Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1861 Page 1
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9 / i i i, ,,1 n. J _ " ' * iljmtug ?>kr. VSt. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 30. 1861 N?. 2.480. THE DAILY EVENING STAR IB rUVUSHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAli BUILDING*, Camtr of Ptiuuylvmni* avenue mnd 11/4 #*., W. D. WALLACE!. Papers aerred in ^ektiN by carriers it |4 i year, or 37 rants per month. To mail svbaerttMfs ihe pnoe is #3Jn a jemt, i* advane*; $2 for aUl montha; 91 for three montha; and for leaa than three montha at the rate pf 13 oenta a week. Sincie o.n ca.Nt; in wrappers, two cists. U?At)?n:!?uii*Ti saonld be sent to the office before 12 o'o:ook m.; otherwise they may not appear mntil the next day. ACOCMTRY ROMANCE. L'aole Joahua Gray owned a fine farm in the neighborhood of the Hudson Highlands He was rioh enough to retire: but he couldn't bear to give the farm up, declaring that seed-time and harvest had become actual necessities of life to him, and he must go on sowing and reaping until the sickle of the Great Reaper should lay him out of sight of the harvestmoon forever lie worked with his men like-, one cf themselves, and told them many stories wbon they took their "nooning." There was n<j music sweeter to him than farm music, as lie called it. and the shvrponing of the scythe under the warm blue skies, the chirrup of the cricket in the grass, the twittering of tneiwallowsi flitting round the barn which held their nests, the tinkling ?f the ow bells at milkingtitne, and the song of the robin at sunrise, comf>ri?ed an opera for him ever varied and deightful, of mhich his ear never wearied. I ncle Jiwhu liked his joke, and liked to have his own way. HU wife had been dead many year*, and be had never signed away bis liberty, as he termed it, by marrying the second time. 11U household comprised one widowed sister, older than himself, his own daughter Fanny, as sweet a girl as ever was born to a farmer, and servant. Uncle Joshua almost idolized Fanny, lie sent her to school, and had her instructed in the highest branches of study, including whatever accomplishment she chose to acquire. Now, Fanny had a cousin, a tall, hanc some, merry-hearted chan, who had charge of the neighboring farm. Many were the sleigh rides thty had together, in the long, cold winters, and many the ehat at the bars, when Fanny, just for the sake of the walk, used to go down to the three-cornered lot to brin^ home the cows. One time, when Cousin Nathan had taken Fanny to a dance, some ten mile* from home, and she had been so sought after all the eveuing that she had only been his partner once, he discovered that his heart had passed out of bis possession altogether, and on going home he charged Fanny with having the knowledge of ita whereabouts. Anyhow*he said she was the last one who had it Fanny looked half pleaded as J half provoked, but admitted that she had met with similar loess, and as a fair exchange was no robbery, she would keep his, since she had found it. if he would be satisfied with hers in return. So they thought it a settled matter, and next day, after working hours, Nathan -spruced up'' and strolled over to Uncle Joshua's to ask consent. The old man sat smoking his pipe in the porch. His eveni i :.--a L?4L. -? ? iijg uptia uau jusi uc^uu, iuc ouu was SQllIDg, and there wad a soft. benign exprer.?ion about the old gentleman's mouth which Nathan thought boded well for his mission, lie was a iaamy, straightforward young fellow, and after shaking I'nele Joshua's hand, he sat down by his side, and said gently : 4i Uncle Joshua." ' Well. Nathan " " Fanny"?? pause, which Uncle Joshua filled with two long whitf* at his pipe. 44 Fanny and I love each other, Uncle." ' The deuoe yc-u do." " She referred me to you. sir?hare you any .x.! ?ii oujec uoua : " Any objections to her referring you to me' Of course I haven't?why should I? Any objections to our getting married, Uncle Joshua?" ' (Jetting married, eh ' Well, what would you do witn a wife ?*' Love and cherish her." ' that mean support her t" ' Why. of course, sir ' * Aul what have you to support her with " Two stout arms and a stou'er heart, sir." " Well, they won't do for my Fanny, Nathan, i.o how. Finny hasn't been educated and accomplished and made a lady of just to throw herself away upon some young country chap, who one of these days will be such a stolid old farmer as her father. Now, I've seen you Kinder banging round here a good deal, but I liever dreamed of Fanny you was after I don't believe in cousins marrying, anyhow, for the Bible expressly forbids it.': " It forbids only the marrying of second cousins, sir/' ' Well, whoever wrote that law did not suppose first cousins would ever be such fools as to marry." " I believe I could make Fanny happy, 2^1'nele Joshua " - Maybe you could; but my grandchildren areuld all be idiots." * . . ?-Oh, Unci?.!