Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR WASHINGTON CITY: THl'HSDAY Jawry 3. 1961. Spirit ! the Itlcraiai I'rm Tb* TnuVigmttt jpeak* of the recommendation of tb? K'ckrrnnri Knqutrtr to llfide Washington ' m nothing more than the exaggeration of political rhetoric," and aay* that no armed force, either for pretentimg or i*t*ri*g the inauguration t f Mr Lincoln. would be tolerated by our eitl MM The Comstirwtiom is not pleased with tbe speech of Senator Baker yesterday, and say*, "hi* matter and manner are alike inferior " Tbe RtpuhlMan, under the bead of ?'Revolutionary proceeding* in Maryland," notice* tbe revolutionary project announced yesterday in tbe editorial column* of "tbe Baltimore Sum, the organ of the Maryland disuaionists." To-*omow will be observed In this city as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer, In accordance with tbe recommendation of the President of the United States. The Star will not, therefore, be Issued on to-morrow. Rkvolction ih Gkorou?Tbe following dis paicu mcocu u? c*ohih^ . "Tbe State troop* of Georgia now occupy fort* Pulaski and Jackson, and tbe U S Arsenal at !<avannah." We have to say, that yesterday morning we were Informed that the leader* In the current revolutionary movement had decreed that in the course of that day (yesterday) all the fortification* of the United States In the South should be taken possession of by armed mob*. Tbl* dispatch confirm* tbe truth of that design en their part. The telegraph will shortly inform us where else they may Uave successfully carried out the plan. We submit, that such action out of South Carolina (which is tbe only State that sets up the pretense of having seceded) I* neither more nor less than naked revolution?the voluntary inauguration of civil war on the part of the dlsunionista *e. That the disuninnists per it were known to contemplate the seizure of the U. S. fortifications In State* that have not pretended to have seceded, meaning u It does that they have usurped the Government there without awaiting the action ol State Conventions upon their schemes, explains why the working classes of citizens in Louisville. Ky , have been called on to band themselves so significantly against the plots of those who would deprive their families of bread, and reduce them to the condition of common soldiers in a time ol profound peace and universal prosperity, withoul the slightest shadow of lawful right to do so These lawless, desperate and over-ambitions men are, indeed, working evils for the people of the South, for which, aooner or later, they will be held to an awful responsibility by those witfc whose lives, bread and property they thus setktc play with, aa at other times they play with cardi at the poker table. Manufactvkisg Capital roa Disunion ?Or Ha mnrnina lift or th*? pl?rt!nn nf rlpUuatmc tn t hi Alabama State Convention to assemble on the 7U Inst , the telegraph assured ttoe public that the im mediate secessionists had carried the State by ai overwhelming majority?at least 3ti,0<J0?of th< popular vote. It now turns out that the antl-lm mediate secessionists claim a majority of from tci to fifteen of the Convention Their strength lay In the populous counties; In the northern section o the State, where the proportion of negroes t whites is far smaller than where the dtsunionist per s* control popular sentiment. So it is alread clear to us that when an honest expose of the re suit of that election is before the public, it will b found that the majority vote of that State 1* againtl and not for ttie destruction of all southern propert and prosperity, In furtherance of the settled pla of the disunionists ptr j? that has been in cours of being worked out, step by step, for the last fou years Last night brought the following despatch /re* CkarUttoM, pretending to give the result of th election throughout Georgia, that took place on I ytttrday' S Cbablistoh, Jan 3?The returns of the ele< tion in Georgia, for members of the State Convei tion, Indicate that Georgia las gone for immed ate Mcessi&n' In one week it will be evident to all that thei la no more truth in it, than in the Alabama electic bogus despatch above referred to. A KOI K?3DALL'S L.ETTIRS OS SlCIUlUN -I response to numerous calls upon us for a new rd tion of the able Letter* of Amos Kendall up< Secession, published In this paper, we notify tl public that we are preparing to print the who of them In a single extra number of the \V xsxi i Dollae) Stah We shall print no more copiesjof the ext number, than may be ordered (and paid f when ordered) at the Star't counter, or by lettc The price will be 3 cents per copy; 50 p hundred copies, or per thousand copies; at In proportion for any other numbers; each co| to be done up in a wrapper for mailing, if so r quested We will keep our book open to recei orders for them until Tuesday next, after wbi< ?JIUV use ( AUU wiu W A HUB, IUUW UII can get them who may send in their orders, wi the money, between now and Tuesday evenii next. They will be worth their weight in gold bringing about in North, South, hart and Wei the healthy state of public sentiment so absolute necessary, now, for the preservation of the L'nio Thb Msst Ijcpobtast morixist or the Si sioii was made lo-day by Mr. Crittenden, in tl shape of submitting a preamble and joint resol tions for the action of Congress, as follows: Whereas, the Union being in danger, and being difficult, if not impossible, for Congress concur by the requisite majority so as to enable to take such measures to rtcommer.d to the SUi such amendments to the Constitution as may necessary to avert the danger; and whereas in great emergency the opinion and judgment The people ought to be heard: Therefore, nnoicta, i nai provision De made by law, wit out delay, fur taking the kdk of the people, ai submitting the following resolution [the ii? well-known Crittenden resolution?Ed ) as a bai for tbe final settlement by the states of the di pute that now disturbs tbe country aud threate t be existence of the U nlon. This must lay over for a day We b*?lfeve th there can be but few votes in either House agaii It. " The T*cb Positio*.?At the meeting of t members of Congress from the border States, he at Willards' Hall a few evenings since, we lea tbe Hon. John T. Harris said he was one of the who ardently desired a settlement of tbe pres< difficulties and the preservation of the Union. I appealed to members to come forward and < their duty to their country, to themselves, and their God; and thus preserve the Union and sa the country from the horrors of civil war a ta?.l j . * tl - w-ij - - - - mi uouwivu. ng ucia?ii?lfity could do and they ought to do it, and that nnl?M they dl history and posterity would write them do' unwlae and unpatriotic men. Tn CoLbBCTion or tii Cc?tok? Duties Cbaklbston.?It la to be taken for granted tl If the Senate to-day confirm the nomination