Newspaper of Evening Star, 12 Ocak 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 12 Ocak 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. ' WASHINGTON CITY: SATIRDAY JUMH ?ptrtt ( the M?rnll| frrM Tb? InttUig'nter propose* u a b??i? of aettle * ?H? nMu A1 flrnltiM. i icbfdale of amendment* to the Constltutioa, providing, that Congress ahall hare no power to Interfere With slavery within the limits of any State, dock yard*, or public property; that trial by Jury shall be granted to the clalmaAt of fugitive ?laves in the State from whteh the slave shall escape; and that 11 territory,north of K deg 30 mln , Shall be ad mitted aa a State with the name of Washington, and all aontb of 30 deg. 30 mln , to be alao admit ted with the name of Jefferson; and farther, that whenever an are* of 00,000 square miles in either State shall have a population of 130,000 inhabi tants it shall be formed Into a new State and ad mitted into the Ub1o?. n The CMtii'Kttm nurses secesston, and urges the propriety of yielding up the right to collect the Federal revenue. The Republic** notices that: "At a meeting at Rockrille, on the 1st lnst., of cltltens of the adja cent county of Montgomery, Maryland, a division, almost exactly equal la numbers, 133 to 131, arose upon a resolution to the effect, that If a disruption of the Union f nally occurred, to which all parti re in ine racfun^ wrre oppcsni, 11 wuuw iucu uc the atntlment of Maryland to attach herself to the Southern Confederacy, or to a Confederacy em bracing the central ilave State*, if aach should be formed;" and says that WashlLgton la to remain aa now, the capital of the Union. Book Noticaa.?W a^e Indebted to Taylor k. Maury for a freah budget of late publications: "Cotna, Medala. and Seala, Ancient and Mod ern," edited by W. C. Prime, and brought out with illuatrationa In auperb style by the Harpers, aupplles In cheap and convenient form a vast amount of numiamatlc;information, and la written In a style to make it attractive to even young people. "The Odyaaey of Homer," literally translated, with exphnatory notes by Theodore Alola Back ley, B. A., forma another volume of the admirable claaalcal library now lu courae of publication by the Harpers. "The Children's lecture Book," and " Up the Flyer," from the pren of tbe Harpers, are well calculated to please tbe little folks. Also, through Taylor & Maury, we have tbe following handsomely issued books for the little folks, from tbe prras of Henry Hoyt, Boston: 'Will Collins, or the way to the Pit;" "Little Jerry;'* 4,Henry Minturn,'' and "Child's Scrip ture Questions' From Crosby, Nichols, Lee & Co., Boston, through French & Rlchstein, we have "Marlon Graham," a tale by Meta Lender. The Aesex al asd Baesaces at Batom Rouge, La.?The War Department yesterday tfterucon received a dispatch from Major Haaklns, tbe ofl eer commanding at Baton Rouge Barracks, dated on tbe day before, the 10th inat., announcing that the Barracks and Araenal there were taker posses sion of, on the demand of the Governor of Loulal ana, on that day, backed by a very superior force. He (Major H ) has acompaay under his command of about 80 men, but there were no defensive works there whatever. > mm BVB- 1 *1(1111 AT BT L.OUIS, 110.?At th6 sol citation of the Assistant Treasurer In 9t Louis, and by direction of tho War Department, the fol lowing order* were tent by telegraph to the com manding officer ot Jefferson Barracks, Mo., Jaa. 10. Via : " Bend an officer and from 40 to 50 men to repair to St. Louis, Mo., for the protection of tbe Sub Treasury, under the advice and counsel of th? Sub-Treasurer at that place. (Signed) " WixrizLB Scott." Sbhatob Caxxxos.?We learn from undoubted authority, that tho Hon. Simon Cameron,of Penn sylvania, la not to be a member of the Incoming Administration, the point having been so settled yesterday. We need hardly say, that we regard tho fact aa sincerely to be regretted, In view of the existing condition of public affairs; for there la ao more conservative member of the Republi can party than Mr. C., as we have taken occasion to explain of late. Ah ixxi.hi attended In the Senate Chamber to-day for an hour before the body met. So great was the crowd on the floor that the Door keeper closed the doors against all others, except those privileged to enter the Chamber when the body Is In sfsalon. Not a seat In the vast gallerWs wss unoccupied, while the lobbies behind them were also so crowded that It was almost 1mpossi ble for one to navigate himself through them. CIT'In the South Carolina Parliament on Tues day, they were debating the propriety of levying a tax upon dogs in thst State as a source of reve nue. Mr. Allen and Mr Palmer ^apoke In favor of It, but Mr. Hope thought the bill would not produce a large amount of money In tbe first place, and la tbe next It was Interfering with tbe rights of tbe dog-owners. The bill was laid on ths table. A**:v*d ? Lieut Talbot, with the despatch* from Major Anderson to the Government, arrived la Washington yesterday afternoon, and repaired Immediately to tbe Adjutant General's Office, and with tbe Adjutant General went to see the President and had an Interview. Lieut. T. Is stopping at tbe residence of his mother, near St Aloysius's Church. Mm Ro?kt E. Scott, or Va.?We have en tirely reliable Information that this distinguished gentleman does not entertain tbe least idea of going Into the Cabinet of Mr. Lincoln, unless tbe existing national troubles be previously settled, upon a basis satisfactory to tbe conservative por tion of the people of the Vouth. fiT* We are requested to state tbat there wll be a reception at the Executive Mansion ?o-dat, and on every succeeding Saturday during the season, commencing at one o'clock p. in The Evening Rtctftiont will commence on Tuttday next, and will take place on each Itematt Tuesday, at eight o'clock Ms Siwaid'i Spssch. ? At the boor-at which we go to preaa .Mr Seward had not made such progress In hta apeech aa to Inform his auditors with reference to any policy which he designed proposing for the existing condition of public a&lrs. C^The Boa. John A Dii, of New York, was yesterday nominated and'eonflrmed by the Senate to be Secretary of the Treasury of the United Ststcs, In tbc pises of Philip F. Thomas, re signed. * Stsbst Rc vol mentions the nsmes of Gen. William O. Butler, of Ky , sad Hon. Bedford Brown, of N C., Is connection with the office of Secretary of War. Essiobsd ? Lteuts Thos. B Huger sad Thos. P. Pelot, of Sooth Carolina, have resigned their eeasMou la the U. 8 Nary. u , i ue ,nw i of k in Dune atatea au thorite tleely that Henry Vinter Davie, of Md , la to be la Lincoln'* Cabinet. Tn Wumi?The following report of the weatber for the morning la made from tbe Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Una to tbe gmlth eoalan Institution. Tbe COM of ofaeervatlon la nboat 7 o'clock J A5CABT 12,1861. Burlington, Vt... overcast, 11? below. Nw Vorb, Y .cloudy. Washington. D. C. cloudy. Richmond, va. clear. Petersburg, Va. clcar. 