Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL iH?W8r jj7* T*.ctifrh Tr? M* H Hinted tm the fastest itnin pt?h Baltimore, Its edition l? r ls?v?- k to rMttlt-) it to br put to prew it u * **; ****Tt1?nwnto, therefore, ifaonM be am* In beta It o'clock u> ; otherwise they Bay r* npf** BWrt * * None*.?District of Columbia Advertisements re be lnferted In the BALTmoti Sirs are received ?t and forwarded from Tu ?ta* Oflc*. Cnnaoior Riaamt ac.aiist Danibl K Gtorx Some two niontba ago, a yonnr man named Gronx .,nr* v<*d before a magtatrate of tbia ctty, and pre fer 'ed a ctarge of bigamy agalnat hit father, r/t?"i K Grwa*. wha baa beer. reatdiag here tor arepral yeara. and engaged aa a tMofccr of In* guagra Tbe complaint waa, In tiibatftncc, at r lov* That Oroux wa? lirtaa in lloaton, aoma r.'.ne year* a# a. and gave out thai be waj going to \,.w Ori? via, that *V Shipped bia wife on board packet bound to NeW Orleana, and himaelf and th;? *on for W>jM#?toa? a?d after atanding out to aea awhile, got the captain to land him *nd prjtiai '.vithoat him; that ha tban we at back to Haamb aad met the woman, hta pretest w'.th whom he proceeded to Philadelphia, Whew r.e waa married ta her. Whe? young Gronx got to ^VaahlagtM, hia father Introduced hl? to hta oiktr hat, .whom be <tbe bov) au>utly darned lie * tb?n a little boy. and bia father abowed blia a rer'* grate t*f h'a mother'a death la New Orleana Br!nr bsdlv treated h# ?llmm h? kU *?w miih'r, he ran sway to New Orleana.and through the French Conaui dlacovered bla own mother tint. Ha lived with ber about three Teal*, and then went to France, where bewna atnehool threw veara. and then came back to New Orleans to his mether He then came on to Washington fbr the purpose of teeing bla mother righted. Gronx waa held to ball bv the Justice for bis appearance at tbe Criminal Court; bat the grand jurf, now in seation. decided that tbts court hat no jurisdiction o*er the case, as tbe crime of bigamy waa com (nm?d In Philadelphia, and Gi^ux waa released from bis bond The son and mother then went to Philadelphia and renewed the complaint before he jodiotal authorities there, tbe result being that tiroui waa a day or two since rearrested on a reoniaitlon from the Pennsylvania authorities, ana taken to Philadelphia, where be awaits trial. W* H Rcissll?We hear that Rusaell de clares that he never aaw Bailey until the latter e.ime to him with the first bnteh nf ahtt acted honds and proposed their ay>Hiratten, at they were eitrirate him from hla nerunlarv embarrassments; and that be howwr a<imlta that K*ilev was Induced to to do bjr the persuasion of h.s (Rnssell's) Washington city friends Rus wll further declares thst Secretary Floyd knew do more of the transaction than the man In tbe moon; and expresses entire confidence In bis ability to r store tbe bonds to the later!or Department If tbe lOTernment will reduce its demand for ball for ? a appearance to answer any Indictment th*t mav be hronght agal nst blm, to an amount which be i-in possibly obtain here Tbe amount asked. It will be remembered, Is (500,000. and it is re* <ju'red that the bondsmen must bare their prop erty or other means bound tbus, in the District of Columbia. He declsres thst his personal active exertions are necessary to enable him to accom plish the return of the bonds as explained above. Ths Cone bit, last night. was attended by a brilliant and fashionable, though not a numerous audience. Our citizen* have seldom enjoyed a liner musical feast than that presented to them by this admirable company last night. Mad. Colson is . n most captivating humor and sanerb mice and >unz with cur banting effect throughout Her rendition of the laughing sonjj was Infectuous in mirtUfulaess Brignollo looked hit bud i mMt and nug bia very best, and, like Madame olsoi. w*a encored persistently. M Ferri wai -pital In the aria from Trariata. which he ren dered with unusual excellence. It waa regretted that for tome cause Stgaor ftuslai appeared only 1 n the concerted pieces upon the programme, as be is s performer we ia Wasblngtoa like to see and bear as nmeh of as possible. t*!g Franria and Moilo performed with much applause the rrrrtrres In Martha and Maaauiello. . CaixiSAL Cormr ? After oor report elided yes terday, Wm Brown wis ronvicted of a4 assault and battery npon John P D- nnis John Cullinans was aemiilted on a charge of assault and battery upon F.llen McLaughlin. James Rnads. ffree negro, was convicted for an aasiult and battery upon Lucy WheeJer, free ..egress He was sent to jail for four weeks Henry Miller wis convicted of an ansault and hatterv upon Andrew J. Bradley. He "Mras sent to jail for six weeks and flned *5 and costs. Mary Hogan was convicted for sn asMnlt and Ijatterv unon %lar? Ml>? ? ?1?<I ?i>> To-day, James R Gates was on trial tar an al leged assault and battery upon Mrs >1 a/r Chin chilla, when our report cleard AasavLT AMD Rattkky witb Ixtwn"* nft Kill l>ast eight. a yottac man nam?d Norton was taken to'the otter of Justice Dwtd. to make oath that be had been stabbed by one Jar. Alston, near Rock Creek, In the county, it Appeared from his evidence that Alston was t&ntaHTiing an oldtolfcn who was crippled by being:throwa from a horse; Norton went to Alston, told him he ought not to do so. and requested him to stop. Alston miredtatelv drew a knife and plunged It Into Norton's side, inflicting a severe wouod. The Utter went to a physician and ha J tb^ wound dresaed, and soma of the neighbors hitched up a horse and wagon and brought him tp town to get a warrant, which was issued. Altfcoa bad not been arretted last night. Whits An unexpected rush for the Stir Tester day afternoon caused ut to dispose ol our I sue of the day so fast as that \jra were com pelled to serve some M>o hundred- copies with vrhit" (unprinted) first and fonrth pages upon twe of oar city routes We are generally very careful to svc.'d such accidents, and beliere'that this one has put us upon a method of obviating them en t'rely for tbr future?though as frequently occuri in the offices of other newspapers of very largf -? 