Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1860 Page 1
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* . V?k. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 29. 1860. N?. 2.454. (THE DAILY EVENING STAR n : r'JBLMUE* EVERY AFTEfTHOON fSUNDAYS KXCEPTKD,) AT THE ITAIl BriLD!!?<l?, C?'W / nv?mm and 1UA rt. IT W. D. WALUCH. r*r?r? Mtwd la paok*t? by aarrierc At 04 fear, or ST cecta por bobUi. To bmu] tabooriben l*t prw* li |1V t rw, m adwm; ft for iii i&oalh?i 91 for three noalha; aod for laa* m*a l&ree bodCIm at the riU of U Mill A vo*k? BiOfl* oyiM. om cawr; in wrmppert, two eawre. IZT ADrKiuisnTJiaMid beeaat to the oCoe 6?tor? 13 o'a.ook B.; oU*?r?ii? the? may cot MHV aati. the aoxt day. A t HALLENOE, AND WHAT CAME Of IT. *r axxa m. lawso.v Two joang iadief?both vary handsome? war* ?tting together in ?o elegant parlor ?no bright May afternoon Tbair namei ware Era Darcj nd Florence Cary. The former waa the young mietreaj < ( the hoase. and the latter her moatintimata friend They were like dialer* to aacb othar, and shared TerjlOlDj in cuiuuiuu. Era had recently engaged herself to a young man named Frederic Lee; and, as the ladio* were wholly ior?Mrr?<l in their friendly in tercourse, the betrothment tu now the subject of conversation. * I have heard it said that Mr. Lea is par timonions: even miserly!" remarked Florence, with privileged freedom; " and in that cue, Era. you will lead a moat sorry life. 1 am no adrooate for extravagance or improvidence, but a stingy man u almost invariably a tyrant, ant] by no ineaxu the psoper person tO make a woman hioaf." I agree with yo? in tbat, Florence re- J ponded Eva; " but moat emphatically deny tee application in thia case. Frederic iacare ful and economical, I admit?for he baa a land able ambition to get ahead in tbia world?buf othing more: and I would far rather hare him that way than be made to feel that he was more gunorou* than just, more free than wise." Why, Eva. Fred. Lee a atingineas is pro verbial imoDf all the young men of his ac quaintance !" exclaimed Florenee. " I have beard several apeak of it in no complimentary terms " " Indeed!" responded Eva; " and did they aay in what conaisted his stinginess ?" " Certainly, my dear ! he's never ready to spend as others do," rejoined Florence, quick ly. ** Those may not be the exact wards, but that *aa what H amounted to." 44 But that doea not constitute atinglnea* !" said Eva, calmly. 44 If he will not ^uander his limited means in idle and useless dissipa tion K* i? nniM nriitlent than narsimoninus. and far more deserving of credit than ceniure. Mr Lee enjoys himself in all reasonable and rational wajs, I feel certain, and is never close-handed when thecaJl is of a deserving character Nor is he at all backward in con tributing to the enjoyment of his ladj friends, as you yourself welt know. But let me ask a question. Florenoo. probably that will throw s?me ligh t on the subject. l>oes Mr. Lee accept of arfy favors from his friends, whiah he doeanot show a willingness to reciprocate?" " Oh. no ! he neither gives nor receives; and makes it a practice to refuse all invitations to partiolpate is thoee pleasures generally so con genial to young inen of his age." ' Then it seems that Mr Lee's stinginess is bat a misunderstanding between himself and his friends in regard to the true meaniag of the word V said Era. with undisturbed sere 1. ut. /? I. fVi.L. that k. ?ill DllJ. ~ Alio II iOUU3 WUIUA VJ??1 ubVMucv uv? mu not eoBwnt to ' treat' and be * treated'?I be lieve those are the terms, my dear?because he will not actually squander his mean* and injure himself. both in body and reputation, that he is stingy; and he thiuks differently, and with a true, manly indepenJence. conducts himself According to his own impressions. Isn't that just so. Florence ?" " Weil, yes, perhaps it is: but still be might be a little more social and liberal; and yet not hurt himself And it don't follow, either, that he most become really dissipated, as you seem to think, Eva. Now, for my part, I feel oar tain there must be something in it more than we can SOC, Vl SU?U < ?V(r;n nvuiu uvt vi ?*?> * v got into circulation. Still, I have nothing to charge against Mr. Lee myself, and wouldn't have you think so for anything. I speak onlj for your own my dear. Sungy met always were my aversion. however, and I'd i hundredfold rather die an old maid than lint my fat* with oae who bears the suspicion ol such a character " " And so would I, Florence earnestly re sponded Era; " bat I think you are mistake! in regard to Mr Lee; and I fancy, yoa kan been led astray by others who do sot promptlj appreciate his motives." "And, I snppoM, you think that yoa do un derot&nd Lim !