Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1861 Page 5
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THE EVENING STAR. If?-The following clipped from Fsnfty Jhir >?!U Star's reader* a* a pretty ifood hit la the parodr line : _ TEB 1.1AIL tW TH* HOUSE. Ben *t?am?. w>a if<l by a rtnll de?> t?>. J* off. UBinimt'tai of Ms eon* try'' M* Evo't?<i uri un<! i.iin : * hod' ai f dreams Of pi'??>ns jobs ? nd s?' n-oom??iiirf sohera^s. An an.? wnticg in a bo k ?f gold App**rd : %nd B?n. w. om bras* had readered bold, 8f?im the ak*1 ofth? Lobbj ?*id, ** VV hat wi'-tt thou.'" Tb? vision raised itg head, An . ?ith i?v>fc ?hieh it ke a ttranea mistrust. AnaveV?J?"The samps'oJ xien ?hoU c.aims arc jnit" "And is mill* on*r* s*id Adama; "nar. not ao." F?pl ed th? An<" p k? ir.oe low, Wiakiagjnth taw born jo? fxi'inf hopes. VVxite m-? flown, tfceu, as one who isowi th? torn " 7he ante! wro'e, and, as the Hr u?e v'jrurceU, an,?ne<J. Bat on the ipoto* i' 'etu'red. And shnve 1 the names of these who.e ohance stood best. And, lo! Hen Adams' name led ail the restl ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WITXARD9' HOTEI,.?E O BoUti, Va; D J Cummins. Del; D Cummin*, do; U Koomer, do; 8 Caoibeil. XV; J Hax'eh'irt. do; D D Colton,Cal; Capt J w l'roger, NY; T Keinber, Pa; A Gum mlnij*, do; A Snow, NY; U Benner, do; A O Addis and lady, Vt; H Jones. Aid; E Slade, do; %. 1 It W?1 I If mw*A v.. M i mm r Lf *? unci, .l|OM, * .11 >"IU 4UUJ, ? ??, .?i t DO Eilott, do; J R Kent, di?; C Williams, Md: Col J H Sot boron, do; Col J H Warring, do; J Bow ling, do; J C Coale, do; B Baker and lady, Mats; 51.* S Kaker. dr>; L S Stewart, Md; R Stanton, Md. A ?: Lew s. Pa; H D Cooke, O; G P Fox,NV: J W Carton, Pa; Lt G W Morris, U9N; G W Frie?, I'a; VV S Charles. Ill; G Evans, Me; G F Wata.?n and l?dv, NY; F. P Humphrey and lady, Kv; ? S W oodbull and ladv. NY; A S Winters and lady, Va, Miss Winters, do; H <i Mtllson and lady, do; Mrs Thomas. Md; R L Stewart, do; H A Tbomas, do; J J Wood, do; J W Clay'ou,DC; Col li Brown. lTSA; S Smith, Va; M B Stanton, La; Major G T Beauregard, N S Kn?; A Welch, Pa; H S Magraw, do; Si B L.oury, do; G Wilkee, NY. 8 Seymour, do; J l.anudon. do; J R Bryon, Va; W B Dobbin. Md; Mr Nlles. NY; N Reeve, Mtch; R Taylor, NY; J J Powers, Tenn. BROWN'S HOTEL?J Maclalla, C Maclalla, J Frankel, J Zibb?r, J Tetnbilson, Pa; J Cravson, H Patrlckaon, A .Mam bread. Fa; W H Herbert, J W v a?on, Juilg^ I'.irkrr, \V 9 Wood, H Wing, fl Id, F G Rowe, R"G; r ie!t, J Taylor, B VV Bar ra' !. T H Vance. E 'I urn-r; M A Osborn, O M V nal, V?. F I. Davia. A Welch, A Van Valken bur^h. NY; II 1 Henciaian, J C Mansfield, L Ki Va; O H -nr'ch, USCS; R Carter, NC; J H Hunt. J Forreat, F Vald^nar. lir E Duvall, Dr J B -d re, E Briacoe A C Elliott, J Biabop, J God frey. E G Hall. Md, J Jonea, Del; J A Whltlog and fa?. Misa Smith. T E Dugger, F W Svkea, Ala; It W Johuat/>i. B G Johnson, A Sevier, Ark: J I. Dearborn, NH; WH Paul, J Thomaa, La; w B Witija, Tenn; W M Cloud, Ky; F Hart, E Har po d, C Harpold, F A Barnard, Mlsa; C W Wil kinson, Tenn. NATIONAL HOTEL ?G A Nenell, Maas, D MiifDfev. Va: Hon F J Sevbodt. NY: B J Bar bour, Va, T T Corson, NJ; S R Sto:kwell,Mass; S R Glen. NY; J B Pinney. do; VV Tbecker, Md; J VV Maynard, Mass, S VV Glenn, Md; W Mc DuS'e. NY; J II Sprurer, .Md; J Dukebart, Gen T Eowie, do; J Carlisle, O, F Sto'", Md; \V Naji.,u>i. do; F C Barton and larty, NY; J Blake, Va; W S Newman, do; A Bradford. Me; G L Taylor, DC; B VV Barnard, Va; J \ .W ittingly, 1>C; G A Di*k*. Md; R P G ;rnett, Va; W Hoyt, Md; F Vauznan, Ala; Mrs Matthews, do; Roggs, Aid, R A Donaldson, NY; H A Babenk, do; 0 ? R ddle, Md, \V B ^rigbt, do, J W Stoke, Fa; J Newton, do; S E Kaglestou, ao. KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?J W Alaitland, Dr H Troup, E Stevens, J Buckler, A Bonn, H Bonn, C W Crocker, Md; T H Gillespie. E Gsgood, Va; A F!ke, Ark, F A Eliot, Pa; E Sehon, Tenn; A Heart, NY; P C West. DC W ASHINGTON HOUSE,?N W Clark, Mich; A f Gaeentieid, Md; J Anderson, S Coddington, Pa; p Black, VV is; Mr and Mrs Hamilton, J Man ly, NY; J Smith, Ky. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DATS Frok ras Usitbb Statbs. Ltrrt*. For. , Days L'uited States New York... Glasgow Jan 15 Aa^tra ^iaa Portland Liverpool..... ,>an la e*nuc Now Y>>rk...Liverptoi Jin 17 rfremeu . ?- .New V?r* Hr?m?w i?.i, is \'uv? rooti*a?.f'' rt.and Liverpool J?u 19 G.asgow? New York... Liverpool Jan 19 oa..., Uostou?- .Liverpool.... Jan 23 C'auaJ.&c Port:*n<l Liverpool Jan 26 ?<!i&ourg ...New York. Liverpool Jan 28 Joint tic?. .New Vork.. .Glasgow ? Jxu & tsi-w. .New Vorlt_ Liverpool. j as 3? ?at.>aia New York^ SoatU'pton Feb 1 tiosioo Liverpool F?b 6 From Eaton America. ... ? Liverpool?Boston Deo 29 ^ t<at"nia .N. South pion?hew York-..Jan > <linbur{tu. Liverpool New York.. Jan 3,.. ... Souia'ptoa., Port'anU Jan S| A'ia?.....i.iverp<wt....IMew York....Jan t K?KSar..^....^..laverp^oi....New York....Jan 3 Ari*u ,___Soutt.'ptoa.J.New York ._Jan 9 ftorth Uritoa l.ivurpool Portland Jan It) 1 an Ctiiloha .-nan lea ner* .eavd on tiia 9th, IHh, and 3Mu of avery raonth. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL *9 BLOOD K^VOVATEB. Is preci*-;? what its nama indioatea, for, while fil?a??it to ir.e taut", it la revivifying, exhil*raUnf, nvisorating enJ atreii:th?{ to the vita powera, and at the >&n? time revivlhea. reinstatM, and re n?*i the H ; o>i l i a I ita oriciDal pu'itjr.aad thus At itHOM t iiuW raiiWa* t f IJ mil. m mm-m v>.w vv v - - * rw? r vwwvr * '?*" 0y " ?r>PT? Iff VWtrtO'??V?e lo 41I4<1< o/' 4t<eoj?. It in tit oniy prepvation evor .tf-reu to t.i? w. '1.1. so ohemioallj &uti aktll y c mbicfU aatotetne c oat poworfu! tomo, and at th-i Mm* time so perfeotl r acaptfd to, A* to act m perfect a<?oorda-ce with the laws of nature, au i hcrio-i will root** the weakest stomach, and Ut.i up th? digestive o-gaus, ana too* all*; all ner vous* <i otcer irritation. it la perfectly exhilaia ting a :d at tn* Mine time it it composed entirely of v-g.?t*, jet no oombiu<Mi as to produoe the moat th- rough rtfVct. w.tnout producing any in lU'ioaa cona^queucea. M?ch a remedy has lone V-*ec !?.' t > bo * d aideratuia in the inrdioa; W" la, for it c?-e<Jt no nM>:iaal *k ll to see tha? debility f l *i a! tttacki oi disease, and prooeed a d in deed iays rh-^ a) ktem open to the >naidioua attacks ot "anT of th* u.o?t fatal,auch, for example, aa the following: t'ocaumptiob, indigestion, ijyspessia, I oes of App?tita, F*iutii?se, .Nervous Irritability, N-U'a gia. I'aiPitation of tin neart. Melanohoiy, Night awratst Langor, Giddiness, Retention ol, aa weu as Painiul of>a:ructe?l, too profuse, or too eo*m Ma. t r nation. at>d Fa.lini of the Womb Theee ail depend upon general debihtr. Thia pure, healtn? tomo Cordiai aud Hood Renovator is as sure to cure as the sun i? to r<se and stt There is no mi ut( a *^u: it . But this is not all If the j?te.n is weaaenad we are open to bilious at tacks, t e liver two ?m?s torpid, or worae diseased, tlia kidneys r-fu?- t > perf.-rm their fur.otiona, and | we are troubled witli scalding and incoDtineroe of urine, or involuntary discharge ot tb* aame, pain in tne hack, side and ix?twe-u the ?hou>ders ex o*odiu*ly liable U) aii^ht colds, congha, and if an cii^cked. so<?u emvjiat.o.i follows,and the patient gi>?a d >wn to a premature erave. Hut apace wi'l ot alio w us ia enumi-ra'e the mau* ilia to which we are ;iab e 10a weakened condition ot the system. But wi.i tar in this Cordial and B ood Renova tor yon have a p*i/eot, s& e, pleasant and effectna remedy for ioaa of App tit<*. biliousness. Fiata le..ce, w-ak an t aick Stomaoh. i^angour, Liver ComplaiT.t, Chi'leani K?var,or any B Uou attack Co tive-'?a?. Acidity ol the St Bach. Ne 'vouaneaa, N*ura da. Palpitation of the Uevrt, Depression of Sprits. Sees. Pimples on the Face, or anr dis ease art nog from impure blood, auoh as Scrofula, ferj sip>ias, Bronchitis, Goujh.difli'ju ty of Breath log. and all that ciass ot diseases ca. ed female vnknou, and enu'n^ra'ed above. We will also %y the travel rr rxp >s?d t<> epidemios, ohange of oun.ate and water, will find it a pleasant safe and sure remedy, and no one should ever travel with out. Revl -r. try it. for w* assure you you will SmI in It a friend in<J-ed. as w?!l as a tri?nd in need. All persons ot sedeMary nabits will find it a pe i?o" p.ev?!itive ol. as wetlasacure fnr thrm? ni-?nU which they are particularly expoaad Henoe minister*, itidtnti, attorney a. literarr gentlemen, ad iadi??a who are not aocuat med to mnoh out door exa ?? > , will find it to their a<lvantage to keep a bott.e eonatactly on hand; and above all mother* or tuoie oeooininc saoh.witlgo through that moat <lan<eroua period not only with all their aocurorued streagth.bat ?