Newspaper of Evening Star, January 2, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 2, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. None* ?Pnbecrlbers to the Stmt la the Flrat AVard of \> aabington city, are hereby notified to pay for it* service to them from the eloee of the ln?t week, Saturday, the23d December last.,only to ljiwrrnee M. W ltherow, who ia bow the agent of the Star Office for the management of the aaid lint Ward route* Ail aubacrtptiona for Stars mrtrnl in the aald Flrat Ward, prior to Saturday evening laat, (December ?t, I860,) are due and payable to Wm. Dltlow, the late agent. W. D. Wallace, Fublitktr /5??r. U7* Though Th* 9tak Is printed on the fastest press la uk south of Baltimore, Its edition If so large u to reqnlre It to be put to prcw at an early boar; Advertisements, therefore, ahould be rat la before It o'clock m.; otherwise they may aot appear until the next day. None*.-*-District of Columbia Advertisements to be inserted In the Baltnodi *?f?i are received at and forwarded from The Sta* OAce. Dkhtsvctivi Fiai?About three o'clock tbls morning, flre broke out in the building owned l>y Mr Vv H Philip, and occupied aa a grocery store by Mr Henry C. Purdy, south aide of Penn. nrentie, between Four-and-a-hall and Sixth ala , which sprrad very rapidly, soon communicating with adjoining bulldlnga on either side, and de stroying nearly one hundred thousand dollars' worth of property. The leading cause of the Are proving so destructive may be stated In tbe fact hat on yes'erday the Potomac water waa ahut off' from tbe avenue, from Eighth st west to tbe Navy Yard, by order of the Government, leaving all that section of tbe city in no condition to suppress a conflagration. When discovered, tbe Are bad communicated through several atories of Purdy'a building, and in a short time made its way into tbe houae of Mr. M. G. Emerv, which was occu pied principally by Mr. E. Z 8tever, plumber nnd gas ttttrr. This nonse was soon wrapped in flames; and the adjoining houae on the east, owned by tbe estate of Raphael Sent met, was next fired and destroyed This bouse was occupied as a grocery store and dwelling, by Mr. William C. Harper, and was wholly destroyed, together with tbe entire slock and furniture of the occupant. Tbe flames rapidly spread to the next house, owned by Mr John M. Young, coach maker, and occupied by him as a coach factory; nearly all hta stock of carriages, lumber, unfinished work, ma terials of all kinds, and tools, were destroyed, together with the entire building. Tbe build ing, as our readers are aware, was formerly tbe Adelphl Theatre The fire bad made neb headway now, tbat although the water had been turned into the malna no efforts of the firemen could avail to atop It. The house owned by Mur ray A Smiriea, and occupied by tbat firm in the grocery trade, was entirely destroyed, though the major part of the stock was saved, in a damaged condition Adjoining tbe roach factory of Mr. Jobn M Young, the coach factory of Mr. Tbomas Young was slightly damaged; the stock was not removed nor damaged Adjoining Harper's store on the wwit tbe building owned by Mr. Jobn F logle, and occupied by Mr. Jobn F. Bridget, coarbmaker, was considerably damaged Mr H. saved a large portion if his stock of carriages and materials. The drill armory of tbe Washington Light In fantry was situated in tbe fifth story of Philip s building, and all their effects, consisting of unl forn s. accoutrements, flags, valuable paintings, furniture, cases, etc., were destroyed. Their pri vate loaa is ?6U(i to 99110, Independent of tbe Gov ernment property, wblch consisted of 2tiUset?of enninmi*ntl rnmnl?itp unH ill Hril) nmaVoia company l?se 1JU new knapsacks. 51 picture, 130 to 3?*t volumts of bi.oka, 14 or 20 full uniform*, 1 company Hay, and other articles the value of which cannot I* accurately as ertained. The btttallon tent equipage kad been removtd to the National Armory The insurance policy on the t fleets ia their armory had only eipirtd a few days Below we give a statement of the losses sustained and the amount of Insurance, so far as we are able to ascertain through the courtesy of the agents of the several insurance companies which suffer by the Are: Phtlips's house, valued at 912.000. Insured in Franklin Company (D. C.) for 93,000; Etna (Hart ford) for 95.000 Purdy's stock, valued at $10 ooo. Insurance, (in Firemen's and Potomac Companies,) He..sou. F.mery's house, valued at $12,000. Insured in Mutual Company (D. C.) for 94,000; Etna (Hart ford) for 92.000. Stiver'l Stork tavni In ft and loss covered by insurance. Mouse owned by the Raphael Semmea estate, valued at Injured in Potomac Company (D. C.) for 84 .000 Harper's stork all destroyed; loM^tS.OOO, and no Insurance. Furniture saved J P. ingle's house, valued at 87,000, damaged to the estimated extent of 81.0U0. Insured in the Franklin Company (D. C ) for 8*2 UOO. Bridget's stock, valued at 87.UOO. Insured in Mutual Company (DC.) for 8*2,000. Loss estimated at 8*2 ?00 J?hn M. Young's building and stork, valued at 3*1.?*>, totally destroyed, snd no insurance. Murray A ^emmes's house, vslued at 810,000; stock, valued at 815,?00. House insured in Fire men's and Washington Companies for 83,000 and 8*2.(Mi : stock insured In Firemen's, Franklin, and \Vash!ngt?n Companies for 85,t?0U, 85,UOO, auu iiU"? V.IW. TUomas Young's house, Tallied at S10,000, dmiaged to the extent of SI,000. Lou covered by 1 nau ranee. In John M Young's building, Metsrs W. H. A O H Morrison, booksellers, had stored a large qiantitv of vnlnable books,(archives, Stale Papers, Congressional Globes.) a large portion of which were saved from the flames by the exertions of those engaged ta the work of rescue. The books were insured In the Ktna Company (Hartford) fur *1 WW. Mr. Purdy Informs us that his store, when he reached it, was on fire In as many as live different places; thst his safe was broken open and SOU) abstracted therefrom The store was entered, be thinks, from the rear door, against which a quan tity of straw was piled ana burning when the fire was flrst discovered The several Are companies were present and rendered good service, as soon as tbe water could be got at. Their e&erliojjp, as well a? those of tbe