Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1861 Page 4
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LOCAL NEWS. 1X7* Tboogb Th* St 11 to printed on the fastest team press In ow south of Baltimore, Its edition U *> lirj? as to require It to be pat to prem at an early bocr, Advertisements, therefore, should be ent In before 12 o'clock m; otherwise they may not appear nr. til the nert day. Norte*.?District of Colombia Advertisements to be Inserted In the Baltwo** Sits are received at and forwarded from Th* S*ta* Office. R*lioioc??Yesterday was just the dsy for a large turnout of the churcb-gotng population of Washington?clear and cool, but not so cold at to be an excuse for staring at home. The result was a fair attendance al the churchet generally. Pr"izi\nt at th' Capitol ?Rev T. U Stockton, Chaplain of the House, praacbed yesterday morn ing In the House ball, the audience being large, as usual, when be speaks there. He preached from tbe text, " Cbrlst J tans came Into the world to save sinner* " Tbe pbrasa quoted Implies pre-lstence and extra-mundane residence What was the necessity for such a mission ? W bat was there to be done in this world {and only In this world) that demanded such an Intervention * It was something man could not do; something that God himself, with all his power, could not enable roan to do Tbe object it plain enough?to save sinners; but what It tbe plan that required a non-resident agent to come Into tbs world to that end! Christ came into tbe world In our own nature, a poor, plain, bumble, patient, laborious, self denying man. But Low, if man la not able to do this work. It Jetus. as man, to do It? It it held by some that thr it.its-on of Christ wat tolely to Impart inttruc tion. to set an example, and to work mlraclrs; but fa ? l.U. V t- I a- ?? ? ? - ? *? ? uvk rn{Ui#nc lor uiin to villi inc WOFIQ IOT these ends, auv of which could have been accom plished by Inferior agents. Something was re quired which should extend backward to the beginning of time, and forward to the end of time It waa to make an atonement for our offenses to die for our sins that Christ came Into the world. It w?s thin alone that man cou'.d not do; that God could not enable man to do It was this that made It requisite for him to appear not as Uod or angel, but as man, subject to man'a temptations und infirmities. He could not have bled and died asUod. Had he appeared in his Divine character, his executioners would never have crucified him . The sermon closed with an affecting appeal to come to Christ, acknowledging our dependence upon him. Waufk Chapel.?In the morning, the pastor. Rev. J. R. Effinger, preached from Ephesians, (Mi The speaker compared the life of the Chris tian to a roustant warfare, and showed the ana logy existing between the armor of ancient knights and that spiritual armor In which every true Christian must be arraved In the evening, the pastor preached from Gallatians, 4.1. The many inducements and temptations to turn from God Into the ways of the world, and th* peculiar excitement of the present time, had a most deplo rable effect upon the minds and hearts of the peo ple. and nothing but earnest prayer and faith can sustain the Christian character. The fiercer the storm of banian passion the more necessary la It for Christians to be united together; and at this y ruruinr juncture me prayer* 01 ail SQOUld r>e constantly going up for the continuance of God'a bless' 'is upon ua as individual* and aa a nation. J/-thodist Episcopal Church, South.?Rev. W. C Blount, of Alexandria, preached the morning discourse from Luke 15:7. The rejoicing of the angelic host of heaven over the solvation of the world At niirht. Rev E. W. Srhon. of Tenn , preached an able sermon from Psalms 72:17. The perpetuation of the name of Christ. Af. P. Church, Xinth street?The services of the day were conducted by the pastor. Rev P. L. \\ llson. who preached in the morning explana tory of the parable of the " wheat and the tares," in Matthew. 13th chap. At uight, he discoursed from the text of Jd Corinthians, 5.1 to 4 St. Matthew'* Church.?Father White preached froin the gonpel of the day as found in the second chapter of St. Luke. The choir, aided by a full orchestra, lrd bv Withers, perf?>rnifd witb excel lent effect the 15th grand mass by Haydn. Aifemlly's Ckurck ?Rev V. D Collins con ducted tbe services during the dav, preaching in the morning from tbe text in Colocslans, 2 8, and at night from John, 3.16 Fletcher Cknpel.?Rer J. R Carpenter preached from Ephesians, 2.4 to 8. Licrraa ? Rev. Dr. Reese, of Baltimore, de livered his well known lecture on 4i Home Aflrctious," at the Smithsonian on Tuesday night last, to an appreciative audience. It is probable that many remained at home for the reaton that the 44 red light" was not visible, and the managers did not learn that no light was exhibited except on tbe occasion of tbe regular lectures of the Institute, until it was too late to notice it in the evening paper. After a few pening remarks upon tbe love entertained by Americans and Englishmen for their homes, tbe speaker addressed himself to the principles upon which domestic happiness only can he based The great difficulty at tbe present day is, that too many suffer their judgments to be warped by their fancies and tbe blind infatuation or courtship Before marriage both parties are guilty of decep tinn thniiuh rwit i n t#?n ti onu!: anH a sort nf mai. querade la kept up until the sober realities of in*rrled life remove the veil Partin accidentally fall into each other*' company, a feeling of mutual regard springs up between them, and with the Idf-n that they are exactly fitted for each other, they are made man and wife The enstary of the honeymoon aoon give place to the wearying caret of matrimony, and the parties aoon find, to their astonishment, that each haa a will of ttjelr own, and that wlli mutt be regarded The lady make* up her mind that her husband shall never dictate this and that to her, and at once concludtfrAbat be might as well know It first as last. On the other buid. the h-jsband (after mature deliberation, of coarse) arrives at the conclusion that If he Is to ) ? master of his bouse, and his authority respected. It Is his duty to Impress upon tbe mind of his pou?e a proper idea of his Importance, as well ?s the comfortable assurance that his fiat Is to be reverenced in all things. The delicate regard of curtsbip is superseded bv a few plain expre? flnri nf ft n ri ft? \a tnn n th? raw a spirit of distrust engendered ttat almost i n variably leads to discontent and domeatic misery Another great and prevailtog eTll la, the prone ness of husband* to suffer the