45?. Norfolk, va clear. JS?. Raletirh, N. C clear. 44?. Wilmington, N. C cloudy. Charleston, 8. C cloudy, MT. Augusta. 6a. ....cloudy, cold. Sevan nan, 0a.. clear. 66*. Macon. 6a. cloudy. Celumbue, cloudy Montgomery, Ala. cloudy, damp Qrtffen, 6a.., cloudy. raoa ran wast. Pittsburg, Pa aaowlng, 90?. &*. * ?-? COWORtMlOWil. 9bsati.?Yesterday, after our report closed Mr Harlait discussed at length the history of legislation In reference to tbe fugitive slave law. and aatd that tbe South bad a good right to lufift a law, but be thought tbe North could be trustflo to furnish Impartial Jurlea. Tbe statement that bad become ao common concerning tbe sectional ism or Mr Lincoln, Ml* with grnur rorceagainst each of tbe other candidate* If Mr. Lincoln i* actional, tbe other candidate* are Intensely *o What doe* tbe Sooth demand of the North Free speech must be stopped In tbe free State*. Tbe North must neither preach nor print their own belief, and their tongue* most be bridled even around tbelr own fireside*. Mr. Harlan further discussed the claims asserted by the South, and said that he considered that the resolutions of Mr. Crittenden comprised s Congressional slave code like all others He would be happy to find the plan of Mr. Crittenden leas objectionable than be supposed, but tbe Sen ator from Virginia (Mr. Hunter) had already pro posed to amend tbe proposition of Mr Crittenden for tbe purpose of making Increased demands of the North If tbe war *hould come, it would be brief It would cost less to keen n war In the Sqgth than the sum lost by the Northern mer chant* In consequence of this panic. After a brief executive session, the Senate ad journed. Hovsi.?At the close of onr report On motion of Mr. Sherman the House went Into Committee of the Whole, and took unaer consideration the bill making appropriations for the civil expenditures of the Government for the vear endlne June 30. i860: which bill was passed. The Committee then took up the navy appro priation bill, and after lta reading the Committee ro?e and the House adjourned. Satcbdat, January 12. Si*at* ?After a few private bill* were taken up and disposed of, and memoriala pre*ented and referred, tbe prder of the day?the President's late apeclal message? c>me up, when? Mr. Seward being entitled to the floor, aaid that Congress adjourned at midaummer under aus pices of tranquility, contentment, and happineaa, and had reassembled amid very different circum stances, which be described at length, with the circumstance* of violence, dlsunionism, Ac., now prevalent, and so rapidly tending to momentous and disastrous revolution. It i* time for everv Senator to aak himself what aball be done. He declared his adherence to the Union In all its Integrity and all it* part*. H? was for the Union in every event of p?are or war He lamented the occasion, but cheerfully lifted up ma voice?even amia existing circumstances? for bit whole country and the Union. Disunion was to unexpected and unnatural that It must re veal Itself In all lta bldeousness soon He wu for forbearance to long as hope might remain of a quiet solution of tbe troubles It was easier to determine what would no', than what would save tbe Union. It (tbe Union) gathered strength from every effort against its in tegrity. Debate upon tbe constitutional powers of Congress with reference to slavery in the ter ritories will not save the Union. A truce to that debate wes necessary to save It. Nor could proving secession unconstitutional, save It Nor was anything to be gained by dis cussing tbe right to coerce. If disunion goes on, that question will be swallowed up In that of the -4 Jl 0?-? A ? n^ui u? scvcuiug m)coerce me rest loacqul esctjin their action. Destruction c met before re construction; and the value of the rase in which the hopes of the Union la kept, consista of lta being unbroken. He thought there is a prevailing belief that le gislative coin promise* which sacnfled principles, are less sure to a vert dangers than to generate them. He did not believe that any body could save the Union by an Insincere compact Discontented citizens had obtained political power in several States, and are using it to overthrow the Govern ment, assuming power to discharge themselves uid others from their allegience to the Govern ment. Certain politicians of New England had essayed to act upon the theory of the disunions of this time, and It waa held that they were acting un lawfully. The General Government was equally orignal with the States' government, and the latter could not absolve any from allegiance to the former, which could not be dissolved except oy joint ana iree scuon 01 an tu original prom ises The Government should furnish the Ex ecutive with ail necessary mean* to preserve the Union; and'that functionary should use those means discreetly. Then the remaining respon sibility rested wholly on the pepple at large. p In the earlier days of the Repuolic the doctrine prevailed that the Union comprehended the en tirety and welfare of the whole country, lie de scribed the difficulties of the formation of the Government, and described the fears of the times that It would not be formed; and held that greater fears are involved in the Idea that It may be de stroyed. As in 1T8G, our eountry now consists of a well