-' * Well, Nathan, 'taint no use talking? don't kuow ber own mind vet. This thing, wever, is settled?you and she cannot marry bj^each other; and as luug as you imagine she ought to be your wife, and she thinks you ought to bo her hubband. the less .you see of each other the better. Just keep away from here after this, and when Fanny gets over this nonsense nod is married to some one else, you can be cousins; till tben you must be to each other nothing- So go home now, like a good lad, and get rid of the -matter of moonshine' at once. I den't want to fall out with you. my own sister's son, but if you persist in thia-matter at all, then I declare war." Uncle Joshua passed into the house, and closed the door, shutting Nathan out, and led ^ Fanny back into the house just as she was i coming through the hall to join them. ^ 11 Fanny," said Uncle Joshua, drawing a letter from his pocket, "you have heard me often speak of Simon Jacobs, havn't you? Well, here is a letter from him. stating that his son's he?)th is not very excellent, and he is anxious to find for him some quiet country home where he can recruit his health. Now, Fanny, this young man is well educated, is rich, is the son ol an Old iriend ol mine, and moreover, be is a mural young man. I have written fur him to come here at enoe. I saw him, you know, when I was at New York this fall. Well, Fanny, I've brought you up fit to be the wife of any gentleman who was good enough for yon. and that thing is scarce?and if you oan set your cap for young Jacobs, and win him, you'll be lucky. Vorie far enough ahead of any city girl he knows/' "But, father, the idea of his caring for me. True, you have sent me to school, und been very kind to me, but think hew my tastes for .Tcliabing eherry trees and hun'ing hen's eggs would shock a city bred young man." 44 But you will dispense with all that while he is here, I hope." ../Ik ?A-2- u:? r- *1 ? vu. uvioi v.uuiu cuicriaiu iiliii. IftlQCr?A should be frightened to death. It is an easy matter to talk to Cousin Nathan, and these country beaux, but these eity people, who think ono cow gives skim milk and another cream, and that we keep one expressly to give buttermilk?such people are not congenial. I could not act myself before him I wish you'd send me away somewhere until his stay is ended." " Send you away, indeed' when it is yon be is coming to see; that is," he quickly corrected himself, '*he is coming for his health. But then I know his father would rather have him marry some healthy, sensible country girl, than any city ladyjn the land." ' Hut Cousin XNat&nn, lather' faltered Fanny " Cousin Nathan can go to grass," curtly aid I'ncle Joshua. " And I along with him?" she asked, with a roguifh smile. You and Nathan can't marry. Fanny?I'm agin it, the Bible's agin it, and the fates an agin it. He's promised to see yon no more until you're the wife of some one else. He has given yon up. slick and elean, and I hope 4 you've got too much spunk to be hankering tJV -.him after that." Fanny'* cheek flashed vert hotly, then grew , white She swallowed quick Mb, and Mid : ?: " Very well; if after all he Mid to me last * he can ^ir* me up in this way, I'm sure Uncle Joehuathought by the way the bluitb J had* settled "round Fiboj', mouth, that she I dip euro a tmC deal more (tea ha imagined ?he could J *> M 14 When will Mr. Jacobs be here, father?" " To-morrow afternoon in time for tea." Never had Fanny felt luoh a dread of " tomorrow afternoon" in all her life. It came at last, and she knew the expected guest had arrived, because Uncle Joshua was in the parlor down stairs talking to somebody she felt sure was Jeffry Jacobs. " I'll run out and get the eggs out of the speckled hen's nest," thought Fanny, "before I put on my best dress." Fanny considered the gathering of the eggs her sole prerogative, and had any one else touched the hen's nests, there probably would not have been another egg laid in Uncle Joshua's barn, so well was it understood among the feathered tribe that Fanny never "shooed" them off the nest to get the fresh egg, or picked the shell to hurry out the little chickens not yet ready to be hatched. Fanny had scaroely reached the hay mow; when she heard Uncle Jeshua enter the stable below and commence to descant upon the fine points ot ttiat "oB ox'' to bis young guest. "I would just like to get a peep at that young man," thought Fanny, and stealing to the edge of the mow she ventured to look down iuto tbe stable below. Alas for Fanny! The board on which she stood tipped with her weight, and in a cloud of dust, down she went, alighting squarely on the back of that off ox. Had a wiich on her broomstick fallen before him, our Jacobs could not have looked more astonished Fanny could have cried with vexation and shame, but Uncle Joshua took her like a baby in his arms, put her over the next stall, whence she could escape into the house, and went nn tal Winer nf Ki< fiflF ni a* if nnthinu tint happened. At tea Mr. Jacobs wondered if that graceful little figure presiding at the table was the same that came down upon him with such a perfect rush, as he termed it, out in the barn Unfortunately for Fanny, she hud a face which once seen is never forgotten ; and though she had combed her hair differently and ouanged her dress, and decked her hair with daisies, Mr. Jacobs made up his mind that it was the same head which he had seen decked in dust and hay seed a little while before. " Never iuind," thought Fanny, "I'll disfuise myself in a new drew te-morrow I'll nish that blue silk which father brought me from New York, and then he'll be sure I'm not fhjli diutv littlft CBV nil* in tKo barn.'' With a bightened color she talked to Mr. Jacobs, and the evening slipped away bo delightfully that the young man retired with firm