Newspaper of Evening Star, January 16, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 16, 1861 Page 4
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mKmrnrnrnrnrnmrnm THE FVF.NING STAR.I " (Fob ths Stab. The City of n aihii|Ua General WaabinKton ImuM a proclamation from Phil d-lphla January 24. !7?l,tn consummate the ' . act it Conffie** of ISth July, 1790, for comm!?. alon-Mi to ran the linra and make a wirrey defln I ing the limits of the district for lk? permanent ' .war of Ik' governmrnt of the United Stairs, and \ bran amendatory pro iamation of March 30th, I Mire year, tbe exact lines are defined. The aite wit i?lect?i oy tien. VV. for the Federal city, after unwearied pains and laborious and interesting reconnoiwanre* of the country. In a prbllr communication, renting to the plan, April Dutb, 1791. be calla it the Federal City. September Mb. same y*ar, tb? first commissioners wrote ~ ? ??-! ?'-# * , 1 from liforg'mwn hi iiiejur u r.nwni, ( wuu planned thr citv.) that they bad a^r^rd to rail the ditf'irt "The Territory of Columbia," and tbe . city 'Tbe City of Washington." Tbe corner ?tone at tbe southeast comer of tbe no:th winu of tbe Capitol was laid by Ren. Washington, with great masonic ceremonlcs and honor*, September Itirh, 171)3 It wu a grand and ImpM ng ar*lr, and Gen. \V delivered an Impressive and appropriate speech on tbe occasion. On blue Potomac's smiling bank*, tbe Father cf Ms C< nutrv stool, i - a -J ? ?k.. ..nM. ?. ?? k. ... 7 auu pviuiru uu? uio bhi'u; n *->?? cuvivvni uj tci ..aat M. s and wood. Here u the ssot, ?h? patriot said, whereon our ^apitol xhoald be. The Weropo is ot pur happy land, for *reat will be he>* destiny! Here, unomnrbeu by party strife,or bustle of commercial rr.a t * Upon P<>; ni.vo honor'J banks, should be the e untry'a Federal heart Where egulitire he lis aad Comes, upon the chosen ?po'. ?ho,iid ri?e. Acd p^t iot seal uprear ita proud memorials to the ?si*s. How swelled hia patriotio breast, hia oountry'a ?" a'nfft* to foresee. , mil nous L .on spreMinj :&--i:i'?rniI fta'ai from g*? to ?ea! And whon fr> m Vert or.'t ?ha<l*s they oa.' 1 ed the patri -t forth 'o >o?der ei 1, A i dut> *ti his task, and veil he did that task tnifili. The co'p?r ? i no, with mystio rites, he laid, of ?o*d r * of state. To r<**e anJ Lnun ?r rmorts lie did the rat.on ci.j neer?"'. January 14, 1W. Bnvrr. ITT" To keep ice f oiu windows, take a ordinary pii ?t brush or sponge, and rub over the Klaas once or twice a day a little alcohol, a-d it will keep the glass as free from ice as in midsummer. and it will nlio ?i*r at good a polish u can be Igot fn any other w*y. fp7" The effect of r.l mete on the hnman svstem 1* mows la a ?tr;V;njj manner by tbe inhabitant* cf Australia, ? In the course of two or taree e?nenHon* l-*e th* corpulent character of Enc1 sirre i.ard become a tall, taunt, raw-boned race like the inhabitants of our Southern States, if r Chicken pW are liable to be<-om- poison oa?. ? deleterious gas generated durii g tbe cocking mileaa tbe eras? is to perforated as to permit the gas to escape. in-A lidv ps??n2?r 'n the train at Pittsburg, IP#., hat week whl'eln crcnv?-T<ation with a friend, printed 'i.e conductor with, not her ticket?but a imill ??Tth comb. 1C-r The County Court of Apponnattox county, Va., on S iturdavlaat voted #5,000 for the purchase of arms and equipments. jZT A lot of goods was stolen In Philadelphia I a u-w aavi wucr, ana ?u relumed to tbe owner on Friday night, by tbe thief or his accomplice. ~~AKMVALS AT TUB HOTELS. W1LLAKD3' HOTEL?Mr Jord.n, Va; Dr L A S*u?!tb, NY; J Crlaamall. Ky; B Relff. Fa; S Ogion; do; ? Gouidin*. Mdw; A Ctlkiaou, NY: J M Aileu, Fa; Mrs Bralongand daughter, Rl; J O Worth! ngton, do; Gov W ioston. NC; J M McKlnaejr, NY; J W Lynch, do; R Macfuly and way, rij ? t roroea, {ITS 9 tieatb, JiHjSE Ancona. Pa; Dt 3 Sbroeder, do; Dr N Hal vest, do; EE Morrlt. J Bishop, U 3N; J E Mottler. ?; 9 Coles and lady. NY; R W Tvson, M?J; A Douglas, NY; Capt Lyn?. do; W H VVoodly and lady, do; J R McCurdv, Pa; P Sherman. NY: J Whitney, Maw; 3 H Steafnea and family, Pa; J Herrtck! Minn; W Mulr, NY; F Farrla, Ky; B Bally, O; F Peg ode, NY. I NATIONAL HOTEL.?G 8 Orammar, Hon J Fry, T P 3hallcroaa, Va; J L Greene, W Cubley, NY. J H B Lairube, Md; J P Croz?r and fam. Mti BmMI p. " Forbes. Md; W Ca*r, Edi; ilr Johnson, Va; 9 H Smith. Pa, J E Lo;iK, NC; D POnlnn. O; W P Wcstervelt J Hinchinan, SC; W