Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1861 Page 2
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1 of' *. 1 ' ' THK EVENING STAR. j WASHINGTON CITY: ^ " r.s??A i ? , ? ?flnl ( tb' n*rilB| fr??? The Initliigniter say* of the rejection by South Carolina of tte mediation proffered by Virginia baa made it apparent ahe has marked out for her conduct a vtry different line of policy from that which commends itself to the adoption of Virginia It will btiui; aorrow to the I'nlon men of I Vtreinia in abowing the implacable alienation of South Carolina to the Unloii and the Southern States, nd it will be equally unpalatable to tho secessionists, aa it cuts up by the loots the hopes they had of cooperation. The Constitution of thia morning baa the raledictorv of its editor, William M. Browne, an nounring tbe discontinuance of the paper in tbla city after tomorrow;?its publication to be reaunied as soon aa arrangements can be made "In tbe more genial atmosphere of tbe southern republic." The Rr) ubluan snys of southern ports : " The case of foreign vessels hereafter entering these ports with dutiable eargoea is not likely to be a frequent one at present. But even in that case, if the Government here neither prohibits tbe entry of such vessels, nor maintains revenue officers to collect duties, the right to collect them ought to be considered as yielded by default. But as before long the authority of thla Government will be enforced at all points, these questions are only temporary, and not important." Wantzd, Bloodshed?The Charleston Iterrurf continues to urge an assault upon Fort 9umter as the only possible means of insuring the election of disunion majority to the approaching Virginia convention on the 4th proximo. Thus its Richmond correspondent writes: Parties are nearly equally divided in this State, the secessionists still being in a small majority; but owing to an imbecile Legislature, not uviftH r nr>o nllftatlrtna Ct' ' II U ff I IU I < I VliV ?V | UWIII VVIU^IiV>?IIVil?| and consequently misrepresenting our people through ignorance, and the Republicans at Washington fiid traitors in our midst working upon and holding cut deceptive hopes of adjustment to this weak body of Virginia Representatives, sentiment Is changing with us. and I apprehend the triumph of the submissionists The only thing that can save us. and unite the whole South, u tke rapture of Fort Sumter bef-rt the end of-this month This will bring all Virginia to arms, and the Border Statts will follow her. You have no idea of tbe efforts of lmprslure made now on our people. Northern ingenuity is exhausting itself upon this State, knowing it Is the citadel of southern union. South Carolina, by acting at tmee, can cause a united South. Delay on her part will certainly divide us Therefore, as much as I fi#?nlnr? hlnnWih#<i I mint xHvia# nrnmnt " Tb? italics are tbe Mtrtttrf's?not onrt. This correspondent * ftars of the result of the election, ill-concealed as they are, are well founded. The dlsunionists, we firmly believe, will be overwhelmlnglv defeated in Virginia on Monday next, if the people there learn ere that time the truth concerning tbe prompt action of tbe authorities of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, in response to Virginia's invitation for a convention to assemble here Tbe Governors of ail those States have laid the sjbject before their respective Legislatures. New Jersey uas already selected her Commissioners One branch of tbe Pennsylvania and Indiana Legislatures have passed bills in accordance with the recommendation, and the Legislatures of all the rest of the Statri named ahnv? ar? now acting on similar bill*. It is well known here to day that all of them will pan the billa In question In time to get their Commissioners here ly the 1th proximo, having progressed in the work, all of them, quite as fast as North Carolina and Tennessee, which States are noW rapidly maturing similar measures. Thz 9xttlkxk>t Appkoachxs ?It is hard to tell which are moat crazed with malice at the rapid approach of- a happy and satisfactory settlement of all the troubles of the times, which all in Washington not determined to be mentally blind In the premises, new clearly foresee?the Charleston Mercury and Richmond Enquirer on one side, and the New York Trtbuue't conductors on the other. All of them denounce the Crittenden prop- | osition, which is to be the basis of the compromise, with like vehemence, as Involving on the part of their friend* an entire surrender to the other aide. All of them urge civil war aa better for the country than a settlement upon such a basis. While the Richmond Enquire is proclaiming in bitter anguish that It is to be the means of rescuing Virginia from following the fortunes of Disunion, the New York Tnbun* is bitterly lamen'ing that it will take but the change of a few more Republican votes to pass it (the Crittenden proposition) through Congress by a majority vote; as in ita lasue of yesterday, aa follows : " We have positive Information from Washington that a compromise, on the basis of Mr. Crittenden's, is sure to be carried through Congress either this week or the next, provided a rery jtv mort Ripubltcans can be got to enlist in the enleTDrise" ? a Forseeing that aome such settlement would cventuailv be reached, we have steadily maintained Its probability, while few held the same opinion. The Tr\l*n*ys admission, quoted above, embraces proof that it is well aware that Mr. Lincoln has written befe. urging his friends in Congress to sustain a compromise upon such a basis as will prove acceptable to the border siavebolding States as they will be presented in the general convention ot the 4th proz Vat*'?The editor of the Washington Comttttuitom this morning publishes bis valedictory, announcing the suspension of the issue of his paper from to-morrow, until he can perfect