connected single whole, and the slight diversity of Its character, instead of being a cause for disso lution, was rather a great bond of continued union, industrially, 4.C., as be explained In detail We were yet a homogeneous people, chiefly of one stock. Why not then remain one people* Tbe tint necessity was security from foreign or domestic violence, and the Union bad proved a perfect shield against both He enumerated the nations with which we bad treaties of amity and commerce through the l. nion. and asked whether any proposed new Confederacies were prepared to keep up diplomatic relations with those nations * He described the wars of this Government, and held that If divided into two confederacies we Were liable to have twice as many wars and troubles aa we have so far had; why and how, he explained. The Federal Government, be held, was far less liable to get Into trouble with other nations than two separate North American confederacies, which would be compelled to take what treaties tbey could yet?not such as their necessities and just rlghtarequired. The imperturbability of the Federal Government had often prevented war un der circumstances In which a new sectional con federacy could not accomplish that purpose. He eiplained with power and effect the inherent weikness of separate or sectional Confederacies, snd the darters of collisions between them; and held that if tUe present Confederacy be broken op. It would be beat that the fragmentary Confederacies arise out of it should be'as nearly equal as possible?as a means of at least tempora rily preventing collisions between them There were Dut two remedies to prevent wars between such fragmentary governments. One the European balance of power system among themselves?the power of the sword; and the other, the Interference of Enropean Powers with sword In hand settling our quarrels on the invita tion of this or that side. If it were possible for such confederacies to be exempt from such contingencies, he held that their establishment would soon abolish universal sufferage, and that tbev would exist only by the aid of standing armies. The only confederacy that Is or errr was otherwise self-sustaining, wa? our presenUone. Canada approaches a state of confederacy, bat lean*, not unwillingly, on Great Britain. The United States are successful in being self reliant without the diaabtlltlea common to other governments, only through the admission of new Atates, that weakened the relative power of any one of the members?State*. He argued that licentiousness must necessarily rapidly gain sway throughout a broken Confederacy, and that Its several parts would soon present the spectacle of seeking, by groveling means, to out-bid each other for the favor or countenance of foreign gov ernments [Here the tremendous pressure of the crowd in the northwest gallery caused so great confusion ss to render Mr Seward almost inaudible to those immediately surrounding him; and, on motion, the presiding officer directed thst gallery to be cleared?and Mr S. suspended his remarks to allow that to be done ] Housa ?Mr. Clark, of Missouri, read a tele gram from St Loula, Mo., stating that the Post (Mkt, Sub Treasury, and Custom House iu that I eltv hud --1 ? -* 1? " " , ? |>an?iuu w vy u. d. WOOpS, and offered a resolution calling upon the Secretary of War for iuforirttion uphn the subject. Ob jected to. After action by the Houae upon a few privnte bi>la, Tbe speaker presented to tbe House the resigna tion of the Mississippi delegation?Hon. Otbo R. Singleton. William Barksdale, John J.McRae, Reuben Davis, and Lucius Q. C l<amar. Mr Jones, of Ga .moved to strike from tbe roll of tbe House tbe names of tbe Mouth Carolina and Mtaalsaippl delegation* Mr Spinner aBed if their resignations removed them from the United States Coiwkm Mr. Burnett Mid they kid already ceased to be members of this body. Onmotl?nofMr Sherman, the House went Into Committee of the Wbole(Mr Colfax In the chair) on the state of the Union, and took ap the Naval Appropriation bill. >ir. Pryor said, ao long aa the American nary confined itself to lta legitimate duties he had always voted for whatever was for its Interests; but when It was arrayed against one see.tlon of our common country, be would see It sunk In the bottom of the ocean before he would vote a dol lar fi r Its benefit. Virginia would not suffer it, i and he was determined that her people should know how and for what purpose money was ap propriated at the present time Mr. Clemens said that he could notaufter the in flammatory remardt of his colleague to pea by unrebuked He stood on an equality with him, and he desired to let the country know that hla people were not ready to Inaugurate civil war. He appealed to? Mr Garnett called the gentleman to order. [Loud crlee of ' order," and "go on," "|o oa "1 Durln? tb? * ? ?? I**) ?**? vioiiich wimartw his point of ordrr, when Mr Hindmaa repeated It Mr. Hill, of Oa . desired to eater his protest sgaUst all sacb Inflammatory debate. His re publican frleads were more anxious for tbe dls c assl on thsa the gentlemen from V irpi nla (M essrs. Clemens and Preor) were themaelvca, and he hoped that It would be dispensed with. The chairman rated that the gentleman from Virginia (Mr. Clemens) was oat of order, and the committee renamed action upo? the naval bill. Stcruita Ordiuacr Pa??rd fcy Alabama MoiinoxnT, AU., Jin. 11.?Th*9tite Con entton pwed the Ordinance of Secemlon to-day i at 2 80 p m. j The Ordinance aa paaaod reada aa followa: An Ordinanc* fa Dirsolvt iht Union between tki | stau of Alabama and other Stat** United under { A Compact STfltd tk* United State* of Atniriea. 