Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1861 Page 1
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V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 9. 1861. N?. 2.462. THE DAILY EVENING STAR l? FWUSHBD EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, C~nw of Fenntflvcni* mvmu4 and 1U4 ?*., T WW Ui WW Pft?eri tWT#d ia by otrriera M |< I yew, or ST orata per month. To mftil aabcoribera' tbe pro* m #3-? ? yMr, m udvanct; #2 for six tooth*; 91 for three months; and for ieaa Uu three mouths at the rate of 12 oenU a veek. Bugle oftes, on* cut; ia wrappers, two cum. 11^ AsrnTiiwiim saomld b? rent to the oftoe before 12 o'oiook m^ other vim they mfty Dot appear antii the next day. AUTHENTIC ACCOUNT OF THE EYAO I'UIUI OF FORT MOULTRIE. The Nl|kt if December 36, 1660. ow AMD war major A5DERS0* M0YBD BIS TROOPS?TH* ROW across THE HARBOR?THE FEDERAL GCSS AXDTHB CHARLESTON STEAM BOATS. rFrom th* N#w Vnrk Wnrld 1 We give below the flrat genuine and authentic account which haapaased through theaouthern mails of Maior Anderson'* removal from Fort 3foultria to Fort Sumter. Our correspondent, who haa had ererj advantage that a partici pation in that gallant manoeuvre or a residence within the walla of both forta, or military knowledge could give him, recites the prepa rations which were being made by the Charlea tonians to hem in the brave Anderaon and his troopa; hit fruitless efforta to induce the War Department to allow him to provide for their defense; the reason* which compelled him to a haaty evacuation of Fort Moultrie; the provis ion* made by the Cbarleatonians to prevent the removal to Fort Sumter, and with what abrewdnosa and ability they were foiled; how the troops' baggage and provisions were trans ferred; tho row across the harbor, in a clear moonlight, within a hdndred yards of the Charleston steamboat; and a history of the sight, until hia command was finally housed in the stronghold of Sumter. THK XVACCATI05. Major Andorspn has done the best possible thing tor his small oommand and the country at large. It wad unauthorized, it is true, but it was indispensable. To defend himself on the bar and extensive ramparts of Fort Moul trie for more than three or four days would have been impossible. If not from any actual loss of men. he must have succumbed from fatigue and Iom of sleep, for it would havd" been impossible t* spare a man froir his post. The South Carolinians were making prepara tions to erect three batteries against him, to flurround him with rifle pits and open trenches. They only awaited the signal from theit Com missioners to begin. Their engineer officers came down every day to examine and lay out their plans of attack. Cannon had actually been sent to the Island. In a few days the M^jor would hare been surrounded with a Crfeot net work, and his hands were still tied hind his back. The Government would not even give him permission to level the immense sand hills whicn overlooked his works. Thej would not send him the amunition he needed, nor would they allow him necessary mortars and shells to dislodge the olouds of riflemen who would pick off his cannoners. He and his command had, nevertheless, de termined to fight it out to the last, and blow up everything The only possible safety for them waii in burning down Moultrieville in the first place (for they were so hemmed in they could not see a hundred yards) and in taking down the crests of the higher sand hills. It was all in vain; his hands were tied; and when it became apparent that the heavy batteries of Fort Snmt*r VArA in iW/litinn *A their fire into the work, and enfilade one and take in reverse two of his lines, the case re solved itself into a massacre, and not into a siege or assault. Fort Moaltrie itself is bat a mere dependency of Fort Sumier. The battle which the Major was about to fight would be in every sense a useless one. so long as the en emj held Fort Suuitei. Victory would not have given him oommand of the harbor. By moving to Fort Sumter he gained safety for the men, a free and untrammeled position, commanding the harbor?a positionYrom which he might prevent the erection of efficient bat* teries against ships, from which he can drive out an enemy from Fort Moultrie?a position which a few days work will render impreg nable to all but treachery. The Government, instead of acting under perpetual menaces and threats, can now act, if it choses. with dignity and firmness, for Charleston is at the feet of Anderson wh?n?r?r he choses to exercise his power. Not a vessel can came in or oat without his permission. He can collect the revenue with ease, the lights can be put out with his guns, and all this has occurred without bloodshed. No blood need b? shed unless South Carolina madly flings herself against him in a furious effort to re trieve her broken fortunes. She feels and knows she is in the power of the United States Government. Sensible thej were in driving Anderson to extremity, and fearful he might make an attempt of the kind, they had sta tioned two steamboata having 120 men, with two pieces of artillery, under command of Lt. Hamilton, recently resigned from the Navy. They had stationed these between Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie to cruise around and pre ??