Mr. Mclntlre to be Collector of the Cuatoma Charleston, be will dlacharge bis duties on 1 deck of the Harriet Lane or a naval steamer. Is now here, and may be aboard ahlp and off his poet in twelve hours after the Senate act up his nomination We have no Idea that thoae the Senate who oppose the collection of Unll States duties at Charleston can delay action on 1 nomination longer than u>ji?? A Nomination o* a Collectob ro* tie Po or Chaklistom, 8 C ?The gtntletou not natcd yesterday afternoon to be collector of I port of Char Lea loo was Mr. Mcintlre, (late 1 chairman of the Breckinridge committee of Yc county, Pa.,) a tean of fins intelligence and gn e leryyand firmness of character. The Senate? ellned to no I"to execuL ve session to act lmn dlately on this nomination, kjr a vote of 37 to Messrs filgter and Latham being the only De ocrata voting to take op the subject at once. 1X7* The special dispatch from Charleston, January 9d, to the N. Y. Express, says : Secret orders have been given, If need be, keep oot reinforcements by sea to link era of tk? / ** CK*untlt The crisis Is su here that there will not be a moment's hesttati to sela* upon aay vessel la port area?ry for th parpoee Everything Is jw*$ war footing. ??????????wswasww CONflRKMIONAL. ?isati -Vfiterday, after we went to press, Mr Haker hiTlog dcffrre4 the furtber delivery of his speech until to-div? Mr Dsvls offered a joint resolution providing tbat when a State shall make application to the President for the withdrawal of the Federal Army and Navy, the President shall order soch withdrawal; and tbat when a State convention deems it expedient for the State to keep troops and ships of war. the President of the United States shall recognise that power of the Mates, and make the people of the country aware of the fact by proclamation 1 A motion was then made to go Into executive ! session for the purpose of considering the com munication of the President, but was finally withdrawn, when the Senate adjourned House.?After our report cloaed? Mr Sherman having appealed from tbedeclalon of the Speaker, in relation to tbe withdrawal of Mr Davla*s reaolulionMr Adraln moved to lay tbe appeal on tbe table; which motion waa loat. Mr Hill moved to reconalder tbe vote upon tbe motion to lay tbe appeal on tbe table, and called for tbe yeas and navs Mr Anderaon, of No., deal red to offer a resolution. Mr Grow objected. Mr Anderson moved tbat tbe Houae resolve itself into Commtttee of the Whole on the state of tbe Uaion. Mr Sherman said t-e would withdraw his appeal, If both resolutions (Mr. Davia's and Mr. Holinan's) were referred to tbe select committee of five. Mr Howard, of Mich., desired to hsve tbe resolution referred to tbe select committee of five, 'with the following Instructions: That a select committee be appointed to Inquire whether any demand of tbe surrender of tbe forts and public property in Charleston had been made; whether any pledge bad been given tbat no reinforcements should & sent to tbe forts; where tbe United States ships are now stationed; whether the public property in Charleston has been seised. Ac , Ac ; and empowering the committee with full power to send for persons and papers, as tbey shall deem necessary. Mr. Houston objected to tbe appointment of any committee with or without Instruction* Mr. Sherman said if hi* appeal was sustained be would not prfM a vote upon Mr. Holman'i resolution, but would take either. Mr Houiton would enter into no compromise wliicb would overrule the lawi of the House or set aside the decisions of the Speaker. After some discussion, the resolution was referred to the Committee of Thirty-three. A vote was taken to reconsider the vote by which the House refused to lav Mr Sherman'i appeal on the table, with the following result? yeas 78, nays 75. The question tben recurring on the motion to lay the appeal on the table, the yeas and nays i wrie called?yeas 80, nays 82. A motion to adjourn was again made, and while the roll was bring called? Mr. Brings said be was in favor of the resolu ' tion of Mr! ilolman but he would not overrul* what he thought to be a just decision of the Chair He voted aye Mr. Howard, of Mich., said he would vote t< ' adjourn if the vote upon the decision of the Cbai t whi made the special order for i o'clock to-day . pi a v i i nurauay ; The motion to adjourn being agreed to, th( ( House adjourned at 4 -2i? p m. 1 Thursday, January 3. Senate?On motion of Mr. Green, theSenat agreed thnt when it adjourns to-day it be unti 1 Saturday next. Mr liigler presented some Pennsylvania mc i morials in favor of the plan of compromise pro posed by Mr. Crittenden; laid over. Mr'Crittenden introduced his plan of adjust 1 nient, being the same proposed bv him some day * since. He also introduced a resolution providin - for submitting his resolution to a vote of the pec j pit- of the U n i ted States ? Mr Crittenden advocated bis resolutions in telling and eloquent speech. He hoped it mlgt ' be a superstition, but be hop* d that these dlft o cutties might be overcome He had hoped thi a the Senate would be equal to the times; but i Congress could not agree, let the people who wer ' so drenlv interested in the matter h?? amvalrit t for a settlement. He felt sure that it would b e safe in their bands. lie deprecated the lntlueiic l, of party affinities upon the present difficulties Mr. llaker, of Oregon, resuming his remark * of yesterday, wished to know the grievances < n the South because he felt sure that he was willing e undtr the Constitution, to remedy them. H ir quoted General Caas as sustaining his views. fiovak ?Tk? Bpnkw prmfnlod to tha Hoik an invitation from the Chaplain to attend the n lixious services to be held in the Hall to-iuorrov e Read, and laid on the table. y Mr. Crawford moved that when the House a< journ, it adjourn to meet on Monday next. Agret - *o Mr Qu&tIm moved that five thousand copies < the report of the Special Committee on ihe Toba co Product be printed for the u*eof the member referred to Committee on Printing. tr Mr J . Cochrane moved that five thousand enpi . _ il_ i*-. i ..i at. _ itn el in ui iuc rrpvn ui lur \ oiniiiiwiunrnun me Dllllld Academy at Wrst Point be printed; referred Committee on Printing [Q Mr Hutchlns presented a memorial and resol tiona adopted at a republican meeting held at J? ferson. Ohio, on the present state of the countr ,n referr?d to the committee of Thirty-thr*e. ie Mr J Cochrane also called for a report fre le the aelect Committee of Thlrtv-tbree, aa the con try was anxiously awaiting the result of their d liberations Mr Cox moved a reconsideration of the vc ra referring the memorial and resolution of ft or Hotchias. Mr Morse moved to lay the motion of Mr. C on tbe tabl*; agreed to. *r Mi. Carter desired a postponement of his rep< id from the Committee on tbe District of Columt on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad bill un ' _ Thursday next. Mr Hughes said that in that bill there w< vf important matters that required prompt action -h the House, and he hoped that it would not be < jy layed. .. Mr Sherman Introduced a bill providing I the payment of District Judges la the State )? Ohio. Mr. Bingham ottered an amendment, stati In when and where tbe courta should be held. Cheap mascractcrg or Heroes ?The B ^ timore Sun seems disposed to give the mechanl u" and laborer* who have ju?t returned to Baltimi 8. from Fort Sumter, credit for feeling of a rati be more exalted character than the facta would ae u_ to justify. The Sun says: " They state that it was Intimated to them tl If tbe fort was attacked they would be expect 1 t > assist in its defense, and aa thev svnipathii '' with the South in the crisis, conduced to lea forthwith." ^ In the Star of the 27th utt. we published a let so written by one of the party engaged upon I of work at Port Sumter, to his mother in this cl by which it will be seen that the indisposition )(j the Baltimore party to fight, even at that da iw (Dec 19,) was a general one, "high above pa lines" and that their ''big" was tbe subj of no little merriment on the part of their co rades, as tbe following extract will show : t " There are a great many of the men who ca with us from R*ltimnr? tKo? ? ? -- hviv .? ? nuuiu m*rai ut ihing to be home once more. They are verymu frightened for fe*r they will have to light, at th la ao much talk of a civil war between the No be and South. A and myself plague (hem alaioil Id death. They are all well who came with ,rn y?? can their frlenda know that inquire ab< them. A. it aa when yon laat nw him,and aei bit ?>est reaperU to you all 1 now conclude t nt witb lore to all ?* , and the lore of your nil lie tionatesoa. H.M.' ^ A Letter nun Uovirmoi Medaet.?To-da ve mail brought ua an Interesting letter from Oi nd Sam Medary, from which we take the liberty , t publlthing the following extract: ij' L*compto5, K T., Dec. 21, 1860 ?' W D. Wallark, K*q., Editor Sfr : *rn Dear Sir : 1 ahall return to Columbua, Ohio, a iaane a paper at once for the crlata. If we dlvl into two confederacies we ahall have a twei at year*' civil war. From auch a fatality may 1 tut Lord deliver ua. If each State should fall bt 0f on Its original aovereignty, we may cool off a heal up our wounda amicably. We must all hi al aud pray for the best, but really at this distal 'be things look squally enough. If we save the I He public onr editorial brethren have got to enla the scope of their patrio tun, and establish a 1 ter fraternity We have tried the polltlciana,! 1011 they have made an awful failure. They are i i of equal to the times. They have raited the wh >d wind and ar? Inn ivwn ?- -? ?? rv.i jwv?u? jy 11 uc me ivoi hi? VerT trulJr voura, ~ S. Midaet Foit Scmtbk.?We are now satisfied tha >T bu been definitely determined by theUovrrnm nj. here to leave Major Anderson at Sumter, In at (he lute "command of tbe situation." Tbe Soi ibe Carolina Commissioners have doubtless corn* (rk tbe san.e conclusion. Hence tbe way tbelr aid rat and abetters In tbe Federal Metropolis bare tx rearing and pitching In tbe city's bar-rooma i elsewhere, of late. Moxkt Mattbms m N?w Yobk.?Tbe N m- York Express of laat evening says: Sales of 14 cent Treasury note have been made tbls aft noon at 2 per rent, premium, at which they 0f firmly held. Money tends toward lower rates commercial paper We quote ftal? for brat nan. auu mm* ?I * une pMI miicb under V per em to a Cirr. Habtbtkim ?This distinguished ofll ch arrlvad here on iMturdny from UmGuU of Mexi od on kit way to foutb Carolina. W nederata ?< bo baa h|f commlaaton In Ui pocket rmdy to returned,????m?mU JV?w*,31j< uU. fc _ _ . AFFAIRS AT CHARLESTON. H r [Special de? patch to the Baltimore American ] CHmtiTO!!, Jaa. 2?No definite movement . haa been made for aa attack on Fort Sumter, though rum on are abundant in relation to aome movement tn that direction Tbe romor on the atreet la that it la to be atarved out aud then atormed by large parties of men on rafta. protected z by the b:\tterrles from the ?hor*? .Major Aader- t] eon. however, la undoubtedly heleaaured. bat la o be'leved to be la pomnloa of abundant anpollea. t and should the fortress be attacked he can bold out long enou/h to roeelve succor, If It Is tb? In- r tentlon of the Gouernmentto make any movement ? In that direction. a The number of arms in the U S. Arsenal, now c In full possession of the State, has n greatly r exaggerated They do not exceed 25.000 stand. t Instead of 70,000, and many of them old flint r locks. i Thecltv la nightly pat oiled by the military c Though there la no fear of the negroes or any one- .t mlesinthe city, It is thought necessary to drill *? the new recruits in all the stern realities of the sol- i dier's life Preparations are making to fortify some of the t points of the harbor wih cotton bales, covered I with a foot of earth, so as to prevent their contla- 1 ? rati on from hot shot that may be used from Fort Suuiter. Chtraur dt fri*t and other obstruc- I tlons are being devised to drop Into tbe Channel < to prevent any vessels of war from coming in. < All the buoys in the channel are being removed, i and the lights on the coast will be extinguished < so soon as it is ascertained that any naval vessel i is approaching. The coast is the most danger- i ous in the country. The military on the coast, unuaed as thev are to such exposure and hardablps, aresuffering greatly. The weather has beeb quite cold, as well as damp and disagreeable, and their relative In tb? city are In great distress about them. The realities of practical secession are already found to be much more serloua than was anticipated, although the tbe first gun hss not been fired yet. A* yetlhere have been no clearances of vessels made out under tbe new regime. All vessels that have cleared since tbe '20th did so under United States papers made out and Issued to them befere tbe act of secession. Tbe first vessel thst arrives from Liverpool will create a mm pus, though It Is presumed no attempt will be made by Major Anderson to prevent her passing Into the city. Tbe Charleston Courier of Monday says : There were a variety of rumors afloat on Sunday concerning Fort Sumter Some went so far as to say that the United States troopswould be unable to hold out two weeks; that their provisions were of the most scanty character and that water was very warce. If this be so, and if it be true, as reported, that the larger one of the cisterns Is rendered useless because of the salt water that makes way into it, the soldiers cannot, by any possibility. hold*out longer than ten or fourteen days All the points froin which supplies can be obtained are rendered Inaccessible There is a strone guard of the Chnrl-ston Rlfle[ men stationed at the light-house on Morris' Island, even if a battery has not been erected there by this tlm? afi \17?a rAiitomnlatp/l HMa/?hm*nta nf ? ?