*' 441 hop? m; and, to prure my words, I'l make 700 a challenge " " Well, my dear, what ia it like ' I'm opei to conviction- and therefore, agree to anythinj reasonable " At that moment something about the persoi of Florence appeared t? attract Era's partita lar attention " What is it. Era?" inquired Misa Cary, in stantly noticing the cireamiunce. ' What a beautiful new bracelet you ha* got !" responded Era. "Let uie look at it. J gift from papa. I suppose ?" " Oh, no; Dick Freely gare me that, with pa pa coDient, of eourse. Richard Freely, it may be well to remark #m pusiMHt was generally looked upon a* Mil Carjr j moat assiduous, and, indeed, moat ac eepuble suitor. ** Of eonrse"'saiJ Era. ''And so Dick Freel made you a present of this!" ahe added, tart ing the bauble over and over. " It is ver handsome, and must have coat fifty dollars, i least. Dick is very generous." "Just as free as water, my dear! And, lik nt. Dick hataa stingy people most consnmoc 1 y." " Ha hatea Mr. Lee, then!" rejoined Eva, i she handed tha glittering bracelet baok to h< friend. "Oh, no' not hate him. Eva, by anymeans! xclaimed Florence, in a deprecating mtnne ' lie thinks bim very close, though, and vei queer, too, for young man." " Well, I must say, Mr. Lee never coee ' auch lengths as that; nevertheless, I'd be wi ling to make you a handsome present if, upc trial, my Fred should net display the moet re ehanty." " I accept the wager, Eva!" rejoined Flo nee; "not out of any particular dislike to M Lee. nor from any eepecial 'regard for II Freely, but simply with a view to test tl young gentlemen, and satisfy aurselva* B bow snail the trial be made?" ' I'll tall you!" said Eva, who forthwith e tered into a full description of her little pla *' Fred," she added, ineonolusion,will be he #k(a sn/1 Man rvnt kim tA tkn la Vf HUM n W VMM UIU1 W kUV M at one#. " So we can, my dear'"' Tha scene changes. Jaet about dusk of .he same day on which E and Florence held the above-mentioned oody< aation, two Ine-looking, handaomely-attir joang Ma accidentally mot together en t ooner of croaa streets. a few squares from t reeidence of the first-mentioned young lad Ther were Fred aria L >? and Kiohard Freelj They stepped, shook hat da, and paaaad t ti*aal stereotyped compliments. 111 sappoee you re going to Miss Darcy Lee!" said Freely. I asa, Diek, was the quiet reply. " I'm boa ad there, too, my fine fellow ! 4reaped is to Me Mim Cary awhile ago, a ?u teld that I should find her at MiaaDaroj whither I wai wending my way when chaneed to meet. Fine girl*, both. Don't j think eo, Lee'" ' I do, Wok." " Ezonae me, Lee; but, now. don't j really think Miaa Darcy aeema a little too o faataiooed. a tri?e too ptin?" 44 Not to my eyea, Dick, thongh aha may tome othera!" " Well, I anppoee we don't all of ua alike." Ne; tk >t a trne!" reeponded Lee, with Almost imperceptible smile. At tbht moment, two poorly, Uly-elnd males, with their facea eUeely mnffled up old, ragged hood*, eame around the oon Md ballad lu eloM proxiaitj to the toi i&a*. Om walked with a can* and Imbm a the arm of the other, and both looked por< ftriekea eaoogb in all oon?ci?oee. ' Charity, geatlcq^en !" exclaimed the gfciA lilkk * who was supporting the other, and who ap peared te be the younger of the two. The tones of her voiee were aad and husky; and the young men stopped, Lee halting first, however, and Freely follofring his example, as if he could not well help it. Diok paid bat little or no attention to the women, oat Fred regarded them earnestly and attentively "Did I understand you to solicit charity ?" said the latter, kindly addressing the mendi cants "Are you really in want f" ' Painfully so,sir!" waj tha smothered reply. '-My mother ia very old and feeble, as you may ?(*, and my own dayaare sw.'ftly passiug away. We hare no friends at all to Keep us, and nothing to depend on bat the cold charitr of the world, I worked as long as I was able; but this winter I oonld not find a great deal of employment, and what little I oould was al most too muoh for me. We lire in a garret, sir. and sever pais a day that we do not expe rience the direst want!" sighed the woman, in conclusion. "Theold story,Lee'"' abruptly, cried Freely. "You'd meet a doceu ruch in erury square of th? city; and they'll all tell the same winning, pitiful tala Don't giro em a cent! I won't! If they're as bad u?" as they say they are, let 'euf go to the poor-house!?that's the place for all such vagrants." , ' You and I, Dick, hare different notions on a good man} subjects!" responded Lee; "and, contrary to your advice, I shall aid these poor creatures to the beet of iny ability. If they deceive me, the punishmont will be theirs, not mine." Turning to the women, and at the t<ame time drawing some coin from his pocket, he added : " Hero are a couple of dollars for your pres ent needs ; and if you will call at my place of business. No. street, and inquire for Frederick Loe, I will see if something more cannot be done to aid you." *'God bleas your kind heart!" simultane ously responded the two women, in deep ear nest tones. u Won't you jrive them a trifle, Dick?" add ed Fred, turning to Freely. " Not a farthing. Lee ! I can lay my money out to a better accuunt than that, I tell you !" " Well if you won't you wen't, I suppose." rejoined