* nucuipk mj irsusiur iuq |srriBun, dui Anderson foiled them, lie carried oat his project with consummate ability. He talked . for a week of the absolute necessity of lending the women and children to the village of Fort Johnson for safety. There is an old dilapida ted public building there in which he proposed to put them until the battle w.ia over. He chartered three lighters to carry them and their baggage, and be added everything to the cargo be could without exciting suspicion. The Charlestonians did not wish to interfere with the transit of provisions to Capt. Foster's men at Fort Sumter, because they regarded him as in reality finishing the work for them. This he was actually doing, through the neg lect of the Administration. Under pretense of vending him provisions. Maj. Anderson sent ever alarge amount of his stores. Thus dis embarrassed he was ready for a move. The aehooners, with the camp women and children, had orders to sail from Eort Johnson to Fort Sumter upon hearing two cannon fired at Fort Moultrie, the signal that the evacuation of the fort had been completed. He then gave order* to the men to pack their knapsacks, and hold themselves in readiness at all times, as they might, some day hare to move, lie took one t>f his officers aside about 6 p. m. on the 26th, and told him in about twenty minutes he should make the attempt to reach Fort Sumter. The attempt was a dangerous one. Two stoam boau lay off the fort with troops and guns, and these boats would have run him down in a mo ment had they been aware of the trtrement. Maj Anderson left orders to lire into the Nina steamboat, if she molested his men, and a 32 pounder was loaded up for that purpose. Fort Moultrie is always sourrounaed by paid spies and members of the Tigilanoe committee, but they did not interfere, and probably did not understand what the command was doing. The troops sprang into the boats and the men Cled with a wilH Half way the hostile steam it approached rapidly with a ship in tow. It was a glorious moonlight night, and very clear. The steamboat passed within hun dred yard*, bat probably took the boata to oon tain workmen returning from Fort Sumter. Fumter wu reached at laat in safety. An ex clamation of surprise came from the bricklayers n the wharf. One of them shouted "Harrah for the Union." He was hurried in and made to keep quiet. In the meantime the offioen who remained in Fort Moultrie held the lan yards of the guns in their hands ready to fire upon the steamboat, if it moleated the boats. The boat* were sent back. The remainder of tk.?f ?mmand embarked and reached Sumter in ^ifety, th?u?h one boat passed almost under Mte bow of the Nina. The movement waa ac complished, and Charleston waa at the feet *f ,"the gallant Major. Tha chagrin of the people in the city was intense They had oounted on fbis stronghold aa their own, and the tables bad been completely turned on them With 45? 1 ?j r uiu.. IDI CXDCpUUB OI OU*i lutl uicnvAAi, * vyuoio everything of nay importance ?u brought o*or. Tbavsl Acboss TKI Atuiw?Tbo total number of paaaengera carried bclvm E a rope and tbe Lotted States l??t jrni, in tbr Uan?-At lantic rtnmtn wu about 74 UU?. of whoai to.UW were bound wntwird Tbia is aa increase of more than lS.Onu la tbo aggregate, compared with the frevtoas year H7~ Cora la telling for fonrtoea coats par baabol, routorn tfl?M cents, and wheat flfty cents per bnahdTTn Mai comb. Ill Letter (rem rert Snmter. An officer under command of Maj. Anderson write* u follows: Fort SrxrtR, Evening, Dec. 26. My Dear Father: Before this reach?! you, f'ou will probably have learned that we have iterally "taken the ball by the borne." Soon after sunaet this evening, we evacuated Fort Moaltrie, and are now established in this im pregnable fortress, where we are perfectly un approachable; while at the same time we com mand perfectly the harbor and Fort Moultrie l a. if tf a _ i v a. ? men. i easeis nave oeen eeni sown every night, and bare watched us closely, with a view to prevent this very move; bat we have weath ered them. Hurrah for Mai. Anderson! We bare a man who is not afraid of responsibility, and who had more judgment and a better sense of duty than have ordinarily guided public men. At ftrt Moultrie, we could not fail to have succumbed before the large foroe that was pro bably on the point of being launched against us Between batteriet, a close fire of rifiemen and a few columns of assault, we must have been forced to yield; though it would not have been without the loss, perhaps, of every man thrra Maj. Anderson has been delighted with the temper and spirit of hia little command, not a man of which would have flinched from any struggle that might have befallen us. We are not to be touched here. It id four times as large as Fort Moultrie, but the walls are 00 feet hisn, and no landing can be made. There is but one regret?that is, that Fert Moultrie could not have been blown up. To-night, however, everything that can be destroyed, will be. I am sure a general feeling of relief will be ex perienced by the country at large at this step, taken solely upon Major Anderson's responsi bility. Not a man at the fort had the slightest inti mation of this move, and only one or two offi cers, until the moment it waa- executed. Our property and the fnmilied are all safe here,with six months' provisions, hospital stores. Ac. The guns at Moultrie are spiked, and the flag staff cut dolrn, so that no Palmetto flag can ever float on that stick. There is already great ex citement in the city; signal rockets are fired from the island, but it is too late; we have de cidedly get the bull by the inuizle. The rev enue can be oollect?d now, and the Adminis tration can do it* duty if it will. 1-KE^TISS UI'KL WITH liHOLROlf?A L*l'tgH <ill* Affair of Honor.?A writer in the Vicks burg >un furnishes the following incident of the celebrated duel between Judge Gholson and S. S. Prentiss, of Mississippi. The faoU are these : At the first fire Gholson leaped exactly three feet one inch from the ground?not with a ball through the heart, be cause the ball had struok the toe of his right foot, glancing in a westwardly direction, hit ting Gholson s second in the pit of the stomach, causing him to "double up" with such violence that an empty pistol he had in his hand Hew forward with sueh a force as to hit his princi pal on the head, causing him to jump up as aforesaid?because he was completely aston ished, believing his antagonist's ball had hit him on the baok of the head! Gholson was cured of a corn on his right foot, but had the toothache for a week. Gholson'a second took the cramp-oolio. The b&ll of his adversary passed so close to the lips of Prentiss as to take away his breath, Alt - ? causing Dim to ran upon ma ground, trom which ever afterwards ne had a alight lisp. The partiea were reoonoiled on the ground in this manner. After thev had untangled and unrolled Gholson's second nut of a hard knot, and somewhat relieved him, Prentiss, lisping considerably, said,? 