Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1861 Page 1
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4 0 V^. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. JANUARY 10. 1861 N?. 2.463. THE DAILY EVENING STAR ir PITH LIS HE D EVERY AFTERNOON, 'SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.; IT THJE STAR BUILDINGS, Ccrntr *f Ftnnjylvani* uvtnu* and lltA a*-, T W. D. W 4LLACH. p?,w*ri WT9d Hi pacUin by oarrier* it |l I ym, m V eenu per month. To nail nb?crib?r? the pri^e i? * tw, m ndr**ot. ?i for aix w>nthe; 91 for three month*; and for lea* than three inoUh* at iherateof Uoecte a week. Suxla op;?*, o.ic enrr; in wrapper*, two enrt. in^Arrxx?i?ncaiTsaaoBl<1 be sent to the ofloe before 13 o'c ook otherwite they may not appear ?S#n4*?<4a* THE SAMPHIRE GATHERER'S STORY " It was her?, sir, that Mr. ClemenU de Mended. ' " How fearful! * I exclaimed, soareely Ten taring to look down a preoipioe at leaat six hundred feet deep. To repeit in a tew words what bad occupied nearly an hour, and omitting his numerous digressions, the samphire gatherer's tale ran thus : At the clo#e of the lajt century, he and his father, tamphire gatherers by trade, had as t> ir, on a Mr PUnmnta (i/tvn tka cliff ander rather extraordinary circumstances. Mr. Clements was then returning home along the downs from the then retired bat now fash ionable town of , when he recognized a boat a mile from the shore, strongly resembling ?no in which his wife and sister were in the frequent habit of pawing hoars, in a little baj or inlet of the sea near his house. He hastened bom?: onljr to hare all doabU removed w to their identity; and hurrring back to the spot "where he had first otaerred them, fonnd, to his extreme terror, that the boat h&d been de eerted by its occupant*, who had been aeon wandering on the rocks beneath the oliff. To approach them bj the sea, on either aide, in time to redone them from their impending danger, was impossible. The tide was rising fast, their destruction seemed inevitable. In this emergency, 'be samphira gatherers were thought of and sought for; and, declining all their offers, Clements instated up?*n descend ing the cliff, in hope of placing his wife and sister upon some rock or spot where they might remain is safety till the arrival of the bouts from Thus far had the samphire gath erer got to hi* story, which he was relating ta me as wa strolled along the oiiffs, when he paused, a* I have already mentioned above, and pointed to the spot where Mr. Clemeots descended. Following his example, and taking a seat on the grass near him, the old mm continued his 4 ul& T il ? n k?a awm mm i1 ~ la.o. a go o iw iu uio unu wvxvie - Well, sir, when wo found we could not per suade him to let one of us go down in his place, father, a? usual, scoured a crowbar into the earth, a few feet froqt the edge of the cliff, nnd then, twining the rope once around it in order to give us a steadier hold on Mr. Clem ents, fastened it under his arms. We then made htm chaage his coat for one of our frocks, Kuch as you see the common people wear in these parts; and taught him how to put his feet steadilj against the sides of the cliff?as it -were thus, ana made him take the rope in his hands just above the knot, and told him to lean f>ct iu tir as he pos-ibly could, and to work downwards with his teet and look up, and keep h lookout for the stones and rubbish which the to-)? migui aisjoage ne 101a nim all this, fir, and "bade him not b? frightened at the bird^ as the; would nut harm hiui; the sun had sp , air. and they always made a horrible screeching if you go down the cliffs after they had gone to -ooat; and that if he altered hi* mind and wished to ooine back, he had only to give the rope a couple of pulls akd we'd haul him back 'No, no,' Mid Mr. Clements, there's no necessity for that. Whea I get to the bottom wait for a quarter of an hour; if at the end of that time I irive no mitd&I for vrm to pull mc up, you will know that the ladies are *afe, and then make what haste you can and zet a boat from . I am ready now,' says he in a faint voice, and hi* teeth all the while (shattering with fear. Never was a man ao frightened iu he wa?at that moment. Well, ir, father and I once more lifted the rope, and Mr. Clementa leaned back over the edge of edge of the cliff Down he went, and we soon lost einht of him. * Working with bis feet, as father bad told him, we slowly supplying the rope as he re quired it, ho moved safely down for a bit, then lie rented on a jutting rock. All this time he kept his eyes on the sky. Pressing cautiously with his feet against the chalk, his tydy at al most triangles with the cliff, bis hands grasp ing the rope or sheltering his face from the shower of stones and dirt which it dislodged. Hp had got afcjut a hundred feet from the top, when, suddenly slipping from the cliff, bis chest and face were thrown violently against it. lie endeavored to regain his footing against the rocks, and in so dointr broke thrmi?h a. rr? o o olution he bad formed, and looked beneath hiui. It was rare fight, that, for the first time Well do I remember how my head swam as I looked at the water f-tr. far below; and the ] waves that one could see. bat not hear, they broke over the tingle*. Presence of mind, on which he had so Taunted himself, where was it BMW ? lie was about to pull the rope, but he thought ot his poor wife and sister, and that was enough On be went. To regain a footing was impossible. Father and I kept gradually lowering the rope; and with his face to the cliff, his hands outstretched, catching at each object as he parsed; enveloped in a shower of atones and chalk, while he nad not the strength to avoid; graspiog and panting fpr breath, poor Mr. Clements slided down for another hundred teet Here the cliff arched inwariU fnrmincr an immense hollow, like yonder rock, sir; and swinging to and fro. and round and round, as it were between heaven and earth, down he went. Atone moment the wide ocean met his dizzy ?'