Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1860 Page 1
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tq; . io)i>H ?, vxrtl'MJ L, , , h A yfd "doitiutk -/ 1.1. i. n yst. xvi. - inio Washington, d. c.. Thursday. December 27. i860 n?. 2.452. .rsai - ' THE DAILY EVENING STAR IS rUBUSUE D EVER Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) \T TH? STAR BUILDINGS, C<>nMr / Tenmyivmnia avenu* and llt4 M ?T W. D. WALLiCB. r*?an mcto* m pock&c** by o&mera it ti > ye?f, or *? ntti pot month. To Mil nbttittm K>? it a y?*r, m o4?mc?; |t for its f aU?s #1 for tfcrao month*; and for Iom 1Mb month* &t tha rate of 12 centa % veok. ftuigU r?rt"*? o*s r*si; in wraucra, two cbkt*. CT A nrnr^mrr- ?i?on!d b? aont to tto oftoo botoro 12 o'cuoek i?: otherinjo ttwy may not >m? artil IT*' GEO*ttKTOW>" COKPORATIUS AFFAIRS Corrtfponimct of Tkt Star. G Knn<> itows, t)ec 26, !8W. , In order that the debate In the l.'oard of Com mon Council oa Kr'dsy evening last, rr jotted tw-tow. miT be fully und?r*u?nd. w? fncapUniate W>e biatory of the VaaderwwfceB resolution pro to that evmlnc At the meeting of the board. I)*c 7th, Mr Hill introdnerd a resolution d'rftlnjr the Reorder to institute legal proceed ing ?mln* \lr Vauderwrrken for the rneovery ?f W <?hj due the Corporation on two note* of r?ch given in payment for the tobacco warrhrur*. (iccund by mortgage thereonj and *4* be'.ag the amount of a note given by Mid V?-?ierwfrken for interest, unless payment was made by aald Vanderwerken at the rah- of *D per c^nt a month on the whole debt of fO t>lO. com mencing Jan. 1. I Nil. TLe resolution waa read once and laid over nnd?r thf rule. At thn next meeting of th? board. Dec. 14th. ita paaaage waa ?<tToc*tert by Mr Hill, who said that durtag Um in year* aittt the matur'ty of the note*. Mr V >mlrr?FikM had bought large tracts of ka<l 1* Virginia la an adjninine county and fcMMM 'u; bad built bioaaelf a lint dwelling house on nli rm. and a harn large enough for two; that be had neve paid the Corporation any taxea. licen ces. flnea or latereat without helm: compelled by aper.ial legislation; that he had left the warebouaei uninsured aome month*, and if they hid burned down then the Corporation would have h?d no e*rurlty; and that though times w??re bard now It was and would be a harvest for the omnibus li-ie, and Mr. Yanderwerken would never be better ahit to p^y than this spring In view of the tppe?achlng Inauguration, &c .the pre-ent low prlrc of horse feed, and bis business bet ng itrictly n casli business. Mr Teuney agreed that the omnibus line had het-n, and was now, of great benefit to the town, because of the number if men employed who live here, and the revenue from taxes, licenses. Ac He a'.so urged tUit the old tobaecn warehouses were, before Mr Vanderwerken purchased tbetn, r{ no use t?> tn< town. Since then they were as sr-ssrd at &)0.0A>, and on that amount taxes bad be*-n regularly paid Mr Tenney stated raany rrbrr tactn of the lime tenor, and other gentlemen ^are ttHr *lew*. and the resolution Was finally amended, by striking out 'M per cent . and in serting j per cent., and In that shape passed by a vote of 9 to I; Mr Plcfcrell only voting In the neiratlve Mr Williams was abnent. On Friday evening last all of the members were prevent except Mr Dodge. A petition was re ceived from Mr Vanderwerken. praying the Boird to reeoosidar tbeir action modify the "*'iv."u m> u rrquire ?ne piymnrf 01 3 per cent iMTterlr, instead of monthly. At the proper a reconsideration wat mov?-d by Mr Ten 'ii-v. who said it wna a bsd time for a credits to pnb a debtor, and Mr Vanderwerken promised if tb? resolution was modified, to pay *5?i0 a year punctually It would ail'be paid in five years, and he thoagbt we ought to extend this l'nlency to an old citizen, and one of such benefit to the town. Mr Hill opposed the motion The vote wan hi moat uaaa'mont for the 'eaolution; the omnibus lice was do!n* a good business, 25 c?uts from each oath per day would pay it, and It was too much aJVr ten year"* credit to ask for five more Mr Tenrmr said the gentleman s#emed to for ^et thai Mr Vanderwerken had a partner in the F:ae now. and this was his individual debt The j f ire bad been reduced "25 per cent., and If they w?-re making mcney now, Mr. V. must have made a nrrat deal at the higher rates This money ^oes to tha ?nking fund and not to the general innrt, a* w*uld not pay any credttersof the town. At tbto Nac all knew It to be Impossible to raise money, the banks are giving no accommodation, rind it was h?rd to come down on a creditor with a snap judgment He meant no reflection on the gentleman, but this wn? too much like a Sbylock d- mauding bis pound f Hesh Let the gentle man remember that ''mercy is twice blessed," blessing not oolr he who gives, bat be wbo re ceive*. ' I." said be,4' bave a friend, a gentle man wbo is sometimes called a shaver, (a com missioner of tbe sinking fund, and a member of tbe committee before Congress.) wbo bas bad mortgage* laying over for ten or twenty yesrs, snd ' mnot even get tbe Interest on them, and be would be tbe la?t man to force a collection at this time. Itli uid corporations bjn doiouIi; but ball we be leas merciful than a gentleman who it sometimes cali-d a usurer Mr HU1 aald the gentleman bad defended Mr. Yanderwerken through thick and thin, and would not vote to forre h'm up, but had irleurd him fromJfJH justly due He is doing a cash busi ness snd with the session of Congress, inaugura ted advent of a new adintmstrntion, 4c , is doing a good