Newspaper of Evening Star, January 2, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 2, 1861 Page 2
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TH E EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TVKDNESPAY ... Jtnarr 3. 1M1. %pirit ( the Mtrulag Pr??s. The JntfWgmcrr makes the following strong points worthy the attention of aeceaatoniata: It arrma to be overlooked by the projector! of the 'Southern Confederacy' that the theory on which It ia formed and founded muat ever be aa fatal to tbe cjedlt of such an ag?relation of States as it* practical exercise fey Soutb Carolina baa proved fatal to tbat of tbe present Union. Tbe Federative Government which once admits tbe right of accession on the part of ita constituents can from tbat moment give no guarantees which will command the confidence of capitalists Htlll less can a Government, founded by virtue of this principle, and therefore pledged to its recogni tion, expect to torrow money on such a shifting and uncertain basis of political organization. As at any moment a capricious State might, by her secession, bring the finances reared on such a sandy foundation to utter confusion and over throw, It is obvious tbat the money-lenders would ever be exceedingly chary of investments In such a fragile structure of nominal govern ment " The Republican assails the position of the N. Y. Tnbtini In relation to the admission of New Mexico. Tbe Constitution is not issned to-dav. A Settlement rot Impossible?\Ve have satisfied otvself that a speedy, fair, and honorable settlement of tbe existing disastrous sectional question it by no means Impossible, ss sUrged by those around a* bent on preventing such a result. It la evident that the Republican party will come to no terms offered by extreme men from the South, la a manner which they (the Repub lican*) barscterize as Insulting and threatening Towards themselves and their constituents. Never theless. recent careful and earnest investigation has satisfied us no leas strongly, thit they are now pre pared to meet fair and honorable terms, If offered by tbe united border siaveholding States' repre sentation In Congress, promptly and frankly, In order to avert the impending civil war. The border slaveholdiug States' Senators and l^eprcsrntatlrts should at once meet and draw up a plan of aettlement, to be offered by tbem as tktir nlan _ #mhrtr1n</ fnnr rvrvl nt? ? lnws I ? -6 aB *vt4V " " 1st The repeal of all personal liberty bills. 2d. An amendment of the fugitive alave law( granting the returned alave a trial by jury wfeere be baa escaped from, or making It obligatory on tbe party claiming him to produce a certified copy of a description of tbe person of tbe escaped lave, piSced on record in bis county clerk's office within five days after his escape, when de manding bim at tbe Nortb 3d. An amendment lo tbe Conatitutlon for bidding Congress from ever legislating concern ing slavery in tbe States, except witb the consent of all tbe States 4th Another amendment to tbe Constitution * extending the .Missouri Compromise to the Pacific, and providing that territorial legislatures of the UKlhwn !<). ? ' I? -I?>1 * - - - mwv sudu Ufiiiiff I?gl8ldl6 ror or againat slavery, but shall protect alike every description of property which settlers may pleaae to carry into such territories. We sincerely beiievethat if these terms be pre sented by the parties we suggest above, acting in concert and accompanied by a pledge on their part that their States will abide by them as a set tlement of the whole question, remaining true to their allegiance to the Government of the United States if they be frankly accepted by the North, the latter wiU accept ihem in twenty-four hours. They wi 11 doubtless be opposed by a few extreme men from both sectious; disunionista per st on one ? a**, who seek the destrurtion of the Govern ment at ail hazards, and abolition coercionlsts, who prefer a long and bloody civil war to any compromise with the ^outh whatever. But when the test question may be put, It will be found that both these classes together will not number, in all. a fourth of the members of any party in ltber House of Congress We know what we say, in declaring that if the Senators and Representatives of the border slave holding States will present such a plan to the North in Congress, in a fraternal spirit, askiSg Its acceptance In the same spirit, as the means of pre?ervlng thslr own connection with the Union tnd warding off the threatening civil war, three fourth of the Northern members, now by a com hli?l<? 1 -* " " * v> uuwxbiu t.rcuununcfa regarded aa ho?t1la to any feasible plan of settlement what ever, will joyfully and promptly end the troubica of the country by voting for its acceptance. Thk TmiiTniD Invasion or thi Femr ai. Mbteofolis.?It Is difficult to determine which la the madder of the two, the Richmond EnquiTtr or the New York 7>i6ma? The inaane efforts of the first to Induce a Maryland and Virginia mob to attempt to aelze the Federal Metropolla before the 4th of March, have gtven riae to the belief on t?e part of timid Republicans that some parties Other than the Etauirer lerlniialv acta idea; and the Mew York Trtbtime hat seized upon ^helr fear* aa a lever with which to *tir up a counter Northern mob Invasion "of Washington city, und?-r the pretence that such action on the part of the North la neceaaary to Insure the due observance of the cuatom of Inaugurating the con stitutionally elected next President In the Capitol of the United States. Now, we kave to say, that with onr own popu lation of more'than ten thousand men capable of bearing arms ready to defend the Integrity of the government of the United Stataa.lf attempted to be Invaded here from North or South, a southern mob could not venture such an experiment with lean than twenty thousand men. In the mean while It Is very certain thst the North could and would precipitate upon us an armed force of fifty thousand men, which she could collect, equip, and land wilbln forty miles of thi? nntm ? Virginia and Maryland moblte leader* could gather and prepare Ave thousand to engage In any such treasonable and hazardous enterprise But cm borne * Suppose the so foolishly pro poeed mobof the Richmond Enquirtr should take possession of the Federal Metropolis, could they hold it for two weeks*- That would be utterly Impossible, as all know who are aware that, cer tainly at the offstart. the North could raise and equip and get hither at least two men for