Newspaper of Evening Star, January 5, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 5, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Dw?aWr. Kooid?Jo mow? wo. d %11 wet?d? fir* no fo? Da tleet?d- rainy waddai? l>- toe? *1! bate. No *b m to wwr, Die dicer's bM i day tof ed<W. P* Mm, de f>o??n feet - Da oh ill, de heat Da r?-kin pain in eb'ry member? te?hlv<?rln' knee? ooufh. da? ttkit?a* rcW-de anae??>? **- *? I raaifM IT,.;# l)? Minutr. The Effects ?f fcyiuMttay. J^irnt with ??Ti>bo, next with Cuffee, we *1111 bother omr brain?, . Till ft roioe from pah 10 p!unarr*ra recponds : AihI w? find nut while we ?re w*epmg over "n$fro eAfltm.'* There'* a fellow feeling, too, for "Indian bonds." [ N. T. Sunday Timet. Carr HAETeTti* ?Thle distinguished officer arrived here on Saturday from the Gulf of Mexico, on bit wmv to South Carolina. We understand ]> has his 'commission In his pocket ready to be returned ?Savannah jV?i#?,3l<i nit U~TThe New York Seventh Regiment hav# ooncluded to decline the Invitation to visit Lon don. On the 9th and 10th of January they are to have a grand public reception, for which ten thousand invitations have been issued. 117 The deaths In New York during the year lsoO, were twenty-three thousand. inr^.ttuO bales of cotton have arrivad in Nor folk since the 3d of October. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL.?D W Riddle, Md; T 9 Palt, do; W 9 Rene, do; E C Bennett,Ua; U Kapea, NY; T A Robimwn.Pa; T J McKlng.Md, ti A Paarre, do; J C Green, do; M Taylor, do; A A low, NV:SA Marshall, Md; H U Marshall,do; SM Wynn, (MC; U Petrlk'n, Pa; C K Handaon, Md; W H Griffith, do: J Carron, Me*; 9 Turner, Va; W H Wilson, Md; A 5* Rogers. Va; J B?at ?on, Md; J C Lr.:nd*d-n,9C; W E W hitwall,Pa; T E Sickle*, do; S P Hanacomb, NY; 9 E Wll Itaios and lady, NY; Mi*? Williams, do; Mlu Daltoii, do; J R Ho^. do; W Winchester. J 9 ftone, DC; H 9 Whirfon, lnd; \V M Phillips, NY, UL Ma*er, do: \V McMurtry. NJ; W H Scball. Pa; J C Grooaaoiuj, NJ; C Moon, NY; W do; Martin, Md; G W Knox, Pa; 9 N Pettis do; R J Haldman, do; G P Kane, do; E U Stugveaant and lady, Ya; 11 A Fuller and lady, d ; D C Baker au<i lady, Man; M Magers and nTF>*tSm tii; Hon \V N 9nalth and ?on, NC, W M McPheraon. Mo; R T Goldsbmugb, DC: 0 M Barnes, d> ; H A Hutchins, O; Mrs H M Wal ton, NY; Mi?a I, Cowing, RI, J Hart, Pa; T J jones, ao; j a i?rag. si a; sir* it ?iimu-.D, s > , ? C Walker, Maw; J G Moss, Va. BROWN'3 HOTEL ?J Miller. Mrt Moaiton J M&ddox, C Be van, D White, H Johnson, J Hig s1n?, A Lennon, P Cook ley, J McDonell, Md; J Norris, fia; J Pilmerand ly, J A L'nderwood. A Henagan and friend, ti F Williams and ly, HC P Slaughter. La; A Howard, Mass: L C Duncan M Iss S??arl, Si: M J Mever, J Knap pa and son. ( S!?welien and ly. R Will lama, \Y T Carden, J ! NY; B Baaarll, W Arnold, S Scott.J Breman, ? Bark. R E Cowan. N Richardson, T Haymond and daughters. C T Venable. D Hogp, J Wash Ington. J B Turner. R Cnigle. J Nelson, J Hod man, I) Qibson, J Wallace, N Lewis, W Mony,. R Miller, 9 W Thorms, J Thompson. M Wash Ington, J Davis, J R Smith. W Johnson, W \\ Newman, J Hanley, Va; D Jones, Mian; H Bad bam, Ark; P M Ma-tin, NT; S Wright, Tex; J F Bosweli Ala; S H Whittle, 11 Richards, Ky; I MTers, Pa; C Adams, Wis, E F Pittnian and lv Mo; i' 3 S??d^ar and fain, Miss L Hamilton, A Y Wooter, D?i; H Dickinson, Dr W D Murphy, Pa Miss P?wers, (in. WILLARD9' HOTEL ?Hon E B Hart. NY Hon M F Udell, do; F Towr.send, do; R Tayloi do; J P W:therew, do; 11 J Thuley, do; J Cor diet, NJ; W B Hazen, USA; 3 Aapiuwall. NY;I B Taylor, do, H Emeraon, do; H \V Foster, Mc W R 8w-'n, Maaa, C II Sberrall, NY; A In* tain, do; Hon J Hickman and lady. Palle, Mc A N Art, P.t; <3 Seuiinon, Md; Magraw Pa; H s*<uild?r, NY; \V r Matther. Ill; A Smltt JJP Hodges and lady, NY; t) W Corning, do, 1, Roa.% O, S Haward, do; L King, NY; S Corl tin, Mo; F McClMkty, NY, G Garland and lad) VI; Mi*? ariiind. do; Misn Wbite. do: .Mr an Mr. Wilson. Maac, J Wltberapon. Me; A WLltli dft; C F Waiders, Ga; T J Fox and ladv, Va; J I Sottar, do; J Mlnne, do; J i Weinhurg, J V W H Ret-d and lady, Md; J Jarin, La; ilon J Nlion, Ni; R Seiger, Maaa; J Acker, Pa; L Hitcbconb, NY; tt A Falrcblld, Miss; C lirooki NV; Ur L Bri?tall,Cal; A Uatan, Pj; J Wbeelei NY; E W better, do; A Caldwell and lady, Vi W H Gold, 111. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?C 9 Bradley, G Ja tram, Kl; E B Chandler, NJ; T B Duliarry, \ tbrl?fi?ldind ly, J D \\ oodward, J M Nelsoi NY, J Sexton, C \V Bo wen. G R McGee and 1' \V H Alien. D Williamson, J F Carter, Md; i H-rrison. C Burreae, Va; J Kelly, C Ball, N Sal wortb and ly. Ur Ten Broeck. L*A; D Crlttendu, ?? VN 1'iencrafl. Can L. Carvell. S Hrmrhain J 9 M Prttla, Fa, J Bingbam, Ct; E Bradford, K Scott nad ly. Va; H Gam brill, USRS; Capt \ Hyllnton. Hon T G Davidann. W it ii**orye, L K McUowfn, Arizona; W Marcy, I'SN; C Sta tou, S R Sprigtit, N Sj>rlnhl, Maaa WASHINGTON HOUSE.?h B Stanton, Reynold", NY; G Cook and wife, N3; R Conno Ind; W Applegate, Tex; A Smith, Va; J SleeV Ohio. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAY h'r. ras Ubitbb Statbi. Sifamtt. Ltcrr*. For. XMvj P-'rua?-^. New York.?Liverpool Jan Kangaroo ?. Sew York. ..Liverpool Jau tulUiu ?.N?w York?Havre .Jan Ca Boston. , Liverpool Jan Ausiraasian New York .Liverpool ..... Jan From Ecaors P*l'?!:ne Liverpool New York...Deo Hrem^'i Soutb'ptou... New York... .Deo America. Liverpool Boston ...l>ec 'lent uia fS.uth'pt >a.. ,N?>w York-. Jan 1 n* Ca ifornia man t:*a nere leave on tike ?t ioui, ?;iu i i>i evjsrj ni i.itn. rJPo PROCLAMATION THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ac. Whertas, At the present leuon o the ye . CHOLERA MORBUS, * DIARRHEA, CHOLK DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, Ae.,Ai to an a.arming extent: And i?\*reas. It must be of the F?RST CONSEQUENCE to erery famiy to knov of A REMEDY at or.ce Saft, Spfiy, and Fficacious, DA. MO NT A R DiJi or Pans, ojers ins MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER aa the Boat CKRTA1N AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAIN' la order to *atjgfj the PUBLIC that no imposition i* intended in the uie of thi Great Medioine. THE MONEY WILL BE refunded in ail e?;e? when the nioJ.cice tail a to (.re entire a&Ualaoti< Abk, then art acr Store for DR. MONTARDE'8 MIRAOL I.OL'S PAIN killer. take u direct*], acd if not perfectly aatiafieo Return to our Acent, D. B. CLARK, esq.. 4H Street and Pennaylvarua Avenue, who will refund your money. i'rwe? 4i and iO CenU per Bottle. For a&le at all Drug Stcree everywhere. jab. McDonnell, 6eoerai Aeect, jylleotr Ba.Omor AK NOTICE. '/% iy\ removal. X* O 0 I hare removed my Q PAWN OFFICE to 331 C atrMt, h?twi-?n 4* and 6th atreet*. imi diat^y ia tii? rear of the National Hotel, wl. the t.uaii.esa vill lie continued a> heretofore at u,d -tan 1. [ no 13 6?n | IS^AC HITR/.I^H' D. L. MORKISON * CO., I ni'D ivn crv ? > _ -- rt,*f uc< itiHAU LUMMIK5I MERCHANTS, And whole?a<e d?aier? in MILL hSSD, CORN MEAL, ft., Corner of 12th ud B itrMU, \S ashing ton oit < (T Tmii paid f?r >11 fcindeof Grain. an 8?H >V WOOD!! WOOD PTOVK K1NDLIN0 WOOD, at the lo* . ?it>ie srio*. T. J. A W. M. GAM*, V?i Pa. *T? between UUi and 13tb iU., TT>< v*-tf north ?ld . . on. 1.1. im 1 '.MAR.MOTT* AUTRY. ATTOitNMTB-AT LA Holi-t Brime, M:u., he Kir a Coartof trrc fRKAT BARGAINS IN J'IANOS.