Newspaper of Evening Star, January 8, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 8, 1861 Page 1
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0$bmm% J&tar. Vgt. XVII. WASHINGTON. P. C.. TUESDAY. JANUARY 8. 1861 N?. 2.461 THE DAILY EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED B VER Y A PT BR POOH, i SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Ct<-nrr o f rtnrutavenue and 11/4 t* T W. D. W1LLACH, P*?WI eerred in 9tait|N b7 ourim M l< i T?r, or 37 oanu per month. To nail tubocrfbori th? price is $3jn % re*r, M for six month*; 91 for three months; and for ieee than three month? at the rats of 12 oenta a week. SiB(\t opiea, on!cm; in wrappers, two chit*. II7"ADvuTnr*i^TMiiouiJ be tent to the ofioe before 13 o'oiook m.; otherwise they may not appear nntii the next day. THS SniTHSOF NMI Til VILLE, And their Adre?tare with a Rebfeer. T PACL CBBTTOX., The Smiths of SmithvHle had for a long time V*AT> rr Am mniik * ? ?,.??/! W? ?W* ?!? ? WVU W J UiUV> U UUUIOU VJ J iuc UC|II VUOUUUB *>f some unknown individual, whose confused Idea* concerning the rights of property led to the frequent abstraction of divers goods and chattels from the premises of the said Smiths in a furtive and mysterious manner. Bags of wheat and oats vanished from the granary, pork from the cellar, and corn from the crib; In one night a sheen that had just been slaughtered coolly trotted away, and on another occasion several gallons of maple syrup evaporated in a night time. Milking stools went off ?n three legs, and Mr. Smith s best axe was found to have "cut sticks." Log chains became rattlesnakes and crept off, iron wedges made splits in the Smith property; boots walked away, and "jack" rode off on the 'saw-horse." Tain W r> p* *11 IKa /vf tha a1/)a* >/) younger Smith to discover the mystery of these disappearaace* and to entrap the offender. Despairing of bringing him to justice, the r {Smiths found they could do nothing more than to take measures to ensure the safety of their property. Accordingly they built a new granary, with strong walls, a narrow grated window and a heavy oaken door, to which wm attached a formidable padlock. The prison-like portion of the barn was sufficiently large to allow the Smiths to lock up with the grain a great deal of portable property, such as was most likely to tempt the cupidity of thieves. Alter the granary was finished a month parsed, during which time the depredations of the robber or robbers was confined to the orchards and ben-roost, when, late on Sunday evening, the elder Smith, as he was sitting tipped against the kitchen wall smoking his pipe, preparatory to retiring, bethought him that he had neglected to lock the granary before leaving the barn This was by no means a singular circumstance, considering that the granary was usually locked by the younger ?<nith, who had that night "gone a courting." It was a moonlight evening, and Mr. Smith, on approaching the barn, was considerably startled at seeing the large door ajar. Certain of having shut the door an hour previous, Mr. Bmith thought of robbers. His suspicions were confirmed when, on a nearer approach, he plainly heard a movement in the barn. Too cautious to endanger his life by boldly attackirg the robber, Mr Smith, with conaiderable trupidation, resolved to watch his movements and discover who he was. Looking through a crack on the east side of the barn, oe saw a dim, ghost-like figure glide cross the floor towards tne granary. A happy thought entered Mr Smith's brain Stealing .L. L L. - ? * iuiu me daru, dc crept suenuy aiong nv tac mow until near the granary, when?clap!?he ebut the door, adjusted the padlock, turned the key. and was off as if for hu life. tt was impossible to say what made Mr. ?mith tremble so. It might have been the smothering cry of alarm which issued from tbe granary walls in a way fully calculated to awaken suspicious fears. Bat Mr. Smith never owned he was as white as a ghost, or as white as they are supposed to be. " "What is the matter V* cried Mrs. Smith. ' I've caught the robber!'' ejaculated Smith in a breath. *' He is locked up in the granary. Give me my boots !" " Why?what?what are you going to do?" -- Get help ! He's a desperate fellow, and it will be dangerous to meddle with him alone !" It if impossible to describe the excitement of Mr. and Mrs Smith on that memorable occasion. The latter took it upon herself to load the old musket while the husband went for the neighbors. Mr Smith exchanged his slippers for his boots, and ran first to Deacon Naffles' house, where he expected to find the younger Smith, who was courting Naffles' daughter, lie was surprised to find the house all dark?as if the Naffles had retired to rest and blown the candle out. He knocked, however, furiously as . > - - - ? io? occasion required. Alter some delay, Dea cod Xaffles cauie