Newspaper of Evening Star, January 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 11, 1861 Page 1
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v?i. XVII WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. JANUARY 11. 1861 N2. 2.464. THE DAILY EVENING STAR 11 PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (ftUNOAVd EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cvjut of rr>itu>ylvantaavenu4 and IliA It., IT W. D. WALLACD. Papers a?rTad in paoka<ee by oarriert ti |4 I ym, or ST oeati per month. To mail aubeortbera lh? prioe ia *3-V> a jwr, m odtanct; $8 for six month*; 91 for three montha; and for teea Lqvl tD rM months a: the rate of 12oenta a week. Bin(le opt*?, oKi CMXTi in wrappera, two csnts. ?I7" Aov?ari<s?i:eT? sftouid be sent to the ofioe beiore Uo'o.ook ?a., otherwise they may not appear cu: J her.?xtday. THE PATCHED HOKSIS. The exhibition of four colts of this celebrated stock at the Fourth National Horse Show will give interest to what follows relating to their history .?The trotting horse tteo. M. Pate hen, n^w owned bj Wm. W altermire, of New York, and kept near that oity, was sired by Cassius Clay, n horse of high fame at the First Na tional Horse Show John Bulkley, of Borden *' * ? ? ? . n.A_i i town, .>?w jersey, purcnasea me ratcnen uunc when three years old, of George M Patchen, and named him after his first owner. Soon aftnr the purchase, the colt was taken sick with a distemper, which left a thickness of the throat, from which it did not recover for sev eral years. On account of this thickness, Mr. Bulkley rarcl v drove him hard, and it was re ported that Patchen had no bottom. During all this time Patchen was standing at the etablo of Bulkley, at $15 services, and doing but little business. The first proof of his en durance and speed was thus accidentally dis covered : His owner, who always insisted that he was a wonderful horse, had occasion to seek the services cf Mr. Humphries, a celebrated animal painter of Camden, for a likeness of his favorite. The ariist deotded that the horse would look best in motion, and suggested that he become excited and pressed to the top of hi* speed. Mr. Bulkley assented, as-.d mount ing hiin bare-backed, rode off to wake him up. Greatly to the surprise of the artist, the horse on his return sh?t by like an arrow, rendering it almost impossible to get a sketch, and obliging his owner to ride him back and forth several times before Mr. Uumphries could transfer him to paper. During all this exer cise of maov miles, the horse showed no mdi cation* of fatigue or signs of distress, and from that moment kis reputation began. Well do we remember the first pioture of this slashing stallion and his owner at the horse-showrooms in this city, and Mr. Bulkley's letter to the secretary of IS58, that his "New Jersey nag would show Ethan Allen some time an awful fait." The result of this prophecy is well nown. Of the stock of Patcnen, 23 five-year olds and a few more of four years, are all of the oldest that can be traced. A characteris tic of these animals is slow maturity, heavy bone. dUpoeed to ooarseness unless crossed trith fine mares, and a strong, lengthy stride, indi cating speed for a long distance. It is said that none of these horses interfere in trotting. Their size, constitution and disposition are un usually g'>od. and their oolor pretty uniformly blo*>d Uay. They are sought for at high fig ures by men who appreciate speed, and two have roientlv chaneed hind* in PhiladelDhia. one at $2,000 and the other at $1,200. * Mr. MeD^nald. of Baltimore, the owner of Flora Temple, has purchased ?ne named Burlington that is considered fast. C. W. Bathgate A Co.. of Fordham, N. Y., own four of the fire-year olds, atn mg which are the well known horses. New Jersey and Major Low, exhibited at oar late fair. Both seem destined to do oredit to the old horse; and for New Jersey it is claimed that he is the best bred and handsomest of stock horses. L B Brown, of New York, the well-remembered owner and protector of the ** Century team," is associated with Mr Bath Ste in breeding this family of horses; and ongh his winter quarters are Florida, he is evidently expecting to renew his horse-show acquaintance here with a younger team ? Springfield Republtc*tn " Fatal Result or Carelessness.*'?A qaeer person was *ld Birney Siggit: in faot. a much-abused man, who met more accidents than any other ten men in the kingdom; and to render it doubly aggravating, they were all caused through other folks" carelessness. ' Now, my friends," ho once enid, ' you nil rail toe an unlucky feller, 'cause I'm alien r'ttinjt inter scrapes an' such like. Bat may b* blowei ef I'd have half the broken bones an' black-?'-blue spots, ef folks trad only be a leetie more keerful; but folks will be folk, is?pi?hally the keerless ones, an' be a leaving their trips aroua' fur honest men ter kill themselves on." The following will prove that the old gentle man was about half right in his belief. Re turning home late one night from a political meeting at tho tavern, where spirits of an in definite quality had freely circulated, he stum bled upon Home loose boards which covered a half-finished pit. and in much less time than it would take a cross-eyed person to sec around a corner, he was going throagh : " Go it, you miserable ouas !" he screamed. ' Fall now, an' break yer neck, why don't you ?" But, fortunately for Barney, the j>it was not very deep, and with tno exception 01 a scraped shin, he sustained no great injary. As quick a* possible he crawled out; and as ho was re gaining his feet, muttered : "By mighty, ef that don't beat the most keerlesa trick I ever teed Whoever heerd the beat ?f a man a digging a hole like that ere, and then leaving it out all night 7 I gad, be oughter di?!" Jclu-#' Use or tits Bath-Ti b?Julius, a western darkey, having landed at Chicago, wished to be clean that they might get a good bath for a quarter, and thought it would be a zoo1 ilea to ask the use of them of another ?!