Newspaper of Evening Star, January 12, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 12, 1861 Page 1
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4 VSi. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. JANUARY 12. 1861 N?. 2.465 THE DAILY EVENING STAR n PUBU6USD XV BR T AFTERNOON (iUNAATS ?XCKPTKD.) a* mi sya*\fii. Car/ur of nim, omam and lltA tt., ST W. D. WALLACH. 'A^e.i Mrvod ib fMk?ce< by carrier* at 04 ft yvtf, or 37 mbU per motth. To mail ibMrftMra the pr.M ia 5SJD ft r?w> * *dv*nt*; 92 for six month*; ?i for ?.K.ree -month*; ftad for ieaa than three month* at the rato of It o*nU ft week. Smile opiee. us cckt; in wra> pert, two cxht?. \ZT Advhlti*bh?st* ?oou.d be tent to the oAc* ho(-rs 12 o'eioak m_: otherwiM thor mar not imw autil the nextdaj. SHAW, THL BRITISH LIFE-GCARD" Ml!*. [From tLe London Sporting Jooraal J The Pint Regiment of the English Life Qaards, coiamouly called the 44 Cheesemon gers" bj the Londoners, end the members of the pugilistic corps may reasonably divide the applause and emotion which always attend the re?ital of the simple story of John Shaw. He ww a native of Wollaston, in Nottingham _L a. _ _ a . _ _ .a _ .f _ . _ aire, wnere ne was in me occupation 01 a fanner until eighteen rears of age, when he listened to the seductive voice of a recruiting sergeant, and intoxicated with honor and glory, enlisted in one of the famous regiments of horee-guards. who afterwards, upon the san guinary field of Waterloo, smote the Cuiras aiers of Napolecn hip-and-thigh. lie became ? recruit upon the 16th of October, 1807, but prior to that period be had distinguished him self with tre flit upon several oceasions. Upon km of tbeev, while he, a mere striplirg, was fighting with a man forty pounds heavier than'if, he attracted the attention of the fa mous Jem Belcher, who happened to be at 2*<utitigh*m. The Champion stepped fo the 8>de of vounir Shaw, and rave him ss?h sound advice as to the tactics be should pursue, that in the course of a few more rounds he took a decided lead, and finally won the battle in great style. Soon after his arrival in London, ?ud when be had undergone the drill neces sary to make him the alert and active as well as powerful cavalry soldier, ho made his first appearance a* a sparrer, at Hie Fives Court. He was introduced to the notice of the pugi lists and amateurs by Colonel Barton, the pat rnn and kft.>ki<r nf JuaIt R unroll T** k?a f.mat exhibition* he was considered rather slow in his movements ; bat practising with the most experienced and scientific boxers caused a rapid and permanent improvement in his method of attack, His public displays were soon consid ered far above mediocrity, ai.d at length he g??t the better of Tom Molyneaux in a desper Hte glove encounter. It was nnf that three of the Best judges in England of the points of a boxer set to work to study and estimate those of phaw, with a view to backing him in the priie riDg. These were Colanel Barton. Cap tain Barclay, and Mr. Jackson, who had de feate-1 Mend?>za. and was champion when be retired. They found that Shaw pos.?e<fl<d all the requisites to m?ke a first rate pugilist, lie was six feet and half an inch in height, and weighed, when stripped. 210 pound? As a part of his military discipline, ho had been accustomed to use heavy dumb belli*, and from this he had derived great benefit; while ?he continual practice of the broad-sword cxcrcise i*d not only given great strength aud elasti tr\ hi j vpuN on-4 akrttilJn?j ? ? J ? * ? VI.J ?" Uio n i io?o ??MVI oauuiuv 1 ~. vui luauc XJ I 111 an accurate judge of time and dietance. His three judges, then, came to the conclusion that he ought to he capable of administering very effective punishment, and they determined to have a trial set-to at Mr. Jackson's rooms, in Old Bond street, between Shaw and the famous Captain Barclay. The latter so celebrated for h<s pedestrian performances, and as the trainer of Tom Cribb, for bis great battle with Mo iTDeanx. was himself a man of groat strength and .