Newspaper of Evening Star, December 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 28, 1860 Page 1
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I # [THE DAILY EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVER 7 AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR Rl'ILIMTittft, C?timt ?/PtKKjylvantC *v?ait4 *~ui llth tt. T W. D. WALLACE!. Paport wn>d ia paakacea br rarrlm ?t |4 T*%i, or S7 oenta ht Month. To mail aabacritsra d>* priM i> |SJO a roar, tit ?dca??,' It for US month*; 91 for three luoctht; ud for lee* ttuu IktM month* it the rati of IS wnti t v<tk. 8u(l? topiM. osi cist; 1u wrappere, two cuti. JZ7* Asvktuixist? ?aou.d beeent totheoflloc bate re IS o'e.oek k.; otherwie* th?r mar not appear anal the no*! day. A RKMIKISCENli: OF NIAGARA. [A pretty friend of otin once said, after "dllielW' month at West Point, that the road to hearen wa? paved with aruiy buttons. Other fair frieads with like aentimenU will read with interest tho following prosy little tory from the p?n of a young gentleman of * _ ? ? ? ? ..... ? waanmgton. wnose tatner 1* high in otfi se in the postal service, and who, though not exictly a Prise* of Wales, will, one of the*e days have do lea* right, perhaps, to the title of king ] Army Uuttan* v?. Hazel lye*. BY RKX. I was in a delirtum of love. The dark hazel eyes and still darker hair inbdued me more than ever a frowning battle ment awed a forlorn hop* of fifty brave-hearted soldiers. I had faced murderous Indians on their own hunting ground*, their fiendish yells had aroused Lie from my midnight slumbers to action; I bad marched unflinchingly for ward, leading my men, while arrow* and bul lets fell like hail around me. All thi* I had met with comparative equanimity. and re turned to the metropolis of our nation only to ka an k.l .iswl Kv w<vm*n Yet Helen Sparrow was fair and benntiful as an Italian sky Conscious of her fascinations, she made no effort to entrap me; but I sailed as quietly into her net as the wild swan into the snare of the huntsman. There the simil? ends, for I fluttered not tha least bit, but yielded heart and aoul to bor bewitching in fluence " Army buttons" rre proverbially incons tant, and I was no exception to the general rule. On this occasion I was fairly caught in my own net, so carefully woven for Helen. My flirta:ion assumed a serious aspect?I loved her, yet I knew she mistrusted me. It was in the summer of 8 that the War De partment granted me a furlough of two months, and then it was I met her. But three waeks had passed, and I would have thrown np my commission had Helen even hinted thut t>uch a sacrifice would gratify her. At tbe expiration of that time. ft party. con sisting of Helen. Gertrude St. Clair, Captain Cara*?a former me^mate? the old folki *nd myself, was formed for a trip to Niagara. The old folks took care of themselves, the Captain bad charge of Gertie, and Helen fell under my especial protection. At Niagara, the International was filled to ita upmost capacity. North and South had Soured their fairest daughters into this c&ul ron of fashionable excitement, and handsome ?>ns had followed the wanderings of their fair inamoratas. Am>ngall, Helen?tome?was the fairest. VFitb her eye* I viewed the mighty t a L II ! * ? ? wtisui h 11 pucHou ueauiong 1010 me seeming abyss: when she *?? sad f was despondent; when the amiUd I was all vivacity. We walked rode, talked, laughed and wept together, until my lore amounted to frenxy, and uij frensy to Iliads e*a. But this atate of things could not last long, for I was even then a fit candidate for a lunatic asylum. I would hare given worlds, had they been mine, to recall the first week or ao of our acquaintance, when I had made a boist of my many flirtations and scoffed at the very exis tence of such a thing as pure and lasting love. I had ridiculed it, one evening, as a maudlin sentiment, and denounced it tbe next as the moonshine of juvenile precocity. For all which I was soon to reap my reward?and a bitter one it proved to be. It was a calm and beautiful night, such a one as i? designed esDeaiallv Tar lovpr4 H.ion ^ 1 "V " mod I had left the frivolous d*nce aod tflrolied iwiy, ostensibly to view the Full* by moon light We had reached tbe bank of tbe river, and seated ourselves on a convenient rock in sight of the tnighry cataract. Tne final week of oiy furlough was drawing to a close. We hsd been conversing about constancy, and though my *entiments were materially changed since our first acquaintance, I was afraid to betray my inconsistency by expressing them. My views of lovo were somewhat modified, and as that subject naturally followed the other, the spirit prompted me to try the virtue of ac tion. With a sudden impulse I foil upon my knees and poured into her attentive ears my tale of love. Half doublingly, but with becom ing gravity, she listened; occasionally, at some uuasual outburst of sentiment, a faint ami)* played over her face, but only for an instant. My vanity whi^pired that i; was the excess of joy that filled her. At length I reached the momentous question?the imaginary turning pjint in my existence. Ske placed her ton white band in mine, and while I kissed it en thusiastically, ejtculatiug in the interim. "Mine, mine forover!" wich the other she raised b?r handkerchief to her eyes and turned aside her head. as I supposed, to conceal the joyful tears which would naturally dim her vision. 