Newspaper of Evening Star, January 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 26, 1861 Page 2
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;| * - . i 'n.l- KfslMJ ST AH WASHINGTON CITY: tiTi'R da v JunrT 36, 1MI, = ( pint ( tk? !*l?rain? Pum The InulhgtHw argues that If Virginia were to secede, Instead of keeping peace between the two sectlona of the country, and " preserving the hope of reconstructing a Union already dissolved." as ts held forth by her representatives in Congress, sucb an act would be the precursor of civil war, growing out of berder feuds, and with no basis of mediation between them; the charm would become more incurable and intractable as I* "1W wilt*., J* "?v Tbe Co?*titution, In aa assault upon Gen. Scott, lets off tbe following : "wtf " He Is a soldier, and nothing elae. Ignorant of statesmanship, but with an Inordinate vanity that aspire* to universal genius?smarting under tbe rebuff administered by tbe South when he ought Presidential honors but couldn't get them ?and glad of an opportunity which departmental treachery and Imbecility have afforded him; to wield sup'fine authority on the side of tbe black republicans?he is now striving to subvert the fundamental principle of popular government, and to lay the foundations of .Mr. Lincoln's Presidential term deep In military power." The Rtpublira* urges the necessity of conciliation upon tbe part of the North, and thinks that Congress sbo-ild tit upon tome com prom lie at once. These conceptions, however, Should not sacrifice the principles of republicanism, but they should be of such nature as would satisfy the Pouth of their conservatism Th* vinottci4 cosguxsgiomat. Djursios MasirisTO?Hew desperate the cause of disunion ptr , ft is rapidly becoming in Virgin'.*, may be gathered from the tenor of the manifesto to the people ef that State signed by ten of h*r members of Congress, appearing in the Washington papers this morning. It ts neither more nor less than an effort to induce Virginia to put herself under ?ooth Carolina's guardianship, on the ground that all hope of securing her rights from ths North, except by placing herself under a government different from that under which the North exist*, baa fled. The paper In question ia -so plainly and palpably nothing but a mere electioneering appeal in a cause so bad as not to be sustainable (in the judgment of the aigneu) bv open and ingenuous argument, that the game of exposing its drift is hardly worth the candle. However, we may mention (bat on ita appearance in Richmond, a distinguished member of the Virginia Legislature mistrusting the judgment In the premises of the ten advocates of the Immediate withdrawal of Virginia from the Union, promptly communicated with Mmri. John J Crittenden. Stephen A Douglas, Jno M.MIllson, Alex. R. Boteler and J. >1. Harris on the subject. These distinguished public men, whose opportunities of knowing what the prospect for a harmonious settlement cf the trouble are, are at least as good, If not much better, than those of tbe ten signers, in response to the Inquiry above referred to have united'in a letter giving assurances that at no period since Congress assembled has tbe prospect of a satisfactory settlement in the Union been as bright as at this time. j oeir jo:m leuer win aououess soon be published. and ita publication will at once counteract all the mischief to the cause of the Union Involved In tbe policy to subserve which the ten-signed manifesto was evidently gotten up and promulged Tbe friends of the Union in Virginia, as elsewhere. will doubtless be content to have the public weigh the testimony of Messrs. Crittenden, Douglas, Millsou, Eoteler, and Harria in thia connection, egairst tbat of any ten in Congress who have identified themselves with the cause of disunion per st; more especially when It has been drawn forth, u in this cas?, as a fitting offsett to an ettort to prevent a satisfactory settlement of the trouble with Virginia in the Union, ao glaring aa that he who tails to comprehend that auch la lta intent, must be mentally blind, indeed. Ths Boaxox Momtii Petit.03.?In the late Presidential election Boston gave nineteen thousand votes, and the petition sent hither yesterday by the handa of Messrs Everett, Wintnrop, Lawrence, and otker dlatinguisbed men of that city, is signed by fourteen thousand of her nineteen tbonnnd vnt>?r? *11 nf urKAm snru..,/io^ *k-4 . J ... va ? uuw ^/|^UUVU ?UC II names to it In the brief space of two days. This ? monster petition breathes but the spirit of peace, concession and fraternity from the North to the ?outh In the face of such facts it is, that the now almost frantic dlsunionists per j? are endeavoring to make the people of Virginia, Tennessee, Mlisourt, Arkansas and North Carolina (all of ! which states are soon to elect delegates to Conditions that are to decide their future status? whether they shall remain in or essay to go out of the Union?) believe that there remains no hope that the North will consent to any other arbitrament of the current sectional difficulty but that of th? sword. I ???? i"Ah OrisioH as la ah Opinion."?What the opinio a of the ten Virginia members of Congress who signed the diaunlon manifesto recently addreaaed to the people of that State, la worth, la forcibly Illustrated by the fact that the mall which brought that remarkable document to Waahlngton, also brought news that Rhode Island has repealed her personal liberty law; that Gov. Hlrks baa already appointed live commissioners on the part of Maryland to conault here on the 4tb, at Virginia's invitation; and that the Governor of New York baa promptly sent a message to the Legislature of that State,couched in roost encour ? * - * aging language, urging that the Empire State ball be duly represented bere on tbe occasion by five of ber ablest, most conservative, and patriotic citizens. Do these occurrences bear oat tbe " opinion u it an opinion," that there remains no hope of a peaceful solution of tbe troubles of the timet, without a total destruction of the Union * I^T" Pensacola bids fair to supersede Charleston as tbe great point of Interest. Despatches from there report that prepsrations for an attack on Fort P tckens are going steadily forward; the volunteers mounting ffnnc ??<! _0 0 ? ? ?MV w?*i ?