1lTK AUDlSru Sta rt ill aad Wharf /??* of t*?v?ct??nth at., a tl Balow \Ypr V*t*rtw*r.t, WOOD AND OPAL. TO THE PUBLIC! ?0 WHKRK YOU ~CAN OET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH lyTRY IT! PROYS~tT! KN%W IT'. JTl yj y J* p ^grjr^th* PIONEER MJLLJS.Md karTW PROVE mi AT? irr trore that yo? o4u ut >oir WOOD tlMr* o eaper than laewhere m the oity ; *11 a then rot KNOW WHAT? C7" Know tiiat yon ret GOOD MKABL'RKand the rery beet of WOOD for lean money. CtT Split, a*? Delivb*** Friiof Crarbb. Call at thi PIONEER MILLS! SIGX OF THE BLUE FLAQ-STAFt. Bouthwm Comma Skvrnth ?r. and Canal (South of the Br idee.)* no 19 (JKORtfF. >A<VE, Ae**T. YY o o u AND CO 4 I Delivered to all parte ot the oity, at the lowest posnWle rate*. T.J.k W. M. OALT, Ofloe asi Pa. ?t., between 11th and lith eta., ina 17-tf sorth aide. (V* Couth. Cold, Hoartmtss. In Jtmnta any Irritation o* Sor% n*si of the Throat, R-.lUvr tk? Hatkm* Couth i* l onsump tlOM. Uronrhtl is. Axhina. MV I yap*" I" Catarrh CUarand tin ^vfSnC/ tirenfth to tke ro*re of PUBLIC SPEAKERS akd LINGERS. Few are aware of the imnortano* of oheokinr a Couih or ''Common Cold 1 in >t? first tiu?; that whioh in the hugmn* Wenld yield to a mild reme dy, if neglected, tounnttaokaine Luutfe. ,lBrotcn'? Bronchial Tror.hi?,n contaia'.n* cemulooctiiigredi ante, allaj Paimouary and B.ouohial Irritation. "That tTOuHi# in my Throat, (for BROWN S which the "JVeci*''* area pec!ifc>?) __ having made me cften a mere whia TROCRE? perer." N. P. WILLI?. BROWN'S * raoommend tbeir hm to Prsuc ?P?AEKii?." TROCHE9 REV. E. H. CHAPIN. i " Great urnce in stiMuing Hoa.m>" BROWN'S *? ." REV. DANILL WlSS. TRfK'Ri-x " Almost mstaU relief in the di? labor of breathing peoulisr UDnU/MIC to Aithua." W?\V ?f V | TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROW N't TROCHES REV. A. C. KOOLESTON. .MH injurious. " Contain do Opium or ?njU)ini ? " Dft A. AHA E8. Ckeniit, gotten. " A.?irople?nl p!f???nt oamllna tion fci Cocgim. Ac." i?R. 0. F. BIGELOW, Batten. * Beneficial in Hao:*eHTTls." UK. F. VV. LAN'E, Bitter. I hsv* proved then excellent for nnrcs " WARRfcV. I.H- p'UVf u I WnOPFI51 OoVGfi.M rev. Jk. w. " Penpfielai vhen compelled to prak, K'jffertni: Cold." REV. S. J. r. ANDERSOV, St Levis. '* B?pectt#l to reraoTHig Uoarae ?- "* Tk m^rn Bn UOBO |?uu XI I r<C?l*-?rn W| IBO A H VOia OKJ BROWN'S ?"mrnoB *'th SrsAKiki and Si no TROCHES "'Prof M.81ACY JOHNSON, La Grant*, 6a. BROWN'S Teaoher of ? uthern Female College. TROCHES "Great brn*fit when taken bef ?re and aft^r preaching. a* the? prevent BROWN'S Ho%r?*n*tP. Prom th^ir pacteflVot, i think they will be of permanent ad TROCHES vantage to ire." REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S President oi Ath?na Co.iege, Teen. TROCHES ir7?SoMhya'] OrufgiaUMTWEN TY FIVE CENTS A BOX.^D de 1 It Dr. J. H. MoLKAX'S 8TKKH0THEKIK0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t* tkt WORLD, J and tho most Delicious and DELIGHTFUL j? j CORDIAL il /Sever TAZExrtk Before It la illicit* a ?? btiSe *n<l Varata Lia CooipuBod,' prw surad by tba diati.ia Uuu ut rwu, batba, aud barka. fallow Dock, Blo?d Ro"*, UikCk 11* <*. & .rtnp v rula, H Hu Cbarry Suk, aud Daailaliuu ntara ir.t? ita aui yaaitiM. Tba anlir* aetira ramadlal prlneipla r>f aacb inf radiant la . dlajl'iuf, rrodactag a daiictoa>, albilrra'.inr plrll, -rid tha moat in (Sill bl a ramad* for rannTaitug tba diaaaaod and raatonof tha alck, lafarinj, and dakiiltatad ianlil la haaKb ud attanfth. McLEAWS STREyOTHRUING CORDIAL Will ?facto?liy ccra Ltvar Complaint, l)jai>apa<a, J?at> di?a, CbroaM or Narvoaa liability, Diaoaaaa of ;ba Htdaajt, ml all dtaaaaoa ariainf froaa a dtaordarad L?T?t or fltomaefc. "/apapaia, Maartburi, luw>rd Pi'.aa, Aoi4|>* or Aiekoaaa of IJba Stomauh, Failuaaa of Blood 19 tha Haat, Dall Pain o/ wicanuaf la tha Haad, Mpu*uoo of *J.aH**rt. r?ll&a?a or Waifftt la tha toraatb, Soar Crueuuooa, Chikinf or afoeatiuf Paaltaf whan la ring down, Diyaaaa or YalioV. aaaa of tha Ik in ud Kyaa, Nifht Bwa*ta,'loward Ka??ra, Palu ia th* Small of :ba Ba*k, Chut, or BM?, Radii** Pluhci *f l?