Lee: but, in such a ease, I think the money is well invented." " And I don't, my boy; so thoro's just the difference between us!" responded Freely, turning upon his heel and moving off. Af:er again requesting the mendicants to call upon him, Lee followed his selfish, heart ies companion. With very little conversation,and that nearly all on the part of Freely, the young men reach ed Miaa Darcy's residence, and were shown iuto vuv i/aiivi , n im mo mcuibucq mav uio lamvo would make their appearance in a few minutes. Immediately after parting with the young men, the beggar women turnod down the crosa street outer fight; and it iru strange to see what a jrreat and sudden change came orer them. The decrepid old woman straightenod herself up, and both appeared to forget their feebleae?9 and regain new life. With rapid steps, thej hastened through a small, back street to the rear of Miss Darcy's home, which they entered through the back-yard. heed I tell the reader that the begzar-women were personated by Mis.' Darcy and Miss Cary; or that the former made good her word in re gard to Frederick Lee ana Richard Fieely? I 1 think not. Upen reaching Era's apartment, the young i girls hastily threw off their disguises, and pre > pared to go down into the parlor. 1 "Wei!, Florence, are you convinced?" de manded Era, meantime. " Entirely so!" was the emphatic roeponse, " and if ev?r any one says, ia my presence, that Fred Lea is stingy, I shall contradict them. As for Dick Freely?he's a brute, and I'm done with him "I am pleased to hear you express sash sen timents, Florence!" responded Era, " and 1 hope that oar adrenture will open yoar eyei folly. Now, let us go down stairs: bat not i word or sign about our eacapade. It was rath er imprudent upon our parts; and the censo rious world might not give us proper credit foi our practical experiment " * i u oe quite damo on tbe subject, my deai Eva!?though I shouldn't wonder at all if J were a little huffy to Mr. Dick Freely. Jus: to think of the puppy speeding fifty dollars foi a bracelet for me. and refuting a pittance to i poor, lick woman!" 44Oh! but he'? ?o generous !?so free re ;ponded Miss Darcy, with a alight laugh * Don't! now don't Eva, if you love me!" The youog girls tripped down stairs and int< tbe parlor; and an hour or ao afterward. Flor euoe departed for her home, accompanied bj Freely, whose escort, under the circumstances she could not well refuse. Frederic Lee, bow ever, remained all the evening with Mia Darcy, but neither before, nor after the do partnre of Florence and Freely, was any refeT enoe made to tha mendicant women. Richarc CvoaIw nr>iKtl.l v sftrfl Tk/?fr Ml wa iKa mattar i X l wa vvai/i^ viu uu? gn q ?u? uiaibvi ? second thought?Fredorio Lee, too, frequently exercised his charitable feelings to think tb< subject of any particular importance?and th girls had their own reajons for avoiding th topic. Both the young ladies were a littl cold to Dick, however; and, bat for fear of be traying their secret, would probably have dia played their feelings still more pointedly. On the plea of a headache, Florence excuse' herself for not inviting Kichard Freely int the house, as usual; and the next day?bein, realty a woman of right miud and good prin ciples?she returned the young gentleman hi and resnactfullv but AIv ile oiiued the honor of bis oompany, in acy othe respect than &J an acquaintance. Disk was T?rj mucu put oat at this unlock? for tarn in events; bat though he tried hard he oould not ohange the fiat that had gon forth. At length, ha yielded to bia fate an went hia way, and without eren the satisfa< tion of knowing what had led to bia dismiosa A short time afterward, Frederic Lee an Era Daroy were married, and the happy yous bride never had the alitfhtest reaaon to ree:< her ehoiea of a husband. In a few years, L? became a man of means and influenoe, an was as much beloved abroad as he was at b own pleasant fireside. Florenoe Cary soon found another suitor; bi ner new admirer was entirely ainereni ma frym Freely. A year or so after Lva's ma riage. abe too, gave herself away?cenfiden this time, that ahe had made a good selectioi and would not be disappointed. ' lie's just liki your Fred, I am rare!" ?1 whispered to Bra, on ber wedding-night; an happily, after-times proved that her won were prophetic. He was lika Frederic Lea; and two bett men, or two happier women, the san nev shone upon. Subsequently, the gentlemen were let in the secret of the little event which I have ju recorded; and, at the time of the revelatio Era returned to her husband the two dollai always csrefolly preserved, which he had fciodly bestowed upon the toi ditant beggai The money, with a considerable addition, w .r, mm A L..4.J . Am. m I wwrwsiu u>nuT7ii vi?i w ucnvrviug uuarn As for Dick Freely, mdir, he married heiress, spent her money, broke her hoa a id "went to the bad" in few years ? N. Mercury. fas ErricT or Tax osa Hvaoaan Guns Good 8to* ?It was announced by the Journ aad ao doabt flaw by telegraph to different pa of liar country, that one hundred gune were fli In thla place In honor of the eeeearion. We wot lifce to and along with that report a statement the efbet predated by the anneereury waste powder In leea than twenty alautaeafterl lring, rmj *e?el la port, w? believe, exo one, rua up the start and air 1 pee ' There baa been such a display of banting la our river i along oar wharves for a long time.? Wilming (S.C.) Hi raid. IET The flow of apocle from Europe to Ualtrd Stetaa eontiooea wttboat abatement^ FOR THE HOLIDAYS. JJ O FOR THE HOLIDAYS! SEVENTH STREET FOREVER! FUN FOR THE CHILDREN Prksints S?citablk for All Asm! 