** *?d at ""other, flrcks of startled bird: new around his head, uttering their shrill and angry cries. Again, sir, he found himself sliding down against the side of the cliff, his flesh all sore and torn, and hts body and arms in absolute t orture from the pressure of the rope. Again, iu agony, he mtae a frantic ef fort to gain a footing: but in so doing, fastened one of bis legs in a narrow fissure or opening in ?v.:. ? si * mo iw?. ? >u was iuc struggle to release it. sir; Mr. Clements ?u either too weak and faint, or the limb too firmly secured in the rock. All his efforts were useless; and I shud der at the bare reoollection while I tell it, we eontinued supplying the rope ' Hanging by the leg, head downwards, there helaj; the cor morants and uiews Hitting around him and joining in bis frightful shrieks. " Horrible! waa he long thus7" " Not long, sir. Father soon discovered that there wai no weight or pull upon the rope, and urmtsing from his experience what had ocour r?ui wa ratiMwi it a fmm f??t >?J ?1 u Clement* from hit painful situation From that moment he told me he waa unconscious a? to whether be waa aaoending or deeoending, until he heard hia name called In a faint voioe. He opened hia ejea. We had lowered him over the arch of an immense cavern, within which all waa darkness. The sea waa rolling in be neath him; hia feet bo ached it; be felt that he moat either awim or drown; he feebly grasped the rope; a thrill of joj ran through hia veins aa he found an unexpected footing on a rock, eonoealed bj waves, in about three feet of wa ter, the depth around for the present mattered not. He remained for a few moments motion leas on the rook His name was again called; the sound came from the interior of the cart. " Extricating himself from the rope, he made an effort to swim; he found that he had more strength than he had thought; swam forward through the darkness of the oavern; he strug gled? sank?roee again?heard his name called louder and nearer?and one more effort?felt the sand, the smooth sand, under his feel? staggered forward?reeled, and fell exhausted into tk* irmi nf K$? ?if? " " And hia jwter'" " The ladiea were both there. air The care ?u about fifty feet in depth, aloping upwards toward* the back, and partiy filled with weeds, flooM and a&nd Here Mr* Cleinenta and her aiater had been driven to lake refuge frvm the riaing tide. They had landed from the boat on the rocka. at aooie diatance from the aavern, in tbe tw>pe of finding a pathway or outlet by which the^ could eeeap* up the el Iff After a long aad hopeless search they bethought them of t tie boat, and to their extreme terror found that It had boen carried away by the ri? lag tide, which nowpertlrcoTtred the rocks They k?<l jaJt time to climb into the carern over the ? * * inner, rocs* uaaer me arcb, whto the water, <weeding in, cloeed all the entrances to any J>ut a 'incomer Although the tide vu riling 'ai ." J fast, and the ladies cheered each other with the hope that they should escape. Fortdnately, the darkness of the care prevented their dis covering the hight to which the water usually roee. "As you might imagine, Mr. Clement* was some time before he recovered his senses. His wife was kneeling beside him, chafing his brows,when her sister, starting up, oalled her attention to the repe by which he nad descend _ _? ll?. t? . _ ? i t t eu v? e were puiung u up; ana ne shook du head as it disappeared over the arch of the cavern. Well be knew how useless it would be for them to use it. 'It matters cot,' said he; 'they (meaning us) have gone to . We shall hare boats here soon ; we are quite safe,' aud so on; endeavoring to keep their spirits up, while he well knew that in the darkness the ohanees were that the boat would never find the cave. " Two hours, sir?two long hours?passed in this way, and Mr. Clements had given up all Hope. The water kept rising and risiag, until at last the wares broke at their feet, and each instant threatened their destruotion. The la dies were almost dead with oold and fear,when a large, heavy, Dutoh-built boat?you don't see such now, sir ? swept, with scarcely a sound, under the arch into the cave, her prow coining olose upon the spot where Mr, Clements and the ladies were. The; did not see her until they were within the cavern ; and no wonder, for the oars were muffled, and mono woo were id ner were suent as the grave. It was part of the cargo of a French smuggler, lying a few milea off, that her orew, assisted by ttome fishermen, were about to land, aud they bad taken shelter in a cavern, having been alarmed by the approach of a boat up the coast. Fortunate was it that