arrangements for ita re-issue somewhere within th* limit* of the proposed Southern Confederacy? It embraces no points for the promulgation of which all who read his paper were not prepared, including the bursS-up, of which it is significant; for all know that from first to last it existed almost wholly upon the mis spent patronage of th? Government, which baring been withdrawn ^ from it, starvation must at once overtake it. The striking fact embraced in the article ia the importance wblcb the writer accords to himself in connection with American public affairs; taking occasion to refer to hlmaelf, personally, no less than flfy-four times in a column and a third! From the fact of the late connection of hia journal with the Government, he has been able to work infinite mitchief?more than any other of hia class of English journalists, who seem almost alone to be conspicuous aa disunion editors, ss w * I atrmge as it may seem. Having no sympathy whatever with the pro- | posed new government to b? created out of the destruction of the Government made by our revolutionary fathers, we truat tbattbe scheme^oreshadowed in Mr Browne's proposition to publish his paper some time hence ondrr its auspices, may be carried out. That Is to say; that Howell Cobb maybe its minister of finance, Philip C Clayton his assistant minister, and Mr Browne the editor of its organ. If but because ao more sure way of sDeed 11 v maklnir ih? ^ , ? ^ b *'i the experiment, can be devised TheCopsti*Opinio*.?TheRichmond W'Aif, ?f yeaterday, coatalaa the lettera of Meears Douglas, Crittenden, Million. Uoteler, and Harrla. tc the Hon Jamea Barbour, (of the Virginia legislature.) written on having their attention called to the ten-atgned manifesto of the disunlonists jn? m in Congress from Virginia, in which those gentlemen bear out the brief aynopais of their lews with reference to the hopeful phase of the Shir, published in the Star on the day after their several letters were written. JET From the pdbltsher, M. Doolady, NY,! feroagh French A Rlcbstein, we'have "The Shadow la the House;" a novel by John Sanndera This work, we see, baa attracted no little attention tn IHmk {?7* Governor Pettua, of Mlaaiaalppi, announce* to the Lagiaiature that Jeffersoa Dart* sad txStcntaxy Thoonpaon have guaranteed the pay. Mat la May or J one, of twenty-four thooaand iallan Car pure haae of anna for the State. P*Ja4f? Bond at Baltimore baa tendered the appointment o4 State* Attorney to Archibald Sterling, E*l . (fy WefciTe i<wlw4 the flrat number of a new alteruooa paper entitled "The Confederation" pubilafced by War H Hope 4 Co. r COWeHMSIOWAL. !>i!iiTi.?After our report rioted yeaterdav? On motion of Mr. Gwln, the Pacific Railroad Bill w?? taken up. Tbe amendment of Mr. W ilkiDeon, adding a t Kir si tn AAmmanra at th? Wftt^flv ntfliflt fit I W VWUIiWVUW ??*> " ?? - ?* mj ^ - ? ? Lake Superior, and proceeding thance to Puget Sound, with a branch to Portland, Oregon, waa pataed?veai 22. naya 19 After aome debate, the Senate adjourned at 4# o'clock p.m. Houaa.?After the cloae of our report? i Mraara Strrena, of Pa , FTVrria, of Md , and Vanwyr.k, of Ohio, addrewed the Houae. After i which the Houae adjourned. Wednesday, January 30. Saw ATI.?A comainnlcation waa received from the Commiaaioner of Patenla, encloalng the report of the Agricultural Bureau. Mr.Trumbull moved to print 10,000 extra coplea; which waa referred to the Committee on Printing. Mr. Blgler, of Pa , preaented aeveral Union compromise memorlala; among them the PhlU aeipuia worKingmen memonu. He wild that this latter memorial had been given to blm by a committee of thirty-three workingmen. who represented 30,000 worklngmen of Philadelphia. Tbe memorial recogniied tbe South aa equal In the Union, and favored such conceaalon aa would aatlafy the South. Mr. Cameron, of Pa., aaid tbat while he approved of tbe tone of bis colleagues apeech the other day, he was very far from agreeing to all tbe centimenta. He believed that a number of tbe Statea of tbe South were In open rebeiion. Butaa the republican party waa tbe large and triumphant party, and could afford to make concess'ons, be waa ready, In order to preserve the peace, to make reasonable or unreasonable concessions. Mr Maaon, of Va , aaid that tbe word "conceaalon" bad been frequently used The South asked I Tk..? ..U.J ?Vv.( . .Irek?. .1... no coin rwiuri a ury nairu vurii nicuw oiuiic. Mr. Hale said be was glad to bear the Senator disown the demand for concession. He would address the Senate at an early day. The debate was continued by Messrs. Blgler and Trumbull. Mr. Trumbull presented several memorial*, and in a short speech favored the enforcement of the laws. Hotrsi ?The Speaker presented to the House a communication from the State Department, relative to the fees of consular officers. Laid on the table, and ordered to be printed. Mr. Reynolds, from the select Committee of Five, reported a bill providing for a snore prompt summoning of the militia of the United States in certain cases. Mr. Burnett said that committee had no right to report at any time. He objected to Its reception. Mr. Cobb presented to the House the ordinance of secession passed by the Convention of Alabama, and In a few remarks resigned his seat Mr Auldrlrh MkPfl lprfvp In nrMunt tn thp Ilouie a memorial from the legislature of Minnesota; referred to the Committee on Commerce .Mr Stevens, of Washington Territory, Introduced a bill making appropriations for the expenses incurred by the Territories of Oreuon and Washington in suppressing -Indian hostilities during the years 1S55 and leSfi. and moved that it be made the special order for Thursday, February 7. Not received. Mr. John Cochran, of N. Y , from the committee of five, reported a bill entitled an act providing for the further collection of duties on imports Laid on the table. Mr Boteler introduced a bill