Newspaper of Evening Star, January 28, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 28, 1861 Page 2
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I ^ THE EVENING STAR.j * _ WAsnivcmv niTV. *T ** *-'V? A VA* Vt A A MONDAY JoBiarj 9^. 1H?I. *1?lm ?( th? ItltrnlH Fre?* Tbe In*?l'if?nt<r caution* the people of Virginia ngtlnat apurioua aenaatlon dUpatche* and from *ece**loni*?*, and ?"? : ** Ttafa mutability cf political sfTairs (which may make what twetnasUieamanlikf prudence today a hideous blunder to morrow) rall? for caution tu closing up the Irrevocable verdict which involve* tbe civil life and welfare of a great i.^ . . ^ommonwMiin Tbe continues Its slurring abuse of Gen ?-ott, in a style which would excite disgust as coming from any American source, but wblcb is doubly Intolerable from a Britlab pen. The R'puklitam says of Maryland : " There is no question of Union or Disunion for Maryland to decide, but precisely this question of Union or Disunion in the event of the secession of Virginia. In no other event will the question of Union or Disunion be preteuted to Maryland at all." ? A Sxcsksio* Appeal?The Baltimore Sun, which from the commencement of the measures to carry out the current conspiracy for tbe destrucItlon of tbe Union, haa notoriously done its beat to make them aucceaaful, chagrined at the now evident defeat of that portion of the programme Involving the aeixnre of the pnblic property in thla city, aa tbe aouthern fortifications and other property of tbe United States in the South were not long since seized, thla morning beratea the people of Waahington without mercy for their loyalty to the government of their fathers Now, It atrikea us that if that offense be a crime, aa It virtu&lly alleges in its own confession that the people of Maryland are as chargeable with It as those of this District, it hsd better husband lta ( .Allans #. i. ?kA V, uoucuvv 1UI kur CIMU dtlUU l"l IUC UrKIUIlUOIIUII of its State to wject the counsels of the conspirators We may not inappropriately call public attention to tbe fact that in the arguments it adduces to excite the cupidity of the District, it forcibly illustrates tbe Influences which from first to last have Induced ?t to perform Its own disunion rolt. The gist of them la, tn few words, that Washington cannot retrfain the capital of a northern confederacy, because tbe Potomac being likely to be the dividing line, no northern government WiU be so Imprudent as to keep ita capital upon navigable water, one bank of which la in the property ef a hostile power. Thus, without stopping to show, as we would have little difficulty in allowing rrom iu own columns, that the Sun1* with is evidently father to-lts thought of the permanent destruction of the Union, (notwithstanding ita miserable reconstruction disguise of its real aim,) It Is sufficient to answer that the North would be quite aa likely, as tkt South, to keep ita capital In a position thus exposed?quite as likely. It therefore follows that the Sun's appeal to the pecuniary Interests of the District falls to the ground The rest of its article is but a rehash of tuch disunion misrepresentations as one dally reads In the columns of the Charleston Mercury nil D I r l ?J J < >? mviuuuiiU , WflilliPQ QOWn 10 2 finer point least the community in wbirh it is published may comprehend tbe fact tbat it is as clearly involved in tbe conspica y b? destroy tbe Union for tbe sake of its destruction, as any otber journal In tbe land. Admitting tbat 'from tbe first national disunion movement" it bas earnestly labored to induce tbe whole Jfouth to abandon tbe Union, It sets up tbe miserable plea of a desire for its reconstruction, ias a justification for iU palpable treachery. Its ? 1-1 - uunswrrr, m? i^nariesion Mercury, however, pricks that babble daily; laughing to scorn the idea, and denouncing the politicians and presses that endeavor to screen themselves from due responsibility behind it, as contemptible doughfaces, afraid to avow the end of naked treason, at which they aim. Iscitino to Civil Wa.? The Charleston Mercury is now dally engaged ii? inciting South Carolina's revolutionary authorities to assault Fort Bumter at any possible sacrifice of human life, avowedly to inflame the people of Virginia to elect a disunion majority on the 4th prox. to their State conn yen tl on. Insolently abusing Virginia for lagging In the race of treason, it proclaims that tbe only expedient for whipping her up to tbe work remaining, is to create a whirlwind of excitement by immediately inaugurating a bloody revolution?not tbe " peaceful and constitutional secession'' recently prated about?under tbe influence of which a majority of Virginia's citizens may be induced madly to bitch (belr State on to South Carolina's tail. There is great danger tbat Gov. Pickens and bis advisers may succumb within three days to these appeals of the -- ?* ?- ? , t _ ..?vimu?.u am 11 IB uuuriy becoming positively certain that if the border non siaveholding Slate* nominate conservative meu to the Washington consultation to come otT en the 4th proximo, in time for the fact to bccome known throughout Virginia before that day, the disunionists will be overwhelmingly routed in Virginia's election?to be certainly followed by their Inglorious rout on the 9th in Tennessee, on the 15th in Missouri, on the l&th in Arkansas,and ?K- t- ?w r. ? __ .... iu KVIIU varumia. 