Newspaper of Evening Star, January 12, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 12, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ? ? _ [Pom ?i Stab. THE t'JIIOJI V bf droop the racla's win*? ? Ru Freedom's hetrt ire? . Strike nerve.e?? t?>ii>ga, the ecaadibg itmri, A. 1 V r A Oar stars (till it earn on high , Our co?ntr?'? fl%? unfar.ed. Plane out to fly a<;a.n t the ?*T. StifT the startled world. 9*1! teai a we well have shed; I e&m that the false ma? fe en; We weep the dead that nobly tved On Freedom'* Southern plats. Old stormy battle frays. Old sir** aod mother* swe^t: Stiil let us rane |??t former daya 0a? ahout before we m*?t. Thay foo*ht the British crown; Tbey toi ed and wou the strife; Th?y trampled down in field and town The old usurper's life. And now by Marlon'a f*in?? By Serctant Jasper's sot. We dare to nam# onr right/ni oiatra. And con?e?rata the faet. O'er all thia broadened land, Prepare*! to afaaod, and h?ud to hAiy), Keep what thOM lathsr'a tars MruRn. ID"In Lisbon. Portugal, a rich merchant was recently executed for delating hi* wifa'a slater ad then cutting her throat. IZ7*9o*ne of the Kaatern paper* aar that Edwin Forreat, the tragedian, la aoon to live again with fela divorced wife, now Mr*. Sinclair. |?^A notice In a northern town, on a itora dcor, on Thankfuleing dav. read: "Olcaed on account of the death of a turkey in the family. lL/~ A machine ba< been Invented in England, wtilch being attached to theatern of aahip pumps her oat with a rapidity !n ratio to her speea. ly Tln carriage* of CLine*egrande?a reaeoihls oap uuiri m upi>u w utcis, auu arc unwa wy oxen hammed in the roughest potaibla fashion. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. Wll.LARDS' HOTLL ?Mr Jouea, V?; A Carlisle and lady. Pa; G Poltpn and lady, KH;\V C Barlo. do: H A Mario, do; \ Gunarl, I.a; L Aa plnwaii, NV; I VV Lindsv.ilo, W J Warren,DC; W B Baz-n, L'SN; B D*t1s. NY; O Trumbull; Ct; H C Trumbull, df?; II Neil, Pa; A C Roberta, do; W T Duican ami lady, Ky; G A Parker, Pa; Mrs R C Stanard. Va; K Iuth, Cal; R A and G McAndrewr, XV; C H Jones, do; J Baxen, do; H M SUnard. Va; B Sktdirore. NY; J A Ramsav, Md; J Gioer, do; 8 Kidman, RI; s Baldwla,Ma; C Medtne, NY; C K Parsons. do; O E Shepbard, do: T 4 Pullen and lady. NJ; T 8 Turner Md; j Cohen, do; W Dt-oblg, do; W K^lfrr., do; W B NY; A Bunw, Va; G VV Tut tie and lady, N V; O H Baight. do; JOB Davis and ladr, do; J W Klllin^er and son, Pa; C Donobue and lady, NY; J Whiting, do; ?V F Legman, do; Mr and Mrs Bronson. do; Miss Seaman,dn; J Brokfriend, Pa, J B Friaby, Cal; J W King, CI; C Fl&*g,N Y; Mr Jewetc, dw; D Orwn. do; vV T Walton, Md; H Allen, Cal; P Stockton, L9A. NATIONAL HOTEL?F W Weem.Md; G V> Hungerferd, do; Prof G Clark, do; 9 Plaot-, NJ; J L Tllney, Pa; J W Kobertaon. Ala; C 011 llspie, NY; A Cook, do; J Woolstou. NJ; E N Dlckcoaon, NY; J * Brcwn, Wis; W Foster,NY, H FoeWr. do; A S Wolf, Fa; 9 E Will*, Masa; G Peiaaeakl, SC; G Poziiannki, jr, do; Mrs R Bar rett, do; A N Bernard, Va; \V C Vantyne, O; 9 0 Brooke. Tenn; T J Jamison. Md, P Stockton, USA, T Dyer, 111; W & Barrett, Ky; H D Barrett, do, W H Borch, Md; W 9 McLean. Ene; J H Backhouse, do; R T Goldsborough, DC; N Pyie, 1 Del; W A M-dgett, Md; J B WaTcb, do;A Ward, III; 9 Winchester. Pa; G W Crain, Md; G Havi land, NY; J Aboott, Pa; A Metarge, dc; J GU llspie, do; T Gtllispie, do. J B Turner, III; G T Ramsay, do; 1> Stabberlleld, Va; J R Hogg, NY. MOWN* HOTEL ?G Kenedy, A Herr. W H Graham, J Bibb, W TSunderiln^ E Speed, E nowiin, im v> ru?. J W Lelon, H Dodd, O B Funston, E Smith, V Lewis, D Maxwell, Va, 8 Bixelow and ly, NJ; T Taitty, Tex; H Wood ward, 6a, C Clifford, Miss; D Buchanan, Vt; \V U Tbornas, Cal, H Bojrgs, P Roper and daughter, J Owing* T Berrv, J U Reaney. Md; R Carter, JtO; T V< Lvno. J W Carson, Pa; J H Heath, D C, A Hooter. D Aunter, NY. KIRK WOOD HOUSE?W Wall, DC; J M Rulte, B J Reddle, D Murder, J O Wagner, Md; R Marris. Pa; S R Brings. 