Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1861 Page 3
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It so lugr m to require It to be pat tn press at an enriy hour; Advertisements. therefor*, thonld be sent in before 12 o'clock m ; etherwise tbey may not appear antil the next day. None* ?District of Colombia Advertisements to be inserted In the Baxtimosi Ben are received at and forwarded from The Sta* OfBce. A Darkik Niw?mh? -We hare men a copy of "The Weekly Anglo-African," | ubllshed every Saturday bv Thoa~ Hamilton, No 48 Beekmm street, New York. It Is a large sheet, clearly printed, marked No. 72, and dst"d Not 31,1800, with tbe motto. 'Man must be free : If not through the law, then above tbe law " There Is an editorial on " Negro Nationality" andoneon "Martyr's Day, Dec 2d." also an article on the "Anniversary of the Martyrdom of John Brown," Call for a Convention at Tremont Temple, Boaton, on 3d December, to discuss tbe question, How can American slavery be abolished!'" signed by James Redpath, secretary. There is correspondence from several cltlea, Including Cbarlrston and Washington. The Charleston correspondent signs himself "A Colored Man," and seems to be rather deficient In grammar, but quite conservative. He holda forth as follows : ' Harper's Ferry, the Teias raid, the Hitching movement in ruariivoor, (S U.,) are only making inatt?rs wnr?f. Trustworthy servants are eyed with suspicion, and in some places strict surveillance are kept even to the exclusion of religious privileges Freemen are also suspected, and matters have risen to such a pitch that they sre considered an anomaly, and their presence as dangerous to the peace of the i*tatc This state of things are the fruits of the action of northern fanatics, and God only knows where It will end," Ac. The Washtng'on correspondent eschews politics, hut treats of social matters, concerts, weddings, Ac . in colored circles. In such a stvle as would mike the white Jenkins die with envy. The < Hyracuse (N Y.) correspondent, J. W. l.oguen, i treats on negro suffrage, and says: "Its majority In he cotintv was 91(1, while the republican majority < w^i;? S>9. I want them to have all the glory that 1 belongs to them, but God knows it la little enough In this cast; and if the colored people had not taken the matter in their own hands, 1 bel:eve it 1 would not have bad a majority even here, as manv of the republicans voted against it Shame 1 on such fritnds It was a me&snre of their own, ' too. I u- ver did have much faith in them, and now 1 have les*," Ace Besides all this there is ' 44 nr*?trv4 **norHntM *' nn/1 tho /><??nmon/?Bm?nl I of a tafe called "Miraids. or the Beautiful (Quadroon; A Romance of American Slavery, founded on Fact,"' --by Win. Wells Brown." The first ( three chapters open rich, nearly equal to any- ; thing of Cobb's This paper was found on her kitchen table by a lady in Georgetown, and her ] servants would give no satisfactory explanation of its appearance there It is supposed the "AngloAfrican" has a considerable circulation in the , iMnirici. mougn 11 noes noi come tnrougn the j post office 1 he underground railroad is proba- } bly in good running order. < Police Matter*?Before Justice Bnmaclo ? Henry Campbell. Virginia Russell, Mary Jane Hall, and B-.rbt rta Bell, were severally hauled up ( before the justice on account of the conspicuous 1 part they had taken in a general " scrimmage" in 1 Bat?>?' alley. They were severally fined S3 15, a 13. *3 *>4, and 91 Margaret Tyler, accuwd <i of transgressing one of the commands of the decalogue, was ' fetched'' In by an officer, under whose auspices she was mulcted in Si fH, and ^ afterwards well scolded by the justice Peter Ju- ( venal was suspected of selling ardent spirits with- ' out a proper voucher from the Cttv Register; he f Daid the magistrate S9fl 5- John Mr.iTnv madf>> public nuisance of himself, by exhibiting his , V>trtb-day clothes; he was lined >11 15. Bridgett f Carey and fcer little child were both pfckedup 1 drunk out of the gutter. The magistrate decided that they were vagrants, and ??*nt them to the workhouse far !>. days. Wm. T VVair wai ac- t eu*ed of profanity; fined SI 04 Sophia Broaden t *lso profane; fined SI M John Glick created a ruisauce, apd paid a fine of $1<> 91 Cbariri H Butler, drunk and profane, was fined S*2 94 t Aaron Cokely, disorderly; fined 94 Sarah 1 .?4 ...A- Ul *>'? J otui?u? uiuija oiiu lactam, wuriuuuic w uayiBtfert Justice Clark ?Wm Simpson, accused of throwing stone* in the streets; lined S3 *?) j AndreV Hanson, guilty of nuisance; fined 92.17. Thi Theater was crowded (of course) Isst ? night, and gr<**t was the fnn with the roaring c farce. uAn Affdr of Honor," in which Jefferson was Immense as the blood-thirsty "Maj Linky;" and Ra\mond as "Capt Carnage" was excellent c too. Then came the favorite pity of "Newman i Nogtfs," with Jefferson as ''NewmanMr Bland ? "TVl?III! "* Banes fwarmlv welcomed after bis illness) as ' Nicholas Nicklebv;" .Miss , Anna Placlde Mann as "Smike;" Miss Mary ^ Shaw as the vicious "Fanny Squeerf;" Riymond t ea the big-flatrd, blu-benru-d Yorksbireman, "John Browdie;" and Mrs Ryan at hiscoquet'ish ' weet-beart, 'Miss Price" The play was capitally performed indeed, and the audience testified ' enjoyment by the moat demonstrative applause. ( The beautiful tableaux were managed with a j pe fection, worthy of admiring notice as well. To-night we are to have som?'thlnij new again, I as?rlo comic adaptation of "Maz-ppa," in which JeftVrsan bikes a fearful ride on an imaginary wlid steed This to be followed bv the aniustug ' f'rce of "Lend me Five Shillings,"' la which he ( A'ft.i ann*ort fit* MrIv J A Trap ?Yesterday we mentioned the dlsmls- j sal, the day before, of Mary Lewi#, a young woman hired as a servant at the Ebbeit House, who was accused ?'f the larceny vt moucy and i jewelry from G< dard Bailey. The evidence was I not sufficient then, and the readine?s of the t^lrl to undergo examination, and her apparent dread of a ruined reputation, exrited the sympathy of | ck- ?? Ji i a a tL us \ - c?rn vnc cuc v? aa m9111 :wu, anil io"iij^tn urr- ; elf beyond suspicion, and pjwrtdwl to make . tome purchases Detective Allen and his companions spread tbeirnvt and caught the bird. The twenty dollar note and a set of gold stud* and leevr-bnttons were recovered, and Identified as Mr Bailev's property. The note was on the Union Bank of Tennessee, and so marked as not J to be mistaken The three fifties bave not been I \lifti Miirv uraarAmmitta/l 1 hearing, deapite