Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1861 Page 4
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j? I ? the evening star. i_ Thi MISSISSIPPI Rlvil BtociADSO?The dlaNleh mnonfici tiat jjuna bad barn pUnt?d it JJ Virkihnrg by order of the Governor of Mlasls- k mlprl, to Intercept nil passing tteamboats, ae?ini ? to be confirmed The Memphis Avalascbe, of '*i tbe i7tb inet , nn ?? " Jwt above Vieksborsr, by direction of Got. j? Pett-js, a battery baa been erected, and every boat T: bailing from north of Mason and Dixon's line Is <ji compelled to round to, and give an account of bj tb?ms?lves Th?-Imp?. ;al. f om this port, passed th there daring tbe night, and was forced to land at the bebeat of a twelve-pound ihot Bred across her bows Of eopr*e sbe was all right and went on." * * u" -Informed Tbe JWffOpf'II rt r^irnj lido ' I-M " * .. . ? by one of tbe clerk* nf Ihe ?te*mer Almond* that 1] four (tins lire placed at tbe font of tbe bluff, a at quarter of a mile above tbe wbarf-b<wt; that, * while the Simoruis >?y there on ber trip up the J* river, blank cartridges were fired to bring to and ?J cause to hnd tbe Oi-d:a*or. tbe Imperial, and tbe ^ A O Taylor, and that It was understood that if tbe lummona were not attended to. the *ext gun would be shotted Tbeobjectof the surveillance has not been made known. si SOLOJI SotLAXD 6 ITS A RtPLT flOX JOHH ? Bbll ?Solon Borland made a speech In Nash- & ville, Thuriiay night He said. in toe courss 01 hit remark*, that the "Constitutional Union it p*rty," iind iti acknowledge champion. John g B^ll, had held thedo^triue that the election of j? Lincoln would b? a j i?t cause for tbe dissolution 0 of tha Union John Hel>, who was in the audi- & euce, arcs* and denied the charge Upon ttrs, d aiya the Nashville Democrat, tbe cheers "fang a a<<aln and again through the vast hsll. satisfying & u? of the predominant Union feeling In that as- * semblage? notwithstanding tbe Disunion element i mustered Its st ength " Mr Bell, before he sat t down, exp'eaaed the hope and conviction that *T1 i would vet he well with tbe Union; and this da- t claratlon was .received with great shouts of ap- ? clause The country will be j>lad to hear this from \fr Bell and the eltv of Nashville. - 0 rs-rrmkib from tbi Socth ? A young man named Aldrlcb, a nephew of Dr. Aldrlch,arrived In tblaclty laat Monday moraine from JMvannab. 6a., which place be left to avoid conacription in tbe nrllMa Be reporta thit tbe Georgians are compelling every one between 16 and .V) years of age to bear arms He alao reporta that tbe secesaloDista are tboae who have no property to loae. Tbe merchants and tboae possesaed of real estate are very generally in favor of the Union, but tbe mnd-oapa brand tbern as aboiitloniata and traltora if they give expression to th ir loyalty and patriot- . 'am.?Fall River Xeves. I fry Re*. Dt. Cummlng delivered on New j Year's day a sermon called "A Retrospect of the j Year." from the text: "The night fa far sp*nt, the day ts at hand." He urged his old theories 1 about the speedy coming of the mlllenntam, strengthening his position by arguments drawn ' from the political events of the y?ar *Vith re- ( g?rd to the United states the reverend gentleman t quoted from the New York Observer, and expressed an opinion that, under the guidance of Mr Lincoln, the new President, '-the states ? 1 - a J -# 4i * ?U I _ # _ _ t. wuum igri net i i wuitu WM a ir?ci IU tuc hea t of America " J ????????? Thi North Carolima Legi slatcrk ?The j subject of call iig a Stale Convention haa occupied i the attention of both branches of the North Caro- < Una Legislature for upwards of a week. The deba es, which are marked with much heat and acrlntiny^nre likely to be coutinuM duriog the preset v*eek it la tnou^ht, says the Wilmington Herald, that Mr. Ci\rkf-'? bill, submitting to the Copl# the questions of whether or not they will ve a Convention, will be ndcrpted. The bill provld"?f?lso f ?r the election of delegates at the time of voting upon the Convention quetUoH. trr Mr Lincoln is about