*fe and free from the taouaaod ai menta eo prevalent among the female portion or the wo>ld. In short, is indeed a mother a eordi&l. Try it old and yoing;no lo'ger ran the risk of -lelay: it will relieve and prove lt*elfemphat icai.y a Rutorativ* Cordial and Blood Renovator. U. J. WtMiu. propri-tor, 444 ttroa4#aj, New York and 114 Market Street St. Loan, Mo., and A./i K? all -.?-4 f\ *v pr *. vi m*M |wu mji nil iiu. rnot uw youir p#r lottU. PROF WOOD'S AESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD R^k0VAT0R. RoU. in vhia oity by C. STOTT, 37 5 Pa. arenne. m? ecly.aiw j^OOTS AND 8HOf>E?g TO SUIT 1U Weare now mAr.uiv3t'a-iE?;*?il kind# of ptm SHOES, ai?d aoratantfV r?ceinai ft ac?p f of eaatorn made work of eraryd* ?crtpti<?-, made expreaaiy to order, and will I b- ao>d at a maoh lower ano? than haa beaa h*reU>f<rf? oUri*d in Qua oity for M?k ^rtiolUa Peraoce in w%ot of Boou and Show of aaetera or e<tr invle work, will aiwftya find ft food uaortmea lb a tor* a>.J at the loweet prioee. Qiva ma ft o*iL GRIKFIN k. URO., a* ? r 514 PennaylT?nia arwua piVK HUNDRED TRAVEL^? TRUNKS r arrived lhi? day, ?ik -aoins all quati-| tie a aud aiaea of Sot* Lafttfccr, Lftdiea'l L' at*! Paoking 1 ru.ka. Our tmak*^^^" ^ra room exhibita at thia time the cmaieat variety traveling re^uiaitea at ?o4?r*te prieftB. to b? foond thia aide ofNew York, Aia... every deeoria toon of I.AIWE^' HATBOXKS, VALJCBS, CARPKT jSACV, 8ATCH^I>C>a. , D!7^0!d Truaka PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. p C B L I 0 N on 0 E. PnWlo notion Is haraby (Ivan that hooda tad aoupona annexed, of tha daaoription hereinafter a?t forth, have lately baaa faionioualy abstracted from tha oaatody of Ua Interior Department, tha aima being tha property of tha United Stataa and held in treat for oertaia Indian tribaa. Nottoa kit alao baan givan to tha pro par ofioara of tha napaa tiva Stataa to atop tha pay meat thereof; aad all peraoaa ara varaed againat paroha4iag or mil? iag any of aaid bonda and aoapona, aa tha olaia of tha Unitad Stataa tharato will ba proaeouted to tha utmoat extent. Eaoh bond baing for tha ram of oaa tbooaacd dollar*, Til: But par oent. Misaouri Coupon Bonda, laaaad tn J una and Aagaat, MOT. Btata of MiaaioarL, St. Looia and Iran Mountain R, K.Btata Bonda. Bond No. 2037 Bond Mo. 1823 1B7I# 1996 lwr mw 2008 2007 1993 1904 1996 1891 1990 1891 1991 2003 20(13 1992 2oo<5 S005 2004 inz, 1822 1821 1820 1819 1818 1809 1817 ' 1810 1816 1814 1813 1812 1810 1811 1808 2031 2o:? 2034 2001 2035 \<m 2038 1000 2032 2000 1826 1877 1828 1878 1829 187V 1830 1880 1831 1881 ~ 1832 1882 1858 1883 1809 1884 1870 1885 lo71 1886 1872 1887 1873 1S38 1874 f889 1875 1800 2030 2045 2029 AA ? n ZUiO aiUO 2046 2017 2047 2016 2044 2016 2043 2014 2040 2018 2041 2013 2042 2010 2039 2011 orcic 1325 99 bosda 1824 Nor*.?Bond' No. *000, and below of thi? eerie*, i??ued Jane. 185T, and bonds No. KM, and ?6ot? that. dated August, 1897, parable at the PhcsaLx Bank, New York oity, In 1887. State ef Missouri six per oent. ooopoa is: Haaxabal and St. Joaeph " " bond*? Bond No.|1853 Bond No. 1626 1852 1627 1861 1623 1850 H49 1848 1847 1*46 1846 1844 18*2 1836 1833 1834 1836 1837 1838 1839 1040 1640 1633 1612 1013 1614 1615 1616 1617 1618 1619 1630 1621 1929 1869 1866 1863 1862 1860 1861 1866 1858 1866 1864 1822 1923 I&24 1826 1826 1827 1828 1829 1836 1831 1641 1642 1643 1644 1645 1646 1647 4911 i'W3 ISM 1(W7 1634 '1438 1631 1840 1632 1843 1633 1842 1622 1660 1857 1816 1636 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1625 90 boodfl Noti.?Tlwue bonds are littd Jtmarr, 1857, Movable at Bank of Co mm ro?, New Vork, ia oveinber, l?a?? intareat payable in January ao4 Jaly or eaoh year. State of Mieeoari ?bt p?r Mat. Co?ea North Mir Bond No. 2962 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 294* 164A 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1640 2950 1650 2937 2922 2938 2023 1663 2924 1654 2936 1656 39U 1651 2953 1656 1657 2921 1705 2468 1706 2512 1707 2513 2452 2514 2453 3LS1 h 2516 2455 Nil 2464 2910 2457 2012 2458 2913 2459 2914 2440 29H 2481 3915 2462 2917 2463 2918 2464 2919 2465 2920 2466 2954 2467 2955 1651 80 bondi niuMft <uzsMrtsMiL'nm ??