* ici prrpttf* lag scaling Udder*. The U. 8 sioop-of-war Brooklyn, a tier taking on board two artillery companies from Fort Monroe, sailed on Thursday afternoon vrlth sealed orders. Her destination is supposed to be Pensacols, which it will take her four or five days to reach. A portion of the home squadron at Vera Craz are also reported to have bwn ordered home, and the Mobile papers express the opinion that Pensacola will be their destination [JT We stated some days ago, on the authority ?f a gentlemen direct from Carlisle, Pa., that there were feers that Dickinson College would lose its cuMirr in conaequence of tbe apprehended withdrawal of Southern atudenta, aach Ion of charter by lta pro vial ona ensuing when the number of pupils shall fall below alnety. We are happy to learn by a note from the eateemed Prealdeat of that Institution, Dr H W Johnaon, that there la o probability of a reduction of tbe number of atudenta from the present sectional difficulties; and that there are no specified conditlona under which a ne couege naastudenta from 1 the extreme South, all of whom sre devoted to their c I uses, and have no Idea of leaving. Governor Hicks baa appointed five Com Martoner* to represent Maryland In the Informal National Convention to be held, on the Invitation of Virginia, at Waahlagtou, on the 4th proximo The plan of thta Convention Is to prepare smendmeota of the Constitution to be propoeed to Congreaa with the request that tbey be submitted to the State* according to the provisions of the Con tltatlon The Governor of New York haa recommended to the Legislature the appointment of i C.ontm ' ? ? ? ? - .?? |mn 01 lomt 8Utf. ? A Vbto?The President yesterday aent t m? sage to tbe House vetoing a bill for the relief of Hocbadaf * Liggett, L* mail coatractors over tbe Plain*, on tbe ground that the lota they sustain la tbe eiecutton of tbelr contract waa not tbroogh any defaulton the part of the Goverament \TT The Mississippi State Convention baa sldcted delegates to tbe Soutbara Congreaaa, aad passed an ordtaanre to niM ?i?k* troops Ex-Sen*tor Jefferaon I*yU~*baa been tleriad Major General of the State. t ! f \ COWflKMHOWAL. 8k*at? ?After oar report closed vesterday? Tbe Senate pawed a lew private bills; and adjonrned till Monday. Horoi ?After tbe close of our report? Mr. Nelaon having the floor, aald that tbe two Sreat cauaea which lay at the foundation of their i(Acuities, and prevented a calm consideration of them, were tbe pride of opinion and party spirit. He thought tbe most Important resolution that bkKnnI #a f 11 n ?r?a w?a that un? uau tuuiunicu ?v VVIIKI " " ?u?v which proposed the restoration of the Minouri compromise line He contended that the South bad just fears and apprebenalona of danger from the North. In recommending the adoption of the Crittenden resolutions he did not put them forward as an ultimatum, but as a basis of settlement. He did not believe that the North desired to abolish slavery in the South; and he looked upon the condnet of South Carolina aa an Insult to Tennessee, because the people of South Carolina entertained the Idea that Tennessee must follow her In the secession movement. The despot Ism of military power was already beginning to be felt In South Carolina, and men now dare not speak as freemen should speak Tennessee would beware of disunion, believing that the time for peaceable action on the part or the North was .come. If a compromise was effected their differ rnrp and sectional strife would all pan awajr, and the people would return to tbe enjoyment of those blessings under which they had hitherto prospered The House was then addressed by Messrs. Leake, of Va., and Pottle, of N. Y. After which the House adjeurned. Saturday,January 26 Thb Senate was not In session to day. I]or?a ?Mr. Fenton, from tbe Committee on Invalid Pensions, reported a bill for tbe relief of tbe heirs of Barbara Walters, and moved that It be put apon Its passage; which motion prevailed, and the bill was passed. Mr Mallory called np from the Speaker's table a bill for the relief of Kobt. A. Matthews; which bill was also passed. * ? _ n. jsp ? ?* - ? t? - i?ir. urow nnerpa meiouowing resolution : Resolved, That the special committee of five appointed on the 7th Inst, be Instructed to enquire whether any secret organization hostile to the Government exists In the District of Columbia, and if so whether any officer or employee in the city of Washington, or any employee or otBccr of the Federal Government In the executive or judicial departments Is engaged therein. Mr. Burnett did not believe there wbj a conspiracy. either in this city or in any adjoining State He considered such resolutions to be a mean and contemptible mode of engendering sectional strife and stirring up party spirit. Mr. Branch objected to it, as the chairman of that committee was not present Mr. Grow said that the Chairman bad seen It and bad no objection In reply to the remarks of the gentleman from Kentucky, (Mr Burnett ) he would say that be bad good authority for believ mt; tuni sucu an uri(anizauon finwa Mr Kuokel, of Md , objected to It He considered it to be an uncalled for and unjuit attack upon a portion of tbe citizens of Maryland. Mr. Craig, of N. C , desired to offer an amendment Instructing the committee to also Inquire Into the necessity of quartering United States troops on Capitol Hill. Mr. Grow demanded the previous question on bis resolution. Mr Kunkel said that be was aware that there was a deposition upon the part of the Cbair to deny him bis just rlgbta. [Cries of "Order," 4 Order "] Tbe question was then put upon tbe adoption of the resolution, and the resolution was adopted. Mr. Hickman called for the regular order of business Mr. Thomas, of Tenn., asked leave to present a resolution, passed bv the General Assemble nf Tennessee, censuring the tender of money and rmi to the State bv the people of New York. Laid on the table, and ordered to be printed. A message was received from the President of the United State*, vetoing a certain bill for the relief of Messrs Hockaday and Llgget, mill contractor!. Mr Barnett said that tbe House had twice pass?