down in bis night drees, stared at Smith in astonishment, and demanded his buboes* at that time of night. "Caught the thief?locked up in the gTanarj?where's Increase?" ' Ha ! caught the thief?" cried Deacon Naffles, who, having lo-t some property as well as hi? neighbor, was interested in the intelligence. " Good enough ! keep him till morning." ' Twon'tdo!" replied Mr. Smith, in an excited manner. "lie's a desperate fellow? break out?I most raise the neighbors?where's m j son, Increase ?" ?. al c.ii. -i-u a- ? * - vu. oanj is eicii ui'Digm, so courted only about an hour, and went home." Went home ?" "Yes," said tho Deacon, "half an hoar ago." The elder Smith clapped his hands to his forehead, u if he had been struck by an idea or some weighty substance. " Gracious '"he exclaimed. "What'"asked the Deacon "I believe," stammered the elder Smith, "I ?I have locked up?" " Who?" ' Increaac!" "I'll bet you have ' ' cried the Deacon. UI beard bim saj be bad got to carry the buggy cushions into the granary before he went to bed . ' " Look here," whispered the elder Smith, 41 I beg of you never to mention this?I?I?if it should get oat." "On, I'll keep the secret!" interrupted the Deacon, trying to preserve becoming gravity. 44 The joke is safe, and I'd advise you to hurry home and let out Increase." The elder Smith turned on his heel and vanished, feeling very weak, probably the effect of the excitement he had undergone. Let us now look in upon the younger Smith, who was actually shut up in the granary. It is now impossible todescrible his range on finding himself thus entrapped. After shouting until he was hoarse and nearly deaf, he closed his teeth angrily, and sat down on a bag of meal to await the result. Increase bad not been long in this dark dungeon before he heard a noise in the barn. Supposing it was the old man. who, having discovered b is error, was coming to liberate him, his I anger evaporated, and he could not help but laugh at tne ludicrous mistake. uai mil ma ui/nci; iiraui me Kounai he heard, which caused the young Smith to doubt whether they were made by nis father, after all. He listened. Th? key turned cautiously in the lock. Slowly, stealthily the door opened, while Increase scarcely breathed. Somebody entered noislessly, he touched young Smith's shoulder as he passed, and began to explore the further part of the dungeon. Increase dropped on his hands and knee*, and taking advantage of the noise made by the robber, erept out. Then to shut the door and loc k it was but the work of a moment. Somebody was lock?d up! Listening a moment, and hearing no sound, Increase b&came firmly convinced that be had committed no error, but eaught a real thief, and went immediately for assistance. Shortly after, and very much ashamed of his mistake, the elder Smith sneaked into the barn and approached the granary. It is neceasary in (his p}*ce to observe that the elder Smith locked up his own son with the key which be had carried with him, and that Increase locked up trie imei wttn a raise key which the latter had broeght with him, and carelessly left it in the look on entering the granary, and which the younger Smith had carried away. And now the elder Smith made hMte to open the door " Increase' he called, putting hi*head into the granary. No iuund an?wered. ' Are you asleep? Come, don't be playing any trick with me?it wi?all a mistake?fori really took jron fob** roV?-r Mr. Smith'* roioe wu stopped bj * violent blow on the mouth. Mr. Smith in an instant wu tumbled down amidst a wilderness of barrels, bag*. rakes and shovels. Mr. Smith was considerably stunned by the blow and the fall; and wb6n he rot upon his lees again, the deor was closed ana looked?Mr. Smith was a prisoner. I leave the reader to imagine his feelings. Meanwhile Increase was raising forces to assist in taking the thief out of the granary in safety. Having first told his story to Mrs. Smith,who was greatly astonished, he hastened to alarm Joe Ferris, a stout fellow who lived in the woods near by, and who complained of losingquite as much property as the Smiths. Mrs.?, put her head out of the window, and wanted to know what Increase wanted. The man asked for Joe. After some hesitation the w?man replied that her husband had the headache. and coald not got ap. 44 Bat we have rot the robber caught." "Oh, bare you r" said Mm. Ferris, in a*feeblo Toice. "How fortunate ! But as my husband has the headache, I think you had better keep the man till morning. "No?we'll hare him to-night!" cried Increase, and away fc^ran. Now if the younger Smith thought he was regaling Mrs. Ferris with glad tidings, he was considerably in error. The truth is, in closing the window she was pale as death. The reader may guess the cause of her agitation when I inform him that there was no Joe Ferris sick with the headache in the house. But Mrs. Ferris