Newspaper of Evening Star, January 22, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 22, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVEMliSG STAR. TKT timvfTTAV /MTV. J Kted?, and regards their continued connection u with the Northtrn States aa fatal to their Interests ni and destructive to their property The K'jubliran arguea the fkllacy of the ? - ^ sumption that divisions of the Union must be by ^ State lines, and says, if Virginia goes out cf the Faloa and Maryland remains in It, Virginia will be compelled to give up her territory east of the ' Chesapeake, and so much of It as will give Mary- " land the secure enjoyment of her railroad ap- js ? Ju proachea to tbe Ohio river on tbe west ? fD^ Cor. CuMln. of Pennsylvania, Immediately after bit Inauguration wrote a letter to Governor hick*, of Maryland, In which be expreasea hl? ta admiration of the resolution of Oorernor Hicks to rr maintain tbe lawa, and promtsea bit hearty co- o: operation in all undertaklnga towards preaerrlng ? tbe Union. Hon. R M Palmer, Hon. Gideon J. n Ball, and Morton McMtchael, K*q , were ap- tl pointed by Gor Curtln to wait npon Got. Hicks to confer upon tbe varlona topics of the day. and c to explain lb* frrlingt of the citlzena of Peunayl- ? vuli in relation to toe sectional oincoiun. ? Gov. Hick* replied in a short letter, In which he & state* that the people ot Maryland are Union- t, loving and law-abiding, and guaranties the main- j, tenance of the Constitution and the lawi as far as ti It Is In the power of Maryland to preserve tbem. ? Cost mission kks raox Ohio to thi Bokdxk tl SfATi*.?In the Ohio House of Representatives) F on.Thursday last, Mr. Wright,.of Hamilton, In- ^ troduced a crisis rreamble and resointions, au thorlzing tbe Governor, with tbe conourrence of tbe Senate, to appoint commissi oners from Ohio, to proceed Immediately to the Capitals of Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia, Maryland and Tennessee, to confer with the respective Executive authorities and Legislatures of those States, dpon the condition of tbe country, and endeavor to persuade them from meeting current attempts to dissolve tbe Union It was laid over for discussion. ([7 We learn from Sprlngfled, Illinois, that Mr. Kelloge, member of Congress rroin that state. ' has arrived there on a minion to tbe President elect to obtain a definite and authoritative announcement from Mr Lincoln with regard to the compromise propositions in Congress. On the result of this is stated, will depend the future coarse cf Republicans In Congress. A dispatch from St. Louis e^pres^es tbe opinion that the Republicans, with Mr. Lincoln's sanction, will propose the holding of a National Convention and the restoration of the Missouri line to California. \rr Mississippi goes out of tbe Union with j more convenience than South Carolina. The terms she n. tkes are capital, she haa no port of entry, and therefore cannot come Into collision ] with the Government In the matter of revenufe collection; and as to the other point difficulty, | the poet office system, her Convention has pro* vlned that no change shall be made, and permits the United States to pay the expenses of ita maintenance Alabama ?We learn from the Montgomery papers that the minority of the committee which reported the secession ordinance made a counter report, which waa rejected by a vote of 46 to 54, and tbat tbe vote on the question of submitting tbe action of tbe Coavention to a vote of tbe people stood 4? to 53. Tbe secession ordinance eventually passed by a vote of 01 to 39 Telegraphic accounts state tbat it baa not yet been signed JETTbe chap who writes Charleston letters to the New York Tnbmut from tbe corner of Nassau i and Spruce streets, New York city, makes some terrible blunders oocaaionally. Thus he let his Imagination loose tbe other day in deecription of the balmy spring atmosphere there at a date when Charleston was suffering some of the most disagreeable we*ther known for years A bad guess, Indeed! IfT Tbe Georgia Convention have adopted an explanatory preamble to their Ordinance of 8e craioo, mna, toua imcnofo, 11 DU Ufen Signed Oy nearly all the memb*ra, including Hon. A. H tftepbena, ti-Govcrnor Johuson^and others The Georgia deitgatet are expected to withdraw from Congress to-day. CT Wendell Phillips, the Abolitionist, delivered a speech at Boston on Sunday, In which he denounced Senator Seward, declared himself for disunion, and expressed the hope that all the lave States would leave the Union. His rhier argument was tbatdiaunlon wai dcairable b cause It would abolish slavery. From the publishers and from French * Rlcbstein, of '.bis aity, we have the " Tribune Almanac" for 1861, a publication usually relied upon as authoritative in all matters of political statistics. Oi^The Alabama Convention bas appointed delegates to the Southern Congress Mr. Yancey declined election as a delegate. The Convention bas passed an ordinance appropriating three million of dollars for the defence of the State. IXT" We have received that indispensible for all Waahlngtonlana, the Congressional Directory for v * this PMlon, cart fully prepared aa usual by the Postmaster of the House of Repreaentativea. [?T The Asia brought out a mlillouand a half apocie, making up about ten millions received from Europe since the panic aet In. |i ?s=r? Chief Engineer Eliridge I.awton, U. 8. Navy, one of the officers iu charge of the Penaacola Navy Yard at the time of its surrender by Captain Armstrong, arrived in this city last evening from Penaacola, Fla., and la stopping at Kirkwoods'. Capt W. H. Gardner, U.S. N ; Hon. D M Baninger, N. C4 Na'h. Marsh, Receiver of N.Y. L'oU Dail.