Newspaper of Evening Star, January 5, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 5, 1861 Page 3
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T.OCAF. NEWS. Nones ?9nbacr1ben to the Stmt in (he Ft fit Ward of Washington city. are hereby notified to p*y for It* aervioe to them from the close of the laat week, Saturday, the'iSd December Inat , only to Lawrence M. W itherow, who is now the agent of the Stmr Ofilce for the management of the aald Hrst Ward rout<? All anbacrlptiona for Stirs a-rved in the Hid Firtt Ward, prior to Saturday evening last, (December 22, 1*W.) are due and navahl* to Wm nillntar tti? I at* aomt YV D. Wallach, Publisher / Star. ET'Thk Stab publisher the List of Letters titnaining in the Washington City Pott Offiae under the provisions of the law directing them to be printed In the newspaper having the largett circulation within the delivery of the office. Its tokfl dally circulation Is more than double that of any other Dally printed in the District of Co lumbla. Th* Wiowa*?Somebody Blatkhalltd? Thnt Er'cutict Committee?Shall it be Increased '? fieorgetorrn an l tkt German Republicans Inter rued m the Dtrtsion? Confusion? It aryb'dy AutKorifd t? take Ckmrge of the Insane ?The Herman Republicans grew thf affected. Claim their fiights in the Wigieam, Conclude thep harn't got 'em, and won't get *em, and Mr. Krzyxanowskt gtces Motict in due form of tkt S^esston of the Herman Republicans at the next B&ettne?Heso /ution Comeemtng the Baltimore Laborers at Fort Fmmter?It atm't Supported, and is Laid on tk? Tablr far Obriau* K'asons?There was a aptcy noting at the Wigwam on Thursday night, of the republican!. The Republican Association of thla ritv (the parent association) has an executive committee. composed of one member from each vard. of which exccutfve committee the officers of the parent association are by law nx offirte mem bers. At the meeting held on Thursday night week, an amendment to the constitution was adopted, authorizing the addition of two members <> said rommittee from each ward of the city; three additional membtys from the lieorgetown association, nnd a like number from the Wash ington (ierinan association. Mettlngi of the ward associations were held ad interim. at which the additional member* were nominated, and the principal object of the meeting on Thursday night was to consider said nominations The meeting having been called to order, some preliminary business was gone through with, .- fter which the chair announced that the next "UJiiirw in i>rurr wm iuc cirivivn 01 uiemorrs w 'be sssoriatlon whoif nominations had bjfn re ceived at the previous meeting. In pursuance with this announcement, tome ten < andMatfs were reported favorably upon and dulv coiiflrmed Among the names the Secretary read that of .Patrick S< an'.an A voice.?1 object to that name. Another voice ?For what reason* First ditto?One reason is that his name has I-en rej-cVd once in this association On his former application he was blackballed, and I Link he has no little Impudence to come bacx here a second time Voice?Misther Prlsidint, let the glntilman 'hat* his razins fur his remarks I knowed Fat banian eight years, sir. and niver knew a weerd fiirnenst him 'cept his being a bit over-ze&leous democrat Let him come in, and be'll be jist as 7ealous a republican. (Laughter, and cries of "No do ibt"') The Chair ?Pass his name by as is usual when objection is made, Mr Henshaw would like to have the nhiertinn* to Mr. >canlan particularly statvd. Mr. Bigler ?Mr. President. can a man who haa been rej~'ted In due form once, come back here and apply ajjain for admission * I tbink once re )rct?d should be always rejected This man re ?eived twenty-eight blackballs on hit former ap plication. and ought to be satisfied with that. First Objector?I object to this man now, for the same reasons that 1 objected to him before? because of his previous ch<>ract> r as a democrat. Mr. Scauiiui here rlz up, looking decidedly bcli:<?rent, and wanted to know ' what any man bad to siy against his char-ae" Mr Bigler.?Mr President, I rise to a point of order. That man Is not a member of this Associ ation. The Chair?The point (swell taken. The gen tleman will be seated. Down sat Scanlao, shaking his fist at the objec tors with a Tlui. Mr Scanlan's case disposed of, the reports of nominations to the executive committee from the various wards. Georgetown and the German As ociatioii, authorized by the amendment to the constitution at the last meeting. were called for. They were reported a* follows: Nomine** from the First Ward?James Kellr, Frederick T. Wilson. Second Ward?J P. Hil ton, W. Blanchard Third Ward?A C. Rich ards, M Ward Fourth Ward?T. B Brown, S Childres. Fifth Ward?Wm.W. Baisett. Nicholas Weisaen Sixth Ward?Wm Dixon, J. L. Hen sbaw. Seventh Ward ? G. W. Goodall, John Webster. Georgetown ? J. S. Paxton, Charles Knglish.J.W Deeble. Washington Republican Association?Joseph Geahardt, J. B. Larch, W. Krzyanowskl ^ecret^ry Clephane desired to know if Mr. Welnen, oue of the nominees from the Fifth Ward, was a member of thia Association * If not, he could not be elected to thU Executive Com mittee Mr J H Wise had no objection to these men whose name* had been sent forward from the Fifth Ward, but he did not think they had been properly elected. He did not know until to-night ibat such a meeting had been held in the Fifth Ward, aud he now learned that there were but five members of the Fifth Ward Association present at that meeting. It bad been understood that the Fifth Ward Association would meet here to night and elect two nominees to the Executive Committer Mr Henshaw said he was not at the meeting h!m?"lf. and could say nothing about the election not beiu;; a proper one. They did him the honor to put his nime on the committee, and he sup jK-sed it was all right The meeting had been regularlycal.ed. and if any did not attend through ignorance that it was to be held, it was their own fault. He supposed tha' if a man was a member of a ward association, he wa? competent to serve on this Executive Committer Mr Clephane ?"Not under tl?e constitution, which s?\s th'it no man can be a member of this onimittee who is uot a memt>er of this Associa tion. The call was not made to the ward associ ations, but to the members of thla Association residing in the several wards, to elect these candi dates for the Executive Committee " Mr. Henshaw?The gentleman has refreshed my recollection about the matter, and I am better posted than 1 was before i am infsrmed bv a Kentlemap by tny side, that the call wai made by all tbe members of tbe republican party. Mr J U Wise said it was bis understanding of tbe case, that In order to be on tbe executive com iiilttee a inan mu?t belong to this Association; and b? moved tbat tbe nominations from tbe Flftn Ward be laid on tbe table till the n-it meeting, and tbat tbe Fifth Ward Association be requested to meet here next Thursday ni^bt, and make their nominations. Mr Hensbaw.?I am Informed tbat Welsaen was balloted Into this Association; but tbat tbe Fifth Ward Association was organized just at tbat time, and be paid bis Initiation fee to that Asso ciation The question was taken on Wise's motion, and carried. Mr Bacon now o&e'ed a resolution rescinding ?bt amendment to tbe constitution adopted at tbe last meeting, and appointing a committee to make preparations for tbe inauguration of Abraham Lincoln. The Chair decided that a pnrt of the resolution contemplated a further amendment of the constl union, ana therefore the whole mint He over till tbe next meeting, under the rule*. 