* ? ? ? " VVMWV??? A/ *0 V* South Carolina troops are in possession of the post . at Fort Johnson, while Sullivan's Island and Mount Pleasant, as well as this city, are rendered ) inaccessible to them for supplies. The remainr ing cistern of the fort it is said is so befouled , with stagnant water that to drink of it would be to partake of death and disease. The only ree mainlng way for them to procure water or provisions will be by boats or vessels, and?even this mode will be cut oft by the smxll crafts and steamboats that are constantly cruising around on the watch. . In deserting Fort Moultrie, military men say Major Anderson did aa little harm to the works as ^ it was possible for him to do. He might have blown up the work, or might have injured it to such a degree that it would have been rendered worthless, even after a year's labor had been spent * in repairing it. As It now is. to-morrow night will see it almost as strongly fortified as it was on " the 20th. Contrary to expectation, none of the guns of the fort are materially injured. Those that were spiked were rendered useless for the . time being only. The instruments used to stop up the touch-holes were simply wrought nails. moat of which have already been taken out. None ^ of the guns were Injured by tbe application of tar either inside or outside. In relation to other points of defence In the har? bor. a great deal has been said on tbe street, and since tb? affair at Fort Sumter, there has evidently e b?*en a disposition to crumble because more active steps have not been taken in throwing up breastworks and batteries on all available points. Those 51 who consider the subject, however, will see that [ until the act of evacuating Moultrie and occupancy ? of Sumter was consummated, tbere was a mutual agreement between South Carolina and the federal ? Government, which bound us In honor to take no e" active warlike steps After faith was broken by T our opponents all tbe dispatch requisite has been used ny a prompt ndtnlntatratlon to fortify the harbor as completely as possible d ______________ of IHB tMwnua. c- Chaflkstox, Jan. 2.?The Convention met at s; the usual hour Tb? President announced the result of the balloting for commissioners to cerea tain Statea In secret *?-*?:on A second balloting ry waa tben bad for commissioners to Georgia ana to Texas Tbe Convention ha* adopted aa amended the n- report of the committee to recommend proper ;f- measures to be adopted to ensure the est^bllshy; ment of a confederation of the Southern States, ?s follows:?To appoint commissioners to all tbe m States calling conventions to consider <*nd den termine on their future political relations. This ie- step arises by no means, says the report, from presumptuous arrogance, but owing to tbe advanced ite position which circumstances have given to South [r. Carolina In tbe line of procedure for tbe attainment of tbe great design of maintaining tbe rights, ox security and very existence of the sfavebolding States cf the South. Drt The Instrument called tbe Constitution of tbe da United States is suggested asasnitnbleand proper til basis to be off* red for tbe establishment of a Provisional Government, and tbe following principal ;re considerations have iuduced tbe committee to by give It preference. That said Instrument is the le- work of minds of the tirst order In strength and accomplishments; that It was most carefully conrA? itriirtMl hv rftmnroh#n?i?o wi?u'? ?? .,? -j ?v * iv ? o mtu t* tairi'Jl of examination of details; toat experience Las proved it to be a good form of government for tbose gutting clently virtuous, intelligent nnd patriotic to consent to be fairly and honestly construed and linpartlally administered; that the settled opinion of al. this State has never l**en adverse to a plan of gov, ernment for Confederated States on account of anything in the structure, but her dissatisfaction 9Tt is attributable to the false glosses, dangerous misicr Interpretation and perversion of sundry of its prom visions, even to the extent, In one particular, of su covering up tbe real purposes of certain legislation (meant to protect domestic manufacturers in one section) as to estop the Supreme Court in lti cd opinion from judicially perceiving Its real design. ;e<1 That It presents a complete scheme of confederatlon, capable of being speedily put in operation Tbat the people of South Carolina cherish It, and ter felt safe under It In their own hands for lnterprethe tatlon and administration, especially as the p<r. Hons that have been, by permission, made patenl *' for mischief and oppression in tbe hands of adof vers**. Inimical interchts. have r?ri'i?nl a^tilaxl ite, construction by the South. That speedy confedrtv eration by the South Is desirable in the highest decree, which it is supposed must be temporary 80 at first (if accomplished as soon as it should be), m. and no better baais thin the Constitution of the United states Is likely to be suggested or adopted for temporary purposes the opinions ol those to whom It is designed to ofler it would be rh conciliated by the testimony that the very acl ere itself would < arry, that South Carolina meant tc rttl seek n<> selfish advantage, nor indulge In the leasl t to spirit of dictation. ug. That such a form of government Is more or lesi known In Europe, and if adopted would indtcat? abroad that the seceding Southern States had the big forecast and energy to put ia operation forthwith ec. a scheme of government and administration com> petent to produc prompt organization for all internal necessities, and sufficient protection for fory ? elgn commerce directed hither, as well between ov them ss a united power and foreign commercial u?ivu, inn iu coiuuiBf wiiooui aelay a ptwei ?' touchtav the purse and the sword tbat might bring to a prudent issue the reflections of those who per chance will be contemplating Invasion, or to ai issue disastrous to tbem who attempt the executloi ind of such an unholy design. Idt It is contended tbat some limitation of the powei nty to levy dntles and regulate commerce (ana per the chance other provisions of the said Constitution! lck be desirable, in fact are so. Such modification! ,n<| can be left until the period for the article* of i >pe permanent government are settled. Meantime tb< Constitution to be referred will serve the purposi He of temporary confederation If said Constitutlor r?e be adopted, It is proposed to be sfibject to specific wi. limitation, expositions of ambiguities, or modifl ind cations. not The Committee amend the second section of th< |r|. resolutions heretofore published, as follows to Provided tbat the said Provisional Governmen and the tenures of all officers and appointment arising under it shall cease and determine tu twi t tt years from J ulv 1st next, or when permanent gov t ernment shall have been organised. The third resolution, as amended, reads : Tha *?" the said Commissioners be authorized to Invito .ilk ? 