Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1861 Page 3
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnim f.OCAL NEWS. U3T Tbo?mfa Tn 8ta to prtiM on (to Med tout pr<M In Me mth of Baltimore, !to edition to m> large m to reqalir tt to br pat to prea ?? an early bonr; Advertisements, therefore, itooH be eat la before 1* o'clock metberwlse tbey Mirny met appear antil the next day. None*District of Columbia Advertisements a be Inserted la the Burraon Son are received nt aad forwarded from Tax Stax OBce. - ? !LJ Rmmctii Mkxtixo Last Nioht?Tbe Wlgvrain Inclosed a tbln. cblllv. but unterrlfled andl?bc* last night. After tbe election of W. Bailey, J. H. Keenan. and George Wilson, to tbe Mk>clstion ss members. Tbe Vice President announced tk?t t*? ers were present snitously wniting for something to "take down," and hoped that something would be started. A Voice moved that John M Botts, of Va., be iavited to address the sasorlatlon. The Secretary suggested that the expense of s?wh an undertaking had better be taken Into congelation It would cost something to pay Mr. Botta's traveling expense* and his hotel bills. Voice.?Didn't think of that. Mr Duvall wished to amend the proposition. Mr. Botts was not identified with the republican party, and be would propoae that the Secretary be < instructed to correspond with Mr. Botts, as he t would like to see an expression of his (Mr. Bott's) sentiments on paper before he was invited to i address them. He thought it looked rather sua- < Ttielous for men to be playing pig and puppy with i all parties, r Laughter ) < Mr Word wits oppcaed to any such thing. \ They ought to get some man who was In thecltv. There was a man who would just suit them now \ in the city and that man w? Cassius M. Clay, of i Kentucky f Applanse.] He moved that be be \ Invited to address the Association at their next 1 meeting I Mr Richards offered an amendment to the effect that Mr. Clav choose biaown time. i Mr. Wood.?Yea, yea; 1 accept that.. That's elegant. r Mr Hunt thought they should get a better room e for the occasion He suggested that Temperance 1 Hall, or OSd Trinity Church be secured, so that j they could sect all who should come, coniforta- i My. He wanted all the citizens of Washington ; te be present; men, women, and children. A Voice ?Invite Botts. too. t The Secretary '.bought that would kill the whole ( thing. Mr Clay would not remain in the city c lunger than this week, and it would be lmpossi- c ble for Mr. Botts to get here in so short a time. Mr. Brown moved that a eom'nitt#* h?annolBtMt to wait oa Mr. Clay and to procure a suitable ro^ro. c The Secretary desired to amend the former r CP position He moved that Mr Clay be invited v deliver a lecture before the Association. c Several voices ?Oh, yes : a political lectnre of i course j Mr. Hunt moved that the executive committee j be instructed to wait upon Mr. Clav. tl Mr Brown?Oh, res! certainly. Let the ex- o ecntive committee call a meeting of its members ( and wait upon Mr. Clav next week, nfttr ke bat v U/t the city. He thought U would be rather bet- t< ter to appoint a committee at once and let the c committee wait upon Mr Clay that night. a The Chair desired to kuow what subject was y b?fore tbe meeting t Mr. Wood moved that the officers of the meet- \ ia* be directed to call upon Mr . Clay and report r to me association oerore adjournment Agreed to. p The Secretary stated that they had expected u several members of Congress to addreu them, b .amontr whom was the Hon. Mr. Kilgore, of I nd. fc Mr. Kilgore bad not yet come, and he feared that p something bad transpired to prevent him from b being present c Several Voices.?"Adjocni, adjourn " Cries a rf "Ob, no. no;" "a speech;" "Wood;" "Wil- v kins;" "Wllklna " a Mr Wood thought they were running the thing S into the ground He was not prepared for a n speech, and It seemed as if they wanted to get him up as they did at the last meeting, and run a double team again [laughter 1 He would not ? m*ke a speech, but he would* like to call the at- ?. teutVon of tbe Association to the fact that a very n lirvfl nilfnlw?r it th?lf nnft>io?n fr<?rwl? ???? pvcted to be in the city on the Kb cf March, and ? it would be extremely" difficult to tind arcommodationa. He would suggett that committees be ? r* appointed in ea'h ward to arrange temporary t| conwenlencea and accommodntlo'ns for those of ^ their political brethren who might be present at a the Inauguration of Mr. Lincoln. a Mr. Wood then proceeded to make a ah^rt r( peech upou the state of the country, and the e necessity of somebody's doing something. Mr Wilkins then took the ktand, and said that j, be hsd no Idea of making a speech, but he would ^ trv and keep thrni in yood humor a little while v jui they were waiting for the report of the '-Clay j, committer." p At I Up cone i ast on or Mr wtikins's remarks, the i, committee not hiTlni; returned, e A motion was made to adjourn. r Several Voices?Ob, no! not yet; and calls for a Coomb*. Brown, Hunt, Ac . Ac. Mr. Coombs said be would rather be excused from speaking, as he felt rather unwell, but he ^ would say something to pa<? the time away. ^ A Voice ?That's the kind, lilve us something > lively. ^ Mr Coomb* then addressed the association until f the return of the committee; when a Mr Richards, on behalf of the committee, raid ^ thnttbey had waited upon Mr Clay, and that he B had conv nted to address them on Saturday night v at o'clock. He had also more cheering news x than that He hid just learned that the Legists- ^ ture of Kentucky had adorned strong anti-??-mion ? resolntins. by a large majority. [Loud and pro- r lotted applause ] ? After three ebee-s for Kentucky, a proposition ^ Mr a* made in relation to procuring a suitable place . for Mr. Clay's speech. . Scrersl rolrei ?Get the Smithsonian, Odd Felf lows' Hall, rooms of the Democratic Association, v . Burch's hay loft, Ac. , Tbe Cbalr informed them that the selection of t n* room had been left with the committee, and Would he announced In tbe morning paper. The Association then adjourned. a - * .11 t Death of thi Secosd Assistant Po?tma*ter 1 Gksbk al ?\> m H Dundas. late Assistant Post- " master General, died at bis residence yesterday j afvrnoon. at o'clock, after a lougand painful illness, agrd stxty-elgbt years. Mr. Dundas wis ? a native 01 AiPianuiia, ?t., ana in early me wag r a respected merchant In Baltimore, Md. He wai " 1 appointed clerk In the General Poat Office prevlou* to the year 1830, where he remained until J1 hit deatb, having risen from an #800 clerkship to ( the prominent and responsible position of Second , Assistant Postmaster General, which post he Lnd J occupied upwards of eight years prior to hi* death The officer* attached to the Post Office Depirt- ' nrient met at '2 p. m. vesterdav, in the Auditor's * office Hoa Horatio King, acting Postmaster Gen- j1 eral, in the chair, to take artion respecting the death of Second Assistant Postmaster General, I Wtn H Dundas The event was formally announced to the meet- * ing by V. 1. Cbl'd*, who gave a brief history cf the public life of tbe deceased. Resolutions were passed express!ve of the sentimeuls of tfie meeting, and appreciative of tbe mnnv public and private virtues of tbe deceased, and brief addrcsscs were delivered Tbe funeral of Mr Dunda* t :ok place to-day at 2 p. n; , at tbe Church of tbe Ascensiou, and was attended by a large concourse of friends. " Additional Evid?