8 Parsons, Mi; J B Leary, Q Clark, Va; O N Bye;, lad. WASHINGTON HOUSE,?J A Sloats. Ala? W Eicholbergar, W H Hocbman, Cr Harrington. Fa; Hon C Care. Mrs G Harrison daughter and erraut, H Paulding and ly, NY; W Cunning-, ham and ly. Maaa. OCEANS TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS faOH TBI U ?IT IB STATU %'? ????. Ltovt. For. D+vt Xsited SUtes .New York...Glasgow Jan 14 astrfea?i&a Por^auU... LiTeraoot ju l* Fa mliae New York... Liver proi )u 17 Bremen ._\ew V01C...Brem?i.JaaIt Not* Nouu. .. P-Ttiaq-l Li verpool .Jau 19 6 aHD? .N?t \ork~.Liverpool.... Jaa 19 Auwt o*. Itoi on ?. .Liverpoo; JuS Qanadiao. Portland Liverpool.... Jan M Eainburf 8W York... Liverpool.... Jaa96 John tfeii Now York., .Glae?ow.?. Jan ^ taia. .New York? Liverpool. ...Ju V eutonia.. Saw York . aoutb'pton. Feb 1 riagars. _ tfoaton Liverpool Feb t> Faosi Eckofb menca. ...?^Liverpool Boston.. .Dm9 eut -Qia S<.uih pt<>n...New York?.Jan 3 E-lm'ur Liverpool New York...Jaa 2 Cm:iiah s? >atii'pton-. Portland ,.?.Jan S A?ia.?...Liverpool New York....Jan ft ?edar..._ Liverpool....New York Jan Araae boutii'pton? New York .-Jan 9 North Baton Liverpool ...Portland .... Jaa 10 The California mut a'.e&inera leave on the 9th. 18th, and ?no of every month. T* PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, 4.0. Wkmtma, At t?e present mwi o th? r*U CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY. Ao.,ke^ yrmiJ to an n arming extent s And wntrtas. It must be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE Iostwt fatruiy to Inow of A REMEDY * W:$ro&i!ltLD&w"" or Paris, efTfcra hi* MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER RF.ME Sf Tor the above o3JiMlAirrre In order to ?ti*fy THE PUBLIC ttA' ao Imposition it interaod ta the sale of this THE MONE^'w fLL BlSekEFT' NDED t* all edits when t&e medicine fails to sivo entire satisfvjtio Ask, tii#t Kt ?ny Drug Store for DR. montarde'S MIRA.CUt.OL'9 pain KJLLER. take a* Jireattni. end if not perfect!? satisfied Return to oar Aj^ut, D. B. CI-A RE. R8A 4H Btreot and Paui^yiVfcnisTXMMk who will refaad your mooey. Frio*?it# and 6A Centa ff Bottle. for Ml* It *11 Drag Stores rrerrwhere. J AS, Mo DON NELL, jyU-?otr morfc. DE. J. BOYEE DOD*8 IMPERIAL WItfM BITTERS, 9 now being bm4 from Hum to the 6r?t tell ? ul IM uivWHl Tenliet of ftU ' rtUnr m > m*n?i or m a 1 ?TV*iRnrrM?4UtM *or.t, " Jo SB x-atMyip Mr alt to tM nUU. I CtinsilKXL lodifMtiAfi u?a?KM,nriUUIjnKLD t CO T*VrE? fMw Aiwrt. WMhiBjtem. IXc. w 0 O D M Fa. At MU^ Wharf flwt $x ? ? a l SlIX? Mf* ?? ? tMn H % 1MPROV w?i SLkiSss PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIC N OTlfcj] Dwimmof tm* I*thioi,( JMt. 26 1W5. \ PeMio notioe it hereby fives that Mi ui (napooe untied, of 11m dtMrlittoi liniiiillli et forth, her? ]?tely been feioaloulf ebetneted from ndodT of the Interior Dtytrtant, the Mae beiti the property of the Usited State* tM bald in tract for certain Indian triboa. Notioe Ma also been kit en to the proper ofloera of the reapee Uve State* to atop the payment thereof; and all pereona ara warned againet pvrebaainx or rao?T iac any of aald bonda aad aoapbaa, aa the claim of the Dnited Statea thereto will ba proaeoated to the vtaoat extent. Eaeh bond beinc for the aam of one thonaad dollars, m: Six per cent Miaaoari Coapon Bonda, iamed la Jan* aad Auf a?t, 1837. State of Miaaiouri, St, Los la aad Iron Mooatala R. R. State Bonda. Bond No. 2087 Bond No. 1323 1876 1827 1996 1822 . 1997 1821 1998 1820 3008 1819 2007 1818 1993 1809 1994 1817 1M5 1816 1801 1990 1392 1991 2003 200J 1992 2006 2006 2004 2001 1999 2000 2009 1877 1878 1879 1880 1831 1882 1883 1884 1886 188? 1816 1814 1813 1812 1810 1811 1808 2031 2033 2034 2036 2036 2032 1826 1828 1829 1830 1831 1832 1868 1861 1870 1871 1872 IOOI 1DY4 1883 1874 1849 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2U*? 2017 2047 201ft 2044 2016 3043 2014 2040 3013 2041 2012 2042 2010 203# 2011 2038 ?? 