every one the South could raise, equip, and get hither in the same time Bat even if Washington city were seized as the Mnyui'tr proposes, that would not prevent the in auguration of Lincoln, who can be as lawfully sworn into oflce bv any magistrate in the village ef his residence, ss by the Chief Justice of the United Stale* standing on the east front of the Capitol la this city. .... ? vuu* it in may ro?m*f strengthen the a use of tb? dlaunlonlsts per u, who would Im measurably weaken themselves for millUry op erations by attempting to bold tbe Federal Me tropolis. a point of no earthly military Importance to their cauae, with fighting men who? services boy would absolutely require elaewbere unless tbey propose to leave utterly defenceless tbe south ern coaat-ctttea tbey claim aa tbetra. But tbe trutb is, tbe people of the District of Columbia are able and reiriy to keep tbe peace In tbelr own mldat, and stand prepared to resist wltb arma ia tbelr bands tbe Invasion of tbelr feearthatonee and tbe violations of law bere by armed mobs coming from either tbe Nortb or tbe Booth. Tat CxpscTsn Exicutivi Messasb?We have every reaa?a to believe that at nooa to-day it had not been determined when to send la tbe message concerning tbe state of things existing at Charleston, which ia believed to have been In course of preparation for some days past, gone ? j jo to iriir, wr kuo* not what, it seen? to be understood. m yet prevents conclu sion* In the mind of tbe President a poo some points to be treated of in It. CoMMO&onn Snrsmcn's current visit to Charles ton i? doubtless to reclaim, In tbe nanae of the Government, tbs revenus cutter brig recently stolen by Canto, lata her aommnndor, and de livered over to the chle* of the secesslou move ment Tbe Commodore Is a native of Seutb Car* o^os, but true to hia allegiance to his nauntry An nnuii Tnnana attended at tha Capital to day, doubtless drawn thither .by the expectation that the President was about to aend In an Im portant massage, aad to hear either Senator Doug. Ins or Senator Baker, oae or the other of whom wns expected to address the Senate. * CONGRESSIONAL. . Widnudai, January '2. Han ate ? Mr. Hunter preaented memorlala from hardware dealers In relation to the tariff. Mr. Hunter Introduced a bill for cedingto States withdrawing from the Union the forta and arsenal* situated therein upon receiving indem nity for the lame. Mr. Lane moved to 'ake np the Pacific railroad bill. .mucd aiscunion ensuea as to wnemer w?e out bould be proceeded with or Mr. Baker, of Ore gon, allowed to proceed with bla a peer h. Mr Douglas hoped that the Senator from Oregon would proceed now. He had waived hla rights to the floor to that Senator, and wished to speak to-morrow. Mr. Trumbull appealed to the Senator from Oregon to allow his colleague to take the floor. Air. Lane aald he had misunderstood the peti tion of affair*; and if the Senate dealred he would withdraw his motion. On motion, the bill was made the special order for Saturday next Mr. Crittenden's resolution was taken up; and Mr Baker, of Oregon, took the floor, and was speaking at the close of our report. Housz ?The Speaker laid before the Houae certain estimates fiom the Poat Office Department. Referred to the Committee of Ways and Means, and ordered to be printed Mr. Coburn, the successor of Mr. Washburne, of Me , appeared in 41* Hall, and was sworn In. Mr. Stratton presented a memorial from the citi zens of Newark, N J .petitioning for action of Congress to call a Convention from each State, to consider the state of the country. Mr. Stevens, of Pa , moved to lay on the table. Mr. Maynard called for the yeas and nays on that motion. Mr. SteveM^ien withdrew It. Mr. UrowTroved to refer the petition to the special Commit lee of Thirty-three 011 the state of the country. Mr. John Cochrane asked Mr. Grow to accept an amendment to his motion referring it to that committee with instructions to report the bill thus proposed at once; which, not being accepted, It was referred to the Committee of Thirty-three Mr. Stokes offered a resolution providing that the Committee of Ways and Means report a bill for the repeal of the late act In relation to the compensation of members; laid over. Mr. Sherman reported, from the Ways and Means Committee, the annual Indian department appropriation bill; laid on the table. Mr. Davis, of Ind., called up his pending reso lution in relation to the secession ordinance of South Carolina, calling upon the House to em power the Committee on the J udiciary to examine the case and make a speedy report The previous question being called, it was not ordt-red?yeas AT, nays TV; so the que?tion was not put. Mr. Davis then proposed to withdraw his reso lution. Mr. Vallandigham said he could not withdraw it after it bad been acted on by the Hous** i?i a .? % ? > *> ? i fie .-pta*er oraerta toe ruie 10 oe read on tbe subject. Mr Sherman rote to a point of order. The question had been brought before the House on a previous day and voted upon, and the originator of the resolution could not withdraw it, without the consent of the House Mr Bocock said that the vote previously taken was not on the direct question, but was on sec onding a call for the previous question upon it Mr Sherman said toat the resolution could not be withdrawn sifter the amendment had been of fered. Roobbacks ? All the stories about fears enter tained in the neighborhood of Harpers' Ferry and Charlestown, Va , of an invasion of seven thou sand or any other number of men from the North ern States, of which newspapers are now publish ing accounts, we are assured by the Hon. Mr. Boteler, of the House of Representatives, a;e utterly untrue; including the stories that he and others Lave received anonymous letters saving that such a raid Is contemplated. Thb Rc.mor Concerning Troops bcino Or dered to Charleston.?We have ascertained that do orders dispatching additional troops to Charleston have been Issued through the Adjutant General's Office, the channel from which such orders have heretofore been Invariably issued. Nevertheless, the Houth Carolina Commissioners and the throng of dlsunionlsts who crowd their quarters In this city, were in a terrible stew last evening over such a rumor. j~The Charleston Courier denies the assertion that In the removal of Maj. Anderson, one of his boats passed und?r the bows of the steamer Nina, and states that the steamer at that tlm? was at the wharf, awaiting orders. irr OnrMtiN?rr??^ * 1 * * u . ? ??wwinpvi?