to tak-- t?i? derarture from Springfield for Washington. The Rochester Deiro-rat of Monday. mvs: "It Is expected that the President elect will pass through this city on his way eastward, wit bin a day or two Superintendent CoUamore received from Albany a dupaico directing him to have a special car in readiness at Buffalo for tbe use of Mr. Lincoln, and we presume from that circumstance, that the distinguished traveller will arrive in that city sometime torn vrrow If not to-day." _ Mobile to Mixrns ?On Wednesday last tbe Bnal rail required to connect tbe Mobile and Ohio with the .Memphis and Clnrleeton railroad at Corinth, Mississippi, waadaly laid, and on Thursday tbe aoaplcloua event was celebrated by an later-State excursion, a bait, Ac *ut fifteen ml lea more of Iron require laying down and the wb^le vast design of the Mobile and Ohio road will be complete. A li_/~ After gorging himself with what he thought was roast chicken, ou 1-Hiding at Aspinwaii lately, a pasaen2er thought be would relieve nautical fare by taking a supply; on going into tbe yard to take hla pick, he was disgusted to s*-e that his chickena were iguanas, a huge Central American Usard. Yarises is Er*OP? ?It la estimated that there are 30,000 Americans la Europe, and that they spend among them the sum of St30,M)0.0M) per an nam. Thi* account* to aomeext-nt for tU?lar^e of sold made to Europe over and above the amount credited to mercantile transaction*. 1X5" A eood old Methodist preacher, lone slncr removed from this scene of temptation, in relating tls " experience. ' sa;d woman's eye was once so powerful as to draw him thirteen milt* over a ron^-h country road In winter, simply for her to teli him that the wouldn't marry him. On* Fact?Since the derided Union demonstration* in North Carolina, the six per cent, bond* of that State have risen *lx per cent On Friday last me oona* were neglected at Stock fcxciiange at 74. but th?y now oommond 60 per cent, easily, with few to be bod at the advance. Pbbso^aL Libkstt LiwoiMiixi.?We learn from a private letter receiv-d here from Mr Medcalfe, oneof the Governor's counsel of Maine, tbat tbe Personal Liberty law* of tbat State will uudotiljr?-dly be repealed at an early diy?Bilti1Hort A'lvrtcaK. 117" Tbe head-keeper In the shoe shop of the Auburn State Prison has been ftuspend-d on account cf the escape of Sam. iiasklns, a convict, recently. CZ7" Eleven persons hive broken their leg* by slipping npon tbe sidewalks at Troy this winter it is singular that all were left lfgs, and all bra* ken a few inches above the ankle. A HRIVALS A T THE HOTELS TVILLARDS' HOTEL.?T B Dev-rnnx, NY; O W \ k Sweden; G Gibbons, Ireland; I) H M'lt ton and ladv, Va; E D Stokes and lady, Pa; A S* AValt a and lady, Va; Com J Armstrong, L'SN; Mrs A m strong, ?; Capt W S Bishops and lady, l"3N; J P Sanderson, Pa; C A Walborn, do; 1*. Bill, do; M Huvrland, NY; E J Long. Ma?; W Foy. N V; J p?ar, P?; (i H Rftrble, ISN; G M Hi ker. Ha: J A Hund^n, NY; J Wharton. Pa; K L?rned. NY; H Heal, do;eC P Blxon. do; J Tart, A Mitchell. NY; K Buth. Cai; G B Hibbird and ladr, NY; G Glenn, NC; R J Oodue. I SA; J S KUlen/er, Pa; Jud?eCraln, Md; W B Cunt, do; J Bin/. SC; VV B Howie. Md; Co) Urlng, USA; A 'Story, Eng; J Olfutt, Kr; K J Bryan. d?; M >helntiaril and lady. NY;'J Parnely. d?; Mrs Miner and daughter, do; J C Hevward. do; B Pierce and lady, Masa; C A Sewiird, N Y; G M Lcwla, do; J M Lewi*. London; J B Merrer, Pa. S H Kefus?o, Masa; S Hooper, do;Capt J \V Ml kK NJ; A <V Markley. Ho; Col Ruflef?v, do: R Beadly, 111; C H Harwell, N V; VV J nice. Ma. NATIONAL HOTEL ? H Goldsmith, Ky; T Berry, Ur Berry, W Bowie, Md; Cap* Sheppnrd, j W Anderson, Va; D Clarke, W H Wood, NY; E Chandler, Va; E Jumps. PP; C .