conviction that country air was already doing him much good. The next forenoon, when the house was quiet and Fanny imagined that Mr. Jacobs was out in the fields with her father, she took out her blue silk dress and commenced sewing upon it. Hard as she tried to keep up her indignation for Nathan's quiet desertion, her heart would swell and soften in spite of herself, and the blue silk would have been ruined if salt water could have spotted it. Finally she threw aside her morning wrapper, and tried on the new waist to see how it would fit, for Fanny was her own dressmaker. Uncle Joshua's house bad no superfluous furniture, and the only mirror it contained hung in the parlor down stairs. Fanny thought she would ran down while no one was about and see bow her dress looked She certainly looked very sweetly, with her bare neck and arms swelling out from the unfinished waist, and her white skirt contrasting with the rich blue (ilk. She walked into the curtained parlor, turned herself around and around before the glass, and well pleased with the figure she saw reflected there she made a smiling bow to it, and stepped back a few paces and courteiied, held out her hand in a most bewitching manner, and said "How do you do?" then suddenly drew herself up and stood as if transfixed?staring wildly at the glass, then covered her face with her hands and darted from the room. What had she seen there ' it was another face beside her owfl, with eyes full of amused pity, ar.dTnouth struggling to keep trow breaking into a suiilo : Fanny knew that it was Mr. Jacobs' face, who ww fitting at the opposite side of the room? the darkness of which had prevented her from discovering hiin when she first entered?that he had seen all her ridiculous gestures and ttr&nge attire. "I'll burn the blue dress up !" she exclaimed as soon as she had regained her own room. "I shall hate Mr. Jacobs, I am sure I shall' Must he always see me in my most ridiculous plights?" She aotually oried with vexation; then sat down and wished in her 1 eart she could juat get a glimpse of Nathan, she would like to see if he looked sad or happy. When Fanny had told the morning's event to Uncle Joshua, he only laughed heartily, and pooh-hooed at it, and told Fanny Mr. Jacobs wki m (rantlonitn arwl tha mnat t r? u f Kim as though she did Dot know he had been in the parlor. But a'woman finds it difficult to forgive the sp?otator of any of her silly absurdities, however unintentionally he uiay have acted such a part, "and Fanny, notwithstanding it was very plain that Mr. Jacobs sought her society on all occasions, avoided him as much as possible, lie made up his mind at last that her heart was pre-engaged, and determined to learn who was bta rival if he could. In the little eitting-room down stairs stood a box-Ibunge, answering the same time for closet and coucn. It was simply a rough, board box about six feet long, and two feet wide, with a lid to it. It was far from being air-tight, the back being pretty well perforated with knot holM. It wad no longer used to put anything in, but it was Uncle Joshua's favorite resting piace wnen ne came in at mgnt, and bad bis "wwh'1 after a hard day's work. In this little room was one deep window, curtained with chintz and opened upon the porehr |to be continued. J Preferring Death to New Jerset.?One terrible stormy night, in bleak December, a United States vessel was wrecked off the coast of Jersey, and every soul, save one, went down with the doomed craft. This one survivor, a western gentleman, seized a floating spar, and was waned toward the shore, while innumerable kind hearted tools of the Camden and Amboy Railroad stood clustered on the beach with ropes and boats. Slowly but surely the unhappy mariner driftad to land, and as he exABUiAt ftl (KA VnrtA fkvnarn *A kim ? - - ? ?w ? ? Q M ? ?? WV I Vl#V vutvn U IV M1U1) the kindly native? uttered an encouraging cheer. "You are saved," they ahouted. "You re saved, and must show the conductor your ticket.'* With the sea still boiling about him, and a floating straw tickling his note, the drowning stanger suddenly resisted the efforts to haul him ashore. "Stop!" said he, in a faint tone. "Tell me where I am! What country is this7" And they answered "New Jersey." Scarcely had the uame been uttered, whea the wretched stranger let go the rope. ejaculating as he did ao. "/ciuij I'll float a a little fartherlie was never m?b again ! Suspicion Visitors to tui Souths*!! The Savannah New* of the 5i6tt? inst., give* currency to the following alarming ruinor: While In MIlledgevilTe we heard a report that a mysterious craft hud been seen cruising among the inlets of oar southern coast, In the neighborhood of Cumberland Island, and further that two men had been captured and lodged in jail at enterprise, Florida, who were supposed to be the notorious Red path and John Brawn, Jr We etmld not trace the report to its source, though taken -in coaiiactlou witb the tact that those characters arc ruiuored to hare Balled recently from Boston oa aomo secret expedition, there could seein to be a strong probability ?f I Is truth. |{J?A vote waa taken bv the members of the Boston Light Artillery, on Saturday night, to see how many of the members weald tender their asrvk es to the Coinioaader-ln-Chlef in case of a requisition from th? President of the United States for aid. Of lflS members all bntfbar voted to hold themaelvea la resdioess IT" A Are at Menomnee, W isconala, deatroyed the boose of WlUtam Caatlgan, postmaster of that village. Pour of fcia children, aged from four to tea years, perished la the flames ... .... . CLOTHING, &c. MERCHANT TAILORING. EW FAI.L STYLES or CLOTHS. CASSImers.and vestings. WALL. STEPHENS ft Co., 3Jl? Pennsylvania Avenue, have jam reoeived a larre variety of new Fall Good*, to wmoh they invite the attention of their friend* and ou*tomer?. an 3r>-tf Panic times! P4NIC PRICES! We have ju*t reoeived a larie lot of CLOTHING, FURNISHING 600I>?