^1. W r! OA -n >v * ?? . uormi irrrt DtlUIDOrt and Ohio Railroad) and family; Hon. E Corning, Pre* N Y Central Railroad; P. M Felton, Pre*. Philadelphia, Wilmington and Bait. Railroad: Doan Richmond. NY; Hon. C. Vtbbard, N Y ; J. Edpar Thomson, Pres. Pa. Central Railroad, art at Wlliarda'. Post Pickssb.?Thia fort, near Penaacola, and now In tiuaaisa ion of the United States troops, to th? lumber of betweon 400 and 300, wu dFiignM to mount 212 (tuna, and la an immensely strong position, and commands the entire harbor. The Penaacola Observer says If we are to have war, the seizure of this stronghold Is of course, of the first importance, for unless It is orcupled by os it will secure to the enemy a baas of operationa along oar whole gulf coast, and keep open a road right into the heart of the South, which cannot be obstructed by anv fixed fortifications. One* within the gates of the harbor, and ? army could be disembarked at any point on the lmy which it might select. Iteould runnpbevood tbs feacambia river, and land manv hnnra , of lay opposing force which might be at Pen?acola. Deride placing a wide river between It and the latter?or even Two rivers, the Escambia and Blackwster?by going far enough, up Hence, with a start of at least forty-eight hours, it could inarch into interior Alabama An enemy holding Fort Pickens could rendezvous a naval force there aad keep up a blockade of all the ports of the ports of the Gulf, unless we could meet It on the **' The Positios or Xiitun ?A committee of membera,of the i*?ns of Temperance from BaltiTuore, who vlafted w ashtngton on Saturday in connection wnn buMMM of the Order, called In I body on tbe President to piy their respect*. On | IcsmlsK that they were f'om Baltimore they were greeted with *rent cordiality, and the President spoke with warm commendation of tbe pstrlotlsm evinced by ths citizens of Maryland In the present nitrating crisis He also highly commended ths unswerving devotion of Gov. Hicks to the Lnlon. nnd expressed his decided approval of the course he has pursued, thus 44 erecting Maryland as n f breakwater to the waves of disunion that were breaking over tbe Southern !<iaim ?? " - . view wm a meat pleasing one to all parties ronrerned, the rresident expressing tbe bope tbat tt* I'd1.on would yet be preserved ?Bait, imiticu. H71 The ladjes of Charleston bvt sent a Caro? it no flaj to bendquarters. with tbe following note "Fr*m lit Ladies s/ CkmrUltm to tk4 UiniHtr I if ITuf, ik* Han. D. f. Jami'soo: Tbls flag was ?ids ex presaljr by them to bo oponed for (bo Aral ?*%?# H-- A ff.SY S CO JIOR KS9ION/kIi? 'will.?At tbe clow of our report yesterday? _ On motion of Mr Sewaid, tbe Mil for l&e id- ^ iMion of Kan waa taken up. u? Pi??K ?hmmiI ih* imrndmrnt offered bv ?v m on Saturday, *<><1 urged ita passage up?n the rani It tee. [ This amendment provides tbat all _ e lawa of the United States Mi locallv Inappli- Q, bio. shall have the same force and effect as to y otber State, and also that tbe State shall bo de Into a Judicial district, with a district court Tr itb like powers as that of Minnesota 1 The question being put on the adoption of the ^ aendcneut, the yeaa were 99, nays 38. So the jE riendment was adopted oj The bill was tben taken from the committee id reported to the Senate, snd put upon Its pas- s, ge, and passed by the following vote?veas 36, tj iys 1?. ? Tbe resolutions of Mr. Crittenden were then 1 ought up before tbe Senate, and after a pro- j acted debate (no action having been b d upon f, ailinnrnMl Hoc*s ?After our reporter left? f< Mr. Colfax Introduced a bill which proposes to d itborize the Postmaster General to discontinue a le postal service In tbe seceding Statfs where the p deration* of the portal law with reference to ex- i ting contracts, Ac., are interfered with. Re- 6 rred to the Committee on Post Ofllce and Post b oads. Mr. Enfllsh offered a resolution to the effect li tat in the present alarming condition cf the t >untry it was the imperative duty of Congress to a ike immediate steps for preserving peace snd a laintatnlnor th* I'nlon hv rpinovincr nil ranipfl r f actional differences. And to that end Conreaa believes the Crittenden resolutions would e a just and honorable compromise, Involving o sacrifice of principle from any party. And iat the Committee of Thirty-three be instructed > report without delay the necessary measures to arry those resolutions into effect. % On motion of Mr. English, a vote whs taken pon seconding tbe demand for tbe previous qu> son upon his resolutions?resulting yeas C7, nays Mr. Morris offered a resolution to the effect that be Committee on the Judiciary be Instructed to naulre into the propriety of amending the neuralltv law so as to prevent persons in one State rom fitting out military expeditions to aid perons in other states when thsy had declared bemaelves out of the Union, and to occupy a lositlon outside of the rightful authority of tbe I I * 1 O ?? ? ? n J a _ 11 it i iwi oi (of tniHM aiaie*. nrierrru iu lue jimi- i lary Committee. t Mr Corwln tben took the floor, and addressed l he House In a lengthy speech. He referred to 1 he difficulties of 1?3^ In which South Carolina 1 ook such a prominent part, and denied the right < >f any State to absolve their allegiance to the i 'ederal Government upon any plea which they nay be pleased to get up. He denied that repute I icans bad any intention to excite insurrection, or i o make war upon southern institutions, and said 1 bat any man who by any means aought to stir up i niurrrciion, ?n <uiu nnu wouia ut wiicu ana Hinished. He referred them to tbe vast uncultivated but fertile fields of Texas a* being more errltory than they could take up with tnelr slaves n many years. Mr. Milison, representing the minority of the :ommittee, then ootained the floor, and in a short peecb deprecated tbe sectional strife now raging, md said that Virginia would stand by Conslitu- 1 ion and tbe laws. He hoped that after these d'.f- j Iculties bad passed away, the historian writing he history of these times, would look back upon hem as the era when first commenced the real lappiness and glory of the Republic. , Tne House tben adjourned. TrKSDkv.Jannarv 21 Sisat* ?Mr. Seward presented a memorial >om soldiers of tbe war of 181*2, praying pensions. Referred Also, a memorial of 74(5 citizens of New York, praying peace and the maintenance of the Union; ikewise, a similar memorial of 18,000 citizens of Sew York city. Mr Saulsbury presented resolutions of tbe L?gislature of Delaware, in favor of the Crittenien amendment. Laid on tbe table, and ordered to be printed Tbe Yice President said that no minute of the withdrawal of certain Senators from the Senate HinAirait An (vi* i r.n?n?l v* ? ? wu ?? ^UUIIIBI *Vt lut ICWII luai liu paper in relation to tbe question bad been submitted to tbe Senate He asked tbe instructions of tbe Senate In regard to tbe matter. Mr. Fitch thought It could occasion no practU ?1 difficulty The chairman of tbe committee rould report tbe ab**nce of these Senators, and bave their places filled as for vacancy Mr. Douglas thought that the Senators were no longer members of toe Senate. Whatever might be the right of a State to secede, tbe right of Senators to withdraw was undoubted. Mr. Wilson thought that these gentlemen were (till members of the