cares of their busi ness to ao completely engross their attention that the few hours which ttey spend in their families are devoted to reflections upon stocks or whatever th*y m*v be engaged In, to the utter neglect of those little socialities which go so fir to make a home bright and happy. Persons contemplating marriage soould weigh well the responsibilities resting upon them They should studv well the character and disposition of those to whom they may entrust their happiness, and ahould not suQVr then selves to be guided entirely by a flcsle fancy which they may suppose to be genuine affection. hen they have been Anally joined In the sacred bond, they should each make concessions, and willing to'yield their own pecnliar whims as far is is practicable. Wbeu the confidence enter tained previous to marriage hos been destroyed, no position which the party may subsequently occupy will ever restore it again. Books and music are indispensable to the attainment of do ra.AAtl? kurtnl uuia * n<l tli? full fsisitiAli ftf OAniilusI * "*" U# pt' 1 BIIU tut iUit 11 U I ti Ul| V* OVllJ u ^ (U felicity could only be secured by tLe sanctity of religion. Tut Mbcbaxics' I'mos Rivlxs held a meet ing at Temperauce Hall on Saturday night for 'be purpose of completing their organization, 4c. t"?-veral person* enrolled their names as members cf the company, and portions of the constitution of the Washington Light Infantry were adop'ed subject to the action of a committee to be appointed at a subsequent meeting. Mr Alex Kutberford was elected captain, Mr Geo Brown first lieuten ant, and Mr. Geo rt Brown auartermaster. A committee of five waa appointed to procure an ar mory, and another committee selected to procure a/ma Th's organization la to be permanent, and already com prises nearly one hundred men, all whom are workingmen asd mechanics. Who Has Gobi rmox Washixotox to Pxila mdpmia to Git Mabbixd??The Philadelphia Ledger of Saturday says: Information was leh at the Mayor's otfice last evening, of the singular d p pea ranee of a young man who had come from Washington to this city to be married?the ceremony being arranged to take place last even ing The magistral* who was to officiate went to the bouse at tb* appointed hour, and learned that _ i-.?j-ii kmhaiul had not been there-since looming?that be bad gone off, aaying be would jto to the wbarf and ordrr aome ovaU-rt for the wedding aupper It waa feared be bad met with aa accident that prevented blm from fulfilling bla agagetnent Pibb?Ob Monday morning about I o'clock, a flre waa dlarovered In aonth building of tbe new row of briekaon Seventh atreet, between P and Q. Tbe building waa unoccupied, and had been uaed ta a *tore?bouae for bay and meal. Tbe bat . and meal bnga were burning when dlacovered, bat the prompt exertion of Mr C Lent and fami ly ?oon ntlnguiabed it. The incendiary earaped I oal. A Bold Robbbbt w?a committed by aome no known peraona at tbe Penltentlarv. laat Thuradav nlzbt The partiea acaled the wall of the Peal leotMrr from tbe wall of tbe Araenai, and forcing sen tbe aboeniakera' ahop, abstracted a lot of clothing a pair of bo ta, and aome other artlclea u2,n lirlng, they vialtsd the vacant box of oa? Upon .*? ^oiaiol be of"the K?rOi, tia a., U*glo|( to tbe tea try. Oumual Count -To-day, thla Court mrt Is -tte Common Council Chamber, City Hall. Thrrt ww a 1 rrK? attendant* Joseph Roam berry waj rlae^d on trial for an aaaialt and battery on Sam' Blen This case was pending when oar report c'o** J ^ Cia.ce11 CuriT.?TLe caar ot Spain agt Ham Ulon waa peitdiav, and Robert J. float, fiaq., o B?1 tlmora, waa delivering tb? eUda* iivnowii *w tb? plalatir . Arrival or U B Tioom ?Tkey are Quartered l the Arsenal ?Some excitement wuoccnloDtd about town yetferday morning, by thearrival here from Baltimore of company A, liubt artillery, under CaptJ Barry, one of the companies of tbe Fort Leavenworth forces, which arrived in Baltl> more on Saturday night. On their arrival here they proceeded to the U. 9 Arsenal, where they are quartered. Their appearance indicates that they have aten hard service, though generally tbe men are In good condition, and tbe corp* as a whole preaenta a formidable appearance. Tbe other two companies on their arrival in Baltimore, proceeded at once to Fort McHenry, which they OCCUPY now. and the IT. H ??nt tn that poet from tbe U S marine headquartere here, are relieved from further dnty there, and returned to Washington on Saturday night Tbe troops brought with them tbelr full supply of boraea and equipments, tbe latter forming a stupendous pile ?< performing tbe journey of 1,500 miles Inslds of six days Tbe two companies which took up their auarters at Fort McHenry sre com pany H, second regiment artillery, Brevet Lieut. Colonel Horcce Brooks, of Mass . commanding; Lieut Thos O'Suill van acting adjutant, one ser es nt, four corporals, two musicians, two artl cers, snd fifty-three privates; and company I, light artillery, Lieut. Jas B. Fry. of 111 , com msnding, Lieut. Thomas C. lull!van, four ser geants, four corporals two buglers, two artificers, seventy privates, fifty-nine horses. Company A, which arrived here yesterdsy morn ing, is commanded by Capt. W. D. Barry, of N Y.j Lleuts. John C. Tidball, of Va ; J. Ferry, of Conn ; John A. Barranger, of Ky.; four sergeants, four corporals, two buglers, two artificers, 7*2 pri vates, and G6 horses. Tbe entire force of tbe Leavenworth troops at Fort McHenry and here lc Commissioned officers 8, non-commissioned officers 24, musicians G, arti ficers 6, privaUs 195? total 239 Fort McHenry Is supplied with seventy-seven guns, but ten of which sre mounted. The re maining sixty-seven, If provided with carriages, (there are no gun carriages, other than the ten > I ?a n?a ?? ?? ? * -* wic lucuiiwnca,? r ori wictienry,) couia, whq the force now there, be mounted and ready for aervlce In twodaya time. In other respecta, Fort McHenry la in excellent condition. Companiea A and 1 did good service In the Mexican war?the former ua a part of the famoua Duncan. battery, and the latter under the brave Col. J B Magruder, who ia now in Europe on leave. Colonel Magruder waa one of the military commiaaion from the United States to the Crimea during that war. Yxt Another Canard.?The Baltimore papera of thla morning contain correapondence from Annapolia, atating that "On Saturday the einployoea attached to the Naval School at An napolia, were buaily employed In removing all the field-pieces from the Armory there and plac ing them on board the U 8. practice abip Con stitution , from whence they were to be shi pped on board the U. S. steam tender Anacoatia for Waah tngton; and that the Anacoatia waa in the Potomac n?rr on uer way 10 Annapolis witn a new arma ment for the Constitution." There Is not one word of truth in the statement In the first place the Constitution requires no new armament, ant if she did ther?