Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1861 Page 3
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I.OCAL NEWS. UT'Tboo^h Thi Stab U printed oo the fastest Hmr prrea In bw truth of Bftlilinore, in edition ta an lam mm tr> fMtllrs it lobe DUt to Vrrm at KB early Wir; AdTrrtt?en?ent>, therefore, should be tent In Wore IS o'clock m ; tbrnrtae they may ?Pt?ir nntll the next day. Thi Volcmtiii Motimikt ? Tk* Seventh Ward Ketpomds?Pursuant to call, a large num ber of tbe cttiz*na of the Seventh Ward met last night at Island Hall for the purpoae of organis ing a company for tbe protection of the city. Air. W. H. Baiim was called to the Chair, and Mr. Sam l C Mapruder Secretary. The chair stated tbe ohjert of the meeting, and InvitM 1b?*e present to come forward and alga tbe roll, which rail wai promptly responded to Oen E C Carrtngton entered abont thla tlire, and wu cheered vociferously Io response to tbe call of th? crowd, be came forward to the stand find addressed them He stated tbat he should have arrived ecrlier, bat not knowing tbe precise locality of the Hall, had miaaed bis way. It was tbe duty of every sojdier In these ttmea to be prompt, and that waa bis excuse for not appear Ing sooner He did not know bow many men bad s gned tbe roll before blm, but desired to make. one remark. afW wblcb be had no doubt those present who bad not vet signed would come forward with enthusiasm to place their names with those a!r?adv there. Hi* friend and partnrr, Mr. A Lloyd, whoae mother and brothers are residents of the Seventh Ward, had requested him to ?ij>n his name to tbe Seventh Ward roll, aud say to his fellow-citizens of this ward that he was ready to uniform not only himself, but to furnish ten uniforms besides his own In this glo rloua raus* [Cheers ] He was detained by 111 neaa f om attending to-night. but desired to be present on some future occasion to address his fel)?w-citiTens in favor of tbe Union. Il was the spirit of. Mr L. that he hoped would animate every person present to-night Tbe speaker felt that he had friends in tbe gal lant Seventh Ward fCheers ] He bad lived among tbe Washington people nearly all his life, and tbe citizens of the cltv bad been kind to him, and so help him <iod he meant to be true to tbeni. The Third Ward was the flr*t to Inaugurate this movement, but he believed tbe Seventh wonld mil np aa urge a uat or volunteer* aa the Tblrd Ind done, or a.i any wn'd In the city would Laving the same population. lie believea that the great h -art of the nation beat* in unison with us; tbat the Union i* beloved by the gf-at mssa of the people. State* rnlirht aecede, and traitor* attempt to Inaugurate civil war. with lta accompanying train of nntold horror*, but he'believed that thi* ureal and glorious Republic would atill ?urvive. lie regretted to two paper* in thi* city bad tried to throw cold water upon thi* move ment of lh> rittzena to omanlw for tli*? nrnlwllnn ft their hrnnci-the b Constitution" and the "States ? He did not intend, and would not quarrel with the editor* of tboac pipers; let them take th-irown < ourse: the /<rr*.? of the city i* with is The speaker gloried in the fact that the V-'sshinsto?? press ia loyal to the Union and to the cause of the I'nion He hoped the audience would pardon him for making an allusion to himself In thii connection; f<r when a man of honor is attacked he must speak nd fl^tat foo If nec((K?ry to vindicate himself He had heard a report to-day?he hoped no man wuuiu my k ?u lnvme?inrua& naa 101a nim 10 day t^dt be hod undertaken thin movement br c* lae be wished to lav a foundation for the Dis trict Attorneyship under the incoming adminis tration The e are al ways men to be found, who, actuated in auybt they say or do by base and dis honorable motive*, are always willing to impute the unie motives to others He abhorred and re futed such an infamous imputation, and tha man who bas *ttri?>uted it to bim is a slanderer and a liar. No man who bore bis name evei held or |<\ Vlr\l<4 ? tWt. f ? ? ? ? ?BVU U I*v tu U (I VIUVC UilUCI ?UI? U VTt T II UJCU l| except In tbe army and navy, and then only In time el actual war. He wag a man of peace, and an advocate of peace; but if w r most cme. be m?-ant to H^bt aa bis fathera h*d fouebt before h'.m, undrr the J'far ?pan^Ied Banner. He wanted no ofllce; was able to earn bis living, ajid if the politicians would give us peace and union, no ni*? iieed be under the ne< essify of surking a subsistence from the general Government. To show how lit le be was actuated by political or personal motive*, be would state tbat aftrr tbe destb of the lat* District Attorney, a number of influential frieuds got up a petition in bis favor for the vacancy Those papers were never pre sented, for the speaker desired no ot&re.. Tbe sp-aker Wisli? d to God the President would declare war against Spain He would go over to Virginia, and say to tbe disunlonists there, "C< me, boys, if you want to fi^ht, come with me, ( and glut your tbirst for blood on a foreign foe, and not upon yotir brothers at home!" [Cheers j If It be true, (and the speaker had bea>d it was true,) that tin re exists in this city,or anywhere, a strret organization whose purpose it in to resist the inauguration of tbe constitutionally-elected President in this city. It is high time we know It, and prepare to say to the world that we Will resist to the death any attempt to set at defiance tbe iaw>, anu any anu evrrv ' nori M) disgrace iDf in tegrity of our citizen* There has been an attempt to make this matter in whtcb we are engaged. a political one Tuere never wu a more gr<>ss cal umny uttered. Tbe speaker appealed to all pr?-? eut. to tbe citizens at Urge, to the world, If there w.-ts the least scintilla of trutb in this charge? Th? speaker was opposed to tbe opening of the African slave trade. It wa? horrible to tbiuk of o barbarous a traffic In our day and generation; but be wai In favor of any roan in tbe South en joying tbe right to take bis negroes to the Rocky Mountains to Sttempt to grow cotton there if be should be so disposed. [Laughter ] Tbe speaker is a slaveholder, and tbe son of a slaveholder. This question of slavery lu the territories is an outrageous humbug, out of which bad men have almost succeeded in breaking up our glorious country, while p^vinz the wav to rre ferment The shaker would say one thing it be died for St, and that was that tome of tbe strongest friends of Mr. Lincoln were slave owners of Vir ginia. Tbe speaker knew what he was saying wben be said this, lie bad conversed with those who were wqualntrd with the character of the President elett. who believe hiin to l?e a patriotic, a generous, ana a Christian man The speaker's heart warmed towards him when be remembered that b? was tbe friend of tienrv Clay. lie had beard that be is tbe friend of Edward Bates, of Missouri. That was enough for him. for be be lieved flat If Mr Lincoln w<a the frie: d of these H.iiri ha U* I I I r*?AW? |V?? ?*"? ' ' ? 4- * - B.iv n mw a a ^ i ?>?c ?w mc ?