-Om v. " nicf evrr:-?.c!A?e t'fcfyrd Piano rVrta,^^ having been in a?e a ?i"?rt time only. owner eaving the city, for ea!e for #*?' HI 1 Od? very nl e Rosewood Chiokeruig Piun t v, at the Matio Store of W.G.MKTZKROT h< Arsnoy of Stemway A Sjoi' Uvmtn Wat - no CHK? 8E.?Englirtu Dutch, Swim, Iu:un A " n-to/ ' KING k BCRUIj- LI, MISCELLANEOUS. ' THB STATE OP Wi?COmBIN, , Amomnlmt m fAt Atrregatt to Fiftv thrtt TKoMf- j ami Acrtt. The grant iflaad to WieooneinbT aot of Coa cr.'n, approved A as u*t 8,1848. "to aid in th? im prevement of the Pox and W i toontin riven and to oonncot the ?arre bp a canal in the Ttmttry e/ Wtjceiwm," and the aota lupplomental thereto, having t>?en >o far adjusted as to aetborise the restoration to market of tue land* hereinafter de scribed? jVofief it ktrtbi *i vtn that a'1 the folio wine va cant and unappropriated land* which vers ? bi-?ct to private entry at the date of withdrawal, will be restored to private entry on tne uaya ina at uie place* hereinafter fpecibed, at the ordinary mini mum prioe ot ?125 per acre, or at the prioeato which ?he? may have graduated at the date of withdrawal At the Land Offioe at Mi5aiha, oa Monday, the Slut day ol January next. North of t\* batt lint and east of tht/ourtK princi pal mtrtdian. NE fraction N hex Kiver, of aection hipl2,of r*nte0 N VV 34 .NE 34- N E * N W 34, aud N Vv 34 N W 34 of aeot:on 4, to wuahip 18,ranee 9. NW3?NK34 *E34 NEX.NWM, W HsV 34 *nd E X SE 3K, of aectior a; the N vV 34 SVV 34 of aection 4, the f action on the east bank of Fox river of seotsou 8, the NEH 8W 34 ofaeotion 10, the S 34 Sk 34 ot neotion 12, the VV 3* N W 3* and N W V? SW 34 of aection 14, the NE 3W NE %. ?V S NE 3% ard N VV 34 of aection 24; the 8K A4 !<W 34 and ?W SE 34 of aection 28, and the N VV 34 SVV V and ?E 34 b WHi ol aection S2, tovnahip M. of ranced. I he S 34 HE <4 of aection 2* the SVV * NE 34; the SE 34 NW 34. and the NE % SVV 34 of aectim 4; the s>VV Vt tsvV V of aeot'on a. the SVV J4 N VV 3%, and N VV * SW\ of aection 10; the NE>? NW \ of section 18; the ,v K N K 3* and the VV S N VV 34 of aection 30: and N E 34 NE 34 ol aection 30, town ship 14, of rauee 10. I ne E >4 N VV 34 of aection 12, and lota 6.7, acd 8 aection 18, towrah'p 18, of ran*e 15. TneS%V 3a NE 34 of aection 18, and the MW )f SE *4 of aeouon 22. townahip 19, of ranee 15. The NL \ NW of aeoti >n 4, the ivE 34 SE 34, and the W >4 SE 34 of aeouon 6, townahip 20, or ranee IV TmSE \ Nb V or section ao, townsnip 19, or range 16. ... '?Mj E X N E * of section 8, township 20, of rant* lb. The NW of fraction west of Fox river, of seo ti- n li?, township 20. of range 17. 1 lid NE ?E X of section 0, township 22, of r8'Hn NEJ? NW X of section St, township 13,of rS'rfro n'xNW X of secucn 12, township 16, of range 18 Lot >o. 1 of section 14. of township 2', of range 18. T e SE J* N W and the E S YV ef seotion '4, lownrlup 22. of range li. T.'.e )i ?\V \ of setion 14, township 16, of ranee 19. TnJ W % 8W M. of seotion 23, township 17, of nneel9. Lou Mo. 2 and 6 of section 13. and lots No. 4 and 8 of s?ctii>r. U. township 19. of i unge 19. l ne>E 3s SE X oi seotion 22, township 20, of "'I'8" h X NW >4, and the SE \ SE of seotion u. i 'wnsuip xi. 01 range is. L??ti No. I, i. anil 8, ami the 8W \ NE 3* of sec 1 10. thoSR \ r*\V >? i?fsection 14, W H NVV \ < *. d >.iie W > > >v >4 oi sectiou 18, and the KkNb li, ?nd the sE i* of uecti' nas. township 22, of range * ID. ? The W NW U of seotica 18, township 21, of I targe 20. I'lie who:e of section SO. township 21. of ranre 20. The VV >* SVV '? of ?-ctioa 3", township 23, of .' raage 20. j At tna Land Office at Falls or St. Ceo:x on, tue 28th day of Jauuary next. Xorth of tii base lint nn l tees: of tAs fourth princi pal rurvtinn. t Th* W ?*E w. t** SE 3ii 8F. and the 9W 1 of neotion 2; the N ,'<i of aeoiion 4; thetf H ana NW V and S H of NE l4 o( sectiou 6; the whole of ? Kacti'in 8; t e !* X of seotioo 10; the wno'e of seo tion 12; ?he E H of section 14; tne SK of section ' IB; tne wi'ols oi section 20; th<* W^knilNE >4 of s^olion.'J thiS H uf section 24: the E '? ot section 36. the N ofsection 28: the E % and SSV if of sen tiau 3- ;E H and N W of section 3?; the E ,'i > ai il NW W i/f ection 3o t'l^nihiD 27. uf range 12. The EH :<W ^a-^dNW* N\V ^ and lot* 1 2 and Sofsef ion 8; the whole of section 18; the NW yand the r*K ^ ot section 22; th-< W S of seotion 2b; the d ? of ?o?tioo 2S, the sE ^ of Heation 3 ; the whole ol srciio-' S2; aud the whole sf seotioc 34. township SB, of rauge 12 i h' \V >j acd SK J* of nection 2; the wholeof seo tion 4; the wiioie of motion 6; the N S. the ?K V?, and tr.? NK #W S? ot section 8; the NE ,'*? the E jKij. the > VV oE l4. and lot' 1,4 5, ti, and 7 ol section 1 ; the wio.e oi *ecti<>n 12; ttie whole ol secti u "i4. the N K 1 the E }4 J*E %, and lota 1. 2, 5. ti, 7 aud 3 of section 22; the W H and the Si E 3< o! section 24; tn-* J* H and th-i W X N W hi of section 2.; a:.U th>i K >t of seotion M,tow..?ihip?7,of ranee 13, a ht > hole oi seotion <: t'io E H and NW * ol soctioi 4. th-< whole of aeotionti; t?e \V X of seo t;ou 8; tee whole of auction 1 ; th'1 wh'ile of srctioij 14, the whole of section 18; the * . X of section 2<?; t ?e N X, tne N H o "*b? y+, and th > N S of f*\V L? of section ii;tha E X N e. ja?, ihe N X t^E i^nd ihe E X SW ? of section 24: tin \V X and the Nis X of ?ection .8; th? wn<>ie ofs*otioQ 30 ths wholi oi seo'.io 32; the SW X N W X ar.d iots No 6, 7 ana 3 of scctiou 31; and ihe N X of section 36, town sh p 28, of ra^ge 13 i he!i'?V X o' seotion S3; the NK X NK V of seo tion ?>: the ? X N X of seo'ion 32; the N X. tfi? .N HI of t*E if, and the H SW ul section 34; anc t:? * whol-? ol section 36, townshi p 28, ol ranee 14. I'ne SS8K V?, the > X X. and the N W k SW X ot section 28: the whole ot section 30; thi whole ol section 32; an 1 the N W X N KX. the 8 V N fc. i?, the ">i WJ*. and the S H of aection 34, town s.'rp .0 of rants 15. I ho N *. the the N H SW M.and the Si S\V !*, of aeotion *, township 2S of range 16 The wuole of a*ction 14; the whole of aeotion 18 tne whu.eof aeotion 'U\ the whole of aeotion 24; tn whole of a -otion ?>, the wholo of aeotion 38; thi N ^ 9h knf afo ion 32; thu whole of aeotion 31 ana the \V H and 8E 3a *?f atcliou.36, towuahip /J of 15. T-' e wiole of aec'i-'n 2;'lie NK % and th* N ) 5*K of * otion U; the fc )%. the K f*W jtf, aui tl 9 1. X NW of a-ciHiii U; the Nfc V of acotio 21; the .N H of auction i6; Urn who!* of aeotion 35 tin W >4 01 a o.iou 34; and the F )? and N W J? 1 atct.oii jfi, towuaiup 2b, of range 17. At the (.and Off oe at Eat Claikb. on Mond&j the2ia:claT <>1 Jai.nar; next. yorik of tkt ban line and 1 ee*t of tK? fvurtk princi pal mtrnixan. The a hole of ?*o:ion 32; and ITe NKJ< NW1 a:d W H MWAi of aeotion 3b, towuahip 27, 0 1 r*B<o 11, 1 iv. f r\ tw. l* f> ?? a<- iuo ly^uu uojw rnva.1l I~OI2*T? OB JIOD day, tliu iJth day of January next. .Yor;\ of tkt baj? fine an t tait of tkt fourth prmti ral mtrtJian. Th? W XSKKofs-otioit <; the N X NEK, th 8E 3* NtV, th? \V fl N? N W *, thr SK V N V* l4, and th? * ? X 8K ^ of section 6; the E 34 Nl >4 W 3%, and tbe 8W 3* . W U of section l in<? SE \ ? I \ nf section 24; th<? K ? 