Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1861 Page 3
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I,OCA I. NEWS. t; TLcugh Thi J*t as U printed on the faitert tt %m pr-w In use couth ?*f Baltimore, lta edition 1? to Itug'- u to rv^ulix it to be put to prcaa at an enrl? hour; A4 rrrtiaementa, tuerefore, ahouid be ent la btfore W o'cloek m .; etherwlae they may aft appear until the next day. i^utjv*.?i' unci 01 ^riTimuio Aufrruvcuicm* t? he ;nwrt/ d in the Daltimork Sun are received *t and forwarded from Thi Stab Otflce. l" strap St atis A?miccLrr*Ai.Sori?TT ? Kimtk Annual JI'ftmg ?Tbe U S Agricultural S?>ciety held Us ninth annual meeting at the Sraith onian Institution to-day This Society was founded in 1954, bv a National Convention, at which there were present one hundred and tifty tvro delegates, from twenty-three States and Ter ritorles. and Incorporated by act of Congrew, April 19, !-?>:) Since Its institution it has con tinned in active operation,cooperating with State and local associations. E ght annual meetings of this association have been held In Washington city, where gentlemen from nearly every State of tb? Union have aasem mea io aiKuu such matters as bave been pre sented at all. calculated to promote the cause for which the Society wai founded Eight annual exhibitions baew been held under their auspices, whicb bave added not a little towards the Increase <>f the cffirirucy of State and local associations all over the conntrr, as also to call together the nmat intelligent fanners, mechanic*, and followers of evrry branch of art throughout the Union. Unirr its auspices a journal of agriculture has be?*n published quarterly, which furnishea val uable information to the world concerning the progrens of agriculture and the mechanical aria tbr. ughout the American nation. Th* Society is entirely supported by private contributions To-day they met for the first time under the act of incorporation There were present at the open ing Frederick Smyth, of the New Hampshire Stai? Agricultural Society; Hon. C. 1/ Beall, of tte .Ww York J<tate Society; John Mctiowan. of the Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of Agriculture; John Merriman, President of the Maryland Stale Agricultural society; Gen. Cal vert. of the Maryland Agricultural College; J. B. Olpp?*:i,'delegate of the Michigan State Agricul tural Society; J M. Cannon, from the Iowa State Society; Col M&llofy, of tli^ Kentucky Society; J ai d delegations from the Ohio, Massachusetts, and Connecticut Societies. Col Ware, of the State Society of Virginia, wzs also present. The President of the Society, Hon. H Wasrer, of New York, )>eing absent from sickness, and no Vice President being present, the Treasurer, B. B. French, Esq , at the request of the executive comii.iue?, canen tee society lo order. On motion. Col Ware, of Va., was called to the chair. Mr Merriinan read a letter from President Ui^fr. bating that on account of sickness he was compelled to resign any further connection with the society as an executive member. On motion tbe resignation was accepted M?j K reucb stated that several year* ftso he, in conjunction with others, was appointed a com mittee to procure an act of incorporntion of the ?nf iety, which had been obtained from Conjjre**. Th:?t a? t he now presented to the society for bji h iciion as might bs necessary upon it. Mr Calvert moved that the charter be accepted. 11 wns nlsn lluivod tKal tbfl m?ti on /vf VI- 4' *? ? ?v hiu?i\?i v* ill! v ur amended so as to rrfrr tbe charter to a committee to report at an adjourned meeting. Mr. Calvert hoped not. Why appoint a com mittee* M?i Freoch said that he drew up this charter, aud d.d so with gr?*at care, when ben Tilghman was President of tbis AMoclation, and **nt it to him for hit examination He did io, and deliv erfd it to the speaker juat aa it la now. It is a charter cut and out. Mr Calvert aafd that he had yist been tfeld that there waa some doubt if the members present and absent are raally members under this charter Mr French aaid that the charter provided that alt the member# at the time of tie application for incorporation, are bona fidt members under thi* art. The amendment to Mr. Calvert's motion was withdrawn. and the motion to accept carried. The Treasurer reports that the balance in his bands in January. I"i0, wai f3tt W !*i nee that tnue he had received from all sources W4 f?5, making inall 9'Si 975 >"> He had paid out on ac count of pretuiauuat Cincinnati f 6l;onac < cunt of bills contracted at the exhibition there (tncliidii't; fri.36? 15 paid to Mr McGowan for p urchase of medals) 86.*<JU 61. Total paid out ou account of the ordinary annual expenses Si- 811 61. Amount paid oat on account of the ordinary animal expenses of the society, *4,1 19 05; in all,S?2,!&i 55. leaving cash on hand. SI,Oil 80. Of the avails of the exhibition at Chicago in l*v>9. the sum of g^.OOO was placed in the hands of it Wager, Esq , by direction of the executive commlt(?e, for investment Of that sum he has pa d over to the treasurer during the past year, ??< . im n ...i <. i. <- ?J - uku ij, i. uaii ! lutiuucu iu me receipts aoove stated . On motion, the report was referred to a com mittee consisting of Mr. Wheelock of Ohio, Mr. Culvert of Md , and Mr Newton of Pa. The >?ecretary reported that over 2.IXX) letters hail b?n received during the year, and nearly that number written, together with a large num ber of circular*. Hut $25 had been expended for contributions to the Journal of Agriculture The January number of the Journal gave good satis faction; the second number was reduced in size; also the third number The cost of the tlrst number was 25 cents each; of the second 16 cents each; of the third 10 cents each. The fourth number is In type, and the Secretary respectfully suggested that it be made the tlrst number of 1-..1 . TUI. 'J -> ' - .vmun mm. iui* wuiuu dutuk ine necessity for having a volume include portions of two years, squaring up each year bjr itself Besides it would reduce the expense# some *3(0 of the volume fos 1 "GO, which would nevertheless con tain 41- pai>s. The library and reading room waa kept open every day during the year, and the secretary has attended tbrre every day, except when absent on business of ttie society. Thrle hundred dollars, in addition to the gas bills, was appropriated for the expei.s-s of the room, for incidental expenses, and for additions to the library. Of thta, >173 were nevetaary for postage; $21 bad been devoted to the libr<r); and 100 volumes of books bad been collected free of charge. ThetecreUry'a report wm referred to theexecu tiv*? Major Trench moved, In consideration of the 11m attendance, that tbe society now adjourn till to-morrow morning, at 10 o'clock. Carried. The 8th or January.?Yesterday, tbe battal ion of National Guards, consisting of company A, I.ieut Lloyd, company B, Captain Kinn, under ronunahd <>f Capt Tail, paraded in full uniform, accompanied by Withers' br<iw band, leaving the Columbian Armory, tbev marched by way of Seventh street and Pennsylvania avenue to the 1'resident'a Mansion, and. passing through the north area, returned to their armory. They made a very line appearance and attracted much atten tion It was a matter of regret that our principal avenue was In such a miserable condition for parade purposes The Perseverance Plre company als^ paraded in tbf aftrriHHtn arrnmn?ni.