>1 Clay, Ky; A Oro??', M U HiaiptM, O Manami, T f bainun, M Wartner, Maaa; T Darfee, HI; A Curtis, NY; J B WhitUer, Md; J Reynold*. PP: W Calwell, G B Calwell, H C Bright, Va; R B Brabeon and fy. Mr* Rowland. Miaa Keith, Tenn; B N Posey, A Underworm. J Benkler, P Suttzbach 1) Rupp, A 3 Hoeelaad. C W Locke. W Harris, \V Playford, L) V Whitney, S Stevens. J Fritz. A Wolle, Pa; W K Broderlck, C A Sponaler, J Raymond, Md. L Valentine. NY: H Hirmn. I.a- w, if-i r , - - f ? ? ? , u>?) ?? rtoiu and If, MY. BROWN'S HOTEL ?H Ernat, C Murray, J E Crabbr, R Johns, Mtaa Lowe, Miw Johnson, M 1m Maddoz. H M AbM, W 0 Taibutt, T C Berry, Mr? S A Wiley,F J Wlle\ L Wtgfalland If- M Wigfall, E Lewia, W W H?*nrer?on, Md; O J Leigh, R M Whitney. J C Peily, NY; J 8 D?vi?on, O: W A Cocke, C T Lownd?a, K Gatf. ir, Hod J Tvli-r and son, G Aken. E T?-arney, E k Calwall, Vt; J Prukette and fam. Tm?; J T Cb clkitfr. Ark; H F Lrdet, H N Cou!>nn, DC; D Moor, Kn Col Seawell. USA; D C Rlvlauj. j r roun, K M Houat, A Foogersay, Pa KIRKWOOD HOUSE-J T Watkina, P A McOU. Md; J U Uuthric, B F Haiaea, ? Hain't. M Friedman, B H Herthey, J Q Petera, J M Fraatz, Pa 0 HAH STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fboh TIB r*rrm? Statbs. *n?nm*r$. 1mm. ftr. Dw. A were* Boat on .L?*erpor*.... Jan S3 Ctr?4iu. Portland Liverpool.... Jan M >:<fcut>urt .New York... Liverpool. ... Jan at JotlU aX N.w Vnrfc (3.1.?' - ? A ?>* ? { -l" a -:V*T f*!*"?*-W **om EZT- 1iy*<P?Z -foil ?La~Z?F** b 9 ?.** BriioV ?<Wk5L -? ? York t I ST* * o. vJvt|; / rr?I. ? CEMETK*Y NOTICK. ~I * Ht offers for *!? hi* kt< ok ofM Al% MISCELLANEOUS. D?t x?rM?iT? word* ofother lnn*|WiM? vbi(o to iD?ory*r?ta them into Mrow#tthat the or4 Cejftaiic. whieh U from the?reek, ijuifrnw or the heed, is now b Martin popu?ri?ed in 0 ^m%ss^tffUsQsS? ti notion m foreign wonw bM beoa Jfora ?TO r oonmoa hwi until they m? "ttw Md to manor bora." 'ardly RMllied. 1??d 'n'orrible MKUohe this afternoon, hud I ?p*ad into tk? hiyotlMttrM MM wyi II nw i i id upon that 'e jove mn a Cephauo mil. hand on me 'onor it oared me so *aiek that 1 'irtij alised 1 'nd 'ad aa 'eadacha. I IT^H?ad*.chk is the fhvorite sign by whioh tore makes k nun *ny deviation whatever from m nataral state of toe brain, sad viewed in this ghtUjn&fbo looked onasasaferu&rd intended > gfv? noboe of disease whioh might otherwise soapf attention, ull too late to ho remedied: and m iodioanons shonM never be necleot*d. H?m ohee may bo q!ss?i&*d under two names, vis t yiwptomsf > and idiopathie. Symptomatic Heaaoho is exoe?4ingly oommon and is the preonrsor *???/ %fi23KL***9? jPS* LP' lJIOAJi WUH *v UTJUIIIOU?"?l B1IU Oil f-VlliO iMM. In tta rerwi form itla annpathefao dla- \ aiie of the atomaoh oMtitotinc tick ktidackt* ot ; epatio diaeaae ooaatttatiog bilious htadatkt, or J rorm?,eonatipation and ol feer diaordera of the oow- | It,At well m renal and uterineadeotiona. Diagaew i ftfce heart are very frtxj afntly attended with Head ohea; Anaemia and plethora are alao affeottoni rhiohfrequently oocaaion headaehe. Idiopathic leadaohe I? alao very ooramoi, being asually diaingwehed by Ui?namtofa<rrMi AradacAf, mow?imee eoming on aaddenly in a state wf apparently ound health and proatrating at onoe the aa?t>> 1 ?nd phyaica! energies, and in other iaataCiuMa it iome? on alowly. heralded by depreaaion of apirita >r aoerbity of temper. In moat maUnoea fee pain a la front of the bead, over one or both eyea.mnd lometiiiiea provoking vomiting, ander this alaaa . nvy alao be named Ntmrnltia. For the treatment of either elaaa of Head mo he the >ph&lio Pilla have been found a eure and aafa emedy. relieving the moat aonta paina in a few n inn tea, and by its subtle power eradicating the liMui of which headache is the unerring index. Beidokt.?Mi sin a wants yon to send her a box >f Cephalio 0lne, no, a bottle o( Prepared Pills,? mt I'm thinking that's not just it nailher; bnt pertaps ye'll be either knowing: what it it. Ye see ihe'a nigh dead and (one with the Siok Headache ind wants some more of that same aa relai ved her >efore. Druggist.?You must m*an Spalding's Cephalic Pills* Brxdttt.?Och! sure now and yaa're aed it, here*a .he quarther &au iiv me tee raiamaaon't m ail lay about it afther. CMutipatUa ar Csitlreaew: No o9A of tha "many ilia flesh is heir to" ar so pr* . alecT, so littie underst* od, and so mnoh ?