was a woman of energy and decision. She caught up a hammer, threw a shawl over her head, and left the house. She was soon in Mr. Smith's barn, with her hand on the granary door. " Joseph," she whispered. .No reply. "Joseph, it is me; are you here?" she added, knocking at the door. 41 Let me out. said a voice within. Without any further delay. Mrs. Ferris having thrown the barn door wide open, so that she could see to perform her operations, commenced hammering the padlock in a most destructive manner. Now Mr Smith, who was within, was exceedingly astonished at what he beard, llo certainly wished to be let out, but he bad no desire to have the padlock smashed, without first trying other means. Something like the truth flashed upon his mind, however, when he reflected that the person who was breaking the lock had called him Joseph, and that the voice was remarkably like that of a woman's. With great anxiety of mind he waited for the door to open. At length the lock was torn away, and, Mrs Ferris whispered?? " Coma quick, Joseph! There's no timo to lose! Thev'll be here in a mirvntu''' She caught somebody by the arm, and somebody followed her out in the moonlight. Then he caught her by the arm, and both stopped, looking each other full in the face Mrs Ferris screamed, turned paler than the moonlight, and dropped her hammer. Mr' Smith was scarcely less astonished; but recovering himself, be said, rather ooolly, considering the ocoaaion:? ' You are out rather late to-night, Mrs. Ferris : allow ue to see you home. :' She could not refuse his arm, and when she saw that he was coaducting her to his house instead of her own, she had not the pjwer to say a word or make the least resistance. The good lady's feelings, on being brought before Mrs. Smith.can be more easily lmagiued than described. In her fear and confusion she confessed some very startling facts, and with tears in her eyes begged her "kind dear friends" to be merciful and not expose her. Mrs. Smith reoovered from her aniaiement, and exclaimed, "I never! I never! I never!-' and Mr. Smith, who was not the least excited of the three, indulged in some equally sensible remarks. MAAnvKiU .Trt? Vawij wksv *! ? 11 4 . i ? m m ' . n?? ?O IUU III 1 II IUII bad taken the younger Smith's place in the granary, and gave it up in turn to the elder Mnith, went home by a circuitous route, wondering by what strange acoident ho happened to be oaught,and congratulating himself on hid escape. Ue had reached his door, when hearing his name called by somebody in the road, he turned round and saw three men going by. "Joe Karris, is this you?" cried the voice of the younger Smith "Come on if you are ready I've got Bill Uodges and Mr. Blake,and I think we'll be enough fir that one thief, but the more the merrier, so oome on I know you would go in for the fun in spite of your heudache." Joe was as muoh in the dark now as when be was looked up in the granary ; but ooncluded it would be best to put a bold faoe on the matter, and acootnpany Increase, and so he declared himself ready, and jumped over the Tonce. At first he waa afraid of committing himself, but the conversation by the way showing him. as be thought, exactly how the ground lay, he laughed heartily at the queer manner in which the thief was caught, and volunteered to be the first to enter the granary where he was confined, at the same time chuckling joyously at the anticipation of the younger Smith's dismay on finding, instead of the thief, his own fatber under lock and key. With great glee the men proceeded at once to the granary, where Increase proposed leaving his companions to go into the house for a lantern, ana see if his father had returned ; upon which Joe Ferris laughed all to himself, and advised the younger Smith to be sure and bring the old man if he was any where to be found. "Hallo!" cried Bill Hodges, "the granary door is open, and the thief has broken out." Increase caiue back filled with cousternation, nftd Joe Ferris was no less surprised. The strange events of the nijrht were involved in a deeper mystery than ever, when the el'ler Smith, having heard of the approach of Increase and his companions, made his appearance with a light. ' Hallo, neighbor!" cried Joe Ferris, ?' what is all this hubbub about? Increase has been telling us about thieves." 