Newspaper of Evening Star, January 7, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 7, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. VikomiA ?lavi Tsavric ?In hla speech at Richmond on Saturday night, Mr. Croppt-r *t*t*d that in te*io, five thousand slaves went South from R'chmond or?r the Petersburg "*><' a like num Ker went on the Tsnnesc* road, and two thousand for all other wnys, and at one thousand dollar* acb, twelve million* of m?n?r oauic to Virginia from the South?many think mora. JE7" It wu rumored in prlwte circles on Wed nesday, that an attempt hnd been made to aasaaai nate Senator Wade It waa aatd that he was dogged through the previoui day by an unknown y ?msii ?Kn urhon Mrrtfiftd. tn uiva mv account of bimse'.f. The rumor created conaider ble excitement at the Capitol, but nothing definite ha? been learned. f!T Moriti Mendelaohn having bad a difficulty with bis landlord, in Philadelphia, went into the kitchen and put a l*rge quantity of arsenic in the onp prepared for dinner, on Vonday last. Sev eral hoarders were seriously aff cted by the pol anu; but the prompt of phv?ici*ns pre vented anvserious results MendeUon wu lod ,n J*11- ' lLr A reward of one tbousand dollars la offered In New York, for the recovery of a boy about fifteen yeara of age, named Waiter Tucker, whe U'm furrlhlv kii)n*nnMl from Kfa rnnm at Va ?JO Amity street, while' retiring to bed about half put nia? o'clock on Friday night. Inckmdiaby Lasovaoe?Ru(j? Hendrick, was arreted at Clarksville. Va , a few days a?o for uttering insurrectionary language. Ills head was ptrtly shaved. bia face blacked and he wai then carried about towu a little. He was shipped for Ohio. IZT Th? Minute Men of 'TO, of Philadelphia, under the command of Captiln Berry, fired three salutes of 33 puns each, on Wednesday, in honor o(Major Anderson. UjT Charles Gordon a!Us Robertson,tb* wound ed New Orleans burglar, recently escaped from the Charity hospital where he was receiving med ical treatment. i:r?Mr Cobb, the lat? Secretary of the Treesu ?. a. ki I..1 - .st ? M U '* - .luuKiiy iiw.tcu i>v uiu0 01 me no*-spapers In fJror.Ma. They call Uim ' * pretender Bad c bar Wan In political economy." If/* A sexton at Plymouth hiving fonnd a ?1?J bill In wiping tbe church, It waa claimed by one of the deacons, and tbe two nre ji?'uK to law to see which shall have the money. IH7" la Richmond, from the l?t of October, IH50. to the l?t of January, 1fe61, there was an increase in the inspections of tobacco of 3.<W4 ho^sL-ads over the tame period of the laat year previous. ITT"A policeman of Cincinnati named Dtlton, la aaid to hive fallen heir to a fortune of one mil lion pounds sterling. In England Statistics ?In Alexandria county and city, (Va ) last year, there were 91 marriages, 108 births, and 1,452 deaths. \JJTl"pwarda of 820,?)00 will be realiied in Keokuk county, Iowa, tr >m the quail trade alone. They co?t sixty five cents per dozen. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. Wll.LARDS' HOTEL ?T T Kinney. NJ. R J Dobbins, do; Mr and Mr? Eltsh, Ct; <1 Strong, NY, J M Woodhouae, Pa; II B Anthony, RI, J* C Ely. Ct, W H Aspinwali, NV; R M Magraw, Md; T J Saunder, USA; A D Davla, Va; A M Lvuah. USN; L Sturtevant. La; II 11 AUen, Cal; W M Burwell, Va; Mtaa Burwrll, do; A 11 Daw, Va; J M Bcovet, NJ, J R Sanderson, Pa; J Mc I to welt, Me; J T Moore and lady. NY; Col De Rus?e\\ U9A; Miss Robinson, Md; Miss Uibiou; do. Miss Boteler, dc; Mr Redinger, do; Mr ?Jib aou, do, L Stet?.>u, NY; S Sl?it>*on, Caaa; 11 Starves, do: J Weill*, Tenn; T Burrows and ladv. .NJ; J S T Burrowcs and lad}*, do; T Fut? and lady, do; J L Edwards, Pa; Hon K McPh?*r oii. do, \V Bnrrowes, NY; Miss Uou^enblm, do, R A Lddy, Ala; (J A Phelps and lady, NY; (? 1* Smith. Pa; E N Bates and lndv. Iowa; Hon G Kunkle. do; Gov II Fish, do; E Rohde, Po Ca bello, E W Leonards, Cal; C M Fauntleroy.L'd.N; i ?? c-a. ,u i; J Kelt, do; Dennis, do, J Tbomas. La; J K Hawier, Ct; J M Clinch, Ma?; W Bliss do; W Hackett, NY; W I) McAUster, USA; B F Voorbeoa, Cal; W P Garrison. do; E P Jamfi, NY: J J* Dei; C Taylor. NY; T A Mor rison. NY; A H Forwood and lady, Enjj; H 11 tiolln^ahead. Pa; XV Graham, Md. NATIONAL HOTEL?Hon II C BennetUvy; A Parkin, Va; 11 N Wilmarth, NY; i)r WiU.m, Kv; Mr Keuit-dy, NY; P B Tyl^r, Mass, VV F Wilson and lady, Daevlah; J R Powell, Ala; II ti Keg. Md; L VV Williams, do; VV A Shephard, NY; \V Stewart, Pa; A A Marshall, Va; J Hen ton. Miss; VV P Hammond, Fa, 1> Stone, R!; Hon J \ Brown and lady, Ky; M Degoiladi, Alex; O G Lynch, NC; J M Johnson, N\;SF Brl^iand and lady. N-L G E King, .\ Y: (i R Redinuer, Va; C 11 Roger* and lady, NY; F VV Weimi, Md, G VV Hungerford, do; 3 H Loaiitoch, Mo; H > M Fenlon and iady, M*m, C E Gregory, J; Mrs 1 Goodeuow, MY; J T Thomson. da; J F BUkf, Va: R B Boiling, do; 0 R Paddletoford, do; NV H Duke, do; T U Parne.Me. Hon G G Hawkins, Fla;G A Martin, Md; J R Hogg, NY; W Camp bell, NJ BROWN'S HOTEL.?J 81abk, G Hanead. H Giuulth, J B West, W Cooper, t McMullen, C Frost R li Header, J C Cabell, O R Fuus on, \V Taylor. J Hoaeley and If. Mis* Mills, E McCor Miiek. G W Wood. J M Ford. H L Foster. D C Palmer, W H Herbert, J M Vaugtian, C J Heart well and If, Va; N Fleuigent, VV H Siiies, J A Nimino, J Ridley, NY; W Smedes, L Ma^ruder, 8 W EliicoU, A Handy, Miss Martin, Mlw; J Sal ladee. J McCotbers, Fa; R A Farbam. lion C C Clay and fam. R Thvrn. R Prodou, Ala; M Mwut er, J W Walker. J H Maddax, Md; H B Todd, J C Kennett. Mo; W L Bayard, 80; W Anthony, NC; C W T>ler. C C Helien, DC; G Clay, Ky; Hon J H Rag&n, T Davis. Tex. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?E K Norris. SO i G B Waiiington, J Monbauin, 8 Sweet. M Frumpton. L Towniend, NY; T H Gillispie. H Shackelford. Va; J B Leach, Cal; J 8 Grobe, Del; A Coleman. M^>n, G Meyer. FtA; J Connor and ly. Mass WASHINGTON HOUSE,?G N Baldwin. CI; A J Davis und ly. Hon C Hail, Fa, J Coodwortb, lit: Hon C B Tompkins, O, F Stanly and ly, NC; J Daffy, Tex. C Clark. Kan. OLHAa\ a TKAMERS' 3AILING DA YS Fkcm tbb Uhitu Statu. 5 Uani*rt- Learn. For. Days. Caiada -Boston ^.Liverpool Jan 9 Austraiauan Now York .Liverpool Jan 16 Fro* Bdbopb America. Liverpool... .Boeton _.Dec 23 Tout <nia Moa:h ptun,. .New York ? Jan 16 The California inaii ateamere leave on the 91b, 18th, au'J -?>lb of evBrj month. /0\ NOTICE. /Ov JT* X REMOVAL. XrX O U 1 have removed my V O PAWN FFICE t>S5l C afreet, between 4H *n<l 6tn streets. imme liiawsjf ib the rear of tfca National Hotel, wn*re tho t'usiness will tie continued a? at the oid ?t?ml | no 15-6.ii 1 IS\\r. H KK / HKRW. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD,at the lowee ?v?u.t/.e prioe. T. j. k w. %l BAiT t,* r?.w- lltii *ad liUj .ti., ? ________ worth ?ii| - ' c- * xcrt. x. a*t*t. ^ a was MriMfl _ ,I' ii * aftiti lJU*,MOT**ACTRY, *-* _ attuknars at tim WLi KMttw 1? SfIftTSSiff&"i?rror. a* Ar wTTT^Fvrrr ?*8 P*.. Ajr., tew. 11th 4Jn> Ut* Bt?? SW *" "? ? (@?9Kfr S B a6ONABLE dry goods; Men?o- kwU'n(( FtaaMto. Bi"ketVaa ?lIfcP*ilCloti?. Luiwy. :kR^ R;pi; Inui Limd **' J?h~Unt,fao<>,><Hl Sk^:klB> Wki?a??* ? *Mk ' ^""SS&MtaAr1 *ta' A!p.l^r0kl#^ a- Cowforu. To we'll nr. " ?tWor\"nr^%iiX: F, <?. ? "ife^WSSN.* ?>* . ' MKRCHANT^, uvAiiiiwi on And whoWanie d*?ier? In hill rt:ED, court Corner of Utb tod J? itrMU. VV Mhingto:. city. |! f I'wh pfar nil kind* of Grtin. no i"> 8m A NKW At frknch 1 hichstEi^ s, ars Pa. at. Antntt Jar the vrhole World. f?>k? H< e e*an?iy bomid, pni.u<1 on toned mmr. full Turk*? til U vri?? 9It) if ??nt bj mm! The Morni History of W.oma.n, from the Frearfc Sr Krneet L**ore, tr*.n*lAte<l by J. W. Paimer, M. price $1 bj mnil. An of Marion H v ind's Bi-ok?, Nmeiir Moii Piti*. iLud?ti Fail aid Alone; price eaob #1.23 by mnil. w- >1 JMfURTANT TO HOUttKRKEF KRtL E. R. Dl'RKEK A CO/8 G aranteod not nnl* tASSifiES-MKSSWSSh i: t,"s7tsax seftrta? mrenaM! imvrw^.wa B*i are ala^S M?v?rj?b ? all ; vtrnai { ? v 1 a ? *n / ? ?iA> iriii *V>fc.ia:>t<? frov*. ...UIIKK^ CO.. to u J, 1*1 P?*fl N?w York. GAS FITTING, Ac. pLl'MBERS AND OAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON * CO. WomM n?.l the attention ot **ter taker* to tb?tr fill 4?aortm?nt of Fixture no^mart to tUintro d?ction jm fol ovm-K]TCH KN RANOE*.BATH TIBS. WATfcR OL08ET8. HOT WATER OOiLKRS, KrrciItN 8?NK?, PUMTtV Irua. Wrouiht Iron, aud (JaJvani#*?f \v \ mmtffifs* paTe wash iitTint superior uvtotuN, with praotioal knowledge, v* *re pfp+rM to mtrodaoo Wil#t into dwellings vrtth all the latest iir provw snta, prunptiy, and at prio?a that oaaoot fail to eaUaiy. 969 Penn. avenue, no 24 dtMar 1 b?t.9th and l^th eta.. south aide. Awm. t. doVE * CO. RE New prepared to axeoato aup ordera with wtiioh ther mar be hmrM in the FLUMDING, OAS Jg HTKAM FITTING gtoro on Wh street, a loir doom north of Pa, are one, where may be fonnd a oomnlete assortment of CHAN I)KLIKRS and other 6AB, ITKAM *t,d WATER PI XTITflEB. gSt\t WO A S FIXTURES. E Have in atore, and are dai.jr receiving, OAS FlXfCiUCSotentirely New Patternsand Deairns and Finish, mperior in atrle to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite oitizeni general It to oall and examine our stock of Gaa and Water Fixture?, feeling confident that we have the boat aelafoted atook in Washington. Ail Work in the above line intrusted to our ear* rill be promptly mended to. MYERS & MpGHAN. S-tf 3T? 1? i I SNYDER . ' Clumber and oas pitter. Hu removed to-th? corner of Twelfth and F stf. He is prepared to in'rodnoe Water and Sunpon the mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties entire satiafaotiun HeFas on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whMiu he will sell less than oost. as he wishea to get rid of them. no 17 f \FF1CE OF 1NSFECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAS METERS. WAMUMToa. July It, 1SOO. NOTICE IS HEREBY oiven, That. agiee ably to the provisions of the oidinanoe of the Cor poration approved May 12, lSfln. the undersigned is now prepare.],"whenever required in writing, and Every meter, if found incorreot, will be condemned, and another. sealed and marked aa true, wilt be set in i*? place. If proved to be aoourate in its measurement of gas, it will be sealed aooordiugiy, asU &tvn put 111 positioa (or use. OAoo No. 510 Seventh street,(near Odd Fol rwo nan t "pcj irumBii. TH.? U) 0 B, m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 13-tf Ina??otor and Sealer of ttaa Meteri. P OFFICIAL ROPOSALS FOR ERRCT1NG A COURT HOUSE AND POST OFFICE AT PHILA PHIA, PA. ^_ V Thkamry PKrAKTHXXT, Daoambar 23,19^0. Skalkd PaoPD?*L? will t?o received attlna De partment until the 23d day of February, A. D IMI, at 12 o'oloolc at noon. for the oomtruotion of the Philadelphia Court-Houiw acd Poet Offioe.accord in* to the p:ans aud eppoifixations prepared at thia Department. ' The?o propo?a!a must be for the whole work;bnt Moh portirn of ihe work and the amount b d there for inuat lw separate t stated in the hid; the respeo tive amount for oaeh kind of work carried out, fcnd tho tofjfc.1 amnnnt 1 nervine the right to reject or ?oo?pt the proposals herebj invited. or any part* thereof, w.ien .t>leeins the interest of the United States require* it; the Department also reserves the nrV t>> exolu'le the bids of any person or persons whom there is jnst came to beiieve will not faithfully p?r?frm the con tracts, or which the* have attempted to obtain by indirection; and all bids when there shall be parMes in inUreet who do notjoin in the bids, and a.I bids that, upon investigation, are beiow a fair prioc for the work. Mo contract will be awarded to bidders nnti! do tails are f<jrnr*he<t the Department of th? prices < { the difler^nt kinds of work and materials, which a"i. ii be subject t > th<> revision <>f the Dep^itiaeut, so that the croos bid nhall l>? ruiita!" t appor' ioned upon the whole wort to nuiue the Depai tment in 1 iu-vftiu; pnym?r is. N inecr 5??' cent. of the amount of work dine find materials de:iv*fed, aoonrdinic to contract pria<?, (md amount to be ascertained by the estimate of an <*f the Department appointed for that pur pose.) will be paia from tune to time a* the work pro<re?s*?, And te ! per o?ct. retained un?i! the com pUt.on of tne contract and acceptance of the work, <tc.. by the aeont aforesaid, and lie forfeited in the ' event ofnon fulfilment of contract. Cvnt'aou will be awarded oulr to maitir build ers or inec' auios, and the assignment th?reot. ex cept by cona?c.'. of t~e secretary of the Treasury, will be % forfeiture of the same. Each propo*?; must be accompanied hTawritt'n : ?uai-\iit~e, -iiti.ed by tw ir^ponsibl^ persons (o?r : tified te ^ so iit the United States District Judge, i or Attorney of the said d'striot.) in the sum <>f i 92-1,noo. that the bidder will, when required, if hie | proposa b? ao*epted. enNv into a oontraet and ! hojji. with proper ar.d sufficient seourities for its j fa<thfal perfinna' oe. P!a- *, spott.fixations and vrorkiac d'a* mes can l* nx%;ni'."d aiter forty d?ys, an! jjth?r infurma- I MV? wuwiuou uu mpp iOlUOH to lit* V+pm.' ttumut. The propna n mu*t be sent to this Department, ! addressed to the Secr?t*rr of the Treasury. (en- I dor'td" Praritn\al\for the Philadelphia Court Hou*t , iHit ro*t ( firt,") and will he opened at 1 o'clock p. in .?