*ui 1U ?um UC IS HI UC trusted with the bljfh ct&cc to which he has been elected Kdward Bates whs the speaker'* flrit choice for President of the LmWd Mates It fell out thus: A little more thin a year ago be hap pened to be in Virginia, and there met with a son of South Carolina The was one who never disgraced his St^te, for they are nr.w ernct ln? a monument to bis memory there; the speaker alluded to the Bon. Win. O. Weston. Well, the old gentleman called the speaker out, and ask* d bim if he did not waul to beat the democrats The speaker replied yes, be should like to do that. Then, said the old man. nominate Kdward K*t. ? rf Missouri, and you'll do it. I know hitn. and Le * a true man The *peaker came here and tried liia i**t to have Mr Bate* iioiniuati-d, but Mr Hell w a nominated, and the *pe;?ker sup ported him and (ought against Mr. l.lnroln. But l.iucoin beat ua, and wc are now In honor bound to sustaiu hi* election, and tee to it thut he be dnly inaugurated ou the 4th of 'iezt March. After all the iufamou* (lander* and calumnies that have l**n heaped upon him by his eneini**, he deaervr* our respect, and. if ue'cMory, that we ?L*uld *hed our biood rather than that he should b? harmed in thought, word or deed when he cornea amon^i! ut to tak? bi? aeat as tbe Chief Magistrate of tbia nation. Tboae present know tbe object of tbia meeting. Our honor, our In tegrity, our bomea. our property, tbe aafetv of our f?miliea, all are at atake upon tbis queatlon of tbe inauguration of the Praaiaent elect Our people vroald be aabamed to aee tbe Chief Justice of tbe United States have to aneik oil' to some other city to Inaugurate Mr. Lincoln They would aetfe upon meir arms too aemana max tiie I'resldent he inaugurated u he always his been ?la the Federal Capital. Shall sovereigns see this city tora in piece*; see this L'niou dissolved; seethe Chief Magistrate kept away by force from tbr Federal Metropolis because a few traitors and bullies haves en lit to utter their threats of assault and as?:.s?ination ? Never! never! Gen Carrlngton here resd the resolutions here tofore adopted In the several wards where thi volunteer movements had taken place, and they were unanimously adopted At the rloae of the rtmarks above noted, three hearty cheers wore given for the Union, three for the speaker, three for .Major Anderson, and three groans for secession The meet:iig then went Into the election of oficers, and Mr Samuel C. Magruder was unan imouslv chosen Caotain He w?* ?nrlf??n,,.i.. cheered, and called upon for a speech. In response to the call, be begged to return bia most earnest tbanka for tbe honor conferred on him ao suddenly and unexpectedly. He could wuh for no greater bonor. Me bad come here as a looker-on, uk) with no expectation or thought about L'tkrog any other part than that of a private cltisen In this cause, which had b ought them hither to nlgbt He ?iw many atrange faces, but hoped they should soon be better acquainted They were all enlisted in one cause, and tb<t a ?o<*t one; to protect tbe Union from all kinds of roes, no matter from whence they came He should regret to raise bis hand against his brother man, dui ii me worn soouia com* to the wont, we nuat stand by one another and defend our be loved hornet from all corner*, If n?ces*ary, till not a man ahali be left to tell the tale of hi* coun try' dishonor or his own disgrace Mr George Tbistieton was elected Flr?t Lieu tenant. This gentlemaa was In tbe Mexican wax, and received a uiedal of honor for gallantry at Cbepultepec He also carries in his face evi dences of bravery before the city of Mexico, at the taking of which be received honorable wounds Wra. Wilson wm elected 9eeoud Lieutenant, and Stephen Dudley. Third Lienlenant. Charles Ha/mon ?n decUr?l bv acclamation A commit!*, coMttlBg of Mi. J. Wftetor, and the offlcera of the company, was appointed to aollrlt aubarr'ptlonaand prepare a suitable hall In wblrh to bold meeting* of tbe company The meeting then adjourned to Friday night at the same place. Beeakkes Ahead' Fathikland asd Orm Lands oh tee "QwiVivb "?On Tuesday evening w?i be Id Um regular weekly mee'Jn? of a number of foreign-born citizens of Republican "persua Ion," who bare gathered from different quarter* of the globe at tbe establishment ?f that genuine representative of tbe lager-oeer Interest, Mr Uerhardt, and under tbe banner of tbe ''German Republican Aaaoriation " After being recovered from tbe effects of a decided smell of tobacco, we aet ourselves to reconnotterlnv. We discovered beblnd tbe sbade of bis mustaches two leading spirits at the officers' table and thirty-one faithful one* Tbe President and Secretary began to reveal whip mruing iacta in relation to matters in tt>? Wigwam One-sixth, nav on?-fifth, of all the people In this great Republic were Germans, de clared the President of the Club, and anyhow they were not allowed more representation in the executlv committee of the Wigwam than one ward. Surely it could not b? denied that then were jnst about is many Germans In Washington as the average population of a ward amounted to; but, anyhow, secession was the order of the day, and they would not be out of fashion If their grievances were not speedily repaired. Their representation was now curtailed to one man, and very probably would soon be not half { that murh kit* hlo nialllrt nl* om nrnn M k- r given oat, and they wanted their say and just bare?two of them?when they were parceled out. I?et ?n American be poatmaater, and but on* poor German clerk will be allowed at the delivery window. How much different If a Ger man from the fatherland, or from Poland, or from Hungary, was there! The aame was the case In the penitentiary; none but Germans could come there und> r the regime of a wara&n of the Ger man or the "Waschiappaby" order. Strong resolutions, containing the ultimatum to be put before the wigwam-men, were read and approved, after a good-looking, blue-eyed gentle man bad vainly tried to smooth tha troubled a'*t?ra 91.<1 *?<-?!^ 1? ?* ? ?< ? luion V-UIU ?*aiCI UU ?UC WCr*UASlV z-al of the men in hot-spur jackeU. To throw off trie chain* of the wifwan, and fall bark on the Congre*smen, pledged to them, wn deemed moat politic betides Faith In himself, declared the president, was their main-itav; they muat not be led off by other counaels. [Hurrah for Krze-zeze zeze-zowsky ] Counsel* from others might Look well, but they were rotten inside, surely. Next came a young man, int oduced by the offi cers as Mr Wood, a distinguished American guest. Ilia oration was of rather long duration for the auditory, who were evidently not very strong in the King's English. The utter baseness of the character of the American people was rnnclv#?le nrnv?H \t nnt tn ?r?.? ?i , , .. ?- -? ..i- o. to the speaker'* own satisfaction. Their cheeks I might be fair, but tbeir bearta did turn black as < booh as they looked on a foreigner. Adopted citi zens they called th?