*. HATS and CAPS, on oonsicnment, whioh muet be sold before th? 4th of Maroh. without recard to oost. Them rood* have a<l been m*de up by the beet house* in Baltimore and Philadelphia, and owing to the time* they will W-. ? 1A " ? - - un >um m miuum nu j price. uuruojNl M1D( lo lurn them into cash as won an possible. L A.. BEALL Js CO., C'othiers, No. 439 Seventh st., above 0. N. B.?Come on?, oomeall; now is the time to boy WINTER CLOTHING at any pnoe on Seventh St., No. 439,4 door? ahov* G st. d? 28-ltn /GENTLEMEN'S il RE VDY MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING < ffers to citizens and strangers wishing an immediate out fit supe nor induoeroents, eiwtiraoinif, at this time, all styles and qualities of Dress and Busineaa Garments and Overcoats in all varieties. Fine Shtrts ami uuucr-oiutni-nK ui an Kinntr. nia ana omor Gloves of best qu% ity. Scarfs, Tie*, Cravats, Stocks, Hosiery, Ac., Ao. All of which we are offering at rur usual low prioes. 117' Clothing matie to order in the moat superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. no 16-tf 3:12 Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, and oiticens generally, to an mspeo'ion of our present new, at tractive, and elegant assortment of^H CLOTHS. CASSIMfcRES. DOESKINS, WK V hSTlNGS, OVERCOATING#, Ac. 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BUSINESS. fTT Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa, AVPnilA. whurA rrtM-w }k? fnan/1 ably to the proviaiona of the oidinanoe of tLe Corporation approved May 12. 1H60, the undersigned is now prepared,"whenever re? uire-l id writing, and on pre payment of the fe? of fifty jenta, to inapect. examine, teat, prove, and aaoc~t*in the accuracy of regiatration of any gaa meter in uae in this oity." Every meter, if found insorreot, will be condemned, and another, aaa.ed and markeu aa true, will be aet in i?? plaoe. if proved to be aoourate in its meaanr> ment of gaa, it will be neved accordingly, and again pat in poaitioii for uae. Offioe No. 810 Seventh atreet,(n?ar Odd Fel.owa' Hall ) Open from 8 a. in., to bp. m. CHAKbES W. CUNNINGHAM. Jy 18-tf ' lnrpeotor and Sealer of Gaa Meten. IG. O. DEMUTH ft CO., MPORTERS And Wholeaalc and Retail Dealera in HAVANA CIGARS. FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, GINS, te? No. 40 North Charlks Street, Five doors above Lexington St., oft ?. UUM~IJ HR!t'inor0i IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THKV.NION Call at HARVEY'S, Who has just received a large supply of frssh I.OllSTKKS, FISH, anil fin* OYSTKR9,^M|?fe which he will serve to customers at the^^^S)? shortest not ce and on !il>eral terms. P. 9?Oysters served to families and hotels are not scalded; they are only scalded for persons eating them at the saleon. de 8 T. M. HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /Ov ?U I have A L' UU p a w v nrrifu to *51 (J street, between \% and 6th streets, inime- ? diateJy in the rear of the National Hotel, where the business will be continued as heretofore at the old stand, [no 15?ml I3&AC HKRZBKRG. THHK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EMR1CH. at the corner of Penn. A - . A avenue and Eleventh street, has beenYfca^T greatly improved recently and now ofTereAuHX greater inducements for the patronage o! oitlzeus and strangers than any other puhlio house in the cit?, his prices being less than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and his accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu lar,b<ing all that can ba desired by the most fastidious. Tne proprietor pledges.unremitted attention and oontiaued liberal ?iMn(tihir?itm itfaotion to all, and thus renews hi* invitation ?* all to give the huropean Hotel a call. de 4-ti gOOTS AND ^/M'ES T? SUIT THE We are now manafaotunnz all kinds of Bool's and SHOE8, and onrstanttr receiving a?Ai supply of eastern matlo work of eyrr de-BBi sonptto", made expressly to order, and willw KJ be sold at a muoh lower prioethan has been* heretofore oharged in thu oitj for muoh inferior articles. 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Room* in thia oity?No. 339 Pa.avenue. tietwceD 9th and '5th aU. Also, 907 Arch atreet, Philadel phia. oo 18-tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MUNSON Has returned and retmmed his profession. Office and houae at 463 E at-.^^^Ci third door eaat of Sixth. In addition V m$99af very o*her approved style, Dr. M. haa set** >''' * teeth os vulcanite Base for the iaat threa years and, from experience, knows it exce.a all others, and ia one-third leaa in anoe than cold. Hn ??M Catron# or Washington. Alexandria, and Georc?)