1825 99 1824 Not*-?Bond j No. two, and below of ttua aorloa, iaaned June,ltf&d<1 bonds No. SWI.and above mat, dated August, 18JT, terabit at ths Pbcanix Bank, Now York oity, ia lwf. State of Miuoarl ni Mr oont. ooupon bond a, vis: HeanlbeJ and St. Joetph Railroad Stale tfonde? Bond No.p853 Bond No. 1626 1852 1027 IHOl 1850 l*%t? 1848 1&47 1846 1846 1K44 1832 1835 1833 1834 1336 1837 1838 1829 1640 i m 163* 1613 1613 1614 102s 1629 185V 16H lfxSS 1862 1860 1861 1856 1858 1855 1854 1822 1823 1824 1825 18? 1827 1828 1829 1830 1831 161ft 1617 1618 1619 1690 1621 1611 1864 1634 1631 1632 1633 1623 1*67 1636 1630 1639 1841 1623 1624 1641 1643 1644 1645 1646 1647 1648 1637 1638 1840 1842 1843 1660 1816 1817 1818 1819 1820 1821 90 bond* Noti.?Thw bowli im at*4 Jtiwrr, um, Mvabia at B%nk of Co am mm, N?w York, ia November. 188&-iaterMt payable tn January ?od July of each imi. Mate of MiMoan aix for ooat Coupon North MU otr. I. R.otat* boMa. Eond No. 3952 tond No. 1W 2940 1638 2939 1W1 2941 1642 2942 1643 2946 . * 1644 2946 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 29IV 1640 2960 1660 2987 . 2922 2938 2923 1863 2924 1664 2936 1866 2961 1662 2963 * 1666 1657 2921 , 1706 2468 1706 2512 1707 2513 2452 2614 2453 2615 2454 251ft 2455 2911 1156 2910 2467 2912 *468 2913 2460 2914 2440 2914 2461 2915 2442 2917 2463 2918 2464 2919 2466 29)0 2464 2964 2467 295ft 1451 80 Riw YoTkoTfrT Miaaoari North Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2781 sm 3779 2721 2783 no ru 2733 2712 2722 * 2710 2720 W 27* 2716 2777 2727 e 2776 2724 ms 2731 2768 2786 2789 2729 | 2770 2716 2771 271* 2784 2714 2778 2764 2771 2728 2776 2726 1 2774 2723 J 2780 2712 2732 * i 2707 MtoixU X Bond Mo. 5246 5259 5246 5244 5243 5242 5241 5240 5299 5236 5237 EftilrM* State Bo*d Nq. 5280 5261 5258 5256 5254 5266 5253 5252 5261 5250 5240 5234 5248 5233 6196 5232 5196 6231 5000 6900 4999 5190 4997 6198 4890 6197 4998 6310 4899 6236 4888 .'6307 4876 6306 3267 6309 , 5262 61 6306 &3aasttE?BP Bonds of Nntk O*rolio?-Onyw iu pm out North Carol in* us ft omta. Boad No. 36 Bond No 303 33 301 32 300 23 297 9 236 7 234 . *4 (A *48 JVO 166 347 104 346 20 343 19 342 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 388 8 337 11 336 10 335 102 328 101 329 . 100 330 99 331 103 332 ? 333 28 334 22 327 16 326 21 317 98 318 97 S16 <M 29? 95 339 94 338 62 60 336 303 72 bond* Nor*.?1Thaw boada are 4?trd Jubvt, 1MB, payable Jaaaary. 1?* at BinTof Republfo, New York. Int?re?f payable ia January and July. North Carolina ? for oonU. Coupon Bmdi. Bond N#. 833 Bond No. 7?.b 832 736 831 75h 830 7*g 820 780 8M 761 836 7?2 8.1H 763 837 7*4 790 871 7W1 872 7?<? 873 874 875 878 877 878 879 880 881 846 847 *48 840 860 863 864 866 056 857 858 860 Mil ^793 794 795 796 797 798 . 799 800 801 802 :&oa 804 805 806 808 807 811 812 8J3 814 815 816 817 sift 862 819 863 820 864 821 m 822 866 823 867 :824 868 825 869 826 876 827 883 828 882 839 QQi OOf 840 886 843 731 844 732 845 733 734 104 bonds ThsM bo i 1887, *t Ban North Carotin* fix p+r oeat. Oonpoa bond* Bond No; 599 Bond No. 493 ?00 494 603 405 *>4 496 OOo 407 604 621 SI 498 608 ?10 ill " 48 612 482 613 483 609 484 ?H 48.S 622 4^ 823 487 488 ?? 489 626 490 ?7T *.^o 628 641 642 643 615 644 646 647 648 646 649 6&A 651 663 618 19 455 457 458 470 539 540 541 542 543 530 531 532 533 534 535 5o6 537 518 529 516 515 517 514 422 545 VIA ^03 447 418 448 440 400 443 403 410 471 mi 473 433 ? 473 410 >474 ,437 474 417 i 470 490 ' 477 436 470 430 470 438 480 431 413 001 413 444 401 119 bonds 403 1? 193 13S 194 127 195 138 194 179 197 180 198 139 199 130 300 137 ? 144 46 bonds 146 Two bon^a for 91,000 raoh, datod April, 1?57. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 Fift**n bond a for ?1,000 *?oh, dated QottHor, 18?, Tia: Payable at flank of iupablie, Oot >ber. |in, Tix: Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1191 1184 1193 1185 1193 1186 1194 11R7 1188 1196 1189 1197 1190 15 bonds rtniiMM* six Mr orat. C*npon Bond*, of 1.000 e&oh, of !o?n of 1KJ ptyab.e 1KM in NMr York city, of tho loilowinf number*, tad dftt?d J*l? ary, 1853: Bond No. 217 Bond No. 415 278 419 294 476 297 477 409 491 *i- -?V6 414 723 And of the following cumb raiuatd Jaaua.ry.lU4: Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 1358 830 And of the following numbers tune 1 Janrar;,1ft?& Bond No. 1744 BoLd No. 2655 2110 2391 2133 2892 2581 3066 2605 3121 Aod of the nambareiataed Ja n air, 18 6 Bond No. 3149 Boid No. 4207 3464 4208 3485 4209 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3172 4431 3758 4527 XJFl 4529 3041 4550 3942 4556 3943 4566 3944 4569 3945 4570 3946 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 42U0 4881 ad of the following number* iaaaed Jan jar Bold No. 5056 Bond >,o 5419 5195 5421 5326 M2* 5359 5427 5360 5430 53b 1 5362 5436 5363 5437 b:m 6433 5365 ft4.19 5440 5441 5368 .>442 3369 5453 5370 5444 5371 5445 5372 5452 5373 5518 5374 551V 5375 5520 6376 5521 5877 5522 537% 5703 5*79 5704 5380 5705 5381 57<H? 5385 5707 5586 5708 43*7 5709 5388 5710 5389. 5711 MM. 5712 5391 5713 5392 5799 5393 5839 MI6 5&40 Ml 7 6842 5418 OrTlCI or THB SXCKZTAIT or TH1 IXTKIOB, Dectinbor 98, I860, ft lJnitf J. THOMPSON, tr'Mr?Urf. I JVimSTOH, t-f BUTIMPRI LOCK HOSPITAL, fill Di?*mnrt4 tk* MM) CtrUmm, Sj*tdy. mmd mU$ Rtmtdf tm (At World, FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLT IMMED ATF.LY. A OORK WARRANTED. OR NO CMA ROW VtUiiuifUl lul.ltflMirM KtiUni afl?a K'daaTl Hi Bladdar, Uaaiaatarp DuO>I|m, lacaiaiitj, ktiirii Baklliir, Nintiuiu, Upfturkunu.Uf luiiU, Caa fatiac afldtit, Palpiuiiao af i&? Baart,^V<mdiiy, Tramkliafa, (hmr.iu af Sifbl ar Jlridioaaa, Diiaaaa afUa flaad, Ykraat, aa* ar Itio, ifKuKi af tba biun, Stamiicb ? Ba?ti?? Umi Tamkla Dtaardara uuic| fr?m Itiiuij Bakua a< Ya?U?Uaaa Drtidfai tod Dtuncu'i Pncudi wkiak r?a dar MurUfi tapaaitkla, and d astray k?u Badj tad Mtat TOIM MSB apaalallr wka ka?a ktcatna ik* naiiaa af taller? TIm, thai draadfal and " U anUmaly jra?? tbaaaand* af Yaarj Mas af ih? maat ai alud lalanta aad krillaot iawUaat, wba might acbtrviaa k??i ainuaad fiataoipj liuua vlU UaUaodara af alaaaaaaa ai art k ad U IWUIT Ua tlTtaf ly?a, aay Mil vtU rail mum riubRB,H tn>(Hn lanifttiatmay rUva, kaiaf taut a/ Mpiaal vhUm, tifuli dakUUj, ia/araitiaa. apaadUv tar ad. a vha placaa hsnaalf acdat Ua aara af Dr. J. Bay raUfl a Wia placaa bssaalr andar Ua i aaa?y aaaIda la feia hanar aa a jaalla apaa bit skill aa a pbyaialsa. aaa aad aaaldaally ralp orrics Ma. t torn ruto mjci btbbbt, lafl kand stda fainf ftarn BiUtaars airaai, a h* dam r>as tka Mtaai. iSul oat uakaarra uaa aad Habtl. bsuaaa aw ka paid aad aaatala a ataap. ML IOHHBTOB, Maaaara af tka Bayai Call tf a t.'hiftaaa, fcaadaa. nih tf*n aaa af Ua aaat aatoaoi Ollafaa la Ua Bahad lu aad Ua^raaur pan ?4 vhaaa Ufa aaa kaaa apaat la Ua kaa nw>? Main, nn^uiiuiiM ua iiaivMn, lu it Ihm4 hoii af tha mm umMisf um that win ??h knavn; many traakltd with riagin* ia Ua bead aad aan vbiauiiiK fraal aarraaaciaaa, kaiof alarm ad at aaddaa aaaada, fe?afcf?Taaaa with fraqaant klaahinf. auandad MM Hata vltk daracf amani af miad, wara euii iaaadUt*lT? Till FA??C?kA? H0T1CK. TMa| Maa aad aUan vha ban iu)arad thanaalvaa ky ft aartain praauaa Lodalgad to whan alaaaa?a kakii fraqaaat y laarnad frara a?U carapaaiaoa, ar at aehaal, tha af acta M wbtoh ua aifhliy fall a?aa whan aalaap, aad if mi aa>ad raodara auiufi tmpaaaikla. aad daauaya kath alad aad M>, akaaid apply tamadiataly. naaa ua aama of tha aad aad malaaakaiy ifaiUMdMlt fey aarly feafetta af yaath via i Waakuaaa aftka Back aad limka, Paina la tka Maad, Dimoaaa af Mffat, Laaa af Maaaaial Pawar, Palpiiauan af tha Haart,Dyapapa?, Marvaaa Irvftahitt ty, Daranf aman t af tha Dt(aati*a Facetiae a, Saaarai Daktllly, ytngana of Cat.aarapoan, *?. nsn AMU .? v DV n?n? ( (? Mi HI bum U? B|M M ki driudid ?Lait fMtMn.CNfMH rfMui, D??nnlw af hintt, E*U PtrMlnn, Itiium af Sadat*, IiII Dmuhi. U'lW Mn4l,TiNW|, ! >, IM MM m III ?TiU kwi MZRYOM PMUJTT.