Senate Mr benjamin said that tbe Journal of the Senate should be a faithful transcript of its proceedlass. Certain proceedings in open session vnicr. day were act recorded on tbe Journal. He moved, theref re, to correct tbe Journal In that particular. Mr Seward thought that the record of tbeae Koceedinga waa mora honored in tbe breach an in the observance. He hoped that their seat* would be left vrcant, that they might resume tbem in their own good time. Mr Fenerden thought tbe Senatora had re igned. Mr Hunter did not believe the Senatora bad resigned. Tbey had withdrawn because they believed tbey bad no longer a right to alt here Mr. Douglaa moved to amend Mr. Benjamin's motion. Mr Seward moved to lav on the table The debate was continued by Messrs Muon, Hunter. Douglas, and Benjamin. Mr. Seward's motion *? agreed to. Bouse ?After the transaction cf some routine boalntrM? Mr. Whitely asked leave to present a memorial from tbe citizens of Delaware praying tbe adoption of tbe Crittenden resolutions; referred to tbe Committee of Five Mr. Harris, of Md , asked leave to present a memorial ilctifd hv 17 nf ki? ? ?* ? - w --p? ? J mw !? " ? * ?" W? ui? C?f* O praying'be adoption of the propositions of the border Stale committee; laid on the table. Mr. Hludm&n offered an amendment to tbe report of the Committee of Thirty-three He did t?ot approve of either the Crltteuden resolutions or the propositions of tbe Border State Committee. Objection being made, the amendment waa not received. Mr. Colf?x reported back from 1 be Committee on Holt Otflcca and 1'oat Roada tbe bill offered by him on yesterday, in relation to the poatal service In South Carolina, and moved that It be put upon its parang* Mr Branch offered an amendment, providing for tne suspension of all Federal lawa In the States that have weeded from tbe Union, (aud tboae tbat shall accede in tbe meantime,) until the lat of January, Ibfti Not received. Mr Stevena, of Pa , ottered an amendment, empowering tbe Preaident to auapend all lawa relative to aoutbern porta of entry, and providing tbat all veaa'la entering tboae porta may be aeized and the partiea entering tried at any dtatrict court la tbe United States; tbe veaael and cargo to be equally divided between tbe captora and tbe Federal Government. Not received Mr. Sherman moved that tbe bill ottered by Mr Colfax be postponed until one week from om 1 uarnayi a^TRO to. Mr. Colfax reported from tbe Committee on Post Office* and Pott Roads, a bill establishing additional mail service in Washington Territory; passed. Mr. HInghana took the floor, and proceeded to address the Hoase upon the seizure of Federal property in seceding States. .siy ?^s w iathkk?The following report of tb? wrmviicr iot iqp morning ia maar from u?e Arner lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the tfmlthacalan Inatltutlon. Tie time of observation ) about 7 o'clock. Jaxcart 22,1861 Burlington, Vt clear, 12?. New York, N. Y clear, cold. Philadelphia, Pa clear, cold. Washington, D. C clear, wind N \V Richmond, Va. clear, 32? Pnt?Tmbarg, Va. clvar., cold. Norfolk, Va clear, 45?. Raleigh, N. C ..clear, 4U?. Wilmington, N.C ..raining, Columbia, ?. C cloudy, cold. Charleston, 8. C...# raining. Augusta. Ga. ......cloudy. Savannan, Ua. raining. Ma. * on, a. ............... cloud y. i Colambus, 6a clear. Montgomery, Ala. clear, Dleaaant. gampey, Ala cloudy. barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (cor rected for temperature,) 30.322; at noon, 30,547 Thermometer at 7 a.m., 44'; at noon, 31?. Maximum during 21 hour*, ending ta m today, 40x ; minimum 21^*. Balsam or Wild Cbibet.?In our column* this week appears an advertisement of Wlstar's BalMm of Wild Cherry. If It really be a superior article, and there Is much reason to think so, the prejudice in many cases just against Patent Medicines should not effect II; aad the proprietors of the medicine bring before the public good evidence of its beneficial effect, from some of our IliOSt res Dec table and rallahl* ?K? >?? Ions used the article J do Wella Simpson. Esq , of this Tillage, to whom reference? ?u allowed to m made To the adrertlaement of the Balaton, at tike rrqurat of the proprietor*, authorize* as to say ^i( be bas used the Balsam In his fsmily for the M ten years, and baa found It, from his experience, to be very valuable remedy for coughs and colds. A trial ml^ht satisfy many of Its beneficial efltcts?l.awrtnetrillt Herald, Afejr 18, 1840. Missim Vbssbl ?Theschooner Emms Shorter, which sailed from tbls port on the *Md December lsst, for Alexsndrla, has not been hesrd ol ?Norfolk Argut fTTTbe Massachusetts Arms Cmnnanv'i mm. llojmmt Lo* 940,000. and insured for $30,000 . i U; ?*:w > v/j* ,'.f. 1 # Frees California, by the P*>y Exprtw. j Owing to the depth of the anew on nearly the ! bole route, the poor eipreae waa near two dara m< ihlndtlme. job Pan Frahcisco. Jan. 5 ?'The proclamation of of e Preaident. setting apart yesterday for a day of i on imlllation, fasting and prayer, only reached tbls to ?m #?? ?MUiH& as th? Hftv immad_ "v?t I rn >ently bat littla preparation was made for its G< leer ranee. The Castora Houae, Post Ofcce, and by her public otter*, were closed, and the courts tt> trained from business The latest accounts from Sacramcnto represent Pi ie city ss crowded with politician*of all grades, pe > anticipation of the meeting of the Legislatare s< i the 7th. Gov. Denver seems to have the most w osiilve support for the Senatorsblp; but it Is th a ted thst there are friends of the late Senator fo rodertck among the Douglas members, who will re >are no rffort to defeat Gov. Denver. cc Mrs Kitty Gerkin w&? murdered at her real- ei ence in Sacramento, this morning, it IssupdcucI tb ?r her monev t* The annual statistics of the Stat^ are prepared >r publication, and show remarkable prog res* S uring the fiscal year : 30.700 p^awni;ers arrived t San Franclaco and 14,100 departed?a gain of ti opulation by Immigration seaward of 16.000. 3 'he ?atima!ed overland Immigration ia 50.(4)0 to w 0,000.?being small on account of the Indian t! oetilitles The gold export falls off several mllllona from f< ist year, but thia deficiency is compensated by p he generslly Increased exports cf the State. The p .mount of treasure from the mines fully equals jiy other year. The value of tbe principal State S >roaucis exporiea irom ??n rrancisro in ir-ttu is it follows:?Barley. 9150,000; bread, 9280,000; d lib. 948,000; flour, 9649,000; furs, 915 tM<0; gold, ?