Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1861 Page 1
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" T 5E55*55*5*E55!5555S55SHS555555HSBHE8B8I1HHHB##*1*8BH5H^^555!5SH555BHBS**1E**EB**M*1BHHB i ar. V2i. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. JANUARY 31. 1861 N?. 2.481. 1 * ' <* * THE DAILY EVENING STAR M r veers he d svbrt aptbrnooji, fSUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) %T THF. *TUl BUILDI7IM, C"*w >.f and llfA f#-t t W, ?, WALLACH. .^y?i in by e?m?r? M |l I "r t> oenti f?r month. To ouUl ab#ortt>?* <"f pro* is 93-W iimt.m *4vnne*i 9t for oil 91 for threo month*; Mi for l?M ttu* month*fti the rftto ofUonU ft weok. Binfw ?'mm, oki c*mt; ia wrftpjer*, two caim. " ? ? ? ? - J Wa -* tWft aA/v* 'i f mmnnm w? w?n i w w?v triors Uo'o.oo* itu; otherwise they m?y not appear until J?t? nrxt d?j. A COCNTRT ROHlNCe. lo [COKCLDDBD. ] m The afternoon had been sultry, and Fanny . sat alone in her little room, her thoughts very earnestly dwelling upon Cousin Nathan, and totally unaware that Mr. Jacob* sat just outvide the open window. Fanny's cheek was not ?? rosy as it used to bo; and when Uncle Joohua noticed her troubled. aDxious look, and nw thr.t the rose* had fled from her face, be wondered if Nathan had anything to do with _( it. He had pondered the matter very seriously, i. nod had saicT to himself, "What's the use, tQ Joshua, of stepping between two happy young v( thingd like that ? Mr. Jacobs with bis money fe isn't in reality so good a match for Fanny as n/I ma fn? ^Kpbo tritr?f rand. J uvpuv ?* . "UV4 W WMWV g | children?that's rather counting chickens afore jj they are hatched?and 70a might as well run the risk of them &> to make jour daughter so u unhappy." Moreover,Uncle Joshua, not aware a] of Fauny's constant feeling, and a little piqued that Mr. Jacobs had not boen suffisicntly m struck with Pansy's charms to propose for her y( hand, he suddenly threw down his scythe, and * flapping his hand on his knee, said. " Let'em ?r marry; let'em marry. Jofhua, you're rich cj enough, if Nathan a*n't, and you can set'em up in such style as would make Mr. Jacobs' eJ eyes water." Acting upon the kindly impulse, he started for the house Q, Meanwhile, Fanny had been startled at seeing a tall shadow fall across the threshold, and w looking up, she clasped her two Little hands e] over her breast and ejaculated, "Oh, Nathan!" n I be next moment ne nau ner in ounrmi. men Fanny drew herself up ud stepped back. " How is it, Nathan, you come to see me today. when you have kept away se long, and besides gave me up without bidding me good^ bye ?" jj " Nay, Fanny," said Nathan, his sunburnt ^ cheeks reddening a little, "you don't know bow Uncle Joshua talked to me. He told me g, never to set my foot in his bouse igain until r, you were put out of my reach by being mar- j( ricd to some one else.' . a Oh. Nathan, did father say that ?'* " Icdetd he did; and he forbade me bidding Q yoa good-bye, and I have had such a lonely j, -tretched feeling in my heart all tnis time. Then I heard you were going to be married to t his New York chap as is staying around here, ? and I couldn't keep away any longer." ' What, Mr. Jacobs? Why, Nathan. I hate him. I would like to have a fairy pick him up and set him down gently on the summit of c Mr*nt RIai^a I ?nn1/1n,t marrv ToaaKu If 1. ***VUk 47I"UV A ?? WWIVIU V UIU1 kj 1U1. U nvvuo It li he and I were the last of creation, and only one r strip of green turf left for us to inhabit, I 11 -weuld either jump off or push, him off, that's ?ure. for I can't bear him. ' * "Oh, Fanny, what a relief to me to hear you * pay that. It pays for sneaking into a man's t house in thl3 way. when I've been as good as turaed out of it, I felt mean to do it, mighty mean; but. oh, Fanny,' if you only lore me i Mill and will always lore me, I would walk in- I