*n are respectfully solicited to call, an 35 ?oly TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRAytH. SiHHWHI CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, 188n,the trains will run as follows t LEA*E WASHINGTON: First tr*m at s.2>'> a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a m. Third train ftt 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p m LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15 a. m.a Express. Second train at 335 a. m. Third at 3.10 p. m Fourth a? 4.2U p. m., Express. . , The first, seconl and third trams from Wwhlngton connect through' o Philadelphia and Now Y*'k. The seoond and third oonnect at Washington Junction with trains for th* Weet, South, and Nortuwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the ^ 40 a. m. trai . hor the accommodation of the wai travel beA. *ST- * f - - - iwen iwmiior, and Laurel, a pa*sen*er car will be attached to the tonnage traia whioli leaves at 12 m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadel- ? phiaonly. no 36-d T. H. PARSONS. Agent. THE STEAMER JAS. ?UY Will leiume fcsi I trips on TUESDAY, 21st of JP* it February. 18(0. Will leave WASH .^^MaiL INBTON every TUESDAY and^*"^^* FRI DAY, at o olook a. ir...and ALEXANDRIA at hair-past 6 o'olnck, for OURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her returp trips, she will leave CUR RIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at i o'clock a. m. LUC1AN 8. PA6E. Proprietor. NATH'L BOllSH. Ac't. Alerandria. f? n Frknch flowersof the very best quality, and an extensive v*rietj. i At tirhVLNS'8 IL^Hf Fancy Store, SMM no 23 tt Qth ?.nH 10'h ?U. Watch repairing an i)silver ware manufactory. 1 have one of the best establishment*. and furnished with a complete net of tools for repair- Jhk ing every description of tine Watches, and f articular attention give to the same, by i^HMk iiorouch oompetrnt work man.and a work cuarantic*l. AUo, every deserip ion of standard SILVER \V ARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under m> own supervision, winch my customers will find lar superior in quaiityand finish to northern ware sold I if dealers in general and represented an their own manufacture. h.o.hood, se 6 33M Pa. avpnne. near 9th st. I VALENTINES! VALENTINES!! For 1S6I!!! The trade supplied at tlie owe?t New York price*. A beautiful assortment of Sentimental and Comic of all at?lea and ptUarns,at FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S, ja*> U1& Penn. avenue. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. CapilAl ?200,000. OJfict corn r C ttreet and Louisiana at., orer Bank of WasAtttglon. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dibkctou*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilsou, Richard Jones. John D Barclay. Jacob (>i<teon, Andrew Rotliwell, Thog. Parker, Rishard Barry, II it "*? a i>, n. rreuco. No charge for Policies. C JAMKS ADAMS, President. ' Abxl G. Dav:?, Secretary, ?to 10-eo6m I PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD EENOVATER Is preoiaelv what its name indicates, for, while \ pleasant to thetaat*, it is revivifying, exhilarating, < invigorating and atren thening to the vita> powera, i and at the ?aine time revivifcas, reinatatee, and re neWa the tiiood tu a 1 its origmal pu'ity. and thug at unoe retimes and retuiert the system invulnerable to attack* of ilueau. It ia th i nnlv ?foaar*tin? ever offereu to the world, ao ohemioally and skillfully o -ir.bined astobetne it oat powerful tonic, and at the name time so perfectly adapted to. as to act in perfect accordance with tne laws of nature, ani henoe will footke the wekest stomaek, and a tone ap the digestive orgaus, and thus allay ail ner- ' vfius a-.d other irritation. It is perfeotlv exlnava ! ting and at the same time it is oomposed entirely of i vegetables, yet so combined as to produoe the most , thorough tonic effect, without producing any in- * iurious consequences. bnoh a remedy has lorg I been felt to be a desideratum in the medioa: w ?la, Cur it needs no medioai sk 11 to see thai debility f llows all attacks of disease, and proceed. arid in , deed lays the *y*tem open to the insidious attacks ot many of the most fatal, such, for example, as the . following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dysprpsia, , oss of Appet.te, Faintness, Nervous Irritability, > N'uia gia, Palpitation of the heait. Melanotic,*. IN lent sweats. Langor, Giddiness, Retention ot, as well m Fainful obstructed, too profuse, or too *o?nt Menstruation, at>d Fallinc of the Womb } These all depend npon general debilitf. Thi-pure, health; tonio Cordial and Hood Renovator is as J nure to cure as the sun is to r<ae and set- There is no mi?tak? a-.out it . But this is not all If the system is woakened we are open to bilious at- } lacks, the liver beoomes torpid, or worse diseased, 1 the kidneys refuse to perforin their fuuotions, and we are troubled with scalding and moontmenoe of , urine, or involuntary discharge ot the same, pain in the back, side and between the shoulders. ex oeedingly liable to s)ight colds, eonglis, ?nd if un oneoked, soon emaciation follows,and the patier.t goes down to a premature crave. But space wi i not allow us to enumerate the man* alia to which we are liable in a weakened condition o| the system. Hut we will say in this Cordial and Blood Renovator yon have a perfeot, safe, pleasant and effeotua reinwy ror Ion or Appetite. biliousness. Kiatuleuoe, weak an<t siok titomaoh. Lancour, 4aver Conipiau.t, Chill* and