< M?,325.000; hides, <900,000; lumber. 991,000; oats, tl 1120,000; potatoes, 929,000; quicksilver, 93*20,000; ? kins, 929,000; silver ore, 9<lo 000; tallow. 956.000; s; ?'heat, 91,654.000; wine, 930.000; wool. 9392.000. c. I'he total exports of the State, ctber thin gold, S ire valued at 96.732 000, against 95.533,000 In 1859, and 94.78'),000 In 1858. d San Francisco was thrown Into a state of unusual o xcitement on New Year's day, by the killing of t! *amuel L. Newell, editor of the Democratic Slg- li iai, 01 t'iacer county, oy Horace smltb, a lawyer * if considerable position In same county Newell 1 is charged with having slandered Smith's wife, which so incensed hlin that be followed his hi- 1 tended victim to San Francisco In company with ( Ills wife's brother, who is the somewhat-not-d t Indue Hardy. Newell was stabbed several times c By Smith. so that he died in a few-minutes, with- ^ >ut making any resistance. Smith was formerly f Mayor of Sacramento. He baa given himself up t to the authorities, and is now in jail. Newell was formerly a compositor in the office of the Phila- c lelphla Inquirer, and prior to that lived In Baltl- > more t Another tragic affair occnred in Sacramento on < iKo in mo /I air A r??> rs a n n? m<j<l Pom ()(?* nsn P uv t - n | ; i ?vn nuiiitu "VIU i/iriiiny, who had just r'turned from tbe Washoe mines, jpcaine suspicious that one Win. II. Cassidy had (educed his wife during his absence, and at unce irined himself to kill her and her supposed teducer Meeting Cassidy in the street, lie commenced tiring. The Hist snot h't Dr J R Boyce. kit old and highly respected citizen, inflicting a wound which will probablv prove mortal Dierlay con lnued to Are upon Cassidv. who retreated ind escaped unhurt, after being chased a distance jf three blocks and repeatedly flred at by his Infuriated assailant. Diernay was arrested and lodged in jail. Yaxkbk Poodlb.?The Mobile Register says: That tune (Yankee Doodle) was always a musical abomination, unworthy of a place In tbe national .......... U'- !.*?? . l.M.J ? -I ? rr^'oii/trc. ?? c ua?c ?r?ti ucoiu i% siuur wr were b boy, on any public occaiion. without Indignation We never could get on our feet when we have s?en audience* at theatre* and elsewhere rise to it It ?aa ever a cold bath to every throb of patriotic emotion, ever made our flesh creep and our soul sink into the bottom of our boots?not on Bcconnt of it* name, " Yankee Doodle," but because it is a mean, sneaking, belittling, contemptible tune If we were on the eve of battle and were at all doubtful whether to stand or fly, we believe thesourd of that abomlnablestraln would decide the question, and we should take to our ' heels. The Delaware and Maryland Railroad ? This moat important adjunct of the Delaware and the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad, ) proceeding with unexampled rapid- . lty, under charge of Wm H Dilwortu, the chief engineer. In a letter just received from blm, dated Kenton, Delaware he slate* that the termini of the road are Smyrna, Del . and Greensboronzh, Md. Five miles of the track, extending from Smyrna station to Kenton, a little village in Kent county, are already laid and ballasted, and now ready for the cars A constant force of about 1 twenty-five men are carrying it forward at an average rate of one mile per vreuk.?Phtladtlpkiu Press, Jan. 17. VimoiKia ?Some apprehension is entertained lest snap judgment should he taken on Virginia. Thu flArtlnn fnr A*\mcntM ?a h?r ? i ordered for the 4th o?Februarv. and the meeting fixed for tbe 15th. It 1a doubted whether the nerewary notice can be served in remote counties, with Irregular and nnfrequent mailt, and where the Union feeling it strongeit, in time to call out a full expreaaion of tbe popular tentlment. Tbe Seceaaionlata live in towna, and along llnea of railroad,and can readily concentrate their atrength It wat more than a month after the Preaidential election before tbe returnt of aeveral distant countlet could be received, which decided tbe political complexion of the State. Saved *t Hoora ?While a little girl, five rears old, daughter of William Baker, of Mitchell, VC?-? tk. v..i J n->- ? .. v?., ?UC WI.U^T WUICUCX* pands over the r 1 ver Thames, the sat down on one of the croM bar* of the tide railing, and by some meant or other the overbalanced herself, and fell backwards into the water, a distance of about twenty feet. The water was only one foot deep, and the bottom wss covered with large atone*. Still she escaped with but very slight injurirs; her crinoline expanded like a sail to catch the breeze, which bore her down lightly. \\_j- uov. hicii, or Marviar.a, since the Harper's Ferry affair, has kept a patrol at Havre-deOrace, the frontier, to exact a flue of IKO from every free negro crossing tbe line On Thursdny a negro preacher of Philadelphia was suddenly called to llalttmo'e by tbe death of his sister; after some trouble be pasacd to bis destination without being mulcted. nr y-NOTICE.?The meintors of the M' t'< pohLkj t?i Hook and LA'Ider ('ompanT, No. l.are requested to m?et st the Truck How**. in' drets, on \VKD>IS SI) AY KVENING.stt o o 'It. to attend the <u>i?ral of our dec*a?>'d b other-mem ber, Hk.nby Rock By o der of the PreRideut. It* JuS V Ml'RKHEY. c. p o. tem._ NATIONAL VOLUNTEEES.-\ ou are IL *1 her?l?y ordered to meet at Harmony Hall, on p street. between Uth and 13'h M* . on \\ EDM ESDA Y EV K.MN'G.231 instant, at7>< o'clock. Bust nessof importa :cfl ( your punctual attendance. By order of the CoramanduiK Officer. ja 22-gt O O. F.-SRAND ENCAMPMENT. L? The regular tern1-annual session of the Grand Knoafimient ( f District of OolnmMa will be held at < 'dd Fellowe' Hall, Seventh ?t.. on Tl'ESDAY EVENING next.Cd inst.,at 7K o'clock. ja 19 ?t? H. f.BQWBN. [Y^=?THE I NION PRAYER MEETINGS "'J1 ? nolden every day this week, iu the Engliah Lutheran Church, corner of lltli Mid H atreeta, to commence at 4 o clock, and to contime one hour. ja 7 nrg^DEMrsEv * O'TOOLE. lL3 WBDDINU AND VISITING ^ississ'iSyidMis inn da . . trie moat beautiful atyles. 396 Pa. Av., between Srth and loth aU , an J7-^m WAKHrNOTOi*. Go. evans. 476 PKNNA. AVENUE. Hm just received a large i.uinber of iMilitarjr Works, smo- r which are: haruee's rifle and infantry, AXD scott's infam i'ry tactics. Also, the largest stock of CATHOLIC BOOKS south of Baltimore It na. " MRS. M. S. BISHOP vst3 missae.coair, of *o. i?1? Chk*tsot St.. Philadelphia., Have ore*eda fashionable as?