business, and will Will next summer He oiHy reduced bis fore when compelled by the op position The motion to reconsider was passed by the fol lowing vole: Yeas?Messrs Dunlop, Fear son, McCobb, Plck rell. Stake and Tennev?6. Nays?Messrs Knglish, Hill, King, and Wil liams? I Mr. Tenney moved to smend th* resolution, by Inserting -'quarterly'* in place ot "a month " Mr. vr u sorry he could not yield, bat t?wu mr. Iiig here for bis constituents and tbe good of tbe to?n He complimented Mr Tenney un bis eloquence, but be (Mr. E ) thought It bad pulley lu Corporation to (.outinue the debt lu Mr Vanderw?rkruJs banda far ?o lontr a time He ?u far from wiabin^ to opprrs* Mr V ; and If tbe Ccrpora'ioB ^as out of debt, and not pay lug in terest ltaeif, be <vould indulge bun lu one's own business It la not policy to receive luWe?: and pay It rifbt out. He would suggest 10 per cent, quar terly. Mr Hill said the Intereit was not paid on the f to not* ift?cn for Interest In WJ Here was an other loss of uearly as much as tue original note, by prorrastlualiou. Mr Trani'v thought lh# emtUman n^t ?n*uw ** II<uree, or not posted He tc.rn said he liked to anwrr jjood aruuinenta, su.h <n generally came frcm hit friend ou bia left, (Mr. EdkIIid,) but tnougbt be, in common with other business men, bid ometiaieo to receive and be paying interest. Mr. Koglisb said it w?i not go d policy, but be hid MOMtimt to take Interest when he could not get the principal Kir. Tenner said, in reft-rence to the matter of tbe Corporation owing money, this amount would give mo relief, as It goes to tbe sinking fund to bay Corporation stock The only question is, "It tbe security adequate V The property is assessed for MI.OUU. and is mortgaged for SJ.UWJ The ifi orison to (Mr E ) bad been in the Corporation *l?ce lK3-i Why bad b? not moved in this matter before' Mr English said his impression was such a resolution had been voted for by blm before Mr. Tenney said that was only be:ause of the non-peyment of lutereet Mr. Stake n d tbat be hid propoeed to make tbe peyoteut 3 per ceut. quarterly, at tbe la#l ?II linn Mr Hill (aid there bad never been a dollar patd by toit ma (V ) without a special law. If It had not been for hla (Mr Hill's) resolutions intro duced here, would bis lntereat, Ureases, or insu rances have now been paid ' He did not blame the previous Boards, but Mr Vandervrerken would Liy nothing without being ro:npelled. and be blamed tbe Miycr and the Recorder Mr V.'i counsel was the Corporation Attorney. QeuUrasen cant contradict it or say his business is not good It is as good, or better, than it ever was Mr King bad as oiiich len'.ency for Mr Vander werken as any one, but he had to bring In a reso iution In the previous Corporation to make hlir pay his luearaace Mr Hill's statement* wer? rofrtct. He had compelled bin to pay up. Mu three month* Is all you will get. The next Corpo r?ll*n will relrase tim Mr Hill.?As long aa you legislate for Mr. V be win be before yon A gentleman connected vnib the Corporation of Washington told uie hi waa eternally before tb'in to get rtd of ftuet, 4c and tbey bad to kick him out and nnke b'tti pa i up If we do It here there will be no mori trouble. Tbe morning after I introduced tbii rnolutloa be came forward and paid ft9u Interest He vrauU somebody behind him witb a switch al t b- time Mr. Tenney said Vr. Vand-rwerken probably did not know tbe Interest waa due or he W-uU have paid sooner Mr bnglish ?" D'd'iit you tell him tb# corpo ration w?s afw him witb a sharp stick, and t&u forced h.ui up?*' Mr Tenuey said that Mr V had not been aske< for It. It wsa tbe elerh's, or bis own, aa clerk o tbe sinking fund, to apprise Mr Vudrrwrfkm He did not^uow what U>e uext corporation woul< do lie was uot as aai-acloua aa h a fricud. (Mr King ) Mr Kinz said the pntleimn was sa^acloo hi ukL to plead Vr V mderwrrkln's cause here and would agate Id tb? trit corjwtatlon Mr Tenney aaid that he approved Mr Hill' cauw aad tacight he had d?i? the State aon: a??vtce ft - waa not qual.fird to act aa Mr. V attorney, but had arted aa his Mend without fr or reward He did not know ih*t he would b a me.T.h-r of U.e next corporation, or even a can dldate If be waa a m-inber he Would not Tote t release Mr V from these paymenta Mr. King ?",Nor any oue else to do so V* ?? imm* r .. TTg ? m _ ' '- ..-! 'T .Mr Tenney ?a.d he would not. He would pledge bimaelf, In anatterto ttt.'JTill. In felatlM u> the buelneee of the omnlbiM line, he would sky that Mr V told hi m the line had not paid expen se* during the fall. . . Mr. Rill aaid he had teen the partner, Mr. ! Mo?e, on the flrat of the month, enee or twice, with a shot bag Hi led ve 1th money, or what looked like monev Mr Dunlopaald ho wonld vote for Mr. Tan* ney'a amendment. It waa an unfavorable time t? pre*a creditor In the preaent atate of uno tainty it 111 becomea ua to preaa Mr. X. He would vote to lav the matter on the table for the preaent if auch & motion waa made. Mr. Tenney' amendmentf5 percent, quarterly) I wm carried without a divialon. Mr English moved to amend by making it 10 per cent, quarterly He thought Ave rear* a long time to allow for the collection of thla debt, ana | It would hereafter be a breach of faith if the time wu shortened. Mr Dunlop thought the Corporation could hrt'se the rate at anv time, and force the collection | without a breach of failh. .Mr. t^ngUah't amendment waa lost by the fob' 1 l?whi* vete: Av??Me*ara Engllth, Fear ton, Hill, King, and VVllitama?5. Noea?Meaart. Dunlop, McCobb, Pickrell,Stake and