5iW V4, an N \V 3^ s W V ?*f motion 36 t.wnslup I5.tif range I The ? S &vV 3* of section 32, township 18, c ran** 2. Tm NW ME \ of section 3G, township 18, c rant* 2 Th^ W K N W 9. X of section 6; and the 8E 1 8K H oi ?<?cliou 3i. lownsh.p 19, of range 2 Th* N ?\V J?. and the w 3i *E 3* of seotion i the N X of section 4; and NK '? SE 3* of section 2< township 17, of ran;* 3. The \v )i N ( 3*. the \V X section, and the W I , J*F, * < of s-.otion 2, trie K X ?\\' 3< and N W 34 81 * of section 4; the W tl X of section 6; the E3 ; eK li of section 8; the N VV 3? N 3* and the 8VV 3 1 -<VY \ of section 12; the K & NE 3% of section 1< ai'd um 8W \ S\V '4 of section 38, township 18, < ranee 3. Th- E X 8\V >4 and the 8E 14 of seotion 28; the 3* NE >4, the > S 8W and tiie 8E % of scctio 34; "mi l? iNW '? E >4, the NW >? and the N] 8\V l4 of seotion 36, to wushi p 19, of ranges. TK.1 VIV U \ W 1. ?r.ti ti.t, >-v u. eU7 .. ? ***" /? ^ *T V* tion 1??; anil me 8W a* Sii W of section 14, of towr ?.iie IS, of rA!it??? .. 'Ihe?*VV u NW >4 ar.d the S\V)i of ceotton the N K^NE 3*. ami the .\ fc, V tfE\ of section i tiie^K ?i? 3* of aeotion 8. ti e VV s e>K of aw lion I"; lot Mo. 3, and SVV 3* N W % ot aeotion 1 tiie VV H of ikcmoi. and the K >* SK M <?( nectic H; tne VV H N W X, ?n.l the M E J4 S VV *i of ae< tion 2"; lot No 3,o e?!'i?ii 24; lot Mo. 2 ol *?>oti< ^n; an>< the NVV W NEA*. the HE * *EA?. ai t e >\V 8W \ of seotion 2i,township 17, < range 4. u.ot Mo 3. the W H N Wr 34, an 1 the W ?SW of section 4; 'he i*\V 3%' and the S % HE of ?ei tion 6; the h. _H NW \ anil the K ;* *W ? of ae< tion 8; the S\V 3% M E V. tne H v VV If, iota No 1 ana 3, an-1 the a VV ? N\V M of aocaon 10; ti N S \ W 3tf, the ftW\ NW\ >nd ihe BW S\\ ii <>f aeotion 14; th- eK % N r' arv. the E NVV 'A of aeot on 20; th-w?olr> of section 22; tl N K;iV i?, thefEK NVV * ard ihe NW * ?\ \ of iection 24; the N E J% > VV and lota Noa. i, %. an<l 4 of amotion a8; the N K W of aeotion 28; tl 8 * NVV fr. liam tie M * 8* ? ol a^otioi SO; tl N\V V NW W, the SS NW the E* bW anu tiie N VV \ 3E \ < ! aec'.'on J.; and t.? N % j aeotion 34 townihip 18. of ranee 4 The 8 H of a?etion 32. townahtp IB, of rente 4. The who e nf rrt* ' ? >? a w iiur 1 ?i.d tho SE % of 'Oli?D SW >4 N E V?, and tn- N W ? BE * of ?eotiou 5 j to viianiD >6. of ra' ?? 5 I The Ns N W jWof?roton4; the N X NWX,t nVv n'V"1"1'' tftaSVV S? ?fc.> of ??oti. n 6; t .. .. _ .. X 4 of " -ction 10; th? W X SE If. ai lot No Si.fs^c'ion in; fh? N E jg 9E M of ceoU* an: th* W X NW JW. a id the N W \ ? W % of ee t on 22, the E * 8W X and SW * oIg*ot?< S4: th- E X N E 5, ha S W ^ N>: k. tM N W NW 1^. and the SE V of 'ouon a, the NX SE o Kitciion 5*; ti>0 8K M MK M f>f ???olion Stiind t W X E Jb, N W>, N X >W X N X HE M, ai the&W i* sE X of voUonS too aship 17, oirao The NE \ an-} Ihs 8Wk?K X ?f?e?Moa ?;ai the N X N W X and the few X a V\ X of eecth I "rtsaw fcVCAVW*. .h. ?BKtwi i and th? E X Sb X o^eeticil 2 the N X N vV SE At N E A?.a-d tfa- NEX8W * ration4: t 8EX xWV of Motion 3; ?he ilWMNEX ??ot'on 24; aud the NEX K andihesw SK \i of ?*ctio_n_26; townainp 15 ofran*e?. M *?Ml 'm N W M PE nfintioti 38: an ^ U?o^ pA%Wx& aUSLitfjyiJS *, aud th. 8E * of won*., a. alid the NW % BE )t of seotion 34 township 15,or range*. The NE.Ht >*E J* and tots Nos. I and S of section 24 .township 15,of range9. The EH NW * of seotion 3), township 15, of rang o iu. At the Land OSoe at Li Cloui.oo Monday, the 21st day of January next. North of tkt ban limt and tasl of tkt fourth rritui pal tn'ruiian. Th?N H ?f N E V of eection?; the SW \ NW w of aeeti n 10; to?n?tiiD 13: th? N K W of the NEm of aotion 6; the N XV ^ 01 the N W\ of r eotion I; the N E K of the N W i? of aeotion 14; and the S* E 3^ ot the SE V? ot Btotion as, townihip 14. of range t. Given under my hand, a* the city of Waahinc ton, liua 11th day ot Deonnber.lMft. JUS 9. WILSON. Comtnieaioner of the General Land Olfioe. de14-w4wh MiSDiCINIsS. , nJL. jeOASTOM, l~ BUT1MOHI LOCI BasriTiL, Hai IXtt09trtd tkt mtit C*rtmt?, Sfudf, tmd mJ| Ejftttual Ktwttdy m tkt World, run al<Li uis^ABhs ur iinrKiiu?.ni;&, LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY 1MMED ATKLY. A CPRE WARRANTED, OR NO CHAROM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Vukimiftki Afaaiiaaa afthi lldatyt tad Bitrtdat, iu??liQi!f7 D.atkarfaa, )mp?i*utf, Aanan] ?a?iliiy, Harramauaaa, byayipajr, La*f?ar, Lav Ml ii'u. (%?. 'aaian a( Idaaa, Palpiutian aftka Itui,Traidil^Traakliug*, Due,an af Bifbt ar iiddinaaa, Diutu af tka Maad, Thraat, Nhi ir Skin, Af?v?i?lt af iba bun, k?B>?k > Bavala? iSaaa Tarrikla Oiaardara uia:nf fr?a MiUry Bakiu at Taath?tfeaaa Draadhtl and Daauaativa Praaticaa whitk in dai Kirn*[i lapaaaikla. and daat?a? kau S?dy Ml Mlad YOVM0MBM ajMalailr *k> Uti kacarca ;oa tuiloMaf lal.ary 'ktl draadfll and diiuitVTi habit waitk mnnllr ivlipi u u Ibunitly grata thaaaanda afYaaaf JAai, af ut icaai ti aitad ulanu aod kr.Ue.Dl imallaci, wha ar* k; aibarwiaa kart tairaueaU liatanir.g laaaua wUk tkitkaoaara tfalKMiuai vakadta mux; tka IWisf tall vltk fall aaat HAWU FlUOII.u laiufMn aaataaplailaf Mar rlaaa, kair.j awaraaf akyataal waafcaaaa, arfaala d ability, lafarraiuaa, 4a., apaadilT earad. a wLa siacaa hksaalf codu ika atra ?[ Dr. J. Bay r*llft? # tlj canlda in hia hnn aa a f anUaiaia tad aaaldaidy ralj '?*m h>a ak.lS ea a pbrataiam. office Ma. 7 bobtx r**fl?Juc?rpa?*T, lafl kand aida raiDf ff?a Baltimara air a at, a faw daata fraa tka caroar rail dm taakaarva aua aad auakar. kailin III a a paid aad aaataia aavaBf. BL. JUIII1TOI, 4a*akara af tka Kayal Cailafa of fcarfaaita, l?a?daa, (Tldaatt auu the gtanlar pr.rl mt whata lift nil kita iptit In tka kw ?u?!i of UndN, Pant, Fhtladi'phia tad iinktfi, hm? af ' cu4 tama ?f tha iitMt carat ttit wtrt I'll tnwu; t-:?y traablad rlnglrg la lit hud and atn whan tr'tap"; gtttt narTvaantta, kcinjr a'.arratd at taddaa aaandt, bathf* natt with franatnt blaiainf, tuandiii taat Hat! witk daranximot af mind, vara earid ( adUlalTi TAKE FAiriCVkAR NOTICE. Tn jM in ?nt f.hart wha baTi ir.jarid ifttttaalaat IJ a ?an*m prastict indulged in whao alana?a hakil frt'iatwt f it; mad fram ??il catapaniar.a, ?r at i?.hial, thi afactt a which ara n jhtl* fait iTtn ?h?? tiliap, ami if nat ecrid randari raarri-{ Iropaiaiaia, and dartrayt kalk Blad tad kad*, theaid apply imraadi'talp. Taat a ara tar,a of ;ha tad ?n(i inaUoc'iaif tftui ?i?(1aill a; aarlT hrbiia af ?a?!ii ?n i Walkout tf tha Back aa# llmbi, faint tn th-a Kird, Ditnitu of Sight, Liu af Matcalai Pa war, Palpitatian af tha Hurt, !>? iptpt?, Nirvana Irritaaiil IT, ntrangiirnntkf tha Difiit'ta Fmtuaat, Girlrti Dikilltj, lynpta nt of CofltBinptiao, At. MENTALLY.?Tna fiarfal a ?tcu an tha ralod ara itt'.k U ka dtaadad ? Laat mt M?rait?, (Jaf.faa'tr af lllf.i, af Sp:ri'i. Kail Ktrhadinft, ifamacafBaeutr, Siif-Diitrait. kt'a af Salltadt, Tiwiduy, tic.,ata larea af tka aviia prw dactd. MER.YOM DEtlLITY ?Tkaaitadi t?a aaw)adga wkal la tna ctaaa af tRiif ctclii 'nf Mailt, laaiig than vigar, k? taming wank, p^ii, iiarTtst ?;d aat.icir.tal, haaiag aatngilar appaaruita taaattha tjn eaifU of ajirp.amt af pllaa PISBASKa OF IMPRUDfcNCE. W tin tha miif aidtd and impradant ?atarj af pltatara C?d? ta iiuinkad tha tatdt af thu psinfai diaaaaa. It taa afm lap; ail that to lil-tiLitd atoat af aaamt ar drtud af diacavarj dataraliim frara applying ta thota wha, frim adasatiao u>< (atpactabUity, can r.faua ktfntnd hits. Hi falli inta tka kinda aftgMMat ?ad daaifninf pminaiia, *!ia, ir.c:. f tit f eorinf, hi* paeamary laDiUnci. k?tp hln iriltrf i UMiih iftir niintti,? n l?if ifct anali*!1. fn tan ai aa i laimd, and to daipair luri fcim wuh retold btal'.b la aif k a*ar hi? rilliuf duippainunaiit; ar by lb* tea of lhat daartiy f p*:aati, S.crja.