>! ttie a?t dav n*me>1 for reoaiving the Rama, in the preeanoe of the bidders, if any ohoose to at tend. PHILIP F THOMAS, de2?6?fc}taw Secretary of the Treasury. THE ONLY PfiEPASATION WOETHT OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE yon STATEsJTk.V, JUDGES, CLEKGYMEN. LADIES. and GENTLEMEN la&.i parts of iheworid testify to the efficacy of PROF O.J WOOD'S IIAIR RESTORATIVE, and rentleinen of the Pr?s? are unammoai in its 1 praise. A few testimonials only oan l>e here given i Touisr lor luora. and it will b? impossible for ' you to doubt. 47 Wall Strut. Nmw York, Dec *>. 1350. Gentlem n: Your note of the 15th instant hai beea received, Faying that you had heard that I : h'.dbeen Lenefited by the use of Wood's Hair Re- ! fltoratlve. AD 1 rPflllMtinir m? , . ^ - ? n " J UVI ?t uwnkO VI HIC iOfUl if I hai no objection to give it. I I award it tn fou eh?e. fuliy, because I think it | due. .My ate i? about 50 year*; the onior of my h?:r*u''ii-3, awl moaned to ourl. S five or , ' ?ix >ears ?iace u bogan tu turn gray, and the ?o\> I on thecown of my nea<l to lose it* sensibi'ity and dandruff to form upon it. Eaoh of theeedisagree- , ( abilities inc.'.Mi'J with time, and about 4 months smo<* a fourtn was added t-> them. by hair failing off tue top of ciy nead and threatening to make ine ; Hi lu this unp'ranant prodicament I was iodueed to I try V\ ood's Hair K?*torative, mainly to arrest the ] fa'lin* HIT o{ mjr hair, for 1 had re/llly no expecta- i J ti<m t. ai gray hairoould ever be restored to its I original ooior except from dves. I was. however, 1 g eatly surpns-d to had, after the use of two bot | t.i.? ouij, Uat not only was tue failing oil arrested. , i but ti.e c-io<- was esfored to the gray hairs and senmbi'ity to the soalp aaddaudruff toform | i on my head, T?iy much to the gratification of my ; wife, at whose solicitation I was induotd to try it. 1 1 For this. a:r.<>u< the many obligations I o?e to her sex, 1 strongly reoommend all nusbande who I va ue the ad in i rati n of their wives to profit bv hit 1 example, anl use itif growing grar or gettinc Lad. Very respectfully, Ben. A. Livi*di*. I i i o *t. j. Wood ft Co.. 444 Broad wsy, N. V. M v family ar* at>?eut from the eity, and I am no longer at No. It Cariol Place. *lAMSTO!?, Ala., July 20 To Pior. O J. Wood; Dtar Sir? V'our "Hair Restorative" lias done my nair ao muoh good 1 commenced th? ua*oi it, that I wish to make Known to the pobiio of ita effects onihe hair, whien ire creat. A man or weman ma* benearly depi i v*d i?f hair, and by a resort to yonr**Hair Restorative" the liair will rctnrn more heaatifnl than ever; at least this is my expanenoe. H-lieve it a'l' Yours truly. W*. H. K*!?kdt. P. S ? You can publiah the abova if you lik? By publishing in cur Southern paper* you will net m ?re p.itro'.ag? South. I aee several of vonr cer tificate* in the Mobla) Mercuryi a strong Southern paper. ' W. H. Kk.nedt. WOODS* HAIR RESTORATIVE. Prof. (> J. Wood: D*ar Sir: Having had the misfortune to lose the best poition of my ha.r, fiom the effect* of tn* yei.ow fever, in New Orleans in i*^, 1 was induced to make a trial of your prepara tion and found it to Answer aa the very thin? uoj-ded. My hair ia now thick and flossy, and no words can express my obligations to yoa in giving to tho alBioted suoh a treasure Finlst Jou.^soa. The K estorativt is put up in bottlea of three sixes, viz : 'arge. medium and small; the small hold half % p:nt, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the me dium holds *t least 20 per oent. more in proportion than the small, rctaila for two dollars perbottle; the large ho ds a ?uart,40 per oent. more in profit lion, and retails for A3 O. J. WOOD & CO , Proprietor*, 444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louie Mo Bold in this o ty by C. 8TOTT, 372 Pa. avenue. an n eoTy-a!w ___ Illustrated books FOR PRESS NTS. We have now our usual l?rjce and mn<nifioent sseortmento'"lerantl? bound and Hlu?trated Boeke Tor Prevent* fur the Holidaye. The aew Book* (or this tear aro verv beautiful. Our Juvenile Department oomprises all the latest Books r ut and al> the o'd ones suitable for chil dren. The Dissolving View Pio'nre Book is a new thing for the little onee. Our assortment i f Writ me Desks. Portfolios, Paper Tioes, Papier >l%ehe Boxes, Fancy Inkstands, Geld Pens, Fanoy and til other styles Penknives. Paper Folders, Cutters, ko , 4o., is large and varied, and will be sold at pr.oes to suit tbe tines. BLANCHARDA MOHUN. de m cor. Pa. av. and Eleventh et. p 9ALT9 7 UlTY STEAM F1RK-WOOD MILLS COAL *** DEPOT. Foot of S*o<*l"ntk lirtti, btlow War JApartmenI. W(K>D prepared, any length and size, to suit he wants of each purohaser Pit A . Wl <" # * * -*r,ri in UUAIi HOUPK8,fPOto?t?d rora tho we?ther?delivered Irm from slata, dirt, Lud citncr impurities. 2JM" lb*, to the ton. fTi. ft W. M. WALT, no 10-tf 'j??a ft. %r.. b?tw. Ilth and mn ?U. .im ci^^iS'^XSAKUS. rliicu w (narai.tM to M jure Jno*, aba wiu be old on rauonahlo torn* f> ortrar to insk* room "o" w^Kyf^v?, fa t No. IT BfMn ?t. 5 Lu\ i KK p tjaiNt. FIGS, canVo.n linger ? ? <le& HI NO * BUgCHKLL. MISCELLANEOUS. UIOTTCK OF JHK Rfc-TORATION TO MATh1TBTATE OF WlScb^WN. 1N Amotmlint in tkt Arrrrtfite to Fifty tkrt* Thous and Acrtt. The grant uf land to Wisaonninb? tot of Con great. approved A tic net 8,1A46, "to ua inthtim proromont of tb? Fox and \V isoonsia rlrera and to oonnMt tii* taire by a oanal in the Terntcry of Ul(l f K A RAla havin* Men so far adjusts u to authorize ths restoration to maiket of tkw lands hereinafter de scribed? S'otia i* k*rfby gictn that all the following va cant and unappropriated lands which were sabiect 10 private entry at the date of withdrawal, will be restored to private entrv on the days and at the plaoes hereinafter rprcined, at the ordinary mini mum prion ol 91-26 per acre, or at the prioesto which they may have graduated at the date of withdrawal At the Land Oflloe at Mkkasia, on Monday, tfc* 21st day of January nest. North Of the hast lint and east qf the fourth princi pal mrridian. N E fraction N Fox Kiver, of section 10, town ship 12. of racier NW* NK3<.NK Nw Jtf, and N W Ik N w of section 4, towostup iS.ranie 9. NW^NRK ?EX NEX.NW X, VV K8W >4 and L * rtE \.of section *. the N *V * sW * of section 4, thj 1. action on the east hank of Fox river of section 8, the NEi? 8WM rf??