Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1861 Page 3
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i ' LOCAL NEW S.~ Notice ?Subscribers to the Stmr la (be Ftrat Ward of \\ aahing?nn city, are hereby not!led to pay for Its serviee to them from the close of the last week. Saturday, tte'22d Dtcfmbfr lost .only t? Lavrrertce M WItberow, wbe Is low tbe agent of the Star Office for the management of the said first Ward routes All subscriptions for Stmrt served In the aald First Ward, prior to Saturday evening last, (December 22, 1900,) are due and payable to Wm. Dtllow, the late agent. W. D Wallace', Publxtktr / Star. \Z7~ Though Tai 9tu to printed on tbe fastest steam prrw In nw> south of Baltimore, Its edition ts ao large u to require It to be pat to press at sn cnrly boar; Advertisements, therefore, should be rnt in before 13 o'clock m.; ntherwlse they may not appear until the next day. Notice.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted la the Baltiwo*b Sun are received at and forwarded from Thi ?tae Office. SmitBsosiax I imtitttk ?Second L'ctmr* of a r cur ft on Hoods and Bridget, by Prof. Fairman Roger*, of the University of Pennsylvania TLe lecturer having treated of tbe location of roads in tbe prevlouslecture now took up the subject of tbeir construction. In any road a regular ross section and a smooth surface are Important. 1 he width will depend upon tbe traffic expected; In new countries sixteen to eighteen fret will be RulSclent, that width allowing two vehicles to pas* easily and not being too great to be kept in good repair. Near largecltiea It must be increased to thirty forty, or even fifty feet A width too great for the traffic Involves unnecessary expense The surface mast be such am will remain smooth an4 Dot he much affected by the weather We may insure such a surface by thorough drainage and proper covering. The drainage ia of the drat importance as water is a great enemy to a road by washing it tnto gullies, forming mild and breaking up the surface by freezing In cold weather. The drainage will depend partly upon the Toaa section and partly upon tbe n.aterial As to tbe general cross section, the road bed sbonld be, if possible, higher tban tbe surrounding land, it should have a sufficiently deep ditch on each side and tbe surface should be slightly sloped to permit the water to drain off. We frequently see roads which are nothing more thtn ditches themselves^ from being dug down tgrlow tbe level of the land so that water drains into them, instead of from them. When the mad must be lower than tbe land, It should be well drained by ditches. The road itaelf should not be crowned or made with a curved rro?s section, but rather with two slopes joining in tbe center of the road. If the surtace is kept in good repair one quarter of an inch to the foot is sufficient fur tbeae slopes. A footpath should always be made, at least on one side. Everything else being equal, a road is better on the south side ?f a hill than on the north; it is dried and the snow and ice leave it sooner. Although shade irrr? are considered by wmr engineer* as tending to keep a road too damn, they add so much to the ht-auty of a route ana to the comfort of travfieri that they should always be planted if practicable With some soils a very good road may be made by attention to the foregoing principles, but to make a flrst-cl .ss road some covering is usually necessary. This covering should be smooth and hard, but not slippery Gravel, cinder and slate will generally make such a surface, but hard tough stone broken into small angular pieces makes the best roverlug. We call roads inido in this way turn piked, or macadamized roads The lecturer then discussed the relative advantages ot broken stone on a paved foundation (I elford's method) and on a yielding foundation, (MoAdam's method) giving the preference rather to tbe former, when It is possible to Incur the greater expense. On all roads a system of constant supervision and maintenance of the surface is greatly preferable to th# usual snainiMiir pprwipinu PianV road* are useful in certain situations, although experience has not shown them to be as perfect as was at first supposed A goad cov?rin.i for city streets is very difficult to obtain; macadamizing being objectionable on aceount of the dust and mud, paving has been resorted to. Cobble and broken stone pavements, at visually made, are rough and noisy. Cut stouo pavement*, such as that known as the Russ pavement, are the worst that have been tried?very expensive and very dangerous, owing to tbeir smoothness. Small stones very carefully laid in concrete would be probably the best Iron, owing to various reasons, liu only tn-en used with moderate success. Asphalte, if less expensive, would be a most admirable material, and has been used lu Paris with great success Our varying temperature renders its use here less practicable. We were in error in our report of the last lecture in attributing the lines on the A!plne roads to tbe pen of tbe lecturer. They were from the rw|#>m of Ifalu " Kir 1/ .-?iro?s #K? L'n-.UcV. ? j-- - ?- J . */ j %"(^vi?uv liii^uau j'UCt The reason for the miatake la obvioua. Ceitrk Mabekt.?The market place, this morning; waa wet, muddy and entirely uncomfortable. The atteudance waa alim, and business dull, of coarse. Tho prices were about aa follows : Beef, fresh, V B> Tdrnipa,pk 12 Salt do Cucumbers,<toz.. 12 fork..... lU^i'2 Celery, bh ....... Wh r< Mutton *.?.Mi Apples, pk 3? Lamb, qr l'vfi Li Dried 50 Veal bfa Ir^Spinnai h. pk.... 25 Sausage, V lb.... 12 Cauliflower, each '*(1 52 Lard 14 Roll butter 2i\a -J3 Beef tongues.... &\3~o Phil a print 37 "Baron hams lWlti Cheese H&16 Sides I2& UI E?ks, W doz 25 Shoulders 10(jit12|Oyster plants,bh. 4 Jowls 8(al0 Onion* 37 Drl?l bc?f H Oabbage.Vhrad. 2^b3 Chickens. Vpr M&?2 Heets. pk 3 Irish potatoes, pk 25 Carrots 2 8w?ft potatoes .. 3? Rock,bunch 27 Corn,ear, Vbbl$3g3 25 Perch,do 37 Corn, shelled ... 0Ua90 Large Rock .. 37.gfl 26 beans. Vbush .. VI.74 Widgeon 50 Rye,Vbush, ...^5S??0 Teei 50 Oats 35 a 4" Rook 37 Meal 7 J a'1" Partridges, doz i 50a i 75 Shorts 25 Pheasants, each. 5o>g62)t Phipstutfs 30200 j Redneck t)7 Ducks, If pr 5*Hg,75 .Mallard 62 Egg plants, each. 2<^10 Rabbitseach.... 