*. j, mc Airxsnans Gazrtte, entered yesterday on Its sixty-second year, a long, and In Its case, useful and honorable newspaper career. ITT" TKHouftKold Journal, Part 3, just recelvd from the publishers, Harthlll & Co., New York, Is an admirable "household journal'' Indeed. Alabama Cosvkstion Elxctio* ?We have been informed by good authority that the follow ing counties have gone for consultation; Shelby, 2; TuscalooM. 2; Bibb, 1; Conecuh, I; Talla poosa. 3; Talladega, 3; Coosa, 3. The counties which give the separate State actionists a majority are: Dallas. 2; Mobile, 4; Montgomery,2; Cham bers, 2; Macon, 3; Autauga, 1; Barbour, 3. The Mail of Wednesday elected the separate State accession tickets both in Talladega and Bibb. We are Informed by a reliable gentleman who came up on the boat yesterday, that these counties went for co operation and consultation. In our count made a few days ago we gave Mobile and Autauga to the consultatioiils*s These coun ties have gone for the straight secessionists. In Shelbv, Talladega, and Confecuh the consul'a tionists have gained While we have lost five, we have gained si* vote*. There la not the slight est doubt but that Blount, Covington, Franklin, _ vmvi?vh, uauurrunie, \*IIllfllonC, AiSdi" too, Marion, St. Clair. Baldwin, Choctaw. Law rence, i)e Kalb. Marshall, Washington, Winston, Cherokee, Morgan, and Walker have gone for the cooperation ticket. There are eight or ten counties about which there is great doubt aa to the result. The popular majority in favor of cooperation and consultation wtll doubtless be lar?e. Since wiiting the above we have received a des patch from a distinguished gentleman In North Alabama, saying that Jarkson county had gone for cooperation by live hundred majority, ana all the other counties in that n?rt of the State In the same way There is hardly now a doubt but that the cooperationlsta will control the Convention by a majority of ten or fifteen ?Montgomery (Ala ) Confederation, '&tk Movembxts is South Caboli.ia ? Governor Pickens, of South Carolina, has iasuedla call for volunteers under the military law lately passed by the Legislature of that State, entitled "An act to provide tot the State an armed military fores." f L?- - i uis aci require* tbe Governor to receive one volunteer company from each battalion in the !*tate, and two rifle companies from each In fantry brigade, each company to conaist. beside* tbe commissioned and nun commissioned officer*, uf not than sixty nor more tban eighty-five men If volunteer* in sufficient number* do not prenent themselves, tbe order then require* that h mtfl' tent number be drajud into the *crvlrc of Ibe State?that 1*, compelling them to perform mtlttary duty. The term of their service 1* not tated Thi Last or thi Urcutii Baxk ?On Frl lay tbe remaining asset* of the late Lancaster Bank were sold at public sale in this city They :?siststed of various not*-*, judgment* and stocks, tmounting to about V*2U).000. without the accrued nWest. and on which only about #30,000 was eallted In addition to these, aome property be longing to tbe bank In Philadelphia sold for ?14, NJO, increasing tbe amount to *44 000. A* these iM^ta were paid for In the notes of tbe defunct t>ank, tbe result of tbe *al? i* merely the redemp lion of *44,000 worth of It* outstanding circula ;1on. Tbe notes of the bank still outstanding are worthless, a* thi* sale disposed of the last of the kasets of tbe fhstitution?? = - HT" "Ion" writea to the Sun The Poatmaater Seneral, Mr Halt, ta acting aa Secretary of War. The rumor ao current yesterday that Lieut. (Jen. Scott had been appointed Secretary ad imttrtm wraa not verified. But it la believed that be will 'emaln here for the purpose of giving the Govern nest the benefit of his aervioes and advice In matter* pertaining to hla office. Thia arrange men! afforda to the citizens of tbla District, and Npeclally of thia city, aoine aaaurance of the preservation of the public peace here at the criala *f the 4th of March South Caroli** Postal AfrAias ?Col. Ho ;er, the Poetmaater at Charleston, haa forwarded tn order to the Post Office Department for S440 forth of postage stamps for the use of the Charlee office. The Department poatpones filling the irder for the present. Only twelve postmsstfra >ave resigned in South Carolina. No contractor or carrying the mails has yet Intimate^ wiah to hrow5up hla contract. Union meeting of over three thousand ro king in^ a wu bold la the Court Honee 1b ?oisville, Kyon Saturday ntgbt last. Rtaoltt* Ion* wrre adopU-d opposing secession, and re vesting all persons who endeeved to commit the irorklng men to the disunion movements to leavo tie city at once Committees were appointed from ach ward to further tbeos objects, and to raise em ponies to meet an/ emergency that may arise. A Cihtiai Cosiisiuct.-Kx-Oot. More ead, of North Carolina, baa expressed himself In ivor of a Confederacy of the Central free and lave gules, In tbe event of a dissolution of the reseat Ualoa. MtTrmraU at fkarlntoa. The Charleston Mercu-y of Monday aaya: The force now remaining in Fort SomW conaista of about one hundred and thirty men. fifty of whom are laborers, and the rrat troops belonging to the artillery branch of the United Stales service. These latter are sufficient to man about on* half the gvna of the fort, supposing the guns were all monated. Fortunately, however, this la far from being the rase. Ont of seventy-flve pieces *f heavy ordnance now in the fort only eleven are fulls mounted Theae are all casemate gnna la the lower tier, and inclnde the nine guna of that face of the fortress fronting towards Sullivan's Island Two more of these casemate guns were nearly mounted on Friday evening. but the work of setting them In position la iTecesaarily alow and tedioua, and, with the force now at work, it la iafpneslble to mount mort than three guns per day at the utmoat The heaviest guns, too. which are the ten-Inch Columblads, have yet to be mounted. One of the casemate guns at one of the angles of the walls has been placed In position so as to cover Castle Plnckney. The garrison were on Friday evening getting ready to mount some of the casemate guna on the south side of the walls. Besides these heavy pieces, four of the lighter baroettt guns are mounferd upon the ramparts, pointing towards Morris' Island. These are so arranged upon pivot carriages aa to sweep around the whole horizon. The magazine or the fortress la well stocked with an Immense quantity of grape, canister and sheila, and about aeven hun dred barrels of powder. All the small arms and stores of Fort Moultrie have been transferred with the garrison, and there Is a sufficient accu n,,.!.)