<,tion 10, the 8 % B' - if ?eotion 12, the W H N W v? % d >f .teetion l4,theNE )4 NE vV NKIi and *N W % of seouon 24; the t*K w aw w and a vV * HE * ?f section 2S, and ths N VV >4 SW i J ? ? - -. ? ' - ? - * ua si, >4 on i4 01 mouoq Si, towcactp 14, of 8KSE of aeotion 3f 1 he 9\t K NE the SE S|NW wild the N K \t SW Si of aeotion ?; the b W W J* of imuoo 8 the S? W \ NW and NW \ 8W\ of aeotion 10: the NE ? ? N wlc of aeotion 18; tie ?? % N1\ and the VV >? N w \ of aeotio n 80; ?:iii N E hi N E >4 of aeotion JO, town ebip 14, of range lt> Tae EH N W of aeotion 12, and lota 6,7. and t aeotion 18, townamp 18, of range 15. TnedW It NK V of section It, And the NW M M, )i of aeouon 22, townahip 19, of rtvnge 15. 1 he NKMNWmoI aeotion 4. the ? E * 8E X, and th? W >? SE % of aeotion 6, townahip 30. or rang* 15, Tne iE)?NEi?' of aeotion 90, townahip 19, of range lfi. The E X N E -V of eeotion 8, township SO, of range The NW of fraction weat of Fox river, of aeo tion 111, townahip 20. of range 17. The NE h bE V of aeotion 6, townahip 22, of rants 17. J 110 NE X NW \ of aeotion 34, townahip 15, of ranee 18. The N K NW X of aeotion 12, townahip 16, of range 18 4,w, . Vl VvV..</u >?i v? ?-v W IIBIIIU* ' ? VI I Oblige If). The SK J(N\V M, and the b X SW of aeotion 14. township 22, of ranre 14. The St, sW of aertion 14, townahip 16, of rang* 19. _ ., ? Tne W S 8W >4 of aeotion 29, township 17, of rjn<e 19. ... , . Lots No. 2 and ti of section 13. and lota No. 4 ana R of amotion 14. to wnship 19. of i ante 19. Th?>*E >4 SE Aa of aeotion 22, township 20, of range'13. T. e K S NW and the SE \ 8E X of aeotion 12, township 21. ot range 19. Lota No 1,9. auds. and the SW '? N E S? of aeo tion 10. the NK >4 8W of section 14, W S NW ^ at d the W S 8 W >4 of aeotion IB. and the tXMh and the SE St oi aeotion3S. township 22, ol tango The W X NW of aeotion 18, townahip 21, of range 20. The whole of section 30, townahip 22, of range 20. The rt' K SW V of auction 30, townahip to, of range 20. At the Land Offioe at Falls or St. Caoix on Monday, th?? 28th day of January next. Xortk of Ik* bast line and irest of the fourth princi pal meridian. The W X 8F. V, t*s 8E V SK V and the SW \ of sect'.on 2; the N >? of section 4; theS X ana N \V l4. ami S "f NK hi of section 6; the whole of xeatiMi 8; t e S H of aeotion If; thf> w?iole of sec tion 12: iha E H of section li; the SK >4' of section IO, i iic ? I. UIOUI r POHUU ** ', in" VV " ? IN *4 Ol section & tii*? J* >6 of amotion 21; the tj 3* ol &<' lion 2fi, the N S ofsPCtlon 28; the E X da:13W 3? ofxw Unn IT: the E }i anil N VV yi of aectioa 31; ihe E ,'2 ard NW of action ?> toarn-luo 27, of range 12. The K S N W V? a-.d N XVX .N W H ,and lot* 1 2 and 3 of aeoiionR; the wh^le of section 18,theN\V ?nd the aE '4 of seotion22; the VV ,'s of section 26; the }< of section 2R: the S? of *ecti<>n3-; the whole of section Xl\ aad the whole el atctiouSI, township 88, of ranee 12 Jhi W K *nd 8E '4 of eection 3; the whole of *eo tion 4; the who'e of *ootiou 6; the N V the ph ,'4f and the N E U SW 3u of section 8; the N E the E >, 8E U. the NW\ 3EJ*. and lot* 1. 4 5.6, and 7 ol section In; the wiio e of Heetion 12; the whole of section 14. the iME3?. the KKSK '?. and lot* 1. 2. 1 6.6,7 and 8 of section 22; the W X and the NEX of ?eoti?n 24; th? SJ ?-* and 1I1* VV % N VV ,'4 of section 2b; ai:d the K V. ofseotion 33,towiiship27,ofrante 13. ihe whole ol section2;the E J? and NW \ of section 4: the whole of seotion fl; tf>e VV X ol t?t>o Hon 8; tho whole of ?eotion 10; the whole of section 1 14, the whole of seotion 18; the E X of s?otion 2"; 1 tne N X, the N X of i*K X, and the N X of HVV ,l? of section 22; 'he E X Nt X> ihe N X HE s ml the K X SW X of seotion 24; the VV X and tne ISE }? of section .8: tho whole of sootion JO the whole of sectio 32; thertVV X N w X p.nd lots No 6. 7, ftinl 8 of seetion 34: ana the N X of section 3n. town h p 28, of ranee 13 imSW oi neotion 28, the NE X N K.1* ol seo tion 30; the >1 X nf. or Beotio* af, ?he N X. tne N % ol SK V. unil the H\V V ?.f ? . _ , ?? - - rm ? ? v?i oi'vil'fii la "?I?I the who!* of aeotion 38, township 28, of range 14. The S K BE X, the !* S ?W *, and the N \V * 8W 5% of ?notion 23: the whol? ot aeotion SO; the whole of aeotion 32; and the pNW N b the S S N E the N W Jf. and the S H of Bootion 34, town ship 26 cf range 15. TheN H, the J*K the N X 8W tf.and theSg Af 8\V J*, of aeotion 2, towiBhip 28 ?.f range <5 The whole of a?*ot<on 14; the wholo of aeotion 18; the whole of wction 22; the whole of *<M-tion 24; the whole of auction 26, the whole ot asotion 29; the N >* 8* of aeotion 32; the wlioie of aeotion 34; a >u the W )* and 8E '? of aeotien3G, towmhipiv, of ran?e (5. Tiewriole of aec'i in 2;'he NE^andth* N H 8E % of * etion 12; the fc X, the > ,lB *W aud the ? . >4 N W hi of H'cnon 14; the Nb % of aeotion 24; the N H ??1 aeotion 3?; the whnUol amotion 32; th" W H ot aeotion '14; and the K H and N W % of atction tovnacip 26, of laage 17. At the I.and Office at Eac Claire, on Monday, the 21s - i'av ol January next. North, nf the baa lint and west of the f mirth princi pal mrri-ltan. The whole of aeotion 32; aurt t*?e NKK NW!( v d W \ MW of aeotion 36, township 27, oi U, At the Land Office at Stxvzxs Point, on Mon la;, the 2Sth day of Jannaiy next. North qf th e bate lint and tat: of the fourth prmti pal meridian. The W > 9F X of potior. 4: the N * NV *, th? SE * N E *, th^ W fl * NW M, thf ?E V N W ! I*, and the A ** M SE of lootion 6; the t\ NE < W N X *w V aua the 8W >4 NW X of section 8; 1 tne HE >4 ?E \ ?f emotion 34; the K x l>| W Si, ana I NW bi ? W Si f ssotion 3fi. tjwnship 15,of range 2. The t* Si bW \ of section 32, township 18, of a,i n? NW Si NE '? of section 36, township 18, of fange 2 The W X NW fl. H of section 6; and the BE K 3E Si of section 36. township 19, of range 2 The N X SW K, and ths W^SE^of sootion 2; the N fi or section 4; and NE Si SE U cf seotion 24, township 17, of range 3. The W W Nf J*, the W Si seotion,and the W H J SE Si of section 4, the E K sw aiid N W Jf Bh of section 4: the W It Si of section 6; the EH sE >4 of section 8: the N ?V )?NW W and the fe W J? jW \ of section ?2; the K Si N E * of seotion 14, ind tne 9W Ji AW of section 86, township 18, ol ranse 3. Tt>? K U WW W -? < ik.OL' 1^ .1 ? ? " . ?.? u ,-4 ran" viiw vu /f ' '? vvi.i?u *ui ??v w >* NE^.the K H?W V andtne 8E * ol aection M; and t i? N W )? ?N K )%, lh? N W }4', and theNE 8W fV of notion 36, townntue 19, ui ranee 3. Tim N W * N W )i. and tne \\ H 8 W X of mo tion 1"; and me SW * SE \ of aeotion 14, of town ihip 16, of r*n|"4 ThejjW L NW V and the SWK of seotion 4; Lhe NK '4 N E fc, and the N E '4 8E\ of wotjon 6; the fX ?E 3< of amotion 8, ?>? \V H >E \ of see lion I"; lot ix o. 3, and 8 W >4 NW 1,'of aeoUon 12; the W >* of aeoUoa. and the E )* 8fci \iot aoctiou L?; the W X N W and the MS % b W >4 of aco tion 2J; let .mu 3, o aeotion 24; lot i>o. 2, ol ^notion to, an* the NW V NE *. the Sh * WE*. and ue 8W !% 8W * of aeotion 2d,towoahiy 17, of