12 Venison, lb 18 Turkeys 62&I 50 Okra,|fk 75 Country Pork.. $9 50^7 An?V*TVrk AHA I'AV I ? *??? - __ _ __ aav auuiiuci, a man named Patrick Malqueen waa badly wounded In the head by a pitchfork In the handa of Patrick O'Donnell. The affair occurred in Batea' Alley, a w?U known locality north of F street north. A number of oificera started in pursuit of O'Donnell, but he escaped tbem aad left the citv Afterterwards be returned to the city. and took the ea^nnioen of "Joseph Conder." Y ester d.iy, Conder and a negro named Peter French were arrested for fighting In the Seventh Ward, and taken before Justice Donn for a hearing by policemen GUI, Lloyd and Bietzel Justice Doun fined them S3 '<17 each While in the office waiting for their friends to pay their fiaes, detective o Ulcer Allen entered, aad. fixing his eyeeon Couder. remarked, "We have you at last '? The retuara excited a little surprise, but Allen sent for Malqueen, who came and identified Conder as the veritable Put O'Donnell who wounded him O'Donnell wns commuted for court in this case Subsequently, Mr IU?M nillM fcl? ~ n- ?? who committed an unprovoked assault and battery upon him in tbesVeeton last Saturday night. Thla cue waa added la the commitment, and Cosder, Aliaa O'Dot.uell, waa sent up to prison to await a final trial at court. Nnr Honn ?Two of the finest establishments of their kind now in the Federal Metropolis are the restaurants of Mr Wm Dayton and of Mr. J. Libber, on Pennsylvania aveuue, both recently established. Th.' first occupies the second and third stories of Wall k. Stephens's famous bultdlag, between Ninth and Tenth streets, and the second the house formerly well-known as the residence and exchange office of John France, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets Daytoe's Is kept upon the club house principle, snd is ma elegantly furnished and as admirably proelded with every conceivable eatable and drinkable luznry as any private club house on this aide of the Atlantic. Dayton understands his business thoroughly, and is immensely popular with all in rv bid: n^iou woo conon 10 me gooa min^s wmcn hould be obtainable ia such a house aa his, and will therefore aoon make hit establishment as well known and as great a favorite with the public as say in the land Tmi Asstsacted Bo.ids.?W'e learned vaster day evening from k??^ authority, that the bail of Rnsseil bad been reduced from 5?"?,U0U to IUO WJU. It bring entirely impossible la the present condition of monetary aflfelrs for the friends of Kusseil to obtain the amount called for by the authorities at flrst Of Ihla aononnt(tue f lun.OOu) S7u,nuu is required to be given by citisens of Washington, and the remaining t3u,uuu, so said our snthority, was to be pledged by Russell's Missouri f ir-nds. It was understood that certain wealthy parties la New York (three well-known mottled men ot that city) were to give a bond of Indemnity to the amount of S7O.UU0 to certain other parties ia this city, who were to justify to *i a ' s * - J J n a* a a_ia uui lanui iv-uiy iau ici niiwu out ut jiu. Not Bboess Ore*?Mr. H. C. Purdy inform* ua tkil morning. that be wu misunderstood yesterday m saying that htssafe was broken op?n aad MOU abstrartof therefrom; that bo aaid If tboae who flrrd bis stars k*4 broken open the ssfe, tbry would have (viiim! that mod there but when the aafe wm polled oat of the ruins, tbe money wan found all right. , " CovPitT C " ? We find ourselves unable to gise room to tbe communication in full, bnt will gladly publish aucb portion or abstract, suited to out apace, as tbe party favoring as with tbe copy wjli indicate as desirable for the purpose stated i. ...i ?- * .?* ":i e ITwtbd W?b RirrBLiCAif Association.?A meeting of the Republican Aaaociation of the Third Ward washeld at Temperance Hall last night, railed for the purpose of electing two additional member* of the Ward Executive Committee Job Angua waacalied to the chair, and John Clary elected secretary The Chair decided that the ftnt thing In order waa to collect the sum of 91 50 due for rent of the room, which amount waa duly forked over. The following named persona were then pnt la nomi nation for tbs office above I ndleated: Thomaa l*ewia, Amon Duvall, A C. Richards, and M. I Ward. ? Before proceeding to ballot. Mr. James A Wise addressed tbe meeting, counseling unanimity in all things. Tbe vote was taken, and Messrs. Richards and Ward were declared to be elected. Mr Wlae here moved to quash tbe proceedings, on tbe ground that there were forty-four ballots in tbe bsllot-box, and only twenty-eight persons present Mr Richards undertook to post Mr. Wlae in tbe science of numbers, and explained that several persons present, In balloting for the two candidates necessary to be elected, bad written- their ballots on separate pieces of paper, which would account for the presence there of so many ballots above the number of persons present Mr. Wise was not open to conviction, and essayed to make a speech upon bis motion to quash the proceedings His opponents were too many for him, bowever, ana he was quaahed instead. Adjourned. Avos Kiudall's Littdi on Secession.?In response to numerous calls upon us for a new edition of the able Letter* of Amos Kendall upon Secession. published in thia paper, we notify the public that we are preparing to print the whole of them in a single extra number of the Wkkkly (Dollar) Star We shall print no more copies of the extra number, than may be ordered (and paid for when ordered) at the Slar'i counter, or by letter. The price will be 3 cents per copy; fQ 50 per hundred copies; or fQi) per one thousand copies, and In proportion for any other numbers; each copy to be done up in a wrapper for mailing, if so requested We will keep our book open to receive orders for them until Tuesday evening next, after which time the extra will go to press Thus, those onlv can get them who may send in their orders, with thetaoney, between now and Tuesday evening next. Theu will K.. iTA>lk 4I.