1 nese results accomplished by tbe people of those State*, and in two months tbe disunion cbief conspirators and their aiders and abettors will be as odious to tbe people everywhere out of South Carolina, as ever Aaron Burr was to the men of bis day. Tbe cause of disunion is evidently at this moment in its most desperate strait. Hence tbe atrocious character of the means thus sought to be resorted to to work out its ends?the deliberate and lmmMliit*' IW1 1 ' " ?huuii v? u>uuuy civil war. ft Is bad enough to employ aucb means to affect the Virginia election aa the publication of the ten-aigned manifesto, of such newspaper appeals as appeared in this morning's Baltimore Sum, and as appear from day to day in the Richmond Enquirer and Examiner; but it remained to those who are deepest involved in the treaaon?the Charleston M?r??ry council?to urge the sacrifice of perhaps a thousand human lives,as the surest means of preventing wbat all now see is imminent, viz: the speedy, peaceful, and entire settlement of the OTables without the permanent destruction of the Union, by and through the acceptance of whatever measure* tbe commissioners to meet here on the ith Drml nm maw J. ~ ? WJ IVVVUIIIICUU. To-xonow wtll probably bring us newi of the appointment of Commissioners, to meet here on the 5th proximo, by North Carolina. New York ad Pennsylvania, and the next day of similar appointment* by Tenneasee and Indiana. It la already well known here that all tboae States, aa well aa Illlaota, Delaware and Missouri, are preparing to follow the example of Kentucky, Maryland and New Jersey, by promptly responding to Virginia's Invitation, In their Commaaalonera represents tlvee (without regard to party) aa universally confided In and aa conservative aa bar own. To aacure the services of suitable mb la not the work of a moment. Hence ouly, tbo alight delay which baa taken place in their election, at the North, aa well aa in the South. I5S1A5A?Aa wo go to praaa, to-day, we have a private deapatch from Indiana, saying that the Govarnar has promptly communicated to the Le glalature Virginia's resolutions, asking a conference of commissioners from the several border States, here, on the 4th prox. The despatch (which la from an entirely reliable aource) adds that there can be no doubt that on Tuesday next, whan the subject la to bo considered, the Legislature will promptly elect Ave of ladlana'a most conservative and respected citizens, Republicans and Democrats, to meet Virgtnta*a request, in the spirit in which that was made. thi miiiagi vhlr.k th? /i?? --- ?- " ? ?? v? VKIO MTU* W von* great to-day, cover* an account of what transpired between the Executive and Commissioner Tyler, of Virginia, and embrace* the President's earnest endorsement of tbe propriety of Virginia's advice and appeal borne hither by Mr. Tyler, and a pledge that be heartily adopts the policy embraced in her suggestions. Hs also urgeson Congress the Importance of its adoption of a like course. Tai SaizcBi or RavBavaCvTTaa?.?It Is understood that Secretary Dix has given positive orders to the commanders of the revenue cutters, that ia ease of lay effort to selae them the eScer la command shall resist to ths last extremity, and when b? finds further resistance unavailable to run them ashore and blow them up. \ rowQKKamowAL. The Senate wu not In aettlon on Satnrday. Hor*i ?Our report cloted on Saturday pending the vote upon the bill vetoed by the President. Hk. . _ >i l hi 1 at ? ? < i . i d?* yeas on paMage 01 iBe oiii weif 01, nny? wi, to the bill was lost, two thirds being required to pa?s it over tbe President's veto. Mr. Clark, of Mo., said he would accept tbe Crittenden resolutions as a basis of compromise. Illinois and Miisourl were in favor of remaining in tbe Union an long as they could remain in honor and safety. But unless something was done speedily to restore peace and give the border States constitutional guarantees, they would go where their Interests would be better protected. at. n<t i i a? a t JiJ ^.a ili-l is .m.. mr unman saiu inai nt" uiu im>* iuiiik n wai too late yet to save the Union He believed that the slavery question could be easily settled, if men would approach it in a fair, candid, and honest spirit He preferred the Crittenden proposition, but if he could not bave that, he would lake the report of the Committee of Thirty-three Mr. Alley defended the North against charges brought against it bv southern agitators, and declared that in case of separation, the North could do without the South; while the South would be comparatively dependent on the North. On the conclusion of Mr. Alley's speech, the House adjourned. Monday, January 28. Senate.?Mr. Douglas, on leave, introduced a bill supplementary to the fugitive slave laws of 1793 and lftSO Mr. Hunter presented the memorial of certain hardware dealers of Philadelphia In relation to the tariff. Mr. Wllaon presented a Massachusetts memorial favoring compromise. Mr. Btgler presented similar memorials. Mr. Hale, from the Committee on Post and Post Roads, reported a bill In relation to the postal service of the Uulted States. Mr. Crittenden presented various memorials in relation to his Compromise; among them, resolutions of the late Washington City Railroad Convention. Mr. Hale objected to the reception of these resolutions. Mr. Crittenden said it was a question for the Chair to decide The Chair said that the Senate had several timM illir'.mr tVis* u>ninn pofntoH In ruPAlua simllst -- ? ? ? I ug www *V??I VM I v &?aarc v* ? *? IVWI illllllll resolution!. lie would submit the question to the Senate. Mr. S*ulsburv favored the reception of the resolutions I Mr. Crittenden followed on the same side. Mr. Mason did not think that the resolutions? not being a memorial?was entitled to be received under th* rules of the Senate He had been asked to present similar resolutions from a public meeting In Virginia, and had declined to do so Hotrsz.?The Speaker laid before the House a communication from the Secretary of the interior, transmitting to Congress a list of clerks employed In that Department, and recommending a reduction of the number; laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Alu ?<s?*flnn ?V?~> .or-- --1 .. ..V , W WM?MVUIV??IWU tl VIII Ul PUIIir III ICIO" tlon to Indian depredations; referred to Committee on Indian Affairs. Mr Klce asked leave to pref-ent to the Hons* a memorial wrapped in the United State* flag, and signed by 19.000 cltizena of Boston, praying a speedy and harmonious settlement of the existing difficulties. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Mr Burnett called for the regular order of business. Mr. Cochran, of N. Y., offtred an amendment to tbe act relative to the taking of the census Referred to the Committee of Five. A Jxalous Nkwspater. ? Time wa>, as all know,when the public looked almost exclusively to the Baltimore Suit for reliable news of parsing events here. Such is not the rase now; and the Cum ok*...! 