ranee 4. lT.INo 3, the WHNW *. and the W * SW % olicotion 4; 1 he ?W .<4 ami the 8 >4 8E ? of sec tion 6; tho K J? NW V and the K S HW of aeo tion 8: the SW H NKV. the K H n W fc, iota Nob. I and 3, and the *W V4 N W 3* of aeotion 10: the N S NW *, the BW\ NW\ end iho 8W J* BW U of ?-eiion 14: th? ok- 4 N K an" the K N vv \ of aeotion 20; th? whole of aeotion 22; the N ?NK *, thetsE* NWJ(. and the NW X SW \ of lection 24; the N E )< i>W)( and tola Noa.i, i, t. and 4 of aeotion 26; the NE W of aeotion 28; the E? >i N W fr. V an I the N X B" X of aeotion 30: the NW)? NW\ the 8K N Wthe EH 8W \ and the NW)( SE 3tf of aeotion 3:; and t . N X ol aeotion 34 tewnnhip 18. of ranre 4. The 8 X of aeotion 32, townahia 19, of ranee 4. The tdh a-of fractional aeotion 4; the 8 \ SW {, and the 8 X 8F. X of auction <0; the N K \ > \ o! aeotion 1*; the NE X N i-X, the oVV W Nff M. and the W X ?W % of amotion 14: the W^NK V and IheNKUsW ' * ! ?U? KM "4 J** MoUon24;?n<t the N H N W >< tMNE J?8W >* W N fc >*. tli* N W J? BE * 01 tctioii 26. '?T" NPhVw M ofLot on 4; the N X WW *.tho u i tnl th? 8W life A? of ??oU>.n S, tbo N W jfc N *V ^ ol Mcuun It: th" W >? 8E ?,ld lot No 5 ofKc'ion 18; the NEM ?E &,"f $"on thi w iVw w, and the N W of t? 24- th - E H Nt *t*hH ?vv >* NK A*. wNWJ* N \V \?, ud the ak }* of *cuon 28, tne N S SE *% r>- faction 9^; the tth X. E Sr?^S'?? W K NE >/lNW?,N X *nV V N X HE w, and the oW >* of tottoa?8,to?nuhij 17,ofra??o ^The NF. >? and the BW 5* *E X of ?*etion ?-,aad the N H N SV \ and the b\V V? N W * of sootion "^W'VnkCT.NW X IU. 8EJ.8W X. Sj? lhN F % "?&? Kg'?W5 ,of?^Uo? Jul} *E 5 Nwfc OfiSrtioS & theNw x NEK of iSt.oBS4- and the NE >? kWK.jafth*ttW K *E K of ???t ?? *-tn _ ?? "' Mf ?w ui i rvuf ?3 o. Th^waoi# of fr&otiuu&I aaction 2; fractional aoo Jon 4. tna W }* of tha N w * nad t?ia W K of tha i.W \ of eotion16; tha NE\ NK \ oi auction 8; ha nW 3% and tli?8H)i[ PK ?f isotion 10; the *KVNW M of aaation 14; the W % ?E JW o/aec lo"> iwJwj^NWJj oiaaelion fi; ?h* * Hjol ?Mtooii, thaE> * W J?. and 8W kiWHoftrt KB?Uo.i, tha E S > W and 8W X - ion tha N )? NB A* sod tha ?e\ ha NE N W *, tk- 8 * N K *, u< i or aaotion S2; tha 8E \ NE JU, and ^ a ftSsASfis .nc ( Ik* aot'< KVJW?. ?E*8W!^ of c?oUonab, u?wa iat stsrHs swsgwws c;.a t?? NfcA? 8B 3k ul MoiMfl 32, to wnemp is.of r?U* 'TM N H BW At. the 8W 8W?, udilnNW^ PL V* of ? Hon 14; tho It H NK.:j. the fc V N K V.apd th? SK*ofiMl??Bta& UmNW^bI \ of Motion 34 uwukii 13, ?f r?u*e ? lb* NE W *E \ and iota p?o?.! and 2 of section 14 .low.,*hif IVoJrunJ. The B H iN W 4 of aeotioa 9), toviibli is, of raof e l?. At the I*an<lOCoeat LaCxomi.ob Monday, the flat day of Jancary next. aofUi V tlu bait tmt amd mi< tj tit fvutik prmti pal mtrtdiam. t. .k of Motion 2; L_ , of aeotim 10; to*u?hi? IS: th? NKM at Ui? T|># N >k ?f N E M of Motion 2; the 8W % NWk faeoti^nlO; to?u?hi? J3; th* NE h ot Uk NE ij of eeotion 6; the NX\ V ol tha S of rection : the N IS V "f the N W V or motion 14; and tie SE J% of the SE V ol township 14. of nunel. Given under try h*ud, ?' the city of WMhiBf ton. this 11th daj ?f l)?oeiiib?r, IMn. J??S &. WILSON, CommiRtiocer of the General Land Oflioe. d? 14-w4wF _ Gfl KJJitJLN K8. JtfOJIfTOK, BUTUIO LOCK BtflPItAl, /f?? Din?*rU tk* mmi Cfrltw, Sp**df, tmd Mi| Sfuntal Rrmtdf in tit World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF LMPRUDBNCEi LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEO ATELY. 1 OVRB WARRANTED. OR NO CHAMBM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. Weakatti af th? ka?k, luitniii ifiiitaM affka Ei4*ay? ud tnvaiatiury I>itkarjt?, lns*t?i>?yf fciirU iluy, NimwiM, piru*,Ce? ' en rid?o?, ?(ui ri,"r'raidi;7,Tr?ra?"!iB|m, Onnn??t ( >i(ill ?r Jiddmtu, D<mu* ?( U* *d. Tkraat, > Sk>n, ilitijwi ?f tk? Lnn, knucb w Mvala? ikn? Tirribl* DiMrdar* ariatof frta Mitary BaMU af Taath?ibat* Draadfal u< Danractiva PntUMt vktak IM" dtr Mirm(i taipaaaikla, tad daairay kau lady u4 Miad TOVMC MID ?PKUUT licmil iai >ICUU ( Ball try THlf ikti drmafil mJ deatracu** ktkit whieh annatllT iimh m la tnuineiy ffi?? Ibeataatlt af Teanf Man af the nvaai ** Jted Mi itt? ?o-d ktilltat intellect, wh? mif hi Mk?r*iM M*l entreneed littenuig lir.mi with Ike tbaodera a?elaoaaa *Uid la imii; tka Llncf lyre, >; Mil vtu nil < liitar.uif lir.nai with the tkaodera a?elaaaeat e at 4MM. iuuuu. MAMIE9 fHIOM,.! TaUfMti inUarlitUfMu rUft.kawf nut af akyeitti ttikiiM, upili dtkUHy? defarmitiae, *e., ereediiT cared. a wha plaeee honaelr andai U* tate af Dr. I. Bty rallft emai j canlde in hi* h?n?r t* a (eatleata tad taaldeatly raly tpaa hia tkill u a phyeitita. urriCK Ma. 7 SOVTI rUDUICIRltlT, left hand tidef?mf f?e?a Btltlnara etreu, t fa v daare 'r*m ih* tarnar. rail nal ta abeerTe ajuat tad lUkii. laetien I ka paid tad aaattla t map. *?l JOBMTOB, kleeakere aftka layal Callage afBarf aaaa, kaadaa, fiiiutl frani ana af the meet eminent Cailef ee la the cited telee, udtha |i(star pari af wheae life hte keen eptai ia the hae a?uia af Lao Jan, Paris, Philadelphia and alaavhara, kta af ??ttad aama af lha matt nalerieJiiof carta thai a art aval kntvn;nuriy traakltd ?Hh ricfinf In the heed tnd eatt vhenaeleeiv [rait ner**, beinf tlnrmtd at taddaa aanda, kn'-falnatt with frtqaanl blaaaiaf, attended aaaa ttmee ?Hk derar.cemetl af mind, vara eared liaaadlattlTi TA.EC PAKTICVkAK NOTICK. Ttli( Man tnd ethan wha h ?a ir.jarad ihcreeelvee bp t s ? ... W-.- - ? t.w napii laarnal fran I'll cainpamana, > at ithwi, tht afaeu wMr.b art nifhtly faIt a?an ?kin aalaap, and if sat c ???tf it i J ia m^rri-(< lirp?a?>k;t, ??d daitraya talk alod aid kadr, ahaald apply im.nadiata'.y Y*a?a art awca of tba ?*'i urd n-al-athaly (facta aradaaa* ky nrly haMta ?