ber proU-ntationa that ?uch 1mpriaonmer.t would Injurs ber reputation and be a harrier to her future employment The cffl era ! ay she hat only recently been dUmiaaed hy the t grand jury for a similar offence. pv-E?rLowiXG Rooxs.? The great aucceaa which baa attended Dr. Schloaaer here, in hi* , treatment for coma, &.C., Is the be?t criterion we i can auggest of bis knowledge and skill In reinov- i ing thoae painful nulaancta to whith all are < liable?corna. Hli avatem being aafe and easy, ' without cutting or pain, la an inducement to the ! most timid to place themselvei under his care. , He ia aaid to he barely able to satisfy all the pa' trona who vrtib to conault him daily, ao numeroua I are the calla at hit consulting rooms. He will leave the city in a few days, now. None who really require bis aervicea ahould allow him to , leave without aeeing him ^rniMt Cocbt?TutsJay ? No IS Thos M. i I*eai;ue. plaintiff in error, agt Cyrus W Kgerv et al The argument of tbia cause was continued ' by Vr Phillips for the defendants in error, and concluded by Mr Huzhes for the plaintiff in er - ? - - \ tor. I No. 49 Win S. McEwen et al . plaintiffs in error, agt. the Leaaee of Charlea Bulkly et at. The argument of thla caure waa commenced bv ' Mr Mayr.ard for the plaintiffs in error, continued 1 by Mr. Nelson for the defendanta In error, and by Mr. Heiakell for the plaintiff* in error. Adj'd. Tax National Volcntiiki. we underatand, are depending on the State of Virginia for a aupply of arms to make them an effective military ' organization In the event of a refusal by the President to grant them from the Government upplir* In the ^ontlnaency of not obtaining tbrm from Virginia, It la understood that they fail back upon the promise of a member of Congress from California, who, It Is said, kaa promised 1 to supply them with Ave hundred stand of muskets. Tni young ladies of Mr. J. S. Hallowell's School. Alexandria, paid a visit to our city yesterday On visiting the Capitol, they paaaed through the Hail of Representatives just before the House waa called to order, presenting a very beautiful array of buoyant youth and beauty. They re malned in the galleries of the Houie until quite late in the day, and attracted considerable attention as tbey paced through the Capitol under the direction of their preceptor. Tbb sxroBT of a pistol on the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, last night, attracted quite a lsrge crowd. Though right under the noaes of the police who hang about that corner, the party flring could not be detected. Another report was heard near NinUi street a few moments Later, but the offending party here, too, was not detected. Pftor UiiMiD delivers his fourth torture at ?im<( hann 1 % n tn.niffht Thu anhi^rt fnr th# evening is the Physical Theory of Double Refraction, mud of Polarisation by Double Refraction. Interea lng experiment* will be made. Door* cloae at a quarter of 8, aa uaual. CftimxaL Covet -To-day, the Court having met, JohB ConnHI. waa placed on trial on a charge of nhiiH and battery with attempt to kill Joha VIworth The caae waa pendlag when our report cloaed All militast men should go at oar* to O. 0 F.rut1 Oifl Book*-or* and provide ttiamaelvaa with works treating on tbHr profession. 8c? his advertisement In another column. Pbof Piawu (lv?t grand concert at Wllu"n to-aaorrow nlirht. Look at U* aottc* t - JT ??nM Will? f J ^ Oiv f i* 4 >4?? J ^ ??$?*** ^ 1 ^?| - 4- ' ?t . - . Kiittrr Stmt: Whfrr is the night watch * la the mala spring broken * Doe* It want a thorough cleaning, or does It simply reaulre a careful winding np * It certainly la "run down" enough. Laat night, about ? o'clock, a thief made a auccrs?ful reappearance on the old acene of his operationa, between Eleventh and Twelfth streeta, on iTiaaMcmiBfiia iTrnuc. carrying on a vaiuaoie white counterpane from the residence of a clti sen. Interrupted In hU operation*, he beat a helterskelter retreat, tumbling headlong over the fenoe of a neighbor, upsetting a clop tub on the side of wh'ch he bad placed his foot, (making a "itlrrup cup" of It.) and leaving the print of a neat boot in the potato parings It had contained. This Is the third or fourth memorable visit made to the neighborhood by this fellow or hla confederate The hen rooat of a neighbor waa robbed nightly a few weeks ago, and another neighbor lost from the cellar of hla houae some forty or fifty pounda of lard, and a gentleman's shawl from the hatrack in the hall Last night the locality visited wn? particularly dlfflcuit or access Tbe only approach bring over adjoining fences, as the f ates in the front and rear are closed early, and nvarlably The hour was about 8 o'clock. Mr. Fdltor, 1ft the interested and interesting one know that, should be adventure another visit, he may obtain a counter-pain he could not repose upon; that a pill to cure him of his bsd habits (neither good for his digestion nor locomotion) ma? be unusually administered. And that, Instead of a loving wife, a "Sexton grey" may speedily be required to "tuck him In " January ' ii, 18<U. An Old Subscribes. Lajid Waskant* and M<t**t?Tbere 1? do chang* of prices thl* week at the office* of dealer*; land warranta of 160 to 80acre* buying at 50 cent*, riling at 65; 40'* buying at 85, selling at SI. Banks?New York city, par; ftate, % per cent; New Jersey. Delaware, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Western Marvlaid, 5; Eastern Maryland, 3; Baltimore city, ; North Carolina. Illinois, and Wlscoosln. 10; Indiana, 7; Lou* lsiana,2)i; Virginia, . Very little doing. Rtdpli'* Dollar Stokk Is undoubtedly the lion of the metropolis just now judging from the crowds that throng tbere and the Immense amount of business done. In fact, the article* *old for one dollar here are auch a* people have been in the babltof paying many tline* this amouot for elsewhere, hence the solicitude to obtain something here before the stock Is exhausted. Thk prk?!T>k!ft'? Mouhtkd Guasd paraded Hie city in full numbers this afternoon, making a wry- fine appearance. It la understood that this is the last parade of thiscompanv under their present commander, Lieut. Col. Peck, who will resign bis command of the Guards Immediately, in order lo accept of his military rank under the new enrollment. That well-drilled and tlne-looklng military company, the Potomac Light Infantry, of Oeorge:own, p tsjEed down the Avenue last night, and ittractrd much attention by their soldierly deportment and exact movements. It is certainly >ne of tbe finest of our District companies. Aklajitic Monthlt, for February, specially -ommends itself to all readers by tbe brilliancy of ts contents. Shillington has it for sale. Wraitb.vaithe's Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery. pprt 41, for January, l^l, can be ob. ained at Shillington's bookstore. l Ce*thal giarnnorne ? Justice Thompson ? j Cornelius Leonard, charged with profanity, and or throwing a half brick, which nearly struck a ady. was lined t* the extent of 86 13. John Rady , ind Dernbard Daily, charged with profane and lisorderly behavior; lined SI.M each. PlnunTtn ?v>.