1A i a ? 4* - i nuuiM n, 11 is phi lmpossioie iui we may tx foand without other Start of lb* d*)- except thoa with ' white sides'' for sale to mc^ e?ml pot chasers as apply for them at a late licwr. Tiixt Imdorsi it -*4t a meeting 4f the Wash Hgton circle of the Fenian Brotherhood, held at Harmony Hall Sunday evening, Dec 2.1, I860, res olutiuas were unanimously adopted sanctioning the action of Col. Corcoran npon the occasion ol the recent visit of the Prince of Wale*, which was In refoaiag to pirade the VHh regiment New ?<>rk ?*t?te militia In his honor Thtrtsaid Princr of Wales represented a government whose oppres ?lon had consigned millions of their roantrymer. to exile and mnrtyrdim; and that they, aa t in Irishmen, could never regird it except with feel iaga of Imperishable hatred. P<>?.ick Matti**?Btft* JsjIui ZWss ? Wm i>egaa was arrested bv policeman A?be upon I r barge of resisting policeman Thompson in th< discharge of bis duty while attempting to quel a riot began was committed to Jajll, but wai sobaenoentir released on bail for oonrt. Johi May Ian and'Tbomas Rock were trniilnl by po liremen John and \V. Horacr, for heinjj drunl and disorderly and oleetieg a peddler. The] were each ftied t3 91. and be id to sacurtty to kee| 'Le peace. J . Ballinan was fined 93 and costs barge dtaerderly conduct. Tas Com miniotiera of South Carolina, ap pointed by the CooTentlon of that State to re pre sent it aear the Government of thal'alted Statea Mun Orx, Barnwell, and Adama, accompantet by .Mr. Treacot, late Assistant Secretary of State aa Clerk of the Commission?ware announced t leave Charleston on Monday afternoon, and, i tbay did not arrive la thia city last evening, ma be ex peeled to-day Upon their arrival thof wiI rrpa!r to the residence In Franklin Row, K atreet which we undents ad they havs hi rod for i * month ?JnttUigtHCtr rhiGuNd U51021 BAjt^cst.whic^caanmence to night in the hall over. Gait's store, a/liofnin Browns' Hotel, promisee to be a fine affair. Tim andeipense Lave not been spared in perfectio; the programme The ladle* (for noae but ladle could rightly conduct an entertainment like thii promise ample remuneration for all money ipen' iu the way of itrawberries and cram, and otb< delicacies of the season A band of music, ? loam, has beon aecured. Look out for the la of tHitty-tkf*4 stars spread from the window, u you can not miss the place. Srrtixi CocitT? Wtdns sday ?C. P Woleot Eaq . of Oblo, and A H Garland, Esq , of Arkai sas. were admitted attorneys and counsellors? this court No 5 Jos C. Palmer et al , appellants, ay the United states This cause was argwed by M Beojainin for the appellants, and by Hon. Jar mUh 8 Black for the defendants la error. Adjourned. , , Amors ArrmitT?Mr. Hmmi, 1 venerab and highly esteemed citizen, father of the Seer tary of tb? W aahiagton Insurance Coupon slipped and fell upon ?b? pavement, tbia morulni nd broke his leg To persons of his age (ne^r! eighty) such catastrophes frequently prove fat* depending greatly upon (he r hi meter of the fra tore We trust, however, that be may speed 1 rwww fro an Uw tnjory Tn orroiTVSiTi la atlll presented to *U tho who. M account of the grat ruik It Um Gift B? Store, were prevented from porcbulig Chr'.Um prwuli. to call how lid select from the late reptonlabed rock of books and gifta. it Ta? "National Rkpcbmcas" of this ct abowa food Judgment In Ming our carefully pi El account* at the Interior Department ro , bat wiMb?* wt dost wt ?nr qnotati a Oat of ?? *?<* perks pa. Not H;a Coiskiux -Tb? imprewiwi pi ?r!i*g tut Uoddird BaiUjr it a raiativ* or ee uoction by m*rrUg? of Um tfecreU/y of tU I? for, U eunwljr aafou?4?4 Ckstral Gcard Hocas. \ IITUBiT.-J?/V? Juxtit* Clark <^-Anlbony Simma. (eorlj profani ty and disorderly b?havtir; fined 31. Samuel C Mag ruder. carrying concealed weapon*, lined 9%m.'i9. Ann Tracy, drunk and disord'-ny; aefanlt of security and costs wras senttotbe Workbonsefor 60 days Mike Tbutton, diunkenness and pro fanity; fined S3 M. Mason Harrington, cursing and obscenitv: IbmI *i \t ?< ?? - _ , J ? -?- ? -w - - - - . ? W- * ?? t profanity: fined 93 17. Robt. Ardesy, do . do ; fined 93 99. John Tippet*, profanity and disor derly behavior; fined 8"- "l Alfonjo Merrytnan, throw Ingstoni In the streets, fined 93 91. Eugene Lanahan, profanity and disorderly behavior; fined 95 28. VVm II. HaBMa,d>iittk. profaneanddis order^; fined 9* 17. Samuel ttaaaway, (cold,) obac9otty and profanity; whipped l.nke Radi gan, drank and disorderly, fined 91 M Nicholas \V araer. (col d l disorderly and profhne; fined 93 1$. OhM.MuJJc*, curling and swearing; fined SIT. w m. Going, profane and obscene language, feted91 II, J. A. VV fcston, cursing aad sweating: fined 93 (7. G St Glair, disorderly behavior; fined 9) 17. i. Pballworth. disorderly behavior, fined ) 17. Robt Bayliss. disorderly and profane; fined 91 91 Mlebael Mack, profane and obscene; fined M Ann R Gray, (coltl,) dlsordetly Wbavior. tiof?ft43jr) CatharineiTampbeH,(iinorrierlv;fined 91 03. iVm. Rollins, out after hours, fined 93 i<6 Charlotte Davis, (col'd.) disorderly; fined 93 39. Saoefe Brown, (ool'd,) disorderly; fined 93.93. W.f W.White, (col'd,) disorderly; fined 93 39. A. Burley, (col'd,) do ; do. 93.17. No-caaes last night. [roi TVS ST At Mr Editor: 1 beg the me of space sufllcient to ( form the .Mayorof Washington tbat on tbe 94th Inst tbe residents of tbat part of bis own neigh borhood north of I street were greatly annoyed by a band of lawless fellows who traversed tbe surets from midnight till daylight, singing, shouting, yelling, swearing, and Injuring private property. These riotous demonstrations were re peated so often that many on tbat acconnt were unaM? to sleep, and probably His Honor's rest was broken by them The police, however, either did not observe them at sll or disregarded then, although the uproar was well nign suf ficient to have aroused them from tbelr slumbers In their haunta on Pennsylvania avenue and tbe parte adjaooat. It might be well for the Mayor to send a detachment