1 did not learn, till several days sub* aequently, that it was simply to smother a laugn at iny ridiculous actions v I returned to the hotel jubilant, and in the extremity of happiness, llappy h^d it been for me had 1, by accident, fallen over the preci pice. for the diziy height from which 1 was about to b? tbro*n brought me in the end marm apkiw ?n<l vnwK A few days passed, and I received orders to report for duty at Fort Leavenworth as early as possible. I called on Helen in her private parlor. We were alone. The parting was very like ?U ?uch,whL*h have been described a thou sand times on paper, aud occurs at least once in the life of avery one. I renewed my vows and protestations, but she was submissively tranquil. The last farewell was spoken; a final kiss imprinted on her fair brow; I had my hand on the knob of the door, when she drew from her pocket a letter and gave it to me She bowed sweetly, and sorrowfully I returned to my own room With eager expectation I opened the letter, and here is a copy of it, word for word, as she penned it: "Niagara, September. 1859 II U< P ? 1 . TU. a! * * a *iouu . iu? uoiv tor part log hu come: the fare* is ended. Let us raise the curtain and calmly review the events of the past two months. " Yon returned to your borne with the crown of viatory a poo your brow. You were courted and flattered justly by all: I was proud of yoar marked attentions, and I felt tho first dawnings of love for you in mj heart. ?vening mfter evening yoa were with uie. lue impulsos of your nature prompted you to make many developments which taught me eantioa. You scoffed at true love as an ideality, and at con stancy as existing only ia story. Yen related what you were pleased to call your JUrtationt,' and the very recital of them proved the fallaoy of your unbelief. " Does not your heart soften when the pic ture of that heart-broken Spanish ?irl rises before you' lias the preface of death no power to subdue you ' Doet not the pale tpcc ter of ' your dark-eyed laabel' haunt you in your dream*' How ean your aleep be quiet when you recall the b?a?**hing look and tender supplication of 4 your prairie bird,' who even bow mourn* your absence and awaits in rain your return f "Yet I will not add to your unhappinaaa, but let conscience do ita work. " I ba 1 no confidence in the fincerity of your profesaion* until a week before leaving home At no time have I believed in your eonataney, | yet I encouraged you. for the voice of thoae tou had wrou^ed termed to call for vengeance. Whc!h*r they had been avenged I leave tn nor nmn OmI.I ?W C '?' the Ntst ne?r laa Foils perhapi tbsy woe Id bar* been then satisfied {To my btndker ebief I aiu indebted far (appraising a laugh wbteh mijnt bar* sounded Strang*!/ oat of place.| " I liar* jo? to joar own meditations ft'# mete ho mart at this place, but should chance throw jroe in my waj jrou will be eordially (r??ted by* x "Yooc/smW, Hklbs8 In the first ebullition of pission I traaspUd the latter under feet. Bat pride failed me, and x suncrea more tnmn langaage can tell. Bat she never knew it. tier shifts sank deep, and in time completed mj reformation. IleftNiigara a sadder and wiser man. I knew it was useless to plead with her. for her decision once made was unalterable. In a few weeks I was again at mj post, and drowned my sorrow in the excitement of frontier life. My repentance was thorough. I could not call back the dead to life, but 1 mourned her in doep and biUar contrition. On one of my excursions into California, I visited the grave of the lovely Spanish girl, and caused a hand some tablet to be planed to her memory. It was the last testimonial that could be bestow ed. Was she not looking down upon ma then, and did she not interoede for me before Him miu Bcmcueiu inn KDoweio mi nearts f For liior* than ft je?r the " Prairie bird" has b?en my wife, and ft darling little oherub is screaming lustily while I write. The baby's name is Helen.?iY. Y. Evening Post. AilTLMUS WARU VIMTS LINCOLN [Proa Vanity Fair.] I Uiv no politics. Nary a one. I'm not in the bidnis4. If I was, I spose I should holler veriffrusly in (he streets ?t nite and go heme to Bet?y Jane smelliu of coal ile and gin in the rnornin. I should go to the Poles arly. I sbuuld stay there all day. I should see to it that my n&bers was thar. I should git carriages to take the kripplea, tho infirm and the indignant thar. I should be on gard agin frauds and sich. I should be on the look out for the infnmus liee of the enemy, got up jea be4 elecsbun for per litical effeck. When all was over and my can didate elected, I should move heaven A arth? bo to speak?until 1 got orifice, which if I di ln't git a orifice should turn round A nbooze the Administration with all my mite and maine. But I'm not in the bisiniss I'm in afar more respectful bisiniss uor whot pollertica is. I wouldn't giro two cents to be a Congrcsser. The wu?j iiisult I cvrr received was when sertin citizens ef Buldinsvilla axed me to run fur the Legislater. Sez I, "My friends, dostest think i d stoop to that there?" They turned as white as a sheet. I spoke in my orfullest