<xv i i luaj * VVI. E CICI r DQ'vUH appointed and commissioned a* Brigadier 1 ieneral of the militia of the District of Columbia, a place of E C. Carrington, resigned to take >ositton lu the Union Regiment. , Whiteburrt, 434 Pa. avenue, is furnishing Ubum cards in beautiful stvle, with full length Ikpiiess His prices are reduced to suit the i inies?almost 50 per cent. It* i Kev Dr Collin* repeats his lecture on Japan, ' o-night, at the Assembly's Church, at 7 if o'clock, admission free. , Thk Choir of St Peter's Church give a concert o-morrow nleht, at Odd Fellow*' Hall, Navy fard, for the benefit of the poor. Circuit Cotrt ?To-day this Court was de- i idin^ a number of appeals from magistrate#' lecialona Prici* or Flocr ?The merchant* are asking i *8a9 50 per bbl for family flour, and for the varlMia grades of superfine 96 '25*7.00 per bbl. Fukl?Coal 1? selling at f 6a5 50 per ton, aclording to quality. Wood?pine,f 1 50 per cord; >ak, t5 50a#. Timklt Cactios. The fjllowinjj letter from agentemanin Phil*- , I -Ipliia, who oainn near l>einn imposed upon t>> a . rorth ts art: e, wln?. knowing t'jr experience ] ;h? virties of ti>e cecuuie IFijjar'j ttaUnm of , W*i'd Carry, wi hes to o&ution ttie public against , uinilar imposition'i Philadelphia. Jan. 30,186\ ? M'lfTH.Srth W. Facie # Co Button:? ! My wife, having b'en afflicted with a ver* severe < sough f->r nearly two years, wm induoed tiy a friend [)> try Wisiar'x B? sa-*i of Wild Ciierrr, and, find ng great roVf mi', she per everod in its usa with I the iniint beneficia results My ulicct if writing is to inform you that you I 1 would advanco your own interest, as w?l! as t^at if th> sutler:ng community, l>r advertising such r??tni! drusgi ts as k-ep it f>r sale. Being on one vciih n out o| the Balaam, I called at a drug store , ntlnsci'y to pureiavc a bottle, when a spurious Li d worthies* imititiou was offered me as tli* genuine By advertising in tins manner, ou will pro me punns iroin imposition awl aiv*nc* your Liwn mitrettx as a mwJisine ha vine the inrstimavirtu*s i f Wi star's Hal-am of Wild Cherry | itinuid u<*ver in reputation bv coming in com I ?otiti<>n with wo'thlesn and deleterious mixtures. i With respect, yours trul?, C >1 HAI.LOWELL. Prepar?Ml bj 9?th W. Fowle ft Co., Boston, and i for nalo in W aehnnton city G. Mott, S. 1$. \Vaitc D. Giiman. John Schwaize, Nairn ft 1'a.iner, I lonn Wiley, j B Moor?, and H. H. VcPtierson; n G^ri'torn by H. 8 I'. Ciss 11. and G. M. ft J. Southron, and by druggists everywhere, ja 17 lw,r Cocon* ?Tbe sudden oliannes of our oJimate are >o irc?4 of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience having proved that simple einmiies often aot *p?edily and certainly when ai"d in mo f any aia*?? 01 me aisease.recourae in>u!d at once be haJ to ' Frmen's Rrorukial Troth**." or Loi?nges. let the Cold, Cough, or ir itation of the Tnroat b? ever ro ahght. aa bjr thie >recauti -n a more a-rioua attack mat he effectually irardod off Public Speakers aiwl Sinters will find .h "in effectual for o.earing aad ctrengtbaning the voice. dee advertisement. del-ly Hoxxopathtc Rkmidisi All of Dr. Humphrey* It Co.'a specific Honeopathio Reuie<bea put up expresaly for family lae, in boxea, at 2s and so cent* each. Also n oaaes, containing an vial a, from 94 to #.< ?acb, with book of full directiona. For aale by ? rt r-. i ? ? ?*? n_ ?? ' ? - ? b. u. <>du ra. ?vphoo, wnoios&ie ?nn etftil acnt: W. A., 3A3 north F atree?; lino by F. B. Winter, oorner <>( Maaaachuaetta aveine and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract of Witck Uaxtl, for internal and external inflammation* of illkinda. Sold aa above. ma 9-It Hollowat's Pill* a5d Oiwtii?nt Farts for the MtUion.?Bl a recent enactment of the French government. these medioin*-* are ad> fiuttoJ frt-e ofdutjr into all porta of France. They ire extensively em? ojed in aU the public and military hospitals throughout the Fmpi e. Tf'e h mpcror has signified his appreciation of their rit'Tesin in au'ograph letter,?o Dr. Holloway During the latn Campaign in Italy, large quantities vere us*d for the wouni d at Breteaiaand .Munte:hiero. fold by all Druitiatt. at 2i ota.. 62 eta.. uul f l per box or pot. " ia9-lw ' To thx Attlictbd !?Be sure to read the advertisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Biood Purifier, io another column. tf PBKltlB*. Persons desiring pennies will always find them for exchange at yieStar Office counter. tf Rkadzx, have yon men Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Rea>' it; it will interest you. au ii-eoly nUKRIKU. At Orange C. H., Vi.t on the 29d inatant, by the Rtv R. T. Davi , Mr. JOHN T. CLARK, of Alaxacdna and Miaa JOSEPHINE OR Art AM, formerly of H lohiuond. * DIKO, On the 19th inatant, in Prince Oeorge'e county, Md , after a Inns and protneted lllneaa. which he bore with ohriotian real r nation, GEORGE W. NEWMAN, in the37th tear of hiaage. (Mar.boro' Gazette copy.) GO. EVANS, i76 PENS A. AVENUE. Haa jnat reoeived a large number of Military Woika.amorg which are: HAkuEFS RIFLE AND INFANTRY, SCOTT'S INFANTRY TACTICS Alio, the largest atook of CATHOLIC BOOKS onth of Baltimore. la a St MRS. M. 8. BISHOP tSK MIS8AK.DGAIR, ?_?? vo 101* Chestxct St., Pbiladklphia, Hareoen .eda fa?ltmnable stu -rtme. t of PARISIAN MILLINERY At 324 Phkitlviiiu Avravi, ja 2?-3f OrwClMrtttMiy'i. ?LEGANT CamjMU AT GREAT 8ACW# rti'I have onhaod ?pd for nle, lomt ybtj ansS9tii^aiws3-A jrls * SS&Wtt. S^^SOVh STi': j*3 10t No. 4. ?oooddoor ext of Wintt ?t. I NOW Qf?UtR>8bAn*'tf ar%i,ofth?b?tt ^SwsBseaSiS^ L G G. K VANS. 8:8: KifiS: GlPl* ' BOOK BOOK BOOK STORK! hTORK! STOKE! MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY ' ALL NEW BOOKS RECEIVED -AS SOON AS PUBLI?H8D. REMEMBER. A GIFT WORTH FROM 6?? CENTS TO $1. GOES WITH EACH BOOK SOLDI j*a lw CALL IMMEDIATELY. fpoR HIRE?A young, aotive and willing NEGRO Bi?Y, 19 years old. who i? ?ccu?tom'?d to the care of horses. Address Box 869, Georgetown Post uffioo. - ja21 .1.