41 Gholson, you owe me a dollar." " What for," said Gholson. fy" For curing your corns," says Prentiss. ""No," says Gholson. "you owe me a dollar." " What for?" says Prentiss " Because," says Gholson, " your ball hit my second in the stomach and caused him to hit me on the head, which gave me a tooth ache. and now I'll have to have the tooth pull ed, which will cost me a dollar." " Well," says Prentis, "let's call it square." Se they shook hands on the spot. A Skxhatios Itkm ?'I heN>w York Herald haa a n:u?aiiuu uvuiniiiiiiua?ivii aiaiiii^ iuak tunc il n secret organization now being formed for the pur pose of Insuring the Inauguration of Mr Lincoln. The association is known to its inembers as the Independent Order of Wide Awakes It has a constitution and by-laws, a commander-in-chief, adjutant and major generals, raptains, lieutenants, sergeants and subalterns, and ail the parapherna lia of a thorough military organization Much of the old machinery of the Know Nothings has been pressed Into service?the signs and grips being nearly identical, and the constitution and by-laws being printed in figures. Three weeks only have el?psed since the formation of the first compnnv, and there are already in New York city the skel eton of three regiments fully officered. but with not more than one-sixteenth of tbe proper comple ment of privates. Enrollments are proceeding nightly at tbe respective headquarters The Association has secret agents laboring throughout tbe Northern States initiating mem bers, instilling officers, Stc , and instructing them how and when to act Mo far as has been learned, the officers and men are to appejr In Washington in small parties, so as not to excite attention, and are to be known to each other by a peculiar em blem, hereafter fixed upon. They are armed with rrvutTm anu siur biiim, anu arc to ue rvauv ai a moment's warning to do service The republican leaders, according to the Herald article, have not as vet recognizsd them, but will, no doubt, avail themselves of tneir aid, In an emergency. PorunTio* of ths Uxitbd Statis ?The Message of the Governor of New York embraces the following semi-official statement: 1 am Indebted to the courtesy of the Superin tendent of the Census Office at Washington for tbe following statistics, derived from his enume ration, which, although Incomplete, enables that officer to state that they will prove substantially correct. Tbe population of the State of New York numbers about 3,827,000; the Federal or reprcsentativepopulation of the several States about 29,430,000. In ever? case these estimates will be changed somewhat bv the official fgures. The free population of ail the States 4 number about ."57,112,000 Slave population - < ' 3,87b,000 Population of the Territories, Kansas In cluded 384,868 Or a total population of about 31 374,850 Population, according to census of 1850. .23,191,074 Increase In ten yearsabout 8,133,782 The increase of population In New York since 11*50, la about 730,000; since 1855. la about 301,000 The population of Kansas, Including Pike's Peak, ia about 143,000. in* A horrible murder was perpetrated by a party of slavea near Weldon. N. C., on last Mon day night Mr Lucius T. Woodruff, the maater of the slaves, was attacked by four of them while returning to his house from the field, who felled him to the ground with a billet of wood. HI* prayers snd supplications for mercy were received with jeers and taiinta. A negresa having made him helpless by battering him upon the bead with an ax, they continued to mock hia Bufferings for some time, until they finally renewed their as saults anu beat him until life waa extinct. The negroes were all arreated on the following day (except the old negro who first made the attack) and lodged in jail. Makinb Disastib* roa thk Vsab 1800 ?Th? aggregate number of American vessels lost in 1860 was 19 leas than In 1858. but there was an increase Ui ivu Piwuicii, iuui inbicniUK fcuc A^XreKBW^ value. The vessels lost In IMu include 12 itrtm rrs. 17 ships, 69 barks, 48 brlggs, 100 schooners and three sloops?toUl 3S3?valued at $4.237,000. Tbs total number of vessels lost in 1069 was 408. valued st 6.5(4,000 Of the whole number lost In IHIu there ware 90 burned, 2X7 wrecked. 