Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THCBJOAY KxnM ?T, IVH. ftptrit of tho n?ralM Pr*as. The Constitution of thla morning doss the Pres 'dent the justice to reliowe him from any responsi bility for tbe course of that paper Tbe imtrlligtmctr think* that (jo*. Rick* of Maryland, has truly expressed tbe aentlmoat sod wifely interpreted the Intereata of the pe?pleef M?t> laud, l? refuaing to join the ditunlon move ment *o Twit Go ?Seotfc Cvolina threatena to take theforta in Charleston harbor, and abolition Pitta burg, pretending to act lit the name of Pennsylva nia. threatena to.aeixs cannon of the Government. The Rlchmont} ?*gwfr?r and Examiner, Intense d.walta p** ? beets, are busy with effort* to induce a nob, propose* to be compoeed at armed men from Maryland, and Virginia, to aeize. fb. rUyere the 4th of Msrch D?xt. Fortunately for tfce Uvea of any aoeh mob, the gubernatorial an thorlfles of both Virginia and Maryland are pre p*nd to divferae any auch mob, congregated for anyeveb porpoee Governor Letcber la open and loud hi bit denunciations of the advtoe of th? Xnqmirer and Lxmtmner. and says that no auch expedition (bail leave the Old Dominion while he la It* Chief Magistrate and thus commands ita regular military force. There are ton thousand men. If not more, in the District of Colombia capable of bearing arms, not one hundred of whom sympathize with any such purpoee of tbaa Initiating tbe proposed civil war in their midst The inatlnctof "self*preservation, the flrtt Uw of nature," will induce them, the Emptirtr and Ezamxntr may rely on It, to arm and organize for the due reception of any auch mot-invasion of Washington city as they (the newspaper* aforesaid) propose. What Washing ton city unanimously desires, Is the future security of aonthern rights In tbe Union. Not It* destruc tion, by armed violence, beginning with tbe sack of Itself?the Federal Metropolis. It does not fitncy any such plan of seeking to produce the "southern unity" which the two noisy disunion Richmond papers profess to be seeking to attain. In truth, that such an idea should be broached, proves only that those whe broach it are ntterlv erased, and are, therefore, more than all otbt-rs. unsafe as leaders and counsellors of the people in timea like these. Apropos of Pittsburg's lelzure of the rannon. She. more than any other polai of the Northwest, has been declaiming against secession, on account of the neresaity for the Inviolable freedom of the navigation of the Mississippi and 1U tributaries. Yet she would be first to violate It. Who doubts for an instant that if recent accounts of her doing* there turn oat correct, that equally hot blood and hot heads in Louisiana and Mississippi will seize the first richly freighted Pittsburg steamboat within their reach, under the pretence of retalia tion for that city's seizure of the cannon * Now, how long can such things as we explain above go on without reducing the whole country Into Um condition nf ansrrkv that >>* throughout Mexico for >o many year* put* la It not worth while for those who will be the loaers by Its Inauguration among as, to make a reallv aerioua efort to nip it in th? bud, by coacart on their part. a?4 action in pursuance of that concert worthy of freemen descended from our reyolu tionary sire*1 Tbi Housk Committee ot Thibtt-threi ? Intense interest exists here in the probable action of this Committee in Its session of to-day. Almost all seem to imagine that this will be the last time on which lia members will come together. That i* to say, that its Republican members will per sist in refusing all overtures from their conserva tive and other colleagues upon It for the aettle mentof the troubles on the baals of Mr. Critten vacii |.(u|m>iiodi{ ina ion the latter will therefore decline to meet them thereafter for further eonaulutlon. Information now in our possssslon leads u? to a more hopeful conclusion, however We know that Mr. Corwln by no means despairs. yet. of a report concurred in by majorities of all the parties represented In the Committee. If such a report be made, the trouble will be over from the Instant of Its presentation to the House, and those at the South who would destroy the I'aion for the sake of Its destruction, will be utterly powerless for further mischief In every Southern State except South Carolina. Else where at the South, their power ia based wholly upon the prevalence of the idea that the Repub lican party will have no settlement of the que* ..v? wuuuui ciTii wtr i Diiouce exploded,mod the black cloud hanging over the country1* fu ture at once vanlahes. Bbxatoe Bkwaio - We apprehend that the New York Herald la correct (la lta laaue of yes terday) la drawing from Mr. steward's recent New England dinner speech the conclusion that be la preparing to abow a willingness for the set tlement of the trouble* In the I'nlon, and without r:vll war Circumats rices that have come to our knowledge within the lait twenty-four houri lead us to hope that he will ere the close of the t irrent week counsel s settlement upon the basis proposed by Mr. Crittenden One word tu th*t way from him will Instantly settle the control versy, dethroning the dlstimonlats p-.r tt at the Fouth, who?e power, after all. is but th? r?