Newspaper of Evening Star, January 12, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 12, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ICJT rhongh Tar Sta* is printed on Um fastest 0f*\n> r*rm In wr south of Baltimore, Its edition la so lam u to require It to be put to press at an mr!y ?rmr; Ailvrrti^taents, therefore, should be sent tn hrfer* tt o'clock m ; otherwise tbry may net appear antll the next day. Notre*.?Ittatrtct of Columbia Advertisements *o be Inserted In tbeB&LTiMoii iMrnare reeelTfid 4t and forwarded from Tax Sta* Ofice. Tu Citt Coc!ftit? t!i PrcREt Session ?No HtUe excitement and curiosity waa evident la?t night. in certain quarters, growing out of the fact that the City Councils were in session in the Al dermen's chamber, with closeddoora Our"Itea*' \jrts sbout. but at the head of the stairway leading to the secret council, he encountered a good-look Ing, b it determined sentinel, who informed him that no one could paaa. and for once the ubiquitous individual who takes notes for the ' Star," was nonplussed. He feels it Incumbent on bim,'how f rer. to state that the Districtand Corporation At* torners were present, and that it ia understood that their deliberations resulted in a unanimous conclusion upon a resolution to be offered and Jk < __ 1 ?1_ I .J. _ # ti fill /> ?_ _ UUKU in w\u uvtiui si iu? V/UJ tounciu nexi Monday night, expressing in substance, that Tvbrresa a large influx of strangers Into the cltv may be expected on or about tbe 4th of Manb nmt Resolvtd, that tbe Mayor be authorised to appoint soch extra police force as may be required <ipea tbe occasion. Military Meitim at Tixphatck Hall ? A large number of voun^ men met at Temperance Hill lait night, for tbe punx** of organizing a a rifle corps for the Third Ward. Dr Robinson celled tb? meeting h? order; and Mr. Jam?s E. Wsugh was made chairman,?cdMr. JohnCleary n-cretarv. The Cb%!t explained the object of the meeting, feting that the call for It had been signed by twenty-five gentlemen, snd that It was designed m 1 - A -!< m " i'"? a mgnm nap orgsnmiion lor io? pro- | fttiDn of the city, to be temporary or permanent, 1 ? tbe meeting miirht determine 1 A committee wm appointed to draft a constitu- ; tion. Kav'.nr, retired for a while, the committee re.porVd n portion of the constitution of Company A Washington Light Infantry, with various modifications; which was adopted. The com- ( mitt** atkrd further time upon the remainder of the constitution. The same committee had been instructed to consult as to a proper name for the cempany. They r?-;*>rted, recommending that the company be ailed the Crittenden Rifles. [Cheers] Adopted "unanimously. i The following resolution was ottered: K? fired. That a committee of three be appoint- , rd by tbe Chair to wait on Capt Kretchmar, and , if the object for which tbe company is formed ineet his approbation, Invite him to assume the emmand of the same. Tabled. A committee of three was appointed to select a suitable uniform; alter which the meeting ad journed to neit Wednesday night. The Metropolitan Rifles also met at Temper ance Hall, In a room adjoining that whtrr the ?'rlttendeu R!E~s met Capt. A R. Allen was i the chair, and a large crowd of member* prea- < ent. Their organization was perfected by the election of the following officers:?F Herbert, ' Second Sergeant; C. Sherwood, Third Sergeant; T. Stone, Fourth Sergeant; Samuel Lewis, Fifth i Sergeant; J. T Suter, Flr*t Corporal; Mr Bisk- i ney, Second Cwperai; N S?rdo, Third Corporal; Mr. Groves, l%urth Corporal; A W. Fletcher, I Secrefc-.ry. W.I Nalley, Treasurer. A committee was appointed to make arrange ments for an armory in which to bold their meet Jags After which the meeting adjourned. The Sixth Wat Volujitsers ?An ad journed meeting of citizen* of the Sixth Ward was held at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, last ;irs;bt, for the purpoae of organizing a military ferce for the protection of the city. A large crowd was present The chairman. J. L. Henshaw, Esq , called the meeting to order, and called for the report of the committee appointed at the last meeting to draft sjitable resolutions Mr \V (jarrett. from said committee, submitted a pr-imble and resolution*, as follows : Whereas threats have been made that the Presi deut elect shall not be inaugurated in this city on the 4th day of iMarch next, and that our city will be made tbe scene of riot and plunder, and the ?n?*tltv of our bf-mes lnvad?d; therefore be It? Htsolmd, That we, the citliens of tbe Fifth and s.xth Wards, feel it to be our duty to aid in the p-ipport of the and Constitution of the I 'nited States, and we therefore pledge to each other our '>lves. our fortunes, and ourncred honor. am in udtruami; our cixy iroin any unlawlul invasion, from whatever source it may come. Retolrtd, That all Union-loving and law-abid ing citizen* are cordially Invited io join in form ing a military organization for mutual protection, in act In concert with similar organizations now being formed la our city. Wm F. Garkett, > John K. Littlk, , Committee. Saml E. Arnold. ) The report was unanimously agreed to. Genera! E C Carrington entered the room, and was received with cheers from all par's of the house, and, in response to the numerous call* of those present, address?d the meeting at consider able length upo'i the condition of the times, and the daagers which threaten the federal Capital. I'pon the conclusion of his address there was a bin ru*h <0 secretary's table for the purpose of signing the roll. The mteting then went into the election of officers, and the following were elected : Samuel E. Arnold, Captain; WilUatn F. Garrett, 1st Li^ut; JohnSuinn,2d Lieut ; J. A. Wiliett, 3d Lieut. On Thchsda* night our reporter dropped In at the concert and exhibitionet A'eslevChapel,and, with a large audience, enjoyed a rich treat. The pieces selrrted were performed admirably, and reflected much credit upon tbe otflcers of the Sun day school, as well a? upen the children them selv^ The efforts of .Masters Henry H^vkins and A. B. Duvall were particularly creditable, and d d honor to the^'outhful orators. At the close of the exercises, the pastor of the church, on )>ehalf of the school, in a very neat address, pre sented to the superintendent. Mr VV R. Wood ward. au elegant copy of the Bible, which was responded to by the superintendent in a happy manner. Scprsmb CotET-ftu/iy?No. 4*2. The Lessee of Isaiah Frost et al , plaint' fli in error, agt The Frostburg Coal Comrany The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr. H. Wkuter