-niiiM<i ? MfUta vtal ll U? uh( rftitii daclloiaf kitltk. iMaf Uilr tinr.kt ?? ! > mtk, pit. unm u4 imikui, Mftif tuanki I^MIUM IMttbl ?TM, ?ft m lyfmn it I III? Dntiin or umvourcx. WIm U? altpMid ui win ( iliMn till k? ku tm*ikad ifca u<4t ?(t?U painfal (In ktntu tkat m lU-timad mm af mm* ar drud af dutitin iNtn Ua Itrwa tnlri>| to Umm wb*. fran adacatiao ul IMfWOMUtj, uo aba* kafriind kia. fclla lata tki hub af IfMiut u4 daaifolcf iritMdm, vkt, uwhMi f earm*, lick Ma fatmuif uWuui. kaia Kim inltag aoih tfttr inaoih, at aa laof aa tha aaallaat ?a ?aa h ak la laid, and ia daasatr laavaklia vitk rmiuid kialtk to ?i*k ku> nUiof dtoappatotiaibt; a* kj tki ?m afthat diadN Eao, Mire try, kaataa Ul emaUiatiaoal ijiuwim af Uk ikla Oaaaia, (Hi a* Af aatiaoi a#to* laart. Tkraat, Haaa, i ,?e.. prarriMir.f with Mfkdtal rapidity, till daaU pau a aiwid to kU iraadnu laffanof* kf laodiof kla to that aa * -- * mmmmtrm ? I ' - ??"? . joamovtaxMKDT roa CT. ink* By ttli (mi ui Imwih ium4( vnIu in Midu; (n*4 tad Ml t1|n mtml 1 iw miin n| IiMHbm, vkt H Im IliilviC Im w ^imnAiVi r?v? % Vi*aUu| u4 V?kMH m Mmmm * tiki IMirtMttfimi m MAWTl?oVK55? carad utMi j Hi HlM llfMUM vmm) u4 Dm I to D?. # MISCELLANEOUS. 1 Tn iMiiuiuTioK or LinMi?B.-TkM? hi growing MMm; 15 tnj? u*? a?*ro?nata tha iva wordaofuther Iihimimac< aftor I i?fm? a wfcila to inoorparate thorn into oar 0*1; thui tfc? wo d Capha ic. wkia* la from Mm tfraek, Mcuifrinc "fortha haad." i? now becon inj roHluii^ in oon?ectioa wUk Mr. Spacing'* ?r*M Heaoaoha 1 WHdj; hat it will soon ba in a tuora general way, and the word Cepn* 10 will booom* aa oommon aa ?aotrotypa and many otbara ?hda> d;?tinotion aa forai*a word* haa baan worn away by oommon uaars aaLil they aeeoi "native and la tie manor bora " 'ardiy RmI1m4. Hi '?d 'a 'orribla 'niIioM this kfUrsooa. kud I topped into the hapotheoaria* had aay* hi to the w?m, "C?n yon hetae m? an "Doea it haohe'ard." aaya >. " flnowdiM!y," aaya hi. ud upon IMt > rkt* me a PlTTh?u^! 'fon in* 'oaor It our?d me ao **>ofc that I "ftrc.y rHliHd I "?d 'ad *r ' <**k* ITT" Hixuacuz ia the favorite iun by vkiek imn mUM known any o?-ri?tu.n ?.utmr tym henataral state of tb? brtii,ul viewed in tklq thenatara , __ light it ma* t* poked on ft* ft ?&f?*iiard ?' di to Kir* notice ofrf|.e?e which m<(kt otkerwie* M?tM attention, nil loo late to be remedied: and lU indication* ?h< u.d nmr b* Head aohea may he c.ft*?i?ed aiider two nuiN.nit Symptomatic and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Head ache ia exoeedinyly common ftnd fa the preoareor of ft great variety of diaeaaea, anoni wkioh are Apopiexy, Goat. Rheamatiam and ail f?bnle dtaeaaea. in ita rervoaa form it ia a* m pathetic dia M*e nf tha ??r.r - ' . ' . ?w.-?vu v*'t??w mwi'K Of bcpatio disease conrdtatinK itlUmt k?dmtk*, of worm?.constipatina and other dirordara of th? t o? U.aa well u rena! and uteri ne affections. Dinwm of the heart are very fr- inenUj att?rded witfc Read aches; Anaemia a.d plethora are also affections whieh frequently occasion headache. Idiopathio Headache is also very commoi, Mac ally dia tinnu.rhed by the nam* of Mart^nu kfodrndki, aoma tiraes cominc on suddenly in a ?tat? of apparently sound health ar,rf prostr?tmf at onoe the menta' and physioal mercies, and in other instances it comes on slowly, heralded by depre?s>on of spirits or aoerhtty of temper. In aioet inctanoes the pain is in frontc.f tk? ?a*i! ???' "?? *" kj*AL * * ? * rometi provoking vomiting, snder this olaaa my a'*o he DMned Antral*to. For the treatme nt of either c ui of Headaohe the Cephaio Pil e have hern found a toro and safe remedy, relieving the moat acute pains in a few minute*, ami by its eabtle power eradicating the diaeaaa of wiaoh headache is the nnerring index. Briihjit.?Missus wants yon to eend