441 declare, father," said the younger Smith, 44 after you shut me up, I shut up a real thief, and left him in my place. " 441 know it; your mo'her told me," replied the older Smith, 44 and when I oame to let you out" 'Oh. I see all!" groaned Increase, 44 he got way." 44 Ve, and shut me up!" 4'And how did you get out?" 4* Why, the thief s wife had the kindness tt oome and break the look !" . So saying, the elder Smith held the lantern up to the face of Ferris, who turned ghastly white and trembled as if he had been in an ague fit. The wnoie anair wu now explained, to the astonishment of everybody in general, and of Job Ferris in particular, who was too much astonished u* make any resistance while Increase and his companions were tying his hands behind him Ferris and his wife were accommodated with lodgings in Mr. SmiCh's house that night; and on the following day, search having been instituted and all sorts of goods found on Joe's premises, they were both committed to jail to await their trial. What the sentence was, when convicted of the crime charged against them, I have quite forgotten ; bat it ia certain the good people of Smithville were troubled no more with the mysterious disappearance of their guoda and ebatteU, and that the Smiths remember, with peculiar satisfaction, the manifold miatakea committed on the night of their adventures with the robberr Piomul* roa Pkivatskbixo ?Theanticipations of a war with the Seiraslonlsta ar# BO fully realized tn many minds. that we are Informed of ?rand proposltlona, on the part il certain boat- I ntlders and privateering expeditions, so aeon as hostllltlea shall commence It waa reliably rumo ed yeaterday afternoon, that moat of the coasting reeeels, now leaving the city, are armed with cannon and ammunition. Much tiding* pma<;k of war ? fMUdtlpkim Fntt. MISCELLANEOUS. VULCANITE BASE FOE ARTIFICIAL TEETH. 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"Rrotcn's Bronchial Troth's.'" oor.tainiin (lemvjlcent inereJi enta, ailar Puimonun u,??t-''?,i-? ? i "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S1 which the "Trock"" area epeoihe) having made me often a mere whi?TROCHES perer.* N.P.WILLI:?. imn\v>i"? "1 recommend their use to Public BROWN . sP1AEM#... TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "gr^atBervioein ?ut>duing Hoab?i BROWN'S nSM." R"EV. DANIEL WISE. TDrw. .a L-u "Almost instant relief in the di? TK tresmnc labor of breathing poouliar BROWN'S t0 A?R^v; a. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything injurioue." DR A. A HA*ES. bihjwwb Vkrmitt, Boston. TROCHES ???,"b'"V BROWN'S UK d' " B,0EISi tnnrhkh " Bene&oial in Bbonchitis." IKUtHEtP DR j F w LANE> BROWN'S Boston, " I have proved th*m excellent for TROCHES Whopping CorGH." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S . " Benefieial when oompeiled to TROCHES; upr&k, miffennk from Cold." ?Mt REV. !?. J. P. ANDKRSON, BROWN * | St. Louis. tb ni"iir? " Kftkctuai. in removing Hoarse * nCM RIj(i Irritat on of the Throat, no BROWN'S 00(n^l(,n Wll'> Spkakrks and Sixg-rnnrnvs ""Prof M.STACY JOHNSON. TROCH ht* i a uranti, (in. rhowm>4 TwwherofHumo S uthera HKOVVIM S Female College. TROCHES "Great benefit when taken tx'f^r? an'i after preaching. a? ther prevent 17 D fUU V 1Q L"'?? * ~tr' v?%vr 11 o *?" *? ovu- do, r nun friirai pomruii'i, 1 think the; wilt beoi permanent adTROCHES riDUuetont." REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S President ol Athens College, Teun. TROCHES irrSoMbysll DroiKlstaatTWKNfY FIVE CENTS A BOX.^I] d* I ly HOYI'I IUawatha Dalr Restorative la warranted in every mata o? to Restore Orat Hair to it* Original Color. It haa neon sppiied IN THOUSANDS OF CASES In theprin-Mpsl cities of New England, and HAS NOT FAIi.EDin a sinrls instance to ao oumpli-h all that is ciasmetl for it. No Hair ia ao Gray or Red but the HI A W ATHA will ohance it to a beaot.Ial lile like Brown and Idlaok. It is not an instantaneous dre which srooka. amnta and give* a (I mI olaok color t? the hair, the patient having t? aubinit to soaping. wash ng ant' ponging of the hair every time t i? applied; nor ia it a preparation of aulpliur. augar of ldaJ, A"., ijnr of an* ingredient* dOetrioua to the heir of akii. It is aq article requiring no preparation, no wattling before or after uait t. it 18 applied in five minute* time, and with aalitt'a trouble as anj ordinary article for the toilet. "Poojie who have n?ed this preparation doolare it ia miraouio'is in ita rfl'*ots, and that it will per form all that it pretend* to do '?Gallon's Pictorxml. "Its niooe?s wonderful, and we oan oa1; mi we indorse a^l the proprietor aajs in rejara to it."? Doittm ' We observe, by a notice in a Boston paper, that a premium was awarded by the .Ma~sac!i>]*ttta Me obanion' Charita >.e 'bsir M - Fair. Boaton, to Mr Joaeph Hoyt of this city, for hia t -..1 ? LI i?*??tk. a-. - O ?a ' * v>^i i/i aiuu iiioTraiua niNi nnBiorMUfP, HQ lirilOiQ which riohlr merited thu favor It wn for ltd nu pcriwr merita in thia r#ipi<ct thatthn Coionittoa, alter suffioieiit evidenon praa?nt?d t?> theran" vat, awarded to Mr. Hoyt thia flattering teatiinoaial Providence Evening Post Sold in \Va?)itnKU*a bj J. W. Nairn, f). B Clark, Kidwrli k lAwr?nps P. O. Ridjaiet. In Gaorcatiiwn by J. L. Kidvell, and by J)rnj;iata jjanrra'iy. da 12 im s FOR stamp,no A PACKET OF PAPER S AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH, i at the CHARGE METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, ? Y PHILP A SOLOMONS, Aunts /or Laureret's celebrated Linen Paptrs, " Ale trope'itan Mtlls," fe., ire. ie ly 333 Pa. av., bet. 9t' and Wth ats. Singer's Sewing Machine*. 