24 foundered, 25 missing 32abandoned,12capsized, 1. sank, sad 19 sank ?fte' collision in- A correspondent of the 8t Louis Republi can siM, that the Utah Indians have recently been offering Navajo scalps for sale en the streets of *aata Pe. Their prices vary, according to quality; a large oae, with jet bfok hair, about three feet leaf, sold fsr 92 60, while others can be bought for SI. MISCELLANEOUS. *> OFFICIAL. X ROPOSAL* FOR ERECTING A COURT HOUSE AND POST OFFICE AT PHILA PHIA, PA. T*KA.acftY Department, December 22,18W. Sealed Peopo??ls will bo received at this De partment until the 32a day of February, A. D 1HI, at 12 o'olook at noon, for the oomtruetion of the Philadelphia Court-Houa? and Poet Offioe.accord in* to the plana and apecifioal'oiu prepared at thia l>NWtiaeiC Theae propoaala muat be for the vhole work; but enoh portion of the work and the amount b d there for moat be a*parate!v stated in the bid; the reapeo tive amount for eaou kind of work carried out, and the total amount atated; the Department re erring the right to reject or aoo^pt the propoaala hereby invited, or any parta thereof, WDen itdrema the intereat of the United Statea requirea it; the Deeartment alao reaervea the richt to ezolnde the bids of any person or peraons whom there is just oause to believe will not faithfully perform the con tracts, or whioh they have attempt<*l to obtain by indireotion; and all bids when there shall be parties in interest who do not join in the bids, and all bids that, upon investigation, are below a fair prioe for the work. No contract will be awarded to bidden until da tails are furnished the Department of the prioes of the different kinds of work and materials, whioh a?<all be subjeot to the revision of the Department, so that th* gross bid shall be equitab y apportioned upon the whole work to guide the JDepai tment in miking payments. Ninety per cent, of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to oontraot prise, (said amount to be ascertained by the estimate of an agent dtthe Department appointed for that pur pose.) will b? paio from time to time as the work progresses, and teu per o *nt. retained until the com pletion of the oontraot and acceptance of the work, ao.. by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited inXhe event of non fulfilment of oontraot. Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers or mechanics, and the assignment thereof, ex oept by consent of t?e secretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the rame. Each propoaai must bo acco.i panied bv a wntt- n guarantee, rigned by tw'>r>?ponsibl?persons (oer tified te be so by the United States Distriot Judge, or Attorney of the said d'striot.) in the sum of $20,0<in. that the bidder will, when required, if his roposa1 b> aonepted, entfr into a oontraot and bond, with proper and sufficient securities for its fMthful Derformanoe. Plant, apeoifio&tions and working drawings can be examined alter forty days, ani other informa tion obtained on app iontion to the Department. The proposal* must be sent to thia Department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, (en dorsed" Proposals for the Philadelphia Court Houm and Post Cand will be opened at I o'ol^ck p. m .01 the last <1ay named for receiving the same, in the presence of the bidders, if any choose to at tend. PHILIP F THOMAS, de2t6fkl9taw Secretary of the Treasury. GAUTIER'S DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES. FRENCH RESTAURANT. In soliciting your patronage, wonld respel 4.f oall your a-t^ntion to his elegant suits of nK LORS. RECEPTION and DINlNG-fHVO vjS, furnished in the nio*t fashionable style, arnf always ready to aooummodate several parties at any mo ment- 2aa Pa avenue. d? 5 ?-o?w ?pO INVENTORS AND PATENTEES MUNN A "COMPANY. Proprietors of the Scientific American, and Agents for procuring Amerioan and Foreign * TVifA Sixteen Y*ars' Experience tn the Business, Refer to Hon. Judge Mason, Hon Josep 1 Holt, Hon. W D. Bishop. Ex Commissioners of Patents, aud to more than fifteen thousand inventors who have had business done through Munn A Co.'s Pat ent Agency. Pamphlet of Advioe sent free by mail. PateLt Laws and Regulations, liO pages, 25 oents m&i! Office? No. 37 Park Ri*, New York. W&ih ington offioe?comer F and Seveuth ?u..opposite Patent Offioe. de 22-eoftrt 1861 diaries. 186, Commence the Year irith a Diary. A va'uaU# Pocket Companion for registering venta past. preterit,and futur; containing rat?s of postage, almanac, a blank spao for memoranda for ?very day in the year, oa?h aooonnt for eaoh month, annual summary of cash aooonnt payable and receivable. Don't be without one of these useful little souvenirs Tr.e most oomplete, elegant. and desirable assortment ever issued.onm pnsing twelve siz*a and upwards of fifty sty lee. at SHILLINGl'iiN'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner of|4K street and de 2n ppiin avenue. BRADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY. 392 Pk*n Avkxc*. On exhibition, bcautifully finished Photographs of the President anil Vioe President elect: Imperial Photographs of all the Proeiuents from Jackxou to Buchanan; of all the Memt??r? of the Senate and House of Representatives of the present CoagreKs; of the prinoe of Wales ana a large number of dis tingufshed foreign personages; of n>*ar|y all our rromment Statesmen, Poets, Artists, Authors, Ed tors, Clergy in>-n, Generals ?rd Commodores. The largest Plain Photographs in tk? world. The Colored Photographs must be seen to be ap preciated. Twenty five fall length Portrait Visiting Cards, etogantly finished for five dollar* ! iNk UUNbRED PHOTOGRAPHS FOX five DOLLARS!! Prices for all other styles e?uaHy moderate, da 10 lm lour, BUCKWHEAT, potatoes, ap. ' PLES. *o. 19) bbis. new Riohmond Family ard Extra Flour, 5,(?*) lbs. Fresh Ground Bu- k wheat Meal, ??> bushels White Mercer Potatoes, 100 do. Bine do. do. 5 do. Chestnuts. Received to-day and for sale low in lots to snit by I>. L. morrison tc CO., no Comer or Twelfth and B sis. I^HK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. KMRICil. at the oorner of Penn.A . A avenue and Eleventh street, has beeny*?!