1 .? tU. SI il. ? *? ? * ** i,ua^imru 11 iuc rcnm:ii;nn PI llif I4CI, morning undertake* to caat ilurs upon the press of thia city, under pretenae tbat the iVttr Ymlc journala are now alone looked to in that connection. Beaidea, It la evidently mortified at the fact of not having been able to aeduce anyone here from due allegiance to the United State*. though induatrloualy using lta columnato that end for months past Tbat its labor* In that direction have been signally In vain, la the beat anawer the Star can accrrd to what It saya in that particular connection ; for it (tbe Star) notoriously goea daily into nearly every houaebold in the Diatrict of Columbia, and In them all lta aentimenta upon the que* Inn e\f f ' ninn HUnnlnn J - ? - * - ..... V..V.. V..UUIVU nit UU1JT tlUtl I(U in nearly every breast. As for its atateinent that Washington look* only to New York for information of what occurs from day to day In lta own midst, men of sense will duly comprehend at a glance that It simply involves an admission that neither Washington nor the country longer look to the Baltimore Snu for Washington news, as before the establishment of the Washington St ir, the Washington news of which la more extensively quoted and relied on by the preaa, north, south, east, and wrst, than that of all the New York papers and the Baltimore Sun "to boot." This is a fact now so notorious to all newspaper readers, as that it proves conclu.1. : ? i? ? * * ? ? ivciy mm jealousy 01 me country s now universal reliance upon the Washington Star for reliable Information of what panes here, Is at the bottom of its confession that the Sun Is no longer thus looked to, and its intimation that the New York papers are. A Sthikisg Fait ?Intelligence was received by the Government here on Saturday evening last that on thellth Inst., before Louisiana has professed to have seceded, troops of the J?ta'e took possession of the L'. S. barracks near New Orleans, then occupied as a Government hospital; turning out, neck and heels, the 260 odd sick then occupying them, with physicians, nurses, Ac. It is understood that on the receipt of this Intelligence the Secretary of the Treasnrv r>rt\?r~A itm p-i -. r- / ?' ??? lector at New Orleans to apply to the Governor of Louisiana to revoke tbla action, and denounced it aa an act of outrageous barbarity disgraceful to any age or country. The Rn.xroBCKMK.nt or Fort Pickkns was made absolutely neceaaary before Virginia paaaed her resolutions requesting tbe authorities here to preserve the existing status of their forts throughout tbe South. It was made necessary by the assemblage at Pensacola of a large number of troors from other States, avowedly to seize it. Orders were accordingly given sending a small reinforcement by the Brooklyn, which vessel had sailed on her mission be/ore the arrival of Commissioner Tyler here. >T7* We learn from the Semi-Monthly Number of Peter Jons' liettctor, that between the 15th of December and this date, urtrnty-six new counterfeits have been put into circulation. Notes from South Carolina snd other "seceding" States are nominally quoted at 10 per cent, discount? but really unsaleable at almost any rate. This Is a very bad state of things, which renders a reliable ' Detector" almost actual necessity just now. Sensation in thi Hocsk Hall.?To-d?? nn tae presentation of the Boston monster petition, wrapped in the American tt*g, there srose .-bouts from all quarters of the House K*U*rl*> and the floor of the Hall; a significant sign Indeed of tbe ientimeut| pervading tbe vast throng in tbe C h&mber. Ksntccky a?d New Jxrsbt h-?ve promptly selected men eminently conservative and universally confided in in their respective States, as Commissioners to meet here on the 4th proximo. Pmtnl. Hon. George Evans, of Maine, Is in town. -- O J. Wise, of the Richmond Enquirer, has been elected Captain of tbe Virginia Blues. We noticeln the gallery of the Diplomatic Corps, House of Representatives, to-day, Hon. faor, ra u~.. d.kt t* *-* v? V** ami ??uu. awui. V. VY lUlOTOp, 01 Mm. John Mitchell, the 1 r lab patriot, ia now residing with a portion of bis family in Paris. No. 19 Rue de l'E?t. H!? aon, Jobn Mitchell, jr , W In the service of the State of douth Carolina. Rev Nathan Ward, D J> , late of North Troy, Vt , has sailed for Ceylon, with Mra. Ward, where they will resume the mlaaionary labora which they left thirteen year* ago. The special Charleston correspondent of the Baltlmore*Anierlc*n says that Ike South Carolina vigilance committee bis ferretted out a man named l>odge. an enlisted soldier at Fort Moultrie, who Is cbarired with helno Uu> kamm. pond*nt of the New York Tribune? They bad compelled him to leave tbe &tat?. ' Tbe Savannah Republican of Friday corj recta tbe general impression that ex-9er.retary Cobb la a member of tbe Georgia Convention, ft atatea that be wai not a candidate for the Convention. the county In which be realdea (Clarke) being there represented In part by hla brother, Thomas R R Cobb, Eaq , (fT One tbouaand balea of cotton arrived in Norfolk l*at Friday night from Memphla, Tena , over tbe Norfolk and Peterabarg railroad. JO^Tbe Petorabnrg Intelllgcncer which was ac a tome rmn ago t>v Wt.Bynn for ?,??, wu old a few day* ago for MjpCO. J - A - DEPARTMENT WEfft. Tm U. 8. Sham Fsioatk Niagara arrived at Jedde. Japan, cn the 10th of December, (according to advice* received at the Navy Department,) n/l U^l<u< ?k? f au A. I'U MMluru IUC J OI'31IC?C IjllllMMJ CMC WIS VO ail promptly from thence for Honjj Kong, to coowy Mr Ward, the American Mtiiiat* r to China, from thence to Adln, oa hia wny h'?me?to the I nited States All were well on boird the ahlp. Cot. l^>aito, of the U. t*. Mounted Rifle*, baa been ordered to the command of the military department of New Mexico.Item* Telegraphed fr?m Wa*hingtan. Washington, Jan 27.?It ia not true thtt Mr Kinjj, the First AMittant Pr*tmasler General,te iusea 10 noia any communication wild ex-^enatcr Yulee. He a!mply declined to show him the pa; pern be asked to see relative to the r.bolition of the Post OfBce and mailt to Pcnsacola. The interview was entirely respectful on both sides Senators Simmons and Bigler, of the Select Committee on the Tariff, were encased together nearly all of