11 wu tben naTrd that the secretary be empow ered to rut the vote of the Association for tbe ad dit unal members to tbe executive committee sent up from tbe varloas wards, from Georgetown and from tbe Germatf Association. Somebody moved to lay tbe whole subject on tbe table for oue week. .Mr J. A. Wise?Mr President, I move that? [Cries of "Order," "order," " bah !"] Mr Bigier ?1 move to lay that last motion on the table. [Laughter] J A Wise.?f move to amend the motion to lay on tbe table for one week, so as to postpone the election of these additional committeemen for four weeks [daughterand hisses ] Mr. McNair wanted te know why tbe constitu tion had been amended, and what was the object of th.s increase of tue executive committee ? The Chair did not think It was Its duty, or any pert of its duty, to enter into explanations at this time ot tbe object of the aaociatlon at a former mertan1 in ?tniv tK? rAnaiittitiAn M'r'Vc Nair.?But the chair Las juit explained other matter* rue Chair ?Yea; it ia the duty of the ebatr to ?s;<lain and deflae questions of order, but not to Ko Into an explanation of the aort the gentleman requires Mr McNalr attempted to go on, but waa moat peremp?or1ally coughed, sneezed, laughed, aud hooted down. The question waa then put on the motion to lay the motion to poatpone one week on the table, ai d carried unanimously. The question then returned on the motion U empower the aecretary to caat the ballot of tbe as sociation for the additional executive committee men, and was lost by a large vote Mr. Bacon now moved that tbe aaaociation pro ceed to vote for the additional executive commit tee-men, and that la doing so the secretary to call tbe roll alphabetical.y, beginning with the lettti A. and checking off recti name as called, other wise we might as well submit the vote to a street rabble It would be Impossible to ie:rtember the names of all tbe men te be voted for, aad thia wai the only way to overcome tbe difficulty Secretary Clephane sug^eated that as tbe Asao cunon naa Juax postponed tne election of mem Ur? from one ward, and decided to go on to Uu r ertlon at otber* by ballot, why not postpone all of them till the next meet**?. and antborizt the Serretary to prepare printed ballota, an that every nan could aee and know what he waa voting upon and whom he wat voting for. Mr. A. Hunt thought morn time would be waatod by delay. The Chair ronld read oat the nominee* from the Firat Ward, and they could be balloted on, (there were only two namti from each ward, and everybody would remember that many,) and ao on, till all are elecWd Let the Chair read out the nominee* from the Firat Ward, -?.l 19 ?k ~ anu u lucrc wa? nu u'tjauu 11, v??vr upuu turiii, and then ro on through the whole Mr. McNalr, who had been watching hi* op portunity for some time to edge in a word, here interposed, and aaid that he had had great diffi culty always in trying to speak in this Associ ation He never could speak two minutes at any one time without being interrupted. He had never hsd a chance to speak, except on last Thursday night; he was afraid he never would have a chance to speak here?the chances In his opinion were very doub'ful [Laughter.] He thought the suggestions of the secretary to post pone very good ones. He wanted to inquire into this amendment to ths constitution He did not understand it, and therefore thought it must be an important matter; particularly as the Chair at his reques'. had refused to explain It. [Here the noise making elements present commenced to hiss, cough, cry '-order," "order," etc., and Mr. McNalr began to grow exasperated.] Continuing, be said that he bad heard that (he executive committee was totv* enlarged; that they proposed to elect one another. He hoped the don trine of you tickle me and I'll fickle you," did not prevail in this association ? [Here the confu sion sis'imed a more portentious form, and Mr. McNalr began to realize that his remarks were far from agreeable to the assembled republican?.] Mr. Higler rose to a point of order. Under a rule or me association no man coma speak longer than lire minutes at a time (Confusion and cries of " Order, lio on. Sit down. Pitch in Leatber lunts, Stop him, Order, Order, Wade in," etc ) McNalr, with the thermometer of his temper at 212, Farenhelt. exclaimed that he was continually interrupted and insulted by a parcel of youngsters who were remarkable for more brass than brains. (' Go on, Hit >m again ") They had better not do it any more, (laughter.) for If they did he should excoriate them to tbat extent Mr. KrvKinowski.?Mr. President, Is the gen tleman a member of this assoctatlen ' Mr. McNalr. explosively.?You sit down, ?ir. (Screan.s of laughter and cries of " Stop, Oo on, Order. Order.") Mr. Mcltalr drew himself up to bis full height, and casting a withering glance of concentrated rage upon bis opponents, trai about to go on when Mr Clephane rose to a point of order. The mo tion was to postpone the ballot, and the gentleman whs not speaking to the question Mr A Hunt?Mr President, 1 think It would he well to Inquire who has charge of the insane aHKo ^* /???? 1 vi tuv i/io?i iv.1 vt wiu iiiwio . y uuoi a ui iaiiH u vci f which continued for some time, in the midst of which Mr. McNair sent Mme lightning tn every direction at if to search out the indi vidual who tad ottered the obnoxious remark ) Gentlemen, said he, you are all disgracing your selves Mr. Hunt was going on all the while to explain his motion to proceed to ballot,when Mr McNair's eye fell upan him Mr. McS'air ?"I want to know what that man's name is " [Roar* of laughUr ] Mr. Hunt proceeded, and McNair pushing his devious way through the crowd at last reached his side Mr. McNair (indignantly) to Hunt?"What la your n >me, sir ?" Mr Hunt (snappishly) to McNair ?"My name is Hunt, sir." Mr McNair. (awfullv.)