>it 'he universal belief at the South that the Repub lican party has made up ita mind for war to the knife frcna the Mart, upon the constitutional rights ?f the slaveholding states If in Committer or Thibti-tbibi break up. aa is bow'apprehended by ao many, rn to morrow or next day, all Ita members except the RtpabHeaos and Messrs Davit, of Md., and Kthsridgo, of Tean.. will doubtless publish an sddress in twenty-four hours thereafter, going to tbo country upon tte Crittenden plan for the settle ment of the troubles, which now bids fair to be acooplod by the Baltimore Convention of border lltTtlkOlilBC staid PTODOMd br UI -.1-1? as the terms upon which they will continue In the Union with the New England and other ultra a be llttoa States, after the cotton States may have with drawn from II. Their terma will of course Include stipulation that the .North thai I make no war on the aeceded extreme South. Ma. BascatxaiMa'a Advice ? Thta d lan guished gentleman ia understood to have drawn up aa addrees te the border alaveboldlng States, celling for a convention representing tbem, to be heid la Baltimore, In February, for the consider attoa of their duty to tbemselvee, and bow to preeerve the Confederacy, In the current criala It vow H(nfa airexiy by all of the SeMtor* from thoee fttatea, and will donbtleea be signed to-day by mil their Representatives la the lower Houss This call leavea it to the authori ties of the aald Mstes bow to appoint their repre sentatives to the propoeed convention Thia lot potut aod now apparently ao prea?lnjjly needed call will vary aoon be published, we apprehend. Tbb Smti i Coaairrnor Thiktbis win seat* ts ssssios ybstbbdat, and came to no cocciosteas showing that there waa a better proa peet ef harmonious recommendation* from them. than during last week. Nevertheless, we* feel enured that more or leaa eon?ervs:lves upon the committee by no mesas dee pair of the Repub lic Tboy are calculating that aa the danger of a total and final disruption of the Government be come* hourly More Imminent, the Republicans, CONOR KMIOftAL. Thursday, December Heiati ? After the reception of some memo rial*? Mr Sewird moved that when" the Senate ad journ, it be to meet on Monday ue*t. Agreed to. Mr Green called for the order of the day?the consideration of Territorial buslnm, which agreed to. t uc cniafcc nccoraingiy iook up lae 0111 ui or* ganire a Territorial Government for Arizona. The bill was read the second time. Mr. Green moved an amendment caBTeylng tbe grants of land* for acbool purpose* to tke schools which may be established 111 States carved out or tttls territory. He explained this amebdmeat, and proposed several others, which were agreed to. Hocss.?Jhere being no quorum present, a motion was made by Mr. Jones, of Ga , thai there be a call of the House, on which the yeas and nays wera taken, showing the presence of a quo rum . v- * TLe Journal of Monday was then read. Mr. era wife rd7 6f Ga , iwiW tbat when tbe Houee adjourn to-day Jt be until Monday next; agre?-a to. , Mr S'eveoe, of Washington Territory, arose la . a privileged question, ana proceeded 10 read a tel^mm from the Boston Herald, to the eflbct that (*oddard Bailey hod contributed a portion of the bonds abstracted from the Interior Department to the Breckinridge Central Committee Mr. 9. deni**d this positively, aad demanded of the special committee a thorough investigation of this subject, and denounced the charge as slan derous Mr Logan, of Illinois, objected to Mr. Stevens having thefloor,as his colleague (Mr. Morris) was refused it the other day under similar circum stances The Chair sustained Mr. Stevens' right to the floor. Mr Stevens then said he was chairman of the Breckinridge Committee, and thought he was possessed of the facts, and again denied the truth of the telegram?calling it an atrocious slander, and holding that it should receive the rebuke of the House He defended his position as chairman of the Breckinridge Committee ; stating that the committee knew nothing of the bond abstraction, k c. > A Card.?It has been my Intention to bear In ilence the misrepresentation! of the press,con necting hiy name with the abstraction of bonds from tbe Department of the Interior ; but the re port that the firm of Suter, l.ea ic Co. hare had any thing whatever to do with the bonds is so entirely destitute of truth that I must, in justice to my partners, publicly contradict it. Neither of them had tbe slightest knowledge of the matter previous to It public exposure. As for myself, I await the result of the judicial and Congressional investigations about to be instituted for a com plete vindication of my conduct and character from the cruel Imputations cast upon them L. Lea Washington, Dec. -27, lfe80. New Vork Stock Kxchi.vje ?The business in stocks, says tbe New York Evening Express, has been moderate, yet the stock market, as a whole, is strong, and stocks scarcer than money at quo tations Little or no attention is Mid to the warn. ins? from tbe Interior Department and holders are advised by lawyers that the bonds are good In innocent bands. Domestic exchanges are Im proving. No essential change In money. (p* The New York Post of last evening has a sensation Item calling the attention of Congress to the alleged fact that Ave hundred cases of mus kets, from the Watervleit Arsenal, opposite Troy, have been shipped to New York city, and put on board tbe steamer Florida, for Savannah. Tbe Post profrssrs to think that these muskets "are not removed for the purpose of strengthening the General Government." The SortH Carolina Commissioners have taken a bouse in Franklin Row, and Mr. Tres cott, of South Carolina, the recently resigned Assistant Secretary of State, baa been appointed to be their secretary. They bad not Intimated to the President up to noon to-day a desire for an interview with him. frr Governor Houston, of Texas, who at first refused to call the Legislature together, except on the request of a majority of the voter*, has yielded to the overwhelming public sentiment, and issued a call for the Legislature to meet on the 21st of January. [ET We have received from the publisher, C. Bohn,ncopy of the Department and Congressional Directory prepared by J. A. Wlneberger. It gives us pleasure attain In imtalt ?? ?wi useful serial publication. HJ- Mr* ti&ines's great suit is set down for trial in January, in the Supreme Court?No. M on the calender. It involves about two-thirds of the city of New Orleans. All parties bare arrived, and are preparing for the case. C7"Col. John C. Fremont may be considered the richest man living. With the recent lm provements, the monthly products of bis mines are near 100,000. Mr. Fremont is expected in New York this week. rr5=* I'NIVi-RBAi.lsM.