%r key, wh > said; " Baths were used by white folk* to wash in." Accordingly Julius started with a bundle under his arm. and being shown into a bath room, w is left to his ablutions. Considerable time etapsed. and Julius did not come forth, and, after waiting for about an hour, the keeper of the baths went to the door and screamed out: S*y, darkey, are you coming out ?" < Y?< m4 <tivin mil f <r?t trno m V >>iKinff *' / How long will that be?" '* P'rhaps an hour to an hoar an' a half," coolly answered Julias. With that the man bursted into the room, and there, all around, was the darkey's freahlj washed clothing hanging up to dry; but noi noticing it just then, remarked : " See here, you just clear out at once, you'r* been in over two hours !" " Look a here," said Julius, in an engager manner, pointing to bis drying olothee, whicl rather took the bathing man down?" I'd liki to see you wash and hang out two doien piece in less time than I've been at it." In another minute Julius was landed in th street, surrounded by his washing. Not That Kind or a Oat.?A gentleman d< log business on Main street, was presenter with a beautiful kitten. Yesterday a eouple o yo ingladiee, one of them named Julia, hap pened in the store, and of oourse kitty, as kit I X 1- _ 1-1 -1 J. i_ M _ . iene ana oamee iiwiti ao, come id ior ma iin m?a?e quantity of tndurmenU and caresses ' Ob, my! what a sweet, darling tittle kittj Vhat U it* name?" ' It has not been ehristened Jet." " Oh, the dear little thing. Do call it Julii won't jon>" ' I should be very happj to do ao," said on gallant frund,?" but it ain't that hnd of cat Kitty was deposited on the floor in a twink line, and a eouple of ysang ladies were see looking fur a good place to faint. JX^An American, who calls himself Dr. B.\ Bljr. ts astounding the Parisians by bis power t reading anv letter or other writing enclaed i anv number of scaled envelope* Tbe D ctor, c receiving a packet con alnlne tbe writing be to read. Is seized with a convulsive shudder,turi op iue wuimoi vi? ryn, unionn cawifpiicilJ rigid. and?reada tbe hidden writing, to tt 'upefiction of the tw at tncreduloua He bi< fair toauecord th? tbroae left vacant by the retir maut of Vir Hume. ?^Mlae Sarah Jobeaon la la ouatody at Dvtroi char<?-d with eteallng ft* from one lever to pi tbe m!n1atrr for anerrylaf her to Mother. CT" Seventy tbouaand pereona. Including poi era. ere sow employed lu eonneetloa wttn tl F reach railway*. How Fobt Sumtrr is to bb Takbm?A Charles ton correspondent ?f the New York World gives a sketch of one of the plan* d scusaed there for taking Fort Sumter: The eutranoe ta the hotela are blocked up by bevlea of moist gentlemen d's cuaaing the news and talking over the plana for tbe future. One of the moist gentlemen, who Is of an inventive turn, has an Idea which, if acted upon, he Is certain will result in the capture of the redoubtable Fort Sumter; and his plan la a very plausible one. It is this: Fort Johnson lsthe nearest land approach to Fort Sumter, which, aa your readers are probably aware, standa in the middle of the channel. Above Fort Joknaon the hore sweeps Inward, retreating, an it were, from Sumter. Very well. Now it a point a mile and a half above Fort Johnson commence a long series of log rafts. Continue this series, chaining the rafts securely together until it reaches Port John son Tbe upper extremity of this raft should be well guarded with a wall of cotton bales, bound with and fastened immovably to tbe logs by Iron bands Now. having secured tbe lower end of tbe raft at Fort Johnson, cut loose the upper ex tremity. Tbe ebb-tide will now carry the raft slowly and surely around. Wben It extends in a straight line across the channel from Fort John son, its upp- r extremity will be immediately be neath th* walls of Fort Sumter. Now, men pro tected by tbe cotton bales and standing ready with heavy anchors, will drop them, and tbe raft will thus be safely meored. Now tbe soldiers may spring from behind their cotton bales and escalade the fort Reinforcements can pour down to their aid on the bridge that tbe raft makes from tbe mainland to tbe fort, and with the loss of some -500 men tbe letter may be taken. Tbe inventive gentl?man-grows enthusiastic over nis plan, and rushes ofi' to submit it, through one of the 0<>vernor's aid*, to the Governor That it will be favorably considered, though perhaps in a slightly altered shape, there can be no doubt. If there b? an attack made on Fort Sumter, it can ouly be done uy means of rafts. A sailing vessel would be blown out of the water in less than IS minutes. Pat of thi South Carolina Armt.? For Ike Infantry Series ?To Major-General, $200 per month, 7 rations per day. To Brigadier-Ueneral, >166 per month, 6 rations per Uay. To Colonel, #125 per monih, S rations per day. To Lieutenant Colonel, 9100 p?r month, 4 ra tion! i>er day To Major. #80 per month, 3 rations per day. To Captain, 960 per month, 2 rations per aay. To First Lieutenant, 940 per month, 2 rations per day. To Second Lieutenant, 934 per month, 2 rations per dav To Third Lieutenant, 930 per month, 2 rations per day. To Fourth Lieutenant of Artillery, 930 per month, 2 rations per dav To Sergeant Major, 925 per month, 1 ration per day. To Quartermaster Sergeant, 925 per month, 1 ration per day. To Drum Major, 920 per month, 1 ration per day. To 1st Serjeant, 920 per month, 1 ration per day. To 2d Sergeant, 915 per month, I ration per day To 3d Sergeant, 9<5 per month, 1 ration per day. To 4th Sergeant,915 per month, 1 ration per day. To 5tb Sergeant, 915 per month, 1 ration per day. Toflth Sergeant. 915 per month, 1 ration per day. To Corporal, 912 per month, 1 ration per day. To Privates, 910 i>er month. I ration per day. Ta U ?