?''Did vou allude to me just now, sir?'' .Mr Hnnt. (savagely )?"I did not, iir." Mr. McNair, (forgivingly )?"I am satisfied, sir." Finally, the Chair, which had laughed itself black In the face, succeeded In recovering its voice, and calling the house to order, announced that the point of Clepbene was well taken, and .Mr McNair must dry up. Mr McNair exclaimed, In a voice of deep exas peration. that debate was stifled in this Associa tion. and then dried up The question was then taken on the motion of Mr. Hunt, to lay the motion to postpone on the table; and It was carried. On motion by Mr. J. H. Wise, the Fifth Ward Association was authorized to retire to another room and elect nominees for the proposed enlarged Executive Committee. They did so Pending the action of the Fifth Warders below, a motion was made to go on with tVe balloting, pursuant to Mr. Hunt's proposition 11 _ t n nut a 41 * * ? a 1 ? - i?ir j. i 11 uiun siawu iiidi lasi ioursaay n!gm he had voted for this amendment to the constitu tion, believing it to be a good measure. Since that time he tad been led to believe that the ?fleet of it would be to confute matters in this Associa tion. From what be had seen to-night he was confirmed In the belittf that its eflect would he to make confusion worse confounded. At one who had voted in the affirmative on the amendment, he now moved to reconsider the vote by whir.h that amendment was adopted He had the honor to be one of the candidates for the enlarged com mittee, but thought that tbe committee wa* large enough already, and to increase it would create tbe necessity for a sub-committee to do tbe work H v should, helieving as be now did. vote against every man nomiuated for a place on this commit tee mr uuvaii luou^Di me proposition ouioi omer Mr Huntconcurred in the view* of Mr. Hilton, and in order to fix the matter hoped that as neither Georgetown nor the German Association was re presented in tb? committee, one memlter wnuld lie added from each of th?se association*, and the rest of the amendment to the constitution be re eluded Mr. Deeble (one of the candidates from George town) move;l t? lay the motion of Mr Hilton ou the table. Mr Hilton said be had 110 thought or wish to exclude the two last named associations from the committee, and egreed to the proposition of Mr. Hunt. Afier some confused debate resecting the power of the association to rescind its lormer action at a subsequent meeting without notice h iving been duly given at the former meeting. It was decided that such proceeding was within the rules, and accordingly the motion of .Mr. Heebie, to lay Mr. Hilton's motion 011 the table, was lost Mr. Krivzrinowsk't bore deilned bis views with reference to the rl?h?* of foreign-born citizen* in this association. If they bad no rights here, they h id them with the representatives of tbe nation. The constitution of this association had been amended so much that if th'-y went on a few weeks more in the same way, there would not be anv of the original document left. He thought their object was to benefit the party,and not indi viduals He u*ed to ljeiong to a secret |>olitical party where the members used to pledge them selves and ail they heid d>ar on eartli to the jjtkkI of tneir country. Thev did not think of them selves. Let those who are deserving have some voice in the matter, and let u* rot quarrel with one another. Dr. Watrrs moved tbe previous question on Mr. Hilton's motion, which shut oiT further de bs te. The main question was then put and carried, and the vote on the Abnwxious amendment was reconsidered. Mr. Breed now wanted to know what efl'ect that had upon Georgetown a d the Germans Mr. Hunt said It was no reflection unon them, and that the amendment Iwing now nefore tbe au?.K lanon, couia oe amended so as to Include one member from each of those associations, which be presumed would be Katisfartory to all! TLe question now recurred upon tbe adoption of tbe amendment. Mr Hilton moved to lay that question on the table, and called the previous question; carried. A great number of motions and proposition* of various kinds were made, and some confusion and conflict of opinion was manifested. Meantime tbe Fifth Warders had been Axing up tbelr atUirs below, and now returned, and were very much surprised to learn tbat the action the Association, white they were absent, bad ren dered tbelr labor fruitless Feeling pretty queerly, they could scarcely help manifesting tbat senti meut In their faces, and some tall "snickering" occurred In the ball, as tbelr secretary pro tern. proceeded to the president's table with tbe record of tbe meeting of bis Aasoclatlon duly spread upon paper; and this cachlnatorv feeling was in no way dlminSibMi hi h#? th? v ? secretary. amid cries of "Too late," "too late, old boy." At laat the secretary moved to open tbe amend ment again, ?o thai tbe Georgetown Association and tbe German Aaaoclatlon could eacb add one member, and no more, to the executive committee, and then let tbe rest of the amendment allde. This proposition was finally agreed to. Mr Blgler said the wide awakes were a sepa rate organization from this, and they ought also to be represented on the executive committee. Mr. Kryianowakl reminded Mr. Blgler that the Germans had also a wide-awake association. [Laughter ] Mr. Wood wanted to know bow the wards were represented In this executive committee as now constituted. He was Informed that there was now one member from each ward, one from George town. and one from the German aaaoclatlon, and that the officers of this association, consisting of one president, two vlc? presidents, one secretary, and one treasurer, were tx ojficio members. Something was said about the officers being all residents of tbe Third Wsrd, and that In conse quence. the ward In queatlon was tolerably well re|*CTCui?ii in (Be CommlUM A slight skirmish, the precise nature of which our reporter could not well understand, grew out of thia question, and Mr. Wood announced his i Intention to present an amendment to tbe consti tution at tbe next meeting, cutting off all officers of the association from the executive committee t Mr. Breed offered a resolution provldli%( for a f speaker at all future meetings of tbe assoclstion to i address them for one hour upon republican prin ciples; laid over under the rule. Mr. Krtf xanowskl here Informed the association . that 1/ the tierman association were to have bat r oae-fifteenth representation In tbe executive com i mittee, they should send a reaolntton bar* at tbe next meeting thanking this association for favors reed red. sad informing Ibnn tbmt the Germaa association u a body withdraw from any farther latercours* with thla association. [Cries of44 O?," jro then!"] The Secretary said tbcre was a resolution which hid b?en handed up to the deak, upon which ac tion was rt-quired. [Cries of Read It "J The Secretary read as follows : Whereas, we have been credibly Informed that certain mechanics and laborers who were em ployed on the works at Fort Sumtr. and who were aupportlng thrroselve* and famillta out of Government moneys, deserUd that liovernriient when called npon In the hour of trial; therefore, Ktfohed, That said mechanics and laborers uv> vmj (UIIIJI Ul U.W llljjrilliuur, l)UI Of nerve the conaemnatlpn of all men devoted to that Union which wai raised by the patriotic bonds of Jefi'erson and Adams, cemented by the crimson tide that flowed on the fields of Hnnker IiiU Camden and Yorktown, and matured by the strong hand of Jackson, the eloquence of Clay, and the oratorical Webster Mr Hilton thought the resolution a floe flourish of words, upon paper He could not undertake to pass ceniure upon those men, who had so good an example set them by the Federal Gov ernment Mr. Breed hoped the resolution would be adopted. It was in the tone and spirit of a resolution be had offered here two weeks ago, and he believed that this Association now dared to vote upon a question they had not dared to vote upon then. The Chair stated that he should certainly like to know more of the facta than was apparent in the resolution before voting upon it. The resolution was tabled. Adjourned. Fast Dat.?Services in tAe Capitol.?Yesterday having been set apart for fasting and prayer, the Chaplain of the House of Representatives deliver ed a discourse suitable to the occasion. At an early hour the floor and galleries of the Hall were occupied by a dense crowd, and by two o'clock (the hour for worship) the doorways and passages were completely obstructed. Rev. Dr. Gurlv openad the exercises with prayer and reading of the first nineteen verses of the ninth chapter of Daniel, upon which the Chaplain based his re marks. Before entering upon his discourse he alluded to an editorial in the Constitution of that morning, reflecting upon him, and said that he was a partizan, neither In Church nor !