*c*."?It Is said that the friends of Ludlm A Bargy, who It will be remembered was convicted at the last June term of tbe Criminal Court of obtaining money under false pretenses from Benjamin Chambers, are usia? their utmost endeavors to secure a pardon for him?the eff jrt being based upon tbe allega WTO lull WW1UIHW1 CTIUCUW UU UBTH WWIiniU I of a character to warrant ten *t the twelve jurors ( who eouTictod him, In saying over their slgua- > tares that bad the evidence been before them at , the trial they would not bave convicted Bar<y. It seems n little singolar tbst the said new evldence should uot have b*eu brought forward until after the Circuit Court bad decided against Bargy's claim to a new trial under the writ of error sued out by bis counsel, and lately decided upmm sustaining the action of the court below. T?? Cot Di a ict?Senator Yalee, after leaving the Union on Tuesday last, called at the Post OIm Department for the purpose of ascertaining what the order of the acting P. ftl _ General meant, directing that all letter* sent 10 renncru should be cent to tbe Dead-letter Offlce Mr King, tbe po'.ite bead of tbe Department, received him wltb dignity, bat told birxi wltb brevity tb?t he could have no communication wltb him, and declined to ahow him any of tbe paper*. Dtriiiri ov ihk Capitol ?Tbe Washington correspondent of tbe New Vork Poet say*:?General Scott, It i* mid has recently received information which Increases bis zeal to defend tbe Federal Cspltol. Governor Hicks'a private secretary has bad an interview with him, toe cen. sequence of which bas been an Increase of tbe force In addition to the other United states troops, three conipsaie* of tbe Plying Artillery will be bere en tbe 4th of March expreaafon to !? aenttmenta respecting the pending national dlflculties Accordingly, Mr 8. M Felton, of Pa ,wma appointed chairman, and Meaara. VIbbard, of N Y , and Jewltt, of Ohio, were appointed secretaries Preliminary remarka were made by aereral members, and sundry resolutions ware presented, when? On motion by Mr. J. E Thomson, President of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, a committee of five waa appointed by the Cnalr to take into consideration the reaolutlona, and report such action aa they might deem appropriate under the clrcumatancea. The following gentlemen composed the committee ?J. Edgar Tbomaon, Esq , Hon Erastna Corning, J. W Garrett, Esq., Nathaniel Marsh, Eaa . and S S I.>n?mmMlr?<i Van The meeting then adjourned until Thursday (yeaterday) morning at 10 o'clock Yeaterday morning, the Convention met purauant to adjournment, and Mr J. E Ttaomaon, chairman of the committee on resolution*, reported the following aa the unanimous recommendation of the committee, to which the subject hsd been referred : Rrsolvrit, That the plan embodied in the resolutlona aubmitted to the Senate of the United states by the Hon John J Crittenden, for the adluatment of the ditBcultlea now threatening the existence of the Union, meeta with our approbation. H'tolred, That with very full opportunity of acertalnlng the aentimenta of the people in the rxtenaive districts traversed by the roada here represented, we do not h?aitate to eipreaa our conviction that auch an adjustment would meet IV- ? - * * ? mr urciora approval oi a large majority oi tbem. Ketolted, That, from our observation, we believe tbe popple of the North desire and would be satisfled with such a settlement of tbe slsverv conIroversy aa would forever banish the slavery question from the Halls of Congress and the arena of Federal politics After some discussion, the resolutions were manimously adopted Ou motion by Mr John W. Garrett? Ktsolved, Toat the chairman be requested to ominunlcate tbe action of this meeting to the Hon. John J Crittenden, of the Senate, and the Ion. Thomas Corwin, Representative in Congress, for tbe purpose of presentation to the Senate ind the House of Representatives. The resolutions were Immediately telegraphed o officers of railroad lines unrepresented in the Convention, requesting a statement of the views if aitok nt%A?i tka r* 41 ? vwvu uj'vn uc ocmuii iuc vsyjiivcihiuh, ana a ;eneral response has been received endorsing heir ac Ion throughout. * I Police Matters.?Before Justice Bamarto ? ieorge McCoy, col'd, charged with exposing hit , >eraon, on two occasions, to school girls on their pay to school; fined III lj. William Sullivan, barged with malicious mischief, In breaking the ' nantel piece and other ariiclea In the house of ; Ira Mary Conroy; held to ball for further bearng at a future day. It aeema, on examining Into ! his cas?*, that Wm. Ward, Sullivan, and otbera, n the 4th of January broke into the bouaeof Mra. lonroy, in the night, and stole a demijohn of cblsky, a box of clears, candies, aaleratns. Die urea, shoe strings, and other goods Ward was i augbt and placed In jail for a further bearing; , nd Sullivan, on learning that Ward was in Jail, , xent to Mrs. Conroy's bouse and told her that if j he didn't go and withdraw tbe warrant against t Vard, he (Sullivan) and bis companions would j ome to ber bouse and murder ber, and burn her i lace down over her head. Sullivan, in giving tteranre to ibis threat, In order to impress upon er that be was in en nest, struck ber a heavy i ilow In tbe face Mrs C. Immediately combined to tbe magistrate, and Sullivan soon found I imself arrested and placed In jail, on three < barges, viz: Burglary, malicious mischief, and i m?lt ?.J k.K. I'll W_??- * < ' * cuun u.