tones. A they knowed I wasn't to be trifled with. They slunked out of site to ouct. There 1, having no politics, I made bold to visit Old Abe at his huuistid in Springfield. I found the old feller in his parlor, surrounded by a perfeck swarm of orifice seekers. Knowing he had been canting of a flat boat on the roarin Mississippi, 1 thought I'd address him in sailor lingo, so sex I ' Old Abe, ahoy! Let out yer main-suls, reef hum the forecastle A throw yer i'ib-poop overboard. Shiver my timbers, my tarty. |N. B.?This is ginuine marine lan gwidge. I now, becaux I've seen sailor plays acted out by them New York theater fellers, j viu ik WW iVVft?. up tfUflO CL SCI, "OCUU 111 yer petition by 4 by. I can't possibly look at it no. Indeed, I can't. It's onpossible, sir!" "Mr. Linkin, who do you spect I air?" sod I. ' A orifice seeker, to be sure!" sed he "Wall, sir," sed I. 'you's never more mis taken in your life. You hain't got a orifice I'd take under no circumstances, I'm A. Ward. Wax figgers is my perfeshun. I'm the father of Twins, and they look like tn*?botfi of ihtm. I cum to piy a friendly ri3it to the President eleck of the United States. If so be you wants to see me say so?if not say so, A I'm orf like a jug handle/' "Mr. Ward, sit down. I am glad to see you, ir." 14 Repose in Abraham's Buzsum sed one of the orifice seekers, his idee bein to get orf a goak at my ezpence. u Wall," sex I, " ef all-yon fellers repose in that there Buzzum thare'll be mity poor nus ain for sum of you!" whereupon Old Abe but toned his wcskit clear up, and blusht like a maiding of sweet 16. Just at this pint of the conversation another swarm of orifice seekers a r rove A cum nilin intnthn n?rl?r Sum a>ant<w1 post orifices, sum wanted collectorshipj, sain warned furrin missions, and all wanted sum thin. I thought Old Abe would go orazj. lie hadn't more than had time to shake hands with 'em before another tremoniis crowd cum porein onto bis premises, ilis boose and dooryard whs now perfeckly over flowed with orifice seekers, all clamerns for a immejit interview with Old Abe. One man from Ohio, who had about seven inches of corn whisky into him, mistook mo fur Old Abe and addrcsc oie as The Pra-bay-rie Flower of the West!' Thirks I you want a offis putty bad. Another in:in with ? gold-headed cane and a red nose told Oid Abe he was a *3eckind Wash ington and the pride of the boundliss West!' " Sti I, " Square you wouldn't take a small Poat Otfis if >ould git it, would you ?" Sex he. a patrit is abuv them things, sir!" " There's a puity big crop of patrit* this reason. ain't there, square ?" sei l, when an other crowd of oflis-seeker* poured in. The house, door-yard, bam <k woodshed was now all full, and when another crowd cum I told 'em not to #o awav fur want of rnom ih? hog pen was still empty. Ono pitrit from a small towu in Misbygun want U|> on top the house, got into tke chimney, and slid down into the parlor where Old Abe was endereriu to keep the hungry pack of offis-seekeri from chawin him up alive without benefit of clergy. The miuit he reaohed the firo-place he jumpt up. bruiiht the soot out of his eyes, and yellea : " Dont make eny pintment at the Spunkrille postoffice till youv'e read my papers. All the respectful men in our town is signers to that there dockymint!" '-Good God!*' eried old Abe, "they cum upon me from the skize?down the chimneys, and from the bowels of the yearth !" He hadn't more n got them words out of his delikit mouth b?4 two fat offise seekers from Wisconsin, in endevorin to crawl atween his legs for the purpass of applyin for the tollgate ship at Mil wawki, upsot the President eTeck, k heewould hev gone sprawlin into the fire plase*if I hadn't caught him in these arms. But I hadn't more'n stood him up strate, before another man cum crashin down the chimney, his head strikin me vilentlr arin the inanls. and proatratin my rolaptcous form into the fljor. " Mr. Llnkin.' shoatid the infatooated being. " my paper* is signed by every clergy man in our town, and likewise the skoolm&s tar." Se* I, " you egrejis as?," gittin up A brusbin the du?tfrom my ayes, "I'll sign vour papers with this bunch of bones, if you don't be a lit tle more keerful how you make my bread bas kit a depot in the futrr. How do you like that air perfumery?" scs I, shuving my fist under his nose ' Them a the kind of papers I'll giv you! Them's the papers you want." ' Bnt I workt hard for the ticket; I toiled night and day. The patrit should b? rewar ded!" " Virtoo." sed I, holdin' the Infatooated man by the coatcollar, virtoo, sir, is its own re ward. Look at me!" lie did look at mo, and qualed be4 my gase. "The fact is," I contin ued, lookin' round upon the hungry crowd, "there is scarcely a offiss for every ile lamp carrid round durin' this campane. I wish therr was furrin missions to be filled on varis Islands where anDrdemics rasre incessantly. and if I wm iu Old Abe'a place I'd send every mother'i aon of you to them. What air yoa here for' I continuered, warmin' up conaid erably, "can't you giv Aba a minit's peace? D?n'l yon see he's worried moat U death. Go home yoa miserable men, go home and till tha aile. Go to paddlin tinware?go to oboppin wood?goto biUn' aopa?staffsaasiogara?black boota? git a