4 4 ' ? mwm sr. cum* U) meet IB UOIIVPIltUm at Slid i to time and place aa may b? agreed upon, for tbi ? purpose of forming and putting In motion sur.l Provisional Government, and ao that Mid Provia tea lonal Government (hall be organized and go InU tad effect at the earliest period previous to the 4th o March, 1861, and that the aame Convention of Se coding States shall proceed to. thwlth to coastde ew and pnrpoae a Constitution and plan of permanea per government for such State, wblch nropoewd pla. ter- stall be refrrred back to t te several state Conven are tlona for adoption or rejection on Fonrtli.?That eight Deputies, elected by th ice, ballot of thla Convention, be authorised to inee It. the Deputies of other slsveholdlng States seceding from the Federal Union for the purpose of carry cor ing into effect the foregoing resolutions It 1 co. also recommended that each of the said States b nd entitled to one vote in said Coaveatloa upon al be questions. That each Stato send as maay Dopt tiss stars equal la number to the Senators aa< 4 ^preventative* to which they are entitled In the ' nngreaa of tbe United States w Several printed report# have been In circulation la ut none were ?anctt*n?d before last Monday. aoi The Convention la la aecret aaaaton. ah Socth Carolina CiTiztnaatr ?. The following amendment of conditiona of Citl- M enahlp baa been made to the resolution in rela- w Ion to cltizeaabip. oflVred on tbs *th nit , after R roUtin? tbe laat three proviaionaof tbe resola- ?( ion? ai tben published ? K.verv nunnn n Htlun nfuv nil* at the Ata'ea ? tow confederated under the name of the United . Itates of America, who withlu twelve months ^ ifter the date of the ordinance of secession shall u ome to reside In this State with the intention of ^ emslning. upon taking the oath of allegiance to j( hi* State as below provided; also every free white ^ nan who ahall be engaged In actual service, miltary or naval, of the State, or ahall take an oath >f hia Intention to continue such service at least K hree mouths, unlers sooner discharged, honoriblv, and also the oath of allegiance below protcribed. j A lso, every free white not a citizen of any of ;he States aoove mentioned, who st the date of the Act of Secession waa residing In this State, or ^ who, within a year from thst date, shall come to ^ reside in the State with the Intention of remain- n Ing Upon such person sppesrtng before the Court ,, of Common Tleas, and establishing by his or her tl oath the fact of residences with the intention here p, required, and taking the oath of allegiance and * objurgation prescribed below ; also every person ? not a citizen of any of the States above mentioned f( ?t the date aforesaid, who may come to reside In Ihe State with tb? intention of remaining, and mav be naturalized according to the naturallza- \ Hon laws of the State. r Until altered or repealed the naturalization laws ^ .1 * I vr^ts. J 4J 4_ A . AS ni IIIC umica cwwn, ? acroinmoantra vo mr y?r*- j* cial condition of tbe State, are hereby made laws f, of tbe State, except tbat instead of the oaths there required, those of allegiance to this State and abjuration. brlow provided, shall be taken . 9 In all cases tbe citizenship of a man shall extend p to his wife, present or future, wherever she shall d have residence In South Carolina, and shall extend p also to each of bis children, tbat under tbe age of a eighteen years may have residence in South Carolina. In like manner the citizenship of a woman shall extend to each of her children under eighteen years, etc , provided tbat in no case citizenship shall extend to any person who is not a free white Oatk of Alltgianr.r. I do swear, or affirm, that I will be faithful and / true allegiance bear to the State of South Carolina ( so long as I may continue a citizen thereof. | Oath of Abjuration. I do swear, or affirm, that I do renounce and forever abjure all allegiance and fidelity to every prince, potentate, State or sovereignty whatsoever, except the State of South Carolina The above ordinance was signed by President Jamison oil Tuesday. I (V-g?A TEMPERANCE MEETING WIM, ! IJJ? be he d at the Old Trinity Chnroh. on Fifth ? street, on FRIDAY EVENING, at half pssr 7 o'clock. It* |YT^? RELIGIOUS NOTICE.?Hf E. Church South ? There will b?> service in the abo e . churoh "n TO MORKOW < Friday.) commrcmj ' at 11 o'clt cV. The public are invite 1 to attend. It Y5?I?AV OF FASTING AND PRAYER.- * iLJ? Religious service will h' h?!d TO MOR ROW at 2 o'clock p. m , in the Halofthe Hnu*e of Representatives, ucder the direction rf the Chaplains ofOonicress. The Rev. Dr. Stocktok will deliver an address. The public are invited to attend. | It ry5=?\VIL1.1 AM J. STONE. SR , HASTENS 1 'JJf to off-r his sincere thanks t*> his fel ow citizens and frien-ls ofthe City fV> Drpartm'mt, who rrc*rdless ofthe ine'emenev of the weather, so promptly came to his aid during tbe fire at Mount Pl???wnt, last mght. It -y-3=? or ice.?t h e m embersof thecoIJof LUMBIA FIRE COPANY.?You are ho-ebT notified to attend a meeting of the Conanny on FRI DAY EVENING, January 4th. at 7)a o'clk. for the purpose ol electing ameers for the ensuing rear. By order. ja 3 2t* JAMES McDERMOTT.^n. tV-g=-A STATEMENT HAVING APPEARED 'L't 11 yesterdsy'a pipers that the water vnt shut rff from !he plug* on Pennsylvania avonue on the night of the fire,?January lat,) thia is t?? "-erlify that it wan n?t shut off, nor h\s been ahut off from any part of the pipe line since December 13 h last. ROBERT S. KING. , ja3 Superintendent Pipe Line. ATTENTION, No. 5 ?'The members of the Perseverance Fire Company, N". 5, are hereby notified that the regular monthly me-ting will be held THIS (Tliorsiiav > EVENING, the 3d instant, at 7! j o'clock. The election of officers will takep'.ace an 1 other business will be transacted wrich will demand the Attention of every wemlier. It* UEO. FI.ETrHKK.Sec. rn="NU PERSONAL DEVIL.?War M Hea il_3 v>.n~Fa*lt? Anftls?Kf.d Dr.ifon ? Thko philus Fiskk will deliver a diaconrae at the old Triniiv Ohurch, on Filth atreet, next SL" M)A V EVENING, at 7K o'olook, ?pon? the aub)*oU indicated above. Jtdo 6, "And the aoge:a which k-pt rot their firat eatat-, l.ut left their own htbiintioo, h hath reserved id everlasting ohain* under narkneaa, into ludgment of the g.-ea* day." Seata free. The public are invited to attend. j?3 2t* NORTHERN MARK ET -In conaequenoe k_3 of the oba- r vance of Fridiy as a da* cf fisting, Ao , in compliance with executive recommenj. . at ? : 11 a. l a i i j _ . _ osijod, infre wni ui> bo Hi&mei ne a us usua, on Frida* morning. The usual Saturday morning market will foe held. jii^t T. A. BROWN, C!erk: nrW^BANK OF THF. METROPOLIS. January L9 2? 