-MATKMNAI. AF L? KRi'.TlOX. WOtt?M'8 INFLUENCE, AND WOM AN'S WORTH.?Fnici will deliver a discourse upon the , tibieeU inriicit'd at the First Congrrrationaliat old Ti imt? (Church, nrxtSUNDAY KVKNINO, at 7 o'clock, nhowing connlus vp't and irraaisti'ly that the inferences a~a.? ki.ii: 1 ?o*'ut; i- viicrriruT go u> pro?e the final ho!inr?s Tnd happineaa of the whole human race. Peata ree. de 27 3t? (TW*THU I.ADIK3 OF ISLAND BAPTIST ' L 3 C hnroh and oongregation will hold a Fair and FetUva at Thorn's Ha;l> Seventh it, com nimicmi MONDAY EVENING, D?? 31. There *i I l>e ?n hand a tine asaortment of U?eful and t-'ancj Articiee Tore for children. Cream* and Jelliea, Ojstera aerved up in every style. A hand ofuiusic will he in attondaaoe Admittacoe ten oents ?noes to suit the times Proceeds to ?id in pa> id* for the house of worship. de Z) 2t* rr^"SMI mSOMAN I.ECTt'RES ?On FRI LJf DAY EVENING. December ?th, Prof P. A CitADBocaiva. of William's College, will deliv er a leotare on "Iceland and the Icelanders." Prof. C. has lately returned from that country and will be ah e to give an interesting aooount of hia visit. 117? Th? lecture will coinmmoe at 7\ p. m.. and Ui - public are earnestly requested to au^cri punc tually at that ti.?e. A rt4 fixkt will be show ii nn mr men u>wer every e'euing on whioh there ia a lecture, and, tu prevent annoj ng interruption*, it wnl be exuiuctitahed the oooaa closed when the lectu re oommencea. de2S-2t Tfg?BANK OF THE METROPOLIS. W^i L_? moron. D. Deo 34, I860.?The Botrd of TrusU ?a have declared a dividend of 3 per cent, out of tha profit# for th? current ?ix months. Theaame will be i ftid.on and the 2d of January next, de at K B. SMITH. Oaahier. fY"5=?THE LADlf.8' FAIR FOR THE BEN L5 eh t of the Kaat Washington Miasion Meth odiat Proteatant Chnrcb. will oommenot THIS iMondaf) EVENING, in the haaement of the chttfch.ooraer Virginia avep?a and Fifth at eaat, at 6 o'c'ock. fcaaon Vcketa 25 centi; tingle ad miaaion >0 oenta; children ha'f pnoe. de 2? 3t TT-i^FAIR.?The ladiea of Fletcher Chapel will L " hold a Fair at No. 874, Beveuth atreet, be tween L and Mata.,from iith to Slat Deeember, inclusive Come, erijojr youreelrea and procure ar linlm fur k/vluU? * ?- ,-wmuh ucaeia, admitting a gentleman aad lady, 50 centa; single admittance 10 oectn. de U lit' ry collector'S OFFICK.CITY HALL, iX_3 W A*HiNbT<)!t, December 6, 1MB. TAXES on personal property, SLAVES. A o.?Notice ia hereby riven that the tax billa lot HowehwUi Furniture, Stocka. Siavea. &?., fur Ibe year ISM. and pcevioua yeara, are nov made out and ready for delivery, and are payable at thia offioe, Th<> who do not oall and aettle their billa within twenty day a from thia date will be called on by one of my aaeiataata.and if the billa are not paid wiihinjixty data from thia date I ahall proceed to enforoe the otilleoUon in the manuer required by law. JAS. F. HALIDAY, de l$-2nt Colleotor._ rf?the UNION prayer meetings Ljf wiU be hulden every day thia week, ia th? K:>gli?h Lutheran Church, comer of 11th and H atreeta. to comtiieaoe at 4 o'clock, and to oontmue one hour. de 17 n?INTERESTING TQ BANK NOTE 1? HOLDERS.?Virginia note* taken at ear ^rCjothinf at the People*' Clothinr Store. The Intk ( trtltaa Chablkstox, Dec. M ?'The Convention met at I o'clock to-day. Prayer waa offered for theaafety f the Southern Confederacy Mr. Pain offered latel' it!on that the Governor >e requested to eonniunt -*4e to the Convention, n secret ae?a;on, any Information he poaaeaaea in efereoee to the cooaition at Porta Moultrie and tamter, and Caatle Plnckney The number of [una each, number of workmen employed, fend ha Wln^ n# IbKaf ! h aarkUk *kau J . >V ? ... - ??; ?it * I MV he number of soldiers and marines stationed at *rta point, and what addition, If any, hu tmn nede to the forces siaoe, the 20th Inst ; a la#, rbether any assurance has keen given that tfe? brts as* not to be refrnfbrced, ?Sd If so what lltfiit ias been aralgned to fhis assurance; also, what, tollce or other regulations hare been mad^jjf iny, in reference X? the defencc or defences of the >arbor of Charleston and the coast of the State. *ald on the table for consideration in secret ace ten Mr. Brown oOercd a resolution that all citizens if the Utilffcd Slats domiciled within this Suite, in the adnpttnti of the ordlitihe^ of secession, Jeo?aber *>, lsGO, be, and the tame v? Itftebjr, leclared citizens of South Carolina, en titled to all id vlleges and subject to ell the liabilities incl lent thereto. i ' Mr Brown said there were a number of men orlous citizens of this State who are cttttens by idoption. end e well-fbunded apprehension exists n their minds as to the extent of their allegiance. There are but two methods by which individuals an become cit'zens of South Carolina?by birth >r adoption. Birth ftvM unnmltdwl plMi?n?hin n a State and a retatTve citizenship in the United *tates. fly naturalization persons wwc mad* c!t? sen# of the United States, and by virtue ot being luch were made citizen* of South Carolina. In 1832 the Constitution of South Carolina was iineuded so as that naturalized citizens were rqulred to take the additional oath of their true tUeglance to South Carolina ao long aathey might continue citizens thereof Sometimes in another method?that of the test oath Mr. Brown also said that some period must be idopted He did not mean nor contemplate natlng involuntary citizens of those accidentally iomiciled in the State at the period of the adop tion of the Ordinance of Recession. Mr. Kennlard offered a resolution that a recess t>e taker to-morrow till the 18th proximo, or to mbject the reassembling to the order of the Treai ient. Tabled Mr Rhctt offered the following, desiring that it should lay on the table vltbout rending. Mr Memininger doubted If there was authority t?v which a paper could be received In a public deliberative assembly without having at least one reading. Mr. Rhett then