*t, D*pr***lor tf ftpiriu, Krlrfatfil Praam*, Uitpnr, Deepen d*nfy or i?; mrrmi dlitui, tnrN or iLe ttin, and r???r ud Ague (or CbtU* and ftrwJ OTKR A MILLION BOTTLES ha?* been told dartnj lb* l?r an mixiihe, tod la nt to etance bii It failed Is ri'Ujf mun enueftetloc. Who, than. Till ester from or Debility when McLCAJI'l rrnKNOTHEm!?(J CORDIAL will cart too 1 No l"nftan eeatey an adaqvata iu?? of the Lrautdl ate Hid tloctt mmeaiou ohanf* predastd by uktnj thia Cardial In th* dia*&a*<lt detail;*ted, and eba-.tered nerioai eyitem, wb?th*r brokaa down by istsa, vnk by i.t'.ari, ar impaired by uckn***, th* rallied *r4 anoranf arfua tatien 1* restored la iU i rutin* heitlih an J ?'ft HARRIED PERSONS, ar *tb?r*. eent'.lom* of Inability ft?m wha'.crar raa*?, will knd McbKANI BTE CtlOTIIKN1NO CORDIAL a tbo raafh r*f*a*nior of tha lyetem; and all who may bar* in tared tb*nj*alT*( by improper indalf mci* will fnd in thfce Cardial a certain and *p*<<Iy r*iueUy. TO THE LADIES. McLBANt HTRIlfOTHEIING CORDIAL I* tevar eifo and epeedy cur* for la:ipi?a*. Coatcrppuen, Whree, OC-*tr?ct*d or DiSeall MenetxaallM, IseoMtintnoe of (Jrine cr loftliaurf Diieliii;* 'hereof, Kdllnf of Ihc Womb, 8lddtne*a. P?intui?. ana all di*ea*e* iecilant '? Pinal**. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Qwftj m )*of?r. Ttkt it teeording to dirtctioc.*. It arill 'iDllttt, ttrtofthta, and io<;(oriLi and eaata tha bioam af baalth to m??at rout ohttk r.ftio. E??ry x vwrt?(*4 w f1*? aa'jtfacuoo. *0K CHILDREN Mjtmi ebtldrae ut aickly, pan* or afBlctad, MCLEAN'S COlDtAL will maka tht? btnltbT, fit, ui) r?>*:tL DtU; oat ft naaraa-u; try tt, aod y?i will ba lanatnead. U It da MeWw ta t*Jka. CJ UTIOS. Imn a# dnifftot* or dtalart ?M ry w ptla ipM y*a twnt h'f *f or umftnlli trash, whfeb ta*? rtn brr ekne. Vr urtif H W good. Awl "i-i a?n Art far McLEaIH VrRE^THijmKl C0ED1AL. and th o<nhief alaa It la tha only raaHy that ?lll prlfy (h* Plod tEerrmfh!* tad at tha him rla* ttrtr.j'^tp tfta tyattm Out ttatpoonnl ?ak?a ??ary toornlnr futior t" a carte.!!) pet?-aati?a f?e Ooltra, CbLia and Fa?ar. Y?llt? r?*ar( or to* praTalant d'aaaaa h la pat up In larjrt borJaa Prtoa ant* m par twttla, er barlta for $t J.H MrLEAff, 9-ut proprlatar o(t"i Cardial; alao, McLtan'a Volcanic Oil Utouaacv Pnr.--.ipaJ D?p?n co tit to?naf of Third ari Plat (tfttli, fc. IrMtt, Mo MeLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEET UHIMEHT WTWR WORLD ) Tha only aaJt aad eartajn cua for Caaeara. Piiaa, T? m?r?, fvililap u4 Eronchila or Coitra, Paralalia, Nta ralfia, Waaknaaaaf tbt Moaclaa, Cbroolr. or IplrrirnocT Rhaan iuara, ftuf' ru of 'h?*Jein?a, Contraciad Matclta ot Lifanaota. Earubt aaToothacha, Bri'tta, Sprtina, Prtah Cutt, Woanda, Uleara, Ka?a. B<rt?, Cakad Brtat', 8-jii Tf'ppiaa. Barn*, Set'di, Mora Tbroal, ?? auy ii>8 n?ic?Uoo or nun, no d.ff?r?ne? h#>? n'?n ar'loiif th? d> ? -.?? my fca?a ultu4, McLKAJTS CELEBRATED LINIMENT i? a 6?rt?io ??n>?dy. Th' of hantn batoft ba?a H?#ii a lift ?f dta rapitada sod uiaary by tha p?t of tbia iorataaMa raaady. McLKAJTS TOLCANIC OTL LINIMENT WiU raliara pain ?:rao?t in?UJU'.n? jc?iy, and n will elaaii, parlfy and btil tba fja>*?'. tort* m an tncradtbla thort lima. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN* CELEBRATED LINlMENY la tha only uh u4 raliabia ri otdf for laa car* df Sparta, KucWi, Wia4nllii Bpttoia, Coaatural Laiapa, Njdaa or Svallion It uaaar fall ad la eara Big Haad, Fatlavil, FUtuU, iMJ Rano'iif Bora#, or Svaaay, if |>r>p*rly appliad. Koi Svraioa, Braiaca, Scra .sba*, Crackad Haab, Cnafea, 8?ddl? or Cottar Gatta, Ccua, Soraa, or Wound*, it la an infalttbli ranady. Apply it aa di/actad and a cart la -.attaiu ta a?ary iaauaea. Than trila na tocrar wirti tha man* ww.Mcta Llui-reou afirai ta yam. Obtain a aapply of D? MCLEAN* CELE BRATED LINIMENT. It ?1[| car. J. H McLKAN, Sol* Proprietor. Comar Third and Pina ata., St. Louia, Ma. CHARLES STOTT, FT5 Pa. a*., tola ifa^t in Wartiar tn; R. ?. T. C18SEL. Oaorratnwn. aa M-D*WtT At FRENCHAEhTcH8TK?^'8. 8T9 Pa. a* Atenti for ike iekoU World. 1): price fl by inAi). Al: of M%ri<?n H?r*nd'? Books. Nemesis. Moai flxU HPiin A InrtR' RriAA A?tk 4l M Ki rn*lV " | ] nog /JRKAT BARGAIN8 IN PIANOtJ.-Oa? v?n \JI Qio?MV*n-oa'?veCftrTfdPi?uoFortd>^^H^ having b**n in im a *hort tins ynljr. tht nwa?r leaviqg tb? oi?j, for aa'.a for $300 "'!? On* v*ry ni Rotewood Chi?k?rln> Pfanofoi f MS. at tlM M joJJtor* of W. G. MKTZkROTT tk>U A*fC0r of 8t?nw?y & 8o?i' Greratruni Planoa. "" > ^UOi) LIGHT LAP LIGHT! OHKAP L1GH1 _ ? .SAPS LIGHT I PARAFFIN BOIL. * > 1A A r?r,t? (JRCHELLw it* fnr W* mj0 rBUNK8, BOOTS AND 8HOE8. gOOTS AND TO 8UI1 IBB W ? irt do* aui&aui iu all kinds of BOOTS icd SHOES, an.! co;>etaaaV recsmiif lg?l mppll 01 eastarn mad* work of svorr de- nl onynon. made fxprwdf to order, tod wUlf VU M sold at a rrseh lower srtretLa^ hubMn' ? wreioior* oLariec la Uus dity it>r*iHlt inferior irOoies. Per J.,, le work, will alwayg bad a jood ? _ apl-r >14 Psnnsyhrania arenaa. Person is want of Boots and Shoes of eastera or pity made work, will alwaysfiad ajood SMUitm? n storeaad at tie lowest prices. Sits ss r room exhibit* pastime the peateet raHety ?F tT?rrtin ree*t*ft??. at inodorato fuctm. to be round Una iWe <* Now VorkTA'eo. ?Utt ^21* Uon oT LAiMKb' HAT BOXfcs, \ ALJCKB, CAR I'KT BAGS, SATpHKLB, Ao. 27" Old Trunk* repaired nr titm tn for new ocm. WALL, STEPHEN A CO.. Vrank 9a1 ot Room, mar il-tf 3<a Pa. aynna. COUTHKKN TRUNI MANUFACTORY, Owre*1tt Oid F?!!ei?s^H*ulTWafKi*tto*, D. C. Traveler* will etu<lT their mte*e?u t? exanumn my TRUNKS, VALICES Ao,before nr?m cha* rig elMtrnr*- A* 1 uh none hot theBarafl be?t material the market aUonla 4tt(i the b*?t workmen, I oan oon&deaUy rec n mei^d my work to be superior in Sfngik and Durability to Trunk* that are marie in other citiee and sold here. 1 keep constantly on hand, and make to order ion one treei'a notice) every d??an?tien of SOhB LSA7HER,lhoN FRAME FRENCH DREiS and WOOD BOX TRUCKS; ASHLASD and etktr VALICES :THA VELTXQ BAtiSi HAR VMS' k a nni.lfS- ww/ps >? Trnrta, frn., Ronaire^ and Oovrrril, in a work m&L'ike manner, at short notice . Tratik* delivered in any part oi tte oity, Qtorf town, or Alexandria. AUo?AfOht for Howe'i celebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. delM* JAME3 S?. TOPHAM. yyATCH REjPAlRI.NO AND^SILVER WARE I have one of the beat establishments, and fur nished with aoomelete net of tools for repair- Jtv mi! ever* deeouption of fine Watches, and #3^ farticmar attention rive to the same, by "?tf| ".orouth comppteut wurkinan.aaH a. work guaran tied AJ-o, every descrip iou of standard lii 1. VKR WARE, p'a n and ornamental, manufactu'ed Qodei my own supervision, whioh mj customers will finii far superior in eualitvand finish to northern war* sold by dealers iu general aud represented as then own maiiufaotare. H. O HOOD, el 330 Pa. avenue ne*r9th st. S l"\ Vrf ru t UPlMML 4 V II IZ,UUU cra^i? Ai>?L?.