Tenney?5. Mr. Tennev aald he would now move to make tb<? amount *3,Out), and bring in aresolutioncom pelling payment of the &40 Interest on the first of January next. Mr Hill moved to insert il15" instead of "3" per cent Mr. Stake excitedly said be was opposed to this persecution of the rights of a good citizen. It looked to him more like a personal matter than anything else, this huuting up old musty records and papers. Mr. 11111 said that be bad not acted in a spirit of persecution. He came here to do his duty and would do it, and was not trying to get and did not want th* votes of Mr. VanderWerken or his drivers. ' We do not let our claims lay over this way," eaid he, "and 1 am cot going to indulge people at the expense of the Corporation." Mr. Ftsarson argued Mr. Vanderwerken's cause uii cawui.iuuicni was wuiiu mure iu iuc town thin the cotton factory, the flour mills, or .Mr Tenney's pork trade. Mr IliU askfd why the gentleman had no con sideration for Mr Vanderwerken In blsowncase. When he had a little claim against Mr. V. be told him to call and settle the judgment on a day appointed, and if he did notdo so be would come down ou his goods and chattels The gentleman was not consistent. [Laughter.] Mr Tennev's ?10 amendment was passed Mr Hill's 13 per cent was rejected, and the reflation as amended was passed by the follow ing vote: Yea*? Messrs Dunlop. Fearson, Plckrell, Stake, Tenney and Williams?6. Nava?Messrs Knvllik Hill and Kin<r?a. Mr. Williams said be voted '"aye" because be tboagbt it the moat we could get, and the Board adjourned. A* Rkmisiscksck.?During the Notification controversy at Charleston, in 1832, it Is well known that Gen. Scott was present, in command of the troops in Fort Moultrie. At one of the excited meetings in the circus, Gov. James Hamilton declared that he had resolved to put the purpose of the Government in the collection of duties to the test?that some sugar would arrive which would > ?? the occasion of this test,and that l'kt teould go Ike 4e*lk for the sugar." Good watch was kept. The vessel with the twelve boxes of sugar came in. She wassigoaled and not heaving to, a shot was fired from the fort before her bow She came toThe su^ar was t^ken out and landed In the fort, w^re it rt tnalned until the controversy was at Its end, when It wi? delivered to the consignee. Not long after a lar^e llr?- broke out In Charles ton, which was espied by Gen. Scott while he was standing on the rampart He instantly ordered a body of three hundred soldiers to the relief of the burning town They hastened to the scene of the conflagration, and as they were advancing, a per son ru*ued up in great aiarui, and begged them to save his sugar-house. >-Coaie on boys," cried oat Capt Kinggold, '-lave the building?go th>> death for the sugar " The building was saved?the Are was extinguished. S*uch are toe men wbotn the eicited people of Charleston maybe stimulated to attack, theui recall this incident, and. above all, let them re member the old hero (Scott) now mediating for the peace and honor of the country, the support of the laws and the Constitution, as humane to the suffering as he Is faithful to the interests and warm to the feelings of the whole people of these United State*, .North and south, bast and West. Jl_f " i would have given one thousand dol lar*," exclaimed the angry Phillip*, in the Afri can rhurcn on Monday night, " had I been in the Tr inont Temple this rnornltg, to lcx>k In the eye of Richards Fay." "If you had not been a d?d coward," re*ponded a white man in the body of the church, '-you would hare been there " 1 he response. *o unexpected, appalled the aoold He >on after left the church, vnd, sandwiched by women, he waa guarded to hi* home by the police. Srccsasrci. Fokgsry ?An a<1rolt swindler, who gave hi* name a* Joel \V. Miller, and who represented himself being connected with one of the largest leather and hide establishment* in Ntw York. *w ndled a banking institution of St. Louis out of 'a*t week by means of a forged check upon liaidenburg & C? , of New York The draft was for *6 500. and *uch wa* the confl dence of the bank officers in the probity of the rogue that they would have paid him the fall amount on the spot, but he modestly res'.rltUd his demand to three hundred dollars. Madame Colson, the prima donna, while in Philadelphia, had to contend both against " fire and sword," aa the other evening the set fire to her dress from a lamp, from which the al cohol burned over the side aad dropped on her. With great presence ef intnd she crushed it out lmtm-distely, escaping with a burned band. A few eveuings later she fell on the dagger in the stabbing sc-i>? of " 11 Glarsmento," and Injured her arm quite badly. No Mofti Coal to ao Sooth at Priskkt ?At a meeting of coal dealers held in this city yester day, it was resolved to suspend all Importation to the South at present The depressed condition of money matters and the state of public feeling A I ALU _ iuri? wctc ucruiru Buuiticui hi rcuufr iuii nrp Cdent. We regit t that many miners muttsuffer, a time at i?