to the dominion of the Fire King himself, [ though he waved a firebrand in my face to 0 keep me out. ' 8 Just at that moment they heard Uncle Josh- ' ua's steps coming towards tbe door. t "He mustn't find you here, Nathan. Father, ; you know, is set in his way?he would never IK.. ? A. i:r?: j\ju. iicir, suv uiicu, uuiiig U|i me lid of the lounge, "jump in here, lie down, ?nd I wiil let you out as aoon as I can." Nathan waa in. the lid closed, and the cushion replaced on tnelounge beforeNathanfairly knew what be was about. When I'ncle Joshua came in, Fanny wu on her knees brushing up seme shreds into the dust-pan. Unobserved, the managed to put her lips to a knot-hole and whisper, '-Canyou breathe?" to whioh Nathan a* softly replied, " Yes, but its hot here." I'ncle Jopbua sat down and called Fanny to hi? You look pale, child, and you're troubled. What ails you? Tell your father, Fanny." " I am not sick, father, indeed I am not. Jlow oan I be sick ? 1 am not, but I do wish Mr. Jacobs would go away, for I can't bear him * What, and you wouldn't marry him. Fan If U L.-U . .V ? I 9 LJ, II UC "IJ IUIU Jf'JU "Me? No, never, never!" ( Well, I s pose that joung scamp, Nathan, , has something to do with that?" " Don't call him a young scamp, father.'* i " Mustn't, eh' 0i?, I s?po?e you think he'll make me one of the best son-in-laws, and would not be carrying ycu off from the old home, as some of thein chaps do, and that he'd work the farm as I grew old, and all that?" " Indeed, indeed, yea! I know he would !" eagerly exclaimed Fanny. ' Well," said Uncle Joshua, dcily, 441 don't latend to let him try that game yet awhile. Ran and get me a glass of cold water, that's a ?wi child." Fancy cut an anxious look toward* the lounge and left the room. The instant she vanished Mr Jacobs threw up the curtain and stepped in through the window. 41 Mr. Grey," he said, in a low voice. " I croe to bid you adieu. After knowing Miss Fanny's feelings toward me, as I learned them this afternoon, I can no longer stay. I could h tve loved your daughter, sir, and would have b?en glad to have lent my wealth towards embellishing this fine old place, but Miss Fanny fits willed it otheArise, and I've nothing more to say." " All right," said Uncle Joshua, bluntly; "as for the place, it's got along so far with my means; and I do not want no one else's money to keep it up for the rest of my days. As for Fanny, she's a girl of good judgment, and if don't like vou. I s'nose she has reasons fur it." " No doubt she baa," said Mr. Jacobs, very much nettled, "And if yon lift up the lid of the lounge yonder, I presume you'll find about six feet of her reasons in there." Fncle Jo?hua smelt a rat at once; but pretending not to notioe Mr. Jaooba'a remark, he bade him good-bye. When Fanny re-entered the room her father wet lying quietly on the lounge. ' Bring me a pillow, Fanny; I believe I'll take a nap." " Hadn't yon better go into the other room, father? It's cooler there." 44 No, child, I 11 stay her#, I believe, and pose too ait down and keep the flies off me wnile I sooose." Poor Fanny/ there wai no alternative?bat ' the perapiratioa poured from her face in sympathy with poor Nathan, who she really believed would melt in that eloee box. The minutes slipped by?har father atill slept?and with tear* on her cheek she again put ner lips to the lounge and said, "Can you breathe?" 