Newspaper of Evening Star, January 15, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 15, 1861 Page 1
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9 f # f 9 / * * * * ... ?????~- ??????????_? ? V5i. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY- JANUARY 15. 1861 N?. 2.467. ? I II I I *1 r ? r THE DAILY EVENING STAR lft PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON. (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) \T THE STAR BUILDINGS, C'jrntr of Ffiitxylvanui avtnus and 11 (A ?t., ?T W. D. W4LLACH. Pt?m ??rre4 ia p&okaiM try oaman at 94 ft TMr, or St oMti per ao&th. To mail aab?orib?n tfte prioe \w fUV a year, U advanrt; $2 for tlx nwstM; .ft for three -monUia; and for leea Uiaii t'. ree months at the rate of 12 cent* a week. Single cpiM, om cnrr; in wrappera, two cshts. ilt a. d v?r ti*?* aoouid be sect to the offioe before 12 o'e.oek m.; otherwise they may not**pear uitil the next day. 1 11 - " ' THE ITAROF THE WEST EXPEDITION. Arreaat frem *n? ef the Ezoaraloaitta. The N*. Y. Evening Post had a correspondent on board of the Star of the West, who has written quite a lively account of the trip. We copy that portion of it relating to the attempt to enter Charleston harbor. fBDnsBAT, Jan. l awoke at .< o clock this morning and went immediately to the upper deck, where I found the captain, mate, pilot and two military officers. I learned that we arrived in the vioinity of the Charleston bar about midnight; that all the coast-light* had been extinguished, and that thus far it had been impossible to find the main channel. It is evident from these indications that the hospitable South Carolinians do not mean that we should go in without a salute, r A light was seen off the coast, but we oould not in * He out what it was. A little after three o'clock we discovered the light on Fort Sum Ki, uuvi iriw iu?n cjurpkiuui cvon miDg Wis dark. It was, of course, impossiole to get over the bar without the lighthouse, and so we waited the break of day I h*ve never seen a finer morning than the one which dawned upon us. The sky was clear, and the moon, a faint orescent ef silver, had just arisen, and the low coast looked like a dense forest of evergreen. The spires of Charleston became visible in tho approaching daylight, and on the walls of Sumter we descried the American flag floating in the breese. Now, about <vj o'clock, we see the lighthouse; and now, too, we disoover that the mysterious light just mentioned was that of a steamer at our ngm. ->ow me situation or the channel is ascertained, and we are under weigh; and now the steamer at our right is burning red and blue lights; and now she sends up rockets. There is no mistaking her movement; she is giving the alarm signal to Fort Moultrie Oa we go; the sol liers are below with loaded niuskeU, and the officers are ready tojjive the word if there is anything to do. it is broad daylight, and wo are making directly into the guns of Fort Moultrie, whose black waifs are distinctly visible. The little steamer at our right is burning a signal light aft, and i* making all possible headway up the harbor. Now we discover a red Palmetto flag at our left on Morris Island, at a little village called Cummines Point, and apparent!? but little more than a mile froia Foit Sumter. " I< it possible tha" those fellows have got a Lattery c.ff here asks one. " No," answers another; " there is no battery there." Bat there is. It is now a quarter past seven, anil we are about two miles from Forts Sumter au I Moultrie, which are equi-distant from us* k and, suddenly, whiz-s! comes a richoeket shot from Morris Island- It plunges into the water and skips along, but falls short of our steamer. The line whs forward of our bow, and was, of course, an invitation to stop. But we are not ready to acoept the proffered hospitality, and the captain pays no attention to it, except to run up the stars and stripes at the masthead? the garrison flag mentioned before. A mo ra?ni 01 anxious suspense, ana oinz : goes a hfavy cannon from the same marked battery. The shot falls short of us a hundred yards or mora, and bounds clean over our vessel aft, nearly on a line with the head of a sailor, but, luckily, a little above it. On "we go. and?whi*-?! flgnin goes the smaller guu first fired, and another nchorhet shot skips along the water and falls short of us. " Boon !" exclaimed the captain, " yon must give us bigger guns than that, boys, or you oannot hurt us.' On we go, without heeding the oompliments of our Charleston friends. Another moment and bang! again goes the heavy gun. The ball now strikes our ship in the fore chains, about two feet above the water. A seaman was holding the lead to take the soundings, and the bill struok directly under his feet. It a ? - * aaianaiainia ? J ?? * V* ? - ? ?? - i ? ? uut ^uipuciu^ turn, uiiucr iuc uiroumsiflii* ces, Jack was strongly inclined to take to hie heels, and he begins to scramble op with might and main, wnen the captain assures biin that there is no danger, one ball having struck ?o near him; on the prinoiple, I suppose, that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Jack, reassured, paticntlj takes his place and drops the lead again. t The ball, fortunately, was too tar spent to go through the side of