!.. -? ? I.I - 1 ' ' iiumtiuii vi piuviaiuiia hi tail) in rait ui nfcCNl* ty, for ?ix months at least Four large cisUrns contain an ample supply of fresh water, but It Is now well understood that Fort Sumtrr Aa.? no futl to xpar*. The rumor current In the city that a number of the guns at Fort Sumter, which are not yet mounted, had been spiked by the {South ern workmen, is without found-ition From the Courier of Saturday we take the fol lowing: THI FORTS?MILITARY MO VIMBXT*, *TC . The rubbish left by the Federal troops at Fort Moultrie Is being cleared away, nnd the fortress assuming a defensible aspect. Many apprehended difficulties, of a nature we nerd not name, have be? n removed; and the volunteer companies con stituting the garrison are making merry over tbe hardships of tbe soldier. Some of tbe ifuns are. It is supposed, badly injured by tbe burning of the carriages Activity prevails at the garrison, and its vigilant officers arc determined oil the course that guides their action. Fort Sumter, as viewed at a distance, presents an appearance of lively activity Schooners and bsrges were plying between the fort and the channel during the day. Everything seemed to Indicate active preparations Castle Pinckney was reinforced on Friday, by a detachment of the Marion Artillery from Fort Moultrie, under command of Captain King A detachment of the Washington Light Infantry was transferred from the former to the latter place iii iuc lureuuuii, iuus rruinint; at f ori Moultrie the tame force as first occupied it The garrison at Cutle Pinckney consists of about two hundred men. Ten twenty-four pound cannon are mounted on the ramparts, beside* s>me fifteen pieces, a few of which are cas^mattd in the lower tier. The work li well provided with munitions of all kinds, and under the command of Its field olficers, Col Pettiartw and M?j Kill son Capers, will make Itself felt, If needle, when the time comes It is far from being the insignifi cant position of which It has the reputation. Al though a defective construction has impaired the power of the lower batteries to a considerable ex tent, It has an effective tier of rampart guns, which from its eligible position, are capable of much service It is beyond the reach cf the largest guns of Fort Sumpter.and commands the entire line of wharves and shipping aloun Cooper river, and in the h inds of an enemy would be capable of doing vast injury to tke Hty The Mercury of Saturday says: The arsenal wa* iriiordc/t /*n 'I'.. i ?. 1.? ? -- -* ?1 r m j ? ?? ?w vi ?uc i/auiiutl that were spiked at Fourt Moultrie are now in good condition, the metal pint that the United Mates officers were kind enough to leave in the touch-holes being removed. MILITARY 15 THICtTY. The city of Charleston is nightly enlivened by parades and meeting of the volunteer military. On Friday night the Washington Light Infantry, numbering seventy members, held a meeting.ana all those present enlisted for active duty. These added to the number alraady on du'y, make more than two full companies at this time In the service of the State. ? The Montgomery Guards, under the command of Lieutenant Armstrong, mart* a parade on Fri day night, numbering in their ranks over seventy men. STOTTAGK OF SUPPLIES. The schooner W. A. Ellis, which arrived here from New York on Wednesday last, had on board .MW barrel# rement consigned to l^ort Moultrie. We learn that ita delivery to the United State? officer* haa been prevented for the present, and that It will be placed In store Two lighters were alongside taking the cement on board when the order for ita non delivery waa received. J. G Foster, Captain U.S. Engineers, haa been for weeka paat a constant consignee by northern vessels,which have brought all kind* of supplies, fr. m cannon to cemeut ?Charleston Courier. The Pacific ftallread The pending bill extenda the aid of the Gov ernment to the construction of two roada?one by the central aud the other by the Texaa route. To an uuta'de observer It would appear certain that the Senate will promptly concur In the action of the House. There are few men who have studied the subject, probably, who have the slightest idea that more than one of these roads will be com Cleted during the next fifty years, if even then; ut, paradoxical as it seems, that la the very rea son why a bill providing for two roada Is the only one that can become a law Each aectlon Is con fident that 1 s own route is the best, and, as a con sequence, a majority of both Houses cannot be obtained for a single road bill which rejects en ureiy the claims of Vhe opposite section. So intense has become the pressure of local Interests on this subject, that representatives of the people dare not vote for a bill which does not secure tber own section an equal chance in competing for the location of a work of such vast magnitude and Importance Hence all single road bills have fatled, and will fall The bill now pending overcomes the objections which destroyed Its predecessors. It does not utlsfy everybody. That Is an impossibility. But It ought to command the cordial support or every true friend of a Pacific railroad. Admitting tbe North and South to be equally honest in their respective claims to ownership of the best route for.this arrest national work, neither can object to lubmltting the decision of the question to fair competition, after tbe Government shall have ex tended to both aid enough to Insure tbe success of the enterprise in tbe hands of skillful capitalists If under the operations of tbls bill tbe Texas road can be first extended to the Pacific, the country at large will accept that result as tbe best evidence that the Texas route is entitled to the distinction. If, on the other band, as we of the North generally believe, tbe Mutnil * *' , laioriuie etMl ilderatlon by capitalists, whose reward for their enterprise depends upon the construction of the work, where it can be done moat cheaply, and where It will be the moat profitable after comple tion, Its own merits will seeur^us the advantage oeyond all peradventure. What we need Is the pa wage of torn* bill that will bring on the com petition between routes, and force a settlement of question of superiority. This the pending bill ioes; and, in our Judgment, when It shall hare ( >ecome apparent that