>v? iy?uci y. tiiitaunu urpfii was coar^^a I irith profane language aud disorderly behavior, to to be heard in the street; fined SI 5"i. Martha initb, charged witb participating in the above ' ilsdemeauor. was made to pay PI 27. ihtere?ti*g proceedings at the post Of ficr )epartm km t ? About iU o'clock a m., yesterday, , Ion Joseph Holt, Secretary of War and late PostlasW General, called at the Post Otfice Depart- J :ient to take a formal leave of the officers of the department. Ali the beads of bureaus, clerks, etc., of the department, assembled In the main ball to shake i heir late chief bv the band. Acting Postinas'er < >eneral Horatio King brought forward Col Pratt, veteran clcrk in the service of the Department, , na mat gentleman made brief but appropriate fmarki to the retiring bead, which were respondd to in eloquent terma by t*ecretary Holt. Secretary Holt, In closing bla remark*, alluded 1 n language of feeling eulogy to the late Second iMlitant Postmaster General, Wm. H Dundai. rho bad expired a few houra previously, after a >ng Illness The leave-taking between the late 'ostruaster General aud the clerks which fol- i 3wed, told eloquently of the cordial relatior>a j listing between htm and them, and of their stimatlou of bis high character as a gentleman ' nd bis abilities as a public fuuctiouary. I ? i Fl** ?l>i?t nilfht. between ft and 7 o'rlnrk- Ht* i iroke out In the' table of tbe house occupied by 1 Jr? Hawkins, on Ninth st , between 1 street ana ! iew Yprk avenue. In an incredibly short time ( fur the alarm was glveu, tbe Perseverance and i 'ranklln engines were on tbe spot and at work, nd tbe flaines were extinguished before much la mag* was done Had the weather been clear nd tbe building dry, a destructive conflagration ! vould have b?en the consequence; as the stable | vas contiguous to a half acre of light frame resllences, which in sucb a coiflingency must bav?- i een destroyed. It was attempted to burn this lace on a former occasion; but last night the lnendlarlea bad bettor success in getting it under ray The loss was small, but the crime is as great s (f the valuable property around bad been detroved. This morning, at a very early hour, the firemen vere again called out by an alarm, the origin of rbich appeared to be in the direction cf Georgenwn. Thkatek ? Not even the thoroughly dlssgreeble weather of la*t night could prevent the adnlrer? of Jeflerson (Jo.) from making their way o the theater; and once there, of courae all cense f ontalde disagreeables Wai lo?t in the all aborblng interest and frolic of the performances. eflVrson appears moat positively but two nights I nore, and bow In the world we are to get on wlth>ut him In these blue times, la a mutter that he nust settle with his conscience. To-night, (his | >eneflt, remember,) be presents a wonderful bill; lothlng leas tban " The Cricket on the Hearth," Jo. as "Caleb Plummer,") and " Spitfire," with j o as - Tobias Shortcut;" two parts in which effersOn appears for the firat time in thla city. i Mm I.iscolji's Jocesky ? Some time ago Mr. lincoln deaigned to journsv to the Capitol over be Baltimore and Obio Railroad, aa that la the noftt direct route hither from Springfield via Conmbut. BHlaire, Ac., bat In consequence of the wlitical excitement, many friend* have advised iton to come via Pittsburg, as bis journey through Mrglni* must be looked upon, in the present tate of tbe public mind, as a sort of bravado, inciting disturbance. Some regret is expressed here n regard t^this change of route, because the 'nion demonstrations all along tbe line of tbe ialttmore and Ohio Railroad make it quite evilent that secession has no foothold in Northern I'iryiaiaor Western Maryland. The DirricvLrr bktwhr Ms. Rust ahd Mr Juan ?Much anxiety was felt by many of our :ltizens last evening in relation to the difficulty >etween Hon Mr. Rust, of Arkansas, aud Hon. iir. Dunn, of Indians. It was fesred that the personalities ussd on the floor of ths House would end to duel, sad the apprehension*of a collision were so crest that both gentlemen were closelv ittended by their friends from the Cspltol arid mtll a late hour of the night. It Is thought this nornlng. however, that the matter will be amicauly adjusted. A duel at the present time would lave a most deplorable effect. Id view of the tectlonai strife now raging so violently. Removed? Captain Nathan Darling. First Asilstant Doorkeeper of the House of Representatives, wras removed fnsm his position yesterday, and Mr. Ira Goodenow promoted to his place. It appears that Mr. Darling bad a difficulty with one of the pages, and several members of Congress raddeaiy came upon him while be was abusing the page m one 01 im loonies. one 01 wnora approached hi in with an uplifted cane, when he desisted from hla rough treatment of the boy. Much excitement having grown oat of lhls and other simitar occurrence*. Mr Darling received a significant hint, and resigned. Qvaitiii to* Xaoors ?The Government has obtained the temporary uae of lota upon Capitol Hill, east of the Capitol, the property of the Bank of Washington and Col Tail, for tb? purpose of erecting quarter* and stabling for the company of cavalry from West Point, ordered to this city in the capacity of light artillery,. The work of construction would nave been commenced yesterday. but for the inclement weather. CnrraAL Ocabdhoo**.?Juttict Thompson.? Lawrence Hauce, a lighting Dutchman, brought in drunk; workhouse 30days. George Ptckerell, alao committed 3o daya, as a suspicious character, having no visible mean* of support, and tonnd eying with singular interest the entrance door* and passages of booae* along Missouri avenue. The Bog to* Mimoiial to Cobokbss, (containing l?00B name*,) brought here by Hon. Edward Everett aad other* of the Union Committee, is about one hundred vards long, with n don Me column of names. When rolledup, It It about a foot In diameter. Tn Horn Biti.?Mr Mavhew, wbowu bitten by that km tie horse the other day, showed as hi* baud this morning. He has not loet hi* Angers yet, bat lean aueh a result. The animal had bit. ten one of the boys mm time be Uses, hot generally appeared to bo oory gontte wttb him f A Union ixavnvkation Ball.?Preparations re progressing for a grand Union Inauguration Ball, to come off In this city on the night of the 4th of Marrh. It Is designed to be in no senae a partisan affair, but one In which Ualon men of all sections and parties mar join Lieutenant-General Winfleld Scott will head the list of Mana cm, muted by the veteran Commodore Svwart General Wool and other prominent oflWrsof the Army asd Navy, Messrs. Crittenden. Seward. Douglas, and other Senator*, and distinguished citlxena of each State of the thirty-four are expected to participate In the management. A ?psctdua building will be erected specially for (be paf poses of .the ball, upon Judiciary Pqnare. adjoining the City Hall. CfciiiiiiAL CotiKT.?Yesterday, Chaa. Johnson (Col'd.) tried for stealing chic kena. waa convicted and sentenced to eight montha in jail. Patrick O'Neal was tried for stealing a S3 note from Henry A. WUlard. Thia morning the case was given to the jury, who returned a verdict of guilty of petit larceny. Hester Neal was plared on trial on a charge of I 11 i m -?? * ? + * i.? . ifuauuiy 01 ?u?rr coin ITOOl AKIUMCr Giles. Verdict, guilty as Indicted Patrick O'fileal waa placed on trial in a second case, on a charge of stealing a ?20 bank note, five S6 bank notea, a S2.50 gol<Fpieee, and a gold dollar from Charlea Delano. This case was pending when