^ V? 1? ? - ? .? M, w^vwifniiitu WJ OUUflTUCr I band, making a haii'lsonie appearance In tbetr neat serviceable uniform. Tula company also celrbrated tbe anniversary by a spirited ball at night, u did "company B" of th? National Guard battalion. A* /au-d by us yesterday, salutes were 11 red In honor of tbe day. Scildixo Associations ?Tbe general uneasU r?ss In this community as to the future of the cltv. has naturally had Its effect upon the share holders In Building Associations, and tbere bas been something of a stampede to "draw out," though mucb confidence is expressed by those bavt ii(7 ?-*ns?ri*n/?a t? a*w?K sss^i.M-.? " ^ u uv.H MUVIBWUUI, IU4I IOO?f who bold cn will not regret It. la order, bow ever. to meet the necessities of the occasion, we w that tome of tbe associations Lave called meet ing* to conaider tbe propriety of ao altering asso ciation constitutions as that the withdrawal money shall be put up at auction, tbe persona withdraw ing bidding tbe minimum tbry will rcceive for what tbey have paid In, aud of course those taking the least getting out firat. Fkaktcl Sons ? Yesterday, a well known money lender, a German, who is very uneasy about tbe existing state of affairs, inasmuch as it will greatly sffect the value of his numerous in vestment, was awakened from his slumbers by tbe firing of tbe morning salute at tbe Columbian * Armory Too alarmed to spsre time to complete bis toilet, he rushed Into a neighbor's bout* ex claiming, ".MineGot! Mlsber F ,der llritcbes is corned, and we pe all kilt in der raornln " lie wes soon calmed down by his cooler neighbor, and went to work Immensely relieved that tbe conflict U'U not v?t i Tub U'iodu Nam*.?It vr?? Jo* Shiner. Dot Mike tfblner, who wn arretted for robbing Wil son'? biMiw. at tb? Navy Yard, last Sa'urdny nlj{bt Mtke Shiner la a very respectable colored man. an employee In the Navy Yard Joe bad hia houae searched. but n thlfg confirming tbe suspicion against him was discovered. and he was discharged Mr W llson's honse wss fired at the time of the robbery, but the fire was discovered la time to prevent serious damage. Lasd Waihhts a .id Momky ?To-dav war rant* of 16" to Ml acres are baying at 5? rents per a' re and selling at 83 cents; 40 acre warrants buy ing at e5 rent* and selling at 91 New York city bank* at "par; State % per cautj Pennsylvania 5; Maryland 3, Virginia 3; North Carolina 10; Soutb Carolina 13 Movrmkst or Taoops.?Thirty-live Marines were seut tbls morning at 4 o'clock, by special train, from tLe Marine barracks In tbls city to Fort McUenry. Baltimore, to guard it until thi arrival of the A rtlllery companies from Fort Leav a worth. T8B#"Uini>s Rscimbst"?Tm Fiiit Ward For* 15 the Fif.D ?Pursuant to call, a large meeting of tbe citizen* of tbe First Ward wu held last night In a bouse adjoining the War De partment, for tbe purpose of organizing a mili tary company to defend tbe Federal Capital from mob atta^ci Capt. F. R. Dorset wu elected chairman, and Mr. Tbomaa O Robinson secre tary Appropriate remarks were made by the Chairman, after which thtwe present were Incited to come forwsrd and iIib the roll a 1 <r? nnm. ber responded to tbe rail, and tbe work o? enroll ment vru characterized by tbe greatest enthu afaam. Oen'l E. O Carrlngton waa present and ad dreased the meeting upon the resolutions propoaed by htm at tbe meeting in the Third Ward on Monday night He aald It bad been atated by misrbevlous and traltoroua people that the people of tbe South bate the people of the North, and the people of the North hate tbe South. The ac cuaatloy were false io bla belief. Tbe great ma as of the people of both sectlona were frienda and wanted to be frlenda. but are misled by unscrupu loua and bad men. The great heart or the Amer ican nation beats to tbe mualc of tbe Union, and he irmly believed that a great Union like oura could not be diasolved. It ia tbe duty of our people to cberiah peace and peaceful relatlona, but he apoke upon tbe authority of Waahlngton when he aaid in time of peace prepare for war War ia alaeady begun, to far as one little rebellous Stfltp If TKa 1?? ? .. v~u? ? a u? UU|| ui uur i iiiuii una been trampled in the dust by a horde of traitors, and threats have been made of an armed Invaalon of our beloved city to prevent the Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln. Snail we, aa citizens of the Federal Capital, suffer our homes to be desecrated by th'ese ruHians; or shall we rather prepare our selves to resist Invasion, come from what quarter it may? If we must have war, let us be prepared to meet it. The people of the South say that the people of the North are not thalr friends. It Is not so; the great mass of the people all over this land love one another Why should they be otherwise than friends* The history of the country proves the people of the North and of the South to be equally brave, generous and patriotic; and no man but a coward or a fool would charge upon either section the want of courage True courage is Inherent In the whole American heart; and the same prin ciples which characterise the people of the South are in the people of the North. Virginia is m??u, <smu jimiy >u, ui oer mutinous ions; so may Massachusetts be. Virginia may boast of her hero statesman?the Illustrious Washington? hut who wu 11 but a son of Massachusetts that discovered In Washington these high attainments which ?o eminently qualified him for the poaltlon he held aa commander-in-chief of the army of the Revolution ? Who was It but a son of Mas sachusetts that, having discovered those eminent qualities of the Father of bla Country, urged his appointment as commander-in-chief of the Amer ican Army? Show me a great man in the South and I'll show you another in the North The peo ple of this country are all one in reference to the great qualities which characterize a great nation. It has been threatened that a mob of lawless men are to come here and attempt to resist the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln. Shall we. as citizens In wb<>se honor is confided the saf?ty of the nation's Chief Magistrate, permit such a thrsat to pass unregarded; or shall we stand up like men to defend our homes from the da?t?rHiir It ia said, tauntingly, of our northern brethren, that tbey are coward*. No man but a coward, a traitor and a fool, will utter so foul a slander on a brave and generous people. We must prepare ourselves to resist any mob, no matter from whence they cam?. This is the purpose of organization Don't wait to be enrolled In the militia 1 abhor and denounce