-d that bill and moved that it be again submitted to the Houae at once. Mr Maynard hoped that tbe message and bill would be printed, ao tint tbe Houae would have an opportunity to ascertain the merita of the bill. After a protracted debate upon the merita of the bill, by Messrs Burnett, Palmer, Branch,Stevens of Pa . and others Mr. Burnett demanded the previous question prtnf. IV. ? ? u|/u.. ? I'acva^r I'l lUC Ulll The uuestion w<<b then put to the House. "shall the btll pan under the veto of the President," and the yeas and nava were ordered; pending which our report closed. PlHRiTLViHU ?A committee of Republican members of the Pennsylvania Legislature came hither yesterday to consult with their political friends in Congress concerning their duty In the crisis. They return to Harrisburg determined the policy of their State is to Indorse and sustain any plan of settlement that Maryland may ask in the conference to take place here on the 4th proximo. Kkxtvckt ?a dispatch from Frankfort, dated yesterday, leads to the impression that the Legislature of that State will shortly pass a bill sub mltting to the people the question whether* State Convention shall be held. ????? A Naval Court of Inquiry?At the request of Com Armstrong, It li understood that the Secretary of the Navy will order a court of Inquiry on the circumstance* attending that officer's recent surrender of the Navy Yard at Pensacola. CTWe learn that the difficulty between Hon. Mr. Rust and Hon. Mr Dunn, Is being amicably settled by the friends of both parties. It Is not expected that a hostile meeting will grow out of it. Personal. Hon. Robert B. Scott, of Va., Is among tbs distinguished visitors now In Washington. * - - It is said tbat ex-President Van Ruren Is to b? invited to prnlde over the Democratic State Convention soon to meet at Albany. * Among the pataengeri by the Ariel from Aapinwall and California are Colonel Fremont, Tboirai Francis Meagher and wife, and Rev. Mr Struck and family. Prof. J. W. Weir, Wei' Point; John J Phelpa. A R. Eno, N. Y ; M?j.G M. Lawrence, Benj Tyaon. A M Sallade, Pa ; R. 8. McCook, U.S. N , are at WUIardt'. Mr? Walton, widow of a late Governor of Florida and runt her fcf?- ? - r ?v- l_ - ? J ? ? ? -v. u? tiinuauic woo il ?o well known throughout Kurope and America, dtrd at her residence in Mooile, Ala., 011 the 14th Inst. TBI WiiTin.?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock. * January 26.1801. New York, N. Y cloudy. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy.* Washington. D. C snowing. wind NK Richmond, Va. Knowing, rery cold. Pettraburg, Va. raining. Raleigh, N. C raining, 50*. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, cool. Charleston, 8. C???*??. raining. Auguata, Ga raining, cold. Savannah, Ga. rainy, 55?. Macon. Ga. rainy. Columella, Ga. raii.y. Grifl'en. Ga cloudy. Montgomery, Ala cloudy. JarkaAn AW ?1 1 ? j ...tiuuuy Mobile, AU clorf&y, 4?V FROM THS W*ST. Pittsburg, Pa cloudy, 37?. L'aromcter at the Smithsonian at 7 a m.. (corrw>d for temperature,) 30.158; at noon, 30,117. Thermometer at 7 a. m , 33 '; at noon, 77J. Maximum during *21 hours, ending V a m. today, 39*; minimum 28*. IC^The ordinance of secession was reported to the Louisiana Convention on Thursdsy, together with resolutions relating to the navigation of the Mississippi river. The ordinance will probably " A... ~ , i T rumuiuu* lor ineMttlenxnt of the difficulty hare also been offered. Resolution* were passed approving of the action of the Governor In taking poaaesaion of the Federal forta. The resolutions relative to the Mississippi river recognize the free navigation of the river and lla tributaries by all '* friendly State*" bordering thereon, and the right of egreaa and ingreaa at Its mouth of all "frleudly State* and Power*," and declare a willingness to enter into stipulation* to guarantee the exercise of these rights Maryland Commimokki* to thk Viboisia CoxraaiMCB.?Governor Hick* ha* appointed the Hon Keverdy Johnson. Hon Augustus \V. Bradford, Hon. ? llllani T tfoldsborough, Hon. John W. Grlsfleld snd Hod J. Dlion Roman, Commissioners on the part of Maryland to ineet the Commtsaiones appointed by the Legislature of Virginia, In Washington, on the 4th day of February, to consider and co-operate In the adoption and recomim?n<i*ti?n <>f ?-'?' vs vuioirut urnmrtl W I 1 adjoat the present unhappy cootroveraiea In the I aptrlt in which the Conatitutloo was originally fo-med ? Baltimore America*. irr Gov. Morgan, In tranamlttlnc to the Nwjr York Legislature. the resolutions adopted by the Legislature of Virginia, took occaaion to signify his approval of the suggestion, (contained In the I rriolution*1 ">? n- *?* ? ? >.uiumimviirri mall be ap.pointed by the a* vera 1 states to meet In ConTentlou He urgea upon tbe leglalatora of (be State the propriety ana duty of accepting tbe peaea offering from the Old Dominion, and aduioolabea tbem that It ia the part of itatwMi and Una patriot* to leave untried no honorable effort to preaerve tbe peace and onenaw of the Union. I DErARTMC FlT IVKWS. DlSPATCHlS riox TBI MXT>!TK*RA*KAS 8<j?DmoB.?The Navy Department haa received dlaetehee from thla aqtfadron dated 9pezta, January , last. On the24tb nit. the Suaanehanna Balled from that port for Beyraut, stopping at Naples, bribe war. for a few'daya From Beyraut aba waa to sail far Ifamdria. Tripoli. MaU.flm. cuse and Mevliia. The Iroquois it yet unavailable for service, aa<l moat be docked, after which aba is to sail for Naplea Tbe presence of an U. S sbip-of-war at Measlna is necessary just now for tbe protection of American property, tbe Neapolitans having the citadel, while tbe Sardinian party bold the city. Twenty-two American ships were in that harbor at the date of tbe dlspatebts, and would be exposed to a cross fire should a light between tbe belligerents occur. Commodore Bell was about to sail for that port tn his flagship, tbe Richmond. Itema Telegraphed frem Washington. Washikoto*, Jan 25 ?Tbe destination of tbe steam sloop-ef-war Brooklyn is Fort Pickens, Pennsacola. Kx-f resident Trier bad another long Interview to day with the President The House Committee on Mlllt-iry Affiirs hire prepared a bill for the benefit of the soldiers at Fort Sumter It appropriates 81,150 to Indemnify tbem for the loss of musical Instruments, clothing, furniture, etc., In precipitately leaving Fort Moultrie, and such remuneration Is recommended by all the officers of the former post. Col. Magruder, of the U 9 Army, who Is on leave of absence, has been drilling for sometime past a troop of cavalry In Marland, In the vicinity of the Federal capital, which fact is believed to have some connection with the plot to seize the city. Itow IX Boston ?Wendell Phillip* Hoot t<l. and the Anti-Slnvry Society Snubbed ?The Massachusetts Anti-?l.ivery Society beimn its annual meeting at the Tremont Temple, Boston on Tburiday, under rather unpropltious clrcun.stances It was evident at the opening of tbe meeting that the crowd meant mischief, and that nnltss great caution wai taken, there might be a row. Francis Jackson presided over the meetlne. and Rev. Dr. May, at the request of Wm. Loyd Harrison, who was absent, read the 99th Psalm From the treasurer's report, it appears that the society has raised during the past year $11,200, and had expended nearly the whole amount for lectures. &.