either of the roada provided , 'or is to be speedily poshed to oompletloa. the arovlsions for the other will never bo availed of If we are mistaken la this, and It shall torn out hat both roada can bajtalshed, so much the better 'or the development of the country, and especially 'or the extension of oar empire upon the Pacific _)cean j But we learn that the measure Is not beyond / danger in the Senate. Some of the professed friends of a Pacific Railroad object to the details if this particular bill, and are disposed to Insist 1 ipon its amendment la various particulars. II Is { ^wmuru <m lunmiay 111 ^ui iiiiu y^'wrosy morn Injj by the Palmetto Guards and Cadet Riflemen. The orders were strictly carried out, and no en trance whatever was made Nothing placed within the enclosure by the federal Government was touched, but the strictest surveillance was kept around the walls. At 4 p. m yesterday, the two companies on guard were relieved by the Irish Volunteers The Palmetto Guards, when relieved, numbered men, and the Cadet Hitlemen 51 men. The Irish Volunteers will \tc relieved at eight o'clock this morning by the German Fusiliers. We may here state that the report current that a portion of the stores of arms and ammunition in the ar?enal have been injured or destroyed, is wholly without foundation. A t**mpor?y flagstaff has been erect?d. and the Palmetto ttajj flutters front the top of Castle Plnck ney. A very strong guard Is detailed, not only on the ramparts, but on tUn wharf and br<uikwat?r. DFPAR7CRK OF MKCHAXIC8 FBOM FORT KUMTKR. The Charleston News not?-s the arrival in that city of about eighty mechanic* and laborer* from Fort Sumter. on Saturday, en route for Baltimore and Philadelphia, by the steamer Keystone State, bound to the latter port, and says: Thev do not fe?l disposed to tike part in a bat tle, and as they could not remain without the chance of such a thing, they concluded to stay no longer. They report about forty or tlfty mechanics and laborers still there and some seventy soldiers. About twelve case mate guns are mounted, most ly looking towards Sullivan's Island, and four or five barbette guns which work on pivots, and c*n be worked facing in any direction: With their present force they can place several guns in posi tion each day; and they have an abundant supply of shot and *hell and provisions and water to last them for months, the cisterns being large and amply supplied with good rain water. The guns of the largest calibre are not vet in position, and the number of cannon In the fort amounts to half Its armament. On the night the soldiers took pos session of Fort Sumter the great body of the troops reached that place about seven o'clock, and the workmen In the fort had no information or hint of it until it took place We are hannv tn >tnt? th?t mmi ti.. ?-? # m * m to be hoped that theee gentlemen will forego any such effort at the present time. The blfl may not be perfect, but it (a good euoiieh to command the support of a large majority of the friends of a Paclflr Railroad I'nder these circumstances we hope the minority will yield their scruple*, and unite In the effort to pass the bill aa U la. To send It beck to the Hou*e of Representative* la Its

almeet certain death, became In the latter body a two-third* vote will be required to take It up again, > nd that cannot be bad The enemlee of tbe bill in the Senate understand this full well, and will lend all tbslr f >rces to tbe adoption of any and all amendments, no matter what their character, simply because that is tbe easiest way tr> defeat altogether a measure so near the hearts of the great mnM 0f the people Some of the Disunionists will be stimulated to still more active hostility, because they know that the bill is a Unloa measure, and that its enactment will tend to add to the difficulty of destroying the Government No wise man from the free States, surely, will, for light reasons, or for slight objee tlons to the pending bill, contribute ever so unin tentionally to the success of the enemies of the Pacific Railroad and of the Union. There is another practical consideration which should not be lost sight of by Northern men It is the interest of the Disunionists to preveat the passage of the two road bill for as manr yean as possible Despite their assertions, thev have seri oua doubts of "their ability to break up the Gov ernment at this time; but they will not give up the struggle." Let perfect peace be proclaimed throughout all the land tomorrow, and the con spirators of the South will merely await another opportunity for plunging the Cotton States into revolution. In tee event of disunion, the South ern Confederacy would poasess an immense ad vantage by having control of a line of railroad I communication with the Pacific?especially If I they had the only line. They foresee thia, and are anxious to secure an advantage which would ?o far towards giving them control of the Pacific tatea and of the commerce of the Pacific Ocean in that anticipated time when the South Is to be a commercial nation, as the secession leaders an ticipate Pass the pending Railroad bill, thus bringing the two sections into competition now, and the sii(terlorlty of Northern capital and enterprise is li Lplr tn lor 11 ro Wo M>s( sw? I** .. ?.. . ?w. v-?. v ??v ui * wuutvuvu v* im mr i o* clflc by rail via th?* Central route. But howstnnds the cas" if tb?: bill it defeated ? The Texas Pa cific Itailroad Company, with the aid of very liberal grants of land from the legislature of that State, in slowly but surely pushing 011 its work towards lil Paso. Suppress competition with it two or three years more, and they will have ex tended their work so fur that they can defy com petition under just such a bill as that now pend ing in the Senate. It seeins to us, therefore, the height of folly, for any Northern man to throw the slightest obstruction in the way of the pending measure. The friends of a Southern Paclflr Rail road can well afford to have It defeated, but no friend of a Northern or Central route can contri bute, directly or Indirectly, to such a result with out Incurring serious responsibility.?Pf. Y Ttmtt. Ya?>11;RRAY A; 8KMMK8 RET?R\ 'V *c th:?rr thanks to the firemen, citizens an?r po.ioA office's for their amMstu.ce in ?