clerkship on sum respectable ma nure cart?go round as original Swiaa 1^11 Kingera?baeum original and only' Campbell Miuatrela?go to le?turin at 50 dollais a nita? imbark in the peanut bisniaa?iorite for the Ltdgtr?tav off your legs and go round givia concerts. with tacbia appeal* ta a charitable public, printed on yoor baadbiHa?anything tor a boneat livin; but don't eon roand bare dri*in old Aba oraay by yoor outrages outtins up! Go bona. Stand not upon tha order of your goin, bat go to onet! If in firojainniu from this time,'" eat I, pullin oat aay na* aiz taan dollar huntin caat watob, and brandiahin it before their eyea, >*Ef in fire minnita from this time a single sole of you remains on these here premises I'll go oat to my cage near by, and let my Boy Constructoor loose' A ef he gits amtit.g you, you'll think Old Solferioo has cum agin, and no mistake!" You ought her seen 'em scamper, Mr. Fair. They run off as tho Satun hisself wus arter them with a red-hot ten-pronged pitchfork. In fire minnits the premises was clear. " How kin I ever repay yon, Mr. Ward, for your kindness'" sed old Abe, adrancin and shakin me warmly by the hand. ''IIow kin I erer repay you, airf" ' By givin the whole country a good, sound administration. By porin ile on tho troubled water*, North an South! By pussuin a patri otic, just an firm coarse, an then ef eny State wants to sesede, let 'em sesesh!" " How 'boat my Cabnit Ministre, Ward?" sed Abe. " Fill it up with showmen, sir! Showmen is dewoid of pollytic*. They hain't got a darn principle! They know how to cater to the Sublic. They know what the public wants, ortb A South. Showmen, sir, is honest men. Ef you doubt thare letcrnry ability, look at thare poasters, and see small bife! fcf you want a Cabnit as is a Cabuit, fill it ap with showmen, but don't call on me. The morrull wacks figger perfecshun musn't be permitted to go down while tbare's a drop of blood in these vains! A. Link in, I wish you well! T?f I? ... ci ruir<n or u aicui wus to pick oat n inoddul for m benutiful icaa, I skarsely think they'd sculp you; but ef you do tho fare thing by yuro country yule mako us putty a angil as eny of us or eoy other man ! A. Linkin use the talents which naturo bns put iuto you judisbusly and firmly, and all will be well!? A. Linkin, Rdoo!" Ho shook mecordgully by the hand?wc ex changed picters so we could gaze upon each others' liniments when far away from one another?he at the helium of the abip of State and I at the helium/)f tho show bizniss?ad mittance only fifteen cents. FOR THE HOLIDAYS. O FOR THE HOLIDAYS! SEVENTH STREET FOREVER! FUN FOR THE CHILDREN! PRKSK3TS liUITABLK FOR ALL ASKS ! CHRISTIAN RUPPERT, No. Seventh ft., between D and F. We have enla*aed, improved, remodeled, and ronovated our establishment, so that it now la. in fact, the largeet and l*at regulated Toy, Fancy and Vn: let* ?tore in th? ?it? w;*i. ??' ' _ ? ? i?n i? i aouoi vol o auu attention we haveoarefully se ccttdour n'eat stock for the lloli lay and Winter Trade, and promue to ell CIlEnP. We beg every lady to call and ?<*? for themselves, a? it is i impossible to enumerate all of our goods. Suffice it t'? say, our* embraces every kind to be foui d in a well oooduoted Toy. 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Trsasurt Dkpa&tmziitW December 18,1181, { None* if bBUSHY QIVI5 that as&led proposal* will be reoei ved at thia Department until the :8th December iaataot, for the laaue of any portion cr the vhole of fire null oc of dollar* in Treasury notes, in exohange for cold ooin of the United State*, deposited with the Treasurer of the United Statei, tli9 Treasurer of the Mist at Philadelphia, or the Aisiita .t Treasurer* at Bo.ton, New Yo k, or St. Louie, within tive days from the aooeptanoe of ?cch proposal", nnder the authority of the act of Congress entitled "An aet to authorise tha is?ne ?. uuin ?no icr outer purpoaea," ap

proved December 17.138ft. Such Treasury notes will be issued upon the re ceipt here of oertifioatea or the deposit with those offioers to the oredit of the Treasurer of the L'aited Sta as. They vill be made payable to the order of inchbiider or bidden as shall offer to make suck fxoh%tja at the lowest rate of interest, and the Treasury notes will oarry each rate of interest from the date of suoh deposit The proposals mast state the rate of interest without oondition, an'i without referenoe to other bids, aod oontain no other fractional rates than ji.a fourth, one half, or ihree fourths of one per jeutvm. One per cent, upon the rnnount proposed to be exchanced must be deposited with one of the )ffioers above enumerated, whose oertifioate of inoh deposit most accompany each proposal, as leourity for its fulilm^nt. If the proposal is not looepted, immediate directions will be given *o re turn suoh deposit. fhon'.d the proposals vary from the provisioui of the act cf Congress, or of this notice, they will not be considered. All proposals under thia cotloe mutt beieaied ir.d isaorihed on the outside "Proposals for Treas iry Notes." They will be opened ar J awarded at :his Department at 12 o'olook boob ou aaid 28th of HOYT'I Hiawatha Hair Restorative Im warranted in every instates to Rkstobk Gkat Hair to it* Original Color. IN THOUSANDS UP CASES In the pnn-'ipaJ oiiiea of New England, and HAS NOT FAILED in a s.nzls inaiar.oe to ao oomplt'h all that la claimed for it So Hair i* ?o Gray or Ked bat the HIAWATHA will oiiaBje it to a beaut.ful life like It Is n ?t an inatantaueoua die which ?rooks, imuts and gives a d?ad hla.k ooior to the hvir; the >atient hav-ngto submit to soapiBg, wash eg ano ipoDginc of the hair every time t la applied; nor it t a prppnrni^n of milphor, aurar of lead, &o., nor >f am iLKredieats d< le:. rioua to the heir of akin. It ia an article requiring wasti ng before or after uaui, it is at plied la five niin it <? tun", and with aalut trouble aa any oidmary k.tie'e for the toilet. 