granting leave to the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad Company to extend a branch of their road Into the city of Georgetown. Objected to, and not received Mr Sherman, from the Committee sf Ways and Means, reported the Deficiency bill, making appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 3U, lt61. Consideration deferred, and laid on the table. The regular order of business (Mr. Colfax's post route bill) was then taken up After some debate, the previous question being demanded on the adoption of the Senate amendment establishing a weekly mail service between St. Paul, Minn., and Puget'a Sound, the yeas were 60, nays 1(?. So the amendment was disagreed to. Mr. Verree presented to the House a memorial from the citizens of Philadelphia, relative to the report of the Committee ot Thirty-three. Referred to the Committee of Five Mr Gilmer asked to have reports of certain judicial cases printed; which leave was granted. The morning hour having expired, Mr. ConkUn, of N. V , proceeded to address tbe House upon the report of tbe Committee of Thirty-three. Livu, Last Nioht.?Never have we seen the u ? ? - as * i?*iucu? u wu?c luuic trowuru mm 1 \ was night. Tbe East Room vru ao densely packed that the apecUtor waa Involuntarily borne along as the crowd moved to and fro. Aa for promenading, that waa lmpoaalble. A few managed to work their way alowly along, but the majority could only atand still and look on. Through every ball and pasaage, around the President and MisaLane, and even out Into the vestibule, the throng swarmed like bees. The Marine Band, under Prof. Scala, performed admirably, aa usual, but tbe music was lost In tbe buzz and hilarity before It got far Into the balla Mr Buchanan IaaVm) ?Tr?^lnriliF i??n ?<' I seemed to enjoy tbe good feeling exhibited exceedingly. Miss Lane received tbe guests with ber usual grace and self-possession. We noticed all tbe foreign ministers except Lord Lyons, of England Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Prussia, and otber governments, were all represented Judges Wayne, Nelson, Catron, and Daniel, of the Supreme Court, lion. Judges Scarburgb and Lorlng, of tbe Court of Claims, Senators Crittenden, Gwln, Bingham, Slldell, King, and others, were present. A large number of members of tbe House were present with their families Tbe Army and Navy were exceedingly well represented, swords and epaulettes flashing In every direction. Marshal Sel uen, ur. maae, commissioner of Public Buildings, Mr. Geo. Phillips, Deputy Manbal, were present, as usual. Alleged Ihsubkictiomakt Plut kkae Lbosabbtowsi, Md -A letter received this morning in this city, from I^eonardtown, Md., dated Jan. 2S, states that much excitement prevaileddn that city In consequence of the supposed discovery of an Insurrectionary plot on ttie part of a gang of slaves and free negroes. The " Home Guards" volunteers had turned out In the ulght, In a snow storm, to arrtst the negroes supposed to be connected with the plot. They captured the rlng /? vi > j - >vn,v., . <ivc dims, iou icioyea Dim in jail for trial. Another free negro gave Information of tbe plot, whicb be bad refund to have anything to do with, on the ground that he did not cbooee to be bung for undertaking to set other darkiea free. Tbe plot, according to bla statement, waa to kill all tbe white* oyer two year* of age. We give the statement aa It comes to us. Tbe letter appears written in good faith, but it Is well in theee times to rtretyewlth considerable caution all accounta of " Insurrections" and like sensation reports. Tbk Imvistioatiox.?Tbe investigation before tbe House Special Committee relative to the alleged purpose of a hostile raid on Waablngton, has, up to the hour at which the Scir goes to press to-day, developed nothing to lead to tbe Impression that there baa existed anything like an organization for such a purpose * i * - > uu simpiy proved that here and there a quad of disappointed politicians and small office holders?rowdies, all of them?would have been very glad to have bad an opportunity to seize Washington with possible contingencies of plunder. Thi Difficulty Bktwiih Missis. Dunk and Kbit.-On Saturday evening, tho friends of Mr Dunu.Hnn Mr. Kilgore, of Ind , and Caaslus M Clay, of Ky., received a note from the friends of Mr. Kusl asking If a correspondence relative to the difficulty could be had ontslde the city, which note was answered In the nfflrin\Uva, on Sunday morning. Mr. Dunn, with Mr. Ktlgore, left the city Sunday morning, and returned Monday evening about 8 o'clock, when they were informed that the matter had been unlMhiv ? ranged Captain Nelaon, U. 8 N., was the ttrat second of Mr Dunn. Klsewherc will be found the correspondence. Tub Nosthebm 9tat*s m thb Appboachiii? Coxtmtioi.-AII tbc members of tbe* setts delegation la Congress, except Kenator Sumner, have united In urging tbelr Legislature to send del< gates here to tbe 4th of February Convention. It la to-day understood that Connecticut and Rhode Island will surely be represented In It. Also, tbst Wisconsin sod Iowa will alsossBd | delegates Fobt Picibss?We know positively that nothing can bring about a collision at Fort Pickens. except the predetermination of the dlsnnionIsts to precipitate one, la order to Inflnence the choice of delegates to the VlrgiaU Convention, to be voltd for on Mondsy next.. The Brooklyn's mission to the Gulf Is one of peace, and dmcs 1 I - ' . \ DEPARTMENT NEWS. Remgxsd.?Lieut C. Malogault Morris, U 9. N., < f Georgia (a native of Sooth Carolina.) baa resigned. C'errespendence. Hens or RirimitTtTiru, | Washington Citt, January 3.t, 1981 < Editor of the Star: Sib : i have to reanest tfaat you will publish the correspondence enclosed. It Is proper I shoo'd itate that Mr Rust's first note, addrraacd V) Mr Dura, though hearing date the 25th Inst., la oon equence of my sickness, was not delivered until 3)( o'clock p m of Satunfcv, the 26th. Vours. respectfully, Ac . t. c. hisdma*. Hocsz or RKPEzstNTATivKs, Jan 25,1*1. imh : win you commumcaje 10 my colleague, Col Hlndman. the time and place, outalde of this District. when yon will dittuas with me the questions of difference between us T A Rc?t. Hon. Mr. of Indiana. Waskikotok Citt, Jan 88, 1P?1. DkarSik: My friend, Mr. Dunn of Indiana, has authorized me to inform you of the time when, mad the place where, outaide of the District, that it will suit bis convenience to discuss the difference between Mr. Rust and himself. 