*- ? ? ' pci uiunia, i ranua per aay. 1X7" Another unprecedented military march has been accomplished by a regiment of the United SUtea army A large portion of the Seventh regi ment marched from Camp Floyd, C T , to Fort Buchanan, New Mexico, travelled 1,000miles and pent MO day* on the road. This ia one of the most lengthy military Journeys recorded. It is not generally known that the longest march of Infantry ever accomplished was comnleUd a year ago by an American regiment, the sixth, which left Fori Leavenworth, Kansas, en route to Cali fornia. a distance of 4,800 miles, and were 1'JO days on the ioad,of which 162 were actually passed in inarcbiiiz. This march was nearly twice tae leugtn of Hannibal's Irom Itaiv to Spain; more than twice ti long at ,?apol?on's journey to Moscow The fatigue and labor incident to the American service aro said to be of so debilitating a character, (hat of I4.UHJ men neminally consid ered f f&cient, hardly S UW) could be selected fit to compete with regularly disciplined forces. A Romantic Stokt.?The Hartford (Conn ) Post tells a very romantic story of a couple of llov y^rs' who were married in tLat cl'y last week, after a separation of more than 25 years They were both In Knglaxd; "loved not wisely but too well;" the girl's parents rtfused to let them mar ry, even to save d;sgr c?*; the young inan came to America, got rich at Cleveland, aiid visited a friend at Hartford, intending soon to take steamei for his fatherland While spending a pleasant evening a lady called, and the mutual attraction between the pair thus casually introduced was so strong, that each inquired about the other. The upuui nu*, iiic ujou, jv ymii, uiarneu LilE old sweetheart, aged W. who wai residing In Hartford with their own son. a married inau ol about 25 The lontr-separated but uow delighted couple will visit tueir European home together; and no wedding tour, we think,w<ts ever preceded by a courtship to curiously Interrupted and re sumed. A Ro*A??Tir Tbaqsdt.?The MarquU of D.'i yacht, now at Naples, has been the scene of on< > of those tragedies of real life, whioh we are ap t> think, in these dead-level days, lie far awaj from tbe region of real life, In the domain exclu siveiy appropriated by the dramatist and tbe talc writer The Marquis had been for tlm< oruising with some members of bis family, In 1 eluding a youthful daughter, Ladv Alice Tbe yacht w^ts commanded by a naif-pay Lieu tenant of the Royal Navy. The Marquis coining vu uuum, uiicApocu^ii) . irum an excursion 01 shore,^ound bis captain at the feet of hla daughter kiaslng her hand. The Indignant father?a mai of herculean strength?seized the offender, and Intending only to tear him away from hia unseem ly plaee and action, flung hi in over the the bul wa k of the yacht into the aea, when he wen down at once, in spite?add some of the version of the story?both of the Marquis's and hissallor'i [ efforts to save him. irT We do not as a general thing like to publlsl truant wives and daughters, but the following must bean exception to our rule: TO WHOX IT MAT C0NCKU5. Whereas, My daughter Carolina has left m' house, without any Just cause, and relinquishes all the endearments uf a happy home for the de ceptlve allurements of a roving life, 1 am, there fore, constrained to give notice that 1 shall no pay any debts contracted by her so long as sh persists In this undutiful and most unnatural stat of estrangement from the fostering oars of h? paternal home. Uncli Bam. Happy Home, Dee. 35, 1860. Tax Socthkbn Pacific Railroad ?There sr 27y hands now employed in grading the road wet of Marshall, Texas, and It Is ex pec tied that by th 1st of Januarys force of 600 will be employed A considerable number, In addition to this fores are engaged in getting out cross-ties, bulldinj bridges, ie The sub-contractors bare obligate themselves to complete *45 miles of road ready fo the 1st of May. l?7" A recent letter from Japan says that th ^nerican missionaries are longing for news froi home. Rev W. Bagley, the Methodist missionary has returned to Kauawaga from an extended vlsi " to China. The Japanese ot&clals display muc - Jealousy towards the missionaries, who hope thi > the arrival of the Embassy In tb? Niagara wl produce a great amelioration of the petty anno] r' ances to wbleh they are now subject. ID" Alexandre Dumas, In the New York Indi pendent, announces the arrival In Naples of tta . nephew of la Tour d'Auvergne, bringing as a gl ' for Garibaldi, In tbe name of bla family, tt aword offered to " the lirst French grenadier" I r tbe three Consuls, Bonaparte, Lebrun and Ducoi a This sword will be conveyed to Garibaldi by tl Polish General Mleroslawskl. I' IUT One of the largest houses In Paris, now I n course of construction on tbe Boulevard de Seba topel, has thirty windows on each story. A awning bas been put up over this rising mass r freestone. In order to enable the 1,800 workm< _ unloved on it to Dursue their work without ht ?E drance from bad weather It la next to lnapoaelble" to levy the tax unwary. The goods and ebattela of deb to to the State ? noblea aa well aa ftlebtana?are di after day brought to the hammer, bat no one Hungary darea purchase property takes In exee tlon. |rr Telegraph wires from the re ported ng gt ler,?-a of tba Lorda and Commoni are to be la down to the oScea of tha different London new papers, aouto aerve op the orations hot from tfc locality. Q7" Julius A. Pratt, treasurer of Henry oounl 111., lurna out defaulter to the amount of 917 ,M He used the Bute's money In private specuUtio and lost it. MISCELLANEOUS. Proposals f8r kr?ctinq a court house and POST office at pblla PHIA, pa. Tikabuky Psr aktxkxt, Deoember 8, 1800. 