*tate, but that he regarded the performance of his duty to God and society of vastly more Importance than the Chaplaincy, or any oflice on earth. In his dis course he alluded to our peace, prosperity, and happiness two months ago, and attributed our present difficulties to those antichrists, who for getful of time or eternity, were striving to sppro nropriate to their own use and evil ends, all the benefits and emoluments of our Government. He felt thankful that no blood had yet been shed, and said if Mr Buchanan had no other merit he should be blessed for delaying, If not averting, Iko 1 - * ? .UV |/iuau< VI i avri uai uiuuu. lUCfp^K CT QTCW a moit vivid picture of our former prosperity,and future desolation if the work of treason was con summated, and implored the enemies of our gov ernment to desist -from their traitorous assaults. While all Europe, China, Japan, and even the nvage islands of the sea would grieve over our downfall, and many of tbem were now earnestly striving to restore pea'.e and harmony, we who are most interested are rushing on to inevitable destruction. Our onlv hope of a perpetuity of our arts, our sciences, our religion or our eiistence, as a people, was based upon tbe maintenance of the Federal I'nlon. He denied the assertion that the North hated the South, but that the union meetings held all over the land and the fact that the whole nation was at that time praying for peace and brotbrrly love, was a must positive proof of the affection of one section for another He deprecntedjthe madness of men who would sutiVr tue imaginary interests of four millions to override aud efleet the utter destruction of the happiness of this great and glorious nation He portrayed in eloquent terms the bloodshed, an archy, and destruction we were bringing down upon us, and closed with an invocation for divine guidance and assistance. Rev. Dr Samson concluded the services with prayer and benediction. During the discourse but very few could refrain from tears, and when the reverend speaker re ferred to tbe supplanting of the "stars and stripes by tbe pitiful palmetto," the pent up emotions of the congregation manifested in * of applause, that would have swelled Into a per fect *U>rni h id not a recollection of the time and place checked It. Several times during the dis course tbe feeling was so Intense that Tt seemed almost impossible for the congregation to restrain themselves It was a matter of comment tnat so few members were present, and mativ thought their absence rather significant of Indltt'erenre-on th*lr part In regard to the pres?nt s'.ite of affairs. The day was more universally observed than on any similar occasion ever known h?re. and tbe services at various churches were of remarkable solemnity and liupresaiveneas To thc Pcbmc.?Whereas, the militia it the District is not organized, and threats have be?n made that the President elect shall not be Inau gurated in Washington, and there is reason there fore to apprehend that on the 4th of March next our cltv may* be made the scene of riot, violence, anil bloodshed : And whereas, the undersigned believes that the honor of the nation, and our cltv demands that tbe President elect shall be Inaugurated in the National Metropolis, and that the young men of Washington city are deter mined not to_de?ert their Lomes In the hour of danger, but tcTitiaintaln their ground and defend their families and friends, in the Union and on the side of the Constitution and the laws: There fore, the undersigned earnestly Invites all who concur with hiin in opinion, and who are not now connected with some military company, to jmn wuu mm in lorming a temporary military organization, with the view of prffrvin;* peace and <>rd#t In our midst on the 4th of March next, or whenever the emergency requires it?and for that purpose to unite wlth'the volunteer compa nies of our eitv, which have, in a spirit of gal lantry and patriotism worthy of our Imitation, pledged themselves to the cause of the I'nion, the Constitution, and the laws It is proper tu state that I take tblt step after consultation with friends in whom i have the greatest confidence. It it not my object to interfere with my brother officers of the militia?the organization proposed is to be purely volunteer, for the purpose above stated, in which 1 am willlnp to serve in any capacity. I make the proposition not as one of the Generals of the militia, but as a citizen of Washington, who is pre(>ared to defend hi* home and his honor, at the peril of hit life. It Edward C. Carri.ngtoh. Amos KktdaT.L'* Lxttkrb 05 Pkcessios.?In response to numerous callt upon us for a new edi tion of the able Letters of Amos Kendall upon Secettlon, publithed In thii paper, we notify the public that we are preparing to print the whole of them in a tingle extra number of the Wkxklt (Dollar) Star. We shall print no more copies of theextra num ber, thae may be ordered (and paid for when or dered) a; the Stnr't counter, or by letter. The price will be 3 cent* per copy; 50 per hundred copiet; or per one thousand conies. *n?t tn proportion for any other number*; each copy to l?e dofie up in a wrapper for moiling, if so re qnrsted We will keep our book open to receive orders for them until Tuesday evening next, after which time the extra will go to press. Thus, those only can get them who may tend In their orders, with the money, between now and Tues day evening next. They will be worth their weight In gold in bringing about In North, i?oftth. East and West, the healthy state of public sentiment so absolute ly necessary now, for the preservation of the Union. GkstkaL Guard HodBefoni Justice Thomp son.?Thursday night?No prisoners. Friday night?Cbas. Johnson, (col'd,) caught stealing chickens from 8 Hartbrecht. was committed for court. Anther Marky. alia* McBrlde. drunk and disorderly; lined 9*2 94 Jas Williams, Ellen Gregory, and H. Parker, disorderly-; fined ?2.94 each. Jessee Johnson, (col'd,) fugitive from the workhouse, for profane and indecent language in the streets was recommitted for 00 days. Ann Kavanaugh, brought In beastly drunk, was com mitted to the workhouse for 90 days in default of security and costs. R. Comptoo, huckstering without a license, was fined f5 94. Thk concert and exhibition of Waugh Chapel oa Thursday night was a complete succe?, not withstanding the disagreeable condition of the streets. The church was densely crowded, and the performance of the scholars was as admirable as the selections were appropriate. Several Unlon songs were given, with a most powerful effect upon the audience Much assistance was ren dered by friends of the