*in. but d?d Dutchmen they meant Friendship streamed from their lips, but < plot and treason was sifely locked up in their 1 breasts He warned bis "Herman friends" not to trust to any American, tint sarrediy to keep lip J their own sepin-te organization*, and be on their ginrd against this faithless nation. He wanted 1 then: to ask good offices for every man of them. Hve hundred and iiftyjjood offices and tbreebun dred subordinate one* are now tilled by residents of tuis District; this be had looked up In the Blue ' Hook. And as the nurnbw of republicans in this 1 cuy don t conic up t^that mark. ao every ortho dox one ia in duty hound to takeat least out- upon bisahoulders lien ton *clf-destruction,tbe "Amc rlcaji friend" we it on, but waa happily uved from 44 The evil conscjuencea of bia evil deed."' by the obatinacv with which the auditory ad hered to the principle not to underetand that (to then;) foreign tongue tuU evening. The vouuc man walked off, to all appearance* leconclled with the "Dutch plank'' In the Chicago plat form, provided his new friend* came forward In maswa and help him at the next mretiiig at the \VitfWam in throw r-uurhnu?/4 v.;?? . _ _0 ... V wvui u tuCf ?V U1 ill I UU1IUA* lous executive committee To this they pledged themselves, men and mouse! The "orator'' had been frequently Interrupted by a stout German brewer, who had entered with ajbig buck-pkiu on his shoulders, and as a philos opher of the peripatetic lager bier school, walk ed about, advising those present to "stop that talking." they'd better come at once and drink a keg of "lager" with him, as bis mind might change before long. Tntx alternative had me desired effW-t, and it was with ffl'ort that the Sec rrtiry could keep "his masses" to lts en to an important request of a "distinguished Congress man from Illinois, tbe right-hand man of Mr. A,incoln " T4>e honorable gentleman bad been in uis iager uier suop yesterday, and Informed him that himself and colleagues felt unsafe In tuts city, as long as be and his mm were not organized and armed to the teeth. Compliance with that request would l>e remembered at tbe proper time Let us shoulder our rifles so that our "axes will be ground." Unnd enthusiasm, and mustering of sixteen names on the list at once. U.S Agriccltural SociiTT ?S?eo*d Dty ? But few were in attendance at the Smithsonian iui? morning. At ten o'clock the meeting wm called to order. ?nd v-veral pertons admitted at members of the Society. A report ws? received from the cominlWee of finance, stating that after meeting all expenses there wu left a balance of SI,014 (JC In the treas ury The committee recommend-d In their report that the traveling exhibitions of the Society be dtsoensed w th. On a motion to refer the recommendation of the committee to the executive committee an anima ted discussion sprung up; after which, the report wai received ar.a laid on tbe table. On a motion of tbe Secrrtiry to proceed by bil-* lot ro the regular election 01 officers, a spirited debate entiled. On motion the Society resolved to go Into tbe election of officers Nominations l>eln? In order for President, Mr. Crippen, of Mich., Mr. Calvert, of Md , Mr. Newton, of Pa , I>r. Wm B Hubbard, of Oblo, and Mr. J. Merryiuan, of Baltimore, Md., wer? nominated Mcsar*. Itabe, of Cal , and Newton, of Pa., w^re -ppoinieil lewers ?o receive the ballots; and the Smim latiou proceeded to ballot. The t?liers reported the ballot a* follows: ? Mr.Ccippen, 1 Mr. Calvert, 0; .Mr. Newton, 2; Mr Hubbard, 9; Mr. Merryman, 4. .No election; and Mr. Calvert withdrew this D;imc unconditionally. Second ballot:?Hubbard, 10; Merryman, 7. And Mr. Hubbard was declared duly elected. Thjc Vm.cnt?bk Movement i* the Sixth Ward?Pursuant to a call, a number of youpg rr.en cf the Sixth Ward held a meeting last even ing at the rooms of the Kast Washington Library Awociation, for the purpose of organizing a mili tary company for that section of the city F. a Adams w;:* called to the chair, and H . C. McCau- j ley appointed secretary. After the appointment of committers to complete the organization, and the adoption of resolutions among them the fol- { lowing: Rrsolcrt, That we In thi? movement Ignore all , political or sectional question*," The meeting sdjoumed to meetatOdd Fellows' Hail, on to-niorrow (Fridav)e'eninx at7o'c.loek. This is lntend-d to ?>e a permanent organization; and the name selected is " The Washington Ouards." Some of the most prominent citizen* of that section have and will enrol themselves In 1U ranks. A meeting wa? alto held at the Odd Fellows1 Hail (Navy Yard) last night, for the purpose|of or ganizing a military company. Mr. J L. Henshaw was called to the chair, and Messrs. F. Garrett, 8. Arnold, snd J. E Little were appointed a com inltte* to draft a preamble and resolutions expres sive of the object for which the meeting bad Wen called; after which the meeting adjourned to Friday night. Thi Fi*st Ward Association for the relief of me poor, neia lis annual meeting on Tuesday eve ning last The following-named gentlemen were elected otflcers for the ensuing year: President. Z. M P King; Secretary, J P. Tusttn; Treasurer, J. W. Kasby First district?Collectors, Z. M. P. King, J P- Tusttn; Distributor, J P. Tustln. Second district?J. H Collins, C. Slousss; Dis tributor, C. Slonssa Third district? D W. Smith, J H Moore; Distributor. J. H. Moore. Fourth district?J C. Fearson, J. Vansantvoord; Distri butor. J Vansantvoord. Fifth district?J. W. Kasby, Prof. J. Hubbard; Distributor, J. W. Kasby After the transaction of other business, the Association adjourned to meet at the residencs ui iw rtaiacm, on i uesaay evening, January 15, at 7 o'clock. Police Mattbss ? Bt/ort Jaufici Clark.?Geo. Jacob*, accused of swearing profanely, in direct opposition to sundry Corporation regulations to the contrary, was fined S'2 and #1.17 coats Joseph Rail was charged with dealing In sun dry games which the ordinances of thia Corpora tion prohibit The accusation was proved to be well founded, and Mr. Hall was required to pay a fine of 930 and the costs of prosecution. UaiLio.?Win. Russell was balled out of jail last night at 8 o'clock, having found the security required. The local bail was given by Daniel Kxtcliffe, Ksq , Assistant Solicitor of the Court of Claims, and Michael DuflV. a ?n??l ?