< , leaving only a balance of #521 34. A chir??cterlstlc latter was read from Garrison, regretting that he could not be with them, and expressing an opinion that the best abolition harvests spring from violent Interruptions of their meetings a? i-ii r*t ? *? ? ?? * * - i> riiudi runups men ion* me Bland, and rend a series of resolutions, quoting from msny of our deceased statesmen, which resolutions being deemed reasonable by the crowd, the speaker stated that an additional series might be expected. Rev Jas F. Clark was Introduced as the first speaker. He got along finely until he dipped Into John Brownism, and here he swamped. Hts panegyrics and eulogislais upon Brown were received with liisstsand groans, until Rev. Mr. Hlgginson no longer able to suppress his "rightlous indignation," pitched into the unappreciatir.g audience with a stern demind that fr*-e speech be preserved. Mr. Clark then tried It again, and after drawing a splendid ulctu-e of a new KfpnbUe, with eighteen frte States, quietly subsided. Wendell Phillips then came forward, amid a few cbeers, plenty of bisses, and awful groans It was soon found that there was a determination to prevent him from 'peaking, as every time be opened his mouth the crowd set up a chorus of booting groans,Cheering, stamping, and hissing, comRared with which ordinuy thunder is nothing Ir. Phillips bore thes# insults like a martyr, however, aud after a while "pitched la" in the most approved style The noise increasing, Mr. Phillips announced that "the devil always goes out of men with great agony," and that thfy should continue to have sessions until the noise was conquered. The crowd then fcolaaJ tn atmmtmm "\V*e won't go home till morning," itc. After a while Air Phillip* got in tome more anti-slavery doctrine; and the noise again increasing, the Chair pitched into the boys for making so inuch noise, who immedittely struck up? "I'm going home, I'm going home, I'm going home. To die no more," with an accompaniment of cat squalls, groans, and hisses. Mr Phillips finally succevded In addressing the meeting, and was followed by Mr. Higginson, buiiu mum coniusion. The noise increasing to a perfect tumult. Mayor Wigbtman, with the Chief of Police and hU posse, entered the room, to the consternation of the bov?. The crowd having become somewhat more pacific? The mayor aald: " Fellow-cltlzens, I am sure that you.whoare the citizens of Boston,will listen to the voice of itachief magistrate [Loud cheers and cries of 'Uo d,' and Three cheers for Mayor Wightman '1 Fellow-citizens, 1 can only say that you will testify your respect for the chief magistrate whom you have elected, by keeping silence and listening to that which I shall say. [Voices.?We shall 1 And now, inasmuch aa this meeting has been disturbed by tumultuous and riotous proceedings, I am requested by the trustees of this building to disperse this meeting " This suited the crowd exactly; and the swinging of hats, stamping, shouting and groans, broke out louder tkfln ?a that' K/V....V-* " J wmm J tuuu^ut luai (UC anti-ilavery meeting wai "done for;" but after another appeal from the mayor the crowd dlaprrted.with expreaaiona not very flattering to Mr. Phillip* or hi* crew. Ltaiilkna i ouvmiion Baton Rocgk, Jan 24.?The Committee of Fifteen reported the Ordinance of Seceaalon and reaolutlona regarding the navigation of the Misaia ippl river. Both were ordered to be printed The committee aaked a poatponement of the diacuaaion till noon to-morrow Several auljatttutea were offered for a acttlement nr *i o .... .... . ? ?? ? vi luc |Mr?rnv uiwuiuHa, wuitB were oraerca to be printed fur consideration to-morrow 1 be Commissioner* from South Carolina and Alabama were welcomed An invitation from the Mayor of New Orleans for the Convention to m?et la that city, was received and laid over. - j A resolution was offered returning thanks to the Governor for his prompt action in seizing the forts in Louisiana, stating that we will defend them here and elsewhere with ell the means in our power Mr Rosellus asked, b?fore voting, under what authority the act had been done. The Governor, he said, was the highest conservator of peace, sn<i tKah ??? ??????1 - m ** " * * ...?v? .wvu^u* ?ui>u a uisrr^arii 01 ui? reflfrai 111thority might become necessary and rl^ht; but until be was informed why tbe action was necessitated, be wai not prepared to thank or censure the Governor. A m< ssage was here received from the Governor, and a motion was made to read that portion in reference to seizing the forts There was much discussion both for and against tbe motion, and tbe confusion become so great that tbe President was forced to rebuke tbe Convention for tbe disorder The resolution was finally passed?yeas 118, nays 5. m '?? I I nr. Ctimios UHDl!f a!YCK Batos Roars. Jan. 25"?The following is the Ordinance of Set essmn as reported by the Coin' mittee of Fifteen to the Convention. It will probably |?ass to-morrow: An ordinance to diaaolve the Union between the States of Louisiana and other States united with her uuder the compact entitled the Constitution of the United States of America! We, the People of the State of Louisiana, in Convention assembled, do declare and ordain,and It is hereby declared and ordained that the Ordinance pasted bv ua November ".Md, 1877, whereby the Conatltution of the United States of America and the amendments to aaYd Constitution were | adopted, and all laws and ordinances bv which Loulaiana became a member of tbe Federal I'n'on be, and tbe tame are hereby repealed and abroCited, and tbe Union now auosistiug between ouUlant and otber other States under the name of the United Statea of America la hereby dissolved And we further declare and ordain, that the State of Loulaiana hereby reaumea the right* and powers heretofore delegated to tbe Government of the I nited States of America, and her citizen! are absolved from allegiance to aaid Government And we further declare and ordain, that