^mKk\-w. iV/iu the attention of toe pnblio to our larreand w*l! 'acted stock of Oharopa?ne aau Crab .* ppte Ciller rhioli wo guarantee t'i So puro ij.oc, \r,d wdl t? aoid on re^eonable terma ik ordsr to rr.&k0 roon for out aprics Block. 61 a us a o&u at tho Union Bottlinc Depot, ffl ft N?. nt. D. L. MORJ7'.?ON A <K'.. LOL'R AND GC'y KU A '. CoAm?8IO> MKR.-UA^r?*, And wnolos* e d?ai*rs la MILL FftMlK Cr>H\ MFAL. fe., frr., Co ner 01 Urtn tod H atraeta, Wnahinjton oity. rrr pnir* kinds or (?r?in au 25-Sm OA fc'tflMi'KOVI'D V\ KWBl.itttjC 'f hetjft *r* oferad t<? V.e o a* iu mo?t einaple.duraMa, aiii rel.'dbi* :?um p*t out ii BfcP. Krratolaaa preiuiamn h&vo b?*n awarueJtliev hr ih* I'mfod Jtftt'iFairud Virginia Ag'iouiturn 3ooi;i,: Virjj.rU S-lawAnnBu Fair; t raycin I nautili F&ir,P*ticayivfc.ja; Mew York State Fair Veimor.t fe'Ato Fair, Ac., Ac. la ertry caa* whrn ahiNtsd th?-7 0*v? rfroeivod firat olaaa premium For ?* ? at 6Z Louiaiena arena?. Depot of Sille-' Gljtl ed Ironbai?R, a?!H? K'C I'A ffTIBON. Afent. The abovo PURE W H18K Y.Comm Di?rllk rKox*:> ?b.aiw. born* superior and ouifon in quality. a^d hij taly improved by are, is prctrrre by ooasumers ta all other Whiskiss, and partion lirly recoiac.^nned by the beet physicians an oriemists as ?osr:<".?sinc all the reoUir"ir.??te of 7Vw? Tanfe '%and Fwiiol Arnt. The ttohETikill Wi?:?r of Ptiiiadeipriia, u*ed 1 Iha distillation of thie Whisky, is proYed by anal) *fii to ?>e the softest and purest Tiwr iii the Lnice * ; rvul to fta? may, ic a gr?*t decree, be fat ?u tho 3io^;]cno? of thia Wl?iaky. ? AtCtt ,, tribvlM For aale If ft 9t"SV?ON. Phacix Distillery, On theSohnylkili river, Philadelphia CISmj-Oft Wall atr*et, New York ; 10V Sent Front street, Philadelphia. m*r?-lT WXWOHTI ^ S rV td r,P OJ3PATOH! /*vS?tc the Fieeet! At ateUmi* will k*pp*A, om i% fmniliu, it it yen ia?lrab!? to hare some chM and eonracirat war f?r r?paiiinc Farm tare, Tor Urealarr, Ut. , nrAXume'c pb.epar.ed glcs meftaa!! anoli omtrfeuol^a.and no hcuaahold ? aSord to l.o vithout It It la always r<?dy and i to tha utiokinj poiat. Thsro ie no longer a naoe ?itr lor lir.ipi'if ?haira. eplmtorej ??<n^era, headlo doile, br-Jh^n oraales. Jt is iuat the article f A^nn. ?) *)!. ?'..) ntl'ftr nrrnimitfcl work, an mbcL with iadifts of rafinoment and taste. This *dmiralti* preparation Is used oold. heii chomically held in soiuti'in, aid jossessi.n all t aluablo qualities of the 'jeat cabinet xakorfl' f !u it ?aay be used in the p.acti of ordinary iMciiaj being racily more adhesive. " USEFUL LN KYKRY HOVSB.m FH',1, U cents. N. tf.?A L'rcnh a3*cn.panies each bottle. IVk*l?'?i4 ?}< ??!, Nj, 49 Cauar street, Saw Yw AWram HL?1*T ^SPALDING ft CO,, Bex No. 3,000, New \ 01 Pot wf lor Dealers in Ci?e? containing P<m Eight, aci Tweir? Unien?abeaotinii Lithograp to Stiaw-Cari irise wh p,v laje. rjr A ?:Bflo bottle of SPAL2iy&B FtL FAhEli VLl'B wiii save tw ame-> its ooet naally to every hocaehold.-/~Tl Bold by *11 prominent Stationer*, Pruggif Hardware ao-i Far ait ore Dealers, 6rcc?rs, a feWK ? f',J7 BJJ.TS' IP! ll Is?"!2 rig S?5 5 t r TklM li kuk*l ? vwMf K.trfi *rr;? ' Iwi k #*.!? L< < i t"*t*/or m* bv (tk, k fU Vul'tlaffU V" ??< < lju+li~ r/ J iiUlltr in\ /? ? tWf 4?? # > Iwi, * CAUTION. . .PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ; MmwtEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF A. ON THE LABEL. ML OTHLRS ARE AN IMITATION AKQ A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJ3ALY, fOLC PROPRIETOR 19 Slinil WILLIAM S! NEW YORK. JOB BALM IN WASHINGTON BY f Ml BARBOUR 4 BEMMBl GAS FITTIKG, 4c. pLUMBERS AND (M8 FITTKEft. aoMdtMarl bet. 9th and 1' th ?U.. tooth twi*. A M W*. T. DOVE A OO. ... ARB Now ?re*a.