&viug their stock ot'cefil- V the fire lawt pi?ht. It y7*C()l.l!MKU u a rutPTfii i<_ _ _ ... .. . .? ? ??. vaa ? ? -, a LkJ* A Mated .Communication of lhi? Chapter will he hold at Maaonio Hail comer *-th ami D ?ts.. THIS EVE\ING,at 7 o'clock. Sojourning c?m pamona iu regular standing are cordially invited. It* i.F. I. MoCLERV. Seoretary. NORTHERN MARKET -Inconsequ-noa of the observance of Friday aa a day of fast ing, \o . in comrl:&nort with executive recommen dation. there will l>o no market he d as usua on Friday morning. The usual Saturday morning market will be held. ja 2-2t T. A. BROWN, Clerk. BANK OF THE MTROPOL1S, Janua.y 2, ?Thin Bauk will not be open on F.i day, the 4th instant, the day the President of the ()nite*l States ha* recommended to he observed as a day of f*?ting, humiliation and prajer, Itiar? que^ed tiiat notes then pavableat the Bank be at tended to the day preceding. j\2 2t Yy?A CARD OF THANKS-The writer begs il ? to return his finrere and grateful thanks to tVi-e fnoi.d*. tin lmling the members of Ihe Watoli who id gene otialy exerted themselves in aiding him to mivo lux pioptrty f'f>m the fire last uight. A friend in n?-edj ta a Jri^rd indeod. JOHN F. BRIDGET, Coach Maker, It* Pa av. bet 5th and 6?h sta. Tar* WASHINGTON I.IGHT INFANTRY. ATTENTION.?There will lie a meeting ofthc Battalion at Company O.'s A rmor?. Seventh street. on TO-MORROW (Thursda*) EVEN ING, 3<1 of January, at 7'a o'ciock. The punctual attendance o< every member u requested, as busi ness of importance wil> be transacted Bj order of Major J AS. Y. DAVIS. lt? rrSr" CON CERT and EXHIBITION.?The ' I. ? VVauch Chapel Sabbath Sfolioel will give a Cunocrt and their church.on Til L'RS DAY N1<?HT, January 3d, 18C1. The well-known pianist, Pro:essur Little, the Partello children, with several other ama'our vocalists, will assist at the Concert. Tickets l&oents; to be had of any member of the school. ja l-3t 8MITHSON1 AN L?CTUR E8-Prof. _ _ Fairman Rogers will lecture on WED NESDAY EVENING. January 2d, 1861,on Roads and Bridges. The lecture will commence at after which the doors will be olosed a d tlie red light on the tower extinguii' ed. ja 1 2t THE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS ill be holden ever* day this week, in the "ourth Presbyterian Church. ( Rev Dr Smith's,) on Ninth street, to commence at 4 o'clock, and to continue one hour. de31 Ys? OFF ICE G\SMGHT COMPANY, 11.S Wa*nm?TOir. Deoember 2", "8*i.?Notice is herebj given, as required by the eJmter, *tiat an election for five directors to man^t* the affairs of this Coiiy>any during the rear 1861 will be held at the office fthe same. No S14 Eleventh st. west, ou MONBaY, January 7,1661. at '2o'c oek m Attest: J. F. BROWN, de 20-stawtJan t Secretary. RKGISTER'S OFFICE. December M lf?n. Notioe i? hereby gi*en,that l.ioonoi-i ncued toOwneraof Does will expire on the 31 st instant, &n<i that raid Lioenana mu?t be renewed, in com pliance with iaw, at thi* Offioe wi'bin ten diya after Ylf^REGlSTER'SOFFlCE, December CA, 1860. I St Notioe la hereby given.that L cen*ea issued to Hueket.-ra will expire on the Slat instant, and that said Licenaea inuat h? renewed, in eoinp'ianc* with law, at thia Office witnin ten days aftnr that time WILLIAM MoRGAN, de 28-tja3 Regiater. COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CITY* HALL, TAXES ON PERSONAL PROPERTY, SLAVES, Ac.?Notice ia hereby riven that th* tax billa lor Hou'ohold Furniture,Stooka. Slavea, Ac., for the year l.and previoua years, are now made out and ready for deliver*, and are p?j able at thia office, Tho e who do not oall and settle their hilla Milkli'X W 111 .hat time. d?28-tja3 WILLIAM MOKUAN, Register, Washington, DaoMaber 6. M6n. wmuu twenty uaya iro n tin* date will he oa led on by one of my aaMatanU, and if the hills are not paid within sixty data from this dt?e I nhall proceed to enforoe the collection in the n.anner required hy law. JAP. HA LI DAY, de 13-20t Collector. Iff DEMPPEY A OT*OOLE. JJ? WEDDING AND VISITING CARD FNURAVERS. Importeri of fin? WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful atylea. 396 Pa. A v., between 9th and wth ata , Mi 27-6m Wash fr.Toi. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!.' 41m co'dn f <r caie at 91/75 per cord, 3 mi lea from Lonit Bridge, near Hunfr Chapel. Apply on the place or to V. P. CORBETT. ja 2 lw NOTICE. ~ I.L Persona indebted to the late firm of T. O'DonnOKliue A Hon. are here y notified that on |t'?K their aoooiin** are a?ttl*d h? the 15th mutant the* will be p aoed in the handa of an officer for collection. ja 2 eo3w* FOR PHILADELPHIA -The ateamer 8. 8ey~ moiir. Captain Palmer ia now ready for freight for the above port Inu I TO.M11BDIUV I'll'MIVr ?* w i w tj HYDK A DAVIDSON, Georgetown, D. C. Pistols, Ammunition, &c. SHARPS PATENT BREECH LOADING REPEATER, to b? uiid with Capper Cmrtridfti. For simplicity of construction, oomp\ctn?ss and durability, is superior to all oinera y?t offered to the puhlio. Having no revolving oylintlor, it ahoots pa t no jdint,( through which there ia mora or lw escape.) and consequently, has mora penetratioa than any other fire-arm or it* sue. It will foroe a ball through a one iaoh soft pine board at the dia tanoe of three hundred feet. Wtigkt only Might and a half Ounctt. al?of COLT'S. allen*?, SMITH k wesson'S, ami WARNER'S REVOLVERS. cartridges, pistol balls, powder, ao., 4 c., Ac., at prioea to suit tho tianoa. J. E. SHIELDS. haiowaii impobtsb. ja 2 3t 339 Penney itania nrwnne Ladies thick wTnter boots of kid Morooro, G<>ata Skin. Laa tinea, Buttoned, Laced and Velvet Trimmed. Hi Alao Miaaaa Boots of the auw atyle/, uef ] iliac fiom m oenta to f 1. Mr pair, lower* hb -'?r,toife i^or SALE.?ieveral 6m work aai dnnaj r hor8ks, vhiok will be aold low u a^- fyy 9 led for toon at the National Stablea, obojuji it., between and 6th ata. ja l-3t* flbmminq a foy. p alvert's celebrated HON t?y. Mad* Item Tflfirt^kH (r?a WuklifMa. Wa?him6Tos, Jan 1 ?A brief though earnest address to tb? people of the I'atted SUtes hu beca prepared, recommending tbem to rslly to a cow promise on the basis sf tbe propositions of !Vn?