all tbe rights acquired and vested under the Constitution ??.?. I -1 " _ .. ,u, uuibeu ntau >, or my aci 01 Congress <?r treaty, or undrr any law of tbia State, not incompatible with tbia ordinance, ahall remain In form and have the tame tttict as If tbia ordinance bad not been passed The following resolution was also reported to the Convention with the ordinance: Hf solved,1'htiX we, the people of Louisiana, recognize the right of the free navigation of the Miaataaippl river and Its tributaries, by all friendly States bordering thereon. Alao, that we recognise tbe rlgbt of egreaa and Ingress of the mouth of the Mississippi river by sll friendly States and Powers, and do hereby declare our willingness to enter Into stipulations to guarantee the exercise of these riishta There it tome prospect of the Convention adjourning to New Orleans. [Cr A dispatch yesterday from Toronto. stating that the Lender of tbmt city had announced that it la the Intention of the Engliah Government to acknowledge the Independence of the Southern Confederacy, as soon as it is formed, gave considerable satisfaction to the enemies of the Union in this quarter, who would evidently hall with delight Interference of European powers in onr affairs. It Is acarcety necessary to any that England baa no such Intention, and If soe had, tna news would not reach us toy way of Toronta. N. Y. Tribttnt. ? ibsixia btatbcobvb!?tiob?The Richmond DWnatcljof Friday contains a call tddrrwed to Hcwi John Minor Bote, Wm II. Mctarland, aad Mannadnke Jotfnaon, requesting them to jppreaent la the State Convention aome 400 citixeaa whoae name* are appended. The call conel odea with the promise of one tfeoqaaad more "if Maded." w Til Woiiim Miii'iMiitiim ix Richmond ? ^ i The Richmond correspondent of the Petersburg Kiprrw gives the following particular* of the Working Men's meeting held In that city Wednesday night. a brief reference to which appeared in our yesterday'a laaue : "A meeting of the working men of the city was called last night fttjbe African church The call was heartily responded to, and. at an sarly

hour, that vast building was crowded to its tallest capacity. Hundreds and handreds went sway unable even to look (aside " Tbf ?cenM that ensued baffle all attempts at description Union and disunion resolutions were proposed and *o'ed down. The tumultueos assemblage finally refused to let anybody speak, for no sooner did a spokesman essay to give utterance to his sentiments tban his voice was lost In the wild storm of hisses, applause, cat-calls aud stickthumbs which ensued. " A committee was appointed and waited upon the Hon John Miner Botts That gentleman made bis appearance, and wa* received with mingled shouts, btsses and applause After repeated efforts to sgeak, all of which proved fu'ile. mr. Dom rnirfa in dlspust. taking occasion. however, to exprets himself quite freely its to the mit'rial of wbicb the mutiny was romposed " Caplft'ifT) Jennings Wise mounted the stand, but the uproar and confns>on became so terrific that he could not articulate an audible syllable A Voice?1 We want no politicians In this meeting ; Botts and Wiee are both humbugs ' Captain Wiae folding his arms and walking to and fro on the platform, awaited a lull In the tumult, when he exclaimed : He who uttered that insult must retract, or he is a dead man ' Many voices?-Here he is!' Another Voice?' I take it back; 1 didn't mwn mi vicing.7 " Ahnyotbrr rlrh seenfi wrrf enacted, but I have not the time to describe thein The rneetlnj ndjonrnrd three times and re-organized with different chairmen. "Pending a motion to adjourn, the gas was hut off. and the meeting adjourned amid great confusion and disorder. " I understand that another meeting Is to be held at an earlv day ; or rather that an attempt to bold another will soon be made." ro^HELP FOR THK POOR -A pub ic meet!L3 ins will be hold at St. Paul's Lutheran Phnrnh i>r? npr 14 mnd b'lo.arvtk %l/?M ... . mm <(\> T B V OV IOf VII i?I \ ? il " DAY hV K.N I NO, 28th instant. At 7J? o'clock, to c <n?idcr the p opriety of cstatnitthiDR a ? np h use. All interest**) arc invito. ja 36 2t* fVy-THK YOUNG MRN'8 CHRISTIAN AS'J_3 ?ooi*tion will hold an adj.mrn?d h.eeting attheir Ho> rr? THIS (Saturday )KVKNING, at lalf pa't 8 o'clock A lull attendance is rrqueited, a* buHness of impoitance is to come lieior? the Association. _ 11 OF.O. H. T WlaS, Rfo. Sep. raaf'KCOND WARD IN THE FIELD.? UJ? Citii'iis of this Ward, and of others where ui attached and feelins s<> disposed, will m??et *t Tempe-aaee Hail on 'I UE"*DA Y next, at 7 o'clock p m , Tor the purpose of fonninc a military com any to be a'.tichod to I'nion Regiment for active khivice on the 4tli Mai ch next. <a 36 ?y^-smri hsoxjan lecrrre!*-rr?f. 9' 'X Alkxandf*. of the CoPece of New Jersey, will lectur- on .H-ND/ft anf WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, January SRtn a?-d 3<>th, on Solar E?' p?e> and their attendant phenomena, with a particiilar account of the t' tal eclipse f la?t Jul*, end the observations made in connexion with it by tii? Government Fxpeditions to Labrador, the Pac fic Coast, and elsewhere. The lec:ures will commence at a quarter lief >re 8 o'clock, when the red light on the tower wi11 be extinguished aori tho doors closed, j* 26.28 3' < ? -ysp^CASSIUS M. CLAY.?This distingui?hed| lL 9 OitlT*n nf Kl^ntllrtkw h^vin* tka ! invitation of the RepnMican Association, wiildeiivcr an add "us ' O-MORROW (Saturday) KVKNING. at 7it o'clock, at Odd heliowa' Hall, on Seventh st. The public are respectfully invited. Ja 25-2T ry^^L'NI VEKSALISM.?I>?arf<nr both Soul and I ^ ? Body in Hell ?'Th*?philc* will Breach at the Old Trinity Church. Fifth street, on UNI>AY KVKNIN?,at7Ji o'clock, in exp anation of the pa?saep? referring to being in damerM hel1 fire, cast into hell wher* the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched, able to destror lioth on! and body in hell, A,o. Seata free. ja25 2t* rv-g?ATTENTION. COMPANY A. UNION L? REGIMENT OP WAPH NGTON.?Meet Hall on SATURDAY NEXT, the 26th instil t, at 7 o'clock p. nf . lor drill. No one will be admitted hot member* of the oompany. Br order of tna Captain. ja 24 St (V%-?MOUNT SINAI ?Or Sa*ho> will giro an LL3 aoaount of liis visit to that interesting place, on S\TL'RDA 7jf d. m , at the Hall of the Young Men's Ohristian^ssociation. I'a. avenue opposite Rrown'a Hotel. Thepuhlio are invited. Lecture free to a'.l- ja 2* 3t f^THE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS ILjf will fee holden every day thia weefc, in the English Lutheran Church, corner of 11th and H streets, to commence at 4 o'clock, and to continue uwui. ja 7 (Y3?UEMP?EY * O'TOOLE, IL3 WEDDING AND VISITINO CARD ENGRAVERS. Importera ..f fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES. th? moat beautiful atylea. 