* la not a gun In our Nnvy Yard of theca.ibre used on board the Constitution. In the second j^laoe the Anacostia has been laying at the Navy Yard here ever since last Wednesday, and is aoeut to be hauled on the ways for repairs to her bottom. The letter-writers at Annapolis were green enough to construe the practice or the pupils In the Naval School there (one detail of which consists of transferring guns from the Arsensl on board ship and back to the Arsenal) into an Intended shi pmeut of guns to this city "to prevent sny attempt 011 the part of those who may wish to prevent the Inauguration of Mr. Lincoln o!) the 4th of March next." VimoisiA Tkoop*?Yesterday evening, some of our military acquaintances were a little excited by a statement that a large body, in uniform, was snen to arrive In the city, by way of the Long Bridge. They at ilrst disputed it. and declared that it was impossible for such a troop, four to five hundred strong, to arrive without their knowledge But the arrival was confirmed by a gentleman who saw them enter the city. It then to assume a serious aspect, aud sn inquiry iu>u >uc uicuuiu^ vi it Km auggeaieu. j ur rumor was allowed to spread a little while, when it was explained by the originator, who declared that the fact should be a cause of satisfaction rather than alarm, Inasmuch as the troop referred to being composed of turkies. It would add to the supply In the subsistence department. The In dignation of the sold ones may be Imagined. Lkvtimo Black Mail.?Saturday nighti young man lu a rather Inebriated condition, went Into a Erocery store and demanded that his flask should e tilled with whisky at the proprietor's cost. His demand being refused, he very quietly in quired of the proprietor if he was Insured, and suggested that he ought to b? under the circum stances The suggestion being rather indicative of an evil intent on the part of the Individual, he was arrested and taken before Justice Donn, who sent him to the guardhouse for further hearing. Wb commb*d to our readers the concert of to morrow night at the New York avenue Presbyte rian Church, noticed elsewhere In our columns From the programme before us, and the well known musical talent of Mrs. Young and otberi connected with the church, we may anticipate a feast of melody At this time of universal de pression the soothing and elevating power oi music can best he ?r>nreof?te<i unrt rvcnhnitv will, we arc sure, be benefitted by attending thli conceit. The eucix ?f the company of marines, yester day morning, from Fort Mcfienry to the Barracki here, gives ua the usual forre of one hundred and fifty men at the marine headquarters. Active recruiting, Is. however, going on here, and at th? various recruiting quarters elsewhere. The Concert and exhibition of the Waugt Chapel Sunday School, given a few nights since was a complete success The school was assisted by the cei?*>r?U*d Partello Children and othei volunteer talent. Homeopathic Remedies All of Dr. Humphreys & Co.'s specific Ho meopathic Remedies put up expressly forfamiij use, in boxes, at 25 and 50 cents each. Also in o&A<*e, containing at vials, from ft4 tp ?' each, with book of full directions. For safe by Z. D. Oilman. 360 Pa. avenue, wholesale an.! retail went; W. A. Fitxgerai'd. 363 north F street al?o 17 F. H. Winter, corner > .' Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract of Wxtek Hazd, for internal and external inflammations oi all kinds. Sold as above. Feom H. H. Hazard, Esq. WasUIHOTO.i, U. C., Sept. 26, i860. 9. W. Fowls 4. t'o.?1 was for a loo* ti me af flicted with l'ysp?psia iu iti *?nt form. My ap petite was zone,and what little food I took wai thrown D) after remaining in the stomach a ehorl tune My abdomen was very much bloated. It fact there was complete derangement and p rostra tion of the digestive powers Several very emr e;>i prsioians attended me at various times, but then treatment gav* but Utile, and tnat only temporary relief. My sufferings were intense,a;id 1 becanw reduced to a mere skeleton. At this ti-ne one ol our druggist induced ma to trr the oelebrated Ory tmaitd Hilfr*. which 1 did, though Willi littu laiih and great reluutanoe? for I had tried so inanj tnat 1 had come to the oonoluaion that a I proprie tary u etlicinea were alike worthless - but aftei taking the first bottle I was ao much relieved thai I continued tho use of them UJitil a perfoctour* was effecttd. I now most chetfrlully rtcominenc the Uittera to all as a certain oure for I?j soepsia. H U Hazard. 212 Pennsylvania avenue. Prepared by Seth W. Fo wle tc. Co., Boaton, ant for sale in Washington oity Q. Mott, 9. B. Waite Z. D. Oilman. Join Schwarze. Nairn & Pa.rner John Wiley, j B Moore, and H. H. McPuerson in Georgetown by R. S. T. Cisa 11, and O. M.t J Southron, and by druggists everywhere. ja7 lwr HOLLOWAT'I PlLLa AND Ol*T**.1T Fart* Jot ike Million.?B? a recent enactment o the French government, theee medioinea are ad imttej free of du'.y into ail porta of Franoe. The] are eziennveiy emp u)pu m hi vac puuno am military hospitals throughout the Kmpi'e. Th< Kmperor has aienified hi* tpprcciation of then vutneain an autograph letter, to Dr. Holloway During the late Campaign in Italy, large quaniitici were uaed for the wounded at Hre>eoiaand Mont* ohiero. .-old l.y al! Drmggiata,at 23 ots , 62ots. and 41 per bo* or pot. ja9-lv CoreH* ?TUe sudden change* of oar oil mate ari onrce* of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Ankmatit Afutiont. Experienoe having proved that simph remedies often act speedily and oerta;oly vhei tAk' ti in the earl* state* of the disease, recours should at onoe be had to Broien's Bronchia Troch**." or lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Tnroat be ever ao slight, aa by thu preoaution amnre aerioua attaok may be effectual!' warded off. Public Sptakors and Smiiti will fin. them edeotual for o.earing and st.-engttaemn* thi voioe. bee advertisement. da l-ly To thi Afflicted !?Me son to read the adrer tisemect <>f MoLean'a Strengthening Cordial an Blood Purifier, in another oolumn. tf R iadxx. Hare you eeen Prof. Wood's xdvertiss moot in oar paper. Rex/ it; it will interest you. au ?