1 Wbereaa, The election of Abraham Lincola and ) Hannibal Hamlin to tba < Area of President and 1 aa 1 J a. a*- _ a ?I v v lur i miuctii vi ?uo %j in?cu o?it? ui America oy sectional party. itow< d!y hostile to the domestic Institutions and peace and aecurlty of the people of Alabama, following upon the heels of many and dangerous Infractions of the Constitution of the United >tatrs by many of the States and people of the northern section of the Confederacy, la a political wrong of so insulting and menacing a character aa to juatlfy the people of the State of Alabama In the adoption of prompt and decisive measures for their future peace and security Sec I. Tktrtfort b it dtclared and ordained, by (Ac people of the Start ?f Alabama, in Cnsta tion assembled. That the 'State of Alabama note tcttkdratct and u Kereoy mtkdravm from the Union known as the United States of America, and henceforth ceases to be one of the aald United State*, and Is and of right ought to be a sovereign and Independent State. Sec. 8. And be it further dtclartd and ordained by (As people of th* State of Alabama, us Conten tion assembled, That all the powers oirr the Ter ritories of said State, and over the people thereof, heretofore delegated to the Government of the United States of America, be aud they are hereby withdrawn from said Government, and are here by resumed and vested in the people of the State of Alabama. And, as It ia the desire and purpose of the peo- I pie of Alabama to meet the slavehclding States of the South who approve of such purpose. In order to frame a prov slonal as well as permanent government upon the principles of the Govern- ' ment of the United States be It also i i Rtsolrtd, by t hi prople 0/ Alabama, tm Conein tion assembled, That the people of the States of 1 Delaware, Maryland, Virginia. North Carolina, 1 South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tenneawe, Kentucky, and Missouri be, and they are hereby invited to meet the people of the State of Alabama, by tfitir 1 delegates, in Convention, on the 4th day of Feb- 1 ruary next, at Montgomery, in the State of Ala bama, fur the purpose of consultation with each other as to tbe most effectual mode of securing concerted and harmonious action in whatever < measure mav be deemed most desirable for the common peace and security. Aud be it further Resolcr'd, That the President of thia Convention be, and be It herebv, instructed to transmit forth with a copy of the foregoing preamble, ordinance and resolutions, to the Governor! cf the several States named in said resolutions. Done by the people of the State of Alabama, in Convention aiscmbied, at Montgomery, '.bis 11th day of January, in the year of our Lord 1C61. The preamble, ordinance, and resolutions were adopt' d by ayes 6'; nays 39 After the adoption of the Ordinance the Hall w:.s opened to visitors, when a splendid State flag. prest-i)t?d by the ladies of Alabama, was convened to the President's stand, and formally presented to the Convention, through Mr. Yancey, in a handsome and patriotic address.. Mr. Smith, a delegate from Tuscaloosa county, followed, making a feeling reference to the "Stars and Stripes," and Invoked a blessing on the n?w Mr. Alphecs Baker, of Eufaula, returned the thanks of the Convention to the ladies in eloquent terms. The Ordinance la to be formally ratified next Monday, when it la believed many ?th*r dele gates will sign It. An Immense mass meeting Is now in setaion in front of tbe Capitol, where distinguished co-ope ration delegates are pledging their constituents as a mill 10 sustain secession. rtie nag j r<-s*nted by the ladle* ia now waving over the Capitol amidst the ringing of bella, tiring of cannon and the moat intense enthusiasm. |?7"In Liverpool, England, a poor ehimney rweep recently fell Lelr to a fortune of?40,000 (200.000), left him by distant relation In Wale*. [Vm-* NOTICE.?The Offic'rafrnm egcli Ward of Lk_3 the t nion K iriieiit, are r? quieted to meet atTempe-ance Hall, on TUESDAY .the 15th in?t, at 7 o'clock p m. Punctual attendance is ro questod. ja 12 3t I. .O O. F.?The regular quarterly commu nication of the R. VV. Grind l,odteofthe District ol Columbia will be held at Odd Fellowa' Hall, Seventh street, on MONDAY EVENING, the 14th instant, at 7 o'clock. ja H-2t JNO. T. BANGS, G. S*.^y. frw?FUTURK PUNISHMENT HP T11K II ? WICKED.?Bev. Dr. S* msox will preach on this subject on SUNDAY* EVENING, at7p. in., at the First Baptist Churoh, IS'.h street, bet. G and H. The ptiDlio and strangers especial y invited. It (Y-3=-8ECOND WARD.?The citizens of the JJJ , Ssootii Wsr4,ao?ll(?r P?nn. stm**, Kr* requested to call at the office of Geo F. Ki-Jweil, corner Fourteenth and E sts., THIS <Saturda?> EVENING, between the hours ot 6 and 8, to enroll their names for patrol duty. It* GKAFTON POWELL. rr^y=?REV. DR. SAM?ON WILL RESUME L3 his Bible Lectures at tbe Rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association, on SATUB L)AY EVENING,at7,'i o'clock All a-e invited, ladies a* well as gentlemen, strangers and oitizens. jall-gt NATIONAL VOLUNTEERS, ATTEN \l_Sj TION.?A ireeting of the abov* ranted a? Mvria'.ion will be h-ld next MONDAY EVENING, January 14th, at7S o'?l<>ck. at (lurch's Hall.cor n *r of Fourterath and D sts. The members, and those wishing to join, are requested to be punctual in attendance. By order. R. CLEARY, President. J. H. GANTT, Reo. Sec'y. Ja U-3t* 7fP?IS THEMF, A PERSONAL DEVIL.'? J? Theopu!H;s Fiske will answer this qu s tion conclusively ia the negative, on SUNDAY EVENING, atttie Old Trinity Church on Fi'th str-et. showing that the views enter tained upon this subject are boTow?dfr>.m heathen mythology and Milton's Para Itse Lost.ami are ut terly without foundation e ther in reason or revel* r.-- o ? 9 ? "jii rran hob, service to comment* M o'clock. jall-2t* (V-S^BANK OF WASHINGTON. 1Lj? Jaxcaky 8, 1881. Th* Trnateea of thia Bark h*r?? declared a d vi dend of three per oent oat of the profit* of the last aix month*, payable to st"ok holders on demand. jalO-St J A 8. A DA.Mi*, Cashier. fY"5F?NOTirE.?The partnerahip heretefore ex lj_ 7 iitinic Uatweeii J. Knlm'ki and A. B>e a?ki under the name and atyle of J. Kulinaki A Co., ha? b.?en thf* day diaaolved by mutual oon??nt. A. B elaski in al?o authorised to oollect the d?bt? due the aaid firm A. BIKI.AcI jalt) J KUL1NS |V-5?T?E UNION PRAYER MEETINGS IJLJJ will be buldan every day thia wwk, in the Engliah Lutheran Church, corner of 11th and H atreeta. to oommenoo at 4 o'clock, and to oontc-ue one hour. ja 7 rr?=?DEMPSEY A O'TOOLE. Js3 WEDDING AND VISITING CAKD KNORAVBR8, Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES. the moat beautiful atylea. 