-cience lie never shrank from uunish ment in sparring. nor ever hesitated to inflict it upon his adrer^ary ; and in his person the trying tackle for Shaw was considered first rate,. A few of the aristocratic and wealthy amateurs, besides Col Barton and Mr. Jack eon, were present at the trial-test between Captain Barclay and the young Life Guards man. After it was over, they unanimously agreed that be was one ?f the thorough-bred sort. He was very cool, and all resolution. It was next to impossible to hit him without be ing returned upon ; in retreating, he made fine effective use of his left hand; and bis quiet, temperate manner of closing with his aUver _ite - 1 i. *1 *. ? .1 ? * cm j -nnc tuuii.a. cu iu mil ui ice (icsuy anu indomitable Cribb. Captain Barclay had been used to say, the beauty of Tom id, you can't make hiui loose his temper. Hit him how and where you will, he is always steadily on his fuard while on his lei;* ' This was found to e one of Shaw's chamotcristios. and this fainoas set-to between him and the captain was settled by a tremendous blow on the mouth, which shook the teeth of the gentle man, and Cdused the services of a dentist to be brought into requisition on the spot. The con clave broke np, highly pleaded with the dis play they had had of Shaw's powers, and with a deteiruination to back him as soon a< an op vut.1 vu .'iOfiuiIlliC, uunncr, IUIOU big fellows <juarrelled with Shaw, in the neigh borly ><i of rortman Square, and applied dome opprobrious epitheto to hi? regiment lie forth with administered a severe whipping to the three, one after the other, and then took his seat at the table, cool and impassive. Colonel Barton, Captain Barclay and Mr. Jackson were not the men to leave Shaw long without a match ; and on the 12 th of July, 1S12, he made his regular debut wuh Bur Piwcs, a West-countryman. of game and sturdy qualities, lie must have been a good one, for he fought Tom Molyneoux for above an hour, when that renowned pugilist was in the prime of his strength. But, to the amazement of those not in the secret, who had not been pre sent in Jackson's rotrs, Barrowes stood no chance whatever with Bhaw He hit hiin as he pleased, to often and ao heavily that bis blows on Jthe W eat-countrymnn's head rceound ed like the clank of the s iber at his own heels, when he marched thnugii the pared aourts of St. Jam*-> Palace. In seventeen minutes, dur ing which thirteen rounds were f u^ht. Shxn had M> dreadfully punished bii man about the l J -?? - * ne&u, iqu n? was led out of the rit.g stone blind. The Life-Uuardsinan was scarcely touched himself. He had not n mark upon bis faee, an 1 Borrowes drew no blood from him Throe roars elapsed before the joung soldier entered the ring agnin, and it was exactly two months before that memorable day wbose cloee siw him stretohcd " on that Held of his tame, fresh and gory." During the interval be had practiced much with the gloves, and was held to be, by long odds, the best man in the three regiment* of horsc-guarls Those who hare seen e troop of these stalwart men. mounted on their big bleek horses, will scaroe ly forget the idea of immense physical power they convey, end time out of mind they have been noted for their skill and activity in ath letie exercises The battle in whiah Shaw made his second and last appearance in the prise ring, was with the famous Ned Painter, who afterward defeated Tom Spring. It was fonght on the 18th of April, 1815, on llounslow Heath, and he won again with consummate ease, in twenty-eight minutes. Painter was waited upon by Tom Cribb and Tom Oliver. lie set to with alacritv. and continual ia undaunted plack, bat the Ouardsman bad too much weight and metal. It waalike the charzo rf his own regiment at Waterloo up*n the l.ghter cavalry of the French; or the broad side of a line-of-battle ship agninst that of a *i.K>p-of-war. The punishment administered by Shaw was terrible. He stood over hi . man and planted his hits wi'.h a rapidity and f >ree which reminded every body of Jackson in his fight with Mendoia. Painter wai? knocked down ten times in succession, and in this case the natural effect of such blows quickly fal lowed, for at the expiration of twenty-eight minutes, Ned Painter was taken out of the ring totally exhausted and beaten Yet this was a man of five feet ten inchrs height, whose weight was 132 pounds, and whose frame when stripped, was a model of athletic beauty. More over, be was eontklered a match for the bent men of bis day, end, we repeat, afterwards de feated Spring. Id bia defeat we have the la?ana of estimating the tremendous