of tbe nlgbt watch to tbe scene of thene unlawful assemblages at least once a vear, (for thete are but retnactmente of the scenes of every Christmas Eve;) or If the police are inadequate from numbers or material to the protection or the peaceable and well-disposed from the vicious and disorderly, let His Honor frankly confess tt, and advise the people to as semble snd concert measures for tbe defense of their persons and property. A Kcucum. [com music ATID. Thi Ambrica* Flag. Lone mat it wavb.? In these troublous tiintra we would auggest that all wbo prefer union aad peace to diaunion and war. should raise the glorious flag of our country, and thus declare to the world tnelr sentiments No place la so appropriate as VV^htngton, where the Stars and Stripes should float, an emblem of promlae to all patriotic hearts, and a rebuke to treason from whatever source It comet Let every bouae-tnp be decorated with this banner of peace, and let It float from every public building. The Smithsonian Institution, tbe summit of the Waab ington Monument, the public Departmentsahould all proclaim to the stranger as he paaaea through thia city, that the fires of true patriotism are not extinguished: that the cltv of Washington Is not inclined to deaert its colors, but will maintain them as they were transmitted to us by our heroic ancestors Again we say unfurl the Star Spangled Banner, fling it to the breexe, a beacon of hope, the light of which will cause athrlll of patriotism in every true American heart. Thi Intkiiok Dbpaitmbmt Defalcation ? Yesterday afternoon, Meaara Gait and Pant, sure ties for Goddard Bailey In this case, appeared be fore the magistrate and surrendered nim to the officers of the law, and h? was again placed in jail, where he awaits further action. In regard to ball for Ruasell, it was agreed that IttOO.OUO of nun k.ii w- -i..- k.. v/w.wv v?it iui|^u? "c fe1 wj pat * tie* outside the Jurisdiction of this court Ac cordingly, the following-named gentlemen from Miaeouri cm me forward and entered into bond to the extent of S12S.UU0, leaving the sum of 876,UUO outside bail still wanting :?Hon Jas S.Green, *25,000; Hon. 9 H Woodson. SlU,WW; Hon.Wm. Girrish, 825,000; Hon Rich'd H. Porter, 8*20,000; Hon Beverly D Williams,^Kansas.) 85,000; Hon. Thomas P Axers. 810,000 Cornelius Wendell. Lsq . came forward and gave 8100,000 towards the 8300.000 ball required to be given by citizens of this District. No further bail has yet been of fered, and Mr. Russell remains In Jail. Ladiis' Fair of the East Washington Metho dist Protestant Mission Cburch commences this evening in the basement of the chnrch, near the Navy Yard. The preparations for this fair have been under management of those well versed in Itfce entertaintflVnU, and who have taken advan tage of Christmas week and the best of all the fixings and good things that it has attracted to eur city, have been secured to make it an excel sior fair. Whoever enjoys entertainments like these at all will find this one, we have no doubt, amply remunerative. Laid Wars ant* akd Hank*.?To-day. 100. IM, and 8# acre warrant* are buying at 50 centa by dealer*, and selling at 65 per acre; 40 acre war rants are buying at ?U and selling at 95 cents per acre. New Vork city banks at par; State, % per cent ; Pennsylvania and Maryland, 5 per cent ; Virginia, 6 per cent ; North Carolina, 10 per cent ; South Carolina, 12 per cent; City banks, '2% per cent for gold. . Da. 9chlos*kk, tbe celebrated chiropodist, Is still In our city, and we learn I * meeting with great success in his profession. He says lie can and doea eradicate corns and bunions from the f?et without pain. Atrial will verify the truth of his celebrity. Trbbb is noTHi5n like good eating and drink ing; and after that, a line Havana. These yon can have In excellent style and at very moderate cost at Kii.rlch's Kestaurant, corner of Eleventh street and Pennsylvania avenue. 6t Thb alabm of fire at I o'clock p m , to-day was occasioned by tbe burning of a foul chimney near the corner of Eleventh ana F streets. Look out for the Fair of the Island Baptist Church, at Thorn's Building, next week. Fbom a Hiohlt Rbmbctapi.r Di t iflisr. WD. C., Sept. 2o, I860. Mmrs. Setk IV. Foir e 4" t Boston? Gents: When 1 pmchaeed the store wliieh f now occupy, I found half a d< zmi of what was called * Wtstar'f Balaam of Wild Cherry," which 1 very oon found wa? j>?i/Ttom,and whion I broke against a hriek wall in my rard. So I wish yon to seuJ me a supp y of jour valuable preparations at onoe, and o *ik - yours truly. Joun Whit. John B Moore, K <4., Druggist, at Washington, aim destroyed some counterfeit Balsam, which had been imposed upon him by some nnpineipled dea er, and now obtains his supply from headquar ters lCTBtu>arto/ V Ut and Worth leu Counterfeits,? The on y Uenmnt, Pure, and Medutnml Balsam haa .he n?m? of' 1. Butts'' wr tten with a pen. and lha printed nMne of the proprietors, 8. W. Fowle * Co., on the outside wrapper. Prepared by Serh W. fowle & Co., Boeton, and for sale in Washington oity G. Stott, 8. B Waite Z. D. Oilman. John Schwarse. Nairn 4 Pa_mer, John Wiley, J B. Moore, and H H. McPherson; in Georgetown by R. S T. Clss II, and G- M.t J. VL iiithrun B.n<l h* H rittf >iata AvArvwkar* Am 97 _ t wr ? To Tin AmieTWD!?il? sure to read the sdrsr tisement of MoLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier. in another column. tf Prnni4Mnwr?noiM will always find them for axefianre at the Star Ottoe counter. tf MARRIED. On Tuesday. D?omtwr Wheeling, Va., b* Rev. Mr. Clark. Mr. CHARLE8 9. GLKNN. ot the Colombo*(Ohio)Gaxett*, and Mise SALLIE GORRELL.of the former place. MBDi On Thursday. December Tl, of oatarrh fever, EDWARD ALEXANDER WILLIAMSON,eon of Edward aad Ann E. Williamson, ajed 19 monthi and 21 diji? His funeral will take phaee from the residence ol his pa-ents, corner of Eleventh aad C sts., on Pri day, at 3 p. m. Oa OieMth instant, at t o'eloek p. m., after a lont aad painful illaeee, which she bore with ohristian fortitude and reeixnatioo, Mrs. GEORGRANNA A. LANG, in the 