Oavis No 43 Susan Vigel, plaintiff in error, egt. Henry Naylor, administrator of George Navlor, deceased This cause was argued bv Mr 6lair for the pltintiff in error, and by Mr. Bradley for the defendant in error No 44 \Vm A. Hall, plaintiff In error, a^t. Joseph L Pa pin This cause was argued by Mr Biair for the defendantln error, and submitted on printed arguments by Mr. Merriman for the de fendant in error, and by Mr. Browning for the plaintiff in error. Adjourned until Mouday. Dakiey Row.?Last night, about 9 o'clock, a ; _ a a - .. .v? ?vvu?iru VII CU?U OUVCI w C?V "V tween G and H, between a party of four or five darkles. Cluhi and atones were freely used, and the fl^bt raged furiously for about a quarter of an boar, much to tbe annoyance of tbotc residing in the neighbor bo >d, wbo were greatly alarmed at the uolse occasioned by the muss " One of tbe colored individuals was particularly furious In l>'s demonstrations, flourishing a revolver, and threatening to use it upon any one who would lay hands on him He was Anally forced to leave the ground, aud the crowd then dispersed. Of course the "guardians of the peace1' were on the oiker end of their beat. . Tib Escarco Cosvict ?We have a note from Sergt. Meagher, U. S A , wbo had charge of tbe varin convict, R fan, on bis way to tbe U. 8. Penitentiary ot this point, stating that the recov ery of tbe prisoner was obtained by himself, and not through tbe city police; that after ascertaining tbe whereabouts of Ryan, however, he engaged tbe police to assist hint in the arrest. The sum of ?:*) was the sum to be paid by him for snch as sttance. M as kit Thikvks ?Thursday night, an attempt was made to break into the stand or L.S'eumeyer, iu tbe Centre Market Tbe means used to force open the locks must .hive been supplied from a pla~e not far distant; but they failed to loosen otber onm aixer me locks were battered Thi? Is the third or fourth time that the attempt has been made within a abort time, and It Is certain that the old gaugs are returning to thelrquartera since the change cf the police station. Fight ?Yesterday, a fight occurred alt house In the Seventh Ward, among aome young men, lu which one named Adams was the sufierer Policemen Bright and Lloyd went to the scene of the conflict, and arrested Wm. Mc.Nelr. who wa* taken before Justice Cooper and committed to jail In default of security for pence; but sub sequently ball being offered and accepted, he was released PkkCACTiojrs ? Measures have been taken in the Department of the Interior lately, for the bet ter security of the building. New reflations have been adopted, and additional watchmen ap pola'ed, with strict orders to admit none Into the building, after hours, who do not bear a written order from the Chief Clerk. Muskets and Colt's rev iters have also been supplied, for protection from assault or robbery. Wi leak* that Haydn's Mass, No. 14, will be perfomed to-morrow at St Matthew's Church. vritb orcbeatral i tw fineot of Hnyda'a o'clock. FLora.?The merchants the proapect of an Imt gloomy. Family lour ia ru>nra for ?*af9 pet fctol-i This la one of I. Sorrlce at ll Paov Faikmjln Rom?, of tbe University of Peursylvanla. delivered hi* fourth lecture at tbe Smlthaonlan Institution oa W edestfiay night. The lecturer Mid, in continttatloo of the (abject of the last lecture, that the simple forme of tri angular framlhg hitherto described are not salted to all tales. For large beams they must be modi fied to as to bring the beam to Ita original forth, with a framed web substituted for the solid web. He theto described by the aid of diagrams the action of braces and ties In a trass or girder. If a constant load, such as the water In a canal aque duct, !a to be borne, braces in such a position aa to be*' tbe load are all that is n^ccssary, lfHhe load li to be i variable one, such as a moving train of can, tbe vibration and undulation muat be prevented bv braces la tbe opposite direction, called counter-braces. In these structures the main braces and posts should be strongfet near the abutments than else where to resist tbe shearing strain alluded to in the last lerture. In a continuous beam, resting on Severn supports, tbe various portions tend to bal ance each other, snd to modify tbs strslns to a considerable extent. Prof. Gillespie has shown that when a b-*m rrtti upon three supports, wirh the load equally dutrlbnted, the midale support bt?n 3ve-npbth? of the load, and each end sup porta three-sixteenths The beam In theae caaea muat not be abaolutely rigid, and In practice no beams are. In a great many, cases wrought iron la preferable to cast iron for structures, notwithstanding its freater coat per ton. Fairbalm has shown that in Ingland a beam to sustain a given weight may be mada of wrought Iron for nearly the same price rt of cast, since Its superior strength permits the weight to be much reduced Where the iron work is a superstructure the diminished weight ! a groat advantage. Wrought iron is more reliable than cast; as the latter la liable to have flaws and to be strained by unequal cooling. The arch may be derived from a simple form of braced struc ture and is only_a modification of it to suit a dls iriouiea ioaa [ me tectum ahowed bydiagram* how tbla modification took place, and that varloua forma of glrdera were tranaformable into aome limiting forma of the arch. The namea of the arioua forma of the arch were then given, and the part* described; also, the action of loada upon the arch, and the metbodaof conatructton adopted t? meet different casea, were enlarged upon, but the deacrlntlona would not be Intelligible to our reader* without the aid of dlagraina ] The siw volunteer company of the Flrat Ward met again laat night, and received forty-two ac cession to its membershin Lieut J. G. Jewel offVred the following reso lution, which waa unanimously adopted : Wkertm*, Vile rumors having been circulated that the organization of the Union Regiment ia a political one, therefore, be it Resolved, That ramor >s entirely without foun elation; that our object ia to preaerve law and order in our city, and to resist invasion come from what quarter it may, and that we cordially invite all our citizens, of all parties, to fall Into line, and with us keep step to the music of the Union. A motion was then adopted to appoint a com mittee of seven to solicit contributions. The Chair appointed the following gentlemen : privates Wilson, J P. Calvert. J Barttett, C. Dorsett, W. H. Hurlev, W H Forest, J .P. F1nk. The company then proceeded to the election of