^# greatly improved recoutly and now offersl??aUL greater induaemeiits for the patronage ol citizens and stranger" than any other publio house in the oit?, his prions being less tnan those of any other hot*; on t er.u. aveme, a>d his accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very poj>u Kr, bring all that can be desired try the most fas tidious. Tae proprietor fledges unremitted atten tion and oontiancd liberal expenditures to give sat isfsetiAn #/\ all ami # W I a kl a inwitatinn mi, biiu wiuo iriirwa iw iuf imwuu * all to civ* the European Hotel a oall. de4-ti new restaurant. " HE Subso. iber ii-f?rms the oiU?*ns of Waah initon and the public in general tuathe/" ha* opened the Restaurant No. 469Suth* street, between C and Louisiana *y?ue.. (formerly kept l>y JaoobStnith ) A n:wand ohoica a??ortrr.ent of L' Q IM ?RS, CIG ARS, io ,on hand. Fine fresh OYSTLRS aervetf up in every atyle at all koara. _ dea-im* F.G.rohr. Holiday presents-suitable me mentos! One Sf t Keal Sable, One Set Royal Ermine, At halfthair usual price. MINK sables! Moat elegant sets, at pnoea to Bait the timea. FRENCH jttlNK, french &ABLES. Br autifu. Seta, from *10 to iili children'S FURS. ~ Muffl, viotorlnes, and Capes, in all their varie ties, from 75 oenu to ag B. H. stinf.METZ. a?6 Pa av., da U between 12th and 13th sta. Fyou want to save the union 0*11 at M A R V e Y'8, Call W 1 Who haa Just received a large supply of fresh l^b STERST FISH, and fine OYSTERS,! whioh be vill serve to customers at thei shortest not oe and on liberal terms. P. 8?Oysters served to families and hotels are not soalded; they are only Maided for persona eat ing them at the saloon. dot T. M. HARVEY. Cloaks! cloaks!! cloak S!!! The Camilla, the Arab, the Garibaldi, The Romeo, the Zouave, theaibanas. The riehara, the Enclisb 9*?k, the French Saok. With many other new and beautiful sty ea in Rept. Treoo and French Beaver Cloth, in frioes from as SO to fttt to which we ask the attention of the ladle*. no 17 TAYLOR a HUTCHISON. W traveling TRUNKS. k Have just reoeived the largest a aaiortment f n>'fooo? vnwf m oavoi naiunriuc, au.( is thii city, which we are eel I a* at rati lov prioea. WALL, BTEPBEN8 * CO . oe? tf 3'itt p%. tToirn*. ClIBBS* Wie, BRAID AND CURL MANU V FACTORY, 943 Penn. innu, smt the oor Mt of Thirteenth street.?A very oomplete aaeort m'nt of Br ml*, Carl a, Frisettea, Baodeaaa, ko.. Bow oa hand; fJeo.Tnade to ord?r at the ahorteet aotioe Hair Work repaired or takes in exehanta. w x DEBT FANCY GOODS, TO SUIT THE TIMES, A* PRICE9 A. 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KNOW WHAT? fTT" Know that yon get GOOD MEASURE and the rery beet of WOOD for 1ms money, Cut Split, and Dkli vkekd Fiu or Chaxsb. Call at the PIOKEltft MILLS! SIGN OF TUB BLUE FLAG-STAFF. South weit Coim Sivbstb s*t. and Canal (South of n? Uudro.f *>19 GKORtiK PAGE, A?BNT. w ? O D AND SO A k the Delivered to all parte of the oity, at the lotrect OMible rate*. T. J. A W. M. GALT, Offloe 889 Pa. ay., between 11th and 12th eta., ma 17-tf north eiqe. Cure Cough, Cold, Hoarseness, In Jlu-nza any Irritation or Sore ness of ike Throat, Rtluve tht Hacking Cough in Consump tion. Bronchitis, Athtna, 4* Catarrh. Clear and tir* W^W/ strength to tht roitt nf ^GfiliSSr PUBLIC SPEAK ER8 ahd SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of cheokinr a Cough or ' Common Cold1' in its first stage; that vhioh in the beaming would yield to a mild reme dy, if neglected, soon attacks the bunts. Broipn's Branchial Trochescontaining <iemuToentingredi euts, allay Pnlmonary and Btonohial Irritation. I "That trouble in my Throat, I for BROWN'S which the "Troche*" area specitiol i having made me often a mere wiws TROCHES perar.? N.P.WILLIS. ngnwN'H "I recommend their nse to Public BKOW N 3 8PKAKEBS." TROCHES REV. E. II. CHAPIN. i "Greatservioein subduing Hoaesb BROWN'S i?kss." R?V. DANIEL WISE. TROCHES' BROWN'S TROCHES bROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN' " Almont matar.t relief in the dia treating labor of breathing peculiar to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGOLE8TON. " Contain do Opinni or anything injurious." DR. A. A HAVES, CKtmist, Boston. "A simple and pieavant combina tion for Cocobs. ?o." DR. ti. F. BIGELOW, Boston. " Benefioial in Brokchitib." DR. J. F. W. LANE, Boston. " I have proved them excelleat for Whopfixo Coogh." REV. H. W. WARRKN. Bottem. " Benefioial when compelled to pe&k. differing from Cold." fcsf. S. J. P.ANDERSON, St. Louis. TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S ' Effectual in removing Hoarse neN and Irritation of the Throat, ao common wiih Spxakkr* and Sma KRS " Prof M.STACY JOHNSON. L? Uramge, (Ja. Teaoher of Music Southern FemsJe Collect "6reat benefit when taken before and after preaching, a* thev prevent Hoaraenen. Prom their past effect, I think they will be of permanent ad vantage to me." ftuv. K. ROW URYi A. M. Preaident ol Athena Colle?e, Tenn. troche de I ly HOVT'I Hiawatha Hair Re?toratlYe la warranted in every inata: oe to Restore Gray Hair to it* Orioijiax Color. It haa been applied IN THOUSANDS OF CASKS In the >rlanipal oitiee of New England, and HAS NOT FAILED in a ainrl? inaianoe to ao oompli'h ail that la claimed for it. No Hair it ao Gray or Red bat the HIAWATHA will eliaaneittoa beaut,ful life like Brown and fciaak. It it not an Inst&nl&neona die winch orooka, niuta And givea a d< ad Mink oolor to the hair; the patient bavnt to submit to aoaping, waah ug and ponging of the hair every.iime t i? applied; nor it it a preparation of aulphnr, au?ar of le*d, Ac., gor of an? ingredient* d?ieterioua to the heir of akin, Itiaan article requiring no preparation, no wash ing before or after uau g. it ie at plied in five min uti? time, siid with aa iitt e trouble aa any ordinary article for the toilet. "People who have uae.1 thia preparation declare it ia mlraoulooa in ita < Ileota, and that it will per form all that it pretend" to do '*? Bnllou's Pictorial. "Ita auooeta wonderful, and we oan only a\j we irdorae all the proprietor naya in regard to it."