44 What's that, child?" Mid Unci* Joshua, instantly opening his eyes, 44 did you ask if I could breathe? f dreamt you did. It's deuced hut here?but I can breathe, oh yea." The next minute be was snoring again, and Fanny, in despair, sat fanning away the flies, not daring to ask Nathan another question, but suddenly she heard him say softly, 4' Fanny!" " Fanny," Mid Uncle Joshua, quicklj. without opening hi* eyes, " some one ia calling {oa?ran, dear, it way be your aunt; and anny, kias me Good night, child, it's your bad time and you moat go at once. Yeu need not oome back." In a few minuted Nathan heard Uncle Joshua jnoring again, and he made up bia mind there was no u*4 of trying to endure this any longer m His elothea were saturated with perspiration, bis brain was throbbing, and a steam bath was nothing to this horrid incarceration. He was getting nerroas, too. the dimenaiona of his box " "... - - " _ I II. -1. ..J J J ..J >L. W6rA ?0 11K C cofflo . mi o m uuuoi cu ?uu pertpiratioo poured oat faatar thfta ever 80, ruddenlj drawing op hii kDM?, and poabiag i with the paluu of hu La ad* ha triad to lire [ 4ka lid of tba bos. He ra?c??dad in railing it V ' About ID iwh I ** " Hall?," eriaJ Uncle Joahua, ' hallo within I thara, what'* to pay ? It anybod7 in a tight b?>*? ' > Nathan (uppraaaad a groan. '* Halla I ?aj ara Uiiri my ?p4riU In thu I ^ unge u would like to oommnnioate with e? If eo, let them rap." Nathan gave three Terr emphatio rapa. The >pe auddenly entered hla Nad that he ooald ighten hit tormenter off. " Are 70a a relation ?" Three more diatinot ipa. " Are yon a dead relation " Almoat," groaned Nathan, in hia moat pulcnrai tones. Uncle Joshua chuokled, "I think I know >nr roice, spirit," he said, '* it sounds to me onderfull y like my nephew Nathan's who used > be hanging round here after my Fanny?I lint seen him in some time?he's an honest llow, and kept a promise he made me not to ime here no more?he's an honorable ohap id sticks to what he says Well, spirit of athan, what do you want?" "Oh, Uncle Joshua'." groaned Nathan, in tter despair, "don't fool with me; let mo out od forgive me." " But I owe you a grudge for trying to tilt ie off the lounge a minute ago. Before I let du out, tell me how you got in." " I came too see Fanny, ana hid from you," lid the voico of poor Nathan, rendered sepularal in spite of him. " And you and Fanny have agreed to give ich other up. I s'pose?" " No, sir, we have agreed never to give each ther up?wo intend to love on till we die." " Indeed! Well, what if I give you Fanny; ill you live here with me, promise to give up t c .?J ? A Livwiug ww?*r?V) nun iuc laiuij auu gu w leeting every Sunday7" " With all my heart." 4 Upon your honor?" 44 Yes Oh, for heaven's sake let me out." 44 Very well. Shade of Nathan, come forth." Uncle Joshua lifted up the lounge, and poor rathan crawled out, looking more like a paroiled beet than a spruce young farmer. Uncle Joshua put his hands on hia sides and arveyed him. '4 You're had a warm season, I ecken," snid he; "but there is one consolation. t sweated the tan off, I guess, and you'll look 11 the better for it in the end." Fannj and Nathan were married; and often ow, when Uncle Joshua, of a winter's evenrig, aits surrounded by his merry grand-chilren, every one of whom refutes the old saying hat cousins' ohildrcn arc always fools, he reales them with the history of the nap he once ook on the old box lounge. * A Fatal Fi?e.?A double murder u-a? recently ommitted at the Aldersbott encampment, Eug\nd A private soldier named Johnson bad been rprimano'd and reported for punishment, and red his rifle at a sergeant named Cbipt. The hot passed e>ar through the sergeant's body, :illini; blm and a corporal who was seated oddo ite htm. Johnson has been tried and sentenced 0 drath, but as there Is some doubt aste bis saniy, he probably will be imprisoned for life. Private letters stat? that Young America rrain, (the successful proprietor of Tramways in 'arope.) in conncction with Mark Lemon. Punch,] Judge Haliburton, [Sam Slick,] and >tbers, ha? got up an Associated Company, with capital of 93,UUU,000, for the purpose of building 1 groat "American Hotel" In London. They lave (jot possesion of three acres cf ground in he cstrand, and are going ah-ad like "bricks Vtwi. N?w York City Railroads ? The Third ,venue railroad cost about fift.'j.UW It la repreented by stock to the value of ft 1,250.