-I. ?v.? I_ ~_1 J _ . wwmmrn wv vl iu lUCil nCIKUt All KUIU 1 u bringing about in North, South, East ana Wnt, the bealtby state of public sentiment to absolutely necessary now, for tbe preservation of tbe Union. Scprxxs Cocit.?Yesterday, Malcolm Campbell, Esq., of New York, Jossph B. Heiikeil, Esq , of Tennessee, George Putnam. Jr.,Esq., of Massachusetts, and Patrick McLaughlin, Esq., of Marvlnnd, were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court. No. 19 The Rector, Church, Wardens, and Vestrymen of Christ Church, in the city of Philadelphia, in trust for Christ Church Hospital, plaintiffs in error, sgt. The County of Philadelphia. In error to the Supreme Court of the Slate of Pennsylvania for the eastern district. Mr. Justice Campbell delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the judgment of the said Supreme Court, with costs Nos 31 and 35 The Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown Steam Packet Company, plaint ff? in error, ag't Frederick E. Sickles et al. The argument of these causes was concluded by Mr. Badger for the plaintiffs in error. .No 37. Thomas Richardson, plaintiff in error, ag't The City of Boston. The argument of thia canse was commeierd by Mr. Carlisle for the plaintiff in error. Adjourned. Fisk?Last night.about fi o'clock, an alarm of flre waa caused by a brilliant light in the direction of Columbian College, and though the rain was descending rapidly the firemen turned out with their apparatus to render what aid they could It proved to be a cow stable filled with hay belonging to Mr. Stone, and located near bis suburban residence, oppoaite the college. The stable and contents were destroyed. The fire gave rise to a nonsensical rumor that a party was rncam ped near the college grounds who were I operating as incendiaries for the furtherance of civil war. CkntkalGcaiduousi.?B'fort Justice Tkomp>on ?James Cropsey was brought in, charged with stealing sundry articles of wearing apparel from Robert Ould He was committed for further examination. H Grainpton. drunk and disorderly; fined 5*2 91. A. Male and \V. Lancaster,(colored,) drunk and disorderly; each fined. Thomas Rag an and Michael Brenan, charged with stealing 21 sets of jewelry from T. H Harvey: committed for fnrthsr examination John F. Mason (roior?ti and Eliza Conley, drunk and disorderly; workhouse for 30 days Six lodgers were accomniodated. Education?A collegiate institution, under the charge of Key. E Waldron. formerly connected with St. Matthew's Church In tbis city, baa been successfully established at Pikesvllle, near Baltimore The course of study Is very extensive and thorough Among the professors we observe the nanae of Prof, ilaldeman, who has lately distinguished himself by writing an essay on toe Philosophy of Language, and receiving for the *ame a large prize, awarded to him by a committed of scientific men in England He had for his competitors sixteen learned men. Tnion Miitim at tui i apitol? a meeting will be bHd in tbe House of Representative*, at '2 o'clock p in. to-morrow, to which the Representatives of the Government, the clergy and members of all religious denominations, and tbe citizens generally, are respectfully Invited. Dr Curley, Chaplain' of tbe Senate, will preside; an address will be de.ivcred by Rev Dr Stockton, Chaplain of the Hon**; and otter exercise* of devotion will be observed. Criminal ComT.?Ye*terday, Daniel Moriaty was tried for an alleged assault and battery with Intent to kill Win Tracy, and acquitted. Tv?-day ?The Court having met, Jas. Gorman wan placed on tridl in two cases, eech for an assault and battery, one upon Henry Koch, the other upon Josephiue Koch This case was pending when our reporter left. Dbxtkr'* Rutaukait, on the corner of Thirteenth nlreet nnd Prnn avenue, is the place to get oysters of the very best quality, line Philadelphia ale, rich apple toddies, old peach brandy, and, pure honey to give It that flavor suitable to most evtry one's taste, besides the greatest variety of wines and segars of the choicest brands * Police Matter*?Before Juitiee Donn.?Jas H \V tularin wai arretted by county officer J U. Wise for being drunk, dlaorderly and profane in tbe utrefU; fined #6 50 Bridget Thompson waa arretted by policeman Irwin, for being very drunk and very disorderly. Sbe waa tent down to the city farm for 90 daya. Mi Siar- Major Jack Downing remarked to General Jackson, during the troublea in South Carolina thirty yeart ago. that be had alwaya observed that persout who bad a great deal to say about shedding the last drop of their blood were amazingly particular about the first. \V s would call tbe attention of our citizens to the large stock of clothing offered at Wietenfeld't. Nothing that can add to tbe appearance of the "outer man" la omitted In their selections. Give them a call. AamtvBD at Carter'a Wharf, foot of Thirteen a _ i i? -? a ?* ? - ?* - - - - ? anu B-aan nrrvi, Kuooner waler W 11C0, Hull, Philadelphia, with 133 tons of coal for Messrs. Chapin & Brother, and 132 ton* for Meaara. Dlckaon & King. Johh M.Youxe having removed part of hla atock (aaved from th? late Are) under the Waahlngton Assembly Rooms, will continue the bust* ueu aa heretofore, and be pleased to see hla customers. * Mckbat & Sbmmks have removed all their stock aaved last night to 385 Henna, avenue, six doors west of their former place of buaineas, where they will be enabled to aerve their customer* a* usual. 4t Kldiwiui will be found a notice of a concert and exhibition at Waugh Chapel to-night. The aucccsa of this Sabbath School In previous concerts, Ac , recommends It to the attention of all. Sis advertisement of a lost bracelet, In another column. Hollowat's Pills and Ointment. Plcumy ? Do you wish to eurtoil your medical expenses and retain Bound health? Uae these medioiues?they are adapted to every disease for all inilaiumatory affeeiiona of the ohett. aa sleariav. asthma, bronchitis, oougha, oolda k.o. Tte mmti ve propertiee of the Ointment have never been queatioued by all who have used it?the Pitli materially expedite the operation of the Ointment. Soil by all Drnggiata,at2Se., 6?a. and #1 par box or pot. ja9-iv Cooob* ?The audden ehangee of oar el 1 mate are eonreei of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Ankmatxc J/'(ti?v<, Experience having proved that aimple remediee ofwa aot apeedily aud eertainly when tak a isthe early eta?ea of the diaenae, reeourae stoeld at onoe be had to M Browm't Bronckf4 Trot*rt." or Uieo(N, let the Cold, Coach, or Irritation of the Tnroat be ever eo alight, aa by this preoaaUon a more eerioaeattack may be effectually warded off Publi* SnaJurs and Staiiri will and tii?m effectual for clearing and atreng tfcenini the voiee. Bee advertisement del-ly Rkadkx. h?T? yon seen Prof. Wood's adrwtiM meat in oar fft. RmmI it; it will iitwwt yom. M ?-?oly MA&RUD On W?dn?Ml*y. J?na*ry 3d, INI, M 8C f4trl?k't SgftftftAaftft MA" *DIED, On tlM 3d in*tut, Mr. THOMAS PAYNE, is Iroia hi* l?t* r**id?nt?, WMhincton *t.. G?orc? % ?'t\ su ,J ,v t PROCLAMATION. Mayo*'* Orrici, > WiumcTO^, January 9,1861 J Tbe City Council* having, by joint revolution, Mprg?i tbelr concurrence in tbe recommendation of the Prea'dent of tbe United 9tatea a* to the propriety of aettlng apart a day of failing, humllittinn unit nrst*?r I retn^tfnll? *v? ? ? ?? ? J v? f m ?