* T OYSTER SHELLS. * HE Undersigned has on hand at his old and veil known shucking eitAhliahment.^^, ?\ No. 881 C street, bttween nth and llth^^A /_ J twelve or fifteen thousand bushels of Oyster Shells whioh he will sell on reasonable terms. ja21-St T. M. HARVEY. PURK MEDICINES RECEIVED WEEKLY. On hand Spalding's Pilla, MoLean Cor-^Jf dial. Ayer'a, Jarne's and Sohensk'a Medici n??,^V Moore a Squill D'opa. &e. hhvaioiat a'pre aoriptiona receive apeoial attention, P rioea to ?uit the timea. At night nog th" door bell. MOOKE'S Weat End Drue Store, 113 Penn. avenue. <?CHKNCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finda it impoa ibie to viait W&ahinicton every week, and Du IIIWI iiauKmiouiB V(> P'JalllVOIJ DO III [110 C1CJ I0t third Wednesday of every month. He hua suit of rooms at the Avenue Honae, where patients can obtain advioe free. He only charges when it is neoessary to make a thorough examination of the l.ungs with the Respirometor. S. B. Waite is agent for So&euok's Pulmonio Syrup, price $1 per bottle, for the cure of Coughs, Colds and Consumption: Schenck's Sea Weed Toaio, price 91 per bott e.for Dyspepsia; Schenck's Mandrake P.lis, prios ZSoents ber box. for Liver Bilious Comolamts and Constinntinn nf th? Kn* Dr. Schejiek would be grat'fu to thoae who have boen cured by hia remedies if the? would leave their certificates of cure with 8. B. WAITE, corner Seventh at. and La. av. de 19-Sni MILITARY' BOOKS* ?Inatrnotiona for Field Artillery, by a Hoard of Army Officera; f vol., price 92 50. Hand Book of Artillery, by Capt. Roberta, U. S. A.. 1 vol . price 91. ^rdee'a Tactics. 1 vol., $1 50. Scott'a Infantry Taotioa, 3 vola., $2 5", Cavalry Tactica.S vola. Diotionarv of the Array of the United States, by Gardner. For sale by BLANOHARD* MOHUN, ja 23 Corner of Fa. av and Eleventh atraet. |MPOKTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE& CO.'S BLEOT 8PIOXW. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY^AND PERFECTLY PURE, bat (round from frwh Spices, seleoted and cleaned br us expressly for the purpose without reference to oost. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, [lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping. Mid are full weicht, while the ordinary rround Spices aro almost invariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength and riohness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, M a sinrle trial will abundantly prore. Manuffcctured only by E. R. DURKEK & CO., fa ll if.D* 1 Pearl st.. Ntw York, ("JO lb SHEPHERD'S, corner 7th and D st*., for bargains. ja 19 Tin BNOT1CK. Y Order of the B;>ard of Trustees of the P.iblic J-k. I _ ~ f * l_ bcnwwvi mis cist, prop mis Will tie received i jr the un'ersuned until Saturday, the 26 hins ant,for Ihe r 11 ppI> of mich Stationery &i d Tex'.-books for the Teachers and indigent pupils of the public choo's ar may ha nenc ?<ary f.>r th? balance ?^f the school y*arending Jul* 31,1R61. to be furnished in Mich quantities an may be required from time to tune. Persons desiring to bid for the above will be furnished with a 11at of the book* anrl other article* required upon application to the undersigned, ja H WW __ V. HAEPAUgH, TWM. HEAi TH IS WKAI-TH, AND SICKNESS POVERTY INDEED. Read aid nee if Dr. Ayer's Mediomes do not do 10m thing to en: ich mankind. Chicago, 12th November. 1859. Dr. J. C. Ater?Respected Sir: 1 should be raining in common gratitude il I did rot acknowledge to yon what your *kilt, or more accurately four Extract o? Bahsatabilla ha* done for my wife. has been for aoine years afflicted with a humor, whioli come* out up<<n her ckin in the autumn and winter with *uch inanfferahle itching aa to r- ndf-n Ifealmostintoierable It ha* r.ever fa led to come upon h?-r in cold weather, nor h%* any r> mad'.al aid been able to ha*ten iU departure before loring, or to at all alleviate her auflaringa from it. Tnl* deacon it t>egan in October with it* u*ual rioleno*. My the advice of oar celebrated Sor tein, L?r. Kimrah, I gave her your Harsnpa'Ula. [n a week it had biomht the horror out upon her ikia worse than wn had ever Men it before; hat it l ion began to disappear The ltohing hasoeased Mid the huinor is no * entirely none, to that she is 3'fnpleteW oure<l, hut still continues taking the ?ar?ap\rilla, to itisuie a complete expulsion of tke lise&s? from the system. Yours, respectfully. ttcyj. Carter. Prepared Uy Dr. J. C. AYER A CO., Lowell, M>i*s j a 16 eolm INVENTORS ANI) PATENTEES MUNN * mMWNV. T,oC A L NEW S~ |[T Tbon^h Tei Sta* la printed on the forte* team press In roe south of Riltimm* it* ?im? Proprietor* of the Snu^tinc American, and Agents fur procuring American and Foreign PATENTS, Wiffc Sixteen Years' F.rperunce tn the Eusines ?, Refer to fl?n. Judge Mason, Hon Jnsepi Holt, Hon. W I), liishop. Kx Commission*!* ol Patent*, to m?ro than fifteen thousand inventors who have had business clone through Mum A Co.'n Fat Bnt Pamphlet of Advioa sont free by m\il. Patei.t Laws and Rrgnlatiooe, l< o pages,85 oents mail . Office?No. 37 Park R'w. New York. W ashington offio??corner F and Seventh ?ts.f opposite Patent Office. de a e?2H PAUTION! CAUTION!! CAUTION!!! vy Beware of imposition anil treat original rift arentH, who trot all over the country ar.d make fo? Is ol themselves advertising as the only original Or.e Dol ar Gilt Agents. We respectfully warn the entire community that the firm of P. J. KKLl.EW * CO., Under the Nitionol Hotel, f>mp!oy no such azents who sretend to sell spurious Jeweiry At our regular standard established price. ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE of all onr SOLID AND GOLD-PLATED JEWELRY, irrespective of their value. We ben to assure the entire puMio that every piece of fine goods we sell have been manufactured express'y f<?r th? b*st retail trsde in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wash ington and other cities. Just observe the crowd who daily rush to the rejular One Do lar Jewelrv " tore, Undtr tht National Hotel. Everybody irom nil parts of the c.ty and oountry jo crowd'nc to the store Under the National Hotel. I* 1_ I ?" * ? ? * ? c?Turju<Hjj iiirnainc n>r ir?eir uountry tjoosina, Aunta. Uneles.and Friend* to oomo nni *aethe F1NK J h W EI - R Y at the Store Under ike Na.ional Hotel. Everybody if dflirhtod with th* beautiful. cboioe election of HRACKLETS and SETS, LOO ? ET**, * o.r at the Store Under the Rational Hotel. Everybody i? tickled to death almoot at seeing the endleas variety of F'NE GOODS o.ened every moroicK ; every day xom* now style* ?nd patterns. ThelaJies >av,"Oh. dear! did you ev*r ?ee the At the store Under the National Hotel. Lkdies ard jentlerpen, call when it r uita yon. Thi* Fine Stock will all be sold in a few day*. Remember, don't be dused the (lift Atemi*. D^n't forget the p'ace. THE REGULAR JEWELRY ESTABLISHMENT/ m Under the National Hotel. P. J. BELLEW * CO.. ja22-?t Proprietors _ F 3EEF-9ALT BEEF. OR SALE, id lota to suit purchasers, about 4.000 pounds Salt Beef, in excellent condition, at 4 oenta per pound. Apply to W. LINKi.NS. Stall 66 Center Market, or 5 and T Western Market, jl 18-6t PRUNES OF OUR OWN IMPORTATION. W e are to-day in rec ipt of our nsoal supply at tfeii'Mnon of first quality Bordeaux I'run-s. selected for u? in Franoo. They are e?peoial?y large ard rioh in flavor. Jan KING & BURCHKLt . OFFICERS, PETTY OFFICERS, AND Seamen who were on board ol any U. S. thips at the capture of any slaver oan have their oiaima for Boaoty and Head Money promptly attends) to by applying to or addressing C. P. WALLACH, Washington, D. C. ja lt-tf rfcUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the w very latest sty le?, and in all oases made^^N of the beat material. Call at once and get^Kf ohoioe. At STEVENS'S, ? 22-tf 336. betw. 9th and 10th stu. W - -SALTS' _ _ WW u U V COAL

989 Pi. At., Bitw. Uth aks 1*th St?., Mill and Wharf foot of 9<rr*ct?*nth it, <m*n tf War Pw??wi?wt. Baltimo.K I T M M Rixliur* PI*M. HnKimoV DiANOtt FOR RKNT.?Several at on* totter A Mr aontk. Alto, two Tory fine one* trill b? mud low too^*ful yoraoB*. J?* P?. ?*m bft Hfc m? loth aUt # i r AMUgfcMKNTP. WASHINGTON THEATER! Uiwi ? 8 W. Gliwi AoMng Manager ; J T. *atvo?? KU(?Mu?(rr_^ HmrHBET bum THIR EVKNINC. Third Night of the Di?t<ncunheJ Coinedi\*\ MR J08KPH JKFFFRSU'N, H'ho will ?rP**r ib hiicelebnt d role of MAZEPPA, In the New Burlesque, giving the Jfiuut dt la C*ur, Operatic Poeae. an I Itering AoU of Horitmuikif on an Imaginary Barebaoked Steed. Aleo, Mr. GOLIGHTLY. In the Coined; entitled * _? ai a\ ? ?? ??? ? ? - ? ?? ? fcwwgftflib shii,li>li?. it Concert fob tri BENEFIT OF THE POOR, by tri Choir of 8t Peter's Church, at thi ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Nary Y*rd, o!* THURSDAY EVENING. January S?th. PROGRAMME. Pabt I Choru??Joy, Joy. Freedom To-dar. Gipxy'* Warning Solo?My Sinter Dear Auber Trio..? Mucadante Solo?New Km land Welle Quartette?Come where my Love he* Dreaming Fnete.Solo?The Harp that once t.'in>u(h Tars'* Hall*. Pa*T II. Piano Solo. Solo?Gi vanna D'Argo Verdi Solo?"Lo! Rear the Gentle l.*rk,"(by request.) Flute accompaniment?Bishop Duet?Home to our Mountain*? Verdi Solo?Friend of the Brave_ Calcott Polo and Choru*^^. . Ro?*m< Solo and Churn*?Star Spangled Banner..... Key* Conoert to commence at 7.'* o'clock. Admission Twenty-five Cent*. The Piago for thi* occasion i? from the factory of ChiokAring & Sons,and kindly loaned by Mr. John F. Kill*. ja *2 3'.* A OONCKRT. /\T The reque?t of the "Uon Ton" of \V??hintt-?n SIGNOR FKANCIA will rive a GRAND COMPLIMKNTARY VOCM- AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. assisted by Mr?. OK CI I'M YOUNG, the Prima Donna, and Mr. J. B PAWSoN, the eminent Ramo, al*<> a sestetto ?f the l>A?t musician*. at WILLAR DS' CONCKRT HALl.,on THURSDAY, January 24th. ... , On the nano occasion Si;. FR&NCIA will play several Solos on the Piano, of his own composition. Profe?sor FRANCIA gives this Concert under the patronage of the following ladies and gentlemen: Al: the DiD'omitic Corss.Hon. W. W Corcoran. hod Mrs." John s', 'Hon. Mrs. I,. T Wufa'll, Mrs. Capt Ma?ruder, Hon John R Thompson, Hon. Mrs Wm. tt*in, Mr*. Henry I.?dja?-?i, Madame De Oerolt, Hon. Mrs. Jesse Bright. Tickets an<ise<ur*d seats #1?to be h?d st the Music Store of W. G Metzerott, and at Willard's Hotel, and at the door on the evening ol the concert. Ticket offioe op;n at ha f past 7. To commence at 8 o'clock. ja 19 5t BALLS,~PARTIES, &c. A SELECT CALICO BALL, (or (he Benefitof the l'oor of this city, will be given on WF.DNE8D* Y, January ?>th,at >dd Fkl- a* Low*' Hall Supper will he nerved by an ex p*ri?no*d caterer. Tickets have bwh placdUUM in the hand? of the fol owing gentlemen lor tale, and all application must be made to them in person, ai no tickets will b? sold at the door: Thom*? W. Berry, Thomas V. Douglas*, and Charles O. White. ja23 PERSONAL. I NOTICE. LEARN That children are (coin* about begging in my name. It is t ue, I am in nee<l: nevrtheires, they are imposters, as it i? entirely without my oonaer.t, ami I hope they will receive nothing without my written order. It* MARTHA A. DA I LEV. If XPARTR 8MITH.-7V Hmhtn* Corp** J Arthur G Sm'tn, who wse hef<ir*? th? Circuit Court a few days aro, upon a petition, p aying for a writ i t halieaa corpna upon trie Superintendent of the Asylum tor the fna%n?. waa on Monday aent to the nitr hv Dr. Nirkolln. the Sin?enntend*nt! it p'Hrin* that fourt'en rfiy.i failed fodimloie any trfdtnre of in?im?y no hi* pa't. Hi? friends, who had never doubted his tacily, of oonrse were not urerued to see him out. It* NOUS VERRONS. Madamf. morrice. thi grfat astpoloo!*t a*ti DrcTRit>i?./rom Evrop* ?Thieh'?hiv eifted a d intelligent lady can co^ku'iih) <>n 'h<? Pait, Present anJ Future Event*. Call *t No. 211 Twentieth it'Mt, Mvm M ?nd N. Wailimrton ja21 3t* WANTS. WANTED?By a respectable young woman, a SITUATION a* chambermaid or to do the general hou*ew*rk of a smaJl 'ainily. Apply at No 97 K atreet. between 21s? and 2<d s'a. It* WANTED?A fi'st rate COOK that thoroughly understands the busines* in all it? branch?*. Mait come well rPcnnimrnded: no:.e otiit-r ueed apply. 309 F street, between 11th and 12th at*. WANTED?A WOMAN, who is a nice wavher and ironer, to do light washing and chamber work, to whom go>'?f wag?s will ha given. Apply from 9 a. ni to 12, rt Tud'ir Place, Georget >m Mights, on Con;re?? st. ja?3-3t* VV ANTED?By a respectable young woman, a *? SITUATION to do genera! housework or take chargx of a baby. Good recommendations given. Apply at No. 634 North Capitol *t, near Massaohuse ts av. ja 23-2tw WANTED?By a respectable woman, who thoroughly u^de'stan<l? her* in all its branches, a SITUATION as conk in a private r :i_ ? 1 - I ? - - ? iniiiij. uo<wi rwoornr lemmiion* can ne jivea. Apply for three .lay* at .No 531 Eleventh *tree*. betwe*Q B ami C r It* WANTED?To e^cha^e an improved Farm of 321 iter?