Mr. Clements prevented theui from calling out for assistanoe for them?" " Why I should have thought that in suoh a moment?" " Not thej, sir, not thej; and Mr. Clements knew it. Desperate men like them would have left the poor things to drown, or have murdered them. No; Mr. Clements knew better. He tried a last and dangerous ohance, but it was his only one. While the men had their heads turned to the opening of the cavern, watching the boat pass, the sight of which had driven them into it, he lifted the ladies gently in the ? - ? ? - - - - - dow oi me txiat. Tfiey couldn t bear biin for the noise of the waves; there was plenty of room for them, and he drew a sail over them, and wad jast going to step in himself, when one of tlie men turned, and he had only time to conceal himself under the bows of the boat before she was again moving slowly out of the cave, with, as her crew little suspected, the -r * a 1 -5 * * ? uuiuvu ui iwu muir nuinoer since ?ne nau entered it. " They went about a quarter of a inile down under the cliff, and landed a boy. who disap peared like a flash up the rocks. A dead silence ensued; no one ventured to speak; the men rested on their oars, and the boat gently rose and sank on the ware*. At la.?t the silence was broken; something dark was hurled down the cliff, at a short distance from the boat. It fell heavily on the rocks. 1 God forgive him, he's tossed him over,' said one of the men. And so it was. Tbe poer man on the lookout (pits asleep near the top of the cliff, and we often hear of these men rolliog off in their sleep. There's always a reason for it, sir. i ney were going to land their cargo, when tbey heard a gun in the offing, from one of the king's cutters. The alarm bad been given. Not a moment wag to be lost; and straining every nerve, they bore out to sea. " Tbey were about two miles froip the shore when soma t;f the men declared it was a lost job, and that they could go no further. Mm Clements was quite senseless froia cold and exhaustion, but ber sister listened ohgurly to what the men said. Tbey hod some angry words, but the meaning of their conversation she could not understand. There was a little boat astern of the larger one, which tbey drew to it and entered one by one, the last man call ing out a* be stepped in, 'now, boys, pull for your lives; they'll make after us on finding they've lost their prise.'' '-The boat had disappeared in the surround ing darkness before the terrified lady compre hended all; and then, in a moment, tbo fright ful truth flashed upon her. The devils had scuttjed the boat and it was sinking fadt. She uttered one prayer, and turned to kiss her sleeping sister, when Mr. Clement's voice sounded almost at her side. There he was in the same little pleasure bo*t which bad been the cause of all their misfortunes, lie had init finiA in lift tKa UiliAc 4rAtn ?*?'l J ? w. ..wv *v ?uv lowivv iiuui vuv uvaii nuu get clear of her when she went down. The revenue cutter caiae up and took t&em aboard all sst'e; but many months pa^se l before Mrs Clements recovered from the event of that dreadful night " What became of Mr. Clements when they left him in the cave7" "Held on to the boat for a few moments, till they got outside, and then swam to the rocks, where he found his little pleasure boat, and entering it followed in the wako of the larger vessel, and wa3 thus in time to save the lives of bis wife and sister. wHU ie bvvwu|, en, auuou mo oampaire gatherer, touching Lis hat to me, ' I must be going homeward. Mayhap when you are strolling, one of these days, on the rocks below you will look at the cavern where Mr. Clem ents found his wife. You can imagine better than I can doecribe what must have been their feelings in such a place and at such a time. Good evening, eir.'' Tie D??ion upon ihx Capital ?It seems to b? well established that an important feature of the swesslon movement la the seizure of tbe National Capital Tbe Conapiratora are quite rlgWt in supposing that the poaaesaion of tbe seat of Government would give tbem a prodlgioua advantage in tbe oonauinmatlon of their acbemea Gov. Wlae la generally regarded aa tbe author of tbe project, wblcb waa originally devlaed for tbe contingency of Premont'a election in lb56 5*ince that time tbe organisation baa been extended and perfected Mlnute-mea have been enliated iu V irglnla aod Mary laud, and large bodies of Bal timore roughs ana rowdies have been secured for tbe toitp iVe tat when tbe moment for its execution arrives. Tbe military command of the enterprlae la underitood to be placed In the banda of tbe Texan Ranger, Major Ben McCullocb, who baa been for aoine time buay In tbe enrollment of bla force*, tbe aecrete drlU of auch aquads who could be drilled without fear of detection, and tbe survey aod examination of the City with refer enoe to judicious points of attack, and of subse quent defence against a northern In rail on. Tbe period which has been fixed for the actual enact ment of the drama was the 13th of February, when tbe counting of tbe Presidential vote was to be interrupted and the constitutional declira tlonofMr Lincoln's election prevented. Such are the few facta of tbe plot which have ai - a ? - * iuui m vumnni puoticiy; iacia enougn, How ry ef. to pat all parties oot heir gaurd and prob ably to defeat tbe whole acbeine.?A'. V Time*. Yiboikia Stats Fisaxcis ?Balance In treas ury ouUmIM October, I860 ? IJfl.JW 1m Estimated receipta for tbe flacal year, 1800-*61 3,938.47? 