3*S PENN. AVENUE, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invito the puh'ic attention to onr new FAM1L.V SEWING MACHINE. ThiaMaohme ia unsurpassed in the hnuseho'd. H runa smooth and avift; sews, Kerns, fells and talkers, will aev the finest swira orolo'h ten ;ayer? tliiok, and anr thine between the two extremes, in a ifaut ful and aubstamiai manner Machines in mahoeanjr, walnut and ro?ewood casee from 960 to $l<w. Our large vibrating prtsser mnrMne^ (at ooaoh trimmers and saddlers, ia without a rival. Silk, Twist. Thread, Neediea, Bobbins, Oil, to., always on hand at New York prioea. C^Send for a oooj of I. M Singer A Co.'s Ua lette. CHARLES A. SPONSLKR, ro 71 6m Agent. HOWE'S IMPROVED WE16H1N6 SCALES These Scales are ottered to (he eublio aa the most nmple. durable, and reliable soaleeerer put .a 1M. Firstolass premiums hare been awarded the* by the United Statea Fair and Virfinia Ac'ionltura! i?<>c?et j; Virginia State Ajnsmtaral Fair: Franklin Institute Fair, Peraaylvania; New York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, Ac., &o. In every oase where exhibited tfcqj nave received first ciaaa premie ma Pnr mtL a Rt f.AnisiRnR lvunniL llAmnt nf MiIIap'm - w v watavf arvvw w> v?*? v4 Chil.ed Iron wm. de H-tr K* C. PATT180N. Arent OPECIALNOTICETOOUR FRIENDS AND ? CUSTOMERS. We have had their bills all mads off, and those who prefer calling at oar desk 'or them will please do so by the 26th inst After thatd'te we shall reader ev?ry bill oa oar books, and owing t ? the sreat panio w* mesta>krarfrienus to make prompt > payments, as we are in want of all money 4(00 u* at this time. J. W. COLLEY it C de 21-Jw A33 Seventh st.. above P*, av. MERCHANT TAILORING. Wkw CAS91WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 383 Pennsylvania Avenue, have iiint reoAivfvi a Imrrn nri?ti of new Fall Goods, to whioh they invite the attrition or their friends and customers. ao 90-tf f MIKAT BARGAINS IN PIANQS.-One very VT nioeeeven-oot?veCarv?d Piano henr.-^n-. having been in nee a short time only, thtJMMfi owner leaving the city,for eale for Sole Agenoy of Bteiaway k. Sons' Overstrung Pianos. no ? 17RENCH FLOWERSOF THE VERY BEST r Ma^.,?.g.rVgyA,B y: Fancy store. aa?i t? . hetw. nth sjm? wfcf StZ ^ HE*1" BE.?English. Dstoh, Swiss, Italian aad ^American. K,R0 ^ JJURCHELL. 1 # * CLOTHING, kc. A O RAN 8 S US J FOR&VVIEN?H STR EET! All Stop at S M I T H ' S , No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "Go tkau and da liktwxu " (Snoh ni the !?n(uw< b*?<1 h? a **nt'em*n who bad ra^?iT?d km of oar creat bargains ) I have jn?t returned from >M North with a v?r; larta atook of CL 'THING. FURNISHING GOOD*. HATS at d CAPS.hough* for oaah a: two thitria their net coat .and winch I will pell at a ?tna!l al vacoe. Yon can buy a rrmd (?v?r :<>at from #9 to #7, a ?enr fine one from *10 t?> *15 rtrtr?. *1 from #? to #15, Boy'e Overcoatan<T from $3 50 to #5 Alao, SHIKTS^UNDER GARMENT?. UM ?:kllas* scarfs. shawl.?, collars. ES,GLoVES, and all kinds of Genu' \> t-arin* Appurel. at a?toni?hingly low prices. lO" A word to these th%t want to purchase: Having boaiht these good* at v+rj low pri'-e*. I em confident tnat you can cave 25 per c?t buyin* from me. N B SERVANTS* CLOTHING in abundance. Don't forcet toeall at th? Pe p Clot Kins St?t?, No. 460 Seventh street, before puroh*?iD( wise where, a ixf satisfy yonre^ree that we arr> bargain*. J7ll SMITH, Clothier, de 14-1 m No- 4 60 Seventh nt-^opp. Po?t Cffic*. tf^KNTLHMEN'S Vf RE\DV-MAI>B CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S REaDV-MADE CLOTHING ?(T?r? to citix-t.s and strangers w shing an imrosdiate ont ft' sup* nor inducements, einhraciug, at this time, all styles and qualities of Dree* and Be?fnes? Grvr menu and UverooaU in all vari?tiee. Fine Shut* and Under-olothiag ol all kind*. Kid ami other Gloves of best qua itj. Scarfs, Ties, Cravau. 5>wk?, Hotinrr. Ac.. Ae. All of whioh wo ar>offering at <-gr utiit low p'ieee. \U~ Clothing m?d* to order in the mo?t ?npe* lor manner. WALL, STEPHENS A Oo.. no 16-tf .1 Jil Pa. avenue. (IREAT BA RG AlNS * OFFER EP AT tbi PEOPLE'S CLt/THING STORE. No. 460 SlVKMTH SlKKKT. CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS. HATS *n CAPS. At 20 Per Cent. Lr?? than thk UetTAL Ratk?. AT SMITH'S, IV#. 