Fever.or ui Buiour attack Cot t.veue??, Aoiditv oftbeSt-macb, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression f Spi'its. Sores, Pimple* on the Faoe, or an; disease arising from impure bloo4, ?uch as Scrofula, Erysipelas, llmnehitis, Conck,difficulty of Breath in*, and all that olass oi diseases oal ed female weakness, and eaumerated above. We wiilaUo aj the traveler exposed t<> eptderaios, ohanxe of olimate and water, will find it a pleasant, safe *n<l sure remedy, and no one should ever travel with out. Re*d<-r. try it, for we assure you yon will ( find a friend well a* a friend in need. | All persons of sedentary habits will find it a per(eot preventive of, as well as a oare for taoee ailments which they are particular1* exp. seu Heuoe ministers, students, attorneys, literart gentl ?men, and ladies who are nnt acoust mnd to muoh oatdoor exeroice, will find it U> their advantage to ! keep a bottle oonstautly on hand; and above a>l mothers or ti.oee baeommx suoh, will so through that most danserons period not only with all their aoonsiomed strength but safe and free frum the thousand ailments so prevalent among the female DOrLion of th WOl Id. lit iknrt. in im oordial. Try it old and young; no lo> ??r run the ri?k of delay; it will relieve aod prove itselfeni phatioaliy a K#?torali r? Cardial and Blood Rtnotaifr, "tt J. WOOD, proprietor,444 Broad?aj, New York, ar,<l 114 ilarkft Street !H. Lome, H|o.. and ftottfc **' g??d ')n>SK'at** ^n## ?n8 **?" ' r**r PROf. WOOD'S RES TOR A TTVJB CORDIAL BLOOD Bii}tOVATOR Bold in lluecity bp C. UTOrT.374 Pa. avenne. an ao-e<,ly. aiw 0OUOHB, OOLDO. HOARSENESS, *o. COMPOUND 8$lvf OF OUM ARABICp*rer>na have Ixmark hj?i!i*r - ' . ^ I WOOD AND COAL. YWOOD AND COAlOC Will surely get your money'* worth by oaJliitatU* PIONKKR MII.Lt*. somtkwf%t ear ner tf S'rmtk $tr*et and C*MnJ, <oKO CAHK, Agent ) They sell oh**p*r and live better meaanre than any other* it*thepity?out, split, aad delivered free of oharjre. If to* don't Where it. five the Pioneer Miiie a trial, aad he satisfied. ja 17-ly.r WOOD A N D_ _ U U A b Delivered to ail parta of the oitj, at Ute IowmI poaaihle r&lM. T. J. * W. M. GALT, OOoe 983 Pa. ?t., between 11th awl ma ?u.. ma 17-tf north aide. CARRIAGE yA.CTORIESr~ \klASH IN6TON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Strut, B*imm 9tk *nd INi Slrtl*. We ha*o inet finiahed a naraber of ftrat oltaa CARRIAGES, auuh u Light TWr^JBUl Wagcns, Park Ph'tirmt, Fmmtl* Cmr-\5?D8t^ <1*^ Dm?... ? w. - L 1 r .? c.j ?*wu f | W IllUIi WW Will Wli a ver* small profit. Being praotioal meohanios in different branches of the buiiiKM. we flatter ourselves that we kuo* the style* and quality of work that will give satis faotion, combining lightness, oomfort ana durabili kepaidns promptly and carefully attended to the shortest notice and most reasonable char tea. WALTER, KARMANN 4 BOPP, Coacnmakers, suoonssors toWmT. Hook. aft7-dly T CARRIAGES*. HE Sibeoriber having made additions to hi taotory, making it now one of the larfeiLau, in tbe District, where his faauities fo-UKtgR rcanuiaottmn*CARRIAGE 4k L16HT*-=-*WAGONScf all k;c-!s cannot be surpassed, ant from his long experience ib the basinets, fce hopaa to give general aatisiscuoc. All kinds of Carnages aad Light Wageis ksyt as Ail REPAlEBaollyd?s.a?<allfdfs?r? pi ly_attenied to.. _ Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S STBEKGTHElTIffG CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST KEMEDY tm (A* WORLD, and the moat /JV BW tmctW a aciJuLI anutc and T<f?u&W,\ hi* ConjpoBnd, pr?- HHV7 Kflfcj carad by tha diatilU- WrXx Uac af raota, barba, IS M VQKU and karka. Vaiiov 3R J# Dock, Blood Root, Ki IIIHI Ha".8nr?'tf Tf- Wk WaBk nlU, Wild Cherry lBlf"" ilWif B?rk, and L)anJtl<aa HB (TiJP ?n:?r? into iu ceto- W? J If The entire ieti>i -y / tgCHfc f remedial principle J* ofeaeh infr?di?nt iJeiorf taklIliiho^ ^hl' ,lr?c, ?,liter takinr. "# by mjr new method of JttftlMJ, liitilliof, pradaciar * delicioae, oihil-ratin* aririt, and the matt mfalliblt reme'y for renevei?-g 'he doeaeed lyatam, iid raatarmf tb* elck, aafanzig, and debilitated Invalid te health and eoeoftk. MtLEANS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will efectaally ccre Liver Complaint, Dyarepeia, jitslice, Chronic or Ntruta Debility, Diaeaeea ofiht Kidney a, md all diaeaeee aneing from a diaordared Liver or Vtomach, Dyepepeia, leartbarn, Inward I'tlee. Acidity ar Bicknaae of .he S'.cm&cil, Falineea of Bkod to the Head. Dell Pam or (winning in the Head, Palpitation of tha Heart, Fallneaa ir Weight in the taraacfc, uLr Kracuuone, ChokiM at lafoeatinf Peeling when lavii,g down, Dryr.eae or YeTTeW:eee ef the Skin and Byee, N:r'-t Swaau, Inward Pevere. Pain in the mall of the Beik, Cheat, or Side, Sadden riaahee of Heat, Depreeeion of Ppirua, Fri*htf?l Dreama. Daaaandaacy ar ??r Mrn>? diiiui, Borai h Uaichaa an tha Bkin, u>4 Fa^ar anJ Af ca (a* Chili* ajid hrmJ OVER A MILLION BOTTLES ia?a baan Mid daruif tha laat hi roaolha, u4 in lalanea baa it failad in fiainf anura ittuhctMS. *b?, than, rill aafar from Wartnaaa or Dability whan MlLCAHI rrRKNaTHKHIHa CORDIAL will car. ,M 1 Ha libfanf a can canaay an adaqaata idaa af tba ittnadita and almMt rairaemlaaa ehanfa prodaead by taking thia Cardial to iha diaaaaad, dabilitaiad, and abauarad narttn yaiam, wbatbar brakan dawn by aicaaa, waak by tiwi, * Imprlrad by aicknaaa, th\ralmad and ar.a-.rmif arrant tuaa la rastarad ta ita piiauna haalth and Tigat MARRIED PERSONS, t athaia, caoaciaaa M inability from whata?ar eaaM, will nd MchKANI BTftEHGTHEMIHO CORDIAL a t?.aaafh rafauaraiar af tha ayatara; and all wha ir.av hara in rad tht.uaalraa by inprapar mdalfareaa will led la Una lardial a eartain and apaady raioady. TO THE LADIES. MrLEANW ?TRElieTIIENII?a CORDIAL la a mtiiIn aad apdkdy eara far Incipiant Canaamptian, Wbitaa, iHiricua or uia:ui ntdiimmi, iiunuoiiici of Una* r Inrolanur* Ilutl irrt t.