* Rand Na 9773 Uai.iI vrttl 2784 V?HW 41 W ? f UV 2787 2788 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 2711 27*3 2712 2722 2710 2720 2726 2718 . 2777 2727 2776 2724 2784 2731 2708 2768 2760 2729 2770 2718 2771 271ft 2786 2714 2778 2784 2778 2728 2776 2728 2774 2723 2780 2713 27S2 ^^^ 2787 . w Nor*.?TImm bond* %re >?) Mlwomrl Si-y*^eweL^INw^|e Railroad ?t*U Brad 5o. 5246 Bond No. 5360 &2S0 5361 3046 6258 5244 5C64 5243 5354 5343 9356 M41 5353 &H0 A2ft3 hl.ta .SMi 5398 5 jar 5386 &2S4 525* 52*2 SMI 9100 SIM 6)98 5107 ui* 5360 5240 5347 5348 5106 *196 5000 4090 4997 4890 4998 43M 4888 5307 4878 530* 5217 &309 5302 51 boadl 5006 SSSSSSSSgpSSSSBKF Bh4i of North Otrottn*?Co?ton six per North Oaroliaa in p?r OMts. Boad No. 35 Bond No. 303 33 301 32 300 23 297 9 236 7 234 249 2U3 348 A 166 347 * 104 34? 20 345 10 342 18 Ul 17 340 15 IS9 IS 338 8 337 11 336 10 334 102 128 101 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 6 233 28 334 22 227 18 328 21 317 98 318 97 316 AAA 96 zwo 83 94 82 M 236 ? 303 72 bonds fotm.?bond# are d?t?d Janaarr, 18fi6 ayable January. 1?L at Bank ot RepnWo, New fork. loMr*>( payaDto is J an nary and July. North Carolina f*t oenta. Conpon Bcnda. Bond No. 833 Bond No. 715 832 736 831 7.SH 830 S29 834 835 836 837 838 871 87? 878 874 87? 878 877 878 870 880 881 846 847 848 840 &AO 759 760 761 762 763 764 790 791 792 794 795 796 797 798 799 800 801 805 :sos 804 806 an? ta IK m 81 81X 86? 811 866 814 847 815 858 816 890 81T 861 818 882 810 86i 820 864 821 865

822 866 823 86T 824 WW 826 869 826 8T0 827 885 828 882 831) 884 840 885 843 731 844 732 846 733 ?1 ^ 734 104 bondi Worth OftrnUn* six per Mat. Oompoa hoada. Bond lJo? 599 Bond No. 493 600 494 808 495 804 490 805 497 60* ?21 607 4VM ?08 *10 ViW en 012 613 600 414 632 623 624 626 626 627 628 641 642 648 61ft 644 646 on 481 482 483 484 486 486 487 488 480 490 638 639 646 641 642 643 6S0 631 647 648 446 649 660 661 652 616 61T 618 619 465 532 * 533 534 585 536 587 518 5? 516 515 517 514 457 468 470 602 480 440 443 480 481 488 488 ? 438 436 438 438 431 801 644 481 483 432 544 546 547 648 MO 663 471 473 473 474 476 476 477 478 478 480 513 518 118 bosdi YZiTJSZX&SL GT&SJSSTSi.""' Ikrxd No. 61 * M 96 M Bond No. 161 S3 164 166 166 Bond Wo. 97 96 90 U>6 % a m 12t . 0 i No. 163 W ? 178 $ 194 195 196 ip m 1M 198 1? 199 130 200 137 1*4 46 bonds 146 Two bonds for f1,000 eaoh, dated April, 1WT. Bond No. 9 Bond No 10 .ERjs tsuuviaftittt.was-. I>wT9 vis Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1191 1184 1192 1186 1193 1186 1194 1187 1196 1188 1190 1189 1197 . 1190 16 bonds Tenneese*?lx per oent. Ce.ipon Bonds.of ?l,ooo eaoh of loan of MS* pay* be im In "New York elty. of the ioUovmc numbers, ud dated Jacn ary, 18.M? Bond No. 217 Bond No. 416 27ft A 1Q sm 6361 5362 6363 5364 6365 3366 5367 6.368 5369 5370 5371 5372 5373 *374 5376 5376 5377 5378 587ft 6S80 5381 5385 538*} M?7 5430 6434 5436 5437 5438 5430 5440 6441 5442 6463 6444 6446 5452 5518 561tf 5520 5521 552? 570K 5704 670i 570C 5707 5708 4388 5710 5380 5711 5390 6712 5391 4718 5392 5799 5393 6839 5416 584ft 5417 3842 5418 Office or tbs Sickxtikt of thi Ihtieiob, December 36, I960 a 18 dtf J. THOMPSON, Pecrgtary. M0N050AHELA EYB WHISKEY, Conscientiously distillrd by Mr- Junes Burnside. of Allegany ConntT, Penna., in the old-fashioned hones: war, from the ohoinest and moat carefully seleoted Rye, and in no case ever offered ior sale untli adaptea to wholesome use by age It is at onoe the moat palatable, as it i* emphatically one of the purest beverages in the reach of the public. To the well as to those in beuth, it oommondi itself for its unrivalled qualities as a stimulant of the safest surest, and most benefoer.t description, and maay of the most distinguished physicians are usinfitin tkeir praoUoe with the happiest results CLERY A STQCKDALI^ Proprietors. 