pagilii'ic powers of Shaw; and it afford* another proof th*t length, streagrh, weight, and acier>ee are ir resistible by smaller men, if their po**es*or 1* a flrat rate fighter, and a herd hitter. In Jaekson, they defeated Mendota. with ridicu lous eus. In Shaw, they beat Ned Painter, and it was literally a horse to a hen all through the fight. And now we should like to know whether any man in his senses believes that Tom Sayare eoald hart foasht Shaw Ion* ? or that be eoald hare come again, with little ex ternal appearance of punUhment, after being knocked down ten or a doien time* bj Jack son ? The Life Guardsman left the ring after the fight with Painter, very little the wore* for the effeots of the battle; and he immediately announced that he should fight for the cham pionship. He ohallanged any man in England and Cribb was ready to take it np. Ax usual, in matters of this kind, there was a great di versity of opinion among the amateurs as to the probable result of a oontest between them. Shaw, in his own mind, felt confident that there ?u do man living who oould beat him, and there seemed to have been several good reasons to lend us to ooncur in the opinion. His length and activity were such that he coald hit and get awaj. He was a fine judge of time and distanoe, and his blows were too heavy to be often warded off. Then, again, Cribb may reasonably be supposed to have de clined as a fighter in the four years which had elapsed since bis last battle witti Molyneaux. But the??> gallant heroes were never to meet in the pugilistic arena Six weeks after his fight with Painter, Shaw's regiment was ordered, in bot has e, abroad, a part of the British army to withstand the onslaught of Napoleon, who bad left Elba, and like an uncaged eagle, swooped down upon the Bourbons of France. ine pugilist was soon bivouac lung upon the plains of Belgium; and the shadows of the An gel of Death s dark wing was rapidly advanc ing to eclipse the star of his nativity. On the morning of the 17th of June, Shaw was engaged in the fight which preceded the tremendous and decisive contest of the follow ing day. lie was wounded in the breagt. and ordered to the rear by his commanding officer. , Here he had his wound dressed, and finding but little inconvenience from it, he returned, with a noble ardor, to his plane in the ranks. Of all the private soldiers and corporals who uioiiuguioucvi lucmi'cn ro uii iuu lO<U Hi n M* terloo, Shaw's gallantry was the most conspicu ous. How the troops stood the terrible pound ing of Napoleon's artillery; how the Life Gnards. Scotch Greys, Ac , cut up the cuiras siers and cavalry of France ; and how tha Gre nadier Guards beat back the final charge of Ney and the Old Guard, is a matter of history. Our sketch has to do only with the exploits of the wounded prize-fighter, who there con tended f>r a wreath of imperishable glory, and won it with his heart's best blood. Ac cording to all accounts of those who fought by his side, he titled and disabled ten of the enemy before he was stricken by the ball that laid him low, and in the spot of the very melee whsre ho fell, and was found dead the next day, there were seven Frenchmen, all killed by sabre-cn's dealt by a powerful arm. Shaw possesaW the science of the sword" in a very eminent degree, and that, as well as their great strength and courage, was demanded of him and his comrades in their encounter with the mailed cuirassiers of France. Kver since the battle, his name and memory have been re nowned in song and story; and in him and Kobin Hood. Nottinghamshire has two of the greatest idols of rustio regard that Englund has produced. As a prize-fighter, his merits were great, and he would have attained the Championship hnd he survived the battle of Waterloo. His trial with Captain Barclay caused General Barton, Mr. Jaokson, and the other amateurs who wit nessed it, to pronounce him, with one acclaim, a "thorough-nred" boxer, and to compare him with Tom Cribb. He won both his fights with great eas?, and without receiving any punish ment himself, while bis adversaries were ter ribly cut up by his heavy kitting. The truth M, mat SDkw, id common witb Jackson, Uribb. Old Dutch Sam. Jack R indull and Tom Sayers, had in perfection that first great requisite of a boxer, the capacity to strike very heavy