watchmen. In saving the goods of the occupants of tbe buildings destroyed, are worthy of all praise. New Yiai's Dav in Alkxasdbia ?The New Year's greeting of friends, and tbe exuberanrr of Youn;? America, together with the iddylng throng of rusticity, farmer* In pursuit of " help," and darkies anxiously awaiting the result of hiring, kept up in Aleiiindri.t, according to the (iaxette, an excitement through the day that haa only been equalled upon previous occasion! of like char acter At an early hour the crowds begun to flock into the city, and before noon five or an hundred persons had collected at "CatU\" In the West F.nd. where the slave hiring for the year is trans acted The osual speculations of cake dealers were vigorously prosecuted among the "cullud pussons " who were of course " flush'' of change, while 'be Incessant hurry of farmers chaffering about the prices, and the unrestrained mirth of the negroes, preeent d an animated picture of life and enjoyment. Champion jig danccsentertained admiring crowds; pugilistic darkies exhibited their muscle a la tleenan, " fighting whisky" displayed its power in more sanguinary combats; signing Lotharios nourished the tender passion in the hearts of sable damsels with sundry offerings of "kisses" and " horsecake*," while flidles screeched Mhi crackers snanrwd until ih? iIoHm of night drove all from the street* to the more {rental atmosphere of the b*r-rooms, where the ubllee was kept op until the smail hours gave warning of the approaching labors of another day. Notwithstanding the flow of bad spirits, no se rious results happened from the pugilistic en counters of the d*T, and all returned to their homes with an opinion that they had enjoyed themselves right smart. The Gazette says that some 350 negroes were hired at about the follow ing rates ?Men 9001100, women Sta90, children KM. Did'kt Comb off?A rumor was afloat last evening that a Callthumplsn, or " tin-pan,'1 sere nade was impending for the ttoutb Carolina Com missioners, and In consequence a squad of the po ller force was sent to keep order in the vicinity ol " Franklin Row," In which block the Commis sioners are domiciled. But the serenade did nol come of W hether the alarm was altogether i false one or not Is uncertain. It is certain, how ever, that a singular musical Instrument which would add considerably to the eMciency of a Cal< 1 thumpian band was aaen an (be street last nlghl iu me Biniu 01 a party wuongwra ioai 11 was u l>e uwd for aereaadlng purpoaea i'tus Bounding board of thia instrument *u a hollow block, cu riously carved after the faablou of the war lmple nienta of the Sandwich Islanders The no Ira w*r? produced by striking up n a steal rake or rorab the teeth of which were arranged an aa to product all the nnlea with tolerable accuracy The ownei of the Instrument aald it waa brought froco th? African coast. Rial Eutatr ? For several montha past, re* rstxte a.ilea have been unfrequent in this city Property owuera do not care to put Ihelr properi) up for aale In such Uines as the present, but at th< aame Ume there la no dlapoaltlon exhibited b> them to aacrtl~e property, a large propertj owner, apeakinf of hi* disposition to deal, aald jrea'e day that he waa always la the market, bu (bat the otter* of trade were genera-If vcesteri lands for e>tj property and aa the ladure?nenti were not very enticing, he would rstber retoui hh real estate la W asblngton. Vocal. Mtrstc ?Prof Rockrans having np?ae< a claaa of vocal music at Union Chapel, Twentteil treet, a tine-opportunity will be givaa to tho* wlahlng to avail thaanselvea of lta advantage* bi baiag la ittoa*?T? oa Thursday avaalng, at 7? o'clock. Pit ssxwtatior or a Cam.?Company C, Wash ington Light Infantry, met at their armory yester day afternoon at 9 o'clock, and proceeded to the residence of Cap*. It. C. Stevens, where the pre sentation took place The company having been drawn In line In the parlor of Captain Stevens, on his approach Mr. John W. Clampltt, a private of Company C, stepped forward and addressed him In exceedingly handsome and eloquent style. As the failure of this company to unite with their brother companies here In the avowal of Union sentiments has caused considerable com ment. it is matter of satisfaction to the well-wish ers or the company thst Mr. Clampltt expressed himself In sentiments decidedly national and pa triotic. In times like these our military Should, 1IW- r?sar's vmifm nnlv h* ntlM Hilt lhn*? suspicion. Captain Stevens replied as follows: Mr. Glampltt, 1 tender through you to yoorfel low-soldiers my hearty thank* for this beautiful gift, which, though to me unexpected, Is, I as* sure you, norte the leas pleasant and agreeable. Yon have alluded, sir, to the well-springs of that higher and holier nature of man which are loosened upon occasions like the present, and the gushlngs forth of living water from the great fountain of memory upon such festive scenes and socisl reunions as tne one that now engage* our minds and hearts Allow me to remark that I cordially endorse the sentiments, and feel in my own heart the beatings of a proud consciousness that as soldiers we are cementing the bonds of our union by this socisl reunion. You have alluded, sir, to the dark cloud wMch overhangs our be loved country, and to the duty of the cltisen sol dier. 1 hope, gentlemen, that the dangers which threaten to entail upon us the horrors of a civil war may be arrested; but should the worst corue, I feel that my fellow-soldiers will lie found bat tling on the side of right. Gentlemen, my heart is too full for utterance. AcceDt mv thanks for thla gift to handaomely prenentfd, and allow me t> wiah you, aa a company and individuals,a happy nev*- year and many returna. The cane la of ebony, aurmounted by a heavy gold head, with the following lnacrlption : "Pre sented to Capt. R. C. Stevena, by the privatea of Company C, W. L. I., January lat, 1861." After partaking of the hospitality of the Cap tain. tbrv proceeded to the reaidence of Quarter maater Towera, and regaled themaelvea in the viaNda apread before them in the ahape of cham pagne, punch, winea, and variohs branda, which make merry the heart of man. During the evening many patriotic toaata were drunk and apeechea made by those aurrounding ttie board. A Fbw Dats Longrk.? Dr. Schlosser, who haa been In our city for aome two weeks, during which time (and alao on a former viait) he haa had aa many appllcationa aa he could attend to, haa met with iinmenae auccesa in hia treatment of corna and dlaeaaes of the feet. He haa operated upon the pedal extremities of many of our moat intelligent and respectable citlzena, and the man ner in which they sp*>ak of him in the numerona testimonials tbe Doctor baa in hia poaaeaaion, la ? ? ii?tnu?