8*alid rKpro*AL* wni be reoeived at this De partment until the ?id da; of February, a. D 1*61, at 13 o'olock at noon, for the oon?truotion of the Philadelphia Coait-Hoa?? and p >rtOflSoe.accord in* to Lite plans ana specihoauona ;>repared at una Department. These proposals must b? for the whole work; but en oh portion of the work and the amount b d there for most be separately stated in the bid; the respeo tive amount for each kind of work oarried out, and the total amount stated; the Department re serving the right to rejeot or aco*pt the propoaala hereby invited, or any parts thereof, wnen ltdeema the interest of the United Statea requirea it; the Department alao reaervea the right to ^xolude the bioa of any peraon or peraona whom there ia just oauae to believe will not faithfully perform the oon traota, or vhioh they have attempted to obtain by indirection; and all bids when there ahall be parties -in intareat who do not join in the bida, and all bida that, upon investigation, are below a fair price for the work. No oontract will be awarded to biddera until de tail* are furnished the Department of the prioea of the different kinda of work and materiala, whioh a' all be aubjeot to the reviaion of the Department, ao that th? cross bid ahall bo equitably apportioned upon the whole work to guide the Department in making paymenta. Ninety per oent. of the amount of work done and materials delivered, aooording to oontraot pn?e, ( aid amount to be ascertained by the estimate of au agent of the Department appointed for that pur pose.) will be paid from time to time as the work progresses, and tei per o-snt. retained until the com pletion of the oontraot and aooeptanoe of the work, <*o., by the agent aforesaid, ana be forfeited in the vant r.f nnn fulfilment nf flnnfr?rtf V * VU* vi UUU |U(U ? VI V<'M?I I>V*I Contracts will b? awarded only to master build - era or meoHanios, and the assignment thereof, ex-, oept by oonsnnt of t- e secretary ot the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the rame. Each propo*a< must bo aocon.panied bra written guaranty, isigned by twor*?ponsiM?j>eraona.(oer tified te be ao In the United State* District Judge, or Attorney of the said district.) in the turn of ?20,000. that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal b) accepted, enter into a oontraot and nond. with proper and auf&oient seountiea for ita faithftil performance. Plans, apeoiboations and working drawlnrs oan be examined alter forty daya, ani other informa tion obtained on appiioation to the Department. The proposals must be sent to tbis Department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, (en dorsed'" Proposals for the Philadelphia Court House and Post u?ee,") and will be opened at 1 o'clock fi. m ,o! the last day named for reoeinng the same, n the prea^noe of the biddera. if any choose to at tend. PHILIP F THOMAS, de 24 6id3taw Secretary of the Treasury. CGAUTIKR'S FRENCH RESTAURANT. DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES. In soliciting rpur patrona.Ee, would respectfully oall your attention to Ins elegant suits of PAR LORS. RECEPTION and DINING-ROOMS, furnished iu the most fashionable Mtyle, and always r?adr to acoommodate aevoral parties at any mo ment. 2?'J Pa avenue. deS eo6w rpO INVENTORS AND PATENTEES MUNN t"COMPANY. Proprietors of the Scibktific Ambricas, and A gent a for procuring American and Foreign With Sixteen Yearj' Experience in the Business, Refer to Hon. Judge Maaon, Hon Joaep-i Holt, Hon. W D. Bishop, Ex CommisMoners ofPatenta, and to more than Aftten tKo*>and inventors who have had business done through Mann A Co.'s Pat ent Agency. ' et of Advioe sent free by mul. Laws and R eg ulations, loo pages, 25 oenta mail Offioe?No. 37 Park Row, New York. Wash ington office?corner P and Seventh its., opposite de22-eo3*>t Pamphlet i Patent La Patent * ?ffice. the Read the following from tk well known Captain of the Steamer Fulton : New Uelia5i, 3d oet.>l*?. Dr. J. C. Aytr, Lo\e*U.??ir: 1 am urged by my Wife to report to you a oure your Sarsaparilia ha a mtuie in our family, end aa it is the only way m which we can make you any acknowledgement of our gratification, \ will proceed t? hpite My litcle son, eleven years old, has had Str Jula aorea on hia ear*, neck and anna for live years They were inuoh of the time very distressing, and we fe\red they would kill him. At first a swelling would ap , IIICU 1 v wuuiu ui miu Iii^nn m i uiihiuk n*/i r, whioh would not heal. They became very loath sont-aad often pair.fuljthey stepped his growth and to ui.dermine hi* liral'h. to thai he be oame fenbie and stok!y. We tried Physicians and Medioines, but they did no good. A clergyman in oar lieifhborhnod, who had aeon some remarkable cures by jour Cherr* 'eotoral, advised us to try your ?ar*aparilla. and we did. The sina:l*st sores shewed symptoms of healing in about two weeks; in two more they had hea.ed, and In two months the ohild wa* as well as anybody. He now enjoys perf ct heal h, with no remnant of the disorder 1 about him that wo can discover. If you, sir, are a par-nt, you may well believe that we anal 1 not soon forget you. Very truly, your humble servant. J NO. W HiTU, Prepared br DR. J.C. AYER A CO., Lowell, Mass. de 21 eolm /Ov NOTICE. /Ov 1*1 removal. r*\ O w i have removed my O V l'AWN OFFICE to 331 C street, l?t>tween 4X ami flth streets, imme diat?iy in tho j??ar of the National Hotel, where the linsiness will l*> cont.nued an her*tuf >re at the old stan'1 lnolS-6ni] ISVAC HDRX11KRO. Wood: WOOD!! WOOD !!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the low?, possible pnoe. T. J. A W. M. GALT, 302 Pa. av? between 11th and 12tn sta., ma 17-*f ??'th tin 186J ?1AR_1E8. |g6l Comment* the Year icith a Diary. A va'aablo Ponk*t C'<mpanion for registering event* past, present, ar.d iuturc; containing raMa of postage, almanac, a blank spao for memoranda for every day in the year, cash account for eaoh inoa<h, annual summary, of cash aooount hiili payable *nd receivable. Don't be without one ol thene useful Httie souvenirs. The most oomplete elegant, and desirable assortment ever issued, onm prism* twelve biz*a and up"?ar<is oi bit; style* at SHILLING ToN'S Bookstore, Odeon Bunding, corner of.*% street and dean Penn avenue. BRADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOSRAFE GALLERY. 