and punishing blow?; while his great length of reach aad activity enabled htm to get away and come again much more rapidly than most men of the weight can do. It is true that Ned Painter was not in condition when Shaw bent him; but it in equally true that the latter had do regular training, and was only in such con dition as the soldierly drill and pursuit of ath letic exercises maintained him in Then, again, the ease with which he defeated hiin must be taken into account. It will surprise some that a soldier of the Life-tJuards, under the strin gent discipline of the British Army, could Gght prize battles and intend to enter the lifts for the Championship. But the explanation is e**y At that time it was commonly held that the stunding-up fl^bt method of the ring cul tivated in the English and Irish people that resolute and obstinate valor which has often overcome the most daring chivalry in a long struggle. Consequently, the officers of the army and of ships of war mostly encouraged rather than repressed the pugilistic inciina . e . l * - iiuus oi iaeir men, ana la >uga a prize battle, liko ai.y otbrr was a breach of thepcace, more magistrates went to eee them, and laid bets upon the three events, than mado efforts to prevent their occurrence. Thus we find the officers of the Guards interposing no obsta cle to Shaw's fighting; and two other gentle men, who had held military commissions under the king, were the men to bring him out as a boxer. The people of that age tnaj have been mistaken in the notion they entertained on this subject, but they fouzht the French for about twenty years, and finally prevailed by dint of sheer game nnd bottom. We purceive 1 .1 - ** *> * - mai.ur CiSaennra J erruld, a bran-new officer of the Loodob lUflo Volunteers, who*o epaulets have just sprouted from his callow shoulder.*, lays it down that the ring has no tendency to encourage valor and manly fortitule. That u all very well; but Nelson of the Nile, Welling ton of Waterloo, and valiant John Shaw, the Life Guardsman and prize-fighter, held to a different conclusion. We shall bavesomebodj saying next that the forest life of the Western States had nothing to do with the coolness and deadly accuracy of aim which enabled the vol unteers of Kentucky and Tennessee to infliot suoh terrible losses upon the British at New Orleans. The sketch of Shaw, like his glorious career, is ahort; and it ia ended. - i? im<l -j r* ? ^ t vuiiviiiia ua W lUD ??OlU U1 L/fCOUi U8T have been received by Pony Express. The new* it not important T tie State redeemed >28,000 worth of anmatnred bond* on the *J4th, at 92a92X centa on the centa. It La* rained almost incessantly throughout California for ten days The atorm ha* been the moat severe that hat been known for years, and haa caused considerable damage in thla interior district The mountain! are covered with an immense accumulation of snow. In San Francisco all business had been sus pended on account of the holidays and the weather. JUT" At a mass meeting of worklngmen of New re, m. j , oa Wednesday evening, Union apeechea vrert delivered by Judge Pit raon and Wa-jgh, and other*. 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Foot of Stvtnittntk strut, btlott War Department, wood prepared, any ieof th and eise, to Hit the wante of a*oh porohaeer _ coa' -kkpt in coal houses, pretexted from the weather?delivered free from sl&te, dirt, and other impurities. no 10-tf 833 Pa. av.. b?tw. I1t\t and 12th tft. ia mm gallons champagne and BMW I pinotM to M J told ob reuouble tar ma In o lor oiY i^nni itook. 8lr AB APPLE CIDKR.-We lnnU the f?blio to oar tare n ai.d veil m OtomMptud Crab Apple Cider, laioe, and wUlbt ler to makoroon tot 9iT5/o5 T Omtt AO HATCH oc i-Su CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Strut, Bttwt* 9th and Idtl S:rt$it.