? Boston Journal. "We oieurve, by a notioe in a Ronton paper, that a premium was awarded by the Mtt'saohusr tta Me ohanica' Charita -.e their l\t- Pair, Boston, to Mr Joaeph Hoyt of thib oity.for hia o*lebrat<?] 'Hiawatha Hair Roatorative,' an article which riohl? merited this favor It wa< for ita su perior merits in this respect that the Committs*. af ter auffioient evideroe presented to themae vea, awarded to Mr. Hoyt this flattering testimonial Providence Eventn% Poxt Sold iu Washington by J. W. Nairn. D. B Clark, Kidwell & Lawrenoe D. G. Ridgeley. In George town by J. L. Kidwell, and by Druggists generally. NO ?HARGEJ FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. at the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, PHI LP * SOLOMONS, Agents for Laurtmtt't e*Ubrmttd Lintn Papttt, "Metrop^'itan Una," fx., #-e. M fe ly S3* Pv &v? (Hit. 9t- and l<Hh ats. Singer's Sewing Machines. 3?8 PENN. AVENUE, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. we invite the pubiio attention to oar new FAMILY SEWING MACHINE. Thi? Machin< is unsurpassed in the household. It rem smooth and swift; seiet, hems, fell* and gathm, will sen the finest swits or cloth ten layer* thick, and am thine between the two extremes, in a beaut.fnl an<i substantial manner. Machines in mahotany, wal nut and ro*ewood oases from ?<50 to ft 100. Oui larre vibrating prtsser machine, for ooadn trimmer! and saddlers, is without a rival. Silk, Twist Thread, Needles, Bobb ins. Oil, fco., always 01 hand at New York prices. rrrseml for tooif of I. M Sincer A Ce.'s 6a lene. CHARLES A. SPONSLER, no77 6m Agent. HOWE'S IMPROVED WE1GHINGRCALBS These Soales are oflered to the pubiio as th< most aipipte, durable, and reliable scales ever ?ut ii mse. First olaas premiums have been awardeathw by tae United States Fair and Virginia Arucultara Society; Virginia Slate Agrun!tural Fam Franklu Instituf Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair Vermont State Fair, Ao., Ao. In every case when exhibited they nave received first class premimmi For sa e at ift Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller'i uau.ea iron nauoa. da l?-lr E' C. PATTI8QN. A ten I. CJPECIAL NOTICE TO OUR FRIENDS AN[ ? CUSTOMERS. v We have tad their bflle all made off, and tho? who prefer oalling at oar desk 'or thrni will pleam do ao by the 36th inat. After thatd?te we ahal reader evry bill on oar booka, and owing t" thi treat panio w? mnat a? k rur frienoa to make prorap pay menu, as we are in want of all money due as a this time. J. W. COLLEY k C de n-Sw ?88 Seventh at., above Pa,?t. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 383 Pennsylva nia Avenn??, have just reoeived a laree vanetr o new Pall Goods, to whioh they invito the Ktteatioi of their friend* and onatoneri. an Sft-tf /JREAT BARGAINS IN PlANQ8.-Oa? Tan moe aeven-ootave Carved Piano rorta,_j^ kaan lat km a a net H ? amI* CLOTHING, Ac. PANIC TIMES! PANIC PSLICES' \\n h*r?ju?t received a arge lot ofCLQTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS ud CAPS, on oonaicninent, which iru?t be ao.d !*?fT>re the ?h of March, without retard to ooat. Thee" gooda hare ail bwt made ?p by the beat hovaea in Baltimore and Phi adelpt.ia, and owing to the time* they will be aold at almost any price, onrobjeot being to tarn them into ca?h aa aoon aa p*eaihle. L A. BE ALL A CO., C'othiara, No. 439 Seventh at., above G. N. B.-Com?on?, oome all; now ta the time to bay WINTKK CLOTHING at any pnoe on Sev enth at., No. 439,4dooraahovaG at. deS-ltn A GRP.AT 4TTB1PTIAWI f\. GRAND RUtM? FOR SEVENTH STREET! All Stop at 8 M I T H * S , No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "Q? tktru and do likewi*t " (Suoh waa the language twd b? a gent'eman who had received mme of our g r?at kifiiii ) I have ju?t returned from the North with a verj lar?e etuok of CL >TlllNO, FURNISHINrt GOOD*. HATS ?i d CAPS*.bough' for caeh at two third* their net coat.and which I will eell at a mall advance. You can bur a good OmsoM from |3to 7, a very fine one from $10 to $15, Cape Ovurocat from (a to ?15, Boy'a Overcoat and Cape Coat from $3 So to $5 Aleo. SHIRTS. UNDER GARMENTS. I'M EL LAS. SCARFS SHAWLS, COLLARS. ES, GLOvF.S.and all kind* of Gent*' Wearing Apearel.ataetoniahingly low pnoee. 117' A word to those that want to purohaae: Having boutht the** good* at very low prico*. I am confident that you oan save 25 per cent. buying from me. H/ U flPBV A V TQI /* I / ?*? * A*'" *- * ?* w * a - ^ o i^iiW l niiiu in inunawe. Uon't forget toaAJlAt tbe Pe -p e'-Clothiu* t*ture. No. 4 60 Sar?uth itrMt, before purohAnni elae where. And sAtitfjr rouraelree thAt we Are flfenc* bArK%ine. J. H SMITH. Clothier, de U-lro N?. 4 60 ^ venth at., opp. Po?t OBci. tf^KNTLBMEN'i* vW RE iDY-MADE CLOTHING. Our prefect A?eortmeiit of GENTLEMEN'S READV-MADE <-LOTHING <fferi to citiz*oa and atrancera wiahing An immodiAte out it aupe nor loduoementa, erahrtain(, At this time. All atylM And auAiltiea of Dreaa An 1 Bnaineaa Gar manta And OverooAta la All TAri'tiea. Fine Shuta And I'nder-clothinf ol All kinda. Kid And other Glorea of boat qoaity. Scarfa, Ti?e, CrAvata, Sto<-k?, Hoaiery, Ao.. ko. All of wh:oh we Are offering At our nauAi low prioea. fcr Clothing m *d? to order m the moat auperior mAnner. WALL, BTEPHENS A Co.. no 16-tf 3*22 Pa. Arenit. CI R E A T BARGAINS OrrKKKD at th* PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STOKE, No. 460 Ssvksth 8iuit. CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS ABB CAPS. At 20 Pn Cwt. Lim tri I'ivu Rati*. At SMITH'S, No. 4 60 Seventh Street. N. B? All in w&nt of CLOTHING