Poater. Mu; A He^emna, NY; Mrs Calbonn, Mta J Calbonn, Ct; A ^ ounir. Pa: J 8 Thomas, J O Thomas. O, M Steck. AT; C Baylor, Tex; W McDuffce, NYj H Benedict, l^a BROWN'S HOTEL ?W Wilcox, C McEroy, W Pa*e. Va; D A Wright, La; W H Braubam, Miss; T b Skinner, A J Swan, O J Weaver, J F Tobias, Pa; H L McAvy, J Wilkinson, J B Gra on, J Porreat, Md; Mia L Laird, 111; J C Small Kyi G B Bacon. NY; W Poedlck, O; W W Her oerr, v? KlRKWOOl) HOUSE.?C J Bowen, C Mayer. JWd; J A Nun .a, Cal; * F. Eachemacber, AS. J 3 Muwell, DC J W Fuidcr, NJ; J C Hoyt, Pa . ? * OCKAiY S TEAMER8' SAILING DA YS Imam. ran IniTiB Statu. SiMfflri. For. Dayt. P?'e?tint> V r* Liverpool J*nl7 Bremen. ? New York -Bremen . Jab 19 Portland Liverpool .Jan 19 ? net iorK...MverP?ul J*a 19 Afeftrici... ? ttostou .Liverpool Jan 23 C* .?:<au Fort: Mia Liv. rpoo: J?n X tldia&urj New York.-.Liverpool Jau2R J^>ha ti\l New \ orlt.. .l*:s.?e<>w A ?!? Nfw Yor?_ Liverpool?Jan an T^ut >iiia___. .New York... Soutn'pton. Feb 1 Nianara. boeion Liverpool Feb 6 Fr'iV KimopB Teotania... 8outiTpton.?New York....Jan 2 ?:in;<ur*tw Liverpool New York...Jan 8 CauAJina,. S.'U?n pton- Portland Jan 3 ?.__.Liv*rpo?.l New York, ..Jan * ..uiverp ol New \ orlt.?.Jan 8 Arx>i t*o??h'ptoB-.New Yort ...Jan 9 No".:i K i' c Liverpool Portland Jau lit Tae California mail ?t-?iwera leave on the 9th, 18th, and ZKa of every month. rnoF. HOOD'8 RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD EiioVATEK ! pr^efc*-!* what u* name indioatee, for, while >a?aot to tnetut*, itu revinf) ins, exhilarating, InVMArAfi** ? ?4 ? * 1 x *" * ' ' %nv aura invDm| H) UIO V114- pOW6FI? aim at t.i? 'ame time revivifcen, reinstates, and re ikivi the B:wl i . a i >ta oruins. (.u ity.and thai at once rtttertt and render t tke syttr.m mvulnrrabt' 0 io attack* <J du(???. It i* th or: j preparation ever otf reu to tiio WorlJ. so ohe>incalij and skillful j o rabiiiil aatubftne nout p"Werlui tonio. a .d at ti? same time so perfects r adapted to. as to aot in perfect acoonlanoe witts the laws ef nature, ant a nee vi.i oothe the vfalest Homach, and ton* ap the digestive organ*, an tnus alia* ail ner on. a a .'taer irritation. itu perfectly exhilar* ^ ***m? tinie it 1* competed entirely of eg tabids, jet io combined aa to produce tlie moat th >rojj(h toaio ffftfot, without producing any lniimoaa wsMmcM. Mich a remedy hae Ion* beeu ie I to be a desideratum ia the inedica. w Id. Ti IP f n^>*?1e r** m a. t > - I - ft ll a . . t a - a .. .u^uiwal .IU V'nV I j i itvH ?. ?*kti ol dis6U6i &ud procwd * I '" ^ I \&oi a**4fn ^ ?y*t*ni Ofen to the ?n?tiliott? frttftcks o'^fc J of\h?mo* feULi.mon, for k>tlowi:iv oi.iuinp'ion, i uili*???tion, ,y * ???,*, V .aa ni Aoo<-uui. Fai^tn^??. Mm??'0? Irritability, VT*Va > ? .taU .n of ttvs heart. M? *nohoiT, K.?V -w*a?- f .angor. G'-u^iomi, Retention ol. M Sti J TSSkTSGSS too p.ofBM. or too LI < - M-?ai .lirntUMUM, Bud h'a nu f of the Womb Th??< a<l depei.<i aeon general debiiit?. Thi? pure, hMtn* lon.o Wo'diai ana Uuud Renoraror la a* are to onre a* the tun i? to r*?? aadatt Th?re i? no mi tak? ax>at it . But this i* not all If th* u weakened we are open to b.hou* ttUot?, t>i? Ur*r ooooaie* torpid, or worie djeeased. Lb* tidaeye rwfaee t-> ?'ff rra th?ir fuootiona, end w* are troubled with ecmdir,< and inoootineroe of umbo, or iqto. uutary dieci.arg* 01 tr-e earne, pain u tM bMi^ il-!? acci betwe-n th* ahoBMjer*. ex .i.j .;ab!e to * ifht colci, ooofcn*. *ud if aa obeckod, soon emaciation fo!.o-r?,?ad the patient com 4uvs to a premature crave. Rat teece will not a..o*i*ui enumerate the maa* li I to which we are uab.e 1a a weakened ooiwuuon ot the ajetem. fiat w* will *aj la this Cordia: and Blood Renovalor ton luv* a unk?> ??t- ?' - jmmrij for loii of App tit*. Huionsuess. F.?i?lenoe, v?ftk ad siok Stoocaoh. Lan<"ur, I.ivar Comp'fciot, Chills and Pever.or an? a liou- attack Cv >ees, Aoidity of the?t inaoh. Nervousness, Neura gia, i*a.pit%tion of the W-art, Depression of Sp#its. doree, Pimples on the Face, or Mr dieease arising from impure biood, such as Horofnla, fcrysip^ia*. Bronohitis, Ciufh, difficulty of Breath inc. and eJ! that olnss ol diseases oa ed female weakn *. and enumerated above. We will also ay tfie traveler exposed f> epidemics, change of olimata and water, wiU And it a pleasant, safe f nd sure remedy, and no one eaould ever travel with out. Re*d try it, for we assure yon von will Bod in it a friend ind-ed, as w^.las