(100, which tot long since was quoted at 170 per cent , or in >ther words, it returns 2l? per cent on five tlines ts original cost. The Sixth-avenue railroad cost ibout f'J3U ,?**). and is represented by stock worth IfeOO.MJU, which is valued at Iflo per cent The Kluhth-avenue railroad cost ab^ut ?2<30,000, and ja* stock In the sum of which is said to ?e worth 'AW per cent ? IVmld IX^There Is a Major Anderson in Italv. His name Is i'ergola, and with a small garrfson he holds for Francis II. the citadel of Messipa. I'er ?ola hss warned the citizens that, resolved neither Lo surrender nor yet to l>e starved out, the moment provisions fall short In the fortress be intends to blow it ur> With naternnl warnin? h? thit belng'more tbap/eighty-two years old, life :s pf little consequence to nlm. little three year old girl In VV&ltham, Mou , was afflicted with a throjt diseise, which d-Hed the skill of physicians, until at the last hour one of them Inserted his tinker la her thro tt and drew out an irou washer, whl- h she bad partially svallowed, and had been allowed to remain until imbedded In the walls of the throat She f?*lt relieved 111 half an hour, and Is now as well as ever. A " Fast" Lady ?A few days ago L?dy Charlotte Chetwynd made a wager to ride from Grendonhall, Atberston, to Cllfl House, six miles distant, In twenty-five minuOs Her ladyship, notwithstanding the bad state of the road, performed her undertaking with 50 seconds to (pare ?London pap*r, Id. fT^Snowln Pari* la seldom deep enough to make sleighing, but this year has been a exception, and sleighs or "sledges," as they call them, have been in universal use Even snowballing has been permitted, and the boys had such fun at in the Tuileries Garden that tbe police had to go in a body and disperse them. 1?7~ The Southern Bank of New Orleans has placed at the command of tbe Governor of the State the sum of S50,UUU, should it be rtqulred by tbe exigencies of th# public service?the Governor ' to accept tbe loan on such terms for its reimbursement as he may deem equitable." IE/" The Jafan^se bill of Mmri Leland, In New York, amounting to 969.0W, was refused payment by the Comptroller, nnd a further reduction of 911,504 haa been made. Tble will leave it at &>?.50i, at which figure it has been audited. \rjr Four atreet robbers at Galveston, Texas, made a raid on the citizens a few nights since They garroted three gentlemen, and got 9166 from one, ?200 from another, and a gold watch and chain from the third. Monday night last an attempt was made to blow up an old market-house in St. Louis A keg of powder had been placed in a position where the explosion would destroy the whole fabric. . in-A g lrl was upset from a sleigh, at Newburich, N. Y , on Tuesday, and fell against a tree; she did not appear to be much huh at the time, but on reaching home vomited blood; before the doctor arrived she was dead. irr The city council of Halifax, N. 8 , hav< sent the Mayor and one Alderman to the United States, commissioned to buy three steam tire en glnes, la consequence of tbe late destructive Are 1X7" Tbe French and Pledmonteae governmen have sent officers to purchase3,000 horses for theii cavalry In eastern Prussia. Already 1,000 hav< been delivered. fT~r Mr. John Morrissey has just coon Dieted tb< purchase of a floe block of brown stone front five story bouses, paying #100,000 therefor. They an situate lu West Thirty-fourth street, New York H7" A cave, 2,000 feet deep, has recently beei explored near San Domingo, on the Tehuantepe< route. It has at some time been inhabited, a several broken Jars have been discovered there. EMrs. Castetter, of South Bead, lad., wa on Monday by a female servant, who strucl her with her fist in tbe breast while she was seate< in a chair with an