W? bare joat finiahed a nnmbtr of irst ol&ia CARRIA6BS, aach M Linkt AmIaJEBlB, Park Pk tat cms. Fnrr.tly rimtu, and Buginti, which we will mail H*=*3 a v*m amall profit. Moi practical mftch&uic? in different branch** of tha buainect., wo (latter ooraelvea that we know the atylee tuxl quaHtj of work that will aire aatia faoUoQ, oomb'.cicc lif ktneaa, oomfort ana dnrabilt Repairing prompt*? and carefully attended to the ahcrteet nctioe and mo?t reasonable oiiveea. WALTER, KARMANN & BOPP. CoMhmRIPri. fHM(Aia^r> t? Wm T U/^V MMjr The SvbrtribaV^wn^^m&iie additional* kl jMte^^maJiinc it now ono 91 tho lwt?*t/ Uetr.ot, where his faoilitiee forwAh? man aiaeM ripeCAKK1AGH * L18HT?= W - NS of ail kinds cannot be snraaeeed, u4 WA?ONt) of ftU kinds CMinot be wrfMiid, from kia lone expeuenos in tie Ima, ha kopaa ^^k'.ndi orJarrifcrte'aSl tljfkl Wftcens kc#t ea hfctuli Ail RKPAIKSaMtlrd?M,uU?Jl enten prem?t Seeaad- kmad Otrrtecaa takenia acekucefer saw aaea. ANDREW J~ JOYCE, 4 la-tf unir af UtL uj K ?* WOOD AND COAL. TO T1IE PUBLIC! GO WHERE YOU C A N GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH EP*TRY IT! PROVE"IT ! KNOW IT '-JF1 TR Y lv HA T ? p,ONEtiR MILLS,and buj your PROVE IVHAT? Pro*# that you can your WOOD there o' eaper than ei?Mvhere in the city ; and then you KNOW WHAT? . JET Knnw that you cet GOOD MEASURE and the very beet of WOOD for leu* money. Crt Split, and Dzi.ivk&kd F see or Chars g. Call at thk r i o k r. l k mills: SIGN OF TUE BLUE FLAG-STAFF, Southwest Cobpcbr Skvkmth >t. and Canal (South of the Hn<1(e.f no 19 GKORtiK rAGE. A?bxt. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parti of the oity, at the loweat possible rates. T. J.Sc. W. M. GALT, Offioe 983 Pa. ST., between 11th and 12th ?ts., m*. ?.-.???. mtAm. U'?| ?u OiUVt GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. \V- THOMPSON ft CO. Would oa 1 the attention ol water takers to their full assortment of Fixtures nooessart to its intro <!ucti .n,aafbl!ow8:-KlTCHKNRANfiES,BATH TUBS, WATKR Cl.ifSETS, HOT WaTF.R BOILERS. KITCflKN SINKS'. PUMFS, Cart Ir in, Wrought Iron, i-eari and Galvanised W A TER PIPES, HYDRANTS audPAVE WASH ERS. RUBBER HOSE.fco. Having superior advantages, with practical k'ow!eJK?, wo are propared to mtrodooe Water int? dwellings with ail the latest imeroverrents, prompt.i, anil at pnoes tnat cannot fail to satisly. 269 Peon, avenue, no 34 dtMar 1 bet. 9th and ltrth att, south side. Awm. T. DOVE & CO. KE Now prepared to execute any order* witk whicn thej inaj be favoTed in the PLUMBING. Gftp. Ofc^KAM FITTING V3* 5^tor? on 9th street, a iew doora north of Pa, avenue, where mar be {band a oomalete *Mortmerl of CH aN'DKLTERS and other GAB, STKAM and WATKR F1 XTURKS. i<?> It WGAS FIXTU RES. E Hurt in store. aud are dai.y receiving, OAS F/ijf U/t ITS of entirely New Pat?erns and Dosicns and Finish, superior iu style to anything heretofore offered in this market, \Ye invitecitizens ?en?r?l It to cfiil and examine onr ttoo* of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeiin* confident that we have the beat selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to oar c*re will be promptly attended to. MYF.R8 A M06HAN. mar 5-tf 37* I> street. I HMVIU U I. LUMBER AND GAS FITTER, Hu removed to the corner of Twelfth and F sts. H?' is prepared to in'roduee Water and Gas upon the r..o?f favorab'.o termi, and guaranties entire ati s faction Hehas on h*nd a lot of COOKING aid other STOVKS, winch he will sell loss t.wu ooet. as he Wishes to get rid of tiiain. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALE* OF GAS METERS. WlLtHlNBIO!*, J ciT 14, 18M1. NOTICE PS HEREHY GIVEN, Tha* a?ree aMy to the provisions of the ?>u!i?ai<co of the Cor poration approved May 13, 138ft, the undersigned is new prepared, "whenever resmred ic writing, and on pre payment of t?o few of fiflr esnU, to inspect., test, p.cve, and ascertain the accuracy of registration of \ny km meter in in this city." Every meter, if fon?d incorrect, will be condemned, and another, sealed and nark^! as truo, will be 83tmi'? place. If proved to be aconrate in its measurement of (as, it w:li be sealed accordir.s'.y, and acatn put m posttios for use. Otoe No fllO Seventh street,(near Odd Fel .ows' Ha'! ) 'Ipen frnmfc ? . m., to 5 p. ra. W. CUNNINGHAM. jy M-tf losp^otor ajid Sealer of trae Meters. EXTRA LXTRA OLD Xf 0L0 'FAHILY RYEs FAMI1Y RYE] The above PURE WHISKY, Cor*** Distilled from Maltbd Grain, bemi (aperior and uniform in qn&'iity, and highly improved uy ace, > preferred by o.'EiDmori to aU other Whukiea, and partion l*-ly ri>coir.niended by the best phyaioiana and nhsati?tsaa^o?ae<ting all the requirement* of ft m part , St&tM ; and to this iuay, in a great degree, M at tributed the oxcdlleuce of thu.Whialy. For sale by FREEWAN & SIMPSON. F henix Diati 11 err, On thr SohnyUnli river, Philadelphia. (Miaaa 96 Wall treat, New York ; 109 South Front etreet, Philadelphia. w?r?