our vessel, although it left an honorable scar. The battery continued to play upon us, and a huge ball corneaclonn over us near the wheelhouse We are not yet within range of the fans of Fort Moultrie, and yonder is a cutter in tow of a steamboat, preparing to ooen fire ' upon us. A moment longer ami we shall be in range of these three batteries. The gunners on Morris Inland are growing confident; if they get the right range they will send a shot through our side, scattering death and destruction Moultrie, directly in front, will bring her heavy guns to bear and will drive their deadly missiles into our bow, while the cutter will open on our right. Why does not M?j. Anderson open fire upon that battery and s^ve us! We look iu vaiu for helj, the American flag flies from Fort Sumter, and the American fl:g at our bow and s'.ern is fired upon; yet there is not the slight cat recognition of oar presence from the fort to which we loek for protection. The Unexpected battery on Morris Island has cat off all hope of escape bj running the Teasel aground near Sumter and taking to the boats. Is it possible that fort Sumter has been taken by the South Carolinians' If it nae not, wby does not Maj. .Anderson show that he will protect us, or at least recognise us in some way? To go within range of the guns of Fort Moul trie is to expose and store* toalmo t instant deatruction, or be captured by the enemr. " Helm out of Dortf" shouted the curtain and the Star of the West is turned about without any great loss of time, as yon may well imagine. We turn without aceideot and steam aaray, with the stara and stripes still floating, and the battery still playing upon us by way of a parting salute w As we steam away the steamer near Moul, trie, having the hostile cutter in tow, steams away into Swash channel, evidently with the intention of cutting off oar retreat; but she oon abandons the chase and we nail out. without a man killed or wounded, with our stores ? unharmed, and prooeed unmolested, probably j on oar nomeward journey. After the brief oat exciting experienoe ef -the morning, I am prepared, without hesitation. to concur with the oaptain in the opinion that It ia very unpleaaant to b? fired at with .r hard can no d balls without anj chance to fire baek. I wiah to say, however, that no on* on board displayed any symptoms of fear. Oapt MoGowan and the pilot, Mr. Brewer, were prc< ' bably especial marks for the Morris Island battery, siose a good shot through the wheelhouse would have been moat disastrous. The ' soldiers, although two-thirds of them are re# '" mviaawarj ka mhlt* i n.l i #A tk a cruiwi) VIA HZ w lUUIUOiVUH VU IUO . i music, wail* the officer# agreed that it was scandalous that th?y oonld not fight bsck. fj. The military men on board highly compile -r mentod cbe South Carolinians on their shootTr fog. in this first attempt. They say it was . wall dona; that all which was naeded was lit* 1 tla batter rang*, which they probably oould ~ hava obtained in few minutes. Their line was perfect; and the opinion is expressed that W soma one had oharga of the gana who under stood hU business a. i a / it ?? 1__ 1 "11 <ru very (uua ipun tur iucui rcuiirieu OM of our officer*, "to shoot at as, and there . was nothing to troubl* them They had it all ?< their own way. but when Unci# Sam guta a ni*9MB of war in the channel. throwaushell into ** that sandhill. they will l**rn the Jifferenoe." Two ran* ware employed?the ainaller, it la believed, a IS-poaniier, and the larger a 32"" rounder. This, however, ia only conjeotare Whatever their sise, th-y were well manned They were ired rapidly, and with a will. It ia believed thai if the Month Carolinians had Mi aad* b taiatak* w* should bar* p?r M > taken of their hospitality, whatever it may be, as prisoners. If the battery on Morris Island had waited ten minutes longer before firing, we shoald have been completely at their mercy. It was only necessary for them to wait until we were within range of the runs of Fort Moultrie, and escape would have been impossible. So that, had it not been for thin n?w *nri unexpected battery on Morria Island, and its premature firing we should inevitably have fallen into the hands of the enemy, if we had escaped shooting and drowning. Although we bad asurgeen onboard, he had no instruments cr medioal stores. It is believed that the cutter which was in tiw of the steamboat was the William Aiken, whioh was treaoherously surrendered to the South Carolinians by its commander. TBI RKTUBX TOVlOS. We crossed Charleston bar, outward bound, about 9 o'clock. There was then a consultstinn aa tn nnr fnturo mAwomarv* TV?? ? ~ * .?VU> V IH^T VUIVUIS 1UU itupvo ibility of entering the harbor and landing at Fort Snmter was sufficiently apparent. We had no instruction* except to go to Fort Sumter; so it was decided that the only thing to be done whs to put back for New York as soon aa possible. PISTASCE or THE VESSEL FROM THE FORTS. The Star of the West was about fire-eighths of a mile from the battery on Morris Island. When she turned.wo were about a mile and a half from Fort Sumter, and the same distance from Fort Moultrie. The Morris Island battery is apparently about a mile and a quarter from Fort Sumter. Had we not turned about, we should have been within