( rmt tii: Waxkntaa aftha Back aa? llmka, I'- 1Mb in th-a Hand, Uimnaaa af Bight, Laaa ' Maaailai Pawar, Pftlp<:aU*n af tha Uaut.Drapa^aT, Naraaaa Irrtukl Il ly , Darangarnan-. af tiia Ihgaauva taocf.act, nan! Pakl'.lty. aymp">"'? of *? aamptian, *c. MEItTALLY?T^a fasrfal afaata?n ika ixtad ?ra B??k U ka -Ira ltd ? Lota of Marnary, Carfuwn 4t Idaaa. t?apr?anaa f Bpirtta. ?il ''ar^rtiija, Araraiar.atfacial?,Ba!fl>iatT?at. ha'a af toll'?d?.T"iot;4rt?, at*.,art at*a af tka avlU ff daaad HtKTOII HKBILTT7 ?Yaaaaaadt ?aa aavjadga akll ia tha caaaa af lhair daciiMing haalth, laamg tha.? ?igar, at aarmog wtak, f t: a, nar?aa? and aiMbiatad. he?uig a a I I 1 11 ifpatriata aaaa. tha ayaa, :?(: irn ;.t'.ii'eiii- .r n DUfcAStS t?F tJMPaUOKtfCX. Wk an ika n.iag i<Jad and icpra-ltiit 'aur; af plaaaari I all a nil I'npiktd uia aaaua af tfcia p?.infal d.aaaaa, it taa af' ta tappant that ??lU-Uinad aanaa af aoaiaa ar dra&d af diacaaary datara bin fram applying ta thaaa wia, fram tdacatatiaad rtapacta!>tlily,'eau iwa bafnaod him. la f?lia in'.a i*? til;da af and datigning pratandara, aha, in'rpakla af caring, tlch hia pacanury aafcatanta, kaap fcim tnlitg aaanth attar n*nth,?ra? lang aa tha aimllait faa can ka ak ttiuad, end in dtapair laa?a hire *!tfc raiuad haalth : aigk arar ria (allinf diiappatoiraani; ar ky tha aaa af that daadia paiaon, Marcary. haattn tha cauttitaiianal a?rrj>(ania af tkla iamb', a diaaaia, taeh ?? A fastis', a of vht Ha art. Tiiraat, **?a, km. 6c.. pr.irraaau [ with frigfctfal rcpi.1i*y, till da-th pa'.a a pana<l ta hia araadfai aafarmga ky itndi.f hi in ta '-Sat ae iiaaa'trtd caantry fram wiata>aan>a oa tr?*alar ra'.arka V*. J'^KRIUHT KKMEDY POR OR0AM1C ? KAU IN AMD IMPOTKB'.;*. By Una (Mil (ad iroaartaai lamady w atkuaaa *f tk< utiti in apaadily t?rad Lr,a fall Tt(?r rauaiad. Ykaaaar.da a? < mi oirtHi and daktllialad, wka kU laat til kay*, kiM kaaa iraraadutaly raliaaad. All Imya Jirnauia u Mimtfi. Pkyalaal n Miaul Dtaaaall Italiai a. Laaa af Praaiaiilva Pawav, Kixiia Instability f a*n>blu:g md Waaknaaa ar SiknaUaa iftki aalfaarfkJ klad a^atadilj tarad. IMDOUEHtRT OF TK itUI. TIE MANY THOVaAKDttaMd atthia tr atitstlaa vltkla Ika lm| aarai.taao ?nn. lad : ocninai litfatucl a&l ?f?a?utua ptrfwaid k> l)f. Jakaaaa, wilaiuii k; U?a lapartara af lha P"P?r? aid eaany atkar Varaana, aatiaaa at i>k bar* aapaarad afafa aad i|i'a kafara tka aaklta, kt udaa kiaaiaoJuif aa a faattaaaaaf aVaiaatar aad raaaaaai tltlT, U a aaflalaat flaraataa U ika attaiad. )aa It-i; Dr. j. bovee dod*s IMPERIAL WINK BITTERS, Are now bcinc **<! from Maine to tbe Great Salt l*aK?, ani lbs uuireria. verdiot of all who nee them either aa a witditint or m a btrtatt, la that they are unnrni^l In the worid. Dr. Dooe ueed thsin au^cecifi^iy >a in* for ft rears before re ruro.iMM of ?tm me richt to manufacture rwi'.t ik*ra far cats to tie rubiic. For the OVTC of fVi?.ainnahnB 11 ? r .iiUiKosnv.1, i'j *?a?ia, File*, Neir?,ua ihtsaies, i'omt'e Com ??.Lits, Hi J *:! &ti?J a Socio, t-rjr Are l?e ron<i tfew:it ? -nt?ct lcrtlaaole remedy. Aside ficm their m^'.eir.xi jro; vt!K tney ut a jure, whola lome ftTid deii;htftl Uererac?. yroduoini all the ex&uorating efcYota of Bnuidy or tVln? without their irJvioM r*ealta, ?.et all friends of p.umaaity and all ndYoo?*?i of tempermnee Mulct in in svbstitulnc those r&! jsHo Vegetable Hitters for the minrrai num.' *j.-1 Liiucri with which the country is flooded, and thereby nf fec' uid la bunching Disease and DrnnkeueM from the lend. CHARLES WI.PDIF1KLD k CO., Proprietor*. 73 Wiuian street. New York. J. 3CHWARZE. A rant, Washington, D. C. DJ?. J. BOVKjB PODS' IMPERIAL OlN BITTERS, For Dimun of the Kidney , B!&dder and Urinary Organ*. and especially for I-'emale Obstrnotions, sever fail to oure, and are warranted to fire aaUa CHARLK8 WIDD1F1KLD * CO., Proprietors, 7b William at.. New Vorlr. J.8CHWARZK. Je7 ly,r Agent, Washington, D. C T&AVELEKS7 DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINUTON BRANCH. Simmmmmmmm CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, lWO.the trains will run aa follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First train at ?.?> a. m. Pecond Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m? Express. Fourth train at 6 h m. LEAVK BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15 a. m., Express. Hesood tram at fl.35 a. ni. Thtrd at 3.1" p. m. Fourth at 4.30 p. in., Express. The first, stoond and third trains from Wash ington o>nneot through to Philadelphia and New ITnrk. The second and third oonneot at Washington Junction with trains for th* West. South, aad Nodi west; also, at Annapolia Junotiun, for An bapolis. For Norfolk take the ' 40 a. m. train. F or the aooomraortation of the war travel be tween Washington and Laurel, a passenger oar rill be att*ohed to the tonnage train whiohleaves kt 3*40_p. in. On Saturday the S.10 p. m. train goea to Philadel phia only. nc as-d T. q. PARSONS, Agent. FS&Sfttti wash t?v^rr i UL9UA y "l?B h RIDAY, at o'elook a. m.. and ALEXANDRIA itkt o'clock, for CUR RIO MAN and the ntmpvMiaU Landings. On her return tripe. she rill loave CUlFjUOMAN every WEDNESDAY kod SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. m, LlClAft S. PAtf E, Proprietor. N ATH'L BOUHH. Ax't. Alexandria. fe ? I . ... i QLDRlC.l.^ELLUW^NDJURE MONONOAIiELA KYE WHISKEY, Conaeientioaslydiafi'.ledby Mr. Jamea Barnside. >f Alie*any Count*, Penna., in the old-faahioned loneat wn?, fro?. the ohcio?at and nuxt carefully laltoted Rye, and in no oaae ever offered for aale intil adapted to wholeaome use hj ace It ia at >nce Uie r.oat palatable, aa it la emphatically one yf the Durert beverm.*** in ?h? ?k,i . . vt Mtv f Hl'UUi ?o the invalid, m w^- Mtothoaa la healthf it winrunnda lUalf fir its unnvallad qnahtiM u a timul&nt of the a&foat. snreat, and moat berefioant aacriptiou, and many of the moat diatincaiah?d ikyaioiana are lami it in their praotioe inth the &PP CL^KY1* PTOOKDALK. Prgarietora, 3ia W ill.ut atreet. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVE*, ( at for tlve Froari^tora, Jfrtffi Pa. av? m * 0m opposite Wil tarda' Hotel. [> ALTiMORE \J BUTTER HOUSE. Daily reoeivin* freeh and ivmi, in Goehaa p&ek l?W MRiimw* PIma. 1 H3L 575 . A1"fc?N JACKBONt 275 <? a < FLASTERt X . . * Hit ? rpairB _ a Don . vAiileolor. . ?T>. HOOVER, Iron Fa. av., between 9th Md it TRUNKS. BOOTS AND SHOffi. UUOTS AND 9bl>E? TO BUI? | We ?f? new MuuJkoUMtM all kind* of BOOTS *nu SHOKft, tnd oorctantir r?M<Tiai CMT ox (utorc ro?4o work of mrrd^lBI cnptiof, MM fonto.iMwillf 1 mwUMMIItW >? h?r * heretofore aharred ia Qui city RrMlk UMW ia vut of Boots i oiti mad* r la store i MM l* work, wffl aiway* Cad ftjood aaa?iT? J"*" -' '?