3'-IS Pa. Av? between 9th and 10th ats . M: mi 6m Waihinstoh. nPH" UNDERSIGNED DES'RE TONOT'FV ' the cuatnmers of their late Brother. that they < wi'I oontinue to carry on the hntmeaa hi hereto i fore carried on by him. We would be happr it hie 1 f .endt ard cortomera would oontinue their patro nage a* heretofore jalJ tt* JNO SIBLEY ft BROTHER. | \f ADAMF. BOVIN'8 I ItI FKMaLK Ar TKR/LTIVE PILLS. i For theexo'u?iTeneeof laboring uidfr i aoy of the following complaint*: Obstructions, i Suppression*,Green Fiokneea,Headache, Pain in the Bide, Palpitation, Loathiag of Ko ?d. Diatmbed S eep and ?!l Int-rraptiona or Irregulaiti?a of the Menttrnal l'erioda N. B ?Th*s? Pilla should never betaken by fe ma'es during pregnancy, aa ther-would hesue to oau?e miioarriage. Prepared for Madame B^vin at IS Rue Vangirftrd. Parta, France For aale at No 179 aouth B street. opposite S*mith?onian In matin?), Island. The only agent in Washington, ja li St* REGIMENTAL DRILL. RECRUITS WANTED. THE HDD WBBRTBR k. CO. Impkovsd Tight Stitch Sxwihg Machixb RaoiMBirr. Persona deairing to join thia useful Company are requested to oall aa aoon %a posaible at their H?sd quartera and pitmde themselveg with the dreaa of the Regiment which consists among other things nfouarf Ladd. Wob-H Jfc Co.'a Family Sewing Machines. The Reciment *re l ino mUd *nd follow is the rear in order to saw ud jFSwrat; 8?Ba,^-w?ss^is Headquarters No. MSJPfcJ?r 0e^er'ii j? 12 at WALTKR HAWKKB. Afo,t More Fire Arms! By Adams' Ex press, this day, vt here reoeirad a taricfl addition t* Our stock of FIRE ARMS, oonsisttajr of **?n? <J Allen't, ?<**> H'mjcTj, od Coil's B I. 1 ' / k I * an ? ? rv r. > l? I. V K K H. fCSfcP'sS: D." and Fioka* CAP*. lor JMS,W ' C*,T''"; WsSi'ttuI?" Import* and Dealer tn Foreign a jl Anient Hardware No. 5*9 Pa ? ., jalg 3t Opycaite Bnwrn'e Ho!?l. ARB PRK WbM made on this plat* they are ortm ^-U_CD r Pa. ftv, and HevMth at. Ja lOfrw* I I Til* Attack a pea tkt Star #f tlr W?t. The Charleston correspondent ef the Baltimore Imetiran ft!re? the following particular* at the irlng Into tbl* steamer : Excited aa we were orer night, yon can well maglne how much more ao we were thla mora ng when awakened from alnnbera bv the boom ne of artillery. People mahed from Ihelf house* n the wildcat confusion Throng* poured along ;he streets and lined the wharves to aaceftata the ;auae of alarm. Maay expected a general engage xtenL All confidently anticipate d that if the Star >f thaJVest had attempted entrance, every battery n powwlon of Sooth Carolina troops would open jpoa her, ana that Fort Sumter would immedi itely run out her guns and throw heavy shot Into hem in return; but this did not occur It took no great time to find out that the die* charge of ordnance was Induced by the appear ince of the vecael with troops for Sumter. Noth ing, however, could be ootained to satisfr the :uriosity of the people as to what bad been done. l*he guns were firing, though Sumter appeared to be quiet From the wharves to the battery, commanding a good view of the harbor, the crowd of people lined every available spot, and ill sorts or rumors found correncv among them, rbua things psssed in uncertainty until elffht o'clock, something over an hour and a half after ice commencement 01 costume* It was (ben learned upon accurate authority that about half-pact tlx o'clock a m. the steamer Star of the West hove In alght of the troops on the lookout at Morris Island. The tug-boat General Clinch which had been on the watch for her ar rival, had reported the stranger In the oflint some half-hour before she was seen. The revielle *N beaten and the feur companies of men at the in trenchment promptly sprang to their pcsta. The guns were manned and double-shotted As soon as the steamer appeared abreast of the work a shot waa sent athwsrt her bows, signifying that she must bring to and aurrender Without obeying the thundering invitation the steamer kept on with Increased speed, giving no other sign of noticing the act than by hoisting the colors of the Federal Republic. The word of command was given to fire, and a volley was directed Into the ship Five, six, seven guns were flred at her, i of which only two, certainly, took effect. One | (truck in the forward part of the vessel, the other i about the wheel-house At th Is tl me the batterl es cf Port M oultrle opened upon the steamer, and some ten shots were fired. None of them took effect, because the vesael was rntirely out of range of the guns on Sullivan's Island 1 The Doslt'.on of the at tKt? tlm? directly opposite tbe battery on Morris's Island, I about tbree quarters of mile out. Her distance w?s about a mile from Sumter and three from Moultrie, and they have, as yet, no guni mounted tbat bear upon thia direction, ao that all fire from Sullivan's island was mere waste of powder It has not transpired^yet what damage was done J to tbe steamer, though it could not bave bef-n i much, because ahe soon rounded to and put'out to tea as fast as she could travel, and tbat was the , Last aeen of her in tbeae parts. Items Telegraphed from Washington. Washington, Jan 11.?At a private dinner party yesterday high words passed between S*eu- ' ator Toombs and Lieutenant General Scott Ac cording to relations of tbe aflfetr in Congreaalonal i circles, the conversation turned on tbe aending of i troops to Charleston, when Mr. Tooihbs expressed i the hope that tb?- people there would sink the ] Star of the West General Scott, with much | earnestness, asked whether It was possible, he, u an American, desired such an event? Mr. Toombs replied affirmatively, and that he *1 ? A AU ? - * * ? " 4 wiauru iuok wdo win me vpiiei mere couia ne sunk with ber. Gen Scott thereupon said he waa responsible for whr.t be utd; and Mr. Toomba remarked. " You have known me for twenty-live 1 yeara, and are aware that 1, too. am responsible " < The matter here ended, but the subject, It is aid, Is now in tbe bands of friends - A private letter from Florida, dated January rth. says: ' A number of delegates from West Florida exprt ss themselves to tbe effect thnt if the State secede without a proper general understand ing, they will secede from the other part of the State, and that all the Apalachicola river region nrill annex themselves to Alabama C PISTOLS. OI.T'S Army, Navy and Pocket Revolvers of entirely new models, superior to any heretofore n*de. A bo, th* English and American Adams, Tran :er'? and Smith * - We ion's Revolvers. Sharp's Repeating and the genuine Dennger Pistol. A iarge assortment of the above at very low rates. M. 