-w 1PLOUR, BUCKWHEAT, POTATOES, AP ' PLK8,Ao. lflft hbis, new Richmond Family and Ext a Flour, 6,WO lb?. Fresh Groand Buckwheat Mea>, SM) bushels White Mercer Potatoes, loo do. Rlue do. do. $ do. Chegtnnt*. Keoeived to-daj and for sale low in lota toeiut by D. L. MORRISON A CO.. no f??>rnwr of TwwUt.ii N MERCHANT TAILORING. % _ KVV FALL STYLES of CLOTHS. CAW Af L'lIC a XI IX UD*!TI\TAC i" r.un, niii/ r?c a iii uo. WALL. STEPHENS 4 CO., 3U* Feur.?ylva nia Avenue, have just received a large vanetv o< now Pall Goods, to which they invite the attention of their friend* ami oii*tom?r*. an SA-tf HAVE you SEEN theSne-'ntOhildran'* Booka at FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S. 2T8 Pa. avenue, selling for in cents? Have you eeea the eloiant M2 Annual* foi New Year present*, at FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S. ?eUiu/fnron!T ? . Call and inake youi purohaee* before they are all Kone. At FUENCH A RICHSTEIN'S, dt? ? 279 Pa. avenue. DUPO^T'9 gunpowder, For sale at manufacturer* john J. BOS UK, Giouitowx.D. C? Sole Atenev far the District of Columbia A large aupp.t. embraoinc ?v?rj variety, alwaya on hand, nu delivered free to all parta of the Dia tiet. Ordera oanalao b? left at the nffiae of Atlanta' CnfhpanT. W*?hinrt/?n. 0. C. f? 8-lawlv WOOD! WOOD!! WOODS! 8TOVK and KINDLING the Iovm ?oe?bie pnoa. T. J. * W. M. ft ALT, Pa. ar., between 1HU and 13th ?U., ma 17-f na-ts nil 1 TRAVELIN? TRUNKS. ^ K Haw juat t?o?l??l the largest aa?ortm*nt pfs|8B ooKtf 329 Pa. at DENTISTRY M LOOM IS, M. D-. tb? ismtor tad pttntM ofth? MINERAL PLATK TKETH. H Uwli perwstllT at hit oftm intktaolty.L Mat; peraont nd vmt thfta t*#tk wtio cannot wear other*, and no p?raon ou wafer othtri wno C&DHOl H4MWr ICN6, Peraona ra ii>:* %t bit office can he accommodated with ?ht atyle and pnoe of Teeth th<*y stay deal re: bit to thoee wno are particular and wrah the ^irMt cleaneat, strongoct, and r?<>?t per;eet denture that artcan aruduee. the MINERAL PLATE will be more fu'ly warranted. Room* in thia oity?No. J3?Ta. arenee. between 9th and 10th it<. Also, 907 Aroh ctreet, Hhi.atsel phia. oo 16 tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MVNSON Haa returned and reaaimed hia rofe?aion. ( .fcee and hoaeeat 463 E ayA third door aaat of Sixth. In addition V-meiS every o'her approved atyle, Dr. 3t. haa meC** I M u teeth on valaAnice Baae for the laat three yeara HO, ironi eiprrimc, Know* u nxoe.1 All othara. and it on#-third l?*g in prme th*n goM. lu old patron* of VVukmitDB. AlaxarKiria. u4 e?onr* town are rMpaotiallr aoioitpd tu Mil. * S aolr t^aV^L*^' Dlj^TORYT BALT1MORF. ANl) OHIO railroad. Washington branch. change OF HOUR*. On and afl*r sunday, NoTMnNar Sttb, 1880, th* trains wilt mo &i follows: - lea VE washington: Pint tr*m ata m. Saoond Train at a m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Expreaa. Fourth tiam at 6 p m. leave BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15 a. in., Kxproaa. 8?co?id train at 8.35 a. m. Third at S.W m. m. *? _?U - ? OA _ ruurm in p. in., nxpr^ii. The first, ?eo<>ml and t.iird train* from Wash tngton onnneot through to Philadelphia and New \ ork. The second and third oonnect at Washington Junction with trai-na for tim West, South, and Northwost; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napotis. For Norfolk take the "? 40 a. m. trai . For the a?oommo<iation of tho war travel bs tw?en Washington and Laurel, a passenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train which leaves at 12 ro. OaSMurd%y the3.1ft p. m. train goes to Philadel phivonly. no 26-d T. H. parson#, Arent. THE STEAMER jas, ?UY WiU reeum* hor 1 trips on TUESDAY, Slat of Febrnarv, I?0. Will leave WASH INMTON r-rr-rj tuesday and**?*" FRIDAY, at? -voiock a.m.,and alexandria at half-past 6 <'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the^ intermediate Lai.-lin;> On her return trips, she will leave currioman every WEDNESDAY and SA l'UK DAY. at t o'olook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Agt. Alexandria. fe* Holiday presents-suitable me mentos: j%i ^ One S? t Kcal Sabl*, One Set Royal Ermine. r At half their nsual prioe. MINK sables! Mnit AlAr&nt iiif a. li nrinat tn uitthe times. i-? ?u?iu iruu chil.DRKV9 Ft'RS*. B 1*11 titu; from (10 to fl&. Moff?, Victorine*. ?nd Capet, in a 1 their T*ri? tiee, from 75 csnu t?