*ast, on account of this action, but trust th-y will be relieved ere long.?Pittsburg Journal, 19* A. The St. Louis Democrat announces that 11 baa the permission both of Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Bates to aav that the latter will occupy a seat in the new Cabinet. It ia not, however, deflnitely settled which department will be aastgaed to Mr. Bates 1X7The U. 8. Minister at Constantinople, not appreciating the butter of that country, has seul to the United States for a supply. Seven hundred pounds of the article was shipped to his order from Philadelphia, on Tuesday. U7" A suit for 8*20,000 damages has been Insti tuted against the sheriff of Chicago, growing oul of the Blsael trial. nZT"A M'lle Crollsta has been doing some tall walking from the bouse tope of St. Joseph a U Blondin. Hollowat's Pii ls md Ointmknt Aitkma ?Though this disease h&a baffled thi sk 11. ?ud been prunounord by eminent medical mei a< ir rent** i able. The numerous oertifioaien daiij r?n ivAfi hv 1 fl filUwtv tra itirftrtl 3 to iucu ill-founded and fallacious oonnluaion* ? Coagna, Cold* and AaUima in all it? ramfioation r of brooek: a, affeociona, diaea m of the e h m t, throat e khav* t>?en cored in their wont times by theai expectorant ?n<l laxative remedies. gold by al Drucciata. at V>c., ?2o. and 5> per box or pot. I de 26 lw Cove a* ?The sadden okaages ef oar oiiaMte an r fo.iroe-or Pulmo?art, Bronchia' and Asthmatu I AfefcM. Kxpsrienoe having proved that simpn reiae-lina ofcea aet speedily aud certainly whei tak -n in the carijr states of the dtaeaae, reooura s ould at onee be had to ' Brown's Bronchi* * T ofhts." or L.oae?fee, iet the Cold, Couch, or Ir riiatlou of the Tnruat f?o ever *o alight, aa by tin t areoaati u a more s*rio?s atta:k ma* he effectual I r war-Jed off Pub'te Speakers and Singer? will fin them effeotual for o earing and strengUismnc tin . rvioe. b?e advertisement del-ly Ho? "opathic Eiamn All of Or- Humphreys k Co.'? speeifio Ho Keia.dist put np exprassiy for fair:i IM, in uoxe*, ?t 25 and 50 omU M?fc. AIM in o*?rs. ooutaicinf ? vims, front 94 U> | rlt, witn hoo* of f?U direction*. For ?ale b I). Oilman. 350 Pa. avenue. whol"sai? an i"tail acent; W. A. Pitx??r*/fl, 35.1 north F itr? also hf F. H. Winter, corner <>t Mas?&c!ui tett? an nae mk! Hixth stroet. 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On 1 larie vibrating prater machine x for coach trimmer anJ aaddlera, ta without a r|*al. Silk, Twist 1 Thread, Needle*. Bohbina, Oil, Ao., alwaya oi . hand at New York price*. lL/~Send for a ooajr or 1. M Rinaer 4. Co.** Ga lette. CHARLES A. 8PONSLKR, no37 6m Agent. J^EGARS AND TOBACCO FOR THE MIL The nnderaicned would reapaotfclly inform hi nnmeroaa frieodaand the publio that the o?.part twrship heretofore existinc nader the firm <i Behxkxs 4 Wiasi(ANH,h&? been diasolvec by ma taal consent, and that he has opened a ?to:e on th oorner of C and S??enth ata. weat, opposite th Bank of Washington, where may be found a ohole aeeorMnent of SUGARS and TOBACCO,of dim importation, m well m domMUe manufaotsre WThankVui ??>r pMt "l?vor?, he hop?? by fur deal mc and etriot attention to the tuU and iutereat of the ?nblio in hit line, to merit aoontinaano* c the patron*** to libaralif boetowed upon the lat no?-lm? P. WIF.6MANN. 512 OUTTA PERGJJA^PAJNT AND 5|C HAMlLTt>^ BR0.4 C0.'*. NO- *Iv 51VI5TH oT.t the plao* to find the oelebrated Gutta Perch " * ll*?> a i * A toofini and Paint Also, a general assortment ? _,w.. to bo? 19-Pli-TfY Iff IK)WN.-lia U AN K I N O HOU8K yKf^Y. KITTBWWQtTm, PANT & CO. Virgin?S*m<?B9T*ooo?n u!' ollrr#BCJr. ? ? ??U l*U*. **U "**144 *Ch*nt? *l ? ?Ort f?TO Currenoy ami Virfini* money wanted, no M li MISCELLANEOUS. /OFFICIAL. i/wwnwr i9| idw. > None* it ukit etvta that sealed proposals wiil bo reoeived at this Department until thettth Ceiember instant, for the issue of any portion er th whole of fire million of dollar* in Treasury notee, in enohaage for cold ooin of the United States, deposited with th? Treasurer of the United States, the Treasurer ?f the Mint at Philalelptna, or the Aeeietarit Treasurers at Boston, New York, or 9t. Louis, within five dan from the aoecptanoe of suoh proposals, under the authority of the aot ofConjress entitled "An act to author in the issue of Treasury notes ind for other purposes," ap proved Deoember it. i860. Suoh Treasury notes will be issued upon the re oeiet h?r? of e?rtif>?a.taa nf lh> HumiI with iI>m< offioera to th? orodit of the Treasurer of th* United Staes. They will In made payable to the order of sn ctf? Mdder or bidders aa shall offer to make suoh exoharge at the lowest rate of interest, and the Treasnry notes will carry snoh rate of interest from the date of suoh deposit The proposals mmt state the rate of interest without condition, aod without referenoe to other bids, and oontain no other fraotionsl rates thaa one fourth, one half, or three foarths of one per centum. One per cent. Upon the nmount proposed to be exohancsd must b? deposited with one of the officers above enumerated, whose certificate of such deposit must accompany each proposal, as security for its fulfilment. If the proposal is not aosepted, immediato directions will be given to re turn suoh deposit. Should the proposals vary from Ai x _t ^ t 4i ? # rt e ? urn pruviBiuus ui l it* nci 01 t^oi'.gruss, or Ol UIB notice, they will not ho considered. All propolis under this notice m?st eieaed And lesoiibed on the outride "Proposals for Treas tiry Notes." They will he open?d and awarded at this Department at 12 o'clock nooi on said 2Sth of Dcmber. PHILIP F. THOMAS, de 18-dt2B'.h Secretary of the Treasury. HOTt'l Hiawatha Hair Restorative Is wairanted in every last&boe to Historic Urat Hair to its Orichkal Color. it hao been applied IN THOUSANDS uF CASKS In the principal cities of New F.nglan*, a?d HAS NOT KAIl.ED in a snrH instance to ao compli-h all that is claimed for it. No Hair is so Gray or Red hut the HIaSv ATHA will chance it to a beaut.fnl life like Brown and Ulaik. It is n?t an inst?ntan?ou* d?e which orooks, sinuts and gives a d ad biaak ooior to th? hair; the patient having to submit, to soaping, wash ng anc sponging of the hair every time t is applied; nor is i? * pio^aiaifu vi 014 vum, luiar ??i ic?U| auM cur of Mir ingredients dneierious to the heir of skin. It is an artiole requiring no preparation, no : in* before or after urn. g. it is arplieu in flve inin utw time, and with as uit'e trouble as any ordinary a. tic'.e for the toilet. "People who have used this preparation declare it ia mir*culo"? in its ctfrcts, and that it will per form all that it pretends to do Bnllou's Pictorial. . "Its sucoers wonderfal. and we can only say we J indorse a'.l the proprietor says in retard to it."