this Infernal doctrine of secession, which threatens to sacrifice our beloved country. Better sacrifice whole hecatombs of rebels, wLo defy and set .it naught theauthority of the Federal Uoveriimt-nt, than sacrifice on? principle involv ing the perpetuity of our beloved Union. Gen. Carrintfton closed, when three hearty cheers were given for the speaker The resolutions adopted at the meeting In the Third Ward 011 Monday night, were then read anil arffintiwi Tbe meeting then proceeded to elect ofllcerrf, and tbe followi ng named gentlemen were elected : Captain, Janus Kelly; First Lieutenant, W illiam Herbert. [ I bis gentleman served at a private in the Mexican war, and was promoted for hit gal lantry. It was he who, at tbe battle of Chepul tepec. captured the Mexican General Bravo ] Second Lieutenant, Dr. Jewell; Third Lieutenant, Wm H. Iline K.icb officer on being elected received three hearty cbeert from the crowd, and wat called upon for a speech. The speeches were more re markable for point than flourish. Mr. Kelly said. In response to the call, that he was much obliged for the honor conferred upon hiiu; that he was not a man for tpeechet, but that when the hour of danger arrived he would not be found wanting Mr Herbert said?''Soldiers! I never talk; but if you want me, I'm thar." [Cheers and laugh ter ] Dr Jewell said he was astonished at tbe honor which had been conferred upon bim. lie ?ni? tbere t? act at a private If we have got to fight, (which he sincereiv hoped we ihould not have to do.) he should be found fighting for tbe Union. [Cheers, and cries of -'good "] Mr Hi lie could but imita'e the example of bis superior officers. When bis services should be required in defence of bis country, count on him. The election of Sergeant* was postponed until tbe next meeting of the company. The meeting tben adjourned, to meet at Stott'a Hall ou Friday night next Lkctcrk 05 Roam a5T> Dridoes ?The third lecture of Prof Fairman Kogers, of the Univer sity of Pennsylvania, was delivered at the Smith sonian Institution on Monday night. Having treated in the preceding lectures upon roads as a means of communication, tbe lecturer now took up the subject of bridges, works which form an important part of ail roads, and especial lv of thf la ?..?4.1 " ' 1 _ , m .u- ? a uiv/uiimiiiivuo " v ?? i ?i i t -> m* are structures Xn span springs or chasms AM rich ftructure* may be divided Into two general classes ?beams and arches. The stability of struc tures depend* upon the resisting power of the materials composing them The general laws governing the stability of structure! may be de duced from a dts usslon of observations and ex periments on various forms of structure, the nu merical data from careful experiments. When a stick or beam ts fastened at one end, as Into a wall, and a weight is applied to the other end, It will first bend, and finally. If suffi cient weight be applied, will break. If the load Is slight, it will regain its original form when the lo d is removed; if it is very heavy the beam will take a permanent set, which injnres its strength, even though it will not be broken. Galileo, who early speculated upon the matter, thought that in this case the beam became ex tended by the weight, but J*mes Hemoiil. who Investigated it more thoroughly, showed that the upper fibres were extended and the lower ones compressed, and at a line near the centre which he called the neutral axis, they were neither com pressed nor extended The lecturer then showed by diagrams that with any weight the deflectfon or binding of a hoi m in<t?*?s?<l * - " *' ** * " .... iu piu|n>ruon to IDC CUOt Of ITS 1 length, and diminished In proportion to the 1 wtJth and to the cub* of the depth; so that if we wish to make a beam stifl we must increase the I depth in preference to the width This is the < reason why the floor joists of hoiis^saari> always set on the edge, and not on the flat'side The strength of a beam follows the same general laws, i but not exactly In the same proportions A beam i fastened at one end and loadea at the other need 1 not be so deep at the frse end as at the other, but i may be tapered off without loss of strength or i stlffaeaa A beam supported at both enas and < loaded In th? mlitHI. m?? ?1 ' * ? -* ?~ w pivtnrny uuntiurrra as if it were fattened in the middle and loaded at the ends, and tben Its form will be that of two single beam* joined end to end, the middle por tion being the deepest With a given weight of material the beam Is stronger as the material is placed further from the neutral axis or towards the top and bottom of the beam, since tben each particle acts with the greatest effect. The strongest form of section Is therefore this 3 , where the material is disposed in two flanges, connected by a thin web In a hollow cylinder, such as a straw, which Is subjected to strains from all sides, all the material Is at the edge and there is none whatever at the neutral axis. In a beam supported at theends the upper flange Is compressed and the lower extended, and the size of each will depend upon the reslstaqfe of the material to compression or extension. Mr Hodgklnson's experiments have shown that in a PMt frnn K**nr* IK* !?*?? 1 * 1 * ?, mv ?wwci uau^r auuia nave SIX tlmt-a the section of the upper one: and recent ex periment! give for wrought iron Deams an upper rather larger than the lower one. A ver tical or shearing strain near the point* of aupport waa first pointed out by Dr Young, and tta im portance la now generally recognized, f Drawings of various forms of beams were ahown Illustrating the different points above noticed ] Wrought Iron girders are frequently for convenience made of several parts riveted together, but they act as If made In one solid niece, in very large bsims, such as the side of a large bridge, the web or ver tical ptate will be very large, and that portion of it near the neutral axis will do but little work; therefore it will be better to replace it by an open work structure if poaaible. thus saving ma terial Thia can be dene by wnat la technically termed framing the web?that is, making it of plects so fitted together that thev shall perforin tbr same office aa the solid web The triangle la the only straight-aided fivure the form of cannot be altered without changing tbe length of the tides If we arrange a right ancle triangle, fur instance, with one aide fastened firmly to a wall, one aide horizontal and the third aide run ning downward from the end of the horizontal aide to the bottom of the vertical one, tbe end of the horizontal aide cannot (ink down under tbe action of a weight unleaa tbe inclined side be come! horter, wblcb It cannot do If the material i* ?ufflcientty restating. Tbe lecturer then went on to ahow by Meant of diagnuua how thia principle ia applied to tbe conttruction of bridgea ana roofe, the simple and the complex forms being identical ia principle, i and differing only la defclU. Citt Council* ?Board of Aldtrwun ? A com munication