38S Walnut street. Philadelphia. wm. c. conovt;k, Agent for the Proprietors. 226 Pa. ar.. ? oppotfte Willard*' DUKb OLD RVK WHISKY.?On hand sever* A brand* of Pore Old Rye Whit ky, Copper Di? faljed. made by the moit reliatre dirtiliers in Perui yivarua, Maryland aud Virginia, warranted ports A bo, imported Rrandie*, HenneMy, Otanl. Dopuy kr Co., Jolet Robint, Ae. Alto, Peach and Apple Braticy, pore Holland 91b, old Jamaica ana PL Croix Rom, and Wdn of every variety, ail of standard branda. A choice lot of Cicfcr' "*o baooo. YOUNG A KEPHAKT. Acenta, at 14-1t as# P<* ?t? hiihr.Mn and Wth nU. & U >1 0.4 W'4 I %? ?P?Pl?ji? TAtl M 4t?&* t !? m*tnu,'urrt, ? ' * J&wWv for f*4 bv {the Meet /hit*tie* im VjL urf*? VilUycf tk? ij'rvm Mf fn<*( ^ua/ttv if Af*i prtnar^d iy JP only kn<+* t k ylfaan drptmi upon ffrtting a fmr* a rf ?W? WT |K vim tk*v huu tk* Bl ifcft ?? V lif-f fttu told by tbt /( t? P0 tmeneUd by the frii rt#?<nani mw iU Union n-to %i% Moitctn+i Jn Vm'Mm. Sola: ^ss-voj ** CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS JB0HU1C VAUEY WU^KEY RE OF ON THE LABEL ALL 3 ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.ILDALY, fOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SN1H WILLIAM SI NEW YORK. BOM BALM tN WASHINGTON MY 294 476 297 477 409 491 413 498 414 723 And of the following cumbera laaaed Jannarr.lSM: Bond No. 828 Bond Mo. 127m 829 1358 And of the fo!l?wing number* taaued January, 183ft; Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2655 21 l/l 2891 2133 2892 2581 3060 2605 3121 And of thefollovinc numberalaaued January, 18fl6. Bend No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 o-tno iZW 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 3894 4529 3941 4550 3842 4556 3943 4566 3944 4569 3945 4670 S946 4571 8985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 nd of the following nnrabera lasued Jannsrv Bond No 6056 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 5326 5423 5359 Si.97 'artly Rm11i?4. Hi '?d > 'orrible 'eadaohe this J7Husacks la the favorite bub by which ore mak?a known ur deviation whatever from the natn ral ataie of the brtn.ud tiewxl in thie light it imt he looked onukuf^iginj inUwded to civ* >u.boe of d|ae??? which m'fht otherwie# e?oape attentive, till too late to he r?m*died: and ita mdio&UoB* ehould nrrcr be novlestrd Hea/I aohea m*y be c'.ae?iiied litder two mbm, Vt*: St TipUxnBtio and lilicp* hio. Symptomatic Head Bo he ia exo?*eOins!y e< mmon bud (a the praoaraor of b (re<i> variety of diaeaeee, amocc are Apoplexy Gout. Rhevmatiani and all f?brile diaeaaoa. In 1U rervou* form it is sympathetic di? ewe of the etornaoh ounetitvtinr tuk kfdmtht, <>f hepatio diaeaee conatttatioc bilious h>mdack>, of worm?,oonatipation and otherdircrdera of the tow en.a* well as rer.a and uterine sfTotions. DiieuM a oftne heart are very fr^uet.tly a*?nded wilh Head i aches; Anmmia a> <1 plethora are alto affeotions I which fre<j uently occasion h?adv>h?>. Idiopathic Headache is also rery tommoa. being nail; dta Sniu.Ued by till name of *?rr??i k*adackt, mu ooinink on suddenly in a ?tate of apparent]* sound health and prostrating at onoe the menta' and physical rr>ergifs. and in other lastanoes it oomes on slowly, he-aid*! by depression of spirits or acerbity of twper. Inmost instances the pain is in front of the head, over one or both eyaa, and sometimes pr.vuking vomiting, snder this class mar a'so be named Sruralna For the treatment of either o ass of Headache the Ophano fiLs have been found a sare and safe remedy, relit vine the most acute pains in a few minutes, and by it? s.htie power eradicating the disease of whioii Leadaoha is Uie unerring index. Bbidokt.?Missus wants yoa to send her a box of Cephalio Giue, no. a bottle of Prepared Pills.? bnt I'm Uiicking that's not Just it caitber; but per haps ye'Tl be atllier knowing what it is Ye see she's nich d?ad and gone with the Siok H^a^ache and wants some more of that same as reiaired her IA3IO' O. ZhuMttift,?V<? roust mf?n Spalding's Cephallo Pills. Bridftt ?Ooh' sure now and you've Md it, here'a th? qua ther and