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will dhanre it to a hMutifnl lifa life* Brown and Slack. It l? not an instantaneous Ore which orooks, sinuta and gives a d ad hla.3k color to the hair; the patiant hav>ng to submit tn <n>apiu<. wMb n[ and sponRi r.R of the hair every time t is applied: nor ii it a preparation of sulphur, sugar of lead, ice-., dot iA an? ingredients d?let*rioua to the heir of akin. It ia an article requiring no preparation, so wash ing before or after tiai'c, it ia applied ia five min ute* time, and with aaInfra trouble as any ordinary article for tha toilet. **F?ople who have used this preparation declare it ia miraculous in ita efffota, and that it will p^r form all that it pretend a to do baliou's Ptetorial. "ita suoce?a wonderful, and we can only aay we i*d??r?e all the proprietor aaya in retard to it"? Botton Journal. "We observe, by a notice in a Boston paper, that a premium wasawarded bv the Ma?aachu setts \i* chanion' Charitan.e Association .at their Ut? Fair, Boston, to Mr. Joseph Hoyt of thia oity, for his celebrated 'Iliawatht Hair Restorative,' an artiol* which riohly merited this favor. It was fur its su perior merit!) in this respeot that the CoinnuUee, af ter suiBotect evidence presented to tneinse ves, awarded to Mr Hojt thia flattering testimonial."? Fiovidenrt Eitmn* Pell. Sold in Washington l>y J. W.Nairn. D. B Cl.vk, Kid well if, Lawrenoe. I).??. Rid*e!ey. In <?e:?r)t? town by J. L. Kidwetl, and by Druggists generally, d# 12 ! rn Read the following from the veil known Captain of the steamer Fulton: Niw OllUifn, 3d Oct , la?. fir. J. C. Ayr, LowtlL?sir: 1 am urged by my wile to report to yon a cure teur fcjargapari! a has made in our family, end as it is the nnir way iu which we can make you ar.y acknowledgement of onr gratification, I will proceed t.? state My little eon. eleven years old, has had Srr Jn!a borr? on his ears. nock aiid arms far five year* They were much of the tim? very distres?tDg. at.d wo fe*ret 1 they would kill him. At first a swelling would ap pjar, t/.ea it would break and make a innnirc eore, which wnuld not heal. They hfnarne rwrj ! 'ath R(im? and often painful; they st'-ppe<l his erowth ar.d sreni**<l to undermine hi a h?ah?. t o thai he be came feeble and B'ckljr. Wo tried Physicians and Medicine*, hut they did no good. A olergyman in our nei?hl>orh<>oH, who had seen some remarkable cure* l>y jour Chorr* Pectoral, advised us to try yonr SarsapsnHa, and we did. The sma !e?t sores bowed symptoms of healing in about two weekt; in two more tbey had healed, and in two months the child was as well as anybody. He now enjoys perfect h?fc.h>with no remnant of thedisorder about him tnat we can dn>o<>vor. If you, sir, are a parent, you inay well believe that we mail not soon forget you. Very truly, your hu>nble servant, Jno. W. Batk?, Prepared by DR. J.C. AYER k CO., Lowell,Mass. de21 eolm ^PECIALNOTIOE TOOUR friends and customers. We have had their bills all made off, and those wr Vi ?? arAfa* na i liitw a# m< r /t AaW I?? ikann will n ! aa m rt w ?" ciuici uaiuiik uu i "uo* ' in kuriii win picnsu do an by the 28th mat. After thatdue we shall render rvry bill on onr books, and owing V? the great panio w? roust a.-k ur friendato make prompt parmo.'iU, as we are in want of a'l inonev due ua at thia time. J. W. COLLEY i Cu., de 21-2w 323 Seventh at., al>ove Pa, av. TllK. EUROPEAN hotel, kept by p. E.MRICiL at the corner of penn. A . . A avenue and Eleventh atreet, h\a llA?nYf-W>? greatly improved recently an<l now offer* XL2&X greater induoementa for the patrona<e of oitize-je and strangera than any other pubiio houae in the oitf, hia prices being leaa than those of any other hotei on Peno. avenue, hia accoinmodationa (or pannanent ?r trn.ue.eut hoarders unexception able. The bar and r?a?aurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu lar, bciug all that aau be deaired ?>y the nx?at fan tidioua. Ti.e proprietor pledges unremitted atten tion and o ntiaued in-oral expenditures to giva sat irfanuon to aU, and thus renew* hi* invitation all to five tlie h.uropean Hotel a call. de 4-ti HAVE NOW ON HAND A COMPLETE Stock of? Ladiea' Kid and Laatiag Velvet T.