wai received from tbe Mayor, en closing a letter from Mnm Rigg* A Co., In re lation to tbe interest due on the guaranteed bonds of the Alexandria and Wsablngton Railroad, [tbe amount of interest due on tbe bonds In question la SI -WP; ] referred. Also, one from the Intendant of the Atrium, transmitting his nsual monthly report; referred Tbe Petition of Jos Reynold* sad others for the erection of a fire plug was referred. Bill for the relief of TV. D Wallach and R. A. Waters; paased. oiii icy inn renei 01 me 15 oar a or AsMssora; psssrrt Bill to provide for the payment of principal and Interest dtie on certain guaranteed bonda, (Alex andria and Washington Railroad;) passed Bill to erect a fire ping at or near the southwest comer of square No 374; passed Bill making an appropriation for certain repairs on theCenter Market-house; passed. HesoU'd, That the committee on the fire de partment be directed to Inquire Into the expedi ency of providing by law for a more efflcient or ganization of the fire department in the city of Washington, so as not to Jeave the bouses of citi zens, aa now, almost entirely at the marcy of con flagrations; passed Resolution graating the use of the chamber of the Board of Aldermen to the Primitive Baptist Association twice In every month, for purposes of religious worship; pasaed. Adjourned. Common Council.?The Chair announced aa the committee to '-consider the propriety of reducing the expenses of this Corporation," Mean Lam mond, J one*. Bryan, Cbapin, Meade, (chairman.) Russell, and Thomas-*-one from each ward. A communication from the Mayor, inclosing report of Inspector of Fire Apparatus in relation to Columbia Fire Company, was referrred. Mr. Morgan remarked that the practical work ing of the department was deficient, not from the unwillingness of firemen, but the insufficiency of tools to work with. Mr. Lammond expressed bis opinion that the fires were as much through Incendiaries connected with the department as by any other cause. Tbe hope was expressed that the committee would take tbe matter into consideration. Mr. Edmondston sal<T the committee was not at fault. Mr. Emerson declared that tbe fault lies with tbe police. If tbey attended tueir duty there would be less fires. Mr. Lammond indorsed tbe assertion, and de cured me ponce was not worth a cent. A communication from the Mayor, In aniwer to a resolution of tbe Board laid on tb? table. 11 contained the following Information: Cost of tbe stand of colors presented to the New York Seventh Rejlment, S7-JU Tbe joint resolution of thanks to visiting military was engrossed at a cost of &35, and forwarded to each of tbe corps therein named. Tbe Potomac Light Infantry and the Cadets of Georgetown College were the only com panies of ths District entitled^) be "noticed In tbe distribution of those favora," by the terms of said joint resolution. Mr Morgan offered a joint resolution directing tbe Collector of Tax?s to postpone the tax sale; referred to ways and means committee. Also, a bill making appropriation for tbe mili tary companies of the City of Washington: re ferred to "police committee.* Also, a bill authorizing the issue of due bills and note* of hand hy this Corporation: referred. Mr. Clark presented tbe petition of dealers and hucksters in markets for a reduction of license; referred to police committee. Mr. Jones presented a bill for the more general lighting of the streets of the city, and for other purposes, passed Mr Easr>y offered a resolution Instructing the Are department committee tp report a bill to or ganize a steam fire department with as little de lay as possible; adopted Mr. Van Keswick, from improvements com mittee, reported a bill for grading Tenth street, with an amendment by the Aldermen; agreed to. Also, a bill making appropriation for grading First street east, between M and N streets south; passtd Aldermen's bill for the benefl; of Jas. Rhodes, permitting the erection of a fr.tme house adjoin ing to a brick house belonging to himself, pro vided the consent of the President of the United states be first obtained; passed. Mr Meades, from police committee, reported a joint resolution to supply a deficiency for the re pair of the Northern Market; adopted. Also. ask**d that the petition of Samuel King, referred to this committee, be referred to claims committee. The following bills from the Aldermen were received and referred A bill for assessment r>f property; To provide for payment of Assessors for correcting poil list; For prevention of nuisances; For payment of principal and interest of Kuaran teed bonds; Providing for tbe care and efficiency of flre-pluirs; For erection of s.dewaik tire-plug near Tenth and H streets; An act for relief of VV. D- Wallach and R A. Waters. Adjourned. Trtstrks of the Public Schools ?The regu lar monthly meeting of '.tie Trustees of the Public Schools was held at the Aldermen's Chamber, City Hall, yesterday afternoon. Reports from the various schools were received, and ordered to be placed on Hie. After the transaction of routine business, on motion permission was granted to Prof Daniel, teacher of vocal music in the Public Schools, to (five a concert of the pupils of tbe Third District School some time during tbe present month. Mr Whvte stated that thecommltteeappotnted to revise tbe rules bad not yet met, but that they would be ready to report their action at the next meeting of the board. The committee on examinations wire not readv to report upon the examination* of applicants for teachers' place*; but expected to be prepared by tbe next meeting of the board Mr Ironside, from the committee on text books, repor'ed a resolution authorizing tbe Treasurer to purchase by contract, of the lowest bidder, an udrquite supply of text books for the teacbers and Indigent, which books shall he furnished tuc.h punlls or teacbers upon tbe requisition of nny of the trustees; and that tbe Treasurer be nutborlzed to purchase by contract, of the lowest bidder, all the stationery required for tbe use of lb? schools, which stationery shall be furnished to the several schools In such quantities a? may be from time to time directed (in writing) by any member of the Board of Trustees; also, that tbe Treasurer ihall an ?/ ??"? ?v. 1 ... ?vwuut nitu vur Bcverai ichoola, In which atiall b- charged all article* of st:tlonery furnished, all books furnlahed for teachers or pupils, and the names of all Indigent fiopila, which account ahall be a>>bject to inapec ion at any time by any member < f the board; and that the contracts ahall be given out after due ailvertlaement for bfda aball have been made After aome dlaruaalon, the report waa adopted. Mr. Abert, from the committee to whoin waa referred the letter of Mr. J K. Thompson, teacher of the Fourth Ulatrict School, preferring certain chargea agalnat Mr Whyte, a truatee of aald dia trlct, atated that the committee were not yet ready to report, and aaked for more time. In relation to the letter of Mra Skid more, con cerning the auapenaion of a pupil of her school for iniacondwct, the committee thought it proper to itate at thla time that the chargea preferred were nf a character to warrant them In recommending that the auapenaion which had been made be con tinued until further action by the general board. An animated discussion aroae upon thla rennrt ? ? ?I?