* The outside bail was given by the Mlasourl Con gressional delegation Hit ball as already stated in tbe Star, has been reduced to f 100,0W. It la understood that Bailey will Ind bail to-day. Thi Rriotiiii Fai* of tbe laiand Baptist Chnrch continue* nightly. In addition to other feature*, tbe musical attractions here are extraor dinary. Tit atiif Futivxl of St. A loyal us Sunday 9cboo) takes place to night, with programme of rich iotctest. Sea advertisement. Don't to Mfhlpf U? 8r rami Cortr?Monday ?No. 8 The United Statn, appellants, igt. Clande Cbana et si Ap peal from the district court of the United State* for tba northern district of California Mr. Jus tica Campbell delivered the opinion of the Court, reversing the decree of tbe said district court and remanding th? cause, with directions to dismiss tbe petition of tha claimants No. 17 Angelina B Eberly et al . pistntlffk la error, agt Lewis Moore et ai In error to the uixrici couri 01 IDF tniwa 9WIM lor (Oe WfilfTB district of Tfxai. Mr. Justice Campbell deliv ered the opinion of the Court, sfflrmlng the j-?dg ment of the said district court In the cause, wltn coats. No 5 Joa C Palmer, et al , appellants, agt. The United States Appeal from the district court of the United States for the northern district of California. Mr. Justice Grler delivered the opin ion of the Court. affirming this decree of the said district cotirt in this caune. No. 100. Brsnnock Jones, plaintiff in error, agt. James 8. Sou lard. In error to the circuit court of the United States for the district of Missouri. Mr. Justice Catron delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the Judgment of the said circuit A I _ il.1- - -* cuun in mis cauie, wim costs. No. 196 Henry Amey, plaintiff, agt The Mayor, Aldermen, and citffensof Allegheny City. On a certificate of division In opinion between the Judges of the circuit court of the United States for the weatern district of Pennsylvania. Mr. Justice Wayne delivered theoplnlon of the Court, that the Issue of bonds with coupons In the case itated are not null and void, but that it was done nnder the authority of constitution acts of the State of Pennsylvania in the case stated, and, fur ther, that they are not nail and void for any tr reirularitv rannwt?H with th?t l?n? K? ?k? ru? [f Allegheny. No. 37. Thomas Richardson, plaintiff" In error, igt The City of Boston. The argument of this jawse was concluded by Mr. Badger for the plain tiff In error. No. 39 Jamea Nation* et al , agt. Nanry Ann Johnson et al. This rause was argued by Mr. Paschal for the plaintiff In error. No 39 Sampson and Tappan, claimants of the ihip Sarah, See , appellant*, agt Samuel Welsh t al. This cause was submitted to the consider ation of the_ Court on the record and printed area menta by Mr Wharton and Mr. Kane for the ap pellants, and by Mr. Fallon and Mr. Serrlll for the appellees. Adjourned. Tuttday.?No. 40. Chas. Tate et al., plaintiff* in error, agt John G. Carney. Tbi* cause was irsrued by Sir Taylor for the defendant in error, ind submitted on a printed argument by Mr. Benjamin for the plaintiffs in error. No. 41. Robert Gue, api<ellant. agt. the Tide water Canal Company The argument of this in u'xi riimrnon^uH 1 vir \T? \1 o I * ippeUant,9nd continued by Mr. Dobbin for the ippellets. Adjourned Wtdntsdny ? Benjamin Howard Shackleford, Esq , of Virginia, was admitted an attorney and *ounaellor of this Court. No 41 Robert Gue, appellant, agt. the Tide IVater Canal Con'par.y. The argument of thia :iuk was concluded by Mr J. Mason Campbell 'or the appellants No. 42 The lessee cf Isaiah Frost et al., plaln ;itts in error, ayt the Frostburg Coal Company rbe argument of this cause was commenccd by Mr Shackelford for the plaintiffs inerror. Adjourned. I O O F ?The Encampments and Lodges aave elected their ottif era for the term of a'* nontbs. commencing on the 1st instant. The fikllnwinrT la l??* Columbian Encampment, No 1 ?Wm War len, C. P ; D I*. Hickllng. H I* ; John H. 8elf. -rt, 8. \\\; Wm R. McLean, 8.; J. A. Monl ien. T ; J D. Hutton. J W. Magenenn, No. 4?Win. F. Steele, C. P.; 8 K 11 McKim, H P ; Wm It 8peiden, 8 W ; (o? 8 Tucker, 8., Geo Brown, T.; J Joseph, I. W Ridgely, No 5 ?Parker H. Sweet, C. P.; Chas Calvert, H. P.; Wm Vernon.8. W ; B A. Kld ler, 8 ; E Edwards, T ; A H Gawler, J. W. Mount Nebo, No 6 ?John T. Given, C. P.; \oDeri ?iigni, h . P i L H Allyn, 8. W ; John P. Havenner, S.; James Skirving, T.; Geo.. W. Calvert, J. W. lodges. Central Lodge. No. 1 ?John A. Borland, N G ; IVm Scot?. V. G ; Win. F. Phillips, F. S ; F. B. ^ord.jr , R.S ; Jededlah Gittlngs. Treasurer. Washington, No. 6 ?John T Given, N G ; !ohn T. Suter, V G ; Geo M. Ovster, F S ; Jas. ?. AlcKean. R. 8.; John Sessford. jr , T. Eastern, No 7?John H. Bird, N. G ; John mrie, V G.; JoshuaCcoksey, F S.; P. M. Pear on. R 8 ; Geo. S. Hepburn, T. Harmony. No 9 ?Fred. Prosper!, N. G.; Chas. I. O'N'ell, V (J ; Jas Edwards, F. S; H N. )ber, R S.; Win. Yonng, T. Cnlnmhli V ? 111 < 2 ?' * " ' lenry Trine, V.G.; t.eo. / Collison, F.S ; John V Monlden. R J* j David Fowble, T. Union, No 11.?Win R Spelden, N O ; 8 A. McKini, V G ; Maning Hadlev, F. S ; Geo. ilrnwn, R S ; W F. Steele, T. Friendship, No. 12 ?John Boyd, N O j Win. >Vo th, V. G ; A H Gawler, F 8 ; Samuel E. Douglass, R 8 ; Geo J. Johnson, T. Covenant, No 13, (Georgetown )?Joseph T. A'alker, N. G ; Wm H. Marll, V G.; Jon D. ;?thell, R. 8 ; J. T Bangs. F. 8 ; H Lewis, T. Beacon, No. 15.?James Crogjjon, N G ; Wm \ Kranklln, V G; James Walls, F. 8.; L. B. Vllyn, R S ; N Mulllkln. T. Metropolis, No 10?Geo. R Cooksey, N. G.; ?eo H Fayman, V G ; Wm II. Crosby, F. 8.; ft'm J. Brown, R 8; A Duvall, T Excelsior,No 17?SllasH Moore, N.G ; Thos. I. Holtrclaw, V G ; Jainen Rate ben, F. S j Wm. hooper. R 8; R B Donaldson, T Mechanics, No. 18, (Georgetown.)?Wm. H. IVheatley, N G.; A. O. Prather, V. G ; C. F. lobertson, R. S ; John Garrett, F. S ; John Pax on, T. Oriental, No. 19.?P. Decker, N. G.: Geo. R Senneker, V. G ; J Vojjt, R. 8.; F. Swierinr f. b.; Wm. 1'eterton, T. Editor Star : It will be remembered that I tald n my aneech to my frlenda of the Third Ward, hat Jud"e Tanev wai reported to have said that ?e Intended to ; umlnitter the oath of office to the President elect, If he had to go to Springfield 1 iid not make the statement of my own ;>rr??*i<i.' k?iowlerlge. I have atnce recelvi-d Information Trom a source In which 1 have the greatest confi l?rnre, that In point of fact Judg** Tanev hat ex pressed no opiuion upon the lubjret ,My adinl ation for that venernble gentleman and hit dit tln^iilshed public services !s known to mv brethren of the Washington Har 1 shall be pardoned, therefore, for saying tbnt when I uird bis name nefore a public asstmblv 1 meant no disrespect to tUe Chief Justice or his high office. 1 ain de lighted to hear that it wns an unfounded rumor; for a moment's reflection will sitisfy every lnteli ^ent man that he could not be expected to express my opinion in reference to the subject. My own opinion, as 1 have said on former occasions, is. Ibatthe honor of the nation and the future peace snd prosperity of our city, demand tbat the rre?i lent elect should be Inaugurated, as hit predece?? lors were, on the east portico of the Capitol. I have the honor to remain your friend and fel low citizen, Edwabu C. Careinuton. Anothik SsvbntH Ward Comta^y ?A large meeting of the citizens of the Seventh Ward, in favor of a military organization for tb? protection of our home* ana city from invasion. come from whatever quarter it may, held last night at Potomac Hall J K. F . Carlin was called to the chair and R. A. l'ayne elected secretary. Mr Win. Gibson having briefly stated tbe ob ject of the meeting, about sixty men came for ward and enrolled their names. It was carried unanimously that the organization shall be known by the title of Marion Ritles. They further completed their organization by plecting as Captain, Robert A. Payne; 1st Lieut., Wm. Gibson: 2d do .JR. F , lack ton KagA. The election of the remaining officer* wu post poned until Thursday evening at 7^ o'clock, at