Saturday on the subject It la ascertained from a reliable source that the Government baa no Information leading to the belief that England will recognize the Southern Confederacy. " Ex-President Tyler leavea here to-morrow to return by the 4th of February. There ha? been much private consultation yesterday and to-day among prominent gentlemen In relation to an adjustment of the existing difficulties, and vigorous outside influence* as have been making in the name direction. At soon as It was ascertained th$t the Brooklyn and other vessels had been ordered South, dispatches were immediately aent by Southern men to Charleston and Pensacola for the authorities to be on the look out, as It was understood that theae vessels contained reinforcements for theforta in those harbor*. A dispatch was also sent, later in the evening, to Major Chase, who is in command of the State troops at Pensarola, to seize Fort Pickens Should this officer think proper to act upon this advice, a collision may at anv mo ment take place there. Information wa? received by the Government this morning, from the collector at New Orleans, statins; that Ihe barracks about two mlKs belowNew Orleans, now occupied as a Marine Hospital, were taken possession of on the llth ii it by Captain Bradford, of the State Infantry, In the nmne of the State of Louisiana There were two hundred and sixteen invalids and convalescent patients In the hospital at the time it was seized. The Collector of Customs was required to immediately remove the patients who w< re convalescent, and those who were confined to their beds as soon as practicable This action on the part of the authorities of that State is regarded by the Government as most outrageous and inhuman The Government have no autnorlty or meant to make provision for those poor Creatures, who are thus thrown upon the cold charltUs of the people of that State The reason assigned for this transaction is, that the authorities there wanted the quarters for their own troops. Keportsare confidently circulated that the Grand Jury have before them the question of presenting for indictment the Hon. Howell J. Cobb. Congress and the public will soon be enlightened on the subject of the existence or non existence of armed band* in the city, whose objeet it to disturb Ihe public [>eare. Air. Grow, of Pennsylvnnia, has Introduced, and the House adopted, a resolution instructing the Special Committee appointed on the 7th inst ,01 the Special Message of the President to inquire into the matter and report accordingly Mr. Grow remarked thit there were grounds for supposing surh bands pviit: nnr) ? h*? c>uoi ** , ? ?V D|auao uv lOiiUUIII VII matters of such importance, there is reaion to believe the subject demands the early and e&rneat attention of the committte The news received here of the secession of Louisiana created no excitement, in view of the anil ipation of the ev? nt Senator* SlWlell and Renjimin both express their rejoii lugs over the fact, as it enable* them to participate in Ibe future schtinesef the Confederacy Knowing o:ies. however, say that the great fall in prices of sugar in northern markets has startled the thinking member! of the Louisiana delegation. From California, Ac The pony express brings advices from California to the 9th instant. San Frascuco. Jan. 9?The Legislate re met at Sacramento on the 7th Inst On the 6th, Don Pablo Deda Guena, a native Callforuian, of line attainments, was chosen President of the Senate He is a Douglas democrat, and was elected without a caucus nomination, receiving material republican support, the entire Breckinridge vote, and but four votes from the uougias senators. This election lnd'ratea a disorganlzttlon in the Douulas party, and a dispositton among all parties to form advantageouscoalition* with their opponents. It will probably lead to combinations contrary to partisan usage on the Senatorial question The Assembly has not yet organized. A desperate struggle over the election of Speaker Is progressing. John Connes, a Broderlck-Douglas democrat, Is the leading candidate, having received the caucus nomiuation of that wing; but he had no republican or Brrcklnridgv support, and seems destined to defeat, although the contest is likely to continue for several days. Governor Denver and J N. McDougal are regarded ns the leading candidates for the Knited St'it PS T1?p ImnretiiAh ? .mpvmvu ailTVll^ IUC Ml servatlve men it that neither will be elected, as the noinination of either in the Douglas caucus would not insure hi? election without considerable outside support. The schooner Alert arrived to-day from Japin, via the Sandwich Inlands, with Honolulu aates to the Sid of December. The onlv Island new* of lmport--mrc is the loss at Jarvis Island, on the 10.h of November, of the ship Silver r tar, and the sate of the wreck for 83U0. The steamship Ariel from Aspinwall, arrived at New York on Friday I Tk? i.ui i?.i ?? " .w aim unugi a million ona a quarter !n specie. There are no lidin?jsof thesloop-of war Levant. The Ariel left Aspiuwall on the loth Instant MKX1CO. Advices from the .Mexican coast nay that General Wool is a fugitive. General Miramcn's army was at t?<*n Bias. Gov. \Veller, the United S'ates Minister to Mexico had arrived at Acapnlco. where General | Alvarez had tendered him an escort to the city of Mexico. New Granada. The war operations in New Granada continue to be unfavorable to the Government. Adedslve battle was expected to occur soon on the plains of Bogota a lore?a Government loan is causing much excitement at Aspinwall and Panama. An attempt was to be made to levy an impost duty on articles for railroad officials. Valparaiso. Advices from Valparaiso are at hand to December 17, and from Lima to tbe 19th. The political news is unimportant. The market at Valparaiso was well stocked. Business was dull. ra*ON ACfOUNT OF UNAVOIDABLE \k 9 ciroumstaooes, TH fc CONFEDERATION newspaper wilt notnpptar until To-MORROW ((Tuesday) EVENING. it* Y^?NATIONAL VOLUNTEERS-Vou TiT rreet at HariP^nt Hail ?>n TUESDAY EVENINGinstant, at 7,li o'clock. l'ur.ctual attendance is requested. Bj crder. It* MASON 10 NOTICE.?There wi'l lie a regIjk.? ular coirmnnication of Dn-?sr n I odg<?. No. lf>, at M*>onic Hail, corner Ninth and D s'reets. 