non-commissioned ottlaers. W. B Dyer was elected Ensign; John Boel, Orderly Sergeant; W. E Mastln. Second Sergeant; W E. Hunter, Third Sergeant; R Mc.Millen, Fourth Sergeant. A motion was then made that when the meeting adjourn it be to Monday evening next at 7 o'clock, ?nd that no person who may not be a member, or who shall be introduced by a member, shall be ldmitted to the hall; which was unanimously carried a cum mi tier was men appointed to adopt a uniform. Col Irwin, of the First Ward, was then called for, and responded In a sprited Union ?pee<b; at the close of which the company adjourned The PrTSAM Phalasx Heard From?Quar termaster Edward Towers. of the Washington Light Infantry, and J P. Crutchett, of the Mt. Vernon Cane Factor v. have each been presented by the Putnam Phalanx with a beautiful breast pin, elqpantly wrought In the form of shields, from the wood of the far-fam^d Charter Oak at Hartford, and inlaid with wood from Mt. Ver non. in remembrance of the kindness and good feel! ng of the I nfantry towards the Phalanx during their law visit to Washington The wood work of the pin* is tastefully set in gold, and Id their design and finish they are beautiful and costly, and at the same time appropriate gifts We recognise S'mewhere here the work of Mr Stuart, the eloquent Judge Advocate of the Phalanx, who is the well known proprietor of the Charter Oak Farm, and employs his leisure moments in whittling out curious aud beautiful toys from the wood of the tree above alluded to, every chip of which he converts into a valuable keepsake. Sii \*r Pusosn -Last night, a man was car tn L 1" " ..v ? .uc ucuun ^iiaru-uouxj in a very ooiMtP out humor, and it wu necessary to convey him down in a back, which was somewhat damaged in the service. The prisoner waa put in a cell, and in tte course of the night a man who came in for lodging, was put in with him. This morn ing, tbe prisoner being first awak?, took bis stand at the cell grate. and otie of the officials pawing by, was hailed by him Officer inquired who he was' Prisoner replied that be came in for lodg ing, and wanted to go Officer releas-.d prisoner, and retained lodger for trial. \Vhen the lodger was brought out the magistrate set bun down for $3 15 fine and cost, and It was with difficulty the fact was proven that tbe criminal had escaped, and the person in custody had nocrimc to answer for. The lodger was of cou se dismissed. Seasonable Advick ?Our renders will not surely think that we too often call their attention to the unparalleled cases of corn*, bunion*, and ether diseases of the feet, which are daily to suc cessfully cured in this cltv bv Dr. Schlosser; a* such medical advice ana extraordinary cures ought certainly to be recorded for the betieflt of all, and an opportunity ou^bt 14 be put within the reach of every one who have any of th.ise diseases which affect the lower extremities The chances of having an operation performed or advice given by Dr Sclosser are very few now, as in a few days he leaves for the South 257 Pa. avenue, be tween Twelfth and Thirteenth sis. La*d Wahksats, Musky, 4c.?The rates of purchase and sale of warrants by dealers remain iinrh.m(7*?H ?tr\ sn'? Kutii? ^ ?in?? _ ?ww ? -V m ?/u ? av O'/Iij Ofc 65c.; 10's buying at 85c., selling at SI; but liit'e doing. Scrip, (Revolutionary.) buying at 5oc Corporation Stock, no sal?-s; tbe last we bear of wasPUc. Banks: New York city, par; State, )$ percent.; New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio. 5 per cent ; Virginia, 4)<; Maryland, 3; N. Carolina and Georgia, 10; Soutb Carolina. 1*2; City bank*, 1 per cent. Union Fibk Company ?The following la a list of officers of tbe Ualon Engine Company for tbe enauiDg year: President, XV. U. Hines; Vice President. W. E. Mastin; Secretary, John D. ISartlrtt, Treasurer, Joan Veasey. Engine Di vision? Captain of Engine, John Burry; 1st as sistant do., George Murphy; 'Jd do , George Cor corar; do , C. Urlffin. Hose Division?Captain of Hose?Daniel Perkins; 1st assistant do , Geo. W. Harrison; 2d do., Geo. \V. Hint*, 3d do , F. M Abler. Wi mcst Ecomomizk is IIakdTimis?W H Wbeitlev, steam dyer and scourer. 383 south side Pennsylvania avenue, between Four-and-a-baif and Sixth streets, Washington, and 49 JeflSrson street. Georgetown, D. C., proposes to make tbe old cast off wearing apparel of ladles and gentle m?*n 10 appear nearly a? good as new, at a very mall coat compared to the heavy outlay necessary to provide new garments. See advertisement in another column. f Hcsawat Smash.?Yesterday, a One gray horse, with a shaft and wheels of a buggy or barouche attached to htm. dasbed through the streets of the Sixth Ward, frightening other horses in his route, and causing much consternation. The animal was caught near the Navy Yard, and placed in the care of persona to be delivered to the owner when demanded. I The Sicokd Waid Pat*ol went on duty at 9 o'clock last night, and remained on the watch till 5 o'clock this morning. The guard* were strong in cTcrjrKcuon.iaa exDiDitcd much cheerfulness tn the performance of the service. Each well on will be relieved nightly, so tbat the service will not be performed by a few only. Fort Washisgton.?The United States ma rines still maintain tbeir position at Fort Wash ington, without farther reinforcements. Major Terrett has been relieved from the command of the fortress by Capt Taylor, of the Marine Corps. Cspt. Taylor is a native of this city.?Ah xandria Gazette. h Ciktial Gvabd-mousx Casks ?John Kelly, suspected of theft, was arrested, but dismissed. John Drunk. ?o? est. Charlotte Hall. Mary Mil ler, Cbas Miller, drunk and disorderly; S3 15 each. Eden Marshall and W. Ewing> vagrancy and disorderly; fU.15. Fill Alaix?This morning, an alarm of Are calltd out the firemen, vfho ran with their appa I P **? ? - " " * ...ww uwr<m tt ?ra; in wnicn direction the alarm originated There they learned that the fire waa in Georgetown, and of (mail extent, and they returned to their quarter* CiNTim Mabbbt ?The market, thla morning, presented a good supply. The hay market waa alao wrll supplied. The country loads were amall but numerous The demand waa not very brisk, aud there appeared to be no change of prices. Tm CostamsssioNAL Globb of tbia morning contains a full and correct report of Senator Hun ter's great speech. For aale at Shllllngton's book More Obphass" Cocbt?Judge Parcell granted letters of adaalalatratlaa upon the estate of ieffer Th* ??co!