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I Hav.nK a large amount of money to pay prior to .he 1st of March, and owing to the general *tagna lion of bumneu, ve nave determined to offer ao 1 sxtra inducement for purchasers to hoy of us for i 3a*h, and we now propose to make a diseount of 10 j ?ei cnt ou all oash fa es the next t*IXTY DA VS. in order to reduce our very larg* stock of J goods, and realize the monoy for them, previous to j opening our spring supplies I s Cash customers wilt readily see the advantages ' they will have in trading with us, on the te nis pro posed, as an examination of our stock and trees Will show for themselves whether or not we are ; sincere fh our proposition, and as the greater por- I lion of our Fanoy Stock has already been marked i down siuoe the ertttt began, we feel oon&dent that I the extm inducements we t ow offer will be kighly kpprecisted by e^ery one having goods to buy who i ire at all familiar with the prices generally charged slsewher*. We need hardly aid that our atook, owing to the ttate of the tim*i n now very large, in man? kinds of Staple , aa well *a Faccj G -oda. and purchaaera will be able to aupply tlirmcelvea with almost every arttole in our line of buaine*a, at vry ' and lii fir?y inatancea, at Us* , low prioea, than the y ? H'rii actual ooet. Tne loweat price will invariably be named at W. M. SHUSIEIt A. CO., ouce. de 17-1<Udeo6t No. 3S oppoaite Center Market, Between 7th and 8th at*. H ICR E RING A SONS' UNRIVALED v> ANOS, at all pnoee, and of all soaiea. JOHN P. ELLIS. SOU P*. *? . Mwmii Oth una intti >t Pi no * ta |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. PURKEE A CO.'S Gnaracteod not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERP et ground from freah Spioea, a expreealy for the purpoae to ooet. They are beauHrally a expreaaly _ ooet. (lined wi ana are l Bpioee are al a if- I? re alnostioTariably, ahort. jY PURE, and oieaaed by keeping! naxy rroond We warrant ra%M";lT<58VKHWIC*" M ? lir.xle trial will ahandaatly ?roT?. SI . 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AT f EJCKBTO BUITTHE r 71MJSS.?M foroSn; store too mm vrowdM; now U tke time to1 ?o? r%, *T.,Wau> OAMB. i fin r?. .... = ^AST WEFE IN WASHINGTON. y THE ONLY I . SAFE AND PERMANENT * CUKE EPR CORN?, BUNIONS. SOFT CORN?. ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. is U?# UNERRING SYSTEM PnetiMl W D*. M. A. SCHLOflSER. WHAT IS A CORN ? Corn* are a tubcroular exeresoenoa. i:m tr to a rart.wfcioh dere!op them soiree on the to ?, be tvNi the tDM,|Soft Corn*,) on the ?ol*e of the 'eet, and the joint of the big toes, ( Bunions.) THEY ARE PRODUCED BY MANY CAUSES let. The compression caused by a narrow, aad particularly ( y a short shoe. 3d. Sometimea the cause is the opposite; a shoe too large in which the foot slips. 3d. Btocku gt ill fitting, and forming ptaits or in pqaVities, also are a cause of eorns. especially in valking upon sharp, uneven, or broken parements: the continued rubbing of the shoe or boot at the oints. determines a point of irritation; therefrom result large and painful crns, bunions, soft oorns. Many who are thus afflicted, hare reoourse to a PA * Of nr en i ainrt an/1 mh# -? " 4 U ? joro, and obtain relief for a few day*. BUT WHAT IS THE RESULT ' By reaaon of cutting, the exoreaoenoe baa the opportunity of expanding, bordering and rooting itself, and on the a* me plaoe, by cuttir.g, yea make ?row a number of coroa, after whioh it ta in vain that it ia out or plaatered. SomeUmee corn etay a on* time without giving earn, but that muat cot De laid to the idea that they are beoomirg inert, ind tbattbey will remain ao, tor, aooner or later, to the great diat'eaa of the psraon who haa to bear it, they will exhibit their real character. Pain, awe ling, fever, miaery of no ordinary da lo'iption will ariae, and will be difficult to tuhdue, without greater attention than can noder ordinary jiroamataceea be paid. WHAT ML8T BE DONE? THE CORNS MUST BE EXTRACTED.' DR SCHLO?SER, by a ayitem at once no?e!, bnaed upon long expe rience and approved by the higheat medio* I acthor tiea, and tchteM earn omJn be earrvrf out by kimst f, aa? auooeeded in extraotiiig tae ro->t of ti^ooru, no matter what their natures, witMctt! fitfmt the lean pain or tnrtmrenuute, either durirg their re nr.ova. or afterwaida. i?r. suhlussek haa the eatiataction of laving t)ffore the public at hia oonaultits rooms, m a proof of tie extraordi: ar j aatialactioa * ve&by his ucaurpasaed atjleof treatment, a nomercua list cf testi monial* from eitiieua cf the hifheat i*him1idc <a Wa?hicRtor., Alan, lrom membera of the Kotal Famiiiea of Europe, aa well aa number I >?a onea from S ta teamen. D p'oma'iata.Clerit j men, Pbyaieiana, Ambaara U ra, Merchants ard Editors af Uue ocuntrj and Europe. CONSULTING ROOMS, ?37 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE.(South aide.) betweea 12th and 13th atreeta. Ofiiae houra from 10a. m. till Xp,m. ja 12 LAST WEEK IN WASHINGTON. <"vppir>ia i. Tbkasuxt DiptiTvr(T,( Jar.uar) 9. 