-eoly MARRIED. On the 10th instant, hy Rev. II. A. Mxxuire.C W. MAH tit and ELIZABETH P. RABBI M both ofthis city. , * OIKD, On the ll'h instant, at 7 *? p. in., after a lingerin illness, whioh she bore ith exemplary ohnetis fortitude. aJDKL\1DK, the bloved wife of Ge< H. Oarrifon. axed 31 years, leaving four sons ax one dauKXter to mourn their irreparable loes. Dap rest motlier thoa has left as; . We thy Iosh most deeply f?e|; 'Tli not e but J eees has bereft ax. He oaa all oar sorrows heal. Vet stain in heavxwx hope to Beet thee, When the day of life u fled j Then in heaven with ioy to greet thee, Where do fxiewell tear ixxhed, On the 12th instant. BKNJAMIN BEAN, Sf< 61 ? Art, month* and 30 a?y*. Hi* funeral wilt tak? p;*o?oa Tuesday eraain, at z o'clock, at hi* raaidenoo, on tbo oorner Tfcii ^"'iSSSflSW At the of Kightii ?treet luaa.?, JA" PriMMU oo?x.) ..aurj Jaaney, No. 4? 0 aad fi, ! the 79th year KY. reeaectfullv invited i w, f5th,ati9'?lo?k AMUSEMENTS. A GRAND CONCERT Will b? given at the Ntic York Are nun PretbyteriMn CkttrtK, ON TUESDAY EVENING, January ltth. Under the direction of MRS. CECELIA YOUNG, AeeUted by eminent Vooa! and Instrumental Performer*. PaoflmAMMl? Pa*T 1. I. Voluntary on the Or*m. 2 Ba?s Solo and Chorus, from " The I.ay or the Bell " Romberg. 5. Snprano Solo," Hark ! 'tia *?>me Bitkiday !" 4. Soprano Solo, " Jerusalem, thou that killeat the Prophets Mendelssohn. s. Bass Soto," II Magico Houto." Mosart. 6. Soprano Pol", with F!u;e ob.igato.from Preoiosa. Von Weber, Pakt II. 7. "Inflaramatus," Soprano Solo and Chorus Roaaini. 8. Tenor Solo. 9. Soprano Solo, "Oratiaa animus tibi," with flute ob igato .Onrlielmi. 10. "Peaoe, Sweet Concord ."Quartette and Chorus from "The L*y of the Bell" Romberg. II. "Gaudeamus," Quartette Diabelfi. Tickets 50 oenta; to be had at the etores of Messrs. Hutchinson A Munro, J. \V. Nairn. W. O. M-tz erott John P. Ellis, Ta>lor 4 Maury, W. Ballan tyne, and at the door. Concert to oommenoe at 7S o'olook. jal4 2t BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. & f^rand cotillon party VI or thi HERNDON CLUB, To b* given at S T O TT' S HALL. Corner Twentieth at. and fa avenue, On THURSDAY, Jan. 17th, 1861, Withers' celebrated hand is engaged. Tioketa 50 oenta, admitting a gentleman and ladiea. Managers. F.. P. Piggott, J. Murray, J. Bury, 8. Brady, ja l4-4t? Anniversary ball BY THK Franklin Fire Company, At WILLARDS' hall. The Franklin Fire Company respectfully an nounce that they will gi ve their Tkirty-fowtk Annual Ball in commemoration of the birth cay of the Patriot Franklin, at the above named Hall,on I THURSDAY evening, January 17,1*51. Ticket* ONE DOLLAR; admitting a gentle man and ladiea. ly an 1 Robt F. Doyle, A. S. J)ent, Geo ft. Crossfield, Wm. H. Fannin?, Jacob Hess, F. H. Friday, Simon Stearn, tJ. O. Eokloff", J. F. M add ox, R. K. Mooney John Miller, J no. C- Reeves, Thos J. Fisher. Managers. Wm Durr, Jno. H. Sensford, Grafton Powell, Wm. M. Payne, Conrad Finkman, i). Veighmyer, Wm. JTGary, W. Offatt. Jno. Shackelford, Wm. Crampton. K. J. Cr*nipton, Kd. L. Water*. (State* ) ja5.12,14,15,17 PERSONAL. j^|ADAME CLINTON PRICE. This distinguished Mfdical Clairvoyant can h? consulted on Diseases, Charaoter Rooms No. 534 Twelfth street, 2 aoors below Pa avenue. Particular attention paid to, and cares made of, Chronio Diseases Rheumatism, Ao. ja9-lw* WANTS VVANTED? By a respectable woman, who can " come well recommended, a SITUATION ng cook in a private family. Address Box 9, Star Of fice. lt*g \JU ANTED?By a young man. capable of attend ing to almo?t any kind of busin*f , a SITUA TION in which he can at teas' earn his board dur ing the winter Ail ire's \ Y X. this office. It* WANTED?An experienced NURSE, ooored or an American, to take charge of an infant, who can como well recommended. App j at No. 455 Uth street above G. ja 14-3t* WANTED?By a onmpetent and steady colored Man, a SITUATION as waiter or duver, or to do any kind of work. He oan give reference' as to h<a character and capacity that will >atisfy any one wisl:i x to employ such a person. Please adiiress Box No. 3, at tins office. ja U-St WANTED?A NURSE, one well experienced <n taking care of an infant. None but such as oan furnish the be*t recommendations need ap ply, and to tiuch, moat liberal wages will be paid. Apply at No. 309 F street north, between llih and 12th strAAta it 11-lw* WANTKD TO K KNT?Between 4K and lMh streets, and New York avenue and D street, a BAKERYt already rstab ishrd, or any place suitable lor such puroose. with st<<re, ov*u. y&rd and stable. Apply to F BRAUDNEK. Richmond House. corner Ki ;lith and D sta., Washington. jail 4t* WANTED?A I'KKSON to take charge of two young ohtldren and sew. Address B< x No. 6 Star Offioe _____ ja 9-tf WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From #5 to aiOJJOO worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TUR K ofall kinda, for whioh 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prioee, and, as a?usl, at tne shortest no tioe. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac.. oo 9 4 08 7th *t.. bet. G and H, east aide. \*7ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. " PeraoEs draining housekeeping, or hiving a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and fair prioes bj applrin* at 309 Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ 4. GRIFFITH. PVVM. H. WHK AT LEY'S REMIUM STEAM DYEING A CLEANS ING ESTABLISHMENT. OJices?No 3*3 foutk side Pa. avenue between and('4 *is., Wa-hmttcn, D C.. And 49 Jefferson street, Ueortelotrn, D. C. Replete with every desirable apparatus,and pro vided with the beat talent and artistio skill in America, the sub?cnl>er i? prepared to demonstrate t-> his customer - that pre-eminent as may have been Kia nrAt'imifl rpnnfatinn kit mnttn ia in Dyeing. CUansintf. and Hfjtni-hmr Ladies' and Gentlemen's Appaiel? Silks, Velvets, patina. Me rino, Cloths, Ac. He means to atand unrival el, and he solioita the continued custom of the com muuitT. Goods received at either of the aliove named offices. attended to with the utmost prompt itude and care. Goods reoei veil and returned by Expre<s with the utnio?t promptness and <io?patoh. ja?-iw WM. II. WHKATLKY. Dyer. BRADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOORAPH GALLERY. 348 Avkhuk. On exhibition, beautiful It fioished Photoiraphs of the President and Vioe President elect; Imperial Photographs of all the Presidents from Jackson to Buohanan; of all the Members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the present Gonzregs; oftho Prinoe of Wales and a large number of dis tinguiahed foreign personages; of nearly all our prominent Statesmen, Poets, Artists, Authors, Ed itors, Ciergym?n, Generals ard Commodores. The largest Plain Photographs in the world. The Colored Photographs must be seen to be ap preciated. Twenty-fire full length Portrait Visiting Cards, '.....ti. finished for five dollars ! HUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS FOX "iRT FIVE DOLLARS.'