(D Ktariso of the "Washington Guard*" took place lait evening at Odd Fellow*' Hall, Navy Yard. Quite a large number were present. The chairman (Mr. E A. Adams) stated that the flrat business in order was the election of com manding officer, which had been laid over Mews Donald McCathron and 8. Ai H. Marks, jr., were nominated for the position Mr McCathron, nfter some remark*, desired to withdraw his name. A ballot being taken^ Mesars Mark* and Mcuainron each received the wie number of ote?. Mr. MeCathron again requested his friends not to vote for him, aa he could not consent to take the position A second ballot resulted In Mr Marka receiving a large majority of the rotes cast; and on motion the vote was made unanlmoua. [Enthusiastic sppl suae J 'The company then proceeded to the election of lat Lieutenant; and the balloting resulted In the choice of Samuel T. Ellis, Eaq. This was also made unanimous. After an unsucceaful ballot for 2d and 3d Lieutenants, the election of theM officers were laid upon the table. Mr MeCathron hoped that what he was about to do would meet with the unanimous approval of the company The position of Orderly Ser jeant waa one of the most responsible that could be confered. and It was neceaaary that some one should be selected wbo could fill that poeltion with honor and credit. He would move that hla friend, and the friend of all present?Mr. George E. McOonnell?would be elected by acclamation a* Orderly Sergeant of thla cor pa. [Tremendous cheering and applause ] The question being taken, It was decided in the affirmative. [Renewed cheering.J Mr. Coster moved that the further election of officers be postponed; carried. Mr. McCathron moved that In the name of the corpa the word "Light" should be Inserted be tween \Vashingtou and Guard, ao that the name should read 11 Washington Light Guard;" which was carried unanimously. It was moved that a simple uniform be gotten up bv the committee on uniform by the next meeting night; carried. And then, on motion, the meeting adjourned to meet on Thursday evening next, at Odd Fellows' Hall. Fo*t Schxkll Takkn !?Praci Diclarid * General H'joictnf .'?A Lunch of Bear't Meat! Mr. ?ohne:i ?ili ??il on Monday next at hi* Krs t* rant a flavor? lunch ot the secessionist from I'iko'a Peak, who sacrificed last Mtnday as an for "Union." Admission iree. It* All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s speoifio Ho meopathio Keniadies put up expreaaij for family ose, in boxes, at 25. and 5ft oents each. Also, in oases, oontaining 2) vials, from f< to $b each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Gil man. 3.?0 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail aronL \\ . A. FitzreraHl. 353 north F street: *lao bjrV. B. Winter, oorner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract of Witch Suse/, for internal au<t external inflammation* of 1 kind*. Sold ax above. ma 9 ly Hostrttxr's Stomach Bittihs. If the duties an<l oocup-tions of wives and mother* are not so absolutely laborious as thoae of men, they are mors exhausting, and the female avftern infinitely more delioa.e and fragile than that of n:au. should be sustained and invigorated, if possible, by some safe and healthful tonic and estorative. The rraud desideratum,lb' which the sex so long looked f<>r in *ain, is realized in Hos teller's Celeb'ated Stomach Bitters, t hi* prepa rat on not ?niy efl'ets immed ate and permanent re lief in dyspepsia and all disturbances of the stoira:h an<l bowels, but is m'aliianle in those oases ol bodily weakness and mental depression which re nrts from functional irregularities known only tc the foel.ler sex. So'd by all druggist*. ja 8-eo3t From H. R. Hazard, E?q. Washington, I). C., Sept. 26,186<>. S. W. FoWI.k A Oo.-I was for a long time af flicted with llv KOPDHia. in itmcuril^rni M- ? petite wag rone, anil what little food 1 took was thrown us after remaining in the stomach & rhort time. My abdomen waa very much located. In lact there was complete derangement and prostra tion of thedigeative powers Severe! very emu est praicians attended me at varioua times, but their treatment save but little, and that only temporary relief. My sufferings were intense, ai>d 1 bocame reduced to a in?re skeleton. At this time one of our druggist induced mstofry the celebrated Qry tenauri bitt'rs, which I dia, though with little faith and great reluctance?for I had tried ao many tnat i had come to the conclusion that a I proprie tary iijedicine* were alike worthless?but after taking the drat bottle I waa ho muoh relieved that I oontmued tlie use of tii?ni until a perfect jure was effected. I now most cheerfully r*c< mmend the Bi'.ters to all as a certain cure f ?r t'yspepsia. H H haz*RD."2i*i Pennsylvania avenue. Prepared bjr Seth W. Fowl# tc Co., Boston, and for sale in \\ ashiugton eity G. Stott,. S. H. Waite Z. D. Oilman, John Schwarae. Nairn 4 Pa.mer, John Wiiey, J B. Moore, and H. H. IMoPherson; in Georgetown by R. 8. T. Cisa-11, and ?i. M. k. J. Southron, and by druggists everywhere, ja 7 l w,r Holloway'i Pills and Faet.? for the Million.? By a recent enactment of the French government, these medicines are ad mitted tree of <Ju f into all ports of France. They are extensively emp:oyed in a'l the publio and military hospitals throughout the Kmpire. The ktnperor haa aignibed his appreciation of their virtues in an au'ograph etter, to Dr. Holloway During the late Campaign in Italy, 'argequantities wci? usfu iur ir.o wuunqru ai wret>?cia anil raoni6- f chi<*ru. r-old br all DrUKgiiste, at 23 cts , 62 cU., f ai.J S1 per box or pot. ja9-lw f Cotohs ?The sudden chance* of oar olimate are , soure of Pvlmomrv, lironekitl and Asthmatic Afeetions. Kxp?TiPi.:e saving proved that simple rem-niies often act speedily and oertainly when taij-n in the rariy states of the dise&se.reoourse . should at onoe be had to '* Rroirn's Bronchial - Trorhti" or Lozenges. let the Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Tnroat be ever so slight, as ny thia precanti< n a mora serions attaofc may be eiTeo'iially warded off. Public Speakers and Sinters will find them effectual for olearing and strong men mc the * voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly Hollowat's Pills ahd Oiwtm*kt. rifurxsv ?Do you wish to eurtail your medical expens ? and retain sound heal tnUse these nieii iciufs?they are adapted to every disease? for all inflammatory affections of the chett, as pleurisy, asthma, bronohitis, coughs, oolds.&o. The sana tive properties of the Ointm nt have never l<een i quet>tioned by ail who have u?ed it?the Pills ma t-rin.!It expedite tha operation nf th? iiintman* **?>ld by all Druggists,at 25o., 62?. and ? 