- ouiU'.inik tuai uc uu wua% uc pivr f-Mf * The Doctor ha? so many engagements that he Is compelled to itay a few a ays longer, during willi'h be may be found at bis office, -257 l'eiin*vl vania avenue, ready to relieve all who may desire it from painful and troublesome excrescences. Rowdtmm ?hast nie'it a number of youngsters wearing cockades, evidently on a holiday spree, were staggering about our streets, sometimes yell ing. then cursing and slicing. It was gratifying to sober citizens to see one watchman who dared to do bis duty without regard to the family or blood of the disorderly yontba. He went to a yelling couple at the corner of Seventh street and the avenue, and reminded them that they were in Washington, and if they did not respect the laws of order and decency he would take them to the liiiardhouse and learn them a leason The youths quieted down uuder the admonitions of the officer. Ckimixal Court ? After our report closed on Monday, Michael llolloran was convicted of ma licious mischief in breaking the show windows of Mr O. W Angel. Sent to jail for six months. H -3 lift in ?? '* ? - - ? ? 111 u iy, wiiuam nomnson waa tried lor an assault and battery upon Chas. Oaborne. Ht-sub uiltted bis caae to the Court, and waa sentenced to pay a fine of $8 and coata. Daniel Moriety was then tried for an alleged aasaul' and battery upon Wm Tracy. This cass was pending when our reporter left. Yit Ajiothii Incbdiskt Firi.?Last night, about ten o'clock, it was discovered that the store corner of Seventh and E streets had been entered and robbed. It la occupied by Mr. Samstag as a commission store. The thieves had taken away several revolvers, a gold and a silver watch, valued at over a hundred dollars. After the rob bery tbey threw the tallow candle which tl.ey used, among a lot of dressed dolls, but fortunately the flame was extinguished by the melted grease of the candle. Whoii A*k Thit ??Policeman King arrested a colored man name Tom Chase, yesterday, on suspicion of stealing a trunk and contenta. In making aearch, the officer got possession of a nawnhrnVvr't i? .. ? w. ..uvh?v? u&wi n man ! 1 ?n hunting watch and a floe black cloth coat. The losers of such articles would do well to call on the officer, at J ustice Thompsons office. Chase has given security lor a further hearing. Thi Champion's Belt.?We notice in the window of Messrs I'hilp Ac Solomons a finely executed enjraving of the celebrated fljfht between Henna and Sayers, around whom are gathered over two hundied and fifty of the most celebrated of the sporting"' fraternity of both hemispheres. The likenesses are all from photographs, and are said to look wonderfully accurate. Mckrat k 9imxik have removed all their stock Mvd last nijjht to 305 Penna. avenue, six doors west of their former place of business, where they will be enabled to serve their customers as usual. 4t Ki.ixwhfke will be found a notice of a concert and exhibition at Waii^hChapel to-morrow nijjlit. The success of 'his Sabbath school in previous concerts, he , recommends it to the attention of all. Thi rkciipts of Cumberland coal in Alex anaria rrom trie opening or navigation in March to the cloa? in December amounts to 201.079 ton*, an Increase of 3,8% tons over that of 1859. Thk citizk>'s of Alexandria met on yesterday at Catt'a Tavern, West End, for the purpose of organizing a cavalry company. A committee was appointed to enrol members. Comuisck the new year with a diary. Shll llngton has the most complete and desirable as sortment ever issued Don't be without one of these useful little souvenirs. It Nkwspatek Changes ?The States and Union came out in reduced size yesterday, as a penny paper. The Initlligenetr also has somewhat re duced its borders. l'lor. Fairman Roobbs lectures to-night at the Hmithsonian, on Civil Engineering. Remem ber, the doors will be closed at quarter past 7. From H H. Hazard, E?q. WiMmaToH, 1). C? stept. 28, 186?. 8. W. Fowi.k Jt Co.?1 was for a long t mo ttf dieted with Dyspepain in its ?*ni form. My ap petite wan ?oue,and what liltle food I took was thrown u? alter remaining in the stomach a short time. .My abdoman wan very much bloated. In fact there waa complete derangement ami prostra tion of the digestive powers Several very emu ent ptsiciana attended ine at various tunes, but their treatment gave but little, and that only temporary relief. My sufferinga were intense, and 1 became reduced to a m*re akeletoii. At this time one of our druggist induoed me to try the celebrated Ox* Hilars, wluoh I did. though with little laith and great reluctance?for 1 had tried ao many I hadcoinetc the conclusion thata'l proprie tary u.edioiaee were alike worthlesa-but after taking the flrat bottle I waa ao much relieved that I oontinued the uae of them until a perfect cure wu effected. I now moat oheerlully r'coinuiend the Hitters to all aa a certain cure for Oyapepma. H H Hazard, ?1S Pennsylvania avenue. Prepared by ftetk VV. Fowl* ft Co., Boaton. and for aale in Waahincton oit* O. atott. S. H. Wait* J;. D. Gumao. John Sohw&rse. Nurn A Pa.mer, oho Wiley, J B Moore, and H. H. McPhereon; in G*"rK*to?rn by R. 8. T. Olee-Jh and G. M. A J. Southron, and by drnngist* everywhere. ja 1 1 w,r Homeopathic Remediis All of Dr. Humphreya A Co.'a apeoifio IIo rn?. pat io Rein?diea put up expreealy fur family uae, in boxea, at 3S and So eeiita eaoh. Alao, in oaeea. containing 3" viala, from 94 to mi eaoh, with book of fall direotiona. For eale by Z. D. Uilm.Mi. 350 Pa. avensf, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. FitsgeralU, 363 nurlh F atreet; alao by r. K. Winter, oorner of Maaaaohuaetta ave nue and Sixth atreet. Alao, tond't Extract nf WitcA Hauti, for internal and external intlaininationa of allkinda. Sold an above. _ ma&ly To thi Afflicted !? lie acre to read the adver tiaeroeut of Mel<ean'a Strenrflioning Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another oolumn. tf Pbbhibs. Peraonadeairing penmea will alwaya find them for exohange at the Star Oftoe counter. * tf MARRIED. On the Slat of Dfoemlier. by the Rev. Mr. ^hi?e, Pll M P Mo n LKfc R to Miaa M AKY J. KELLY, bjik of Una ci'y. * (Btl'imore iu*n?nif.l DISS, Ob tii* let iniUit,itlo'oloek>m .ANN KLIZ AMK I'H, y ounjoatchil lofC M. and thelata Mary A Kmi T1i? inner*! will tak? place thia < Wednesday] eveniof. at 9 o'clock, frow the reaid-aoe of her M .or. No. I etrret bttvwn 13tk aad 14th. Th- I lend > and roiativas of tha family are invited to at'end. U- '*te m rnin* of the id of January, IMt, EMMA J. I.VN H. af?4 1? inontha and 8 d%ya, the ouly <fa?Kh of Jaiuea aad Jan? L.tnoh. J'h?