<>rtma_tof PARISIAN M1 I.I.INKBV _ At 3SM Pennsylvania Avcrai. ja22-3tw Ow Clwtt t Mi)'i. |? LEO ANT CARPETINGSAT GREATJAC~ We still have on hand and for sale. some verv superior &Dd beautiful VELVET. WIKR, URL8&EI.S and TAPPiSTRY CAB1 ETINGfc, whioh most be < Id r ff at some price; and. in view of the lata of the um?i they wi'l be sold out without retard to eost- Member* of Cong'ess and others in want of rnoh goods oan be suited by us now at a saving of thirty per oent. less than elsewhere. CLAGKT T fc DOWSON. ja 22-101 No. 4, aeoond door eaet of Ninth at. Military books? in?truotion? for field Artillery, by a Board of Army Officers; 1 rot., PH%nd*Book of Artillery, by Capt. Roberta, U. S. A I wl pnoe #1H*rd?e'? Taettoe. 1 vol., 91 an. Poott'a Infantry Taotioe, 3 role., |I 5", Cavalry Taettoe, S vol*. Dictionary of the Army of the United State*, by Auilnfr Pnr u!> h? ?BLANCHARD * MOHUN, ja a Comer or Pa. av and Eleventh street. okautiful and very uheapI CURTAIN MATERUL8 AT A SACRIFICE, Th? stock now on hand at the old store of Cl,AGETT A DODBON fail kinds of pretty and desirable materials for Parlor, "rawing and other room * imams is still verr oomplete,and in view ef the state of the times will be soid off at a very miaous saerifioe. Member* of Consress tsd other# wK? -?-u to th? beauty tod comfort of tboir humoa will find lArtMUf to mtk* tk?tr ?ur ItOH T*l(|nHM4 fTM* WMkl^UB. Wa*bi5?to5. iu St.?a apodal c*binot _ eting mi beld here to-day to ooaaider the \l iect of rx-Preatdent Tyler's m last on in behalf / ITi 1 _ i? L l-V ? ft A? A W_* k. it i ir^inia, wdico iooii ui an ifrnrnirui. iwm * - ~ tbe part of the Prrsident and the acceded States, 0(1 Abstain from all acta calculated to produce a lit si 00 between tboea State* aad the General >T*rnmeM, pending tbe proceed 1 aft ialltated ' r tbe Virginia General Assrmblv bSTing la view adjustment of the prtaeat diftcultlet. W Numerous applications contioue to be mode by Mt masters In the seceding States for supplies of ?t>Ke stamps. Before tbe orders are tiled tn Urinative resoonse is necessarr to tbe aueetion bether tbey do now and will continue to bold emarlvea retponaible to the Government, in conrmity to existing lawa, for all the postal revenues ctived bv tbem Orders bave been tilled ?c rdtnjjly for thoee I ostm?at?*re following the

[ample of the Ckarlrstou I'catmaater Thus far |n ie pottal communication in the South la unlnrrupU-d. Jua^e Greenwood etlll has tbe tender of (be ? rrretaryahip of the Interior under consideration. ( Mr. Cobb did not join hla colleagues In aignlng v ip communication which they addressed to tbe peaker announcing the secession of Alabama and 'itLdrawing from the further deliberation* of . le House. The bill which passed the Ifouae on Saturday >r the payment of the California war debt*, aproprlates 9400,000 It was incurred in the sopr^ssion of Indian hoailitle*, and the appropriation ras made on the principle recognized a* to other tate* for liie service*. . The po*t office at Pensacola wa* abolished to- ^ ay by the Post Office Department, and tbe mall ^ ?rvice discontinued. Postmaster* throughout ^ lie country have been directed by the Post Office >epartment to send all letters addressed to Pen* Q cola to tbe de*d letter office. This course i* In onaequence of the intsrreption of the United - ;tates malls by tbe Florida authorities The Capitol police force bit* been doubled by p llrection of tbe Vice President and the Speaker ?. f tbe House of Representative*, not because tbey ? bought tbt* increase necessary, but in order, It said, to quiet apprehension* in other quarters E bat sn attempt may be made to seize tbe Capitol ^ rbe force altogether i* only about twelve men. Tbe venerable Lieutenant-General yesterday, n conversation with a distlnxulihed member of Congress, expressed the confidence In being able C o preserve p? ace in this city on tbe 4th of March F lext. According toy*suggest!on, tbe committer vhn will acrnnnuuir Mr. Lincoln will be com- 1 >osed of Democrats and Americans, selected from the best of their organizations. C Previous to tbe exciting debate in secret session * >n Friday, nnon tbe nomination of Mr. Holt for V iecretarv of \Var, tbe Senate unanimously con- t; irmed R. M. Magraw, Esq , of Maryland, for fc Consul to Liverpool, In placs of Beverly Tucker, ecalled. * Th? Treasury Department declines paying Flori- 11 la money now due ber for swamp-lands, to tbe . llagustcf ber representatives, who want to buy ? Ifles. j There have been several meetings of Senators r tor consultation. It is probable that Mr. Rice's > )lan for dividing the Territories into two States J ach will be ultimately adopted. Mr Seward it ' :onfldent that tbe difficulties will be arranged, . >ut aome of tbe Republican* bold out against j :omprom!se. c It it understood that tbe President will strike he name of Captain Armstrong from tbe list of s lavy as soon as tbat officer's official report is re- ; reived. Traitors in the ciTll war are being ipotted every day, and tbe wbole force ofconspiators will receive no quarter. j G. G. KVANS. 1 G. G. EVANS. t G. G. EVANS. i GIFT i G1KT GIF a" BOOK nnnir M-M ? ' V/ It BOOK i 8 rORE! STORK! i STORE! MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT IN THE , CITY ! NEW BOOKS RECEIVED AS SOON \ AS PUBLISHED. REMEMBER. A GIFT WORTH FROM 60 CENTS TO fl. GOES WITH EACH DOOK SOLD! j&22 lw CALL IMMEDIATELY.* fe inU tl I D L" A ...... ML' |j? m'?i.?x* auii VD auu wi IIIK I* u~ i GRO K' > Y. 19 years old. who i? acctictoined to j the care of horses. Address Bo* S63, Geir?"town Post?>ffio". ja 21 Si* Ti OYSTER SHELLS. HE L'n<!cr?'Kne<1 ha? on hand at his old and i veil known thurkir.g e tat>!i?hineut,j?v i No. 991 C street, b< tweeo Oth and llthfl^^ ?tr<x>ts, twlvo or fifteen th<>u?andym?\^flV bushels ol Oyfter Shells which be will sell on reasonable terms. ja 21-St T. M. HARVEY. IFUH8?FURS?FUR8! j NOW Offer the balance of itit Kara, of the best l styles, *t about half their uiual prioe? , Muffs at 910 which have heen suld at $18, Do S3 do. do. ?6. Capes a? 56 do. do. 910. I in* M^ok fable Cape* in the eara^ propnrti on, ieh most he a<Md. At the above prioea; term* oa?h. (jaai 3t) W. F. 8E\ !*10UR, Georgetown. HE CHEAPEST STATIONERY you <ver < *aw, at SHEPHERD'S. jalOlm A RARE CHANCE For bsrcaina in Sohool Bnnk. Ul?r,lr U mtlr m M unr 'anomia U ru ilra I * 1# "WHO IVWVIiWU "MO &/ V 'MO Aid Stationery, Writing Paper, knrelopea, Ao., , Ac., at 9HF.PH1" KD'S, oorner Seventh aud 1) ?U., selling oot to reduoe stock ja 19-lm WEDDING PRESENTS! WEDDING PKKSKNT*! WEUDIN" PRESENTS! We have received thi* day a l*r*e invoio* of new and e rcant SILVER WARE, suitable for present?. We at licit a call. ja 19 at* H. SF.MKEN, Jeweler. P'OAI FOR ?6 PER ToN.