less than threefourths of a mile of Moultrie. o - - circe i ur return it nas been ascertained that two shots took effect on the steamer ; one. as already stated, on her port bow, and a second, as she was turning, on her starboard quarter. One shot passed between the smokestack and the engine beam . It is not true, as I learn has been stated in some of the morning papers, that the Star of the West struck her oolors. We came out of Charleston with the stars and stripes still flying. A C. H. Indiana ?Th* mriMjrr of Governor Hammond to tbe Legislature of Indiana, relates mainly to tbe state of afftlrs He says the strength of the Federal Government rests in tbe affection of tbe people or tbeseveral States, and is one of affection, not of force A n alienation of the nffection of the North and South exi??s, attributable to the agitation of the slavery queation at the North, which agitation has been materially Intensified by the zealous efforts of a clan of political teachers belonging to the ministry. This has produced ultralsm at the South, resulting in the division of the country into sectional parties. Against these ultraisirs. North and South, It is the duty of the conservative element of the whole country to interpose This must he done, or disunion is inevitable. The North has as much Interest In the South, In the welfare and prosperity of the South, as our southern brethren. The Constitution demands that fugitive slaves be returned; common honesty requires that tbey should have full and equal rights in all the Territories. The future condition of the Territories, so for as tbeextenston of slavery is concerned, will be ultimately determined by natural laws, climate,soil, productions. 4c. The election of Mr. Lincoln has caused the South to believe there ia no longer any safety for them or their property In the Union, nor tbeslavebolding States. There can only be permanent peace between tbe sections when free States rre ready to stop the discussion of the abstract question of morals connected with this subject, and iiivs upon it vuijr u a fioiiiirai question. >Y aai 1* moat needed it the restoration of kind feeling. Then we may hope an honest and faithful discharge of all the constitutional obligations toward each other will result in healing the present breach He points with pride to the fact that Indiana as a State hitherto has fully kept the bond of Union with her atater Stat-s Her record is unstained by any act of bad faith. Kaxsa* ?The Message of acting-Governor Berk, to the Territorial Legislature, is mainly devoted to lo< al affairs The financial condition of the Territory is discouraging, owing in part to the disastrous effect of the drouth The tntal number of acres subject to taxation are 3.000,000; total number of town lots 135.323, which are valued at So.640.000; total amount of taxable prop?k) mm .... .i i???i ?- ? I ?t J MJlai UI MlAr? ICTICU 111 JO.J3 illlU 1WW, S8L.00U A part (fl000) levied prior to 1857, remains unpaid. He recommend* township, rouatv and municipal organizations for themineral regions of western Kansas In relation to tbe late disturbances In Lynn and Bourbon counties, he urges that steps be taken for the enforcement rf the laws and the vindication of the Government. He reaouimendsan expression of gratitude by the Legislature to the charitable who have given relief to the sufferers from the drouth. He 1?a 11 rrro* t ho ranMl i?f tKa /?! a/ 1 . ? >HV WJ/VUI va ?UV ? VI ?uc tuov acsfliuu prob biting slavery, oa the ground of Its unconstitutionality. Id reu:ird to national affairs, he thinks the present distracted state of the country Is owing to the pifijr??ai ve policy of tbe Republicans, and be urges conciliation for tbe Union. But If a dissolution takes place, be trusts that Kansas will decline Identification with either branch of tbe Union; but establish a separate and Independent government. Abbcsts tor Tkkason ?The Charleston Mercury of the 10th Inst has the following paragraph: "J. N Merriman, collector of tbe port of Georgetown. S. C., waa on Monday laat arrested by tbe people of Georgetown, on a chargt of treason against tbe State A letter was found,written by him and addressed to Mr. Buchanan^ stating inai ne ( .\ierriman) naa ju?i cleared vessels In tbe name of the United Slate*, and that be would continue to do so. Tbe letter call* upon tbe President to *md a boat and men U> collect tbe Federal rev. enue, and Informs him of tbe progress made In tue construction of tbe works near Georgetown, and promises to keep htm posted from time to time in rslation to tbe same The letter is ?lgned by his initials, J N. M. When arrested, he acknowledged having written it Lopse, bis deputy, was also arrested He said benad been in tbe habit of writing out Merrlman's letters, Sut had not done so in this case, as he considered it treason. Both have been committed for trial." Gbisial Scott a*d ?siato* Toombs ?A ' well known gentleman of tuts city, who was present at the dinner In Washington, at which th^ pnssa?e between' General Hcott and Senator Toombs is reported by the correspondent of the Times to have taken place, assures us that there la not the least foundation for tbe report that the lie was given; that there was any talk of personal responsibility, or that anything