* ?nea.:? ut tue faim y invited to attan4 th? f<in? al to morrow,<Thuraday,?the 31, at t o'clock, (r >m th? raeidrnae of Mr parent*, No. 9# Ka?( Capital at i Capitol Htll. * Oa t'ie 21 iaataat, JAMK9, aoa of Jamea A. and 'jgfSSparMns hu fiueralto^aaorrow (Thureday.) at ? o'olook^ai pOR BALLS AND PARTIES. ? doses Lad tea' sod G sots' Whits Kid Glovss at 75 oenU s pair. Also. 20 doi?n Ladiea' light oolorsd Kid Gloves st 90 oesta s rsir. HENRY EG AN, 521 Seventh at, js 1-St near Avenue Hon?. MNEW YEAR'S PRESENTS. W. GALT A URU.OS I attention to their nnsaaally lar*? awo'tm?nt of new and sirgant Jeweirr, Wstehea,tiilver Ware, As , gotten up sad selected eepeoially for the holiday trade. All the above kooda are marked at pncea fsr below say herotofore named. * am t>? n * f mm ? aan a m. >? . UAiii c n n.u.. Jewelers, 3*4 Pa. avenue, Ja l-3t 4 door? w??t of Brown'e Hotel. QREAT bargains IN DRY 600DS! SELLING OFF TO MOVE! For thirty dare longer I shall continue to aeil the took of Dry Good* in store No. 691 Seventh it, at greatly reduo*l prion*. Stock is still large and well assorted. Call early and get bargains. HENRY egaN. 421 Seventh St.. Jal >t near Avenee House. otice! notice!! NOTICE!!! 810. P. CALLIS, iMPOBTra or FOREIGN WINES. LIQUORS, AND PRE SERVES, Has received, per last steamer,an immense quan tity of Liquors and Wines, nneeutled by any wholesale dealers 'n Washington. 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In the City of New York, on the above <late, will be ma<le publio. the al>ove all-exciting, all absorb ing incident, or which almost every one i? anxious to hear or know eomethinc. Be it known, therefore, that John Ross Dix, Esq , has written a most remarkable New Year's lory?reinamanie anie ior im imenioiy amiMinc and thrilling narrative, genius and p^wer, which cannot fail to carry with it delight and amusettent into the household of every family in the land. SkiMom, if ever, ha* a storr been published m?re suited for universal perusal at the commencement of a new year. The records of the wonderful tale* told by the pilgrims and pedlars who were all snowed up together on the memorable occasion referred to. are a 1 happily blended together by the author in a style at once cental, attractive and en tertaining, in this new story. The above Story has been written specia'ly for the Household Journal, commencing in No. 10. 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Send fur a oopy. ik>d by all New* agenta. de27 6t BIO HOUSEKEEPERS HO WABHIN9TON, GEORGE C* town and vicinity, We invite the attention of Houaekeepera to our very large and beautiful a took of china, OI.AfrS and EARTHEN WARE, whioh ia now rendered ooinplete in every department by oar reoent im portationa. ' We deem it unneoeeaary to enamerate articled, aa we have every thing that ia u?ua'lf kept in the China Buainea*, from rion deoorated t-renoh China Dinner and Tea Seta to the ordinary Kailhen Ware, and aa wa import the maiority of our aooda, we are prepared to farniah the beat auality, either to the whnieaale or retail trade, aa low aa any of the importing houaea of Baltimore Epglian ani Amerioan Cutlery of anperior qualitv, Alto. Horn, Baok and Caooa handle Cutlery from the i&mo fnotoriM. Silver fla'ted Ware on fine Albatta, warranted, large atook of Coal Oil Lam pa, nuraeroua pat terna, Paper Lame Shadea aad Chianniea. Cat Glaaa .. OlobM. ' Hyacinth Qlaiiu, Fancy ArtiolM. Toya, Ao , Ao. no ?<-ao<w Iwgg ?trecC rpO INVENTORS AND PATENTEES MUNN A "COMPANY. Proprietor! of tha Bcikntific Axiiictit, and Ainli for prociruw Amriou and Foreign inrtntori who . am A U'l rat With Sixtttn Y*?ri' Exptrune* m tkt Butints*, Rafer to Hoa. Judae Maaoa, Hoi Jow?, Holt,! Hob. W D.ltako9ilbt*CoM^^uoMr^n^^BuJ hiU?ha!d bai L 1M pa<M,S oanta _ . . Nnr York. Wuk< iMtoa nana mmr W aai larcitk iu . mo?o?-No. ?i Pkfnt Om?. dm'n'ioZ* n^NCINO ACADEMY. ~ ^ l. e. KiKiNr? JU. "U* Bi i?I will ot m>w on FRIDAY . I 81. Dftja ud hour* or tuition i Mil young IftdiM, MoBdayaaad F_ a to 4 p. m ; for mtltMa tad la hir X. WANTS. WrET,Fv%?r^ iiu:e;U arena*.: L. If COLORKO WOMAN ? ? ? ooofc, villi ud iron in a family of four r?r ?en?. For direction app * at the teiagraph offio in Georgetown ja 3 at WANTKD?A PURCHASER fora tood iatr? Marden'a Coal So*Im>, in parf-et orHrran oaa ba had very low upon inquiry at Nj. JJ7 I'll n i. ana .n. ia a at* U7 A XTED - A .rti^cUbl* experienced \VU ' ? MAN wall ffco'minended, wants to go out ht monthly Nurse- If il s*iu*ied at presen'. pless< cull at -t04 4th street bet. O and H sts. ja 2 ?t* \J|7 ANTED?A lad? of education and refin<*mpn' ~~ wishes a SITUATION a? fOTern?as. or 11 oapabl* of taking oharge of * gentleman's house wnaM to aatisfied with a mor?rai? oompensa'ioo Address MAKY K. PIEKPONT, Washington D.C. ja? ?t* TUTOR.?A gentleman is desirous of obtaininj a SITUATION a* tutor in a family in Wash ington or Georgetown. He trachea English in all it* branches, Mure and the rudiment* of Latin and Frenoh. Term* moderate. Addreaa J. A. R., Oen eral Pott Office. ja I 3 * WANTED-A WET NURSE to go with a fam ily to South Amerioa. Add c?e to I)r. 6AR NETT. or to 44S Sixth st. The family will stay only this week in Washington. ja l-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From *5 to 110JW worth ol SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK oraJl kinda, for whioh 1 will guaranty to pay tha highest prioea, and, as usual, at the shortest