1 per bo* or pot. ja3-lw To thk AfvL'ctid !?He aare to read the adver tisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another oolnmn. tf P spurn. Persons desiring pennies will always find them for exohange at the Star Office ceuuter. tf Kxadkk, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in onr paper. Rea> it; it will interest 700. au 2ft-eoiy MARRIED, On the 1'ith instant, by the Rev. Father Bixtes. st Trinity Church, Mr. Wlt.l t AM G. GALI.ANT, of Wsstnngfc>n. o Miss CATHAKINK O'BRIAN, of Georgetown. DC. * MUD, On tta* 12th inttant, at 3 o'cloak a. m., MARY E , o ly daughter ol Francis and Ma y A Harp r, a^edlliio ths. The relatives and friends of tin familv are re sp? ctfully invited to attend her fuueraJ to morrow (Sunday >afternoon, at8o'clock.from the residence of 1 er pa'Obta. corner of Tenth street and Atw York avenue. After a khort bat painful illness, EDWARD SM1TH, in the ? h year of his ace The friends and relatives of the family ae invited to attend his funeral to morrow (Sunday) at three o'olock. on we morn ng orthelZth inatant, COR MELIUS CLARK, eon oi Corxehua Clark, in the 16th year of hia age. The Iriendi of tho family are invited to attend hi? funeral on Monday, the Mth inatant, at) o'clock, from the reailenoe of hi? father, No. 194 K aireet, between 17th and 18th at*. * On the 11th icatant, THOMAS STONE, in the 23d r'ar of hia a?e. Relative* and fnenda of the family are invit?*d to a*t<?nd the 'liberal to-morrow (Sunday) the iSth in atant, at 2 o'olook a. m., from the reaidenoe of the family, 39ft Twelfth at. 486 rAPERHANGINGS. J- * ? umiAiiuiiiuciaii xiauviiinu uno'jsj war ran tod Gold Band WINDOW SH?jL)Es; Hufl. Green and Bias HOLLAM) SHADES, all eiz<? made to order; alto, PICTURE C<?UD and TASSELS all aiaea and oolora, REMNANTS PAPER HANGINGS at one-fourth leaa than onat Purohaaing for caab, and allowing no old atoek to aooumulate, per?on? needing the above gooda will find it to their advantage to give me a oall. All work exeouted and in per intended by practical men who have aerved a regular apprenticeship at tbeir a oall. Remember the urn trade. PleaaegivaL ber. J NO. MARKR1TKR, No. 4S6 Seventh at, doore above ja l-?olOt* Odd FeHowe* Hall. SUPPLIES FOR CHRISTMAS. Finite and Nuta of all kinda. Home-made Minoe Meat, made by my direction and order my auaervuion. warranted th? b.?.t ever off-red fbr sale at 16 cent* per pound, Beit Old Whisky. Brandy and Wine?, 2U0 dosofl Kreeh Ekks, <Jo?hen Butte J and Cheeae, 75 bbla. Flour, best brand*, Family, Extra, and A*oornpfetea??ortment of Sroeerwi of all kinda. Ooo4 ?7 DEMmo No 934 Seventh atreet, de 17-eoSw between Louisiana av. an creel, id D at. PWM. H. WHEATLEY'S RKMIUM STEAM DYEING k, CLEANS ING ESTABLISHMENT. O&ett?No SS3 south tide Pa. ??-???? between 4>i ni 6tk tit., Wmtkimtfm, D C.. And 49 J>for ion utrtst, Georgetown, D C. Replete with every desirable apparatus, and pro vided With the beat talent and artistic skill in A mATtt**- h* niiluariKaa ? ?? ?J * ** vl-l' buuBiuuLiiriuo t . Xr ?*" uiv??vw oAtoni'ji tying. Cltamrrtnt, and Utfinishnf Ladies' and ittouon'. App?,r*l-8ilk?, VelwU. Satins, K? >, Cloths, fcc.He means to stand uarivalied, mm he solicits the continued oustom of the oom munitjr. Goods rec-iyed at eether of the above *tt?nd#d to vitk th? atmost prompt B"t- "? *> ja?*?F WSrCwBBATLEY, Dy?r. i? S [Orderedto be ibmtM in the-livm** Stak, it Mine the mviw?t havinf th? >?r|Mt oirou &t:or> >f *ny dftily p*p?r pvbltiked in WMkiagton.) lEr1 AH pereona ?pplyin* for letters is the fo.iow nt lirt, irin fImm a?r tk?r tri isrnmu). T.invrat i ibt l#IOi Indtrsm.Mr* G Forbss, Mri Baui Msltan, Mrs Am Jorn?, Mm M C Folay, Miss J Msltoy, Miss A Isll, Cttkwiii Garcia, Mtn J Njtn, Mrs L W Urwici, Kiss M Gar I and, Mrs Robi Mania, Miss M W Gnln, Misa Mary Malont, Mm iu lsr, Mrs Ma'j t Hill, Mrs Hssisr Mart la r?, Mm K icuncu, Miss L Harroid, Miss C O'Caaners, Mrs Jas Jesker, Miss H ! Howell, Mrs 8 R Pea', Mrs Csrolias ruruH. Mis* A Harriaoa, Miss M A Parr*. Rsbecca loom s, Abbis L Ho* tJ, Mrs E Phillips, Alio* A ;Urk, Miss 14a Hawthorns, Mrs M ftoifley, Mary I Mark, Mn Shsllty Haaaah, Mrs S (lass, Msrrarst ;Urk,MrsU Johusoo, Mrs Banal Rschiuund, Miss A 'lark. Miss Lasra Joues, Mrs Crjrt Smth. Mrs Aauis ;arry, Mrs Jackson, Mrs F Smith Mrs M E ;BHninghaM, M J Rmr, tieorfianas P Sao41ord,Misa M M ;ra?rlv<d,MrsCMF Kt.oi, Miss S V SaoUai., Mrs W G ofsUad, Mrs J W Eirby. Miss A Saydar, Miss Lillis twfir, Mrs Jao Esuosdy, Mrs M Thorn, Mrs 8*rah tavisou. Miss Jaos Lsibca.'Mrs C A Wbitnsjr, Mrs ML hirail, Miss M A Morse, Mrs M Wiikias, Mrs EJ ulaney.CR Marsh, Miss M M Wilson, Miss Saaaa lalsy. Miss Sarah Moor, Miss Mtlstia Wads, Miss Fenny lollaite, Mrs CIos Middltton, Mrs S Warasr, Miss Cats todean, Miss M Miller, Mrs U Wiacbsster MissAL ;ilis,Mr. C M Moody, Miss A E MISCELLANEOUS-Miss T L 0ENTkEMEN'S LIST.. _ ndrswa, 0 Korsasasi, Ur E Msal, B F tkiaaaa, Turner Faustou, O O lnso, TWos leuader, LG Fnrjruson, B 8 O'Brioa, Mart rriaffieu^Gsu J J Giilard, W H O'lhisa, Mr moiQ, j m ?* uderiou, Jno T pplttoo, Or H O bbott, (lie W rloa, Frank rniairong, Prancia nderaon, Oca KM nderaon, Act bton, Andrew 'Ef'r, W W ,-ihoi , W B laker, Stephen Inct, Sandy lotion. Pal Iropley, M I (right, M 8 roJit, M lagley, W1C lain, jc liiity, Joa rowo, Or Ju XII, Jno >ndj, Jaa laker, Jno lalley, Joa lurke 4 Godatll rodee, J trr>our, J?i ogan,Jno aunnwortb, J M oyer, H

rown, H R urton, Capt H S ickmore, Haary roanen, H D?% abcock, Gao D aker, U?<? W (aman, F C lancfcard, E D r.Tchord, Capt E etta, Chaa aid win, Benj rown, A ollege, Wto E I rk, W P hate, 8.1 ml hki#_ S P UIMOO. fiUr Gibba, N H Gldlaman, M-S Grimmer, J K Gilmore, J H Gramme r, J Q fiadrin, P Qant, E W Gladey, B Granger, B P Garnett, Or A 8 Gray, Alfred Gran Mile, Arthnr Hill, Geo Hall, W 1 Hall, W U?? Hnttou, Wm Hutchiaon, Wm Harmon, 8 Hanchet, L Haok, Jacob Hewa Jaa Hill, Jno T Hatchiaon, K A Heaa, Jno T Huulnnaoo. J W Henry, Jno Howeil, J R Hobon, Jaa Mima, J W Henaou, M B Hough, Geo C Hood, Fred Hickling, 0 P Hancock, C W Hendereon, C A Hihba, G C Hoover, A J Henriapuet, A Judd.T D JohAaon, J W Jonee, J M Jouea, Jno T Jarvia, J R Jackaon A Son, Jno Jolinaon.H V lnh.,>n.. r-nl L? U Conner, Jaa hrttrin< Wm Powell, WL PkilUpa, I D Phillipa, Pat Patton, J i.o Paraoua, Jno Pnrtera, Jno W Porter, H C Ph J pa, ? I. Phillipa, C L Peogra, B I?* Parriah, A H Packer, Aaa (Auuin, Jaa Repard, W 8 Rankin, W B Ruaaell, W D Robiaaou, T Ricbirdt, T W Real, Sol una o Raaeei, R B Raoer, P Roach, M Raed, Capi Jag Reuu,John Roberu, Jno Roaekrane, J A Rible, Jno (I Ricketta, Jaa I Riley, Joa Ryan, J C Rible, Jno H Riehardaon, Judaoo Reweyn, O R?S Redford, ?