-ed to atouU ui ardert viU w'VLVtSitre, ?ttin? rr 8tor* OB Wh trfret. * few d99f* ?*rtS <tf h, WG AS FIXTURES. K Have in a*ore, and are di: ? *e??i vmj, 9AB FIXTORBSofentirely Nnr Pattern a-"* iViv1*n? ana Finish. eaperior in (trie to anytkinjc hefcVlWre oflered in thia market. We inTiteaitosens fMtril It to call and examine bar ctock ol Gm ana Water Fixture*, feeling confident that arc have the beet elected stock in Washington. AllWork ib the at-ore Tine intmated to ??r eare trill be prompt:y attended *o. . MYKR8 A MoQHAN. marS-tf ST* DMnai SMYDER, rwnrR jvn oit r?*rea Hu removfd to the corner of Twelfth an?f P ate. He is prepared U? ln'roouoe Witor and Ou im the mo?t favorable term*, and guar&nUea entire aatisfaotioa He on hac<2 a lot of COOKING aad other 9TOVKS, which he win **! 'e?a thin ?oet, at ba wiiuM to tet rid <>f them. do 1? f iFilCK OF 1N?P?0Tt:2 8EALKE yj or ?A9 METERS. ? W AraineToN. Jaiy h, Kft'. yOTICB IS fJKRBBY OirKS. Tftat.aar?? ab.y to the pronr.ona at tb? ordioaaoe of the Cor p iratio* approved May 12.U80, the andertijned t} now prepared."whenever reaaired in writing, aat od pre payment 01 tee fee of fifty centa, to In Bp eel, examine.><??t. prove, and ascertain the aoearaoyef rea'ufrtfcon opvnr iu materia nee m tbu eitf. Every meter, if found ' coo rrect, will beoo advened, and aaothrr. **.*} uu! marked aa trne, wiL be betim'? p aoe. If proved to be aeonrate ir tta RMaaur>-nent ofra>, it vfl! be eealed acoordin*!y, am' muq P'H in poaiuoa for uae. Oflloe To C5 0 :i*veath rtreet. (near Odd Fal .ows' Hal! ? O^fniprn 5 a. ?&, toBa.v. CHAKlK3 W. CUNNINGHAM, ir M-tf Inspector an ! 9ea'.?r of ?4&a Mei j?" ffl i&m smm APfSLT HEMEDT ura HBJOJCS 11V HEALTH. Fnoikl. do joa ejc>r? An ion tie vi?um of tu of those nun-'roo* ailment* wnicfc ane irom fcp pwrtty oftbo b'oM? Vvbatar* w?v, do run MMl R?vii:er asic, ?h?t are they not? The bkod is U>? onrco of liie v.>l liasdt'i. and it is the first e oment of oar boiat to rarpond to ??y cm?? winch ?-ffeot? Ui-s; ?wn:,s? ike pulae ttiaUit'.j atfMt? Tfce mrei preyailir^ Nenr^!ci&, tue m<UUi^c Krye p?:at, tb? ?abt'e Sorcfuii. tlic Rhenrr.atura, Ner vous Odbl'ft?. Dyjjcuis, Liver Complaint with it* turgor nod dtyeenon, nod ths ncroberloas j:;k thv (lesh is heir to, derive 'iieir htdaqas onrin from the blood. i)-?! kin-Kj ! hes and seriUf with the blood. l!?e the vitaiiiiiiK ree. uroes of inter* l'artWaid. to ! tujar Hi tooomrueaJ to your ^oafidenoe Lad use that tTuiy valuaWs medicament known M Indian r^abEbv^cqctiox. Witli retard to this almost infallible specific popular sentiment t'V vpoken in d?oid?d tartns, Iiid ths evidences of this iroat rtTovr are svs tai&ed by e?t. sfM}t *vo<*aJs of oi-rative effects aad th- happiest ?** ? from its fM are afte^ll other remedies an^ the h*e? medical skiL have failed. Let li say. in o<>-ip: q?i.>c, th*t oertlnoatea enros a. o not soacbt from the illiterate and super hoik , t Jt tr?oy are vrlnntee-ed from the rnogf re ?pe?Ukble euurcea and joattfy the h.eheat tarma in which it la possible to oi>Dim?n<l to valaab e specific to public appmrsl. W? may add alao that the onr\ur<s propertiea of the medicine are?4 allied only by ita reatorative pcpoU, the itiUb rwt* in* from dlaeoae with renewed conatitat'cciA. riror. For aaie I* i:'. rcrteetable i)razciats in trie eity, and by the proprietor, MRB. M. COX, f>one genuine unlwn her name is blown oa the bottls and her Real on the cork irr Pnoe 91 per bottle, aix bottle# for (&. Wkolttalt /tent. R. ?