> $? b. h. 3t1n e M ktz. S*6 Pa a*.. de 24 between 12th and 13th eU. Dr. J. H. MeLEAN's STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AKD BLUVD I'l RIKIKK THE GREATEST REMEDY w tk? WORLD, and the noit Ha Dblicioo* ait> F*p 63 delightful Ef i Jfm a f ai\ lAAnrt.J It ia atriciy a aci ciuie and Vtfiu bla Omipoand, rr? csrad by tha dtaui)* U<? of rnwta, harta, and barka. V allow Dock, BirxxJ Hoot, Biaek i-w.BirfN ri'la, Wild Charry Bark, and Dat,dtlieo atura into ita fa paaHW Tha antira aetira r? uiadial pnncipltj _ of aaeh injradiaot u . . - . -? dlattlliuf, prodaeiaf a eaticiosa, a iM la ruin* aplrtl, aad tha naa*. infalliHa raroalyfar ratioaauiig tha dtaaaaad ayatan, and raatarinf tha atek, artnf, and dabiUtatad Invalid va haa'.th and ?-ran*th. _ McLEAWS STRF.XUTHF.NINO CORDIAL Will afaet?a!(y emra Liaar Complaint, Dyapapaia, Ja?B dica, Cbranic ?r Nar*ua? Oabiltty, Diaaaaaa of tha Kidnaya, ai d all diaaaaaa anain; from a diaordarad Lirar or totnaeh, Dyar apua, Rautbuu, Inward Piiaa, Acidity ar Sicknaaa d ?k. Pallnau mM R'.muI ?W- U ?i f>-i O ? w.njmtr.f lnthiHfd, Palpitation of tba Haart, Ktllnaaa r W airh: in the Bar Ermcuuoua, O.okinj or adotatlnf r??tinr vban i?rji>r don, Drynaaa or YalloW nm of iha ikiu and JCyaa, Biijht twaata, Inward Fa*ara, Pajt. in Uia mail of tlia Back, Ckaal, or Stda, Saddac Piaahaa af Han, Papraaa-.n. of Bpirite, VriffctlW DtaiM, Lanroor, *r ??? i.arToaa diaaaaa, Boraa or Plolchaa an iha Sk.',, atd Fa?ar aad Ajaa (ar CMlli and fltW.) OTER A MILLION BOTTLES bar a kiln Mid darinf tha laat an nonika, and i> ta la aunca baa It failad in r i?i: g anura aatiafacuan. Wka. it an. will asfar from Waiki>aaa or Dabilttj vhan McLCiMI rraENQTHKSlWO COWDIAL will cara ?.|1 no ur.|n|i can c?- u tciquii iom M tec iwmci in and ilnwl mirmc?toa? chinji prod acid by taking thM Cerdiiil u: tbi diaaaaod, dib:lr.aiid, ud ih?ttind mr*oa? yttim, wtithir brokitt down by item, ?ill by nlitt, u imptitid by aickoOM, thi rilitid u? tnitiui arfful nun u iMirid l* it* pruiuii hultb and ?ifor MARRIED PERSONS, or othir*, cnicwu of inability from wbatovor uih, will tod McLKAN'M ?TKKlfGTHR.MINQ CURDLAL a tto raafb rif luirai.r of tfco ijitic.; and >11 wbo put hav* ia |itid ibir itWii bj Improper lufltlj aocai vill iod in tfei* Cordis 1 a eortair and ipitdy rirnidy. TO THE LADIES. MrLBAin rPaKHOTBEWIIlO CORDIAL ti a .o?ir ten and tpudy can for ln:ipi?nt Comattpuon, Wbi.aa, Ooa< ractid or DiSeall Maeatraai-oa, locantioinci of Drun or Urol salary DimUtm iboraof, Falltrf of tbo Woak, iddinaii, Piiounf, aiio all diiiun mcidoallo rimaioa THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT later n? I?nvtr Ttka it itfcfirdin# t? n?i.a 1* *411 tiraalata, tr?r.f:b?n, and taviforata y?? aad uua the bloom af htal Ji to mo?:.t yar chaak i{ut. tiar; ia varrurtad ta girt vitf?et??r *0/t CHILDREN If yoar chikdraa ui sickly, paur ar aaietad, McLKAHf CORDIAL will maka than health*, fat, aad robaat. Dalay a at a roomaat; Uf it, aad jta will ha eaaviacad. ll ia da Uciaai tatakt. CI VTIOTi. Bawart af dr*f fiata ar daalaia who ox r try ta pal a a pan JOB lama biuar ar aaraapartlla traah, which thay tan bay chtaD, b turning it U jaat aa good. Avoid aach nan. Aak for McLKAll* ?TRlWaTHl*IMO CORDIAL, aad taha oothinr alia. It ia tha only ramady that will parif* tha Blood thoroughly and at tha aama tima (tranrthan th? ?a(ia On* it itpooofal taktn ?*?ry inor*u>( lnunf la a ctrtain pra'antira for Clioiara, ChilU and *"t?tr, Yellow Ftfir, o? IDT iriraligt dutui. It ia pat up in larrt bottlaa Prica aoly 91 par bottla, ar ( bottla* for gt f. H MrLEAN, Bala propria.or of thii Cordial; alto, MeLaaa** Volcanic OU Uinimaot Pnocipal Oopot at. tta corn a r of Third ud Pica aUMU, Bt. Laaia, Mo. KoLe&n't Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST UHIMEMT W THE WORLD ) Tlit ooIt tali ud ctrtnu ear* far Can ear*. Mat. Tm. MO, l?illu|a ui tfondutoar C?vi, Putlrw, Ntu ralfia, Waakoaai af it* Muaclaa, CbraMc a* UnmiMUiry R)i4?ji(tum, It'fiitu *1 tha Man, C?agpei?d Mucui at Lifa luinta, Earaeha arTonChaeba. BrtfMa, toruM,Fraai? Cau. WouiU, Ulcafa, Fa?ar S.-raa, O.ktd Brt tat. t?.