-y. Lilian tha eamtttauaral if ptwn? af Ikti larribli diaar.aa, iscfc u AI;:u?m('i'ii Haul. Tr.rait, Km, f prorronrif vitb frifi.ifal ra^KJiy, 1:11 daath paU * atnad ( bia crudfdl aaCarinfi by rrn?fu g turn t? it' i *a jiwartraii MGi.lrj f.-aoi viitii ?iir>4 r.a ira?ai?r mini f OK. J UEJUOM ' EKMEDY FOR ORQAIfl'J WKAIKM AMU 1MPOTUICT. I By Uli (nil aid i.rsii-.r u r re dy wt' if lb* iinu ara ipaadi.y cand iu l frll ngar raaiand. Tumtdi if tki >Mt n?r?a<aand dak.In-tad, wka ktd !c?t ill ktya, !ti*i | kaaa 'mraadlat.'y nlli'id. All irnptuimiiiii l* Marrlif*. Fkyalial at Miaul Dliaaall laalana. k?n af fraaraiVi'i Nvir, Miratu Ir/ttakliltj Traraaliuf-nd Waakuauar EiUuim iftki aaufiirfa ktad apilidilj land. KnDOE.aE.MKKY Of YKK rim. TIE MANY THOUSANDS cind althli iniuiat'.aa wtlkti I ki lut ?tuttiu vaari, and vtii nimiiim impartial Barri **i a?rraua>ii pirfar-utii ky Dr. Jahcian, wiluaaiatf ky Ua riparian af lAl f para and Hbai ninai, >mI?u a vsick kav? appaaiad afitu aad ifvta b*<ar* lb* aaklit, k* i alctai hlaai*uai:if *? a i*-tlaa?iitf tkirniir iaa ntpaaal ? Mlity, it i iiftiitat furtataa ta tka iMikiad. julfly Dr. j. bovee i>od'? IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now beiEf used from .Mair.o to the tirnt Sail i; I>4k*. anl ti?o BUJT^rsAi verdict of al! who uar t them either as % tmJitint or a* a is thai s they are unaHTfuevl i.i urn world. Hi. Duds dsoC i; th?m eacoewifttiir ia mi prae-Ufor ft reara befwrt '# w"5 pnra^aaea ef ? m tho sole rifht to m&uuf&c:ur? in J prr.ajnt ?h?ra for sale to id* pulho. For the i 3are of * !<:,?icat (r.,-'t???tinn D?a je?*ia, Piles, Nwrsss ?:saa;?r, F^oinalo Cum pl&ir.U, w.J ?i: cat*) rttiiriat * tocio. ther are he rond a most :3V*I?nble rcia?Jj. Aside fron thsir Tirlicin*! Bro>?rtl?? tbcr ?"?> % 7,-'r?. srUole an3 lialifnuti iiCT*ra*9, pr-juacini all th< jlnaiint efcoU of !Jra'>tl/ or Win* without their iolotfcas rasult*. Let all frienia ol uurnaDity az.J til r><!?ooVea of taniperacoe assis j? In ratatltaiai thusa ra'aab'o Vegetable Oittc.i for the wumj ?r.c eifrnrulirf Liquorj with which the ctra itr* t?. flooded. and thereby ef v* biaishiaf Di?e*se and Drvckecoci from the land. CKARLF.S W.DDIFIELD ft CO., Proprietors, 79 WiiLiae. street, Nev York. J. SCHWARZE, Agent, Washington, D. C. DH. J. BOVEE DO?8? IMPERIAL GIN EITTBRS. For Disa&soa of the Kidney". B:aduer and Urinary Organa, and eapeoia'.!/ fui r?mi!? Obstructions cover fail to euro, and ara^arraiited to give sat a taction. CHARLES WIDD1FIELD & CO.. Proprietors, 7? William at., N?w York. J. SOHWARZE, je 7 ly,r Arent, Washington, D. C. T&A VEERS' DLRBOTOHY. ALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANSK OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 8Sth? 1S80, th trains will ran ae follows : LEAVE WASHINGTON: First train at?.'^ v m. Second Train at 7.40 a m. fhird tram at 3.10 p. m., Express, ourth tram at 6 p m. LEAVE BALTIMORE. First train at 4 15 a. m., Express. Second tram at 3.35 a. m. Third at3.l(>p.m. Foarth at 4 3^ p. m., Express. The first, seoond and thirn trains from Wash ington oonueo? tarough to Philadelphia and Nei York. The second and third connect at Washingto Junction with trains for th? Weat, South, an Nurtiwest; also, at. Annapolis Junction, for Ai napolis. For Norfolk take the l'? a. ro. trai t-or tha arcominoiiaUon of the wai travel I* tw*en Washington and Laurel, a pa?songer ca will he attached to the tonnage train wlnoh leave at S.4" p. ra. On Saturday the S.I9 p. ra. train goss to Philade phia only. no 26 d T. II. PARSONS. Asent. I'nr. dieiaiumi JAr, oui w 111 rcrome ni tripe on TUESDAY, Slat of ~^~m Fabruar;, 1WV Wi!'Iwa WASH f IN?TON every TUESDAY and" FRIDAY, at? o'ciosk a.m..and ALEXANDR1. ?th?2f-fMt0 o'clock, lor CURRIOMAN Mid tt intermediate Lauding*. On her return tri?#, el will |()Va N e^ery WEDNESDA and SATURDAY, at * c'clootr a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUHH. Ac t. Alexandria. fe an 0ML1) RICH, MELLOW AND PURE BURNSIDE'S MONONGARELA RYK WHISKEY, Conamentioualy JiatillFd by Mr. J&moa Burcud of Allegany County, Ponra., in the old fashioue honMt war, fro?n and moat carefnl! aeleoted Rye, and in no out ever offered lor aa until adaptfd to wholesome nae by axe U la i once the inoct palatable, aa it i* emphaticaMy 01 of the pure*} b^veragea in the reach of the publi To tha Invalid as well aa to thoae in health, coTiinonda iuelr for ita unrivalled ?ualitie? aa atimuia^t of the aafest. am est, and moat becefioei deaoriptian, and many of the raoat diatinguiaht Lhyaioians are using it in their practice with tl ippiest results. CLERY * STOCKDALI^ Proprieton. 3K9 walnut street. Pniiadolphi WM. C. CONOVFR, t ?nt fnr tka I) n.l* - A&D rBUNK8, BOOTS AWD BHOKS. gOOTS AMD V? aon We ye bow nuihotiTiu all kinds of ud BHOES, ud oonstauUr rrninsi i stpp'j of tuUru made work of ererr ? - cnpuor, made expressly to order, and villi be sold st a ranch lover wioe than bu been heretofore charged in uus oitj for mob irtioles. Arsons in want of Boots and Shoes of ea oity made work, will always find a food assortms in store and at the loweet erioes <3 ire ns a oall. GRIFFIN k. MRO., Ml-i >14 Pennsylvania a*enu*. Five hundred traveling trunks, arrived this day, ambraoinc all euah-?^ ties mad fcisee of sole Leather, Ladies'BjnjjK Dress and Packing Trunk*. Oar trunk^"***" alee room exhibit* at this time the ?reatest variety of traveling requisite*, at moderate prioas, ID be found this side of New York. Also.ereiT desonp tion of ladies' HAT BOXES, VAUCES, CAR PET BAGS, satchels, Ao. flT'Old Trunks repaired or taken is axohanfe for new ones. ? wall, Bwmrw?.s& 4k CO Trunk Room, marM-tf 33< Pa. avcae. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, o 4?f T th Snot, Orpotitt Odd AJJowi' Hall, Waskmsto*. D. C. Travelers will stnd/ their interests D* examlnw my TRUNKS, valice9 Ac-, before pur ohasinc elsewere. As I use none but tlv best material the market affords and employ the beat workmen, 1 can confidently recommend my work to be superior in Strtngik and Durability to Trunks that are made in other oities and sold here. I keep oonstantly on hand, and make to order (on one week's i * ?v ~ LEATHER, mnd WOOD OihfT V A L id-, u t ^ HA r OA. iJAU NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, #e., *e. Trunks, Ac., Repaired and Covered, in a work manlike manner, at short notice. Trunks delivered iu any part of the oity, Georce town, or Alexandria. ALco?Arent for Hr.vf'i r.p>hr*t?v-i FAMII.V 8BWIN8 MACHINES. daU-1t JAMES 8. TOPHAM. JOY FOR THE SICK AND BUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLT THE REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. Friend, do yon suffer.' Are yon the victim of icy or those numerous ailments whioh arise irom im parity of the blood? Whatare they, do ywu ask* Rather ask. what are they not.' Th# blood