2?th year of her ace. M?y ?h< rest in peaje. On the IMS instant, EDWARD HARNEY, ii tlia(let (Mr of his age, a native of Prmoe Oeorge'i county, nut for the last 35 ;nn a resident of Sontt River, Anne Arundel oountr, Md. " NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICES BIG. P. CALLIS. Ivroim of FOREIGN WlNSS^UgOORS, AND PRE Ha* r wived, par la*t steamer,an imiBMii qaan tity of Liqnora and vNmes. unauutlad bf an; wholesale dealers n Washington. Also, l.noobr xei of Preeervae, of different kinds, saoh as oaanot b< N>a?l>t far toss than 10 eor can', in any atore. Oivi m? a rail and try my gooda, No. 374 u st., betweei tth and 8th sts., Washington. de 5 eolm R EDUCTION IN THE PRICE OP OAS. Te No Orvicio* Wiiiii;nii G*? LmbtC?, jV?tw it k*rtkttirm that the oharge for gaa ooa sanH after tne Stst day of Daaember next, will b tk'u **' " ** fr thoueaad eabi fet. to all thore whose Mils are nudaery aired b the act of Congress. amoved June 2ft, Mn, to wit "At the office of the Company, w thin Mr*> day frvm tba r'Ddit on thereof, yretiM all arrear .k?n htM Keen nrenouslT paid." meat. Th? aubacritor I'^in* determined to oIkh buMim* offer* M? Htocfc nnd Fict?r*a a bargain Apply to \V!V[. J. TABLKK, No. 4(9 tfovrnth ?t., oppo?'te Patoot Oftoo do *-*? TO LKT?At Iixlit work, for his linn* during the wnter, fine larce fw?T saddle act! rv h?rne*t HORHK.wti'oh a ladj can mdm?. >3 A T>>? Boggy and Haraea* will bo ??ldtEZa cheaply. To M seen at Howard*! ataMea, Seventh freot totwaen tt and l,7roai 9 to 4 daily. WONE MOMENT, LADIES! E Are olmwnc out baiat oe of rmiy kudtome BONNET?, made of beat irMtrltl, it very low*?t ouh priwi Ladiee, w o*n far-^Bf nub a bttotifuI BotMt at lover mtt* than^^ you can purchase the material* and make for your *CY i Nif GOODS. 8U 993 Pas*. Arntl. 893 893, de 3?-4 * south tide, bat &h and 10th ?t?. _ bit wnun>utm-01 Rearired tlue day? ' '^i^V,Sfte.rrm'BUTTE*' T3 D^?#" bit??6h raisins. 10 bbla. SWEET CIDER. _ firkin* prime LEAP LARD. For ??< k>v to lota to aait by deM-qt D. L MORRISON A CO. QENERAL STAGE OFFICE. We, the nderaigcert, Proprietor* of the follow ing Stage Lin*a?Lee-barg, V?.; U?-, f?r Marlboro', Md.; Laonardtown/ Md.; Ohoptico, Md; Rockri le, %?A a ad Frederick. Md.?hare made A F. Kixmzll. of the Kimmell Houie, en C at. between 4H and 6th ata.. near the National Hotel, an Agent. Oa and after thia date the pnblio are requested to o*ll at the Kimmtll Hooae to take eeata for the above-named plaoea. BENJAMIN COOl.EY. Proa. Rookriileand Frederick Lisa. JOHN H. KELCHNEK. Proa. Arlington atage Line. JAMES OsBORN, Prnn M ar 1 K^rn1 aui 1 ? ? Wanhington, Dec. 24,1860. N. B.?The itUM f >r <' hoptioo and Leonardtown will leave the Office on Tneadaya, Thursday*, and Satu-d%y?, ooinmanoinir on the Ut January. 1*61. de>4 lw J AS. OSBORN. Prop. DARE ANTIQUE.?A Secretary formerly ba ft. longincto Madame Jerome Bonaparte?a rare oariocity. The ladiea are invited to oaJl and im it. Prioe $5n. A aet of Nile'a Regi?ter. (50 vo umea. > #100; and a large lot of Rare Booki at redaoed pnoea, by AI.FRED HUNTER. de24 3t* Pa. av., above Wilarda' Hotel. T'Ruftes, 1 PETIT* POI9 CHAMP1SNO] ,Ndf<S. TOMATOES. G R KEN COllN, ASPARAGUS. 4 d?a" * J0 KINO * BURCRBLL. G REAT SUCCESS! ThMBlr SAFE AND PERMANENT CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, BOFT CORNS. And all Dubaies % WHICH AFFECT THE FEET, ia the Infallible System Practiced BT DR. M. SCHLOSSER, SUROEON CHIROPODIST. READ READ th? fulowing WASHINGTON TESTIMONIALS: From H. S. Davit. Dr. Sohioaaer ha* ihia day removed from my f*et twelve oorna. which waa done without pain, and to mr entire aatia/actioo. I cheerfully recommend to all peraona.and eapecially mi friend a who aulTer with oorna, to call on the Doctor aoon. H. 8. DAVIS. Washington, D. C., Deo. 21th, I860. From Hon. Burton Craite. M. C, of N. C. It givea me pleasure to oertify that Dr. Sohloaaer haa tin a day extraoted aeveral oorna from m* feet without pain. BURTON CRA1GE. Waahington, D. C., Dec. goth, 1x60. From Tkos. P. L'u>is, War Departmtnt. ^ I certify that Dr. Sohloaaer haa akillfally extraot ^pd aeveral ccna from my feet, and without pain. THOS. F. LEWIS. Waahington, D. C., Dec. 19th, From Dr. T. S. Vtrdi. M. I). I taetify that I have been very aucoeasfuily ope rand npon by Dr. Sohlnseer, witbort pain of any aort. T. 8. VERDI, M. D. Washington, January 7th, 1858. In additioi to the above te?t moniale, several thousands more are in the Doctor's poaaeaaion. CAN BK CONSULTED HERE, oyL Y FOR A SHORT TIMS, At His Orricz, *mi rr,iiwn. av Eii^uri, iwnin hub,) between llth and 13th rtrMta. Office hoars from 10 a. m. till 4 p. m. Notice.?Dr. Sohloaeer oan only b? oonaolted at bis offioe, aad baa no professional oonneotion with any one da M ^ MUB1C BOOK I9THE BESTCHRISTMAS Moore's Melodies beautifafl'y bonnd, The Musioal Album. **endeieohn'* Sons*, without word*, The Rome Cirole, All tba Opera*, with and without word a, Beethoven's, Mozart'* and dementi's Bonatos. Baohjs Cbera^inVe.^Mar* and Albreobtsberger*a An the Oratorioa, Seleotiona ol Muaio with beaatifsl title pages Also, a large assortment ol ?teinway & Sons'and ^reo, Baoon A Co.'a Overst u-g Pianos, an ibtedly tbe best now manufactured, a rery large stook of Piano Stools and Covers at reduoed prioes at the Musie Store of _ WO METZEROTT, de22 oorner Eleventh at and Pa av. rpHE THIRD WK?NJJ|DaY OF EVERY ?>r. HCHENCK, of JPhiladelphia, find* it impos i# to visit Washington ???rj ?Mk. ?bd bat mad* uxuiwntntt to positively be in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He ku? suit of rooms at the A venae House where patients oan obtain adrioe free. He onli charge* when it is neoeeeary to make a thorough examination of the l.ungs with the Reepiroaetor 8. B. Waite is acent for Bohenok's Pulmoou Syrup, price f 1 per bottle, for the eare of Coughs Colds and Consumption; Sohenck's Sea VVeec 'onio, prioe 91 per bott e, for Vyspepeie; Schenck'i [andrake Pills, prioe 35 oents bor box. for Livei nts and Constipation of the Row a*a. Dr. Sehenok woald be grat*fui to those wh< have baaa oured his remedies if they wouii leava their oerbfioatea of oura with 8. B. WAITE I an/i I .a Am f^ADET BLUE CLOTH, CBI?kT~o.CurR *>"??? SUITS. Black Cloth*, for Ladies' Cloaka. In order to oonvert oar (took into caah. we ar oi""' ?" ""nsrlin^'ilrsi No. S6 Central Storea, between 7th aail 8th atreet*, del7-8w oppo?iteJDenterM*rkrt, nKw ca891 WALL. STEPHENS * CO., IM Pennaylva nia Amoa, have juat received a large variety c new Pali Gooda, to which they invite the atteatio of thir frienda and (iu>U)ni?n. ae ? tf /U'^BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of th ofUw'&Mt roali'r ill.' "c all"* ?.t''on e e and get ?E okoio*. , At BTKVKNSj'?