3? *4,077,781 56 Estimated disbursements for the year 1860-61 3,*?,61?8I Estimated balance In tbe treasury on 1st October, 1861 138,268 75 HJ~ Henry Altars wu hung in Waterloo re cently for murder He unwillingly shot a farmer I the instance of hie wife, the threatening to abandon him unless he performed the deed He died happily Ignorant of her heartless scheme to free herself of h a companlonxhlp and In the full comfort of the gospel IC7* A foolish woman la New York sewed 1 ,o00 bill la he- shift for sale keeping, and for getting It, sent the garment to a washer-woman, from whom she now seeks In nln to hcdtw It l?7* Raynosd, editor of the Timet, ia a long iettrr to Win.. L Yancey. dnkm that the Northern people wlU tgbt fcefore they witf admit Ibat the Constitution recognizee property tn alavea. |?7~Joaan& Harney was arretted at St. Joseph's Mo., ou th?3?th ult . for the murder of her nua b*nd. They h?4 a fight, In wbleb ihf literally eot hint to pl?oc?. 939 trn .-US <** 1 . , , MISCELLANEOUS. lO HOUSEKEEPERS OF WASHINGTON. GE ORG e-! town and vicinity. We invito the attention of Houaekeepera to oor very large aud beautiful jtock of china, GLAfS and earthen WARE, whioh ia now rendered oomploto in every department by onr reoent im fortationa. Wede*m(t unnecessary to enumerate artiolee, AS Wfl hftvfi Bvsrf thinf thil ia nanit.11w b>?n? in tK? China Buainea*, from rioa deoorated ^renoh China Dinner and 'f>a Seta to the ordinay Karthen War?, and aa we import the majority ofour rood*, we are prepared to furnish the beat quality, either to the whi'leaale or retail trade, aa low aa any of the importing houaea of Baltimore Englian ani Amnnoan Cutlery of auperinr %uali*?, Also. Horn, Bnok and Cuooa handle Cutlery from the tame factories, Silver plated Ware on fine Albatta, warranted, A^large a took of Coal Oil Latnpa, nnmeroua pat terns, Paper Lamp Shade* and Chimniea, Cot Glaaa G4ot>oi. r Hyaomth Glasses, F/iaor Artiolea, Toya, Aa , Ac. C, c FQW LGR A CO., in A 7m.( Polinwi' Hull no 16-#u0w Seventh etreet. REM EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777... 8900,000. Qfice corn r C street and Louisiana ar? over Bank Of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANDQTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Directors. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel R&ifern, H&muel (Jropley, William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D Barclay, Jacob Giueon, Andrew Rothweil, Thos. Parker, Rishard Barry, B. B. French. No charga for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. ABKfr G. Davis, Secretary, oc IQ-eo6m DEAD THE FOLLOWING FROM THE 11 wall known Captain of the Steamer Fulton : New Orlsana, 3d (Jot., IW. Dr. J. C. Av*rf Low f 11.??ir: 1 am urged by my wiie to report to you a oure your Saraaparilla haa made in our family, and aa it la the only way in whioh we oan make yon any acknowledgement rtf our (ratification, I will proceed ti st&te My little aon. eleven yeara old, fia? had Stnfnla aorea on hia ears, neck and arnn for five yeara They were muoh of the time very diatreaaing. and we fe\re<t they would kill him. At firat a awelhng would ap pear, then it wonld break and make a running aore, whioh would not heal. They bccamo very loath aom and often pair.fdl; they atopped hia growth and ae?iiied to undermineliia h?ai?h. to that he be came feeble and sickly. We trie<l Phraician* and Medicines, but they did no good. A clergyman 111 our neighborhood, who had soen *nme remarkable oures by your Cherr* Pectoral, advised us to try your Harraparilla. and we d:d. The smallest ?ore? showed symptoms of healing in about two waeke; in two more they hvi heaied, and in two inonth<! the child was as well as anybody. He now enjoys perfect health, with no remnant of the disorder about him that we can discover. If you, sir, are a parent, you may well believe that we (. ail not soon forget you. Very truly, your humble servant, J no. W. B ate*, n a v i> n a * ? - ...I 1.. ?\D i loimiru itj un.j.i/.A i v>w.( lx>wen, de 21 eolm PURL OLl> KYK WHISKY FOR MKDI CINAL. USE. Priet $2 per tallon or Sin cent? per bolih. The rMt home and foreign demand tp? have for this article sufficiently attns*s its purity and eioel lenoe Moreover it may he menti<>nt<d in this oon nexion that many invalids of del mate orranixatinn, unable to use whisky of other tirnnds, have found the ahpve most efficacious and happy in iti effects. A liberal discount on the above prirm made to tiie trade, a "'?? / *-? wfi ten * vduwoi mw l"i oo 27-e..?)t between 7lh and 8th street*. 1861 DiTTTEs: 186, Commence thr Yrar irith a T>tary. A v&inftLle Pi>oknt Companion for registoriOK event* pint. pretent, And futar.-; containing ratei of pn?t*<e, m-umihc, ft tilsnk apfto f >r innm irtndi for every dar in the year, oa*h account lor eaoh month, annual Bimimftrj of eiih account bi>la [wtj*'>!>? Kiin reoeivaoie. ixin i ?e viiiicocono ?| these useful little souvenirs Tiie most ooraplete, e>cant. and detiiable assortment ever priainc twelve siz>s and upw.'irds of fifty styles, at MHIbLINWToN'9 Bookstore, Odeon Bunding, corner of.