1 bave the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient .servant, W. Nblso'x. To the Hon. Mr. Hihdma*, of Arkansas. OQ loci Si* : I have examined carefully tbe record of the debate in wblch Messrs Rust and Dunn took part, and which is tbe aubject of misunderstanding between tbem. It la my opinion that there are not sufficient grounds for proceeding further in tbe matter. Therefore I beg to propose tbat we unite in a declaration to that effect, and thus put tbe matter to rest. I have tbe honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, W Nklso.x. Col. Hikdman, Slc., Sec., Ac. January *23,1861. dear six: When Mr. Dunn made bia explanation, on Thursday last, 1 understood it to be intended as a full retraction of whatever offensive k. !. <) -1 fv ... iou|;ua^r ur uau uuuninuy UWU. I DP pril)l^(l report of the ?xplanation. which I have to-day read for the first time, doea not amount to ao much; or, at least, admits of a different construction. For that reason I regret to say that 1 cannot, as proposed in your note of this ante, unite In a declaration that there are not sufficient grounds for proceeding further In the matter. I am, very respectfully, your obedient 8?r'ant, T. C Hispmaji. Capt. W. Nilson, U. S. N. janvakt 28, 1861. D*ar Si* : Von were qnite right in your understanding that the explanation made: by Mr. Dunn, on Thursday last, was intended ? a full disclaimer of any Intention to offend, personally, Mr Rust. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, W. Nelson. To the Hon. Mr. Hindmai*, Ac.. Ac , Ac. January SH. 1861. Dear !*ik : Your last note conveying the assurance tbat my understanding of the intent of Mr. Dunn's enplanation was correct, I am ready to unite with you in a declaration tbat there are not sufficient grounds for proceeding further in the matter. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, T. C. Hindman. Capt W. Nelson, IT 8. N. Washington, D C., Jan >?, I*r6l. Gentlemkx: We submit the accompanying correspondence.with the earnest recommendation that Ts conclusion be accepted by you. Very respectfully, W.Nelson, T C HlBMItB Hon. A. Rcst, Hon.W. M. Dusn. We accept the above adjustment A. Rust, W. M DVKH. The Skiztre or the Marine Hospital at New Orleans ?Correspondence betienn the Collector and Secretary Viz.?The Collector of the port of New Orleans having telegraphed to Secretary Dix that the marine hospital at that place had been seized, the Secretary replies that, looking on the transaction aa an outrage on the public authority, he bad no comment to make; but he could not believe th*t a proceeding so discordant with the character of the United Stntes and so revolting to the el viil zatlnn of the ?o? h??n nnAtinnJ - ? ?? WM UU?IV|1T,U by the Governor of the State of Louisiana Hebad tent a telegraphic dispatch desiring the Collector to remonstrate with the Governor, and to ask blm to revoke Capt Bradford's order But If the Governor declined to Interfere, the Collector was to remove the sick at once In conclusion he said, that from tbe tone of the newspaper paragraphs, and from the seizure of the barracks In violation of the usages of humanity which In open war between contending nations, and even in the most revengeful civil conflicts between kindred races, have always held sacred from disturbances edifices dedicated to the care and comfort of tbe sick, be feared that no public property wti likely to be respected The Collector was to have no more money expanded on the revenue cutter Washington, now hauled up for repairs, until be could have the assurance that she Will not be seized as soon as ?he U and taken Intotbe service of those who are seeking to break up the Union and overthrow the authority of the Fede'al Government Secretary Dlx. In reply to his telegraphic dispatch, has received the following reply iruin Collector Hatch: New Orlkam. iau. 28.?The Marine Hospital affair hat been satisfactorily arranged The barracks are retained. See my letter cf the Cist. Personal Col E. J Steptoe, U. 8 A ,and fmiily ar? at Browns1. .... piccolomlnl's next effort as a vocalist will be In the " Cradle Song," it li stated. Col. W. H. Brown, U. S. A ; Dan'l Kunkle and lady, and J. W. Corllea and family, N V., are at willards'. Clark Mills, the sculptor, bv bis recent marriage, secures a fortune of S2U0.000 Mrs. Mills is the widow the late Mr. Howell of Baltimore. who left a fortune of chiefly acquired in tbe dry goods business in New Orleans Hon. John P. Kennedy, of Baltimore, in the Cabinet for a time, has written a very able pamphlet of forty-seven page* on the power and duty of tbe border States It is against secession, and opposed to the rash action of the bord-.r States, as well as the republicans at the North Mr. McGrath, the new consul to Liverpool it la said, will not enter upon the duties of tbe consulate on account of the short term of aervlce before Mr Lincoln's inauguration, and tbe prea ent condition of tbe country. Beverly Tucker will therefore remain in the office until displaced by the President elect. Chaklkstom Items.?The steamship Columbia still lies on the beach. Steamtugs have been vainly endeavoring to drag her off, but ?s yet bnve only succeeded in breaking hawsers, Ac. The cargo la being removed to Charleston in lighters. A Query.?The Northern papers seem disposed to make a saint of Maj. Anderson. Should he not be first canonized here? Under any conceivable posture of affair*, the term AmerttAn must ever bfar tn n Southern State* a ten** essentially distinct from ' foreign." May it not become proper in the organization of legislative bodies in tbe Southern States hereafter, to have a ' Committee on American Relations," as well as a " Committee on Federal Relations ?"