contemplating personally violence passed between them to justify tbe Interpretation put upon the scene by tbe reporter. There were but eight persons present at table, and nothing could have occurred of which all were net cognizant ?Xtv York Pest. Thk Voice or thb People at iki Polu Tbe Montgomery, Alabama. Confederation gives tbe vote In all but ten counties in Alabama at the late election for delegate* to tbe Convention Leaving out tbe ten counties to bear from, and the vote stands for secession, 94,444, and for co-operation, 33,865. Some of the ten counties to bear from have gone for co-operation and others for secession The fact, however, that the people cf Alabama have condemned and repudiated tbe _ % i a a ? _ _ ? ? runnoi ana precipitancy or loeir secession leadera la too plain to be misunderstood. What WadbibGoinotoDo ? A acone occurred la tbe Senate after tbe delivery of Wade's speech, which we bare not Bern reported After Wade bad taken bia Beat, Senator Benjamin, of La., approached him and congratulated bin upon the able and eloquent speech he had just made; but, said Benjamin, "vou would not coerce Louisiana, would you?" Wade raised bis arm and brought it down heavily upon his desk, with tbe remark, 'Yea, by O? d, we purcbaaed your State a desert, and, if you aecede. by O?d, we'll make It a dtaert again."?Spri*f/k Id lit publico*. N?ilbdto thk Mast ?The Reed Rifle corps of Chestertown, Md , met at their armory on Sundaw week for the Durooae of att?n4<n? wJrabip, >nd b?f? re proceeding to church passed a resolution to hoist the "star spangled bailner" on the Sag staff sbove their armory, aod there let |: flout until* urouniryshall have paaeed through iiefdinxrrt. or Ite starrv folds be no longer tbe emblem cf American nationality. A LeniTUU Lbabbib.?The koulrville Courier tells of* young gentleman In that city who la eoarilng a lady lnJ?akreoovlll*, and who awlma fee river after the ferry boat atope running, who 1a raising mustache with a view ot keeping the driftwood xitofhla mouth. irr InalBgle tow? ?f Maine, containing ogly ?t) Inhabitant*. SI people died h* rear of ron "f I . CLOTHING, &c. PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES' Wehavejntt raocived a larielot of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS, ob consignment, whioh mint be told before the *th of Maron. without retard to ooat. Th*as cooda have til been made up by the beat house* in Baltimore and Phi a^lelphia, and owing to the time* they will be told at almost any price, ourobjeot be in* to turn them into cash aa aoon aa pnaaible. L A. BEALL A. CO., C'othiara, No. 439 Seventh at., above O. N. B.?Come on", onmeall; now la the time to buy WINTER CLOTHING at any price on Seventh at.. No. 439,4 doors above O at. de28-lm A"" GREAT ATTRACTION ! GRAND RUSH FORSEVENTH STREET! All Stop at S M I T H ' 8 , No. 460 SEVENTH 8TREET. fro tkom anA fin " (8uoh was the language used br a jent.eman who bad received some of our treat bargain* ) I have just returned from the North with a rjrr lane sf&k of CL >THING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS.bongM for cash<ittwo thuds their net cost,and whioh I will sell at a small advanoe. You can buy a food Overcoat from $3 to #7, a very fine one from ?1" to $15, Cape Overcoat from 98 to 915, Boy's Overooat ana Cape Coat from S 3 50 to $5 _ AI no, SHIRTS, UNDER GARMENTS, UMBRELLAS. 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All of whioh we are offering at ^ur usual low prioes. Clothing mad" to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., noJ6-tf _ aaa Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, and citizens generally, to an inspeoMon of our present new, at _ si tractive, and eletant assortment <>f^H CLOTHS. CASSIMKRES, DOESKINS, K* V (-.STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. f fj whioh we will make to order in superior style at very low prices. WALL, STEPHF.NS A CO.. oo 2Vtf S3'i Pa. av., Ketw. 9th and Wth sts. P OFFICIAL ROPOSALB FOR ERECTING A COURTHOUSE AND POST OFFICE AT PHILA FHIA, PA. Trkasuky, December 22,lopo. Sealed Proposal* wui be reoeived at this Department until the 22<i day of February, A. D 1F61, j at 12 o'clock at noon, for tho oon?truotion of the < Philadelphia Court-Houa* and Post OCBoe,accord in* to the plana and specification* prepares at thta Department. The?e prcpoaala must be for the whole work; but e-.oh portion ?>f the work and the amount b d there- j for mint be separated stated i" the bid; the rospeo tive amount for each kind of work carried out, | and the total amount stated; the Department reserving the rieht to reject or aocpt the proposals herebr invited. i>r ?.n* n*.rta w on ? the interest of tb? United States requires it; the Department also reserves the right to exclu le the bins of an; person or persons whom there is just canto to boiieve will Tlot faithfully perform theoontraots, or whioh thnv have attempted to obtain by i indirection; and alt ludx when there shall he parties in interest who do not join in the bids, and all bids that. u?on investigation, are beiow a fair price for the work. * (No ooutraot will be awarded to bidders until de ( tails are furnished the Department of the pnoes of 1 the different kinds of work and materials, whioh j s* al i be subject tn the