- "t Involving the questions before the committee la connection with the letter of Mr. Thompson. A Mibcilkss Landlord ?Yesterday afternoon, & young Irishwoman, evidently of the poorer class, entered the office of Justice Donn and en treated bis Interference In her behalf. She said her landlord had taken her bed for a debt of two dollars, which left her with her two young chil dren to sleep on the naked floor. She told her landlord that she would pay him as soon as she got the money; but this did not satisfy him, and he took her bed. The Justice advised her to get in officer of the Seventh Ward, where she live*, to go with her and demand the bed It Is an act that does not come under the bead of larceny le gally, but the poor woinan'sstatement excited the sympathy and co-operation of those in the office. Policeman Yeatman and Officer Keese advised with her, and hoped to get her property returned !>efore night. By BKriKKNcs to our advertising columns it will be seen that Macduff's well known stock of (ouaurBc kuuua, no. ?>*> Pennsylvania avenue, f \V lllardi' Hotel) la to beaoid at auction, through Mniri J as C McGuire k. Co , on Tuesday and Wednesday, January ttth and 9th. Mr. Macduff has received a large lot of new goods, in addition to those he had on band, they being an importa tion direct frem Jeddo. and surpaaa anything sver before Imported. They are to be sold for what tbey bring, and we earnestly advise all lovers of the beautiful to go and mace tlirlr pur chases, aa an opportunity like the present inay never be offered again. 3t Masonic.?At the regular communication of Washington Centennial Lodge, No. 14, F. & A. Masons, Iteld on the 3d Inst., the following offices were Installed for the ensuing year, viz : K it. Fowler, W. M.?reelected; Frank Reealde,8. W ; Seo. B. Clark. J . W : Anv Krfmn ro n Hepburn, Treasurer; Johif H Hooii, S. D ; 'f\ G. Wheeler, J. D ; T. Crenter, Tiler. Til ladiss ihould all attend the auction sale [toy catalogue) of Ant-class cloth cloaka, Arabs, Chesterfield, Ac , Ac., at Iron Hall, to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock?C. W. Boteler A Soni, auctioneers. The room will be comfortably warmed. Goods on exhibition after 6 o'clock. See advertisement la another column. It Ma. Chas. Bisbof, who was elected Orderly Sergeant of the Third Ward Union Company Monday night, informs us thst while sympathi ting with the general object of this organization, he nss not identified himself with this particular movement, and was elected without his knowl edge or consent. Tuaaa will aa a meeting of cltltens of the Sixth ward, at Odd Fellows'Hall, (Nsvr Yard,) f g MiiTtna or the M k^opolitan member* of the Metropolitan Rifle Company met at the Hook and La<fclerhouse. on F.ngliah Hill, i last night, for the purpose of electing officer*, i About fifty new member* were en-oiled, swelling i the list of member* to one hundred and thirty-fir*. The election of a captain being la order, the com pany proceeded to ballot, ana Aqullla R Allen

waa unanimously elected He took the chair, amid the vociferous cheer* of the company, and mad* a abort addrea* to h * frllow-aoldler*. la which be pledged hl? beat efforts la maintenance of tbe Integrity of the Union. Ignatius Knott wu elected qnnrtertnaster; Dr. J S Smith, surgeen; G Mile*. ensign; R B. Burr, orderly aergeant; and VV. Bowers, 2d ser geant . Tbe company adjourned to Thorn's Building, Seventh street, Friday night next. Bvsolaxiovs Attzxft ?About 12 o'cleck on Saturday night, Mr J. H Knott, corner of Eigh teenth and K atreeta. diacovered a burglar at tempting to enter bla grocery store bv way of the cellar window. The fellow ran on being detect ed. leaving behind some of bis tools. Mr. Knott flrt-d at bltn witb a revolver, but la not aware whether the ahot took effect or not. Faxilks can be supplied at Dexter'a restau rant, corner of Thirteenth atreet and Pa avenue, witb tbe very beat auallty of Oyaters, served up In any atyle desired; can also get them by tbe quart or gallon, opened fresh every day. It t nu 10 call In at the "Fair and Festival" for the benefit of tbe Island Baptiat Church, to night. at Thorn'a Building, Sevafeth atreet. The Partello family will be preaent tb sing on the occasion. Circuit Court.?The cpurt waa engaged wltb chancery buaineaa to-day, and resumed the con alderatlon of the caae of Spain agt. Hamilton. Not Arrived?The troopa expected to arrive In tbis city had not arrived at noon to-day. Rev. Dr. Collins lectures to-night, at tbe A?aembly's Church, on Japan. Prof Rogres gives bis fourth lecture at tbe SmitUaomau to-nigbt, on "Roads and Bridgea." ThkSkventh Warders meet to-nigbt at island Hall, for the purpoae of military organization. Central Guard house ?There were no trial caaes docketed last night. Holloway's Pilm and Ointxrnt Facts Jot the Million.?Br a recent enaotment of the French xoternment. these medicine are ad mitted tree or duty into all potts of France. They are extensively emp.oyed in aU the pubho and military noepitvs Throughout the Km pi re. The Kinperor has signified his appreciation of their virtnts in an autograph letter, to Dr. Ilotloway During the late Campaign in Italy, largequan.ities wore used for the wcund'd at Brereoiaand Mcnte ohiero. told by all Druggists, at 2i eta , 62 eta., and 91 per box or pot. ja9-lw From H. H. Hazard. Esq. Washington, D. C., Sept 26,196^. 8. W. Fowl* ft. Co.?I was for a long time af flicted with Dyspepsia in its * erst form. M> ap petite waa rone, and what little food I took" waa thrown us after remaining in the atomaoh a short time. My abdomen waa very much bloated. In fact there waa complete derangement and prostra tiou of thedigeative powers Several very emneot pysicians attended me at various times, but their treatment gave but little, and that only temporary relief, ftty sufferings werp intense, and I became reduced to a m?re skeleton. At this time one <>f our druggist induced ms to try the celebrated Ory t'niitd Bitters, which I did, though with little faith and great reluatance?for I had tried so many that 1 had come to the conclusion that a.I proprie tary ii.ediciaes were alike worthless-but after taking the first bottle I was so much relieved that I continued the use of them until a perfect cure urfk m o(TI * -L 11 . .. ? . uuk uiiiot tncor:unj rrcorrimena the Bitter* to all a* a certain cure for Dyspepsia. H H Hazard. *2X'2 Pennsylvania avenue. Prepared by ?eth \V. Fowle ft Co., Boston, and for sale id \\ ashmgton city G. Mott, V. B. Wmte Z. D. Oilman. John Schwarse. Nairn ft Pa.mer, John Wiley, J B. Moore, and H. H. McPherson; in Georgetown by K. 8. T. Ciss-ll, and G. M. ft J. Southron, and by druggists everywhere, ja 1 1 w,r HOMEOPATHIC RKMKDIIS Ail of Dr. Humphrey! ft Co.'a speoifio Ho meopath io Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at & and cents each. Also, in oases, containing 20 vials, from 84 to $& each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. 