-.troof, Falling of tho Womb, liddtnooo, Paintir.f, anaall diooaaoa ineidont to Foaialoo. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT laffor no '.oaf or. Tiki it accord.^ to diroetiooa. It vtll umalato, otranflhon, aud iLtijorMi yoa and enoo tho loom of boa'th to moar.t yoar chook again. h>ary boulo to ratnuilod to ftoo ootiohctim. tX)R CHILDREN If ?oor ctUIJrou arooickiy, paua or ?l.cun, Mi LEAN'S 201DIAL vtll raako thoir boaJiby, fat, and robaot. Dili; tot a mraiint; UJ iv, and yoa wdi bo cooTifitod. It la doicioai vo-.ako. CA VTION, o varo of drafftou or doalfro who may try to pala op<*. 'oa aona bittor or aaroKfarilla traab, which thoy can toy boar, ty aajunr It u )aot no Avoid oaeh mon. Aak or McLEAN^ VrRElfOTHENING CORU1AL. and uko lothinr olio. It i? tba only roroody that will panfy tho Jlood Utoroaf My and at tho hoi ubi airooflbon tao ayotrm. Ono toaopoonfal takoo ovtry inarnuif futitf to a certain >r0*0ntiT0 for Cholora, Chillo and Fortr, Yallow Fooor, or ny ?ro*alout diooaoa. It to pat mp in largo bouiao._ Prico *i; fi par doiui, w c w.i<a rar )> j. n airLEAN, 1*1 proprietor of this Cordial; alto, McLtto'i Volcanic Oil Liniment. Principal Depot oo the corner of Third and Pioe itreeti, St. Loaie, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BUT LINIMENT II* THE WORLP ) The only eafe and certain care for Cancers, Pilee, T?. on, Svelitafo and Bror chile or Coitre, Paraloaie, N?aalfia, W eaknaoe of the Maacioo, Chronic or laluaneatory Iheam'.uem, Sufneee of the Jotnu, Con'rtcted Maedoe or ifamente. Earache or Toothache. Braieoe, Sprains, Pre eh 'ate, Woande, Ulcere, Ke?er Scree, Coked Braaat, lore lipplee, Barne, Sea!do, Sore Throat, or euy inf ameaatioa or Mia, no diforence bow oooere or loor the diooaoe may ?te enoted, McLEiNl CELEBRATED LINIMENT la p.srtsin rsmsH* ifhMtuit ( hiniD ktup kt'l baaa MTtd lift of dia rapuada and mixry by ibt aa? of tfcia ictiluWa ramedv. MrLEAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMEST Sill raliava pais almoot iuttaniaaaoaaly, and it will ctaaa, mrify u4 haal Ua foaltat Mm ia an lacradibta abort um FOR HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tha oaly aafa jad raliabla rainady for tha eara of Spavin, Riagboaa, Pfir.dr*ll?, Srlinta, Unaataral Lainr.t, Nodaa or t aaaar liilad to cara Bij Haad, PMiaail, Fiatala, <Md launiof Horaa, or Swaaoy, if projparly aapliad. Far Ipra oa, Bruitaa, Scratehaa, Craekad Raala, Chafta, Saddla it Collar Galla, Cats, Soraa, or Woanda, it ia aa lofcilibla arcady. Apply it aa diracud aud a cara ia caitaut ia a vary aatauea. Tk?i. tnla u laarar wnh tba many worthlaoa Liaimanla ifarad to yoa. Obtain a (apply of PA. MCLEAN'8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT It will cara job. t. H MCLEAN, Saia Propnator, Coruar Third and ?., k. Uaii, Mo. CHARLES STOTT, JTS Pa. a*., aola aaaot la Waahug vn: R, 8. T. CI88EL.Gaarratown aa ft fPMAN ?| SIPSOHJ 1FAMILY RYMFAMIDf RYEj The *bov? PURE W H l9KY,Corrn l)i?Titt?? KWiisiaefe. sKa ^ ?v ivuu-i n vuillHiOtD ODflUI UllCJil of CHaNDKMLIKS and other GAS, STEAM and WATKK FIXTURES. ia27 ly WG A 8 FIXTU RES. E Hav? in store, ami are <iai y receiving, OAS PlXfURESot onlirrtj New Patterns arid Dnsizns and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered m this market. We invfte citizens general Ij to cail and examine our stock of Gas an<1 Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beat elected stock in Washington. AH Work in the above Tine intrusted to our care will be promptly attended to. MYERS & MoGHAN. mar 8-tf 37fi !) f treat. I SNYDER, PLUMBER AXD UAS FITTER, Has removes to the oorner of Twelfth and F sU. lie is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction Hehas on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVKS, which he will sell less than oost. as he Wishes to get rid of theirt, ______ __ no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. Washington, July 18,18W. notwk JK HIzr.t:rv tirvrv Th?? by ccnaatnera to a"! other Whiakiee, fcuC particularly reoonamMided by the bMt phyaiciana acc tmiiti w MMMMiDi til the reaaipNceote of a ]Vw IWm JMfircMr mmd Hrmiital Agtnt. The SohayikUl Water M Phi.adelpHia- im< La the du'iKation of Uua Whisky, ia proved by analy lie to be the aofteet and pnreet water in Itel c M State# ; ami to thia aaay, in a treat detraa, be at aa!e t * " 0eLa'A^8UmJ?W)N. PVtii* TheMfcww. REASON AJ 1?K P B Y 8QODM Cloaka, Aha via, Flannala, Blank eta. Fall Clotha, I iaatji. _ , raaoy Silk., Silk Bob*. 7 w7 Gi?u,3;" ^E11' . Co?fc>rU. A,, wh,o? -- THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. ? Tkif uwdast PMUij aa4 Nm iwisl-aN wul( a irwtw rarMfty of IH??m rwHw Friday Morowg. Tnu-Oui < ??<!?>. ta ?