*. T, CI88KL, Drujt.t:. Ge^rretowo, D C.. Wholeaale A tent for the Die triot, and wi.l anpply the trad? at my pnoee. an m-tr CO ALTS' ITY 9TKA.M FIRK-WOOD MILLS am COAL DKPOT. Foot of Sf.tntrrntk below War Dtparrmtni. WOOD prepared, any length and aiae, to init tiie wacta < ( each purchaser COA ?KtPT iN COAL HOU8E8. prote-ted from t??e we^tlier?deit'-arMl free frr it aiate. dirt, and other uupuntiea. :ba. to the ton. t7j. A W, V. ?rAI.T, so lo tf !*a. av.. b-tw. nth and !3tu bta. ITAKi: NOTICL! WILL Take a 1 ki< ds of Virietnia irK.ney for my book debt* snd for Bouts,Shu?a, and Trunk*. Ail person* lhdeb'ed to ine wnl pl?ase eft 1 and settle up. or I fch&'l be pomj>?!l?d to jive their aoeounta into the h&Liis of a oollector 4 F. HOOVKR. Iron Hall. do SI Pa a v., UtvMB Ka a-xi 10th ft t. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE Hl'RI\8ID?'8 MONONOAJIELA RYE WHISKEY, Con*3ieiaion?!y uiauiied by .Mr Jamas Hurnaide, of Allegany Count*, Penna., in the old-fashioned honMt w?r, fro'r. the choicest end most earefslly nelected Kye, &;.d in do caae ever otier?d lor sale until adapted to wholesome dm b? a*e it U at ouoe the ino*t paiatabe.aa it i? en<pl auoal'y or>? of th? pur*?; bevera**? in th* reach of the public. To the invalid, aa veil aa to ti.oee in commend* iUeii for ita unrivalled qualities a* a atin.n ant of the infect, tcrest, and moat beneficed description, and many of t<je most dittingaiabe-* physicians aro acme it in ti:elr practice with tha happtor-t results. OLEEY A STUCK DALE, Proprietor?. 328 Wiunut street. Philadelphia WH. C. CONOVKK. A rent for the Proprietor*, Jit A p se a*-Uti opposite Wiilarda' Ho?? IYALTiMOUE I> . BUTTER HOUSE. Daily receiving freah and sweet, id (roahen paok acet. AI*o, Ohio Butter, at lofcarnl lftt cet>U. , _ . ELLICOTT & HEWES, t? 9* f-'vnhanre Plae?. Hftlbmnr*. 275 A L fc E N 275 /ACKION. FLASTFREB8. Pe*wa. AvEi^n*. R?tw??r, loth ac<l 11th ?tre?t?. )e M |MPORTANT TO HOLttEKEEPERP. B. F. DCRKEE 4 CO.*B Guaranteed net onJ? ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat ironod fryer. freah Spic??. w?!eoted %fi c'eane> br Ui .'or ti;e pmpoee tr;ihont referepc t.> ext. They tiro beautirollj packed la tin&il (Jised with '*" ? " and & ? ft as s siszle tm. will ai>E2dar*'y p rove. Manufactured only br fa IS-If,DA 1 ifl Ria? REASONABLE DRY 600 Dl Cloa*?, Shawl , Flaeaeti Merino#, OMmmh, B4ank*t?, Fail Clothi. Liawri Poplin*, V*i< In?k Llrao?. ?baatu??? ^lapfciw Baavar Cloth, >?ei FlMnai. ? Ensbrt " Wh'taGood*. l.tnaa Seta, Rmbrotderiei Bomhatlnea. A!p%cr?*?, Ooumerpine*. Cfwforta. TowHiai*. tKrwhi"k" ^rt>8r*%rv&iikv: TJCBT QUT-NtW BOOKS. HK ?-.nea of Vv*le? 'n Am?r w, by Rlnaha. CornoaUla, Umo , e'otn; priwa $1 P*try AnnotaDO'Hi. from fbe Franch of Conor de flviw; pries 01.2V Okl Maoki< aw, 4to., by W, P. Striokl&nd, tJmo oloth; prioa |lil At FRENCH 4b RTCBSTEIWS. da 6 278 Pann araoua. i. a. a. uhax. ?, a. mot*. i. k. imi. MOTT4AU iM _ JmL, ippi.&cd will attend to the do] lbr?arkMlU* Mimmkmmimmi pLOUR, BUCRWR^jAT. POTATOES, Af Mft bbia.naw Richmond Nmily and Extra Floe 5,nnniha. Fresh Ground Buckwheat Meal, J btiehaia Wkita Maroar Poiatoaa, 100 do. Bine do. ii<>_ a do,. C>Mtnat?. . _ . . K?i o "' 'SSSSISWBKI EXJBIY^ NOTJCE. it* Works, 3?8 E ?t nurd T,Have^9 IN THE REQION8 OF TBI 1 Upp#r and Lower Aim-or, by T W. Attir*"! With a may lad nnm?roa( ill natrationa; p u-e fv! > Lioorllo, a M^BCl to the Jov o( Verona, by K. A H^bc a,na,?. JT Huiui AWaJ'ah, or the Eochantxi Imii othe' Ta e?, with an intrpd notion by Mtfe Parte i one of Tom Brown at Oxford, a neaai Vounn one of Tom B rows %t (nuoHaft m?b< to Tow Br*vo tt R?ffby; oK#M edition 9 octtt, 8LA S"f> 'ilU? VoACN. de 3 aornar Bleeaafh ft. aaOa. a?. A FEW PINK PlAfVOS POI 304 Pa. ar.. bet Two Piaaoa fbr rent at #1 far MISCELLANEOUS. a.kat:ow or poviai UadcnoT i" tkw If* to mrwt ?iimiiw vordi o4utfvr i!v villi* w itMr^vtu them into o?r own; tbaa tt?