>?> VViV^ 114 r?n???lTaaia inn i room ext aalee or^fajvolta^ re^n IflVK HUNDRED TRAVtUN? TIVNU r UTired thia;.raciag ali?aa nT| tie* nod *itea of Sole Leather. ljuiie? ftW Pre? &iid Pacrini Trunk*. Qar traak^^^"* hi bit* at tin* U*ce the ir?MMt rarie*? re^o: vitas. at aoderau fn*?.ft bs ? ET'Oid repaired or takes laexahaer# for MOW bfiM. tt-tf COVTfcKRN TRUHI MANUFACTORY, Orronti OrfdVciiow Haji^Wistiufi Trareiers will ttndr then- interest* tr? as my TRUNKS, VALICES Ac , before far onaaing elsewere As I ase &om hat Um P.O. nag i ; msterisl thi nmrket ftffordi tad i the best wortsaen, I oan oonfiuect.T regpmnwad aj work to be inferior in Strmttk and to Trauk* that are made la other citie* and sole here. 1 keep oonstantly oa hand, aad aiajte < one week'* c< uoe) erery deaoriptien _ _ _ Is fKBHr Repaired awf'corerejf, ia a wart at *hort notioe Trunk* delivered in any part of U.e oity. 9?or(* town, or Alexandria. daU-|T JAMBS W. TO*BA?. APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. Friand, do you raffer? Are yon the v.otim of any ofthoae numerous a:-nenta whiok ariM Irom lm rarity of the blood; What are ther, do yoa utf Rather ask. what are the? notThe blood u the ouroe of lite and health, and it ; the first element of oar being to respond to any oun wHioh afeott th? system. aa the pulse InfhljbiT attests Tbeervr prevailing Neuralgia, tae irritating Krysipeias, th? subtle Sorofuia,the agocii;ng Rheun.fitiim, N?r voue Debility, Dyspasia, Liver Complaint with 1U torsor and dejection, and the numberless tils that flesh u heir to. derive 'heir hrdeous origin from the blood. Deal kmdiy the* aud gently with the Wood Use the vitniiging resources of nature for its aid. and suffer us to commend to your confidenoeaad aae that truly valuable medicament known as . IXDUn TEuif^LE^DBCOCTIOX. With rnvt ti\ 1 n f nim sImasI 4 -r?Tl.l.i ? * - .. ?>?io oimvM ini?uii'Ft? irwiR^ jopnlar WMiRmmt has in decided t*rmi, and the cridonotM or ti n l rmi eAoaey are Mt tanned bjr oanaUrt avowal* of curative efferu and th? happiest r>?u;U from its use are after all othei remedies and the !>e?' uieriioal kill have failed. Let ni say, id con?*ln*ior. th*t ce.-tlnoates onres are not sought fr<?n the illiterate arid snser fioia!, hot they are volunteered frotn the most re spectabie souroes and justify the highest terms ib whioh it is possible to commend so valaahl* a specific to public approval. We may artJ a'so !>%t the on rati ve propertiesofthe mediums ar*??nalW ooly by ita restorative eflecte. the MtUm recover injc fromdi?eaee with renewed constitutional vicor. For sale br a!l respectable PrncrisU in this oitv, and bv the proprietor. MRS. M COX. None penaine miens her name is blown on tbe bottie and her sea! on the oorfc frr Pnoe #1 per bottle, six bottles for *. whclf!<*lt Attn'. R. H. T. C18SEL. Driftiit Georgetown, I> C., Wholesale Agent Tor the Dls trior, a> d will supply the trade at my pnoes. an l*-tr The ftl>ove PUAE W RISKY,Co;rn Di?t:llto fiox Maltid Ge*::?, be:ng superior and uniform in quality, and hijbly impmredby aje, it preferred tiT oonBumem to all other Whiakiec, and particu larly reoomniauded by the beet phyaioiana ami ohemiata ae mmhui all the reenirementa oT * Tr*t Tcmic In+\($r*tor and. RrmiaxtU At ml. The Schuylkill Water ol Philadelphia, ueed In the dia?ii;ation of this Whiaky, ia proved by anally ia to be the aoOeat and pnreat w?W in the United Bute* :and to tb*a may, in a f reat decree, be at tributed tte excellence of thia Whiaky. For aaleby FREEMAN & SIMTRON. Pbenix lhatijWy, On the Hchnylkili river, Philadelplua OSoee?96 Wall atreet. New York ; 109 south Front atrwet, Philadelphia. T??r y. w At mteidmus w*U mm im weU r*$mUt*d fumilUt, it i* Tory deeirable to htre ?om? oheay ud convenient way fer repairing Farnitare, Toy a, Crockery, Ju. PALDIXO'S rRirARED GLCI m?U 41! enoh etnerienciaa.aJMl bo hcnaobold ou afford to be withoutIt It is a!way? ready and ay to Lha ?tiok)Dc point There u no longer a aeoee a 'j for liinpiiic ohaire, splintered *~>neerm, hearfeea dtlit, and broken oradlee. It is jut the arfiole for cone, hell, a d other ornamental work, ao VI th ladies of refinement aqd bvate. Thia admirnh.p preparation la need cold, feffiM held in eolation, and aoeeeaaing all tae aiaabla f ualitiee of the beet cabinet maker*' flee. It may be used m the plivoe of ordinary maouace, being vantiy more adhoslye. ffSBrVL JJV KVERT HOVStr Prut, SI oeat?. N. 0.?A Biash aooompaniM eaok he tie WhtUfU Dtp*, No. 40 Cedar ?troet, Now Yoi%. Addraaa IKN1T n~HPA r.niNa * nn Bo* No. 3,???, New Yerk. Pat ip fer Dealer* in Chm ooctalsiBf Foar, Eijrht, an?1 Twelve Ooicd-? boMtifal Lithof raph 10 8liow-C*rd aooompanyicf (Mh paokac e. IDT A ?n?t* bottle of GFALBIN&'B PRE rAR ED OLVE will save tea times it* oost en oualiy to every honeehold.^Tl Bold by all prominent t*t?uoner% Drnffiete, Hardware and Furniture Deaiera, wrooera, and Fancy fttoree. Country merchant* choald make a note of SFAL BINO'S PREPARED ?LrK, when making ay Iheir liet. It will etand am oil mate feiaiy l??Wiffm mt W(U? Jdt* f*t*l/rr t?\ *4 fit#. "ftk, Jbm**pak' m<} from I .1. 4 , i. u. -/ *_ i. J ' H% CAUTION. PIIRftNlSttK ounili n dc rADinii TI?WWkH? WIIWWUI Uk UnitU Uk IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS 3> AH0IA11C VALLEY WHISKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT of THe ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY,. sole: proprietor 18 SWTH WILLIAM S: MEW Mr to* BALM IN WASHINGTON MY I Ml BAJL0OVR A ? * MISCELLANEOUS. r*M*dy ; hat it will anna W ?m>4 m ? imi inrrti w?T, ud U# word Of wfil bwoM* ?* oommcn mm E!*ctrot;^> ?..,c mm oU#r??lw*? ^ibMiioiufmtri v?*N? hu t~+r. ?of? *??i Hi '*d 'a 'orribi* 'Mtotk* tlu? fttrroo*. tewt r into t ' " - *??? * into U? b?potfe*aariM b%?<' '*m bt u U,? mm,**Om rom k?M? ? of it 'wiiitir "|V>m it HMIW.* NT)>* !?mi hi. M ifog tMt ' (ir* mm ? C#?faAJte f?UT / ** ? >> mm 'tM it wirW mm m ??tot U?t I'ljc,) realised I ?m! *?a m '*?daob?. inriKABACMi is til* fmrtit* ?? fcf ?>*>? MM mat** known MI drrMMivn *Ul?r?r ttm U? neeiisTiteu of uw> brat a. lad viowad in tM* n?MUmmr b*> Iwefc** mm*MWwr<t logiT* nubM ot whi*b B'ltM otbrrwiae ?m?K ?tt?au< a. Till too lai* to M r*?pad?id, an< 11? \iwton* ?hou d wnr b* ?cl??cl?? WM any W olk??ifcr* and*? two tiffflMa, fyaiptaiBttte *?4 hiK^tbta. tjmfmmfa ?*** ?ck* h * ?* * I afty *9! ?<.