|ected as Cpstivnness. Often originating in carsessnes*. or fedentary habits; it is regarded as a tight dieordeJ??f too'ittie onnseqaenoeto exeite mxieiy, wnye rn reamy 111s me precursor ana oompamon of mA&r ?f tha most fatal and dangerous diseases, and dtT-ess ? *'? eradicated it will the sufTeret to an aotimeiy grave. Amour the iuhter evils of wnteh CostiveoeM is the usual attendant are Headache. Colio, Rheumatism, Foul Breath. Piles, and others of like natsre.while a long train offnghtnil diseases such as Malignant Fevers, Aboesses. Dysentery. Dyspepsia. Diarrhea, Apoplexy. Kpnepsv, Para'ysis, Hysteria, Hypochondriasis,Meianoholy and I nsanity, first i ndieate their presence in thesystemby this alarr: in* symptom. Not unfre^ueutLy the diseases r.amed originate in Constipation, but take on an independent exist enoe unless the cause is eradicated in an early staca. ?rom ail these considerations it follows that the order should receive immed late attention whenever it oooars, and no person should neglect to get a box of Cepha^o Pills on the first appearanpeor the oomplaiat, as their timely use will expel the iosidnons approaches of disease and deetroy *>? dangerous foe to nman life. A Real BleeeiBCWell, Mr*. Jones, how is that headMrt. Joint.?Bom ! Doctor, ail gone! the pill yon sentoured me injnst twent* minutes, and I wish 7"u wumu aouu inuis au iw j uw un u<nn bandy. PKysieinn.?You can ret then at any Druggists, Call for Cepbalie Pills, i find t??v never fail, anal recommend them in mil mum of Henti?ch?. Mr*. Jones ?I shall send for a b'rt directly, and hall tell ail my suffering frtends, lot Mot are arsaJ & felting. Twmtt Millions or Dollabs HArjp.?Mr. 9paldinrha? sold tiro millions of bottles of Ihs celebrated Prepared Gin* end it is estimated that eioh bottls saves at least ten dollars worth of broken furniture, thus making an aggregate of twenty millions of dollars reo.aimed from total lots by this valnaMe invention. Having made his Glue a house, bold word, he now proposes to do the world still ? renter ser.ieo by oaring ail the aohing heads wi^h ni* ^rj? i-n:?, ?nn u mmf are m |ooou ma Gl?e. Headaches will aoon vanish away like mow in July. C^Ovkh xxcitimzttt. and the mental oare and anxietv inoident to oloaa attention to baa neat or study. are among the numerogs oausea of Nervaoa Headache. Tlie disordered state of mind and body inoident to thia diatreealcr onmpiamt ia a fatal b[?w to a>l energy and ambition. Sallerers by this disorder oan alwaya obtain speedy relief from th??# diatrea?i"c attaoks by using one of the Cephalio Piila whenever the symptoms appear. It : quiets the overtasked brain aud soothes the straur, ed a>?lja*ri'.** nerves, aud relaxea the t??uaion of the stomach which always accompanies and af iravatM the di?>nlered oondition of the brain. 1' wonrg Spalding's CephaUo Pill a are a certain cur# for 8iok Headache. Hill i one Hwl&ohn, N^rvoua Headache, CoatiVeneea, %cd General DebzTKr. Gkkat Ducotut.-Aounf the moat Important ?f a;i th? r.r*at tiiMloftl iii?e?>*enea of thia M? may t?* oon?id<>rf4 the nratem of vaccination for prptooti'?n from mn\H Pox, the Cephalio Pill for relief of Headioh1*. a.nd the uae of Uiiiriine for the prevention of Fevera, either of wnieh laa sure apecific, w'uoae henefita -will be experienced by Buffering ho inanity Ions aftar their diacoverera are forgotten. II^T" rhD yon ever have the Hiotr Hcututi*' n? ron rem^inbf r the throbbing temples, the fevered row. the loathiag and disgnst it the sight of food. H?w totally tub were lor pleasure, conversation or study One of the Cepba'io Pills would l.ave relieved yon from all the suffering whioh to* then experienced. For this and other purposes yon should always have a box of them on hand to nse as oocasion requires. W^icA. NervousHeadache CURE Jf JriniVS Headache. By tbe im of these Pills the period to attack* 01 JV?rro?.