her a box of Cephalio Giae, no.a bottle of Prepared Pills,? bat I'm thinking that's not just it raither; but per hap? ye'U he ?f>h?r knowing what it u Ye see she'a mth d<>ad and gone with the t*iok Headaobe aad wants acme more of that same as reiaired her before. Drugntt.?You mnst mtan SpaUlng's Cephallo Pi'le. Bridget.?Ooh ' sure now and von've aed it, here's the qua ther and giv me Vhe Pills and don't be all day about it aither. , CsMtlpatlsa er (sitlTfim No one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" ta eo prevalent, so little understood,and so much neg iooted a* Coaiivenes* Often originating in ftT ?iwUr*af? K.?-. ??J ?. J liOI'l Mf Ik ! WW 0 alight disorder of too 'ittle conscience to exoit* anxiety, while m reality it ia thepreea'aor and companion of nan; of tile most f%taJ arxj danger oqft diseases. and unless ear'.v eradioaled it will bring the sufferer to an unt mely grare. Among the lighw evi.a of wtncn Costiveuese ia the uaua! at tendant am Headache,Colic, Rhmmatj* in, Foal Breath Piles. and others of liken?tnr?,whue alone train offnghtfu: di?eas?ssuoh as Malignant Fevers, Aboesees, Dyeentery. Dyspep* a. Diarrhea, Apo plexy, Kpiiep?y, P&ra'ysit, Hvsteiia. Hypochon driasis,Melancholy and Insanity, brat Indicate their presence in the system by th's a arming symptom. Not unfrrquentl? the diseases t amed oneinate in Const.patmii. t ut take on an independent exiat eoo<* nnless theoauseMeradicated man farly *taca. From all these considerations it io.lowa that tna disorder snoald receive immediate attention when ever It ooours. ai d no perron sh"n!d neglect to get a box of Cerhaiio Pills on tV>e first appearance of the complaint, as their Umely use will expal the ioaidcoua approaches of diseaaa and destroy this dangerous foe tc human life. A Real DliuUf. PA^stcttft.?W?U, Mra. Jonea. how ia that head Mr*.! Doctor, all gona! tba pill yon eat oared me in jast twenty mi net/*, and I Wish you would send more so that 1 oan have then DMllv Pfcyjurt?*.?You can get them at any Druggists. Call for Ophalic 1'illa, 1 find the? nerer fail, ao4 1 reoomtnend them in all oaaee of Headache. Mrs. Jmtus ?I aha.l send for a box direct!*, and hall tell all my suffering frieuda, for they are araai bUssing. Twimj Million* or Dollars Him.-Mr. gpadinxhas sold two mihons of tx-ttlae of his oel t<rat?d Prepared G.ueand it la eetimated that each huttU saves at least ten dollara worth of broken furniture, thna makmi an aggregate df twenU mil liouaof dollars reclaimed from total loaa by *hia vainabl*inYf>ntion. Ha vine made hi* Give a house hold wurd, he now proposes to do the world still areeter aervioe by ouriug all the aching heads with hia Ccpha'ic Pilla, and if titey are aa good aa hia G?ne. Headache* will aoou vaniaii away like anow in July. lIT'Ovx* fxcitkmknt. and the mental care and auxioty incident to close attention to L<ua neaa cj atuaf, are ai?OD{ the nnmerona causes of Nenroca Headache. Th? disordered state of mind and body incident to thia distressing complaint ia a fatal blow to a 1 energy and acbition. Sufferers by thia disorder can always obtain speedy relief from th?se diattaai"g atraeta by nafngoneof the Ce p?aiic fills whenever the aympfnme appear. It (Uietc the overtaakod brain and aoothes the strain ed and jarring norvea. ai d reiaxea thetenaion of th? f?<-smach whioh i'**u ? ~~A -- Pact* wobth kmowirc.?Saalding'a CephaUc Pills are a tert.* in oare for Pic* Headache, BiH oua Headache, Nervoue Headache, Coativencsa, aa'l General DeUlltj. Okkat Drs^urny.?Ampcf the most important of ail the great m?