Infant in ber arms ||T A woman recently applied to the Duchea County (N. Y.) Court* for a divorce fiom her bui band on the ground that be habitually chewei tobacco U7" A converted pickpocket la the lateat orthc dox senaatlon In London Crowd* go to hear hi ermona, which are very ordinary, and even vul gar in style. (17* White shad, the Drat of the season, mad thrir appearance at Plymouth, N. C., on Alonda laat. They were line, fat and well flavored, at 7 cent* apiece. Th? Pennaylvania Legislature, which alon ha* the right to grant divorce* In that State, ha ihnwn it* repugnance to the bua'.nea* by aboil*!) ing the committee having aucb matter* in chargc ITT Pern la coming into the world aa a cottor grower; 16,000 bale*of her cotton having juat bee aent acroaa the lathmua, moat of it to Europe. JCT" The number of students inscribed at tb Mealcal (*r.bool of Paris at tb? commencement t Uli year was only 1,1*. f[?T The flrit criminal that nrrt perished on tb [allows la Turkey wuHKatod at Coastantlnop] u October Lime manufactured durlug the last year: Ko> kland, Me , foots uptiWtM0 casks, an 1 ucrrai of jU/WI cask* over IMS. lO* Docs killed MO sheep, valued ?t fl.WO, i Chatham Til! . on Saturday night. m - i CLOTHING, Ac. NEW FCA8SI- 1 MERS.AND VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS A Co., 399 Penntylvania Avenue, have just reoeired a larjre variety of new Fall Goods, to wmoh they invite the attention j of their friend* ajid nn?totner?. an ?-tf j PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES! We havejnat reoeiv^d a large lot of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS. HATS and CAPS, on oonmjcnment, whioh mimt he sold before th<* 4th of Maron. without retard to oosf. Thesa goods have atl been made up by the best bouse* in Baltimore iui'1 Phi'adetphia, and owing to the timet they will be sold at almost any prioe. oar object being to turn them into oash as soon as p>ssibla. L A. BF.ALL ft CO., C'othiers, No. 439 Seventh St., above Q. N. B.?Come on*, come all; now is the time to buy WINTER CLOTHING at any prioe on Seventh St.. No. 439.4 door* above G st. de 28-1 in 2ENTLEMEN'S * RK*D\"-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S REaDV-MADE CLOTHING offers to citise&s and strangers wishing an immediate out fit *uporior inducements, embracing, at this time, all sttles and qnahties of Dress and Business Garments and Overooats in all varieties. Fine Shirts and Under-olothwig ot all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of beat qua ity. Soarfs, Ties, Cravats, o?.o"gs, nosiery, so., ?c, ah oi wnion wo arc offering at <>ur usual low prices. ID" Clothing mid" to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. no 16-tf .322 Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our oustomers, and oitizens generally, to an inspec'ion or our present new, at _ traotiro. and elegant assortment of^eK CLOTHS. CASBIMfcRKB, DOESKINS, I* VESTING8, OVERCOATINGS, Ao. W which we will make to order in superior style at very low prices. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., oo 25 tf 322 Pa. av? betw. 9th and loth sta. GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would call the attention ol water takers to their full assortment of l-ixtoros neoessnr? to its intro auctionfollows:?KITC H KIN K AJNG EJ*.B A Til TUBS, WATKR CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINK!?, PUMPS, Cut Iron. Wrought Iron. Lead and Galvaniaed W TER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASHERS. RLB'tER HOSE, Ao. Haviu* superior advantages, with practical k' owlodge, wo are prepared to introdnoo Water into dwellings with all the latest improven eutc, pron.ptiT, ana &t pi ices that cannot fail to satisfy. 