read the paper himself: An ordinance to Drovldefora nt ?k? Blaveholding State* of the Unit* d States to form i Constitution for a Southern Confederacy, pro viding?Kirat, for a Convention of all the acced ing Slaveholding States of the United States to unite with South Carolina and hold a Convention ?t Montgomery, Alabama, for th? purpose of formiug a Southern Confederacy, and to agree ?n the terms Second?Recommending that said States ap point by their respective Conventions or Legisla tures as many delegates as tbev have members In the present Congress of the VnlUd States, and that In said Convention on the adoption of a Con ititutlon, the vote shall be by States Third W henever the terms for a Constitution ihall be agrted upon by such Convention, the ame shall be submitted at as early a day as p ac tlcabie to the Convention br Legislature of each State respectively, so as to Instruct the delegates In the General Convention whether to ratify or re ject the Constitution Fourth. Thatin the opinion of the South Caro lina Convention, the Constitution ?f the United States is a suitable basis for a Confederacy of the Southern States withdrawing from the Union Fifth. That the South Carolina Convention ap Ejfnt by ballot eight delegates to represent South arollna in the Southern Confederacy; and lastly, that one Commissioner from each State be elected to call the attention of the people to the Ordinance Referred. Mr. Dunkin moved a secret session. Carried. Dec. '26. p. m ?Mr. Brown's resolution offered thia morning was referred by the Convention to the Com mi tie* on the Constitution The Convention remained in secret se*aion till I % o'clock this afternoon, and then adjourned! till 10 o'clock to-morrow The f blowing ordinance waa fussed in aecret lesaion tbia evening, and the obligation of aecreay withdrawn to that it might be published: At a convention of the people of South Carolina, begun to be holden at Columbia on the 17th of December, in the vcur of our Lord 1900. and thence ontinued by adjournment to Charleston, and there by divers adjournments to the *20th aav of December, In the aame year, waa adopted the fol lowing ordinance to make provialon for the con tinuance of the commercial facilities of South Carolina: -Whereas It is due to our late confederates in the political Union, known as the United States of * 1? '?<- ' ~ " ~ niuci >v?, am iihi III ciwzeni (II 30UI0 (JarOlln* fll gaged to commerce, that no abrupt or sudden :hange (ball be made in the rate of duties or Im portsiato this State; and Whereas It Is not desired by this State to secure id vantages in trade to ber own ports above tboae [>f any or the slaveholdlng States, her late confed erates in said Union; and \N bereaa this ordinance for the consideration Indicated, Is designed to be provisional merely, therefore, we, the people of South Carolina, in Convention assembled, do declare and ordain,and It is hereby declared and ordained : 1st. That all citizens of this State who, at the late of tba ordinance of secession, were hold* Ing office connected with the customs under the Seneral government of the United States, within >e limits of South Carolina, be and they are hereby, appointed to hold, under the government >f this State exclusively, without any further con lectioa whatever with th? government of the United States, the same offices they now till, until otherwise directed, and to receive the same pay ind emoluments for their services. .id. That until this convention or general a? lembly shall otherwise provide, the Governor hall appoint to all vacancies which may occur tn lurh offices. 3d. That until otherwise provided by this con rentlon or the general assembly, the reveuue, col ection and navigation law* of the United State*, j far as may be applicable, be and they are here j duu|>wu ana ue made me laws of this State, avlngtbatno duties be collected upon imports rom State forming the late Federal I'mon, known ia the I'uited StaUa of America; nor upon ton iage Tassels owned in whole or in part by citizen* if said State*; and savlog and excepting the act f Congress, adopted on the 3d day of March, 1?57, n titled an act authorizing tbe deposit of papers if foreign veasels with conaala of their respective latlons. which said act is hereby declared to be >f no force within the limits of thia State. 4th All vessels bailt iu Carolina or elsewhere, nd owned to tbe amountofone-third by a cltlsun r citizens of Carolina, or any of the slavehoid ng commonwealths of North America, and cotn nanded by the citizens thereof, and no other, ball be registered as vessels of Carolina, under he authority of the collector and naval officer. .'lib All official acts of tbe officers aforesaid, in vhich it is usual or proper to set forth tbe author ty under wbicb they act, or in tbe style of docu ments issued by them, or any of tbem, be In tbe amp of IK* n?.-u? WW mm w w? WU?U V/MVUllO. 6'.h All monies hereafter collected by any of be otBcers aforesaid shall, after deducting the umi nnceuarv for itae compensation cf said offl era and other expenses, b? paid into the treasury f the State of South Carolina, for the use of said oste, subject to the order of this Convention or f the General Aassmbly. 7tb The officers aforesaid shall retain In their ands all the property of the United States in their osKssion, custody or control, subject to the dls osai of the State, which will account for the unc upon a ttnal settlement with the government f tue United States. l>one at Charleston this !M>th day of December, i the year of our Lord 1M0. (Signed) D F. Jamison, President. Attest: B. F. Arthur, Clerk. THE PAPER FOR THE TIMES'. THE PAPER FOR THE TIMES ! THE PAPER FOR THE TIMES ' ET THE DOLLAR STAR OF THIS WEEK. , ET THE DOLLAR STAR OF THIS WEEK. ' ET THE DOLLAR STAR OF THIS WEEK. uu pitr i pat o a ?? MM 1 ULiUElLTt rAli I IU1. bAKS Ol* ALL THE ASTOUNDING DEVELOPMENTS OF THE WEEK ! MORE NUMBERS OP AMOS KENDALL'S REMARKABLE SE RIES OP ARTICLES UPON SECESSION ! GREAT BUDGET OP LOCAL NEWS! TALES OP EXCEEDING INTEREST. A THOUSAND AND ONE MISCELLANEOUS PARAGRAPHS GIVING THE READER ?N BRIEF THE VERY PICTURE OF THE TIMES. UY THE WEEKLY STAR AND SEND IT TO YOUR PR1END, OR SEND HIM A RECEIPT FOR A YEAR'S SUB SCRIPTION AS THE BEST POS SIBLE CHRISTMAS GIFT. de 27-3t riSITING CAEDB FOR SEW YHAR8, i.Tl on1 DEMP3EY * O'TOOLE'ft is'wU-nfP rd*' Mall, lor tha bnwlt or t?a poor, la ona < f tiuxkedua'a baaC PUnoa, ar.4 if eola vitiiia ?tx nw.. u Ul> C)u?lrariac%tMuffiaM% ,?