our report closed. Oa! the Good Things!?Crowds are to be found daily around the door of Hammack'a, on the north aide of Pennsylvania avenue, a few doors west of Willarde', gazing In longing amazement, as It were, at the loads of venison, canvasbacks, patridges, quail, bear meat, terrapins, huge oysters, See , &.c . with which the outside of his establishment la crarnlahMl tn mmtr nnlhlnc Af what garnishes Its inside. He continues to keep bis famous cooks, and meets all bis numerous customers as usual, with a kind welcome. Me. Sothkrn.?Next week, through the capital catering of Manager Glenn, the Washington public Is to have an opportunity of seeing the celebrated eccentric comedian, Mr Sothern; and among ether new things in bis budget he will bring out here "The American Cousin at Home," (a pendant to '-Our American Cousin,") he personating Lord Dunrearv Mr. S., it will be remembered, Is the great original Lord Dundreary He Is now performing to overflowing houses in Philadelphia. Sad Accident?A young man named Frank Henry, a printer, and a native of Philadelphia, but for the last two years a resident of this city, started in company with two friends to the Kastern Branch on a imnnina tnur. this momfntr \Vh?n near the toll-gate of the Baltimore turnpike, and while shooting at a flock of field lark* who were flvlng over the road, hi* gun exploded, and some of the pieces entered his head. His hands were much torn also He Is now lying in a very dangerous state Indeed. Demands roit Fpil ?This morning a number of women from Swampoodle, having been Informed that Justic* Donn bad a quantity of wood for distribution to the deserving poor, made an early demand, but were Informed that they had been deceived The mere whisper that there Is wood for distribution will soon gather a crowd In that neighborhood Marion's Mi* Arocjid thi Camp Firk ?We understand that this attractive picture by our tal ?ntedfellow-citizen, Mr W.D Waskingtou, now f>ti free exhibition at Messrs 1'hilp 4 Solomon's line art gallery, will only remain on view during the present week. We would ad viae our artloviug community not to lose the opportunity of teeing thia line work. Southern Teade?A cargo of fertilizers ia making up at the western wharves (Morgan it Rhinehart ) for Savannah, Ga. The vessel will be either the schooner Hamilton, or another of ranal capacity. It would be a novel shipment ....a.. ?11 * l * ? - jnun uiuiiKny uiruuixisuinccS) uui is panicuiany K> at present. Circuit Court-To-day, the Court went into consideration of Chancery bull nets, and took up, llrst. the case of Eades ajjt Straub, which waa pending when our report closed. Tub Corckrt for the benettt of the poor, by the Cboir of St. Peter'? Church, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, will be postponed until Monday eve alng, January*28. * hpkciat.. Received this day at Riddle's OrimnH One Dollar Store, I l&rce icvoice of Flue ??olJ Jewe ry. KhM!ii* nf Rinfi KrmwUti <5?nli' ?n.l I li?.' Kreastpins Guard and K'or> chains, Scarf Pins, Ac. K I to t>? disposed of at lull 300 percent. less than can i>e !>(>ii*lit else*hare. 'I'he ahove are warranted fine ({old o? no sal?. P. mom wiahiuK an* article of Silver plated Ware can he fumishrd at 1UQ per cent Ie?a manufacturers' price bjr calling at Riddle's Omoi'u One Dollar Stork, ja 25 302 Pa. av? bet. 9th and 10th at*. IIoli.oway's Pills and Ointment Dipt.itria.?In the most virulent stages of thia nftliKimnt diipama nf tHa ihr.^a.' fha?? in*.iin..?a experienced the most biicjer?rul refute ? ahil* ;huunsii'ir auoouiuhnd to Uie violence of this disnrler, not a singled -ceas.* occurred a<n< ng those who used these remedifs, thus presenting an "osms" of practical experience, 'mid the de ert of death of ipeonlative theory. The Royal College of Surgeons iwarded them the palin of \ictor> as the only intidote for this distemper, by introducing Ihein into the new edition ol their pharmaoalogia. Id Scarlatina, Mumps, Ac., they a'e equally efficacious. void by all Druggists, at 2i cts , 62 cts., tnd #1 per box or pot. ia24-lw Timily Cautios. The following letter from a gentleman in Philadelphia, who came near heing imposed upon by a worthies* artic.e, a;:d who. knowing by experience the virtues of trie genuine .Wistar'x &stl*an T*r t J r?i I a? ? *?? u?._ m.o tntirir, wrnr? w onuiiuu mo puuuc agauisi similar imposition* Philadelphia, Jan. uo, i860. M'ssn. Setk W. Fovolt t Co Boston Mj wife, liavm* l>-,*ri aifiicted with aver? severe 0"U?h fur nearly liro ye?n,WM inuuoed byafriend to t.-y Wistar's B*isa.n of Wild Cherry, and, find ing great re'ief in i , etie per.evered in ita use with the most beneficial re?u!tn My obi?ot in writing is to inform you that you would advance your own interest, an well as that of the suffering community, by advertising suoh retail drutgut* an It-ep it for snle. Heine on < ne f'ccafi -it out <! tin li*Uam, I railed at a drug stora in this city to purchase a bottle, when a spurious and worthies' imitation was offered me as the genuine. By adve tining in tins manner, ou will protec the publig from imposition and a1v%noe your own irterests as a medicine having the inestiniali ? r \ird.i . r iit.u s>i uio virtu-n i'i n-ibwir ? dki aiu im vviiu vnerrj hould never suffe- in rt putation by coming in coin petition with wo'thleas anl deleterious mixtures. With respect, your* truly, c m hai.lowkll. Prepared bv 8eth W. Fowle k. Co., Boston, and for sale in Washington oity G. Stott, 9. B. waite Z. D. Oilman. John iichwarze. Nairn A Pa.mer, John Wiley, J B Moore, and H. H. MoPherson; In Georgetown by R. 9 V. Ciss 11. and G. M.t J. Southron, and by druggists everywhere, ja 17 lw,r Cough* ?The sudden chances of onr olimato are louroe* of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic AJfectioni. Experience having proved that aimpl* remediea often act speedily and certainly when tak^n in the early states of the dinease, recourse . i j ? _ r _ i _ j ? n Vt Hlouia ai onoe no naa ?o - Brown s tironcmai Trocktt" or Lozenge*, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so alight, as by this precaution a more serious attaok mar be effeotuatlT warded off Public Speakers and Sim'fj will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voioe. Seo advertisement. de 1-ly HOMEOPATHIC HBMSDIH All of Dr. Humphrey! & Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 2S and St cents eaoli. Also, in oases, oooMininf 2n vials, from $4 to #* each, with book of fall directions. For sale by Z. D. Oilman, 320 Pa. avenne, wholesale and retail agent; w. a. nuger&ra, north r atreat; alao by F. B. Winter, corner of Massac bunetta ave nue and Sixth street. Alao, Pond's Extract aj Wittk a axe/, for internal and external inflammations of 1 kind*. Sold as above. ma9-ly To th* Afflictkd !?He anr? to read the advertisement of MoLean'a ^tr^ivthening Cordial aii?l Blood Purifier. k> another column. tf P?Nf?IKS. Peraona deairiita peuuiea will always find th?m for exchange at the Star Offioe counUr, tf Rudu, have you aeen Prof. Wuod'a advertise uient in onr paper. Rea>' it; it will intereat you. am ?