revision of the Department, so that th? cross ht-i shall be equitab r apportioned upon the whole work to guide the Depaftment in ' makin* payments. N met* per cent, of tho amount of work done and j materials delivered, aooordinx to contract prie.s (said amount to lx? asoertamea by the estimate of 1 an aftent .?rthe Department appointed for that pur pose,) will be paio from ttm? to time a* the work protroasts, and tea per o<jut. retained until the oum ' ptetion of trie contract and acceptanoe of the work, cco.. by the acent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the event of non fulfilment of ooutraot. i Contract! w:il be awarded only to master build- J era or meo'anios, and the asAicnment thereo>. exoept by oonaent of t e ;-ecretaryol the Treasury, | will be a forfeiture of the Mime. t Each proposal must be aooou pan led bf a writt n . 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The Book, of all others, that should be read by men with dasaaxed and broken down constitutions is ''Human Frailty, or Phrsioloiioai Researches." It is beautifully illustrated, and troats *"inut*ly of _ 11 ? *' wi we* uiat invariably develop th?m ? tm, sooner or later. resulting from the fVailtiea and vitiating habita of earl*/oath, incapacitating the viotim from aharing the fruition of the innrimomal atate, and. if not oneoked in time, degenerating aM t^e funotiona of manhood, and bringing him. atep by atep. to a lingering and untimeW death. Sold by Dr. HARROW, 194 Bleeoker atreet, four doora b?low, Maodougal, New York. Pnoe 85 oenta- Bent free every where. gold also by 8. C. Pord, Jr., Drat Store, Waahjngton. D. C. de 89 6m I FlourSoiftiMwsioN And wholesale u?elera in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL, fe., *e., Corner of 12th and B at reeta, \V aahing ton city. Caah patd fur all kind a of Grain au 2S-*ni City steam mills | ABO

nnn w?u wwojr. Fort of itruf, 6?iov War Dtrartment. WOOD mparid, uj length tod mm, to salt thCOA'-KKPTh AT COAL HOUPE8, >rot?nt?d | from ON weetiwr?delivered ft*? fr> m slats, dirt, , ??UoU>.r.?MnU~. no 10-tf 98? Pa- b?tw. 11th and 12th ?t?. gfeSt fANCv wku*. Ar TO SUIT THE TIMES, AT PRICES TO HU.fTHE ' ? ^ feh-'i. flimillttlJIIHI MIUIVtBl'to . .. ! D ami til frrst-oiMi To "ft* Awi tl I ] B,%I: ?' J: ' CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " " D Strut, Bttwm 9tk nd 10U Strtttt. We have just finiahed a number of firat o1m? r?a??, and Bugtnu, whioh wo will Mil aJBSB ft Terr amall profit. Mu practioA. m<** In different branch?* of tha business, we flatter onraelvee that we know the atylee and eoahtj of work that will ?ive aatia faction, oombimnc lijhtneaa, oomfort and dnrabili t j i Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to the ahortoat notioe and moat reaaonable oharrea. WALTER, KARMANN & BOPP. Coachmakera, aaooeaaora to Win. T. Hook. J* **-*!?__ The S?lMoribe?'\a^nc^a^e addition* f hi factory, making it now one 01 the largeatAj^MA in the Diatnot, where hia faoilitiee forU^EHSK aaaolaptannx CARRIAGE A UflHT** WAeuNSofall kinds oannot be snryaseed, and from his long exjerienoe in the b?MB, he huyee te rive general s&usfactioc. All Hail *f Carriages and il{kt Wareas UM n AilRKPA!K.8neatir deaa.aadallerdere preaH lj attended te. Seeead-kaad Carriages taken In esehancefor nrw eaea. ANDREW jT JOYCE, d It-tf Mnir ml 14th and K sta. W(W)n A\rn mir. ?? W4*.1J? TO THE PUBLIC! QO WHERE YOU CA N GET VOUR MONEY'S WORTH EP*TRY IT! PROVE~IT! KNOW IT'^?3 TR Y 1VHA T ? ' IT~T Try the PIONEER MILLS, and buy your WOOD there. T"? n A* * r ?m?*r * * r/vurxi wtlAl~r ILT Prove that yon can get your WOOD there o' eaper than elsewhere in the city ; and then you KNOW WHAT? ID" Know that you net GOOD MEASURF.aud the very beet of WOOD for lei* money. Cot Split, and Delivered Fbkk or Charse. Call at the PIORECR MILLS! SIGN OF THE BLUE FLAO-STA FF, Southwest Corner Seventh St. and Canal (South of the Bndce.P no 19 GKORtiK PAQK. Asent. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the oity, at the lowest possible rates. T. J. k W. ?1. OALT. umce fa. ar., between 11th and Uth eta., raa 17-tT north tide. GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would oall the attention of water takera to their 'nil assortment of Fixture* neoenaart to ita introduction,** follower?KITCH KN K ANGES.B ^TH riJHS. WATKR OUTSETS. HOT WATKR BOILERS, KITCHEN *LNKS, PUMPS, Caat Iron. Wrought Iron, l.ea<1 and Galvaniaed W \fKR PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASHKRS. R UB IER HOSE. Ao. Having superior ad vai.tAjes, with practical [rowledite, ?e a.f prepared In introduoe Water nt>> dwellings with all tli* latest in.proverr enta, promptly, an<l at prioeg that oannot fail to satisfy. 