< *r Sitk Htmdiicht may be pre ranted; tad if taken at the commencement of an aUaok imme hate relief from pain and sickness will be obtained. They soidom fan id removing the Naiuta and ?1 L *- * - ? I ia ?a 1*1 ik bu wa oa lemAiei ETC so mbj+ot* ' Thuy ut gontiy upon the L?owe!i,?removing CmFor Literary Mm, Students, Deiioate Females, ?r.d *1! persons of U4ent*ry kabitt, they irt ail valuable aa a Lazativt, improving the apntitt, giving tone and ?i|?r to the digestive or (ana, and restoring the natural elastioitj and strength of the whole iyst?m. he CEPHALIC PI L8 are the reeait of long investigation and carefully oonduoted experimenU, ha?icg Ween m use many years, daring whieh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of j tr?iu miu huwiui iran u?awhe, wh?th?r ongi bating io tli* Htrvout tyiUn or from a dtrtofid tate of th? ttomatk. They are antiralr regetabla in Uflir oompotftioa, and may be taken at all tima with ywfirt a?JMy without Baking Mr ehaagt of diet, mmd tkt * i ?i of aay ?bU uuM rmdmt it Miy it BKWARK OF COUNTERFEITS! Th? iniin* hIt* liiMtarn ol Bwn 0. Spalding on oaoh Box. Bold by Draggicta and ail other Dealer* la MadlOiOM. Sox will b* sent by Mail |?)lH oa I'M lift of PRICE, ? CENTS. AU order* aboard bo addraoaod to HENRY C. VPALD1N0. bo 9-4*vt# 48 CUhr ?tr*eu Ifrr York. ' PUBLIC A) OVERTISEMENT. pCBLIC N OT1CR. OMOM ?un?r of the doaorirtkm hmteAa C fcrtk,k?T? M dybooa folo.toMlj abatoaotad ro* Ibe ee=to4? ? ?f tba latarlor D(fHtMBt,lh* mm WiU tk* ?! 3f?tr?fU?ViiM8MHMl ?Mutru(fet? laia ladiaa toibao. NttmlM U?rfo>woiwn?ftt?iimi tvo BUtoi to * ? tbo HW?aattbareef| aod oil ltM fcT6 wva? lo?oiwt y?roltMinf or roaarr nc hi ol' Mid boo da ood ooopoaa, oa the tbla of hi iinital fttatea ? hereto will bo proeeeated to the |tM10lt a (Mt Boa b bood bain? for tbe naofoaa bouoad doilors.?u > hf T,f Mat. Hun xri Cotfoi Boade, lasted la State o? Miuio?ri,Ct<lMii and Iron Meeatsln r B, B.Stote Bonds. Bond No. 2037 Bond 2fe. 1813 187ft 1827 1823 1W7 1841 1W? 1820 2008 1819 2007 1818 1W3 1809 ( 1W4 1817 1AAt ifill iw 1010 1891 1315 l'J90 1BU 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 l&U 1992 1808 2WW 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 2uM . ZINHt 2U;12 200# 1828 1877 1828 j 1878 1829 187# 18.10 1880. iaai 1881 1832 1882 1848 1883. 1849 1684 1870 1885 1871 1886 1871 1887 1873 1888 1874 1080 1875 1600 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 204* 2017 2047 201A 2044 2015 2043 2014 2P4ft 2013 2041 2012 f 2042 2010 ' 203ft 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 Ifox*.?Bonds No. 2000, *nd h?I<rw of this mtIm, iaaaod juue, IMT. and bonda No. 3f*i1, and a Nov# MBr?9E&jSar'a" - ? "* ^MUiina *. list- mszn&i Bond No. 1863 Bond No. 1018 1861 1817 1861 1018 I860 10? 1849 1869 1848 1886 1847 1808 1848 1802 1846 1800 1844 1801 1*32 1*56 1836 1868 1833 t 1865 1834 18M 1836 1822 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 1825 1649 1826 1640 1827 lfVM 1838 1612 1829 1613 1830 1014 ISOI 1815 1041 1818 1843 1817 1843 1818 1844 1810 1846 1820 1848 1821 1847 1811 184* 1884 1837 1834 1838 1831 1840 1832 1842 1833 1843 1813 1650 1867 1810 1830 1817 1680 18t8 1830 1810 1841 1820 1423 1821 1024 1026 90 bond* Noil.?ThMe bonla are dated January, 1857, favabie at Bank of OommwM, N?w York, la November, 188&?interact payable in January and Jilj of eaoh year. State of Mlaaoari six Mr oent. Coupon North Mia rouri R.H. BtkU bonds. Bond No'2962 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643, U 2946 1644 V 2945 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1640 2950 1650 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 1654 2936 1655 2951 1662 2963 1666 1657 2921 1705 2468 1706 2512 1707 2513 2462 2514 2454 2515 2464 2516 2455 2911 2156 MIA T *fiw 4YVI 2912 3458 3013 3469 3914 3460 2916 3461 2916 2463 3917 3463 3918 3464 3919 2466 2920 2466 . 2964 2467 2966 - 1661 80 bondi N?w Yo/Jt Mty. Bond No. 3773 Bond No. 3763 3784 3787 3786 2730 3781 3717 3783 2734 3779 3721 3788 271V 3711 3733 371S 3733 7710 3730 1735 1716 1777 9737 3776 3734 tru rsi 3788 3768 3789 3738 3770 3718 3771 3716 3785 3714 3778 3784 3773 3738 3775 3736 3774 3733 | XTQ7 tQ bonis - 0 1 f Mlaaovri Bu yir int NMi Railroad State I Bond No. &M6 Bond No. SUA I MH tsoi 5845 6268 8844 6256 5843 52M 5848 5255 *241 5258 5240 5252 5239 5251 5238 5250 5887 3249 52S5 5247 . 