school from Georgetown, and a heart* exDreasion of thank* them upon the close. About fijfty dollars were recived, by contribution and otherwise Criminal Copit ?After our report closed on Thursday, James Gormlev was acquitted in two cases for an alleged assault and battery upon Mr. and Mrs Henry Koch. The grind jury were discharged until Monday week, 14th lost. Benjamin Morton was convicted of assault and battery upon Margaret Wheatley; sent to jail foi six weeks. To-day.?Oliver D?nbam was placed on trial foi an alleged assault and battery upon John Black This case was pending when our report closed. Thk Rkion or Tsaaoa to Crass ?Great Kr riitment at SduulVt?A Bear.?On Monday next, at three o'clock p. m., will be shot a secessionist from Pike's Peak, Rocky Mountains, In theshap? of a live bear, at Schnell's Restaurant. The pub lie is respectfully Invited to witness tbesooaewba' wholesome spectacle. Admission free Mciiat k. Btxvu have removed all theii lock saved Uat nlvbt to 306 Penna. avenue, sii doora wwt of their former place of boalaeaa, when they will be enabled to serve their eostoaera m uaoal. 4t x% xix* im* hUMlCSe ?<*&*<-: tj f <r Extra Dovilb N^iiu or tu Low do* II Lr?T%AT?D N*w? raft Chri*t*a? ?Tbi? I* an extraordinary number, ronaisttoc of a beautiful Jew of the Bay tt Naplea; snowballing on

Chriatnuia ere; nai returning from Cbrl*tmai IV111, all printed la color*; al?n, a large nnmbei cf beautiful fine art engraving*, with Interring t il-a mid amuaementa r nd the event* of the time*, fallv Itlnatrated Send to ?blUlBgU>n,a and pro curt- a copy immediately. l'oi.ICK Mattkr*.? Btfor' Juttut Donn ? J?-is1 night policeman Irwin arre?t-d P Rfrtf. J Wil liam*. lipo. Hoofinan. and John Gorman. hvk int-n, upon the complaintof a citizen whocharged them with ob?Unoti?>}i tbr footway on Pennsylva nia ?Trnn?, nnr Sixth afreet, and ieavlug their reiii* The flrat named waa diamlaaed, the othera wvre lined Si 5*each. Siiaan Berry waa tirrested by policeman Kinf for being very drunk and disorderly; aent to the city farm for Hudaya. I* asotiuk roLms will be found the notice of theanniveraary ball of Company 1) of the National tiuarda, on the 8th of January Their previoua anrceaa in matter* of this kind la sufficient guar anty of the completeness of their arrangementa. Of courae all who can will join In the festivities ?k.? vi- j? __ j r - ? uicuiuiauir uay, ana DC HI IQe AtlfUlOly Rocma to enjoy the pleasure* preparing for them W HITBHOIAT'S PHOTOO* APHIC VlSITIWO Cakds are all the rage. See bia collection of Illustrious personages, numbering over one thousand It* MARRIED. On the 21 instant br the Rev Mr. Hamilton, JOSEPH M. DaNT to Miss KM MA howard, both of this oity. On Thursday .January 3d ,1861. at Ft. Aloysm* Church, hy the Rev. Father Maguire, Mr. JAMES K. kin?, Esq .of Pnnce Georr?'s county, Md? to Mis* Margaret downey, of wasnim tw. DIED, Onthemnrmn* of 36th Deoember. rosamond B . wife of A. W. Law, K*q , and daughter of J. B. and Cornelia Brown, of Alexandria county, Vs. Onthe4th instant, at 9H o'c.'ock, NELLIE A , onU child of Z. and Emma Hunt, aged 4 mouths and 9 days. * The funeral will be attended from the residence of A. Hnnt, No. north A street, Capitol Hill, at 2o'o'ockp.m onto morrow(Sunday.) * ||K()r. U tr^MARINrS .iJF.COND qUAR & ter in DANCING, at the Union Feroa e Academy, will oomm?noe Saturday. January 5th, IfWI, at half past 10 a in. Days ol tuition,j Tues'tars and Thursdays from 3 to5, and Sat |_ urdays from half-past 10 to 12 o'clock a. m. ja 3-3t DI A R I ES! D I A R 1 E SIT" DIARIES!!! 1S61. ISfil, 1*61. CHEATER THAN EVER. We will take an extra discount of 25 per c*nt. off* of all Diaries purohaced from na for cash. Wear* de? irons of olotinc out the remainder of oar larre stock of Diaries of all kinds for 1861. FRENCH at RICH9TEIN. ja 3 ST* Penn avenue. Ci B O H N. >. No. -56S Pi***. Av**c*. DEPARTMENT AND CONGRESSIONAL DI RECTORY. The most oomplete directory ever published, ft contains an alphabetical list ?>f all the government o/Roers, their salary and residenoe. Aleo.Congies sional Direo'ory, Ac a oomplete list of the diplo matic corps, United States Ministers ftc. Sold by the Publisher; also, at the booastorea in the oity. ja3-?w? Treasury notes rkasury notes treasury NOTF.d taken at PAR FOR CLOTHING T*kkn at PAR FOR CI,?THI\T. TAKEN AT PAH FOR CLOTHING AT WTESENFELD A CO.'S AT WIESENFELD Sc CO.'S AT WIESENFKLD A CO.'? FASHIONABLE CLOTHING HALL FASH I ON ABLE CLOTHING HALL FASHIONABLE CLOTHING hall COR. 4', ST. AND PA. AVENUE COR. 4* ST. AND PA- AVENUE COK. 4.'? ST. ANL) PA. AVENUE j* 3 ThAS,2w N OTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. The Publio in rogpeotfully informed that I nave this dar associated wi'h myself in copartnership Mr. Washington B. William* in the Auctiou and Commission and Furniture Business. The firm rill 1>? conducts*! in the name of (iRin A Wil liam*. A. GREEN, XV. B. WILLIAMS. All persons having claims against the subscriber will pi*a*e present their acoounts for settlement, and all those indebted are most respectfully re quest*! to ooint forward and settle th*ir accounts. Respectfully, A. GREEN, ja 3 eo3t H NOTICE. AVING Entered into copartnership with A. Greea in the House Furnishing. Auctiou and Com mission Business, under the name and stvle of Orpin A Williams. I hope my friends and the pub io lit general will give lis a share of their patro nage, as I assure them no pains will be spared with b<isine?a entrusted to our oare. ja 3 W. B. WiLI-IAMS. G RKAT BARGAINS IN DRV GOODS! EELLINO OFF TO MOVE ' For thirty dais limner I shall continue to sell the stock of Dry Go.>dn in afore No. 5*21 Seventh it. at nreatly r?slue*d prices. Stock is still large a,.d well assorted Ca;l early and net ha-teams. henry KG AN. Stfl Seventh St.. Ja I 6t near Avenue Hum*. IP res II fruits IN CANS. ' preserves, brandy FRIJITS, JELLIES. de 22 KING A B1 RCHF.LL. I/OR HOLIDAY PHESENTS, 1 For Children'n Bouks, For Children's Gainer, For eiaraut Presentation Books. For all the new Books. For NewKpapais from everywhere. For the cheapest place. Goto t-RENCH A RICHSTF.IN'S, de 2i> No. !i7?? Fa.avenue. CKK'KEKING A sons' UNRIVALED PI ANOS, at all prices, and of all scales. john F. ELMS, ftn 5 3?? Fa. av.. Mt??en ?Hh ami loth fta. Almonds, pecans, shei.lbarks.En glish walnuts, BRAZIL NUT.-*,FIL BERTS. dea KING a bijrchell. TM1E third WKMESDAY OF every 1 MONTH. Dr. schenck, of Philadelphia, finds it impos sibie to visit Washington every week, aud has arranv am*n f m ?/? nAaitiw*U 'u> ? *> ??* *k?? V w ? ?D fcV I'WVIWTOII IAJ 111 kiiu \ ItJ (UC aimv < miKViiixxiva VV |>'r?IUI01l UU III ?1IU \ ikj IUO third Wednesday of every month. He haa * suit of roomi at the Avenue House, where patients oan obtain advice free. Ho only charges wh?n it ia necessary to make a thorongn examination ofthe l.ungs with the Reapirometor 8. 