! Prioea for *11 other atylea o^aaMr moderate. da 10 1m ^KASONA B L E PHY Q O O D S ! Cloak a, 8hawla, Flannel*, Mennoa, Ottoman*, Blanket*. Full Clotha, Linaoya, Fancy Silks, Silk Robee, Poplina, Valencia*, Rens, Yarna, Hooped Skirt*. 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ace Family and Extra Floor of an unsurpassed quality will eonatantly be kept on hand at the ow e?t arioea. Also, Corn Meal, Rye Chop, and all kind* of Mill Feed. A call respectfully solicited before purohaaing elaewhere. Ja 10 lw M NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. OORE'S Squill Drops will atop a Conch in five minutea. Moore's Comp. Arnica i.imment will cure Chilblains, Frosted Feet. Paina in Faoe, Sprains, Ao. Moore's improved Benzine will re move raw* will, vrrwe, ao., irom i?t wowiou otto colofod silt or woolen good* without injttrmg ?ui?r?' fflgssEiSTafKJ sift* , deSl-Sw 118 Pa. avenue. J ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAEB. UST OMMd for the Christina# and New Years Preeenta, ail Marked dowa at tka lovMt prioee to ait the timet, for eaeh. de 19 JT prioee W. COLLEY * CO.. T HE SabMatw * Corrupondrnc* of Tk* Star. OKOKeKTOWR. JaBQ?ry 14. 1*41. Oa Saturday night the residence of Mr John 8. Pnxton (whcup stable was burn'4 duwn on Satur day mornlnv) was set on fire, but discovered and extinguished by the neighbors A carpenter shop on Prnspact street was ffi*d siso, but discovered In timeloaave It. The pat ol force la composed , of young men of the various military organiza tions. and although effective, is not as much so as if Some ivtl#m wn Hu wards or otherwise In this connection we bare beard that the Tbird Ward it tbe f rat to art. a meeting being called for this evening at the Wblte House It will be seen by the advertiseaaent in the Georgetown column that Mr James Wblte is about to start a singing school a?aln. As he was so successful with bis former school, we have no doubt he will be able to get any number of pupils Parents should not neglect such an opportunity of learning tbelr children vocal music. Mr. Robt. P Dodge desires to return his grate ful acknowledgmrnU to tbe Inmru and bis numerous friends who rendered such efficient ser vice in saving his property from destruction during his absence, and wnen his stable was burned down on Thursday evening last. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS I rftj-^SINGING SCHOOL.?All persons deairoua LL5 of joininf a am ring olaaa are invited to meet in the bMrnwi of Ike Dum liar ton street M. E. Chureh, on MONDAY NIGHT, January 14th. Terms 91.5' per qnaiter. ja9 J. A. WH1TF.. 920.000! MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduoe our large and well asaorted stock of DRY GOODS we will, during the next an days, deduct 10 per oent. from nil cask pu-eha#es of 95 acd over. Jteva your money and oall at 9<h Bridge st., for barcaft. SPILM *N * HUNT, ja7 eolm Georgetown. P. C. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhda. prime PoTto Rico SUGARS, Un bbls. Old Rye WHISKY, 8Sn bbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES, 50 bbls. Cruahed and Refined SUGARS, SO bags Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhds.tlow priced) MOLASSES. . 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Mia* Gwyn. is now prepared to aocommocate either perinanei.t ?r t< an cient t>r>arders with pleasant ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished with or without Board Also, a front Room on fi'st floor, with private entrauoe, suitable for an office. ja8-lw* TiiOT ivn 'fonvn JUV/kJ A ail 1/ Jl' VUXl !/ f OST-A black FUR TIPPET, on Friday eve I 4 nine lut, on I street, httvwn 15th and 17th its. The finder will be rewarded by leaving it at No. 316 1 str?et. lt? UTR \ * EC) OB ?r?i.KN.-A b ack tan TER ^ RIER IM'P, la ge size, a scar on the4?_^> side of hi* right eyp, ears cut close, a lonz^^a^f toil; had on a red co'ton collar. '1 h* ? finder wi'l be rewarded by leaving *aul Dog at Brown's Hotel. ja M-3t FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr ">or Salt and Kent" adv$rtit$wi**tt, fjirtt yigt ] F"OR SALE CHEAP-The STOCK and FIX TURES of a small Fruit and Confectionery Store. Apply at 506 Eleventh street, near I'enn. avenue. It* fpOR RENT-A three-stsry BRICK HOUSE, containing nine rooms and store room, I CU.LI 1 ?> * * rmiMo nuu v/aitiftRo nuuodi miiunivu on (no corner ofl?thaud L atreet* Ta a punctual ai d reliable tenant the tsrms will be moderate. Inquire on the prem.a-a. ja 12 2i* MARKET garden fob RbNT-TwoiariTe aqnareaof Ground, ea-t of the Capitol, con taining about h acre*, well fenced and improved by a g oti frame hou?e. Ac. Re-,t will below to a punctual tenant. Inquire of JOHN B. KIBBKV, No 63 Louiaiana avenue, l>etween 12and2o'olook. ja H 6t F^OR RENT.?I he STORE and DWHM.ING No. *4 Bridge atreet, Georgetown D. C., krownaa the old confectionery Maud. Poafeaaion given immediately. Apply to ARMY & SHINN. ja7 IfOR RENT-Twoframe COTTAGE HOUSES, r containing aix rooina, vituated on Mail, ave nue and Fiiteenth atreet; pump of good water m the yard. ja 5 Furnished rooms for rent,at 4o? d atreet, between 6th and 7th ata. de 4-tf li'un nt<.< i-ine one nni^K n*u ?r, no. r 100 \Ve*tst.% Georgetown, at present ooou pied by the subsorilwr. It hax 12 ro -inn, with and water throughout, a fine yard, stable Are , and in in acood heigiil<orhood. Apply to J AS. A. M A 8 RUPEE. oo25tf FOR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE.con taining 8 roome, in *ood order, with gas fix ture* onmpiete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Aiso, a two-story brick COTTAOK, with larce yard attached, corner of F street north an' 14th st. enBt. To pur;otual and reliable tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply rU 446 Twelfth street, between G aad H. no IS-tf Il'OR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the hoiid inr immediately opposite the west wine of tilt City HaL, reoent'.y occupied by CJul*. S. Wa'laoh & an etfice. Al?<> the front room in the second story abd tbs third floor of the e*m? Imidir.t. F oi terms apply to RICHARD WALLACU.No. 'J Louisiana avenue. ja IS tf FOR RENT.?The HOUSE and STORE on Pennsylvania avenue, Ut Ward, opposite the Seven Bui dints, lately ocoupi-d by Al?*x. Dyer. a? ? iikn? ?attKliflhmi>nt nartmia Hayifnn* tn ?anf will w O ? V/W I tDiiuiv n?| V- f nvun ?V?| I vw n ? > I T.-U V will please apply to Mr Carra', next door, who will now the premis??. WM.KMMEET. ja7 eo2w Large and desirable first-class RESIDENCE IN ??EORtiETO\VN FOR RENT OR LEASE.?The fine residence of the iate Vinoent Tavlor, Esq., No. 5137 Bruit? steet, in for reat, and offers man; aa /anta^es and conve niences. It is ou? of the m>?