/, t <w efmromia airMC. N B ?I have on hand * t?>t large and aiperior took of Mena" and Boji' Clothing Farnnhing 0' odi, Hataand Cap*, at rnoea to ealt tfaa timea. PHILADELPHIA CO!VPECT|ONEMY. ILJf Ioe Cream, water Ioea, Weddm* &kn, Ponod Cakee, Minoe Pira.Paatrj, Cniatanr Qj?t?r Y im, J'IIim, ana a ceneral aasortment of nio? thingeinthe Confectionery line, at PUBSELL'S, oorn--r Twelfth and K eta. no St lm* Y^DEMPSEV a otqolis, J J WBDDINO AND VIS, tems'iMemi8 ?. p?. a., U T7 ?m WilHlMfOI. (17 On ^wanAe f titan LmmM _ .. ...? in nor consultations, in rmlly becoming anxious for a peaceful settlement of the trouble* in the Union >one aro more hopeful la this connection Uian Jfr Crittenden waa last evening Tai Rbpoktid Sbixvbs or Uovbbsmbbt Cajmob?Thegnna which the mob at Pittsburgh, Pa., my they will aotso when the Government may attempt to remove them from their own IM wo la tended for the armameat of the U. forts it Ship Island, Miss , and la Galveston Har bor. Tom, la pursuance of the plan for pvttlag them forts la a state of defense, whleh has been ui a jr?ar put Loi( contracted M I* tew tbc 14m of th? prtMst 9?tttb?rn tud its birth ITT" W? in iedebted to U?wi Taylor k *M>a/y fori copy of ttM?xcell?Bt January niunbw I Kj?f?' " * th Reoio.iib ?B*t Lt.Col. A. C. Myers. Aaslatant Quartormutrr, U. 8 A, (of South Carolina) baa 94 raaigned. ac Captain Pano*ant loth Infantry, U S A., of fi Unco u H C Warn*. Aaaict&nt (Quarter- ar "" " * " ~ to : t j Dcckmbkb v?7,18M. ifarcr York, N. Y clear, pleaaant. Philadelphia, Pa. clear, wind N WHUagtMh D. wind NW Richmond, ......etaar, 33*. Pete.raburK.Va. clew, W. W^:::?S;33ii >/,Ih Chiti^ston. S> C?# cloar AT3(rafta,"iw:.T.r/...r; ea i tt f ti pi Savannan, ua............ .clw. 4:T.., Mfccon. Oa../..I... cloudy, cool. Cwuu'uu*, 6k eter. cool. Montgomery, Ala......... cloudy, cool. JsckioQ, Att. .cloudy Mobile, Ala cloudy, 48? New Orleaua,La ....cloudy, 58'. HON TU W1U Frederick, Md clear, coM. Ha^f-rmtovrn, M4 ....clear, cold Cumberland, Md.........overcast. cool. Grafton, Va clear, cold, froatv. Wheeling, Va clear, cold, froaty. Pittsburg, Pa cloudy. Parkerabnrg, Va clear, cold froaty. Cincinnati. O clear, cold, froaty. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m . (cor rected for temperature,) 30,398, at noon, 30,401 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 31*; at noon, 30 ' Maximum during 48 houn. ending a. m. to day, 37"; minimum 29*. Personal Capt Kngle, U. 8 N.; F. Stanltr, U 8. N.j Major Brloe, U. 8. A.; Dr. J. Fowckea, Tenn , are at Wlll&rda'. lur --i ruveroini runoiopay" man. Martin I-arquhar Tupper, baa addreasea an eulogistic sonnet to "Abraham Lincoln." Ralph Farnbam. the teat survivor of the battle of Bunker BUI, died on Wednesday morn ing at Actoa, Maine, aged 101 veara. The Baltimore Patriot states that It is able to affirm the correctness of the N York Tribnne*a annonr.cement that " Mr. Lincoln Is oppoaed to any conceasion or compromise." The death of Hon Delszon Smith, of Ore gon, is announced by the Albany Democrat, of which be was the editor, and the announcement ia therefore probably authoritative. His death occurred on tbe J7th'.November, at Portland Bigler, of Penn.. meeting John Cochrane casually in the hall at \V(Hards' Hotel, said, 41 What about this Baileyfrand. Cochrane; do you bear any thing in addition'" "Oh," replied Cochrane, ' there's nothing In Addition, It's all In Subtraction." Mayor Wood, of New York, was married in that iity on Saturday, to Miss Alice Fenner Milis, daughter of Mr Drake Mills The ceremo ny was performed by Rev. Dr Spring, at the res ide nee of the bride's father, in the Fifth Avenue. Mayor Wood 1? in the S^uth enjoying the honey moon. Nival Intelligence. Corrtspondinrt of The Star. U.9 Ship Macedonian, ) Portsmouth, N H . Dec 25. i860. J The crew of this ship arrived by special train from Boston this morning, and at IS m. the Stars and Stripes were hoisted, and Jhe Macedonian was In commission It may be pleasant to order a ship in commis sion on Christmas day, but it 1? quite the reserve to those who participate in that amir, particular ly when she baa been reported ready for sea, and there remains a va?t deal of work on her yet to be done, to render her efficient. The rumor that we are to go to Charleston is simply absurd. K ship of the Macedonian's heavy draught cannot cross that bar. We should like to run into Norfolk or tn ttt ?nt properly, and to ikatc our men, vrho are now Well nigh frozen trout being compelled to sleep In a ship wboae decks are covered with snow and ice The following is a correct list of the officers who, I learn, have reported for the Macedonian: Captain, James Glynn) Lieutenants. M C Marin, Somerville Nicholson, 9. R Franklin, Wm. R. Ward, aad J. A. Babcock; Paymaster, John 8 Cunningham; Master, F. M. Bunce; Surgeoa, Wm. Grier; Assistant Surgeon, O. 8 Iglenart; Lieut. Marines, C. <5. McCawley; Paymaster's Clerk, Thomas Q. Leckron; Boatswain, Charles Miller; Gunner, Burgess P. Allen; Csrpenter, George Wisner; Sallmaker, John W North. Ftox Fo*t Scktkr.?1The following letter received in Washington from Fort Sumter, Charleston harbor, shows the feeling there : Ciaklktoh, 8. C., Dec. 19, 1890. Dear Mother : I take pen in band to add res* you a few lines, hoping they will And you aa well aa thla lea Tea me at preaent. tbanka be to God for bis merries to us all. I think thla la the last letter that I will write to you. aa there la great talk here about the