11. Waite u azent for tfchenok'a Pulmonic Syrup, prioe SI per bottle. for tne oure of Cou<ha. Colds and Consumption: Schenok'a Sea \\>?d Tonio, prioe $1 per bolt o./or i)j apepaia; Schenck'a Mandrake P.lie, prioe 25 cent* her box. for Liver Uilioua Complaints and Constipation or the How e a. I?r. ifohenck would be grat*fu. to those who have been cured by hia remedies if the? would leave their certificate* oi cure with S. B. WAITE, oorner ?ev? nth it. and La. av. do 19 3m A MUSIC BOOK IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT. Moo re'a Melodjea beautifully bound. The Muaioal Album, v eude.aohn'a Songa, without wcrda, The Home Circle, All tho Operas, with a*-d without worda, Beethoveu'a, Mozart's and dementi's Sonatoa. Hach'a Ciierubim'a, Marx and AlbrecntaUergcr's Theoretical Worka, All the Oratorioa, Selectionaoi Mus e with beautiful title pace*. Aleo, a larg* arsortment ol Stemwaj ic Sona'and Raven, Bacon & Co 'a Overst-urg 1'ianoa, un doubtedly the best now manufactured. A very large acock of Piano S*tool? a"d Covera at reduced pricea at the Muaio Store of W G METZEROTT, det2 corner Eleventh at. and Pa av. TRIE9EMAR, 1,2 and 3?Protected by Royal Lettara Patent ot Eng and, and * cured by the Seala of the Eoole de Pharmacie da Paiia, and to? Imperial College of Mediame. Vienna. HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. **W. * mm IH*?1U?V10 IUI OAUBUIUUU DUU liakVI I UCCV, irnl &1' physical disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all traoes of thase di'.eases that have been hitherto treated by ton si?u eons and pernioi ua use ol oosaiva and oubeb*. No. S hta entirely supplanted the injurious ?-e of mercury, thereby insuring to the sufferer speedy relief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting out the venom of disease. TRlESE?lAR, Noe.i,3and S are prepared in th- form of a loienge, devoid of taste aadswel', and oan bi oarricd in the waistooat pocket, rola in tu> oases, atd divided into separate dose*, as ad ministered by Velpeau, Lalleinand, Roux, Rioord, 4o Price S3 each. or four cases for 49, which saves IS; and in ttl oases, whereby there is a sav ing of #9. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, ofl94 Bleecker street. New York. Immediately on receiving a remittanoe. Dr. Harrow will forward tho i rieeemar to any partof the wor d, securely packed, and addressee aeoording to the in strnotions of the writer. The Book, of all others, that should be read by men with damued and broken down oonstitutiom is "Human Frailty, or Physiolocical Kesparches.' It is beautifully illustrated, and treats -".jiutely ol all the syrap oms that invariab:/ develop them e'vee, sooner or later, resulting from the frailtiei and vitiating habits or earl youth, iLoapacitatini 1 the viotim from sharing the fmition of the maUi monial state, and. if not checked in time, degener ating all the functions of manhood, aud bnngini ekim step by sup. to a lingering and entimely death by Dr. HARROW, 194 Bleecker street, (at! s bslow Maodougal, New York. Pnoe 2 , ington, D. C. ds ?-?bs OUR BONNETS, HATS, and PLATS of th< very latest styles, and in all eaeee made^^J i gU-TU material. Call^at^c. and^M^J non-tS SSD, betv. 9th aid loth it*. * M. Hn . UM A. A^sfV M. ? I. r ULurn llua&s. J U8T Op?n#d for tka Cknetma. and New Year P'NMto, all marked down at the lowest price* t nit tha time*, for oath. da? J. W. COLLSY 4 CO.. IN<JE MEAT, aada from aalMtad KING * BUKCHELb. WANTS. IVANTKD-A COLOR El) BOY. frwwWto It '' T'iri el me, to kit*nij a i Oct' r i oAo*. A poly to Mrr?WSi>dti > from 1i to 1 o'oook at 8>T Pt . ?neth ?><!?. K-frf>oo? retired. It HOL'SK WANTED.?I dwire to rout ? OMil Hrnji'k* lit of K(t roftrr, eonttiniif I '?emi, at \ low rcnv P?r?on? having such will ft-4 * *"^1 t*nu I K? ? ? ? - ' " "* ^ ? ?-log B i;i>vr tv roll V'me, IV I 411. ?tatiB{ i<cali:y aud prioe. Kent ja?able imvi till* )? a > .* WANTKI)-Hjr a younr (irl. anxious to irt t I t<<od I.out-, a SJlTLATION as onmt and ch*ml?e!inaii. Sntefta hrint ertirel* satisfactory refo-mnondauons from her last bom*. PIe\eead drc? Hit Wo 4 Star Oitioe. jaS-3t_ VVANTKD-Br a rounc married womu, with a m rood hr?a?t n| Milk, a SlTL'ATION wet nurse, or, to get a (oo J hoiue. phe woald gladly go out to any service in a mmtalile family. Plru* a_'<trr?ii a note to B?x No. 3 Star Offioe. Ja J-3t WH ANTED TO HIRK-A reepectable WHITE <> IKL. to do the iweial home work for a small One wb" <-an oonte reoommeadt d as pn p*r.j quail fie-1 will hear of a good situation l?? applying at Mo. 559 Teuth street, near Ma y laud avenue. jaS-3t* VVANTKD-A steady COLORKT) \VOMAN to '? cook, wash and iron in a family of four per ens. For direction apply at Uie telegraph office in Georgetowa. . )?m U7ANTKD-* PU RCHASKK for a good rairof "* Warden's Coal i*caiee. in perfect order and Mil )>? w#r* low n ?- - ** t'Mt, M*??n I- And fi". ia 2 St* TUTOR.?A gentlemaJi iadesirousof oliUimu a SITUATION a? tutor in a farr.iW in Wash ington or Georgetown. Ho trachea English in all it* branch**. Music and the rudiments of Latin and French. Terms moderate. Address J. A. K.. Gen eral Pi?t Office. jag 3'* WANTKD IMMKDIATKLY?From *5 to worth o( SF.QOND-HAND Fl RNl TURK of all kinds, for vhioh 1 will ruaranty to pay the highest prioes, and, as usual, at the shortest no tioe. R. BCCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves. Ac., _oo9 4087th st.. bet. G and H.east side. \1|7 ANTED?SECOND H*ND FURNITURE. " Persons dec.ining housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furaiture on hand.oan obtain tbeoaab and lair prioes by applyins at 2*9 !*eveuth ?t. no 17 BONTZ * GRIFFITH. ' LOST AND FOUND. $10" Cl?iu, REWARD ? Lost, on the night ofJsnua-y 1st. a GOt.D WATCH an4 ?e d ~ between 17th St., Washington, and Water St., Georgetown. The wMch enfrav?*dj back; go d dial, (diaonlored.) Wheever ha* I the same and will bripg it to W. THECKER'8 Canal Restaurant will receive the ab. ve reward, ja 5 ?t? OST-By a lady, a email PORTMONNAIE. * between Twelfth street and the General Post Office Department, containing 310 in money. I he finder will be suitably rewarded t>y leaving it at thu office. ja 3-St* I Iusr?A ooral and god lady's BREASTPIN. a Cropped, it is supposed, somewhere t-etwe?n the corner ?f Third and Ksts.,and Sixth and N sts. north. The 6nJ?r will be suitably rewarded JL P F Tublie will take notioe that I Hare this day revok'd Uie Power of Attorney which I save to Jim*' McCan ly and John Sctisll, Jr.. doing bus - nes* in the firm mme of McCamlt A Scham. at well as to each or either of them, to purchase g< o1s and trantast the Clothing Business for me, and in nir name, in Washington. D C. They have no ionger any authority to act for m*. ja5 3' WII.LHWH S^m'.T.. Mt'CH SPEC?'I A<ION IS AFI.OAT IN the pnbiio mind of the people as to who will be the cabinet i* mister* of Mr Lme<>ln. the Presi dent elect of those I r i ted Stat?s, and among many of the distinguished Statesmen named for *i* nations in this connect-on I s*e that of General SIMON CA M K* O.N. of Pennsylvania. named for Secretary of the Trea?nrv of the I nited SUtes.and I am free lo ti a' a more competent. wor?hv ai>?l deserving S'atfo-man ar.d gentlen an oould not be found. He has a'l the requisite qua lfications of financial .com mercial. as well as national affairs.of this coun try at bis command, together with his keen percep tive powers, and great faculty of foresitht. ready to think and act at all times, eminently qualify him for the peculiar, responsible and ardnoas duties of this mo?t urportant branch of sovernm'nt. His practical experience a? Senator of the Tnited States and president of the Middietown Bank f ra number by leaving it at this office. ja2 St* PERSONAL. NOTICE. nl years, are eviden.oes of * fficient worthiness, aad eminently deserving of this high ard most honora ble trust. and Pennsylvania would laud Mr. Lin coln for hi* gratitude and patriotic act lor bringing to hia aid and Cv unoil one of her favorite and no blent sons. It* ONE WHO KNOWS. A8TROLOGIST MADAME DEVISE. THIS WEEK ONLY. Those who with to oonsult her moat oall this week na it i< moat positively her la?t in Washing ton at present. All who are in trouble of any kind go quirk to ttto Mwlsm? ilw will brine ary one to you an I cause them to love you. will also cause eaiiy marriages and grat Lappine** and good lnok. Madame will advise in regard to Lawsuits, .Numbers. Business I otses.