is the source of life and health, and it is the first element of onr Items to respond to any cause which affccts th* system, as the pulse inffclfihly attests The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Ery.pei&s, the subtle Scrofula, the \gouiung Rheumatism, Ner vous Debility, i)ynpepsia, Liv?r Complaint with its torpor and dejection, and the numberjees liis that flesh is heir to, derive their hidaoua origin from the blood. Deai ki!;diy the* and gently With the blood. Use the vitalising rnsonroes of nature for its aid. and suffer us to commend to your confidence and use that truly valuable medicament known as JUtlS. M. COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this aimoat infallible specific popular eoi.timont has spoken in decided terms, and the en tierce* of thi# (treat efRcaoy a^e sus tained by constant avowals of curative effects and th? happiest reBulta from its uae are after all other remedies and the best medical skill ha/e failed. Let ns ear, in onnelugion, that certificates cures are not 8<>utht from th* illiterate and super ficiai, but they are volunteered from the ir.ost re speotable sources and justify tlie highest timin ir which it is possible to commend so vainab e r. specific to pubiic approval. We may add also fl at the eurati7e proportion of the medicine are^uslle^ on'y by its restorative ejects, the system recover ice fromdieeaso with re-icw^H yons'itut'or.a! vigor For sale br all resectable UrneeisU in thii City, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None nenuine unless her rameie blown on tbt bott'c and her sea' on the oork !T?" l'rioe 31 per bottle, sis bot?:o? for ftS. w\olesalt Acrnt. R. P. T. Clt;SEL. Drufgist n..... I i n I1M.aU..!. a ...? rfV _ *1.. TI4. 'i|C'.*iwu) i? v?t r." *"ciio cm i#,r u triot, &??1 will supply the trade at my pnoes K>1 13- tr EXTRA OLD [FAMILY RYI WHISEF The above PURE WHISKY,Coj-pkr IMhtjilk FB.CM MaI.t*! Gzaih, h-'ing superior &n?l uuiforr in ?u&htT.Mi l liith'.T unproved Tit aee. is oreterra br oontumers to all otha, Wticfcies, and partieu larly reoorair.'jnded by the best physicians ku ohemists as possessing all the retirements of i Try.* Tonic Tmi;orati>r and KemJiui Ac en:. TheSobnyifriifWater of Philadelphia. used i the distillation cf this Whisky, is proved by ar.a.j le to be the softest and parcat vp.ter in the Unite tttatea ; and to torn may, in a treat decree, be ai tribe ted the exoellence of this Whisky. For sale by FREEMAN & SIMPSON. t*her.ix Distillery, On the Sohnylkili river. Philadelphia (? Wall street, New York ; 109 Sou Offices?96 _ Front street, Philadelphia. Sout mnr S?-l? r ' _ \*\ ' \i \_AT 8a?e Ike Piccei! A i icill iv? i? *??I'.r'ir+imtt familUt, it is verr deairabla to bare mine oLoe and ffODTcnicn. Taj hr rey&irlnf Fanuitre, 7oy Cra-aiery, & . nrAXUiPici's rasrAHED glck aneta all ?>;ch err.r so household ea afford to be without it. It is aiwajs ready and e to tbo Btickitj point. Ti^re is no longer a neo? aity for Rmpme cbaira, splintered ?*ueors, headlw dolla, and broken crailos. It is iust tbe article f< cone, shall, and other ornamental work, so populi with ladies of refinement aad taste. This vimiratile pref&r%tion ia uaed cold, hpii chair.icslljr haid in eolation, and /oaeessing all ti valuable nneJitieo of the bast cabinet makers' rlu It maj bo used ia the ylaoe of ortlintry macule being vwt'j more adhesive. " CSSFUL iy ETEUT HO CSS." Frit*. IS cents. Braah aooan^aiu^ea?eh tetta. Wk*lu*I* Dtp**, No. 4t Cedar street, Nev Yor ddrwa KlkNEY G. 8PAL0IN8 * CO., Box No, 3,600, Now Yor P?t *f for Dealers in Casea containtnt Foi Eiiht,an<l Twsire Doian?a Deautiral Lithofrap, to Show-Card accompanying each package. H- A uinrle bottlo of SPALDING'S PR1 KD GLUE will ii&t* tan timer iu ooet a Dually to STerr honBehold.-/Tl 8oid by all prominent Stationer*. Drufciel Hardware and Form tare Dealers, tirooera, ai Fancy Stores. Country morohants ahonld make a note of SPAi BlffQ'S PREPXREJ) OL UE, when makina i th?irli?t- it will atand any oil mat* Tkta H tt ;n,imt$f ari%rnt txcl* Fv'r#/?for mt hi {fit mdttt '-ttUifrr i? lit I'alftf of lit Xomrvpaif'a,) /m fktfntti of Byt,prtrariu bf ^ i ytxnt rn/jr twm % to kim. MM^g^TQOMSUMCMji^*^ ? i f tmn Jrpntri Upon prttin a a worn miHeltS ( t ritn links,- tk- T?llr* U' . J S<11? -JJ <V lit om'tr. It*0rf-K ' ' ttmm'+dti' hjtlr frit i*T ' V ' lit (V "i mt to it? Mtiici?*l > J , j v-:^ ?r * CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY via r* VII A V * I A MIBOELLANBOUBt [No. fT?.} i gY THE FREElDgNT O/ TIB UNITED dealarfc and make kaovtni ?et> ic aaiee viil he hr.d at the lodwniMtWM Uo4 Otter. m the Srm oiCtiiroimi iktM periods hereinafter deuinated, ta wit: At the Laad OAoe at M aktwi lli. oommeooiac on Monday, th? 3d dav of J one next, for the di>po a. of the wmbi i c iauda heretofore u noffer ed, situated ip the Uiimwini towaahipe aad parte of townahipe, via 0BI e Ifortk tf >k Um hmi mmA msi 9/ tki Mount DxmbU m*r*d mm Townthipa ? acd 9; the NWjjof ?eetiod i, the N w uii th? aw u ? ? ? ?? 6. ol town?hip 3>; the 8Wk of Motion th? 8K Jkf of section IX the 8 W \ of eeotion 17; section* IS tu 36, moluaive of township SI. of ranee 1. Townships 9.10, *r d 16. of ranc e Y The N * of the N K the t?K fc of N K %. the N E K ol the 8E y, and th* W k of Motion ?: amo tions",? 7. and ?t. the UK y of the N K *. tfco ?K K and \V X of a ?otion 9; tha W Si of the n\v y. the W y of ?W X. an* the 8* * of the 8 W V oT*e? lion 15; sect o?a >7 to 21 isomsire; the N w V, the N *oftbe?W yawl tbe8WKnf*\V w.ofeee t oi 23: the W H of the N W V and 8 W % of eeot ioi i7; eectio^a 2R U? 33 inoluatre; Uie KW k of the N E y the ft w fc. ana the 8 H of MUvilt, cf tovi nip of ranee S. ^8acttone 1 to It inolaair*,oftovnahip 10, of range Xorlk nf tkt luk' and mil (At Mount DuM numiiee. Townships 8,9 and 24. t e t?\V V of aootton ?; the W H of section 7; t h? t*K \ ol eecuon 13; the r*W >4 ol section 18; the 8 H of section 19; the 8 S of section 20; the 8 S of MM It; the 8 H ol eootion 22; the NK V of the 8 H of eeotion 23; sections 94 to 35. inclusive, of township 31. eeotione I to ?> melu Hive; the NW Jf of eeotion 31; the N E M <. f s* otion 33; sectioua 34 aad 35, of township 32. of raocal. 8eouona 1,2.3. and 4; the N h Si of eeotion 9; aeo tiona in to 15, inolusire; the NK V of eeotion 22; eee tiona 23 to %, inclusive; K H of .ection 35. o| u<wnj ahip <| sootiona 1 to 4. irclasive; the Nfc \ol ae< tion 6; the 8K V of eeotion *; sections 9 to >5, iaoli aive; the K X ol aeoUon 17; the K H of eec sections 21 to 28, inolueivej the^ N K V of z*; aecuons ?, 34, ar:>J :v>. 01 lowntnip t, ffouoni i to 6, inolaaive; the NW of s'otion 7,th*KSof aeotion 9; eetions H>. 11, ana II; the \ K ol ?rc Hon 13; the N W Hi of aeotion 14; tne N fc ol of otion 15, the 9 X of ae< tion 25; the SK \ of Motion 3b. toe K S of aeotion 34; section X>, oftownahip SI; the S<K ^4 of section 9; the E X and the SW \ of **ctioo 10; tne SK X oi aectiou .2; the K X and r*W X of sec tion 13; tne 9 X of section 14; amotion IS; the SK X of aeotion 17; the SW X of Motion <8; aectiona 19 to 35, ino uaive, ol township ?, of targe 2. Townahip*24?nd 34 aectiona 25 to 35. iro'nai ve; of to*nahip 33, of ranee 3 The SW X of section 7; aeotiona 19 to 35, inolu aive, of t<>wuahip 2?; ?eations 1 to 5, inclusive; amo tions 8 to 15 inoiumve; sections 17 ard&otoSA, in active; aeoMo.,? 