no uoe. R. BtiCHLY, Dealer in Fnrniture, Stoves, ft o., _ oo 9 40* 7th ?t., bet G and H. east aide. WAN TED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. ?? Persons declining housekeeping, or haxint a Hiirplus of Furaiture on h&nd,oan obtain tlieoash and fair prioes by applying at 369 Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. IOST-A ooral and go'd lady's BREASTPIN. j dropped, it is supposed, somewhere between the corner of Third and E sts.. and Sixth and N ats. north- The finder will he himUJiIt by leaving itat this oifioe. * ja2-3t* PERSONAL. Astrolocist MADAMK DEVISE. THTS WEEK ONLY. Those who with to oonsult her mu?t call this week as it i* most positively her last in Washing ton at present. All who are in trouble of any kind go quick to the Madame she will brine any one to you anil cause them to love yon. will also canse early marriages and grrat happiness and good luok. Madame will advise in regasd to Lawsuits, Numbers, Business t orses 4.0 Prioes very moder ate. Residence?Richmond House, corner Eighth and D at*.; private entrance on D ?t. Gentlemen admitted. ja 1 2t* n11 ni u u- <m ivtiim ddipp in* This distins t>i6hed American Clairvoyant can he consulted on Health, Character and Future Events. Rooms No. 534 Twelfth street,2 aoors below Pa avenue. jal-lw* FOB SALE AND RENT. [ For other " For Salt and litnt" adttrlutwitntt, ttt fir it pagt ] ? I?OR RENT-Two FURNISHED ROOMS, r with or without Board. Terms teaaorable. 3SS fourth st.. corn?r of E. j%2 A~ SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS FOR R ENT. Inquire at 486 Eleventh st, between E and F. deS6-2w Furnished rooms for rent,at 406 d street, between 6th and 7th sts. de 4-tf I^OK RENT.?A three-utorr BRICK DWELL r ING HOUSE. with bank building, on 12th st.. No. 470. between F and G street*. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD. 476 Twe fth st. no 19 dtf A MUSIC BOOK ISTHE BKST CHRJSTM AS GIFT. Moore's Melodies beautifully bound. The Musical Album, Mendelsohn's Songs, without words. The Home Ciroie. All the Operas, with and without words, Beethoven's, Mozart's and dementi's Sonatoa. Baoh's Cherubim's, Marl and AlbreohUberger'a Theoretioal Works, Alt the Oratorios, Selections ot Muao with beautiful title pages. Also, a large assortment ol Steinway A Sons'and Raven, Bacon k Co.'a Overst ii' g Pianoa, un doubtedly the best now manufactured. A very large stock of Piano Stools acd Covers at reduced prioea at the Musio Store of W G METZEROTT, de22 corner Eleventh st and Pa av. The third Wednesday of every MONTH. Or. HOHKNCKi of Philadelphia, finds It impo* sibie to visit VVaitiinrton every *wk, and ?ai made arrangements to positively he in the city thi third Wednesday of every month. He has a auit of-rooma at the Avenue Houae, vhere patients can obtain advioe free. He onl* ohargea when it is neo?aaary to make a thorough examination of the Lungs vith the Respirometor S. B. Waite la agent for Sotienok'a Pulmonic Syrup, price 81 per nottle./or the cure of Coucha, Colds and Consumption; Sohencfc'a Sea Weed Tonic, price 91 per hott'e.for Uyapcpsia; Sohecok'a Mandrake P.Ha, pnoe 25 cents ber box. for Livei Bilious Complaints and (Constipation of the Bow e!a. Dr. Schonck would be gratefu. to those who have been oured by his remedies if thoy would leave their certificates of cure withS. B. WAITE, corner Sev nth ?t. and La av. de lj>-3in JJO FOR THE HOLIDAY gf* SEVENTH STREET FOREVER! FUN FOR THE CHILDREN ' Prx*k*ta SriTABLK roR At.i. Agks! PUOI^TIiV DITDDL'IIT v 11 it i t j n . i ii i. i i 4?% i ^ No. 522 Sevtntk St., between D and E. W? have enlarged, improved, remodeled. and renovated our establishment, ao that it now j?, iu faat, the largeat and tiest rernlat^d Toy, Fancv and Variety Store in the oity. With peraonal care and attention we have carefully se'ect'd our R'eat stock for the Holi iay and Winter Trade, and fi*?>niufl to Bel! CIIKaP. We )>eg every lady to call and ae<> for themae!ves, as it is impoaaible t<> enumerate all of our Kooda. Sutfioe it to aay, oura embraces every kind to l>e four d in a well conducted Toy, Fancy, China, Wcolen, and gen?ral variety and assortment Store. All kinds of the moot talteful EM BROIDKR F.L) WORK. KNITTING aud DRAWINGS promptly executed to order by MRS. RUPPERT. .122 Seventh at, 522 Seventh at., .>22 Seventh at _de U 3w f^ADET BLUE CLOTH, FOR MILITARY SUITS. Black Treoot Cloth, Black Clotha, for Ladies' Cloaka. In order to convert our stock into ra?b,we art offering our entire atook at greatly reduoed price*. WM. R. RILKV A BRO , No. 36 Central Stores, between 7th and 8th aire* t?, da^7 2w opposite Center Market. ILLUSTRATED BOOKS. * run rnn^nj\j>. We have now our u?ual Urge and mnrnifioonl assortment of *lerantly houmtand illustrated Ho?k? for Presents for the Holidays. The ?ew liooki foi this Tear are very beautiful. Our Juvenile Departmentcomprisesall the latest Books oat and al. the o'd ones suitable forehil dren. Tne Di'solving View Picture Book is a now thins for the little ones. Our assortment of Writ ing Desks, Portfolios, Paper Tioes, Papier Maohf Boxen, Fancy Inkstands, Gold Hens, Fancy and all othor sty lee Penknives. Paper Folders, Cutters. Ao., Ac., is large and varied, and will be sold at prioes to suit the times. BLANCHARD k MOHL'N. de an cor. Pa. av. and Eleventh ?t. Holiday presenrs?sjuitablk me MENTOS! J. One 1 K*al enable. One S<*t Koval Ermine, At half their usual price. i MINK SABLES! Moat elegant set*, at pnoes to suit the times. FRENCH MINK, FRENCH SABLES. _ Beautiful Set* from *10 to S15. CHILDREN'S FljRS. * Muffs. Viotorines, and Capes, in a:i their varie ties, from K cents to *8. B. H. STINEMETZ, 9*6 Pa av.. <? * between 18th and 13th sta. 1861 tlAIIE'' 1861 Commence the Year with a Diary. A ra'naWe Pooket Companion for regtaterini events past. present, and future; onnt&iuin* nttna of poatage, almanac, a blank apao for memoranda for every day in the year, oaah aoooant lor eacr mon'h, animal summary of oash aoooant biili payable and receivable, l>on't be vithont one o! WMmMMM souvenirs The most complete elegant, and deairableaaamtment ever lasued .or,m prising twelve sis-* and upwards of fifty styles at SHISLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, oorner of.4H street and dean . Penw