-Jutt araved from ks rmta >o pnia, oj lujiner pcjmuur, a c?'io 01 Red and Whit* Ash COAL, which I will ell- for ct?h?Red Ash, 2,S4<>lbs. to t^ 86.25; White Ash, 2,2?o 1l?i. to the ton. at 96. SOLOMON STOVER, Offioe corner 21st and 1 ?tre?t?, J* 19-1 w* (states, t First Ward. ' Purk medicines reckived weekly. On hand > paying's Pills. MoLran Cor-^^f dial. Ajei'a. Jatne'iaudSohennk's M'Uicin?f ,TW nAomgviva v/ia a . on TUESDAY Janary 92 1961. ' T rt SI spirit { i#> .?I*r?>ai fun tbi Tbe JmttU-gtnrtr refer* to the bogus diipttchM ci circulated throughout Georga and Mlsaourl just an pfMlwi to the mating of the Conventions, and " warns ihe people rf Virginia to "beware of startling snd astounding reports on or before tbe 4th an of neit month " an Tbe Conrtfvfp* u'ces the border States to - ^ an Moore's Squill D'ops 4c. I hysicta *' pre IB ription* receiv* special attention. Pnoes to tuit the tunes. At nicht ring th- door bell. MOORE'S West Knd Drug Store, ja1?-2w 113 pean. avenue. j^CHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. SCH KNCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impos tibi? to visit Washington ev?ry week, and naa made arrangements to positively be in the city the | third Wednosday of every month. He has a suit of rooms at the Avenue House, ! where patients can obtain adrioe free. He only charges wh?n it is necessary to make a thorough examination of the l.u&gs with the Respirometor. 8. B. \V*ito is asent for t>onenck's Pulmono Strug. urine .41 Mr Txitlls. for the cure of Courh*. Cold* aud (Ton?umption ; Schenok'a Sea Wm Toiiio, prioe 81 por bottle, lor |ry*pep*ia; Hehenck'a Mandrake t*ilia, prio* 35 cent* ber box. fur Liver Bilious Complaint* And Constipation of the Bowes. I>r. ScheDck would be grateful to thoae who have been oared by hi* remedies if tbe/ wouid leave their certificate* ot oure with S. B. W AITE, oorner ??vi nth it. and La. av. de 1^-Sm IMPORTANT TO HOUSEkEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE A CO.'S XSXjBOT SFZOZIS. VHOIBUVOITU IlUb UUi J ABSOLUTELYAND PERFECTLY PURE, bat ground from frfth Spioea, aeleoted and cleaned by ua expreaaly for the purpose withont referenoe to ooat. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined iritn paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, and are fall weight, while the ordinary ground Spleen are almoat in variably short. We warrast 4cem, in eotnt of atrength and riehncaa of flavor, HEYONI? ACL COMPARISON/ aa a ainrle trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by E. R. PURREE h CO., ft? Ifrl Pearl at.. N>tYw>. GO TO SHEPHERD'S, corner 7th and Data., for bargaina. ja 19 lm THE INSURANCE COMPANY ov THF. BTATK or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL #300,00?. Insurei Merchandise, Building*, Household Furniture, 4o , against lo?? or damage by fire. HEATH k. KNOWLES, Agent*, Ofcoe? Rooir 16 over Bank of Waahington. j\ lo French flowersof the very best quality, and an eii?r^iivejf. y g !^,g fi||u Fancy Store, sBMl nog tf *S?. h?tw. 3th and imh mtr. / "JIBB8* WIG. HRAID AND CU*L MANUU FACTORY, 248 Henn. tnoit, near the oorner of Thirteenth street.?A very complete aasortmmt of Braids, Curia, Frisettea, Baadeaas, Ac., now on handL?i?o, made to order at the shortest , notice. Hair Work repaired or taken ia ezshaaca. oo?-?m HIST RK.PV.IVF.n nv J~ ~ FRENCH 4 RICH8TEIN, ?T8 Pbhm. AvkOT*. Hallam's Middle Ajea, *he new MN Literary ' , Kdition River side Preen; ton?d payer; prioe M.W . by mail The naual heavy disoount at oar etore. Aa?. the aame ediaona of MoCaaley, Hum*. Gibbon. Carliete. lamli. Wiaki>i>r. <? > TBE WMV i acton aad the pa bite in general that he*-. A : haa opened the Rratauraot No. 4S# Siath YfSAw atreet, between C and Loaiaiaaa avenue.XUflLL (formerly kept by Jaaoh&mith ) A new and ehoioo [-USJ&. I t AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER' ' M Lm?i 9 W. Giu? rf in*: M*nar*r J T. Rat*ow? f H?Mui|T ... . Hraruit vuai j THIS EVENING. |? toooad Nlf M of the Di*t ncuukM cotreaiM. MR JOBKPH JEFFFR8CN. ? horn will apptr in ki? poj>o'.?r oh?r?o!er at at MAJOR LINKV, * In the tocrMtfel Corned lett% MtitN " AN AFFAIR OF HONOR i AH hit 0*)*l?t'ed r*rdiUon of j NEWMAN NU6G5 * r. Jfffvtnn't limited eng&tevtent will irtrfit * the poMilnHtjr of M? rrpentin* thi* in oeiet>r?ted character. M _ ? rf? reh?*r?n tn* Grand Up*rmo, f?i?ioanirr e, or- v rio Comra! KitrtmHU, mtitisd y MAZEPPA. lt_ / CONCERT " / ton Tit* BENEFIT OF THE POOH. b. BT TBI t Choir of St Peter's Church, AT TUB h ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Navy V?rrf. 01 H k THURSDAY EVENING. Jtnairr *?U. ? PROGRAMME. > Pabt I p ? * ? n J 1| noma?joy, joy, r reouwra * bipsy'a Warning " ?lf>?My Sinttr Dear.? ..Aabar J* rio -. Mucadante ? olo? New Knglaod ? Welle 4 uartette?Com? where n,j Lor* lie* 11 Dreaming F?etar A olo-The Harp tnat through Tara'a Hail*. pAET II. Uno Solo. . olo?Gi vann* D'Argo Vardi * olo?"Lo! Hea-the OeLtle LsrS," (by request.) Buhop net?Home to our Mountaina Verdi olo?Friend of ttia Brave Caleott olo and Chorus..? ? Ko*?in m olo and Chora*?Star hpangl. rf Banner..?. K? ye The Piano for thia occasion ie from the factory of nickering m. Snn?,at<l kin<;ly loaned < j Mr. Joha fcllta. ja g St* 4 CONCKRf. "VT The reeuent of th*" Bon ron" of Waabinir- a SMONOR FKANCIA will iit* a GRAND IOMPMMKNTARY VOCAL, AND IN9TRI- I IKNTAL CONCKKT. aaaiated b* Mrt OK f II I.I * YOITNQ. the Prima Donna, aorf Mr. J. R v, 'AWSON, the eminent Basao, all" a aeetetto -f , he beat mu*ician-,at WiI.I.ARDS* CONCERT ; IALI?,on THUR9IIAV, January 94th. On the ?ame occasion !*i<. FRANOIA will j'aj everal Soloa on the Piano, of hia own oomposi- i MMk t Prof'a?or FRANC'A cireathi* Concert under 6 he patronage of the fallowing ladiea and gent.e- c n<?n: I ill the Dip'onnfic Oorp?,Hon. W. XV. Co-iyoran. ' nu Mr* John f idell, Hon. Mr.. I. T WijtWI, \ lire, rapt Ma?ru,I??', Hon John R I'hnniMOn, . Ion. Mr? Win tiwin, Mn. Htn'y f.?dja'rt. I ilariame D# Gerolt. Hon. .M r?. Jam* Bright. ,J Ti"k*ta an* *? ure<l *f>at? ?1?to be h*d at the i >lo?io Store of VV. G Mrtirroit, and at WilltM'i Iot?l, and ct tho door on The evening ot the , oncert. > Ticket office op.