32 to 35, inclusive, of towuakip 32; aectiona 35, 26,27,34, and 35, inoluaive, of towuahip 33. of range 4 Township 29, of range 5 At the Land Office at Hvmboldt. commencing on Monday, the loth dav of J une next, for the di? ppos&t of thepubiio iauda heretofore uuod t?J, ait uatt-1 in th? following townahipa and parta of tow:;ahipa, viz: Sortk of tk< batt tin' awl w*t of tkt Mount L>>*bl? meridian. The W X ol nation ?; the 9 H of section 13; the TV X of so tion 1*: the N X of 6? tion :9; the Nft'Jj aa?S the J* X of aeotion 2"; the !* X of anition 21; tl>?j f 5? of eection ?*, the s ), of auction 23; aecti? us 34 i to .*?, ino'uaive; the E X of eection 2?; the K X of i action 33; ventionj 34 and 35, of townahip V, of \ tariffs. I The J?\V l4 of section I; the 5E X and the W X of section 2; tne K !? of section 3. oro'tona 9, 1?, II, and 12; the N X of faction 13; the N X of section 14. I ?l.a V k/ ?V>? I. m ,.,-i ?Ka U' L . f tk. Uk U Hi" 4 * /J I IIIV C ?? ?* niiu IIIV WW ,1 "1 UIO ui section 15; the N E \ of taction 21; ths N W <t and the \V X of the Nfc, \ cf section?2, of towmhif in, of ranse 4. Sections 1,2.3 4, and 5: 'he NE '? of seotion S; the SK '4 of sec"<?n7; section* f> ar.u 9: th-< N\V S. of section W; section IT; the .N K V of sec ion I a, >T township 16: theSW" of seotioDo ti?? 5 '? of section 6; section* 7. 8, 9, and 1?; theSW V of section 14: sections 15 and 17 to S5, inolusive, or township 17, of ran is a II. The SE V of srotion 1; sections II. 12. 13. and 14; theN t l4 oTsection23, section24; the NE V of eec tion 25 of township i7; stctloas 3 to l?, iualU6ive; the S\V of section 14; secti ons 15 and 17; the Nh of section 18; sections 2", 21. 22, and 23; sections to 29. inclusive; sections 32. 33, and 34; the NW U of section 35, of township 20; the N w of sec tion 3: section* 4 to 9. inclusive, sections i7 to 2i, inoiusive; stations 29 to 33,1 no. usi re; the 5W \ of section 34, of township 2i, the N W ij of section 1; sections 2 ar.d 11; the S'w % of sect.on 14, sections 27, 23, 31,32. 33, and 34, of township 22; reotioas I to 18, inclusive; sections ?>to27, inclusive; seotion 36, of to wnship 23, of range 12. Sections 3 and 4; tiie NE As of section ?; section 9; the NVV JU of seotion 10; section 13; tha 8K St of section 14; Uie !>\V j* of section 16; sections 2i to inclusive; seotion* 33, 34. and 35 of township 17; the \V % of section 5; sections 6. 7. R, 9, 17, 18. 19,2 >, ar.d 21; t:i*H\V of section 22; sections 2' to 34. inclusive, of towuship 8. sections 3 11,15,22, 23, 26. T>, 34, and 30, of township 22: the SE \ of eeo'ioa 12: sections 13 e nd 14: the hE M of seotion 22: sec tions 23, 27, and 34, of township 23, of rau?e 13. Section* 1 and 2, thet*E of section 3; t e N % of section |0; sections II, 12, 13.14, 23. 24. 25. a: d A; the SE ,V of section 34: section 36, of township 1R; the N W \ section 3; sections 4, S mod the Nt At o! section 7: sections 8 and 9; the S VV if of section in; the W % of seotion 15; the K X of section 17: the NE of section 2": sections 21 and 22; the H\V .4* of ruction 23; the \V H of section 26; sections 27, 23. 33. 34, and 35. of township 19; the ?W \ of ?* c tion7; the ?\V of seotion 17; cottons 18 to 35, lu oliMive, of township 21. of ranee 14 fractions 1 to % inoiu?ive; the N E Jtf of sectirn 6; sections R to 15 inclusive; the NE & of section 17; s'-ctions 21 to 27, inolCHive; the N E Ji of section 2*; the MEM of section 34; section 35. of township ? ; sections I to 4, inolusire; the NE 3^ of section 5; the E H of section 9; sections In to 15, lnousive; sections 2" to 29, inclusive; the ?? W of seotion 31; section" 32 to 35, inclusive, of township 21: section 3; tiia E S of section 4; sections 8, 9, aud Id; the SW 3* of section 11; sections 14,15, and 17; the N E if of section S?; sections 2t, 22. and 2*; th? s*W Af of section 24; sections 25. 86, 27, and 28; the 9K % of eeotioD 32; ceotiona 33,34, and 35, of township 22, oi range 15. North of the base line and tast of tkt Humboldt me I idimm. The W H of seotion 3; sections 4, 5,6,7, 8, 9,10. i5, 17,18,10, 2", 21, aud 22; fie N H of seotion 27: sections 21 to 33, mo usive; the {* of section 34, of township 4, of la&ce 2. Vn?f 1 /i/ fij y. n ? I mm* rt ? A *M/tf i\f f k a 1/utn KnlAt a A? I" ?W H/ ?" ?* *'*v ""? ?? ' ?|T MM ? ??? ' v?'< rr?? rtdian. Th? S\V of eectiou 7; the 8\V if of seotion 17; section 18; the E S of section 19; sections 2*?, 21,23. J3; the \V H of section 24; the \V H of section 2f>; ?ecttcn?3r a ul 27, the N K M of section 28; tlie .% K 3* of section 34; aeotion 9s, of township 1, of range 1. tootione 1 to 23. inclusive; the N H of section St; the 8 >? of section 25; seotions 26, 27, 2u, and 29; the N S ofse tio'i So, f township l: sections 1.2. and 3, the N W * of the N W the 8 * of the N W and the of section 4; the NE of th" N E jk. the SHolt e N E V.the SK V ?f the N\V fc. a-,d the 8 H of section & the S>g oftheSB % or section 6; the A E the s H of the N vv 3^. and the 8 K oi Faction 7; SfCtiot'S 8, 9, In. and 11; tfce ,\ S of ?ec tiou 12; th" N VV i? of rection 17; recti'>11 It; the N H ard the 8E if of aeotion 19; the 8W of section 2U; the EX of section sections 31,32. *n<1 35; th? S\V V of section 34, "1 ,own<hip 2, of rang* 2. The SK \ of section 1; auctions in, u and 12; th? N S of section 13; amotions 14,15, 2.', an) 23; th? 5 H of aoti.>n24; the N X of section *5; sections 26 27 28. and 94; the N W M of section 35, of towcahip 1 fractional township 2, of range 3. At the Land Offioe at Stocctox, oommeneinc 01 Monday, the 3d da* of June next, for the disposa of the publio lands, heretofore unofler d, situatec in the following townahips aj.d parts of townships vis : Nortk tkt ba*t lint nnd ?? ( <xf the Mount Dxabu meridian. Sections 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9. 17.18. and 19: the N % of till NE %, the N H of the N VV and theSW \ of th< 8\V ii of section 20; section ?i, except the 8E >4 o the 8b M, of township 6 of range 3. Towtikliips 4,5, ar.d 7, of range 7. ^?? nmrl %m**t t\f tk* Mam 1 fliAh 1. m tridio* Townships fi &nd 7, ol range 1. Seotion a; Uie N K \ of section S; the \V X of sec tion 5; section 6; section 7, exoept the >? J, of tin S W jj[; the N W V and the o >? of aeotion 8; the l X of Motion A; the 8 >* of aection 10; m?uoi 11; thi \V >? of aeotion 13; aectiona 14 and IS; aeotion 17 except th? 8 Si of the 8W Jf; the E Hi of the iN V k, the K X 'T the 8W V, and the K of aectioi 21: Act < ns 22 and 23; the YV K ot aeotion 24. thi W W of section 2S sections ft and 27, the N ft tt th?? E S of the N W the 8E M of the N W 2 th 3 N H of the 8E *. th? 8K * of the 8E * oi seo t on ?; the E H ol The Nki?. n.d the E S of th 8E j% of section 38; aeotions 34 ai d 35, of toveski] 6; sections 1 and 2; the N h M of s?ot:on 3; the 8* 3< of section 10; sections n, to 15, inclusive; the f S of the N E W of section 21; the JX H of the N \fc k, and the E S of section 22; sections 23 24 tsar* A>; 'he K H ol iheSW \ ai.d the E S of seot.on 2; the W H of section 36; of township 7, of rang* 2. Scutk of tk? ban Iff and rau of lit ?Iownt Diabl Miruliss. Sections 1 to 27, inolu?ive; the N the N )i i the te\V JW, and S X "f th* sE J* ol section at; th N H-the N >? of the 8W V, aaa tne N V of th 8E V of section 2'; the NCk and the N S #f lb f*E ? of section 30; the NE M of aeotion 34; the ? Sol seotion35 of tovnshis 3, oCjance S. Sections 5. ?. 