giv me the Pills and don't ba all day about it alther. rtMtlpstlta 9t CMtlrfim No one of the "many ilia flesh is heir to" la ao (>re\aient, ao little understood, and ao mueh neg ated aa Costivenes* Of en originating in care essnea*. or sedentary ha Sits; it la retarded m a light disorder of too 'ittle oonse^uenoe to excite anxiety, while in reality it is the precursor and companion of man? of t&e moat f*t*i and danger no: disease*, and unless rarlv eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter enls of whioh Osti?enees is the ?ul at tendant are Headache. Colic, Rhrnmatpm, Pou! I Breath Piles, andotbersoflikenatnre.whilealong train offrightfui disease* such as Malignant Pev*r?, Abcesees. Dysentery. Djspeps a. Diarrhea, Apo ?lexy, Epnepsv, Para'ysis, Hysteria. Hypo<tf>on nasis,Melancholy ami Insanity, first indioftte their areaence in the system by this alar^im; symptom. Not unfre^uently the diseases ramed oaginate in Constipation, but t&k* on an independent exist ene? unless the cause is eradicated in an early et&ca. Jrom all these considerations it fo'lows that toe irorder should receive immediate attention when ever u oconri. %nu nop?rtoo should neg .eet to get a box of Cepnalio Pm? on t^e first appearanoe of the complaiat, as their timely ore will exp*l the insidanaa approaches of dieeua and destroy this dangerons foe to numac litis. A Real Blessinf. Pkxitcimm.?Wall, Mjs. Jodos. how is that head aohe' Mm. Gone! Dootor, all |om ! the pill roa sent oored me in just twenty minutes, and I wish jroa^would send more so that 1 oaa have them rtoomm?Dd them in all oasee of Head ache. Mr*. Jtm*s ?l shall send for a box directly, a&ii shall tall aii any snffsrln* mends, for they are arsai ttdHsi. , ? ?? VI i/OI.UkKI CM V F. 8m dinghu old two miiuone of bottiM of bia o*l 1 efiraUMl Prepared Gin* and it ia entimated that eaci bottl* ravoe at le*at ten dollar* worth of brokan furniture. thus makiog an accregate Of twenty nil ! lion* of dollar* reclaimed from total ion by tail valiftble invention. Having madebi*OI|aeaboaM bold ward, be now proposes to do 'be world atill * greater aervioe br caring all the aching beads With hi* Cephalic Pill*, and If th<iy area* food a* hi* I Glue. Headache* will *oon vanish away like snow j in July. IE7*Over xxcitkxknt. and the mental care and anxiety moiiiest to cloae attention to bus peat 01 stuJy, ars imon( the numerous oansea of Nervous Hearfaohe. The disordered etate of mind and body incident to this distreeeing complaint is a fatal b'ow to a:i energy ar.d ambition, sufferers by this disorder can aT?a?s obtain rpeedy relief fronr th?ae dist easing attaoka by mini one of the Ce phalic ('ilia whenever the eympton.B appear. It quiets the overtasked brain a-d soothes the strain ed and jarring nerves, ai d r?laxea thet?naion of the atomaoh wliioh always accompanies and ag gravatea the disordered oondition of the brain. Pacts worth Ei?owy*?.?Ppalding'a Cephalic Ptlls are a certain enfor 8ick Headache, Bin oua Beadaohe, Nervous Headache, Coativeneaa, and General Debility. Giiit Dtacovay.?Among the most important of a'l the grout tnedioal tiiscovertea of this age ma? be oon?id?red the ayatem of vacr-ination fbr protec tion froin small Pox, the Cephaic Pill for relief of Headache, aixi the use of Ooii ine Tor the preven tion cf Fever*, either of which ia a aare apeojfio. whose beoefita will be experienced by offering humanity long after their dinooverera are forgotten. (?7"Dib you erer bavethe Piok Headaobef Do yon remember the throbbing 'empiea, the feverad row. the loathing and <lisgu?t at the aight of food. How totally unfit you ? rrt for plea'a re, oon ver na tion or stud? One of the Cepha to Pilla woald have relieved you from all the suffering whioh to# then experieuood For this and other purpoaee you should alwaya have a box of then on hand to use aa occasion requires. 