5i69 Penn. avenne. no 24 dtMar 1 bet.9th and l 'th ?ti.. south side. A WM. T. UOVK * CO. (XKE .No* prepared to execute any orders wttt rtuc'i they may farored ic tne ? plumbing, gas or steam fitting'* BUSINESS. I!T Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. kreuue, where iuat be found a oomolete assortment >f CHANDELIERS ana otiier GAS, STEAM and WATER Fl XTIJRK8. iagT tr W r. u _.G A.? F T U R K 8 . n nt?T? iu nuru, ami are au.j receiving, ttA8 VIXTURSSnf entirely New Patterns and Dasicna md Finish, superior in style to anything heretofor* >ffere?l in this market. We invitecitizens ceneraJ J to call and examine our stook of Gas and Water ixtures, feeling oonfidnnt that we bare the b?st leleoted stook in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to our care rill be promptly attended to. MYKRS & MoGHAN. mar 8-tf I> street. I SNYDER, I. PLUMBER AND GAS FITTKR. Has removed to the oomer of Twelf-h and F sts. fie is prepared to in'roduoe Water and (las upon he mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties enu.e latisfaotion He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other UTOVK.S, whioh ha will sell lets th%n oust, as he rishes to get rid of them. no 17 fkFFlCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF OAS METERS. W**HIN?T01t, July 18,1880. NOTICE K HEREBY GIVEN, That,a*reaib.y to the proviaiont of the ordinance of the Corporation approved May 12.13BP, the underlined ?? now prepared, "whenever required in writing, and in pre parnmt of the fen of fifty conta, to in?p?ot. examine, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration orany gas meter in una in tnia oity." Uvurt meter, if found inoorreot, will be condemned, md another, sealed and marked aa true, will be cetini*? plane. If proved to be accurate in ita meaenr? n.&nt ofiu. it will ImmImI m.i. ind fccv.n put in poettioa lor cm. Offlo?> ISo. 610 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel.owe' il&li ) Open from 8 a. m.. to 5 p. m. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy U-tf iMHotot and Sealer of 8m Meters. fREEMAN | SINPSOK'^ Bp OLD W OLD \ ^FAMILY RYBIFAMIIY RYTfi The above PURE W HIStC Y, Cofp*m Dibtilled nom Maltid Giain, beini? superior and uniform in quality, ar.d hljhly unproved by age, is preferred by p'.nsnmcra to aH other Whiskies, and particularly recommended by the best physioians and ahemifeta aa poaaoasinii all the requirements of a Trui Tonic In*ifortor mntl Remedial Artnt. ThoSohnflkili \%>t??r ol Philadelphia, used la the distillation of this Whiaky, is proved by ana! j sia to be ths softest and purest wr.ter in the United . Statea: and to tin a may, in % great decree, be attributed the excellence of *his JVhisky. For aale by F*BEMAK?n^^*i?&V _ On the Schoylkih river. Khiladelplia OIom 96 will atreet, New York ; 109 South Front atr?et. Philadelphia. fj^LOUK, BUCKWHEAT. POTATOES, AP 1 PLES, Ao. 160 bbla. new Richmond Family and Ext. a Floor, 5,nno lbs. Freah Ground Buuk wheat Meal, 500 buenela White Meroer Potatoes, l<w do. Bine do. 4?* 5 do. Cheatnata. Reoeived to-day and for tale low in lota to in it by 1). L. MORRtSON A CO.. no Corner of Twelfth ard Bate. NKW Fjufl? ?rYLE8CAS8IMERS, AND VEST1NOS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., S99 Pennaylvaaia Avenue, have inat reoeirad a laxre m-irft* of new Pall Goods, to wfiioh they invite Fne atteatinc of their friends ami onstoroers. an W-tf HAVK YOU BKKN the 50 o^ntChiUlren'sBooks M FRENCH k RICHSTKIN'8. 878 Fa. avenue, selling foMO oents? Have you aeen the elrsant .f2 Annuals fot N*? Yenr presents, at FRENCH A RICH9TElN'9,?eHin* for only 9 . Call and make your puronases before they are ail Kont At FHKNCHJkRICHSTEIN'S, de? 878 Pa avenue. > 4. a. uui. a i. am. i.ktmT. LAMXR'MOTf * Jf* TB-ATAAW I?UT Snum. Mia*.. will praettM la the Hijrh Court of Brrori u4A|KtilM Jaokaon, the Federal Court At Pontotos, B* Oovrtsof the Seventh Judicial District of Mi??LS!gp WOOD! WOODS woo Din STOVE Md KINDLING WOOD, at Ue low* ' T. J. * W. Me ALT, MS Pa. av.. between lit* and mT?u., a T?-tf figrtli nd WR HaTefuB t*recited ^VfeJt^aMortmaet and sow offer the moat txleuiive nnHimm Mtlii ?T' '?r?%iKSr DENTISTRY. f\RS. LOCK WOOD* DARRKLL ARK PRK+ ' par*d to iv?ert TfcKTH on VU I.i'A.S ITK BASK. a new and improved When made on thia plan they are oom ?*p fortab'e to wear and mach cheaper than any other. Alao, T*eth inaertert on G"ld Plate. u4 all Dental Operatima of any kind that may he detired. Olioe? Room No. 6 1a the \V aetungtoa Bmldinc.oorner Pa. av, and Veventh at. ja in Sw* M TEETH. LOOMIi*, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH. U tend* personally at his offioe in this oitt Ma? Many person* can wear these teeth wuo*41113 eannot wear others, and no person oan w<ar others who oan not wear tliese. Persons calling at my offtoeoan he aooommodated with aty style and pnoe of Teeth th*y may dosire; but to those who are particular and wish the pareet. cleanest, strongest, and rnost perfect dsntare that art oaa prod use, the M1NKRAL, fl>ATE will be inorefally warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 836 Pa.avenae. between 9th and ICtb ats. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel p hia. oe 15 tf Dpkntal card. R. Mt'NSON Uu retorn?