*t spaoions and finelt finished private houses in the District. I'o*scks si.n sriven irumadiattly. Apply on the premises. de 29 eoSw RiTnT REDUCED.?That pleasant COTTAGE RdrlDENCE, contsinine 7 room*, with front balcony, iar*t> yard in front and rear, frontir r H at., in Printing OfficeSquare. l>otween North Capitol and First sts.. will Im? rented for JJ16 per month to a pur ctual tenant. Address, by letter or in person, \VM._STICKNEY.__ dejl eotf FfOR RENT OR LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEAKS-TUe HOUSE and GROUNDS lately occupied by Poi<tr?is:*r General Brown, and very recently heid by Mrs. Smith as a female institute. For further inforpiation apply to chas. A BERT, Ktta . or to tiie su*wcrih(>r THOMAS LAW SON, de 4 eotf Surgeon General U. 8. Army. l^oiTRENT-A pew BRICK HOUSE, with r l>aok I>uiIuin?c and eo'Iar. having 8 rooms with gas, and si e alley. k tnatpd on L ?tre-t, nrar Thir teenth. Rent moderate to a good tenant. Inquire of M. GRKEN, Gioc?r, cornn of Thirteenth and L ats. Th's propertv ia near Franklm Row, only a few mi' utes* walk from the Treaau'y Buildings, and one of 'he Healthiest loon ions in Washington, de 21-lmeo* fi^OR RENT?The large three story KRAM E HOUSE on New York awaae, bet wen 4th and 5ta streets, reoently occupied by Rev. Mr. Ca rothers. Apply to JOHN W. MANKINS, or to Mr. BOSS, next door.where the k?r may t e fonc 1. Also, the three throe story Bricks at the corner if Ninth and N sts., Northern i iberties Or (or sale low for oash; or property in the countv taken in exchange. Apply at Mr HAOttEKTVa ?tore opposite, for the terras and the key, or to DICK SoN * KING'S wood and coal yard, oorner oi I street and Vermont avenue, or to the suliionh^r, at Georgetown. de 19 +Uw JOHN DICKSON. FOR RENT.-A three-Story BRICK DWELL ING HOUSE, with back building, on 12th at.. No. 4 TO. between F and G ?treeta. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD, 476 Twe fth st. no 19-dtf T1 ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. JL Hfi noil vrawing 01 im roth nmnk uoi tftry, oondnoted by the Saaniah Government, under tbe eaaerriaion of the Captain General of Caba, will taie >lao? at Havana on TUK8DAY. Jaiu?a.*y ?, 1861. 80RTK0 NUMKRO 619 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZK 190,0*0. 1 prise of 9100,000 1 do ?n,ooo *M*<0 *>,000 16,000 IN ALL #88 PRIZL_ Who.e Tioketi, ?ao?Hltm, #10?Unartera, |f. S'rro: in do aoapfroz. 0 1 do Priaea oaahedat aight at ft per"oentd leoonnt Bilia on all wlvont Bank* taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded a* aeon aa the reealt yrnnr i ja?-*r Oawof Oftr PoeiCharleaton B.C. ."OR HOLIDAY PtBSENTS, F^OR HOLIDAY PtB81 For Childrao'a Books, For Chtldrea'aGaaaaa, on Booka, it a from Warrwkara, Goto FRENCH A UCHSTEIN'B, d?S?> No. Pm. aven??. ITS Athoi. Hiliiai Middle A get, ?he new Boeton J.iter&r) KO,?iou.River eide Preea; toned p?per; prioe #0.74 mail. The u?u?t he?TT diKKMint at oar ? S?o, the wm edition* of MoCa?107t Ham*. Gib n, Otrtial*, Limb, Hfcakspw, de 28 THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. SOUTH CAROLINA AFFAIRS. AMlktr Flag *1 Tree* u Saaur-MfitwitH MtnarvU-Ruitri Abia4a>l Cha*li*to!?. Jan. 12.?Mr. R N. Gourdln. one of tb? moat moderate and conciliatory nmnben at Ihe "SoYerelttn Contention," went to Fori fum trr thta morning with a flag of truce f->r a parley with Major Anderaon The object of hla pi'.Ml on la kept perfectly private and all ktnda of rumor* |irnii mm mm ur nuvr n Maniai tor IWO WMII)( officers of the Government to Sumter lut night with a flag of truce. Thrtf movement* on tbe part of tbf Governor tad Council have naturally excited great curiosi ty on tbe pert of tbe people, and especially of tbe military, who seeni to think that thevou^ht to know what la going on. On tbe streets tbe peculations assume various phase*?aoine aay there la dissatisfaction among tbe garrlsoo at Fort Sumter?other* that a surrender by Major Anderaon, of the fortreaa. la conVtaplaUd?and other* again that he propoae* to evacuate, and let the State take full possession. Of course none of theae rumor* are true, a* tbe Sap of truce, in either of tbeae caaea. would come from Sumter to Carolina, Instead of going from Carolina to Sumter. From what I deem the very best authority in these exciting and uncertain time*, 1 think 1 can aaaure that negotlationa are going on for a peace ful surrender of Fort Sumter, or rather a cessation of the warlike attitude tbat la rriiahtnir th? In tor. rata of the city and State without being calculated to produce any desirable mult. Arrival#f Ike Brooklyn off CktrlNtai Bar? R*aewed Warlike Exclteaaeat. CHAKLRaTON. Jan IS?6 p m ?We have a new cause for excltrment this evening, wHIch promtsea ?if aome arrangement ia not made with tbe Gov ernment at Washington to auapend tbe warlike attitude of tbe two Government*?to prove mnrh more aerloua and alarming than tbe tiring Into the uuarmed steamer Star of the Weat. The ateamer Kxoel has juat arrived with the announce ment that the United Statea aloop-of-war Brook lyn, In command of W.8. Walker, of Maaa , which aalled from Norfolk on Tburaday laat, Is now lying off the bar. She waa aeon by tbe Excel th's morning, and much excitement la occastoued aa to wbatber abe propoaea to enter tbe harbor It 1a conteuded by aome that abe drawa too much water to croaa tbe bar with aafety. What her intentlona are Is not known, but If ahe ahould attempt to enter before aome terms are agreed upon, she will undoubtedly be fired Into by the garrison on Morria' Island One of her broadside*. with the expert gunnery of the Navy, would prore very destructive of life, and Sumter would likewise be compelled to open on Fort Moultrie and the laland batter lea to aid In her safety It la to be hoped, however, that no blood will be shed, and that instructions may come from Washington that will prevent further hostilities. Another Mlssian to WaahiafUn -Samter and Carolina in Harmony Charlfstos, Jan. 12.9 p m ?Another mls slon has been sent to Washington from the Ke public of South Carolina, but the purport of the movement Is kept perfectly secret from the public The caoae of the flava of truce last evening and to-day iaatlll wrapped In myaterv. but the result was apparent this evening by the dispatch *f Mr. Hayne on the part of South Carolina, and Lieut. Hall from Fort Sumter, on a mission to Washing ton It is said Mr Hayne goea to make proposals on the part of the State, and Lieut Hail for such Instructions as may be necessary after the propo sals are received bv the Government I n the mcantime'the Brooklyn Is off the bar, and the question Is, will M*jor Anderson be allowed to communicate with