1A61. \ Notice i* hibkby ?:vb* that ml?4 proposals will be reoeivcd at this Department until the 19th da* of January inst. for the isrue of eaoh balance of five m'l!i?ns of dollar* in Treasury note* m may thee l>e '.awfully issued in exchacfe for cold ooic. of the United Bute*, deposited with tbe Tressu'er of the United States,the Treasurer of the Mintat Philadelphia or the Assistant Treasur ers at Roatcn, New York, or St. Louie within firs dare from the aooeptanoe of sueh proposals under the authority of the act of Congress entitled "An aot t? authorise th* riue of Treasury note*, and fi-r other purposes.' approved December 17.1*60. Suoh Trtasury not*a will be issued upon the receipt here of oertifioates of depoeit with those jiTio^rs to theoredit of theT>easurer of th* United States- They will be made pavable to tbe order of uoh bidder or bidders aa shall offer to make suoh sxch&nge at the lowest rate of interest on saeh notes, and they will oa-Tj that rate of interest from sun uaic 01 Eiioa ueposn. The proposals matt sta'e the rate of interest j vithout oondition and without reference to otiier , t>id*. ard contain no other fractional rates than on* Fourth one h*!f,or three fourths of one per otn'um, l>ne per cent np?n the amount proposed to be ex * jbaned mu?t be deposited with one oi the officers shove ecuaerated, whose oertifieat^ of avoh de p- rit must aoeompsny ' ash proposal aa security for its fulfiimmt. If the proposal is not acoepted im mediate directions ml! bs riven to return such de posit. Should the proposes vary from the prort ions of the act of Confress or of this aotioe they rm not be considered All proposals under this notiee must be sealed, ind insorlbed on the outside " Proposals for Treasury Notes." They vill l>? opened and twarded at this Department at IS o'elock, noon.on laid 19th day of January. PHILIP P. THOMAS, ja 10 Secretary of the Treasury. CELLING OFF! SELLING off: 0 FOR CASH-FOR CASH ' Our entire stock of Winter Drees Goods. Shawls in neat varietj. 1 adies* Cloaks. Fanoy Dress Silks and Silk Rofcae, Plain and F enoh Mer'n^s. Poplins aod Reps, Kine Bed Blai.k??s, all at cost far tae^, Also, a lull stock of general Staple Gmfs for family wants. All will be sold at re-in?ed prices for cash. J, W. CO? LEY k. CO , de 2b 2w 523 Seventh st.. ab ve Pa. av. HE THIRD WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH. Dr. SCH ENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impos sib<e to visit Waahincton ev?ry week, aod r>a< made arrangements Jto positively be la the city the uuru ?y tQUNot; 01 every moain. He has a auitof room* at the Arena* Honae, where patient* oan obtain advio* free. He oal? oharfee when it it n wo weary to make a fhoroath examination of the Lan?a with the Reepirometor 6. B. Waits la acent for Scheaok'e Paiinooie Pyrap, prioe 11 par bottle, for tte cure of Coaf ha. Colde aud Conaumptiun ; Sehcnafc'Q Sea W e*d Tonio, pnoe fl par bottle, for Uyapepaia; Sohenok'a Mandrake IMia, prtoe Boenta ber box. tor Livar Bilioaa Complaints and Constipation of the Bow ala. Dr. Sohenok would be jraWui to thoae who have born oured by hia remedira if they would leave their oertifieat** ot onre with S. B. WAITE, corner nth at. and La. ar. dal?-Sm L NOTICE. COHEN. Boot and tMtoa manufacturer, No. 117 Panaaylvaaia arena*, l>*tw**n 19th and Mil street*, haa a oompoaition with which h? Half ~ India Rabbar ^boe* ia a neat , _ airtslsf ta iiti him a call. H* alao k*ep* oonatantly on haa .and inanufltotarre to order, BOOTS a ad SHOES of ti?* beat quality. ja M 31* Pole* and Repair* India Rabbi and durable manner. All paraoi of rubber* wiM find it to their i ROB'TCOI.TMANTAIIES THIS MKTHOf of iaforminc the trade aad the puulio sea- rally that ha wil> reopen the MKrROPl.lTAN IfKAM F I.Ol' R I XG Mil.LA. IStk at. and nul. oa Tharaday. Ju. 10,1M1, wUrtk* will ha plaaaad to aerva all who maj favor him with Uair patron age Family and Extra Flour of aa Baawrpaaaod quality will ocnatantly t>? kept on hand at the ow it pricfa. Alao, Cora Meal, Rya Chop, and all ktade of Mill Faad. A call raapactfally aolieitod bafora purchasing alaawhata. jaW lw THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE 8TATE or VIRGINIA CASH CAPITAL *300.00*. Furaitnns, fco , Mtiut lom or iin? by ir?. HEATH * KNOW LB?, AUCTION 3ALES. ran afternoon ? to-no h now. ajt"ujek5^? EXTKNSITB SAI.K?? A DDl?KE"S ?OOW? 8op? i? taoit. IUt?. Cam. Curmwc nV?!zI?>.C!.Ac.- ?Tnnn -o? fikWM SsspSs-i&ia s??v.-s,^w. aih%l: ? I ? |?r*? ud *xt*n?ire av ortmout of to*' Good# Boot*. 9?om, ? ., mt th? lor? of w.Owwifcii*!, NoTf99 Ninth atr**. kUl* nprt>mito the C our Market Tk* ?to?k ia ?r?e aod oiimrr.Mn, le ?art? Sc itszlj** ^ ???b'*c*r> J1?? Siuk iMj'lloib.i Cart, Wi|?i,tW PioMh mad Indlee 1~r ad Ma ted (?tl. <?MB. L*ni* lot ofC?*<iar?,Bridlee.IIaaMe.Rei .a. Gi. '** . Wet bicg. CvniH*. HnikM. ft* , We! bin* .Com^e. HmiMB. 4? . Larae aaeortaeot of iM Carriage, Dnnag, a fMding WfciH. Hort? Ow?, aod Net*. t?n W|*lot?riluMU Maker*' Totliu4l? .il?wU, A 'iff* tot of weli aaroi ted for boiiU 1m Im H?.rne??.naob of l< being lllwr ?l4U< riuak*. VftiiVM. Hat Uoxm. Ae. BOOTH. BHOKft. HATS. CAPS, 4c. Mea*' Md lioyi CA.ij Ki<i.aud r*lo?t UktWi Boot* ud ShOO*. Caidf??*?n<rCh?u-na' Giittn Md Faaor Show, ^idio' Gni'i, and Cki.drtLi' (iM Mow ui L r?e Jot ol Mee'a. Yoatk'a, ui Bora' Hkto Md Ow* nfaJ kmda, Mn'i i .d Bo;?' Coate, PuU, V??u. fader 6m Cte. Hoaiert, Han<ikerohie#a. Colter*. rli.ud other W wnii A aparel, 2nat?r, Sheinrg. Loanges, Setteee. ud Btnrea. 'he at tent ion ot the trade la ?ailrd to the above e. The stuck ia in good order and meat be eokd oithoat reeerreto the Rigb??et btoder T?ra?auk. Ja t dtf CLEARY A GRBEN. AaoU. FUTURtiDAYB By BONTZ A tiKIFFlTH Abo looeera. I tlVC ARUBTIIkn I yjr, L Wonti, Ac.. Ac ?On fATl ll)AY AF TER ROON. Jac Ay 12th at 3% o'olook,Md ooa> timing on MONDAY 10 eat. w wiH a?l OB theirst flo-r otomr *bcUob Roomi, the balanoe rf the a took id ti vj? of a rent'emu 4* rining Duain*aa, omfrmrg ? Irfiiir Cb f Boot*, Shoes and Uaiters. Ladies'Gaiters. Stippera and Hasktns. Boys' flits, ft noes ? J Oonjr?M usitera, > hlidret. a Moroceo Shoes Bud Boots, Together w, th a?er#r*; aaa?rtna* >t of Boots. Bboea and ti altera, lmoi th* ato?k of a retail dealer. Tonra Ttrt nONTZ A GRIFFITH. Ancfr*. jal>3t No. 369 g^ro.ith at, Ket. I Bad K ato. Br GRKEN A WILLIAMS. Aactiooeara. T,*t?TtK'S 8ALK OF GROCERIES, Ar.. A ard Hocskholp KrMitt?a-BT TirtBtW a i?n of traat fr?a Lovett K J*ane to tfce Mtaan ber, and duiy reoraed ?>n the 9m day of Juaart,. 