'People who have used thia preparation dooiare t is iniraeulo a in ita fffeota, and that it will p?r 'orni ail that it pretend* to do '?gallon'-* Pictorial "Ita *noce*a wonderful, and we oan only a&y we "dor*e all the proprietor says in regard to it."? D. camber, de 18-iii23,h PHILIP F. THOMAS, Secretary of the Treasory. it has been applied /0\ NOTICE. /Ov fA removal. i"JL [# O I hare letnoved in? O 0 PAWN OFFICE o .151 C etreet, between C* and 6th aUeeta, imiae liatr-lr la th* rear of the National Hotel, where he taeineee will b? continued at heretofore at the tldrtand. LnolA^ml ISAAC HKKZBERQ. WOOD! WOOD!! WOO D!!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the lowae oaaible f rtoe. Ml Pa. between llth and mfrati.. m W-rf iwwrti iM rUE BEST KIND OP PRESENTS '.?New or eeoood-ha-a Piaaoe, prion from IK to #60?; ? aitar?, Viol I a#. Flu tee, B?niM, Aooordeoae, Pa l?n?ei, JOHN r *l.LIB, ? 13 50? P* M,Vt M aui l#th V.a The nnd*rslgned hu Inst njfened a whole*- - \ PRODUCE and MARKETING STORE itits i <ir,th street. opposite Center Market, where i. c nit be reoeiring daily a general assortment o I err thicc that grows on a farm, fresh from the tanas of the farmers, suoh as Turkeys. Chickens, i >ooks, Geexe, Kgg?. Ratter?of ail (nalities, at < iaiUmore prioes?pried Kruit, Apples. Plour, j Jeans, 4o . 4o., which I will sell as ohe&p as can >4 bought in this city, Alexandria, or Baltimore, 1 )j&lera and hucksters are r*speotiul y invited to 1 lal 1 and examine for themsolres. 1 d>6 t< J. H. CANPIEL.D. 1 CLOAKS! CLOAKS!! ' CLOAK S!!! ? rhe Camilla, the Arab. theOaribaldi, rhe Romeo, the Zouave, the Alb&c&s. rhe Richard, the English Sank, the Prenoh sack. ] With many other new and beautiful sty es in lept. Treco And Freuoh Beaver Cloth, ia prices j rom #3 60 to to whioh we aak the attention of he ladies. no 17 TAYLOR A; HUTCHISON. NEW PAWN OFFICE. J ME. WAR dT~Dealer in NawO W bud Cast Off Clothing, respectfully informs the .nKl^ ?^alka>.n>Ana}l . i I n L' \>S L' H U a V V M ' ? IV ??. UJ UK"UC\i U U|V/Ul?OUk/ I t IT 1? JFFICK a* No 76 Louisiana avouue, b?tvasn th and loth ?ts , a few dco-a east of the caw Can ral Qoard-honae, where ha will be at all timaa ire pared to wait on Itta patroua with yroraptneaa, kttettion and (ha atrioteat iaatioa. N. 13 ?Jewelry, Dry Gooda, Clothinjt, Jdeehaa o? To .u, Ac., alwaya on hand at private aala. da 7 lm* I F YOU WANT TO HAVE THE UNION I Can at HARVE Y'8. Who haajiutraoeiredalarge auppl y of freah I/?B iTERS, FISH, and fine * T "" | <|Tl| i ?hio+i ha will aarva to oustomera at thes's^^^a? ihorteat not ea and on liberal term*. P. 8?Oyatera aarrad tofamiliea and hotel* a'a tot aoalded; they ara only acalded for peraom eat ni them at tka aaloon. d? 8 T. M HARVKV uu.'iun ./u?rm?. We o">?erve, by a notice in a Boston paper, that l premium wa? awarded by the Mft'saahosrtta Me ihanios' Charita e 'heir Ut' Fair, Mr Joseph Hoyt of this city, for hi* sM-rbrated 'Hiawatha Hair Restorative,' an srt:o!e rhioh rich'y averted this favor. It wa<i for itiiu >*rtor merits iu this reapeot that the er sufficient eridenoe pr**eiited to tlieins*:ves, iward-d to Mr. Hoyt this flattering testimonial Providence Efentng Post Sold in Washington by J. W.Nairn. D. B Cla^k, lidwell A Lawrnt.o*. i>. (>. Kidgelev. In tieorce *)*ii by J. L. Kidv oil, and by Druggists generally. de 12 tin 9EAD THE FOLLOWING FROM THE .V veil known Captain of the steamer Fnlton: New Orlxa*?, 3d (Jot, 18i< Dr. J. C. Aw*, Lowell.?Mr: I am urged by my k> rupori i<> j<>u a our# Tour Piraapariiia J:aa nade in onr family, end aa it is the only way a rhioh w? can make you any acknowledgment of iur gratification, 1 will prooetd t? *tate My lit.> on, eleven years old, has had ?cr fu'.a aorea on lie eara, neck and arma T>r five yea^s 'i'hey were anon oftl.e time very d'atreaaing. and we fetred hey would kill him. At first a swelling would at ear, then it would break and make & running sore, rhich would not heal. They became very loath orn and ?.fton painful; they stepped hie growth i.d aeeni?d to undermine liis h'a.'Ui. *o that he be anie f-ift)le aud aickly. We tried Physician* and lediotn^s. but they did no good. A clergyman in ur neighborhood, who had seen aouie reuia.