1861.?Tina Bnnk will not heopeiton F.iday, the fth lriHtant. the day the Premdent of the United States ha< rconmmwuded fo be observed as a day of fastiug. humiliation aud prayer. It is requested that note* then payable at the Bank foe attended to the day preceding. _ j \ 2 2t ry?CO\CERT AND KXHIBITION.-The Waufh Chapel Sabbath School will give a Concert and Kxhib tion.iu their church.on THURSl)AV NKiHT, January 31,180!. The well-known pianist. Proie?sor Little, th* Partello children, with several oth?r ama'nur vocaluti. will assist at the Conceit. T ickets 15 cents; to be had of any weirder of the rcliool. ja l-3t Y^^RKGISTF.R'S OFFICE, December 28. I860 11 j Notice is hereby ti?en, that Licences issued toT) wnets of Dogs will expire on the 31ft instant, and t??at raid Lioen?es must be renewed, in com r*! Aim" Vitli iRV fit thi<n ( vithiti t.?n 1U1 nfb>r that time. WILLIAM MORGAN, de 28?tjS3 Reguter. rVy?RE01STKR'80FFICK. Docembtr 28, I860. Notice is hereby given,that L censes imtu'd t'>Hookfter? will expire on the 3Wt instant, and that sa?d Licences must t?e renewod. in comp'iance with law, at this Office within t-?n day* alt*r that time WILLIAM MORGAN. de gl-tja3 Register. (V!?" COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CITY HALL, LL3 Washihotoh, Deoember 8, ia60. TAXES ON PERSONAL PROPFRTY, SLAVES, Ac.?Notice isbereby girea that the tax lulls lor H?>t?*ehold Furniture,Stooks. Slaves, * c., i for the rear !fW?, and previous years, are mow made out and ready lor deli verv, and are pavahle at this o<fir?, Tho e who do not oall and setile their bills within twenty da?s from this d*te will be oa'Ied on by one of mv assistant?, and if the bills are not paid within sixty days from this date I shtll prooeed to enforce the collection in the manner required by law. JAS. F. HALIOAY, de lS-2*>t . Collector. rrs?l>EMPSEY A O'TOOLE, Jjj WEDDING AND VISIT I NO CARD ENGRAVERS. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY. ! WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most l>eantifnl styles. 326 Pa. A v., between !?th and loth sts , au 27-ftm WmuiisTon. r 13ROF. L. G. MARINI'S SECOND QUARI ter in DANCING, at the Union Female st t Academy, will eommrnne Saturday January (>L ICLff I .4 - 1 r in A m I .. i .ilti/xn CJMI, IOOI t ?*?- linn UMb IV* III. I BJI Ul IUIUUU,^IH Tuer'cv n and Thursdays from 3io5,and Sat-UMl unlays from half-past 10 to 12 o'clock a. m- ja3-9t Di A Rita: DIARIES:: i> I A R I K 8!!! 1861. 18?1, 1861. CHEAPER THAN EVER. We will take an ext a diaoount of ft per o?nt. off of ail lMariea purchased from ua for cash. We are doiroua ?f olosmic oot the remainder of oar larre took of Olariea of all kind* for 1861. FRKNCH A RICHSTEIN, )a 3 3T8 Penn avenue. CBOHN, No. 268 PiNXi. A vinci. DEPARTMENT AST) CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. The moat complete directory ever pabliahed. It contain* an alphabftioal liat < f all the governmant officers, their salary and reeidenoe. Also, Congret ional Dirfo'ory, Ac a complete Liat of the diplomatic oorpe. United Sta*ea Minia!ere 4o. Bold by the Publialier; alao, at the booaatorea in the oity. j\3-lw' Treasury notes RKaSURY notes treasury note-* I aivmx ai ran run i/iiuininu taken at par for clothing ? take* at par for clothing at wik)*enfelp a co.'8 , xt wiesknfeld 4. co.'8 at wiesenfkli) * co.'s ; fashionable clothing hall * FASHIONABLE CLOTHING HALL i FA8HIOMABLE CLOTHING HALL , COR. 4** ST. AND PA. AVENUE . COR. 4K ST. AND PA. AVENUE COR. |5 ST. AND PA. AVENUE t j* 3 ThitS^w s ^OTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. ' The Public ia respiotfully informed that I hare this iIht associated wi h myself ia copartnership 1 Mr. Washington B. William* ia the Aaotiou ?<)d * Commission and Furnitar* Business. The firm > will be conduoted ia th? name of Gkkxh k, Waf Li am*. A- GREEN, W. B. WILLIAMS. , All person* having o'aima against tit* nbwrikw 1 will ple??e prtUDt their aoeonnta for MttlwRMt, 1 and nil tboee indented are moat reepnotfelly r?q seated to gome forward and nettle their aoeounte, ^Retpectfolly, A. 6EREN. * IX NOTICE. C lAAVINO Kntered into oopartnerahip with A. Green in the Houee Furmahing, Auction tad Conan mieai >n Bnaineae, nnder the aanae and style ol e Gaits k Willi ami. I hope my friends and tka l pnb 10 m general will fire ua a ahare of thetr patronage, aa I Kaaure them no pains will be aparad - Tth'b.iaeMentmW^ J*VILUAMB> I'M Wiirm lV fbUewlag report of tfca jatber for the morula* Is mode ttmm tht Am lb Coaaoltdated Tries raph LIm to the Itoltfc Ulan iMtltatloa. Tki Udm at >? iittn to oat 7 o'clock. JitniT 3. 1M1. ullagton, VI overcoat, 10?. tw \ori, N. Y rainy, cold eblagtoE. D. C cloudy, wind N. Ictaoond, Va. ekwdy, 41?. iUirturg. Va. cloudy, cool ilelgh Jt. C cloudy, 48?. Hnungtor. N.C Cloudy, wet. ugnata, Ga ...cloudy, damp irannah, Ga cloudy. 5?? con, Ga ......cloudy, coo). ont?omery, Ala. cloudy trkaon. Am cloudy. oblle, Ala cloudy, cold. ew Orlcana, La cloudy, te*. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m , (cot cted for temperature,) 29,7*5; at noon, 29.741. Tkuaiometer at 7 a. m . 35*; at novo. J7)(0 Mailmum during 21 hours, ending a. m. tosy, 27'; minimum 30*. Tbk CHAiLKsaoM STB*x*aa.?The amount cf arcl between thla city and Charleston, generally mi ted at thla aeaaon of the year, ta of course, lucb leaa than uaual, owing to the secession oublrs. Three steaircra now suffice to do all te bualncaa between the two cities. The lnde pndent sovereignty of South Carolina has not et required the captains of this line to take out tearances a art proviain^, una it not useiy u> ?r tbe present ?A Y. Journal ?f Catnmertt. U7"The number of servants offered for hire at Vsrrenton Tuesday was not so great nor was the rowd in sttenrtanre so nuroeroua aa most former iring days. Tbe prices obtained were s slight rdu<~tlon upon laat year'a figures?men bringing rom S90 to 9iUOaSllU.?Alex. Stnttntl. JH^The Albany Kventng Journal savt tbst *>uth Carolina bonds have been hawked about (f* York, offered aa low aa SO cents on the oilar, during the past week, but could And no >urchaaera "Seceaaion" ia a death-blow to credit. Pistol*, Ammunition &c. ^ Corprr CartriJgis. For simplicity of conatrnction, oomp^tn?se and lurabihty, is superior to all other* yet offered to be puhlio. Having no revolving cylinder, it aboota >a*t no joint, (through whioh there la more or leaa ?scape.) and conaeqnentl? has more penetration ban any other fire-arm or its ai>e. It will foroe a all through a one laoh soft pine board at the dia jince of three hnrcfred feet. Weight only Eight and a kmtf Ouncti. Also, COLT'S, At.LBN'S, SMITH A WESSON'S, and WARNER'S REVOLVERS, CARTRIDGES, PISTOL BALLS, POWDER, A 0., Ac., Ac., at prices to suit the times. J. E. SHIELDS. lUtDWAH iMFOETIft. Ja2 3t 33ft Peanaytvan-a avenne JO THE PUBLIC. Having a large amount of money to pay prior to the lat of March, and *wing 10 the general a tag astmn <?f Knmnnu