atri?od lnueed. All persons of sader.tary nabits will find ita parfee*. pievs-.ti ve <1, as wei! as a onre for those ailments which tit?y ere particularly exposed Hence miniat?ra -?? "z ?x>rn?ri< nierar* gentlemen, and lidiM who tra iw>t Moiit madtomaoli outdoor exo ci ?, wi l find it to their advantaae to keep a bottle constantly on hand; and above a'l mother* or tnoee neooming auoh. will jo through thatmoat danxeroua period noton'r with all their aoeua ome<i atrength. bat aafe and free from the taoivMnU ai^est* ao prevalent amona th* female portion of th j wo. Id. la abort, la indeed a ramtief eordiat. Try Hold a?d ?oui>?;uo lo ger ran th* a't i>fde-ay it will relievear.d prove it*e.femphaU l| a Rutora'.xrt CfUinl and Blnod KimMMr, O. J- WtMiu, propri tor, 444 iiroad^ay, New York and 114 Ma k-t Street St. Loaia. Mo., and (p'dbv ail good Druiciata. Prioe One n?ii?. ? PROF WOOD'S rbstoratiyb cordial blood riftfovator old IB ttu city by C. STOTT, 375 P*. ? ?? * riirpQ^T-? OUNPOWDK*. -13 For *?: at ??) ??'? JOHN J. SOMITE, OioMnow^ C, N<*U iftmn /ar li< ^ I I - PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIC N OTJ C E. DirAKTXKNT or TM* IlTTSXIOS,/ D?C. 88. 1W, ( Pnblio notiM ia hereby given thfct bonds ud ooaponi annexed, of the deeoristion hereinafter ?t forth, hare lately been felonioiilf abetraoted from tbe oaitodr of the Interior Department, the ume being the property of the United Pt&tec and held in trast for oertain Indian tribes. Notioe Uf also been (irea to the proper oAoera of the raspeotire States to stop the payment thereof; and all |tvivuh? ?' o waiuvu a?atuvv y u i oumiu| vi i iiuaiv ini any of mid bonds and oonpons, ai the olaim of the United State* thereto will be proeeouted to the utmost extent. Each bond being for the ism of oaa thousand dollars, via : Six per ocnU Missouri Coupon Bonds, issaed ta June and August, 1857. State of Missiouri. St. Louis and Iron Mountain R, R.State Bonds. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1823 H7? 1827 199? 1822 1997 1821 1098 1820 2iK)8 1819 2007 1818 1W3 1809 1994 1817 1995 1816 1891 1816 1990 1814 1892 1813 1AA1 ioia 1VV1 lOli 2U03 1810 2002 1811 IMS 1808 2006 3031 2006 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 ll/W 203# 2U00 2032 2009 1826 1877 1H2X 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 lOQt *0n kOOO lot I 1880 1872 1887 187S 1SS8 1874 1889 1875 J890 3030 3045 3029 3048 3018 304tf - 3017 2047 2015 2044 2016 1042 Mil 3040 2013 2041 9013 3043 2010 2U39 2011 2038 1826 99 bonds 1824 Not*.?Bead* N\*W, and below of thi? serlM, 1mTied Jane. 1807, and bond* No. 3001, and tbon Ha _ -# a?i I A ... ? > Bttitoi Ml won HI wroeni. ooupon !>on<J?, vis: Hannibal and St, Joaeph Rfttlrosd 8toU Bob4? Bond No. 1863 Bond So. 1628 1862 1627 1*61 1628 I860 . 1620 1*49 1869 1848 * 1866 1847 1863 1846 1862 , 1846 I860 1844 1861 IIMZ JSiO 1836 1868 1838 1856 1834 1864 1836 1822 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 1826 1<H? ? 18W 1640 1827 1636 1828 1611 1820 Itlt loon iVl? iO.)U 1814 1831 1615 1641 1616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 1864 1837 1634 }638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1 1843 1622 1660 1857 1816 I I'MU IMO W# I 1639 I8'? I 1*41 162^ 1820 1624 1821 1625 NoTl.?Tb*?e hnn^. ^ bOQil? j.i, ? ?%',Sr.1'-'"01 4 ~ " 01 niuoiri six p?r o?nt. voaponnorta Ml?ronri H.R. State bona*. Bond No?952 Lond No. 1639 2940 1838 2939* 1541 2941 1842 2942 1843 2946 1844 2945 1845 3944 1848 2943 1847 2947 1848 2948 1849 wiq ?ja low 2950 1650 2937 2922 2V38 2923 1653 2924 1W4 2936 1W5 2951 1652 2953 1656 1M7 2921 1706 2?8 1706 251J 1707 2518 *453 2514 U53 2515 3454 3519 3455 2911 " 343fl 3010 3457 SH ** 29 li *459 3914 ZWi S5 * ?15 34/53 2!I * *wxo mm 291? 3465 2920 3400 2954 1447 2956 \ 1651 80 bmds k"vo,' ' -nSCltflS3t Miaaoori "Sj.KCT Bond No 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 J717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 *"4 Z7W 2712 2722 2710 2720 22 W16 ?JI 3727 2776 2734 2766 2731 *788 27M !ZS2 272V 177ft ?' ? 27 is 2771 3715 278f. 3714 3778 3764 3773 3*36 2775 2736 2774 2728 2780 2713 2732 2767 56 bond* JS?%r*feS? *> ? JkN Mr. mi. as r.u??i5Si rxxLZttttr.Tort | * 0 W JtlMovrl 8u-j?r-?it Pftoilo Rsilrtwd 8t?U Cotyoi Boadi. Bond No. 5246 Bond No. 5360 5259 5261 5245 5258 5244 5266 5243 ?iu 6343 5256 5341 5253 5340 5252 6239 6251 5238 5250 5237 5249 5235 5247 5234 6248 5233 6195 5232 6190 6231 5000 5200 4999 5199 4997 5198 4890 MO? iooo ??.