460 Sfrntk Slrftt. N. B ? All in want <>1 CLOTHiNG and FURNISHING GOODS wi'l find it greatly to their advantage to give me aiall. ae7 im J. H. SMITH, iLQ^jniou W. . MKKC1IANT TA1LOH1NG. E Invite our customers, and citizen* generally, to an inspco'luu of our preeei.t new, at _ ? ~ tractive, and e'erant aeeortgn*nt oPM CLOTHS. CASSlMf.RKS. DOESKINS, VhSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ae. (f , which we will make to order in penor"-^ aiyie at very low prices. WALL, STEPHENS 4 CO.. oo 25 tf Si-2 Pa. *v? Setw. 5*h and loth ats. TMJK EUROPEAN Hf?TEL. KEPT BY P. KMRICH. At lb corner of l'onn.4 . . A av*nne and Eleventh street, hai greatly improved reoeLt!? and n--w off-rn 1 , greater inducements for the patrora?e o| citixui.s and stranger* than any other publio house in the oitf, his prices being less than those of any otber hotel on Penn. avenue, and hi* accommodations for permanent or transient hoarder* ujiejrf?pu?-na!>Ie. The bar and restaurant arrancemente of the Ei'rope^n H"tel have alreadr hfeome very p?ipu lar, b*ing all that oan ho deeirrd by the m>>st fastidious. Trie proprietor *:e^*?r. ui>remitted Attention and c->ntiitu'*d lihe:a] expenditure# to givesatirfaotion to ali, and thus renews hu invita'ion al! to give the haropeau Hotel a call. de 1 -U NEW PAWN~OEFICB. rfpx. 6 U E. WAR 0~Dealer in Ne?B Q , m.d iMt Off Cloth lag. respectfully informs ti e Cub'ic ttat he has openr-d a LICENSED P vW.N PP1CE Mo 7fi Loniaiaia aretwe. betwe*s *th a^fl 1?th ate . a few doo-a eaat of the new Cen trmJ 6u?>d bmw, whrro h? will f~? at al' tiircs prepared t<> wait on his patron* with promptness, attention and the strictest iustice. < N. B?Jewelry, Hry Urods, Clotlm,a. Merhu- 1 ios' To 1*. Ac.,always on han4 at pritate &a>?. de 7 Im* ( dr j. h McLean s CTTJ VVaTlTTVTirn nrtn nr a t ?***?? uxunn Ail w WXV L> I J\ij AND BLOOD Pl'RIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY i* tk* WORLD, \ tDzLinora A nt> iuicW KItntilc uid V?jiubit Corepoaiid, rr?eartd by th# dutllUnon ?f root*. hirN, .jy Hock, Blood R'xn, B.^k S*rmp*B*'h aod Dandtlioo mhH totera into IU cocnTii* *ntir? ?c(iT? ?v C r*t?*di\) rnncipl? A JS. of ?*cL iajfrtdiant M ^ ^Si'lllSSn^'f taklngi ) dutillinf. pradaciar * ?f??icior?, iii. itrtun* ?c:rH. ml ts? mw. infiillblt r*m* '-y for r*i oratii.f tb* <u?itd and rcftariar th* tick, tafarinf, and d*bilitat*d invalid ta ( baaitb and *u*nf lb. McLKAJfS STRENOTHEN1N&CORDIAL ! Will afactaally car* Lmr Complaint, Dyapapai*, Jaan- t diet, Chronic er N*r?oa* Debility, Uiiiuii of tin Ridn*?t, and all tuiiui >raui| from adiacidarad Livar or Simoacb, t Dy*p*p*ia, Baartbarn, Inward Piln, Acidity or (ukuui of Lha atemach, Pallnat* ef Bl<v<d to tb* Hod, Dall I'aio or Ivimiaiuji u ihi Rud, Palpiuiinn af tbaHaart, fillatu or Wiafft ia tba Biomacb, Boar Encuuooi, Choku.f or BaSocitiof Fttlinj whan lerirj; down.Dryn*** or YailaW. ' d?u of th* Bkio and Eyat, Nifht Bwtata, In ward F*?*r*, Pain ia tbt Small of tba Back, Chart, or Bid*, Hadrian t Plaabtt af Boat, Dapraaaion of ft^<t*, Prifhtfal Dream*, L.*!ifeor, OaapoiidanCT ar aay u*r?ona diaaaaa. Bora* ar Blmch** an lb* Bkir., and P*r*r and Af u* (or Chill* and " P*r*r.) I OVER A MILLION BOTTLES \ ha** baan Mid darinf tba laat IU uantha, and la a* ta unc* ha* it failtd in (ins( *n*ir* * -icfac'ioo. W ha, than, I will *af*r frrm Wi-im? or Dahility whan McLEAH*S TRENQTHKNUia CORDIAL will car* 70a 1 I Ha ianfsaf * can ttt'iy an adaqsata ida* af tha tn*ia?diat* and almatt miraca'oat char fa prodactd by taking tbt* . Cardial in tb* di**a**d, d*biliui*4, and abattarad ntrtaat fitira, whtthtr brakaa dawn by axc**a, waak by natara, ? impaired by aickaaaa, th* ralaaad and ar.ttranf etfaoiaatian 1* ra*iar*d ta iu prtatia* health and tifat I MARRIED PERSONS. at (thara, uqiciiu af inability from wbuiti' caa*?, will tod MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a tharaafh r*f anaratar of tba *y*t*ia; and all who may bar* in 1 )ar*d ihtBiaal*** by impraaor indalfanca* will tad in ibu Cardial a ctrtain and *p**dy remedy. TO THE- LADIES. MrLKAlfB STRENGTH Eft ING CORDIAL to a Mtw J tifn and tpttdy car* far Incipient Caoaampuon, Wbita*. Osatraciad ar DiScalt M?mr?.-ti^n, Incoatinanc* of I'rio* ' ar Inralantary Diaeharre tbtraaf, Palling of tb* Womb, Siddiatt*, PuiiUo(, and all di**a*?* incident to Pamala*. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT 1 Safer no Ion jar. Taka it according to diractioo*. It will ( tuaalatt, etrer.fthea, and 11.?if oral* yoa and eaaa* tba . blaw* af baaitb ta maant yoar cbaak again. trary belli* ia wuruud ta fit* eauefaciioo. ' FOR CHILDREN If year children ar* tickly, pan/ ar aBteud, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will make them healthy, fat, and retail. Da lay 1 uat a moment; Iri 11, and yoa will bt cactincad. It ia da Uciaat tatr.k*. | CAUTION. Bawar* af dragfUU ar daalar* wba may try ta palai apon 1 yoa torn* brUar or e*re?parilla traah, wbicb tbay can bay ??" JKcLfcAii 8 VtrcV<OTHININO"covhalT*** uil I Dothior *!