wo hnv? determined to offer an extra inducement for purchaser* tu buy of ua for oaah, and we now propose to make a diacouot of to per c?nt on all ca?h saea duing the next MXTV DAYS, in order to reduce oar very larg? atook of goods, and realixs the money for them, previous t j opening our spring supplies Caeh customer* will readily see ttie advantaces they will have in trading with ua, on the te ins proposed, a* an examination of our (took and iron will snow for thfcraaelvee whether or not wo are inoereinour proposition, and at the greater portion of our Fancy Stock ha* already t>een marked down ainoe the crttit Itegan, we feel confident th>t the extaa induoementa wn tow offer will be highly appreciated In every one having go<?1* to who are at all familiar with the prices generally charged elsowher*. Wo need hardly add that our atook, owing to the urate of the time* is now rerjr large. :n many kinda of Staple a* well a* Fancy ti?oda. and purohaaera will be ab!e to aupplr tiuiuselvea with almost every article in our line of business, at v ry low prieea, and in many instances, at left than the actual ooat. The loweat prioe will invariably be named at onoa. VV. M. 8HU8TEK ft CO.. No. 39 opposite Center Market, de 17-Wtdfw>6t between 7th and 8th tU. W^m OOP wood:: WOOD!!.' 400oordaf r sale at ?1"S pero"rd,3 mi lea from Long Bridge, ne?r Hnntsr Chapel. Apply on th? dIkaa or to V. P. CtlRBKTT. la 2 lw Ladies thick winter boots of Kui Mowopo. G ?*t* 8kin. U?tinn, Buttoned, l.ncd ar <i Velvet T'imired A!?o Mim?? Bcots of the Mmtitjle <*r*f Wl eiiin* f cm Mi c?nt* t<> 91. per pair, lower* than eitewhere in the oitj . at J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 MK kit fraoe Pa. ?. bet ?th and f?th *tr<*et*. Ladies'and Lon* R?bJ>i?r Bom. ja2 F'(?R #AI,K.-?ev?ra| fine work and driving HORSES, wh ch will be told low if ap- rr\ p lei for toon ?t tiie National Stable*, on 0 I V" et , between 4S and 6th at*. ? ja I St' FLKM M 'NO ? FOV. UELLING OFF! SKLLIN6 OFF ! ? FOR CASH-FOR CASH' Our entire etook of Winter Dro** Goods. Shawls in neat variet). l.adie*' Cloak*. Kanet Dres*Silk* and S?!k RoWe* Plum aud F ouch Mermr>?, Poplit* and Rep*. Fme Bed Blanket a, all at oo*i for raefc, Ales a tuli (took of general Staple Goodi for Tamil; wants. AU will he aold at re'lu^ed price* fo caah. J, W. CO' LEY *. CO , dp ?-2w 623 S*?ventli at., ab >*o Pa. av. ACfcW IN EPIPHANY Cdl'RCH . Ol 8AI.E ? Pew ?o 106, near the pulpit, in tti< ui ?JJJe^ai?le. Apply to tne -pxIod. deJi-iw* PIANO FOKTK*AT PRICES IOSUI I Till TIM ES.?Saleaniuai ba foroe?l; (tore too rnnol crowded; uuw ia the Ume to buy cheap JOH M P. ELM!*. d? 31 306 Pa. av.. bet. ffth and 10th nt?. REGARD'.ESS OF COST.-JVOJT IS THi Ctf4NC?.-Melod*?n?,ttBit?r8,Violias. I>an job, Acoordeona, l'aiii "riiie?. Flut?*. File*, Mu*i Moiiki, 6l??e Book*. Piaoo St*?ol -, Piano t'oven k,o ,fto. Remember, a? tacrifioca r rardlevaofo <ai Ji>HN F. ELi.13, 306 Pa. a v., I>?f.' th aod lo'h ata. Great b&rgaina in good tecond hand Pianoa. d#2 M NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. Of)R E't* S?ui!l Drop* will ttop a Couth 1 five in in u fa Moor*'* O-ropa^iea i-tnimett wi curf Chilblain*. Fr >at<?<i Krt Pama in Kac? Spr*ina. ti. Moore'* improve! He it me will re move Paint, Oila, Greaae, A c., fr<>m the moat deli r?l? nnlnifil *ilk nr wool in roo t* wtliout lnMirin Ue oolor or texture. Prepared and tod at MOORE'S W?t E"d I) ng 8t?r?, de 312w 113 Pa. ar?nue. I NOTICE. BEG Mod ?e?pec'ful! j to inform our eustoinei that 'heir bill* for January lot aie now ready, an I would l>eob iK*d by th*i"r oa'ling aud net tog lb amp. de 29 R, C. STE VE>S JU&T RECEIVPU BV FRENCH 4 RICHSTEIN, iilS Pittus Avbscb. llatlam's Middle Am, ?h? new Boston Literal Edition River side Press; ton?d paper; prioe S3, by mail The usual bsavr discount at our stor, the same editions ofMoCanley, Hum* Gil bon, Carlisle, Umb. Shafcyp^ar. de y ^ u in n i inuti fl ' VVi/ UlWUi tjr CHEAP LIGHT! SAFE LIGHT PARAFFIN EOIL. from Coal. . KING A BURCHELL, an H Aronta for iti mh NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICBS! 81G. P. CALLI8, Importer or FOREIGN WINES. LiOVORS, AND PR1 v BOf Hu roo^ived, per la*t ateamer, an inmnenae q aa: tity of Liquor* and Winea. uneeualed b* m wholesale dealer* n Washington. Ala , l,nw>b * of Preserves, of different kinds, auoh aa cannot I boaght for lees than JO for oent. in anj store. Gn me a call and try my rood a. No. 374 i> at., b*twe< 8th and 9th ata.. Washington. do 6 oolm CGAl'TIKR'8 FRENCH RESTA VRANT. DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES. In solioitiaf your patronage. woe]?1 reepeetfnl oall your attention to kis elegant auiU of PAI RECEPTION aad DINING ROOM lurnnnM ib in? moil laanionMM ?na ?.*? ready to MoommodtU aeveral partiea at any m ment 8*8 P> *v?nu?. de?fo6w The iacton and the pob'io ia renwal that he A * . haa opened the Reatanrast No. 490 SixthytfSA atrMt, between C an<i Lnniiiaaa avenue,XuBL (formerly kept ty JaoubSmith ) A a?vand ohm aaaorticont of 1.1(5UOR8, CIGARS, Ac .on ban Fine freah OY8T&RS aeriad up in every atyle all hour a. deglna* P. <1. ROHR fry CEMKl'KBY NOT1CK. hmssm avenue, aalling for 10 MaUr Have yn mm ? ! ? *%? AnnukJ. fo- N?y Yoar preaentv SKbi^cn m. HiunnxnirvB. uio? i-roaif 5 til mm) make jrovr Mreha??? Mur? rt>?j are 1 At Fftk^CH A fUCHiVI K^N'8, %K7 B NEVKR HAD SUCH BARGAINIM , " PIANO * ORTKBaaat trMMt. boik w [ aid woond-ftaad. JOHN F kLLIB, AUCTION SALES. Of CLKAK^V It ORKBN. AMtioMm. Iumt? Sd.wc ahaii aol at tlto i?iiil?M?ollkaal|? dooliaiag fcwtMpiM. No. i?7Tilm< mmt Ith rtrfft, at l* o'clock a a t*o4 lot of vol t kept H?aaMold Farattara, eoaaiattat in mrt D > Mtrb t top BirtMi, KtMMtrt. and \Va?b*ink, Do 4o m CnIn aad Bid* Tabtoa, IV* . nt I ABM** llal aiik ?? >UBI WJ ?' W C?tw at Cba rs and Roekara. W hataoi, bitM'i Dminc a- d other Takl*c, Pmther BM?. H"'>t*n.w4 Pi! 0*1, Hair. Cotron. and Sk?ok MttUmn, CithU, Qi olotn, ki d Malting. . Radiator. and Ck%nb? wirdrobM. |'?nk? to. C"mf<>rt?. u4 Qallta. Chin*. Cro?fc?rT. and Gla?awara, Tocetkar Vitk ? |iwnl waorUntat of KiMm lMaifitH. Tc m : AM soma ii4*r |? o*ab: mr 9?t fr d t of y> dftfi. fur note* auifcilinly wwww? hMriat iBtarMt. The Huui la hot rest. 1m*"* of tk# AnuoBMn. _ ? da St CLKARV ft 6RKKN. A? U. E7-THF. ABOVE HA LB 18 POSTPONED n it SAIL ft DAY MORNING. the ?h last, to CLLARY ft GREKN. Anafra. Br J. C. M?GITIEE ft CO., iMMiwi. ING. JUkftr? 5th. at I* o'oloak. In front of tka Auction Rooms, v* skall nail? Two excallaat Bay Horsas, On? fwond hand Carriage. Term* oash, in ??*ei? Ja? d J. C/McGl'IRE ft CO., ft?te. By WALL ft BARNARD. Anotloim ?TOCK OF DRUGS. PATENT MEDICINES. O Farcy AkTicLts.axp FIxtfbm. kc .at Arc* Tina-On BATI K DAY MOKNIN0. J*b instant, wa will Mil, in front of tha A notion Room*. % n-ook of Drip. PaUnt MaWMk Fanwy Artialaa, fta. AI ?o, a large assortment or ttor? Flxtnraa. Glaas Cat*. CMDltn,aid Bkos Drawer*. Terms cash. j?3 WAl-l.t B^RNAKD, Awti By BONIZ A GRIFFITH. AuctiooMre FL'RMTCRK AND EFFKCTA OF a FA MI. li Dki!ri!i<i Horaiurine, at Peine Ai'CTI?n ?On MONDAY >MKM.N6, JA-.uAry 7th, At 10 o'clock, in front of the Auction Rooms. (No 369 S?