326 Pa. Av? between 9th and 10th sts , au 27-611) Washington. W WIN DOW SHADES. ARRANTED Gold Band Window Shadea. Buff. Green, and Blue Holland Shadea, a'l aizea, made to order. Fine, Medium, and Low priced Paperhangin/a At J. MARKRITER'S, No. 4S6 Seventh at.. 8 doora above jazs eolOt Odd F?l'ow?' H%11. I AW SCHOOL Ij OF HARVARD COLLEGE. Two ter"<s of nine'cn week* eaoh, commenoi nc March 4th and September 2d. 1861. For Catalogue acd Ciroular, address JOEL PARKER, Royall Prtfe*?or. Cambridfe, January, 1851. ja26-S3t JCHK4PER TIIAN EVER t'ST RECEIVED a Freeh Lot of that SUPERIOR NOTE PAPER At 75 Ct*. pfr Ream, At SHEPH ERD'S, at the ooraer of Seventh and D ?treeta the best we have ever had. Call po?n ??* up(j-j t"uiaeivoi. umor puperi 111 prfrpomoQ, It won't bat loir* ja26 lw IN VIEW OF THE EXTRAORDINARY 1 otunrcticv of the times, and wishing to close out ?>>ir h*a y stock by spring, we wilisell from this date as follows: HICKORY WOOD, gfl ?; OAK. $5 50; PINE, s4?v>. RED ASH COAL. all sues. f6 25; WHITE AfH COAL, all SIZ'1. ?B; ClMpFK LAND, ?6, 2 pound* to the ton cva antied in all cases, ^ftwed and Split WOOl? all aises. DICKSON A KINO, ja C6-'<3<r Yard?cor. Vermont a?, and I5th st. JJAVE YOU SEEN THEM ? Hiti You Vjsitbd thk JAPANESE BAZAARr Pa iv., under Willard*' Hotel. Finer Goon* tkik those m tub Patent Office. Filled with the Richent Products of the EMPIRE OF JAPAN: RICH CABINETS, BOXES. CUPS, PUNCH BOWLS, 4.0., &?. The only tore devoted *xolu?iYHy to JAPANK* E GOODS in America. Every Article Imported Direct. To be Sold Tkis Week at Great Sacrifice . In mme cases for ONE-HALF THEIR COST TO IMPORT! Thus placing them within the reaoh of all. ja26 3t* Ladles, Call Early at RIDnLP/* ORIGINAL Hi FTORE, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL 81 STORE, No. PENNA. AVENUE, No. 30S PENNA- AVENUE. Additional iavoioes just received of N?V and Beautiful Jewelry. From Or* Entibb Stock YOU CAN T/> KK VOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. r?no a f nni n apim v. i < oiiu *J \ ' i * %J Oli J Oi enameled twist sets, MEDa.LI.ION SETS, REAL ROMAN MOSAIC 8KT8, RUBY and VASE SETS. Li VA and BEAD SETS, VASE and BRILLIANT SETS, , KITIN MOSAIC *ETS, CAMKO and QOI.Ii *TONE SETS, CARfcU*CI,E HRT8, p<.ain gold sets boquet and RIBBON set*. hA 1)1 KS' NKf!KI.AOF.M. i .A DI u 9* NKCK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S NKCK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S ARMLETS, GKNTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCH KEYS. GENTS' SEALS and CHAINS, GENTS' sL*EVE Bi TTONS and STUDS, THIMBLES. PENS, PENCILS. hings, *ilvek. plated spoon*, GOHLETS, OCPS, Ao. Everything in the ator* now and perfect, and guarantied to be eueti as represented. LLT" article mnnufar ured Mr Ik* rtgnlmr tiraac, ?nu wsrnniw 10 D? ine Mme quality m > reeled front five to thirty dollar* each YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAft. Riuak olhi or Cost . As this great aale oontinnee bat a short time, persons desiring to aupply them*?!vea with Jewelry at these unheard of prtoea will pleaae oail early at our .ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. 303 Pennsylvania avenue, bat ween 9th add 10th streets fT-? O v- ^ i D W. RIDDLE. Cr Remember the >umber?SOv?as wa have no.oonceotion with others, professing to sell at onr prices, in Uisoity. , , ^ 8PKOTAL. Received this day at RiddUs Orirm*J On* Dot lar Stvrt, a large invoice of Fine Gold Jewery, constating of Rings, Braeelet*, Oent*' and Ladies' Breastpins Guard and Fob chains, Scarf Pine, fto. All tol>edispo?ed of at fall SO* percent, lees than can nebougiit elsewhere. I he a.hove are warranted fine cold or no sale. J: ?:. wto._? Lfi1,,sLrt? > ?? v?H ira IU1 uimil ? iw VVI ?va? IViS 1 ?n 1 m&uafftotarera' priM by oftlliog ?t j.?-u : \ >! - i7 ' Remaining jb the V^.VoiK, wmiuim City. ore.. Junrr 36,IM. (Ordered to be meerted u the Ktikim 9tu. It being the lewipgyer hftnug the largee* oiroelauo* of My tetly H>w p?Wtak?<l m WMkiBffto*.) All poraona Applying for let ten in th? following liai, will f Imm my thor are idtiitiiii. LADIES' LIST. A?diim. Mi?a Mi- Trafctr. Mm t?u Packard. Mr* H?IV n?> Otiti, Mtrfwti hun, M>m Illn AlttuJMiaa Elti'h T Haatcr.Mra MsttJ Pnc*. MrtCliMMs D Brue t,Miu A4aliaa Hatclep .Miu Inua Hri?. Miaa Ella* Bftui, Mra S?rai, T H?? ard, Mra Aatt Prica. Mtaa M>(ru Bruaa.Mna Hacuak Hwa^. Mra B A RicKardm, Marr A Barry. Jotoaua H?? UM.BtraF.dw4 Rialr, Mra Rab?tc? ,M nLiI Hirna. Mri Aidnii RalittalalltiWida* I Bet (i.rrtnca Hrr.u?ln.*nMr?NiS Smiih. Miu Afmtm , Baccui. Mn Mary John*on,Mr* M*rrt Bean, Mr* Riktcu Bf'ier,Mri8ui?iiTi itftri.Miw MayT Kwil, Mm M C CrovnMiuMollitE Kibj. Mih Prwcill* Scott, Mr* (mum Cook, Mitt t.n?'h Lou*, Mrs Mary K S'iim., Mih Jo*'? Cl*r%, Mih M?nh, Linflty.MnMirft lck.afti, Mr* Canf'ld, Mr* Mary l.??i?. Mm Emma Tairmi, Mr* Jtal Crandtil, Mr* L MeF?il?, Mr* Jo?'? Th..m??,MimS. IIi? A Clrm*i,t*.MrsMtrj MrVrrtr, Brtdf*( Troul,M>**M*rth?J Ann Monr?, Mr* C TIiwmm, Mi? Ma Cohtitroff, Mr* P Moore, Mr* Hir*a n? D Co lin*,Mr*H*tti?C Monrr. Mna Bmily Vt ll*po.Mt**N*t?l?< Piw, Mr* P*ni#l Morrii.Mi** J Han Wrir, Mm t;ntlu> Bridr#t iltoo Wilkrr,Mii*A*u<C Dati*,Mi*i Jtlia A M?llTill.Mr*Cha*C W illiam*, M m C A Dohtrty, Caihann* Morn*, Mi** A V Writo*. MimAm?C Dhoiwi, M?rj?r?t Nralr, Mm E W h?!ir,MnLou?a EUi*,Mr*CatharM? U*b?rur,Mr* Mary W*i?*r Mi*?R?ch*l ?* L . _ ?? _ _ ?* i . . M ?... ? - i m.m mm Lr?'iinfm'r..?ir?.?i Auniv n uion, J?i?rT n Foukes, Mra Ell?n O'Cnnner.MtaaAu'r Y >nnf, Mra May A ( Mri Mary O'CMair.tliubnb Toauf. MiuM>ru( Flrnn, Miu Elltii r?