<lical diicoveriae of thia age nay bp oonutWcxj the byalem of vaooioation for proteo tion from Small Pox, tFe Cepna.ic Pill lor relief of Headache. and tLe use of OqiiMoe for the prevwn tion of Pevora, either of wnio)i ia a aura apectfio, whore benefit* will be experienced by Buffering humanity long alter their dieooverera are forgotten. JO? Dip you ever have the Pirk Headaehe ' Do yoa remember the throbbiug trmelee, the fevered row. the loathing and dia?t u?t at th? aight of food. How totally unfit yoa were lor pieatare, oonverna tion or atady One of the Cepha'ie Pllla woold have relieved yoa from all the auermc which voa man axpanauoad For thia an<l otfiar ptirpoaaa you should alvara hare a Ix * of them on haba to nsa as oooaaioc require*. NervousHeadache Headache. By the uh of lh**e> Ptlla the periodic tttoski ot JVtrvwi or Sick Htadackt mny b? yrtmttd; lad if tikM it the oommaooeaent ot u ?tt?ek iane dtaXe relief from run ud aiekneee will be obtained. Tbay leldom in femonnc tha Xmum ud Htadack* to vhioh female* are ao aubjeot. Thar ut imtl> ?w? fc??u ? ? "? tiumui. For Littrmrg Mm, Stmdmtt, Delioate Femalee, and all persona of kmiiti, they arc ail valuable aa a Lmxativt, improving the aiyiHii, giving Ism and vigor to the digestive organs, aad restoring tha natural elasticity aad strength of the whole ;atem. ho CEPHALIC PI LS are tha reaait of long inveeti gation and earafallj oonduoted experiments, having haan in naa many years, daring whioh time thar have prevented and relieved a vast aaout of fain and aalTaring from Haadaoha, whether ongl nating in tha wereex ey stem or from a damaged state of tha itiwiei Thar are entirely vegetable in their and a?r to tak#a at all timca with ytrfwt safety without making any ohang* of di*t, mmd tk* mi tract of Mr dUugrmmbU MUM rnubri it Mir I* (iXMUtir lAm M ckiUrm. BEWARK OP COUNTERFEITS! The (Main* hart Im algaatarM ot Raarr C. Spalding oa Met Bos. Bold by Dragffcte aad all attar PmU? la.Mndl A Bos will to mm by aall ynpali oa nmtpiol PRICE, S? CENT?. *k*mW HBNRY 0. BPAUNftB, aots-d*vto t TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. gOOTS AND BH'Ji?,, *? ?UI* | w? art to* MMBfkotvhM *tl ** ? ?f I tad SHOt*. and oo-wtaiXv nMtim * cpyl; of saiter* n**J? work ewfd* wm4* txprWy to or?t?r, ud will b* K.d itiaMk iovorirwitkMjNtkM Mrdoftirr efavi?d m Uui city for fcrti-.f*. P*r?or ib vut of Ptnoni ia vmat of Hooti aw* Phooi c< mm?rc ? City ma-de work, will *lw*y?inBBlood bbmm*biB? la Btoretod BI UB IowmI pn<*? ?! ? * oaJL ? RI 'FJ N ft WHO., ul-r 314 PMimlmit b???b?*. *??-r IN? TftONft* I ttJI GMVIJ HUNDRED TRAVk.LIN / MT1TM tkll d*T. BWbrBOinx lii I tiwt and nsm of r~'? L?*th*r, Vi* !>'* ? ud PMktaa Trunk*. 0*r %!? roon axliiMtr at Uua Um tM nwatrat wM? of travwuag raiwutn. tt aw*! raw pnoaa. to im |D*OW Tr?nlr? H orlUec utxeUx> for L?V MM. WALL, BTy AV-vlux"?t-Sb. oan+on ginger <? ? KING A Bt'KCHELL. OTC A L LB N ~ ??**? FLASTERXH8, PmmiA. Amhti, i l?U and llth etreeta. ) ! SPECIAL NOTICE TO CITIZEN* AND STRANGERS.? - RENCH * KICMSTKINTi 9YS P? . the only p>*oe to the oily whera daily paper* ou be found from e?ery SfU'eanc olty tatheLnion. New York, Philadelphia. aod I??.^ pore n;*ri delivered in the oily and Georgetowa. immediately oti the arrival of thetraina. All the Monthly and Weekly Paperaand Maium Now is the time to snb?cribe. with the beginning of the New Year. Sole agent* for the Charkeetoa Mer onry. *?9 PURfc OLD RYE WHISKV.-On t \a* eevera, hraodt of Pare Old Rye whltkj,C<.*f?r Ihe tilled, made by the moat re^iatoe diatiherr i * r? a aylvaiua, Maryland at.d Virginia, warranted pm Aleo, 1 it.ported Krandiee, Hecneaty. Otard. D,*C*" A Co., /hie* Rohica. kc. Alec, Peach aad A?nf 8randy, pare Holland Win, old Jasiaioa anc V.. ret* Rum, and W tcea or errrr variety of i ii v iwwn r. AVBOTVf mV UpBTV Ml keoo. YOUN9 A KEPHART, Ainu, uMIt ?M> Pa a*- hefrv.tth ud QLD RICH, ME^LUW ^ND ^IRK MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, GoaacienUonaly diattlird by Mr Jw?m Burnaida, of Allecany County, Penna^ in the old-mabigqM honeat war, iron the ohoioeat ai d mod carefal^f aeleoted Rye, and in do owf off?r?d (or m* until adapted to wholeaoma tM by a?e I* ta at oooe the most p^a'abie. a* it > awphatioa iy one of the pnreat bavera**a ir. the reach of tit* paNtie. To the Invalid, aa vail aa to ttioae in health, it oommenda itaelf for it* nnrivaltM aua'itiea aa a Chan last of the aafoet rarest, and moat 'wu.'fioeet dewipGon. and many of the moat duUntaiahe* hyaiolana are aaing it in tiiair praoUee with the M#pleat results CLLRV * PTOCKDAhK, Proanalore. 