her? I'ItII and Military Diplomacy?Aa?tbrr Flag ( Trace?Jiare .Uy?terisas N*t(> call. Charleston, Jan It. p. m ?The steamer Nashville, from New York, which arrived this morning, l>rlm;s tlie latest Intelligence from out side tbe bar She reports that tbe United stales sloop-of-war Brooklyn was cruising off Cape Komain, which Is some forty miles from tbe city. Tbe excitement ainoug the people has subsided, and last night closed with a better feeling in every direction Great hopes are entertained that tbe ultimatum of South Carolina, which has l*.n sent by Mr. Hayne to Washington, and ths dispatch from Major Anderson accompanying tbe ultimatum, in the hands of Lieut. Hall, will have the effect of producing peace The steamer Clinch, tinder a white flag, in command of Commissary General Hatch, of tbe South Carolina army, went to Fort Sumter this evening, but it Is not known what was tbe object of ber visit In fact, nobody knows anything as to the tenor of the ultimatum or the nature of tbe movements have been in progress for two days past between Fort Sumter and the Gover nor's rooms Fight workmen from Fort Sumter came away last night in a small boat Four of them are now Iti lh* ritv Alirt fiitlr nf an Vnrfc in tbe steamer .M arion. They report that the soldiers at th? fort are on abort allowance. 'The Mtsvlssippt State Itavrntlin. Jackhox, Jan. II ?Mr. Burt, Comini*?toner from South Carolina, la 'peaking, with the "lone tar" Hug pendant in the bail The following were the transactions of the Con vention in aecret session yesterday: The formal reception of the Commissioners from abroad. The resignation of Mr. Gholaon, Judge of the United Statn Court. The adoption of a resolution recognizing South Carolina be sovereign and independent. The adoption of a resolution that the postmasters, officers and agents continue until otherwise ordered. The ordinance was signed at half-past ten In the morning. Tbe Convention will probably adjourn to Vlcks bnrg on account of the Legislature wanting the capitol. Mr. Burt's speech was warmly applauded. The ordinance declares tbat all tbe laws, regu lation and contracts of the I'nlted States relative to the mall service shall be continued in full iVIUV. The Governor h i ordered the military to be in readiness at a momenta' warning A call haa been issued for Saturday night to complete the organization of the military of the State. The churches are decorated with evergreens, and the lone star Is prominent The artillery were ordered to Vlcksburg by the Governor early this morning to hail and question passing boats. A salute of fifteen guns wzs fired last night on tbe reception of the news from Alabama and Florida. There is great excitement. JACKsqx, Jan 12?The Commissioners from Alabama will address the Convention to-day. The Convention will not probably remain in session for two weeks. Nothing of importance bas been done since the passage of tbe Secession Ordinance. Ltsiiltas. Niw Orleans. Jan 11.?All the fortifications are now in tbe possession of tbe Louisiana troops. The United States Arsenal at Baton Rouge, in command of Major Hsskins and two companies, refused to purrreuder this morn tag. The arsenal was surrounded by six hundred State troops, and a parley was held between governor Moore and Major Hasklns, which finally resulted in the sur render of the garrison at 1*2 o'clock to-day. There was no opposition in taking the other forta. The Baton Rouge Arsenal was taken poss-ssinn of by tbe state troops, at 12 o'clock to-day. The Crusader baa not entered the Mlasiasippl. The excitement continues very great. Vlrdsis Lrdilstsrc Richmond, Jan. 1*2?The House to-dsy pasaed the Convention bill. The bill aa paassd by the House, requires that a vote be taken at the time of the election of delegatss to terminate whether the action of the Convention snail be submitted to the people or not. The election 1> to take place on the tth of February, and the Convention la to meet on the 16th. The Senate laat night paaaed the Houae Conven tion bill, with an amendment fixing the 13th of February Instead of the 18th, for the aaaembllng of the Convention. Passage sf a Csaveatioa Bill by the Tea* aeaaee Legislature. Nashville, Jan. 12.?The Houae of Represen tative* of thla State to-day paaaed a bill calling a Bute Convention, to naeet ou the 18thof February The delegates are to be elected on the 9th, and it la provided that tf the Conveution abould pass an Ordinance of SecesMon, the question aball be sub mitted to a vote of ths people. The same bill Las also patted a Kronrt reading In toe !*euate. SKMiira *1 Fltrkd* Tallaha?*ks, Jan. 10?The ordinance of se cession paaaed by the State Convention was ?tgn>d to-day at the eastern portico of the Capitol, amid the firing of cannon, cheering and other enthusi astic demonstrations Hon.JT Butler King, of Georgia, was present and mad* a speech. High Price ef CmI at CUrieitti Philadelphia, Jaa. 10?The high price ob tained for coal at Charleston has Induced peraooi ta this city attempt sending a shipload of M there, bnt ship-owners refuse to take it, though fire dol lar* a ton freight offered. ft*1rare lor Violation* nf Inspection Law*. NoavoLK, Jan. 13 ?The achnr Lead lag Breexe of Prorincetown, Mass , has beeoaeitedln Hamp ton Londs, by inspector Parker, tor four violation* of the Virginla lnapoction law*. She is new is the handa of the Sergeant ftelznr* ef Barracks, fart end Hary Yard Pk.isacpla, Jaa. U ?Fort Barrancas. the Bar rack* and Naey Yard at this place, were seised jrestcrdsy by the AMrtn and Florida treeps. lattrMttui tr?mi Mrttr* Wasbimtor, Ju 14.?The following Interest ing Intelligence com** throufh aa oActal rku Vua Citi, Dor II ?Tbr mctlM li m mrt. AfW tbe defeat of Mirqun tad tbe opto re of Guadalajara, tbe Constitutional araif, uuder U?c Orlaga. advanced towards the capital *b?r? tbe rebel faction were making a great effort to con centrate all the tmopi tkrf could , and even ?uc reeded la aurprlalag a brigade, tbe vanguard of onr army In Talnoo under command of <ie? Bt rlosabal. who received a alight wound and waa taken prisoner tugetb?r Witt Oen l)r(oU4i> k*4 Col. G orate* Farias This event encouraged the r?action.sts mm* more, and subsequently their champion. ftllra Bion. with seven thcusjud m?n and forty plsreo of artillery. determined oa nu:ay outof ttie capital to me?t the liberal army On tbe v'lat both iroM came in sight of each other, and oa tbe ~J2d Ui? reactioniats were trUlly routed, leaving In p<? easlan of our victorious army til their t'oops, equipage, storm, and monrr M Irani* < and Mar qu? alone reached the eltf of Mexico, which was garrisoned 1>? t.OMii men A meeting was be Id. and Itwaa rnolrtd. 