**. It Ik* only ramady Juu will parify th* I Blond thcroafhlr nd u th* mib* lira* strsnfhsn th* i/ctin. < On* ttajpeooral taken aaary morninf fullnf i* a cartain pra?an:i?a for ChoUra, (Thills u4 Kn?, T*llow Kmr, or iay pr*?al*ot dia*LS*. h u pat af in Urra boulss. friet I aj; |l b?ul<, > i Muln In |i V H McLEAK, ? Bel* proprietor of thu Cardial; tlit, McLmu'i Vuicaaic Oil Liailn. aat- Principal l)*pot ou th* eanir of Third aad Pin* *ir**u, Bt. Loan, Mo. McLean's Tolcanio Oil Liniment, I (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) , Tk* only aafa aad etrtaia car* for Cancan, Piloa, Ta. \ am, Swalliafa and Bloachile or Caut, Paralrau, N*a- t ralfia, W*aka*a* of th* Maacl**, Chronic or lafaauaatory j Rh*inauia, Bufosaa of th* Joir.u, Car.tractsd Maocioa or Lifamaata, Earache or Toothach*. Braia**, Ipnim, Praak j Caia, Wounda, Clear*, Pirn Beree, Caktd Braaot, Bar* MipplM, Bam*, Scald*, Bora Throat, or aay lata watatioa or i aaia, aa difference haw a*?*r* or l**f th* di***w mar Ear* e misted, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT .. 1 a carta la ramad? Tkoaaanda of biaat boiafa ha?* ha a a eared a lif* ot <ka . crepitant aad nsieery hy tk* a** of thia taaalaabU remedy 1 McLEAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliara pain a!moat inataaUaooaaly, aad n will cl'aa, pwnfy aad kaal th* foal as t aoraa ia aa iocradible akort una. MXfti tWKSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. J Me LEAK'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT M U? aal. *?fo 1 w< raliabl* r?ut<j for tk* car* af Ipttw, Hum**, Windfall*, Splint*, Utmurtl Lamp*. Nod** nr Svallinf* h Mm foiled I* ear* Bif H*?d, Nl*?il, Plata)*, Old RapaUf forw, or latujr, if proparlr trpi*d Tar j Bprtini, Brai***, SenutH, CraekrK Ar*(*, Chafe*, S>ddl* j ar Cellar Galla, Cau, Mart*, ar Woonde, it la aa infallible >*a*dy. Apply H aa directed aad a ear* la cartaia 1a e?ery I laauaaa. Thaa trtl* aa laarer auk th* aw; wanfcleee Uantata ! aff*r*d l* 70*. Ofcuia a eapf i* af Uh. MCLEAN'S CELE- \ MUTED LINIMENT. 1: will ear* ??a i 4. H McLNAN. Ma Prafrtataa. Carver Third aud Put* Ma., Sc. I ?. Ma. CHARLES ITOTT, Wis Pa. a* , eate ar tat la W aehiug 1 teat R.R T.CiasEL.Uaargawva aaM OtWly u/k nbvka had such bakgaiis in 1 w* PIANO h ORTKS aa At area'nt, fcot4- naar 1 a?--w 1 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. *laia? ft rill nridr of MarMn indiw iIm au to bud la mmj HIwr u ptMM ? Fnday aomai. Tnii-CkiL < ? !< *?>.? i?*iii Stat ! oofj, pm iuie tl ** Flr? oopiM It It tanntbly ? taiaa tiM "WttkuftM Nm" Ual kmm m4? IV Dmth Mr mm* 8tm wrwaw m I?rally Uronkoat U* wutrr. HIT&??** (in ?nw) mm to prwirH at tki oonntar, laattouir after tto tan* of tto HHr. Pnca?THREE CENTS FOR SALE AND RENT. FS?E^^MRffA8jm8r, o?M?l*db) rMtnuttr () ??. Brown, MM >WI r*o?ntly held by Mr*. fctnith aa hw>,? Eor further information *ppIf to CHAS. ABLET. M . or to tli* sabaoribor. THOMAS LAWMN, d? ootf S?r|iHiG <fOa?raTu.S. Ar-?*y. PO* REN T. lo U* Fir.t W *r4-t*rM <??? ?n#i <'i ino ? * mr ?ma.. 1'r CCK, with heck room, or the former wt imvm r a ahop and Parlor* ud Chamber*. Mft'U*. or auita ol Kooma. furntmed or ai faraiaM; oJom to the Av? ue. Inquire at thi* office. de a 3Uwtf Fob RK\ r-Th?6M brick huibs we. 100 We?t at., itMrialovii, at yrMaal ooea pie?l h? the ailiMnbtr. I t hai it ro-.m*. wilh im and **t? throughout, a fin* i ?'d, atahle 4a , aad ia in acood netrhUfrhood. Apply to Jil A NA*RI PKK. oelfc tf FOR P.KNT-A U.ree ,tory bnok HOUSK.oootaiu*n? * room*, ia food order, eith [M fiaturea oonapiete. on H at;?t, between 4th an<1 Mh. Alao, a two etory brick C'TTACK, Vttl IMM yard attached. ooraar of F atreet north an ? 1?U< at. eeat To punctual aad reliable ienai '4 the tern* anil he moderate. Apply at 44* Twelfth atreet, between '? aa>i H. ao ta-o I/OK K KNT.?Two new three atory BRICK HOI With lack l>ui><1mfa, Wat bona* oo'itfimrvf 8 roonst, with tea. pleaeantly situated on ??4i otreet north. t*tween M aad N atreela. real moil^ratc. Appi* to K. LAZ^NHY. oppoeite, or to JOHN T. LKNMAN, Ohio avenue, lietweaa 12th *nd 1.1th etroeta. oe 9u I^OK RENT?The FIR!*T FL.OOR ofth*b*li?I in* immediately oppoaite Ue west wini of the City H?l., recently oocufi"! by Chae. B/Wa aoh aa an office. Alao the front room in the e*rot?4 atory er.<t tr.e third floor of the aan>e haildtac. For wriDH npplT to KI CHARD WALLACH.TIo. t Losna^n^arenne^^^^mm^ EDUCATIONAL. TFfeMALK EDUCATION. HOSK P%rent? who wiah thei r daughter* to r* oei?e a thorough and ayatemaiir eduoation. wliera tJ.eir pni Met traimn wi'l reoeiredaiit and ar?ciel Utrnunn, ui?ter the moat approved traUir, of Call* tneme* and ??? mnaotioa, are reapeetruliT mviled to visit the l'ni<?n Academy, corner Foa? teenth at. and New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*, an Sn tf Pnaoipaia. |7?EMALfc BOARDING AM0J>AV SCHOOL r Al.EXAXOKlA. TA. Mra. 8.7. McCORMICK. Pinnrtu The thirteenth annua! aeaaion of thi? iDatitatioa will aominenoe on Tueaday. Pepteint.?r ifttb, in tb? hou?e rac?ntli occupied by Sflveater S?ntt, ba^ , No. 1 **0 Kins iireM. The course of etudy puraued wi'l eompnaefll th?