war. We are preparing far it. We are doing nothing but mounting guns and getting ready for the contest, so that it is very billoas here at preaent. Myself and A. are on guard every night; we have to stay on four hours. We have a gun each, and we march around the fort with It on our shoulders while on duty. The rest of the time we talk about our girls We have nothing else to do; we are aa gay as you There are a great many of th-tiun who came with us from Baltimore here that would give anything to be borne once more. They are very much fright* ened for fear they will have to ftebt, as there la o inncb talk or a civil war between the North and South. A. and myself plague them almost to death They are all well who camc witli us; you caa let their friend* know that Inquire about tbem A. isaa when vou last aaw him, and aeod* Lis beat respects to you all. I now conclude this with lore to all **#, and the love of your affec tionate son, H M. P S ?Our fort is in first-rate military order, and we are ready for an enemy if they are about, but wc want more men. FoairA ihir'i Day iji New Yoaa?Tbe 240th anniversary of the landing on Plymouth Rock was celebrated In New York on Saturday even* lug by the New England Society, as isthtir wont, by a dinner at that old Plymouth Inn, the Aster House. When the heavy business waa over, the speech-making waa commenced by Mr. Evarta, ana be waa followed by .Messrs. K. C. Hitchcock, David D Field. Ricb'd H L)anna, \\ ni Cuilen Bryant, the representatives of the St George's, 8t. Andrew'*. St Patrick's and Old Dominion Societies, Hannibal ilainlin. EdwardsPierrepont, George W. Blunt, Judge Halcooab and Wra H Seward. Letters were read from President Buch anan, John Minor Botteand Lord Lyons. The Pest devotes nearly two columns to the speeeh of the Hon. Wm H Seward, which abounded in good things, humorously got off, ss be Is wont to do upon such occasions. 1?7" The small-pox in Colombia, 8. C., is fast disappearing. J^OTICE EXTRAORDINARY! BEFORE THE 1ST JANUARY THOSE REAL MAGNIFICENT JapRRCM Goods now in the (More No. SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Ujidu Wiixasd*' Hotil, MUST BE SOLD rriTHorr any rigard to cost: COMmiBlSO? ?l?gant Irl' id Cabinets, Work Bases, Card Boxes Writing De?ks, Chow-Cknw Cum, Finger Bovls. Glove, Jewel, and Handkerchief Boxm, Porcelain Cope. Plates, Bowls, Diskes, Ac.. As. Having readied to sell oat, we are ofrriat ttm SPLENDID LACQUERED TRAYS (Which heat or water o an not injur*) At ONE DOLLAR BACH! Now is thk Trai von CHEAP HOLIDAY GIFTS! de?7 \t F. V. MACDUFF. 'jp O T H E P U BL I C . Having a large amount of money to pay prior to the let or Maron, aad owing to the general ctagaa uon of business, we have d etc rained to offer an Fmo* CA.LiroKxi4,ftc ?8m FraaeiaaadataaU ? 12th ln?t. hare been receive* by pony eiwwi. 9m F*a*ci?co, Dee ll-Thf (earner Uacla im left for Puami this forenoon, with 173 pm irers, the roaifc, and 1,448,966 10?of which | >,990 In gold in for Ffance, 91,000 for Panama, ] id all the raat for Naw Yark Among the frel*ht < e 147 baxea Waaboa Mirer ore,va!n?d at I3,(?0. 1 blau aaeaaonably.large treasure shipment ft I tistoodto be la wpna>? la argent appeala from AmoM the paarlfvi by the I'ncle 8am wm torgeaiitnber of aspiring republican politicians I route for Washlngton.wbere they propose NBdMMl the grinder, eipcdtttiK tbe Incoming Ad iMMfmtbn to Mlect tmm among their number ic principal FHwral oncers for this coast In tbe wing. Some 1,U0 mm are supported by Fed al patronage in California, an# thousand* of lacs banters bare been developed U 4s understood that Goi. JfTeller will accept ie posltlob of Mffclstrr to Metfftf. TIm Fremont mines at Marlpoaa are regularly tp*t??/aa yielding st the rets flf ?70,0Uf ptf mm,v Bat the expenses are not rim; so tbat tbe :tual profit cannot be calcalatea The Kepnblicsn paper* charge Hut a seOW br anlsation Is coucertlng nisasurea for tbs eatab sbmeDt of an independent Reptfblte ot tbs aclfic coast, In case of a dissolution of fb* alon. Tbe charges does not seeta to ba sus insd by evidence. Col. Fremont has commenced a salt lo recover J,000 worth of gold dog by a miner from tbe tinea on bla Una grant, the object betas to teat M question whether tbe tttie to tbc land ri^ee >e right to tbe mineral* contained In tbe land Tbe steamer Pacltc arrived on tbe lOtb with trtflsh Columbia datea to tbe 3d, and Oregon atca to tbe 6tb Inst. Senator Nesmith will proceed in tbe next earner to California, en route to tbe scone of b1a itura labors in tbe National Senate. Report! are publlabed that member* pf Lieut [ullen'a wagon-road expedition have diacovered old at tbe bead water* of the Columbia river, ad alao on tbe trlbutarlea of tbe MiaaourL, while taking the paaaage through tbe country thla rar. There la nothing of interest from Britlah Co imbla Tbpblow W hp* On mow or Ma. Liivcolw 'borlow Weed. In an article In tbe Albany ournal of Monday, alludes to hla recent vlalt to prlnpfleld In tbe following term* : ? Since tbe ewapapera have made our recent visit to Spring cm ?uc uucwion ui rrirari, n may nffi Of TOO* roper to aay that an interview with Mr. Llr.e*la as ronflrnipd and atrengtbened our confideace In it fltneaa for tbe high petition be ft to acoipy; of la eminent qnallflcatlona for thf great truai re nted in blm; of bia enlightened ?ppreetMloa of tie difficulties and dun jera that aurround ua. of is deal re that the free States. if In anything de nquent. ahall fulfil their constitutional dntlec; of la determination to require from all the Mates an nforeement of the lawa and obedience to the Con titutton; and. Anally, of hla earnest and Inflexible cvotion to the principle* and symiatbies of Re ubllcanism " III7*The report of a movement in Western Vir lnia looking to tbe agitation of grave questions fff-ctlmi our own State, referred to a few daya go, baa confirmation from a communication I'hlrh we bare fm-hItmI frnrn Marlnn mnnt* Am. laring that if a State Convention la nailed the Vest will demand that the bau\ representation [uestlon be again brought up to be aettled on the rhlte baaia, that the subject of slave taxation be 'ranged differently froin what it now la, and aat the election of delegatea to a Southern Con ention be made by dufrtcfj 80 that if these "de landa.