* W R'dgen, A W Scotl * lid, W > Seick, Win Smith, W B Sargent, W Slurp, W-S Smith son, Thoa E Smith, 8 A Scoby, Rollin Slreeter. O W I e, Smith or v e rt, Robt anningham, Robt raige, P O handler, P W ocper, Mr mmbi, Gen l> \mpbell, 1 M ubura,Joseph oburu, Jo* L urtm, Ja? R M owao, J >' n* <n, Judge lark, Henrr lark.Capt V N olledge, E H alrert, Dr Ed H ochrane, E D hem, Alex hapcnan, B B reushaw, ALII au.pbell, A W ranty, Albert 'annaher, Win 'ojrle, Peter, luucau, Mr >rew, Michael .lone*, DeL P?3 Jooti, D R?2 Jonea, Andrew Ivet, A B Johnston, Arthor Jones, A C Kuight, 8 M King, R A Kalloch, J 8 Kennon, Jno Kmc, Henry K,ug. M Kmc, G W Kunberly, E Knowltou, B P Luounian, VV Luc if, S P Larkuis, Tbi* Ling ft Neal Law, J ft?St Loy,J P Latton, Jno Lo?ejoy, Jos C L.iuten torch, J W Ljniiu. J as Laser, J Lvona. H B Sutoiiaiall, Speaks, J M Simps..., J Sling?rland, 1 Sherman, J W Kchancey, J Eherrart, J B Snyder, Jno H Spullock, J M ?u??, Dr H P Stearin, H M Sumner, Geo?i Show, Geo W Smith. G Singer, Prank Sen, Pell* Steif, P A Sullivan, E L Sir::us, D Stewart, C E Stauftut erger, C Tbomta, Waller Tjler, P B Taylor. Mr Thomas, L P Tuoinpsou, Jas Tliuuji. Jf6?rino ?V|?, J no along, J Kir.hardt, J aha toUn, J > 'erereux, Jno?2 Undeoii, Jut levall, Jaa Wm ea? >1*) Geo oajherw, IcnnU, B K >e?en, Alex 8 >, A J . leteyke. A J !eher, Wm Idelin, T B Idwarda, Jno T Unman, E H lichiaon, E D C'ana, David tdeliu, Dr A idwarda, A 8 'reemin, T M ', W?i 8 'eaaenden, C 'reach, P M >1 ..... Mi.kl Lenlir, Udolp McCabe, A MeCormack, C Ii McDoffie, J G McKmjht, H McDo*Hipr C Mertl. W M itc he 11, W ra Mnore, W in E Mitchell, Th'?a AliSler. Rev 8 J m ftxv, r m?a Meicalf, R B Mtndleiun, L M->rrell, I. M 91.y,J M Mark*, Jii M Moryhm, J Mi eon,J F Middlelon, J Mortimer, J H Maeon, J P Muiiou, J 8 M-atmner, Jao Monday, Jno N m. a Tfcompeua, J"? Trenton, Alfred Underwood. J C Voorheea, D W Wen, W H Walker. W White, W J H Wheeler, T G Webater, Sidney Ward, Rut ua Weit, Richard Weill, M Wenkerb ich, Mr Welch, Jao W*leh, Jao Willi, Joetpb Wall, J C Wadaworth, J B Wil?ou, J L Weaver, J H WimIuw, H Wilton, Geo Ii , While,. U L Ward, Oeo H Wil?ou, Dr I- ... | * ??? ?|?IUI1KIT| S H?IW(V * 'rty, Jno H Mnllini, Lt i?I White,CW 'ntt,Jiio ff Magruder, Ueo Wtll,CJ 'trie;, Jdo Moure, Geo Willtaine. B Vrnejr, Li Juo H Moore, E W Walker, Andre?r 'o?ter,J.i?P Milling, I' WaUl??, A agt:>lus I '(idler, Heury Morrell, A P Yettmiu, Htarji 'arr.Geo Newman. W A Yonog, Fiaaiia Siller, Frank Norton, E H YuUug, Col MISCELLANEOUS.?4. N.; Waehmgtou Mtjicjl Colle-e; Iditur of the Herald II^Littseb most in all cask* bk Pier aid. Jan 12 WM. JONES. P. M. AMUSfSMKtfTS. A GRAND CONCERT uL Will be given at the A'eic York A'eitue Pretbyteriam Ckurtk, ON TUESDAY EVENING. January 15, Under the direction of MRS. CECELIA YOUNG, Assisted by eminent Vocal and Instrumental P*r Conner*. Ticket* it cent*. To be had at the stores of M?s?rs Hutchinson A Munro, J. W. Nairn, and ,h? Cook and Music stores. Conoert to commence at 7>i o'clock. It A balls, Parties, &c. A NNIVERSARY BALL A BT THK Franklin Fire Company, At WILLARDS' HALL. The Franklin Fire Company respectfully an nounce that ihey will give their TMrty-fovrtk Annual Bill m conun*m<<ratiou of the birth day of the Patriot Frank.' the above/ named Hall,on I THURSOAY EVENING, January 17,l?l. Ticket* ONE DOLLAR; admitting a gentle man and ladies. Managers. Robt K. Doyle, Win Durr, A S. Dent, Jno H.Se*sford, Geo. R Crossfield, Grafton Poweil, Wm. H. Fanning, Wm. M. Pajne, Jacob Hess, Conrad Finkman, F H. Frioley, D.Veigftmjer, Simon Mtearn, Wm-J-Gary. O.G. Bckli.fT, W. Olfutr. J. F . Maddox, . J no. Shackelford, R. E. Mooney Wm. Crampton. John Miller, E. J. Crainpton, J no. C Reeve*, Ed. L. Water*. Tho* J. Fisher, (States ) ja5. PERSONAL. jyjADAME CLINTON PRICK. Thin diFtincniihed Medical Clairvoyant can t? oon milted on i)iiie**ei, ? h?ra?ter 4c , at Knunii Po. 334 Twelfth utreet, 2 aoo a tielow Pa avenue, artiou ar attention pp.ul to, and cure* made of, Chronic Piacaaaa Rheuinaham, Jto. ja^-lw* WANTS. %17ANTKD?By a young man, rapahla of attend in/5to ilmoat any kinl of (.usinaaa.a 8ITU A TI"N in which he can at leaat eam hi* fc..ard dur lnt i'i? winter Addreaa X NZ^thiaoflioe. It* \1TANTED?A fine active MAN to anlioit anb " -*c iptiorn for aeveral new illnatrateri publiea tiora i o in.tH.hle ferton* lih-"alaar and oonatAnt einployn?ent iciven. Apply to VIRTUE k. CO., 4 Seventh it. It* WANTKD-A PERSON to tike care of two " children and i?r. Apply at 329 H street None need apply unletg wail reoommeL?l?d. jail 2t? VL7ANTEI>?A Nt'RSK, one well experienced *" >u takioc oare of an infant None but *nch as can furnish the haat recomrnendaiiona need ap a'jr, and to auch, moat liberal wages will be paid. Applr u No. 309 r street north, between 11th and 12to Htreata . ja 11-1 w* VL7 ANTED TO R ENT-Betwam Of and 14th * streets, and New York avenue and D atreet, a OAKERY, already eatab ish-rt. or aur place tuitahie lor ?uoh pnrpote, with rtnre, oven, yard And atable. Apply to F HRAUDNKK. Richmond lioute, corner Kifhth and 0 sts., WantiingtonJ ; j? II 4t* WANTKD-A PKRHON to take chant? of two " young cli-ldrcu and uw. Addrata ttox No. 6 Star Oriiee ja 9-tf W ANTKD 1MMK15IATKLY SHU** worth of SECOND-H TURK of all kinds, for which 1 will Dealer in Pumitare.l oc 9 4Of 7th ?t-, bet. 6 mm rom #5 to MD FURNI laranty to pay ?shorteat no [LY, Move?, Ac.. lU.CMtniU. uti-nn WASHINGTON LIGHT INTJLNTEY, AT /TBNTION -Tie Pi*no which 1 hwioMwl for the Conom at Smnhuonian, u on* of ChicWr **? be?t in?truroenU. If told within live <t will prevent the Mil profits to the WMkini ilhtlnihntrj. JOHN K. KLLlts j?