-nat ha f p*?t 7. j"o coram?noe it 8 o'clock. ja 19 At PERSONAL. | \IADAMF, MORRICF, tri Grkat Atrroio-?1 GldT ASD DrrT***?. frnrn A'*rrtf* ?Thu hl?bt lifted a d intelligent lady can *e committed on h<? Pact, Preaent and Future KvenU. Call at No. i Twentieth at'eet, between M and N, Waah- < ngton jaJl St* WANTS. |*7ANTED?To exchange an imororod Farm of . " 3/1 acre* for City P'operty. It l? in hau.'av, j Va , abont 20 mre? from W achincton by i ail road, n a v*rj h *&lt:.y and pleasant ne *hborhood; e?>n- ( rnit?e,.t to church. poat office, Acgo<-d farmin* and, abont one third rich bottom, well timbered Hid watered; ha* three farm hou???. two barna, a arce joung orchard of improved f.-nit. Inquire of 1 Mr. JOHN E STOTT, <15 Pa. ?venue, or Mr. 1. R. OARPfcXTKR,(vii> a-e well acquainted iritn tlie property,) or of the -eoribe'. i n D U A D V /\t*T Mjt I*. DAHiiVn, j& 22-3t* 637 Seventh ?t? Washington. I wJ A NTEH? A fO?v1 s> cond-hanl 6* or 7 ootave piano FORTE, for whioh cash will he paid. A Bacon A Raven pref-rrei. Address A. i B , Box 331 City Post Office, ja il-3t* | WHANTKD IMMEPIATKLY?From f5 to J Jl0.nro worth of SECOND-HAND FURN! I TURK ofall kinds, for which 1 will guarantyto par (he highest prices,and, as usual. atJjhe shortest nolice, R. BUCHlY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ao., oc 9 4 Ofr 7th ?t.. tw?t. G and H. eat IMS. WANTEI>-8ECOND HAND FURNITURE. "" Persona drc'tmnt honeekeemnc. or hannc % surplus of Farmtura on haod.oan obtain tMoti& M?d fair prioea by applying at 369 9?r*ntli ?C no 17 BONTZ It GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. , FOUND ON MY PREMISES, ahont lw?'n caji aro.a WHiTE HOG. The own-/Wk rr wi'l call and pror? property, shargea.and Ukeit ?w\? m^JiMB T. COLUMBUS. No 411 . ,t. It' Between Mh and 10th rta. ??AL'TION! CAUTION'! CAUTION !E Bewa?e of imp^aitiox and ?reat criminal til agent*. who trot Ml over th? ooantry a- d make to- la of themaiMve* dvertiaing a* the Only original One Dol ar CJifte. We reepxtfullr warn the entire oomitmaity that the firm of P. J. BELLE W & CO., Undtr tk* National Hotel, employ no auch agenta who t>re:end to aell apurtova Jewelry at our regular standard ea tab! i a hod prioe. ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE of all our SOLID AND GOLD PLATED JEWELRY, irrespective of their value. We t eg to a?*ure the entire pnMie that every pieoe of fine good* we sell have been manufactured eapeo al> for th* b*et ?e?*il tr?de in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wash ington and other cntie*. J uat ohaerva the crowd who daily raah to the rejular One Dollar Jewelrv ^tore. Under the National Hotel. Everybody Irom all parte of the o;ty and oountry go crowding to the atore Under th? National Hotel. imriiaini ior ineir wmntrr uoiuni, AunU.Ljacloa.anl Frierd* too'.me ond seethe PIN K J te.AVEL.KY at the * tore Under the National Hotel. EverybodT it delichted wi'h th? beautiful. oboiee eleotinn of BRACELETS ?nd SETS, LOO * KTS, fte.. at the Store Under ike JfotMMl Haiti. Everybody i? tickled to death alnoet at eeetnc the entiles* variety of K NE GOODS o;en?d every morning ; every day ?omi new *tyl?* and pattern*. 'I he !a"tte* ray. "Oh. d*ar ! did yon *v?r ?ee the lik?? ? * At the store Under tke National Hotel. Ladie* and gentlemen. oaH when it ?uit* ?o?. Thi? Fine Sloolt vili all t* told in a few dart. ~ Remember, don't be doped by the Gift Asmts. Don't forget the plaoa. THE REGULAR JEWELRY ESTABLISHMENT. Under tk* National Hattl. P. J. BELLEW * CO.. ja g-?t Proprietor! Ladles, Call Early mtM SKMWfc t\ST85S SiBBiSl urIsinal l! ItoIi: No. 30< PENNA. AVENUE, No. 30* PENNA. AVENUE, No. 304 PENNA. AVENUE No. 30# PENNA. AVENUE! Additional invoice* ju?t received of New and Beautiful Jewelry. pftom Oc* Ektiki Stoc* YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. CORAL and GOLD ?ETS. ENA.MELbD TWIST SETS, MEDALLION SETS, REAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS, ITDu _ a ir i an n i m i RfNGS^lLVER-PLAffcD bPOONS, GOBLETS, CUPS 4c. Kverythiac is the store Hf and pifcit, ud guarantied to bo *weh aa repreeeaud. (O- Every mrtiel* mmnfmcturtdftr tkt riruiar r? toutrad*, and vvrutM to bo the ea?e eaatity U la retailed from It* to tklrtjr dollars eaob YOUR CHOICK FOR ONE hOLLAR. RlGA??LB*a or Cost. A* thU (rMl aa'e oootinooa :?mt a abort tiaa-. MraonadMiring to a??pl> theioaolroa W th Jrwalrr at thoM MkMrd of prioo* will >i?MO rail oarlj at oar ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR ST -RE, SOS Ponuajlviaia ar#a??o botvof n 9th and lftk atroeta. O W. RIDDLE s AUCTION SALES. By 1. C. M ei'llE 4 CU.,AMUot?n. , 'EUBTKK'* *ALK Or A CO*NKE LOT- % H^i^latyttM^nrVNSrfr^td ia i itar Si. 8.. N?v. l?f .! Nn.JS Mm4 Ml, ?fl)w I rwoordt of WMhinftoa on??t|, I abftll cffw ' -s ?? -- I u aa >W MTMr af 2?riS3 ,kkv?^-=2ia i vd I ?*? with latantt A * * ~ ? 1rB WSBWU" ?, T r??t?e. J C. Me j 11* E ft fco . ftaet*. i??amft*?b * ^.^Sirf-Wi^Wsa kin hr m. ntftfic# f r n J?h Q TvNf* i th# twaai?-ai?hlhday ofOakafcOT.aifMMa ha* i ? ao?i illy eic't. lad 10* of rmevr4 ia Uw kark'a OCm of th* Ciroait Coart fur frtaaa aorta'a Count j. will of-r at rathe eala, on Ii'NDaV, lk< 4th day I-?: raary neat, on *h? reotiaae. at tha hoar of It o'aioak mn(ifjair, t< m,on the int lair day U?Mflrr,)?* PaKM |>V IB Um yoaMMioB or Job a Ttjlor.and iMMr to jr<_?ertj ami reeidaco* of Mr. Wilatr J TW >tt Tiii land aonaiato oI oa* h-adred ead Mica wa A ore*, moia or lara and adtoir.e tk* proprfy r Dr. John U Hatnaaod I'honuK Barry, K** . nd it distant from Alexaadri% aboat tw?< *tia? nd iron W a* tun k ton a boat iii ttotbof tha** it ri are aoo<-*?il>)* bi good aod direct r ad*. The? >a?il?a it h?a.tay aixi pieaaac.aMl in mart otke rovt* of fruit and a 1 th? ncrtablN aaltinH 1 i this ?viiion of Ui? o- antry. Th? in Uw ftiphtmrkood i? Ytr* a?r nab * fcpi*r?pa', Catfco * an J Moibodiit CharohM ar? within l*?ai f tlii* term. Tli* kindicn ooaaiat o atoafor kb.? Dwo linf and K tch-i. and all xwar; oat iMinca tor anch a re?i<l?D?o. ^Tbo t > thia pro party m aawnabtrW an* The trai of aal? are i One-third is aaak am tk? ?y of sal<; a?4 th* roaidn# in Uroo HMi anaaal i.ulm*ma of tarrive, <pht*o?l ak t*f?t?-fr?f HiiUi,ad*Nl.iDfMiimpl* to b# iiraa U* parIimm, and Ui* d*f#rr?tf mtmenl* to b* MOarfxl hp ? n ortgage on the prcmires, to be ?K?(N nj im urohaeer to the abe?rlti?r. The deferred pay nenta will hear id inter mi from ike dav ?