* for C>ty P-operty. It i* in Fairiaw, Va . about 2>i mi.e* from Washin^ton b? railroad, in a very h*altliy and pleasant neighborhood: conven>?r.t to ohorch. post rftne, Ac.; *o< d f?rminr land ai>outone third rich bottom. well Uahsiai and watered; has three farm houi't, two l?arn*, a large jroung orchard of improved fdiit. Inquire of Mr. JOHN K. STOTT, ^15 fa. avenue, or Mr. I. R. CAR PKNTKR.i who a-e well acquainted with the property,) or of ths ? a "-sen be'. B R. BARLOW, ja 22-St* 63T Seventh ?t.. Washington. %J|7ANTEr>?A good *-oond-haiid 6X o- 7 octava * ? PIANO FORTH, for winch ca?h will ) ? paid. A Bacon A Raven preforrod. Address A. G., Box 331 City Pout Office, jaall-3t* WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From #5 to fin nnri worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of all kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as u?ual. at the shortest notion R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ae., ooV 40$ 7th ft., bet. G and H east side. WANTED^SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Per?ons declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and lair prioes by applying at 369 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?Yesterday morninc. be'ween the store* of K ley & Brother * d MT?. R. ( Lt-bison, a pair of GOLD SPECT* CLES, in a black case. ?'he finder will he suitably rewarded by leavkr them at ?hi? offioe. j\?3-8t? . LOST?Oi. Tuesday last, on Four-and a half at, or Fa aver.ii', between 4i? and iSih sts . a leather hcnia>pathio MEDIClNei CAJ*K, containing fonr row* Ibottles. The finder wil l?e liberally rewarded hr leaviuc it at No. 'Jtt4 F at.botween 13.h and Utli m.. hr l.litHliRRI It* J7RENCH & RICHSTEJN,' F '27$ Avkkvs, Are agenta for the Baltimore A ma ican and Kxohang*, CharWton Mercury, Sco. Mibseribrs serYfd it low ratea Pape from every citt in the Union?weekly, monthly and quarterly. Call and stihsoribe. Now is the time. New \ ork, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other papers delivered in the oity and Georgetown immediately after the arrival ol trains. ja IS (7>OR TWO WEEKS LONGER I SHALL r o"ntinu? to sell the ha'ance of the stock of Dry Goods in f?ore No. 521 Seventh street, (sign of the Red Fiac,) at greatly reduo*d prices, before remOvim to mv MV huiUlinv on thm A v?hua. " HlSSlRY EGA N. Ml'Swwh ?t, j> 18-6t Nmt A venue HouV. THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIACASH CAPITAL 9300,000. InurM Meroh&ndise, Baildinft, Honaohuld Firmture, 4to , iftinst loaa or d?ma?e by fire. HEATH * KNOWLES, AfMta, ? Ofioo? Rooir 16 ormr Buk of WMkinjto*. )?W CKENCH FLO WERSOF THE VERY BEST r "3" ""VSrJVir^ |i|k nog tf 1.1ft.h*iw.?ti. iuwI ufcffBu JUfeT RECEIVED BY FRENCH * RICHSTEIN, B. ?.?,*? Pim. Atmbi, Mt'a Middle A cm,'he mv Boston LiUrtn ^ISsa^S^wS^' ^ 0' %**& IV ? GEORGETOWN. Corrttpond*ne4 / Tke Stmr. Gmmituwi, Juauy 23, 1M1 A large numbrr of ladles ud netlemm wen aaaeirbted yesterday afteraoon it The residence ? our social and esteemed fWlow-cltlxen. Geo W Gray, K?q , tbe Interesting occtiioi being tb< rrmrfUg? rtf tha *ian?kU? JM#-aWJl .Mr Benedict Hutcb1n? Rev Dr. Bocock per formed the ceremony In an imprwaive manner, ?id afterwards presented to the newly-made boa band large ana beautifully bound family Bible, on a Hank leaf of which we read the following inacriptlon :?" Preaented to Benedict Hutchlna. Kaq , by the Presbyterian congregation. aa a alight testimonial of their appreciation of hia exerttona in preventing the destruction of ther chu-ch by Ire Georgetown.D C .January19tl." The reverend gentleman and hla lady bad presented to the betrothed couple a amall Bible in the morning, and he accompanied thla gift from hla congregation with a few worda of kindly advice to the recipient, who gracefully acknowledged the obligation. We owe the variona military companies here apologle* for not noticing their drtlU and Inter* eatlna bualnew meetinga more at length, but the crowaed state of the Star'a columna baa prevented ua hitherto, and we do not like to show or expreoa any partiality where we feel none We hope to do Juattce to them all at an early day The flnder of the spectacles advertised below will confer a great favor on the loaer by returning them aa directed. A few days ainee two colored children on High ltr*?t nna* ?? ?? L -- ?w * * ?V KTOII auu tuc 1'iun 1HMI % iuur years old. were contending for the pwwloa of a baby, also rolored, which the elder wu nursing, when the younger, becoming staged. mimed a blow at hla opponent with a billet of wood, and mlaainc, struck the infant on the bead, ao injuring It that it lived only a few hours. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A Resolution In relation to the deficiency of the front foot tax on Fayette street. between Flrat and Prospect Htfolred by the Board of Aldrrntrn nnd Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Geergttorm, That the sum of six hundred and fifty-six dollars and twenty-five cents be, and la hereby, appropriated to cover the deficiency In the amount of the front foot tax to defray the expense of grading, curbing, and paving Fayette street, lietween Bridgp and First streets AnnrnvpH f*nni rxr 10 lwT.1 A RssoLrTio* to pay for repairs of Paper Mill Bridge. Resolved by tk* Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Counnl of tke Corporation of Georgetotm. Tbattue Clerk be, and bp is hereby, authorized to pay to the order of Joseph Llhbr A Son ten dollars and elxbty-seven cents, fcr lumber, and charge one half thereof to the Levy Court. Approved January 14,1861. A Resolution to pay for repairs of Market Honae Bridge. Resolved 6y Ike Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Oe*rgttoim, That the Clerk be. and he Is hereby, authorized to pay to the order of Joseph Llbbr A Son ten J-11 a a ? - - * ? uuuori aim twelve cfnu, ana cilarge ttte same to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company. Approved January 12, 1861. A Resolution in favor of J. J. McQuillan Resolved by Ike Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the Clerk be. and he it hereby, antborized to pay to the oider of J. J McQuillan the turn of sli dollar*, for coflln furnished to colored pauper 11th April, I860. [Approved January 12, I.61. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS VSp-GKORGETOWN TAXKH FOR 1?60.'L3 All p?r?ou? inarrea-s tor taie? for 1M>> are hereby urjei.tlj rrqu<?tted to call at the MaT r'a Offiaeand p*i the am* to Mr. William I.aird, the ' lerk of the Corn ration, who is hereh* au tlorisod to rrocipt fjr in* during mj oonhnement to the hoose. 