-kab!e utea by jour Cherr* VeotoraJ, advised ua to try onr Sarsaparilla. and we did. The ama lest aorna howed symptoms of healing in about two weeks; a two more they had healed, and In two month* he oh:id was as well as anybody. He now enjujs erf ct heakh, with uo remnant of thediaorder bout him that we can discover. If you, sir, are a arent, >ou may well believe that we ai^all notaoon >r gat you. V?rr lr?!? * >? ? K T ?. / ? ?t J | J VW" liUDIIMO P**l ' C?UV| J1 J*o. W Batii, 1 'rflpared li? DR. J.C. AYER it CO., Lowed, Mat*, a Ue2I ?H>lm a rHK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KKPT BY P. J EMRICH- at thi oorner of Penn. A ?. A 1< vanue and Eleventh street, has ^,enTpT8lT really improved recently and now reater iiiduoementa for the patronage of oitizeua p riU* tiiaa any othar publio houae in the g itt, his prices b?in? leaa thin thoa* of any otter t eta: oa Henr.. avewue, arit hi* accomiuodatioua >r permanent or tranaient boardera nnexoepticn bl<*. The bar and r*?'aarant arrangementa of the turupean Hotel have already become very p<j>ii , ir, b.iiig all that oar. be uesired by the moat fas . c' < ua Tue proprietor aiedgoa . remitted attan ion and oontisaed liberal expeaditureato give sit- , -f?Mion to al:. and thoarcnewa hi? invitation - m 11 to (ire the turopean Hotel a call. ?lc 4 I, HAVE NOW ON HAND A COMPLETE L Stock of? I ,<uiiea' Kid and Laating Velvet Trimmed] Boot* .adiea' Mid and I.a?ting Buttoned Boots, .ariiea' Morocco aud Goattkln Buttoned Boot* Adiea' Thiek and Fur Boot*. Iitiei' Kid Velvet trimmed BooU, lines' Ki-1 Murcooo ar.d Goatskin But'd BooU, A^iee' and Mtaaee' Rubber Long Boots,^ Which i aui ee i<n* from 6(>o. to 01 pair lover ban the same quality oan be bought elsewhere ia hiaorty. Also, a fuH aaaortnr eat of BooU and Shoe* for enta', boy a', andjouflu' wear. J. ROSENTHAL. No 16 Wa-ket Space, de 1 eotf Pa ar., bet 8th and Sth ?u. ^OTICE TO THE PUBLIC. CLOTHING, &c. Agrkat attraction ! GRANDRUSH for seventh street: All Stop at S M I T H ' S , No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "Go tkou mnd do lilcrwtn " (Suah *u the laneoa*e aa>d t>? a c?nt'an\n who bad ra?eivod aome of our great > aritaina ) i hava ja?t rrtnrnal f'??m the NoKh with a vary iarta atoak of CI. 'THING. Ft RNISHINU GOOD*, HATS a*d caps.bough' for oaaha:two third* their net oost.and which 1 will ?e!i at a wail ailvanoa. You aan buy a food <>r?reoat from $3?? &7, a vary fine oaa from 91" to #15, Cape Overo'-at fT'im 9ft to 97S. Roi'a llirtrpiiai ?rnl i~*?? ge7lm J. H. SMITH, ilothik*. W merchant"tailoring E Invite oar ouatoanera.and oitizena general ly, to ail inapeoMon of oar preeent new, at traotive, and elegant aaanrt*n?nt of 1 CLOTHS. CASSlAIKRliS, DOESKINS. VftSTI.NQS, OVERCOATIN?t?. *o. which we will make to order in aapenor' atyle at rery low prioea. WALL, 8TEPHENS & CO oc 25 tf 323 Pa. av.. betw. 9th and 10th a ta. THE 0VL7 PREPARATION worthy OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE * PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in all part* of tn? world teat if* to llv efficacy of PROF. O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, fcnd gentlemen of the Pr*ea are mammon* in ita praiaa. A few teatimoaiala uelr can be here rivon lee ri'cuiar for more, aad it will be linpoaaiule for rou to doubt. 47 Wall Stbekt, Nkw Vobk, D*c.? 18J*. Gentlemen: Your note of the 16th iaat*nt tiaa been received, aaytnx that you had heard that I had been benefited bytheueeof Wood'a Hair Ke itorative, an' requesting my certificate of the fact if f hurt BO ohiftfttinn it-? it I award it to yoa chee'fally, because I think it due. My aze is about Si) year* ; the color of my ha<r *uburr., and inclined to oarl. Some five or nx year* since it heran to turn cay. and (h? aoa p an theorown of my head to lose ita sensibi ity and l&ndruff to form upon it. Kaoh of these disagree - Utilities increased with time, and about 4 months iioce a fourth was added tD them, by hair falling iff tha top of my bead and threatening to make ma Said. lu this nnp'*a*ar.t predicament I was indao^J to :r? Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the ailing off ofmr hair, for I had really no expecta tion that gray bairoould ever be restored to ita >riKtnai color except from dyes. I was. however, [really surprised to find, after the cse of two bot les only, taat not only was the failiag off arrested. >ut the clor was 'cstored to the gray hairs and lensibi'ity to the stalp and dandruff o- ased to form >n my head, rary much to the gratification of my rife, at whoae solicitation I was induced to Uy it For this, among the many obligations 1 owa to isr aex, I atrongly recommend all hastanda who ratua the admiration of their wives to profit ty my ixampla, and use itif growinf gray or gettinc ba d. Very reapectfuHy, Be.*. A. Lavknske. To O. J, Wood k. Co..444 Broadway. N. V. My family are absent from tha city, and 1 am no anger at No. 11 Carrol Piaoa. ^ia*sto:*, A<t., JUiy JO, 1X53. To Ptor. O J. Wood: Dtmr Sir?Your "Hair leatoratire" hu done tuj hair ao lunch good amce onmineooed the ua?or it, that I ?iah to make nova to the public of ita efl acta onike hair, whion re great. A man or woman ma* txmearly deprive * hair. and by a reaort to your " Hair K*?torau\e" he hair wilt retara m>,? beaatifai than ever; at aaal tliia la my expeneuoe. Believe it a>l Youratrulv, Wk. H. Knm P. 8.?You oan puhliah tha above if yon like By abliahing iu oar Southern papera you will cat lore patronage South. I aee aeveral of your oer ifioataa in the Mobil* Mercury, a atrong Southern aper. W. H.Kmist. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIYfc. P*o?. O J. Wood: Dear Sir: Having had the niafortune to loae the beat portion of my hair, fri>m he eiTeota of the yeliow fever, tu New Orieana in 451,1 waa indnoed to make a trial of yonr prepara loa. and found it to anewer aa the very thine, e ded. My hair ia now thick and gloaay, and no rorda oan expreaa my obligation* to you fn giviug o theaffiioted auch a treaaare Knn.iT JoH*aoM The Reatorattve ia put op in bottlea of three aizee. it: large, medium and ama'l: the ama'l hold half , pint, and retaila for one dollar per bottle; the rne lum holda at leaat 2n per oent. more in proportion han the amalt, retaila for two dollara per Dottle; Wa la*?a m. AA ?? ? i c tii fiupnr IU U. KUU IOU.1B IU1 O. J. WOOD & CO., Proprietor*, 444 Broad rij, New York, and 114 ilarkctitraet, St. Loiii rt o. Sold in thia ty by C. STOTT, 373 Pa. avenue. aa. n ? \j .alw somplete in every department by oar reeent uxi ortatione. We deem it unneeeeaary to eaamerate artielea, i* we have every thing that is uauaiW kept in the Dhina Baaineet, from hot deoor&ted French Chin* Dinner and Tea Seta to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and aa we import the majority ofoar gooda, ire are prepared to farniah the beat euality, either in the wholeaale or retail trade, aa low aa any of the importing houiea of Baltimore. Bngiiah and American Cutlery of enperior ^aalitv, Mao, Horn, Baok and Caooa handle Cutlery from the eame faotonea, Silver plated Ware on fine Aibatta, warranted, K large a took of Coal Oil Lam pa, nomeroua pat terna, Paper Lamp Shades and Chmuuee, Cat Glaaa Hyacinth dlaaaea, Fancy Artiolea. Toya, to , fee. c' * pj?!v Globae ?w? uua r?MO?i rta.l r*?i'vw? n?il, Seventh atreet no t$-?o6w DURE OLD EYE WHISKY FOR MEDI I CINAL U8K. Priu $3 m gallon or 90 enUs por bottl*. The TMt home and foreign demand we hare for Lhia artiole aufltoicntly atteeta ita parity and exoel lenoe. Moreover it may be mentioned in tliia oon cxion that many invalid a of delicate organisation, unable to nae whiaky of other brand a, bare found the ahpve moat eAoacioaa and hafM in ita effeeta. A liberal disoount on the above prioee made to Uiatrade. . EDWARD HALL. Dealer in fine Wiaaa aud Liauora, Ptaiailr Oroceriea. *o., npp. Center Market. oo 27-eoM0t between 7th and fch etraeta. pRANCII B A A PEE, FAMILY GEStKA dYeKD STORK, flaiaw Norn York ucmtu and TtsUh strut. Reapeotfaily aolicita the Mlroaage of theee v mar be in want of any artioM in the above line. Hi* sntfenvora ahall be to pleaeet and by a etriot atten IM Pa. At., tow. lira an 1*th 8t*^ Mill ud Wb?rf tort o7^vVr?er th ?t. A FEW P1NB PIANOSTOR RENT BY AP Two Piano* for r?nc At t< ??r moiitfc. rt? ? yoooLreHT^^ usbj^e ua||r ( PARAPP1N Mil from tSMtoM Aleo, SHIRTS, UNDER-GAR MENTS, lTM BRKLLAS. 5*CARFS SHAWLS COLLARS, Tl KS, Gi.OVKS, ami all Innd* of Gents' W earing A?par<l. at astonishingly low price*. IU~ A word to those that want to purchase : Having hootht these good? at rert 'n? pri<-e?. I am 0011 hiicn t toat you can save ?5 por sect. buvi% from me. __ N. H SERVANT^' CLOTHING in a>-undanoa. Don't fc>r?et to oal: at the Pe- p e'nClethiiu St>,e, No. 460 Seventh street, before purchanug else where. and satisfy you'se! ves th*t we ar<* < flerins bargains. J. H SMITH, Clothier, da U-lm No. 4 60 Seventh si,, opp. Po?t (Iticr I^KNTLEMLNS RE *DV MADE CLOTHING. Oar prea*nt aaaortment of 0ENTLE>fKN'S RE&Dt-MAOR LOTH I NO rtfera to citiisiia andatran;era w.shine an i-nnudiat* out fit aope rior induoemeaU, embracing, at thia time, all at?!ea and taalitiae of Dreaa and Bu?tne.> Gar ment* and Overcoata ia all TAn-tiea. Pine Shirta and Under clothing of a!! kinda. Kid and other tilovea of beat qaantr. Scarfa, Tiea, Crarata, Stcka, Hoaiery, A.C., Ac. Ail of wkioh we are offering at rar uaua! low prioea. irr Clothing made to order in the moat aaparior manner. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. no 16-tf 333 Pa. arenae. Great bargains OfTEEKD at THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 460 Sktexth Sikebt. CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS un CAPS, At 30 I'xb Cist. Lsas than the Usual Rates. At SMITH'S, So. 460 Stventk Street. ' N. B -All in want of CLOTHING and FUR NISHING GOODS wi'l find it (reatlj to their ad vantage to give me a caII. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR 8TAR. i feUiag A (mtK variety of Uu sta be food ic uj o??mr? u n Friday noma*. te Bmr'toot*. f** miivb ? ci m Fit#eofm .... _ m. * IS T7Jrr . J " It iavambiy aoaluu tfc* "WntiaKw N?w" tfaa* hM and* TV Dm, It Xmmi 6mr rimlM ao (lamlli Ureaskaat Ui muUt. HT"9tme oopies rta vmrytnl aaa fcapraaarai at tha oonntar, Inunediataly after tha mm of tha WW- Pnao?THREE CKNTR FOB SALE AND RENT. f^OR RENT OR lease FOR A TERM Of YEARS-Th* hol*K and ground* kataly oooariad by Psst?al? Genarai Brrwi, and vary raoent j held fcj Mra. Maith m a fsiala laatitata. For furihar iafarniaUtm a??lj * CHAS. ABERT, EH , or to the abaeribar THOMAS LAWSON, da 4-aotf Sargaoa Gao?ral U. g. Arty. |?OR RENT, in the Firat U a-d?three squares r vast of tha War Department?a snail OP F1CE, with back room, or the former mar answer for a shop; and Parlors and Chambers. separata, or suits 01 Rooms, fumisned or ar>faraiai*ed ; cluoa to the Avar ua. lt^iureat this uAoa. de S 2tawtf 17*OR RENT-A dooirabiaaad well located hrat T class RESIDENCE. No. 46# on S?