Potomac Hall The meeting was cnaracterlzed by great enthusiasm, and shows that the military spirit of our citizens has been fully aroused. Ricaptukkd ?Last night, Michael Ryan, the convict who was smuggled away from the officers in whose custody he was on his way to the L*. IS penitentiary In this city Sunday last, was recap tured by policeman Irwin, assisted by one of the nightwatch. Policeman Irwin found him at the bouse of John Movian, In the Seventh Ward, and secured him, to be restored to the Government authorities upon the proper orders being received. Ryan waa convicted by a court martial In Texas of manslaughter, and was tent to the penitentiary here for ten years' confinement at hard labor H> waa a aoldler. Thedutyof explanation reata with the offlcera having the prlaoner In charge, and particularly with those peraona upon whom the luapicion reata of aldtug nla Mcape. But of that arreat we have not been Informed. Remkmbkk the concert to-night for the benefit of onr worthy Infantry,who experienced ao heavy a low by the late great Are In attending thla concert, pleaaure and duty will go hand in nand; aa unqaaationably the performance* will be of a character to gratify the blgbeat muaical taate. Miaa Julian* M.w ? ?? fuvv* ubi i upported by wim of the best additional vocal talent to be found In the city. The Marine Band alao fnrntabea ita quota; and the whole will be under the Immediate lupervlalon of Mr. I. Cook man A da ma. We apprehend that the attendance to-nlgnt will be lmmenae, aa It ahould be.. Fieb.?Laat night, between 9 and 10 o*clock, the achool-bouee of Mr 8. Kelly, corner of Tenth and G streets, waa discovered to be on fire. Tbe flames burat oat and Illuminated the cltjr for manv ,,u-a m ? ........ ^umv- hivuiiu. jl bo nremcn WfTf Soon on duty, sad did all possible to extinguish tUe flames and preserve the surrounding property. The ire was limited to the school-home, which was destroyed. Mr. Kelly was insured in the

Potomac Insurance Company for S8M), and In the Washington for *500. Ckktbal Qcasdbodsb Casi.?The only trial caas docketed at this station last alght was Pat'k Madigan, who, far heing drank and disorderly, was cenaiittad to tke week*mse ninety days. lictiox or Ornc??v?On the 9th lust, the Anaroatia Fire Compokjr bad an election for o? rera for tbe enautng Par. and the following gen tlemen were returne* elected : President, J no H. Ruaaell; Vice President, J no. NcWilllama, Sec retary, L. A. Tuell: Treamirer. Geo A. Bohrer; Steward, Jaa Welan Cap* of Suction, C Fltt p?trlck: Aniatant, W \V Mcbo'aon, Capt. of Moae, J no. HoofMglt; Anlihot \Vm. Davla; ( apt of Engine, J. H MeCuflre,; Aaa'.atant. t a irencto. Pkteb Hxwitt, Esq., formerly Mayor of Ale*, and;'a, V* , but for wme rears post a resident of tbls city, having entirely lost hit mind through an accumulation of financial troubles, has been sent to the Insane Asylum of this District. This news will cause deep sorrow to a large circle of his former friends In Virginia, as well as here; for no worthier man ever lived, nor any who was a better husband, father, friend, or cltixen. Pkkmdkkt Bates.?Rev. L. W. Bates, Presi dent of the Maryland Aunnnl Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church, formerly the es teemed pastor of the Ninth street station last night at that station. He la now paying hta officlanrlalta to the station* and circuits belonging to bla district, and situated in the District of Co lumbia and the adjoining countlea of Maryland and Virginia. Ckmtzk Ma*kit.?The quantity of provision! this morning wax fully sufficient for the demand; and (he quality fair. Country pork was off red at ?7.50 per l(J0 )tw. The hay standi were occu pied, and prices ranged from Co to 90 cents ner 100 ids., according to quantity and quality. The prices generally remain unchanged. Sentkncb o? Wm. H. Maivuis* Comxct*i>.? The President of the United State* tbts morning commuted the^entenee of William H. Marquise (wbo at the last term of the Criminal Court was sentenced to the Penitentiary, for keeplug a gam bling house,) to one year's imprisonment in the county jail. Srcojsd Ward Notice.? V meeting of citizens of tbe Second Ward, favorable to the adoption of active measures for the suppression of incendiar ism, will be held this evening, at fl# o'clock, at the auction rooms of James C. McUnlre k Co., miucr ui leaia ana u IU. It IIollowat's Pills ahd Oittmist Faets Jot thr Million.?Bi a recent ruaotmrnt of the French internment. these medicines are ad mitted tree of duty into ail ports of France. They are extensively emp oyed in a1! the pubiio ana military hospitals throughout the Kmpira. The Kmperor haa signified hi* appreciation of their virtu** in an autograph iettrr, to Dr. HollowaT During the late Campaign in Italy, largequantities were used for the wounded at Urereciaand M- nte ohioro. (old by all Druggists, at 2i ct*., 62 cts., and 91 per box or pot. ja9-lw Hoctitttkr's St< macii Bittkk*. If the duties and oocnp ttoua of wives and mothers are not ao absoiuteiy laborious as those of men, they ar* mora exhausting- *mi th? s> stem infinitely inore delicti.e and frazile than that of ilia shoii!d be sustained and invigorated, if possible, l>y some safo and healthful tonic and estorative. The xratd desideratum,for which the sex so long looked f r in ain, is realized in Ho? tetter's Celeb-afed stomach Itnters. i his prepa rftt on not ?*uty oflx 8 i mined ate and permanent re - li /in dyspepsia and all disturl>anoe* of the stoira^h and bowels, but is inral:ianle in those case* ol bodily wrakn's* and menial depression which re suits from timctioaal irreculan lies known on > to the feel.ler sex. Sold by al drcngists. ja 8-?o5t From II. H. K??? Wachisotos, U. C., i*cpt. *>, S. W. Fowlk 4. Co.?I was for a long tune af flirted with Dyspepsia in its wersi form. Mtap Rftite was gone,and what littio food I took *?? irown u? altor remaining in the stomash a fhort time. My abdomen was very inueh bloated. In I*ct there wti complete derangement and prostra tion of thedigestive p<. wers Several very erni" "i.t pysioians attended ine at various times, (sit their treatment gave but litrle, and that only temporary r??Iiof. My feufleiniKB were intense, and 1 heoam* reduced to a mere skeleton. At thia tune one of our druggist induced in* to try tliq celebrated Ory ttnatrd bitters, which 1 did. though with little faith and great reluctance?for 1 had tried *o mam iMil l had coine to th? cm elusion tiiAt a I proprie tary medicine* *re<-e alike worth!?*?- but after rakin* the flr*t bottle I vu bo much relieved that I continued tho use of thein until a perfect cure wa* effected. I now most cheerfully riconimeud the Hitter* to all as a certain oure fot l>)*pepaia. II II Hazard. 212 Pennsylvania avenue. Prepared by Seth W. Fowle St Co., Boaton, and for sale in \Va?hinictou city G. Stott. if. B. Waite Z. D. Oilman, John Schwarxe. Nairn ft. Pa.mer, John Wiley, J B Moore, and H. H. VcPhernon; in <?