*d and rMimtd hi* proferaion. Office and house at 463 K third door eaat of Sixth. In addition V mJkaS every o'her approved style, Or. M. ha? per** ** teeth on vnloamte Baee for the laat thres year* and, from expenenoe, knowa it exoe.a all others, and la one-third lee* in prioe than (told. Hia old patrons of Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown are raepectfuUy ao lotted t?? oali. anSSeoTy TgAVKUSkS' DlKEOTOBYr I1ALT1MORK AND onto Riii Rnin U WASHINGTON BRANCH'. cSH *' UIL #"*? -.ft1* CHANGK OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, IMn.the trains will r?n as rullowi: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First tr*iu at?J" a m. Second Train at 140 a. m. Third train a* 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth tram at 6 p m. LEAVE BALTIMORE: First tram at 4 15 a. m., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. ra. Third at3.10f. in. Fourth at 4.2ft p. m.. Express. The Lr?t, eoooud and third trains from Washington oonneot through- o Philadelphia and New Yn'k. Tho second and third oonneot at Washington Junction with trains for th? We?t, South, and TWnrtn I * * 4,WI..I.VB?, ai*v< O' XI uiiapoiia JUUDUODi lur JVB Lap'->;;?. For Norfolk take the '4t 4. m. trai . ( or th? r.ocomrnooatjon of tho wa? trfivil betw*?n Wa?nnilon an-J l.&u'el, a pa??*r*er car will be attaoheJ to tlio tonutge train whioh learea at 12 m. Oa.S'Uaruaj the 3.10 p. m. tram goea to Philadelpkia'onlr. jio 3h d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. TilE STEAMER J AS. BUY Will rearnne her trips on TUESDAY, Slat of Fsbruarr. lcSO. W iLi imy? WASH f ^ INS TON ?-?rr TUESDAY an PKIUAY.atC o'clock a. in., and ALEXANDRIA athalf p.Mtf o'olook, for CUURIOMAN and the intennertiate LardiEta. On her reinra trine.ehe will loar* CI!RRIONIAN e^ry WEDNffsDAY and SATURDAY, at S o'clock a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ai't. Alenandria. fe an 1| F YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Who ha* just received a la^re supply of freeh I.'JBSTFRS, FISH, and line ft Y^TERS, whi^h he will s?rve to customers at the^^_i3j^ horteet not-oe ar<1 on liberal terms. P. S ?Oyaters aervod to faniliea and hotels are not scaldrd; tl.ej are only scalded for persona NUint lhe:n at ttie saloon. ?Te? T. M. H ARVEV. fQr\ NOTICE. /Ov X** A removal. 1*1 O 0 I have removed mr W V FAWN OFFICJ5 to 351 C street, between 4S and 6th streets, i:n mediator in the r?-ar of the National Hotel. where the buaineaa vill be continued as heretofore at the oldst&nd. 1 no 15-<iaI 1S\A0 HKRZHKRG. Da. J. If McLKAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ANO BLOOD rt RIF1KR. THE'GREATEST REMEDY ?a tk* WORLD, J- most Delicious aml DELIGHTFUL j> Ef ^CORDIAL $ It m ttrictW * *ei- JMm f'j/. I Ur collie and VtpufltffiU kit Compound, pr?RpSjM^ cutd by lb* dUulli- Ukv^fl t .. ^2A>. Cun #f rootl, b?ri?, tf <1 Vv- tw uid bark*. Ytilrw W* !1 ^-*?k Dock, Blood Root, tl, 5 yCW. Black S^xy, Itmpt- ML^jQ lyw Berk, *nd Diodiliaii f'f\ & anttn idu iu cn- BS 1 IV Tb? ?ntir? tcu*? JTj* B6w I ' ~JP remedial principle ^Elf * of each infriuiiDt ia J WSPBIsb' -iiorMrklj HUictil lft#? t?Hn? "C* If ?m* matbod of*""*'* dlatiiling, prodaciaf a oaiicioaa, ailularatlag ipint, aad iti moat infailibl* r*m*dyfar raooouiif iha <ihui( lyatam, and raataring tha aick, aaffaru.f, and dahilitauU UaaliU la baaltb and imiifth. MtLEAPTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afa-iaaliy e?ra Uaar C-orr. plaint, Dyipapaia, Ja?ndica, Chrooic ar Narvau Dabiluy,Diaaaaaa at tba Kjdr.aya, and all diaaaaaa ariaiuf from a diaordcrad U*ar ar Btoaach, Dyapapaia, laanbvn, lnairi Pllaa, Acidity ar Sickaaaa af tha Itonacb, Pallncaa af Blood ta tha Haad, Dall Paw or Swimming in tha Haad, Palpitation af tba Ha art, Pallaaaa r Wa-.ght in tha Stomach, Roar Emcuuor, , Choking or Saffacauaf Paallng wban laying dowa, Drynaaa or YallaW. naaa of tba Skin and Eyaa, Flight Bwaau, Inward Pa*>ra, Pais ia tbaSmall of tha Back, Chaat, ar Sid*. B*dd*a Plaahaa i *? ., Dapraaaion of Spun*, Fnffctfw Draama, Laugaor, Daapondancy ar any oarvoaa diaaaaa. Bora* ar Riotehaa aa ta* Bkin, and Fa*ar aad Agaa (or Cbilia tad ,*T"') OYER A MILLION BOTTLES fcaaa btao aald dartn f tba laat ait month*, aad ia aa In tanea ha* it failad ia r?iu| anura aauafacuoa. W ho. than, will aafar from Waal naaa or Dability whan McLi.AH't gTRKHGTHENING OORD1AL will car a yoa 1 Ha lufUfa can eon ray an adaqaata idaa af tba tauaadi ta inH alvnaai minAilMM * Km ? ?a Cardial in tba diaaaaad, dabilitaiad, aad atauarad n?r?aa? ytiam, wbalbar broken dawn by iicmi. weak by aatara, ar impaired by aicknaaa, Uia ralnad and um?( N|Uilauaa la raalarad ta iu priauaa baaJib aad 'ifat MARRIED PERSONS, r athan, cantc-.aai nf inability from vhatntr uui, will tod McbKAN-S STKCHGTHKNlliO CORDIAL a U>araafb rtfiaaraiar ?f lha ayatam; and all *ho mat bava la )?r?J tbamaalvta by tmprapar ladalpeocaa will lad in tbia Cardial a Mrtua and ipaady ranady TO THE LADIES. McUARI BTREKOTMKNIHO CORDIAL It aarir ifr. aad apaady car* tar Inctpiaat CtuuayMa, Wbitaa, 0 aatraciad ar Diftcait Mantirajnon, laeoatfaaaea af Una* ar InvalaaUry Diacharra itar?t, FaJlinf aI tba Wash, Siddinaaa, Feictinf, aad all diaaaaaa iaeidaat ta Paiaalaa. THERE IS X0 MISTAKE ABOUT IT lilir aa ,?