*th street, betweea 1) aad E sta. Tha house is farm shad with p'a'r k'f'r ern lin^ro MBta* t ho mas FMOR RKNT?Tha fcaa BRICK HOURS No. 100 >Vest st., Georgetown. at preeeat ooob pied br the snbsoriher. It h?.? rivmn h --- Mid water thrnuchout, a fin* yard, stable Ae , snd i.!R?*rfKK.U,""''0"W,0J- " JA8oh>MU FOR RENT?A three etory brick HOUSE, oon feimng 8 room*. In jor>d ord^r, vith |t? bx tures oouiplete, on H st'eet, between 4th and 5th. Alio, ? tw^-story hricfc COTTAUK, viU :?r(* yard attached, oorner of F itrrM north aa<t 14th at. east. To pnnctnal and reliable tenant* Um term* will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twslitk meet, between W aid H. no }j tf FOR RENT.?Two new thrae-story BRICK HOUSES with t*ck hnildin**, each bows* oontaininc I rooms, with tat, pleasantly sttaateJ on ttb street north, between M and N streets, rent moderate. Apt:* to K. LAZKNBY. opposite, or to JOHN T. I.ENMAN, Oluo avenue, between 12th and 18th streets. or 9tf W7>OR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of tiiebqild r iek immediately opposite the west wine of the City HaU,r?cer.i.y oocupi?m by Cbas. ft. Wallaak as ac office. Also the front room tn tbaaeoond tory and the ihird floor of the mm bsuidinc. For terms apply to RICHAF. D YV ALLACH, N*. Louisiana avenne. Ja 1? U EDUCATIONAL^ T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish tbeir daughters to re oeive a thorough and systematic education, where their shy sioal training will receive dailjr and special attention, under the most approved system of Cal is - themos and Gymnastics, are respectfully inn ted to visit the I'nion Female Ai.ul?mi L' anV-tf Prinoipa!s._ Female boarding and day school ALEIAMIRI A. TA. Mr*. S. J. MoCO&MICK. Pm mcifal. The thirteenth annual sesaion of this Institution will oommenoe on Tneaday .September 18th, in the kuuM recently occupied by Sylvester Soott, Cm., No. 1*0 King street. The eonrae of study pnraned will comprise ail the brauohee requisite to a Uioro?xu Eng.ish Kdu cation, and Muuc, Fieoch, Latin aud Drawing, it desired. It addition to day naholara. Mrs. MoCorasiek is prepared to receive a limited number of pupila aa hoarder*, who. constituting a part of her own fam ily, will be under her immediate care and awparvi aion. She will endeavor, aa far aa possible, to anr round tliem with the comforts and kmdl> inflsenoee of Home. Rt/ertutes.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev, Dr. E'.ias Harnaon, Kev. D. F. Sprit*. William H. Fowls. Km-, Edgar Snowden. Esq . Edmund F. Witmer Ksq.. Heury Marbury, Esq., Lewie MoKensie Esq., Roltert H. Hun ton, Kae . VV . D. Waliaoh Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq..Jaa Entwiale, Jr., Eaq ,Col. John W. Minor, Londoun Meaara. Biacklook k. Marshall, Meeara. Cor Brothers. Tsufi. Board, with Tuition in a/1 the English Branches, ?2*) for the asiiual session?payable sead-annnail), in advance. Music and I*angnaces at Professors' prieos. irr No extra oharges. au ?-tI DENTISTRY. M TEETH. . LOOM 13, M. D., the m >fths MINERAL PLATE Tl inventor I TEETH, at *nd? at hia office in tbia city. Many persona oan wear these teeth vho sannot wear others, and nu person oan wear othere rtio oannot wear theae. Peraona calling at my oftoe oan be aaoomaodatad nth any atyle and prica of Teeth they may desire; >nt to those who are partienlar and with the purest, leanest, atrongeat, and moat perfect denture that krtoan frodnee, the MINERAL PLATE will ba nore fully warranted. Rooma in this city?No. JS? Pa.arenas. between th and 10th ata. Also, 907 Aroh a tret, Philadsi rhia. oa It tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MVNSON Ha* returned and irofeeaion. Offioe and hoase at 463 E at.. hird door eaat of Sixth. In addiboa uJ irery o*her approved atyle. Dr. M. haa set eeth on vulcanite Baae for the last three ysars .rid, from exporier.os, knowa it exoe.a all others, ,nd ia one-third leaa in prioe thaa fold. Hie old Atrona of Waahincton. Alexandria, and George own are respectfully ecleited t? oall. an X eoly CARRIAGE FACTORIES. kV^?HINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ' * D Stfrt, Bttwmi 9x4 and 10(4 Struts. IVa W??a ...? C.t.kad ? .. ? ?? Tv uuituuu m naiuurT UI nr*l c.UI fcXIfftfr f&?. fc&TCtfaB; iagit, ami Burnt!, vhiob we will ?11*t M -Ml i vert rntll srott Beicc pmetiaai mtektaioi in different btaachee ?f the DintieM, we flatter ourselree that we know he atytoe and <aaHty of work that will lira eatif aotioa, oombiiuag UfbtaMa, oomfort aad daraUii TRmairinc promptly fad earofnlly attended to he ?bort?c^ncUo4^a^d gioel dachange*. M Tt-4ll "* r CARRIAGES. E Sebwriber having bm? addition* la ki aotory,1naakin* u now one of the large* nine Diitnot, where kia faoilijUa forHKJgfr anntaotnrincCARRIAGE ft LI6HTBK WAGONS 01 au kind* aaunot bo mrpaoood, ar>d rom ai? lonf eipenonoe in the baaineas, ke h?pM 10 five genera. atufketioc. Ali kinds ol Carrtacoe aad kigkt Wacoao kvyt on Land. Ail REPAIRS n>a*ly do?,aad all ordora r?M HP HE THE sa^hcrcq*t4ny LIFE fire mm [>F virginia Dv virginia MARINE of virginia Inmrfta a?fcin?t Iom or du?|? by f r? o?on ta asr" -r- ~iffiffsritfoTriK-" [?a??Roow 1? otw buk f G. o. bemlttl * t6.. 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