382 Pju?!? Avknxts. On exhibition, beautifully finished Photograph) of the President and Vioe President eleot; Imperii Photographs of all the Presiuanta from Jaokson U unchanau: of all the Members of the Senate ao? House of RipresectAtlves of the prosent Cotcreaa of the Prinoe of Wal?* and a larre number of dia tiQ(ulshed foreign persona* ea; of nnaMy all oui rrominent Statesmen, Foots, Artists, Anth"ra, Ed tors, Ulergy m?n, Generals ard Commodores. The larcost Platn Photo graphs in tha worJd. The Colored Photographs must be seen to be ap preoiated. . Twenty-fire fall length Portrait Viaiting Cards elegantly finiahed for fire dollars ! ONE HUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS FOd P!VE DOLLARS!! Prioea fer all other atylee e?nafly moderate. de 10 lm pLOUR, BUCKWHEAT, POTATOES, AP 101 Riohmond family and Ext a Floui S.oco lba. Fresh Ground Buofrwheat Mea , 900 buahela White Meroer Potatoea, 100 do. BlM do. do. 5 do. Cheatautf. Reoeived 6o-day and for aale low in lou lomt b D. L. MORR1BOM Jt CQ.. no Corner of Twelfth and R iiU. ??MLk EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY f 1 EMRICH. at the oorner of Penn.A . k avenue and Eleventh street, ha* greatly improved reoently and now off?ra greater induoenients for the patronage of oitiseu and etraugera than any other publio house in th Siiti, hit prioea being loaa than thoae of any oth? lotei on Penn. avenue, and hi* aooommodatioc or p?r'n*n9I>t ?r tranaient boardera unexceptior able. The bar and rearaurant arrangement* oi th European Hotel have already beoome very pope lar, bting all that oan be deaired by the tnoat fai tidioua. Tne proprietor pledgee unremitted utter ?ion and oontiaued liberal expenditure* to giveaat larn/uion ?o an, ana uni rannri ni? inviiarion * >11 to give the Knro?ean Hotel aoail. de4-ti Tnew restaurant. HE Subsouber informs the oitiiens of Wnt incton and the pub!io in general that he A. . , hu op*ned the Restaurant No. 489 Sixth Iflk' street, between C and Louiwuui avenue,XUHL (formerly kept by JaoobSmith ) A new f.nd ohoic assortir.eut of LlQuORS, CIGARS, Ac ,on han Fine freeh OYSTERS served up la evrry style i all hours. de?-1in* F. G. ROHB. flBBS' WIS. BRAID AND CURL MANl VT PaCTORy, 242 Penn. avenue, near the oo ner of Thirteenth street?A very oomplefce a?sor Wot of Brajds. Carls, f nsettea, Bandeans, A< now on hand: aleo,made to, order at the shorte Bono*. Hair Work repaired or taken in exehanc OWT FANCY GOODS. ^ TO SUIT THE TIMES. inn On Pn fn? i kin 1 WOOD AND COAL. TO THE PUBLIC! 0O WHERE YOU C A N GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH EP*TRY IT! PROVE IT ! KNOW IT! TR T ~WHA T ? vJ9od^?? MLLL8,*nd b?'yo>r PROVE~WHAT? try Pro re that roa oan your WOOD ther* i the oitj ; and th*o o' *ap?r than eiwwhere in the oitj ; and th*o 70a KNOW WHAT? E7" Boow that imL(?tegOJ> MEASUREand tne very Mat 01 ? uo u for less money, Cut SfLIT, A*D DlLIVKEID Fail OF CHAie*. Call at th*

PIONKKR M (LLII S/OiV OF THE BLUE FLAQ-STAFF. Bmttitiit Comn Sitinti fir. am Cahal tSouth of the Bndge.f no 19 QKORuK PAGE. Ag?*t. WOOD AND C O A * Delivered to all parts of tiie oity, at the lowest pomMe rate*. T. J. 4 W. M. GAl/T, Offioe 983 Pa. ar., between 11th and 12th sts., ma 17-tf north siae. Cure Cough, Cold, Hoarstnsss. In Jlutnza any Irritation or Son ne si of thr Throat, Relieve t\t Hatting Couth tit Consump tion. Bronchitis, Ashma, t Catarrh, Clear and Kir* strength to the voice of UBLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of oheokinc a Cough or ''Common Cold'' in its first stare: that wnion in me befininn would yield to a mild reme dy, if neglected, soon attacks the Lunss. "Brmm't Bronchial Troches" containing demuloentingredi enu, allay Pulmonary and Bionohial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (for whioh the "Trtket" area specific) having made me often a mere whis perer." N P. WILLIS. I recommend their use to Pcblic Sruuu." REV. E. H. CHAPIN. BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S "Great servioe in subduing Hoak*i webs." REV. DANIEL WISE. "Almost instant relief in the dis treskinc labor of breathing peculiar to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. Contain no Opium or anything injurious. Dft A. A HA ? ES, Chemist, Boiton. " A timp's and pleasant combina tion for Cocons. ?c." i>tt. ti. F. BIGELOW, Boston.. a TROCHES' BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'? TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES' BROWN'S - ncucuouu in ?*g:*CHITTS." DR. J. F. W. LANE, Boston, " I have proved them exoellent for Whoppixs Cottbh." REV. H. W. WARREN. Boston. "Beneficial when compelled to peak, rufferintfrom Cold." REV. S. J.P.ANDERSON, St. Louis. " Kpfkctcai. in removinc Hoarse r.#M and Irritation of the Tnroat. so oommon with Spkikkks and Sisa MS " ProL M.STACY JOHNSON. ?.? Or ante, Oa. Taaoher of Musio Southern Female College. "Great benefit when taken before and after preaohing. a* they prevent Hoareenet*. From thiir pa?t effect, 1 think the* wiJJ be of ad A RUVI1L? fftiiwjv nio, RKV.E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'? President of Atn.-n? College, Ten:>, TROCHES ir7*{*oldhT*'.IDruMi?U?tTWEN rv FIVE CENTS A ftox. Jrti de 1 ly ; HO Y T ' S Hiawatha Hair Restorative la warranted in every i&atauo<< to Rkhtork (jray Hair to it* Original Color. It haa been agp'ied IN THOUSANDS OF CASKS In the principal mtiea of New England, and HAS NOT FAILED in a ainrlo inata.-ioe to ac complish all that ia eiaimed for it. No Hair ia ao Gray or Red but the jllA \Y ATHA will change It to a beautiful life like Brown and Mlaok. It tc not ac Instantaneous dre which erooka, smuta and give a a drad blaak oolor to thi hair; the patient having to aobmit to aoapint. waah ng and ponging of the hair every time t ia applied; nor ia it a preparation of author. aurar of lMd, ftfqor 01 an* lngreaienia a<-ie;*nous 10 lae neir 01 s*in. It i? an article requiring no preparation! no waah ir.g before or after nsiog. it ia arplied in five mio utrwi timo. and with asliue trouble aa any ordinary atticie for the toilet. ''People who have used thia preparation dectare it ia miraoulona in ita * ff*ot?, and that it will per forraaJl that it preiends to do Ballon't Pxctoried. "ita ?aoce?s wonderful, and we oaa only aay we j iadorae ail the proprietor says in retard to it."