and FUR NISHING GOODS wi l find it greatly to thair U v&ntAge to give ma a oall. fle7 Iro J. H. SMITH. Clothikk. W MERCHANT TAIIAJRING. E Inrite oar caatomera.and oitisena general ly, to an mapeo'ion of our preaeut new, at _ tractive, and eiecant aaaorUn-nt CLOTHS. CAWIMKRKS, DOESKINS, WK VfcSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ao. TW whioh we will make to order in anterior trie at very low prioea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO oo 25-tf 322 Pa. av.. hetw. 9th and loth at*. /%t\ NEW PAWN office. O y E. WARD. Dealer in New& Q and ?Ja*t Off Clothing. raapeotfnUy inform* U.e pub'io that he haa opened a LICENSED PAWN OFPIOK at No 7 n Louiaiara arenue. between f-th ana loth ata., a few doo-a wut of tee new Cen tral Guatd-heoae, where h* will I* at all tlmea prepared to wait on hia patrona with prwmptneee, attention and the atnoteet iuatioe. N. B ?Jewelry, Dry Good a, Clothing, Mec hau te#' To 'la, Ao.,aJwaya ou hand at private de 7 1 ? * Dr. J. H MeLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A > 1> BLOOD PURIFIER. THE O&EATEST REMEDY w tkt WORLD, and the moat IhtLIClord AND DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL 'EVER TAKEN. ll ta atrictto I Ml utitc and Vifiu kit Coiupoarid, yr+ carad by tha d-.atilla tion of r*oti, bart-a, tad barks. Y a. tew Dock, Blood M??t, Duct &pc, lar**[* nil*. Wild Cbiir; B?rk, tad Daadalios ar><?r? into ila CMO Tba aotira acura rtroadial prirciplt of aacta iof radiant ta ? . ihoraafhljaiiractadAftef by my aaw mathod of * * O* diauUina, pradaciar a daacioaa, axtiilaiatiaf apirH, and u>a maat mfailibla raoaly ??* ranotatiuf iba dtaaaaad lyatam, and raatarin( lb a tick, aafaricf, ant dafcilitatad lavaiid ta haaitii and atranftb. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will tfactBtlly car* Li?*r Complaint, Dy*j>*p*ia, J??n dic*, Cbraaie ar Nmoii Dability, Dt**aa*? of lit* Ridnaya, and all diMim arising from a disordered L' ?*r or Stomach, Dyapapua, rtMra, Inward Pii*?, Acidity or Sickn*** of (A* Stomach, Fml)a**e ?f Blood to th* Head, Dull Pain or wimnun* in th* Haad, Palpitation of th* Haart, Polio*** or Wakfht in th* Stomaeh, Bow Eractatiooa, Uhokinr or Safocatinf Paalinf whan larmr down, Dry a* a* or YslIoW oaaa of tb* Skin and Bjaa, Nir>i Swaati, Inward F???ra, Pain in th* Small of th* Back, Choat, or Sid*, hddu Plaahas of S*at, D*pr***ion of Spirit*, Frifhtfml Drtaia*, Lanraor, D**p*nd*ncy or uj r*r??n* di**a**, Sor*> or Blotch** oq th* Skis, and P*T*r and Ara* (or Chill* and flVM.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES har* h**n Mid darinf ih* laat *u mootb*, and ta no ia tanc* ha* it failad in rmnf anur* aatiafactiao. W ho. than, will aaffar from W*akn*a* or Dabtlity wb*n McLUHl STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will car* yea 1 Ha lang-aaf can c?n?*y an ad*qaat* id*a of th* lanmodi ata and almaat imracaloa* Chang* prodac*d by taking Ihia Cardial in th* dutaaad, d*biliut*d, aad ahattarad oirou ay(tarn, wLtthar brok*n (two by Jlcs**, waak by catar*, ar impaired by aickna**, th* related aad anetr-mg ar|ui auon U restored ta IU pneuae haaltb aad *if*t MARRIED PERSONS, o* others, censeioas of inability from whatever caaae, will od MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL * tbo reiffe regenerator of th* ayataa; aad all wb* may ban la |wed th easel Tee by improper ladalg *nco* will tad la thia Cardial a aartaia aad epeedy r*m*dy. TO THE LADIES. MckEAlfl aTUK&THKNIHG CORDIAL ta a mtr in aad apaady cara far Incipient CaoauipUM, Whitaa, Okatractad or RiScalt Manatraalioo, Incoattinanea of Crina or ln*olantary Du(l>ufl thereof, Failir.f of the Womb, I Biddmeea, Faiaunf, ana ell iliuuii mudut to fimlii. ? THERE I* NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT | Safer uo l?n|*r. TUi It icctrduif ta directiooe. It will llmilua, tuuftbia, ud lo*i|ortu ;m and win tba bloom of health to meant f?mr cheek afata. Every kettle m I warranted to fire eauafacuoo. ; FOR CHILDREN , lf?ow children art aicU;, pan/ or aflicted, MCLEAN'S COKOIAL will make them health*, fat. aad rebaet. Deley not a Barnaul; tzj it, aad yea will he coaeinced. It la de 1 Ucioaa tataka. CAUTION. Beware af drajfiata or daalara who >> try to palm a poo yoa aona bauar or aareapanUa traak, which the j can bay cheap, by eayinr it lataat ae rood. A road aack nan Aek for McLEAHt VrRINOTHEHlNG COEDLAL, aad take aoOiinr a loo. It ia tka oaly roatody that will panfy the Blood thoroafklreadat tka eaaae tiaae etroaagtken tke eyetem. I Oaaa teaepooufal takaa every aoorauif faeunf ia a eertuai I preventive for Ckolara, Chilla aad Fatar, Tallow Pever, or J any prevaleat dieeaae It ia pat op la larra kouloa. Pnca 1 oaly *1 per bottle, or bettloe fer #1 i. H McLEAN, ; Solo proprietor of Una Cordial; alao, McLean'a Volcanic Oil I Lanlment. Principal Dapot oa tka coraor of Third aad I Ptr.a atraata, Bt. Loaria, Ma. XoLean'a Yolcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT ? THE WORLD.) ) fk? wl; aa/a ud e a ruin car* for Onwrt, Pitaa, T? itti, w*llin#? ui Brocchil* or Cottra, Pmlrw, N*a I rilfii, WitknHl af thi MikIu, Cbrocic or biLuturj 9 Ihintmiii Bufana af ?Jm J?au, C?irwtt< Mwelu m 1 kftBiadi Euiclii arToetbacba, Bi?m, hr?l??, fnU I Cat*. Woanda, Clean, Fi?f? lorM, CUii Briut, hri t Nlmlii, Bum*leilli, Iwt Tkml, w u; Itfawwum ? t Mt, no dlfiNKt how imn or Uu U? <u?m auj Lti uuud, HcLBAn C EL EBB A TED LINIMENT ia a cartaia ramady. Tbaaaanda of ttau ktap boon o I if* ml dia an pi tad* ud aaiaary fcy lb* aao of ibta iaralaabla rtnidy. MtLBAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will roli**o pais almaal iaatanuaaaaaly, and it vtll claaa, fmrify and boat lb? foaltat aeraa ia aa iaerodiblo abort tin*. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEANI CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia iba aalr aafa aad rallaM* r*ot*dr for tb* ear* of Bpavia, R.niU*, VMplla, BpUata. Uaaataral Lwm, Nod** or Bvallian r It aarar fhliad to aaro Bif Hood, Pall**il, Mataia, Old Baulaf Boroa, or Bwaaav. M maarit arpliod. For I IwillB IfbM BffiUfcM flfBBkdi DaaU I >.idl. THE WEEKLY HOLLAR STAR. Tkti W?U?l Fiall; m4 Ntn J< ftlUll ft (TftfttOT TftllCty Of ttea mb bftfoaadla ur other -1# f?hiv?t?< PnUri Mbki* oofj, r? udib<_ ? 91 ? Fir* ooy im , _ __ 4 tl Tmi oopiM * "? TiwHjfcwxiH* ? It lawmbiy oonteina the "WMkinctoa N?n tUt bu m*de TV Dmtlt XtMMtf Smt ilm4M o r?Mrally throne boat Uo oointry. (I^SiBS'* oopiMita vnf^tni ma b? yro??r?4 ftt the oouUr, imoMdifttolr lAer Ua imm of tto# Pfc#*r. Prioo?THREE CENTS FOE SALE AND BENT. FSWSMWi^S^J5?ASi; OMliiwtkr PnCinuir Gram Brown, *od rmrf r?oently held by Mrs. taithM f'fiwle inslitatf. For farther mfcmfttior to CHA8. AlikRT. Km , or to Ut aaixcriber THOMA* UWPOX. d? 4 ootf 8?rg jb Goper?! V. W. A"?t FOR RENT, in the Firat Ward?litre* ?qua'?a WMI Of tk? Ww DfiMrtOMDl-t >IMJ or fick. with hack roo?. or the former M) au??*' lor a hop: and Parlor* and ChamS?ra,. or uiu of Room*, furaianed or mhriKM; eiotf lo th? Ami*. iMiirtatliuaoftM. dejltawtf For rknt-tk* in* brick houmk >?. 100 WMtil, Georpato wa. at preaant owi pied br the autwerihar. It baa ft ro<?M, with (a* and water throu hoo<. a fill* rati, atab'e ke , and i?^a a^rood Beij:hU>rhood. Apply to J A ft. A-MA C*OR R KNT?A UrM etory Wnefc HOWK.*^ r taimac 8 rooma. In good order, *tU (u |i. tarea oomp.ote,on H at-eet. t>*?weea Uk and Nth. Aleo. a tvo-itn ; briek COTTASK, with larpe yard attache0. c>r?i*r vt P >>.?< w>Hl. m leat A. eu! To pnaotav and reliable taaaota tSe terms wi'i be moderat*. Apply ? 440 Twelfth ?tre<*, txtween ? aad H. no i? tf |/<?K K KNT.-Two new thrwe-etory brick I HOL>ES with l*nk buiidiura, each hone* oontaininc 8 rooma. with ca*. pieaaanOy aitnatarf lift fctii tt rAOt nArfli M a w%A V - ? ? l^th and 13th atreeta oe FHOK RENT?The first FLOOR of the baUt it j immediately opposite the v?ft wiu at tM City hal.,r?oeatly oooapieJ by Chae. K, wulMk aa an office. Aleo the front room In the eeoond tory and the third floor of the same taildina. For tarun apply to RiCHAKD WALLACm7i*o. II Lomamna avenue. la IS tf EDUCATIONAL. T female education. HOSE Part at-who wiah their aauchtera to ra oetve a thorough and ayeteniatio eduoauon. where their pin Meal traminc will reoeiredajlt aad specie tftention, under themoat approved ereteni of Cniie tnenio? aud G> mnawtioa. are rrapectfoily invited to viait the Union FemaJe Aeademy. corner Foot teenth at. and New V ork ar. pEMALE BOARDING AM) DAY SCHOOL Mra. 8.i. MolfuRMlCk. PautciPAL. The thirteenth annual aeaaion of due faatitutior will oomm?noe on Tneeday, fteytemtwr lSth, in the In u?e reo^nti* ooeuoied hi Filmtar Kooti. No. 190 King itrcet. Tb? course of study pursued will oompriaeall the branch** requmite to a thorough Kncli#h B4a oauon.and M?io, FieaoU, Latin MM Drawing. if desi rod. 'n addition today aaholars.Mra. MoCormiok is aiartnl lo rewiv* a limited cumber ?f pupilb aa rdora, who, constituting a part of h?>r owe Cub iiy, will be ufder her immediate ear* and superv, sion. J*he will endeavor, aa tar aa poaai ble. to aur r?*ind them with the oomforta and kindly lalneuoM of Home. hf/rrtnerf.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev, Dr. K iaa Harrison, Rev. D F.t<jnn> William H Fowls. Esq., Edgar ^nowden. bat.. Kdmaod F Witmer Esq., Henry Mar bury. Em., Lewis VcKenne Esq., Robert H. II unton, Em. W. D Vtallaon Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Watera. Esq .Js* Entwisle, Jr.. Ksq.,Col. J >>hn W. Minor, Loudoun Mesars. fc,aoklock k. Marshall, Meaara Cor Brothers. Tux*. Board, with Tuition in ail the English Branches. I?"1 for the annual aeaaion?payable aaai -annual I v. in atfxance. Music and I .acreages at Profeseors' pnoaa. IIJ~ No extra chargea. aa M-if DENTISTRY. m ? TEETH iM LOOM 13, M. I).."the inwnlo' Md ofthe MINERAL PLATE TKHTH. ! _ t<*r.<l? persona.Ij at Ilia ortioe In thia eity Mw Many poraom oa.q fur theae teeth wfuj**-1-1-1-0 ear. cut wear other*, and bo per eon can wear bUmti who cannot ??r theee. P'TfHll call It* *t IDT oftMOU beaaoofflmodalad with a >? etyle a:>d jrioe of Tftt th*y may doair?, bat totboee who ar? particular and Wiah the pnrrit, oieaceat, atrongeai, and moat perfeot deptare that art oat prodnee, the MINKRA.L I*LATE wili be morefnily werraeted. Room* in thia city?No. *5^ Pa-ar*cae,M??*u Sfth aa<l 11th eta. Aleo. 997 Aroh atraat, Plulad?M phia oo 15 tf CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ' ' y Street, Sttmtm 9tk mmd l(KJk Strmt*. We have jnat fintahed a camber of irat oiaea CARRIAGES, aiioh ae Light m/k/JHkR ITtitcns, Park Pk'-rtrmr. Fnmnf Oer ? rtatts, omsi Btutrits, whioli we will aail a* M ' wLJ a ver? ama! i profit. Beiri practical m?cbai or In different bvanobee of the bueineee, we Batter oureelvee that we know the atvlee laid a uAhtT of work tin: will nn faction, oombimnx lights***, comfort mm dnrsMk ty ReMirlnc prvmftlj*nd o?r*ftailj att?d>d to oftkers, igocauort to Wb. T. Book. Com banker*, M TT-dly T CARRIAGE?, RK Bmbseriber urui mftce ft64lU*tt to hi . ? _ , - IfMIM from hi* ionc ezpor.oooo m tlM buuMd, k* fee to^vr kind* of CfernacOT ?4 U|kl Wiftu t?f< M Mi?D? Ail RKPAIR8M?Ur4*M, b&ejb&t .? DI A <?*? 8! DURIEB" ^ ill A R I E8!l! 1M1. 1^61. CHEAPER THAIt ET?R. W# will take oa ext ft diaoount of V> fm o^?L otf of ftll Diftriea ,arohft**d from ? f?r bftifc WfM do?irou? ?*f clotiok on* ?h# renftindcr of nir nri* .f.n i~..4. t i*m IUU1 I I it) viMi *i>u? iui inn. 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