*. ^ no a tf 316, botw. 9th anJ loth at*. I REMNANTS PAPERHANGING8, IN Loti raffs rat to Mf*r an ordinary n?a<1 roo: of at ono fourth than^he^i'?y^uice tmzsi anorti 4f W-mM* No, 1*^1 AMUSEMENTS. ^RAND UNION BANQUET. The Iftdiee connected with the E SM'eet B*ftiet Chinch arc makinc eat nun ir*Mnuuri I r a OK AND UNION BAM}UKT to riven by them in the ball over Met ri. 6ait*e *toie, adjoining Br?im'e Hotel. Thednorg of the bmiwting katl wilt hethrevn n?en on THURSDAY and KKIDAY MG11TS, the 27tn and 28th met, at 6 o'clock. t As tMs u^for a benevolent ot>jccU and as the*e iwurn inmi vnsi ia ?urin ui'i: f ?l *41 *n U1J UC ?rtll time, promising a fu'l q'uvatent for all the mosey MMl.ud something decid dljr rerk*rtk* i? pn is hoped the public will consult tseir own interest ftnd extend ft liberal p*tr*nft?? to the ntMfM strawberries am) cream are amorg the dchcftciea ?o be erred op uu this oocasion. A band of mono will be in ftttendftnce and ft splendid piftno forte for ftay Who mar fee! inclined tO DM It An United States flae, with thirty three stars, ex tended from the window, will designate the place.

Admission 80 cents. deafi St Gr a nd c on o e r t For the Benefit of THE POOR OF THE CITY. THE SOCIETY OF 8T- VINCENT OF FAUL Have the pleasure of announcing that ft GRAND Vocal and Instruments Concert r or mo ntnani 01 me roor 01 me uiti Viil be given at willards' hall On THURSDAY EVENING. Daoamhar *7, PROfiRAM^ME. Chorun?And the n'ory e Lard Handel With full orohestral accompaniment. Solo TTI Qaartette?Come where my Lore lies Dreaming . . Foster Solo? Lo! Hear the Gentle Lark, (flats aoaompaniiaent). Bishop Duet?A* it fell upon a Day Chorus?O! hail us ye Free......Hernani Pakt II. Solo? Piano?Cbauson Creole. Ketarrer Duet?I Peaoatore Gabusu Solo?Oh! tha Ray oi Dublin Irish Melody Chorue? Hallelujah, (lull orchestra'. Handal So|i>? Were I a Soldier Sti*elli Solo and Chorus?The Star Sp%ncl?4 Banner ....... Kay Conduotor..?.Mr.T. N.Callfiild. Conoert will oommenoe at half-past 7 o'clock. Admission Fifty Cents. Ticket* for sale at the muiiv cmiu owi Diorim, ana ti ins noisii. The Piano used on t<iia occa? on is from the man ufactory of Chiokering k. Hon*, Boston, and is kind jr loaned by John F. Ellis, Esq. de BALLS, PARTIES, &c. Anniversary ball, 1.1 MtMORT or <HL JACKSON AND NEW ORLEANS, fit Will be given by iA COMP'Y B, NATIONAL GUARD HAT'N,(flflL AT the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS, Ou the Evening of Jan. tth. 1861 Particulars in future. de22 S&Thtf T JUSTICE to ALL! HE MEMBERS OF THE WESTERN HOSE COMPANY take grrat pleasure in g% announcing to their friends and the poVlic in Jrjf gen?ral that they intend giving a grand CO-/M TILLON PARTY at Stott's Hall, oornerUHl 2<Hh st. and Pa. av , on THURSDAY, Dec. TT. Tiokets 5"> cts., admitting a gentleman and ladies. A/ i'-?> -AM* # * v vrnrrtk?i?? VI Wm. Gibha, J. E. Pore, A' ' ?w>g r de ? 4t* WANTS A SALESMAN IN THE GENTS' FURNISH inc trade, who ia &lx > experienced ax oolleotor and accountant, withes a Situation. Addreaa C. M., PoatJJflioe. de ?7-2t* ANTED?By a young woman, who under atanda her buatneaa a Pl.ACE as a cook, fn a respectable private family. She will give entire itiamction to her employers. Pleaae addresa a not* to Box No. 16, Star Office. de 27 3t A YOUNG LADY FROM PARIS WISHES *m. to fiad a home in a family to teaoh mu*io and French Heat referencea given. Addreaa Mt?a E. A. VON, Citf PostOffioe. de 2fi-2t* YVANTED? A firtt-rate COOK, one that thor ' ? ou(hly understands her husinesv ; none other need apply. Alio, a WAITER capable of taking full curie of a dining-room. White or or>l 'red. Apply at 309 F ?t. de26 31* ANTRD? By a ladj;, immediately. oomfo-tiM* BOARD, in a family where there are hut few hoarder* (or none preferred ) Address, stutinr term*. (whioh must be moderate,) etc , "Inquirer," at thii office. <le & ft* WANTED 1MMKIMATKLY?From 95 to tio.w worth of SF.COND-HAN I) Ft; RNI TUR K of all kinds, for whioh I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, an u?ual. at the ihorteit no tice. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, !*tove?, *c., oc 9 408 7th it., bet. G and H. east line. VVANTED-SKCq^D HAND FURNITURE. ? * PnrsoBM dco inmg housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain theo&ab and fair prioes by applyinc at .169 Seventh st. bo 17 BONTZ k. GRIFFITH.. LOST AND FOUND. REWARD FOR RETURNING TO THE reu'dence of the owner, Mr WM , 1RDEMANN, Can to I IJiU.a brindie COW, 8 or 9 yeari old; one horn yerjl sba-p, the other with the tip cut off. J" 27 3t* 88 WUF C RKWARD??tray?d, on the 22d inatant a red V?i bufTalo (X?W, with atar on her fore- a|* nM head. Al?o,a white Cow, with a bell on, pur* and atra a around her horna. The above re-Ai^as ward wilt be paid t? any one returning the same to JOHV NAGLK.No. 7 Kaat Capitol at. It* [OST? By a lady, on ths 21 at inatant. in one o! J the Seventh atrert omnibn-es, a swial1 sreon ban PORTEMONNAIK, containi t, .flSin noild, aome pieiex of silver, and two pontage ataupa Ths find er will be aaitablv rewarded br having it with JAMK8 A. EVANS, corner of Sixth at. and Pa. avenne. de 24-3t* PERSONAL. ^STROLOO I 8 T ! D L' A TV D DAni EXCITEMENT NOT OVER YET! MADAME DEVISE induced to remain a little longer, in oonamiance of the great demand from hundred* of 1-idiea and gentlemen of Waahington, but thoae who wieh to conault tin* grea* and aaton lalung la ly must come thia week