(ir it atcardiaf ta diracuaea It will uniuaif, nrvnfiDiQ, *ou lovifor&ll TM and CUM tbl bloom of health ta iMUt year tkiik ifttt. Every bottle 10 nmiud to five ?au? faction. FOR CHILDREN If roar children ui aickly, paay or aBicted, McLlANt CORDIAL will make them i:??liby, fat, cod rabaei. Data; not a moment; to it, ta4 job vill k? (Mfiatti It la < licioa* totake. CAUTION. war* of draffUa or doyen vba may try to palm apoe yoa *? bitter or earaapanlla traa^, which they caa bit cheap, by aauar it ujaat u mi Avoid *ach m*c Aak far MCLEAN'S YTRENGTHENING CORDIAL, aad taka nothing *1**. It U the only r*m*dy that will partfy tb* Blood tAoroafblT *?d at tb* *aa* tin* *tr*afftb*b tb* (yattia. Oo* t*a*paoofal talta I'lrj maraiiif faaui.f u certain pr*<uliT* for Cbolara, Chill* aad Tellew P*f*r, ar any pr*nl*at diaaaa*. It ic pm > la larn bottiat Pric* aly 91 par botUc, or ( baul** (ar fk. f. H M CLEAN, al* proprietor of it 11 Cordial; aiao, McL?aa*i Volcanic OU Liaiaenk Pnoeipal Depot aa tb* corner of Third aad Pine *tr**U, Rl- Loan, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT HI THE WORLO ) The ealyeafe aad ertaia car* far Caaaar*, Pilaa, Ta nn, aramnfaand EmncLilaar Conn, Paralraia, N*anlrit, WlUniH af KM M?cl?, Ckntic or Ulimin!?fj IIMMtiM, IllfiMt af U? Jomu,C?tn?u4 Mucin ar UnmtMi, biMta wTotOwki, Bnuw, hniui, Prtik Cata. Woaada, Llcara, Fa*a> Beraa, Cakad lnub Mara Nipplaa, Bvu, BeaUa, Bora Throat, a* u; inf >mntu?a ar tb, ta difaraaea k?* aaaara ar bar tki dtaaiaa may baVa axiatad, McLEAH* CELEBRATED LINIMENT U a citttia ramady. Tbaaaandi of bmmaa bau.fl Kara baa* aaaad a lifa of dia waptidi and miaary ky tka aaa af ifcia iartliakla ramady. , McLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rahaaa pais almoai u>aiaanaaa?aly. ud it will claaa, pmnfy aad haal iba favlaat aorai la aa lacradiMa abort uaaa. FOR HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LIN1MI NT ia Ua a*iy aafc ud raliabla ramady for tka aara af Hp*Tin, RurUaa, Wiadfalla, Bptiata, Oanatmral Lampa, t'odaa ar Bwtlliajra it M?ar faUad ta CBra Kg Maad, Kllaail, TiMla, OU Riaunf^lotaa, at laaaa^, if prafarly appliad Far FWi w?w>www, wratlia It?iU, Chafe*, A*d4l? TCellar Gali^Cata, Meree, crW^., iiiiu iaMUUa it at itricul vi a care it certain it ?vary I Tie# irtta mm tofar tM tkm man* worthlmm 1 jtrnu SBSB>'ffinSKSft' WS jK*?3?1* rt,L o^wsSSfsrtKcv . *L"*JFg>TT L m Pk. aat, *fmt. m W.tku.g tnitaLT.OIlBUBMMMMn, uit-Htii W "MT V I TilK WKKYI.V mi l iB STAR VIUJ ?sMU?Bt PMKlly Ntwi i?r?I ? ?Uaiii( a (imnr *f t??r?Bm w?m ttec o&c b* founi la amy etoer?w Fn4*y morninx. ' * Tl|xa-aui tinrteHy.? ?^>wr?. Wul??on,Hruiu. ?M Flrt ocpiaa ___ __ __ 4 T? T? OOpiM . 9 m TrrntT firt wfw jp l? It iiTVUbly oonteiM U? WMhinftos MW tb*t ku Md? Tk4 Dmilti Mvmtmt stmt drMnlt > 10 fiMrtllr UroifkMt U* wutrr. ICTSi B<l?00?iM(ia VrUMnl AM hm irnmr*^ at the oounter. inmMi?t?:T after ue mm of the PM?. Pnoe-THRKECKNTB EDUCATIONAL. TFKMALK KDL'CATIOV H09F. Parent* who wiab their jaaihtora to ra oive a thorouf h Md irilriMtic where their ?h?mo*. traiainc wv I notinteil* ?n<J iiiiyti tttentioc, und?r the moat approved iitUm of Ckllitlwue* and <i} innaatiqg, ar* reapectNlly lovited to leit the I'nion Aca^iaf, corner Foar teeotii at. and ?w York a*. MR. k MRS. Z. RirHARP?. aa SD-tf PriMifak (?EMALK BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA, fA. Mra. S. J . MoOOR MICK. Ptimiro. i or iiiirxp^ntn ftrnaii Kii>oi or tin* insutvtioi Will oomniMio* on Tacntkr, 9*ft*niS?r Wk, in U? |??M reoentlj ooeapiad by 8} lraator Soott, ? ? * No. 190 King urMl. Tb? ooirM of stud? poraaad will ooaipriM All ihe branches re,iu?ite to a thorough Kngliah Kd? cation, and Muaie, Fieneh, Latia and l?r*wiBi, U ia addition to <tar aaholar*. Mra. MoCornuok M prepared tormina limited numWr of pupil* aa boarder*, who. conatitutioc a part of h?r ova Cam ily, will ba under her immediaia oar* and aaparoaioa. She will endeavor, aa tar aa aur roaod the* witt the oom/torto and kiadlr infewaaoM of Home. iU/erenc***? Rwr. G*o. H. Norton, Rer. Dr. K im Harnvon, Rn.D William H FowU. Baa., Kdgar Snowden, Kaq.. Edmund F W itmer Er. BBS 2ttZL.t&i. HaiSS Editor Kteniae Star, Bea?*min Water*. h^ .Ju Entwiaie, JrJRaa.,Col. John W. Minor. Loudoaa Meaara. felacklocl it Mar.haii, Meaar. Cor BroUiara. Tk? ft. Board, with Tuition in aA the English B-anchea. $W for tha aonaal aeaaion?parable wnu annaaUj, in ftiiriLBnA Muaio and iMiUfH at Profeaaora' pnoM. ll/" No extra okv(m. mi >-tf #Cmrt Couth. CeU, Wmhamm. In/vata any imuuitm *r $r< *//* Jt '' Ctm*r' "" iioa, ilrMM'lii, ifkna. f CararrA, Cl**r and *?''? ttrenftk la l4? r-Mcr Few are aw vro of tha tmportano* of eheocta* a Couth or "Common Cold" in it* finrt aiac?;that which in the b*g'nituc would yield to a mild rwtnedr. if aMl*et?*. MOI. I 11 " ' - Sromtkiil Tritfies," ocntainn* tmniile"' t mcredi aoU, 44lay Pi Bon?n and Bioarhia; Irritation. "That tmnMa la ray Throat. if"r ? BROWN'S whioh tne "7\oche" areaip^e'fee) havinr made me < fW a m*r+ wtua TROCHES perer." >.P. WILLI?*. BROWN'S s^J^wwn,nM?Ddtb?r?aeto Pwinc TROCHES * REV. E. H. CHAPJN. "Great eervioe in auhduing HotlU BROWN'S ?** ." REV. DANIEL WISE. TInrur? "Almoet inrtant re le^ia tba die 7 tr?Minc labor of breathing peoeliar BROWN'S A c KGGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opiam or anything injnhoaa." DR A. A HA * ES. BROWN'S (Vmiil, Botien. " A ?ur.p'eand ilnant oorutimTROCHES tion for Coc?h?, Jfcc." DR. 0. F. BIGELOW. BROWN'S TROCHE? ' BIOWN'S . " I here proved them excellent for TROCHES WHornwe Corel." KEV. H. W. WARREN, BROWN'S Bcum. TROCHE? <23PU- " BKOWXV *E?. <n. r. AKStjLtyx, TROCHE? "Bvnmuii rwonaiBotn* neea ?lu! Irritation of the Thibet. eo BROWN'S ??mJ?on &?**** SineTROCHES ""P"* M. STACY JOHNSON, ! BrOW?(t> Coll??e. TROCHES? "Great benett when takfc htfor* and after preaoUmc. aa tber prevent BROWN'S H<"?ar?en*??. 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