-eoly - MARRIED. Onthe2tth instant, b* the Rev. Mr. Leonard, Mr. EUGENE P. MINER, of Waahinnton. D. C , to Mi>i MARY B. MASON,of Fairfax, Vi ginia. DISD, On the lath inatant, JULIA, the beloved wife of Eugene Da y, in the 43>i year of her age. May aha re. t in jxare. Her funei*1 will take rlaoe on to morrow <??tiiruay)morning .at 10 o'clock, from her late reaidenoe, No. 39?Tenth it , between New York av. and K at. a.a. - , - - -* _ # ti.> nvai. a v ? ?? nr? ? im in? wuraiai vi ini.nn iukwiii, jftiir.J r . M0d 13 year*, son of P. A. and Mar* A. Lnti Friends or the family are invirM to utt ml hi* funeral, Sandav 2>?a'?i?ck, from the reeidenee of hie parents, JHi 't hird street, above D at. * Id this eity, on the 24th instant, !*. ANNIE 6KKEVES,?i?d ie?e?ri, Th? f< ienda of the family are invited to atteud her faneral. from the resident* of her granlniotlMir, orner Mau avenue and Ninth street, on Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. JUST RECEIVED BY FRENCH 1 RICHSTE1N, . ... 8*? r?M. Arutri, UftllAm'a Am mm ika maw Unatnt. I ilarata mQSTSi.ksw fzz; Kf nail. The uul heavy diaooaat at our atare. &&uttA^wdksr]m'- Hn,p;,ihf^RBAT BARGAINS III P1ANQ8.-OK v#rj vJ dm wwen-oetsre Carve* Piano Fort?,^^^^ ' ha viae haaa la aao a uoft tiaa oal j. UmHPHI( owaar iaavicf tba rity, for ?Ta for ianafffl^ On? TUT nKaBoaawood Chiokerint hano for pSbo?. bo t ? f 0 AMUSEMENTS. .? ^ WASHINGTON THE ATE*! L?MM 8 W. 6LWS Ao iuMuH?r ..?.J. T. Ratmohd Stecellanftfrr * HcxntiT biiiii THIf? EVENING. Ben? l:t of MR. JOSEPH JEFFH.S"N. And pneitively hi* lut?f?MrUM but on". h ho appear* in Baltimore on Monday ne*t

Firat and onlv night of the Drama entitl'd _ CALEB PLUMMElt, j Dr? maiiced from Dicken's oel Wratod ktory ot i ? , Th? Cruktt m the Hearth. Caleb Plnmmer .....Mr. Joe. Jefferson To conclude with the roaring farce of THE SPITFIRE. Tovia? Shortcut Mr. Joe. Jefferson MR. 30THKRN, f The dialinxuiahed Comedian, is engaged and will appear on Monday. Ia rehear**] the celebrated play of SUSPENSE. lt__ A CONCERT. /a.T The roeueet of the"Bon Ton" of Waehintton. 810NOR FKANCIA will cire a GRAND COMPLIMKNTARV VOC*1, AND IN8TRUMENTAL CONCERT. assisted by Mrs. OF, CIIJA YOUNG, the Prima Donna, an<1 Mr. J. BOA WSON, the eminent Bassn, als<> a sestetto *f the beet muiiciin>,U WiLLARDS' CONCERT HALL,on THURSDAY, Janaary Mth. .. , On the nine occasion Si*. FR ANC1A will plajr several Solos on the Piano, of hte own oomposition. rro'PMor KKANUIA givea this Conoert under the patronageof the following ladiee ud gentlemen: All the Dip'omatic Oorps.Hon. W. W. Corcoran. Hon Mn. John Siidell, Hon. Mrs. J.. T. Wigfall, Mrs. Capt. Macruder, Hon Mr?.J.R Thomptoa, Hon. Mrs W'm. ttwin, Mrs Henry L?dja'a. Madame De Gerolt, Hon. Mra. Jesse Bright. Ticket* and aesured seats ?1? to he had at the Music Store of W. G Metierott, and at Willard'a Hotel, and at the door on the evenira ol the ooncert. Tioket office open at half paat 7. To oommenoe at 8 o'clock. ja 19 &t CONCERT POSTPONED. The atate o( ?he weather makea it neceaaary to postpone the Conoert advertised above. to have been given Tliia( rhuraday) Evening, the 24th instant, at Willarda' Hall, by Signor t-RANCIA, aasiated b? several eminent and wnll known vnc?l. iiU, until MONDAY KVEMNO nwt tbo'saih in?t. ja24 4t? BALLS, PABTIES, he. ('KAND SKLKCT CA1JCO IJKESS BALL, I FOR TH1 Benefit of the Poor of oar City, Will bo given at ODD FELLOWS' H ALL, (Sew), M.J On WEDNESDAY, Jan. *>th. Supper wilt ho furnished by that experienced oateier, Mr C. Gactiib. fj* Ticket* have been plaoed in the bands of the Mowing gentlemen tor tale, and appli'.'fttion nm?t be made t<> them in ?*ri?i.UBM as positively 110 tickets vill be sold at th* door: Thomas W. Berry, Thomas V. Douglass, and Ci>arl?s O. White. TICKETS TWO DOLLARS jaZS td WANTS. WANTED?To hire for two manths, or buy cheap, a lot of COUNTER Sif O W CASES. Apply at 476 Pa. avenue?G. G. EVANS' Gift Bookstore, j% g> 2t ANY RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHING A good home in th? oountrr,8 miles from the city, with mna I vtiM. nan nf nn? h* nntlin# nmn in Box 17, in the Star Utfiof, stating where sue can l>e found. ja24 2t* WANTED?A first rate COOK that thoroughly understands the business in all lti brauch's \lust cone well recommended: none other need appl*. 309 F street, between 1Kb and ltth st*. j%?3 St* WANTED-A WOMAN, who is a nio* washer and ironer, to da light washing and chamber work, to whom go-d ??(?! will be given. Apply from 9 a. in to 13, at Tudor Plaoe, Georgetown Higkts. on Congress st. j?;33t* WANTED 1MMBOIATELY?From #5 to SMMWO worth ol SECOND-HAND F1RNI TURK ofall kinds, for which I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as u*nal. at the shortest uotioe. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, fee.. oc9 409 7th st., bet. G and H east side. ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. " Persons dec ininic housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand,can obtain the cask and fair prices by applying at 369 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ &. GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. It 1ST?On Tuesday, the 22d instant, on F street, J between 6ih st ami l.nfavette .-quare. a Gold BRACELKT. with an ei atnel set. TK? D""<? will be suitably rewarded by leaving at the * flioe of the National Intelligencer. ja24 3t* a.viR mir i.- a I'di.nnvn woman >,i>mi r InqSlwor DnNKWMXN.WK'it^n^ the Cirole. j>M ? 3t* rrwrm TorHAM'S grryrt 9810 PREMIUM TRUNK QDo MANUFACTORY, 499 Seventh STREET, Waihixotox, D. C. gi ver Medal awarded by Marylard luatitnte of Baltimore. Nov<?inb??r 7, ls?o Also, M'dal b? MeTopo'it*nMechanic*' Institute, Washington, D C., 1857. I am oon*Untlr making, and alwar* have on hand, of th<J bent material, every description of r>:. a - 1 ? - _ * u ? _ r inc ?uis u'suici, Iron Frame. Ladi*>' Dress, Wood Box, an<1 Packrnr Trunk#, Pellisier, Carpet,and Canvas Traveling Bags, School Satchels, * o., At Loir Prices. Members of Congress and travelers will p'cue examine n.j stook bofore porohasinc elsewhere Trnnks that are marie in o h<tr dries. Superior Leather aud Dress Tiank* made to on'er. Trunks covered and repaired at short notioe. Goods delivered free or charge t >any part of the ity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. jal* lyeo JAMK8 S. TQPHAM. G. G. KVAN&. O. G. KVA.Xa. G. G. EVANS. GIFT elrr GIFT BOOK BOOK BOOK STORK! fTOKK! STOKE! MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY ! ALL NEW BOOKS RECEIVED AS SOON AS PUBLISHED. REMEMBER. A GIFT WORTH FROM 6? CENTS TO *1. GOES WITH EACH BOOK SOLD: 23 tw CALL IMMEDIATELY. ITI O V tnw A MIUI iil? I 1? * ?vn v iu?w WVH"UW I'M I *'i Artillery, by a Roard of Army Officers; 1 vol., price 92 M Hand Book of Artillery, by Capt. Roberta, U. S. A I vol , pnoe ?1 H - rdee'a Taot'ca. 1 vol., 91 SO, Scott*? Infantry Taotiop, 3 vola.. $2 so. Cavalry Taetioa. 