** WO 5310 4880 5236 4888 5307 4876 5308 5257 5300 5282 51 bonds 5308 Notb.?TImm boifda ut dUod M*roh, 1m: fjftbl* M?roh. 1887, M PbcBBLX Bfnk, N?w V ork; interest ^sbi?la JlaAUTud Juij of (Mk jmt. Bond* of North C*rollu-~Coupon *u 9* oonk North Carolina aix ft orats. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 M ~ # OVl 32 300 23 297 9 235 7 234 349 203 348 156 347 104 346 20 343 19 342 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 336 10 335 102 338 101 329 100 330 90 331 108 332 ft 333 28 m 22 22T is 326 21 317 98 318 97 316 96 294 95 330 94 388 62 237 60 336 ? 303 73 bonds NotSsr-ThaM bond* are dated Januvr. 1A56, payable Jenoary. l?8t at Bank of Republic), New York. Inter?*! payable in January and Jnly. North Carolina 6 per oeota. Conpon Bonds. Bond N?. 833 Bond No. 735 832 736 831 7 58 830 76? 82? 760 834 7*1 835 762 836 783 837 764 838 7WO 8fl 791 872 792 878 70s ? I vu 874 m 875 79f> 876 79H 877 797 878 798 ?79 799 880 800 881 SOI 846 802 847 803 848 , 804 849 805 850 808 Act w?i 8W 907 W3 811 854 812 865 813 856 814 857 815 858 816 860 817 861 818 862 819 863 820 SW 821 865 822 866 823 867 824 868 825 869 826 870 827 883 828 882 839 8*4 840 RHj 843 731 844 732 845 733 ? 734 1 04 bonds Theee bonds are dated loir. V8?. p?r*W? JoJy, 1887, at Bank of Resablio, New York; interact payable Id January and July. North Carolina six per cent. Coupon bonds. Bond Ko. MM) Bond No. 493 fiOO aoa 603 495 004 496 005 497 606 621 607 493 608 . 510 610 5U 011 481 012 483 015 483 009 St 48A 633 486 833 487 ?34 488 835 480 636 490 637 538 638 M9 XI "? 643 Ml 643 ui 616 543 . 614 530 646 531 M7 ' 532 648 . 433 645 m 649 586 6*0. 536 a 537 51ft 8M 529 5!I 516 22 615 819 617 465 bU 457 422 IS 545 *70 545 522 447 430 448 440 560 a lit _TT 581 tf? 4n ft 4T* 4g 473 ff? ?4 43T 475 OT 478 439 477 ?5 478 438 479 433 480 . 412 SI ? ifll -r. 119 bonds 492 Worf?Tkooo boadatrarfftted Juowt. IWT?pay abU JejimsrT, !? , *t Btnk at Roahlip, iffir York. IkUrMt ytftbl? fa Jumry and J air. Forty In bonds of fl,*0 eaofe.luiMl t>f w*UontT of aa Mt to laoorporate tho WMtora >ortt ? ?-?- ? W4 ftopUDlIO. la Bond No. ftl Bond No. 151 61 102 S3 153 M 154 W 155 ? 1M # # I Bond No. 97 Bond No. 162 S IS 106 165 122 178 m 'Q? ?? a w a 124 192 125 193 1? m 127 195 128 196 179 197 180 198 129 199 130 *m> 137 -144 45 bonds * 146 Two bon4a far #1,000 ?*ob, dated April, ISft. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 Fifteen bond* for #1,000 eeok, dated Oetober, u?, .*: l'?yable at Bank of Repiftlio, Oonber, lbS7, vis: Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 HM 1193 1186 1194 1186 1196 1187 1190 1188 1197 1189 t 1190 16 bonds 1191 TmumumsU per cent. Coapon Road.. of ni.000 Mlh, of 1?Mof IMS ]M> In New York city, of tUelo. lowing cumbers, ud dated J*a? Bond No. 217 Bond No. 415 178 419 294 478 297 477 409 491 413 496 414 793 I ?? ? ? ad of the following cnmbera ieened Janaa.rr.164i; Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 1358 830 And of the following numbers lustd Jnniiarr.lMS: Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2655 21ip 2891 2133 2892 2581 3068 2605 3121 And of the following numberi leaned Jncnu-y, 1836. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3404 4208 3405 4209 3400 4210 4467 4211 3409 4212 *470 4213 3A71 4214 3473 4431 3758 4627 3894 4529 3941 4550 3942 4550 3043 466* 3944 4569 3945 45TO *946 4571 3935 4749 4199 4751 420C 4881 And of th? following numb?ri iua?d J&na&ry, 1ATT: Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 5.126 5359 5427 5860 5430 5361 5434 5362 5436 5368 * 5437 5364 5438 ? 5366 5439 5866 5440 5367 5441 5368 5442 5369 5453 3370 5444 5871 5445 5372 5452 m fawn a a 5374 6519 5876 5620 5376 5521 5377 5522 5378 5703 5379 5704 6380 5705 5881 5706 5385 5707 5388 5708 5387 5709 H?Qtt Itm ot iu 5389 5711 5390 5712 5391 5713 5392 6799 5393 6839 6410 6840 5417 5312 5413 Office op thi Skceitabt or tub Ixtkeiok, December 26, 1860. a 12 dtf J. THOMPSON, Secretary. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE BURNSIDK'8 MONONGAHELA RYK WHISKEY, Goaeoientionaly diatilled by Mr. Jamoe Bnroride. of Allegany Count*, Penna., ic the old-nstiionM honeat war, from the ohoiaeat and moat oarefuliy elected Rye, and in do oaae ever offered fc>r eafa until adaated to wholesome h* u< it n ? onoc the moit palatable, as it i? empi.atioaliy one of the purest beverages in the reaoh of the paMio. To the Invalid.aa well as to those in health, it oommenda itself for lU unrivalled qualities as a stimnlaijt of the safest. sur??t, and most benefoent (toseription. and many of the moit distinguished physioians are using it iD their praotioe with the a&ppiest results. CL.ERY * 8TOCKDALE, Proprietors, 328 Walnut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVf K, Agent for the Proprietors, 32ft Pa. a v., S? 9*-8m opposite Wiilarris' Hot?l. PURE OLD RYE WHISKY.-On hand severs brand* ol Para Old R?e Wbli ky? Copper Distilled, made by the moat reliable dittulera in Pennsylvania, Maryland aad Virginia, warranted rare. Also, Imported Krandies, Henneaay, Otard. P;pny * Co., Julea Robin*, Ac. Alao, Peach ana Apple Brandy, pare Holland Ola, old Jamaica ana St, Croix Rain, ar.d Winea of every variety, all of standard brand a. A ohoioe lot of C'?ara and 1obaooo. \TOUNG k. KEPHART, A*enU. a* 14-1 v Pa. a*.. Ketw. <* a \pa loth sts. s' ^aisrtnss r Jg^rARO^^C^|j &'A I'M NMqr i m gmttfoeimre* > Jb>^v j | C?" 4 0 at"r*,yf'? ruboitkt eldttt i .a*:h* (?>S '*r *r It'4* -/'*' /~?. TSp T 0 0 . / *r?, prtjsi'tii if X 7P{<!Z >W ? f"-*ctu m'j l, lixi. W" III ippaHf ZUitorA <r r ?5r' ill wf'** drjtnd up^n frtlincu pur, arlitttS z2d*z* A. *-. &?**?;tiu v^u frw?. ?< . O 5 5? ^ ^ Sf^ '* **< flnKfc WkV. Vl I? r*. ' f . fjk |V HMMiNi/a I ifilii fir* /'lytic mim ta\ ' 2,' ffj 'Qf. UU Cmom fe. <? Mml*cin+l y4 *M I ' > -fcoar.j:J 1*5 "I CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ju^nnmraiiiinv iBiwiniuiw hum niwiiha WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH IIIUAM S! NEW TORIL ins f 41 i rw VifliirArownRr VWW ??? " AUtiJlfU A V<* M9 * w ?.i? w>>n?ui> ? ???>!?? | a|^R1A^&7i04^ll%EH,5Mff? i 878 P?. tTMHK.iltheopTj pliMinOmoitf where sfcw^^sfe^CTfc? I Mn iu?n Iwnrtd la th? oitr tad G?ori?town. g?*ai*my v ~ i Wiry. dejn MISCELLANEOUS. Tn AiuuiiuTtoi or UMiuiv-Tkm l?? frovin? toadtotr 11 thia m* to appropriate tha rr*>?t worda ofu<hwjw % while to msoTwnto their intb o?t own;tkfa t*e tra'd Cephaic. which ia from the Greek, icuifying "for the ha*4," is now heeding popa'amen :n o*B*ecUoB VUh *f. EMieii^'a greM Ifeiu4<wie remedy; bog it will eooa be vied ib % nor* ??*ner?l j MW 4> -* r worn c?pn*4io win beoo?? u f"?0" M Kl*otroty^? aad many other whoa* iftinetioo m foreign word* Ua bees worm i*ir BnW tfc*T ee?M "natire abd te ' rtfly Realize. g1 'orribU W?eh? this afUrnooa, hu4 I l>* Mf?thecarl?e hand ?*yi hi to the T wB' I!C"-JV,b me 2/ "n "Do** it ha?k?,*rd." mii "HeiooadiMly,? n,a hi. and b^ob thM ? nr? mo a Cephalic hH btloJ pop me 'ooor it enred me *o quick that 1 *aralr realised 1 'a4 'ad an 'eartache. 7 ^ asas#. a; tssx. wjwks ~ which night otherwise HWDuon, Urt loo uu to b? rrmislitd; aad nk h<?,l,d .*7*' ^ ? ?> ?>* * H?3jowi nnj b? C'Utilfd Bcd?r two dum*, rii: Sr*nfU>mfctio and l.iiopaitaie. Symptomatic Head 1**??edimlf ??umi and fa the preooreor of a great variety of diae***a, anion( which are ?,?fiiX7S Ifweimatie* ud all jUn> dkeeaeee. In lta rerTOaa form it la e'mpatfeftte die ITTT-i. j7 **""" ounimiuni rtcn or hepatio dia^ae oonstttnting bilious kof wormft,oonatipation and other dipordara ofthe uovf.?1? 'M rata! and a ten na affections. ftawaw of the heart are rery freeaeot r attended witfc H?d Sfk.tuV """Vf a'd 'if**0.!* ?ra also aff>otiot? whioh frequently ooeasion headaoha. Idiopathic Headache is alao very uommoi, being usually diaMjf2 ofmtrrouj kfdack*, aowa timet oomtiji on *udd%n j ofuMrfDtW aonnd healtK and proatriting at onoe th/mautal unn tthvaiM _ . ??? r**j ?WW. ? uviikivr, BUU Iu UVUOI iaiwnOM 11 ooroea on slowly. he-aided by depression of epirita acerbity of temper, la most instances the pain ia in front of the head, over one or both eyee, and aometia.ea pr?vr>kinc vomiting, under this olaaa may a'so be named XtytrmXri*.. For the treatment of either olaaa of Headache the Puis have been found a sure and safe remedy, relieving the moat acute paina in a few minatee, and by its aubtle power eradicating the disease of whioh headache ia the unerring index. Runnn _M - ?- ? -ra>. vw a a ?WVUM JWl W ioOQ n?r K VOX of Cophalio Glue, no. abottieof Prepared Pill*,? but I'm thlokirg that's not just it Dauber; but per hap* ye'll be aflher knowing what it ia Ye see ah?'