2<59 Penn. avenue. no 24 dtMar 1 bet. 9th and l?th st*-. south side. AWM. T. DOVE A CO. RE Nr.w pr?j>njfKl to execute any order* wlti Which tlrtjiMj be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUS1NES3. JO" Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa, avenue, where tjiat No found a comnlete assortment of CHANDELIERS and other GAS, STEAM autf WATER FIXTURES. iag7-lr WGAS FIXTURES. K Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, OAS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designa and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citizens general I. ii x _ ... i _ Y . it wj cjiii inn fi&min" our bcook oi i?as ana wawr Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beel elected stock in Washington. All Work in the alwve hue intrusted to oar cftr* Will be promptly attended to. MYERS & McGHAN. mar S tf 37ft D street. I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND OA 5 FITTER, Haa removed to the corner of Twelfth and F sts. He ia prepared to introdaoe Water and Gaa upon the moat fovorabio terms, and guarantiee entire satisfaction He haa on hand a lot of COOKING and other STO V K&, which ha will sell leaa than ooat. aa he wiahea to get rid of them. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. Washington. July If, 188*. NOTICE K fiZ*EQY GIVEN, That,agree mui J kU IUO pn'TiBK/UB Ul Vll<7 UlUIIUUJUn CJ HID VIMporati<n approved Mar 12.1460. the undersigned if now prepared, "whenever ro? aired in writing. and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and uncertain the aoonracy of registration of any gas meter in use in this oity." Every meter, if found inoorreot, wiil bo condemned, and another, aoa.ed and marked aa true, will be setmi?? plaoo. if proved to be aoourato in ita measnr?-mect ofgaa, it will be sealod accordingly, and again put in position for use. Office No. #16 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel.OWi' Hall ) Open from 8 a. in., to 5 ?. m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM. jf 18-tf InapooU.r and Sealer of 0aa Meters. IG. O. DEMUTH * CO., MPORTEKS And Wholesale and Retail Dealera in HAVANA CIGARS, FOREIGN irVvR*, BRANDIES, GINS, te., No. 40 North Charles Street, Five lioon above Lexington it., no22-ly Baltimore. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Who hat just received a large xupp'r of freah LOBSTERS, FISH, and fine OYSTERS, which he wil! serve to customers at shortest not ce ar.d on libera; t?rnn, P. S?Oysters served to families and hotela are not soaided; they a:e only scalded for persona eating them at the saloon. T. M. HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /Ov / a removal. AA If V I have removed mr M V FAWN OFFICE to .151 C street, between 4K *nd Sth streets, imme diateJy in the r"ar of the National Hotel, where the buaiuess will lie cont.nued u heretofore at the old stand. lnol56m) ISAAC HKKZBKRG. TH? EUROPEAN HOTEL. KKPT BY P. EMRICH. at ilia oorner of Penn. A ?. A avenue and Eleventh street, hai heenVlv?AV .?i? ?.<* *r IUiCTJ V |ioau; imwiufou irvornj pu'4 ji'?w ,,ur| rjalimhm greater iriduoetnents for the patronage of citizens and Grangers than any other public house in the oit', his prions being less than those of any other hotel on Fean. avenue, and his accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and res'aur&nt arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very p<>pu Ur, being all that can ba desired by the most fas tidious. Toe proprietor pledges unremitted attention and oontisued liberal expenditures to give satisfaction to ah, and thus miews his invitation. ? all to give the European Hotel a call. de4-ti Boots and shoes to suit ? ? TIMES. We are now m\nufaoturmg ail kinds of boots and shoes, and oorstantfr reoeiviqg a^Av apply of eastern made work of everr ae-BKil l soription. made expressly to order, ana will W Ml to sold at a muoh lower price than has been* eretofore oharged in this oity for muoh inferior Persons in want of Boots and Shoe* of eastern or 01 ty made work, will alwa*s find a good assortmen In store and at the lowest erioes. Give os a call. VRIKFIN 4b BRO., M?