2^ CUR? < >\ CURE NervousHeadache Headache. By the ih of theae PUU tha nnodit ittwki ot Pittvout or Sick Hiadackt may be prevented; and If takes kt the oommsooemect ol an attack imme diate relief from pain and sioknees will be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Nmmua and Htmdmth* to whieh females are eo sahjeot. They act gently upon the bovela,?reaoviag Cbe ihnii For Itimry Aft*, StudttUt, Delioate Females, and all persons of ttdtntary kabttt, they are all valaable aa a Laxative, improvinc the appetite, giving ton* and vigor to the digeetive organs, and restoring the natural elaatioity and etreagth of the whole system. he CEPHALIC PI L? are the reealt of long investigation and oar afally atfbduotad expert menu, having been la nee many years, danag which time Umv hare prevented and relieved a vast amount of paia and sBfTering front Headache, vhttkw on?i nating in the nervous lyitm or from a deranged UUOftlMIIMMCii | i They are entirely vegetable id their eompoeition, , and may be taken at all timea with perfect safety withoet making any ekaage of diet, mmd tki mi uhci <if Mr duafmtMi tail* rmdtrt it tun ie mdmtmistsr Hum le UiMrw. BEWARE OF COUNTBftFKITft! I The gennlae have Ire aignatareaotf Bearr C. . Soid by DrnggiaU aod ail other Oaalere In Medi Box will be Mat by nail prepaid on reoelptrj PRICK, 34 OBNTC. unit e. sPALome, olMAvlf <f G?U, ^ Nrr r*V. MEDICINES. li? ,wugi:a?? 9m ftwwin< (44 MM nnni. Sp?fr. ?Mp Htmtdf tm Ik* WcU. roi all 0iskasn UF 1 ml ki i'nnvai LET ffO FAS-81 DELICACY PRETEXT. apply 1mme1> atelv. i CURE WARRANTED, OR no CHAM9E. IV PROM OltE TO TWO DA ft WtOiNiaflM li? lunnrw tlimwi ?<ih immh A mimm, ??i?mry tmmit nhjij, ItrMHW. dy?y?m?, ui o** mi wmot, hlfuia f *?l. r?id117,Tr??.?>?(<, hmm<(lt(kiw iilliatn, pxmm iiw.twm), ! : Ski' . aft.,..* ' ir. k?<n. M ! * '? bmt Tcrnkit pimrtin um| Tram .nrt l>ma ^ rnik-om Dm4fil ud dimmu'i pmimh ? ?> ma la* miinqi laywiklt, tnj 4wint k?li %+ty u< mm TomNia kfMklk vW kt>? H? ika ?mi? m ?n try ? kit rfraatfBl *< 4MUMIIM Uk.i vkia* uihiIi avaapa ? 1a iaur>i>* f r??? -i?WTmi Maa / ti>? mm aa> liiatf talanta u>4 knitant ta-.aUaat. *kt ?tgkt Mirvw ka*? iatraaca4 laiMurliuiH rt'J iiUMtn < ? ? m ntriN itmn ui tmag if?a. ??? Mil r".U MltM IMM. H1UUII PUIOn.M t<>1|M? Sw 1?I?, kaiaf itittW vhIimi, Mftill ItUINy, la&rmjraa a_a?a?di> ;mi a ?t? Mi'* kV-aa!(ro4a? Ua tin at D? I m*f n?M> ?alf HOKI IB bu Irnil 11 i fltl.tMt lU aaatlaM'r r?lf Ipaa kU (till u a ph?iia-a*. orric* t otra ruottK-iiruii, ft kud (14a (Mac (no fcluani atraat. lav tun IM ka Mnii nil m? ta akaaraa wai u4 uakti. kanaaa mm ka pari u< taaiala a ma?. anaira ai III MTII i ? l|l >l mmrftmmm, mwmmwm. m hi af ika Mat iniaM ta tkt lalMi Iwm u4 ika muii pari af ?Imm lift ku kiar ta Ot kw HUla ' Laaidar. fina, PkilidalpMa a.nd iuirtiu,kMi Iku4 n>m af tka nM aata> takitif caraa tkat vtN am; auf tpaaklad via ntifw| ta iaa Mil u? ?ui aalaap, mat aar*a?aaaaa. kainf >lanaa4 at aad'aa a, kulfixiu vitk fraqaaiu ktsafc .f, auandad aaa I tHk taitafaaaal af mad. van r arad laaittaHifk TAKE FilTICIUl nunc*. Yaaaf Maa ud attan vha U?a inland uaaaalrai kf ? la run pracuca ialilpd ta wkan a tana?a kaku friqaaat y Mr*a4 frarr a?il caropafuana. ar at acbaai, ika afaaw a. vklcfc art etfbtly faltaraa what aaiaap, ul <f Mt art' raudara marrufa impaaaik.a, a*d diat/afa katk aUad m4 tad?, abaald apply iramadUulV naaa ara aarra aftka aad an) iaalar,?.kalT aCaiu 17 aarir hattu af raath VII: Wa*knaaa aftka limka. hlai la tha Haad, Diianaaa af lt|kLLaaa af Pa war, Palpataitan af ika Maori, Drapapar. Namaa ly.Daraafaiaaataf lb a Duaiura, faaart DakilHy, lygaaaaaa af CaMiiapUak, Ac aiadaaaf Salt aa# KaKlnr AILT.-Tm faarfal af a cu aa ika Blad in ka draadad ? Laaa af Ma?cy,Caafaaiaa af Idaaa, Papraaatoa af Bfxriia. E?il Far bad inn. &*ii%iaaaf Bactai*. ?a f J' ?iraai, ban af aalitada, Yiiaidity, au.ira "?a af ??paa luM. PUTUII RUIUTT -n?au4iW UfjKfi Wltl 1* tfea af it#;r dacnnicf kttiU, Iwn f ib*ir ?ifac, k#. Will ? ?*, p?:a. Dirrtii aad amaciatad. b*?tr?f aaii.faiM Lfptiniti kaa: the ayai. ca?fti ar irmpttni af hukrw> DISEASES Or lMPSCDEItCE. Win Mi ai*f?idad >>4 irrpradant ?at?ry af pitutr* i? ku tmkiktd tba aaada af thti painftol dmiM.nw ft** Ufftni Ibtl u ill umed huh *f itui ar drttl KtHmry liUri hia frata MF'TU'f I* thaaa wSa, fr?n i!i:um ??d raapaciabtlit?, ?aa aiana ktfr ard him N< fall* lata ika tandt af ifnarim and laaifninf pratandkrt, *ka, iniiaakla if carina, tick tata pacaaiary aakataaca, kaap him tnlu f aaoUi inu aaaih, ar aa laaf aa tka aiaaliaai faa (u ka aV Itiokd, aad in daap&ir laara kirn with katltkt?aurk ?