%w|?vwwa??j s IHCU'I W 1117 clt'zets cf Washington to abstain from all secular employ nent, and assemble, on Friday, th? 4th Instant, according to their several forma of worablp, to keep it aaa solemn fact. JAMES G. BERRET, Mayor. Joint Resolution us rtftrtnto to the day of fatting, humiliation, and prayer by tk* Prtitdtmt. Wmui tbe President of tbe United States baa recommended that Friday, tbe fourth day of , January next, be observed as a day of general i fasting, humiliation, and prayer: therefore, Ktsolctd by the Board of Alatrmtn and Board ? Common Council of tk* city if Washington, , latthe Mayor be requested to invite tbe cooperation of tbe people of this city in ssld recom lamuiuun, aim iDi* iac DacM oi me i^orporauon be closed on the dav named, GRAFTON POWELL, , President of tk* Board of Common Comuil. WM. W MOORE, Vitt President of tk* Board of Alder wit n. Approved, January 2, 1981. Jan 3?It JAMES G. BF.RRET, Mayor. JPOR PHILADELPHIA.?The ateamer 8. Sey- < r moar, Captain Palmer is now 1 ready for freight for the above j>ort,J^?4^K^ j to aa 1 TO-MoRROW EVENING.] Apply to HYDE & DAVIDSON, : jaf? Georgetown, D. C. ppR BALLS AND PARTIES. M n 4-1 <-?* I vmu uaunx bin uvaiv rrilivo rviu UlOTtltl 1 75 oents a pair. ? Also. i 30 dossil Ladies' light oolored Kid giovm at 60 oents a pair. HENRY EGAN, 531 Seventh at, ' ja 1-St near Avenue House. M NEW YEAR'S PRESENTS. I W. GALT A URO oa'l attention to their , unusually large assortment of new and elegant *f Jewelry, Watches. Silver Ware, a o , gotten up and t selected especially for the holiday trade. All the shove goods are marked at pnoes far \ below any heretofore named. m. w. galt a bro., 1 Jewelers, 3*4 Pa. avenue, t ja 1-3t 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. t ^REAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS! SELL ING OFF TO MO YE! i For thirty days longer I shall oontinne to sell the * stock of Dry Goods in store No. 491 Seventh st, t at greatly reduced pnoes. Stock is still large and well assorted Call early and get bargains. . HENRY EGAN. 421 Seventh st.. Jal fit _ near Avenue House. Fresh fruits in cans, PRESERVES, I BRANDY FRUITS, I JELLIES. ( (lea KING A BURCHELL. f FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, c. For Children's Books, . i For Children's Games, I For elegant Presentation Books, i For all the new Books, c kt - - - r ?? ? r wi nowppsjiciB ii'im tJTwrjwurrPi g For the cheapest p'aoe, i Goto FRENCH & RICHSTEIN'8, r _de2n No. UT* Pa. avenue. c J^OTICE TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS. | We are having all of our acconnta made o(T to t date, and wWl tak" it a? a *reat favor if they will a call at aa earl; day and settle the name. WJV1 R. RILKY A RRO., . No. 3ft "Central Storoi," Between 7th and ftth sta , da 17 2w Opposite Center Market S~ U F P L I E S FOR CHRISTMAS. j Fruits and Nuts of all kmda, Home-rrado Minoo Meat, made by my direction and under my supervision, warranted the beat t ever off-red for sale nt 16 ceota per pound, t Beat Old Whiakr. Brandy and Wiues, g ?? dozen Freah r'.Ke*. j lioahen BntteJ ana Cheese, ? 75 bbU. Flour, best brands, Family, Extra, and I Superfine. f A complete assortment of Grooenea of all kinds, n Good Su?arat 7 oents per pound. a ISRAEL* DKMING, a No .134 Seventh street, d? 17-eo.Tw^ between Louisiana av. and ii st. rr*IIB THIRD WEDNESDAY OF EVERY 1 MONTH. c Dr. 8CHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impos I ib>e to visit Washington every w^elt. and nas " made arrangements to positively be m the city the ' third "Wednesday of every month. He has a suit of rooms at the Avenne House, where patient* can obtain advice free. He only charges wh?n it is necessary to make a thorough examination of the Lungs with the Respirometor. 8. H. Waite is agent for Sohenck'a Pnlmonio Syrup, prioe !tl per bottle, for the oure of Coughs. 'olds and Consumption: 8chenok's Sea Weed < Tonic, price 91 per bott e.for Dyspepsia; Sohenok's Mandrake P.ile, prios IS cents ber box. for Liver Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the Bow els. Dr. Soheook would be grat?fu. to those who have been oured by hit remedies if thev would leave their certificates ot oure with 8. B. WAITE, j corner Seventh st. and La. av. de 19-Sm PA PER HANGINGS. PAPERHANGINGSall grades and prices; war rented Gold Band WINDOW SHADES; Buff. Green and Blue HOLLA(SD 8H A DES, all siz-s made to order; also, PICTURE C"RD and TASSELS all six^s and colors, REMNANTS PAPER 11 ANG1NG8 at one-fourth less than oost Purchasing for ash, and allowing no old stock to accumulate, persons needing the above goods will find it to tlieir advantage to give me a rail. All woik executed and superintended by practical men who have served a regular apprenticeship at ttaetr trade. Please give me a call. Rem?inl?er the i umber. J NO. MARKRITKK. No. 486 Seventh st. R doors at*>va ja l-e -101* Old Fallows' Hall. 'P HOUDAr'RESENTS I UflSK pnranni vriskinv In muLfl aiiPnKaaau f Holiday Presents, will h'nffat the slote of the mih Tiber a very large assortment of FANCY and STAFI/K WitY IHKIIW.nuchM(iaitdtome Cloth Cloaks and Raglans, Shawls, Black and Fancy Milk Robes, Black and Fancy Ores* Silk*, Figuredaiid Plain French Mennoes, Detains, Cashmera a> d llaiJs. Kmtiroid' r>ni Linen Cambria Handkerchiefs, Mm a'in a?d Cambrics, Collars and Seta, Jouviu Kid Glovea, Hosiery, Neck Tiea. Bonnet RiMmns, Menuo Shirta and Drawera, And a great man* other G oda suitable for Holiday Presents, selling at reduced prices, at HENRY EGAN'S, de 19-Wt .V21 Seventh at and 3-21 Pa. sr. MUSIC BOOK IS THE BESTCHRiSTMAS GIFT. Moore'a Me'odies beautifully bound. The Muaioal Album, M eude sohn's Songa, without worda. The Hoino Circle. All the Operas, with and without words, Beothoveij's, Mozart's and dementi's bonatos. Bach's Cherubim's, Mars and Albreoutsberger'a Tneoretioal Works, All the Oratiirma. Selection* o| Musio with beautiful title pares. Also, a large assortment ot Stem way & Sana'and Raven. Bacon & Co'a Overat nrg Fianoa, undoubtedly the h"?t now manufactured. A very large stock of Piano Htoola and Covera at reduoed pricea at the Muaio Store of W 6 METZEROTT, de22 corner Eleventh at. and Pa av. P OFFICIAL ROPOSAI.