? Boston Journal. " We ofaerve, by a notice in a Roston paper, t!iat a piemium waaawarded by the Ma*aachu?f tta .Me ohanios' Charttao.e 'heir Ut Fair, Boston, to Mr Joaeph iioyt of this oity, for hia o-lebrated 'Hiawatha Hair Restornti ve,' an artiole whioh riehlv merttwl thia favor. It waa for its su perior msnts in this respect that the Committee, af ter sufficient evidenoe presented to themse ves, awarded n Mr. Hoyt this flattering testimonial Provident* Evening Post. 8oldin Washington by J. W. Nairn. D. B Cla'k, Kid well & Lawr*noe D. G. Ridgeiey. In George town by J. L. Kidwell, and by Druggists generally, de 12 Im POR STAMPING A PACKET OP PAPBR AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, at the METROPOLITAN BOOBBTORE, PH1LP A SOLOMONS, Aientt /or Lnurenet't ultbr+ttA Linen Pmnri, "Mttrorc'xtan Mills," fe., # ?. ROUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ao. COMPOUND SYRUp'oi' G UM ARABIC. Tbia plea*%nt and popular C?>u*n Rcnwdj hu been to lo known arid oxtenai \ eljr need, that moit per?'>na hive i,ee<iine familiar with ita extraordina ry effioaor- It oao bo had at all Uia priooipal drat (tores at 36 and V) oentu a bottle. m 2* d?n>A eo4m * ly 333 Pa. ay., bet. 9t? and loth ats. m ?v* nu mutntr tiT I M T L' O UA/iTd V iA m LAUICtO 1 HILA Will ibli u*?\y a u wi uim Moroooo, Gn?ta 8km, kaatinga, 4o.,? Buttoned, Laced and Velvet Trimmed. Alao Miaaea Boota of the mne atylp , are! aellinr from SO oenta to $1. per pair, lover' than elsewhere in the oity, at J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Space Pa. av. bet. 8th and 9th atreeta. Ladtea* and Miaaoa' Loin Rubber Boota. ja3eo mW K'S IMPROVED W K10H1N6SCALKS "heaa Soaiea a O. Theaa Soaiea are offered to (he pablio aa tha moat aimpte. durable, and reliable aoalea erer ant ia jua. Pi rat olaaa premiuma hare been awarded thea BS^WjifSSS rauta; Naw York StatpPair, " ?o. In every oaae where [red ft rat rlatt iifnuuu a venae, Depot of Siuera r the Unita Virginia State j_w iti Pair, Peanaylvauia; 1 varnnift State Pair, i?., 4 axhioited they oara reoeti for aa eat fa Lometana Chll.ed Iron Saiea. de u-lT K* a PATTISON. A rent. wnTli'BTnnilD PDIRNTM tND V * CIV/ftAU 11 W A ivy 1J a v vy ? ? CUSTOMERS. We have had their bilia all made off, and tho?? who prefer oallinic at onr desk 'or them vill pleaac do ao by the 26th last. After that date we shall render nv-rj bill on our books, and owinc t" the (treat panio w* mu?t a*k onr frienda to make prompt pay menta, aa we are in w?nt of all money due as a) this time. J. \V. COLLEY A C>., de?l-2w A^3 Seventh at., above Pa. a v. N MERCHANT - KW FALL STYLES MERS, AND 1 WALL. STEPHENS A CO. nia Avenue, have juat received new Fall Goods, to which they invite the attoitioi of their frienda and ouaton CASSI 394 Pennsyhm large variety oi aasn-tf ff^REAT BAR6A1NS IN PlANQB.-Oa? verj Vi nioe seven-octave Carved Piano Forte,_M^ having been in use a abort time only. thefllHH owner leaviqc the olty, for sale for TO""' k. Sou' Overstrnm ao ? niVNnifvi/iwKiRnr tmkvAy UKfll F-Mmjts"" < ? KINO A kfefcCHELL. I CLOTHING, kc. PANIC TIMES: ? v PAKIC PRICES' wenaviusT reoriv?Kia arse lot oi ULU rtilNU, FURNISHING GOOD*. HATS ud CAPK. OB oonaignment. whioh mutt be sold before th* 4th of Maroh, without regard to oogt. Theee good* have Ail been mad* ay by the best houses in Beltimnr* and Philadelphia, and owing to the time* the? will he ?o'd at almost any prioe. oarot/jeet being to tarn them into oash aa soon as posstUs. L A. BEALL A CO.. CV'othiers, No. 439 Seventh St., ?bove 0. N. B.?Come on?, some all; now la the time to bar WINTER CLOTHING at any pnee on Sev enth at.. No. *39,4 doors above G at. de58 lm A GREAT ATTRACTION! GRANDRUSH FOR SEVENTH STREET! All Stop at 8 M I T H ' 8 , No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "ito thou ami do likrwit* " <&i>eh wm the language need bv a gentleman who had reeeived some of our great bargains I I have just returned from the North with a very lar.M .tn-k ,,f n I .Tilivr: CI'D vluuiVi: VI V U 1 III1IV1 V ?>! IlL^U I4W GOOD"*. 11 ATS and CAPSvhomch? for cash at two third* their net cost,and which 1 will sell at a snsa!l advance. Vou can buy a rood Ovrrooat from 93to ?7, a very fine one front ?10 tn ?15, Cape Ovsrooat from ?S to ?15, Boy's Overooa: and Cape Coat from ?8 50 to $5 Also, SHIRTS. UNDER GARMKNT8, I'M BRKLLAS, SCARFS SHAWLS, COLLARS. TIKS, GLOVKS.and all kinds of Genu* Wearing Apparel, at astonishingly low prioea. Il r A word to those that want to purchase: Having bouiht these good* at rery low pru-a*. 1 am confident that you oaa save 25 per oer.t. Irujiat from niA. N. H SERVANTS' CIX)THING in abundanoa. l)on't forget to call at the Peop e'? Clothme Store. No. 4fiO Seventh >tree', before purchwin< ? where, and *at.*f) jroureei ve* th\t we are Offering bar rain a. J. H. SMITH. Clothier, de 14-1 m No. 4 60 Seventh at.,irpp. Post Office. tf^ENTLBMEN'S Vjr RE VDV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READV-MADE CLOTHING rffers to eitnena and atraogera wishing an immediate out f?c aupe nor iudnoements. eiahraoiiic. at thia time, all styles and aoa'ities of Press and Business Gar ments and Overcoats ia all varieties. Fine Shirts and Under-olothing of all kinda. Kid and other Gloves of beat qua it?. Scarfs, Ties. Cravats, Stocks, Hosiery. Ac.. Ao. All of wtuoh we are offering at <^nr caua low pnees. ttIT" Clothing made to order in the most tnparior manner. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. no 16 tf 33*2 Pit, avenge. Great bargains OfrFEEED at THI PEOPLE'S CLoTHIHO STORE. No. 460 SkVIHTH SlftEET. CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS. HATS awd CAPS. At 20 Pes Cent. L*?? than thb Usual Rates. At SMI T H ' S. No. 460 Seventh Street. fr. B ?All in want o( CLOTHING and FUR SHING GOODS wi'l fiad it greatly to their ad vantage to five me a call. Qe 7 tm J. H. SMITH. tijiTHin. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our cuatooners.and cttixens general ly, to an inspection of our preeent new, at _ a? CLOTHS. CASSIMKRES, DOESKINS, Vt.STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. WW whioh we will make to order in inferior"*mm style atrery low price*. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., oc25-tf 324 Pa. av., hetw. <*th and l<?th sta. NEW PAWN OFFICE. 6 V E. WAR D~Dea.:*r in NewO 0 and Ufc't Off ClothinK. respectfully informs the pablic that he ha* opened a LICENSED PAWN OFFICE at No 76 Louisiana avenae, Ut*?-n xth and loth iti , a few doo?s wwt of the new Cen tral Guard house, where he will he at ail time* prepared to wait on hit patrons with promptness, attention and the strictest iustioe. N. 13?Jewelry, Dry Goods, Clothing, Mechan ics' Toils, Ao., always on hand at pmate sale, de 7 lm* THE OVLY PKEPARATIOK WOBTHT OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE *XJK S TA TESal a. iv, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in ail parts of lb" world testify to Uv? efficacy ol PROF.O.J WOOD 8 HAIR RESTORATIVE, and geatlemen of the Press are uhaniinoaa to in pram A few testimonial only can be here ?iven ee ci cuiar for more.aad it will oe impossible for you to doubt. *7 Wall Stmkt. N*w York. D*c. 20 I8r?. Gentle?n m: Your note of th- 15th ibstant has been rocived. eayinc that t?u had heard ] had been benefited by the useof Wood's Hair Ke storative, an * requesting my certificate of the fact if I had oo objeotion to give it. 1 award it to you ohee fnl-y, because I think it duo. Myat* is a!>ont 5P year*; the oolor of my hair *uhnrn, and ino'iand to ourl.%>m( five or ix rears siaoe if began to turn fay, and th? t-oa'a on tneorown of my head to lose its ?ensil>i ity anil dandruff to form upon it. kacn of these di*a#ree abihties increased witn time, and about 4 months emoe a fourth was added t<? them, by hair falling ofl the top of my head and threatening to make me balu. In this unpleasant predicament I was induoed to trw W nn^'m H*ir U Mlrtrtti v? miinir tn n.rrt*tkt thu falling off of mr hair, for 1 had really no ^isola tion that gray hair o. u d ever be restored to ita original oolor except from d?es. I wai.howewr, Sreatly surprised to find, after the use of two bot es on'y, ' hat not only was tne falling off arreate-i bat the c"lor was astored to the (ray hairs and sensibility to the scalp arid dandruff o'ased to form on my head, vary much to the caufio%tion of my wife, at whose solicitation I was induct d to try it For this, amine the many obligations 1 owe to bar sex, 1 strongly reoommend all hasbanda who va.tie the admiration of their wivos to profit bj my example, and use it if growing irray or getting na a. Very respeotfuRy, Bxh. A. Lavbmz*. To O.J. Wood A Co.. 444 Broadway. N. V. My family are abseat from the oity, and 1 am no longer at No. 11 Carrol Piaoe. Siamstok, Ala., Jaly SO, 18M?. To Pftor. O J. Wood: Dtar Sir? Vour "Hair restorative" has done 1117 hair so uiaoh good su oe oominenoed the us* of it, that I wiah to m?ke known to the publie of tU rfi ecte onihe hair, wn icn are great. A man or vomu mar benearly depnv d of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" the hair will return more beaatun than ever i at least this is my eipenenoe. Believe it a>f Vour? truly, wK. H. Kmn P. 8.?You oan publish the above if you like By publishing in oar Southern papera yea will net more patronag* f^outh. I see several of your oar tifio&tes in the Mobile Mercury, a strong Southern paper. W. H. K***dt. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIYt. Puor. O J. Wood: Lltar Sir: Having had the misfcrtune to lose the beet portion of my r.air, from the effentsofthe yel ow fever, in New Or-war a in 1851,1 was induced to make a trial of yonr prepara tion. and found it to answer as the very tning ne?ded. My nair is now thiok and glossy, and no words oau express my obligations to you in giving to the affliotsd such a treasure Finlby Johnsos The Restorative put up in battles of three eises. vi* : large, medium and sman; the email hold half a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the me dium hold* at leaat 30 p*r oent. more in proportion than the email, retail* for two dollars per bottle; the large ho'da a 4 uart, 40 per oent. more in proper tion, and retails for IS. O. JTWOOD A CO., Proprietors, 444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louie Ma Sold in thia o ty by C. 8TOTT, ST ft Pa. avenue. an 27 eoly,alw JJOLIDAY ^P^ShNTS-SUlTABl.E HK One W Heal Sable, "' One Set Royal Ermine, At half their usual price. MINK SABLES^ Moateiegant sets, at prioas to suit the times. FRENCH MINK, FRENCH &ABLES. B-autifu Sets, from A1A to !&. CHILDRKN-S FURS. Muffs, Viotonnes. and Capes, in a>l their varie Ues, from 75 oents to < B. H. JSTINEM ETZ.