> an?i i* U? ^rMMor A^fS^ttX #iSsLrsr Anmi. Id itar?TT?ii fcnm it la mfUMio di> MWOlAtituWCti o> r.aUtutinc lirk k*mJnrk?.r>f b?p?ua tfiac*M oo??fc??t>r.? Mm?i h?dmth*. ?>f wornM.oonatipation and ni bar di??wd*ra of tba >.ov ,m **)l m r*n*l aad utorica faction* Pimiw of tit t kHrt Irt *ar? fre* u?it!y with Hwt achea; Anemia a< d y-rtbora ara a. a? #-?*.urj which frf^ttently oeesaioe h*ed*ehe. Idiopathic HMtdftthf la alao Y?r? cum mom. Koine ???!'} dia Ut.*inabad b* the earn* rfintoM Mbab, ?(>? tmip? coniiaf on ioMix MtibbafMrnii' ao?nd ha*.!lb and y roatrattng kl ouc*? the' And Bkfllft&I AMrflA* J Wl - - MM OB Blowlf. or Merbity of temper. Ii bimI imUi mi ik? rtm to in front of the head, oeer otio or e?ea. and oneli :.ea proeoking vomiting, ?*4#r U i?.?u UM a ao be named For the treatment of nther c m* of HradaeKe tb* Pill* ba vf hf^rn fortD^ a mrf and nf? remedy, relieving th# aiml a~n?e ywn M a frw LMBitM, m<1 by it* aabtle k>?" emdicattBg th* uiMU< of whiok teaoacne it the unernoc >i*T*x. Bbiihibt.?Mihbi wasta job to aend bar a b?* of Ceyh* .cGiae, t?o. a bottle of Prepared Pill*.? but I'm ikiLkiBB that'* not ;uat it raithor; bat pei k?M ye',i be afliiT knowing what it la Ye aeo ahe'a nick d?ad ao*. urn* with |he !*iek H'>B<ia<- be, and vast* tone more of that Mac at relaivod her 1 itm t >+'r>r*. ? Drwiul.-Yra B**t m aa Ppatdicg'a Cepha.ic Pifia. ? Oeh ' ear? now and ?oa*re eod it. k*i?'? the bub tber and giv me the Puis and don't bo a' da* ah.->nt ii ?.iik? CtuUrttlM fr CmIIthni No ad* of the "mmt itla fleah la h?r to" la a~ ?re>?ler.t. ao little underafcxj. an<1 rnrroo* n*t 'aote<1 m Co?tirere*? Of'.M originating is rare Immm*. or ?*<1ofiUry tmtxu, it ia rer*rded m a light dltorrier of t"o iftie concur no* to exeit* miir'.t, while in ie*'ity it i* the ?i.d companion of many of Ik? mmt fetal and dancer pua diaeaaf. a no anion* early and.caiod it wil' princ the ?utfercr to an untimely r?rf Amonc tho lighter evila of winch Ortivencas ia t ho nana at tendftct are Jtcwlaofte, Colic. Khentta'i'm. Foal Brea*h. FliWt other* of like B?tar*,w kil*a lore train o,' ftiekdm iIiiummwcIi u Malignant Fe*?r?. Aboeaaea. Oya^atary. Itivrrn^n. Ape . ... i> r-iM. r?r? <??, Myi?w? Sriaat'e Melano^o'j andintani'y, irat indicate then a ""no".* the ?" *?? h' ?? ' '*"*??? Not unfreanrnU* .*%?na?ne?i originate in Conat patjon. bat to * " If'1 en?e ante*. the oaaae la ? r?^Vw Prom nil theee conaidera J<"*f '"A*!! .. disorder ah?tiid revive im, fl ever it clears, and no f^?oo * ? JL . JILT?.Jlf J2 a ho* of Cephalic Pllla on tba the complaint, aa their timely a^*5L . 'f*1 .ft* icaidnoaa uiMikM "f rfiMU* a.^ a*avr*?r 'I1! dangeroaa foe to human 'ife. flea! ll?Mla|. rk^?kim.-We.l, Mn. Jones, how is that bead Mrt. Jom*r.-4ione! Doctor, all fooe! th? fill r?n wet oared me in jaat twenty minatea, m4 I wiet. to* woaid aend mora ao mat I can bare Uiom fly Ph*?(***.?You oan ret them at amy prB??iet" Call for Cephalic Pilla, 1 ? n JtLer never nUlTaaal rf o -rnmrnd them in all oaaea of Headache. Mrt. Jontt ?I aha.I aend for a box directlr, and aha) I tell all my aaffennc frtecda. lor they are a re*, biatrial. Twenty Miuwit of Vmuii Birn-Mr. Ka? *o?t two mutfflrotboa of hi* ?>ei efrrated Prepared 0 "ac4 it *a Mtiiaatrd that eaei. Iott.? nm at leant ten doHart worth of l?roh?i> farnitara. thaa iraki*f an accragateof twisty mit 1k>c? of ??,&.-* reolajmM from total Wtaa by '.hia a>.ah!e lnr*nQ<Hi. Havinc made bia tflaaa hoaae hold word, ho now pr- f to do ?ha world atill Greater aervtea by cunnx al1. the aching hM*( w:??. ia Cephalic Pilia, aad if t*?y are at good u hia Glue. He&dubM willaoun vauiali aw&y hie umiw la July. fC^Ovr* uriTivviT. and the r.fiita1 care and anxiety ir.ciaert U-c.ore attention to t#? r??i or i-- -> ? ? ?!, ?i- >n'"u| mf fitrmi ohm* of Nrvorni H'Mvh*. T ?< dlaordtrrd atat* of mind aad iaeider.t U> tliii tfiitrweainf oow.plaiDt la a fata, blow to a'l *b*rt* and *ir l.itiot.. Vutfarera by thin dif>rd?r cat ?'??h ^lain rf < ?<;j rr ief fion. th??? d>??'*?ar'ic attKcka hf aaiuf or* of the O phaho Pula wlt*?*T*r th* ayirftuina appear It tnieta til* overtaxed brain ar><i ?ooth?a th* atraiD *d and jarrinc aerrea. ai>d ir.axea th* fnaion <?f th% a*omarh which alwaya MoumtuiMMd at gravafcea th*- di*ord?rod onditioD of Ut* braia. Kact* wobtb ikotim.-Ptai<1iniE'a Ccpha^? Pills trtaorkiE oi'f k>- Sick Hca.fl ache. Hiu oaa Haadaeh*. N*rvoua M?iaoh*. OvatirrnMa. ud Ger.ara Debility. Gikat Diaconsy.?A none the moat impnrtart of all thegreat diarotenaa of tbi? ? ? rw oonaidorad the rrNem of vaocmat inn/or prM+c tion from Bmil Pox, lb* CepkaUo Pilwr relief <>f and the a?? of Uiimm f-r Mi* yrerer tion of Parara, either of vaich laa rare are*:!"', view besafita vi I b? afpeneDoad It nffvrirc hanaaity loaf after their diaoovercri ar* focjottei. fTTPiB rn rr?r hire tha Pick L'n yon remember the throbhiri lemfee. the fever ?d low. the iottkini ud aiacart tt lk? eight of (w.-). Bo* totally init ?o? *?r# (w p *a?*re. #? *?? tion or etudy One of Uw Cephi i? pi!U woaH Ure relieved yon froin all the ailTeriry wbieh than experienced Por tkia ai.-t other pnrpneeii yoa ahoild n'vaya b*Te a box of them oa hand to aa? aa oocaaion reaairea. NervousHeadachc Headache. By Itoutof th?i FiH?tt?y?w6? MtMk>ot Nrrvmu m Stck H?dmtki mmj b* pravertf-i; and .If Uk?n at th? wmiM ft u nam* diat* relM from pamaod aiekvAs* %ill toobtair <*1. They Idom fell IB rtmonnj th? y**r<a asd BtmiMtk* to vhiah feaa'.aa art ?o m bj ?iL They aot gaatij apon the bo vela,?removing Co* IttOHII. Far Liurmnr StWaai*. Daltaala Fwu ?, kid ail paraoaa of w4wnr> kmhit, Uay are all itliaUt aa a Lmxmirvt, iayovui the Mftft". |iTiB| (mm and ?r?r to the digeettwe org ana, an<1 raetoiing Us natnra! elaat citj and auaagth of the whole ryaterr.. he CEPHALIC PI LA ara tha ramlt of :?ng tBTMtittation a?<i oorafally eondeeted exper.*?entf. having been in aae man? yeara, daring whioh time they hare prevented atd relieved a eaet account of fain and asfTeriag from Haadaaha, whether ongi Dating in Ummttmu ayetoa or Iron a 4araaged lata of the ilcrmack. mmmj mmw mmmaty n|?MM IB tMf ?Mf(ftboc, %M May to UAen at all U?n with perfect safety withoil Mkmi fcny oU?i af diet. mn( i4? ?fc MK? ?f My diMMMiU M*U rnUrn M MU| ( toiwnif ii?m t? tkiUrm. BK* ARE OP COUNTERFEITS ' Tk* loaiat tan |?* ihmuin <>i Itan C. fcfalOag *Mk Box. Bold by Draft ieta ud *11 other Peal ei? la Med. IBM. win b* Ml bf Mil ri*p*M tft. rtmfi J 3*-' ? fw *4 Cfc.N ItK Aii i r4?i >ko?id m mniiii m> HKNRY O. ftPALDIN6. M IS 44v>v Oatfat itrMla Ntw Voit.