* nigh dead and cone with the Biok Bttduki Kid want* mnM more of that un? a* reiai ved her ifore. D~vgi\:t ? Yon muit mean Ppaldlni'a Cepha-tc Pill*. Bridg't ?Ooh' sure now and you're eed it, here'* the qua ther and giv me tbe Pill* and don't be all day about it aither. Cenatlpatlea er Cestlveaeee. No one of the "many ill* flesh i* heir to" la ao f?re\ alert, ao little understood, and so raaeh negso ted as Coati* <?f ec originating in o*f?Hssnee*. or sedentary habits; it ia retarded as a light disorder of too iule oonaequenoe to exoite anxiety, while in reality it 1* the precursor and oompanion of many of the m?*t f%t&! and dangeroea MMBi and nnleaa ?*rlw ?* ? bring the sufferer to an nn"inely grave. Among tbe lighter enla of which C<>ati veness is the usual attendant are Headache,Colio, Itheumati>m, Foul Hreath Piles, and other* of like natn re, while a long tram offri* htroi diaeaaeaauoh aa Malignant Fevers, Aboeaaea. Dysentery. Dyapeps.a, Diarrhea, ApoSlexy, Fjtiiepsv, Para'yaia, Hya'eria. Hypoobonnaaia.Melanonoly Insanity, first Indicate their presence in theayatemby thia alarmng symptom. Not unfre^nentiy tl-e diaeaaes i amed originate id Const.pation, but take on an independent exiat enoe uiileea the oaamia eradicated in an *arly atace. From all theae oon?iderationa it foJowa that tbe disorder ahould receive immediate attention whenever it oooura. and no eerkoo ahould neg.eot to get a box of Cephajie Pius on the first appearance of the oompiaiat, aa their timely one Till eip*i the inaianoua approaonea ol diaeaee and deatroy thia dang orona foe to tium&u life. A Rial Well, Mra. Jocea. how u that haadMrt. Jtmti.?Gone Doetor, all (one! the pill jov ftnt oured me in jtiat twenty imnntea.and 1 wiah yon would aend more ao that I oan have them bajly Pkiticia*.?You oan (et them at any Drnrgifta. Call for Cephalic Pilla, I find they never Tail, and 1 rcoownfrul thurn in *1! Mrs. Jams -TYiiTT end for a Ek3Eh%. and I hall te.: ail mj aulf#rinc friendi, for thay ar* araai bUssimt. _TwEJ?TT MiLUOR* Of DoLLili lliirm? bo*:uint ha* sold two nuflioni of bottle* of his oefeorated Prepared Oiu?and it i* eatimated that each bottl# aave* at le**t ten dollar* worth of broken furniture, thus making an aggregate <n twenty million* of dollar* reolaimed from total lo** by thi* * v-jable invention. Having marie bin Gtee a bonnehold word, he cow propose* to do tbe world atill creator service by curing all tbe aohing head* wijh ni? Cephaiio Fills, and if tiiey area* good a* his Olue. He&Uactbo* will soou vanish away nk* snow In July. frT Over kxcitkkint. and the mental care and anxiety incident to olose attention to tu* dmi or stcJy, ar* an>ong the numeron* mu*m of Nervou* Headaohe. The di*oHrred *tate of mind and Nod? WV VIII a Uiitil C6i JJg OUWDiJiini IS \ IllM biow to ail eu-rty and ambition. ?uff?wi by this disorder can always obtain *peedy re ief from th?*e dist'emi^K attack* t?y n*fnt or? of the Capital 10 FuU whenever the symptom* appear. It quiets the overtasked brain ai<d soothe* tr.e trained and jarring nerves, ard irlaxe* the tension of ths stomach which always aooomparies and at Kravates tbe disordered condition of the brain. 5acts worth KMowms.?9pa'idinc's CephaU# Is are a certeta ove for Bict Headache, iliaons Headache. Nervous Headaohc, Oosti veoees, and General Debilitr. Gkiat DiHomT.-Aponi tbe moat inport&nt of til the greet mMiotl diecoveriee of thu age m*j be oonaidered the iratem of vaccination for protec tioQ from Small Pox, tbe Cepn?ho Pill for relief of Head&ohe. n>d the dm of Oair ine for the prevention of Fevera, either of wliio)i la a rare apeoite, whose benefits vlil be experienced by a? Bering humanity .ong b.IUt their dieooverers are forgotten. IL/-1HD voe ever nsv#> th? Pick Hearfaohe? Do yo* remember the throbbing te^plea, the fevered rov. the loathing and di*g*rt at th? light of food* Hot totally unfit tod were for pl?a?ur*. aonveraatioo or ataav One of the Cepha io Pilla wou'.d have relieved too from all the rufferir.g which to* th?n experienced For thi* and other parpoeee you eh on id a! war* have a box of them on hand to nee aa oooaaion require#. m 7* Z CURE NervousHeadache Headache. By th? in of the** PUIa tb? pcnodUs tttaoki ot liervoui or SUM Hoadmek* may b? prevented; ud If taken at tbe commencement ot an attack lmme dial* relief from pain and sickness vill be obtained. They seldom ft.ll in removing the JV??mm and Htadadu to which females are eo subject. They aot gently upon the bowels,?reaortni CotFor LUorary Men, Studentt, Delicate Females, and all persons oi ssdcarary kabits, they are all valuable as a Lttxativ, improving the Mftftu, 11 ton* and ?tg er to the digestive organs, and restoring the natural elasticity and strength of the too.a yatem. bo CEPHALIC PI L8tn the rmlt of lone Investigation Hid oarefnlly ootid noted experiment*, having been in nee aur years, daring whioh time they bare prevented and relieved a rut amount of pain and Mffering from Headache, whether ongl nating in the asrveau system or from a d eras red state of the ttomack. They are entirely vegetable in their eomnoaiti.