<}? street and de2n Penn avenue. BRADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY. 33'i Pens Avsncr. On exhibition, beautifully finished Phonographs of tha President and Vice President eleot; Imperial Photograph* of ail tbe Presiusnts from Jaoknon to Uuohanaii, of all tha Members of the ^xnate and House ('/ Representatives of the present Omiress; of th* l'rinoe of Wa>8 and a large number of tin t'ngui?h??1 foreign parsonages; ?>f n*a-'iy all oir promineu* Statesmen, Poets, Artists, Author*, Ed itors, Clerjyxn? n, Generals ard Commodores. Th > largest Plain Photographs in ths world. Th? Colorod Photographs must bo ?n to be ap pelated. Twenty five full length Portrait Visiting Cards, elegantly finished for five dollars ! one HUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS FOX FVVE DOLLARS!! Priaes for all other styles equally moderate, de 10 Ira F""LOUR, BUCKWHEAT. POTATOES, AP Pl.ES.4o. !flO bbls. new Richmond Family and Ext; a Floor, lbs. Fresh Ginuod Buckwheat Meai, 300 bushels White Aleroer Potatoes, luu do. Blue do. do. 5 do. Chestnuts. Reoeived to-day and for sale low in lots tcsuit by D. L. MORRISON * CO., no Corner of Twelfth and B sts. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EM RICH, at the of Penn. A . A avenue and Eleventh street, has b*ony<f!^y greatly improved reoeutly and now c(T??rs^y||^i greater iudnoements for the patronate ol citiEmis and strangers thaa a?>y otlier publio house in the eit?, his priees being less than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and his accommodations for permanent ?r transient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu lar, biing all that oan bo desired by the most fas tidious. Tne proprietor pledges w remitted atten tion and oontisued liberal expenditures to give sat ixfaoiien to all, and thus renews his invitation *< all to cive the European Hotel a oali. de 4-ti Tnew restaurant. HE Sub*o iber ii.f-rms the oitiz-ns of Wash ington and the pablii in general tii.nheJ has opened tha Restaurant No. 449 S.ith' street, between C and Louisiana avenue. (formerly kept i*y JvjobSmith ) a new su.l ohoioe assortment of LiUUORS, CIGARS, Ac ,on hand. Kine fresh OYSTERS serred up in every style at ail hour*. dea-im* F. G. ROBE. J?OLIDAY ^presents-BUITABJ.E ME One S?t Keal Sable, one set Koyai fcrmme, Athalf their usual price. MIRK 8ABLE8' Moil elegant ?eu. at prioes to iriiit the times. , v * *" Muffs, Viotorines, and Capes, m a 1 their varii ties, from 76 oen's to As ) ^ B. H. fTINEMETZ, *<? Pa av.. between iSth and 13th sU. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THK UNION A. Call at H A K V K Y ' 8 Who haeJuat reoelved a large auppj? of frMh I?b STERsTfISH, and fine nyirnr* | A If l|i>i vhion he will aerve to onstomera at thr ahorteat not 00 and on liberal trrna. P. 8 ?Oratera served to femihea and hoteta are not aoalded; they are only eoalded for peraona rat ine them at the ealoon. <1* 8 T. M. HARVKV. CLOAKS! CLOAKS!! CLOAK 8!!! The Camilla, the Arab, theOaritoUdi, ?e Romeo, the Zouave, theAlbanaa, e Rtohard, the Kniliab Sank, the French i*aok With many other new and beaotifnl aty ea in Re?t. Treeo and Frenoh Beaver Cloth,in prioea from *3 5(i to $88, to whioh we aak the attention of no 17 TAYLOR ft. HUTCHISON. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Htnjaitrewivtd thelargeat assortment tod now offer the of SOUK , G'KMIS', Utf&?!URb!Ss& ner ofTUirteecth itreet?Ai "taunt of br*id?, Curl?, ptotettm. sanders, *o.. boy oa to order 1 the nhoiw ootooe. krwork ivptired or takes la xob&r.r e. ofl debt fancy goods, d at pricks TO SUIT THK tim**. ji7Bvaan WOOD AND COAL. TO THI PUBLIC! GO WHERE YOU C A N GET YOU* MONEY'S WORTH QTTRY IT! PROVK~IT! KJiOW IT !jg tryIvhat? Try the ritfNEKR Mii.i a WOOD there. ~ PROVE WHAT? ITT" Prtrre thaX you can *et your WOOD there o wiper th&n e??ewhere in the oity ; ana then yon Will

KNOW WHAT? Jfcoow th?t X5JH*L<H>OD MEA9UKKtwl S",yrr ocn oi wood for leai monrr. Cut AlfD DiUVIKIU Fill of f!n a ia| _ . _ _ at THK 8ION OF TMEMUrSFLAwhTAPF, 8??t?w?t ?t. *.d Canal n<> 1!> GKORtiK CAGK, Abknt. O O II AND J? 411 **rta ^ the IowmI w T. J. * W. M. OAL.T, Ofioe 393 Pfc. ST., b?tvwo 11th tn<1 Urth ?U ma 17-tT north aiife. Cure Cough, Cold, Hoartemis, In /?<Ma an Irritation or Sorr ne <J of tht Throat, R'licve tht Hacking Couth in Consmtnp tion, Uronrhuit, A'hma, f Catarrh. Clear and sir* Mrentth to th* roiee of UBL1C SPEAKERS and SINGERS. rew are aware of the importance of cheoKinc a Couth or ' Common Cold''in ita firat atace; that which in the b^ninin* would yield to a mild reme dy, if neglftoteo. toon attack * 'he Lunta. " Br men'* Bronrkial Trntk'*" oontaininn Cemnleent in*redi ents, allay Pulmonary and Mionohial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S whioh the "TVoeA/*" area apecifie) having made me often a anere wh'.a TROGHES pererS- N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S * * rMommend their uae to Ptbi.ic l spraickr>." TROCHES RKV. M. H. CHAPIN. "Great aervioe in aubdnifie Hoars* BROWN'S REV. DANiKL WISE. TROCHES " Almoet mata^t relief in the dm BROWN'fc XROCHKS BROWN's TROCHES BROWN'S TROCUKS BROWN'S TROCUKS o CJ fkir MIO treps'.ne i?t>or ol hreathiDC pMuli*' to A?thm*.w KKV. A. C. KGGLKSTON. " Contaui 0" Opium or anythiac injurious. l)R. A. a HAV F,S, Chemist, Bono*. " A lniple *n.| ?la&?&nt oombiaft tion for ?ocoh*. Jto." 1)R. G. F. BIGKI.ow, Borte*. " beneficial in Bbokowitw.