7. S, and 17 to 21. in lasive; heNV V and the 8 Si of section 27; aaoUons 2* to 34. inoia stva; the W Si of section 35, of township 3, c rsnitfi MUouStoS. iMiun, tfia SW H^iNboali h>iMliiMl*u4]l;i?eti?iiltoa 4 aolanv*, of tovnahir i*. of tu|i ? WOUOM 7 Md U to m, IMlUIT*. ( WVUkir 1*; loctiona I to II, iaeiaair*; Motion* IS Md nun. aalaai vo; HrtioM 17 to M. iMlmn, ?J ir 4 I; aaoiiona S. t, 7, IS, U, 14, It, m? SB, to *?, Ma it*; WtioH B. 34, IM Sft, of toVHklp IS. oI 9f$k %t tha Land OCm |l Vtuii*. ooanoaooiaf on ?U. >L.J ?7 I...? .' - J th* put-! o iU'1i hwtolorr noe?rW.iiUki*J r tii* lolluvinc tovaiiup* and pvta of lovitkiM. flMi %mutk 9f Uu Um Ium ?U ?ul V Mmmt Section* 1 and fc tl!*^K fc of IH IOI a, Motion* II. IS. and IX theNK V of Mtwi H; Motion* << m4 ?. of tow**h>? 17. aeotion* I to 9 iNiuir*. t.i? ?< H of Motion 9; moU^di 9 to 19. ik wit*; tb* Kk\ ..f MObOl 17. th? N K. % of NIUM a. MO tioaa a, 34 and r; tb* N K fc of aetttan a. of tova hi? it; Mctioa* 1 lot, ino.n*ir*, tbe .Nfc Vol in tioo 7; Motion* to IS. mo'iiirt; U* N H \ of mtion 14; tba N K K of aaaUna St. of Icralui a. of ranca |S Tovbi 9'p? n, H.aad 19; MettoM 1 to a. imIi - aire; the \K * of Iim'ioi a; the *K J* ** aeation S; Motion* 94 Mid 35. o| towu*hlf XI; aaaUoM 1 aaa S; tba N K W afaaatMa S. MeUok? II, ?S. It. and It: tho NF, \ of aeouoa 23; Motion a; tW NK ^ o! Motion 5(5, Of tovnvhip a, of r?nc? 19. . Section* I to a, inr.nai**; tna N K \ MMlUM ?; Motion* 94 and ?. of townabip a; Mttioti S, t. 7. m4 I; the 8 W 3, el Motion fc tkm ?* \of aaa bo* 15; Motion*. 17 to a lie uir*; 'be t?W fc of Motion a; amotion* ft to A. i(.r!aalv*. *f tovneeia S; aectiora I. S. aaii X tba N K Jb ot aeotioa 4; U* NK V of *e<*tinfcTt?: m? ?teh* 7^*. IS. and 14. tbo !S K ^ of *aet io?R3; Motion* a Mi % o# eation 32. *Mtion* at. M. and 39. ? lawaabia at ection* I to 5 inc autre; tba N K na*tin?aJ % of Motion <;tba NK it of aeattoa a. aMtioaa to 19. inalaai**; tba N K '? of Motion 3t, aaatmn* 23, St.B. ar.d 3$,? f towraiiip 24, artiaaa 1.2. and Situ* NK V of Motion 4: t n? N K \?( vootioc 1?>: aooti*** 11.12. and IS; the N K \ of Mca.m 14; a*?Uon a. of tovnthin a. of ranee 17. T..?n*Kl? *1 9M iamI 9 L?mI 4; til# .N K \* of aection 5; the NK V of eeotuKi 9; aawtions le to u, mcluti ve; the N >- ?ol a?ction IS the > K of ee? f tion 21; the tf W Jk of eaetioa *>; iosuoi SI; the t* W S of aectioa "U. of tovuhif 8; **t.on l ud ? to 9. inolQMve; eeetione If, IS, and 1? to St, toe a?i?e, the SW 1| of a*oti< n 22; ihef fc ^ of aeotioa 23. w* ttooa 24, to Jt, inc'Oiire, ? f J.iwmhip M{ tnvuhi* 2*, a?c'ion* 1 to 15. tnalaaivJ; eeotioa 17, the N * % or *001100 18, the NK \ <f eeotioo 22, aM.ion* 23, J 24, and 25; the N K If of ?e?tian *. of tow chip 2S; I eeotion 1;U>*9'' l^'-f ee-tion2;the9W of e*rti<>a 1 3; ?ectione ? to IS. iioloetra; the N W i| of aeetion 19; the NK W of wection 2"; eeouona 21 to K mo, a air*; the NK Si of action 27, ef t^wnaiup 25, of range 18. t'ra>,ti.>naltownahipa21.22.and 23 towaaMpa 34, 2*. and 26: eeetione 1 to 5. meineive; ?*oti<vi* to 17, no!n?iVf. erctlora 21 to 37, itM>!u?i*w; a?et ona 94 and 9>. oftowo?Mp 27; eectiona 1,2, and 12. of town ahip ?, of ranye 19. I- raiuon%] t< wnthip* 28 ard 24: towaahiae 25. 26, and 77; ouon? I to2< >nolo*ive, the NF. )( ?I - tion th? V t. ii at tecton W, aeotioa S&, of town ship 28, of ranee an. At the I and Office at Vmitt. oomroetioicc oa Monday, the 24th dai of June next, for tite aiepo. aal of the piituio laoda, heretofore mm#*red, e.ta at?u to the following township* and parte of town ahip*, vu. Sow '.k of tk: bm.'t Ume am J rati of th Mown' D?'lo mtrufim a. Town?hip? J7 and 2?; aeetioaa 1 to 6, inelaere; th* N K Wof aeattoa 7; ir-ottoDi I to 17, loeiuMre; the ? <>T auction 12; section*'t to %t, tnolaeive. tli# N r '? of wctior. ;J; trie N h S1' eeotion Si, *?ctu>n 34; the N W i| of cectioo ii, of towaetip J9, Ul IAURV *; T>>wn?hi/? 21 and 22; fra-ttnr.a' townahipa 23 and 24;towcfhtpa 2V 2S. and 2T. of iar*e ?4. Towr ship* 21,22, 23. 24. ?, 2h, 27, C. SB. and >, of ^Tovnrhipa C. J3. 24.25, 38,27, 2*. 29. and 3", of ratine 26. Townahipt 22, 23, 24,25, 26. 27. and ?#. of ra^r 27. At the I and Office at Has F*arci??-o. com inencinc on MondaT.tha l?ih ''a* of June ne*t. for the of the public !audc. heretofore offered. ?rua?- i wi'hin : he following townah pa and part* of townsnipa, via: JVwjA tf the '<?? line and ? ??( ft/ the M?ml /)n?'# mtr than Towr>rhip 8; aeetiona I, 2. and S: the N t J* of ee* tiou 4. the VN J* of *e>;tion 6. ?eotioii 7, th 8W )f of eectiuu'; the 5K 5? of eection ??; eectiona l? Ui 2b, ine waive; tae K S the an1 tue B S of the 9W \ cf aectun 2b; eeetiona 29. 3?, 3l,au?J Xi, of tovnahip 7, of ranee 3. Senth 11 f tkt base iin* and east qf the Afewaf Diablo meridian. Ti wnahip >' of ranee ?. Townahip 21: aecUona 1. 2 and 3; the K S of a?e tion 4: the t % of aentioa 10; auctions II, 12 and 19; the K >t of auction 14; a<v*tion 24; the N fc. Jkt of Mo tion 25. section 29: the :*K k of eection 26, t*e pL ^ of aeotion S4; eeitimSd. oftowc hip 24, tha 1* w V ofaectioo 14; aect;oua 15, jit 21 tr<i 22. the \V H acd 'he }?K H of aacliua 23; t!>e B V of aeeUon 2*. imMcds 25, .6 . 27 a* d 2?; theNK 1* of ifoiioB p, the N K % of aection 34: auction 3>, of towuahip 2S, of rarjee 10. Township 24; aeetiona I to It, imloaive. til* N H ?' ?1 Ill *.? 1Q a?.lu.i.,A. tk? V b U VI ?v V J * 11 I . Btn lunf * ' V ' M| IKViXDIIVi mv i? u ^ of sectiwii 29, the !*!-. Jtl?t ??j: nn 32; itubuoi B, M ar<l 35 ??f township tnvdhif 86 <>f rang* 11. Towtahio 27; lr:vc*iocai ? auon* 2 and 3, aaotions 4 to l<*t iLcfuaivP; f'tc'ii i * ac??ion* II 13 and 14; >5. !7 and |g; the \ ^ w of Motion i*; In* NE % ?f auction 22. a?cti"ii ??; fractional *ee*i?i>a 21 arm 25; tb? Nh ik of aecu?n J6, o( towuatip SB, at ran?? 18 TuWLahipa 25 and 27: tactions ! and 2; fraa tiona aectioua S. 4, 9 and 10: *?>ctio?a 11 to 15, ia?la aiv?; fractio; ai i?c?u>tis !7, 19 am! ee?t?ona 21 to 2o. iiio.usivi?. the N K 3tf?f taction 27; the N W ^ of action J?. of township :*,of ranse 14 Th? !X W k of a??tiou 3. tert.ona 4 to*, incluairf, the S VV \ or e?oti<>n lu. a?c! na 15 and 17 to 22. in olnaivr; aection?27 to S4, v*; lit* ?W i, of auction 35. of t<>wn*>,ip ?*. U>wn?hipa sn?n*t 3, j>ec tiom 1 t>? 12. irolnnvr; the N E V of atctiou 13, of towuah p 32 of rans?i 19 Th? ?(v J* of amotion 2T; th* 9E V and th? \V > ofa?oli<>nl7: ?+< ' I and ? ; tti? '? ?| auction 21: thetflV la < ( soetioD 2<; actions ?'< to 34, inolunv?; theSW % of amotion SS. of lmrn?hi> 30; towmhip 31; auction* I to 18, inciuaire; the \ W ?'f acotio i_i9, th^ NK of aert ?i a^tiona Si, m, M ana trie > h oi eecuon 2*. me ?n r. % 01 ieo ion p. ol towrrhip 3?',of range a?i The ?E V ofaecti.'B !7; the SVV 3? aeotion 1?: "CtioD? 1? ai.d 2U; tn? W >4 of aection SI; the >W Kef amotion ?7; aeotions 28 to St. itic luaiv ; the 5* Vt if aeotion 96, of to?r&a?ip At; towtihip Si. of rang* 21. Xortk of the bait Urn* ?iU ?? tf tk* 5m Btmar d-no mtruitw.. Section* 3 and 4; the N KM of aecti< 9 5; the NE U of aection #; aection 10, of t >wn*inp *; tue N W k ol l?Ctli>n 5; eectloneC.7, It. auJ 19; the r* \V ^ of ??ti<?n 3"; aeoUora 0. Jf>, SI. ar.d St; the S W ? of Motion Sy, ot I wi.ihif 9; r''c?:oc I: the ? M ><( ?