1861, 1 ahall aell at pablic auction on MONDAY, the tlst day ol January mat, at it eloei a m-, at th* reaidenoe of aaid J ease, on ?S street, Ii?iw<*b b. and F <la and)all of toe goods, a took, and fx lares, household and kit-hen fu* tutnre mentioned l> said nee*. eonai?ting of a large atosk of Grooeriar, Litiuora T-as. *e Ac., Aud at. e?iire ?et of Pailor. Bid ri> ?Bi and Kiteher Fumtura. Terms: A i aim* of ard nnder #sn o*?h. over that anmar.t, a eiedn of ? and 6n days Ln BOtM. satisfactorily endorsed. r>-ar>ng interest. L'lTi lVL' ^*1)1 J n?; w X H H tci( ? MWVi ja lft cod liREE\ * WILUAMf. *aei> By C. W. BOTE l.I.N A P??"mS,A?oUob*w? HOUSE AND LOT AT PUBL1 AUCTION. H* virtue of a deed ( tru?t, bearing date Fab pary lb'-h. l?bJ, and reco'ded i? Utxr J. A- 8 . folios 9b0 ?t uclu r, one of the Land Reoord??f theoouity of Washington, ia ihe Distriot of Co lumbia. 1 nhail ?e!l at pub io motion oa th#prem ises, on WKuNfcSD* > , the 16 h day of Jamary. at 4 o'olo'k p m . ar that lot,pieoe ai.d p?rMi *1 ground in the City of Washmcton, in th* Di'KMt of Columbia, b It* pa<tot Square No. UZi, whWh> i? bounded a* follows, to w.t:??cgmn rg at a. point on 4tb street west lovnt* six l?e* n nam - ches from the co. ner of ?Ui ftre-? we*t a"?i N ?tr'rt nortn. runtime thence north with 4th street we?t twenty I'ft i me ar.d a aaarW irehes tier o? east fifty feet one inoh to New Jers?y artm*. these* ?"urh with N?w jersey avenue twenty feet. UpnM veit fifty five feet six i^che* tu the plAoe ef be gi "irj, with the f.ame hiB?e the'eon Te>-m* : Oae-third of the parohMe money to be paid in oash, an J the balance in two eq uai instaU ments by notes payable wiih i&tereet at aix and twe vs months from day of sale and secured b* a deed oftmstoa the property sold. All ooareyM d>ng at the oost of the purchaser. If the t*riM of tale are rot oomp'ied witfc witnin five days from day of ?a'e, the said proarrty will be reaola *t the (lift ftUU CAprLBB Ul 1119 uriuM' VI r; % pu'o ? BOW SVVANN, Tru?t??. C. YV. BOTKLKR A SONS. j? 5-ec&da (lnte'.l Auction Wflfl.ftOO ORTH OF BOOTS,SHOES *nr> TRUNK*. Of ail Sty Us anH (Jtuilitits, AT A SBSAT urtlFICI OK CO?T. Store fm Rmt and Fixtwre$ for SaU. All the S?ck in S. ?THOOVER'S STORE. I Iron H? ;,?-nbra in* 4T*rj T&ratv, of l*Adit*'. (;ent?\Children's and] S.rrMt/SHOES A , TRAV-( C/Oi.iu i nt ftic iuw uoui| ?ui'.,/pr M*i,at rreet ricnieM on neual retail Mliiactr'>eee. indeed much b?lnw original oort. Tlw attention of the publio ta eolieiled.aa g*eet inducement* will be made to purchasers. The abore o^mpruea a la^ge ?t.->ok of the fineet iuali'y Frenoh and Anrr etn Gaitera.Shoee.Boute, c., for latiiee and gentlemen Tfce Store ie for rent and th* Fixture* for aale. Apply on t>-e promr^., Iron Hall. V. H.-The aM>re a took. either in whole or in part, will l?e sold at private rale. To am oar d? iroaa of enter inr the Boot. Shoe end Trunk Bun - Den* this affords a b -rter opportunity titan may icain he presented. Persona iniiehred will O'^nfer a favor by promptly 3*111Eg end settllnr tiieir >. i-niir/j ja 7 ri rpREASIRV NOTES 1 RKaSIRY NOTES TREA81RV NOThi* TAKEN AT PAR-FOR CLOTHING T*KEN AT PAR F??R CLOTHING TAKEN AT PAR FOR CLOTHING AT WIE>?ENFELD A COT* AT WIE8ENFELD A CO.'S AT WIfc!<ENFKLI? A CO.'S F ASHION 4 HLr. CLOTHI>'. HALl. FASHIONAHLE CLOTHING HAUL FASHION OLE CLOTHING HALL COR. 4S ?T. AND PA. AVRNCK COR. 4* *T. AMD PA. AVEMI'K COK. 4 > KT. AND PA. AVEMl'K j>8 ThA?^?r REASONABLE DRV GOODS! Cloaks, Shawls, Fianneis, Menncs, Ottoman*, Blankets, Full Cloth*. Lumji, Fanoy Silk*, dilk Robes, Poplins, Valenoias. Rep*. Yarns, boopeu Skirts. Irish Linens, Sheetings, Ntfk cr. Beaver Cloth, Sack Flaan&I. White Goods, Linen Sets, Embrotdoues, M Hombasinea, Aipaooan, C?nul^rpan^?, Corrfort*. Toweiinira. All of wtucb we offer ?< prioea to aait tiie time*. do 1? TAVI.OR ft HPTt'HUMlN, NOTICE IO THE PUBLIC. Of'RK'S Sqaiil Lrop? will atop a Coagh in 6 ve miuutri Moore'* Co nip. Armoa cinimect will are Cbilhiaina. l-'roeted re.-t Paiaa in Paoe. ?prMna.4o. M?re'? improve 1 Be-isme will re move Paint. Oiia, Ao.. from the w?oat deh rateooloied aiik or woolen goo'a wtboat mjating Uk? eoior or texture. Pr?ra M an?1 ao d at MOORE'S WeatEnd D an More. de 31 ?w 113 Pa- avcue. J ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAKS. UST Opened for tlie Ctinatinaa and" New 1'eara Pretei.ta, all marked down at the loweet pric^ to oit the tim*a, for ouh. _de 19 J W COLLKY A CO.. TNEW RESTAURANT. HE Sub-? itier iuf *rina the <titit?aa of Waah i?i*toa anfl the pab i? in genera UtiU he! ha? op. ned th? Rraraurant No. 4*9 Suth' street, between C and l.otnoiana avenue. formerly kept iy JaoohSmith I A newai Maorticei.t of L>QUORS,CIGARS, Ac ,on hud. Pine ireah OVSTtRS aerved up ia every atyta at hit honra. defitm* F. O. ROHJt. ADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY. SA9 Pna Arnni i of W aah ' and choioe BR On exhibition, fiuiahed Photograph* of the Prevtdm' Vice President elect: l^feru! Pnotitnyht offtil the Preri<i*nta fro* JukMHi to Bucii&an,; of *11 tEe Members of the t**nate tad House of Represent* Uvea uf the ereeent i" o?ir*?, of the pnnoe of W&Jea ud a larej nui?ber or die UnfBiabed fireicn per*on%?ea; nf uaafy a'l war prominent ?t?tecmrn. Poet*. Artiata, Aetbora, fcd Stora, Clergya*~n, Getier?la ar>d CotnmiXloraa. The largest Plain Phr<k>fr?f ha in the world. The Colored Photo*rapna must be mob to beap preciated. Twenty 6?e fal! lenfth Port rait V iaitinc Carda, lecactly ficiahed for five dollar*! tNK rflNDRKD PHOTOGRAPHS FOX FIVE DOLLARS!! Pnoee for all other atjlea e^itailr moderate. da lo la . fJREAT BARGAINS IN PlANOtt.-Oae wy vl nioeeeTen-oo'are Carvd Pisao F?rte,^^a^^ having been ii aee a abort time only, owner 'eavicg the city, for eaJe tor ?S - jUjeAteecy of St~i n way k Soma* OTeretmni FRKNCH FLOWKRSOF THK VKR V BUST ^uai.ty, and an eiteonve rxriety. m ?ia? r..>f ? 1 FaitO/ no H II lM.Mv.Mti CM BBS' Witt. HKAIi) AND CURL. MANU * FaCTORY, 449 Peon.av*aaa, mvU*mt n?* of Tk'rteontta trort.?A vary 1 m at of H aul*, CarU, Fnwtt* eow on hud; also, dim to order at tk actio* Hair work repaired or takea ia 1 M A % > RKGaRD' ess OF GOVT.?NOW IS TKM CH A HC kM e .^ ob?, uton, V ioiummm }<y, AmoMmm, TtaboriM*, Flutes. PiIm, Mhm Bo ik?, 6 Ho<>ks. Pimo Htnoii, Pu Slc . 4o. Rrtne? lur.ten r* JMHN _ ^ *06 Pt, tvn MC' U 6rmtbv?na?ia?i??4-?<>o?4 Ixud _ GTALTtMORK ~~ *L, ^ was stsst I* u RtaW FWm ""WL CANS, lUY Fl ** KlfWi 4 tlJTClBLL %

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