&c Prices v?ry tnoder- | a'e. Residence?Richmond House, corner Kighth I and D sts.; private entrance on D at. Gentlemen admitted. ja 1 4t* lyj^ADAME CLINTON PRICE. Thisdistircguished American Clairvoyant can l>? noukii!te<l on Health,* haractcrand Future Everts. Roniri No. 334 Twelfth street,2 coois lielow I'a nvemi*. is I I w* FOR SALE AND RKNT. (Hot ulktT " Ar Salt and Keut" S*?fir't paq* ] I J?OR RENT-TwoframeCOTTAGE HOI SE?, oon'aming six rooms, *ituat?d on Ma?s. ave nue and t-ilteenth street; pump of good wainr in the yard ja 5 U?K RKNT-The HOUS*F. on Twenty tust ct.. i west nde, nea' H st . rece, t y ooopi** I by Mr. Rh*tt. The key is at Mr. SU>rar'? w-jod ?a'd on the same aqoare App'y to A. IIVDK. ja 5 3t^ IT*OR R E\T-A small BRICK HOl'PK, ?tahde 1 l>\ck in a yard. Mtuat?>d on D, between U'h and 15th eta. A pump of good water at the door- In quire up the a'ley. To suit the limes I w:l putit at SC to a good ttnsnt U* FOR RENT.?Tfeat three story brown f:?>nt HOL'SKon New York avenue, berwven 10th and 11th atre?U, will l>? rented very low t? a good tenant. Keaaorable repairs wilt be made. Apply to A. G. FOSTER, Interior Departmept. Patent Office Budding. }a 5 eoSt FTllR RKNT?Two FURNISHED ROnMf?, with or without Bon<-d. Terms rcano-abla. Fourth st., corner of K. j? >-3t FOR 8ALR-AU>st twenty-five aoers of LAND in Pri ooGeorge' the State of Ma-y land, iajmi near the main road l??tween Tehee and Ho aehead. AI wait on?-third in good white oak; t le ha ?nee is good fertile ;and , good water, and a fine ont:et from tht tract for ?a t'e. Also, a mw mill within 2H miles of aid land; the buildings are ordinary, possession given at eny tim*. Apply to or ftdiimn KOMOND ROCKET, at Brand.w:ne Po?>t Office. Priooe George's county, Md. Terms for the 25 accra and t>aw mill torether, one f u'th rtia!>; the balance in6 and 12 month*, a cared ou the lan.1. ja l-TftF2t* A SUIT OP FL'RN ISHED KOOMH FOR R KNT. Inquire at 4*6 Eleventh at., between E and F. d? 2??-2w I?i RN'isHK.n riiiuis rrip ??. vt I 4AA n F street, between 6th and 7th sts. de 4-tf Large and desirable f>rst-claw RESIDENCE IN georgetown FOR RENT OR I.ease.?The fine residence of the late Vincent Taylor, E?<|., No. it*7 Bridge st eet, is for rent, and offer* many ad vantages and conve niences. jt in oi.e of the in >st opaoiona and finely fiauhed private houses in the District, Posm t* i'<n riven immediately. Apply on the premises. de ?>. eo2w ^ FOR RENT.?Will berent d to a private fami ly. on reaaonaH'e term*, a convenient and com for table thrqr-story HOUSK.on F, l>etween '3th and Mih streets. Inquire of R. C. johnson. at the store of J. L. lavage. Pa. avenne, betv en 10th and llth str de 27 6t*o RENT reduced.?That pleasant COTTAGE Kr>l dence, containing 7 room*, with front balcony, large yard in front aud rear.T ontitj H st, in PriuUng Office Pquare. betwean North Capitol and First >U.. will l?e rented lor p-r month to a puictnal tenant. Addrees, by letter or in person. WM. STICKNEV. deSleotf |7?OK RENT.?A three-rtorr BRICK dwell I1 lV'f LinV'tfL' w??k kaaW AS. 14?U GEORGETOWN ADVfiRT'MTS f???BANK OF CUMMKKCJL _Ls UE??mG*T">wx. D. C., January ]t 1881. A partnership ??(>?:? ion havics b?en heretofore entered into b? and bst?Mn the fuifewinr rained individuals, Chart re K. Ritteabonee. Hugh B Sweeny. Hanilton G Fant, Samuel Fo?!-ie-,J?hn L. Dntfef, William T. He'ron.Richard Pett t, Rioh ard M. bojrrr, Mra i*uun Irelaud, u<h II. !? ?'ny, , executor, and Ann R. O'Neale, ?x eetriv of Tim othy 0\\ea:e. d era-eJ, f.r the purpoee <>f oarrying on the bankiug bu?i;ie?s iu tieoig'towo, in th* Dtitrio' of Co umltia. in the nams of th? Bank or i Comm- roe, and one o; the article* f ?uoh a?? civ ' t on having pr >* id d f.r the e?ntmuanoe of ?noh r pa tnerihip until the 1st of January, Nfcl, and Rieh ard M. Boyer.oneof iheeaid partner*. having ii*<1 i daring the exittenoe oUauch partnership, th<- Rank ; ol commerce will h-reaiter be oondaci d, ir the Mm* name, by Uie f.. lo*m* named individuate: - Charlea K. Rittonhouse, Hu(h B. Sweery, Hamil [ ton G. Fant, Pamuel Fowler, John l?. Dutief, Wil liam T. Herren, Rieha-d Fettit, Mr*. ge?%? Ire r land. C. E. R1 ITliNHOUSK, 5 ja 1 e-3t Preident. A pa?euae i f. ? WW 1NOTHTB irom u< vvrforwim ? (?>\irnelu*u expire on the S ?t iaatar.t, are herab? notified prompt j to t?.M? out the tame, antler the new lav, appro red Ju y 7th, l?A other vim they ubjeot theoiaelvea to a fine, and the lav ui pulaory uf<>n the proper oftceri to eaioroe aaid fiae againat all delm?H<*BU vtJanlo WM. l.AIRD. Clerk. NOTICE. L Peraoaa indebted lo the lata firm of T. Jnaoghue 4. Sou. are hore j notified that ?* aoooimta are aeUled b? the 16th laataei ?* f *?*8A*AH CTDQNNOOIUJB, "" v\ HxNatru. THE LATEST N EW S TELEGRAPHIC. FROM ftOl'TM URULIK1 Ch**l??tos. iu. 4.?We ?rt ail qiM b?r? thiw f*r There baa been ik> attack vet made m Fort Sumter Major Aid?noi wu visited to-day by hUWotk ar, la company with three (Ntlrmra of Charlaa ton The utideraiandin* wuUMt tbe latoftfw would Ukr place Id thanr pwwwi I Irtrn front a g-utieman wbo irrtwd her* tkla morn I D|( from Sininah. that the forts la that State zrr In the pnaaeaalou of the Georgia Mat* troop* Fort Pulaakt ta occupied by oar boadred and UTtv men. and an armorer with thirty men ta engaged cleaning up the (una The State ef Georgia haa a Lao takan paanaaloa ?f the I niwd Ma tea Revenue C attar oa the Sa vannah sUtlon \ . Jan 4 ?Tbeaoveretgntv offleuth Carolina ta being fully orgaalied. and tbeGover nor la anomlai hla noaiUoa aa head of aae tba ladependant aatlons of Christendom Governor Plckeaa baa formed hla CablMt by dividing the dntlea at tbe F.tecutfve admlnlatra tloa amonjj thr mrinbrriof hla Council, wbo ware appointed aa bta advlarra br the Sovereign Con vention a few dava alnce. Tbe following official announcement to thia effect waa made this mora "Secretary of State?A G Mag rath, late Jodge of the Catted States Diatrlct Court Hla dutiea are to regulate 1 ntercouree with other Statea aad Foreign Powers, to maka treatlaa aad appolat Secretary of \Var_n V JmIui i ?? tbf jomfljrn Convention, to bare chary* of all the military operation* to protect arid drfrtid tb? State, Including the naccaaary miIItan operation* Secretary of the Treaaory?C O Metnmlnger, who w ? the Commit* oner aent by Diltt Cam Una laat winter to urge ro-operation on tbe part of tbe Leglalature of Virginia Poatmaateir General- W H Hard lee. at present lieutenant