* FOR ERECTING A COURTHOUSE AND l'OST OFFICE AT PHI LAi HIAf PA? Tkkasukt DxrASTMKiiT, Pcoember 22,1860. Skalkd Proposals will be rroeived al this Department until the 22U day of February, A. D U6I. at 13 o'clock at noon, for the oon?truotion of the Philadelphia Court-Houae and Poet Office.aceord in* to the plana and specifications prepared at thia Department. Theie propo?ala muat be for the whole work; bui eioh portion of the work and the amount b d therefor muat be separately elated in the bid; the respeo tive amount tor eaon kind of work carried out, and the total amount atated-.the Department reserving the right to reject or aoc >pt ths proposal* Kara h* invifaH or an* bs r+a thereof w,,?n it ftdArrta thejntereet of the United states requires it; tho Department alio reserve* the right to exolnde the bids of any person or persona whom there is jact oause to be!iev? will not faithfully perform the contracts, or whioh thev have attempted to obtain by indireotion; and nil bid* when there shall be parftee in interest who do not join in tho bid*, and all lads that, upon investigation, are be.ow a fur prioe for the work. No oontraot will be awarded to bidder* until details are furnished the Department of the prices of the different kinds of work and materials, whioh s*all be ssbjeot to the revision of the Department, so that th* cross bid shall be eq uitab y apportioned upon the whole work to guide the Depaitment in making payments. N met* per oent. of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to oontraot priee, (said amount to be ascertained by the estimate of an aceat of the Department appointed for that purpose,) will be paid from time to time as the work progresses, and ten per osnt retained until the completion of tne oontraot and aeoeptance of the work, Sc.. by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the event of nonfulfilment of oontraot. Contracts will be awarded only to master builders or nipc" ainc.?, and the assignment thereof, exoept by ooneent of t*e secretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the mama. Each propoaai rati it b? accompanied bv a writt- n guarantee, tigned by twor'S?on?ibl-persona (oer tified to be ao bv the United St^tea Diatnct or Attorney of the wd d'atriot.) in the sen <>l #ao,<?o. that the bidder wtil, when required, if hie propona! be accepted, enter into a contract and U>uU^withyoyer and mffioient aeoai itiea for iu Plane, ?p?cifioationa and working dravinii oan be examined after forty days, ail oti??r information obtained on application to U>e Department The propoaaJa ma?t be sent to tkia Department, addrn??e<l to the Seorotary of toe Treaaary. (?*. darstdx'Prtfotaltfar 14* pkiladtlpkim Court Ho**' amd Pott QjfUt,") and will be upland ar 1 o'cl ock p. m.,ot the laat <1a* named for reoeiving the eame, de?i aodatow Secretary of the Treatary. AUK BONNETS, BATS, and PLATS of the U rery lateet atylee.aod in aU oaaea niade^A ,u,. U ?o ^2 it 336, betw. 9th and lott ate. I / WANTS. WANTRD-A WET NI'NHK. Apply at No. " 41 a H ?L. for thr** day*. H* w^8sBi* 'srs;^kSia,A2l. e*n for three d?t? at No. 6G> Second at., between H a-"IW>M. iTfp?8. . 11* t a J A NTL- rv ?_ - ??? . dv-d; irirf gIM. MXIOtl to (K I " good home, a WTrAiiON a< oarse tod chsmiiermaid. Socoan knit e-tirely satisfactory recommendations from her last homo. Please address Box Wo- 4 Star Ofrc*. ja S^3t WA NTED?By a young married woman, with a good lireant of milk, a SITUATION as wet iiU'm>, or, to geta gooil ?Im woe Id gladly go out to any service in a resseoiable family. Pkase a dross a note to Bo* No. 3 Star Ofliee. Ja ?-Sf_ WANTED TO HIRE-A rMMotable WHITE " GIRL to do the geneial house work for a mall Ihinilv. One who can oome reonmmended as properly qualified will hear of a to -d situation by applying at No. 539 Tenth street, near Ma-y land avenue. ja S-3t* %*/ ANTED?A steady COLOpD WOMANtD '? oook, wash at d iron in a family of four per ens. For direction apply at the telegraph office in Georgetown jag at 117 ANTED?A PURCHASER for a good pair of "y Harden'* Coal Scales, in perfect order and oaa be had very low anon inquiry at No. 357 nth iteaet, between L and M. ia ? 3f VI7ANTED-A resaeetahle e*?eri?n??<4 \v?i_ TV MAN well recommended, wants to go out as monthly Nurse If disengaged at ?ll at 304 4th street bet. Q *nd H ?U. ja i if \1U ANTED? A l*d? of education and refinement, "? wiahea a SITUATION ?i governeea, or is i japable of taking oharge of a gentlemtn'a house; < would be aatiafied with a more rate oompenaa'ioa. i \ddreM MARY E. PIEKPONT, Washmstnn, , P. C. ja? ?* rUTOR.?A gentleman iadeairouaof obtaining ! a SITUATION aa tutor in a family in Washngton or Georgetown. He t-aches English in all ts branohea, Muaioacd the rudiment* or I^aiin and 7reuch. Terms moderate. Address J. A. R?Gen- . >ral Post Office. jaa ?"* | IV ANTED-A WET NURSE to ?o with afam- ' " ily to S"?th America. Addre?a to Dt. GARRETT, or to 44S Sixth st. The family wiil stay >nly this week in Washington. ja l-<t*_ 1 HOUSKRKEPER.?A young American l?d? ?f the highest respectability, would like a SITU- | ITION as housekeeper; compensation no nje^t, mt a go?d home in a worthy family. Address Box >0, Star Office. de31 MATh2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From *5 to fin.noo worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI hi t n n _ 11 ? ?i f ? . - ii ivdui nn una*, ior wiuaii 1 will guaranty u> pay i he highest prices, and, as usual, at the shortest nolo?. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, &o., oc 9 40S 7th tt.. bet. G and H. east side. IE/ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. ! ?' Persons dec ining housekeeping, or having t surplus of Furaiture on hand, can obtain the cash md fair prices l?y applying at 369 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ tc. GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. r OST?By a lady, a small PORTMONNAIE. I ' between Twelfth street and the General Post ifli^e Department, ooutaining 310 in moner. 'I he iniier will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this 'ffioe. ja 3-3t* | I 0**T?On Tuesday night last, either at the Li Theater, or going th?refro?r, by Eleventh, D >nd Seven-h stre t?, to Massachusetts avenue, a I hased GOLD BR ACELET. engraved on the inid* "Central, Washington, Columbia." The finder rill reoeive tie thanks of the owner, and a suitable eward, by leaving the Bracelet at 4.1S Ma<> a v., 1 ir at this office. '* r OST?* ooral and god lady's BREASTPIN. Lj nroppcd, it i? supposed, somewhere rctween he corner of Third and Efts., and Sixth ami N t?. north. The fiude?