- J ton Crlttendea aad Blgler It baa already been C signed bjr a ntimber ot the members of both Houses of Congrm. Members of Congress who base just returned from visits to tbelr tomes la tbe border alsre I States, express their alaraa at the progress of the J secession movement; while others, from some of ? tbe aon-eUseholdtng Males, represent tbst tbe 1 people are raptdljr and earnestly consolidating la 4 nnnnalU The United State* steam sloop-of-war Brooklyn has been ever alnce ber return from Chlrlqel at Norfolk.ottcered and manned foraay emergency New Years day, with tbe recem of Congreaa and tbe ceaaatlon In some measure of exciting ru mors, baa pa sard off more genially than was anti cipated. Tbe appointment of Mr Holt aa acting Secretary of War, and tbe curt manner in which the Preaident responded to tbe complaining letter of reaignatlon of Secretary Floyd, baa lightened tbe weight of despondency that had settled on tbe public mind ana given to the new year a more hopeful feeling than was evinced up to the dot ing hour of the old year. Th? Wmthi*?Tbe following report of tbe weather for the morning ta made from the Amer icas Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of o beer ration u about 7 o'clock. Jancart 2, 1861. New York, N. Y clear, cold Washington, D. C clear, wind S Richmond, Vi, clear, cold. Petersburg, Va. clear. 35*. Norfolk, Va clear. W, wind S Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 42? Columbia, S. C raining, cold. Charleston, S C..... raining, 80* Augusta. Ga ...cloudy, cold. savannan, ua.... cloudy, 50 ' Macon. Ga. cloudy. Colnmbua, Ga ............ruining Montgomery, Ala. raining Jackaon, Ala raining. riOM THl Will Pittaburg, Pa cloudy, IS*. Barometer at the Smitbaonlan at 7 a. m . <eor rcried for temperature,) 311,221, at noon, 3)>.1S2 Thermometer at 7am., 21"; at noon, 30? Maximum during 48 houra, ending 9 a. m. to day, :a%minimum 18*. N 1' A R A L L E L K I) SUCCESS, The great ausoea* whtah haa attended DK. SCHL.OSSMI Curiae thii, m? Seoond Vint to Waahincton, <suu? Ok I w * being una hie to fulihl all his etnanement* during last week, oon:pe's him to remain A FEW DAYS LONGER in WASHINGTON. DK. M. SCHLOSSER takes this opportunity of returning thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen or Washington and vicinity, for their kind and liberal patronage bestowed on him during his sojourn here, and, also, respectfully announces to parties who wish to obtain A Permanent Care of CORNS. BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS, or any other DISEASE OF THE FKET, to favor him with a call without delay, as this may probably be his Last Visit to Washington, ii.tending shortly to Retire from Professional services. As a direct proof of the extraordinary skill attending Dr. 9ch!osser's Cares, he oan. with pleasgre, refer to a great number of Ladies and Gentlemen in this oity, whom he treated three years sinos. and who have all been enred of the various Diseases of the Feet, to their entire nati'ffco'ion. kC7 FOR CASH-FOR CASH! Our entire stock ot Winter Dress Goods. Shawls in ai?at varietj. Ladies' Cloaks, Kane? Drew Silke and Silk Robee, Plain and F enob Merinoa, Popltua and Repa, Fine Bed Blanketa, all at ooat for raeh, Aleo, a loll etook of general Staple Good a for family wanta. All will be aold at raia"?d price* for oaek. J, W. COi ley A CO , de?2w 623 Seventh at., ab< ve Pa. av. A pew LN EPIPHANY CHURCH H)R BALK.?Pew no. 104, near the pulpit, in the middle aide. Apply to the "exton. dea-lw* Pianofortes at prices to suitthe TFMES.?Saleemeat ba foroed, atore too maoh crowded; bow la the time to buy cneap. JOB*?; ELLIS, de SI 306 Pa. a*., bet. 9th and loth aU. Regardless of COST.-JVOir IS THE CHANCE.?Melodeon?. Geitara, Vioiiaa. tian joe, Aooordeona, Tamborinea, Fin tea, F ilea, Maaie Book a, Glee Hooka, Piano JMooIj, Piano Covers, Ac., Ac. Remember.ataacr fic i rrgardleeaofeJ?t. JOHN F. ELLIS. 906 Pa. av? bet. <th and !o:h eta. Great bargaina in ?ood aeoond hand Pianoa. da31 \/f NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. I'IODRE'8 Btiill l>rof? wnl atop a Coaih in fira rainatea. Moor*'* Comaamoa i.iuMit will our* Chilblains, FrotieO f e?t. Paiu? io FiW, Spraina, &.o. AAoo-e'? naprorat Bmnni will re move Paint, Oil?, Grtaaa. * o., from ths wiost daii cate 00:01 M 1 ilk or wool mi goods without injuring tne oolor or textara. Prepared and wdit MOORE'S VVaat En) I) ?K Htnra, da31?w 113 Pk iT>a?*. IB NOTICE. BEO Most rMprcifally to iofor? oor eaatomrra that thair hiila for January I at at a now revUy, aod 1 wo aid ba ob if ed by thau oa.iiog and gat lag tho **d"g ft. C. 8TEVENB IUbT EEC] Hal lam RECEIVED BY 'a Middla A<h tk? mam linai?ii i n Kdition Kiw priof f3.7i tor*. ?. bib d?? GOOOU?t. 1B SAFE U6ITi ?o li Ar?*i w m ur> OMR PRIOR ONLY! hctvy toeketDMKf* ran ch?*? for Dr. Bchloaaer'a meth*d has cot otly been aucceacful in thia oountrjr, but alto in Europe, eb may be aoen by aareril thou sand teat i mom*: p; from whiob he quotea the folio wing o&mea: From his Majesty the King of Bavaria. His Imp. H. Prince Jerome Sapolton Bonaparte. H. R. H. Prince Alexander d* Wurttmberg. H. T. H. Arch Duke of Austria. H R. H Duke of Sarhsen-Meintngtn. H. H. Prince Richard Metltrnick. H. R. H. Duke of Sax*- Weimar. fF. H Cardinal Archbishop of Parit. f Alexis, Bishop of Nanry, First Ciap law to Napoleon JII. Mirickal Canrobtrt. A H. Arntth, Pkysitinn m ordinary to th* Dutluss Helen* oj Jlusstt. Bernard Koeser, Fhyician in ordinary to the H M th* (fueen *f Gretct. The Picnatnree and Seal* of the a bo re name*, with several thoauads more from ^tateemen. MerohanU, d:piomatiit?, Clergymen, P*v?iciae?, Military Men, and fc'ditort, of this eountry a ad Euiops, may be ?een at hia office from in a. m. till 4 p.m., 347 PENNSYLVANIA avenue,(Soathaide,) betweea 12th aad 13th etreeta. ^ ONLY A FEW DAYS LONGER IN WASIt ja 2-tr I NO TON. welling off: 8kllinu OFF! AUCTION SALES. Br WALL 4 barnard. a??u r??-r. 4 FINK FAMILY H"R?K. A' J*U. A 600D m F.*?r#?? Wfctoii will be aod U Action .hi IATLRDAY MURNINa. J*n Mh. m i? ?>.?*. jmt 4 WAI.I. k BaRNaRD. A?I?U Hy WALL * BAIMAKI). Airbonrrf. Sowtk ltd* of ?r. ami rmn?r tf Xtmk it. |>ICH HOLIDAY PRK*E?CTS.-R.wH>r*| [\ rom ll?M5 aorth aule P#nntj iva ,i? l"Uai out mJ* of tfo'i.Ui prM*mi, comm acinc CO .NIGHT, %t 7S o'clock, <itk aid* * ? it. m4 i ra*r o( .Nmth ja I WAI.L A HAR \AKn, An?ts. Bt WALL * BARNARD. Aiolmuowt. rl ruktkei wale of FINEGROCERIKS. W mil. Liqcoks. Ciiaii. AMD t^rmrCHIHTS lT Awct;?>k ?On THl-RMMV NO|INi>?. * nat . at to o't ork. we ska I Mil at the Aetiua lo"m?, the rtnuiuii (took ol S. T. Diurj. com iWm- . Barrels Uraix**, Whiskey, PC Croix aa4 JmiWo* Nam. B'aekt>?rry Md App'e Brandy, Port, Madeira, Skerry, Mae?at,aad Claret WiM^ No'mim, Oldi>r,?n<l Stoaghton Bitters, ?hainpa?ne. Cordial. aod other l.i^ion. 'of*, Candles, ^taral), and $oif, Pepper. Ginger. Cloves. SaJerataa, and Cmw?i Jans and jars Tomato**. Lobster. knokuvirs and Aneuovy Put*. Pair de Foie OrM. Cheese, MrcM. ?'