** DR. J. F. W. LANK, notion. " I h*ve proved them eioelleut for | Wnoprixo CoraH." RKV. H. W. WAKRKN. onu>v ii r* TROCHES BKOWN'r TROCHES UROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHE* BROWN'S no*tv*. " Btfiiefi.jiM when O.-iupdiieil to ?p???r.?irfferin)5 from Cold." ! ftKv. S. J. P. ANUKRSON, St. Louis. " ErPErTCAi. tn removing Hoars* nessand Irritation of the Throat, so common with Spfaikk* and Sisa er* " Prof M.STACY JOHNSON, Ln Granfr, fin. Teaoii?*r of Music S utborn Female Collets. ' Ur?at benefit when taken bef>re an.! aft?r preaching. as the? prevent fl?ars*riesi. From their pait eff??ot. 1 think they will bo of permanent a*l ?nt*c? to m?." _ R4lV. K. KOWUV. A. M. President 01 AtMr? College, Tenn. ITT'jloHhy ?M DmcgiaU&tTWFN , rv n vk crn rs a Box.^] do l ly llUVT'B Hiawatha llalr Restorative la warranted in every n,n? c? to Restore Gray Hair to it* Original Color. It ha* t>e>-n fvppio.] IM THIIIMiVlK .if r'iUl'U troche* BROWN'S TROCHfS" Itl * * v/ W41 ? ??? ? ?? WiH-'HU In the priR'Mpv ouiea of N?w !%nglan<l, a"<1 HAS NOT FAI LEU in a ain*le inaianoe to ao oompii'h all that ia dawned for it. No Hair Is bo Gray or Red hut the HIA W \THA will ohanceittoa be*ut.ful life like Brown and lilaok. It is not an inatantaneoua dre which crooka, amuta and givea a <l/*vl t>Iaok oolor to the hair; the patient havngtn a&bmitto aoapint. waah eg acfl ponging of the hair every time t la applied; uor ia it a preparation of anlpbur, angar of lead, Ac, qor of anv ingredient* d-let*no?a to the heir of akin. It is an artiolo requiring waah irg before or after uair e, it ia appiied in five min ut?? time, ard with aa litt!e trouble as any ordinary aiticie ior in* ionei, "Peoalo who have os?d this preparation declare it ia imraoulcs m its rflects, and that it will per fjrm all that it pretend* to do '?Bflllou't Pictorial. "Its uoco'S wonderful, an-1 we cau only m* we i'dorne all the proprietor bbj% in regard to it."? Boaton Journal. "Weutn?rve, hy a notice in a Boston pap*r, that a premium wm awarded by tiie Ma'saohuaetts Me ohamos' Chanta-.e their 1 >t- Fair, Boston, to Mr Josapb Hoyt of this city, for hie celebrated 'Hiawatha Hair Restorative,' aa article which rich it merited this favor. It wa? for ita ?tt penor merits in this respeot th&t the Committee, af ter sufficient evidence presented tr? themsn ves, awarded to Mr. Hoyt this flattering testimonial Providence Ecentnt Pott Hold in Wachingtoa by J. W.Nairn. D. B Cl&'k, Kidwell 4. L?*r?oM D. G. Ridgelet. In Gaorce tc?n by i.L. Kidwell, and by Draff ista renerally. de 12 ira FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES tO MATCH. at the M l/TD hPfll IT 4 N NO ruARcr BOOKSTORE, PHILP * SOLOMONS, Aunts Jvr Laurenrt's t*l'brntvi Linen Partrt, "Mttropo'it** Mills," *e., #c. e V ly 332 Pa. av? bat. 9t> and loth ata. Singer's Sewing Machine*. 3?9 PENN. AVENUE, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invito thesub'io attention to our new $A0 KAMILv SEWING MACHINE. This Machine U iinnrDUMd 111 the household, it runs smooth and swift; *? } *, Arm*, fell* and gatk*r?, will sew the finest swim or oloth ten ayers thick, and an* ttunc between the two extremes, in a beautiful and substantial manner. Machines in mahonanv, wal nut and ro?ewood cases from 86" to 4 I'Ki. Our large vibrating metsf nuukinrxfor ooach trimmers and aaddlerfe. is without a rival. Silk, Twist. Thread, Neeules, Bobbins, Oil, &o? always on hand at New York prioea. Cl^Seod for a po?r of 1, M Kinger k Co.'s Oa sefte. Charles a. sponbler, no?; 6m A real. uuwK sinirHuvbu vv fl Theae Scale* &re offered to the rablio u > MMI noat ?ipifle. dnral?e, ?nd re.Abie mum ever ant lal KM. Ktrbt oiaaa pranunma Lavebeen awai dedthe* by the United !*t*U?a Fairand Virginia A*"?u!t<ra Socwetj; ttriinia Stat?? Afpe?lt?ral Fair; Franklin1 Inetitate Fur, Ftmriaylvania; New York State Fair, Vermont State Fair, *?., fco. In every oaae wfcere axhibited they oave reoeived firat ol?ii promiama | eMii uouieiana kvecns, irayoi 01 suiert ed Iron Bum. <i? U-l? is' 0. PATT1BON. Agto ^PECIALNOT^rE^O^f^FRIfiNDS AND We have had their bill* ah made of, and tw?e who prefer oal'tnc at our deak 'or them will please do en by the 26th inat. After that d?te we ahall reader ev*ry bill on onr book*, and owing t > the treat panic w? mnitatkovr friend* to make prompt payment*, as we are in want of all money due at thu time. J. W. COLLEY A C de 8l 2w A3 3 Seventh at., above Pa,av. I\I~ MERCHANT TAILOHIJfO. _ l^KW KA I.L. STYLUS of ULUTHB, UAWJ MRR8. AND VRSTIN??. WALL. STRPHKN8 * CO., 3?? Pennerlra nta Avenue, have Ju?t reo^ivi/t a large vanfitT ?>l Mnr Pall Good*, to wmoh they invite the atteettno of thwr frienda ami ?HtonMfi. hH-U SESSSa >0.0 A^eccj of Btatmwar * Son*' Ovorstranf Pit.nnfl nn 0 FRENCH FLOWER* OF r ?uuty, and m ?it?Mwr At 8T" IM. vAybkst ?HETCB.-Knfliafc. Datoh, Sviaa, ItaliUMk ^"" noan, KING * llURCHBLL. I/. CLOTHING, &c. PANIC TIME*! W PANIC PRICES' Wih?r(jBit nwiriit t urii M ofCLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODt*. HAT: m(TCAPS.o? eonaianmont, vhioh muit be old liefore th? 4th of Maroh, without recall to ?oot. TIm** f?>odi barn bl t**?n ma<le op by the beat huaaea in BaJUio<>r? and Pki ?d*lfki?, ul ovine to the time* tk*; wiM be aotd at almoat any price. ourobjeot being to tarn them into oa?h a* aoon a* poesihle L A BK ALL * CO., C'othiera, No. 439 !