-*oreetow? by H. S- I'. Ci*& II, and G. M.A J. Southron, and by drnsgiat* everywhere. ja 1 1 <r j oicn, un weanesCay, 9th instant, at 3 o'clock p in., after a Ion* and painful Mckii' ss, wh-ch she bore with christian fortitude. CAROLINK, he love 1 wife of Francis \> illcer, ar.d daughter of Ailrcd Hursinulier ol" thu city, aged .'1 years and 6 months The relatives ard friends of the family are re qiiet-ted t. attend her ftinera1 to-morrow (FiiJa?) a, tar oon, at 2 o'clook, from the Lut leran Church, corner Fourth and K ?ta. . (Int.) On the at* instant, at ranesvllla. Ohio, JAMK9 MOORE, formerly a resident o!,and well kiiowa in, this oitr. .Sir. Mo<>ie had been for several years an exteu ivo b> ei and pork packer at /.am s -ille. He died in the6Kth year ot his aie, regretted by a large fam ily a>id numerous friends. * At the lJni'ed states Soldiers' Home, Distriet of Co uinbia. on the ain instatt, MICH. KOA*>HANt latsol Inited Mates Army."VI artillery,company H, aged 33, a native of Inland, Died of consump tion. * At Springboro', .\\'a^?n_co^nntyi Ohio, on De cemi'c. i?in, .11 rs. Ti M.\l J*, late of YVashingt -n city, D. C., aged 78 yeas. NOTICE.?Having purchased the entire stock in trade, good wil! and fixtures of M. Oppen hewner, on3?h street, opposite ihe Centre Markei hojs-\ I am prepand to offer to the citizens of Washington great bargain! in Harness, Saddle*, Truuks. Hats. Caps, Hoots, Sho s.and ready made Clothing. 1'he entire* stock will r e sold oat 50 tents on the iioU*r of its original cost, to wit: Harness worth $51 will be sold at #?5 fc D<>. Collars Do. 4? an 18 2 150 15 9 I 75 cts ?'" i ?>ot? bo< t* " 4 " 2 Ho. " 3 ' 3.50 Parts ? 4 2 Do. 44 3 " |.5fi shoe* " 2.50 " 1 xs Do. 4* 1.61 " 75 0'. 44 75 44 37 Do. 44 6? 14 25 wh.OPKNHViU. Treasury notes RKASI RY notes treasury NOTES TAKEN at PAR for CLOTHING t \ken AT I'.ml for CLOTHING TAKEN AT ? Alt for CLOTHING AT WIB?knfkl1) a CO'm AT wiesknfeld a CO.'s AT wlesenfc 1,1) a co.'s . fashion a KLE CLOTHING HALL * f?SHIONA ?LE CLOTHING HALL fashioxahle ni.orillNG HAI.L COR. 4'i ST. ANlt P\. AVF.Nl*K COR. 4* ST. AND PA. AVENUE COR. 4*T. AND PA. AVHNUE ja?Th&S,2w PAPER HANGINGS. 4S6" PAPERHANGINGSall xradeaand prioes; war ranted Gold Band WINDOW SH?DKii Buff. Green and Blue HOL.1.A-?D SHADED, ail Hi*- * made to order; al?o. PICTURE C<>RD and Tai*SEI.S al) si*e? and oolo;*, REMNANTS PAPER HANGINGS at one-fouith Ioma than oo?t Purchaeing for < aph, and alowin* 1:0 old stock to acoumulate, perponn needing the above goods wilt find it to their advantage to live me a ra'l. All work executed and superintended by practical in*n who have nerved a regular apprentioenhip at their trade. PImwc give me a eall. Remember the um ber, J NO. MARKRiTt.R. No. 4?6 Seventh ?t . 8 doora above ja1-e->lf>t* (Mi) Pdlowi' Ha.ll. Supplies FOR CHRISTMAS. Fruits and N uts of all kind*. Runie-tnadi' Mince M<-at, made by my direction and under my supervision, warranted the West nver off red for sale at Ifi cent* per pound, Best Old Whisk/. Branh and Wines, 200 dozen Fresh Fees. Goshen ButteJ and Cneese, 75 bhls. Flour, best brands, Family, Extra, and Superfine. A complete assortment of Groceries of all kinds Good at 7 cents per ponid. ISRAEL. DEMING, No 534 Snvonlh atr AAf da 17-?i3w _ between Louisiana av ari 1 -:. PIANOFORTE INSTRUCTIONS-Tha un deralgned, lonr well known to the^^M^ Wa hmgt >n pub'ic aa a laaeher of thrBBMpi Pianu. beet lean to atate that he is are 'II* I ' pared to take acholara on term* to suit the exigen oiea of the tmcs. Having vacsncle? in hia time juit now jrlnoh he ia anxious to fill up, he w il teach a few ncholara, f afcair*b e to iheir parent*, aod tak ? Li< p*? in auoh meronandiae aa mar be agreed on when thsy are actcred with hiin. He ia willing to make auoh arrangement*, kuowinc the inoi?ntenien?e many who desire to have their chil dren taught tt e Piano experience now in getting mon*y Mia metood of teaching haa been high y approved for y?ars. and hia references are heada of the beat muaioal families in Washington. Hia a ? ? wwx ? ? ? ? jk w a Art t l* j? I ar Ao^laa A lw? or>?ply at M^tacrott'*. |MPORTANT TO MOU&fik.Efei'KJUa. B. K. DURKKK * OO.'B y ?VW? M UWJ M V muuivil| pwiou IB UI1IU!I| (lined with mw,) to trav?at inJ*rT by k*?ptnc. H?J we rail weight, while the ordinary fro and Bpicm in alwiyt lawiably short, We wr?M >i tfr PwS wu N?wSrorfc, j GEORGETOWN. ? Correspondent* of Tks St+r. Gsoiasrowit, JUnairy 10, IdSl. Onr eiUxeoe are not behind those at Waefetagtoi In inlHt*.. ?" ?* -* ? , -Y" " I ? (NMWHi OTWtWI UM eriata la vpoti aa, bat arc preparing to defead tbali homes la caaa It beromea neresaarv to do ao Oui cflci'nt corpa,the Potomac Light lafantrv. which coo tat na aant as well drilled men aa can oe found ia anr compmy in the country, ia actively at work drilling recrulta and preparing for Inspec tion. Tbe Anderson Rlfie Company at a crowded meeting last evening, held in the ball corner of Gar and High atreeta, adopted a conatitutloa almilar to that of tbe Washington Light Infantry, of your city Tbey were joined by 37 men, tbe entire force of the propos'd "Union Riflea," and 18 or 20 others, linking the number enrolled nearlr 190 men. Tbla force was divided Into company "A," with the promt officer*, and Company-'B," which m?ft? tomorrow ewning for the election of officers Daring the meeting first lieutenant Goddard resigned bis position, (be having been elected captain of a company in bit own ward,) and aecond lieutenant D Maaon was elerted to bis place; third lieutenant Edwin Krouiw was elected aecond lieutenant, and Mr. J . W. Hilleary third lleaterant. At a meeting of c tirena (moatlj familv men of the First and Second Wards) held laat evening, still another company was organised, to be known aa the Home Guards James Goddard waa elected captain,Wm A Wsugh first lieutenant, Benedict Hutehlns second lieutenant, Andrew Barbour <1.1 ?unw iicukuiui, ? ? m. ? . nc.>eir cui^d, tod Riley Shinn orderly sergeant. There are about 80 name* on the roll SMI another company?the Scott Rlflse?bad a meeting night before last, but we belle** organI - ration wji not perfected And yet another laorganlslng?name unknown In addition to these, we muit not forget the company of dragoon*. Col. Win Steuart. who la taking great interest In the formation of thia corps, Informs ut that 23 members volunteered In twenty four hours after the project was started. They hare a meeting at the L'alnn Hotel thia evening, at 7 o'clock, we understand Each and all of the companies named above, so far as our observation extends, are compoeed of men of all ihadesof political opinion, but a strong fT ? I II *? uiiiuii irru UK jirrvaart mf wnoie or them. Tbe United Statrs flag, with tkirtf-tkrt* atari, wu tbe incut prominent object Id tbe room wbere the Anderson R Ilea met last evening; and tbat. with the inaeriptinn " No invaaton" near It. la aignlfl rant of tbe feeling which animate* oar commu nity Mr. Tenney, our ereat pork dealer, bought over 20,000 pound* of prime pork yeaterdav, at #6 75 per 100 lb*. I bis iaa decline of 25 to 50 rent* per 1U0 lbs , owing to the rainy weather of yeaterday, and tbe large Mock on the market, over 3.00U lb*, being received. I>on't forget the fancv bsll at Fnrrni Hall, on Monday evening next. See adv?