avenue. yULCANITE BASI^FOR ARTIFICIAL Dr. WADSWORTH has made full arrangement! to introduce tne Vutoanite Base into hia> practice, and to ftoHy rtcommtud it to hirj p?i and partial Beta of Teeth can be inserted ii Uss time. at mj expense and with an aiUstia beauty ooeifort and dm ability unaurpaaaed. de J7-eo8t* No. 2166 C street. T HOLIDAY PRESENTS WOSF. Persons wis hint to make purchases fo Holiday Presents, will hndat the a tore of the sub son be r a very tare* assortment of FANCY an) STAPLE DIIYgOODS.auchaa H and some Cloth Cloaks and Raglans, Sbawla, Hlack and Paney Silk Robes, belain*, Cuhntri and Plaid*. Kmbrotd'rod Linen Curnbrio Handk?rohief?, Timlin ud Oaoibnca, ColUraaod ttata, ionria Kid OIotm, Hoaierj, leek Tia*. Bonnet Ribbons, I art mo shirts m4 Drtvcra, And a great man* other 6' oda aia'abia for Bolida: pre"Du,,eirine * 4? W-101 y itl Smatt at ?d **l Pa. mw. 1 REMNANTS PAPKRHANGINM, N Lota ku fficient to pa par an ordiuar j eisad roo* or pa*race at one fourth laaa than tha naval pricet aiao.a good assortment all grades Pa PKRH ANO 1NGS, with appropriate Borders, at low rates, at 4s<,?w,?&r3xs%i. GEORGETOWN. 1 Corresjfondtnc* of Tks Star. ~ Siuuitowi. January 3. It*I D At a apeelal oiffllag of oar Citjr CouaciU or Monday evening, the "SaUry reaolutioo" wai amended In tbe Board of Aldfrmro by making - tbe Maror'a aalary "KM" and the Clerk of tb? [ Market?'?!? " The Board of Common Council J rented tbe fl ~*t amendment and agreed to tbe laat The Aldermen then receded from tbe Bell, R M Bilk, W H Bnoarlo, Wm B?ch, R F Briu, Robi Breene, Jo* Brown. J no Biker, H I Blunt, H W Brown, Geo Browning, Geo G B<uk*. Do<i1 Caroeroo. Juo W Cos bill * Wreki Ciriuaugh, Wm Collin*, L F tonnell, Wn Col nit, Wm Crown. Sim) Colburo. R Callahan, M Cook., J H Cirley, Ja* Cumberland, Jno Collins, Jo* C'olemui, J.*, (jodfried Hokenj, Wm Dongherly, L Drill, Juo Deniatn, Juo Dufief, J L Da mall, Juo T Denuis, A L Evans, Warwick Kllei.bergtt, N Kills, Geo I Eainf, Man A Flanagan, Pat rroil. Jnn Hoiniiiiur. Wm C Holihan, M Hiirwon, Murry Harry, Mi Herndon, Matt J He*ter, Geo K Hiddleson * Co Hickj, Dan I Hoodel, Andrew Jackson. Riclid JoUnsoo, Heury * Joliusou, Ricbd Johuson, Buthard Jameisoa, C An g King, Vincent King, Jss Lewis. Wm . Lurcher. Wm Legate, Wm Lilly, Michl Lecsto, Jacob Larinon, Ji.o Q. H insil^ll, Henry Ladusr, Chri*?3 Lewi*, Cspt Chss Lee. Alfred McGowau,B McLanghln , Ja*, J is M^pruder A Co Martin, Andrew Merrell, Alphonso Montgomery, A J Moore, Allen J Morrell, Juo B M?haruey, Juo Morgan, J110 Morgan, Jno L Moore, Juo Mll!?r I** R Merit. Thoe A Maulone, Wm L New bold. Walter Nicholson, A Payson, Cspt W H Posey, Peter D Payue, J no?t Percty, C R Queen, Wm R?bb, Henry C Rich, Smith P Rothmabler k An derson Robinson, Cnpt B Small, Mr Salliesn. Wash Snow, W R Spry, W T Se?igget, Wm G Simmon*, Saml?\ Simmons. Robi Straw, Myer* Smoot, J W Smith, Ja* W Sweeney Jno Banderaoo, Jo* Speueei, C Simpson, A Simms, Albert Tarptn, Waller O Templeton, W C T?no, W Tollifero, G C Ta I hfaro, C A Thornton, Barttiy Volkeuinf, Wm Weeck, Ree W T L Whestlee. Wm F Wright, Tho* tx ,Ti. 1 1.. 8*g.?r, Jostph Mulloo, Juo Win, J<??i OroM, Jo? Middox.JnoB?3 Womiw, HoiuuO Gueno, Jot MISCELLANEOUS ?J C.,?8 C7~ Litters is ulcum m?T bi Prepaid. J.nS-It HENRY WIRT TILLEY, P M. SUGAR! SUGAR!! 8 U 0 A R !!! BROWN SUGAR r?r?n Man y?r pound, do eighth o*nti do do nine cents do WHITE SL'GAR t*n cents do Lowering'! CRUSH ED SUGAR nins pounds for a dollar. A liberal deduction to thoie who bar by the bar rel. Terms cash. All kind* of bank note* exoept South Cirolxnn Uken At liberal rates at the Anti Separate State SeoesaiOQ-Store, Georgetown. D. C., I S A. de 2!M>t W. H. TKNNET. N O. 119 BRIDGE ST., GEORGETOWN. AT REDUCED PRICES FOR CASH. Wishing to reduce onr stock of goods (which is well assorted i a? low as possible b* the lit of Feb ruary, we will sell for Cash, from this time, every description of DRKSS uonrm.SHA wi.?. KMRpninitnir* blankfcf8, FLAN n'els,'4c'.',"tic"" "' At Rmrcra Pricks fob Cash. !lf~ We would also remind oar castomers that tlmir bill* will he prevented to them on or before the 1st of January, an >4 as it it important that we shall raire money, we will he under renewed obligations to them for an early settlement of the un?. we tender to all such our thanks for their liberal pat ronage, and hope to continue our existing relations with them in the Onion de 28eo3t SMOOT& burroughs. 600 bbls. PrimeANo. l^ALDWIN apples, per schooner J. and N. Baker. Will be sold on reasonable terms by J. G. wa i'ERS. de 17 2w No. 109 Water st-, Georgetown. Just received? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo sugars, iso bb!s. i?.d Rye WHISKY, 250 bnls. herring and alewives. SO bbls. Crushed and r^finwd sugars, so itacs Rio and Java COFFEE, 11) hhds.(low priced) MOLASSES. For sale bv JOHN J. bogus. f J 100 BBLS. OF fr1mec1dek, U*T Arrived and for sale ohm* for cash, no is ARNY * SHINN. Massey.collins a philadel PHI A DRAUGHT A LE.-We are constantly reoeivion fresh supsiiea ofthe above delightful bev eraxe, and invite all persons who waat a pare no adulterated Ala. to cive it a trial. ARNY A shinn. A cents. i? AT hraan su. 6?nri?towa /thicker 1NG * SONS' unrivaled PI AN OS, at all pncM, and of all *eale*. JOHN F. ELM*, no ft SOS Pa. av.. Mvmii ?th mh( Wth ?tm. IS, SUF.LLBARKS. KN *8. BRAZIL NUTS.FIL KING A RI'RCHKLI.. BERTS. de 22 RADY'S NATIONAL PHOTO BRA I'll On exhibition, beauttfoIlT finished Photograph* of the President and Vice 1 resident elect; Imperial Photograph* of all t(i? PreaMenta fiom Jack<M>n t>? Buchanan; <>f all the Members of the Senate and Houje of Representative* of the present 0<>?. rese; of the Prince of Wale* and a larpe number ??f du languished foreign per images. <>f nearly all owr prominent Statesmen, Pneta, Artist*, Anth< ra, lid ltora, Clergyman, Genera'* ard Commodore* The largest Plain Ph"tographa in the world. The Colored Photograph* mait be *een to be ap preciated. Twenty five full length Portrait Viaiting Card*, legantly finished for five dollar* ! O^E HUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS FOX FIVE DOLLARS!! Prioe* for all other atylaa equally moderate, de 10 lm GALLERY. 39*2 Pi"i? Avgxr* rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TKIK??MAK. l.Z and 3-I*roteet?