'i?uia t'VL him.' ? " * , niK r. * ani; *??. am .MMter Mmohs in *01 d stAinluig fiMen,a ljr invited to attend It E. B BARRETT. 3e?-. i?tf ATTENTION. COMPANY O WASH IL" fNGTON LIGHT INFaNTY MATTALION.?You are requested to !> punctual in your attendance at Ihe Armory THIS KVKN1NG, at half put 7 o'o oolc. Br order of the Captain. H (y-==?THF.RE WILL HK A LBCTl'RK ON ll. *1 "The Ca?tl*? ai d M. ua?terie? of Irr and in the Mid le Atls" delivered by reouest, at Willard?' Hall,on TUESDAY EVENING, January 29th, 1861, by Rev. G. G. Gubbih*, at 7>j| o'clock. Admittance 25 cents. _ ja 28-2t ir^COMFANV A WASHfNr.Tnv i t^ni 113 INFANTRY, A T TENTIb?C-M eet"at tnS armory on Seventh street, on TIJF.8DA\ EVENING, at7Ko'oloclt, inovercoattandfati ue oapt. Every member of Company A it expeoted ta be pret'Lt. By order _ ji 28 2'. LEM. TOWERS,Captain. sabbath school exhibition t, ?? AND CONCERT?The Sabbath School ooi B'sctid with the Metho-ii?t Epiioopa' Church < South) wll give an Fxhitiition ani Cnnnert f" the benefit of the School, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 30th in*t\nt. oorrmenoing at ?'? o'olook. Tickets 25 oeuta ; children 10 oentt. ** rrs^AT A MEETING OF COMPANY A, L1? Sixth Ward. Union Regiwent, held on the 2Hh in?tant, it w\* unanimously retolved that a Committee of three be appointed to solioit ?Ht.Mrintmna ? -- " r > > iu ui.iiurinnig me saij Comrani. The Committee are aa lol owa : Lieut, W. F GARRETT, H. R. MARRYMAN, If THQ8. PLUM8H.L. rrS"HELP FOR THE POOR -A pubic nuet'L? >n( will bi held at Ht. Paul'a Lutheran Church, oo i?m H an* Eleverth atreeu, on MONDAY EVENING,28th instant, at 7*i o'clock to consider the p op-iet? of eatabiiahing a a< up h. uae. All intereaten are invited. jag 2t* rr3=-!-ECOND WARI> IN THK HE" D.~ IJof Citiseiia of this War<?, and of othera wh*re linattaohed and feel inc ao diapoeed, will meet at Temperance Hall on I IJE^DA Y next. at7o'olook p. m , for the purpoae of forming a military company to be attached to Union Recimeut lor active acrvioe on the 4th Maroh neat ia 36 rry"PluritlJ'OHIAN LLC TURKS--Prof. 8. 1L S Al*x*?dk*. of the Collpc# of New Jer?ey, will leotnre on MONDAY ani WEDNESDAY EVENINGS. January *8tii and 30th, oa Solar Eo!ip?e? and their attendant phenomena, with a particular account of the t"tal eolipee ?f lact Jelt, and the obe*rvatU<n? mute in oon?ex'o-i with it by th* 6overnm*nt Expeditions tot?brador, the Pao fa i.'oaot. ard el*e where.

'The lecture* wili commence at a quarter before > o'clock, wh<>o the red light on the tower will be extinguuiicd aad the doer* closed. ja 3S,?,30 I # I Later fram Tharl?t?n l??pecui uwfMteb to the Balttoic-e American J Charleston, Jan. 27?Among tbe youthful volunteers flocking in to fight the battle* of South Carolina are three student* just arrived from St. Timothy'* Hall. Catonsvllle, near Baltimore Their name* are Wm fl Anthony and Jacob Hlegs, of North Carolina; and W. C Baynard of South Carolina Tbev have entered tb^ service of tbe Republic In the rank* of tbe Palmetto Guard, and ore now at Morris Island, prepared to ao ana ate, ir necessary. In tbe maintenance of the sovereignty of the State. Their military efficiency is testified to by tbe members of the company. who declare that tbev handle cannon with the efficiency of veterans The training they have received at Catonsville. under Mr. Van Bokkelin, renders them of great service, as artillerymen are in great demand. Tbe intelligence received here to-dav of tbe departure of the steamer Brooklyn from Norfolk, with two companies of artillerymen froin Fortress Monroe occasioned considerable excitement Tbey are supposed to be destined for Fort Pickens, Pensacola, to reinforce tbe garrison there A resolution whs shortly afUr Introduced in the Senate and passed authorizing the government to tend volunteers to Florida, if needed, to rrslat tbe threatened invasion. The number to be sent la left entirely to the discretion of the Governor. The dlacuasiou as to the color of the flag of South Carolina has at last terminated, and they have agreed on presenting to tbe world a flag tbat will have no rqual on the face of the earth for 1 0 V. A ? ?* - ? V - ? 1 ? * '*? ??(.* ui wauiy. n is 10 o? oi Diue prouna, who a white oval centre, on which is to be presented the r?presen'ation of a golden palmetto. It la alao to have a white inuer creacent on the upper flagstaff comer The creacent signlflea toe expected increase in the aouthern confederacy. Theateamer Columbia.bound from New York, went ashore yesterday on 8ullivairs Island beach, and la still aground The difficulty in paaain? In and out of the harbor is very great,an<* " Moflitt'a channel ia not deepened, even our strain commerce will abandon us. It is rumortd that in consequence of this mishap to the Columbia and the scarcity cf freight, that the steamer Nashville will not sail from New Yo k to-dav. We have bad very tempestuous weather the en urc v?rr?. wuico iias oeen very severe 0:1 ine raw recruits from the country, stationed at the harbor defences on the ipd cout The novelty of camp life it losing its attraction*, and the hugging of a cold musket on sentry duty on a bleak edit is uot a very enviable duty. Colds, coughs, influenza, neuralgia, and home-sickness are getting very prevalent. The strictest military discipline is observed, but the dull monotony of the service, with no rhance for a fight, is not what was contemplated at the time of enlistment. Fort Surfit. r still frowns defiantly on the surrounding military demonstrations, and the W in of the Union flows gaily from its stafl" On all the other harbor forts the Palmetto fl iy is given to the breeze. The secreay with regard to the character of the negotiations in progress between the GovA.n..? 4V,? J ,..? I. .*<11 -V.? J I ? ? cihv'i aim mr i iraiurut la mm uuicivtu, ciiu in the meantime a comparative calmnrs* reigns In the city. Business is almost entirely suspended, except for the necfssarlvs of life, and the manufacture of military clothing. Our commerce has all gone to Savannah. WEDDING CARD**, New Styles, at dempsey A O'ToOLK'S, ja 23 3teo 3*26 Pa. avenue The satin tie, For We<1(line Invitations, At DEMPSEY A 0'T00t.E\?s ja 23 2teo fang i>g*rs. J^OTICE TO MARINERS. Trbascrt Detahtmijit. ) Orricx Light Hoc*k Ku?rt>, > W?sm*om. O. C., Ja: . 