- will be suitably rewarded ijr leaving it at this office. ja2 3t* PERSONAL. A STROLOGIST t\. AlADAME DEVISE. THIS WHKK ONLY. , Those who wifh to consult her must oall this reek as it i? most positively her last in Washingon at present. All who are in trouble of any kind o quirk to the Madam* she will brine an) one to on and cause them to love you.wilT also cause | >arly marriages and icr;at 1 appiness and pood ( uok. Madame will advise in reca?d to Lawsuits, i Mumbers, liusinn*s Losses.Ac Prioes very moderate. Residence?Richmond House, corner Eiehth knd D st?.; private entrance on D st. Gentlemen admitted. ja 1 4t* Y|ADAME CLINTON PRICE. This distinruithed American Clairvoyant can be nnsulted on Health,? h\raoterand Future Events, looms No. 334 Twelfth street, 2 coo s below Pa ivema Jal-lv* BALLS, PARTIES. &c. anniversary ball, rV iNxiNoiror jackson and NEW orleans, jit Will be given b? ill :iomp'yb,natjonalguardl?at\y,&m AT TUK WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS, O.I the Evening of Jan. 8th, l?5l Particular* in future. de22 S&Thtf forsale^ln1)reni\ [For clksr ltFof Sal* and Hem" nrt\trt\*tminti, ft* first j>ngt \ |7?or RENT?Two iurn'tshed EO>MS, r with or without Board. Term* ream aVe. 1SS Fourth at., corner of E. j*2 3t A SUIT OF FURNISHED IQOK8 RM R ENT. inquire at 4S6 Eleventh at., between E and F. d? J8-2w Furnished rooms for tien t,aT?ot5 street. between 6th and 7th ata. d? 4-tf I A ROE AND DESIRABLE FIRST-CI.ASS j RESIDENCE IN ? EORGETOWN FOR KENT (HI I,EASE.?The fine residence of the late Viuc^nt Taylor, Ef<j., No. il"*7 Bridge st eet, in for rent, and offers m?"j ad vantages and oonveiil' noea. It i? one of the irvat apacioua and finely finished private home* in the District. Pogaeaa si<>n kiven immediately. Apply on the premises, do 20 eo2w L'UK KKNT.?Will be rent d to a private famir ly. on leaaonab'e toi ins. a convenient and com fortalile threo-atory HOUSE. on F, ! ?'weon ,3th and U h atreeta. Inquire of k. C. JOHNSON, at the atore of J. L?. Savage. Pa. avrnue, betw en K'th an<) nth ata. de 71 6too FOR K ENT?In Georgetown, a ha.idaome and conveuient COTTAGE RESIDENCE. containing 9 room*, kitchen, pantry, Ac There iaattaohcd a large and apacioua lot, and abundance of uqiieriuct and pump watrr on the premiaea. It i? in the immediate vicinity of the College and Academy of the Viaitvion. eqm-diatant from both. The property la all in complete repair. Inquire corner d and High ata. de l*-eo3w* f/OR RENT-A r-ew IJRICK HOUSE, with i back building and oellar. having II roomi with gaa, and at< e alley, situate?l on 1* street, near Tlnr MOBUN, cor. P*. a*. and Bwgg ?fc jjoliday ^rr^ents-suixablk meOn* 8-1 Km.I t*able. One get Royal Ermine, _ M fitfWt i-thf*- 4k Moat ele*ant mu, at pnoei to MfKHRTu- tiass* JWfcT?SSS^W0w*-,,~' *"b. h. St7\RMRTZ.**? Pa a*4e* uaty een iau aad ?3th rta. A d^A R AG U sfA o. 4e9 KING * BUftCHBLL. ' ' r * ' $? - v fi , *?Y T'*'* ta teenth. Kent moderate to a good tenant. Inquire of M. GRKKM, G<?o'r. oornor of Thirteeutn and L sts. 'l'h s property ia near Franklin Kow. only a fow mirutes' wa'k from the Treasury Buildings, and one of the healthiest looa.ioas in Washington. de 31-lmeo* Ei^OR RENT?The large three story FRAME r HOUSE on New York avenue, Detw eu ?th and 5th streets, recently oooupied by Rev. Mr. Carothers. Apply to JOHN W. WANKINS, or to Mr. BOSS, next door,where the kev may he found. Also, the three three story Bricks at the oorner of Ninth and N sts., Northern i iberties Or for tale low for cash; or property in the county taken in exchange. Apply at Sir. HAOiiKKTY^ store opposite, fo' the terms aixi the fcey, or to DICK SiJN * KING'S wood and coal yard, eorner ol 1 street and Vermont avenue, or to the snbtoriber, JOHN DICKSON. RENT REDUCED.?That pleaeant COTTAGE R ciSlDKNCK, containing 7 room*, with front balcony, large yard in frontaud rear, f>ontinc H St., in Printing Olfioe Square, between North Capitol and First sts.. will lm rented for $ 16 per month to a punctual tenant. Address, by letter or in person, WM. STICKNEY. dell eotf FOR RENT.-A three-story BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, with baok building, on 13th st.. No. 470. between F and G streets. Apply tn J. KIRK WOOD, 476 Twejth st. no 19-dtf f ADET BLUE CLOTH, FOR MILITARY SUITS. Black Trepot Cloth, Black Cloth*, for Ladio*' Cloak* In order to convert onr (took into cash, we are offering oar entire rtook at greatly reduced price*. WM. R. RILE? ft UKO . No. 310 Central Store*, between 7th and 8th street*, da 17-2w opposite Center Market. ILLUSTRATED BOOKS FOR PRESENTS. We have nov our niual l*rge and magmfioent n**ortment o'eleiantlr bound and illustrated Book* for Present* for the Holidays. The saw Book* for this year are Terr hranUfaf. , , Oar Juvoniie Drpartmaat oompriae* all the latest Hook* out and al>t*>e old ones luitabl* (orchil dren. Toe Duaolving View Pie'are Book i* a nev thine for the little one*. Oar assortment uf Writ ing L>?*k?, Portfolio*, Paper Tiee*. Papier Mache Boxe?, Fancr Inkstand*, OoTd Pen*. Panoy and all other ityle* Penknives. Paper Folder*, Cwttars. 4.0 . ate., i* targe avd varied, aad vtil be aold at GEORGETOWN. # Ccrrtpondtmes / TAo Star. 6ioi?itowr. Jannarr 3. 1*1 To-morrow (Friday) will he generally obaereed h**re as a d?r of fnatlnx and prayer. in accordance with tbe recommendation of the President. See Ion will h* held la the various churches, sad ( placet of baalaess will probsbly be clsaed There J will be ac awrkal until 6atarday niaralag aext a Oar City Councils wntild tare taken same action in tbe matter, aa four* did, had not the members | considered tiuit tbe day would be properly observed f byow citizens without any action on taelr part The Union Prayer Meetings arecontinued here, a and moch lafewl la manifested tl We (Mlfntan<l that eletnenta of dlacord have a eotertd Into tbe "wigwam'' over bvr. all about w^kmb tbe Republican Association ot our eitjr f shall recommend for tbe Msrsbalship There are two Georgetown Candida tea In tbe letd It appear a, o and each baa bia fncada and backera In tbe aaeocUtlon We have been furnlabed with re porta o of proceedingi at the two last meetings, which e we bare not the time to prepare for your render* p this morning. GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS II V BANK OP COMMFRCB. LL5 Osonotrnwn. D. C., Junnrr 1,1KI. * A partnership aaaoeiauon harms been heretofore ? entered into br and between the foilowins named u indmdaala. Charles K. Rittenhonae. H?ch H Sweeny. Hamilton O. Pant, Samuel Kow John a L. Da fief, William T. HerroD,Richard Pettit, R loh tl krd M. Borer. Mrs ^uaau I re. and. u aihU. ll sxecutor, and Ann R. O'.Neale, executrix of Tim- m 54ny u'nwt.ddotMM.fjr th? purp->?e <>r oarMinx ~ on the backing buainaaa in Georgetown. id the Dittriot of Co umhii, in the n&mi of thnUapk of b Commero*, and one or the artroiea of ?uoh a<aocia u Lion having pr.?v id*d f >r the continuance 91 ?aoh v pa'tnerahip until ike let of Jannary. IKl.aod Richard M. Boyer, one of ihe raid partnrra. ha'ing rtietl luring tbe exiatenoe ol auoh partnership, the Hank of Commerce will KtroMUr be oocdaZed, ta ft* tt am* nam*, by tne following named (fcHtid??