? Boston Journal. ' We otuerve, by a notice in a Boston pap^r, that a premium was awarded by the >Ia sachusetts Me chanics' Charlta'?.e Association at their late Fair, Uoaton,to Mr Joseph Hort of this oitr, for his celebrated 'Hiawatha Hair Restorative/ in artiels whioti richly merited this favor It was lor its su perior merits in this respect that the CmamiUe*, af ter sufficient evrlenoo presented ti themse vos, | awarded t<j Mr. Hojt this flattering testimonial | Provident* Evenxns Post. Sold in Washington by J. W. Nairn, D. B Cla'k, Kid well A: lAwr-noe I). ?. Kidgeiev. In George town by J. JL,. Kidwsil.aad by Druggists generally. de 12 im Mrs. ANN R. O'NEIL, WIDOW, ANN R. O'Neil aBd tfugli B.Sweany. Executor*, and James Rider O'Neil, Agathy O Neil and Julia O'NeU children and heir* at law of Timoty O'Neil, late of v a^hington couuty, D C.,deceased, and all other persons inter'stod. . You are hereby notified that the Hon. William M. Merrick, Assisted Judge of the Circuit Court of the District ot Co'timhia, hath thi* day. on the proper app i cation on the part of the United States, issued hi* warrant, directed to the Maranal of the aid Diatrict,commanding him to summon ajury of eighte n good and lawful men to meet on your land, called Dalecariia.or by whatever namo or name* the same may b? called lying in said county of Wash ington, in Mid District of Columbia, north of the C' e>apeak? a >d Olio Canal, ahorethe (kittle Falls of the Potomac river, FRIDAY, the 28th da, of December lartant, at noon of said day, for the pur pose of valuing aiul condemning the porpotual and free right to erect and build a dam aoroas the Fall* IIranch within the limits of Dalecarlit, as held b* William B. 800U. at or n-ar<he site of th? fo-m?r datn, wi hm the liinita, to as effectually to ooavey and throw all the water of MUJ branoh into the aforesaid miil raoe, a a* of an abeolute estate in perpetuity ia the said L nit-d State* for the use. if the Washington Aqueduct, and assessing ail damages wMoh the owners theroofah&li snstaia, by reason of the said United tHato* curing and constructing the eaid Washington Avti. duet orer, upon ard through anid branch, when and where yon will at tend if to you it shall seem fit JOHN BREWHR, A Homey for Washington Aqueduot. de 14 3tawt28th TH* EUROPEAN HOTEL. KKPT BY P. EMRICiL M the oorner of . ? A avenua Mid Eleventh street, has t>?*eu VcrB*** greatly improved reoeutly an J now otTor*Ji^jSLL greater n.ducfmenu for the patronage of oitiaous and Strang"'* than any other public hoija* in the <Jit?, his pries being less than those of any <>tner hotel on penn. avenue, and his accommodations for permanent or transient board *'* unexception able. The bar and r?s'aurani arrangement* of the European Hotel have already become very popu lar, bant ?ll that oau be desired by the most fas tidiona Tne proprietor pledges nrremitted atten tion and continued liberal expenditures to giresat i?faction to alt, and thus r-n^wa hi* invitation *<~ all to give tho faurnpean Hotel a call. da 4 t, I r L*r j k tj m . HAVE NOW ON HAND A COMPLETE 1 Stock of? Ladies' Kid and Lasting Velvet Trimmed Boots Ladies' Kid and L**tinr Bnttoned Boots, Ladiea' Moroooo and Goat*kin Buttoned Boots Ladies' Thick and Fur Boots, Misses' Kid Velv t trimmed Boots, Misses' KkI Morocco and Goatskin But'd Boots, Ladies' and Misses' Rubber Long Boots, Which 1 am ae ling from 50c. to ?l pair lover than the same quality oan be bong ht elsewhere in this oity. Also, a fall assortment of Boota and Shoes for gents', boys', and youthb' wear. J. KOSEj>> i haIii ixo 10 r.H ietspw, da 1 eotf Pa >t? bet 8th aod ?th ats. j^OTlCE TO THE PUBLIC. The vndarsicned haa iiut opened a wholea PRODUCE aod MARKETING STORE at* Ninth atreet, opp-aite Center Market, where u wilt be receiving daily a central assortment o ever* thine that iro*? oi a farm.freah from the hai.aa of ?ae farmera, auoh & Turkej a. Chiokenn, Duoka, Gob?*, Egg*. Hotter?of all *ua.ities. at Baltiraom prioea?pried Fruit. Applea, Flour, Beana, Ac , Ao., winch 1 will aell aa cheap aa can he bought in thia oity, Alexandria, or Baltimore. Doaleri and hnokntera are r*apeotinl j invited to oali and exanma for themaaivea. de?tf J. H. CANPIKLD. PLOAKS! CLOAKS!! V / CLOAK BU! The Camilla, the Arab. the Garibaldi, u ' *i rm & it 1 nn rvuiueu, Ul> &OU1TV, tav Ai uaurva, Th'Riohard, the Kn*ii*n ?a?k, the French ruck. With ni*ny other new and beautiful sty ea in Rept. Treoo and French Bearer Cloth, in prioes th"?acf3 4010 *28'10 vhl0^ ve ttie atteatioa ?l no 17 TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. ffjT\ NEW PAWN OFFICE. Wfrv O ?K. WAR D~OMlfr in N?