Governor, baa been aaalgaed tbe doty of regulating postal affair* and auperlntondlag UcMSmmb. Secretary of tbe Interior?A C. Oarllngtoa, a large alavebolder from tbe upper aecttoa of tbe State The dutiea aaatgned bim area general supervision of local matter*, laclodtng tbe mldtta and coast police for tbe defenac of Charleston The members of tbe Cabinet have entered oa their duUea. and are preparing to organlie tbe!r aeveral departmenta. It will be observed that bo Secretary of the Nary baa yet been appointed Active movement* are la progrrat for restating anv attempt on tbe part of toe President to rxer cine Federal powers within the It ml la of the Stats. The rumor* of veaaela of war having atartod for Charleatou harbor, and tbe appointment of a Col lector, created great excitement Tbe anaoaee mrnt that oar Commlaatooer* to Waablngtoa are on their wav horns baa adeed to tb? furore, and all Ideaa of peaceable aeeeeaioa are nowabendoned. T failure of tbe Senate to act on tbe nomination of a Collector for Cbarlestoa gives aome room for peculation aa to whether that body will be able to ?natal n the belligerent attitude tbat the Presl dent baa rtcenUy auumed The Mitkl|ta Legialatare. DiraoiT, Jan J -The Michigan Legialature met at Lanaing yesterday. and organized by tbe election of Dexter Mu?ae\ of Macontba. Speaker Tbe retiring Governor delivered bU annual mee wg? to both Houses State affWira are represented to be prosperous condition He takes strong ground a^-inat tbe right of secession; charge* the I'reeldeotof the United States with misrepresen tation by tbe northern democratic preaa. aa to tbe Intentions and designs of their party In relation to the peraona) liberty law* of thta State, he saya If they are unconstitutional and In conflict with tbe fugitive slave law, they should be repealed, but saya tbese lawa are right and apeak the aentlments of tbe people, are In strict accordance with tbe constitution, and ought not to be repealed I^et tbem stand This Is no time for timid and vacillating counsel, while the err of treason ia ringing in oureara Dktboit, Jan. 4 ?Governor Blair, In hia inaug ural address, aavs. in reference to South Carolina, tbat be presumes. It it could be done properly., tbe/coanirv generally would be willing to let the restless little nation of South Carolina retire for em Hut it cannot be done without the destro < - tion of tlie confederacy, and self-preservsUon wtll* compel ua to rnul it. The Governor denies that tbe peraonal liberty bills Lave prevented tbe execution of tbe fngltlvfe slave law in a single instance Tbe law had al ways been enforced by the courts on an appeal being taken He Invited judicial scrutiny into Sute legislation, and is willing to abide the re sult. but he is unwilling that his Mate should be humllisted by a compliance on threats of violence and war He recommends the State l*egi*Lature to manifest Its lovaltv to Michigan and proffer the President the use of the whole military power of the State to sustain tbe integrity of tbe Union. ( rent I nlen Meeting Is rniladelphta Piiti. AiiRLrma. Dec. 5.?An adjourned meeting of (be citizens to consider the state "f the I'nlon met to-day at the Board of Trade Rooms The committee to whom the resolutions were rrfmnl made no report, there b?ln< an evident determi nation on tbe part of many present who did net participate in the last meeting, to force the pas sage of I^-u is's non-< oerclve resolutions, which was resisted by prominent Republicans An exciting scene of disorder occurred, during which District Attorney Msnn showed a willing iifss to Sgbt upon the spot. On motion of s re publican, the meeting adjourned, sud another was immediately called in the same plare, and Judge lewis waa placed in the chair Reoalu tlons denouncing the personal liberty bills, etc , and approving of Crittenden's resolutions, were adopted unanimously. The republicans refused to psrtlcipate la tbe second meeting, and manifest much ill-feeling at the conduct of their political opponents In over riding them i lertan sneuita * anventlan Tallah a?hm. Jan. 3.?A Urp numbrr of del egatea to tbe State Convention have arrived It la pr ibahle that Judge McGLee, of Nadlaon county, will hf elected president. Resolution# will then be adopted declaring tbe right and de tenu 1 nation of tbe State to vecede. After tbit tbe Convention wltl deliberately determine upon the terma of tbe ordinance of aeceaalou Jodge Mclntoab. of tbe Federal Court, baa re ri|M 1'ALLAHAfSKK. Jan. 3 ?Tbe State Convention met here at noon Cul. Petit waa rboern tempor ary chairman, efter which pmve' wu offered by tbe Kl^bt Rev Bishop Bulled/e. Tbe varaoua counties were then called and tbe delegate* er - rolled tb? ir names No permanent orgaultitlo i waa maoe Tbe Convention adjourned until Saturday. Peauayl vaata Politic* lUmtirtG. Jan 4?Appearances be re Indi cate atonvly tbe election or Mr Co war aa I* S. Senator, Mr tVllmot'a strongest opponent Tli* antl-C*meron men await tbe arrival of McClure from Sprlugflt-ld anxiously. Messrs Stewart, KiLllnter and McPheiaou. of tbe J'ennat Ivania delegation, are here ftan Washington on a com mission to perauade tbe republican member* of tbe l<eglalature to paaano appropriation bill to arm ?k - , I . * me cmhc uiuiua Mr Stewart rxpreeses a doubt wbrtbft Mr. Cameron will be appointed Secretary of the Trea sury. but the fn-nds of Mr Cameron state that tbev saw tbe promise of the appointment over Mr. Liiicoln'a (i^nature. AUkaaa Moa lb, Jan. 4.?The Potted States Arsenal and Foru at this place were takeu this morning at day light bv the Alabama troops The forts route; u?d Tt,tww stand of arms; 1.500 boxes of powder; 3ut',0uu rounds of musket cart ridges, and other muu'.tions of war. No resistance wee made by those in charge flf ttae Porta aad Arsenal * It U rumored that Fort Morgan waa taken laat night The Seizure of Part Jar See a aad Pelaski, Georgia, t ?afirar4 Chuiiitox, Jan 3 ?The seizure of Porta Jackaon and |PuLaakl. Georgia was by order of Gov?ruor Brown. The Suvuaih papers state that but for this action the (forte would bare boon seized by a spontaneous uprising of the people Highly lapsrUat. Luruwom, Jaa. 4 ?All the available forcen at Fort Leavenworth have been ordered by lr*s. Scott to bold tbemoelees la rredlaeM to pi sceod (o Fort MeHenry, nt n moment's notice Tender af VallslMH Is Ifea VaiMl ! ? . rrmal Wkit Ckmth, Pt Ju -A meeting hiT bwo called hfrt to uVtr a regiment at Tolunt en U> tbr lr?-?id?nt for tbe tla(Mwnc* of fee Ooa tUluUou aud eaf rcenwnt of tbe Uerm I a piere el Far* Mergaa. Momi. Jaa 4 ?Fort Mor^aa va taken tkte nioratag by the Mobile Uoopa, aad eraa gam toned by SOU nea. daltiMte Narieu Vurawki, Jan f ?Flour firm, Howard at. and Oblo *3 50 5 75 to ? W beat a a let, red 91 25aI -#l; wblte *1 SBalft). Coruttedv; new white a ad yellow 0u?6v Proelaioua Meauy, none Ck >? 50. Lard lu*c. W kinky dull aad nw 1 at I8\alte. !! ? ! /? Hk/keM N?w Toai, January ft ?Floor aad Cera quiet end unchanged Wimtlrn HMMw ateedf. W kinky quiet etSUr Ntv Yoat. laa ft Wecka lever Ckia?o ; aad Reek Inland 47, IUl?*?U Oertial ttar 7k- \; ! La Crew aad MU. I: Michigan fteatbera 35, Nrw York central 7a*; fteadtax Wfc; Hodeon ftleev R. ft ??, Caatoaa 14, Va ? 7*. Md 70