1 trust that this call will be re?ponded to, idmmuoh as 1 am duabled. aci will l>e fcr mo twki t'llAKLKS p WELCH. N. B. School Tax should be paid p re-. iou< to the day of election. ia 19 LOST-A rairof GOLD SPECTACLE?, iiT* stilj cane open at both ends. I h* r*\fiir\ tind'-r wili be suitably re?a<<l?d by v.t~ Laving them at No. 114 Bridge St.. ?jeort"town. ja 82-?t _____ JUST RECEI VEL>? 10 hhd?. prime I'orto Rioo SUGARS, 1S?? bbla. w.d Rje WHIi-KY, 2S<> bbla. H ERRING and ALEWIVES. An bbla. Crushed and Refined ^I'GARs. jn (>*? Rio and Java COFFKK. inhhdR.dow priced) MOLASSES. For -.ilo hr JOHN J. BOGI E. ? <0 rp JKWK1.RY STOEK 1. HF. Undersigned oont'uuei her iat# hut'and'a bucioesi at tne well known Jtw-lry K?t?t< Jtv liihmniCNu 59 Bride* street. Fine Je? e ffiu for sale at the lowest rat a. and va oh repai'-ffcyf in* attended to in a /aithfal and nittmtra* usual. js 19 3t Mrs. MARY WATSON. ASTERN FISH AND APPLES: HERRING, ALEW1VES AND MACKEREL' ?*i lurreli Eau'port No. 1 HERRING, J*) <lo ttoKtoc No i dj lit) do Labrador No. 1 do an half barrels do do_ ? > n&rreia lueremuclie ."No. I ALKWIVfeS, ion do ??t. John's do 25 <*0 No.3 ?r{? MACKKREL, 25 do No. 3sn>aii do ?n> do no.u Baldwin apples. All of which we propose to close out at 9i.5t to ?2 75 lor Herrine; .94 to #4So for Labrador Herrm?; ?3.50 to $4 tor Mcremoo'je and $45" fo' St John a1 wivrs; ?5iSan<1 #R for ninall and larje Mackerel, and Apples at prices that ca_itot Cat! to meet the viewr of buytra. HARTLEY * RFOTHKR. 99 aud 1?1 Water ?treet, ja 19 2w l>?ort? nwn, I) C. MASSEY.COLLINS A CO.*S PHILAl?tL PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.-Wear* ooaatanth receiving Freeh supplies of the above dehgM'ui beverage, and icvite all persona who waiit a p u re enad u iterated Ale. to tire it a trial. AH-Vi k SH1NN, Agents, t* ?T <}r?en ?lt.. Omt5?U.WH. THE CHEAPEST STATIONERY ton ever ?*w, at SHEPHERD'S. jaioiin ABARB CHANCE For htrnim in School Booka Blank Books. Mi ?oell*neou* Books and Stationery, Writing Paper, Envelopes, Ac., Ac., at SH FPlI * RD'S, corner Seventh ana I) ?t?., selling out to reduce stock. ja ' ?*-!m JMPORTANT TO LADIES! I h*ve jnift rnoeived a lot of Sabl* Mink MUFFS, ma le from skin* cau;ht thianea on, which I will aell at noarlj WTOfTA ba I their usual p. ioo. IrfR&vYiR'm Alio, on hand.French Sable a.d Kv.'S.y Wat*r Mink MUFF?, prioralrom II _JI. $2 y> to si jo . tff! ^Dr* > HALF C A PES and VICTOR. IN ES of various kind* of For rxirem?|? W. A fc? morn Chi.drena t I RS it-ft. Muff*"}5o?nt?. ?1 and ftl.25 Mia?ea' JOCKEY HATS in Beaver and Frit, for 92 and 92 5?> lest than cost. Ternu ouh B. H STINEMETZ, Hat Store 2S0 Penn. avenee. ja 1? between 12th and 13th at*. PIANO FORTE INSTRUCTIONS -The anderslgned, Jo: ( well knorn to Wi >d ruh'ic a* a ? icher of ttuBC^Ua Piano, betu lewe to state that he is pre *11 *T' pared to i*ke ?cho'ar* on term* to nu t the exigen0101 of the t ni ? Havick vac\nc e? in hi* time jiut cow which hem auxion* to fill up, be w.ll teach a few scholar*, if detiralt e to iheir parent*, and tak" hi' p\? in such merchandise as mar he agrmd on when they are entered with kim. He is willing to mike snnh <irrangeint?nt?, knowing th.e ino->n enieo<-e many who desire to have their ohil drea laaiMt ? Piano experience now in gelt eg money Mi* method of teaching ha* been inch y approved for y? ars, and his referenoea are heads of the beet muMoal families in \Vathin<ton. His terms are exceedingly in derate JOHN K SOHKI.l. Residence?293 G ttre't. ja 5-1m or apply at Mftwrntt'n. 275 allkn 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, PXXN*. AVKIfVB, Between l<nh and 11th street*. Je It ft It EAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.-One vary VT nice Mven-cc'avc Carvd Piano F<?rtf having beer, in uae a thort time only. th>|MHK ovner aaviiif the ci?y, for sale for 9Jm ?ll I*1 On vurr ni K oi^wrwvi <7hmlr?rin? Mi??*n fc*r ?138, at the Mrnic Store of W. G. M K fZEKOTT, Sol* A*enoj of Staiaway k Son*' Overstrunc Pianos. no t HARD TIMICf* vs PlANO?.-We k?n had p aced *t oar store several fine Pia os for raie at saenfioesfor cash,on aeeoontofthe barn timra JOHN K. FL.U9. ja 16 ?Q6 r>.?v.. ?ji<1 |.?h ?ts J ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAKS. OBT Op?a?d for the Chri*tiriM aad New Years Presents, all marked down at the lowest pnees to suit tha times, for cash. deW J W COLLEY k CO.. ur ONE PRICE ONLY! rrcu.f.vKNg 336 Ba8 tf Mwoii <>th and I Oth ?tt. Fi^5jSBRJp5S~_ BR^UY TB!?5V d*? K1NW A BmiOHKU/^ALVERTnjLCELKBRATKD HONKY, M*4s Ks IB tk# Km AImm. A el?*r u4 deliotova mrtioU. (flog) KI N</ * BrKCHKH. T?? . .N^W Rt:8TA-V?ANT. . _ ? an r>uu-c luwiBi 'ruuuwoiuiiM HI IIMD IMIob ?r.d the public in tr*n?T?i that heS- . A haj^>?ne<Uk? RfstMrfcat No. 4M SixU t?mt IgmWSwi >1 j* % *** > *! *a fi ? ju I THE LATEST NEWS T E L E O BAPHIO. ! Lain tram Barepe \?w Yen. Ju *1-Tkf ?? i?lilp Artf*, , from Havre ?1* stout ham rtfoa. mm the *h. arrived , here laat night Amoa| ber p mrm an Oapl Ingrafcam of the Nin, and Jami Leslie. bearer of 4lip?V tfl. Liruro?L, Jin 9 -totton atmUr, eatmatad alee three day* J3.0W bales The market closed steady B reads! u lis ruled qntet but Steady Provisions ruled d?U. The ateamahtps Bohemian end K*?a bad arrived at Liverpool Conaoia c looed it Wfc. (iicoxd wirttCR ] The A rap? Wln?;t l.ondon dth* at tb* (Ik Otiu, Jan. 5 ? Tb? Shall* tbmwn by tk? hfdlu am pirnrtratrd the room #?W ibat oecuptrd by the King of Maples. and tbo mlilatrra wo ? Isolating that he abouId r?iw?? bit quartet*. thf Hungarian and Poltah mluatcora from ftarlbaldl'a army arriving at Port, M route far the Panublan Principalities The Km per or of Austria proclaim a comprehensive amnesty for Hungary, Traaaafonla, Croatia and Sclavonla Ptltl. WfdnMdar ?la (ha Raafc >t P?i>m ? deficit of S INW.UOO francs is anticipated The Amrrtan crisis hu iffeciM the ewnwrft of France equally with that of England The City of Washington took oat nearly half a million in specie. Rome, Jan 5 ?Placards have been poeted la some of the streets, extorting the Romans to await the arrival of ibe Sardinians The Neapolitan troops here have keen ordered bom* A depot of arms baa been dlacorered la the For? Appto Hesr|ia ? esrealtsa. MtLLsneiriLLi. Jan W ?A amber of resolutions bare been offered In Convent-on to <fa* and adopted. One appoint!ag a committee ?f riilMB to report on the power of the Convention to reduse the number of member* of tbe I.egUlature, another declaring tbst Georgia will demand b?r hare of the public property, another pledging tbe r-tate to nay the carrier* for tbe transportation of tbe malls in future; another Instructing a committee to report-nn ordinance authorising tbe appointment of a council of aafety SI* delegate* entered tbelr protect again* tbe pa?Mg? of the Ordi nance of Seceaaion, but pledged their lives, fortunes and honor in tbe dsfenae of Georgia -galnat coercion or Invasion An ordinance waa ottered declaring all white persona who were in the State at tbe adoption of the Ordinance of Seres*'on citnena of the ?