*6 ? ami cast Off1 Clothing. respectfully informs the dqVio ttat hi fca*opened a LICENSED F\WN OFFICE a? No T? Louisiana arenae. between -th and loth sta., a tew docs east or the new Cen tral Onaid-hooM, where he will be at all time* prepared to wait on hia patrona with promptness, attention and the atrioteat initio?. N. B ?Jewelry, Dry tiooda, Clothing, Mechan ics' To?la, ft o , alwaya on hand at private sale d^7 lm* IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S. Who haa just received a large supply offrMh LOB STERS. FISH, and fine OYSTERf.^^aer^ whioh he wi I serve to customers at the shortest cat o? and on liberal t*rma. PS?Oyster* served to families and hotels are not soalded; they are only scalded for pereor.s eat in* them at the saloon. d?8 T. M. HARVKY. /Ov NOTICE. . /Ov Ft, >~&?AilJ? PAWN OFFICE to C street, between 4H and 6th streets, imme diauly m the rear of the Nation*! Hotel, where the business wilt l>* e?nt nued -vs heretofore at the old stand, [no 15-6^1 ISUC HKRZBKR*;. WO O DJ j w o o D a W o p DM STOVE lud KINDLING WOOD, at the lowt K?ibU T ^ k w M ..?y?H ?- t~~ ii,fc ^ "tea I^HINA OINANKNTS. Dressing Cases, Port V> folios. Hair Nets, Perfumery, Ao? cheap for OMh at LAMMOND'S, Seventh at, de IS ?LLJU- - *. CLOTHING, kc A ?RKAT ATTRACTION ! ^ORANDRl-Stt FOR SEVENTH STREET! t All Srup ax a M I T H 8? No. 4*0 SEVEN rn STREET. tA<m awf go iOtntnu " 8uoh m the lanfua** br 8 f Mtlemu who hM r6"Mv?d some of ovrcrMt Ntrtaio* ) I have just retnrne<l from the North with a v^.rj re* atock of CL *TUIN&, FURNISHINii ?OQD*. HATS *i4 CAPS, boughr for cash at two hiraa their not oo?t.aud wliioh Twill aell at a ?ma'l tdr&uoe. Vott can bar a rood ?rrrrooat from S3 to 17, a very fine ou* from $19 to $15, Cape Overeat mm f to 915, Boy's Unroou and cap* Coat rem S3 50 to *5 _AI?o, SHIRT*. L'NDER-GAR MKNTj*. L'M ^.poarel. at a*to/liahing<y low p-iceg. JET A wont to tfcowi that want to parchaee: laving bou-rht these *o<w1* at very ow price*. I am onfident that yon can save 25 per cent. borui. rom me. N. U SERVANTS' CLOTHING in abundance. l>on't forget to call at the P*"p e*?Cl?thin*9T'ire, *Io. 460 Seventh street, before parc^anns else rhere. and satisfy yourselves that we are < flerinr arrains. J. H SMITH. Clothier, le 14-lm No. 4 60 Seventh st.,opp. Post Office. rj.ENTLEMEN'8 L* RE\DY MADE CLOTHING. 0?r present assortment or GFNTLEMKN'9 * RADY-MADE CLOTHING tfors to citiseoa Adstrangers wishing an immadiate out ^t sups lor inducements, embracing, at this time, all ity'ea and enalitiea of Dress ami Basinet* Gar nents and 0?prooati in all vari-ties. Fine Shirts md Upder-olothing of all kinds. Rid and other ilores of best qmity. Scarfs, Ti*s, Cravats, ta>"ks, Hosiery, Ac.. Ac. All of which we ar> >ffericg at ur usuai k.w price*. ny Clothing m vJe to order in the most superior nanner. AN ALL, STEPHEN? A Co., no 16 tf 322 Pa. avenue. Q R E A T BARGAINS LI *t thk rn.uri*t. s ULVTHiru* No. 4AO Skvhitk Sirbmt. CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS KB CAP?. It '40 Pn Cxir r. Lkm thai* thi I'scal R ati?. At SMITH'S. No. 460 Sevntk Stretl. N. B-All in want of CLOTHING and Fl'R ^ISHING OOOUS wi'l ft ad it greatly to their ad ran'agp to giro me a call. do7 1m J. H. SMITH. Ilothtk?. 117 MKRCHANT tailoring. *? E Invito oar oujtonera, and oiUsena general y, to an inspoo'ion of our present new, at raotiv*. and elf* ant aMortrvct of* LOTHS- CAS?IMi RKS, DOESKINS, if I*. STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, fte. rhioh we will make to order in tvperior' ityle at very low prio*?. WALL. STKPHKN8 ft CO.. ?o 25-tf l i'l Pa. ay., betw. 9tb and 10th st>. pnermi 1 . Db. J. II. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHEHI1T0 CORDIAL AM) BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GKEATEST REMEDY ? tk* WORLD, and the ruoit DKLlCIOr# AST) DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL EVER TAKE!i. It ia i"iciW a tci utife *nd VcflU bli Coaif^Bnd, pro evrtd by rh? turn ?f raoti, borba, ?j,l btrka. Yfllcw D?k, Blood R?i, BUek Rvw, Btrvpt rtlla, Wild Charrj B?rk, *.id I)tn4?liM lofin into til com poaliiou. Tt? aalire acuta ramadiai principla of tack iaf radiaot u yatara. .od raaiarinf th? tick, aakannj, ana dablllt&lad in?aild t? ilallb and alr*nfU>. McLEAfrS STRENGTHEyilfO CORDIAL Will afactanlly ear* Li'if Complaint, DmtpM, Jim lie*, Cbraaiic *r Nirou Dabi.ity, Pi**naaa of tba Eidnaya, nd >11 diaaaata ariainf frotn * dianrdarad Li'ir or from* eh, >y*p*paia, Haartbarn, Inward PiJc?, Aeiuity or BicIoni el ha Stomach, Fallntaa ' Blood to tin Hand, Doll Pno ft Iwunminf is th* H**d, PilpiMlioii rf lh? Rim, fillntM ir Wurhi in th* Bt? ach. Soar Kracuiaon*, Chckmr or laffocaltng Faaluig wb*r. taring down, Drynaaa or TalloW iaa* of th* Skin and Ey**, rfifht Sweat*, Inward r???r?t ><<0 in th* Small of tb* Back, Cheat, or Sid*, Bod dan "loahaa of Haal, Oapraaauw of Bfurtl*, FrifhtfaJ Uraaina, jin^o-r, D**r?r.d*ney or a*y uarvoaa, Bora* or ll--.t-.haa m ui Skia, and F*?ar and Afaa (or Chilla and *W,) OYXX A MILLION BOTTLES ?? kaM a?ld dirto| tbl laat an mowlba, and u> na ta taaea ha* it fail*4 la firinf antir* aauafatuca. Who, than, alii aufiar from Waikraaa or D*bi)uy whan MCLEAN'S tTREKOTHEIflNO CORDIAL will cara yoa 1 Na lanf aaf a can ton ray as adaqaaia id?a of tba iaaaatdi it* and aloxaat aalraealMi cbany* prodacad by uktoy Ui* Cardial in lb* di**aaad, d*biliuu*d, >jid ahattarad aacf^u yeum, whathar brakan down by axciaa, w*\k Ly n-uara, >r Unpalr?4 by aieknaaa, lha ralaxad an?f ar.atretj arftn au*u ia raatsrad ta ita priatina haalth ar.d ?ig*? uisorrn cruc/i-jc XUil 1%X\ M AX A/ JL .D h? VAT R? f >r athtn, cooaci"va of inaMlitv from imti'ituui, will lad MCLEANT BTRRMGI'llENING CORDIAL a U. oogb raganartur of th? ayxtm; ud ail who mar hav* ia mrad tii*m?