*' as they are called, are to be conaidered, re are to have not only a new settlement of Na onal matters, but a partial upturning of oar tate affairs The times, Indeed appear to be out of joint."?Alex. Gazette. U7*Mr. Horace B Sargent, bookkeeper for the :cnsselaer and Saratoga Railroad, and one of the lost estimablecitizena. was murdered and robbed I Flrststreet.Troy, N. Y , near St John's Church, bout ten o'clock on Monday evening. The as issin waa seen standing over the body by a young lan named Burns, buflled on his approach. The eceased bad a fearful gaah on the back of his ead, and his physicians are certain that his death ould not have been caoaed by accident. The tmost excitement exists in reference^ the mar er. and a special meeting of the Common Coun II hfii hopn ralUM Tk? ? ? ? ward of f50U for the arrest of the murderer. Hakfek's Fkkkt ?A rnmor prevailed exten velv in town last event rig, of an ofnne escrlptlffn which bad occurred, or was to occur t Harper's Ferry. Col S. I Ramsey of the Lou onn MUlt".a forwarded a letter to Gov. Letcher ontalnlng some Information upon the subject, ut we understand It was of a vague character.? Ilex. Gmzetu. 07"The Loudoun Mirror says: 'Capt. A. L ogers' company of Loudoun Artillery have re uested Gov Letcber, we nndersUnd. to 'count lem In' the first volunteer fore* he aecepts to re st any attempt by the federal government to co rce a sister slave State In submission to Black :epubllcanism." KThe New York Day Book thinks the Eng lltors, who are just now very gravely dts milag nuirniy?ii pvuwu*, ihvw ju? woui as iuch of the aubjrct u a Camanche Indian doe* of iety. (ETHon Pierre t*oule U out with a letter, in blch be announce* hlmaelf aa opposed to aub iaaion to abolition rule, but advocates Southern ^ operation. ALL SHOWED UP! ALL SNOWED UP! ALL SHOWED VP! OR ALL ROUND THE 8TOVE! at t1ie PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS' REST. PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS' REST, PEDLARS' AND PILGRIMS' REST. A NEW YEAR'S STORY, aftbabs ok TIB 3d #f Jaiaarjr, 1M1, Id tha Crt? ?f Now York, m the Abort dot*, bm'1 > mull pabiio. tlM All-exciUng, a'l ?b*oib incident of wkioh ilinoct every on* n tnxioaa hear or know eoinething. Be it known, therefore, that John Roe* Dix, q , Km written a moit remarkable New Yetr'i or;?remarkable alike for its intensely amaaini ad tbril'ing narrative, rente* and p"wer. whioh knnot fail to oarry with it delight and ?i ??t to the household of ererr family in thelaad. . ?r ererr fanm t ?ldom. tf ever, hae a storr been published lited for nmveraal pemsal r" * fa new rear. The reoords ild br the p'lftinu and pedlars who ware all towed ap together on the Memorable ooraaion or universal pemsal at the oommenoemeat F a new rear. The reoorda of the wonderful tale* frrred to. are all happily blended together by the ithor in a style at onee genial, attractive and en rtaining, in thie new story. The ahwre gtory haa been written apeeia'l* for # Hoaaahold Journal, oommeaoing is If a. 14. it ill appear exoln?ire!y ? thi L'OrSBHOLD JOHUUL The f?T?nti rudly Plftr, m Tke M of JuMftry, 1W1. IUTUII PAGES. THRU CEBIT* SIXTEKM PAGES. THREE CENTS. SIXTEEN PAGES. THREE CENTS. SIXTEEN PAGES. TEEEE CENTS. loldb?allBookMU?ivMdN?v*-MMta. Nm dU pi mm nmI iu >nr onlm m tv'y m yo?i 1M ThrM Can. Hit's? 50 * ytMJ, witk ik* folio* i g ind?c*m*Ltc to EtralS&W&ff* AUCTION 9ALKK. Bt I. C. MaOUIIK it CO. AMI* 8C per I o Wj MORN .v .. ?{the Auction Room, w# afc*ft *> ??ry ra^ctioi roomy oond-kftM Leather toy Btcn. OA'h. 4?S7-d J. c. McOCIRE k co.. Avatt. PERI or LEATHER TOW h6sv ywo* *r Atrr'** -? ? MTl'fi day INlNG, D*??k? 3Hk,u 10 o'clock, m frovt iAkUor r??a. *k*4i mU ? ?ri nMiiai ?T J. c. MeGl'IRK k. co . Aactirawr*. v? thtll m?L. for acooiat o| the P?r?n?? iiSi""' ^oSlSikt' ro*B,r*~ , llttoMNt MfHIW i ^ ___ . Piirof rx**titBt UffM Gr?j U<H?|? MMMfofHl Carrikf* fUnt*n. Rote**, R?(?. Oowr?, ' J. c. Mo?t?RF. k co . A?f?. Bt i? c. M'GUIRK k. CO., AhUoinn. fJFltFMPTOR Y SALE of HANDSOME I^Arrrrt *urfmt'%?&&&? liUIM.&OLIvW&UIT HlMtliM. WllDlOlU . on Saturday Motfrii*d7ifcoa? KarStUi.ftt tka am?m Emm, wo dt*H *e!l witb??t mw** FiW Hh4-**9 Inivood Brix*WW aorored Parlor ?mtM, jorfeetiy n*w and la ao^liai StiU o? &thd Wa|??l Parlor Farnitor*. la K?h. l?|Ut Solid W?li?t M*rt.U to* M>W< KUctn, worth fltf. Roaowood Marbla to* C?ur a ad fofa Tab'aa. K< wood Mar Ma fop wMMtuiU, AEd Hat BolSlTW Watlrobo*. and Bodateoda, gj^^ctr^KKnsr' Two Rowvood ooae Ptaao-fortoa, oao by Cktekor GoWband French Cbiaa Diaaor And Tea ?*ta, Stiver Pla*od CAatora, Cak* Baaketa, Ac., 4a. dTr-i J. C. MeGriRK * CO.. Aoata. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW. By WALL * BAtilAI P. AwtiMnra. f'OLJRT9ALK ?Salkov a Convntiurr lmi> V> mo Lot.?Bt vtrtaeof aa or4?riad d'oraooF tba Orpkwa' Co?rt of tbo Di?trlat of Colamfcaa b*ana?dat?oa tba IStb day of Novemhor. A. D IMu. A?d daiy coi.firmad by tbo Circuit Court of atid District, ia CbAnoer* utfcnt 1 aba! aoll. At Sbtic auotlorulo th? bucbeat bidder, on THl'ES , iheJTth day of fWoewWr. A L?. 1M, in front th? premiaet. at 4 o'e! >ok p aa., all tb? rirbt, ti - "SI.. - -- - - a - _/ a L Dll A -4 wr, mwwi. sou wmir ui cmrvn Amelia, and John WiIIimi, of, ia te the e*>?'h aart of Let numbered Mm, (7 ) la t^urt numbrrad fi t) one, (SI.) of the alao of the city oj W asMufton, oomnt'ooinf. (or thee*ut fart, at the acrothweat corner of *aid L.ot and r?name u.i?r.oe north ?rfth the iiae of Twenty 'bud itrtM vent fourteen (14) feet: ih?nc? ?? one bandrad and twenty two (lSlfeet two-aad a h?J f < 3H 11 oeh to the rear of aaid Lot; tbeoea aoatb fourteen (14) feet: ano theooe west one hundred and twenty two d?) fe t