?Charleston Courur. I "A Strono Gov*r**r!tT."?We find the following telegraphic dispatch amongst the proceedings of tbe State Convention of Mississippi ou tbe rid instant: Charlkhto*, January 19, 1801. To Hon. A Bwrt Jarkion. Judge Magrath and myself have sent four teleSrapbstoyou. Please urge Mississippi to send elegates to tbe Montgomery meeting of States, at as early a day as possible?say 4th February?to form immediately a strong Provisional Government It is the onlv thing that will prevent war. and let that Convention electlmmedlatrlv ftm niander-in-Cblef for tbe acceding States. You may at well return, at least as far as Montgomery F W Pickens. Rixoclxe?CHBcer Bney of the Western Di?trict relate* a somewhat strange story to the effect that on laat evening a woman, living on Chataworth street, near Lexington, waa se?n by him standing In tbe front door of her dwelling witb a pistol in one hand and a rattle in tbe other through* out the whole night He states that during tbe night he paaaed her dwelling fourteen tiaiea and each time aaw her at her poet. What could it mean? Perhaps ahe was waiting for some one, and perhaps not. But altogether It w?? ?* > strange affair ?Baltimore Republican. The Bebsbast-atAbmi ih Baltivoks -Mr. Hoffman, the sergeant-at-arma of the House of Re preventatives at Washington waa In this city yesterday looking up witnesses to testify before the lnYMloa committee u to their knowledge of any organization existing lu tbla city or elae where, formed for the purpose of cauturing and holding the seat of goveramen. on or before the lnaogtimtioa of the President elect. Ha nabbed several off the auppoaed knowing onea. and returned with them to Wuhtncfiin -**? ? -a, IVCIUmi. mey will go before the committee to-day ?Mali Sm?. 07 Ad eldetiy lady named Sarah Jarboe, wbo lived near Nr./tea Manor, 8t Mary'aco. waa burnt to death oa 5? ltnrday night last ET" They have juet caat a son at Plttabtirg with a tweWe-Inch bore, which will throw a ball over (pIlM It la called the "Union." . ? ..- -----

f # ' i $ Items Telegraphed from Waihliftm. j WiiHisoTos, Jan 2fl ?Ther? Is no truth In j the rumor published here that Mr Lincoln has I written a letter to Mr. Colfax on the subject of j compromise I ; Colonel Hsyne does not believe In the truth of I ' tbe dispatch from Charleston aa to tbe reported business which occopled tbe attention of tbe Legislature In secret acsaion yeiterdav He baa received no dispatch from Goveraor Plekena on tbe subject Col. Hayne baa made no demand on the Federal Government fbr tbe surrender of Fort 8amter, and la patient]v awaiting tbe action of tbe Southern Congress at Montgomery, which will assemble next "week Tbe errand of the steim sloop-of-war Brooklyn is believed to be of a peaceful character with a < view of Intercepting hostile demonstrations ou < the part of the Gulf squadron Tbe troopa on ! board were to protect the works at Tortugas which Is atill in p<'saeaak.n of tbe Federal authori ties, but without an adequate force to bold them Capt Barron was sent by land a week lince on a similar errand, and has probably arrived there by this time. Hli dispatches to Fort Pickenssnd the naval commanders in the Gulf were of a most pacific character After much hesitation and delay, arrangement , were made tc-dav for the protection of Washington, wblcb will ensure it agslnst any probable danger from conspiracy within or danger without Another company of light artillery will be brought here to-morrow from Fort McHcnry which is to be substituted there by one from West Point This company, and the pr^aent troops, are to be posted at different parts of the city, under a military organization so perfect that all may be concentrated, within a short time, effectively I he conspirators and their allies are much exerclaed by the presence of this precaution ary jorce, out mainly Ofciuw it diaconcerta and defeats their well-understood plana, and stops the consummation of diaunlon, which contemplated the seizure of thl* capital and archives as part of the rebel programme The Baltimore Sun veaterday morning ralaed its diaunlon ma?k aiifllclently to abet this conspiracy without much indirection. i Alarming reports of the deaigna of the conapira- J tors Upon the Federal capital have been communicated in ofilclal quartera within the laat two days It ia not considered prudent to divulge the ftartlcnlars at present, but they are grave enough 3 arouse General Scott to renewed efforts for the defence of the Federal property. Thk Wiithis.?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Am? lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to tiie Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock January 30.1881. Burlington, Vt overcast, 25?. wind \V New York, N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Aid clear. Washington, 1). C clear, wind NW Richmond, Va clear. 47?. Petersburg, Va. clear, pleasant Norfolk, Va ....clear, pleasant Raleigh, N. C clear, 50?. Wilmington, N. C clear, pleasant. Charleston, S. C..........clear, 48*. Augusta, Ga clear, eo'd. Savannah, Ga clear, 50:, wind SW Macon, Ga. clear, cold Columbus, Ga clear, pleasant. Grifien. Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy. Jackson, Ala. clear.' Mobile, Ala clear, 4S"\ St Louis, Mo clear, 11?, wind N New Orleans, La clear. 52?. FROM THE WEST. Frederick, Md clear, pleasant. Hagerstown, Md clear, pleasant Cumberland, Md cloudy, cold Pittsburg, Pa clear,'14'. Grafton, Va clear, cool. Wheeling, Va clear, cool. Parkersburg, Va clear, cold. Cincinnati, O clear, cold. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m., (corrected for temperature,) 29,783; at noon, 3?,040 *nermometer ni 7 a. m., iu ; ai noon, ~h Maximum during '21 toura, ending V a m. today, 45?; minimum 32*. * |y3=?notick-attention. company 1L3 b Washington u?ht inpaNTmy BAT TaLION ? v ou are hmbj ordered t-> report yourselves at the armory, Seventh street THU R?daY EVENING. %t7>i o'clock, in fatigue c%p? and overcoats. It in desired that eaoh and every member be punctual at roll call. p. m. du8ant, canam C. p. p. wroe. o. S. j*30-2t (Y**LE^THRE.-Mr. Kbw*rb A. Pollard, I < of Vifgir.ia. wil? deliver a i.ecturo on FRIDTY NIGHT. Fabrnlrv Ut, at the Cotierejtivtional Chu'oh, (Old Trinity,) on KifJi it, opposite thn City Hail. D?>ors open At 7 o'clock ; leoture to oommenc* at ha f past 7. Subjeot: Thk^oldier or Tits Cross ; with an application to the present Crisis in our Natioua Atfa ra. Tickets of admission (5*5 can's) f r rale at Blanohard A Moliun's Bookstore, SI 0 Pa avenue;and ) atthnr'oors on the evrtnn* of tLe lecture ja ZMt* Tlr^ S*BB*TH SCHOOL KXHIBITION JJ? AND CONCERT-The Sabbath Seho.a cnnoeoted with the MethoHi't Fpisanpa Cnuroii (South) wll give an Fxhinition an>1 Concert for the ben? fit of tie School, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, tre Sith nutant. commencing at T\ o'olocic. Tickets 25 cents ; children 10 oent*. ja 28 3t* (r*?fMITH?ONlAN LECTURES-Prof. S. L ? Ai.exandrr, of the Col >ge of Nfw Jersey, wTlf Ipotiirx on M NDAY an f WEDNESDAY" EVENINGS, January a-d 30th, on Polar 1 Kc p e* and their attendant phenomena, with a pa*ticuiar account of the t' tal eoiipue <1 last Jul , Mid the observation* made in connexion with it l>y th > Governin-nt Kxpeditions to Labrador, the Pao fio Coast, and e!?e where. The lec'u'M will commence at a quarter bef jre 8 o'clock, when ti e ted light on the tower *i 1 b? extinguished a:.d the doors oloa?d. J\ 4i,W *>__ r^TIIK UNION PRAYER MEETINGS k_J will be hoiden every day this week, in the Enslish Lutheran Church, corner of lith and H streets, to commence at 4 o'clock, and to contirue one hour. ja 7 r^DEMPSEV A O'TOOI.K. 13 WEDOtSO AFD fT&!TlXO CARD KffrtHAVERB. Importers ?.f fin* WEDDING bTAflONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful atjlss. 386 Pa. Av., between 9th and loth eta , an 27 6m Wa?h:!*gtoh. f^ANPLEMASS DAY, SATURDAY. Fibbcart 2d, 1861. AI.TAR CAN D'.E?*, beat quality. PAH I FINE WAX C \N DU?- S lor altar u>e. cheapest and best article for tli* purpose, usel in ?tli the cities In the I7nion For ?a e at No. Penn avenue, near Thi d street. ja.-?-3t GEO. RAVAGE. T SPECIAL NOTICE. O Those of our customers ar.d friends who have n* tset'l*d their bills a* presented ou the 1st Jautmry wa wou'd respectfully l nt most raioott j request thein to make every effort to do ro by the first Vrik in February, as we are iu want of all the inont-y doe us at this time Our > t anks we t'nderto tbore who bave paid th?ir promptly, and shall be pi aset to serve them in future upon tb? best terms, and hope'o merit their increased confidence ami liberal patronage. J. W. COl.LEY k. < O.. ja30-10t .Via Seventh st., above Pa av. W ASH1NGTON AQUKIJI7CT. washi.SC/TCIN. D. C-# Jan. S9, 1851. Peop> w 11 be reoeived at thi? Office until noon <f the 16' )i d*y >( February, Utfil, lor the pl*t f >m oovcring of midge ^o. 3. The work to be ilou? will oi naiat of I he lurniahing, cutting ami a?tUug oi a'xnit 4.*?) oubic leet of gra-it*. Specifinathcn' oa - he procured a id p'anaoiamined onappiie'tio ft' thin Olfioe. Eftcn l>i(l imut he aocoinpaniod br a guaranty that the pvty oropoaing will, if hla bi.1 la aeoeptftd, er'er into apntract witin too day* thereafter. Proposala t<> be tealed and rndnraed "Propoaala for Platform Covering," a^d addre**rd to J AJ*. \ MORTON. I iout of Kng'ra Clt. Kng'r Waali. Aqd't. JaSO t!6Fob . lT. 8. A. Musket Caps. JUST RECEIVED Another Supply of HICKS' U. 8 ARMY MUSKET CAPS. For ?*lo low by J. fc.. BUtnLUS, HARBWiH 1MPOBTKB, Opposite Biown'i. ja an-at ONE PRICK. AS NKAR* AS POSBTBI?,E.ClOTHING *no|> an J>r*sa and Busine** Coat*. Overooat*, Pants, Vest*, 4o., AT COST FOR CASH. Furnishing goods, eon.i.tmg ofsin.u, Undsr*hirt?, Drawer*. C"IIa'*, Neck Tie*, &o., AT REDUCED PRICES FuR CASH. BOOTS ANf> SHOES, of exolimvely Winter Styles, AT REDUCED PRICES FOR CASH. HATS AND CA PS.-Pa?hionabl<? Bilk and Cas iimart Hat*. Black am) c.Jorwd Solt Mats and fcTr' w?n and boy?. At REDUCED PRICES AVkioS"08 CHiteBg: ^SSIR"" ? Seventh ?t., bttVMn Maryland av. J a 29 3*. and Btnltharniai Gronn?U._ It ft ? Naw Goods whe j every body i? ci ywjc hard dim. Hat he will hu goods at hnaa k?w pncm that tha wopie will bu* tb?m. N K -Junt r-ceived a lot ?<. CUJTHINO ant Ft'RNltfHiNG fiOOliS, whteh will b* aold at *0 p?>r cent 1ms than their ao um ??iuo n% ;i?un b, n?. rsev?niii *l, oppo?it? Pot Ofto*. IT-B.05mmtiiir,0NE,,v- a sr - ... . ?_. _. _m . - . ?- * , t . . _ lb AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON T H E A T E ! Lmw 8 w. Smm Ao'in* Muniw J. T. R atmohd Stage Man&f t HCMPmiT BUM THIS EVENING. Inmenee suoc*aa of the eocentrio oomediaa, MR. BOTHER N. Who wi'l appear in kia original character of LORD OUNDREaRY. In the oomedr of OUR AMERICAN COUSIN, k* performed bj him over iv* hundred tight* in the principal cities of t&e I'nion. Tli'-tr-five consecutive nuhU vm encored in hie .-t _t _ . J _ . _ IT ? _ ? _ 'ML A _ _ Bc.onra'ra i?wr ? t?n< a' [?ori ivmne i innwr da-inc the reo*nt summer *>* <>n, a compliment j umverM.ll* acknowledged tjj the preM Ui (* ui^villeled in the annate oT the drama. In rehearca! the iiCMMfa! or rnedy of f*VR AMKHICAN COUSIN AT HOME. Predated with New foen?ry, Fn>ortm?.?fl. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. f'RAND BTRTH NIGHT BALL W or ?1 company a, fit NATIONALGUARD BATTALION.jgE at the lm ASSEMBLY ROOMS, FF.BRU ARY tf*D. l*?i. Particular* in future advertisements. ia? W.S.S HAND SELECT CALICO DRESS BALL. FO* TBI Benefit of the Poor of our City, Will be given at ODD FELLOWS' HALL, (Stvmk tt.J On WEDNESDAY, Jan. *>?.. Supper wi!l h? furnished by that experienced caterer, Mr C. Uirnii. g% Tickefa have l.een placed in the hand* of <n the fill owing gentlemen tor tale, and all WB\ application must I e made t > them in ner?on,\*P a* p.iaftivelr no t:otet? will be so'd at the door : Thomaa W. H*rry, Thomaa V. Dou|laaa, and Charle* O. White. TICKETS TWO DOLLARS j?? td WANTS. WANTED?By* respeotaMe woman, a SITUATION to take care of a hab?, who c*n oome well renomireoiloo. Addreai Box No. *, Star O fice it* ViTANTED?LAND WARRANTS or SCRIP ? ? to fill a awa 1 ord*r, at orner Seventh aod E eta, export*t?* General Po?t Oaue. LLOYD A CO.. ja 30 3t* Att rneys for Claim*. WANTED-A SITUATION by a aober aiH 10duatrions nan, who ia capable of taking charge of a market garden,and u ruler stand the management <f a farm. A-dreaa Bos 16 at Una office ja y eoSt* WANTED-A itood PASTY COOK *pely at * W1LLAR PS' Hot>l. ja S9 Iw WANTED TO I1IRK-A WET NURSE, for an infart tw > weeks old, at No. 45.1 Twelfth ? a l.t n I ii _ aa.* bv , iwtwopn a* <1 n jb zb " A r e?f~e r t a ble young 'woman wnuts a situation aa cm k, ard wouid wi!lin*ly assist in washing a\d iromnc. Addrra*. or to be ae?n at the grocery atore corner Fonr'h md K eta. ja 28 3t*_ WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From fS to 3in,not worth of 8EQOND-HAND FURNl Tl'R r. of ail kinda, for which I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as u?ual,at w.e shortest notice. r. bOchly, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., _oc9 40? 7th *t., bet G and H east aide. WANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons dec'ining housekeeping or hannc a aurp'us of Furniture on hand, can obtain theoaan and fair prioee by applying at 3fi9 Seventh at. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. AN ESTRAY -Came to the premises of the ful'srriber. corner Twelfth and i> its ^M| east, a large red and wh-te spottrd CO\V.*U^ The owner is requested to com* foria d.&Aa prove property, pay charge*. and take her ??*?. ja 29 at* JOSEPH SHEI.TOM. Lf'ST?(in Sunday evening. January 87th. la Georgetown, a gold WATCH ( HARM ; hu eornelian a-t an<i fuure of an ?ai!or and anohor. Being highly pr zel by the owner, a !ib*r%l reward will ;> ? paid to the fi'der on leaving it at the Montgomery House, on Hi^h, between 2d and Sd street*. ja ?8-3t* PERSONAL. UCNRY CRA1G.J BRICKL\Yj:R,_ WILL ** peueon OS UHAKLfcS vvtK^fcR immediately 11* T NOTICE. HIS IS to notify the publio that 1 wiii pay no debta oont'act?d hy my wife. *i ly Fluey. ?f er the date oj this notinr. SOLOMON El.tEY. January 23th. UCt. jai8 St* BOARDING. BOARDING ?A desirable front ROOM, Immediately o>er the r%r;Ur, with alt the modern improv meuU, j.a* juat been vacated, and will be ri!'!>oeed of on rea?onab e t-rmi. Apply at No. 453 Ninth a r*ot A first o.Ms CHAMBERMAID wanted. ja3u-2t* ??a??? * Ladles, Call Early RinnLK?-? orioInal ai k, RIDDLF/S ORIGINAL STORE, No. 30* PENNA. AVENUE. No. 30S PKNNA AVENUE.. Additional invoices juet received of New and He%QUiui jewelry. Fmoji Org Est:** Stock YOU CAN T/?KK YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. CORA I. and GOLD SETS, ENAMELED TWIST SETS, MEDALLION SETS, REAL ROMAN M(?SAIC SETS, RURY ard VASE SETS, LaVA and BEAD SET*. VASE ar?1 BRILLIANT SETS, M TIN MOSAIC r-ETS, CAMEO and GOLD ?TONE SETS, CARi5U*CI.E SETS, Pi.AIN GOLD SETS, BOQUKT and RIBBON SKIM, IjAIMEC nt^nuAV/t-p. J.IpHs' NKCK CHAINS, CHTXDHEN'SNVOK CHAINS, CHILDREVfe ARMLETS, GENTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCH KEYS. GKNTS' SEALS and CHAINS. GENTS' M.tEYK BITTONS and 8TUD8. THIMBLES. PENfC PENCILS. KINGS. !*ILVK* Pt.ATEl) SPOONS, GOMLETS, CLPS, 4C. Everything in the store new and perfect, and guarantied * > l>e suoh as represented \rr Errrv nrticJt minnfac u*ed. ft ikt r*ttU*r re.ail trade. <vcd warranted to b - the um? quality m m ia rata 11 a/4 frnlfi fi its tA f Kirls MaI's ra aa>tli ?o iv iv ?i i vm a i ?' uj 11 ? o v*' i hi t 7 uvi mi v YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, Kigakdmhh of Co*t. A a thia ureal aale continue! hot a abort time. por?oo? dtunrg to tupply tlieroaelvea with Jewelry at these unheard of prioea will pleaae oali early at our ORIGINAL ON F DOLLAR STORE. 304 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th greets 1) W. RIDDLE. Remember the Nura!>e*?30*?aa we have no oonnoetiou with othera, profetung to aell at oar prioea, in ttia city. Reoeired thia day a larre invoice of 8ILYERWARE, oonaiating of Breakfaat and Tea Seta; Card and Cake Miuketa; Patent Svroa Pitohera; n..4i>. f\: L wy - 1/ _ : - m ?r - ? a * nui'or lur.ics; r run rvmves; im ivnirri; roru; Tab'*, Dessert, and 'I ea Spoon-J Tobaoco Boxes, Sutarand Cream Spoons; Napkin Rings; Butter Knives, ic sets and untie. Kmvi-i and > orki. ia ieti: loe Cream. Hie ana Pish Knivee; Breakfast and Dinner Castors; Double and Single faits, a large variety o( Plain, Cbaaed, aad tint Gob eta. Cups, fcc. All the above artiolee to be aoid without regard to original cost, at from 91 to 9V, and war re' ted to b* what they are represented, and fully I'iO per cent. leea than tbey can be bought. jaJR-tr 30* Pa. av., bat. 9tk and 10th sta. A ~ HICKORY WOOD, i No. 1 artioie of HIOKcmV WOOD. Aleo. PJNE at>d OAK WOOD, frepared or delivered o.>rd length. iryrernn cash. All orders should be acoompanied with the Boney ; drivers don't carry change enleas special orders are left to that effect. T. J. k. W. M. GALT, ja23 awa Pa ay., be*, llth aad l?h sis APiANO PORTE, (NKW.) POR f 175.-1 ,,m.A l.f, ?-r 1.. ~ Hot* wood Cut, t??autifol tone Pimo,||3K| Stool and Cover, which oo?t 0Mh tre ni ii I aod f h?? owner, in oonaeqianoo of the hard tirncx. yB?