-m. ami may b? taken at all Un?M witk perfect safety without nakinx any oh&nge of dirt, mmd tk* *b unct *f my dU+trMmkU ta*t* rmuUn it msy I* nbnwutir Ui?i M UtUrM. BEWARE OP COUNTEBFBIT8! Thi iMaine have five aigaatareaol Banrt O. 8f l?1im on aaok Bos. Botd by Dr*c(lata and all oCkar Deafer* la IW1 ? - A Box will b* Mat br mail prap*id ob m>mftai tk* PRICK, flf CKNTS. AU ordwi thotM b? iddrMMd to HKNRY C. SPALDINS. H?4Avlr' It (W?f IWM. Nnr Yor|. t ^ ? ? 1 MKD10IN88. i |* mamwii, MJ BurwuM i<oce Hoariyik H? JMfwmtrtd ui mm (Vim, spfdf.mmd Mft**mi K*m,4, %m U, W*rU, * **? * i?m nt IMPI [ DKNCK. r V* AUAJ invbiMiiv ? LET NO FALSE DELICACY FRETENT. APPLY IMMKD ATKM . A CERE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAMOE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DA T3 W Hkim ?f Ui lut, *BW<?w A f*? ih< vftfc* &?* ? u< lltltu, unlMiiiy PiwkUfN, lnt*;iK;, *?>|nl >?MtKy. Btniii ??, W?M>-OWItoMa WMui, h fiu.i* Wdiliut. ft*"" ?f ttflw w [ItNaM #??* ? <, T*r?i Mm* i ttn, llHuiwrfUt ktoxi, ItMuit ? bvttoU?m Timkli l>.w<l?n Ituu4 fr?r ?'' ?*? l<Hli * DraarffaJ DHmrgt Pr?iwfcMfc tar Mcrruf rayackli. m4 <mt*r tMi ?.'? u( MM TOIMMU rta kiti mcmi u* >m?m ?f ?. t ??T T>*S till drttdfBi u0 4NMtu*t ki?:l wkif* U?MM( ta a kumtlT jnn tkN?irfi ?f 1 ? >( M?i< rfiM m?\ ?? tiW< Iwa ?4 ?ri:]?B MMiUil. *t< miflt; ?U?i?m MtlUlt< l>NIMFfl?HIN V>tt UtUMMn / lll??HI M ** 4 u twin Ik* un?c I?r?, m*y Mi ntl fab toll. UUUI1 lillin fuiom n Tm>| i*uafMla| )? * !?( twtrt ?t fifm**! tMlltu Hftili ffMMt*, IMMM, . p??? T M *W pUc kfeutir u4tf tk? um af Pt. J. m*r MtHl M u kmm <* fMtitau U< tmlimhf " I p*> Ms akiU u k arnci ? t annw ruDiucimiar. Uft bu< U4l fwaf <r*m ItlUMfi i C?mr% r*M lk? MfMl All Ml U itNri M*l u( llkktl. kMMN wN p?M u4?nWi i Huir urn. joiHtroi, M? >!?? ( U? ll|?l C*U?g* > nlw. MtiMH IM M ?f IM MM IBlMII MllfM la U? Vthtl Imu'i u4 III (Nttii part rf ?lm? UN ku k?i> i^i M |M kmMila ( Uaiw. Puh, riUiltli'ii ?< ! ?* >?? , fea* af? Ntu4 m??? ?f tM Mcl uwnut c| citH Uti wtr* r??l Imvi; mmmj UmMM vW rtaftag la lk< Im< k4 mm Vfcaa ulMi: tml aerreeaaeM. ?> - f aicra*4 M it?w - ? * _<k ^ k.? ?' - - ... y?? *?nra?raOT wit? m vimdihj, suvsav* mmm * Mbm vM lilufiant ?f Ml. *?r? mil laMllMit*. Ttll PABTtCVkAm ROTICB. Ttrnmg Hm u< aUan ?b? k??? n>)m< nibml'm ky nun pnttHi Mil|?4 It.vkN tlwi a tak-i >mh?i f lMrc?d (Vwe *rU inpumt, ? >l HM. -k( %f%tu vklU ui hk ?k? wh^, K m<?n nmift InfMiklt, ut 4mi?p Ml Mt< h4 iffly TMM art HIM M 111 MS IM HIIUIINMM fcf till; h??tu ?t j?uill ?i? I Vi'lnm ?f Ifct Am! >4 Imkt, nlM in Om Im4, thaaiM ?f Ii(<ilLwi W Hwilu P*w*r. Palpiuu*. ?f iM ?. IrriUfc'tttf,D(ru(tnaiWiJH DtfrtrulMi, mm>> PtWhf, ippm fCMtU.ftMr. . it. HXNTiLLT.-TM btrfi; >(icu m Ui ui biU m k* dmiid-Uu *f Miiwf.. 'MniK iTMhi, |t??rini? f pxnu. B*it I'srh^iuf*, ItiMrwt, ItJIudl.TiBiiit;, iu.,ui m.ii rf Ui t?lU IUTON DUlklTT-n*?u*ii tu > < *tf% vfcu la U? < af tkair tadik, taau.a tkaw Ml?int Mt.ptl?.tttTNIU< k*'W| IMfVlU IfflUMM IMil U>? i;m. CMf tl M 7l?p(Mlt if MWIBflK* Dl?K.A?U OP IMFMUDKKCB. Vkn tka nu|(idi< i*4 infn4mt ?at*ry W p lata ka kM la^kll tka aa*<1( af thM pajafai dMut, it w rfln ktffwi ikat u ill-t> mat Huii af ikuil h draa <t ' tfauttif <tun hia tim apptainf la ifcaaa fr MtMim in raapactabtUty, tu alana bilhtol htm. fella lata ua kanda a( ifnara/ii aad daaifntnf praiandara, vka, tela af einu. Ilak Ua pacantax? aaWaM. kaap km i?>tt?g aM*lk tlur Math, at aa laaf aa tka aitiallaai faa tu ka aa taisad, u4 ia 4ii|>if laara kin wrfk utail kaaltft ta atffe *nr ?jiiihi umpfimiMiit; M ?y ia? IM I pww, Mtrci^. kuua Ul lymMMii tt Ik* lUnMi dituM, rack u Aff*c*.i? tfc* lurt Thraai, Urn*, kin.