3 vola. Diotiocart of the Army of the United Sta'e*. by Gardner, tor aale by RI.ANCHARD* MOHL'N, ja 22 Tomer f Pa. av and Eleventh street. JMPOHTANT TO HOUSEKEEPER*. K. R. DDR REE A CO/8 Guaranteed not only AB80LUTF.LYJVND PERFECTLY PUR L, but ground from fiMli Spieea, ae1e?ted and cleaner by ma expressly for tbe piirpoae without referenc to oost. They are hen ut> fully plicked in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to preveut luiury bv keeping, ai.d are (nil weight, while the ordinary crooro Spioes are almost invariably ?h<>rt. We warrart them, in point of ttrength and rwhne?* of flaWt. BEYONH ALL COMPARISON, at a single trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured ouly by F. R. DUKKEK * CO.. fa W.u 1 *1 Pearl ?t.. N?w Vorr. F BEEF-SALT BEEF. OR SALE, in lot* to tnit pnrclm-era, at-out 4 nm-p'undi Salt Beef, in excellent condition, at 4 <v?nt? per round. Apply to W. LINKING, Siail 66 Center Market, or ? and 7 Weetern Market. . ia in-fit 1TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kinds of Virginia money for war hook debts and for Boots, Soar*, and Trunk*. Ail p*re-.??:fl indebied to mf will plpe?e ca I and settle up,or I sba'l be compelled to give their acoouaU into the hands of a collector. S P. HOOVER, Iros Hall, no 31 I'a ?v.. Ix?f wen 9th anrf loth ?t?. DRUNKS OF OUR OWN 1IMI'ORTATION. IT We are to-d?y in reo ipt of car usual supply at tMs*e&*ou of first quality Bordeaux Pmn-s. ?e 1 noted tor n* in Franoe Tdsjr ar? especially large ard rioh in flavor. ia 17 KING A BURCHFLU D1A.NO FORTE INSTRUCTIONS-The *nX d?rsigned, long well known to the? Wa biugtm ?nh'io as a teacher of Pi&ao. hex* leava to stato that he ie ?te 'Il?w? a raH ?A fteVe vnKnlepa ran Serais fn artif fk? r"*' i^nc vviiwim o vh >?im? ?v ??ik?u oim of the t*m?n. Hiriif moiuoJe* in hn time jn?t bow which tin ( anxinva to fill up, lie trill teach a few acholara, 'f dnairab a to their MUMti. And tak?hi< r*T > nob inmJuui<Ha? aa may t>e a*r**d on when tkny ar*aot?r*d with him. Ha la willing to mmk9 *wk arrangement*, kaowin* tte ino?i'MWn^ many whodeaira to fcavo thmrehil ?>T ?PP' ovnd for y-era, ami hiirw?mD?M are hands of tnn beat mu>icai famine* la Washington. Bis terma are wWfcro rdMti JOHFTK. SCH?LL, it Bnaidxnna 29? G atre*t. I fSfiiW t?. tmtu i im i?-? ? | **r~ GEORGETOWN. Ctn^m4mm ./ Tk, aw. ^ Oiomitows, Juutry *5, 1?I m m*.ww m mm fpaiv 11*11 BIWlBy VI W t IM HoW, last ewaiBir. of tbe G?n|?I??i NmM Uoard, Capt. Stuart. A uniform wa? >4?pn<, c<Mlitii| of coat somewhat like that of (b? President's Moutrd Guad. lifkt blue paata, with red atrt pee, and a felt hat with a plume, aim ilar to tbe army bat A room at Forreat Hall baa beea rented for an armory. Tbla Ins company number* over fifty, and la composed mainly of good anbatantlil men, with a Mr abare of bone and al new. They wlU make their appearaaee oa tVe street soase day next week, probably. Tbe Anderson llfaa are improvise wonder fully in every respect, and incressioc la Bombers. At a meetiag of "Company A.'1 Capt. Rodier. last evening, a uniform was adopted, consisting of a dark grey "Rob Roy" or "Daniel Boone ' hunting coat, dark paata. and a feUffao cap Tbla company paraded aigbt before laat. and march i ana wimi very well.eoaeldrrta* the ebert time tbey have been drilling The HomrGuarda and 9eott Rifles bare nightlv mating*; and all the new companies are assisted In tbelr drill* by the oBcers and member* of our oldest company, the Potomac Light Infantry GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS II W OBOKGETOWW TAXE8 FOR 1MO,All pMaona in arrears tor tax** for IW ara hereby nwlf requested to cal* at the Mm ? (Xfioe and pa* the ram* to Mr. William i.aisd, the <*lark <>? the Corporation, who is hereby an thoriiad to reoeipt for ma durinf my confinement to the hoaae. I truat that this oall will l?e reaponded to. inasmuch aa I am dmabled.aod will be for < in" weeks. r*n a n i n *! ci '*?? N. R. 8oh<?ol Tax should he paid previous to the day of election. ja 19 J?HRRE HUN IJRED DOLLARS REWARD. MAYOR'S OFFICE, I <J*oi>.rows, D. C., Juilr? Uth, Ml \ The Kubacn i *>r will jive a reward of Thre? Hundred Do liar |or sush informa ion as will lead to the eonvioiion of an; pfraoa or peraons who h*'-e set on 6re, or who shall h"reAfter set on fcre, ar y house within the Coiporation limits of this town. HKNKV ADDIS'?N. ja H-dltA2aw3w Mayor. A NOTICE. I.I. Persons indebted to the late 6rra of T. O'Donoojchue ^ Son, are here y notihed that unless their aooountu are settled b? the 15th mutant they will be p aoed in the hards of an o&in?r l<?r collection. SARAII O'DONNOGHI E." ja2 6o3w* F.iecutrn. 1 .1*20,000! MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduca our Ivr# and well assorted stock of DRY GOODS we will, during tbe next ? days, deduct 1<? per cent, from nil cmtk purchases of ?5 a?.d over. Save your money and call at 9* Bridge st., for barcaius. SP1LM*N A HI NT, ja7 eotic 6'0'f?iiwn. D. C. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rico SUGARS* 15ft Mils. Old RjeWHIfKY, 25<> bbls. HERRING and ALEWIVES. SO bb s. Crashed and Retined *UG ARS. 9ft bags R io and Java COFFEE, to bhds.dow priced) MOLASSES. For sale!> JOHN J. BOGl'E. sain A&TKRN FISH AND APPLES! HEKRINU, ALE WIVES AND MA'KEKEL ' ?0" liarrels Eas?port No. 1 HERRING. do Boston No. 1 do 1*)0 do l^ahrador No. 1 do 2" haif- barrels do Ho SMjArreis Merentucbe No. 1 ALEWIVES, 100 do Sr. John's ' do 25 Co No.S'arne MACKEREL. 26 do No. 3srr>all do ?m do N.. 2 BALDWIN APPLES. All of which we propose to oiose oat at (Z.5) to $2 75 lor Herrioc; 3 ? to for Labrador Herriu?; $3-50 to g ?-or Mereinucbe and 9* Sr' for St JohuAl wives; $5 i ; 50 for sinsTl ard large Mackerri, ami Apples at prices that cacnot fail to meet the views of huri-rs. IIARTI.EV A BROTHKR. 99 and IOI Water street, ja 19 2w George'-own, l> C. FOR SALE AND RENT. f For #kf "For Bel? and Htm" mdv*rt*s*mi%tt, '< firm pngt J FOR KENT.?Two HOL'SK* in M*?d order U>r rent to careful, punctual t?nact?. The j are locate! near the < rter "f Hand Seventoei th >t<, Apply at No. ft 7 3 ;*ever.teeth at. ja is 3t* FPOK RKNT?Two nicely furni h<H ROOMS, nillliU JilP tnif U #?nl!nma" T.? 1 r.?B.v HvM?ivih?B< B " I COp' HIB . I 1 V partiea the rent will t>e cheap. Apply at HAM MACK'* Rn?in>aii(, No. Hij Pi, avenne, adjoining Willaida' Hotel. ja ? 3*.