0. Gilman, 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale an 1 retail aeent: W. A. FitsgeraAi, 363 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of Massaohusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract of Witch Hizel, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma 9- ly Holloway's Pills amp Ointment. Pltttrrxv?Hit vim vmh J 1 ?9 ^ wi-ii viiHtii yuui iuih cxpenst* and retain round healtn i Use these med icines? they are adapted to every disea?e?for alt inflammatory all-ciions of the chant, as pleurisy, asthma, bronohin*. coughs, colds. Ao. The sana tive properties of the Ointment have never leen questioned by all who have used it?the Pills ma terially *xpt?lite the operation of the Ointment. Sold by all Druggists, at Z5o., 62c. and 91 per )>oz or pot. J?H* CotretiP ?The sudden changes of our climate are sonroe * of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Afl'ruons. Kxpcrienee kaviog proved that simple remedies often aot speedily acd oertainly when takrn in the t-arly states of the disease, recourse should at one* be had to " Brown's Bronchial Trofkr.s," or Lozenges, let th? Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Tnroat r>? ever ao slight, as by this precaution a rooro serious attack mar be effectually warded off. Public Sreakers and Stnt'r* will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voioe. See advertisement. del-ly To th* Afflicted!?We sure to read theadver tiiAinAnt of V!r?f -- ?--? ..?W uvwii a ukicii^viirillllK vuruifti BOU Blood Purifier, in another column. tf Pen if iks. Persons deairinc pennies will always find them for exchange at the Star Offioe ccunter. tf Rxadkr, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise meut iu our paper. Re?' it; it will interest you. au St-eoly UIKD, On the 9th instant, at 2 o'olock a. m., Mrs. *?L'Z ABK.TH ALLEN, formerly of Richmond, Va , ag<Hl about 7i> years. tier funeral will take place to-morrow (Thurs day) at ? o'clock, from the re idenoe of Mr K. K. Remold*, on Four a> d a-half street, between G and H, Island, winch her friends are invited to at tend. * REM KM HER the AUCTION of JAPANESE GOODS. See advertisement. 2t_ NOTICE.?Having purchased the entire stock in trade, good will and fixtures of M. Oppen heirner, on 9(h street, oppiaito the Centre Market hoaa?, i ain prepared to offer t>> the citizens of Washington great bargains in Harness, Caddie*, Trunks. Hats. Caps, Hoots, Sho'S,and ready made Clothing. Th* -utire stock wtll re soid <>ui 60 cents on the dollar of its original coat, to wit: Harness worth 850 will be sold at $2S Do. ** 4" * 20 Do. " sn M 15 Do. " 18 " 9 ii i< ?-? " - vuu?rs Do. M X 1 50 ss I 75 ota Do. M 1 M So eta Boots II 4 II 2 Do. t? 3 ? SJO Pants N 4 II 2 Do. H 3 M 1.50 Shoea < II 125 Do. II 1? II 75 Do. II 75 M 37 Do. It ?0 II 25 tw* WM. OPENHYM. REMEMBER the AUCTION of JAPANESE UOOD8. See advertisement. 3t The third Wednesday of every MONTH. Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impoa aibie to visit Washington ?itr; week, and baa made arrangements to positively be in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He ha* a suit of rooms at the Avenue House, where patients oan obtain advio* free. He onlv chargea whsn it is neoeaaary to make a thorough examination of the Lungs with the Reepirometor tB. W*ite is agent for Sohenok'a Pulmonic rup, price $1 per Dottle, for the oure of Coughs. Colds and Consumption; Sohenok'a Sea Weed Some, prioe f 1 per bott e. for l>yape?tia; Sohenok'a andr&ke P.lle, prioe 25 cents berbox. for Liver Bilioua Crnntlunu tnri n/ ? ? e:a. Dr. Soheuck woold b? ur?t*fu. to thn?e who have been cured by hit reinediee if they would leave their oerbfioatea 01 ouro with 3. B. WA1TK, corner t'evr nth *t. and La. ?v. do l<?-3m PI*NO FORTES AT PRICES TO SUITTHE TIMES.?S*l*amost bo forced: ttore too much crowded; now it the time to buy cheap. JOH* H. ELLIS, de 31 306 Pa. ar., bet 9th and 10th ata. REGARD!.ESS OF CO?T.-NOW IS THS CHANCE? Melodenne, Guitar*, VioUnt. ban joa, Aooordeona. Tain bonnet, FluUa.Fllea, Mnne Kouka, 61-e Uooka, Piano StooU, Piano Covert, Jto , Ao. Remember, ataacrifioea regardleaa ofcjat. JOHN F. ELI IS, 306 Pa. ? ., bet. ?th and 10th ata. Great bar taint in ??>od recond hand Pianoa. de31 RKMFMBKR the AUCTION of JAPANESE IV GOODS See advertiaem<>nt. 2t 'l^RAVELS IN THE REGIONS OF THE A Upper and Lower Amoor, by T W. Atkinaon, with a map and numerona il luatrationa; prioe #3 Sn. Lionello, a teauel to tbe Jew of Verona, by K. A. Breeciana, S. J. Hataan Abdal'ah, or the Escheated Keyt, and other Ta ea, with an introduction by Miaa Pardoe, voiBino oneoi i oin Brown at Oxford, a sexual to Tom Hrown at Rugby; oh*ay edition 31 moU. Oar Year, a child's hook in prose and verse, by the author of John Halifax; pnoe 75 oents. BLANCdARD * MOHUN, de> corner Eleventh it and Pa. at. LPOK HOLIDAY HHERBNTS, a For Children's Books, Pur Children's Games, For elegant Presentation Books, For all the new Books, For Newspapers from everywhere, F%oto TfljBll'Slf'jt RICH8TE1N*S, ds? Wo. >T? Pa. avenue. W SALTS' O O D AND COAL OFFICE. ? JWJ Pa. At., Utrw. 11th and ltrv St?., ai'W Ml IN(JE MEAT, mU? from nImM KING * BUKCHBLU GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. Alt Ordinance In relation to the Police Force. Sec 1 Br U ordatmd b$ ikt Board of Aid**men nd Board of Common Cemmttl of tkt Corporation oj G* or ft tornM, I hat frcm and after the Inl Moudav of January next tbe police fore* of the town aba 11 conalat of one police officer from each precinct of tbe towa, and one from tbe town nt large, a .d a A ? - ? - - v/ipsin or roitee, which Mid oft cere shall be fleeted on the ftret Monday of January in each and every year to aerre for one rear thereafter Sec 2 Aid bt it fmrtkrr priamtd, That the alary of the captain of Police ahall be the aum of alz hundred dollan per annum, payable monthly, and the aalarv of each j>olice oftcer ahall be Ave hundred dollars per aucuim, llkewiaa payable monthly. Sk.3. And bt it fmrtktr ordaiutd. That there shall be elected on the Mret Monday of January of each and every year, to aerre for tbeenatting year, two police magiatrates, who ahall perforin all the dutlea which are now, or mar hereafter be required of police maelatratea of thia Corporation. Sec 4. And b* it fmrtktr ordatnrd, That all parta of the ordinance entitled "*a ordinance reor ganliing the police and night watch aystem of the town," paaaed July 3, 1S5*, and of all other ordi nances inconaiateat with the provlsloaa of this ordinance, be. and they are bees by. repealed. ' Approved January 2, 1ML. A Rksolvtio* fixing and providing for the Sal aries of the Oflcere of tne Corporation for the VMP IMT.I ?ul . -?