5884 5246 8888 519* f!!1 6,?* si r M99 i997 4890 ?1V7 499b 5310 4889 5338 4888 5307 4870 5308 5357 5309 5383 51 bond* 5308 Noti.-Tk*? bond* tro dated Mfcrok, 1*97; poyftblo lUreb. Uf7, ?t PfcanUlUak. New York; 10tere*4 poj&bloia J unary ud J Kir of M?k yoftr. Bonds of Nortk OweliM Coiwini per ami North CwoIim ms for Mtto. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 n 33 301 32 300 13 ?7 9 235 T 234 *49 203 348 1M 347 KM 346 20 M3 ' 19 342 18 341 17 340 15 339 1 3 338 8 33T U 338 10 lit 1M 1V? 328 JOJ 339 100 330 99 331 103 932 6 333 28 334 32 Sift 21 317 98 318 97 316 90 296 95 239 94 238 62 A>M? A ^ zor oo 230 ? 303 72 bonds Noib.?Tk?M bond* ara dat*d Januarj, 18%, payable January. 1PM, at Bank ol Republic, New York. IntorMt ptjtvl* in January and J air. North Carolina* por cent*. Coipon Bonds. Bond N? 833 Bond No. 735 832 730 831 758 830 759 829 700 834 701 83* 702 500 7W MT 7M 638 790 871 7V1 872 792 873 793 874 794 875 79o 870 79* 877 797 878 798 879 709 880 800 881 801 fc?2 847 803 848 804 840 806 8M> son 861 808 861 807 865 811 864 811 866 813 868 814 867 815 868 816 8?0 817 801 818 861 819 8*3 820 ftU R9I 886 823 SB 833 T 834 8ft8 835 869 82ft 8Y0 827 883 828 S3 840 885 843 731 844 733 845 733 734 104 bonda T^b?I?uH.#d*,*d Jmlr, Wn.pfjtbJ* Jul,, w, H U\HK 01 H.epuouo,ni?w 1 ore intorMt p&f. ?W? lb Juury ud J if. North Carolina aix per oobL Coupon hon4?. Bond No. 599 Bond No. 493 600 494 603 495 604 49ft 606 497 60ft 621 607 498 608 610 610 611 611 481 A1* iOA Ol* Wi 613 483 609 484 614 485 638 486 628 487 634 488 625 489 6* 490 627 538 028 539 9*1 &4U 642 541 643 542 615 543 644 530 646 , 531 647 532 648 533 646 534 649 536 650 536 651 537 652 519 616 52# 617 516 618 615 616 617 514 457 422 468 645 470 648 602 647 430 648 440 600 443 603 430 471 Ml 471 433 473 43ft 474 437 473 437 478 430 477 436 478 433 479 423 439 421 612 Ml 51* 544 4?l 119 toada 492 lWIi llWIwi flJWnV IV imtfy MM SWkj* Si - v. i A > : L 1M J '3<p& "** ' " " wjp I '-fj Bond No 97 Bond No 1?S I 99 164 I 10ft 1*6 1M 178 12 ,w !* uw 115 w }? 1,5 196 ISO 108 129 ,W :s? ?? 46 bond* Two boafe fbr ?M? mmk. teM Ajni. MK. B*?l No. 9 Bond No. 10 g*a) ftSi?r?*iaM5i?i5RRft Bond No. 11SS Bond No. 1I0J llfli An 11*4 1185 1194 1186 1105 1187 1196 1188 1197 1189 1190 It bond* 1101 Bond No. 217 Bond No. 415 278 419 294 476 297 477 409 491 413 498 414 723 And of tho folio vine cumb*riiun*d Jaaury.lM4i Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 136S 830 And of the following Biabw* im?d JMnnrr.lHfc Rnnd Ko_ 1711 Rniiil Va w *"* "* w ?vyw 21 lp 28*1 2133 2892 2581 3066 1605 JI21 And of the following cumber* lataed Jftnaary, 1856. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 34?? 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3768 4527 3894 4629 3941 4660 3942 4664 3?43 4644 3944 * 4649 3V45 4670 3944 4571 3985 474V 4199 4751 AftM A OA a l-vv *001 And of the following number* iMued January, list: Bond No 5056 Bond No. 5419 51#6 M2I 5329 5426 5359 6427 5360 5430 5361 UU 5362 5436 5363 543? 5364 6438 5366 6439 5366 5440 5367 6441 5368 5442 5369 5463 5370 6444 ^?T1 Ui C "vi a ?itf 6373 HA? 6373 661H 6374 6619 6376 6620 637ft 6621 6377 5523 6378 6703 6379 6704 6380 6705 638J 570? 6386 5707 5388 6708 6387 5709 5388 5710 5389 5711 sm 571J 5391 5713 5393 6799 5393 5839 641# WO 5417 5842 5418 v*f BVS Vf OKBITA1T OF Tftl UVTSUOt^ Deoember tb, 1W0. a a-dtf J. THOMPSON, fr?or?OMT. QLDEIOe.^LLyW^NDPDRB MONONOAHKLA RT1 WHISKEY, CoaaoienUoaalr d nulled by Mr. Jtnei Li urn aide, of AUaff&OT Countr, Ponoa., in ih? otdnahior.ed hooMt wy, frou the oholonct ?od most ofcrt-fu. t elected Rye, ud in no 04*e ev?r o?<-<vi (or *?le until ad&pUa to wfeolecotne tee brag*- V i? ?t opoe the oh>*? put&uole, a* it w emehatieallr om of tne purest beveragee in the reach of the pu^ic. To the Invalid, aa well m to th<>ee In health, tt oomrnei.dt lteelf for ita unrivalled 4aalitiea m a gtirr.o ant of the aafbet. ivatt, and moat benefeoent description, wad many of the mo?t d^etingaiehad hyejoiane are uau>i it In their praotioe with the 8TOGKDALR. Proprietor*, A rent for the Proprietor*. 