<1 ?< ?? Letter* I'atout of England, aud *ecur<?d by the Seals of the Kcole de Pharmaci* de Part*, and toe Imperial Collector Medisiue. Vit. na No 1 is luvaluahle f<>r exhaaation and uatorrhea, and al physical disahilitie*. No. 2 completely eradioate* air trace* of thoee disease* that have l>een hitherto treated by the nan <v>ns and pemioi Mwee of ooeaira and cuheh*. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the injurious use of mercury, thereby insuring to the sufferer speedy relief, dispersing all impuritiee, and rooting oat the venoin of disease. TRIF-iEMAR, No*. 1,Sand I are prepared ia th form of a losenge, devoid of taate and a met', aad can be oarned in the waistcoat packet. told ia tin cases, and divided into separate dose*, as a<4 rauiiatered hj Velpeau, Lallemand, Ross, Ricord. A o Price ?S eaeh. or foar cases for #?, which saves AS; ai>di in <27 cases, whereb* toere i* a av inco>#9. To be had, wholesale aad retail, of Dr. BAHROW.of 194 Bleeaker street. New York. Immediately ?n reoeiring a remittance, Ik Barrow will forward the irieeemar to any part or the wor d, securely packed, and addraeaao aaoo.ding to the in st'ucti <ne of the writer. The Boot, of all others, that sboald be read by men with damaged and broken down eoostitu'.ions i* "Human frailty, or Physiooneal Keeearohea" It ia baaatirally illustrated. aad treat* <"<iit'iy *j Sth? symp om? that invariably develop them yea. eoouer or Uter. resulting from the frailtie* and vitoatini habit* of eari? /oath, ineafaeitatiag the victim from kharing the f-urion of the matri moaial state, aad. if not a heck ad in tuna, deacaer "MOO" amendment, so that the resolution only need* th? Mayor's Signature to become a liw It makra a reduction In salaries of **,700 annually The "Police bill" {wiMed both boards. It rar riea out the provisions of the "Salary resolution,*' and provides for the annual election of two police sranhi. The resolution directing the committee before Congress, to ssk of that body authority for this corporation to subscribe MOO 000 for j.UIKi shares of L.oudo? and Hampshire Railroad stock, to be applied to the construction of a Georgetown branch, ssld subscription to be submitted to the voters at our next election, after debate, passed the Board of Common Council by the following vote Ayes?Messrs Knglisb. Pearson. Hill, Plckell, ,5*take. Tennev and Williams??. Nsys?Messrs Duulopand Ring?2. The resolution was laid on the table in the Board of Aldermen until Thursday evening next, to which time both Boards adjournel. Thursday evening waa fixed upon in consequence of Frldar next having been set apart as a day of fasting ana prayer, in accordance with the recommendation of the President of the United States Other busi ness was acted on at this meeting, which will be in At** ?? ? ?* * * ic^utai 01 procwningi. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS List of letter.-* remaining in the posr office, GEORGETOWN, D. C.. for the month ending Deorinber 31,1MB. dJ" Persona applying for letters in the following list will please say the* are advertised; otherwise they may not reoeire them. LADIES- LIST. Adamaon, Mr* R Orinet, Mih P Brit. Mim Clancy Gnmci, Mw M ? Brckrt.MriC Grave*. Mi?. M Berry, Mim Miry Hill. M*ry J?t Baktl. Mrs M Huddle*ua. H Brill, Mim M H*rri*on, Lizn* Blintrd. Sxr ill 8 Hilton, M iry Jim Cirlin, Mm A Hunt, Slum Coolidrt ,Mn A H 2 Jonn, Hn Sank Cramtr, Mr* EC Kin;, fcilrn Chjmtirrlnn.M.irthiKbO'lr, Mi>* M Cla{(tt, M'rtht KmpHuvr, MriT(i 8m<n, Mm Crown, Sarah J Lynch, M'rparrt Hhever, MartNa Cain, Loiiu ? l.tuletou, ShxIu Soii'Ii, Xtnli Opugt**, Aunt* A Mender, Heurictt* Keye*, Mr* M K Euibre*. Marraret Milmt, Ltari Tibioo.MiM Ann* Frye, Mr*CA NichoU, Su*?nnah Wliildg, Mim M A Prittli, Editli Nicholt, I otherui* Wilher, Matilda Grime*, Mim Aun* Otrtii, Mr* 8 J Wilkr*, Mi** Jan* George, Mi** Ann* GtVlLEMEN'S LIST Peck, Mr* P W Paya*, Mr* Jinni* Ring, Mr* M RobiMon, Lou V Smiili, Mia* C Slaytou. Mary F RiI'Hi.Mui Albert* 8cn*eoer, Mim M Smith, Matilda Rimm*, Mutilda tfimon*. Mr* M C A d im*, Cart R B 2 Gattake, Jutiu* Al>erado, Dun P Holt, P H Andre**. Olt*ar Hivltfcifi Murphy, ) * Meide, Michael THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. FROM SOUTH CAROLINA. CMAftLHTo*. Jan. 1 -Mom MIImUm( m bring erected In and iround CurMoa barbor,to real at tbe reinforcement at Fort Sumter Tbc (iornnw ladallv receiving dtapalc bee from Southern S la tea tendering men to defend (toutb Carol tan. It is conalderrd certain bere that before tbe end of January tbc leglalaUve, eiecntlre and ludlawl funrtioM of tbe irnpoeed So?i bern f on(r<l?r?tf will be imuaMlhr ' 11 Hon lommwxIfT Petti grew. la chart* *f Cull* Ptorkury. kaa fifra order* that mo haat be al lowed to appronrb tto wharf head without per mlHion. and If thla la violate* aertoua roooo ?uencea will ensue The ettjr river front la eare ullv giurdi'd The ladles of Voatk Carolfaa bare tendered their aervice* at the forU, and aoaae tee* prepared bedding for the troop*. Free postal comnatilcationa baa been Mtabllabed between the forta and tbe elty Tbe Vigllaat Rtflea bi*t vom oa a aacret aer rice to Morrla Island Tbe Zouave* and German Klflea pro eedrd to the harbor at nooa. Six com pan lea are drllllag ta thla city tblaee? alag. Tbe Palmetto Guarda. one hundred strong .have charge of tbe U. S Araeaal, over wbtrb flie Pal. metto flag la now flying- the atara and strlnos having twen taken down Com !*bubrlek ia igimt at the rntdnci <4 Col Isaac W Hijrnr A correapondent of tbf Cour iff >4*lr? South ern mere ban to to be careful liow tbrv ?blp oh?. chandlae on long vcvagea. and to beware of prl raterra. recorr mending that preference bt(l*N to Hrttiah and French tmtU Another oorrea pondent of the Courier adrtor* the uar of com preaaed cotton brenatworka in the ronatru- tioti of !*everal of the interior hanks have Rgroed to take respective portions of the Ht?tc loan of IMKWi The steamship line heretofore running to For nandlna, Florida, baa born diacontinued. Collector Coliock glm notice W> uiaatrra of all vraarla from porta outelde of the Mate of Sonth Carolilia that thd?v UliiMt ont< r n?