<! -? * J ?x .ww?) WWW UHHI UIIITTWHC (TUPTPU Ketoived by the Board of Aldermen and Bomrd of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgttoicn. That the salary of the Mayor shall be, per an num ssoo That the salary of the Clerk, including his services as Secretary of the Board of Alder men. shall be 1,200 Surveyor and Street Commissioner 300 Wster Engineer, to be paid out of water fund ?TT. 300 Five police tfttWrs. ?500 each 2.300 One Captain of Police 600 Messenger of both Boards and of tbe Mayor, with use of Town House 200 Clerk of Common Couacll 150 Scavenger .160 Keeper Little Falls Bridge loo Clerk of Market 150 Superintendent of Fire Apparatus 1"0 One Trustee of the Poor's House 10C Which said annual salaries shall be paid monthly by tbe Clerk, out of any funds in the treasury not otherwise appropriated And be it further resolved, That any resolution or ordinance inconsistent with this be, and the same is hereby, repealed Approved January 2, 16G1. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS iT^r*SINGING SCHOOL.?All pauona dssirous IkJJ of joining a noting cImi are invited to meet in the bastinent of the Dumbarton street M. E. Chmch. on MONDAY NIGH 1, January 14th. Terms fl.5' per quattsr. ja9-W.KAVat J. A. WHITE. fy-=p-NOTICE -L ICE NS E S.-AJI person* L? whose Licenses from the Corporation of Georgetown expi-e on the 3'st instant, are hereby notified prompt v to take out the same, under Ute new law, approved Ju.y 7U?, 1*0, otherwise the* subject thomselves to a fine, and the law isoom pu'sory upon the proper officers to enforoe said tine against all delinquent*. dosrr-3*awtJan in W.M. LAIRD.Clerk. 920,000 ! MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduce our large and well assorted stock of DRV GoOD3 we will, during the n*xt S> dajs, deduct 10 per ceut. from nil ra?A pu eha?e? of $5 ar.d over. Save your money and call at 9** Bridge t.,for bargains. SP1LM\N A HUNT. ja7 eolm GfO'twown, D. C. 1 D OMEST1C MOLASSES AS YET. 2>i barrels prime old cop Orleans MOLASSES, m tin Hn raw A - ?? ?iieot VI W|? VIU U ?. As thm Mol*ss?s has uot had to pat any Custom Hou?? dutie* it will he sold correspondingly lower than foreign of the nnit" quality. liauk note* of all the State* rr*ri South Carolira taken at par (or Grooeries, of which the subscriber ha* a la^e a- d vnxied stock, and wi I sell at marcet prioe without regard to cost _ W. H. TENNKY, ja7-3t (Intel.)_ Georgetown, 0. C. JUST RECEIVED-" 19 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 15" bb's. (M Rje WHISKY. 250 I.Ins. H KR RING and ALEWIVES. 4ft bbls. Crushed and Kehn?ii !?UGARS, 3" hacs Kio and Java COFFEE, 10 hh<ls.(low priced > MOLASSES. For sal* l.? JOHN J. B<Mil.'E. ?? 1? |\| ASSKY, COL.EINS * CO.'S FHJLAUEL 1*1 i'HIA" DRAUGHT ALE.-YVe are constantly reoeiving frejh supplies oftlieabovedelightful iwv eragf, and invite all persona who want a pare un adulterated Ale, to it % trial. ARNV * 8HINN, Agents, I*' IT fiwr. Bt.. (!p<>rretf>wn. BOARDING. SEVERAL HANDSOMELY FCRNISHRD O RO- MS. with B<ard,oati be had at So 339 F street, between x?h and I??th at* , on r'asonabe terms Persons in s^a-eh of p|e?m!tnt (warding h>>ases would ?lo ?el to call and exam nefor them ?el eg ja 8-6: MRS ANN OGLE* DUVALL HAVING TA~ ken the house on K st. north. No. 4?6 between 5th and 6th, previously kept h? Miss Gwwn. is now prepa-wd to accommodate either permanent or tran sient iKMtrders with pleasai.t ROOMS, furnished or unTurnished. with or without Board A s<>. a front Room < n fi-ft floor, with private entraioe, suitable for an office. jaC-lw* FOR SALE AND RENT. [For olktr "tor Salt and Rtni" sii??rl>ns>isii, t*$ Jin I pagt ] A PitIVATE FAMILY HAVING LATELY taken the house No. 293 Penn avenue. be twe^n 4th and l<Hh street*, has several FUR NI>HKD KOOMS f >r rent. Terms moderate It* |?OR RENT-Twowell FURNISHED ROOMS r tb-d iVom a-id par or,) and if>e<i lirei only one r<?om. a' 35? D street, between 9.h and loth. i^B-at* . Ij'OR R KNT? In George own. s u h side Market stre? t, two three-s'ory Ml II,DING* 6 rooms <mch. with hank luiilrtin?? .nilakla 0?? -. ? * w ? ^ . ... r- v 1V1 OW| C? BUM dwelling*, or the corner one a firut rate tavern ?tand K?:t ni>>d-ta*e. Apply anon to JOS. r". GROSS. 1 2" \Ve?t tireft ja ?-3t* For rknt-a two-?t?.r? hrick house, containing nine noma, pleaaantly aituatod on 13th atreer, one door north of New Vmkavcnu*, with r*' in each room. Kent moderate to a punc tual t? uant. For further particular* apply to Mr cohens ?tore corner 13th at and New York av., or to J. T. FfcNV\ ICK, No. 171 aouth F atteet. j \ 8-? IT'or rent.?The STORK and DWBLL1NG r No. *4 Bridge atreet, Georgetown D. O., krown a* the old confectionery stand. Po**e?Mon given immediately. Apply to ARMY fc shinn. j>7 fr>OR RKNT-Two frame cottage HOISE*. oonta'.ning at* rooms, aituated on Maaa. ave nue and frilteentli atreel; pump of good water in the yard ja 5 | A RRK A \ II I1VQID1UI c c i n .... .. MULJ i ' 1 "V un ? 7 Li RESIDENCE IN GEORGETOWN FOR RENT OR LEASE.?The fine residence of the ifttp Vinoent Taylor, Esq., No. S17 Bridge ?t eet, is for rent, and offer* man; advantages and oonre ni'nces. it is one of (tie ni"Bt rpacioua and finely finished private bnnaes in tha District. Possess ai<>n eivnn immediately. Apply on the preiniaea. de 29 eo2w RENT REDUCED.?That pleaaant COTTAGE RaMDENCE, oontaining 7 rooms, with front balcony, large yard in froutand rear. f'Ontuj H at., in Printing Office Square, between Norta Capitol and First sta.. will lie rented for 01C per month to a punctual tenant. Address, by lettar or in person, YVM. STICKNEV. deaf eotf FajjoR RENT-The HOUSE and STORE on Pennsylvania avenue, let Ward, opposite the Seven Bui dings, lately ooenpi'd by Alex. Dyer, aa a shoe establishment, persons deairoua to rent will please apply to Mr Carra', next door, who will slow the premises. WM.KMMERT. ja7 eo?w FOR RENT-A new BRICK HOUSE, with back building and cellar, having S rooms with gas, and ai e alley, situated on L? street, near Thir D A *?vn?ii. lioiu uimioriivo in ft fno? tfn&oi. inquire of M. GREEN, Gioo?r, oorner ol Tmrteantn and I. eta. Th? property la near Franklin Row, only a few mn nten" waik from the Treaaorv Building*, anil one ot 'be healthiest looa.ioni in VV'uhiuU n. de 2l-lmeo* LVIR RF.NT?The lar*e three atory KRaME I HOl'SK on New York avenue, betw. eu 4th and 5th atreet*, recently oooupied by Rev. Mr. Ca rothera. Apply to JOHN W. MANKINt*. or to M r. BOis"*, next door,where the kev mar he found. Also, the three three atory Brioka at the oorner of Ninth and N ata., Northern l.ibirtiea Or for aale low lor caah; or property in the oonnty taken in exchange. Apply at Mr. u AGliEKTY's atore oppnaite, for the terma and the key, or to DICK SuN A KING'S wood and ooal yard, oorner of I atreet and Vermont avenue, or to the aubieriber, at Geortetown. de 19 ?*<4w JOHN PICKBOW. FOR RENT-In Georgetown, a handaome and oonvenient OtiTTAGK RE!