and next only. Madame will bring any one to you an cause them to love you. All who are in troub'e of any km'l go at onoe to her. Lawsuit*. Buaineta I o??ee, Muin bera, all explained I'rices v*ry moderate. K?t>i dence?Richmond Honae,corner Eighth and D sta.; private entrance on D at. UentleiiMn alao call, de 26 2t* RKA I). ALL BOOKS ARE SOLD AT THE PUBLISHERS' PRICES. A.ND A SFLENDID GIFT, WORTH FROM 40 CENTS TO ?100, IS GIVEN WITH EACH BOOK. Yo? oan select from a large and m?f nifioer.t rtock or Booka, among whioh may be found ALMOST EVERY THIH8 in the ahape of reading matter, carefully ae'eoted and sold at regular ad vertiaed prioea. Booka of Fut Books of Fiotion. Booka of Deyotion. , Booka of Anuncmsit, Booka for the Old Polka. Hooka for ths Young Folks. Hooka for Boys, Hook* for Girl*. Book* for Lovers. Book* for Sweethearts. Books for with, Book* for Hubtndi. ookt Book* ef Humor. Book* of Poetry. Books of Tr?T*l Books about bailors. Hook* about Soldiers. Books shout Indians Books about Hunters. Hooks about Heroee. Books abost Patriots. Fanners. eohaeioa. ere has ta. hysioians. awyer*. r Statesmen. Books of Hirtory. Hook* of Biography Books of Adventure, A hand*ome assortm- nt of PRESENTATION BOOKS, In ever? style of bindior. ALBUMS ANNUALS, BIBLES, PRAYER BOOKS, HYMN BOOKS, SCHOOL BOOKS, SINGING BOOKS. JUVENILE BOOKS MUSIC. SCIENCE, MEDICINE. BOTANY. OHRMISTRV. OROGRAPHY, mechanics, NAVIGATION. MANUFACTURES', AGRICULTURE, NATURAL HISTORY* "C<"TKC ?f THEOLOGY. FREE MASONRY. ODD FELLOWSHII All tha vritiria of any ataodard author in ever department of literature O. a. CYANS, de 1* 4T6 Penni) ivania Avaau*. ?IN?E^lN0 h tjk GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* of T\s Stmr. Bioumwu. December *7. 1*6? "We bad an old fmh'oned Chrlatoaaa here ?o far ? the w/vaUifr wai ronoemrd although the mow torn ? gin ojt" rather early Id the day. Tbere wm about the average ntimber of rtm of drunk enness and diaorderl y rondurt, and one fight?a free fl^ht?at the lower end of Bridge atreef, from which?unfitrt'inately?th* partlelpanta emerged with whole feuaec and but a Moderate allowance nllitMlu. TV I - Ik. O.tW-11 1 ?--? parade veste day. and to their neat gray uniform, with red trimmings, printed a handsome ap pearance. They are armed with U 8 carbines, and appear to be very well drilled. They marched to Washington, and oa their return were joined by the Young Guards, Capt Rodier. We expect to see a friendly rivalry between the two com panies. and would advise them to do their best, as the eyes of the seniors are upon them Oar town Is all alive this morning, and full of running to and fro. The cause of it all is nothing more, however, than tiie enforcement of the "hog law'' by the police, who are in pursuit of strav porkers Some amusing incidents occur; and as we close this letter a citizen Is going down street with a "shote" on his shoulder which he has re* raptured, aud is csrrylug off victoriously, his burden squealing a it iltum in ear-piercing Style GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Vw->NOTICK -LICENSE S.-All peraon. 1^7 vhoie Licens** from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on the S ?t instant, are hereby notified prompt y to takeout the tatn?. under the new lav, approved Ju j 7th, 18 0, otbe-wiae tliey auhjact themselves to a fine, and the lav ti oom pumory upon the proper officers to enforoe said fine against all delinquent* tie 27 3tavtjan 10 WM. LAIRD. CWk. 500 SACKS G. A. SaiTt Expected to arrira this veek, and for sale lov from tne vessel, by rt?2K-4t W. H. TENNEY. JVOTICE. 1> DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. The u: dersir ned ha? latel* ooened a eh ?? n ROOT and SHOE STOH E, and pnrchan*r? will firrt their prices the lowest in th* District. A large and varied assortment on hanJ. C?I1 early at II. SiRASBl'RGKR * BRO 'S, No. S3 Bridre street, de21-lw nrar Farmer* and Mechanics Bank. OCA APPLES. O'JU BBL*. No. i neiected Baldwins. Sweet Greenings, Russete, Rornftui, Moodies, Pippins Ac., in prirn<? order, just arnvd per scuooner J. W. leaver. For laenpnn accommodating terms by JNO. W. Ll'MMJON, de 18-7t* No. T."V Water ?t., Georgetown. Ann apples. OUIP BBLS. Prime No. 1 BALDWIN APPLES, per schooner J. and N. Baker. Will be sold on leasonable terms by J. G. WATERS, de 17 iw No. 109 Water st , Geort* toan. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rjoo SUGARS, 150bkl?. Old R*c WHI.-KV, 2Sftbbl?. HERRING and ALEWIVES. SO bbis. Crushed and Refined ^UGARc, 9? baes Rio and Java COFFEE, 1? hhri*. (low priced) MOLASSES. For wale h? J O H N J BOO U E. *e 10 J 100 BBLS. FR1ME CIDER, UaT Ai rived and for aale cheap lor cash. no 13 AK.iY * \f ASSKY, COLLINS A CO.'6 PH1LAPKL L?I PHIA DRAUGHT ALK.-W? are coaetantlj receiving frf4li ?up?!io? i?l'the above dei;j atral bev eraee, aoU invite ail person* rrho want a pure an adulterated Ale. to give it a trial. A It NY A SHINN, A genu, te ST Brwn Gftorcetowa. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For other " For Suit nnA Rent" advtrtittwuuti, Mjlrtt ] FOR R ENT ?Will be rent d to a private farm It, on reaeonafcie terms, a convergent and oom fortune three-etory HOUSE, on F, !*>?ve*>n isti asd M h treats. Inquire of R. C. JOHNSON, a the Ktore of J. L. Savage. Pa. avenue, betw en lOtl and ltth sts. d<* T) 6teo 4 SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS FOR /V R f- NT. Inquire at 4*6 Kiewnth at. t?*tw?ei Eand F. df? lw UOR RI'.MT-A two-it ry FRAME HUUiii 1 aituated on the corner of Twenty-a?eond and 1 atrecra. Firat Wa d Poaae aion *iven on t-ie la of January ,11*61. For terme >nqni'e of Ool HUN HKKFORD, No 391 Sew \ ork avccoe; or o Mr. MAGNKtS on the premise*, where th? ke may he f';und. Itcor.tni n 0 u>nm? de27 3t? SKV1-1RAL HANDSOMELY FFRNISH K1 ROOMS, with Board, nan l>e had at No 339 i ?t r?mt, lmtweeu 9th and l?th ata., in reaaon*hl term*. Peraona in aearoh of pl-aeant lx??rdin houjp* wou'd do well ao call and examine Tor them ael vea. de Jo 6t MARKKT GARDKN FOR RENT-Tw nquar'a of ground, containing about 8){ acres ?vift ?