* word c*pk?itc. vtki?;i u troai Ute6r**k. mmm i 11/ ? it win wvu ur pi U ? in mm" _ w*y, aad tk? word Cfti* 10 will Iwoctm w m F.#otr?>?T?? IM*4 Mn* oUwravfcow S.ZSXSP euos M f >r?to W".?rt1? kM Imn TW1 in, ? Mrtll U?T 1 v 'artfly RMlivi. HI '*4 ' 'orrfN* '* *??>? Una iflwit-xr K*r<< 1 Kk?fc?'?H." nmV fct. i^ui that ' ur? rnr * ' ? *** ic Pu ' ?n ? m* *o?or it cnr*d hm> ?<i ?i.?* th%* I Vi.? J??d 1 'mA 'mi an 'MvUeh*. C^Hkaoacms N tixn wU? MkUra BUM known ft. j wl*l?v^ |-o,, thCMktaral ?tMa of tli* hrtun. Astd n???^ in th;n W|h| It ib*7 i? lootoi w ? ?<! int?o<j?. to fire totiM *1 diNMf wotcn mi(in NMM aJtention, iLl Ux l*t? to b? v * lU ioc.??i>ons shoa.d n*Trr hs ne?ts*tH. fie*, MkM MM he a se?il?i iUv tvi names. *1I Pimftomatic anc Mloaahto. Pymetomatif H*a' asbs is exoeodiafly WW??i *n?i is Ihr prionr* of a ires' variety of ?n?'i4 w^JJi ?' Apopier y, khea?ak?iw ?ad all M'->* diMM. Id its rarvou* forwi it ?e s mpatt*t.i<- 4i? raxnf Ui> lU'iMCti oonetitatmc .?*tk (>' hepatic disease oonstuatirp c*l*r*f *> vom??.c?>r>?ti patter and oth?rai??rder> ef the ?w el*.a* vail a* rrna and aterine ?NiK'in Pi??l ofthe neat ara m fr+q eel;? e?t?r4e.l wiOl *tsr/i aehe?; Ai.srieia a-d plethora ere also atfX* ? ? which frequently ommih h-arteche id "P***"" Heedaihe is a'e.> very <*>ni'nok. hfmr usyaliy ?V tia<wshed by the naf.e uf wre?.? k**? ?*> times eorrirk rn svddenSy ?? a ??*te ??f appear4* sound health and pr?stratin< a? <?nee the meuta aoc fk)si?si and in ??iner Irtlsi^i i) <*<^ft?s on siovly. be*a.d*<i by depreaaaoo of sV"U ( r a?er?-ny NlMMr. Ii b ?t msta th? peir is in froot 01 ths heoo, over one or both eyes, art prorrkmg mmttiat. aoder* mar be named .\mrmlH* rot the treatment of c itser c?sa ?f Heaf'aeN* tfce Cephalio Pll.s have boas (oaad a sere and ??f? remedy, relimar Cue woat ao?t? paius ir a few aaieatee. aod by its aabtia power arad.ratias if dissesr m which bsadaaha is tue unernua .t>de* Ton ?H>s* PpaJdia*'a C^haite Mrtlttt ?Ooh : ear " * , ^ 7T?T " Ik tiw and (IT u,t* t1*1 riilt aftd aOB t be ti day it atia?r. ?r ChiK""1 No ob* of tk# "iri??tT fC* l!?eh ??* "'L!TeB ' _ pre\alert. <> IrttV* Btirret od, And ao . Ueted m C??:tT'?r <?f en oriefn**!*^ V ?/ leaere??. ?r e*-ffta<ary ^1U; tt n r?.?r? ?oit? alight duorde* of t<>?> 'f*',0 c> to acxiety, vhii* ill -ealify ft U :Hepr??? m eoBMDioi of inant of the moat fit* acd d coinpaotoa of iM.ui of *ke moat fit* ar.d du^ , ?aa dtaeaaee.acd un>u rArlv eradicated ?t wv hrinc the aufferer bi ?nart mflf arave. Aivobc th* lighter eriia of wh oh C ?tn etipaa W the Mni at landaat 4r? HeadacHe, Olio, It hen it vi-m. fW Br?ath JMIee, 4B* o%h?raof like c??-*. h;l? s we* train of ln? htfa die*aa?an?oh aa Maiif uai.t Pwrv Ahoeeeea. D?aentory DyapeM a, Ditrrkn. Af> lltll, Plritttt, Hm'mU. Hfpookofr unaaKMVlaoohoiy aau Insanity, ftrat mriloate thw art-eenoe in the ayatein by th;a alar- mc aym???m Not anfre^oentLy U>edia*a*e? raniM originate ir Conat patun. hut take uu an indepfndent fin Knaieaa the oauae ia eradicated in an early ?aif i ai> theae eon?iderationa it fo lowa that th* der ahoaid receive wu-n?diale att?r.ti?o when erer it ooocra. ?rd bo aereon ah?ald negleot to get a box of Cephalic Piila on the firat appearanoe o< the eomplaipt, aa their t.mely aae will exp*. the uaidaoaa approach** of uiaaa*a aad destroy u> a dar.awvua foe to bunao It/e. A Kaal Ui**ali| Wall, Mra. Jcaet, how U tiat heal _>?. Jom*s.?Gone ! Doctor, ail giaae t the pjll ror aent oared i&e injaat twenty rc<nnV?a, aad | w1?b wou.d aead more ac taai I aas have theia Hr! ron w aanJy FAttietM.?'You c&:> get them at u> Ca 1 frt Cephalic PiHa.I find the* nrrer Hkl., ko>l I r?o. mir^iid tueio in ali caeea of Mrt. /om*??I atia'l *oik1 for* Uix aif?tly. UK* tell toil ail mj autfVringmen'it. lor they *' a t*. Wuiwi. CT(?VU BXCl TEKBXT. ftr'il tbc RMlU: oara a&d' anxiety iiitideut t.i a <>** a'teLtl.?ii to t>u? v rtajy, are a*nong the ncim roaa oan?ee ol Nwv?i?i Headache. Tlrt disorder.