-rtl*?ment. Leave your advertisement* at Crandell'i. at Br Barnard'*, or at 114 Bridge street, where the ageut of the Star may be seen. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS A notice. li. I>r*ons indebted to the lute firm of T. O'Donnoghue A. sjon. are here ) n>>uhe<1 that il le?s their aooonnts ar? settled bv th> IMh instant the* will be paced in the bauds of an officer for nonaction. SAR VII n'llllVMM:uft j*i ftoow H?eoutfi?. JUST RtCEIVED 1" hhd?. prime P"rto Rioo fUGARf*. 160 l*t?.? ;<! Rto WHIMSY. 2Wt HER ft ING and ALEWIVE8. S? bl?ls. Crushed and Refined r?UGAR?% 3*1 bars Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 htid?.(low priced) MOLAiSSES. For Mir Si JOHN J. BOGL E. ? 1" |\f A88KY. ?X?1X(N8 A CO.'fc PHILADEL ill i'HIA DRAUGHT ALE.?W? are oonttaotlj IMRtoC freeh tjpfiic* oftheaSoredelnhtful heT er%r*, ar.d invite *11 eem'ins who want a purest) adc!ter?ted Ale. to jito it % tn*!. ARNV A 8HINN. A*uU, IT flrmn ?t.. GoorjMowj, buakuinm. Sfvi:r\l handsomely ifurmshro ru mj?. wuli B'.ard.can be ha<1 at Sl?> 319 F st pet. between Mlh and loth itt., on rra?onab'e terirs Persona in a'oli of pW-a>>ant hoarding hontes would dy wel to call and exam nefor them ?elm jaM' \1ks inn olil.k"* duvall. HAVING ta~ i*i ken the housecu Ket north,No. 466. betaeea mil and 6t fi. p-fvinuuli kept h* mix l>? > n. is now prepa ed t<> aomwwnodaie either permanent or t-an i?nt hoarder. w>ti< pleanart ROOM!*, furr.ithed or ui:li<riii?hed. with or without Dosrd Also, a front Kooin on fi'?t fl<?or, with private entia'ioe, suitable for an offioe. ja$-lw# FOR SALE AND RENT. [ Fcr <xktr "For Sal? and Hent" mir mutate nil, _ HtfirH part J NOTICE.-MEKT1NG ROOMS FOR RENT. Societies wnnM if Room* can beaocowm da ted o\Of the bookktore tfeveuth aWeet, ?>n rM omIi!? term*, on any night. H* M. P. RUSSELL. A RARE CHANCF.?For Rale or exehance 1 2W acre* of the beat LAND to Central Texa?,< '?# eated 20 year* a*o.) in Dewit county. Alio. 4i? acres in wiaoonam. near th* Great Central rail mad, and not far from the Fall* of bt. Croix, in Pok oool??, located fonr year* ago, and n heved to be equal to any lend in the Stat* Wilt exchange for ui.iorumhe.ed and improved oitr property. Addreaa bt It tter or in peiaon 460 New York avenue. ja 10 eoSt FOR R KNT?In George own. sou h s de Markt-t I itr*< t, t?u tlirw-i'or; B? ILDiNG^ C rtKimi each, with b&ok buildings, suitable for store* and dwelling*, or the oorner one a hm-rate tavern stand Rei t m d-iae. Apply toon to JOS. K. GROSS. 138 West streft ja 8-3t* ffOR RENT A two-atory KRICK HOU?K, c?ntai. iuk nine nom*, pleasantly situated on IS'h stree7, one door aorth of N<--w Ymkarenu*. wuh ga? in each room. Kent moderate t? a punc tual tenant. For further pvticu'ar*cpply t?> Mr. C0HEN8 store oorner 13tii ?t srul New \ ork av., or to J. T. KfcNWlCK, No. 171 south 1- street. j*3 St noR HP\T-TI? ?Tan i; ...h ihvli i ivij - -- ?? i r?uu f " nn^l.i'j I No. *4 Mridge street, Georgetown D. "J., krowr. as the old ocnf "otionery vand. Po?re**ion given iimr.edifittly. Apply to ARN Y A &HINN. j*T f^OR K KMT?Two frame COT T AG E HOUSE**, cntaimnc pi* rooms, ntuaied ?,n a< ?> nu? and 1-itteeuth street; pump of good wat-r in the yard _ja S_ fjMJR R ENT ?Will l?e rent d to a pnvit# fami Iv, on reasoi.ab'e te, ma, a o-?nveiiien? and oom fortaole three-story HOUSK, ou F, between -3th and i4 h streets. Inquire of R. C. JOHNSON, at the store of J. L. Savage. i'a. avtuue, betw en loth an l lith sts. de 71 6teo LfOR RENT.?That three story brown front r HOUSE on New Vor* avenue, be!w-en 10th &nd 11th >1 rAA?? will rantaH fo?v !" ? - ?. ?*.. wv a VMtww ? VI j iWW ?W m I v ' l tenant. RoatnnaMe repa>r? will b?m?d#. Apply to A. G. FliSTfcR, Interior Department, Meat Office Buiidiug. ja. 5 eo3t CM.'RNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D | r street, Iwtween 6th and 7th stu. de 4-tf OK RKNT.-A three ?tor? BRICK DWELL ING HOUSE, with hank bnilding, on Htft *t. No. 4 70. between F an<l G streets. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD. 176 Twe fth ?t. no iS-rltf T ROYAL. HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawn* of the Roya. Harass lot tery, conducted by the Sranieh Qovernnient, oncer the eupernsion of the Captain GenenU of Cibt, will tace p'aee at Har&na on TUESDAY, Jakvart 22 1861 iORTEO NUMKKO_*9 OKDlbARIO "Al l A AL? rKIZb ?KSO,COO. friM of #1<*V?0 do ?o,noo do n.ono do ?i/mo do 10.UW 5T" IB do ? ?' ayprox. t^oo ?v IN *LL SP? PRIZES. Who.* TiofceU. t 20?H&.tm, ft i 0?CI vartera, II. Fr xo? e&stM at ?f ht at por ocnt. diaoounC Bill* on a.. aolTsct Backs taken at par. A drawing will he forwarded aa noon as the retail Kathviim krrnwr Ail orders for chanaa or tioketa to be addreued to DON rodriguez, ja i t? oai*o/ CitT poet. cherloetoiuic. W 910.000 ORTH OF BOOTS, shoes and TRUNKS. Of all Stylet and QualitUs, AT A btlat sacrifice or cost. Store /#r Kent mn4 Firturtt Jmr Salt. Alt the Stock in s. p7hoover'S STORE. iihImii Ha* ib*?vp> v%r ?tr^h? anHfioi Children a and ^" Serfanra' 9HOB8 Al?o,TK W-fl Bl.INO TRUNK9 trt row Uv iokl./?rT W* canAjat treat ?aonfioea on uiiia! retail aellinrfprio??, indeed much below original oo?t. The attention >! tUepublio ia aolioited,a? g-eet inducement* will be made to purobaeere. The above oompnaea a large itiek of the ?ne?t quality Prenohai.d A met can Uaitera.Shoea.Bi'Otv Ac., to., lor (adiee and gentlemen Tin Store ia for rent and the Fixturea for Male. Apply on t*e premiaee, Iron Hall. N. B.?The above atock. either in whole or in part, will be add at private aale. T - an* one de airoua of entennc the B'>ot, Shoe and Trunk Bu?i neaa thia afTorda a better opportunity than may again be presetted. Peraooa indebted will e?nfer a fa< or I* prom 14If calling aofl Mining Uietrareoenta. j*7 H AM U&1C tiOOK 18 TH K tJfcftT CH K Iti lMAt> GIFT. Moore's Mfl?dies beaatifuiij bomid. The Mueieal Album, >1 eude.eohn's ?onga, without words. The Home Circle. All the Opera*, with and without words, Btinovei-'s, Mozart's ami dementi's Boesloe. Baeh'^M^bitu's, Mar* and Albreontabercer's _ r arks. All the Oratorioe, detections 01 Maeie with bea^UAiI utle me* Alio, a large aeeortmeat ol Ravee. Kaoon A Co 's Orerst *( don ' " * A THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. FROM SOI TH CAROLINA. The lur of tkc W??i Ftred tat* Irm Fart a ad Mtrdi' Ulud. Cbaklkstoh. Jan t ?The ateamer Star of tbe Wert, with troopa w rrlnforr* Fort ftaatrr. ar rived off tbe Cbarleaton bar at an early boar thle morning, when abe attempted to eater tbe bar bar with tbe American tag tying. wboa a brtak tr* waa opened npwn ber by Hue garriaoa atat onot at tbe ltgbl-bouae on Morris' I aland The turn of Fort UniiiM<n -*? opened on her, wbeu Uif itrcmi r put ibral and went l? m stall W? ktn not bnathUl" learn whether theateamer or any ptnoai on btard *? ?? lajurtd The belief la that bo Injury wti aumined either by the boot or tboae on board Ma lor Anderaon. from Fort SumWr, did not re spond flat of Tr?t? from Fort liatrr CaaaLKiroa, January - Lieut Rail, of Port Sumter, came over to the city about It o'c'oek thla rooming with a dag of truce, and r?