26'h. 1 61. \ Inlormation h v< been received at tins office that the tight vess??i <-<t Hattles:iake Sh<ai!> lias hwn wiUirt'rv? n; tuat the light* on M< rris ! auc' ai d at tb? entrance into the port of Charleston. 8 C . have licen duoon'iniii d, the buoy* removed rn>i the main channel so obstructed as to b? unsafe for navigation. Jty order. It K. SE.M M ES. St-offt* ry. Jchkaper than kvkk I'ST PECEIVED a Kresh Lot of that SUPERIOR NOTH PAPER AT 7.? CT?. tsr REAM, A t SH EPH EKD'S, at the corusr of Sevi;:th and I) streets tha host wo have ever had. Call soon and supply yourselves. Other papers in proportion. It vron't last long ja Iw HP HERE'S A BETTER COMING ! Viotirns of 8*1 f Ahnne and Pecret r>isea?e- *hould app'y at SIIIMAN'S Southern Medical House, under the Clarendon Hotel, coroer t*txth rtrMtlsa I'*. avenue. inimediatVy opposite the National Hotel, nnd trv Dr. Souttiej'a C?lebr&t-*d London .M-dicir<es. Tlit) are warranted to cure the moat virulent form* of Gonnorrho-a, Glest, Syphilis, Nocturnal K missions, Strictures, and weakness of the Biadder in from 3 to 6 day*. The Remedies can be sent by niai!. Office hours from 9 a. m. to 10 p m. ja SB 6t* JJAVK YOU SEEN THEM? Have Yor ViBirio tiii JAPANESE BAZAAR? Pa ilt-., under WtHards' Hotel. Finer Goods thaw thosein the Patent Office. Fried with the Richest Products of the EMPIRE OF JAPAN: RICH CABINETS, BOXES. CUP3, PUNCH BOWLS.Ac., At. The orly etorp devnted exclusively to JAPANEVE GOODS in America. KVKRY ARTICI.R 'MPORTTD DlRK^T. To if Sold 7 Vis Witk at Grtnt Swrijtce ; In some for ONE-HALF THEIR COST TO IMPORT ! Thus placing them within the reach of all. ja i? S'.' Ladles, Call Early AT RI HOLE'* ORIGINAL .91 STORK, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL SI STORE, No. :?02 PENNA. AVENUE. No. 302 PENNA AVENUE, Al] lltlfinfLl lliVnioAG *?? > rjuion'flil * wvi ? vu ui new aiiu Beautiful Jewelry. ? .. From OI R ENT:RK STO? K V Ol CAN TAKK YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE 1X>LLAK. CORAL and GOLD SETS, K N AM EL t- U T VV 1ST SETS, MRDM.LION SliTS, REAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS, RUBY aud VASE SETS. La VA and BEAD SETS. VASE a??1 BRILLIANT SLTS, . H FIN MOSAIC >ETS, CAMEO and GOLD STONE SETS, CAR&L'VCLE SETS. fi.AlN GOLD SETS, BOtJUET aud HIBM??N SET1#. LADIFS' NECKLACES. LADES' NKCK CHAI\S, CHILDREN'S NKCK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S ARMLKTS, GENTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCH KEYS! GENTS' SEALS and CHAINS, UL'V Tw.? w V l. L'\f L T > I TT< k a ^ I u-ri?rvn v? uii i ^ r?nc ri ? r< IJ ? I I O RUCI i3 I I1 L/3, THIMBLES. PENf*. PF.NCILS. KINGS, HLVE* Pi,ATED SPOON*, GOtfLETS, CUPS, Ao. Everythirg in the storo near and perfect, and gua'tntied tu bs such as represented irr K rrry nrtirlr. m<inuf(ie tired for the regular I rtiail tredt, and warranted to b *the same quality as is retailed from five to thirty dot arc ? ach. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DULLAR, HWAKIVgrM OF C04T . As this treat sale continues hut a short 'live, porooi m desiritg to tuppi) themselves w;?h Jewelry at those unheard of priues wul pUaao call early at OUf ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. 30'2 Pennsylvania avenue, between9th and 10th streets D W. RIDDLE. fO? R?momber the Number?30i?as we have no connt-otion with others, professing to sell at our prices, in ti is oity. 8PF.OI AI j. ^ Rec*ivrd this day at Riddle'i Original One Dol lar Store, a tare* iovoice of Fin" Gold Jewe'ry, oonsmtiiiK of Rinra, Bracelet*, Gent*' and Ladies' ttreastpini Guard and Fob CWi&ina, i>caif Pine, Ac. All to bediapoted of at full am par cent. less than can t>e bought elaewhere. The above are warranted fine gold or no aal*. Parsons wishi-* ant art ele of Silver plated Ware can be furnished at too per cent leas than manufacturers' price by calling at RIDDLtTS, 0*ioi?al Os* Dollar Stokx, ja 26 tr 303 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th ata. TDLEGANT CARPETINGS AT GREAT 8ACtj RIFICE. We atill hare on hand and for aale, aome very superior and beautiful VELVET. WIER, BRUSSELS and TAPESTRV CARPETING*, whioh mutt l>* i< Id of at acme price; and, in view of the state ui nm um*a, vney wri ix? aoid out without regard to oust. Members of Congreaa and othera in wantofruch goods can ba auited by us now at a saving of thirty per oent. I^ss than elsewhere. CLAttET T A DOUSON, < ja22 10t No. 4. second door east of Ninth at. PUR* MEDICINES R ECKIVED WEEKLY. On hand Hpaldmg'a Pilia. Mo Lean a Cor-^^ dial. A/ei'a. Jayce'aand Sohen3k'aMedioineat^V Moore'a Squill D'op?. Ao. Hhyaioi&t s' pre soriptiona reoeive special attention. Prioea to suit the times. At night ring th* door bell. MOOKE'S West End Drng Store. jaU-9w IIS Penn.avenue. T??? CEMETERY NOTICE. HE Subscriber ofieri for sale bit stock of M ARfi?JL MONIIMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVIS T r MARBlit MANTKL8 it reninoHd fiotm for cash or approved notes. An earlr oall is solicited. WM. RUIHERFOKD. Marble Works, 364 E st. nortk, 17 Sm ??.? wtwn mh and mh. I FRENCH & RICH8TEIN, i ....... '^*8 Pkrn. Aruix. Are agents for the Baltimore Am* lean ud Exchange, Charleston Mercury, to. Subscribers s->rv<-?l st lowrates Papers from wry citr in the Union?weekly, monthly and quarterly. Call aud 3aib*K r,lt w " th# N,w ??rk, Philadelphia, Bvtimore and other papers del.veredm mo oil J ?au V?0T|?K>VB unmedmiriy klltr the ar rival o| triuac. Ja li BALTIMORE D BUTTE* HOU^E. Daily receiving freah andaweet. in Goshen pMk~''-?sbshsm?? m AMtTSEMEStTS. WASHINGTON T H K A f U? _ L0MTO S. w. GL*H* ' Ac-in* Mansjrer J. T. HatXOHB Stage r HmfHUtT THIS EVENING. Fi*?t App?*mroe of MR. SOTHERN. Th* Celebrated Comedian. In hit ir.t?r*?'r exciltnt Pity, eu'itl <1 SI^PENSE. Jele* D'Mb*T Mr. Mh#?ii. As acted br him with the creates' micjpm in the pnnetja! c:tie? of the Union. To con?s'u<1e with ?h* ?'w Faro* ?f AW.m with MKLANCHOLY. Windsor Urcwn Mr. gothern In preparation a Comedy written for Mr. Sotheta, entitl*! ?'UR AMERICAN COUHN AT HOME. l.crd D^n^i^ary Mr. Sothern A CONCERT T The reoiirst of the "Bon Ton" of Wwhiaitoii. SIONOlt FR^NCIA will Civ? s GRAND COMPLIMENTARY VOC * L AND IMRTRUMENTAL CONCERT. aasisted b? Mra CBCfl.I * \ Ol'NG. the Prima Donna, and Mr. J. B. I'AWSON, the eminent Bk*m. %! ? a sestetto / the beat mu>ieian?, at WIULARDt*" CONCERT HALL,on THURSDAY. January 24th. On the ?