two-anu-a half UH1 mebea to tna pl*oe of begincicK. Tbia property front* on Twenty third at. weat, between north l.a"d M ata Terms: One haifcaab; the reaidaa ia two e^ua. inetalment*. of 6 and 13 montha, neoured by tb? mi tea of the yurohaser. *ati?fact<>ril? adorned. an<T l>eering mtereat fr??n the day of nala. Title deed to be reserved until the whole of the parehae* money ia paid. All ?onreyaeein* at the ooetrf tha aarabaaer. MARY ANN FF.RGfSON. Gaardiaa. WALL A BARNARD, A acta de II StawSwftda A By WAIXk BARNARD. Aaetiti RICH HOLIDAY PRESENTS. T 296, north aide Petin. avenae. between 1Kb and 12th * treats. HOLIDAY PRESENTS, CI.O?lNG OUT SALE, by Auot on. on THURSDAY. FRIDAY and SATL'tDAY M'tHNlNHSaod EVENiNOS. of Fa?e' Gooda, Parian and Bisqaetatd China Ware, a a., Ac. _F1JRS, WOOLEN GOODS, SCARFS, A a., oa Fn<UT. d?Xd WALL it BARN ARP. Aaota. FUTURE DAYS. TWO LARGE LOTS OF PIO IRON FOR Sale is Gboegktowji. D. C.-By *irtM of an order of d'at-ain from William A. Bradl; M'. A root Young, to iBodiTMlod. for ?ant due and la ariear*. I hay* lavied on two lota of rtirj fine Pi* Iron, and I he-eby five tot:<;e that oa MONDAY, the Mth of Docaaaner, 1MB, at Hi o'clock a. m . on the pre?. laee, ctuatrd on Water atreet. adjominc th? foar mill of Mmri. Doyce, Taylor A Co , I will offer for aale the aaid iron at publio auction to tha iMfch eat bidder for oaah. de?3t R. H. TRUNNELL, Bailiff. CTTHE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED antn MONOA.Y, Dec 31, aai:ie hour and dca AR9HAL*8 SALE.?la virtue of ?~l fie-i faoiaa meued from the Clerk't the Circuit Coart of the Diatriet of Col the County ol Washington, and to km ( will ex?o*e to pabno aale. for oaah, in ft Court House door of aaid ooucty, oa THLRS PAY, the l?th day of January next, 1K1. at IS o'clock m.. the following deacrihed pro pert*, to wit: Part-of Lot No 6, la Sana e No. M9. Mfinuni at tha north weat ooraor of aaul lot and ru?niag theao* fc ? a vw ? ? u>v btviiiiv ? J awv ? IUWIli tnoHW V< ? kH by eolith weet the depth of aaJd lot; uenfe rat br aonthweet to the a>nttiwe?t corner of Mid lot; thence north by narthaaatlS feet 3 inchee to Vir ligiatrtBM, containing 1.672 eqaa? e fe?t, together with all an<1 liKB v the inproTVmrnti thereon. in tba oity of Waahingtoa, O. C.r aened aad ImikI apon aa the proe?rty of Jono Meaneketa. tad will be aod to aatufr judic.a * No. U. to Janaary ttrm, 1M1, ia favor of J. F Wnllard. ui? of John Fardj. da lS-dte W SELDEN.U.0 Marahaf. T NOTICE. HOSE Who are indebted to u* for acoonnta rendered a few daya eince and for notaa paat 4m? will greatly oblige aa by calling and payfag Clio ?ame with aa httla delay a* p >?*iKie. CLAGETT * MAV. 324 Pa av., between tth aad 10.h itt. N. R-We have got on hand a large tori ef ?aa?onable Dry Ooodi, which we wi!l offer fraaa thia date at aboat half arioa for cath. de2) 3t C. A M. TH NEW RESTAURANT. HE !?ub?o iber ir.f<>rm? the oitia?n? of Waah intton and the eoMt" in jerm1 that heA ? . A haa optn*d the Rfrianrant No. 4*9 Siath ytfjA y atrwt, between C and l^oaiaiana avenue. (formerly k??t tf JaoobSmith | A n*w and chnioe aaaorticant of HiOU'tRS, CIGARS, Ao .on hand. Fine freeh OYSTERS aerved up ia every atjie at ?if? 22-lm* F. G rohr. jyjlSrE- MEAT, nud* from aelaoted ihU 1 d?J2 *' KING A RURrnF.H, FRESH fruits in cans. fre*ERVK8. lift AN DY FkCJITS, JELLJIES. da? king & Bl'RCHELt.. FURS! FURS! FURS! I hava ) ) ( reoeired froa New York, a Large Inroioe of FURS, on coMignnent. to b? eo'd at reduoed rnoae. ?ood The abova ?toim of Fare of a lienor itj ud wnrkfn^nftMp.and ladiea in want of a Irti le will do well hy talma 00 de?-lw under Brown's Hotel special notice TOOUR FRIENDS AN 0 ? CUSTOM KR* We hare bad their bill* all made off. tad those who prefer online a' oar desk 'or th'm will pleaee do eo by the Rth inst. After thatd<t? we sha 1 reader er?ry bill on oar books, and owiag t~ the treat puua we meet a?k ' ar fM?n<iato make prompt payennae. aa * are la vast of all aoner da* a* at Ehis time. J. W. COLLKY 4 C _de 21 Tw 333 Seventh at.. above Pa.av. f^HRlSTMkS PRESENTS! V CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! SGAUTIVR has op-e^d a large variety of ENCH FANCY BOXES f-?r tbe's, which he haa jo it reocired, selected by his cpeeial scent In Pane. Particular sttertion isiarited to his new styles of SUPERB CONFECTIONERY, whiah, for parity and deiio%cy of lavor, are a esq naiad. For the accommodation of th?ee who may favor him with a oaJl, be will have his Confeetioaery eat ap in pound aad haif pound pach^nes. deli lw 1 CHRISTMAS NOTICE. HAVE Jaat ieoeived,aad now offer at redeoed prioes for oaeh, a large assortment of Skates. Boys' Blaighs, Hobby Horaea, Swings aad other arUoiee aaitabla fur Christmas Presents. A larfe aad wail talented aeeortment ol Table Cutlery, Plated Ware. Fire Iroaa aad dtaade ; F odias. Nor aery, Parlor aad Ofc* Feaders;? oor Mats ; Patent Foot forsperi ; Copper, G*lvaan?d aad troa Coal bods; aad the greatest var.ety of Hou?rkeeping Articles. Also, a large stock ?f Gaas aad Fistula, both breach aad mosile-loading with a'l tfceir aeeem pan-meats Basket*, Wood Ware Iron, Steal, Copper, Tin, bead ; la elsort, every ttaiM that oaa be fou d aay where, aad many things that east be foand mat) other i'keeetabhslimant Please oall and satisfy yoareelvae of j?neea.?Ml by, aad variety. J. t.. SAVAGE. Biffn of im ttilt m, r* ?*.. <* ?? (BUU?a> betw. intfa and 11U ata QHKI8TMA S T RSIBNT8! rrns^rvK.8! Larg* aad fraah ato?k Una d*jr raoeircd froa N?v GREAT SEDUCTION IN PRICE? ! Witar *ink S*ta, #!#, vortfc ?17, Fr Mk ? ftKa, #7, woili ft). Can?U Mmk.H^uir.fl and Fitch 8a*a la aro*orti<*. An ndlMM nmtf j??t opened for Mihm. Tbor-e u? m ifU, ud b?MUfal. for Uen bftrr* ?*!! at , _ . W. F. SEYMOUR*. foCly O^orftowm. ^OTICE TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS. W? IT* w*ri?r all Of o?r UOOIIU m*U of *> t?u, &s<t will t*.k? it u I mot furor if iboy "'j*11 r *iKWb?. m. ?n mwm

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