* brancheii reqtu.itc to a tbomueh Knrliah Education, and Mueic. French, Latin and Drawing. if deaired. In addition to day aaholara. Mra MoCorauok it prepared to receive a limited nuu.eerof pnpift aa bo%rd*-ra, who. couatitutiac a part of her own fim i!j, will be under her immediate oare and auperv ion. She ?tl! endeavor. aa tar aa poaaiMe. to aar rou.-.(l tliem with the ooiuforta and kind!* influence# of Home. Geo. R. Nnrtoe. Rw. IV. KIih HftrriK>n. K?t. U. F. !*pri*c. William H f owl*. h>q.. F.dgar Snowilen, I>mi . Rdmund I- W itine* ??<? H?*nry M?rhur\, Lm., I<owi* McKeune K>q . Ruhftt H. Kintiiu, E?q . w. D VVtilich bu.tor K%-enin* !?tar, njamiu Waters. fc>*. .Ju Kntwiste, Jr., K??|..C??1. John W. Minor. Loud?un Mukfi. Biacsiuok 1 Marshall, Mmti Cor Brother*. Tnih B'?*rd, wiMi Tuition in aJI flie Bn?'??h B'ao^hes. t? <ifor the annul) ??*r>D -p*jr?r>ie tmi Miitili. in ichrniw. Mono and* at Profeeeors' pnoes. try No extra. qharcee a? ?~?f DENTISTRY. M LOOM IS, M Ta/tbe^nrepto' ftnd patei.tee ifthe MINKKAL PCATK TF.KTH. at ^ lend* persona..? at his o&oa In ti :s eitj ApflB ?* Many persons oan wear these tooth wh<>*iA-,-J-IJ sannot wear other*, acc no persos oac wear others who oannot wear these. F?re<?ni oalhLg at my oAo*can bt accommodated with anr style and pnoe of Teeth th?*y map des.r*. hut to those who are particular and wish the pores', cleanest, strongest. and moet perfect denture that irt rati prodoee, the MIN KRAL fLATF. wil r*? more fu llr warranted. Room* in thu city?No. 396 P? iv?iHlWw?i tii ami lOtii at*. Also. 90? Aroh street, Phi a>t??i yhia. oc 15 tf_ D DENTAL CARD. . R. MUN*ON lit* returned ao/1 reea?ed hie profe?si->n. tffee a: d house a' 163 E ?t..^-?C^ .hi rd door east of Sixth. Id Addition UmMSS very o?her approved etyle, Dr. M. ha* tC* eeth on valoauite Base for the laet three year* md, from expenenoe, know* it exoe.a all others, t'<d i? one third less in pnoe than fold. Hie old >atrone <>f Washington, Alexandria, aad Geor???wn are respectfully eoJboited t<> sail. an fc eol? C ARRI AG E F ACTOR IE8. 117A8BINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. * ~ D Strut, Bit*mn W amd lwi Street*. W? have just finicited a Damtwr of first olaet ^RRIAGFS, euch a* I **kt Fnr*. amn. Wntoni, Park Pkeattmt. Fnmt'y 1^" KPgi tHJttt, and Fs?ri?*. which we trill aeli aiRE==r*3 k t*er? *n>a:i profit. fteint pract:oa: merhanioa in different branch** >f the bus nra*. we flatter ourselves ti*t we k??>? le style* ai.d eaa ?*y of work that will sive ?at* actios, ootabmuf iightoe**, oou?;ort aa?. durahi.l y. Repairing promptly an 1 oe retail y attended to he inorteet n< tioe end meet rea?"tabi* ciiargea. WALTER, SAKMA.NN A BOfk Coachmakers, successors to Wct. T. Hook. M H-dly _ r CARRIAGES. RE Sabeeribw fiaviag mace acdineaa to hi aetory ,makinf it now one of U)f irteeiAjBf. n the Diatriot, where h.<* >?M'Oef (o hMK, naoaJaoturia^CARRIAGE* WAttUINBOI aU KiOdS Ofcl.UOt h? pnrfMMd, rom hn lone exyri?nc? ta the bwiac?. >of? ? giw* i?nerfc. i^afaetioa. Ail kisdj of Carrot e? ax4 Llf kl Wti?? kar? immL Ail REPAIRS?tlT??.?4aUt?W?yf?l rHE THE THE INSURANCE OOMPANV NSL'RANCK. COMPANY LIFE INSURANCECOMPANY SfSllfifil ">F VIRGINIA ?*-' VIRGINIA MARINE JF VIRGINIA Imuran Mtmit loss or dimMc brlrti^iH 'HieMilttonMUMre nipon* o( >?w?J nJitp. HEATH A ENOWLKS. ! M?r*ro? A fPt tf, J3e?? Room 16 over Bark of Waahincto*. de Jr> WATCH REPAYING A^VE. WARE I have one of th? i>e?t ?*tat>a*hm?iiU, aad fu.rliihed with a complete aot of tooi? for rapaar- -Rv nc tvfrj d-Ho iplion of ftoo Woiohoa, and /^k] particular attrnU->n giva to Dm mom, by ?4mK . crouth comprint vnrknuM^L warkguaran U*. _AJ o, evory doacrip ion of i'mkI^ SILVER ivAKh. f a n and ornaiuentai. mnuikeU'kiBMr my own supervision, which mi aa?L?nor* viU fcod it iiiftrior in %uaiit) and fcoith to auitk?i war* old by dealers IB gonar?l aud rm^nlM m Ui*ir >vn mtnibctara. H. O MOOD. m* t *3W Fa. tww. ??ar ?U t. 512 SU"A r*"7 A*D 5J2 HAMILTOPT BRO. A, No MS pithttb St., the p!aoe Ui find the oelet,,a?-rc Oitta P*?ona ItooftDC and Paint Alao, a k Moral aaaortasont of IniM Pai ntinc Matonaia. Paintinj in all iu braneh** ?v?iM wiUi diatttehudonrHto able torms. Mixed Painu al rays on hatd and for saie, wi'b backot Mi b'ash o loan froo of charge A ! ordor* l?A at tko it?r? or Old 6kimi or Job Work of uy ittTtuTbi I^^'^'aVflufrrVrv i* xiurm ? * IMPO*TKRs?i.iS^V hoTelL* Md kvtoi 1 DM;. FORI ION wlnts* BRA *%*?!<, GINS. #t.. No. 40 Noiti Ciouimin, Fir* 4??ri riwi LtfwiiM tt , po g-lr BaJtimof^. j^CHOOL AND COL.L.E6K OUTFITS. Yinks' mmd Clothing for &ek?l tut Dm* W?,. Paraats twiahiac to hraitk U?r ?Mbiroc and ward* viU Nmw' Oolt~f0Ootftta or U? ?aiioc cooooo. to nnn-idf ?r trssx fk: it all ?Of? iaa few ihwmii with ovan 4?or if ioa of R"0<1t MdaHVKf' ntwtaoUai a.u<1 ksearragrtt'' * Ki uvr . -/