*erenth at., abore 6. n. b.?Coin* on*, ooi?? all: now t? im tim* to bat winter clothing at any jrioeon s?v eolh ?t.. No. 439,4 doora above 8 su d?? lni Agrand rush i^^*i^enth street: All Stop at S M I T H ' 8, No. 460 seventh street. "<i? ikom mmd do Itkrwxtr " (tmieh m the lan*oa?? ???4 by a c ntlmitaii who had r?n?iTtd so in* of oar ir?m l?miii ) I have jiin returned from theNorth with a T?rt J2f CL 'THING, FURNISHING GOODS. HATS and CAPS.bouah* for ouhittvo third* theirnet ooat jkad which Iwill eel: at a email arivanoe. \ on ?an buy a *ood Orerooat from 93 to 7, a wrjr fine one from ?1? to $15, Cave Ov rooat from $? to J15, Boy'a Ore rooat and Cape Coat from ,f S .V) to J5 ?A*MKNT8. um Afrarel. at aatoniahinxly low prio?e. ?U-/' A word to tho?e that want to pnrrhaoo: "aviag lioucht thean gooda at rery low price*. I am confident that you oan aave 25 per oeut. buying IroHi me. Ft m servants' C NOTHING in al.?indanee. Don't forget to oal i at tne Pe- p e'? Clothinc Store, No. 460 street, before purchavina where, and satisfy youraelve# that we are <TTerinn bargains. J. H SMITH, Clothier, de 14-1 w No. 4 fif) Seventh at., cpp. Poet Office. f^KNTLRMiiN'S V* re\DV-MADF. CLOTHING. Our preaent *<!?ortir?ent of ErfTLEMBN'l RF.AITV-.MADE CLOTHING pf?ri to ettiseni and atrangera wiahinc an immediate oat fit eupe Iiiuuvninruia, nHUIIWillll, M mil unt, <: ?t?l*e and analitiea of IHeaa ari-i Baaineaa Gar ment* and Overooata in a<l vari*tie*. Fin? Shirt* and Under-clothing of ail kind*. Kid and other Glovea of beat qua'ity. Scarfs, Ties, Cravata, Sto"k?, Hosiery, kc.. Ac. All of whiok ve are od'Tint at our nau&i i iw pnoes. IL7* Clothing nude to order in the moat auaerior manner. WALL. STEPHENS * CO.. no 16-tf 3'22 Pa. avecne. f^REAT BARGAINS OfFKBKP AT TH* PEOPLE'S CLuTHINU STOKE. CLo?&\&?Jtvx*r" a,l"T "FURNISHING GOODS. HATS AND TAW. At 'JO Per Cent. Lk?? than thi Uarax Rath* At SMITH'S. No. 460 Sermlh Street. N. II-All in want nf clothing and fur nish I Stj OOOIW wi'l bnii it jrreatly to their ao vnntnite to rive me & call. '? J. H. SMITH, tiofflin. WmkrChant tailoring. K li.vite oar customer*, aud oitizem ueae ral ly. t<> an inspeo'i in of oar prro>etit new, at traotive, and eiecant as?ortfn*nt of cloths. CASSTMfcRKS, DOKSKINS, VfcSTlNGS, OVKRCOAT1NHS. to. winch we will make to order in anperior' etjle at very low prion, wall, 8TRPHRN9 & co.. oo 25 tf 3'2sl Pa. ar.. hetw. <?th and l?th tta. fiwrn 4 new pawn office. O Ok. WARD, Dealer in N>?? 0 and tut Off ClotniDg, reajeotfal y informs ti.? publio that he >>&* opened a UlCKNsED Fa W.N OFFir'K a? No T*i Louisiana avcr.oe, batwaAi 'th * *? l??th sU , a f?w do<>-? eaat of the new Ceil Iral Guvd heme, vhere h? will be at all times prepared t?> wail on tut patrons with piomptoeae. tiuibiinii ana me unmit initio". N. ti ?Jewelry. Dry Gcx?!?, Clothing, ie?* To &a.,*iw&7( on (and at pn vtt* mU? <lc 7 lm* * D*. J. H. McLBAN'S * STRENGTHENIN0 CORDIAL A*D BLOOD PURIFIER. the greatest remedy tn tk* world, and the moct Dklicioc* and DELIGHTFUL j CORDIAL Meter taken. iA h It atricitr a aei btlSc u.d Ti(iu kia Cotupoaud, film cmrad by u>? duu!U Uon ml nou, btrba, ard b&rka. Tal'o? Dock, Blood Ro?u Biaek Enoi. Barwpa riiit, W ild Cb?rry Bark, and Daodalion start iota i(a era Tin tnclr# aeu?a rtmadial pnoetflt of aaeb la^radiarr u (liArMFhlt tftriffAd Iftl W-lUit MULiUg,ty.yi?wIBBlUg. dutiUu.*, prodacla/ * dalvci"B?, a*Ju.?raua# apini. ?nl U>? moat infslllbla ranoratinj tha diaaaaad iyaum, aad raatariof tfca tick, aaffaruif, dakiliuuad invalid U baa 1th ui atranflh. Mr LEAH'S STRENGTH EM XV CORDIAL Will afactailly emra Li?ar Complain, Djasapaia, Jaao dica, Cbraaic or Mar?o?a Dabillty, l>iaauaa &ftba Eidoaya, and all diaaaaaa ariainf frotn a diaordarad U?ar or ItNHCi, Drapapaia, aanbern, lawird Pilta, Aeiditv or Bieknaaa ft ka Rtninarli Pallr Ml It*. A f\?.?. ?-? ? vlmrair.f in tht Ru4, Palpttauoo of iht Hatri, ralioaaa or Wtiffin In Oia , Soar Iraetauoct, Cbokir* fit afocmiof r?tiu,f whan Itrxu# down, Drjnaaa or TallaW uatt of lb* Ikia and *-? ?. Jf:ght Ituti, toward F???n, Pain in tba krut.ll of tut B'ck. Cttti, or Mid?( Saddao FiaaLtt of Hut, D?;r?Mi9ti of Fpinta, Frifhifal Orwm. Lnuifaor, PnpMdMe; wr ut ctr'ou diiHM; tcVM or Blotch an tat fkio, and rt?tr ted Aft (or Chi lit and F,T,t ) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES hart baao aald daring tha laat ait maoiht, aad i? na tn tuaca baa it failtd in (Mug auura tauafacuac Who. thaa, Till ttftr-from Wtaknat* or Dability wtoan MrLEAHV tkuijta&nura i/inwiab win car* yaa i ?a :u|kfl can mo*ay *r .d?<ja*t? idm cf th? innadi v>d mtnemlma chaiift prodactd by taking ihx cthul Id tha <im?u4, d?btltut*d, ?ad ibtuirtl mrma ?y?wm, vhithtr broktn 4m by ium, titl by aatara, m impaired Sy icilm., tb? ml.i.d J npill. hum u murtd la 1u pruuot h?*iu> ud >ipi MARRIED PERSONS, t xkin, cnhitm af iaabtlitt from ikumi um. will nd mcbxaira rr&kaomichimu cordial > u>a rifinuttit *f u>? y?t?ni; tad all who rui ium ta )*rad ihaikmutiby imprapar iadalfaacaa will tad la tibia Cardial a tirtun and ip?my ramady. TO THE LABIES. MckSAItl BTRMGT*KNING CORDIAL U wttr ifo u< apaady car* far lacipianl Cwnampmc, Whrtaa, Oaairac'ad ?r DiBcmlt Mauatnauao, lccMUatoM af Urina n lnaalaoiarr DiKbuta tbaraaf, F?lliof af lb* Waak, (iddinw, Cunuuf, u4 til diiiuii UcMaitU rintln. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar aa, Tak? it aeeardtaf la Airactiaoa. It vitl ttiinalata, atranftbaa, ltd u.viforat* yaa ud uaaa iba ktaan af baaltb ta maai.t year ehaak aftit. Ifirj bault it varrautad la fit* aauafaeuea. FOR CHILDREN 11 raac chlidran trt atcklj. pun/ m aBicta*, McLKAMI CORDIAL vtll i-?ka ihan. baaitLr, fat, ai?d rahaat. Dalay nat a matbaot; Uf it, aad joa will M cacriDcad. It ia da Ucmm tauka. CAUTION. a vara af Jrl||tou ac da? lara vka may try ta fala a pat. fou a iiutr gi ?r?p?niii [run, VDIOD ui^ iu t ?* cfaaip, b; muh( u u jw u nod. indiMliMi. Aak fee Mi LKJLN* rTRDIGTIIKNINU COaDlAi., u>d uka uachi?( aUa It ta (ha ooly r?mad j ih*i will parity tha Blood thoronffclr ai.duiba mis* tln\? airaofthtr. tha ayot?u . Um laupoonral lUiu i?irj iMnwf tuuu M ? Mftaln pr???cu?? for CiioiOK, CbUia ?nd fun, TolUw K??ar, or Ul cr?vaU(t duiut hliptiu u. Urn himioi. Frici oulj fi par U?u?, or I t-\Ilaa for ?L JH MrLIUM. tola propriaur cf (Ma CoraUl; tlao. McUu1! ValcoAtc tiki Udaut Pnrxipal Dapet as cm ???m of 1W4 >*4 Puw tuaaw, Bi. um, Ms McLttn't Yoloanic Oil Linlmeat, (TBK tilt LjMIMKMT I* THE WORLD) Tit ?l; ufi ud mix cm for Cuein, PiIn, Tm mi, toroUlafa u* Bronthtia ar Coitra, Pui!?m?, H?? nl|U, VtUutu of Ul MbkIm, Chrome or Uiuraotory Dmmiuio, luftMi of tha Jaanta, CwiiMiod Mitc^t or UnuaBta, uml>a or TtoUttki, Bruaaa, hniu, Praah v..m.4a ITl? A Oa IFatar m - ? ? - Hakai ^ xvww* ww ? ? , w ? ??( ? ? w? wiv?| wavv WlppU., Btrni, ktMt, hit Throat, ar u; Ultwiliii. or ala. M <Ufar?uea kn aa*ara ?r Uu U* <m>m immr Cava ?Mi4, McLEAJTi CKiJCMUTXU LiKlMCNT .? i taruie ramadf. Tba??n4? af Wu W?|i Uti baau m?i< iltfirf * inpuit) tW miwrj hf tha aaa af tt>M imlnUi ramty. Mel.SAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT WW r?li??i pain iImI UMMtuiMtlf, ?n<t l( ?il| claau, pmrity u4 katl Ua iMlw htm is u wtcr*4tbk? ikott tin* FOE HOH8KS AND OTHER ANIMALS McLKAN-8 CKLSBKATKD LINIMENT la ika art. ub u< itluki nalit for iki car* if ImAw?, uU??.!]?, tpllaM, Lamp*. NoAm m w*UiM It uvat fcll*d u cvi Btf lud, r?iUTfl. PiMUl, (Jid Tjwnr <*?? ? iff Brmiita > * at CaiUl teita, Cm, teM, at Wiwh, It to as lihlMUt If. Affiy U m <lw?i4 ?* > 4? li im?n h hkj trtt* m Imiw *M Ut (.'WW i. Mcuuffwi . Conn Tfcto* a?4 riM ?, ft. Lam. Ma. CH11 n iTOTT, fit fl ?., Mt? i(Hi m Vukuf lMiR.LT. CIMEL. OMrpwn M M-Mflr A LMQJSPS^ PECA.Nft, BHKLLBARK& K.N 6L1VH WALNUTS, BRAZIL NUmH? s/a KING * BURCHKLU 1 TUE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Pn4? y ammow.HrMw, i ? 01 w PiwoofiM . ... __ 4 v It uivmn?bly oobImm Mm "WtaUiftoi Not*" Iter tea m4( ru Dmtiv Inwm Cm elromAt* o t?My tkrovckMt ?* ?ii?fiT CT'Stncl* teptM i in wn?ywi) m> bt frotar^ ?t UMBOutn.luMdMMr aftw tw ? <* Uw ?M?. Pne?-THRKK CENTS FOR SALE AND RENT. oooB?i*d by ro?Mn*?t?' B rc wb , ? od rawatlr k?ld bj Mr*. 9aHtk M^fMnM Fur further information *pp Lm , or to Ike ?ul*?orit?r d*4 ?otf THOMAS LAWJON, t>?n>ul ti?fr?l U. >. Armj. FOR KKN T. m U.e Fjr.i War<|?UirM vest of the War Department- * ?m FtCK, with b*ck room. or the former mar ma.;. OF for ft hop: ftod P?:lon fta<l Chwn>*r?. wym ntU of Rooma. furniutftd or ' furftiahftd ; to th* Inquirtftt Una oftoe. da 3 Rai No. IT Ir'r la in fttood self i.lorhood. A^'? * 'Aft. 6 R I'D KB.. < C?OR RKNT-A UirM atory bnok ROU?B.?m r tfttniiK h room*. In |o?d nrdor, With fft? U tirn oonifldU, on H It-Wt, h??w?en 4th ftad Ml. Aiao, ft two at?>ry briek COTTAGK. with Iftrta yard ftttaoh*), corner of F atreot north ftj^l |?Ui at. rui in rnrwui uo r?uw>l? '?wa th? Hr? Viil bo mu<tor?t?. Apply ?t 446 Tw?lftJi Wwwn G a ad H. ? U-tf I^OK RKNT-TtM FIRST FLOOR of th? tf 1M r inc opp<wta tb* wemt vim of th? City H*l..n?o*>iitiy omiw by CbM. is WitllMli u an oflioe Alao tk? Trott room la tf* ?*x>ope tory jm! th? third Cj>or olth* p*w? b?lWir.i F<* Brroi apylT to KI CHARD WALUOCN*.l La0?l?>?0? ? M V EDUCATIONAL. T female educatk HO!*K Pir?Dt< who wiah their daaahtera to ra oaire a tiioronjh u<f ifiiMln adaption. vb*t? thai r pit jnoa. uaininc will reoeii-e daily aad iMMk Mf otioa, uiyler the moat ap proved njeWn of Calla tnenioa and (iTinuaatica. are reapeotfMjy I anted ft wait the Union Fenui.e Atuuieuy, comer Fow teerrth at. aud New York av mr. * MRS. Z. EI JfcaSMf Female boarding and day school ALE1AJSORU. YA. Mr*. 8. J. MoCORMlCK. Paijvcirai. The thirteenth annua! aaamon of rtiia Inatitutinr MM >enUy Ktnj atra of a will commence on Taeaday. September ltth. la tire hj.uee recently oooupietl by CjfrtiUf Soott, UtH No. 1*0 Kins at/eec Tba o _ - the brae nation, I Mai. The oourae of atady paraued will oumprtaa all tha braoohaa requiaita to a thorough Kticuati Edu MUon, aad Maaic, French, Latin aod Drawiag. n In addition to day aabolara. Mra. MoOorraiok la prepared to reoeire a limited nnmber of pupil} aa oo%r#er?, who constituting a pert of k*r 6n (m* i:>. will ?*> uv'i?*r li?r u<iiix?<li?U o*re tixl Wfii ri ion. Sh? will *n<io*vor. M f?r m* to aur round them with the ooiuH?rte ?od Kindlr lalaoooM of Home. Brothers. Ton. BoanJ. with Tuition m a/1 the Er.gliah Rnach^a, #2?</or Ui? auuua! Mutoii-ptrult Mail id atfvanoe. iMncic and Langnaxes at Profeaaora' fr\t No extra oharxea. DENTISTRY. Mtkkth. LOOM IS, M. D., the mwnlor _#&i H ai on * H i ra? ? m> i<>r 11 01 wi? ni.itKAii ruA rr. 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