* 306 Pi. ft*. Irt>t. 9th Md lOtij ?U. 33?, bitw. 9ia had GEORGETOWN. CorruptTk? Stmt. - U*??orr?wi?. January Ul, 1M1. AUbt gifedat of Mr City Councils l*?t even ing "Tfwlnlo# tni pand by both botrdi fcc the temporary I'ljaifuUHoa of the polio* force It pnvlda W the appointment of ?l|kt adtfltlooaJ poileomen to *?rotaattl the Oth daref March next at the discretion of Mm Corporation. They wlU go on duty at tlx o'clock p. m., and go off ai tU o'clock O. B.. ud are la M mli nn? ?il?t '? each night if called out daring the aay by di recting of (be Mara or Cfelef of Police on apodal serVIe* they tMll receive thirty-elcbt cents per diem Tbfa measure was recommended by the Mint, aad the resolution vm tfrnd by Mr. Stake, and was not opposed in eltbor board It lueeta the approval oi our citizens generally, aa act* of disorder and violence arc of nightly oc currence The Councils transacted much other baslaeaa, which will be noticed at length la oar regular report. There were three attempts at Incendiarism at an early hour last night, which tailed, aa tbe Ire was I n each case extinguished before much damage was done. The stables of Dr. Mag ruder aad Mr. low en, and the office of Meaara. bo^ue and Don nelly were the buildings fired. Thia morning, about 9 o'clock, tbe stable of Mr John 8 Paxton waa aet oa Ire, and waa soon entirely consumed. All of tbe Ires here, It will be observed, occur either early In the night or In tbe morning Let this tact be borne In mind la attempts to discover the Incendiaries Some twenty members of tbe Potomac Light Infantry were out last nlcht as a volunteer patrol force. We hope that this commendable move ment on tbe part of the soldiery will receive tbe encouragement of our citizeua We have been requested to correct oar account of the accident to Mr. Chaa D Walr.h. hr atat*ns that " it la da# to Dr Rtlev. the family pbyairian of .Mr. Welch, to atato that the aettlng of the frac ture and the management of the eaae rentalnod en tirely * 1th him." We make the correction with great pleasure The various volunteer com pan let are baring nightly driUa. and perfecting themselves la the manual. We hope that thetioveraaaent will fur nish them with an armory here, aad would sug gest that Forrest Hall would be a suitable build ing for the purpose. Parts of the aidewalk on aouth side of Oay at., near Congreaa. and part of that on Congress street, between Gay and Bridge streets. are ia a very un safe condition, and we Lave heard of on* or two sprained ancles in consequence. We hope the evil will be remedied The fakcy ball which was to have come off next Monday, at Forrest Hall, baa been Indefinitely postponed. We suggest the calling of a meeting by the citi zens for the organization of a regular patrol force la each precinct, believing it to be the uioat effec v*mj wtccurr gwa oraer. GEORGETOWN ADVERT MT? HRKK HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. Gio*g*tou*h, D. C , January lltb, 186'. < The ulxcit er will give a reward of Tlree Hun dred Dol'ara for auah irforina ion m mill leal t? th" cmiviouon of any p-raoo or peraona who have et on fire, or who ahall h"re?fter aet on My houae within the Corporation limit* of tin a town. urVD v a mil jmv Lkj (jmniTows, D. C., January 7th. 1*61. SEiLKD Pkopohaiji will he received at thia otto* nmil MONDAY, the il*t inatant, from peraona who m%y wiah to rent from the Corporation of fieorcetown, the Southern termination ot Moat gomery atreet, for the term of two yeara, the rent to be paid quarterly ja8-W,S*S.3t HENRY ADDISON, Mayor. A NOTICE. LL Persona indebted to the late firm of T. O'Donnoghiie A Son. are here * notified thatnn MAYOR'8 OFFICE. I ja 13-dltA2aw3w MAYOR'S OFFICE less their accounts are settled bv th? 15th instant thor wiil be p ace<l in the hanit of an officer lor collection. SARAH O'DONNOGHUE, jaj-e??3w* Kxeaatrix. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prune Porto Rico SUGARS, 150 bbla.uid RysWHIcKY, fcobbls. HF.RRING and ALE WIVES. S?i bbis. Crushed and i*UG ARs. 9) bacs Rio and Java COFFEE, 1" hhd?.Tlow priced) MOLASSES. For sale br JOHN J. BOOUE. ee 10 MASSEY, COLLINS & CO. * PHlLAUELr PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are constantTj receiving frea.* supplies ofthe above delightful bev erace, ar.d invite ail persona who want a pcrean aduiteratad Ai?. to ilve it a trial. aXNV A SH1NN, Agents, i T flrssr *t.. 6?<irt?tnwi. BOARDING* 8KVKRAL HANDSOMELY FURNISHED RO MS. with B< ard.can be had at No 379 F st'eet, letwe-n "?tli and loth st?., on r?*a< nab'e terms Persons in i a ch of pl*a?at.t hoarding houses would do well to call and exanrnefor them eeles jaMt M~RS ANN OGLE-* DUVALL HAVING TA ken the house on E st. north. No. 466. beta een 5th and f>th, previously kept b? Miss Gwyn. is now prepared to accommodate either perroanei t or traa sit-nt Itoarders with pleasant ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished with or without Board Aleo. a front Room on fi-?t floor, with private entrance, suitable for an office. ja8-lw* FOR SALE AND RENT. I ror ci*#r "ror asu and Kent" advartmwunti, uijlrst yag? ] FOR SALE CHEAP?The ST"CK and FIX TURES of a imtll Frmit and CocfeotKnerv Store Apply at 506 Eleventh atrMi, near Penn. avenue It* EH>R RENT-A three-stery BRICK HOUSE, a con aining nine room* and store room, Stah'e and Carriage House; situated on the corner ofluthand L street* To a punotuai a^d reliable tenant the terms will be moderate. Inquire on th? premises. ja 12 2t* \1 ARKKT GARDEN FOR RL\T-Tw? larr# i?l squares of Ground, *a*t of the Capitol, con taining about 8 aore*, well fci.ced and in.proved by a k ?d frame hou-e. Ac. Re ;t will below U> a Runctual tenant. Inquire of JOHN B. KiHHKY, lo r.5 Louisiana avenue, between 12 and 3 o'eloek. ja ll-6t ARAR E CHANCE.?For sale or excbanc* 1 ?? acre? <if tn? beat LAND in Central Texas.(lo oated 20 years ago,) in Dewit oonniy. Also. ?W acres in Wisconsin. n?ar the Great Central rail road, and not lar from the Fa; s ol St. Croix, in P" k oouuty, iocated four years mo, and is < * lievcd to be eqnal to an? .'and in the S?ta?e Will exohar.ce for arincuiiibered and improved cit? property. Address b? l;tt?i or in pel eon 4?0 New York avenue. ja 10 eoSt FOR RENT.?That three etory brown fmnt HOUSE <>u New York avenue, be-.ween tilth and llth streets, will be rented very low to a food tenant. Reasonable repairs will be made. Apply ti> A. G. FOSTER, Interior Department, Patent Office Building. ja5 eoSt L^OR RENT ?The STORK and DWMI.I.INO r No. *?i Bridge street, Georgetown D. O., k' own ?i the old conftotioner) wand. Possession given immediately. Apply to ARMY k. 8HINN. IT?OR RUNT?Two frame COTTAGE HOUSE*, r containing six rooms, situated on Mm*, ave nue aud Fifteenth afreet; puinp of good water m the yai4. ja 5 E^URNIBHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D r ttreet, iiet ween 6th and 7th ste. de4-tf FOR RENT-The trie DR1CK HOUSE No. 100 \Ve-?tkt.x Georgetown. at present ocon pie<i l?y the auUeariher. It ha* >2 room*, with ga# an'', wnter tlir^u*h"u'. a fine yard, stable Ac , and ia in aeood neighl.orhood. Apply to J AS. A. M A GR ri)KR. t F' OR KENT?A thr?e story hriok HOUSE, oo? taming rooms, in good order, with ik> fix tures complete, on H atreet, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two- *tor? brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of P street north an" 14th at. lut. To punctual and reliable teaarts the term* Will he noderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G aa<! H. no )?