>| the Cap.tol, weil fenced, and improved by good fr&m? ll.oune. Posfe'sicn t< ven IJ anuary 1 if?I. Inquire <>( J R KIBHKY, No 65 i>< uisiar, ay , between )? ' and 2 "'clock de -jj jt 1?L'NT HI' lll'l'th nlM nut rit ITX.I K Rr>l PENCE. containing 7 rooms, with fror baloony large ?ard 10 f'Outand riar.fonti* e li ?t in Printing Ofiioe Square, between North Capitr nnd Firiit aU.. will t>? rented tor 316 per month t a punctual tenant. Addrt-ss, by letter or in p'ranr W5I, ST1CKNEY. delltf FOR RENT?A thr?*e atorv and baseman FRAME HOUSE, near Pa a*..o,i Tenth, ?> trwnO&iid H ?U.,No 413. Inquire at t-'IU 1,1',' A OUY'S Hardware Store. Pa av. de 12 tf LM!RNI!?HKD ROOMS 40KJ JT street. between 6th and 7th at*. de 4-tf FOK RENT.-A three-atorr BRICK DWELL 1NG HOUSE, with back liuildiuj, on 12th at No. 470. between F and G atreeU. Apply to , KIRKWOOD, 4T6 Two fth at. nofe-dtf (MA>AKS, BAS^iUK COATS, ARABS j {JACQUES. Ac., Ac. U'lrvi Houdat Puikiti at "Pisic Peicm, For Ladirt, Mines amd Children. A nice Miortmfnt of [.tdiea', Misses' and Chi dren's Cloth Clonk*, Saoquea, Arabs, Ha qa Coata, Ac., fte.. io?t received eipressljr for th Hoidays. Also. Embroideries, R#al Lao? Good and manjr other foods suitable f?>r PrtMsU, an wi.l bt> sold at prices to rait the time*. At MAXWELL'S. de 22-31 ro Pa. arenua. nno nnn -a blue book cop ylo?/,WU,UUU. taimoc the r.arnb r of o boea and their pa* in ths (ill of the President the United Sfa'ta, S7,S eente Government Bool of eni kind suppl M Manj tare B oka lor saJe; catalot ue furnished. To aditora who will print tn 1 a ill furnish a e p? of the Blue Book. Addta Al|^ RED HUNTER, Washington. D. C. UO ? d'. JELlittANT CLOTH CLOAKS. UST Opeced for the Christmas and New Yea Presents, all marked rtown at the luwrit prices nit the times, for oash. de? J W collky A CO.. Hone price only.' ? AVING on hand a very heavr stock of DR Kt TRlMMlKUfl.! wiJ! offer the ?ame very cheap f c ,Mlo.. w'~>^vkn, _ no 33 tf i?etweeii <?th and 10th eta Holiday presents-suitable MENTOS! One 9 t Keal Satile. One S?t Rota! Erin'ne, At halfthetr tunalprice. MINK SABLES: Most e.e<aut *eu, at prices t.? FRKN suit the times. French* B autifu S<et?, from tin to #IA CHlL.drkn*S KUts! Muff*. Viclonnos, acd Capes, la a 1 their var ties, from 75 cents to ? B. H. 8TINRM KT7.. Pa av., de 21 between lath And ISth ?U yULCANITK BASJj^FOR A RTI FICIi Or. VV ADS WOR TH b?? iMui* ful' ?-ru?? to mtriMl jo* the Vulc&uito Ram into pracuoo, ?mt to fully mm?mtd it to ki>{ pttinu. Fu ' and partial 9rt? of T'c*h can l>? inserted leu Urn* a* tss trpmxt and with en artirttc t?au comfort and du'fthiiity uiiturp**?*l. de 17-w6t* No. 3b6 0 ^trw, MU*IC BmiKS BOUND UP IN ? !*? 6? also, KLUS't", 306 Pa I bwt ?th and l<Hi> >U. dal m fi'ltki HP 111 a iu?kki a <ia u L MT fill Fl if ## ??? ***-? *?, . ? i ,* v ? arttl* M&~t?? ,?33Tf?jfl v? m. * uc aci ?ivr? a? itre vatuuut anVI rrw eftant Episcopal churches were of the moat in teresting character. and Bonded by lar^e centre nations A bountiful dinner waa ad Wfore the Inmates of the poor and work bouse. and It is said tljetr enjoyment of the roaat turkey, mince plea, and other good thing*, waa a caution to epicures. It fa hardly oeoeasary to add that the eip?U paid by W. W Corcoran, Esq., who has, with nil accustomed liberality, given f25 f >r tbat pnr pose every X in a* day for some year* past Our cltlzena generally* these of then blessed with abundance, were not backward la giving to the poor, and the children of the Mlaatoa Chapel Sabbath School, In common with many others, had pleasant reminders of the reason in shape of appropriate Christmas gifts A horse attar hed to one of tkoae ungainly wagons full of empty barrels sometimes s*en on our thor nuohfsrM wKIl* iwaomHIba street yesterday suddenly made up bla mind to have a Christmas frolic, or else jjot frightened at some biped wbo *a? having it, and started cff at a moat alarming gait toward* your city; and the way in which barrels were pitched around loose was a warning to pedestrians A barber's pole waa no Impediment to the onwsrd course of the team, but waa jerked from its place in a twink ling; and the last we saw of the runaway be bad crossed Rock Creek and was making vi rr good time up M street ta?s wagon, nui barrels, sans driver, and *ans everything but the shafts, which were dangling at bis heels The First street (Ride*, is It?) Capt Mbbey. another iuvenile romianv. had th?lr brat iirM> THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. EiriTIIW STATE OF AFFAIRS AT CHARLESTON Fart Snitf OcrtfM ky M?|?f AWtrMi. R'ulatita la ( TfitUa ? Ttk? ikr F*rta. CHABLMTOB, 0?C. #, I P m ?"Operator* Dispatch ? Huvj firing la the barber -tic* un known Baltimore, Doc. 37?10 30 a m ?A Ipecla! dispatch to tb? American, dated Charleatna (bis morning, nn ?"The 0?wnmrtil Uonf* bin abandoned Fort Mooltrt? iplM tbelr gmm*. and ?i* to fWt Sanitr, cwniimdm Ike kirbci. VTar baa bevu* '* Thla la from a reliable aoorcc. Tlf C?kfcaU?a ( HAtLUTO)!,DK.r ? Ttntk D+f?After praver aad reading of tbc Journal tbe Fraaldeut an nou need tbe reaaon wbv tbe ordinance of fester dav wu not printed tn Ibe joarval It wu Immediately moved to jfo tatoHent Md?. Mr. De Trerllle tried to get In a resolution, aad commenced reeding it, *a follow* Un let, Tbat Ui? tmrnaw of South Carolina be authorized and requested to Uk? poaacaaioa of Forts Moultrie and Sumter Here be waa Interrupted by a demand tbat tb* prevloua motion for a secret aeaalon should be nut wkirK \Caa Ana mmxA tk? wrnmm.m, m m ried and 1h? Convention went Into sacrel sessioa K?rt Msaltrte EoacnM Chablksto*. Dec 27 ? Fort Moallrie wmptm> nated last night The guns were spiked, and tb? carriages demolished by Are. Only (bur soldiers were left tn charge of tbe fort. The troop* were all conveyed to Fort Sumter. The excitement in the city !