-*) I'.it't ( mind and sodr iooicent to tin* di*tr?oMnf ooaiplamt ia a ntta blow to a't enerty and a" httioii. t*utferera b? tiilf disorder oat. al?aj? i.tain ???-'> re ief fn?a. tn*ee diit'?ui?c ?tt*Ui by bUUt vM of tilt C* pnaiic Pula whenever the tyre-noma appaa' l? tuieu the overtasks! V-rain ard soothe* the rtrm-jr: M ud jarring n?rree. ard relaxea th?- teuaioo of tna itcDiwh which aooovuramee and M gravateg vise d;fc-rd?sr?s' condition at tiia ran . T*i<fn Milhom* or* firip.-tl?. Baa'dlng ha* ao.d two mi.uona of bottle* of kn jo4 brated Prepared G u?ard It ia cati mated toat Mot r<otf , aavea at :e*at ten dollara worth of hrokat tr^itore. 'ho* maki- f ar. accrera*e of fwecty mi^ jdi c( dp!.art rec.aiii.a.t from U>(* oaa by thie va^iab.e iMeution. Havi.ic made hi?Mmhouae Mi word, he now probata to 4p the worid atil greater htdm i t caring all the aoiiing heada wttk h ? Cephalic Pilla. and If they are ac good at hi* Olne, Hearfaohea wi'J aoo& ranitii away Ttfea ar-w Katt* wosth L\owir?.?ttpalrfinf'a Cephas PHI* ara a rerteLB cae for Sick Hc*tiaei>Q, i>< uu Hwdtolw, NVrrcar ilaadauiia, CtwUveoeaa. aod Oistrk Dabiilt*. Giut Dj*cot**t.?Amonr tha moat irapoftart of all the (treat medloa! diac"*eri6? of ihia af' n.a? be considered the natein of vaor nation for protee tion from Small Pol, Ibo Coplivi; Pill fnr relief <4 Headache. an*f the uae of ice f-.r 'he preve? tion of Pewt. either of u hioh ta a sure ??w 6". wboae ben?6?? vrl he ej?>e?-e?>oe^ ?t aiiffenrc taamani?r lonjt after th???r discoverer* *r? CT* Ptt? too ?rer bare the hi ok Hea^vhe ' D* yoa re?w?t-er tk? tl.'i htiii* rental*, >e* an roir. tb# l^efVjBs at;d rti?$m.t at the tuht of M How i/??aiJy unfilyos ?*re }or p ea?nr?. ^"CTwaa ticn or atpd* Oneoftbe Oefha 'a F!!'* ^ hav? reiiev?-4 p?a frotv a *S? r ftoriRc wh?eb tprn experienced F"r ?t.;a ant ?tfcer purpoae* row abonM **aye ba\a a bo* .?i ?h?ra on n&t/. *> RIAO AAAAJ t "kTi r*ar . 'oa ?Sxf. NervousHeadache Headache/ Bf tbe MM of tbeee Piile t*e peri<xj? attaoke of .Vfrnw or StrA HtmtimrJu TDM.J be jrerented, ud' If ta? at the ooannenoeatent of *c a?*ck iaa* (hate reUe< from pear. and aiokoaee will be ?bMiit They eeldora tail IB renoTicc the Wmim u4 H?4tlu to vhiok feta^ee are eo tobjeof. Thn ut tent j upon the bjw?.e,?retmviBf Cee itMUII. Por Litermry Men, DtlittU azxl ail pereona oi fd?n*n> kmtou, they are at] alaabie aa a Lmrmtoy, lmp-onac the El vine tax and rttor to tbe difeetl ro ?>rf ana, aad reeto'lcc tbe aataral eiaetioit? auc a'r?r<?Xb <A the vbo.e eyateia. The CEPHALIC PI L? are the reenlt of loaf . iavwti?ati?a ai?l oarofally eoadaoterf exyertwoeu. ha?lr< been ia aee many yeara. dariar vtuok Uat the? bare trereatoii acd ration* a raat amviC <W pala and eaderinc Irwat Heariaahe, whether ori?i aatinc ia the ??**e?u yet*** or fnv* a eeraaj^t etate of the I'vma A. They are eeurely y^etat>.e 10 utetr n?>?roe:U?'e, mam tmmj ur wen ?l m.l UIDCF Will yiHW MIWT without iuk r.1 try oh&nc* of dl?t. *m<i '*? MMI uf Mr dumgiftli M4* rtmd.rt H 1 ' mdmiaisim ik*m to c*i74r?. BKWiRR or COUNTERFEIT*! TW iraaiae h?v? 6re iitiAti.'fa ol fianrr C. Byidtag <? Moh Box. Sm4 bf Dr?f fto.1 *11 >4k?r la M?4l Bo* Wilt U Met tf Mil p*p4J.: CB rtceift 4 tU A . I'RiC*, SJ CKMn. ^ Ai) orAert ?h**l4 to fc> OKNRY C. IM> 13-44W 0*d*r ftr*+i Nr? Y?<* J

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