*lDF.NC fc. oon taimnr 9 roorna, kitchen, pantry, Ac Th?re la at tacheda large and apaoioua tot, aad abnedanoe of aqueduct and pnmp water on the premiaea. Itiam the immediate vicinity of the College and Academy of the Viaitauon, equi-dmtant from both. The property laall in complete repair. Inquire oorner d and Rich ^ta. de U-eoaw' I^URNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D r atreet, between 0th and 7th ata. de 4-lf IT*OR RENT.?A three-atorv BRICK MWEL.L r ING HOUSE, with back bui.diaj, on ISth at.. THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. Alabama SUU (umttN MomoMiiT. Jaa 7 ?After pngidraMi dta <-umton and conaultatlaa. a pnanblr u4 paaolo ttoo by the ton tide wi* pat la avth % form aa commanded aWllBW *?H Trtillon The preamble and rvaolntlaa tn as follows Wkrrfi. Tb? only boad of nlot bitiiNi tbe MTfml States lithe Constitution of tbe United statM, u4 wbrnat that C?Mt)luttM baa hM flolilnl br a majority of tba Nortbeea Haia la their separata la?talati*e action. deayla* la tba people of thr Souttiera Mataa their roaatftuUaaal rights; and whereas a aectioaa! party kaawa aa the Republican party baa la a raoaat alreU? rifled Abraham l.larola for Preaideot aad Baa nlhal Hamlin for Vl<j? Prealdent of tbeae tailed SUM upon tbe nvowed principle tbat tba Caa atitatlon of tbe Ualted Slates does not reaagalaa property 1 n slaves. aad tbat tba Go ver nmeat should prevent lta rxtoni aa lato tba camrnaa Tarrltartaa of tbe United !?Utra, and that tba powar af tba (torernment should be ao eserrlaed tbat slavery abonld la time be extiagulsbed: T bare fore ba It. Jt'Sa/rrrf. bi thr Ptoplt ?J iiaUma ta Csaaaa tioa au"*i'ltd. That tbe State of Alabama will not submit to tbe Adminlstratloa of Lincoln aad n.imiin free aent and VWTretldMltf the St*to-#, upon the principle# referred I* la tbe foregoing preamble. Mortoomebt. Jan 9 ? Mr C?lk?u, Ioner from South Carolina, addrraeed Ibe Con vention of Alabama to-day. H is a peer h wu well received Diapatcb?a received to-dav by *be Governor from Virginia, Florida,and If laalaalppl, were read In tbe Convention and created mack entbna'um , A Committee of thirteen was ap pointed to consider and report m tbe ni Lilly of action by the State Tbe Convention tbea deter mined on holding eerret aeeeon by a large major ity. The aeate of tbe aecceaion members from Shelby roitntr are contoetod ' Florida ('OMveatlOB. TtLLiitm. Jan 7.?Tbe c?aa 1mlonera ap pointed by tbe SUtea of Alabama and South Car ollna were introduced to tbe Convention of thle - ?-1 wnni uvui un l vvrvu NlfMrf I'M latter also presented cnUli documents from hla State Judkje Alt Intnsb't preamble ud resolution, (b* special order for tbe day, was ukea up, fol kiwa: VTkrrr*%, All bope of preserving tbe L'nlaa aptt terma consistent with tbe safety and bonor of tba slavebolding States Lave been Anally d I a* 1 pa tod by recent indications of tbe strrnctb of tbs tatl aUvery sentiment of tbe fre* SUtea. therefore belt Rfiolvtd, by lit ptcpU / Fla-tdm ui fiSMaliM autmblfd, Tbat it la undoubtedly rl|{tat for tbs several States of tbe Ualon to withdraw front said Union at such and for sucta cause as In tbs opinion of tbe people of eoch State, acting la tbsir sov?reltf n capacity, may be just and proper Rrsniffd, Tbat in tbe opinion of Ibis Conven tion the existing causes are sorb as to compel tbe State of Florida to proceed to tbe exercise of tbat right. fb? pre* in hie and resolutions were adopted? ayes 62, navs S Tbe convention continued In secret seasl on most of tbe afternoon. It '* renort**! that th? tnrtm 1 Croperty i'n the State had been taken possession of ly tbe Governor Ocriptiioi of Fort McHeary, fee. Baltimore. Jan 9?A company of msrines. (?> tMina.) under Lieut Howell, came ap ee a spuria! train from Washington this mora tag Tbey took possession of Fort Mcfleary, and raited tbe start and stripes The moat intenae excitement exists her* to got intelligence from Charleston [The Washington reporter would state, oa au thority of the nianagrrs of the Trl^r'pb OSm here, that tbe communication with the South was broken last night by the preesi ling storm, and baa not since been recovered. The disconnection Is south of Wilmington, N. C , a point generally affected by tbe bursting of a northeast storm oa the Carolina coast ] Message ef the Geveraer ef Teaaeeeee Na?kvtlli, Jsn 8 ?The Message ef tbe Gov ernor to tbe l/egislature recommends that tbe Q icstion of calling a Mi?t? rmMHM tn IJI ? evil* exist only In Constitutional imrndawnti, On a refusal of tbe North toarcrdctoi?rhimn4 mriiti. Tennessee would maintain her equality In orber IndfjirndrBrf out of the Union Hsrecow mends the organisation of tbe mllltla and tbe pur chase of arms ^Irrllta tl IJ. I. SinaUr Habbikbvbo. Jan 8 ?Edgar Cowan, Republic can. of Westmoreland county, baa Wen elected to tbe Lotted states Senate In tbe pl<tce of Mr Blg ler. Tbe vote stood : Cowan.HP, Foster, 35 This was a strict party vote Mr. Cowan Is not a red I cal Republican He was formerly s Henry Clay Whig. Salute fsr >lsjor Audersts sad Os?. Hicks. Nobbistown, Pa , Jan.?Two aalutes were fired here this morning?tbe first was thirty-three guns for Major Anderson, of Fort Sumter. and the second of fifteen guns for Governor Hl< ks. of Maryland, In acknowledgement of bts derotloe to tbe t'clon and tbe Constltntion. Tr??pi for Fort HcHtarr< Lumwwn. Jan 7?Tbe troop* from Fort Leavenworth left here tbla noralag for Balti more. Tit St. Joseph, Chicago, and Plttabur* Tbe force conaiata of two companies of llg nt artillery, having 131 horaea A force of 20 dragoon* remain hare. Tlie JIiaatMippl Uaraatlaa. J ACKaoJi. Jan. S?Tbe Commltlte appointed to draw up'tba Ordinance of Swmaioa a a now In teaalon, deliberating titer eon. Tba eaeMsmssf and anxiety la Intense TeiUaiaBitl U major Asdaraan Albany. Jan 8.?Tbe State Senate have ananl moualy paaaed a resolution to pratal a ?word In Major Auderaon. with a copy of Jackson's msmsr ible proclamation against nullification Vr?(fI Sri/fd far Vl*l*tia? Vlrvlat* I tlen LtWi. Noa folk, Jan 8 -ThH"hoon?S W Snttrell, of $taten laiand, hat bwn ae zed for a violation of tbe Virginia inspection laws S?*aurial ElrcUH Ib Mala*. Fpktl**id, Me . Jan 9 ? li*-Oov Morrill m to-day elected United states Senator la ptaoa o? Hoa. Hannibal Hamlin, resigned. Virginia Legislature Ricaxoxo. Jan 9 ?Resolutions are before tbe 9enate to call a National Convention for tbe pur poee of amending tbe Coutituttaa. BalUaere narktu. tfa.LT!Koai, Jan 0 ?Floor steady; Howard at. and Obio *5 50, City Mllle SAM Wb at ateady, red fl 3Ual 35, while?l 4Ual.?? Corn 3c. lower; white 6U62<-; yellow Ma63c. Pr**M?M firmer, men pork ?IT 50. l.ard I Or Coffee ac tlre at 12a13c Wbiaky aV-nd) at ltfcalte. riMartal New Yo*k, dan. 9 ?Morka lowor. bat Arm at decline. Chicago and Rock Island S3V llilaota Ortial shares 76*; do booda ftttf; Mteblam Southern 33lf; New York Central 76 Bead ug 39; Hudson Hirer R R. 45; Mo t'alT. Jl'fcT RFCEIVED BY FRENCH & RICHSTEIN. *7S Pknh. 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