\? : Charlae K. Rittenhouae, Huth B. Sweep*. Hamil Ion G. Fant, Samuel Fowler, John U Dufcef. William T. Herron, Riokard Pettit, Mr?. Hn?an IreMid. C. E. Rlrt'KNHOUfie. 8 ja 1 TSt President. t| fS^NOTICE ?L IC E y S E S.?Alt pefaona !' LJj whoae Lioenaea from t(e Corporation of n Georgetown expi'? on the Slat mutant, are hereby d notihed prompt y to takeout the (am*, under the ? n?*w law, approved Jo y 7th, 1*0, otherwise they lubject thomaelvea to a fine, and the law ia torn pu'sory opnn tb? proper officers to enforce said ine r' gainst all delinquents U de 77 3tawtJan 10 WM. LAIRD. Clerk. A notice. ? LL Persona indebted to the late firm of T. ij O'Donnojhue A Son, are here y notified that nn- " less their accounts are aettied by the 15th instant they will be paced in the hands of an olfioer for aol lection. SARAH O'DONNOOHI E. ja2 eo3w* Hjeoutrix. t< Sugar: SUGA R:; m ft U G A R !!! ? BROWN SUGAR seven cents per pound, tl do eighth cents do n do nine oenU do L WHITE SUGAR tea eents do Loverioc's CRUSHED SUGAR nine poande for a dollar. j A liberal deduction to those who bny by the liar- d rel. Terms cash. * All kind* of bank note* except South Carolina K taken at libeial rate* at the Anli Separate-State- K S*eoei??io-j-8lore, Georgetown. D C., I' 8 A. ,, dei9-6t W. H. TENNEY. ? RAO APPLE8. % " OUU BBL8. Prime No. 1 BALDWIN APPLES, " per schooner J. and N. Baker. Will l?e sold on P reasonable terms by J. G. WATERS, do 17 2w No. 109 Water ?t., Georgetown.. tt JUST RKCEIVKD- " 10 hhd?. prime Porto Rioo 8UG AR8, 15n bl>ls. (fid RreWHIMCY, 8Sn hbls. HERRING and ALEWIVE8, yi bb;s. Crusliod and Kefinvd ^L'GARss, S> bag* Rk&and Java COFFEE. 10 hhds.dow priced) MOLASSES. ?< For sale br JOHN J. BOGUE. se in rl J 100 BBL8. OF FRIME CIDER, U*T Arrived an J for sale aheap for cash. 11 no 13 ARNY k. 8HINN. MASSEY, COLLINS ft CO.'li PHILADE^ II PHI A DRAUGHT ALE-We are constantly rooMTinc fresh m lies of the above deluhtfsl bev 6ra~e, and invite all wrsom whi want a puro unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. w AH N Y A SHINN. Agents, to* 4T Aroen ?t.. 8"orictnviL fHICKERINf* A SONS' UNRIVALED PIVy ANOS, at all prices, and of all noaie*. JOHN F. ELLIS. p no 5 .V?? Pa. av.. ?Hh and U?th >t?. Almonds, pecans, shki.lbarks. en- ^ GUSH walnuts, brazil NUTS. fil- r befts. de? KING A BURCHELL. N PARALLELED r SUCCESS. ? The great auooeai which ha? aHended f DR. SCHLOSSER . ... * during tm?, mi Second Vmt to Waahington, . and,al?o, j being anahie to futlSt all hit niai?atntf during last week, ? 41 oompals him U> i u remain A FEW DAYS LONGER i '? a WASHINGTON. i)K. M. SCHLOHSEK j take* thi* opportunity of returning thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Washintton and vioinity, for their kind and liberal patronace bestowed on hm f during bis sojourn here, 1 and. also. respectfully announoes to parties ' who wish to obtain A Permanent Cure of I CORNS, BUNIONS, 80FT CORNS, | or any other DISEASE OF THE FKET, ! to favor him with a oall witoout delay. as this may probably tee his L.MI V nil lo W MhlDftOn, intending shortly to Retire from Professional Bervioee. ( As a <ireot proof of the extraordinary skill t attending I Dr. Behloaeei'a Carta, [ he oan. with p'eaaere, refer to a greet number of 1 I^adiea and Gentlemen is thia eity, ' whom he treated three rears sine*. and who have all been on red c of the varioua Diaeaaea of the Feet, to their entire satisfaction. , Dr. Sehloaatr'a methed haa not only been i anoeeesful in thia oouctry, hat ftlia in Rumma as may b? aeen by several thousand teetimaniaia; from vhioh he ?aot*a the foUoviag nam?: i From j Hit Majttly tk* King / Bavarm. . Hit Imp. H. Prime* Jtromt .Vapolton Bonapartt. H R. H. Primet Altzandtr dt VTmrttmktrg. H. T. H. Art A Dnk* af Anuria. " r H. R. H. Dulct ef Sack ten Mttntngtn H. H. Prinet Rieknrd,Mttttmick. I H R. H Dnkt of Sari- Wtimar. t F. H. Cardinal Areklitkam af Pari*. a I ? - - - ?? ? t AUxis, Bilk of / iV?*cjr, Ftru Ckmplm m ( Kapoiton 111. M*rtck*l Cmnrebtrt. A. H. Artuih, Phytician M KdiMrjf ( <4? Duck*** Htlmt of Rn**is. % Bernard K?**r, Pkyttctan t* fdinmri (l U< H if. lit (/mo / Orttet. The Pirnataraa and geala of the abore aum, ) vitk i?wr?l U>ouskodi more Iron #lateaoM?, i Merchant#, D.plomiUata, OUrgymen, Phyaioiaaa. Mi'itary Man, and fcditorr, of thia oounrj tad ' I Earope, may be aeeo at hia ofBce , froa# lft a. m. till 4 p. an., ' 337 PENNSYLVANIA AVEM'K. Soitk idm, i Mvni 12th and lSth stracta. ONLY A FKW DAYS LONGER IN WABM ja 2 tr JNUTUN. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., IN Paaaajlraaia Amu, hare just raoaived a larae rvwtt *f S&fffiiSittf SSStiteum?i* {SKf %> < . * ? J1 W- * - 9 . THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. FROM SOITH CAROLINA. Oi4ftLuroii. Jan. se ?Tbr Mlowtnf addlOMMl 'unini Niniifii ki*? bwi ippdtM Pot Trail lobo Metjueen, Otofgla Jam** L Ort, Mtests Ippl, Armtateed Mart. IKnit of Mr Boabam. Mr 9pratt iltrlrd this aoraiu for TtlUbaaw, lorlda Tb* othrrj will have tbrtr ( ainMou irepered <? #n h( Th* Columbia Artillery Corps, ftftjr strong, rrivrd to-day at oar oVIixk w4 prorrcM to hr harbor Thev will us* Charleston pieces of rttllerf. Two companies of Infantry at* being fors??* Kmii th?- 16th rrvlmrat Two thousand poundsof pewdrr bare jaet bee* fdered to be sent to one of the forts Tbe citltr-Ds w?-ce startle to-night b? lb- tring f raunon frxn tbe forte It prowl to be. bew. ??, a false alarm, and tbe Carollataua were only ractlcla|. ('h*ili*tok. Jan 3 ?A I?? !! > r nd negroes ?re now engaged Tn erecting redoubts ionjf the roast Mr tteojsmiu Mordfril presented the Utr wltn ten thousand dollar* Tbe steamship Nsahellle had esssMmM**1*. Irnli v la ^ettluK out of tbe harbor, oa a? u ant of M fog The Courier of this moraine un that many ortbera journals rei?rrs%e tbelr false asaertioa that be 1rl?|(riipl> fn this city Is usdor lurrr llaaor, It i not an, and tbe editors aad reporters. wb*athry take such assertions, know that th-y are lying [The authorities mar not dictate tbe d*?patcbaa ut tLc i?