*?nth etr#et t ve *Ua11 eell a lArg Aa ortiiiN t of very *ood Fu mt?r* And RoiiokftM EfTecta of A |?oiIemAfi ie?vi r.j the city; oooif riainc in pArt? MAhoKAny Fprirr ?*at r'of?And PAr or OAAira, RArm MookeraAmi Arm Ch%ira. ao I W'Alnut MarM* top Drawiii Bnrratia And WAahatAoda, HAir And "n?k MAtUoeeca. heather Pi'lowaAod Bolatera, BlnnkMi, Coniforta. Hpraidi, Ao , MAhofAny Jenny Lmd BedateAda. Cotter* ditto, MaUiux, Oa'p?u. CroekA-y. ttiAMWAre, Cutlery, PlAt?d Foke. Spoona, Ae , Harlor,C?iliiii|,|ii4 other S?tov?>?, Tociathe' with a generAl assortment of Kitehon Requ'titea. Tarn.a gull ja? d BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. AaoU. lij THUf. uuwuntt, AnenoDwr, U> trttl mm, 7). C. FURNITURK AT Al'CTION.-Oa ttekda Y MORNING next iheith Ito'eToek, I ahail cell, witho?r rea-rTe, ftt tke recidenoe of Htsn P^ir on. Market 8paoe,hia entire Effeete. oonaifting of? Cue iMt ud Wood Ckurc, Dining and otter Tabiea, Bureaaa, Bedu'eadc and MaUreeaea, Carpeta and Ollolotfca, Crocker* and Glaee Ware, Lamp*, Lookin* Glaaaee. Storee, Kitchen Farmtare, Ac, Ao. ~ J 43 3t Til os. powlin6. Aict. By GREEN A WILLIAMS. A uotioMere. JVo. 520 Seventh itrtet. Household and kitchen furni tcik at Acotiow.?On MONDAY, the Tth mitant, at I* o'clock a. at., ve a hall aall at tha rend ncsofa gentleman declining houeekeeping, on6:h *tr?et, between M ana N atreeu north,yi?? One Walrut t*uue, oouaiating of Sofae, Eaay and ?ide Ckaira. , Walnut Marb a toy Center Table. Walnut W iiarnot, Ottomana. and Tabiea, Walnut Dretaing Bureau*. Waahatanda. and Bad a trade. Hat Rook, Wardrobe#, and Foot Stools, Rush. Cane-seat. and other Chairs, Walnut Extension Table (fall leaf,) Ooc fin* painted Cottage Set, Brussels ingrain, Venetian,and other Carpet*, Hair, *iotton Top, and Husk Mattresses, Stair Rods, Ruga, Oilcloth, Mate and Shades, Feather Pillows. Bolster*, and B?ds. Ki'irn, Plated Forks, Table and Tea Spoons, Blankets and Comforts, (oonbte and sin ) ,) Nearly new Cook and other Stoves, China, (ilass,and t:lookery Ware. A large lot o K to^ea Requisites, and many olhsr arnoles too numerous to enumerate. Terms: All sum* of and under 8*"- cash; over ?i\ a credit of an and ?n days. Tor approved endorsed notes, hnarme interest. jaii-n ftREF.N * W11,HAMS, A acts Bt WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S f*ALE OF FINE GROCERIES, Wins*, Liorons, Cisabs, ahp i.'ojiiumxwtb ' at Afctiosi -On rHURSOaV MOR?*T[N?.3d inst. at 10 o'c'ock, we shall Mil at the Actio* Ro->ni. the remamins stock of S. T. Diurr. oom I prising ? Uurfli Brandy, Wbiskej, Si. Croix and Jamatoa Kuin, R'aokb-rrr and Apple Brandy, Port, Mad~i<a. sherry, M un?t, and Claret Widm, MoaiiM, Cidor, and Stoaghton Bitters, Champagne, Cordial. and other Li<ion. Ooffj?, t'aa<>les, Staren, and Soap, Pepper. Ginger. Cloves, Saleratux, and Cinnamon, Cam and jars Tomatoes, Lobster. A'parago*. Anoh vi'K ard Arohovt Paate, Pate ?{ Foie Graa, Cheese. ?imp?, a: d Preserves, Otgar. and Tobacco, ' G as* Jars, Deintj !!? . Meaaares, Bins, Conuters.and < trier K.xtures. The-e goods aie ail of tft?> be*t qual ty. and are well known to the customers of Mr. 8. T. I'rirj. Terms: rash; orer that amoant a eradit ?f 3''?nd 6>d*y?, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. * T. D*U*Y, Trastaa. j&ld WALL k. BARNARD. Aucta. r H7"THE ABOVE SAL*5 IS POSTPONED r to TUESDAY,? h mat. T. PR CRY. Tiastee. ji3 WALL it HAR N AR O. AmU Ht WA! L A BARNARD. Aaotiooeers ' A FINK FAMILY HOR9B. At SO A GOOD t\ Rxpress Warm will b# sold at Aiction on 5 SATURDAY MOANING. J?n,Mh, at lOo'eloek. n j%2 a WALL t BARNARD. Amu Br WALL A BARNARD Auctioneers. Comer Ninth St. anti south n4r Fa at>. - UAILItF'S HALE OF HOUSEHOLD FUR5 n hitc*b, Ac.. at acctiok.?On SATURDAY MOKMNb,5!h tnntai t. at l? n'otook. I will sail ? in frout of the Auction ?'or? of Wall A Barnard, '< Household and Kitrhen F urn iter?, comprising? t- Hair J>prsng sest S>" a and Pa.lor Chairs. M*h'>g?n? MarM?-top Center and Side Tables. c'.rp'U. Oil clot Ik. Ptep Carpets ?ad Rugs. II Mahogan* Kteeern, R< oker aid Arm Caairs, Run* an W<>< d-uest Chausand Loutas. C >lut?9?t.ud Wa<dr.>bea, ' n Curtains. Gleasea and "I.a lea, li Bureau , Wirdrnfei, Waabataoda. i, F?*a!her HwU, Hair and t*huok Mattreaeea, Bol?tera and Pil ow?, Cookint, and Chamber t*torea, Kitohen I'tenant. * TWinaoaah. J. H Wlf?E, Bai.ifT j*J WALL It BARNARD, AboU. \f aRSHAL'8 8ALK.?la virtue af t writ of 1*1 fce-i f.ioiiw ii??u?d from ?he CI Ark'a Oft o? of ra the Circuit Court of U? Dut^ ot of Colamlua for id tlieCoanty ot VVushinrtou. and to me directed. 1 1a wiU ex?o?e to pubiio aala, for oaah. in fioat of the Coart Hooee door of aaid ooucty, oa THUK8I>A V, ttio l'tli day of January next, 1K1, at IS ? o'olock ? thefoUi wr-rde*cri>?ad propert*, to wit. Part of l?ot \'o. 6, in 8aoa e No MB. bactaaiac at tiiv noitliveat c >rner of aaid tot and raining th^noe eac>t on Virginia avenue 19 feet 1 inch, tbeao* aoath .J by eoutnwri-t the depth of aaid lot; there* waat > y '* aouthveat to the aouthweet eornor of aaid lot; * thenoa north by no'theaatTB feet S inebaato Vir ? gmia avenue, containing 1.672 e^aara f?et. together with all and ainga ar the improvement* thereor. .c tuec ty of \Vaahiu*ioa. U. C.. aataad and levied upon a? the prop-rtr of Joan Meni.ek- ir.. and will he sold to cauefv jadioiala No. 14. to Jaaaary terw. 18R1, < favor of J. K. Wotlard. iu?fJohi Pir4t. ?!? & W BELDEN. U. B. FOE STAMPING f- A PACKET OP PAPER ?- ^ ( AND ENVItW)rM s N 0 I *? matc*' 1B jCHARGEj metropolitan ^ ' BOOKSTORE. PHI LP A SOLOMONS, Agents foe Lmtermct's uUkrntsd Ltntn Pflpars, lr "Meiro^'unn MM,," *t., tc. I- ?V It >38 Pa. *.. hoc tt> wl)*UK*. fj '1> RKMENBF.fl, i. 1 HAT Yon ?*? nor* (Ui I* HT Mat. ( tk* dollar hj kvyinc mir DRY GOODS tt 8t?ra No - *" ^Mit^rir;r^tszsT h- ??? IV lot Nwr A Ten? How?. IHAMi; TIHHR! r PA NIC PRICES? W hareji?t nmrWft ??! W of C LOTHING. i* FURNl-*WtN<3 bOOD?. HATB^ijJCAW.M 7; oewiinmoni, whtoh irn?t ho aoid hof, r* tb? 4th ?f * Mtrdi. without rocard to no??. TWoa* (oodl ktr* a I horn n.-do np by tf?o hoot bonaoa is Bftltaioro tad Pki ?MpkU,u4 owm to tte baottfeor will bo so d at alino?t anr prioo. o?r objoot bfting to tva u? YT-BKALLfcCOu -i C o'.kiorm, No. 4H Vonatk iL, ftbort G. ' N. B.?Coino o9f, oom* all; now m Uo tin* to b? WINTER CLOTHING M amy pnoo on Hotoath at-, No. 4?.?aoor? aWf?G a*- d??-li ha TV.-Tho Piano I ba*o IomoTw thoHH at F<ftod oharit; thu aiibt at wTWSTV k Tarda' Hal' for Um b-n?fct of tko foot. M oaoof itf Ckickoriura .boat Piaooa, and if aotd witii oats {KJLT i fe.a _ ? . a in o? 77 rnioiiriii m. Boti' runot. ,w n hc^owlt; t rfpk|t>>

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