* _ FOR RENT-Two ROOMS, and us* of the Pa'lor, in a p easant and hra'thv part of the city liqui.e at tne corner of New York av. and Tenth at. ja .3 3t l^OK RENT?A neat two ?U>ry brick UWKliLr I N'G, eontainina 4 rwimi. kitol.en. rood *ard, ami out hiii'din*. on Twelftii street, let ween O and I* hta. None hut a punotua ai.d ie!iaM? rart? will l>e treated with. App > to fcUSENK MoOARTV. Grocer, Twelfth it., Ik twees O and P. Term* $7 prr month. ja J2-61 AH VALUABLE FARM FOR SA LE OR EV CHANGE FOR CHY I'ROFF.RTY-Con toning 181 acres, aituated 14 miieo from Alexandria, on the and Alexandria Railroad, under good eullnatior; t'mtier, wa er fruit and all build iota neoeprary fur a firat-iate form. Inquire of G. W. BRAY, at the Jewelry Stoie, Alb feven'h at, Washington. FU OR RENT-Th* three ?tnry brick DWELLrINB-HOUSE, witn bunient, No AOi.oii E, txtw<en 3d and 3d atreeta, at preeent occupied by Dr Lewia Jonea. Pou?miud aiven on the lat of Februa y It haa all the modern lmpiovemenU, water. iai, Ac Rett per year App'y to HKM RY KUAN, ?5?t i>eventh ?t; or \Y. EUAN, 303 E ??t.. ( next door. I (Intel.! ja ?-tf U?OR RENT-Twoframe COTTAGE HOl'BBA. ?' oontaminc *ix ntw,ntuated on Ma?*. avanue and 1-iiteenth street; pump of food water in the yard. ja 5 FURNISH KD ROOMS POR 406 D atreet, l<etw*en 6th and 7ih ?t?. de 4-tf FOR RKNT-The ftn? BRICK HOUSK No. 100 Wectst., G?or(*t?*n, at present ooca pied I>t the *ul??criher. It has It rouM, with gaa and water throughout, a fine yard, stable & e , and is m acood neighl-orlioGd. Apply to J AS. A. M AGRUDKR. pc? tf FM OR RKNT?A three utory brick HOUSK, containing 8 room*, in good order, with ga? fixtures complete, ou H atreet. betwaen 4th and 5th. Also, a two-aiory brick COTTAGR. with large yard attached, oorner of F * treat north an 14th *t. eatt. To punotual and reliable tenant* the terra* will be moderate. Apply at 44? Twelfth street, between G ajd H. no IS tf I?OR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the bniH1 me immediately opposite the vest vine of the City Hal., recently occupied by Chaa. tt. Wal.aoh M an olfioe. Also the front room in the seoond story and the third floor of the same bvildtcc. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH. No. ? Louisiana arenue. ia IS tl (T'OR RENT, in the First Ward?three ?qua'*s " west of the War Department?a snit!' OFFICE, vith l?ck room, or th? lormtr may answer for a shop; arid Parlors and Chambers, separate, or auita ol Rooms, furnished or acrum:alie?l; close to the Ave. us. Inquire at this ofioe. Mr * WWM FfOR RENT OR LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS-Tlie HOUSE and GROUNDS latify oooupied by Postmaster General Brown, and very rec?r?tly held by Mrs. Smith m a female institnf*. For farth?r mfoi matiun apply to CH AS. AttERT, Erq., or to the subscriber. THOMAS I.AWSON. de 4 eotf Surgeon Genrral II.S. Ar<r.y. FOR R ENT.?A threo story BRICK IUVF.LL I NO HOI SE, with back UnMiof, on 12th ?t.. No. 470. l>e?ween F and G street*. Apply t<> J. KIRKWOOU, 47* Twe fih St. no 19-dtl 'jpO INVENTORS AM? PATENTEES MUNN A "COMPANY. Proprietor* of the SciiXTiric Ameritam, a ad Agents for procuring American and Foreign PATENTS, Wit A Sirtrrn 1'iirj' Fj-f ft tenet in tkr Ems m?ii, Refer to ii'on. Ju.l?e Masv>e, Hon Joeejp Holt, IIor. W D. Bishop, Ex ConiMimoners ofPateuts. ai '1 to more than fifteen tktmtmmii inventors who hare hail business Uoue through M iill AaJo.'s Fat ent Aireroy P?mpMet of Ad vine ?ent fr?* by invl. Patent Law* ami Regulations, l<" ;aces.2s cent# aSee-No. *1 Pwkt?f, New York. Vt aafc tnxton offloo-aorner F ud Seventh iu., wn* PMwt (iiic?. de 32 *o3 I THE CHEAPEST STATIONERY tob erer saw, at SB KPJ1ERD'tf. ja I" 1? A| RARE CHANCE For bargains in &< ' o >1 Books Blank Book*. Mi?o?liaarou* Books and Statineerr. Writing Paper, Kr v-lop#?, Ac., Ac.,at SHK.PH* RD S.c rner Seventh and Dm., mm I nn* Ant In ra^nMk m' i\r? kr |R 14.1m JMPORTANT TO LA PI Kg? I just reoftivwi a lot of Mink M L'FPK. ma<l* from ?kiHJ caught tins sea eon. which I will s?ll at uearW ha f tbeir usual p ie?. WR*.' Mi Alao,un hand, French S?bl*?Ml Hwm] W*t?rM?uk MUFFff, prions from II ?dLn. f2?to#3i> ? HALF CAPES and VICTORIM uf various kiuds of Far extremal* 1o*. A frw more Chi drens ( L'RSleft Muff's7&e~uU. 1 and 11.25 Mis*e*' JOCKEY HATS ta BnvKr and Felt, for #3 M<l $2 & less thao o?'?t. Terms cub B. H WTINEMET*/., Hat Si ore 2.16 Penn. trwiw, j? U H'tirwn Iftk *wd 13th ?t?. PETTY Of FIOERS, AND *e* * ' men who were oa board W u; U. 8. ?hip? ml the eartere of Uf ?laver cm tore 1hei> el vims fnr B jSbty and Head Mone; rro?H'j atteaded m bj apsliinit to or addressing C. P. VVAl.LACh, Washington, P C. ja f-?f m nKMKTKiT wrvrir* 1 HE ?ub*cnt>?>r offenfor ?ale hi??u>ok of M AEBl-E MONUMENTS, f\MJsT GRAVE HmNKSnnd MARBLE MANTELS it iWim] ?fiv?i * -WVOTWVWMB* ?* i - I 1 OXi LA1CB1 WWB TKLKQRIPHIO. [ Fraa ftoatb UraliM. CiiiLUTos, Jan it ?The Military aaretoca I ntr*4rd by tbc Catawba ludiaaa of Botlk Care haa haw Wa accepted by tbe Goesraar Hon Jefferson Dbtis iala town and baa beea ! warmly received by hia ftltmia bore Lieut Mndr, wbe waa seat aa beater of 41*' patcbaa to Waablngtoa by Major Anderson, baa returned to Fort 9umtar Tbe Legislature baa appropriated for carryia* oa tbe postal arrsngementa of tbe St*U if tbe Federal Goeernment stops tba present mall system la tbe seceding states IB IM HMM Of RcpnMMlfM I CMMINN wu appo! nted to inqnire vbtl ektnirta were nnrmrr In tbc bonking aytom and tbe currency of South Carolina. In consequence o( tbe alteratlon of political relatione A reaolution waa peaaed Inqulnni of tbe Committee on Peeta! Affair* what pro vial on at-ouid be made for tbeconMngencr of a atoppoge of tbe mad by tbe Federal Government Tbe Leg ialature will adjourn to-morrow. >laaaar hnaett* Leglalatnre Boaron, Jan 33.?Tbe Senate Committee on Federal RHatlaaa mportod that a law to prevert aenrch for runnwavMavea in Maaaacbiieetta would be in violation of tbe Constitution of tbe Cntted State*. Tbe aame committee reported tbat tbe militia lawi of tbe Ci mm in wealth ? ' n ? for in I tv with tkt Feiml law*. Gov. Andrew nut lit nnu^r to tbe Howe enclosing uamantottlou from Colonel Jon?s of tbe 6th rrgtojent, lender Wig tbe servW-os of tbe regiment to tbe Government, a Lao a similar oiler from Major (toner*l Sutton and staff Tbe l.tgfat Artillery. National I-sneers. and numerous other rOrient military corps of tbe city and State have voted nearly unanimously to respond to a call for active service Tbe Committee oa Federal Relations bsvr voted . ,r u.? ?? wm W ivvurow on \Uf iPVffH P*Wtiou fat i U? i(ilut alavea hHtlbK la Maaaaehuaetta An order wit Introduced In tbe Honw looking to the enactment of law* for tbe prole- tion of our cJtlzena travelling la tbe !