> !nters- It la be lieved that the Convention la now taking action upon the resolution tn relation to takiag u>e forts \ctt by Uu VTajAiftfiMi Ripmttr?Military gentlemen here express the belief that Major A? derson, In changing his positioa, acted perhaps not by direct orders to that effect, but accord ing to his discretion as a commander of the post bv choslnit th? most stragetlc point In kla Juris diction defensible by a small force. Tke Military Oat. Chaii.kstoi, Dec 27,12:30p m.?Msj Ander son ?tates that he evacuated Fort Mooltrte ia or der to sllay the discussion about that post, aad at the same time to strengtheo his position. Chablsston. Dec 27, 1 p. tn ?Csputn Fooler, with a small force, still occupies Fort Moaltrie. The excitement is still on the increase. Several military companies have been ordered eut. Raassrs at ( harlestsa, kc. Cha*listos. Dec 26 ?There are rumors here to-dsy that several hundred troops are en rovta for the Charleston forts. Also, thst Fort funster wu reinforced on Monday with marluea under U? disguise of laborers. I'ustal matter* continue aa formerly. Many foreign ahipa now here took eut their clearance paper* before the 20th. and are now loading Otuere will probably take clearance* under proteat. Many Intelligent South Carolinian* aar it ? difficult matter to untangle the Oordian knot of the Union, but aa the laat reaort they will eot It G?t Pickena givea out that the Commlaaionera to Waafaington will claim and expect the forts ar.d public plaoea now in poueaalon of the Fede ral Government la South Carolina, la a public MM just made, tbe Gov says j " I say to v??, gentlemen, that in tbe meantime If there is any attempt on the part of the Federal power to ia cre ae the forces at your fort* and forUiicttlona, aa fir u I am concerned. It a hall not be dowe without an appeal to arm* " [Cheers.] Headdatbat: " We are willing to wait free and fair demand by tbe Commiaaionera" Prayers are put up for the President of tbe I'ai ted states and Congress, In South Carolina, aad will be until tbe Bishop provides for the new order of things. wb*n the South Carolina cborch will be considerrd as no longer In the I'nlted states. The South Carolina Legislature has adjourned until tbe 3d of January A company of 72 mounted men. of Lootarllte, baa sent to Gov Pickens a volunteer of tbe If ser vices In a dispatch, wbleh closes as foilows : With a prayer that South Carolina will continnw her noble struggle for her rights, and allow the God of battles to nrovide for tW rontrmrnrM tbe genii* mm selected tor toe Gauintt will oa summoned hither. From Mexico New Oblkaxs, Dec 26 ?The steamer Tennes see, from VeraCruz. bu arrived, bringing SII.UUO in specie. General Golcnrla and U S Minister McL&ne are among the passengers Miramon bad surprised the Liberals at Toctua, andcapturtd l,2UU men and 12 cannon Generate Degollado. Bernesebalt, Treuco and other*, vera made prisoners Injunction against a Bank. Nkw Von, Dec 26 ?An Injunction has been granted against the Bank of the Republic, at the Instance of the Secretary of the Interior, to re strain tbe disposal of the abstracted bonds, sup posed to be In possession of tbe bank. The Excitemeet at Ptttabarg. PiTTsacne, Dec. M?Tbe guns here have net yet been sent from tbe Arsenal, but the public mind Is still agitated. Strong hopes are eater tained that the order will be revoked by the Sec retary of War. Naval. Bosros. Dec 26 ?Three hundred men left the Navy Yard here by apeclal train to-day te Join tbe WarMlnnlin at PnHarrtAnlh \ H Ma|?rity fer KkmIm la Altkim Moktgohmy. Dee <5 ?'The election for dele {ate* to the State Convention taM malted la aa aimen*? majority la favor of aeeeaaloa. BalUnaere Dtukeu. Biltimom, Dec. ST.?Flour dull and nominal; Howard at and Ohle S6 5ti; City Mill* SS. Wheat buoyant; red41 *ia?l *7; white ] 3U*SI 5S Com firm; Dew white and yellow 5baOSc : old do. 03c Proeiaton* dull and nominal. Coffee steady at 12*al3c. W hlaky dull at 16c. Mew Terfe Harkeu New Yobk, Dec. 87 ?Flour Sc. better. Wheat has advanced 1c. Corn Irm Prorlalona ateadv. Whlakv firm at 16jfe. New Yoke. Deeeaabec t7 ?Stocks are better. Chicane and Rock lalaod 51 %, Illinois Ceeti j share* 09m; de bends fu, Michigan Southern 33u , N-w York Central 75*, Pa Coal Co 76, t&adaen Klver K R 4a*; Me. I'lN aUTIER'S . HLENCH HKHTAVRA7TT DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES. In MtiMfni four pA'roaaa*. wnuld reap'-otfajf funkiaho^lii tli- utoit f?-hl?liI- at?la,M) r?adT to aootjwatodaf MTtrt! partiea at *ojr M mailt. '2'* Pi WNM. ?U 4 Mf piRKMKN'g IN8UBANCK COMPANY WARRINGTON AND OBOtCKTOWN. Capital 7T.. e.oo* Q#U? earn r C Mtm< aU L?*wi?i a?., ar?f ficU ITa^wflM ""su" !8aSfc4JpWft3''"*TV bitacM*. <?ao <* it u* maker, Sa.i.ue, K-dl? n, ? < Cnpltf, Wi liu Wi * *, J..- f l) Ha-. *., KllMri Jour*, M* l> B*rn). Jac .b Uuiaoa, Aatfrow * othw?t_ ifco#. r?t?er, KiehMrf Berry. B. B Frana* No oterit tor Po c?a? J AUfcdADAMB, G. c-mvia Ml ' 3.4< mn ivN niwh >* I remain, yours truly, C <J Biothii. 2d L.ieut. Commanding L M M M fteperU (ram Virgisla p Richmond, Dec 25 ?An unfounded rumor of n threatened negro insurrection found currency here last night Tbe military received order* < be in readint-M to turn oat at a given signal,which was tbe discharge of three rounds from a cannon placed In Capitol Square by order of Gov Uetcher Tbis is tbe negroes' holiday, and tbe peculiar opportunities for lnteri ourse which they have a* this time rive color to anv lltUr alarin that mar be raited. R. W. Barnwell, James L Orr, and ex-Go*. Adams, the three South Carolina Commialon^n, - arrived here this evening on their way to Wash ington. Tbev are stopping at the Kichang* I Hotel, and will leave in the morning. Fram Sprlagfield. SramoriKLD, 111 . Dec 24 ?Senator Baker, of j Oregon, and David Wilmot, of Pennsylvania, ar rived here from the Kaat this morning. Mr B.1* - visit is of a purely private character. jt Mr Wilmot came by invitation of the Preal t dent ?-lect. who waited upon him immediately _ after his arrival, and spent some Ivs boars with ,f him in the course of the day It is certain that t Mr. Wilmot will rt present the Republican Banner Stat* in the Cabinet, but no definite position teas j yet assigned to him fie returns bast this eve ? nlng. e It is now understood that one after tba other of