1st. To ?lve all direction of affair* to Hen L>ey?liado, *d. bat lbe ministers from France and Spam, and Gen Ayeataran, should go oat (wbteh tt>*-y did) snd bold : Interview for treating about the sur render of tbe capital In tbe meantime It was thought probable tbat Ml ram on with a part of tbe garrlaoa, would de part for Puebla. to await there tba reault of the coafereiMV; but tbe numeroas < onstlIut:onai troo|* bad obstructed all aveuuea of escape * Tbe interview proved tbe imcosathllttvof graat lng such (oaceoslon of fc oa ran lees as demanded by Mlramon, and be awl Marques evacuated tbe City with about l,u? men, who wars pursued, roated. and most of tbem taken prisoners, to gether with two light field pieces. On tbe 25th, Gea. Oreega occupied tbe city amid great enthusiasm On the i7lk, the small garrison at Pnebla msds their proauaciamento la favor of the Llkaral. Tbe revolution ia thus at aa end. perfect and VIRGINIA CASH CAPITAL tSOO.OO*. Inanuea, Bui'dinga, Houaeho'd Furniture, Ao . against loae or dtiu<? t? tre. HKATH A KNOWLES. Agent*, Offioe?Roorr. 16 over Bank of Waahinrton. ja in 11 U VT'I lliauatha Hair Restorative la wirrantad in every iuU..o? to Ristork ?ut Hair to it? Orisisu Color. It haa r.een Rpp ted IN THOUSANDS OF CASF.S In the principal oiti*a of New t,r.*.*ni. and HAS NOT FA1 l KO in t aingle maianoe to m oomBlch all that la e.auned for it. No Hair ia ao Gray or Red *mt the HlA W ATFA Will chance it to a bmut ful iife like Brown and Mlaek. It la not an miUi.iui?u?a at? whieh orooka, amuta *nt1 givea a d- ad M%ck oolnr to th- hair; the pauei:t ha* m to autanit to aoaping. w*n. eg and porting of the luur every time t i* app led; nor la it a preparation <M an.phur. ?urar of ia*d. Ac., nor of an* ingre<li<?nta dM*>riuna to the heir of ski". It i* an art;cie rojuit.n no pieparation, no vuh ic( before or altar vane, it la applied in five min ut?? &c litt'e trouble a* any ordinary aitio'.e for ilie toilet. "Peoj e who have uaed tf.ia preparation deolar* it ta tniraculo-a in ita eiTecu, and that it wi.i per lorm ai< that it pretends to do BoUtm'r Ptr<nr**L "Its sucoets wonderftil, and wr oan or, ? *a_j we i->dor?e ail the proprietor uri tn recaru to it."? Bo/tun Journal. ' Wcommv?, bra notioe in a Ho*toe pap?r, that a premium waaawarded by Ui? Ma-sachueetU Me chauios* Cha-.ta . Associa' their lat- Fair. Boston, to Mr Joseph Hott of tbia city, for his celebrated 'Hiawatha Hair Restorative,' an artiola which riohly merited this favor it ru for ita ?u - perior merits 111 this respect that the CommiUna, af ter suffioient evirfenoe presented to trtemae r**, awarded to Mr. Ho?t this flattering testimonial **? Provide*?* Rp?ii*? P?tt Sold in Washington by J. W. Nairn. D. B Cla'k, Kidwell A Lawrence It. Q. Ridgeiey. la George town l>r J. L. Kidweil, and t?y Druggists genera,.y. de 12-'m PU.NO FORTK INSTRUCTIONS-The un dersigned, long well known to Wa-hingt.m pub<io as a teacher of thrfMHOI Piano, hogs leave to state that he is pre Ml IH pared to take scholar* on terms to suit the tuiai oie* of the t<tnes- Having vaoancle* in faia time juht now which he is anxious to ill up, he will teach a few scholars, f desirabie to iheir parents, acd t?k < hi- pay in such merchandise as mat be agreed on when they are entered with Lim. He 1a willing to make su?h arrangement*, knowinc the ioconveniarfe m?ni who de?ire to hav? tiieir chil dren taught tie Piano experience now in getting money, mis method of teaching has been huh ? app-oved for y-ar?, and his references are haads of til i...? I IW .1.^ \ir-.l; u ? llic l?r?l HIUBIV4J l?lllllir* IN *? ?lUlU|IWn? oil term* are exceedingly m derate JOHN K. *CHELL. Reridenoe?29t G atrert. ja 5 1m or appl< at M?ta?rort'a. 1TAK& notice: WILI- Take 11 kinds of Virginia ir?<?n?t fur bit book d?Ma and for Boota, Sho^a, and I -ur.*?. Ail pereuna tndcb ad to iue wrl pleaee o?i and acttie ay. or 1 ah a 1 be compelled to fir* their aoooanta into the ha .da of a oolleotor ? P HOOVER. Iroa Hail, no XI I'a a v. Mvwd <wh arwf iwh >t? *oth;k BEG Moat reaprc'fulljr to inform c?' oaatomera that their biila for January lat ae n?w re*dy, and I woaid beat iced by their aalliitg and get log the MM ae? R. r, ETEVF.yE 275 ALLEN 275 JACKSON, .PLASTERER 8. Push*. Avurva, Between Kith and 11th ati neu. )e It I W6ALT8* O O D AuO_ COAL N Pi. Ath Bnw. IIti ui tha 8n. North udi? Mill and Wharf foot of SerantaatiU eL. m> M tf K?l?i W?. 1V?m 1 iii^ SPECIAL NOTICE TOOL R FR1ENOH AND *5 CUSTOMERS. We have Uad their billa a.1 made of, and tH?ee who prefer oalling at oar d?ek 'or tfeeia will pleaee do ao by the 2bUi mat- AtUr that 4 t? *e aha.ll render er-ry bill on oar booka, and owing t great panic w? meat a k < ar fnea<>e to aaake proaipt pay menu, aa we are i r. waat of ail money dee at at thin um? J W. COLLET * C . d? 2l iw (HI Bcntk it. *hu?t h.?*. 'T5 cKMK rn V NOTICK. BALTiM0*1" BVTTER am,st Daily r?o?iTiR( fr?wr> uitl ?wet. in G?*b?n paefr ( ? M Wv>" ' |MtM?ltTANT TO HUUt?KkKKf E. K. DURKEK * CO.T XXjiXIOT SPZOB*. SaarMtMd sot only 1 ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY f \ Rfc 1 tat froccui from ftMh 8p'?M, Mt*oUd tod c:??r??l t>T cxp'mtly for the p?r?<>w vitfcout rW 1 to ?oaC Th?y in bMotv^tUy p*ok*l in 5r*rii,rK&t 3*io?a fcro ?!moM CrartikMy^ ?>? ? **"f < glorious?romplrtfd without sny harmful trans action. and what ta more, witboui any at those ?0? a and ravages ao common ta nil revols tions. Nota single crime baa stained our splendid triumph. The Supreme Government?promptly called for at the Capital?Is getting ready to leave far that place Praald^nt Juarez baa firmly resolved u make bit administration one of stric i justice, and to lead the country on the road to progress a ad reform Hereafter law. and law only, will be the great principle and basis of our public liberties and independence, and in which the future destinies of the Mexk-an nation will tod full aappor* Inch by Inch have we conquered the Legal ta represented by Constitution De par tare of the Shtp-ef-War Macedsalaa far the heath Bostor, Jan. 14 ?The sloop-of-wsr Macedo nian, froiu Portsmouth. paaardtbe Highland Light Uiis morula*, bound South with sailed order* Troops I iseash^rhed \ .v.?r Ian li Tk* Stat ?( (K. U'm* lauded the troops at Governors Isiaud yesterday. Raw Yar* Marktu. Xiw Vobk, Jan 14?Flour la firm, with a moderate demand H brat la a sbade better, with a moderate export inquiry Corn ia quiet. fork firm and steady. Lard quiet. Whisky nominally uncbungad. Financial. Naw York. Jan. 14 ? Stocks dull and lowar Chlca^oand Kock Island Illinois Ortial stares 15%; Michigan 33; New Vork Central 76\; Hi C Co iG4; Va 6's74*; Read log 37If; Hudson River R R.67. THE 1N81FANCE COMPANY et THE BTATE or