<r>oa, Mitt la'i GKNTLKMKN'8 LI8T. Wm Cray, Rob H Piiium, fl C Audeisan, Major Gonulm. R Piildinf, Cm Arnold, J N Gray, N Priafli, B Atliroann, Jno Graiuaier, i. m ftaina, Dm Adama, J J It rota, J F ftaun, Jaa Adinia. E I. fillei, Jarl Rar.kin, W H B*Ti?r, W D Grrra, Frank Rted, W Barry, W F Gonldiaf, E Rjmi, I T BrutMuk, KB' Gorton, CL Ruh<II,I,bI K Brief, W F G?d!?r, A J Raaatll, P M Br*rff<?rd, R B Htiffr, Col O M Bccaoti, S E IIat a-all, W H Rttd, 4 C Butler, Richard llrudicy, Wm Ritd, Jaa W Bilttr, P Hudami. VN V Roc, A R B<i?rr, NS Hunt, Wm Rtynoldt, Jno H Bridel, Moata Hnrariu, S Rclliua, J.?a S Br All, M Koraru, K A Rilfr, Joa Braund, Mr Hog-ati, M Kob?rtH?t J Bomt, M J Hunt, Jm A KoIhuimi, Jm Brtfhi, J P Hourh, J H Rodrere, J I Brooke, J .MO Holt, J W Rannoai, J?a Bradley, J H Hmkley, J C Robertson, J J Bursen, Jno W Hjlbert, H 8 fto'lina, Ja? B?rrett, Jno Hardinf, Gco-i RobtMon, H BojfariJui, J P Humphrf??, E P R<re, Geo Br^wn, H?'1 HuUsoo, Cbaa Rillej, F M Bennett, Heur* Hurhes,CN?e Reynolds, E R Bond, H O HtHinr. R N Run. E O Befger. If Hoffer, B VV RocOhiccooli, C Bower, M O Hats, B C Roger, AtifuiM Bramble, H M Judak.Theo Rw?rt*, R-? Br.imber^er, Geo Jamison. 8 G 8mith, H H D tea, Ore A Jntiaiwa, W Smith, W CP Braraen, F C Jofcuson, J L 8tms, Wm Bukadaie, E Johnson, Joe Bhover, Wm Bradley, Cyras Jamuciif J >? Htewsrd, T 8 Bt;lcr,C O Jordan, J H Bimmone, 8?V Bennett, CH Jonee. Hufh P Imrfti, R Breckenridrt, C Jnhneoa, H P lOiermao, Rebt F Bennett, B H Jaletn, bit W Street, Jm Belkuapp, A A Knni.K Stell, jae Brawley, A Keeoe,Jo? R 8<ford,JM Cochr in, Ch?? B . Kinp, Jo? Shirley, J R Crawford, W H Kelley, J 0 B> uton J?? c.'nok, W Kanfmin, J?? Shehan.J A Clear, Thoa KiIbreth, Jn T Stoford.Jae Coope, T B Kn.jr, H?8 Sp^u.dmr, Ja? Conner, T J? i Keiaer. H Spollock, Jae M Cirpeoter. 8 M Ku.jr. G N 8<rfenL N C Cheeney, R Km??bury, C P?1 Smith. Henry Clark, NN Lewi*, W M Scott. E O Chase, M J K Lawles, Richd Snow den, Chat Cowan, L O Liareict, R T Shree?er, B Clarke, J i* Latham, O B Stone broker, A Cox, JnoT Lean, Milo?3 Scott, Alfred V * Cochrane, J S Lal'ou'tte, Mr Stewart, Andrew Coinimng, Juo Lme, J (i Thoapm, W Miannr, t 7* luiit,;uo nppeii, w n Carliele.JS Lee, H Trowbridre, R E Cur tin, Juo Lewie, G?o Thmu.At M Campbell, M L throp, f Thompson, J do Cliri.CC L*fi, fcdwd Totitr, Jaa Corning, K Little, A L Ttmnw, Oco F ?t Cow.effijr, ? Mitchell, Win Ta?eri>e, F A Caufhliu, D Moh, Win 8 Tippett, ID Drumire.Wm Mitchell, W If I'ueworih. Jno Dryer,Th??J Milkefle.Thoa Van Horn, B Dducimoi, Tbot Mirtlull, Suil Vauwike,CH Doociii, M Martin, 8 lai Villard, C Dow, L?8 Macfeely, R Vorbeeo. D W IJocketl, J H MacKeou, Mr V.lkeuberj, Jaa?3 Uul;, Jno Mack, Jno Walker, Win Dal j, J 8 Miller, Jno M Wileo*, win?t Dale, Geo Mtakeli, Jno W be Ian, W m Doran, E U Morgan, J T Wfir, Troa J T)fnnan. Dfuma Mavrndf r 1 CZ W illian* TK cm !)?*.?, C H Miller, J Weil,8 Doth, C i Murptij, J Vkitint, C K Dortot:. B Morru, H W W*rd, 8 DeGrtlT, Ch Morpi.T H Vouit, M Ellleou A Telfair Ma)er,CJ Wbelcw.JP Elliott, Saul M McNult;, Juo A Webb, J M Eoeitoii, 8 McCallm, J?? Wrineli, Iiut Emniooi,NJ McKfno?, Mr Ward. I A Et?m, L D?2 McDowell. TC Warrinf, IB Erwtu, Denuie McKeeue, Thus W illiama, Jo* Ell-e, ChaeH McPhereou, W Woodworth, J W Elliott, Cbas Kixn, R J Woodbury, J D Ennis, A F Killr.G Wbittakcr, J T French, Win "Niehole, G M?3 Wadtworth, J E Flanagan, Wm Newman, CH Workentu, 1 W PreeUnd.TH Nicol, Andrew Walton, J B Foster, SC Neleou, A H Water, J S Fuller,Smith Owene, Jae Walker, J Fay, Rich'd 8 -* Ordman, C C Wiuen.UM Foyhey, P..t Oeneelme, L Winters. Frank Ferguson. M Plnlpa, W fl Whestoa, F miiwi, n rreum, w g V Wedeworth, E C?I Farm, F Poirroy.TM Wheeler, Uio?t Fonk.C'eper Peodlrtou,T P Wedeworth, C E? Fox, A P Pheooix, Tboe White, C H Griffin, Wm P?rker,T Wllao?iCkM Gilee, W B Peabrr.Thot Wi!litm,B H G.ptierd. Ch? Pint, H H Will.rd, A C G?:jiiili, T F Pticlp*, L L Wettles, A Olfnii.Stnl Pike.JieH Wallace, A Gifeue, 8,ul Polk, J F Webb, *? A Gray, Robt Fattoa.Jno MISCELLANEOUS-A D., Minuter Plenn De Parma; P. S. C ; Correepondt Richmond Deep ; Editor lnd ept rCTLETTBRI" MUST 1H ALL CASKS B* PREPAID. Jan 28 WM. JONES. P. M. ?p H fc CONFEDERATION. "One People, One Country, One Destiny." The undersigned propose, on Monday a't?rro<?n next, to oommance the publication of a firat-aliaa peuny paper m thi city oi Washington, hearing the alw# tit'?. "The Confederation" wi'l f<ar!e?sly and truthfully advocate the oause of the Corstitution and Hie I'uion.andto the boat ability of iu oonduotnrs sustain the patriotio policy of the present National Administration We ??i| npon all who are favorable to ihe Federal ooinp&it. and desire to see the people of t -e States i noe nnore united and happy. and the cause of humanity fostered and perpetuated, to come forward and support our e* terprise. News by telegraph and n ail from all quarters, local matte s.and ever* thine eiee worth ki.owirg in Washington, shall find room in the oolumna of ! iiTi r*~ r. J * no vw ipusrauoc." Offtee?Pnlkinhorn'a Bui ding, D atreet, now 7th. Term: Six and a quarter ceuta per week, pa)able to the earner. Mail But>?oril?r? t* eeracnuniWM. H. HOPK fc CO. IZT"Several active, intelligent men wanted aa naQvaaaera. . ja 25 it* APiANO FORTE, (NKW.I FOR tlT5.-I have had left at my ?torefnr aalea new? m.m Hoaewood Caae. beautiful tone Piano, Stonl and Cover, whioh ooet oaah and the owner, iu cocaeqa^nce of the hard times, will aell it for 917S, ino.uding Stoni and Cover. C?H a-.d see it. JoHN F. El l.IS, la 25 SQ6 pa. >y.. het 9 h and 10th ato. .. !? AM MACK'S 0c | t ? I A t R A W T, ^?\ljif i'a.av, 4&*?l Aijemimr Willardt' This H?om ia at pre??ut romp ete in ' ry raapeot, and th* stock of fi.kfcm and fowl only i?e<l? to be duly appreciated The atookof CHAMPAGNK8 is all (hat heart oan with. BRANDIES and WHISKIES whioh caunot be exceled. Meals served in or out of the bouse, from * a. m. to 12 p.m. Mea's seived on Sundata lrora7 a. m. to II p m ja 25 3t* J. D. HAMMATK Elegant carpetings at great sacrifice. We ati'l ha-e on ha no and for aa'.e. some ver* ?nami V I >vi vwvi 1>V0U?I1<1I Iyli (J 1 . ?? 1 Dn< Dfl I SELS and TAPESTRY CARPETING*, vhioh mmt be told off at some prioe; and, ia view of the state of the times, they will be eold oat without regard to oust. Member* of Congress aad other* in want of such good* can be soiled by u* now at a saving of Uurtj par oent. lea* than elsewhere. CLAGETr * DOl'SON. jag-lot No. 4. seoonddoor east of Ninth ?t. PURK ME1MCINE8 RECEIVED WEEKLY. Oq hand Hpa.dicig's Pill*, McLean Cor dial, A/er's. Jaicc'sand i*ctieQOk'? Mediotn*e,^V Moore's 8*nill Drops. A cm. fhynoiai.e' pre V soription* reonire special attention. Prices to salt the times. At night nag th* door ball. MOORE'S West End Drag Store. jam ?w 11S Penn.avenae. I^EAUTIFUL AND VERY CHEAP. CURTAIN MATERIALS AT A SACRIFICE, Th? stock now on hand at the old store of CLAOETT k DODSON of all kinds of pretty ud desirable materials for Parlor, Draw in* and other room Curtains is still very complete, and ia view of the state of the times will be sold oflfata very rainout iaor.