*T,e t>:ouion Si*. FR ANCIA will play several !*o!oe on the Piano, of his own rumio? tlnn. Pro'r-Mor FRANTIA civea thm Cono#rt under the patronage of tlie f.illoving ladle* ai d men: Al the Dip'omatic r'orpe.Hon. W. W Coro?"*n. J*on Mri. John S i<lelt, Hon. Mrs 1, T. Wi*fall, Mrs Caf>t. V?*ru<ler. Hon Mn.J R Thompson. Hon. Mm Wm Swiu, Mrs Hen'* I.odvtra, Ma-tame De GrroH, Hon.Mri.JfiM Bright. Tirlrnti an^ iA?ti A1 fn Ka IiaH a# fK? Mumo Store of w. G Metierott, and At willard'e Hotel, find at the door on the eveuii* ol the oonoert. Tiok't office op*n at ha'f pa?t 7. To commence at 8 o'clock. je R H CONCERT POSTPONED. The state of th? weathe' mnket it neo*??arv to postpone the Concert adverMiod ibo <t, to have been riven Thin ( Thurailay ) Everiog. the 24th instant, at Willa'ds* Hall, ly Sigiior FRANC1A, SewIIi'AiI K m m atfrt 1 1 m ? A Mrnll lrtu,w? 1 ? ' ? ? ' ? o - i ? 11 1 ?l < ' 1 '?' ? W U|i * W " ist?. until MONDAY EVENING vexl the ?th inst. j>34 4t* BALLS, PARTIES^ &c. / ' (AND SELECT CALICO DRESS BALL, U FOR THI Benefit of the Poor of our City, Will he fiT?n *t ODD FELLOWS' HALL%(8*rmtk M.,) On WEDNK8DAY, Jan. IHh. Pupper wilJ b? furnished 'hat experienced caterer. Mr. C. fiirrin. Tickets have t<wi plac-d in the hands of tiio rot owing gentlemen tor sale. and all JWk application must n.&l? t<> them in aorf>n,UUBi a? positivelv no ticket* will l?* so'd at the door: Thnnm W. l?Try, Thomas V. Douglass, and Charles O. White. T1CKKT8 TW(l DOLLARS ja25 td WANTS. W'ANTED-A WET NURBS. Address A B, S'ar office, for two daya. If ll/A N'l'ED TO HIRK-A WKT \IRSK fnr an iixt&rt tr> weeks oil, at No. 4 53 Tw'effth st . between G atd H ja 28 2t* Ak esi'kctablk young woman wants a situation as cock, ard wnoid will-mly assiat in washing and ironing AiMr <. o' to be seen at the grocery store corner Fonr-anda-ha f ?ikI K tt*. _ ja 28 ^t^ INFORMATION WANTED OF AN HUSH gir! n.yr.ed Annt* I.m.cIi. 10 tears old ; w&s b <nnd to Mr<<. I.ftriil>du;. wi o ?he lef.. tty bringine h?r 11 lier in<>th<*r, at THOMAS FEALY'tt, F< urtl- st r*?t, between A aud B north, a liberal reward will be gir?n. j% U/ANTlvD 1M M Kl- l ATKI.V?Pmm to * ? ?!'! fv.1 worth ol SKCON D-H A N D FlTRNI TURK of all kioda, for winch 1 will cuarantr to pa? the lushest prices, and, a* imual. at the shoriett notice. R. BUCIILY. Dealer in Furniture. Stoves, Ac., oo 9 4 t<et. G and H east side. WANTBD-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Fersuas deoiniui housekeeping, or having a siirp'us of Furniture" on hand.can obtain theeash and lair prices by applvine at 369 Seventh st. ro 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. fj^TRAY.?A srna l red CAI.F found trespasses J on the premises i'2U K street. Thsj^H owner will pl>a*e come forward, in-vegPU^ property, pin expenses.and take it awar.Aa^Bs ja a lt? LOST?On Sunday evening. January JTth. m Georgetown, a gold WATCH CHARM; h%s cornelian ??tani Star* of an aailor and anchor. lt?in* hulily pr red by tlie owner. a liberal reward will be paid to the finder on leaving it at the Montgomery House, on High, between .'d and Rd reetf. ja 2a-3t* PERSONAL. T NOTICE. 1 HIS IS to co'if* th? public th*t I will par no <*el t? contracted by my wi|f. Mi It F.le* er the dnte nt tLm notice. SOLOMON EIi^EV. Januv ? 23'h. Iffi!. ja 18 St* '1^ NOTICE I II I." U i-'STI' R V i< A I <? !^,^,li . . - ? . 1? l I vu > vvi? ? IV/1VU I II !ha C intlr'al Court, on 24th of January, for ?*ealin(t munry from Alexander gi e?, , ir not the Ho^trr Nf&l (co.'ored) iivir* in the family of John J (to<u?, Georgetown. D. C The p c.p- r n?me ?-f thepr.rtj e< nvicted i" Hf?te! Dular.y, whoohfr'd her name for conve>'i?no*\ It* I BOARDING. Agentkkl private family having fceverai un<>ocupifd KOOMS. wou'd I* pl?*m.e<l fn Accommodate gentlemen with or without their fami las. Tenm mode, at J. 44'i Ninth *tre*t. ht.tweeuG&nUH. ja26 3t* FOR 8AXJB .AN D RENT. r t' f I L? ri- I jm ? ? - I I raw umtr tut aait nni noil" MtirrtimiSII, Utfi/rtt pggi ] k'<>K SM.K-On immHi te mi, foroMh, the FuRM I IRK of a veil fumulied house; rj?t about 91.2 0. 'I he Hou*e is for re^.t a ddrees Box >< 10, ;?tAr Offiae, tor further infornia'ion It* F~ ORRENT^Two HOU8K9 iu rood ordeTfor r*nt to careful, punctual t nante. They ?re located rear t;,e o < f K and {seventeenth ?t?. Apply at IV o, >7 3 yeyeiit"etli ?t. ja 25 ?* 1f?OR RENT?Two uiceiy furni hed ROOMS, uitable for ?m?l? Kentleiueu. To reepootb1* parties the rent w.]J lie oheap. Applr at HAM MACK'S R? ? ?uaut, No. 202 Pa.aveuae, adjoioms ilia-d?' Motel. jai?-3t* Ir'OR RENT?A neattwo atory brick DWELLING, cntmnicg 4 room#, kiloheo, iood yard, an J out tui.diuc, oil Twelfth street, brtween 0 ard 1* s?i. None hut a punctua and reliatl* part? will l>e treated with. App v to EUGENE MoOARTY, Grocer, Twdlth ct., between O and P. Term* >J7 p-r inontli. ja 22-61 A^m VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE OR EX CHANOE FOR i ll V I'KOPKRTV-Coota nice 181 aor?a, situ?te<i 4 ruileo f um Alexandria, on the?)r%< * > and A I xMidria Kaiiroa'l, under gotxl culii. atiO' ; t uitier, wa er f uitanda I build luga neoe?f>arjr fhra first-iate form, luquireof G. W. URAY, at the Jewelry Store, 916 Seven'h at, Was hi n? ton. j? 21 Inn* IT'OR RENT?The three atnry briok DWELL' ING-HOUPE, With batenant. No 504, on E, between 3d and Sd atresia, at preaent oocupied by Dr Lewis Jonea. Poaaeaaion liven on tiie let of Febiua y It haa all the modern improvements. wbier. (M, <co Kent 0?n per year. App y to I1EISRY KG AN, <91 Sevenfli at: or W. EG AN, S03 E st.. (next door.) (Intel.) ja U-tf FH OR RENT-Two frameCOTTAGE HOUSES, containing six rooms, situated on Mms. ?v?nue and Fifteenth street; pump of food water in the yard. ja 8 1 BURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D street, between 6th and 7th sts. do 4-tf FHOR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West st.