*ar ku railing dtaappatatmaulj ar k J tfea Ml af thai taa*) pawin, Mrrcar?. baatao tha eanatiiatlMial afmptaana a* tata lamkla diaaua,?act aa Afaeu?>a ?'tha llaari. Tkraav, Rk< Rkic.Sc.. prarraaainf vitk frtfhtfkl rapidity, till daatk paia a aarwd ta kia draadfW kafartara ky aandif.f km ta tkat mm Ua?*Tirid caaaur frws wkaaa kawa aa lra?klkr rtUMi MLJOUIOIIltMKDT rOR OAOABU, ? UUW AttD i*rorncr. j tkta mil aad latanui raiaady vaakaaaaaf tki hiui tn apaadily aarad aad Ml rlfar raat?rad. Tkaaaaadt a?ika Mat narvam aad dabtltiatad, *ka had laat ail kapa, hara MM Uaa*4UUly r?lt?*?4. All Mftjiaiiti t* Murtip. FkyiMtl ? M?t*. PtocaUt luuwt. Lm ?f PrNruiin Ptvn, Mar>>i< litluMlir rnnkli>| til W itkiiw m tikuMa ' ikt MihwM Had ip?(?dil7 cud eh no ulzm cirr or t*b run. rax mart raouaAKD* ??r*d tiu>? ihwwm *>uh A* tut H'HUll vttn, and U>? umini ittpMiart twi' Ml tptnUKi f*rfmm?4 It* Dr. . * '.hmm< k; U? r*?*n?r< ml ik? u4 Buy Mkti raws, hum > ri<?k tan t??nl ifiu u< i(?li kthn <A? b? M?? hUMUkdibf u t fiwiiBiii ? tkirMUitii iwinH Mttty, ! i itStlMt piiuut i* ik? ? :? .?d (* tt l? APPLY THE HE MED 7 KEJOICE HEALTH. Fritni. do you uffer? Are yoa the riotim of aar of those nai&eroaa ailment* which anae rrnia 1b parity of the bioo?L' What are the?, do yon mkf Rather Mk. what are they not.' The Mood litM souroe of life and health. a&d it la the firat l?ape?r of oar being to reapond to aaj oanee wtuoh ftfleet* th? ya^enii a> the po<ae mta.iblr attMta The fm prerailinc Neura.fia, th^ irntatiac Kryti^ia*.thw sabtle Borpfaia, the aconicinr thwinitiwi. voni Debility. Dyapejam, Livar Compiaiat with ita Ua* tiie rltxilii^t retjorm oi uture lor Ita iia, and anfier na to commend to your oonfidenoa and iu that truly raiuab.e medicament kcowt u INDIA* rltfjh&li\SkCVCTJOIt. With retard to tfcia a njoet ui/aiiiMe apeeifta popular aeptiment haa apoken In decided ItriM, UM tie en&ecoea of tl?i* frwt eftoacy are eaa tamed by oonaUxit iTon a of aw rati re effect* and th* happieat reaalta froir. ita uac are e/^er all other remedies ud the beat medical akiti have failed. Let aa aay. in ooobiaaioa, that oertlJoatee onrea are sot aoujht from th* il.iterate ?nd aaaer aoial, bit taey are volytteered from the meat re apeotabie aonroea and Jaatify the hifbaet terma La which it la poaaiNe to oommeod ao Taiuatie a to p?b:ic approval. We may add aiao that tne on rati re prnpernea of the medicine are e? mailed | only by ita reauirabre effeota. the aratum reoorer taa fromdiaeaae with renewed eosatitationa. ncor. For aale by all rea&eo table Drngr late in [hie olty, and by the proprietor, MR8. M COX. Nona tenmiae au.eta bar name la blown on th* bottle and her aeal on the oork irTT" Hmop 01 per bottle, aix bottlea for *. - WloioM Aftnt. R. v. T. CIS8KL. DragclaL. SeorjeNiwi), 0 C..W boleaale Agent for the 1)1 a 1 Knot, aud will anppiy the trade at ray DR. i. BOVEK I>OD1S IMPERIAL WINK BITTSK8, An now balcx u?d from Mum to th# 6r?t 8?Jt Lake, anl the veruiot of all who c?e them either aa a ?m!w?4 or u i i#??ru?. ta tt.M they are aanniwl t" the world. Dr. DoAs UM thsm raoceaxfihr In h * practioe f.v K year* before we KrontM ef k>m Uie aoie rift.? to maaaXactare ud protect th?n ]cr a t to trie <?o. For the sere of ioaljdert CMn nfboc, 1 utilisation, Dye KMiv rQ?H Nervosa Piixw, h emt.i Can plain ta, and ail <un reet nii* a touic.they are ho Kmd dosbt ft ilmI i2T*;ft?,t>;e remedy. Acide from irm?iiciii?JfrG?art:e>4 they are pure, wtm> ?ome acd df.ijr.tfil Ueversc*. prodic'ac ail tVe ple&aaut exhi>'i*in| electa of tfraody or Wum withoat their itj*rt->?a remu, Let ill frienda of DTD man 1(7 and all a4v^aV?a o; fraferaooe aeeiat oe in aubetitaini thoes raiaatte Vegetable B.ttere for the MHMrM ntiMj ftjid Mtsi.'ruW Lfor$ with which tfie ooantry la flooded, andjtheretry ef r vpy* DISPATCH! ^ St?e tbe Fleeti! At ?*rt<rn will imb fe <mUhwI?ii< rMiJtw, il is T*TT tMlrftfaif to mm Ot?M mkI oaTMiaat m i?i rsyciruj rtmlut, T?j?. OrMkwr. *? iriLDine'1 nucriRKD un " 9SKFVL IM MTKR7 HOWSmr D*rM, Re. IS 0?dar rtrMt, N?v T?t ?o? 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