*Uten. wblch waa referred AddreM of Vlrglala I tafreMaea ta lit People of VirflaM. Richmond, Jan. 24?Ten Virginia Con^reaemen have aent out an addrraa to the people of V Irf'lnla, giving a view of tbe Cong rt-Mtonnl proceed nga In reference to tbe great question of tbe dav mtu wr praoiQic actios of Coogtm, Hying tbat it la all In raiu to hope for any mcaaurea of coaciltation or adjuatment from Congreaa which tbe people of t lie South could accept A Lao, aayinn tbey arc aatlated that tbe Republican party d^igua by .civil war alone to coerce tbe Southern SUtea under the preteit of enforcing tbe lawa, and unleaa It aha!l be. >ine eperdily apparent tbat tbe aeceding Statca are ao numeroua, determined aad united aa to make auch an attempt boprleaa Tbe addreaa < oncludea by expreaatng tbe aolemn coo vlction that prompt and decided action by tbo people of Virginia, in Convention, will afford tbe aureat meant, under the Provldeace of God, in averting tbe impending civil war, and preserving { a hope of reconatructlng a I'nlon already dia | aolved. Laalilaaa Legtalatare Batos Roi.ri. Jan -?l ?The U? ?V'c to 'be Letfialature Lu tx*n aent in He aava tbat "Our rnrniff will find through| out Louisiana tbat there la but one people, one beart and one mind, not to be cajoled Into an abandonment of juat rtgbta, and not to beaubdoed All tonea are at an end tbat tbe diaarnalon between tbe North and the South can be beaUd, at all the propoMtloua made by tbe moderate men have been ? oKtemptuoualjr rejected Tbe cry of tbe North la for coercion, and there la no longer anv doubt of tbe wltdom of tbat policy wb lcta demand* tbe conflict aball come and be eettled nowTbe whole tone of tbe Meaaage la uncom promising. I- ram Oeargta. Millkmbvillx, Jan. 24 ?Tbe Coneeottoa today el?-< li d \] tiin T?nm)w ?<! from the State at largest delegates to tbr Montgomery Convention, to form a Provisional Government for tbe Southern Confederacy. Tbe following district de leg otes were alai elact ed First District, Francis Blair; Second, M?rtin Crawford; Third, Judte N isblt; Fourth, Reni Hill; Fifth, Augustus R Wright; Slitb. Tbos R Cobb; Seventh, Augustas Kenan; Ligbth, A H. Stephens Seijare af tbe Asgsits Arsenal by Osargta Tr?pa. Accrsra, Jan. 24.?This morning seven hundred State troops assembled here for a demonstration on tUel'nited StaUs Arsenal at this place U over nor Brown, who ia be re, denuded a aur render of tbe Arsenal, and tbe demand waa com piled with at 12 \ o'clock Tbe negotiations were carried on yesterday and tbl* morning Before leaving, tbe Fdieral troop* saluted tbe American flan;. TLev will go from nence to New York. UauiiBB CaarratUa. Bator Rorcs, Jan. S3.?Tbe State Convention met bere to day. In anticipation of tbeir action a flat: of "fifteen atara floats over tbe Capitol | Tbe Convention organized by tbe election of ex-Governor Miuton aa President a u. ..t "r*-? ? ?- - * * .. ~ ~ u> Mil M WM UICII pilViniai W report article* of Srctnlon After some unimportant preliminary busier?* tbe Convention adjourned till Thursday. Weadell Phillips HUsed Bonos. Jan 24 ?Tb* Anti-Slavery Society met in Tr< moot Temple to-day. Tbe hall was filled by tbe friends of tbe cause, including many female* Tbe passages and doorway* were crowded with disorderliea, and wboa Wendell Phillip* made bi* appearance be was received with a storm of bissan Noth ng serlou* however, occurred. Phillip* was cool and calm amidst constant Interruption. Petltleas Agaia?t as AaU Slartrr I'SBTrallta. Albakt, N. V., Jan.23 ?A call appeared in tbe evening papera for an ant!-slavery convention In this city early In February, against wblch petitions have been prepar d and immediately circulated. urging tbe mayor to take steps to 'prevent the holding of the convention, as tbe petitioners fear in the preeeat excited state of public feeling a b each of the peace would be luevitable ami might lead to serious reaul's Visit ef the Beards of Trade ( Ckn mmm mmA Milwail^r U Pkl!ad?lpkia. Philadelphia, Jan jM?The Board* of Trade of Chicago and Milwaukee arrived bere this muraluk and are atopping at the Continental 1 bev are vtaiting the variou* placea of iutere?t abnit the c.ty by invitation of the Philadelphia Hoard of Trade. Laauiaaa Coaveactoa. Batoh Roiok, Jan. 24.?Tbe aeceeaioii crdtnauce aud resolution* regarding tbe navigation of tbe Miaaiaalppl, will be reported for diacDcaton on Friday To-day a resolution in the Logial-tore thanking tbe Governor for netting tbe lefts and araeaal in thia Mate, paaaed after a atornr.v debate. k l.k.x* 1 Montoomibi, Jan 14 ?The 8Uk Conrmtlnn occupied tbis forenoon principally In the di? m ion of the amendment* proposed by tbe Commutes on tie Constitution ? (' <1 will tkf Saathera t MMfrtcj Tororio, Jan 21?The Leader usouivn poa itiveiy that tbe bugiiab KOTwromeot intend* to at knowledge tbe tMependMoe of tbe (toutbern Confederacy aa aooo a* lor?d VirglaU Legialatarc Rschiiohi. Jan ii?Tbe Senate to-day indefnitely puatponed tbe propoaii'.oa for aa adjournment to tbe 18th of Fonruary Tbe procaadlaga > .? i ^..ii ..J ?i? i? Tai Yovm Catholic's fbibrd bociett?w e ha*?* learnad with pleasure tbat tbe celebrated -milpit orator, tbe Rev. Mr HitaKlberger, will v prnarh on gunday *?*' ?< M Patrick's Cbarrb, r fjr tbe b?-B?-lt of tbe Yoaag Catbolic't Priend ftoctety of thts city. Tb<- nbjact of tbU society la airly charitable, and It will afford as pleasure J always, to bear ml lis success A Good Mot* ? We learn to-day that several of our Influential citizens haw combined together a ad are vetting up a private, sociable, dd-bihlo# cotillon soiree; a kind-of fcmily sad frieadly rati a ton The proeacda will to prwmtH 1? rule orphan boy. - Tm Railioas Cownsriow?repr?eeotl?g tb? fcvr mm Kan and Wat raltroada?which lately held 111 annual araatoa at WlUarda' Hotel In thla city, after tfailaMli|( the bnaineaa which called them together, diaouaaed the Brm*i?h nt cMm ua*r urrn uuu ?uu uunupnMiik Mere Trwyi for Um Sralk-DrMrtart of ikt If re.hi ja with Urltri Nuifi'Li, Jan 24 ?'Tb? Brooklyn sslls to-day for the Sooth, with mM orders. She takes two c?panLea of artllJery from Fortress Monroe Nerfolk~M?rkeur~ Motron, Jan 24 ?Tbe rec-i pts of rora for tbe past w~ek unounWd to fW.IWUbuab ; mixed Qc j yellow ?3r ; white ?S*c Receip t of cotton for tbe week 5.UJU bales, gioutiooa LI* ail fee klrcJta of (J. ?. senator. Mapivom, Wis., iaa 23 -Timothy O Howe. Unite* btetes Senator by tbe L^iaiatura to-day. Rtpwl ef a fwiml Litertr 111 Piotibkki.Ju. k.-Tht Houap eotoirm) wltb U? (teaate la Um repeal of to* Pe?eenal Liberty bill by s eete of *# agataet le. ilTiaoti, Jmn IS ?Flour ta dell aad bs??>. Howard street aed Ohio Is h-M at SS M. City Mllta s6 is?wltb bo aalea. wte*t Sc low-r, red Uttal M; white *l 3i?l ?0 Core dell, yellow Mi; white ?a7? Proriatona ar? ?'?u ; MM perk 118 l^ard lug Cabtftedyti II I 13c. Whisky dull at 18c. Kea We' - Mareea* W?w Teu, Jan * -Fleer Jell wetweroepieg. vw ?? ?? - . q?M Whfekjr qolet at l7fc?U* N?w T?U. J*f1?rai5*>W brtter Vot *lM. CfatMc* ?4 Rack WMi llttMto Ort??l 1 Nv n, * kM*?Mi N?w tWk UnMI 7fcfc, 44, IMmK. I 44*; lilt *? ^- ? Mil I I