<" tion 2; the SHvl eeotion S; the J*fi V of a ction 9; Motion 10 to if>. inc.?*i\*e, of lownaiup 1", of range 24 Sectiona 1 to 18, (negative, of towrah'p 9; the? W \ < f section 7, aeetionn IS to 36, l.,cia?:ve, of town amp l<?, of r?Bjp V6. The ?K M and the W X of eectsor. 4; aertiooa S to 11, meUiaive; amotion 12. except the N H of the NE If; eoctioua IS to 35, loeluei ve, ol towathip lft, of range 46 rectioiis 1 to 24, inclusive. the N? it of eeetioa 25. of townamp 10, of ran({e 27. Seotiona 1 to 13 incinaive, of to?rn?hip7; the |W it of amotion It; the H % of aection ?, the SE )< of aeoUon *6; cectiona 2"? U> 35. i&o.aaive, of townahip a, of range an. Towuiii.p U, of range SI. ftectiona 1 to 77. incinaive; the NE H of emotion 31. the NWkof aeotion 9'; the E H 01 eection Xt, auction S3, ot tovna&ip 1ft; toanahip tl, of ratge SI. Landi appropriated hy law for the aae of aehoolf, military and other pureoeea, or thoee oorerec by eoibrraed private land o a:ma. togtthfr with tre awarnp or overflowed .anda, will be exoiMed fr< in the talee. No " mtntrallmn-i* cr traota oontainmg min eral depoaita, are to be offered at the pablic ealee, auch niinera. landa being hereby exareeeip exempted aad fxcmdfd from aa e or other 01 poea . paraaant to the rtq uiremer ta of toe act of C? 1 gr?*aaepp-o?? c Maroh S, I8SS. entitled ** An act to provide for the ...K .. r.l.Cnral* tka| Ul v#i ui" puu iv .nuus in vsuiviiii ?nw ^' VI ? inn of pre emptiun rights therein, etd for okier pu-eoee* " Tne effort nc of the above landa wi.i be com menced on the ileya appointed, end ml eroooed m til* order in which they ere a?lve used entil th? ntl*ahell have been offered, end the ? lee iboa oloMij; hut no eele a be! I be kept over, longer then tw<> week*, end no private entry olen* of the leads will be admitted antil after uie expi ation of the two week*. Given under mt hand,at the City of Washington, this 'wenty second day of October, anjio fk*ai&i one thousand eight hundred and sixty JAMbtl BUCHANAN. By Ue President: Joe. 8. Wil son. Commissioner of the Genera! Land OAoe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Ex-err neraon entitled to the right of pre emptiwa to any or the laoda within the townahipa and paria of townships above ?na?ereted, is reeuiren laei tablish the aanie to the satisfaction of tne register end receiver of the proper land office. ana ?m4* MMthere/or a> soon ?.? rrattuabU after jssiag this notut, end before the flnr appointed for Lie cotniuencment of th? pabiie sate or the lends em Draoim tae trtei o.unwa: omerwiaa moo oiaiin will be forfaited. JOB 8. WILSON. Coiamiuioaw of the General Land Oftae >?:?.?Under the rafulationa of the I>ptrtm*&l, u he-.>u>fore and bow exietiac ao piym?r.t eac ba nuflo (or advortiaiaf froolamat one except W> a?h put-tier, era aa are aarJAertaerf to aebiiak by the comnuMlon*r of Um General Um Oftoa. oo K UwiSw.T At FRFNCH *E|UcfiBWifr*B. ?T? Pa. a*. A'tnti f?r tk* Wkek Wmrid. Po'k* Moot a, elecaatiy boand. e'inu?? oa toned paper, full Turkey Oi t: rio? #10 if aaat by jaail. The Moral Hatory of Woiaaa, from the French of Erneet l.ecore, trana.atcl by J. W. Pa-u-er, *. 1); price 91 b? mail. Ail of Marion Har aad'a Book a, Neaieeta. Mnee Bid*. Huideo Path and Alone; pr:oe aaah MiJS br Oil Travels in the region# op thb . L>p?r ??4 Low Amnor, b? T W. Atkinson, Vitk ft wftp ftod aairoroai i'laatrftUoos; ?rMt MA Laoa?Uo, ft to tfte Jew at Vftroaft, bj K. A. B:&cft, 8. j. Hume a !*j?llfth, or tl>? Enckftot^d Ini, ud otW Tft M, wiU fta :r.trodftotton b)MiN Pftro.*. Yolfttn* one of Tom Brovn ftt Oxford, ft *????( - J.'.jBj.jjsi ZSZVS&teH. 4? t ftftrMr KltvwU ?t ftidn. ftt. 12.0001Mm??, .tSS f UftftttetUon..,' t*> p< U>c to uur iftxcvftbd v*<t m McUd stock oT Otunpftiue fta J Crfth a pp* CtAar, * jftli ve tucMUtto U r?r* jHMtft, ftMl vtll tft Si* ft" M n*. wVSitC * raotional amotion* 1 ud 2, aaotioca 3. 4. 3, and ( tha NE X of lotion 7; Motion*!,*, 10, una 11; fra? tional aeotioa 12; aaonona IS. 14 and 15; tha > E If? ration 17; tha NKk of tectum XI: aactionafi to t inolu?ivo; tb? NE v if aaetion 34; aaetioa J&, c to?rr?hip j; atctiuai 1.^, 11,12. 13.14, 23 , 24, ZJ, a and 35, of tovrnahip 6; aaot.on 1; tha NEW of aec tion 1 aeotioca 12,13, 24, and 25, of tovmahip 7, ? rang*?. The S\V V and tha W H of tha BK V of aeotio 18; aaoti<>n .9; tha W H of aaotion 29; *aoQona * 31. and 32; tha 8 W V oi aeouon 33. or townahip , tovnnhipa 6 and 7. a?otiona 1 to 5, inolnaive; ti N" Itf of aection 6; aactionaSto 15, molaaiva; Ui NE Vof amotion 17;, tha NE Jj ol aaotion Tt: aac tiona22 to tl, mclun v*; tha t*E JW of aaotion 33; a*< tiona 34 and 35, of towachip , tf rangas. Township* 7,3, and 9. of raaca 9. Tovntn. pa 6 and B. of ranga 10 Tovnahipa 8.7. and 3, of rang* II. TownahiMCand 7; township 3, usiit aaotioi 31 and 32, of ranga 12. Tovnabipa 6,7, and 3, of rang* 13. At tha Land OitailjtaoctToii, oommmeing c Monda*. tha ITthdn* of J ana naxt, ?>r tha dupoai of tk? PobUo land a haratortora anoaarad. aitaau iu the folio vint tovustupa and p*ru of towufci* *i*t South <J tkt kau /mm and Mil of tk? MmmI Dm* meridtmn Kwnthip* 5,6,7, , 9, and J?, of fWN 14. stiona 3 to 1*. inelnaiT*; * eUna U and 17 to 1 lnolvu *e; B??tioD Si to St. iiolMn, of tovnil, WniSUfcT IUSLL irirtl II 19 mmwwm WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARC AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. TITlf TTTI <1 vviiliujaiii, sole: proprietor 19 SOOTH WILLIAM S! NEW YORK. 10* SALE Iff WASHINGTON BY I f-lr baftjovft * suuttt ?Wi IUU i lUJ?UOUIi3, ??? r Ob. IV1 e 94-611 opposite Willardi' Hotel. ALTiMORK BUTTER HOU$E. Dailr reoeivim freah and sweet, in Goihen pao! ago*. Alto, Ohio Butter, at l'\H and liW oer.te. ELLICOTT * HEWB8, It 2d Rinhini* PIua. KjUtimorA. 275 ALk,?N 27, JACKSON, PLASTERERS, Pinna. Avbnui, Between lAth and 11th atreeta. je U I TAKE NOTICE! WILL# Take ail kind* of Virnima moner {or n book defta *i?d for Boots, 5*ho-a. and Trunk*. A persons indebted to m* wi'l oa 1 and aett UP. or I miia 1 be nomDrtiied tn ?IV* th?r ???? | ,dV>U?l?4. .1 ??'J~<SfoVKR, ? no 81 i'ft. av? between W? mm! 10th i a* whole <'f irattiouvl section 2; fraction*! as tl?n 4 the W of th"? N W K %nd t?? W^uftl WW Vi of ?eotion16; thff NK\ NF. Atf of section t?e HW J* n d th? 9K W Sk % of section 10: tl U NW k of aeetion 14; the "w fc SEfcof'ee t!0" IS; Th* !* W W N W V of a^ci'on jS; tbn t ectior, thfEHjW W. V"1 ?W * *>VVK of ae tion 24: the N ft NK Stf a.nd til* i?E)< o'section J the NE * N W V. th t* * N ? * ?u)d tbe E H 8 H of iretion J2; the riK \ NE V ?nd tns Y *4 8 '? of a?-t!?a ~4j end the W * \ k w. the DKNi *, thcN HSWU,fii?9W)<8W\ tue 8 8& K nf a*- tton 3B. townaftio 18, uf i?"?* 8. Ti 9? & 9K Vof amotion 38; theNWfcNW ? end the SE * ?W % rS etotionSA) and the W .nd i NE i rf a?e?i'.n 14 towuphip 17. of rs"r*ft. Tti* N P. \ SW ? h-.<T Jne SK 1% 9W V of se I lion 4 ? * ' S li N W }A o. >eo'ion t>; itf? h'JL' hi ? i tie !\E li NW'? "fa- tit t U: tno ~K V NEbl n" ! ; th* ?r.N W i on >?; and tl NK kNW \ &ud sE * ?N V >* ofi*<*ion?, tow iwp !>. Of rvx* ?

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