38* alrnt atreet. Philadelphia. WM. 0. CONOVRK. Agent for the Proa-letora. Hti Pa. a*.. M||J>n r - - UMU?4.t ** ? - JOY FOK THE 81CK ANP 8UI- Fr.^lNg. LET ALL WHO A fit. AFFUtlrlED HEAP! - AfPLT THE HEME fir REJOICE!* HEALTH, Rri < ' .<!. <lo vua auff?r.' Are yoa the riottm of Mir of those namoroQ* ailments which inn tr-v arlty of the blood.' What are t>.e?, <".j ?on ukr K?tii?r an.. what are tney notTae l> ood tr thr> aource of life and nr*. th. a&l it .? !; a brat e of oar heme to reapocd to w&ich '?otf tb? ijn?m, as tha pi'.sr ir^a.ut.y tiiert/i TLe**or frmuhnf Neara'.gia, the imtatibf t'rr? ??.m, the subtle Scrofcla.the aeoni*?."!i Rheumatism. J\.-r Ytrva Det".:;ry, Dyspepsiv Lirrn Ooroplair.t with its toraor and dejection. and the numberless ilia that fleah ia heir te.drnve their h>dooua oncic fmm the b ooU. L>ea le 1 i.e. r the* atrf gently vita tiie btoori. tae the nutiisicc res? urcea of aatura lor ita aid. aod Buffer hi lo ooin.necu to your oacfidenoe aM mm that tnuy va. uM ie methoaorcent known aa MRS. U. COTS IXDIAH TEUETABLE DECOCTION. With retard to Una aimoat infallible aveetftr popular aentiuiont baa rpoken In tleonWd (arma, auJ the eriOeneee of t) -? treat ^Roaoy are M? ta. i.r>o uj oonetaat avowals of o?<r?UTe effects aa4 th- happiest reauiu from ita use are alter all othor remedies aid the befct mflioal akill hare failed. bet aa eorclaeion, th*t oerttfioate* cure* are not aouc ht from the i literata and aaaer fioial, lust taey *re volunteered front the moat ra spectalre source* an?i jc?tify the uocheet terma Is which it ia poaaiMe to ooaimeod ao valuable a. MM'fio to punlic aaproTvl. We may add also that tne on rati re properties of the ,cim are e^amlari only by ita restorative effects, the ?? >? ieoori icc fromdiaeaaa with mewed oocstitut onal rtfor. mU k. -'1 - ^s-WU t? ? i- *? oity i ftnd by proprietor* Non? sennute aoleu her nuncu Uon on U* bottle ud her M*1 on th? cork M li fi'OP ATCH I lt\w the_ Pises*! 1) t ?U1 ??-* ?"? will -rflnklW fmmihds. it it rrrr 4Mtr?hi? to hare tome cqb?p ud onrer.ieat % kj ft reptunug I ?rwt*re, T?r?. OrMkcrr. * . iriLDIIVG K rWiT.ZO GLTB meet* all fuofc;riv ??.*i:<1 bo honaehold oft* Word to be without it. It if ivirt roadj and ay to tb* rttaklcc ptcrt. There is po Uidkot itsf ?>?" wivav out, ?heil, and c tner oruaiuer. with ladiee of raficeiaeQt f-jfl ti ti ii ji?i mc aniow ior mi work, ?o popular Tt?l? adn? preps ration it uaed oold, hainc eaeTiioally held ia >01011011, and ?"?Beaaiaf all U>? valuable qaaiitias of the Nrst ?*U aat maker*' rlae. It maj be 1.fM m the f .;?o c f ardiaary meouac e. bauig Taatiy mere adhenre, M VSEFCL IN Mf MAY HOT3M." fefc-A Brazil M^nHAiM etch battle Wk?U$uU D*P0*. Na. 48 Oadar street, Nrw Xmr\. BBHJtT cTpPAIJHfie ft OO, Dcx .No. 3.4*9, New Vor*. rat ? for Dealer* la Cmm eoctaiipnt Pair, Rj?ht,a^ ^ Doaao^ hraottMLlthotrafti to show Card acooiapanyiEf each paekac* CjT 4 aierle bottle af SF/HUM'S FRE FARED OLVF will save top tlinee iu ooat an aaally to every homoLo.U?J~H Sold by all pron-in*it Stationery DnitciMf, Hardware a&d rarutai* Deajer*, Srooara, aad taccy 5 tore 1. Country irorchar'f ahorld make a note of SFAL BiprV'S FRKPAiiEb tiLlii, when mailaj up their liat. It wi'! ?taid acy cltmat* lit ^ U< JlfWNlL >,) , m /??m fcirm? b Iw. s CAUTION. W?i5HWUJ Bt CMtttBL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS '9 C3 MC VALLEY WHISKEY I THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT vr i nc aouvc. vrni^rvci. WM.ILDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR KMnilLUAMSINEWm POM BALM at WABHimrOK MY V My BAUOfl k MMMBB

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