*lT*a by impropai todalgaoc** will tad ;a tha Cordial a ciruu aad ?p?ady raroadj. TO THE LADIES. McLEAlfl ?TR.XI?OTHKMl!f.J CORDIAL ii a ntii tiro tod apaaiij car* for Incipitnt CoiximptiK, Whitat, 3b*traet*d or DiSeait Manatruatior, lncoaunant* of Una* >r InvaJaatary Diacbarf* tharaof, Falling of Ui* Womb, 9iddin*a*, Painting, ana all diaaaaa* ineidaa: (o Fcmataa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Safar n? locgar. Taka it according to diratuona It will lunalatl, aticnftbaa, and uitigot?la 70a and cauaa tb* bloom ?f baalib U aaoant yoar cnaak again E**ry bottl* t* warrant* 4 W g'?a aatlafaetien. FOR CHILDREN irtau child ran ara aleklj, pan/ or alkud, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will iaak* than h*altbr, fat, aad rob an. D?l*7 not a moraart; try it, aad 70a will ta co??ine*d. It la do Licioaa towka. CAUTION, Bawara af draggUta ar daalara wLo aaay try to pala apaa 79a aonaa Mttar or *ar*apartlla traah, which ti>*y caa bar cbaar, by aarinr it ia 'ii*t u rood. Avoid aaeh man Aak for McLRAN'fl VrRBNOTHlCNINr, CORDIAL, and uko nothing alo?. It ia tb* 00I7 r*in?dy that will f?rlf7 tb* Blood thoro*g+i!? aad at th* aam* tima atraagthaa t*a *7?taaa. On* taaapoonfal takan (vary morning faa-Jag I* a aartain prKNItTi for Cbo!*ra, Chilla aad Fa?ar, Tallow F*?*r, or 107 pr**al*nt diaaaa*. It ia pat ap la larg* bottlaa. fnea on 17 ?1 par bottl*, or t bottl*a for $6. J H McLEAN, Sola proprietor of tHia Cordial; alao, MeLaaa'* Toleanie Oil LioUnoat Principal Da pot on Uio earner M Third u4 Hii i riiu, Bt. Lwii, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TBI BUT UX1MENT ? THE WORLD.) Tk? wily ?if? and eartaia enro lor Cancara, Pii??, Tm mi, Ivilliofi u4 BronehtU ar Win, Putlrm, Nil nlfift, Waaknaaa of tba Maaelaa, Cfcroaie or ktamnatocy tWwma, IuIiiim of Ika Joiaia, Cooirtcui Voaei?? or Ufuoru, Earaeba or Toothaeka, Braioro, Sprain*, Kraah Cut*, WH1<1, Vlcin, Piftr Seroo, Cakad Braaat, Sor* Nipj>l?a, Dorna, Scalds, Sor* TSroat, ar any iofaianauoa or Cifn, no dtfarrao* ri.iw sarira or loor tba >at may it? auata<t, MCLEAN'S CBLEBBATED LINIMENT U a eartaio rrmady. Thoaaanda of hamaii baiafa ha?a baao aarad a tela of tit crapuaia and miaary by Ik a aaa of t-'.ia loralaatlt raraody. McL KAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raltara piio alrnoat iuuauaaonly, and it rill ciaaa, panfy and kaal ibo foal at aoraaja aa lacradlMa abort tima. FOR HOUSE* AND OTHER ANIMALS. Mr LEAN'S CKLfBRATED LINIMENT l* th< only aafa aad raliabla ramady for th? cara of Bpartn, KiarW.i, Windfalla, Bf'inla. Urr,?mral^Laiipa^ Nndte or Swallinjra il DtTir iau>a vu cwr? di| n?iw, i vu?*u, r vn Ranmnf Soros, n flvcin;, If fNjtrlf anpliod r* Sproiao, Brutto, Scrat'hoo. Crack ?d Ritl>,Cktfiif B-ddl? r C*IUr (itllt, Cm, Sstn, w Vmti, itiin InfclUfcu r?m*dj. Applj it u dirocud u>4 I Mr* to ciruta 10 trtry (MUM*. Tbou unit M lo?(or wlsfc tb? null vor-Mooa offtrod u *o?. Ol.t-iin a npplT of ot McLBAHt CELE BRATED LINIMENT It will un ?ml }. n mclican. 8oi? n?fn?w. Conor Third ud Pin* ?u-, fu Unut, Mo. CHARIKJ BTOTT, ITS Pa. ??., oolo *f oat In Waatiaf t?; K.B. T.CI?CL.Ooorrote?i>. ooM-HAWly PURE OLD RYK WHI9EV POR. MEDI CINAL. USE. Prit* |l per gallon or H emit p*r kottU. The Ttit home aad formcn demand *" bare for thia artiole auflloientlj attestt its purity aid exoel iodoa Moreover it m; be MemUoned in Uue ewa nexioc that many invaida of delicate organisation, unable to uae whicky of other braata, bare fpand tbe afr>ve moat etf..?ci(>a? and happy in ita efecta A liberal diaoount on the abore prieee made tc thetrade. EDWARD HALL. Dealer ia tee Wiaeeand I.ieaora, Cri^rlM AK OimtAr Marka*. ocrr'M teVWVnh Va?t~S .trWu, pRANCl A^RJP E R, FAMILY GJtOcSJV IW/ekd STORE, Ccmrr Ntw jork mwiuh <i*4 Tent* siren. Respectfully solteiU the tttrniwt of tf.nee m mar be in viut of any arti?fl in ttaai ot? 'i?e. Hii ?n<l*avore thall be to p eaee^and by n atnetattM tior to the vuti of the pablie, he hope* to merit i hare of thwr patronai e. Rm took oot??i?t? of ev?rj article aeaally If N f"uOri iu a tret elaee Family Grocery aaflP**^ more.- ma n-tt Wood 0 ? A L tM Pi A v., Ur> ?!fp rn u SlV Mill and Wharf foof7Mmtontk ?U, a IMf Below War NfartamL THE WEEKLV DOLLAR STAR. ' ' Vu.l. ui ? . 1 - v. ul N(n JW-il Maine * graftur nn<i ?f tins no fc? foui la in Pn4ar Sinf i? oojy, per F1r? eofiM in It Uvanably CT'SiDf la oopiaa fit eu to at UMceanUr,lmni?diataly affear tta ytpor. Prioa?THREE CENTS FOE 8ALE AND RENT. FOR RE!*T-Tha In* BRICK HOUSE Na. 10? Wntil, G?or?eu>wa. m ^i?d DT ttw ?ub?or!S?r. It haa't and v?t*r th it it GRl by tb? aubteriMc. It haait ro wnu m wat*r tbr?arho??, a foe j%iuM Aa , fmi yooi WHoikoo* Apply U? JaVa^ CM>R RENT?A Uraa alory briak BOVW.Mf r ta;r.:ng 8 room*. In food order. with r*< <* tnrea eompleta, on H at baWtai eta arc Ml Also, a two-etory hrioa COTTAW K. with lam yard atiAchsd, corner of F treat aorth at 1Kb it. east. To panotaal and reliable MHto the tanaa wvl b? iboderato. Apply at 44* Twailth atraal, between ?jd H. ao l>-tf FoH*oA^^PT.&rsi*,i~? oontaiaia* roorat, with cat, pieaaaaal? ettaatad on ittit atreat north, between M aad N atreata. raat mnHftrRiii innli bi I? LAZlMTnY. AIROtltR. AT to JOHN T. LBN MAN, Ohio itmm, botwooo 13th Md 13th ?tr?ta. oo Itf I70K KENT-Tho FIRST FLOOR of MM talM S?ifj!