**? Pa sr., between 13th aad l*h sts. [F YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION m H A R V E Y'9 Who has Just raoeived a large supply of fresh LOB STERS, FISH, and fins OY*TER8. whioh hs will serve to oustomers at thei borteat n<* m ana on utyrei t*rn>. P. S ?Of at*ra mi-tmI fo familiM and hotel* t-< not Maided: they art only Maided for mtmb* eat ing then at li>? aaloon. d?? T. M. HAHVKV. J<Oi th? Arab. LheGarihaidi, other Hf and beaatifei aty M 11 aad French Bearer Clotk.ia eneei to |k, to vluok n aak the attenttoa a ao*n TAVLOK tt HUTQUIPON. WTtiVlLlNe TRUNKS. K Have jsat reoeived the larreet aeeortaea T1IE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Tku mmtkaat Fumikt u4 N a in?r v?n*ty o4 ou bfibudta ui Friday l? OOfT. ft iuib. 1 ""f? ? ! > TN OOpiM - ? TVMKr iMMfM V It lavanaMy ooutauu to* "WukififtM N#w?" UK bu mala TK* Dmtli limn 5m> outt.M ao caoarally tLroiihoil Um aoutry. lETSififie oopiM (ta n>?pir?' ?u ba proenre* kt the counter, aftar tk* tana of U* PMar. Pnoo?THREE CENTS FOR SALE AND RENT. Ir?OR RENT OR LEASE FOR A TKUM OP 1 YEARS?TUo olfrtB and OROIND^ lau-Jy occur ie*1 by Po?tm%star General B own, and vary recently held t?y Mr?. South a* a female inatitnte. For further information ap?!y to CHA9. APLRT. de4 ?otf Surgeon (? *Beral U.?. A",y. FOR RENT. iB the Firet Ward?three i^tvri WNt of the VV?r DrMrtawnl-t im&I OP F1CE, with back room, or the former m*> aaawer for a ahoe: and Parlors and Ch?mb*ri, aeparate. or suite ot Rooms, furaithad or anfnrmiafead ; cIom to the \r?rui. I nuir? at llua o&oe. de 3 nawtf FOR RF.NT-The fin* BRICK HOl'BE No. 100 Went at, Georgetown. at present ooea pted 1>? the anlmonber. It has 13 rtxuna. with |M and water throughout, a fin# yard, etabie 4? ,jm ta in acood neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A^MA HR1PKR. p<>? tf KM>R KENT-A three story bnek HOlVK.aoa r tainin? 8 room*, in good order, with gas 6x torrs complete, on H st-eet. between ?tji and 9th. Alao. a two-story brick COTTAGE, with larte yard attache-1, earner of F afreet north aa4 14th at. east. To punetaai and reliable t* the terme wi-1 be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth at reel, between ?? aad H. wo 18-tf FUR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the balld irt immN^tci; oppor ta the Ve?t win* of tka City Hal., noALtiy ooclp'mI by Chaa. 8. Wallaofc aa ac < A'eo the front room is the aeo> r e ujfT irn iremirc noor 01 me wn" raiiqicK. r qr term t^lr to K1CTBAR0 WALLACE, No. 5 boautana Itmm. ?B< EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who villi ttoiroMfhtera to r? oaire a thorouch and evvteinatio eduoatioc. wb*rm their phyetoal training wi.l raoeire daily and Utention, under the moet approrad ?T?iwa of Calie tr^* anil i,? mnantio*. ar? reepeotnillr lanta) to Ti?it the L'nior. Female, corner Foar teentti it and N>* York ar. md & md? i irmtnt u SC-U" . ~ ?" prujoipala. Female boakdinu and day hChool alexasdru, ta. Mr*. S. J. MouVRMlet, Paijwim. The thirteenth annual mmiod of tfcu InttituUofi will eominKiio* on Taeedajr,September ltth, in Um hou**> recently occupied by rylva?ter Hoott, Em., No. l^o Kin? atr??t. Tbe oourae of *tudy pureoed will eonprieetll th? t>ranohe? requisite ?c< a thorough f.n*.;td Kx: u oation, and Mutio, French, Latin lad Drawing, if dwirwa. in (wuiuua w "?y wnuiww. initi imvi > prepared toreoeirea limited number of pupils m hoarders, who. constituting a part of ber ?? fam ily, will be ur-n^r iter immediate ear# aad euperri sion. wtl! end?aror. a* lar a? p<??i>ihia. to aar rminil them with the oomfortsand Kindly inflaeaooe of Home. Ke.fTmert.?R*r.Q*o. H. Norton. Iw. Dr. Kliu Hamsun, Rev. D. r. Sprint, William HFowle. K?h . F.?l*ar Snowden. tea.. Edmund F Wltmec Eoq., Henry Mar bury, haq., Learia MoKensia a . Robert H. Huntnn. Ki- . W D Wallacb Editor Fvemnr Star. Benjamin Water*, F*q..Jaa Rntviaie Jr_ Raa..Coi. John W.Minor. Loudoun Messrs. fe.aoV<*\ k Marshall, Masara Cor Brothera. Tail. Board, with Tuition in ail the English B-ar."he?. 99*1 for the annual aeaaton?payable semi -annually , in advanoe. >1 urn* a ltd l.xjif ua?e? at Profeaeora* pnoee. JUT No extra chargee. aa DENTISTRY IVf TEETH. of til Mnkral^'la'^ic tee^th.' at tend a at his offoe In tbia city. Many pfr?< >m oan wear tk<a? teeth woo cannot wear otf.ere. arxi oo parioa oat. wear othara who oannot wear these. feraona nalllaa at my offioeeaa be accommodated With an* St) le at id price of Teath thej nay Oe? ' bat to those wtM> are partioa'.ar and wiab the par a at, Cieare*:, atronae*', and irost perfect a-ttn-e the: art call prod aee, the MINERALPLATL n.Ibe more fu iy warranted. Kuoma in this oitr??o. Pa avecae, betwyee 9th and loth eta. Also, 90T Arch street, Pbl.ade pr.ia oe ISO DENTAL CARD. retarn*d and reaumed hla . hoaaeat 4?3 Eat-V t?ird door eaat of Siitfl In addition t | every o'her approved style. Dr. M ha* set D DENTAL R. Ml'NSON Has re( profession. Oftee and hoi %w \ym j \r uvi a^pivi vu ?ij ,?>, ar a?a "?w werw teeth on vuloantta Baw for the .est three an l, from ew*t i*uc<f, knows it exee.a all othera. and ta or e thirdin price thar gold. Hiaoid SSL patrona <>f \Va.a*tptton, Alexandria. end Georae town are re?pectfuUy aoJoited t? oail. aa ? eoly CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, M g Strtet, btttMtm ??A ?U 10tk SlrnU. Wt hara juat fimahed a nuutier of ira* cl?o? CAKKlAGFSj ?wch m Lui*t Foaa.aKB. Fcrfc Fkmotom. Fam\) Cat ruu'<i ?* i Bmtcr.t, which W? will Mil ver* fniKi; profit. !!?? niiw.iicA: in <31(T*rrBt bratcaaa rf tli# buamMa, wf oa'-nHv** that wa kooV tl.r atjio. unci a imvi.'j of worn that wi>l aire aotia - fft; 'H, oofnbir.ini !ifhtK?*a, our.i fort and darabiil Kcrajrtur arcmpty oarrfn"? att?nd*d to tt>? tfce? n?>at r??a<tia4?la obarcaa. IVALTKR. BAR MANN Jt BOFP. CosoUmakera, rceoovaoia to Wm. T. Book. 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Peuu avenue. yy atch RK^a^t"rvLVE* WiLRE I have rw or the beat ntaMifhmmU, and rjr Biiheri with a complete *et of tool* for repair iDt every d-xo'iption of fcn* Watche*, and, ra-ticu ar attention rive to the ianw, by *4 tuoruaih oompMrnt workman Acti a. work %uarar \VE? my own (uperviaion. which int onatomara will &i d tied A. o. every de?cnp ion ol atandard Sri-VER WAKK, plain ami ornamental, manufcoturad I my own auperviaion, whieh my oaatoaaara wtl I fkr superior in fnalitv and finiah to northern war* old by deal era la general and repreeantad aa tnelr own uiaiiuiaetare. H. O HOOD, _ae 6 Pa. av-cue ??r Wfa ?t_ 512 BVTTA "Wtfalt AWD 512 Hamilton! bro. 4 No filS Skvknth St., la tfce pao* to ft ad tha oeleorated Gotta Per eh* Rooftnc and Paint Aiaa, a f aaaml ?it?I of Hoaae Pamtinc Material*. PaiDtiDc ib all ita ex^cuw'. witt '.r paioh a ad on reaeo able t*rm*. 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