**.. p-r?cf wilt) friftufki i*|*4lly, nil ftf a MINI U kn drtadfW ilftnui ?y **nC<c( Ma I* tkai iiMtMrid craouy fr*a ttMMiM m in*?l?i mim ML J0U>0H1&BMEDY ru* >R A AKiC. ? CAUIM A?P iMPOTICfrT. By IkU (N'.l U< tmkvrtakt rtntiv vtutni ?f Ik* >i(ui w* *p**dily ckrtd ki?d fail ?tf*t >*>m**4. TkM?i<irfit* Ml Dinmirl ??klllwi*4, *u M* I Ml til Mp?, M?? Mm tMMdUuij rtu???4 All utpt iiiucu li Htnfifl. n^lw! u Muu DInhIV mumi, Um ' rrMMijTi P???r, Rirou IrttuMllty fNBMmrui W*?k?Mi ?r t:kiu?M ' tM Ml fmw1 kt>4 (uiit. nwuiMHT or ras nut TBS MAW V TBUeiAMKi car?d ll|k? miuiMi wt+m III lut H'lMiit (Mil. cad U* tBiimi infNtul ImtMl (piriUKi firltmH M Di Mdm, w.u>?m?4 uM nwntn ?f (It ptput ui Mi; ?Mt Mnwi, r.*daa? ?f viiU M*t tHMltd i|ui ui i(?li Mnta tM pbli?, MiMm Mmiili( u > fwUiBti rf ikiniui ud riiMMt Ultf, M a itltlMi puuui u iki tlltui |u B-lf JU OY FOR THtSICK AND BUrWtlW. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED read: APPLY THK REMEDY REJOICE fx HEALTH. FrifrLO. do yim ?u9er' Are you Uip riotlm of ?*y of thoae n?m?'on* u'.mftu which ma* troa Ik- ^ aunty of the biood.' What are th?r. do yon uk t Ktlber uk,*hU&r* they not f The blood la the ? aouroe of iiie ud > e?!tn. aca it l* the ftrat atement of oar betnx to reajoad to Any cauae whioh *iTeota ( ta* ay stem, as the lufa.abij atteata The ever ftrAmlinx rV?nr* na tha ? - -- -- i- ? D*hijity, Dy r*M>?- Lirer Oonijla.nt with .ta tpffor * dejection, ud the naroberJeee ille tr.ftt floaulIs he:r to. dwire their hHJeoo^nciB fromu.t b.ood, D<*J Mwf'j theaasd tentjy with the f..o<vi. Uay the Titelisiuc reeouroea of aatnre for ita aid. mgt f affer aa to pommend to yo*r ooufideaoa and e that truly valuable cedtcament koon aa mks. m. cors iynij.n tkvktj.blk dkcqctjoff. With regard to tliis almost iafa.lihie ceeoifie Dialar MpUment ha* awoken la decided Win. < the erideeoee of thia %reat eflolcr are an* t&innH h? imr.afattt ?*Awa - - - a ? ^ v*vv?iB Vi HfcfclWV niocw ?CQ Ui" . appieet rp?u!ta from iu aae ^re af'?" ar other removliM and the b?e? medioa! akin bar* failed. Let on n;, in eoyiclnaion, that oertif>cat*-< our** ar? not aoagbt from the illiterate mm nw> ficial, but they are olurteered from the mow raspec table aoaroea and jn?tity th* hicheet tf>raa ia which it ia poaaible to curmfnii ao ralaahie a RM>oitc to paoiio approval. We may aJd a.'so thai the carat ire prop?ri;eeo?the are equalled only by ita reetorative efi*o?e, the eyeUm rwomlnx from flieeaae with renewed oot-fitut ouai rieor. For aa> l>? all reepeotahie Drarciata in feia oity, and by tnaproprietor, MKS. M COX, None renaine an>e? her cameia b.own oa the bott.e and her aeal on th<? oork YTT Pr .ce #1 per bottle, aix hvttlea for Ah. w\c''>*U Atmt. it. . T. CI^SEL. Dndfal. 6Anr(*t?wr. u C.. \N ho'.eaala Atrent for the Die IriM ftnH wi 11 *" J" ' - ? ?? \n HW? ? ail fnooi. ao 18-tr DR. J. bovkf. DODV IMPERIAL WIXM BITTERS, * Ar? now boini mod from Mum to the 6imi Sn Lake, ul u? uivr;nl vordiot of ?l! who mm th?m cither U % or m a tmrnfi. .? tbM Uoy aro unrMx?: ... the world. DrToodi urcd 2Ti'S^caT5fraVlUl Ior? y?*r? before J weif ore. a-, ad of kiia tk# ao.a rirht to max.ufacture udpremt ikaa for it to tie tabne. For tte eireof CornuajBlJcn, ln"<ree?ion, Dya*rT*M Com ? " reeasriBf a toue, t;?*r? are beyond 4omb? a moat iETxIaaaie remedy. And* tM their madleiiuki ?io>e:?.;ea they are a yin, *mT ? eonie ud deTTgntiti jjeTtxage, erotic . r a.Ttfce exhlJ^jn* rtf^U*oVrBr*a<ly or v?S2 without their lsjayioai remits. \j*X frieixW of numaiutr aad mi kItcmm of teeieerance ratal ?? in aabatittinr tiiaae T*ia&t:a Vegetable B.ttsra for tha (u*rti and aAftim tint l ? with wtuoh the ?oxLntrr la flooded. and thereby aid in btmitui* DiwmJ DrcakeiMM Wawnntton, D. C. mthiJV&'jSMu, For Dimmm of the Kidney a. Bladder ?tc Vnmrr Orjac?. aad Mpw.t'y for Female Obstruction*, nerer fell to oar*. and an warranted to fire aaU* ?ST? i.p.M wmmriBi n *. on Kmm rVmSSZiyXV?k. (: * CJ#PATCMI ^ v ^\ l\y;T3m tbj_Piceci! la in<,'*'i mill kmpmm. tmm 4m wli-r iMilbi It ( i-J?wu *- ? irixDine'i rupAiuo ein ^ wte ail *och naarxeaojea. and no hoesebold *** fcffofdto b? without it. It taSwar.S3fi?l M to??,r pyoklL? *>*?> TWtta po longer a nJ fifer for nmpint chair*, f^ar trrwT**oo?ra, hrmtlow vlth oI reftcci*icut a&d tute. " , r"rr~r~ yalo*Li0 ?u it.o# of tb? b??t ofNW uterrtlw. 4 im t^e^ylsoe of ordinary MWp> " V8KFVL IN MTSAT HOWSM.? ~,b Wit. WX?U?U No. 48 Cedar aCrset, Nrw YwK BBHVV n ma* ' Bm WaVJtSi, fcgho* Otrd *ooo?p*iiiia? tut ??** ,?p tivst.JL UftSJWJ?it wily to rr%fj homnekuld.^Jl WE.%3 & KSSSSI !ssar>.?a.?a ik-irTm. It wi1! lUudwu cU?Mtt* fp IPt 12,000 on, tpru.f atooc. (iirt ut otl: tt th* "- ??^CTfafte?; "W,T w a PArmon. Am. - _ fl

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