<4 - U.. - r?w? ton. The (iirfilm Charlkcton, Jan. 1.?Tbe Conrtntloii piwM vilcrdajT, til aa^ret MNion. acveral ordlnai?c??, which have been signed and m?df publtr, aa fal low* A* Ordimmma (a D*h* n*A Puni xk T" +*** It declares. in addition to what baa already been declared treason by tbe General Assembly, that treason against tbe Mate nnalau only In levying war sgsinst tbe Stale, adhering to ber enemies, and giving tbem aid and comfort l'uaishment death, without tbe benefit of clergy. Am Ordinmrnre Concerning Judutmi Po**rt. An ordinance baa also been passed < onccfnlng judicial powers, wblcb provides tbat tbe judicial nowers heretofore delegated by thia Plate so aa to form part of tbe judictal power of the I'ntted States having reverted to South Carolina, shall bo exercised by such courta as the General Asieiubly shall direct. is Ordinate* Concerning tk* Povtr' Intelf xtited in (4? Congrtst #/ tke L'mtfd Statu. All powers which tbe State heretofore dele gated to Congress shall b? vested in tbe General Assembly, except during the exlsleac* of this convention, tbe power of tbe General Assembly does not extend, without the direction of the cm. vention, to th? regulation of dotlea on import*, postoflicte. making a declaration of war, nego tiating treaties, arranging tbt term*of confederacy with other State*, aettllnz the term* of citlzen aLlp. declaring what const! tutea treaaou. etc. Am Alabama CtMtnltMn liMUNirl Sr. Long. Dec 40?A special dlapatch to tbe Republican, from Jefferson City, a La tea that Mr Cooper, Commlatloner from Alabama, made a strong aeceMlon apeerh laat night in tbe ball of tbe House RepreaenUtives He did not believe in a commercial or Indnatrlal point of view tbe Southern State* wauld be the losers in caae of a disruption of tbe Government Heaald tbe South did not deal re to reopen tbe African clave trade Hia remark* were occasionally applauded A meeting was then held la tbe Senate Chamber to consider tbe suggestions of Mr Cooper On motion of Mr Paraons, the let* Breckinridge candidate for Lieut Governor. John Hyer. Sena tor from Dent, took tbe Chair. Mr Pareot>e further moved that Col Ballou, of Benton, be Sec ret* ry. Col Ballou declined He could not approve any meaaure tending to aeneealon. He would stay in tbe Union until be w?* forced out of It. There waa vet hope that matters might be arnica bly adjusted A resolution waa adopted stating tbst during the coming session of tbe Legislature tbey would express their oplniousofllclally upon tbe Questions new distracting tbe Union, and fnrnlsb the Gov ernor of Alabama a copy of tbe resolutions on the subject. u tbe General Assembly may adopt The Assembly meeU to-morrow Major Harris, Gen. Price and Col. Ballou are most promtnent as candidates for tbe Speakership, bat It I* con sidered doubtful whether either eitber can be elected The Republican urges that no Secessionist should be elected Speaker, but urgea the passage of an act at an earlv dav of tbe session, calling a Con rent ion of Commissi oners from tbe Sis re * States, at Baltimore to state explicitly their grlev ancea and tbe aggreasioua of tbe North PeasfTlrsaia L?|lilatars. Hakbisbcks, Jan. I.?Tbe Legislature of thla State met to-day. In tbe Senate a sertes of revolutions were offered, declaring that Pennsylvania Is willing to pass laws necessary to redress tbe real grievance of any sister State If any should be found to exist; pro claiming an ardent desire to cultivate friendly re lations with sister States; avowing ad be* on to the doctriuea of Jackson's proclamation against thr South (^arnllnx nulliflnra of 1*?!W: Bin ft rMAlv. lit*; that the State will contribute turn and money If necessary for the preaervstlon of the I n".on The resolutions were referred. H*Bti?nraa Jan 'J ?(tor Packer'* message will be laid before tbe Legislature at soon, it takes strong grounds, and terms secession rebel lion, but urge* the necessity of purging the statute booktof all enactmeata that can justly ne charged with violating tbe rights of any aister States It recommends a revival of tbe act of I^M. allowing the slave claimant tbe right to choose bis remedy In the Slate or National law, and also that tbe owu?r or master shall have tbe right to retain tbe services of tbe alave wben sojourning la or pass ing through tbe State It recommends the re-? n actmeot of the Missouri compromise line ?>v amending tbe Constitution and ratifying tbe amendment by State Conventions If Congress falls to provide for this, let tbe subject emanate from tbe people He closes by eipreaslng devotion to IVnnsyUs; nla. tbe I'nlon. ind tbe clttzeua These be will defend through every peril. Thtrty-tbree Gaas for Major Aadetsea Riidim, Dec. 31 ?A salute of tblrty-tbreo gun* was flred by our elticns la honor cf the daring and gallant Major Anderson. I'HiLsDKLrHia, Jan '2 ?Three salutes In dif f< r?nt s< < ti<-us of the city (of thirty guns each) will be firtd to-day in bonor ?f Major Anderson. nrpmi vi rrrttBti i.iwri) diii? I'ohtlamd. Jan. X?The City Council* hava pjiwd a revolution Instructing their representa tive In the l^vli!aUir<! to repeal tbe Personal Liberty Law of this Mat*. Affair* la N?rf?lk NomroLK, Va? Jan 'Tberc ta poattlvely nMbinj; known to b? going on bet' ia relation to naval or army movemeBtf All la quiet both at tUc Navy Yard, Road* and Fort. Alikaaa Stat* t mtmUm Mo!<TboaiiT, Ala., Dee 28?The Federation say* tbat the majority la the Alabama Convent'oa la favor <?f ro-eperaaoa la from 10 to 1*. Hairmoai. J?n 4 ? Floor dell; lleward at. and Ohio ?6 50; City Mill* #6. W beat buoyant, red *1 26aI 33, while SI 40al M Core ?rai; new white 61a64, yellow 70a73;. Pravleioas Iron, meea pork tl6 50; rump ?13. I*rd 10*c. Coftea dull at l:tal3c. Whiaky Arm at ltc. Row Vara mars.a New Yoaa, January 8 ?Floor SalOc better Wheat le. Libber. Com firm rroviaioaa qetv. Whlakv aalet at ItKe New You, Ju t ?Storh inMpir dm! higher Chiratfo tad Rack Ula*4 M, lllldoU Corbftl tfcftre* 77Michigan *<>utb?ra 9t, Ne?r York Onlnl 77, Reading X* Hudowo trnr R R. 47. fN*w MKKS. aNu VK>*JING# WALL. PTr.PHKNH * CO-SM Poaonl** ait Avomo, ton jut wm>ri ft term* ??nw of ofU? K*f rSlfi'w? wt"a>',U^y *** SlUB BONN AT*. aM fUWrf tM ^WB="a&&igga? BO 'JS tf )M, MtW. W MW W Mft. Tturn:*. l r #> a* a ifir * *-K)Ma 4 BUKCBBLL. wi mm* ? s? ia AP-^ca

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