*U it for #175, ino.udint ?tool ud Cover. Call ?td see it JuHN F. KuLiS. i? ^ ?M P>. >t? bet. > h ?ik> lflth ?u. j?LEGANT CARPETINOS AT UKbAT 8AC &JsHfe??? TK7.M ganl to oust. Msnbtri of CoBfrMB aad otkara ia want of uoh tooda Mi b? mitfd l>y u aow at a " Wi!saWVB?s&N )?? !<? No. 4. .Llof ffiilt 1 ffiSSBSS mood's t^wij D'om, Ao. Khjmmat.'.ra'Bf fffir Tra^fittw55*** MOOK?-S~WMt Kad Drmf 8mr?. i>li ?y 111 Nan W^"6 ct6BWtty^8un.. ? ?- -*r ? . ggg=AUCTIOX SALES. 1 Br CL&AKT 4 0*KKV iNhoDMn. VERT 8U PKKIuifcfu Wl|<H (lJ,Dr MWi ft * trmiAT Armo*.-< iTIItuday noun w INO, JUMtt Slat. at le ..Xoafc, we wilt aall at mcUoi. lalVoni of oar aaeti^a rooaa. a vary ea< fj'ior ,o? of H?ee*ho<d Faiaitare, a portma of tka bou?ekee?tn? etf*et< bwp*(iai loaaacf tk* klaMnkri <>f tke Ca!>mat. o"mariiMM la aart MarWa to*, Mahoraay an 1 WVid Balaam Mako(?r< WaiDaltnH ou *r I)?4?t*?da, Walcat and oamrnon Wanlrobaa. Japan or Frathtr F?'? Ko)auraaa4 Ptllowa. pair. **,ak H tHraw MiMiiwn, Valrat Piuak Aria and Pa'lor Ckatre. MahocaoT aaa Walnat Hair-Mat parior Ckaira. 4 Oak.Cane aaat Ofi.eaad othar C Let re, Cara*ta, Oi c tk and Mattiaf, Wir.dow Ca'taina. Stair Rid*. r* U.m tin Iroaa. An Om raptriPr PMil; H^r*. r*ry h?t m4 wall br> k?>' to haraaaa, _ Ad axoaiiaat Roakavay, aa4 Static Bet Mtaaralatatf Harnria. T?ii? txi. _ _ ja ?dfc<? CLEAEY 4 9EEEN. Ai?U, By BREEM A WILLIAM*. A?<iu?in. Shoes AfVArct I&>^OB*'WEDN>>pat. the r d?T of Peb-aary ml, wa abatl rnU M oar Aaetloc Roomt. u M o Wak a. , aW|? W of Mom, VIS t 2S4 iura Mea'a Kip 9h?M. .s " eiin stsa|~ ?"0? s " eks~S?t - Boy 'OzforaTi* 46 Moa'a ~ . ?? -? ?4 M 45 * Y oath a' M 14 M Soys' " H ? if Monro* " 3i? M Y oaths' - ? ** Blni am m 0 15 *' Yoatlil'Skuibti " 14" ?n'iMoiro? ? 7Si Boy a* 44 5 " Pttoh'd Men'a Shanghai Shoes, m M Men's Shoes, 9R *? " llf ? ? * he above atook is of a fin? reality and excellent order, from the Shoe Factory at the I'mted States Penitentiary, Washington. Shoe Merchants and dealers are recpeotfally laTited to attend the sale. Terms: All sans of and aoder #? oash : ?rer a credit of*end 4 months lor approved endorsed i.u.vv, Iiaiiui IMIOIOT1 j ?'"? VI O. p J*KNOSTAck, Ward** . GRbEN A WILLIAM*, AioU. j\g 3'awAd By C. W. BOTKLER A ?ONPt Aectioneere. SALK OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT acotioh-OB'I HI R8DAY MORNING, Jan. 31, at 11 o'olook, 1 k*ir?oll atUierrtidenoeofProi. J. t. Groui.on p? nn avenue, dMtnb "Hh and litis ate.. No. 'XI7 a 1 of h a Hoeaehoid and Kitaben Furniture, oonatetiac in part ffMah^tany Sofaa, Mahogany Chaira, Marble tap Centrr Tablee, Mahogany Rookera, ifide Tablea, Bruaeela aod Ingrain Carpet*, l>re??inc Bureau*, BedaUada. Wardrorwa, Waah>tande, T?ilet Seta, Cottage Chamber Furniture, Parlor and Chamber Stovee, Oi clothe, Lonnf*, China, Glaaa and Crookery. Aiwuro nriuitiioa, " C Tcrna euh. Sale peremptory. j%t> Q"d < W BUTE MiR A f>QNB. Aaota. VAI.UABLE MARKET FARM FUR SALk.The by virtss of the power iq him by a mortgags from John Taylor, aaeoct*on the twenty-aictthday of Oc lobar, cighta** bu' dred and fifty eig*t, and now of rooord in the Clerk'a Offioe or the Cireoit Court lor Priaoe George's County, will offer at aablia sale, on MONDAY, the 4th day of Fabriar; next, on the premises, at the hour or 12 o'clock m~(if fair, >( not,on the next fair day thereafter,>the FARM now in the posteasioi; or John Taylor, and lately the pr< perty and reaidence of Mr. Wilmer J. Tal bott This land oonaiatajif one h-ndred and seventeen Acrw, more or adjoins the property of Dr. John H Barne anff Thoau E Berry.Ka^., ? and ta distant from Alexandria about two mi lea and from Washington about aix- Both of theee 011 ea are aooessibla by good and direct made. The looation is haaithy and pl*aaant,aad in many other rospeota desirable. The soil is well adapted to the growth of fruit and a<I the vegetables ea)tirat*d ia this section of the esantry. The sooisty in the neighborhood is ver* agr sable. Epiaoopal, Catho iiu aq j inxnoam onurcnop srv Wlinil IW9 MIN of tht* farm. The bm.diDca oowit of a oomfor table Dve linc and Kitch?nand all nroeeaary oatbni dinre lor ?noh a reeidmoe. The title t?thia property la aniaoumbered and iivliepatabU. Tha terra* of aale are: One tflird in oaah on the day of eale; and th? reeidue in tkree equal aonaal io?talmenta of twelve, e ghteen, and twenty-foer month*, a daad in fee simple to be firm the pnronaaer. and the deferred paymeatrf to be eaaared by a it ortgag* on the premiere, to b* (tailed by the parchaeer to the aabeenber. The deferred par inenta will bear in lctereet from the day 01 aale. C. 8. KEECH, Mortgagee and Attorney far the partiea iall-rawU % % ^PPOINTMENT AND DISAPPOINTMENT. In oourqoenofl of th? urgent nlintotiou of NUMEROUS CITIZENS who oal!?d upon DR. SCHLOSSER diriB|lHtvMk,b?t who were comf?ii?d to a war on aoooant of the oTerorowded itkt* oTfcte room a, be will remain here . a m A r r.TT VMS LiUilUEiK. ^ During hit *Ur in thia city, the Doctor bufatoeeafalif operated on the feet of perron* oP*the highest ietpeot?bility, who hare oordially pUtai at kia dtapo?*l their TESTIMONIALS of the WONDERFUL EFFECT of hia METHOD OF CURING ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. Dr Sehioaeer ban alrt adv pubhahed a great nuiy ber of oertiflaatea from peraona veil known, vhiok i roily yrora that h? i? th? only on* who enrM ?bov? mentioned ANY ONK SUFFERING IM COINS. UNIONS, SOFT CORNS. OB AMY UltLASK!) UT THE FEET. Will h*r# GIUT una TO u llfltriM . _ t? . 1 1/ then twimtdtaitif pUet tiumuivn mmdm DR. SCHLOSSKR'S UNERRING SYSTEM OF TREATMENT. Witkoat Cvmm o? cuiim th? UitT Pur. CONSULTING ROOMS, MTPENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. <8o?tk md*,) totwMi 12tfc ud Utfe Itmu. OFFICE BOUEt Frn. to m K till I > ? * jW FEW DAYS LOMIBft IN j*? WASHINGTON. -?pt ? % % ft i PEBMCH * ftJCUTU*. ______ gjr5ffj^^?w?TTiAlii/) JRt>? ay? I i