^s3a^ajsw*{,ta?2 s." u as office A'to tba front room ia the aeeoni tory aad tho third l'K>r of U>? aana buildiat. For Uttu* apply to RICHARD WALLACHVNo. f Loairi&ria tTMDt ia IS tf EDUCATIONAL. Tl - FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent" who with their daophtera to ro w;ve a thorough and i> lUmthc wtaMM. where I their on) etoal training wi J raooi ve daily aadiMtiftl attention, under the moat approved irrorn of Cw? tbenio? mm QrmaaaCM*, are re apeotfhlir iirijfd to vitit the Union FatnaJe A?demy, corner F? toonth at. and New York ax-. MR. *. MRS. Z. RICHARDS an 39-tf 17 EM ALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL Mra. g. 1 . ParjfcnuL. The thirteenth annual aaaaion 'if thia lnsbtttaoa wi!! commence on T ue*.iay .September isth, in the hr>u?e recently occupied bt SyJrorter Scott, Kaq., No. 1*? King ft reef. i lie oourie 01 aiua* purnneo win oomprian the brai.ohes requisite to a thorough English Edn afttion, and Mu*ic. French, Latin And Dttviti, il dotirwd. In addition today scholars. Mrs. McCormick la prepared to receive a lm.ited ntimbar of pupils mm boarders, who. oonatitatiag a part of her owa fam ily. will be under her immediate oare aad supsrr ion. 8!ie will endearor. as far aa possible, to Mr round them witA the oomforUaad nadir laeeaaeee of Home. Krfrrenc'*.? Gm. H. Nortw. Rer. Dr. Khaa Hamaon. Rev. D. F.^riii, William H JFowja. Eh., Ed<car SUnowden, hi)., Edmund F Wit met Esq., Henry Marburjr, Em*. Lewis McK?n*ie Eaa., Robert H. IIuntnn. Eaq . W. D. VFallaeh Editor Ev?uing Star .Benjamin Watera. Esq..Jas Entwiale, Jr_ Ks?.,Col. John W. Minor, l^iidoai Messrs. BlaeklocV it Marshall, JMassrs Cor Brothers. Tmn. _ Board, with Tuition in ah the Enfltah Bran ah as. fjnnfor the annual session?pa? abie hami ??fly. in advance. Mo'io aad Lanrqar * at Professor*' prions m- No extra char tea. a? a-ti nrVTIQTDV 1/ilLl X 1U 1M1 and patentee M teeth. LOOMIB, M. D-, the lnrentor i ofthe MINERAL PLATE teeth. tend* persona.!y at hi* dIm in tills cut ' Many persons can wear these teeth who oannot wear other*, and no per*on oan w*ar others who cannot wear these. Perron* cnlli: e at or oAoe oan be aooommodated with ftj-le and prioa of Teeth th*f mar desire; but to thoee who are partiealar and wish tfee pa reef. eea'iest, strongest, aid most perfeot d?*ntotre Uia4 art _.ta produce, the If INEll AL f LATE wiJue morefn'ly warranted. Rot in* :n ttii* eitT?No. 33* Pa. areDne.betw* 9th an<J 10th aU. Also, 907 Aroh street, Ph lade, phia. oilPf CARRIAGE FACTORIES. Washington carriage eactory, " D Strut, BtttM** 91 k and IMA Str??K. w( naT* j?!ii a inner 01 a CAR HI AGES, (Mk li Lirit (To#***, Far* Pkettmu. Pmmuy Cmr rtwj, nd BwKg't*, which we will cell a a Ter* email profit. Brint practical mechanic# in differ eat tiuilii of the Tiueiiteea, we flatter oaraelfpa that we k l ? the ?t?!es and qi:a.htT of work that will (tire rara faotioD, oombining lightaeaa, oomiert MM CamUli kewitrlcc promptly and oarefta"T attended to the ahorteet nctioe Hfd moet roe-nabta chariea. WALTER, I ARM ANN. * BOPP. Coachir.&fcers, aaocMaora to Wm. T. Bock. ap tT-dly T CARRIAGES UK Sabsonbar ha no* it.v- a^din? ? kt tao^or f, isaiitx it cow so* of tr ? 1 - r*?|t Ic in* District, whnre fcia uunlifiee ocaoTitaotunrc CAK RIAOK A LI?HT*=* WA6i>NSof all kux-i oatici Le rarpaaaad. aid from his lone experience fn t!,e tcaiceac, ka kopea ? jire eeuaral rat:?f*cTioa. A' kiucaof r.MTi*s?*ait Ligkl vva?ii Mart h A.! RKP AIRtnaaCr<aaa, aad all ardara prwayl \j 8aii9T^(4 lO* ?*** > Uik Mi V arifea The the thk insurance COMPANY INSURANCE COMPANY 1>SI RANCE company fire LIFF xfwista OF THKSTaTB o' ?i88PSft MARINE of VIRGINIA ln?um a.-ainat Ion or dtmsf* by r# apon m ttatonabl* lermi m ?cr o'mitii of ???<' rtrponM biit:y. HEATH A knowle8, Offioo? Room 16 otm Bank g. O. DEMI TH A CO.. MPORTER8 And Wholeulatod Retail or* 10 HAVANA CIGAR9, FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, GINS, No. 40 Noeth CbiiluStieit, Fivt doort abvrt Lexmitom tt , In?Br?r;oe Af?nU, of Wuhingtoi. d?1 CHOOL AND COLLK6K OUTFITS. *' Clothing )r*j* Wtar. routks1 and Boys1 Clothing for Sek?l mmd J)rt of ?I1 ?tsM is % few niiinwti with ?wn dMoiip j of R^adf -mad* Gtrir.?U, of boUatiftl MM durable *uaiity.r Hon i ' $ A lTTsTFPH IfftP* ( . 383 P?nn ft' U co fta 3ft-tf BIO HOUSFKEEFRKS mT\ W* iarite the MtMboii of Hou*kM??ri to #? Jd'^AVhsITvW R,?I U ID1 >i \ K I MBIi VV ARfi? w n let! ? low rr?o#r#Q LOsnplet? in every depftrtiiMiu by omr t?nt ! ? crtkunn* w ? - u v? iu ve every thinf taat la mm Is kapt la tfci China Bo'ic-ae, from net d?oomM PmuCklil Dinner Heu to the 0H1MM7 Earlhea War*, and aa vauwort the of omt |o<4a we are prepared to tarmah the Saet aaality, aiUa' tn the whofeaale or fatajl trade, aa lav aa aay of the tmeortinc hoaeee of rta t m.>re ffe-fe! krassfiarsasyis! the *a?ae factoriea, Ktlvar piated Ware Kaa A fratta, warranted, A iar?e a took of Coal O'l Laan. ?- Mi m Pw?r 1m| SkdM Chiniti, Owt Glaaa PO '6 ?srfw *** Birwc'li ?t-i?t. THE BK8T AIWOITME >TBVBft OFP**KD ThOaa^hodaJra to"aSfSt^Xii M* patUra, with thear'notw* of a radaMioa > pnaaa, will MNttM fat intr daeinc (M i to tfcaif dweUift *? ??r t? or aaad fcctliUM, aad ooaa^B'Bt tow p?t?aa. for Una brM?h of o?-'trarf*. .... la iting all who daaira Uatrwork <**?VCTT*f,,?' and fr?from ra? I akacac, to oa<l at *t.? Pa. ara aue, batwaaa lath aad 11th ata.. aoatb m4?, DJayjal J. W. TBfQM HQS A CO. ^ EKOBSSSMBm M l/VM r\ Bim^Ti mm W?, Croii P-^*. w Wm?* of c tsnJarti mm k etKMc? M * . ViiVV* H M-l* P* ?' J^BW WXJK^i L?*iHl?, ft BOVI 9 ICrNur.*. frwtt of *? F> Will if ?? * ?M in ?nd lr*<njG, in t vol*., fean., cloth. fnm *25 NocnHmni' lU?TcIof*di? of Oookii*,^**,

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