-(K?rUr? well know that If tb'-jr dare tell te whole truth In thHr despatrbes tbe.r lle.s rouid be la danger. Tbe truth is, a rr'gn af tee >r alrerdy exists In Charleston, almost as com lete ss ?rer 'listed In Paris In revolutionary mea ? Ld 9th ] ntw i*m Lfftilatirt. Albart, Jan. a.?In tbe Senate to-dav, Mr. ptnola (democrat) Introduced a series of rcaolnon? autboriting the Governor to tender to tbe resident of the L' ntted Mutes tbe services of tbe illitary of tbe State, to be uaed aa be aboiiM eeui brat to preserve tbe I'nlon and enforce the ouatitution and laws of the country. Also lnruetlni: the committee on Military Affairs to port a bill to raiae f lu,tUU,MJU, properly to arm te State Mr ^plno'.i nld be believed the time sproarhea wlien old party divisions most bo temorarily laid aside, and that all good citizens aould unite for the preservation of the I'nlon. ad nut down Northern abolitionism and Southrn fanaticism Tbe resolutions were laid over Governor Morgan In hla message, transmitted i the Legislature to-day, after referring to State Shirs, devotes the last portion of It to tbe conatdration of sec-as'.rtn, closing by saving that It ta te duty of tbe National Kierntlve to set with romptriess and firmness. and tbe Nationnl Leglsiture with moderation and asplrit of conciliation rid tbe public press with that regard to rights of II sections and Interests with Its vast Influence emandi L-t. saya the Governor, New York * an example In this respect Let ber oppose no arrler, hut let ber representative# In Congrem |??- rrnuy ?U|i[>ori ?o nnV JUI1 UO noBOrsln* ttlrment I .ft ber (tend In hostility to none, nt extending tbe band of fellowship to all. live p to the strict letter of the Constitution, cordially ntte with other members of tbe Confederacy In reclaiming lis enforcements, and tbe determianon that tbe Constitution shall be honored and ?e Inlon of the states preserved He reromtends tbe repeal of tb? Personal Liberty bill, and so recocntucuds tbat other States do the same Oat Day Later from Cnrspe New Yoai, Jan 3.?Tbe >>u?n>shlp AnstrsllUn, from Liverpool on tbe VJd liet ember, arTrd up this morning Her dates are one day iter. She has on freight about three-fourths of i itlllon of dollars In s^mcle On Saturday tbe cotton market was firm; reorted sales r/.UUu bales. Breadstuff* bad u uprard tendency. Consols closed at a92 \. k mwry uiai m*:\ was?llgBUy IBIH1 wingrm, rith an acti ve demand. Tbe i'ar;* bourse vru ?erv drprnwd. Ir. lame ran i? be Secretary a( tbe Trfttit y I ndcr Mr. Llaielu IlAiimtTia, January t ?Hon. Mr Cameron MMrd through here from Springfield to-day on its wavto Washington. He certalal* has acepted the appolr.Urentnf Secretary of tbeTreasuy uuder Mr Lincoln. I'eBD-rIraaia Le|bl?tsre Haaatsacaa, Jan. 2 ?The Union resolutions ^ported by the majority committee mt the Senate, nlv one member objecting. were, after debate, nadf tbe ordrr for to-morrow. lec*Mine?datien te Ker?al rersenal Lib. erty Bill. Ho?tun, Jan 3?Uur. Hanks, in his menaac* d tbr laf^isloture, rr> ommends tbe abrogstion of he personal liberty bill. 18(51 "'"L1"' 1861 Commence tkt I car inth a Diary. A v* u&He Pocket Coa^aruon far registering v?nU fMl. weaeut, and fiUur. ; containing rUM >f po?ta*?, almanac, a Mask apao f.?r rnvm'xatult w ?wj d?) iii the jpar, oa?h aocoant for each non'h, annaa! mmmatj of ot*h aaeovnt bi la ayanle and reoeivable, I^n't be wittimt ?n* of hese useful litt>e souvenirs The most oompleta, 4??ant. and <! ?*< table assoitnoot ever issued, o*?n> inainc tte.?? ? * * and upwards of fiftv styles, it SHILMNeT/'N*!* Bookairo, Odeon Bnudinc. owner of,4S street and de 2" repp tTMiie. BRADY'S NATIONAL PH0T06RAPH ALLKIV. 392 Pin* Avbiotb. On exhibition. beautifully Sunned Photograph* f the PrrMdmtaud Vioe President elect. Imperial 'Dot^grapha of all the Prcritwato (ion Jackson to iaohanau; of all the tlonbera ol the Heoateaad ?ou?* of K??reo?ntaUToa ol toe arcaeat Concrasa. >f the Frmo? of Walee aoO a large bumlxH ? die infuiabed foreign peraouagna. "f nea'ijr all oar >r?>minen? Statearneo, PoeU. Art lata, Anth<>ra, Edtore, CiMoa^D^rMnlaftrd Coirmotioree. The iarceat Plain Ph tog raphe in Uia world. The Colored Pbotog rapba wait be aeeb to be apireMtMi. Twenty-five fall length Portrait VUitiaf Card*, vacantly fci>iah?d lor bre dV.,ar? ! ONE HLNDRKD PHOTOGRAPHS FOJ. rfVK DOLLAR*!! f icea for aU otber aty lea equally moderate. de lo lm I^LOUR, BUCK V.'H^AT.^ POTATOES, AP? 100 bbie. new RichinonriFamilj aad Extra Float, M?? lba. FVoali Ground Buchfrneat Meal, SK> bnthela White Mereer Potatoea. IW do. Blue do. 4o. i do. Ch^etuwta Reoetred to day and for aale low inlota to eait by DTL. MORRISON A CQ.. no Cnrwr of Twoifth and B tto ROUGHS, COLD^HoTRBENfcSR, Ae. COMPOUND SyhUFHOF GUM ARABICThia pleaaant aad ooaalar Coach R.medy baa teen e?> lone known and eateneirely aead, that moat era^na have become Auniliar with ita extraordma Iemoaey. it oan b* DM at a.: tM pneo m drug re* at 25 and Sf> canU * hottir. ? ? <*?n.A*<Hni* | > i' taLWKlrt DLK. IJ For ?ale a: in&i.ui&oui-era pnoee,by JOHN i. BOSUR, 6*omitow?,d. C? Suit ii?Kt ftn tk* District *f Cmimmktm. A lxrce f upp *. embracinc every verity, a ware >n tianJ. [><{ delivered free to all parte of the Dieiet Orders can a.eo he left at the offioe of A daiae* sxerox- OijiKi.?. NVaeh:nct?B. O P. frUtelf ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAC&. ? U8T Opened for the ChnaUnaa aad New Tear* 'reeeate. alt marked do we at the ioweet pneee to nit the timee, for oaah. de 1* J W CQLLKV A CO, MINCE MEAT, made fium selected mate nali. de22 KINO A BUECEELL r ot8 ??p pianos ro* eent oe poe Li ea>e tpon eaey Unas, by J. P. ELLIS. JW 'a. a?.. bet. a:?d HHh eta. defr BEST FANCY eOODB. L9 AT PRICKS TO SUIT TbE TIMES, At STEVENS'S FA^CY S%ttf* bo ? tf ???. b~tw. ?th <md 10U rt?|^UE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR.I.S m4 by Royal -WWn Ptltit of ImIiM, M>4 MwrM by Ik* of tlw K?oi? da pWmoi? ? Pkni, ud U* mporlti Oo'lMf of Matfisio*. VioiB* No 1 i? 'iMMkH*f<K?tkH?liMUlaiU/rrhw. ,nd?l pkymoftl tfiaabili h*. .tsoSs artsa.'SAn.ttr na?Mdpmt?l VMtHMHIItMlNMl. No. > U?MNNI; uppJM** tb? iRjirww > <?( nerooi jr. tl?orebt insuring to Ui? ttfsrM ?p??4y ??of, unporyg^all mtunUN, bad rooting nt ejargf, 1*?*?? HIV VB1IUNWI p (Oin. ro U >? to" MML ft?4 4lvt4?4 MfoMOMOUOatM.M Ml aiM?t*f?dl br v '> * Lft< mmuH, Kou, Ricord, k< P'to* #3 tMfe, or lir ?mm for |f wtai' h MM #S. fci.4 > tt> nm, Tl?w>' tnera U ft ?'n? ?' %? To b? kfti, vhotMftl* ftod roOMi, cf Dr. HARROW.of 1*4 >i,~ck*r .troH.TEw York. IrniDA-liat" J n|ir<o?l<IK(t rMllttino* l?f HftrroW nli fcrward the > nmn?r|oM[ >?rt<fU? wor 4, momtrij f*ok*?l, Md xlgrmi tMordmi lo ik? litWriSSaifc;. u-.j~.-jr,?* MM donated ftad hrokea iowt otH-atitouona 55vw^ggna^r?g5v fto4 n[ attnc Mftbiu of ?ftri r?f?k. nWMiiUUat y n... t*?f' ! uLSj??ftltftc tilt of MftftiMoS. ft-^l floor* batew Nov Tort. P n? ? 3^n,!fS1W7?lfcw * r* " ' ' * . .* U A ' %

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