>i aale. C. ?. KEbCH, Mortgagee and At'orney t?r the partiee. ja li-ttftwu FOR 8ALE AJVD RENT. i [ For Hkm "JW Sm.U and Kent" *4?e?tuinali, ??? first mmre ] POR RENT?A nf*tlwo i n-; brick DWKUL* r ING, <* >rUimo( 4 room*. kitoh?n. cood yaw, nd oat tuiidmc, < n Twelfth a:re+t b ttmi O u4 N'om but a punctua * d >?li*hU> part* will ?treat*-1 with. App y to Kl/GENE MoCARTY. irocar, Tvtiith et., brtwart O and P. T*rm< #1 month |? a * A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE OR EXf\ CHANGE FOR CI I V PROPF.RTY-Co#a ninr 1 hi irrn. situated 14 miioo f ont Alexanria. on the I?ra? c? and A i*xm<lria Railroad. under o i.i eul;i?atior; t mbor, wt'tr. fmit ud a'l build cca ii'o'??r) Or a first iate form, Inquire of O. V. HR AY, at the Jewelry Alt t?ereB?h ( . >Va?hin?lOD . j* 21 1m* LH)R RKNT-The three ?torp brick DWELL r INo-HOl'S^K, with kwntit, No 504. on K. *J and 3d streets. et present occupied t?* [>r Lewis JnrN Possession sivrn on the 1st of 'ebrna y. It has all Dm modern iirpior*?nt*. ?%t?r. f*a, ?rc Rett f?o per >?r. *^1 to SENRY KGAN. A*1 heventbrt; or W. EG AN. >03 K at., (next floor.) (lnt?I.i ja f tf tr?OR KF.NT ?The 5TORK and DWHLLING No. ?? Bridye street, Georgetown D. C.. crown as the old oonfeetiooery stand. Poesssrion i * i..|.t<> trmv a hhi\m "jVT"rr" FOR RENT-Two frameCOTTAGE HOl SBf. containing cix room*, tituated on Ma??. ar*?u? and Fiiteenth (UMt; pump of rood water in J>e yard ja ? Fl'RNl!?Hi:D ROOMS FOR 4l??JD otreet, between 6th and 7th eta. de HI IPOR RENT?The 6d? BRICK HOUHE No. r 100 Weilit, Georgetown, at preeent orat ?i?d br the nhaoriber. It liae 1* ro<>wia. with *aa ' knd water throujtiioet. a fin* ya'd, etal>le_ 4o , and ! in arood M.f hi-ornood. Apply to J AS. A. HASRtDKR. "*> ? tf FOR RKNT-A throe atory book HOUSL. containing 8 room*, in good order, with |U ?iturei pc mp fte, on H atra?t, twtweee 4th and 8th. Alao, a two-atory brick COTTABK, with larr* yard att*c; ad, oornar of F a treat north an 14th at. ? Mat. To punctual aad reliable tenanta the term* ^ wjll be moderat*. Apply *446 Twelfth atroM, between G aad H. no U-tf OR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of tha baiMinx lro-nediatoiy oppoaite the weat win* of tha City HaUreoft&tiy ocenpied bp Chaa. S. Wauaeh 9 u a.n dftw Alao the front room in r.e ?eo.>rvf! itory acd the third floor of the mm* baiid m* F "r terms a?ly to RICHARD WaLLACHTNo. ? bo?mi?n* fcT>ntl?? )? H tl POK KENT.?A fhroo etor? BRICK DWELL r IN*) HOUt*K, with baok iniii<1inf, on ISUi St.. No. 4 ? 0. between F MMl ?? street*. Apply to KIRK WOO L). ? * 6T we flh st. no 1? dtf BUY YOUR PUtiororT and School Books at SHKPHtRD'S, while yon have a ofcanae to &va a An r Htnii** ift. 10 In JMPORTANT TO LADIES' I havMn?: reoeivwIaioTofHahl* Miok MUFFS, naJe from tkin< c&ufM this cm ? oo* which I wili aeli at near I j UiJK ?z\ ha f tt.eir usual p im. FfrjC.'' Alto, en hand. Vreneh Habta And HlMOHiV Wat >r Mitk ML'FFs, pnoMlruni !1 -J/ 2 9> to asj<> <Sm^SzT > HALF CAPHS and VICTORIN KS of virion* kinda of F?? *xtrem?l? low. A frw morAChi drenc t L'RS left. Muff# 1fto*nt?. l and $iM Mimm- JOCKEY UATS in Beaver and Felt, for 92 and 9390 lesa than o'>?t Terms cash B. II *TINEMETZ, MM Sio-? ?3<t f?ni. avenue, ja 11 feSSSS 12th 13th #2REAT RKnycTioN >N pimcf:*! V* S ELLI\G OFF-SELLINO OFF' Tin who'e of our l?r| a"x>ok of UreH Good*.?lie* aa Sll- Robea. Dr>?? s*i k?, M-nnoe. Pop ids, All j> Laioe, R'f?. Valencia*. in faot a I *mt?r i)r*aa Gooda we w il ?? !; < ff tftia month, at crettlf . reduoed ?nce*. many at ! *- oat for f*? cart. A or ?t kaodcine Hlaok Cloth C.oM? re . %i main'ng in oar a took whioh we offer now at p-r oent leaathan eo??. \V? invite the Iviiee and ail in want of a handaome Oreaa or ? loak to oall and examine oarfltook before pareHaainc eleewhere. i. v * oo, ja l? tw 69% Seventh at., above Pa av. vcw Piwv nrripc a. E W A R D,~Dealer m New and ta?t Off Clothing, respectful!? inform* the pu^'lo that he has opened a f.l'-ENSKD PAWN A s'FFICK at No. 76 Louitiaia avenne, between T 9 b and HKh eta., a lew doora caat of the new ?:? ? 1 tral (icard houi?, where h*> will he at all ti?*>s S prepa ed to wait oa his eatrona with promptneai. V attention and the strictest jus'ioe N 8 ? Jewe.r . Dry Goods, Clothing. Mechan ioa' Toole, to,, always on hand at private sale. Ja 1< lm* W 910.000 OETH OF BOOTS, SHOES amd TRUNKS, Of all Stylet mnd Qualities, at a eaut sacairica on cost. Store for Rent and Fixture* for Safe. 11 the Stock id S. PTHOOVER'S STORE. gn^Iron na !,e^hra in* ere^y var ?tj Bttfilof Ladira*. Genu', Childr^'s and BBJ :^,US*rv*u's>HO ES Alio, TR A VfH IS 1.1 ,> to rm >KS?r? no* hwoi wld./or* eatkjkt great ficritcMnn utua. r*Uil MlUnctpMc** indeed much Mow original oo?t. The attMtiM of the pubiio is solicited, m r?t inducement* will be made to purchaser*. Th? above oompruea a large (took of the ia**t (Ulit; French aud Aww ?w6aiUnJliu?i,flwtt, Ac., *e.,ior laiiecaixl genu men Th- Store ? for rent and the FutorM for a*)e. Apply on tH? preirim, Iron Hall. V R TK?^.Knv? *itW ? ???AUa? 4 ? part, will he mid at private Mi*. To any km d? iremi of U* B??t, 8ho?u4 Traak Ba?i dm* Utt* afford* a better opportunity than nay 2tin bo presented. nraon* indebted will oonfer a fkror by proniptiy ling anl settling their nocounu ja 7 tf PIANOS FOR.% RENT.?Several at eao aollor ^ per month. A1*o, two vory too one* will bo rooted low to oarofui poreon*. JOHN P. ELLIS, ja'? 10* Pa av.. bet. Xh ui l?h >?. D a a /v^ V * ii f o w> ?n mv 25 -wuw: Cloaks, 8h*wl?, Mfr:noi, OttORMUU, Pali Cloth*. Lumcti 4 " v??t1* "* I w?,uc"?? ^ " sajrr. H ,, n 'rimm. .IS0"***?'Cwfcru. Tov*liac?. All of which we offer m prioe* to aait the Uml. <* " TAYLOR k HUTCHISON. FRENCH * RICHSTtIN, *a r? ahaoge, CkarleaWa Mmn, ie. SabaariMca oifd at low ratea ft??'i from very tutj Ik the Un?aa?waokly.BKmthijr arc MlMn. 0M M Now is the Um. M*w Tm%. Phuaa' .piiift., B& timore and nthar win dahverad ia tka ottj and ?>*orgMtowB immediately after Um arnnl of titiw. > U TJ1A.NO PORTS INSTRUCTIONS-Tha U X . dWalgaed, lotc w?11 known U w? h'ngt >a mb'ie *a a taaobar of thfJf3Qfifc Piaao. bote ia% ve to at*t? thai ha ia pt '" I" parisl to taka aabolara ob (km to aait the axigaaeie? ol the t m-a Hiving vaoaoele? ia hie bat ju.t cow whiok ha ia anxioaa to ill u?, ho anil leaoh a few Kcho am. f <ia?irab a to tfcair paraata. ard tak-> hl? Ii aaoh aMk*a?a m ?w a?med m wlwe tk*y V Mlmii with kiaTli m WUllM U? ?rr?*t> *?!*, laoviM ?* iuo>* mi* ???>y who 4**ir* to hav* thmr *kn drMi -Mcut t ? Pimm fxyriwM mw ia (Mac mom y Tji? motuod of traohioc ku tooa huk T A Mf or*?l fo- jr *r?, and hi* r?f*'?no?? M? mm* or M th* b*?t maoinal ffcmili** in W?ihiaftoa. Bn ^ *^yK?c.KL,., t>i lw _ ftr M>1| >1 * sat JSB s jjyfcv TST SI&.