-tf irOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the b?iM I. idc immediately opposite the west wine of thf City Hal.,reoently occupied by Chaa. S. Wallac* aa an office. Also the front room ia the aeoonti tor j and tfca third floor of the aiw baildinc. For Kia appiy to RICHARD WaLLACH, No. S iaiana avenue. _ ia 11" FOR RENT-A three atorr BRICK. DWELL ING HOUSE, with baak building, on 12th at. No. 47 A, between F and G atreeta. Apply J. KIRK WOOD. 4Tfi Twe ftV at. no U dtf Till tui piaoe at Havana an TUESDAY. JaacAET S MCI. 8U&TEO NOMXRO 6ta OKDINAKIO CAPITAL PEIZE 100,000. > 1 ?Mjb| ?rnj??? turn ... ... ??,oncIim do ? wi^i2K,/i?csfurw&itess ^ A Hrmwing 'yili b? fommid m aoom m ttw i j?t tr Gvtal Citr foaLCkiiUitoK. io. B&llun'a Mtddl* Edition ftivorl I _J?0, U* MM Don, CtrUale, L*ab, 4 THE LATEST ML * ? TELEGRAPHIC. Amnl of the Star of tk? Wmi N?w Von, Ju. It -TV Rur of tte wm with Use troopa receatlv from l barleaton. arrived km lot ii(kl. The Star of th? Weat wm atrck by two balla. oae oa ktr bow. aad tt? otbor on her ?tarboard quarter, betweea bar amok a ateck and rnrtM tiram Nobi<dr wai hart She etruck on the b*r contu out. At Sight abe aaw itramer* comity oat ?f Charlratoa harbor, and aoppoaed they were > puraoit af her OB tfce IUM Bight ?b? a poke Um a'blp Kmtljr St Fieri*, of i.lrrrpool, from CUrlnlN vkltk k*4 boea refuaed UmlUMCt into tk? poet la oopat q??tftr f harltf the in?rt?u lig firing When tearing tbr harbor, the Star or the Wwt reared mw?l parti ag ahoto from Morris Illu4, but they all fell abort The general Mlw on board new la to retera to Charleston with the proper wanna af defease, and eBect a landing. Frra Leatalaaa Nkw 10 ?Ail thetroopsla-New Orleans were tinder arms last night, by order at UoTernor Moor* Flee companies en bar hod thla mo-alpf at* o'clock to aetae the Arsenal at Betoa Rouge The Orleans Battalion Umi ta< few eomps nles embarked at 11 far Forts Jacfeaoa and M PhlUlp. ferte ml lea below. on the MMstfppi, cemanaudtng the approach to New orleaaa The wharf was crow dad with rlCaeaa, Who rortferaaaly cheated the iapaitare af the s>t isw. Three cetnpanlas left thla afteraoee aa a rtoanter to aelae Fort Pike, on Lake Penrkirtrtii New regiments of troops are belag organlied R a mora prevail that the war steamer Crusader laromtdf up the rleer, and the highest excitement exists Texas ud Florid* also ap<r* fhetr fortlBcatloao TV troops ib TrniM^tBd MlaWppI ?re irm sl|M hnadnd tbwaud la met* arrl *od to day from New York The Floyd Baaqset Kicrmoki . Jan It.?At the FJovd bon^aet laot night Mr Floyd made a apoech. wherein he re lated a conversation with tke President which be c'almed showed a breach of faith oa tbe part of the latter loading to tbe former* realraaUoa He alao counseled resistance to Federal caereloa *peecbeo wore made by Llent -Onr MaaU|i?, Attorney General Tucker, J ante* . Mddoa, fce. Tbe temporising policy ot tbe leglslatare waa severely commented upon There waa great en thusiasm Farts la Peaaarola Harbor Abaadaaed by Federal Troopa UHttLiiToit, Ju II.?A private d 1*patch to tbe Courier from Montgomery says Fort Pike hu been token by tbe Louisiana troop? The Federal troop* bt?e abandoned all tbe (Tatted States forts In Pensacela bailor eioept Fort Pickens, where they have concentrated to make a stand atja'. nst troops ~ A bodv of three hundred men have toft Mobile to surprise Fort Pickens. Proceedings at ( harlMtn. Ch&ilkstox, Jan. ia ?Yesterday afternoon there was great excitement to learn why tbe Caro lina Secretaries of War aad State rial ted Fart Sumter nnder a flay of truce,where tbejr remained two hours A pretty reliable sourer says tbe De partment will know to morrow The lait how ever Is known to bave been aot of a hostile character Alalutt Mobile. Jan 12 ?Thr paaaage of the ordinance of aeceaalon wu celebrated b?re Laat night. Om hundrrd gur?a wre flred. and ?100,000 wm tub cribt-d for the defenae of Mobile. The aged and eminent Blahop Cobb of tbe Epla copel Church, died at Montgomery featerday nifrneita tl TrMpi Ro<tos, Jan 10 ?The ateemer Joaaph Whltney. after taking on board previa.ona and munltlona of war at tbe Navy Yard yeaterday, proceeded thla morning to tort Independent, where troops were put on board with arveral oflrrn Har deatlna tion ia auppoaed to be the CoMt of Florida. Farta Seized by Ualiiaaa Traap* New OaLEAita, Jan. 11.?The militaryexpedt tlona which left here yeatarday and tue day previ ous, have sHzed Porta Jackaon and St Phlllpa, on the Mlaatnippi river, and FortP;ke, at the mm trance of Ukr Pontcbtrtrdi No reaiatance vm offered to the New Orleans troops Shocking Mar4fr U CIsclmMtl Ciscirsati, Jan. It).?Two policoaua. named CI at born v- Long and Dan 1*1 Haliaaa, wereatabbed laat night In a bouse of lli-fhme, on Main atroet. oppn?:ie (ianc atreet. bv two man wama<l Lowry Kong died tbta morning, and Hal Lam la Hi a criti cal condition. Endartrment of the PrtiHtit'llywial Mta* ange Albany. Jan. 14 ?TheSpeaker. Mr Lttttejofca Introduced a resolution approving of Prealdent Buchanan'a Special Mt-aaage. ana tendering to the Government whatever men and money waa re quired to enable It to enforce the lawa Faat Office ?b4 IuMb Hmt GurM kr (I. S Troopa. St Lorn, Jan 10?Bjr order at Lt G? 6c?tt, a detachment of V ft troop* to-dav took ponw Ion of the ftub-Treasurr, Post Office and Cwtctn House at this city. Th? Kaatu Lr(lilat>rf. Lkatihwobth. Jan. 10?The Ranau Terri torial Leglalature organized oa tte 7th at Lecotnp ton. elect!uk Republican officers, and oa the 9th adjourned to Lawrence shipment ( ttaapswder. Nobfolk, Jan. 11 ?Before daylight this morn la?, a ateamer went to the Federal magazine wharf, and loaded with powder and thea left. Detti nation unknown. ml FUriita Tallahamii. Jan 14.?The CtarnUaaof Uli State pa?ed tbe Ordinate* cf soeeas!?a y star day at 41 minute* paat IS o'clock. The vote stood to 7. telatf for Secesaloa Acgciti, Jas II.?A salute of 100 guaa for Florida and 1U0 guns for Alabama was ftred here to-day In honor of the seceaaion of thooe Elates Baltuaoro Markets. Baltimoh. Jan 12 ?Floor trm Balea How ard st at S3 SO. Wheat steady; red ?1 JUal ?. white SI 45al AS Corn hnoyant, new white and yellow old white 70c. Provisions stand r; Ui LSI P'l > wr B t US4U IW V VM V*. I UB * J 1 ai3c. WLtiaky firm at 19^a-A)c. Now York RUrktto. Nrvr Yoai, Jut. IS ?Floor qoto*. Wbeotlrw. Cora upward Proviaiooa quiet. Whiakv quiet at 19jfa19*c. W?a?I. Niw Vntt.Jan IS?Stocka are bettor. 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