<1 Preserves, *tgars and Tobacco, 3.Jars, Itonujohna. M?u?rM, Bins, Josnterr, and Fixturea. rhese r?4i ara a., of the be?t % ua. t?. and a*e wall known to tha cuatomera of Mr. S. T. l>rary. Terms : |4i tub; over that amount a credit of 10 aad ? daya, for approved endorsed notes, hear log interest, T. DRL'RY, 'Trastee. iai d Wall * Barnard, ati. By WALLA BARNARD AacUoaaers. Comtr JVtsiA <(. a*4 south i\d* Fa ar. BAILIFF** BALE OF HOUSEHOLD FI R niTrai, Ac., *r Arcriow.?Oa SATt'RDAT MORNING,5tli instant, at 10 n'o'oek, I will seH n front of the Auction ore of W all A Barnard. Household and Kltohen Fsrniture, comprising ? Hair f^prir.n seat So'a and Parlor Chairs. MahogsiiT Marhie top Center aad Side Pahtea, I'arpms, One oths, Step Carpet* ?n?1 Rngs, Mai o any Ktegere, R?.cker and ArmChvrs, Cane an-' Wood seat Chans and Louucee. uouac* !*et. anl Wardr>t?e*. f.artain*. O.iMseaand ?! *dn, Red*tead?. Hureaa-, \Vardr< ! ep, Kea'her Hed?. ?ri'1 Muok Maltrewe*. 8"' iter* and t*il>ow?. Cookitii. aud ChUn^ei Move*. Kitohen ( Vtmi *. ML Term* o%*h. J. If WISK. B*i if j\t V.'AIX * UAKNAK I). A*<n*. Br CLKARV it (rKRF.N, Auctioneer*. 506 >?i?rk strati. HMOl KK.HOI.II H R\ITI KKiM-Kf'f r.CTR at Audio* -On rHL'K?OAV MORMNfi, Jknuvr 3d, w? *lini| w at U?* re*id*noeofa lami It declining bou^Miv^ui, No. 241 H *tr*el DMT ?th *treet. at 10 ii'olonk a in., a good lot of wall kept Household Furniture, con*i?tm* in r*1^? Mahogany ??of%. J'pnn* seat Chair*, and Hooker#, l?t> ?'? <or and t arer Parior Chair*. Do Marb'e top Kuroaua, f*<1efw>ard. aad Waaltkink, Do do d? Center and Side Table*. Walnut K-d*t?*<l?, I.onnte. Hat Rank. fm,**. -- I O * l - - voiiv or* vna > ?uu MSIn??V# Kxt<*n?i -n Dinnic * doilwr TaH*a, K?*M "r B'?1p, llol?t<*ra. ? d I'll ???, H?ir, ?n<l >h?ck MstirrHM, Carpet#, Oi cloth, ard Malting. Cookirc, Radiator, anil rhaml>er Ftore*, tVardiohe*. M ta, Comfort*, and ?{ui'ta, China. Crook ory. and <ilK?awa?e. Toother with a general aaaoriment of Kite baa Er^iintis Te m : Ail anni* under f<0 Mtli; over |<0t i*r d t of 3" data. I**- nulM ?a>lafaot-inly ?r>dor?e4 , Iwtijqi mlereat. The H?iim ia lor rent. Ii^ou* of the Auction-<er?. de31 CI.EARV A SHKKN, Aucta. MMAI.'l*8AI<K.-ln virtue of a writ of fe-i faciaa iaau*d from the C>rk a 4 ?lfir>e of the Circuit Court of the PiFtriet of C" kimina f<r the Court? ol WatOI'.ttoi;, a; I t.> m~ ilirooteri . I ?|i| ei?o?? i.. public ant*, for rarh. io fiont of the Tourt Home door of r>*id oouctT, on THI'ltr* PAY, the I ih day of Jaiinar? nest. 18*1. at 12 "'olook in.. the followir.cdoeoribed f n.poft?. to wit. Part of l.i t Vo *, in s? ok e \o ?? *. b*%imiitie at Lhe northweat ci?u*rn| *Kid lot and rn-mnf tbeaoe UKat o>: Virginia avfiiio I* foot 1 inch: thence ai uth : ? aoatliweat the depth of aaid lot. thenee woat b? louthwrat to uto a< atliweat oornor *>( mid lot; theroe nor-h h? n ithwiatie foot S inehea u> Vir ginia avenue, ooi.tataing '-672 rqnare foot. together rith all Mil amgu ar tli? improvement* thereon, in of Waahmvtnn It f ukxI ** j ??.?* upon u t> e pr?>p"rt> ol John fceiinekein. and wnl ^ ?o!d to ratitfr judicv* No. U. to January t?rm, 51, ? faror vf J. K- W.?lard, iim of John Pirdf. delH-dU W SELDEN. U.S. Maraha.. CHARGE FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, at U* METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP A SOLOMONS. JimiIi /?r L/ivi rmti't uUbrmttH Lt*t% Pi Xttrot xWrna Mill*," tc., ft m v It i. S.Vi P? av.. h*t. <K and loth >U. R I- hi k m n i u p 1 HAT Yob uv? mnr? tk?n 10 per cent. on the lollar by buying jrour I>RY GOOD? at Store No >i 1 Seventh at., u the? nre aelimt off to move. HKNK t K6AN. SJl Seventh et? de liMftt Nor Avenue ANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICKS' We have ju?t reo'ivwi a arce lot ofCLOTHlNQ. URN1SHING GO Oil-. HATS and CAPS, on oneicnment, which mutt be gold before tit* 4th vf il&rch. without retard to coat. Thea* gnorfa have , 1 be??n m?<1e up by ihe beet houaea in Itvtimnr* nd Fhi ade<phia. and owing to the timea the* will <e ao d at aliuoat any price, ourobjeci Leint to turn hem into ca?h &a aoon a* pneeible I. A. BK A LI. * CO.. Qothiere, No. 4 39 Seventh at., alw>ve 0. \. R.?Come one, eome all: now le the time to ?); WINTER CLOTHINGat any prioeonSev nth at,. No. 4.19. i door* abov G ar.. de a im REM EN'S INSURANCE COM!'AN V or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9900,000. corn r C ttrtrt and Loui nana nr., e*er Bank m.f ir F' NSURE HOUSES AM) OTHKR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Die ECTOR*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Re>1fen, Samuel Oopier, William Wiieon, RieharH JnnM, John D- BkroltK, Jaoob <>i<leon, Andrew Rothwell, Thoa. Parker, Riwherd Barr?, B. B. Frenoh. No charge for PolinM. JAMES ADAMS, President. Ahl G. Davu, Secretary. oe IP *?<m EXTRAORDINARY CAR D?CHARITY COMBINED WITH A NKCESSI ?j^^ 'Y.?The Piano I have loaned lor ti'lRPn raod oharit) concert thi* mcht M Wil *II % I ~ ude' Kail, for the benefit of t*e poor, la oMof hiokenr.c'a l-??t Piano*. and if sold within ais *'? I will preaent to the Si<eiet? the wt rt i4t rooeeda. JOHN F. ELI.IS. Sol* (or rennr * Sons' Pi*no _ , _ c de 7! Chiekerinr a Son?' Pi*nm. ?UT TErT^V ENISON. FIGS. R aTsINs"cf > liF.R. LAIRD. *o. Ret'i edtl>iadar? lb? |?nm? Roi! and Priat BUTTER, anwwid;^ VKNIHUN, 3S hoxea mw FIGS, 75 - - Ml'NOH RAISINS. I* M.l?. S\V KET CI DER. Cfcrkma prime I.KAF EAR P. For ta.e low in lot* to unit b; de 86 # D. L MorJiISON A CO rNEW RESTAURANT. HE Sut??c ibar luforin* theeitiB*aa of Waah ictou and the eeblie in ? that be J aa opened tli? ReatauraM No. 4S9 Sutli' ireet, between C and l<ouiriana avorwe. n ? aaa m t>rineri) kpm i t JMODPmitn i a b?? ind ckuieo ortp-ent of I.IOUORS, CIGARS, Ac .on hand. ImAmI OVSTfcKS Wfiid up is twry atyl? at 1 h"Br?. dea ! ' P. O. ROHR. LOU R, BUCK W HEAT. PUT A TOES, AP? " PI.K9.U 100 hbi?. ??>w Riehmnfli Family and Extra FWar, , ?*> !im. Freth ijtuund B?vk wheat :4?at, ??' bu?h?l. VV hit* Meroor P.?tatoae, IW d<>. Blue d?>. qo. 5 do. Ch?atnata. RM?ir?d to day and for ?al# low la loU to aait by <fth. ROUGHS. COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ae. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF OUM ARABIC Thi. plaaa*at and p>Mla<- Couch Rtaw; ha? mio ioackaowaaoditxtaaaveli aaod, that wort Br.-n.har* booome farr.i lar with it. extraordioa r effioaoy. It oan b* had at all the ahaaipai drag tor?al?aodawoaat.ahott)?. wt dtrtMn' JU TRAVELING trunks. K Hare ju?t rvooired th? largMt ai rd n?w offer th? aioataxtoeaive v?ri?tygm u. 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