^'9. Members of Congress and others who would add to the beauty and oomfort of their homes will iad a great saving and advantage to make their porehaaes here, as the concern mnst be closed oat to settle with the estate of the late decsaesd mm tser. ia 22-eolot ni.tGRTT > nnnsftM Amos kendall ON sece88ion. These able Article*, with M Oncinal Prefaoe, BT MR. KKNDALL, Which h&a never BEFORE BEEN PUBLISHED. CELEBRATED LETTER TO ORR. LETTER TOTHEAPRESIDKNT. Which baa jaetly excited eo much voider and Snii,a?u>n, have been ueat'y printoc in & about lortj nna. ana are now reedv for diatrt. bn'ion These are airong ike ablest Frodaetlons of tte ttmaa, tod do dm who desires a ootroluaiTe W(?nwBt a*4 a laaM,I axpoajtioa olear, oonoiae u4 brief, aposthia aubjoot, ahould be vitjiojat a cow. ,They*Ul belarniUied ty the aaoeenber at uie following rrioe*. via: ttffsptlK'Co"' . w m. uticimey, jh. U-+<aw WMhi|to?, D c. spsmmtm % By 0. W. BOTKLKR * l.ittoMir.. fiAI.E Or SUPEEIOft HOUSEHOLD PUB S wrtar /MtM ?l *" ? ? ?bn HT ota of a femli' 4a*U>iM fcoaaah? ?t?- ? ? ^la f?rt?. m: . . _ . _ ra??nor mM ?ut?f Pul?r F*r0?? tnn RoMvood Piuo Porta, Plat* oovarad R?o??tioi Cto?f?. Htodvoine Bo#?wikd Kt^f#rf. Silt FrwNirron. MiMjta4 T?M? OmiinU, ihsw&r; M M T?f? (>Kk Dtmac *^>ti Chair*. Oak Bxtaaaioa Ihaiac Tab'a. ftaaanar Chin* a*4 tflaaa Croekarr. Platan OrK-di. Tar I* Cat art aad Tabla Fanitir* fa irally. Rl*c??t Sat of Walaat CiMuator Farailarc hrtAIBf K^ilaai^ Mafi ?i W**k?tAAS! Wan' mr* and Okun, Rair and otb#r Mattraaaas, 7^'JaUSu Z^JtErSZ Bmr~" ^ % WI H iH ' MV I Ur? HT'th otiiar art>cia? aot oaoaaaary V> aarM?a)ana? ja 1?-<1 C. w~BOIKi KK ? ?CJM?,Aaaf Vr A'.l abi.f. maukf.t farm for uu.< Tta Ddor?i(n?d. by nrtaaof tha bowar firtrd ia Kim by a mort?a?a from Joba Tat lor. iiniM ob taa tvanty-eighth day of Oatobar.atfbkaaa baa drat and ittr niM. aod bow of rao?rd (a tU Clark's OSm of U>? Ciraait Coart far Friaaa* Oaorta'a CoaBty, will ofrr at paNta Mia, na MON0A\,th? lU day ot Fabraar? MiLMtk* yremiaa*, at th? h vn r of It o'o ok fti.,iifiair. ij not, on nrxt lair day tbara*ftar.) tba f ARM now in the ^umkmiob of Jnfaa Ta?i?>r, aad a^N th* froawtt and nijlmi of Mr. Wilf*#r J . TV bott Tnia land aonmata of oaa k??<i '*4 aad aarae t<M>a Aaraa, nora or laaa. and adtotaa th? pro?*r ty of Dr. Jo^n H Bar aa and Thowai R Barry7k?* , mna > guitm iron a .etaiHJ n% M<o?l l?? nn? and from WaahiBftao aboat ill Hofhnf thaaa oit *? ara a^oeenbla b? ?oo.1 and dtiwat r ada. The looili"a II bafcitbf ai.d p nntaiAnd in maav other rMffOti daairabia. The aoil ia vail a^ipiaa to the *rowtli of frail and a 1 tha ve?*tablea cultivated in thia a*U?n of the o>antr*. Ti.e la the neighborhood ia T*r? acr ?*h # Cathoi lie ano M?th<*!!at Charehae ara witbia Ivobi m j of tht? form. Tha baiidinn eoaaiat a oomfor tabl? Dwalltac and Kitch?n and all t'etaaar) vmibaildirra tor aaoh a reaidanoa. Tha title t thia property U BB)?M?oiabwr*d aid I indiaputable. Tha tann* of aala ara: Ona third in oaah m tha dap of aalc; and the reatduaia -thrro eqaal anaaal ia>b!menta of twelva, aithtfN, and Ivratf (nar < an ainipiv w> iw givrni IDf ??r> chM*, and the deferr*i??rm*iili to be soared hr a it ort#a?K on the rnaiMi, to be esemred bj tha purohtear to the a?i>eorkber. Th? deferred mi tnenu will bear to ittoreet from the 4%y "i aaie. C. *. itEKCH. Mort?a?e*ead Attorney f.r the parlie*. jail-ttawu / ^PPOINTMENT AND DISAPPOINTMENT. In eonsoqnoneo of tho urgent ao'ieit?tioi? of NU MEROrB CITIZENS who oalled upon DR. SCHLOSSER da'in* iMtWMk.bgt who were competed to co away ob aoooant of the oveierowced ?U.te of hts roomi, he will remain hero A FEW DAYS LONGER. Dunn* hie etay in this city, the Doctor haa ana cesefuty operated on the feet of HrtoM of the hirhMt ?e*p?*cU.l>i!itT. who b&T* oordi?Hy pltwd at hi* dispowl their TESTIMONIALS of th? WONDERFUL EFFECT of hit METHOD OF CURING^ Abi. UIPf.AJSfcS OF THE FEET. Dr Sohlociar baa a!'?ady pabliaSad * jreat mm bar of oertifloatea from peraoni well knows, which fally jrora that ha i? th* only one who onraa the abora mentioned diaaaats. ANY ONE SUFFERING nsK CORN#. BUNIONS. SOFT CORNS. oa ANT DISEASES OF THE FEBT. Will h?r? 6kut cicii to bb unriid If iktw immediately plate tk*m*tlrtt undtr DR. SCHLOSSER'S * UNERRING SYSTEM OF TREATMENT. Without _ CrTTiiio ok cicusa thb l*a?t Faih., ^ COXSULTIKQ ROOMS, < 9?T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. .<8o?th aide,) httveea 12th and 13th atraet*. % OFFICE HOURS From 10*. m. till 5 f m. FEW DAYS LONGER IN WASHINGTON. k* A HICKORY WOOD. A No. 1 artio1* of HlCKOfeY WOOD. Alec, PINE and OAK WOOD, prepared or ulivtrM Oi rd lor rth. trrtWn ewb. \^t a'l orders ?houUi bo aooompaoied with tko money; drirors <J>n*t ??rrr ekui? aaleoe apodal ordora vi loft to DM efeet. t. j. a w. m. galt. j*? 9*9 Pa. ar? bM. nth and ink >U WG. MKTZKROTT, SOLE AGENT Of SUiqwit a 8om' udltam, Baooa a Co 'a OTOratrncc Piaim Fortoa. Old Puuxx takoa la oxen n iit?. Piano* for rout. Ja fk Cotbot Etoahpth at. aad Pa. aToaoe. New novel by charles lever"One of Thorn,"' by tko aitkor of Ckarln O Mai ley Tho Dodd Family Abroad. Ao . Ac.: mm 9b ou. BLANCHAR0 * MOHUN. je 3S Cor?r Pa- ay. and Elrrerta t. ^CHKtNCK'9 PULMONIC BYRUP. Dr. SCHBNCK. of Philadelphia. find it Ium aib.e to Tint VV Mulattos every ntt. aad ui ma<l? arraagenenta to poeitirely be in the city the thirfl WodndMlkr of every He Km a eaitof room at the Ann* Moaee. IM? iinwli eu obtain adrioe free. He aalv ohatf ee whea it >> tmiiwrr to make a thorco, examination of the l.anf with the ReaMroaetov. S B. Wait* le Meat for taaenek Pat^ono far &$jzi8iz!%?3R su5^ Toaio, priMfl p*r bott'*, for Vyspwele; W?h?k~'? MiiM'tke f Jla, prist ttdMU ber box, (or Lir#r fti ui? Gom?i?jnt? xnd i\>L?tip?tioD of th? BoW U. Dr.fccheuck would b* rraJanu'to tnoM who H** MM caroo by hit HMljM if mm WM.C MMtkeir opri &OXUW ot o?r? wiU8. B. WAIT h. tornr ftwr? nth ?t M< Lh H i* 1?-? I7KKNCH A RICHSTK1N, r S7? Pxwx. Atiitti, _.*!?. W* tfegg ?..yif*.r?1 *r***21_** ., I?1.1," * igrMMi WW I? the oity and 6*orc??ova tmmadiataly tAw tta ar r.*A. o< tnug*. teJL 1 Baltimore _ BUTTER HOUSE. Daily raoatriai fr?ali ttiiwt. uiC.nrt?.P?*' Ifta. Alao, Ohio Batter, at IMuMi IIS aanto. It* ** piAWOB FORJtKWT. at a? fJlpf Tn SSaVJWiT '

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