99? Pa. a?t ae 9t-6m> oppo?ite Willarde' Hotel. PLKfc OLD RYK WI1IBKY.?On hand eerer* brarxli of Pore Old Rtb \Vhl> Oo??er m? tilled, marie by the moat reliable distiflera in Pennsylvania, Maryland and V .rgmia, warranted par*. ?leo, imported Hraivdiea, IlenueBfy. Ot&rd. Dupuy Co., Julei Robins, Ac. Aleo. Peooh and Apple Brandy, pare UoU&Dd Qln, old Jamaica and rt. Croix Rom, and Wine* of every variety, a.i of s'audard brand?. A choice lot of Ocar? and Tobacoo. YOUNG * KKPHART. Acenta. a* M-W Pa aw.. M? wi and l?5i ata. / SMrrtra r Sr R? ikyf ? zn\ 4 /' M N Mn %? Hnlaifatrf Mote, f fr? ' <u 0 y Nh for mv f ut-'/P (? ?1< ri/'.t < ?J. ,) fr-m Jr iL^^y^rcr".! gjSj 8ffiS?lI?| <yJutfT lrtii?Ui*il? M<?*y It ..?? ky tf-ttiXt'SS&~rr *$ eSg^u # SML *f sSr ?_ _%zffe* I pi "I CAUTION. PURCUSERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY ID SEC THAT IT IS DAIiY'S AROMATIC VAUfY WHISKEY WITH THE IQNATUREOF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION JUW A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WW.niMI^T, OLE PROPRIETOR MIRllUiUir KVTML torn salm a nMnmm rr n-h mww * iumi Biuu to jUMrW wiU tk? hMtuiM of tkt I Ymt 8oUi?t? for U* OiwWlir J mpxomre. LACK BMriTAt. XT ' K^Ld^mOt^u! FOE ALL DISEASE* OP IMPftUDWVCPI,*r 1VO FALSE DELICACY FRETBITT APPLY IMMED ATELY. A WW EE WARB.AHTED.OF NO CHAM99. lit FROM OKM TV TWO DATE. DIMM. W fcf* m Mtoo. P?y J* ?mm TwrlMi Pwrtiw uMuh{? fctwu? BkMat ? ?a4 ItNUMht r?y??? toun mmm ^1 III By ?* kit* >W I * IMfeM rf M MV VIM, AM ItMOH ?4 IIMIIIHI kt*M ?*M MHUT I4 nil H it wwil; (n>i Umnti Wl???f Mwiftkiam Ntk*4 Mlwu u4 krflteat Ikulian, ?M aifffct wttflm bit Mmtil IwMwuliHtM vnfc UiikM^tn Wtliiwn i rn vjMw lin?7 ? IM*| ifM, tt> Ml TW Mi ?>l Hut. >?M iw?y!i>i iin r^htir?i??y&Si>. mm4 a w%? itacii Mnnll * MM P? J Ml ?>|l ( |t?aM4 la la tim u i y>liM?? a?4 MNMt IM? ?pai fete kill m ? (imCI T OVTB ftBOKllOKTtUT. lad band aid*l>?a^|Maw< khu. Naa MM U f%M aa4 aaataia uM? _ *. iOMWfll, tea* aa? ( U* nwtalMl Call af* ?"'ilw ttlwi'iwi" l(4Utjfwui pan af vfeaaa Ufa ha* kaaa afaMia Ma * ?Mali af baadaa, Pu?, aa4 aiaawfeaaa, taa a'* ml MM af t?a aaat Mwakki raraa thai vava mi >????; auy iwaMal wiifc MfM ta tht kaa4 a*4 aa?a wbaa aalaaa; naat am laiaaa*. Mm >l?ia?l at aaMaa aaaada. baatiMaaaa ink te?a?aat felaakiaf. tu?4a4 i tan tM iNupaui af lad. van lartl laaiihMlfc TiU ranciui hotice. Ttmmg M.. u4 Mkm vka b?*? m|m< iktnMl'M If mwh |*HiM Milf*4 Im win tlm i ItMt Y Imim4 tram ml mifiMm, m > Ml?I. * ?Mi> im tffcilr (*lt ?k?i Mlttf, m4 If mm w N*4MI nmy iTCr.i.i> ?. tiiwyi M ahl M*. akaaU apply MB??4UMIV. Win in ? ? at ifc? m4 >m nilutM; rf?m ?nl?i?4 \j Hrit htMta rf mi* till WmI|N> rftk? tail K hlu m Un d, IHar ua at fejlit Lm ' Mt fnii, Mpmaw ?f ib? lHn,Dnf? lnHaM-l ?y, D?r?u|? ? ?>.t ?f ;h? Di|?un fumwi, DtMMt? irnram Ac. MkKTALLV ?Yna hirfti ifnun iii bMin w k? 4imm?l??? ( mimtt, chubii ifum, d? ??? ? f Ipmi, ItiirtrMiuri.AxiMMtfttuili.wMWNH, U'l W fetttaAtlWd't. HL U. ?? J <mvon Dumrr.-fkMHiiiiu i*?m? *iu UUt mim libiu fKliataf k**llk. laainf ikair r?i,WIMII| ??n? u4 MMUU4, i ?^?Im i|ymim *k??i ih? mm, tHtfMmlMipM niaiuiau or uhp&udejick. VkM lk< 1*4 waMltuiraurj ?f finwii Mt ti ku imMktd ih# M*da af tfil pajnfkl <Mut. it taa aftaa bifpcj ikl a? ill uim4 him w <m4 rftuwrin <?Mnkm hw tfflrwiuam tW,hw WwmmmI MfMUWItr, tu tiaaa k?frt*ad kia hill mm* Ut kM4aili(Mrutia4 diMfnikf mtM?tn. vk?, taMMklt af eurirt tick kia ptcanfery nkwaca, kup ha inlirj Mlt aftar raa><tb. ar *a lana lS? anallaat lit cu ka a? Mined, aad ? laaptw laa*a kta auk ratoad kaaKk la ?u|k *? ? hi* fblitf ?HffMlant< arkf ik| aaa af iktl tatrt piuit, Mtrcv;. kiatM tka eaMUtauacal ayjiwi af tk>< I *?> ?.? mmm !, vawi mm U? W* MWIV TMMt MM, pi?rr???n.j vith fciffctfU rtpidU?, till *t?l* f ? t Mn*4 ta Ms intlnl Nftnnn kj fctn H Uti ?K*Ttllt CMaUT (IM tlMUMIM M U??l?l IflMM ML iOinOMKIMtDT rot OMIBIC VBAUBf* A?D IMPOTIklfCT. f HU (ml u4 lafMlui rtadr vmUm ( IK wnti Ul ^ (llltf utf fill <I(M *r tk? M itrtNtaal <?MMiWi,*l? Iti IM kit ! Hm Iani4kulf rtHixl AU Uey#4ie?nu l? Pfc?