-i named Boota Ladiea' Kid and Lasting Buttoned Boots, ' Ladiea' Morocco and tinatskln Buttoned Boota Ladies' Thiog and Pur Boots, MisseB' Ki-i Velvet-trimmed Boots, Miasen' Kin Mnrooeo ar.d Goat* kin Hit'd Boota, Ladies' and Miseea' Rubber Long Boota, Wb'ch 1 atn seitng fr^m 50a. to $1 P?ir lower than the ume quality can bo bought elsewhere in tbia city. m Also, atu'i aneoriireni 01 tsoou ami anoes ior tents', boyi'. %id youth*' **r, J. KOsENTHAL, No. 16 Ma-ket Spaes, de 1 eotf Pa av., bet 8th aud ??tu ?t?. J^OTICE TO TIIK PUBLIC. The undersigned haa inat ojf-n?d a wholes' PRODUCE and MARKETING STOKE ati, Ninth stnet. opp.aite Center Market, wherei. will he rooeiting daily a general assortment o every tniui that grows oa a farm, fre?h from tha hand* of the formers, such aa Turkejs. Chicfcena, Ducks, Geese, Kte?, Butter?of all qaalitiei. at Baltimore prices?Dried Fruit. Apples, Flour, Beam, &o , Ac., which 1 will sell aa oheap as can be bought in this oity, Alexandria, or Baltimore. Dealers and hucksters arc respeotfut y invited to call and examine for themselves. de6 t< J. K. CANFIELP. LOAKS! CLOAKS!! CLOAK 8!!! The Camilla, the Arab, tho Garibaldi, The Romeo, the Zouave, the Albanas, The Richard, the English 9a^k, theFrenon S?ack. With many'other new and beautiful styes in Rept. Treeo and Frenoh Beaver Cloth, in prioes from 63 So to to which we ask the attention ol me i&mea. DO 17 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. publio thai he has opened a LICr.r*Sfcl> fAWDi OFFICE at No T? Louisiana avenne. between stii and iota tU , a Tew doo-? east <>t the new Cen tral Gnard-house, where he will be at all tirr.ei prepared to wait on his patrons with promptness, attention and the strictest justice. N. B ?Jewelry, Dry Goods, Clothing, Meolian io?i' Tonla, fto., always on hand at pritate sale. d? 7 1m* ?F YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION shortest not ce and on liberal terms. P. S.?Oysters served to larailies and hotels an not scalded; they are ouly scalded for persons eat Singer's Sewing Machines. 3*9 PENN. AVBNUE, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. Wo invitji the Dnh'in attention to nnr new .9A' ing them at the saloon. Jet T. M. HARVEY. FAMIIjV 8EWl.NO MACHINE. Thi? Machin u iinaursasaed in th? household. It r?na emoot; and awift; tnos, htm.1, fills mud taikm, will mi the finest *wia* or cloth ten layer* fhick.and an Uunc between the two extremes, in a beautiful an auhataotial wanner. Maohineain mahoiauy, wal nut ami ro?ewr>od caaea fr^m #60 to ?1<W. On large vxbrattnt rrtarr mnchin*^ for ooaHi trimmer and aatMlera. is without a rjval. Hilk, Twini Thread, Needle*. Bobbin*, Oil, io., always o hand at New York p'ioee. nTBead for a oopr of 1. M Singer & Co.'a Ga ?ette. CHARLES A. 8PONSLKR. no ST 6m Agent. /Ov NOTICE. /0> /"A RKMOTAL. A j W O I have re mo red mi O % FAWN OFFICE to .141 C street, between 4H and 8th atreeta, immc diateJy the rear of the National Hotel, wher the bu?ineaa will be continued aa heretofore at th iann nvD7UL?n VIU BI?UU. I ut/ urvia I trrirtw f^IBBS' WIG. BRAID AND CURL MANL ll FACTORY, Mi) Hean. a venae, dmt the 001 nor of Thirteenth atreet.?A very complete Maori m*nt of Braids, Carls. Fnxettes, B&ndeaui, Ac now on hand: also, iftade to order at the abort* notvoe. Hair w oik repaired or taken in ezehacx m S-lm pURE OLD H^WI,r FOR MKD! Priu #9 per gmltm er SO cents per bottle. Tbe raet home and foreign demand we have ft thi* article snfieiently attests ita purity and exoe tenoe. Moreover it may be mentioned in thie 001 nexion that many invalid* of delicate orcamaatioi anable to nee whisky of other brand*. Have font the ahpve moet efficacious and happy in ita effect uiia?,li,,K " -^Aso'sst^'' Dealer in lee Wines and Llaeora, WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! STOVE ted KINDLING WOOD, at the Iowa T./.*W.M.8ALT. _ _ ?? ^ ?- > <?? ?>? ?<MSb THE BK8T KIND OF P*E8ENTB1-N?w . i- moouI h*-d Pi?no?, priOM from $U to 964 Gait&ra, Violin*, FlaUa, Banioa, Aooord?ou T*u hormM, M>?o, *.?. JOHN P. El.LIB, 1> ?Q? Pa. >th **4 lOdl if gi jsgypamMft CLOTHING, &c. ?* "* * ?i ? > ? *! a /> m 11 v Aunr.Ai ai i i iw,< ; GRAND RUSH FOR SEVENTH STREET' All Stop at S M I T H a, No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "Gotkou and do liktwin " (Such was the Ungual* u?t>d h? a gentleman Wu? had received sori.e of our great tar^ains ) I hare jnot returned from trie North with a very iar?e stoafc of CE 'THING, FLRNiSHINU GOOD*. HATS ai.d CAPS. for oash at two thirds their cost .and whioh I wiLi *e!< at a ?iia I advance. You cau huy a ro*>d Overonat from $3 to s7, a very fir e oca from #10 to 515, Cape Ovjio at from 9* to ?I5, Boy'a Overcoat ami Cape Coat from $3 50 to $5 H-1 SWIM rs I'Nncn.fl4R UF.NTS. (TIC. BRhLLAS. 8CARP9 8HAWL5, COLLAR?