>rt Nipplaa, Buna, Ieal4a, Sara Tkro*t, or any iuluwiaum m pain, to haw aavar* or lau t*.a fcatua aii Ka<a aualit, McLXAlfB CELJCBRATKU LlNlMtlNT to a eantiB rtma4?. Thoaaanda of btau bautfa ha*a baan aar?d ? lift af dia crapitnda and ar.iaat 7 by tka Baa a( ikia laTalBalla rana<;. MeLEANS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliava pain a J moat matanlt naoaaly. aad H will elaoa, parify and baal tba foalaat aoraa in an latradlbla abort lima. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. AicLKAND CbXKBRATkD LINIMEMT u tba only aafc and roilabla ramady far tba ear* af Spavin, fcaffwa, WtDdfaila, 8t linu. Unilateral Lniopa, Nod a* or a'ilu>g? It novar fallad to cara Bi| Raad, Pallaatl, Tiatala, Old Banning iaraa, ar Bwtaoy, If proparly applitd. Tar praiua, Braiaaa, Bcratehaa, Crackad Ru.i. <>.fa?, Baddla ar Collar Oalto, Cwa, Boraa, or Woanda, It ta an tnlalbbla ramadv. Anal* it aa diraetad u< <? u ? lUUBCt. Thaa tittt M Utpi viA Ikt maa* varthlaaa LtalT.ama fart* u> rw. Obuun a aapfM* of D? RTr LEAN'S CELE BRATED UW1MEKT It will em m. J. 8. McLKAN, Rett Propria tor. Corn r Third u4 Plat Ml, II Lou. Ma. CHARLES flTOTT, ITS Pa. a*., adiifiat la W taking laa: K.S.T.CIttEL.UMrraUrn. a(M-MWI| CLOAKS! ^ ^ _ affi CLU A K 08 CLOAK BS! fh? CmbUI?, the Ar?b. thetitrihtldi, he Romeo, the Zour?, the AlbuM. he Richard, the Kncusb P**k. thoFrenoh PMk W>*k ? ? ? ?- ? 4 * 4 * R*?tTraoo m?1 Froreh Bmtw Cloth, in jmeee Ir m *3 50 u> #8*. U. vkMkvtMk tk? fcttcctioa of ttDQl7lM' TATLOK * HUTCH 1 DEBT FANCY OOOB6. TO SUIT TBK TIME*. .'ir1*' ?fS?&5r? 10U VU. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Ftaliiui N inMer nrtM} of ou bt fotad la UJ Pn4*y It lawwbly eon tains tfc* " W?hiftom !*W thtt hM bmU Tk* Dm,Ewki Smt o y?Wfclly throatboat U? ooutr). tUT* flml* ?h?? (la ? wtopmoM at U? QOM?r,l?w?<m?iy altar ta* xntif tto PMot. Pno*-THKKk CENTS EDUCATIONAL. TPEMALK EDICATIQ*. HOHE PvMt< w no wish their t oeire ? thorough and > (tomanc *d their ptijuoa. training will reoeire<' r\%it the I'laoc F UmU itu^ New , York ??. ME. A MRt*. Min tf Z. RICHARD#, PW?IfMi CKMALfc BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r _ ALMXAynRiA. ta. /A. %i|tci r al. 1th tliDUki NUKW of tlui |??ut Mr*. R. Tltt thirteenth tiiMitJ i Wiil oommouM on TuxwUr, AfptomUr lltk. in the |w>a?e rtwutly occupied by ?TlT??t*r t*cott, K?^., No. ISO King iMn. The court* of etudy pa ran ml will ooiriprie* a.i the hntnoho* requisite to a thorough Knglnh K4b cation, and Muno. French. Latin ud Drtvin, u IB Motion to day Mn. MoCorvwok > ?r?p?r?s<j lorNtma Iibu*m cumber of pnptla m boardera. wfco. oonatiCtiUuc ft Mr* of ki>r mrt fun III, will be apder h? immediate oara and inflWl ion. Stio will endeavor, aa tar aa ?naaih'e. to aar round then with the 00m fort* and kiadl v inlaenoot of Homo. Refrrract*.?lor. 0#o. H. Norton. R?t, Dr. Kliu Harrmon, Ray. D. F. PpncK, William H. Pi'wU. Ra^.. K>l?ar Hnovdea. fcaa . Ldraund F Wftmrf IM.. Henry Mar bar?, Kan.. M^Kenmo Em.. Robert H. Hantoa, Rm . W. O Waller WitiT* Star, Benjamin Water*. Kaq .Jaa hntwiile. Jr_ Kaa.,Coi. John W.Minor. Lomou Meaara. felaokWwk 4 Marahali, Meaara Cor BroUiora. Board. with Tnition in a*. F.njtliah Braoobaa. >w for tfca annual aeaatoo?payable aerai -ana a^ly. in atfvanca. Muaio and Lancnacee at f'rqjeaaor*' p-ro*a tT7- No extra chartaa. aa Mf ftw C*uk. Daid, Hm'immi. fa ylioata (?t 'rriluiM e? Sort arm mt tk? 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Bonefi Kic frwciNB. " I taw prored Una asooilMt for WaorriM CoroH." KfcV. U. W. WARREN. Dmim. " when ooa^ollod to ptak, from Cold?* kEV. 8. J. P. ANDK R HON, Si. L??u. 44 ErTBCTCAi. ID roMOTtaf Hoint d?m ?nd IrntttioD of th? Throat. m 9flm*ion vtUi SrkAKB&a and BiM Prot M.STACY JOHNSON. loniiiiv * n ml r t whan tairm !#'nr? BROWN'S TROCHES and aftwr prafeehing. M th?* fr Front their p?#t ftfacu I think th"T w>J_l b*ol yenn*L^&t M itue to me." REV. K. ROWLEY, A. M BROWN'S PrMidMt ol AO?i>a CvHeg*. T TROCHEE fTtftpgng de 1 ly jl n0 f ch arge) FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF FAPBK AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. bt U>? METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP A SOLOMONS. Atentt Jm Lawrtmtt't t*l*br*t$d Ltnm Pmnri, "Mftfn'itim Hill*," *., tc. e ly 338 Pv ? .. b#t. 9t' and 1?U? au. 1861 1861 Commence the Year mtk * L warjr. 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