*tata without regard t nativity or length of raaideaee. Referred. A long letter wu presented from the Postmaster of Savannah detailing the evlla of a change in the present postal affair* Referred An ordinance was adopted providing for the execution of sentences passed by the Federal Courts, acd for tbe execution of processes Issued by tbe ?nif Courts, and to preserve indictments An ordinance was offered and made tbe special order for to morrow, continuing In force all tb* Federal laws in reference to toe African Mav? trade it will be almost unanimously adopted to Louisiana, and Gen. San ford was appointed Commissioner to Texas. The proceedings to-day were quite Interesting. The gallery wu open to viaitora Vir|lila L?fUtitirt Richmohp, Jan. 22.?Governor Letcher to-day communicated to tbe Legtalnture tbe coercion resolutions of the Legislature of Ohio, with a mesaage in which be says that such resolutions aent to tbe slaveholdlng State* have no oiber effect tba-i to exci'e rraentmenta. influence prejudices, increase tbe difllcultiea, and embarraaa. if not dm feat, ail tbe efforts now being made to adjust tbe controversy He suggests the propriety of admin 1st ring a rebuke to tbe Governor of Ohio for a refusal to surrender Owen Brown and Francis M err an. wben demanded by the authorities of this Commonwealth, as fugitives from Justice The message was tabled by a small majority Tbe Seoste debated tbe one million defease bill, pending which an sdjournment took piece. Resslatisn* ef the Seaate ?f Flew Yerk Ay prevtsi tke Cease ef Gevwaer Hicks A.-..- I I. 1 - ' nbSA.11. mi an ? i u mr nvivc rrniic w-aay Mr Con noli}-offered a seriesc f resolutions setting forth that the conservative action of tbe border State*, in refuting to sanction tbe unconstitutional measures of tbe secession StaUs. merit tbe acknowledgments of tbe peopleof New York That tbe refusal of Governor Hicks, of Maryland, to call a convention to p'omote the object of the secessionists excites our profoundeat admiration, and that the country will acknowledge him a patrint nf (K? MnVi n b * - ?s?4tl -?? ? ?v ?.rw? vi wvi . ? um? uimij wm wwn btm as a benefactor of the human race. Also ordered that a copy of the renolutona be aent to iiw Hick* The resolutions were adopted?yeeai?, nays 1. Movement ef Peanrlnalt Uflalttirs tn Pbtst ml t*apr#alM> Fl af a sBr r>. Jan ?! ?The republicans of the House favorable to the repeal of tbe obnoxious provisions in tbe penal code relative to tbe rendition of slaves, held a ctncus to-day. when twenty four were present It la reported that their vote, _ltk ?t-_ J " - ? wihviiicu wiku iuc unavuiuc tuw, win curry the repeal of tbeae obnoxious law* through tbe House. A speech wai made by Mr. Armatrong, republican, in tbe Houm to-day. favoring tbe adaption of Mr Crittenden's amendment* to the Conatitutlon. It produced a powerful effect It waa tbe flneat effort of tbe aeaalon ta either bouaa North (araliaa Legtalatare. Ralfigr Jan it ?Tbe calltcg of a State Convention t* mote doubtful to-day on account of a disagreement a* to tbe time One partv ia for haaty and ibe other for deliberate action Tbe Sena'e agreea on the Slat of Febni-ry for tbe election of delegate* which date will likely kill the bill at it* tL rd reading. The bill waa debated 1b th?- boiiae to day, but no action wu taken North Carolina will prove conservative. but not submissive Everybody will be for aecwa'.on should It be nerewary 1 he CLerelaad FCut. Olkvklasd, Jan 21 ?The fugitive slave Lacy was brought before the Probate Court tbla morning, when Judge Tilden ordered her dl charge from the custody of the Sheriff She baa been witn in cusroay ov ?ne Lniu-u t>UM Minu. and removed to the I'oitcd States Court, wbere sh? la now undergo ng an examination. On tbe way to tbe United SUtea Court tbe crowd nude an unsuccessful attempt to rcaoue tbe fugitive Anti-Coercive Resolutions of the Ktalackr Lrfidttart. . Locisvill*, Jan. 42?In tbe Kentucky Lcarla1 at a re vaterday tbe House passed, by a vote of 87 aga-nst 6, a aeries of reaolutionsdeclaring, in view of tbe mm and money tendered by several of tbe ;^??nurrn c>iaw? ui tut urnrrii uovrrumrni. urn tbf of Kentucky, unite with their brethren of tbe South, will resist auch Invasion of the soil of tbe South at all bazarda, and to tbe laat extremity. Hrinrr af Araaa aa< HibIusm af War Ntw Yoaa, Jan *2 ?Thirty-alght caaaa of muskets, containing two dpien each, anda quan iii> ui m m nnu ^unpuwun, wrrr iricm w unv bT tb? police, on board tbe ateainer Moo tic "llo, about to ar'l for Savannah Fifty laUieri arrived here to-day at Fort Hamilton, from Wrtt Point. Later fr*a viextco?I'aptir* and F.acape of iiraaoa. New otliim, Jan ? ?Vera Crua da in of the 1Mb atate tbat Miramon and mw of bin t it cera bad been captured br the Indiana, bat tbat Miramon rleaped by killing three af bt* captor*. Ptrsldent Juarez left Ver? Craa for the Capital on tbe 5th. Batch Rmci, Jan <1 ?Tbe delegate* to tbe State Convention are arriving bere rapidly and tbe town is ailing op with people Tbe seoMtloa sentiment prevails Various reports are in circulation regarding tbe coming of troops from tbe North Affair* 1b Florid*?The lavntatal of Fort Pie he as. Pxssacol*, Jan 81 ?Tbe garrison at Fort Barrancas have mounted two rolumbtads aad tred a H1UIP lor iop ionf Unicoi riwiu*. rw?ni,?rn? and McRac arc brine Inverted bv tbe allied State troop*. Tbe UaltlMt Lfflilatar*. New OaLKAM>, Jaa St.?Advtcaa from Baton Rouge aute tUat 'raw. Moore a meaaage ta o acorn proiuialogljr la favor of eeceaaiaa, principally *a tbe jtroi; nd tbat am North baa contemptaoualy re jected all tbe propaaltiona of aderatr mm* Alabama N Itbdrawa bar Rrpreeeatattvee. ?Tbe Coaeaatlea la-day adopted reaolotiaaa recall lag tbe rapreeaalativee af tbe Mate from Congreaa. and auitor rng tbe vomaor u> appQin Luaimisioowv wo w mi 1 u| R'pral ( U? PrrtMMl Likwtr BUI. hoviWDCi. Ju 22 ?Tb? HonoW of UU State te-day repaalad tfra ricmul U^ite a il fcya *<>te of 31 to 9. Tba Mbj?ct ww wtnalr dIn mad hi the Hoooe. and fl Dally wm pootpoord to Tbaradar W?w Yar. MartMi New Vom. Jaa lfcf ?Ploor Ac tewrr. WWtl le lower Car* docl.aiaf PiarMan i)?M Wblaky dull at itc PtaavtaiNnr You. Jaa ? mm* 4*11 tad tow**, I Ckkaffo Kick liM^^ lUVtuli Ccftstl ? a .> * ? j