<?wii. .. i <* FIT# oojmm __ . ? - 4 7> Tw oopiM . __ m It lavantbly eoRtaina ttt "WMkiBftoi N?W feat tea mad* Tk* Dmtft Ii tnmn 8tm +rmim* - M (MMitllr Unxtlwil U* oouiry. C^8lacl?ooriw(la tuyytii' *a be preeere? ' %X theoonntor, lmmadiat*!? *rt*r tt* inu *f lit* PM?r. Pri???THREE CENTS wnrrniTinw A T w va *. I > ' . ' IB I *? FKMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish Uimi OMiMm to receive a thoroaith aad *r?t*a>atie e?l ??*Um. ?W? their phjeteai trainine wi:i roooireda*ir and eaoeiai ...yl.. ?rrr ' " T /"hk5? aua Gymnastic*. are raepectiWUy r? i visit the Union Fm*I# Aoadanj. coraar Foarteenth st- aad ?w York ar. MR. * MRS. X. RICHARD*. _aa *>-tf ^ Pnneipals. I? EM ALE BOARDING AND DAY BCROOL Mr*. *. JL'Mo<*ORMl*k. V*mnral. The thirteenth annual nnkm of tin* l?Mt?lm vi 11 commence on T?mtef.9MH?Mr l*th. in the house raoently occup.ed b) sylraeter S*oott, Eeq., No. 1W King itrMl Tbe course of study pursued *i , oompnee a. the branches requisite to a thorough English Education^ and Muaio, French, I<atin and Drawing, it In addition to day eeholara. Mrs. MoCormiek is ?r*p?r?w1 tnrM?iT<a i u mWer of pupil* as boarders, who. constituting a part of Iwr owa ba iiy, will be under bar immediate care aad superv ?w? wiu "iiunrur. m lar u MWIW. to car round then with the oomforta and kiadiT lnflaenoaa of Horn*. kiffrmet*.?Her. Geo H. Norton, Rev. UT. Kliaa Harri?oti. Rev. D F. {*prin, William H lovia, Em-. K-t?ar !*nowdeo. Km . Edaraad F- Witmw fan raiito'?ss7<n> TOBS? Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Water*, h?v .J** Brother*. Taaa. Board, with Tuitioo in all the En?hah Braaohea. #9i)for the annual aeaa^on?pay able m*bi aunaalij, in advaaoe. M one and Lancnarea at Profeaaora' pnooa. JO" No extra oharcea. aa S-ti C*rt Cvmgk. faW, Homr*mt*t, Im/U**za mm* Iitiikm ?r Ser* "* ?< <*? Tkrmt. h*li+*-t ikM r?#?. A'tmrtui*, Jtkmm, t Catarrh, Ctrar ntkA trtrt W^Kc/ strength it ?4< r?tM if ^iifixSEHF PUBLIC 9 PE AK BIS un> SINGERS Few are mr* of the lmiorttse* of ohMtini a Cough or 4*Comirion Cold*' id ita f *?t etage. lEat which in the begtmng woald yieid to am. 10 r?n? or, if neglected. aoon atlaok at he Luna*. Brtmcktai Trocktt." containing temu.oer t lngreoi?u, *ll*y Palm unary tod ti;onohial Irritation. " Tha? trouble is my Throat. <for BROWN S which the area apecbei having mid* me ofU? a mere wluaTROCHKS* ^erer." N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S* iXJSSS**"* " ** to PCW'IC TROCHE? REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great aerviceid aohdwing Hotui BROWN'? NEss." KtV. DANItU WISE. TRrtrHF-s "Almoet instant relief in the di? tree*i ng labor irf breathing pecaliar BROWN'S tOA'^KV. A- C. EOGLE8TON. TROCHES "Contain do Ouin or aatthiu , injartoas." OIL. A. A Hi * Eft. BROWN'S Ckemtst, troche? u:.v;?^ ?:"T BROWN*!1 OR-6-F. Bl.ELgW^ troche? |l?ta{Ei!R,&, BROWN'S . , k<??n^ tM. ^JSZ TROCHES W.or^.Cor..^ WAfMKn BROWN'S ' Benrfioial when o?nif?:l(d to TROCHES ..ffenn^ff^w lO'iri, uiwp^rainp; mil impanUOlt MM roouof OUT Uie venom of dim**. TKI F>K MaR, Not. 1,3 and lm prepared ia thf form ??f a loxen?e, devoid of tuU andeaal1. and oan be carried in the waistcoat poakec hold in tic ca*ea, and divided into separate doc**, aa ad ministered by Vapean, i?a'. emant. Rons. Rieord, 4o Price ?S ?anh. or foar omm for #9. wkiaii ?svm *%; ana in *27 oaeea, whereb* ti.ere i* a uv ins of 9* To be bad. wboleaa e and retail, Dr. BARROW, of 194 B,?*ct?r rtreet. New York. Immediate!* on reoemnt a remittance, pr Harrow will forward the Tneeeimr to any pan or the world, ecu rely packed, and add reeaec aeeorc >ni to tbe in tructi ne of the writer. The Boot, of all other*, that ehoatd he read by men with damaged and broken down oeetttetion* 1* "Biimtr. Frailty, or Ph*?ioio?ieal Keeearafee* " It i* beautifully illustrated. and treat* ^<nvtely of all tbe *y<npuMn* that mtanaWi oeHloi them e've*. eooner or later, reealtinc from the fiailtie* and vittatinp habit* of earl* youth. iroapaeitatluc the victim from shanr* the fminoc flf the matri monial atata, and. if aotci^ked ,n bae, deeener aline all t^e furctiun* of manhood, aid brlacinc him, etep by atep u?a lin?eriu? and anfamely death. 8o d by Dr. MAR ROW7i94 Bleeoker et eet, four door* below Maodoagal, New York. Pnee ? oenta Beat free every where. < Sold ?: <> kf&C. Ford, Jr., Drif Stor*. Wuk llttoB. P C. d?? 6m cjpi FOR STAMPING A PACrKT OF FAPKRf S f AND RNVKLOFK* NO TO WATCH. CHARGE! metropolitan ^ S BOORHTORR. PH1LP A SOLOMONS, A tent t far Lnurtmtt't t *lakratad limm F apart, "MetrafaHimm Will*" fc*, fc. ? Wly 33ilP*.W..IX.Iti iMWttiU. 1861 D1 1861 Commune* tk* Year with m Dimry. % n'Mblt Pook?t Comiim for i ?|irtwi?i Ante ^ut. irtMnl, ?od four- . o.nt?inin? iAn of umim, a bUak apte for ? iri.nd> lor mrj u; in tk? ymt, ouh Mootit for ?oh iron'k, * >! ?Mry of omIi toooiat bi. Wthl* tad raonnbk Doa'tb* viUout mmm of U?m uMful ouvauira Tm momt inMlm, i'tani-aod dMir*bUM??rtMntfv?r ?yd. m*mV" """?BiLtiS?6 acreius25r1K Odeoa Bund tax, ornmr of .?* atrmt tad PfBD Dl R 1 E 8! IM A K 1 t " 0UIIKI!! 18*1. lMl. 1M1. ? ckMATBR THAU W? viH ia* u Ml ? 4M*w?t of ? pmt o-*t. of of ail Div aa >aroha*<^ f ?-m *? f >r >?*k. W?m? d?*iroa* ofelouK ? ? tfca nwmdtt of o?r tore* look of DiwiM o??U ki-djfor iM FRENCH h RICMTHN, 1> 3 IT* I WIIl ?TTP?. AT FRKN' ^*1 R*?H*TkK' *, n? p??. j~v?sr jstsis'jss ?.. ca Note* ?*o D??la and Daaliac ; I too , aloU; |UI)>T wail. IhiMrMi'i lUHdaM Poems, alotli rtt; fJS" by idmI. 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