*. T1KS, GLOVKS.mi) all kind* of Gents' Wearing Apparel. at astonishingly low price*. A word t? those that want to puroh**e : Having l>ontht thes* goods at mrj 'nw pri'."M. I am Qonbdeut that you can savo ia per ooot. buying from me. N. H. SKRVANTf*' CLOTHING in abnndano#. Don't forget to oall at the Peop e'a Clet him Store, No. 4C0 Seventh street, before purchasing else where, and satisfy you*!vm that we are (ferine ba'gains. J. H SMITH, Ciothie', do 14-lm No. 4 60 Seventh st., opp. Post ^EXTLKMKN'S RK VDV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment 01 ORNTLKMKNI RKaDVMADK CLOTHING offers to eitii^us and strangers wishing an immediate out fit supe rior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities of Drees au<I Basinee* Gar merits and Orerooats ia all varieties. Fine Ss*rt? and Underclothing of all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of liMt qaaity. Soarfs, I'll. Cravau, Stwk*, Hosiery, Ac., A*. All of whioh we are offering at ?>Hr uruv low p'ices. VJ~ Clothing mad* to order in the most superior manner. WALL. 8TEPIIKN8 A C??.. no IS-tf 321 Pa. a^enae. CJ RE A T B A R G A I N 8 * Offerkd at thk PEOPLE'S CLuTHIHU STORE. No. 460 StriXTH SlRKgT. CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOD?, II ATS AMD CAPS. At 50 P?1 C BST. I.KK THAW THt 1 ' ? rt i 1 HlTK. At SMITH'S. JVo. 460 Srvnth St reft. N. B ?All in wait of CLOTHING and FUR NISHING GOODS wit find it gre&ti) to their M vwntace to give me & cal!. oe 7 lm J. H. SMITH. Llotihek. MIC HA N T TAILOK I NR. ~ E Invito our outtomer?,and ottiien* rene ral ly, to an inspection of our present new, at tractive. and e!e?ant aasort?ifnt of>M CLOTHS OASSIMhRKS, OOKSK1NS, VfcSTiNGS, O VEIl COATINGS, Jtc. which w* will make to order in aupenor l,,f tyle at very low pno?s. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. oc25 tf T?2 2 Pa. av.. betw. "Hh and 10th ?t?. Dr. J. II McLEAN'8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD ri'RIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? WORLD, It U auietW > aci nuis and t<|?u l',? CorupomnJ, pro cured by the dleulla Uou of rouU) h?rb?, ?d bark a. Tlllo* Dock, BlooJ R -ot, BUck Roo'. Sarupa rtila, Wild Cht.-rf ?irk. and Dandelion eiuere into lu coin pMlUtn. The entire aeu*e remedial pi ociple of aact infredlent U IM w?u*Ht - | _ ? tkorM(hly attracted Aft tflkiUf. by tnj l t w iof lho4 ?f w diililUug, prodncinx a dt.iuau, eiiaiaretinf eplrit. and U* laoetiefnliiV.e rwi '} reuoeaunj tee dieeaeed re-.eni, ar.d reetarinf iLe elik, ??5erir.f, at.d dektiuaud Uiralld 10 healtfc and etreaffth McLEANS STRENGTHSNIXG CORDIAL Will tui Lifir Coraclamt. Dtiunala. Jiac die*,Chrome or Nir?ou Oebiitty, Din?niVtt* KJdraya, nod oil diaaaaoa ariotaff from a dioordarod U*ar or Bioaacli, Dtapapaia, Heart barn, Inward Piloo, Acidity or Bickaooo of the Utomatb, rallnoaa of Dluod to tho Hand. Dall Put or vmrniof In tbo Hood, Falpltatloa of tho Heart- Pallneea or Weiftit ta tbo Stomaeft. Soar Bractauoae, Chokin# or afocauaf Feeling whoa lorier down, Dryaeee or TalioW neea of (>. Ikk tad K;h. HlflitHotu, Inward Fn?ri, Pud to tte Small of the Back, Cheat, or Side, Sadden Plaebea of Boat, Depreaaioc of Bplrita, FrlfbtfM Dreamo, Larraor, Deapocdeney or aajr car*oaa dmuj. Boree or Blotcbee on the Skia, and Fe?er and Afao (oW:hiUe aad Vatu) 07KK A MILLION BOTTLE8 bare bean aold dariar the laet ait montho, aad la ao ta baa i: failed ta firtaf oaura eauatacuoc. 1% bo. thea, will acfar from WiumH or OeMhty when McLCAMl STRlCMUTHEHmO CUHDIAL will cure ya? 1 Mo lanfaafo can eooToy aa adequate idoa of the lmeadi au and almoot alraculoaa change prodacod by taking iLia Cordial in U.a dieeaeed, Jebilita'.ed. uJ abauorod ner*oae eyatea, whether fcrokan dewa It esceea, weak If naiaro, or Impaired by aJekoeee, the related and ar.eirw.g offul tauaa la roaiorod to IU priatiao baaltb aad ?if?e MARRIED PERSONS, or othere, eonacioaa of inability frtun whatever eaaao, will tod McbKAHl STRk-WuTllKNlHtf COROlAb a the reagb regenerator of tho eyatea; and all * bo mar Lara ta lared tbemael?ee by Improper iadslgeocee wui tud 1a tile Cordial a ctrtain and epeedy ramady. TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRENOTHKNIIfO C'ORDIAL '.a a aovor J? - - ? J - - ?-^ I.. Uaimaaf pA^anannaiiu K k.Ua >i(~H tua j v?i? Obotrmcud or DiSealt Mtoatraatioa, laeoatlnonea of L'rlna or lo*?i?Lt*ry Duciiarga tbaroof, failing of tba Woab, Uidjiuiu, Kaiutinf, aaa til Umuii licidim to Piatlti. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT for bo longer. Tako it according to diracuooa. It will ttiraalaia, airangUiaa, and Invigorate yoa ud cauaa tL< bloom of health to ncut your cheek agaiii. t'lrj bottle n *uruto4 to |i?i uofcction. KOR CHILDREN If rour children are eiekly. par.y or aflicted, M< LEAN'S CORDIAL, will iua*e tboai healthy, fat, ud rol tat. Oalaj not a laooient; try it, ud yoa will bo coca meed. It U do Ucioae to take. CA UTIOX. Beware of dr?;/ritu or dealere who ni; try to pela ?pot yea eonwe bitter or eareapenlla traeh, which aey eaj> hoi cheap, by aaying it li (lit u pod. Avoid inch non. Ail for Mi LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CU1DUL, and lata nothinr elaa. It la the only romady that will panfy thi Blood "tioroeghl? and at tbo aamo time etrengtben the ey'atem One taaapoonral taken e?ery morning [uu>{ la a eertaii preventive for Cbolora, Chilla and fi??r, Tallow Patir, u any rrevalent diaaaaa. It ia pat up la large boulee Frici or.Iy ?1 per bottle, or 6bottloo for ?E J. H McLEAN, a^i. nrnnriiuu ai Lkia Cordial: alao. McLaaa'a Volcanic Oi LinVnaol. Principal Parol Ml iha ooraar af rkirti ao< Pin* ?tr??u, *l. Laaia, Mo. McLean's Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (TOE BEST LINIMENT IN TME WORLD > Tk? Ml; and ciruio car* far Cuun, Pitta, Ti mart, SwaUtngt and DrocchtU or Catua, Paralrau, Ku ralfia, Wa?