^ Georgetown, at present oocu pied by the snbsonber. It has IS rooms, with gas and water throughout, a fine yard, stable fco .and is in icood neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A.MAGRLITER. oe? tf I70R RENT-A three story brick HOUSE, oonr tatninc I rooms, in good order, with ru ti teres oomplete. on H street, bMTMi 4th and 5th. Alto, a two-aiory brick COTTA8B, with large yard attached, corner of F atreet north an< 14th at. east. To punctual and reliable tenant* the tarma will be moderate. Apply ?t 446 Twelfth street, between ft a ad H. ; no IS-tf FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the bnildin* immfdiitf:; opposite the west wine of tn? City Hal.,reoently oocuni-d by Chan. S. Wallvb aa an oSoe. Also the front room in tt?e seound tcry and the third floor of the same bnildinc. For tarma apply to RICHARD WALI^ACHTNo. 1 l.onislarm. ftTenne. in 13 tf FOR RENT, in the Firat Ward?three eeaame weat of the War Department?a amall OFFICE. with back toom, or the former may nnawer for a shop: and Farlora and Chambers, eeparate. or suits of Rooms, furnisned or onfurnisned; close to the Aver ue. Inquire at this oftoe. tie 3 aawtr FVE^Zdti6toff*AM$M,eto25 ocou?i?xiby Poatmaater General Brown, and vary recently haid by Mra. Smith aa a female inautute. For further information apply to CHAS. ABERT, E?<j , or to the auUoriber. THOMAS LAWSON, rie 4 eotf Surceon General U. S. A^wy FttrtSffg* affiasftffflS! 4 piano" FgRTE7(NRW.?rO* IT4.?I A have had left at my 'tore for aale a aaw-m?Koaewo?d Cam. baaattftil toae Piaeo.|HH|! Stool and Cover, whieh ooet oatk Mtt leVTi aBlSf AUCTION SALES. By GREEN * WILLIAMS. A?ottoaw? Extendivh hale or clothing at Awiiok ?Ob Wedn K9DAY. Us ?nth mfl?nt, at > ?'?look a at.. *n<l from dar to 4ay til 8w whd* stock i* d spoood of.wt shall Mil a larsa <V p?\ttw>nt of? :<>!hin?. tn? OUWIII^MIIMII tha tor*, on Gewnth si, tetwaaa H and 1 aits. ?or k. We omts IB partM*n's aid Boya' Dress, Sack, F rook, Ovor as4 Oth?r Cn*t>, Men'a and Bot?' Put'. Vwto, U?d?r Oaroioota. Ho?ieiy, Har'kcchicfa, Collar*, 9howla, Boa ud other ???noi opporol. The attention nrthaoobhe la invited to the above alo u tbo stock will be sold witboot r?in to i ike hirbMt hirldec. T?rrn? caah I ja? d CKEKN k WILL1AMB. Aoota. Br ORE?N * WILLIAMS, AiotioMon. ' ye. i'l* Stt^mth ttr$4t. WHOK8 AT AUCTION.?Oa WLDNEBDAV, the6ih 007 of Feb-nary next, wo ahaW Mil at ?r AaotioD Roomr,at 10o clock k a,i largo lot I of ?h?>o?. tii : ?t ralr? M?i'a Kip Bhoco, ? # CT *' Boyt* ?han(kai Mom. K4 ** Mon'a ?:.<wa. ? " Bora' ghaiuUi Shoeo. M " Men'. Monro# ' Boy?? Oxford Ti# * < * Mon'i W * * < M ?? " Yo?l>??' * * 14 " toy' - .. *? M %r Monro# S? M Vonth.' " * mixed .a" 75" Bo??' ?: fcatgav ID M -? 2lL*5! 5."fJi_tT^MlepeeOMt orutr9 iivh Wf r*uvmj m v mi w rwn FtniUititrf. WMhmcton. 9ko? marekanta *:.d dMitri are rMpMtJn'lr tart tad to ftttand the sftle. Terms: All iinu of and under |9 ?Mk: #W |? ft > redit of . and 4 month*lor aparorsd ttdorMd no e?. bcftring irteraat Kt order of O. P. !*EYG8TAlK, W?rdM? 0RKEN A WILLIAMS. AfteU. j% 29 3 >wtd? By C. \V. BOTELSR A ?ONS?. Aaotioneara. SALE OF HOUSK^LP FURNITURE AT AreTi^s ? On tSl'R?OAY MORNING Jan si, ftt 11 o'clock, 1 *h?li tell ft.* Ue r> uiwofFrot. J E. Gronx, on Hrnn. tr?n?<, between 'ntk MM 11th at*.. No. S7 7 ft.I of h>a Hon^ho.d ftud Kitchen rnrnitnre, oonatatinr in pert of? Mftbttftny Soffta, Mfthotftoy Chftira, Mft'hle top Center Tftblea, Mahogany Rook ere. t*id? Table*. Bru*aeU ftnd Ingram Cv^etf, hrM?inc HiirMin. H^IiUrIi. \Vardiot>ee, WaahatAnda. Toilet Seta, Cottage ChA?nher Furniture, P%rior nnd Chamber Htovea, Oiielotha, l<o?rje, Chin*, GImi and Crrokery, Kitchen Keemaitea, *o Te mi qmIi. SaJe aerematory. jl>1 e-^d ?\ W. BOTKlyKR * f*ONH. Aoeta Br C. W. BOTELKR k. 8UN#, Anotioneera. SAI.E OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FUR mrriiR at auction?On WEDNESDAY MORN IMS. JA*>n?rr 5?, At Id n'oloot ve ah Ail aeil at No 336 Eig htA between K And L BtreeU, a n?*rior o >r?-Uon ot Furniure. beinc the entire 'ft oU of a fomil* declining he uaekeeping. eonaiat ing in pArt of vis: One aaperior aolid Rosewood suit of Parlor Farnitare. On* fine Rosewood PiAno Forte. Plaah oorered Keoeption ChAira, HAndoome Rosewocd E teg ere, Git Frame Mirrora. Mar.tM ard Table Ornament*. Bru*?*<s ard other Carpets, Solid Oak ?idel >ard. w th Marble Tof, Oak Oimn* Hooift Chair* Oak Kitension IHrung Tab 0, 8i p*ior China and G1a?a Crocker*. 1'lsted Uooda, Table Cat er? and Table Fornitara central?. Klec?nt Set of VValnot Chamber Furniture. en br^cin* B*^?tead Hur?%u, \Vach?tand, Wardrobe add Chair*. Superior Hair end other Mattresee*. Mahogany and Walnut l>ree?iuc Bureau* aad v\ n*hctaii'i'. with Marble Top*. W th other artie'e* not reoeeeary to particularise. ja36-d C. W. BOtfcLKfc ft. tK)Ng. Aeeta. ^fFOINTMLNT AND DISAPPOINTMENT. In eonatqtienee of the urgent aolieiu&icn* of NUMEROUS CITIZENS who oalle-' upon DR. SCHLOSHER during 'a?t week, l>ut who were competed to g?* a way on aoooant of the ovei crowded itate of lua rooms, he will remain here A FEU*DAYS LONGER. During hi* atay in thie city, the Doctor hu aoe ceuful jr operated on the feet of pereona of the higheat reapectahslity, who have cordially >laoed ai an innr TESTIMONIALS of tk? WONDERFUL EFFECT of hi* METHOD OFCURING ALt. DISEASES OF THE FEET. Dr 8chlo?ser has aWcad? published a treat mbbber ofeertifloatea from persona well kNn, vUsk " fully prove that he is the only one who cures fee above mentioned disease*. * ANY ONE BUFFEftING fBN COINS. BUNIONS. v SOFT CORN?. OB ABY DISEASES OF THE FEET. Will have 6lEAT CiCII TO BB f ATISBIBD If tkejr xmmediattly plart lkem?eiv*j mmHrr DR. SCIILOSSKR'S IT WB D ! vn SVITL'U fit TO L ITU vnun*?ii?u v u* om vr i n DA i in LH I , Without COTTIN* OS CArtlHS TBI LIA9T PAIR. coins UL TISU ROOMS. a#T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, <t*o?th nd?,) kivwii 12th tad 13th ?r?U. OFFICE HOURS Frow 10 *. m. till 5 p. a. FEW DAYS * LON6ER IN j?a WASHINGTON. A No 1 arti"? KO *YVoflD. Al?o PINE IM OAK WOOD, prfp?r?xi or Mlivwed 0 rd lerfth T?rtn> oMh luTAHord ra should be aoocinpaoied with the iwd?t ; driwri d >n"t o*rr* ebui* nlwi ip*cik. order* are left to that effect. XT J A W. M. 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