*S?*, > Hum Pl???HtllUtwi, Um mf PN*rMki*i Ptni, IMrxM ImtaKI*! VnbUimuI WitUtUM IuuM ?(|M M>< ImiAi kt>4 ?* *?< < J itn< I tRDsutMtarorrairuii > rax mart riouaiir**c?r.< tuhn mumiw via * IM Ml ||?MWM mil, U< tki wiim ir?fiH?BI fciit Ml ifmUiM p?Hbna*4 k* Of. Jttmam, rmwil I; M NMfMn ?f tkl P*r*n III BUT Kill MMM, IHMH M VMl M?i irMUll ifui iM ifu >|Ml IK Mill*, I*MMlUMulkfiii (MdiBuat i^umuiim ii^m ioymi&mggBrmwATN.Y THEEEMEDT REJOICE HEALTH. pnwil.d# yon wffr' Are jox toe neC* ftur of thoee ngmerou kUsietita vh'oh true troaa Up i Mfttr ortM bioA' Wkit ?r? Mr, d o m in f RitSer uk, ?hn ire they not t The Mood if tAe j soiree ofllle ind iiaiith. ind it ia tie ftrit itapont of fir beilf to reepoixi to ut ohm whicb mmtf th? ayetem, a* the fi'.ae Idh.nbly itteeta Tie ever * rnT& Mennlfii, the irntiUnt hrriipolMyth* ul '.< ScroMi. the iconisis* Sheii^Cem. : mi Dooiiily. Dreyefiti, Liver Compli.Dt with!** boreor ioc dejection, ind tM DSTr.barjoie ilia thai firefi ia heir to,o?rn hear hnleouf onilt frorr. t.' r ! M<kmL DmI kind 'j the* ind t ?r.tly VK* the biool. 1 ['MtM Hbllnu '* ?? J ? and sn#er os to oorr.mend to roar oocideooe Th iMtuttn!; rvuvt e meflioament knows u INDIAN rFo ifAfiLMDltrofjriorr. Wilit regard to tM* almost irfaJli 1e i?mi>? foaiuar aaptimeut spoken is decided urtrp ar>3 tii* evideooes of this grmt elteaej are ?m t& noi j constant avowals of terative tfMi ar?1 ; tb* happieet rern t? from it* cm are after a.: otf * rMMMiM and the beat wedioalakiTi hare failed Let as aa?, la oonolaaioo, that Mrtl&eatea ! earea are sol eoa< ht froui the illiterate aad hi* ftoial, Imt they are volunteered Ircin Ue moet re electable aoaroea at>J Just.f* the nif heat tern a whioji it ia aoaciUe to eonmend ae vaiaat?e * seeoifio to puVlo approval. We mar add aieo thai tit oqratue properties< fthe aec oiM area?aalled poly by iu restorative effect*, the s<at?a raoovw , in* from disease with renewed ooDsUtatoaal visor. For sale i.t all rM?>rt?hl< ? citj, nn<f by tf?e ffMrtdtr, MR8 Si Oo\. nod# cennin* ?cise? her cum blown on the bottle nod her ten. on the eork wTT" Price ? I per bottie. ?ix bottle* for *. f W\?uiaU Attn! R. *. t. C1SJKL, Drvfcipt. 6e<?rget?>wi>, D C.f Wholeanle A(?!for the DU I tnct. nnd will auppir th? undent my pno?*. I fil>-tr De. j. bovee i>od*? IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS. Are now beln< fron Mmpe to the 6 rent PnM Lnire, nnl the nniveran! Tordiot or nil who dm 4 them either u n or ? ? brfrnrt. i? thftl they nr? snsnrynves; m the world, vr. Dod* apt them ?"^(uf?'.y tn fci* pm50oe for H ?enr* ?>efc-r# we rnrohnona of h*v> Ue sole ri*t-t to riutonfMcnrn nad yrener.t Ih? for at* to to- nbiio. Far the omeof iwMti Uecan ration. li:d:r*tior, one aiiC 6*li?fctfV ?r<n1 Jnnt ?!THk? ?f?*?trt ?s>a?r?dac e&<-<ota of Ur*x,i? a/ WIm vitboat,tUe.r .ujtfHoM jiukjU. I<?t ?il tnmdaof oiiumtr ud Ml a>lToc?tr? of teniprntaee ihIh ? in ?? ?otnJnr ?::?< T*l*iJto Vrc?*uW? Ui7w? forth* f'*j.~*j *4Wr*r?r?rf witb waiou uio ocwrirj U Boo.loo. ?j.d Ut*nby rf fer' fc'd tn L*,n? Dt?e?ee mkI Dnckene* } * r#yn#iorSi > v f w*i PM<E0c5WJW?. For DImms of tlit Ki^sn , B!id4?r tod Onaar* Org KB*, and Mf^oU Ily for O???ti<?rtioo?, mtw fail to ears, and are warranted to (i** aati* ^HA^LKR WI0PIF1KL0 4 no., ?,. ,??,??? wju? JaT ly,r A cent. Washington.TTC. A / ^ B30J0MT1 #/ YxT ^A 1 f^/V DUPATCMI \\ V \ ^sI/'T gite dHE&s&&2??33E* Oiiikir] 14i. IfALDlIWt rUrifUED flLDl Sail evoh mwcaBu?a.*?i mm hnawtiK mm to be viUonl lU It is tinr< rmi] mmA mp \ I iMltH^iftlitiK of the beet cutset muwrclM, It raajr bywti im C.e >.Me of onUurr eeeik?e, *VsKTVL 1lit ZYMRT HO VSM.m Sfc-l Mtt. VUtanto Jtarrt, Ne. Oadar Mr**. Itov Y?t. bKo? (M ?tok ptckac*. ,Hifc fittSTCiKt muuIT to ttt h??koM?n! Bold br ?li tromln?l Mtttmri Drwcftata. M< FWtHtr# KBK f roetrt, IM K?nt t t*toi?a. 12,000 gggfe:^Sgk jurersmc _ Onion Mt2!?| 'jmM, 4 kl N*. It #'?? .. *?? iiA?ii ?*a,V-lTtt. adan KM Mk?aTl?ir2.. a

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