^.r>sl to the quartora of tho Ocrernor followed by a crowd of clttoeaa He waa la aocret communication with tho Gov ernor and council for about two bouia At two aVim>b K? .... ? ' " ? ?V wwmm Wilt IH V?l I lUC, Willi I Of HOT cnor'i aid* to the wbarf, and r? turned to Fort Sumter Tbe object of the mission is not known, but U is supposed that It relates to tb? 4rlnv lato tbe Star of tbe Wed Tbe peopft are intensely excited There wss no demonstration against Lieut Hail, but tbe cariosity to learn tbe purpose of bis mission is Intense. Farther Fartiralars. ClllllSTOR. it! ?At mw, ?>! morning oar dtiteaa wore arouerd the loud and repeated reverberation of cannon toa<-a?ard, and a ?wl ruah w*i made from ail parta mt tbe citeto tbe whareea Theexcitement waa Intense, and the military rushed to arma for the geaeral defenae Twelve or tfteea reports were heard, tret from the worka oa Morria 1 aland, fallowed by a few bota from Fort Moultrie. The anxiety to know the cauee of the Bring waa Intenae, tbe whale cite remaining for an hour or more In suspense., There were ao abote fired from Fort Sumter, and it waa at oace tup poaed to have been occaatoaed by the Mar of the \Veet attempting to ento tbe harbor with rela forcementa to Major Anderson Later la the day this waa ascertained to be the case Whilst the excitement waa at its height a boat vras ohirr*M( t? !? -- cr bear In a flag of trace and approach tbe elty Tbe officer proved to be Lieut Hall, who pro reeded to tbe quarter* of tbe Governor. followed by an Immense eoncourae of citizen* Tbe Interview of Lieut. Hall with tbe bonnier and Council, cloard about two o'clock when be returned to t-ort Sumter Tbe object of hta in la alon haa not yet transpired. though I learn from high authority that the nf-aaage of MaJ. Anderaor. rrlaUd to the firing Into tbe ateamer t*tar of the IVeat. and that It la of a moat threatening cbarac ter. New York. Jan 10 ?Captain McGowaa tele graph* that the J*tar of tbc Weal baa arrived and anchored safely In Charleston harbor (Kott ay tk? Eiportrr ?The aourr* from wh'.ch both dispafe hea in relation totbe ft*r of the Weat emanated admit* of but alight doubt that thev are each generally correct The Interview between Lieut Hall and the O over nor of 8o?th Carolina mar account for the sudden transition of affairs in ihat quarter A few hoars will probably eloel date the matter ] Later (rem Eirsf*. PoiTiutD, Jan. 10 ? Tbe steamship N?n Scotia, from l.ivernool on th? *7th via , y.r/1/.. derrvon Um .-th. arrived bere this morning Tbe China overland mall bad arrived In Eng land Tbe bombardment of toaeta continued lncea Mutly. The weather In England wasexccadingly cold, tbe mer.ury In some localities ranging balow ter? Prince Alfred would soon embark for tbe Amer ican naval atationa Advices from tbe Cape of Good Hope movuietU for a teparation of tbe Easiarn from the Western portion of tbe Coloay Kaflana bad already become a ?T?araie c#4*rri y CoMMBaciAL. totton?Hales of tbe week 72.00U tales Ad vaucc of tbe week (a%d., ^Mvlng an upward tendency at tbe clute on Thursday night. On Friday tb* estimated aalrs were MJM bales. cloalng firm but unchanged Bread ?b]flh wefr firm with an advancing tendejw-y Pro?ltloB? were dull. Conaola #2?%. Gtnratr L?m, of * <> _ U( (rials. IspiasaroL a, Ind , Jan ts.?'The unt?mry of the battle of New Orleans waa celebrated bv a line military parade here to-dir The Govor nor elect, wbo welcomed the military, made a short hut patriotic speech He cl&iaaa iron their devotion to the I'nlon and Coaatitatlo*. aad a vigilant enforcement of the lawa Some, ne aaid wished to live under the protection of a flag of one atar. but he knew no other than that of hia country?uuder It It he would load them to battle ?under It he would litre and die Heaalditla time to lay aalde all partlaan strife and cheriah feeling of a common brotherhood A national salute was fired In honor of Major Anderson. Keatscky UiTtatisa. Louisville, Jan 8?A salute of thirty-throe guns were fired at sunrise la honor of the bottle of New Orleans, aud at noon a similar salute was given lu honor of Major Anderson. Two conventions are now In session hare?the Union and the Douglas democratic convention Tbe former will probably paa resolves that Ken tucky would not be satisfied with anything Isas than Crittenden's pro|tosltlon. A dispatch from George Saunders to the presi dent of the Union convention, announcing the aeiem r.f Crittenden's propos.Uons. created greet etfcltement Fr?m Hitiu. New York, Jan 9 ?The steamer Quaker Cttjr, from Ha vena on the Stly. with nearlv quarter of a million of dollar* in specie, baa arrived The Havana market was still paralysed, bat bo pea were entertained of a revival of trade abort! v Tbe ship I<esbia, under French color*, supposed to be tbe Montauk, of New York, bad been cap tured by a Spanish war steamer and brought to Havana with nine buudred slaves on board A la bans tesveutles. Moxtgomekv, Jan 9 ?The Conrentlon h?? ben tn leuion yeaterday Mad to-day, moatly with r loa?*d duMi A committee of ttiirtKO vraa ap pointed yesterday to report an ordinance of aecea ion, ronaiating of aeven aaceaaloniata and all co operationiata, which wilt probaoly report to-mor row. On a teat Tote tn the CoaVention the ord. nance for immediate aereaaioa will pr.>t?ably jviaa by a amali mejo ity. Nothing of inter rat waa de termined on to-day MUaiaalppt leaveBtioM Jartao*. Miaa , Jan 9?TbeConveatioeof thia Ptate paaaed the ordinance of aeceaaion by a vote f C Tk- ? ? i V... HJl ?? ?*+? w *' iu. i ur piuuiiurui uuiiui ? id uk ':ii\ are illuminated, and aalutea of cannon and lr? work* give expreaaion to the public aat.?factlon Later ?hflort* to postpone action were voted dowu by ?4 to IS Tbe coorentluu will alga tbe ordinance to-morrow (to-day) making It unani moua Firework* are being let oft from tba Capital and tbe excitement la Intenae Military far Flartda MoSTeoxitY, Ala., Jau. 9.?Klve volunteer companlaa departed from tbia city to-day far Pm aacoia, Fla. It la understood that tbey ge at tbe request of tbe Governor of Florida to asatel la cap tur n_' tbe forta and Government property at that station. Charter LIwum 8ihki Fall*, N Ym 4m 8?At tbr charter flection to-<lay the dt-mocrtta 1(4 t|>Im im wrpt the town, dtettai J. M Galon eirrk by 11* u.ajnrlty, and 8 W Aroett treasurer by nearly SOU. IbetnloD gain Isover SWalaccUrt tell. Mr Seward Accept* Aluit, Jm. 9 ?The Journal oMrtal'y nouucea Mr. Bewrd *? acoeptaaco of to* Serreuri hip of State In Mr Lt*eola*? Cabioet Mnr* of (He North (tor?UM rtrh Wilimimtob, N. C., in I# ?Forts Jotan>n and C?>?U wore taken poweeion of on tbr otjctrt ol the Sth by the talttr lie Guard Troop* En Rente for Fort McMcary. Cmcaoo. Doe. I.?Tbo troop* from Loove? worth left boro to-olrht for Pittatxirv Tijei ore teUaod for Port MeH?ary, mmr Baltimore <%?w l?r lUrktw New Von. Junn II -FImt itlk and market liM Whnl u?e. better On hu Improved aboatlc ProvtaleM qalct ?'W*lr quiet*! ?M0jfr. I/O* HOLIDAY fS, r For CbiMr**'. Bw k>. For Children's Smm?, For MMUt frtMDUUu* B<x*k?.