*ut?t nt tht Moaclti, Chronic or laiuamuor; jKaitvatuin, Sufnaaa of Lha Joiau, Contract td Metalaa Lifamanu, Ktncli m TooUacba. Brmatt, twtlu, Trati Cam, traufa, L'lctra, Ft?tr Soraa, Caktd Briui, (or Nf plat, Bsmt, IctMl, Sort Throat, or aaj uhaatuon o pata. no difarauea hnw H'lii or lone tht diiiua ma na** alio*.ad, MCLEAN'S CELEBRiTED LINIMENT i a carta in rtrotdr. of hanaa kimn ha?< baan aa?ad a lift oI du crapitada and nuaary by lha uaa of Lbaa iaaalaabla rimtdy. McLEAlTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rtliaaa (win aimoat mnuUMOwl;, tad it vtll claar pvrify and haaJ the foalaat aoraa in aa utcradtbla ahon thai FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia lb a oaly aa< and raliabla ramady for Ua enra ut Sparta, RucW< Wiadfalla, Spliata, Unnataral Lampa, Nodaa or SaraUiafi H >a<ir fail ad to ear* Bif Haad, Pollaril, Piatala, Ul Ruaninf Boraa, or Svaanjr, if (.roporly appiiad Fi Sprains, Brmaat, Bcratcba?t Craekad HaaLa, ChaJaa, Saddl ar Collar Qalla, Cata, Boraa, or Woaada, it u an lafallibl ranadj Apply it u dtraatad and a ear* ia carwia ta avar iMUBCI> Than triia ao lour ar vith tha ?any vortUaaa Liainan farad U too. Obtain a aapplt of OR. MCLEAN'S CKL1 BRATED LINIMENT. It Till car a yo?. J. H. McLEAN, Sola Pronator. Com a r Third tad PUa au, k. Loan, Ma. CHARLES STOTT, tit Pa. a*., aola tfaal ia Waahini toe; R.S. T.ClflSEL.Ooorgf w. oaM-DSWlr piANCIS liBPI *. FAMILY CRO^KKY?A*NODFKKD STORK, Corner ?f New York *omu* and T*mth strut, Re?p?ctfu!ly ao.ioiU tk? iatronR?e of thoMW m?? be in wend of any articW ia the aunre fcna. Hi andflarort a hall ba Jo pia>\*e, and by a strict attat Hon to ins vmu ui i puuwo. Rl of tlMir p?troiiMe. His took oonaiataof 9T*rf article really to t found in int^lui Family Grocery aa^E?j Wood coal MS Pa. At., B^tw.ujh a*? Itra Bik and Wharf A?WWiP>^ A, mmntf 7%r P??itwmiit da a ?1N8E\in? A BL'RCHEt.U J^EW BOOI^*y FR^ENjCH 4JR[CH8TEIN* laiinia a in nl liiT^"Tiiai ' ~~ - m ?? ! ?TW wyiw ? It lavtnaWr oatuni tkm " Waakiaftoa N?Vt" that: bu made Jlu Drntlg Mrmmt 8tm #m?(i o (?mliT Uroukoit U? oeaatry. C7"8?ft*le aopiee (It *rappe > ?u bt frodt*4 at the ooiaUr, lamaditfrty altar U* mil of tfce HHr Proa-THREE CENTS. FOR SALE AND RENT. t>OR RENT OR LEASE FOR A TERM OF F YEAR9?The Hut PKudGMOlNW iataiy oocuned br Poftmut#' G?bwi! Ilroara, and T*r; recently h?id hj Mm. Smith aa a female in?tJtBT?. For further toforinatiot npp.) to CHA3. AfiERT, Em, or to tfcc eubaonber. THOMAS LAWSON. d? 4 aotf Sqrtaon Gea?r%, U.S. Armf. I^OR RENT, in the Kirst Wtrd-ikrM muvn F veil of the War Drpa-trr> at?a amaJ( OF FICE. *rith back room, or the former may aiiawar Tor a ahop: and Pariora and Chambers, aoparaie or au;ta of Roome. furnufced or ui rurn.afcad; cloaa to the A ret ue. Inquire at thia ofice. _de 3 Stawtl l?OR R FAT-A -te-irah'o awl ??4! located iret & cImi RESIDENCE. No. 469 or Sittk atroet. l*?tw*rn II and K eta. The huuM ta furaiahMl with 41 the modern improvement*. Apply t?> THoM AM J'AKKKR. no ?-oot? FOR RENT-The See BRICK HOr*E No. 100 WMtat., UMt|*to*a, at pr?*Nt ocpo pied bj the aubeonber. It feu tt roovi, with tu and water thronrbout, a ya'd, atahle As . and ii in arood not* El-orhood. Apply to J At*. A.MA b H L1)EK. _ om ? tf L"OK RENT?A threo itorr brick HOUSE. ?on i ia:r.inx ? nwini. in t?v<l order, with im tx t-ire* oomplete, ou H it-eet. betwoen 4th and Ita. Alet>. a tTv-iturr brick CoTTAUH, will W?? Ml iitached, oorner of F a treat north an ' 14th at. enat To punctual and reliable te&anta the Urma will be moderate. Apply at 446 TwaiAh atreei. between *i a id II. no 'X tf Li*OR. RRNT.-Two mv threo-atery KR1CK r HOL SKs* witU back buiidin^a, each boua? ooi.Uim'm 8 room*, with c&?. pi?a*anvy ?Huftt?d on KM) atreot r.ortk, bttvNi M and N atr?*U, root i<Kl?r&U>. Appl? t-> K. LAZKNHV. oppoalt?,or to JOHN f. LKN'MAN, Okio arenn*, b?tw?on !2th and 18th _ so 9tf I70K RENT?Th? FfRCT FLOOR of tfcobydif r iti imraediotoiy ppori# Uw> writ viae cf the Citf Hal.,r.o*nlIy o?-oupiotl by Cii&a. 8. \Va .v.h as an nfto?. A!*o tb? front room i? th? aooond tor; Mil tbe tuire floor of tne aamo t?t.qin?. U?rra? apply to K!C UAKD WALLA(JH,7r?o Loi>t<.i%ra ?wn??, *a 1*. tf EDUCATIONAL. rii rt'M a t l mr rki -n a Tinv " * r r.lUAUCi r<i/i.A/A 1 lyi^i * IIOSE Fareut? wno with their n?ur liters to re oeive a thorough anrl systematic edoear.oti. whw? their phtMoal training wi.j receive daiir and ere^n attention, under the most approved system of Calie thenicsand Gymnastics. ar? respeotru:iT iavitod to visit the I nion Female Academy, corner Fo?r teeuth kt. &<id N?w York a v. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 3P-tf Briaoipe'e. Female boarding and day school ALEIA^URU, TA. Mrs. 9. J. McCCtRMICR. PbijicwaI Th? thirteenth annual session or thi? laeUtution will ooinm?n<>? on Tu^eday, September Ittn. in toe bouse r*oently occupied lj Sylve?ter ttoott, Rh? No. 190 Kin* street. The coarse of study pursued will comprise all the branches re^nisue to a thorough Engusk Edo cation, and Music, Frcnoh, Latin and Drawing, it desired. In addition to day scholars. Mra. MeCormick ie prepared to receive a limited numWer of pup! s ae boarders, who. constituting a part of ker m fatu iljr, wiU be under her immediate oare and eaperv inn. She will endeavor, a# far as p wible. to eur n> jnd them with the comforts and rlndlr lalaeocea of Home. ht/erintf/.?Rev. Geo. H. Nortoa, Rev. Dr. E tas Harrison, Rer. D. P. Hp rug, William K JfowS, Em., Edgar t*uowden. Esq Edmund F. Wltmer fcaa., llf-nrj M&rbnry, ?,*)., l^wn Mafcaasia E??., Kohort H. Hunton. En . W. 1) tflitor K*?nm! Star, Benjamin W*t?ri. Enq ,Sa* Kutwislr,Jr.,E-q ,Coi. Juutt W. Minor. Loui> Memra. Blaoklook fc Marti.*;!, Meuri. C? Brothara iu |>un Tnin. *nti UDUtl rPMIO ID tdvUiO*. M t -10 &ad Lingua* ac at Profeaaora' p. .oh cr No **tra M *-U Hoard, with Tuition in %H the ?ngUah Braaohaa, 3'jMi for the annual Feaaion? payaoi* eenu annual, j, DENTISTRY. mm TEETH. .' I LOOAI18, M. D., tha in rumor and pMantfea oftha MlNK^RALI'LATK TEK1 B, at ter.rtt peraonaily at hia oSte lc thla oily '< Mm. j p?r?oL.? oaa wear Ik ear teeth who car.not w.?ar other*, aud z.o ^arroa oan wear oti>?r? who oannot wear thaae. Poriuiu oaiiteK at my oftu>? oaa b? aoooremodale1 with any style and price o? Teeth l.Vy may deair% hat to thoae who are partioa'ar and wiah the pu"*t, oleaoect, atrongeat, and moat aarfeot deitfcea that art can prodcoe, tba MINERAL fLATC vi . ba mora fa'ly warranted. Eo) 9ta ai phia. Koona in thia city?No. SSS Pa avenaa, batwaaa 9th and 10th sta. Alao, 907 Arab atraat, Pkua/ifi hia. oo 15 u DDt!*TAV CAKU R. MUNION HMWirixd acd tmibM bu profeMi n. Otto* tod houee at 463 K ll _ i third door eaet of Sixtu. la addition t>M?' " err other approved etj e Ur. M. ha* eeT**?' ^ teeth on raloantte Baee for the la?t thr?? mn and, from expenenoe, know* it exae.a *U oth?r>. and it one-third leea in prioe than fold. Hit cxd patron* of Washington. Alexandria, and Gaoree town are raepeotfalir eo lei ted to oaii. aa M voir CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Strut, bt litem 9th and 10? Strut:*. We hare juat Luithed a narabor of &r*t oiaaa CARRIAGES, iuch ae Lukt Wartmt, Fmrk Pluatont. Pawiiit rvaitt, and 8***tt?, wluoL we will eeliatRBsreS a ver> email profct. Beir t praotiaal meehanioe ia different braasaee of the bnaineen, we flatter ouree'.Tm that wei^uw the etyiee aad qoanty of work t)*t will tire ?ane faot'on, oonitiiusj .i{htae?a, oomfort aad darabtli ty? Keeairinc promptly and oarefnUy attended to CoaehmaXeri. uacmiori to w?. T Hnak. %f tt-dly tnk saditteeile tMtory.maamc it bowom oftl# *-j "v/sl&fl rr,::zElmm wabons oi ftl> k:nci susotw ic>um?.u4 from ins lone u^n?e?u ua bmiin?. towf to cive c?ueml a?a caution. A'. kind*ef C?rriaffwu4 kl{kt wkhi k**t hand. Ad repairs M?ttyd?aB,aaj all ?r4?s ly tttnutad >*. _ MB. 4 u-tt aw "^tewgog^' >hl the nce COMPANY nckcompany NCE oomplny hnslrasfckcgypiny lifk l.nschance cr--,-"v-, fike op VIRGINIA 8" virginia MARINE f VIRGINIA Inrnrea iom or dam*(? by fir# bpon m rtnfoniblt terms m *nr o^nptnt of ffnal rnftmrt Hlitg. BbATU a knowlfclc oa'**?Room 16 orw Bark 1 g. o. fifcmctfl a c6- ? Importers and wbn!*ai?tnd r?cui dmi ra ib HAVANA CIUAH?, FOREIGN WINKS, BRANDIES, GINS. #>c^ No. 40 Noitr Ciailii S'tiui, dovrt >tiw LrrtmiM >(., BO JWj J^CHOOL. AND COLLKSIS OUTFIT**. YoviKj' and Boyt' Clothing for 8tk?ol and Dr*tt Wear. Parents and caardiana withiaf to farnith thatr Stu:dren anU ward a with Aohoui ar<l CoTiof Oettt# k the oomiEc are liTitid tu tiMuwcir r?a*>nt i?fM ard ex tea it v* aaaortaaant BOV?' CLOTH INS, whara they oan it eattJwir eluMraa ofallaixeaia a few momenta with arar? ?'fari? Honof Roady-made ?arrroi,ta, of ahataaUal and o?. aa a^-tf Saa Pawn. www. THE BEST ASWRTMK^TEVKBOFFftftBI) _ IN Tfflicnr. Taoaa who deaire to aalaat fro* mv paMnak, with the advantage of a radveb??a la priaaa, will oall early and examine. _ We wenid also enll the attention afM?eoeeel?et intrudaeing ua iute their dw*!li?*a to e?r te er?aeed fh<v!itiee, and ooaee* neat low priaea, tor "TJ bateaaa 10th and 11th eooth side, lioH-t?aal J. W. THOMPSON * OO. PURE OLD *Y* WHWY?Om biwli of Par* Old Eyi Wklity, ? UUM, MMM>? bj tie BVflt difltxllM Id r? ?! v&ciaTIChtwmI ui ViTfiaiA, twtuM NNk Ai?o. I?rj> -rt?l Mnknd'p*, H?pc?"?rr. Otjwrt4 Dan b Co., Jsl?a IoMm, &?. Afio. r?*ob ku Al" - Imot nt? Hifliiw 6tL mtJumim im Smo' Y?^6"*liKPf*M\7 M l?-1? ft** H W- Kiwiw W* *** DATCHKLORf INIMITABLE HA IK Bt#, D ud|!' krit-cui To,? Art L 91 BWi Wu, fer**. h4 C?H MieiUheu D And ( ferrt-c mi To,;?? ArtitiM. fur v Q! H ?? ? WVf.ft^A. Mi C?ri Mu?Wt*n,(4| P%. **?? *, ?rm*