-r 814 Pennsylvania avenue. GMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS ties Vnd SUM of%rLeSSier Lid*es'fej%H Dress and Packing Trunks. Qnr trunk^**"* hum room exhibits at this time the cr<**tMt variety of traveling requisites. at moderate prioes. to be found this side oTNew York, Also, every deeorip toon oT laDIKS' HAT boXES, VALICES, CAHPKT BAGS, SATCHELS, to. IL^Old Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for new ohm. WALL, STEPHEN* ft CO? Trunk Sales Room, martl-tf 398 Pa. a vena*. FD. L. MORRISON tc CO.. LOUR AN^jG^ER^ COMMISSION Anii wlit)l.vuiJ? dp?.l?r? in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL. # ?., fe, Corner of 12th and B streets, Washington oity, I KT Cash paid for ail kinds of Grain, an 25 6m HAVK YOU SEEN the 50 o#ntChildren's Books at FRENCH A RlCHSTElN'tt, 873 Fa. . avenue, selling for 10 cents? Hare yon aeen the elegant 92 Annuals for N?r Year presents, at " FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'8, selling for only ? . Call and make your purohases before they are ail e gone. At FftENCH * RICHSTECVS, v de 39 978 Pa. avenue.

5 !.?.?. LAHAJU (.Lion. t. k Altai. Will praotiee la theliii'^Coar't oP&rrora aul Af i timssttmm W. : tplpipisi " jwf 'warMifgjvs* 5 lt (20 TO SHEPHERD'S, ?omer 7th ud D ?U, VI for btrgftiu. ]? 19 lm DENTISTRY. Ka. lock wood * darr ell ark preared to n?a?rt teeth on "I'l Mi i [te bask, a new aud improved modeAwCaB* c When mad*on thi? they are oom N"lu ? ortable to wear and muoh che*p?r tban any other. I Mao, Teeth inserted on Gold Plate. a?H all Dental t Operations of any kind that may be defired. Ol- * jie-Soom No. & in the Waahinfton Building. eor> t ?er Pa. av. and Seventh ?U ja 10-3w* |\f teeth. \ UUUM IS, M. 1)., the inventor and patentee >fth? MINERAL PLATE TEETH. at->*M=^ tepds personally at his otto* in this city.AaflBBa* Many peraon* oan wear these teeth whoHtu-lJJ I saanot wear others, and no person can wear others rho cannot wear theae. f'eraona calling At my offioe can be accommodated th any atyle and prioe of Teeth th?y may desire; ;>ut to thoee who are partiouiar and wiah the pnreat, sleaneat, strongest, and most perfect dertare thai krt oan produce, the M1N ERAL PLATE will be more rally warranted. \ Rooms in this oity?No. 33? Pa a venne. between Hh and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, PhilaJel >hia. op is tf ^ DIRECTORY." ; R A LTIM O RE _ AN OH IO_ RAILROAD. < ^ WASttlPHfTUn BKANCH. Ommmmmmmmam CHANGE OF HOURS. ? On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, I860, the trains Till run as follow*: LEA TE WASHINGTON: First tr?m at ?.2f> a. m. ' geoond Trafa at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p m. ? LEAVE BALTIMORE: \ First train at 4 15 a. m.. Express. Second trai n at 8.35 a. m. Third at3.10 p.m. ? Fourth M p. m., Expreaa. The first, aeoond and third traina from Wuh nj*ton conneot through' o Philadelphia and New ^ The aeoocd and third onnnect at Waahinston Junction with trai-na for th? West, South, and ' Nortiweat: alao, at Annapolia Junction, for An napolia. For Norfolk take the "? 40 a. m. trai . l-or the ffoonmmmlation of th? wrt travel between Waalnneton and Laurel, a paaaenger car will be attached to the tonuage train which leaves at 12 m. On Saturday the 3.1" p. m. train goea to Philadelphia only. no 26-a T. H. PARSONS, Arent. ! THK STEAMER JAP. GUY Will rmrne Mr 1 tripe on TUESDAY, Slat of JT**9 * February, ldft'. w-iumw wkii ' ' INGTON irverr TUESDAY FR1UA V, at c o'c.ook a. m..and ALEXANDRIA athalf-paalB o'elook, for CUHRIOMAN and trie intermediate Landiofa. On her retnrn tripa. aiie will Iwre CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SA1URDA V, at I o'clock a. tu. i itpu w u u * n n ?:-* ? uvvtAii k^< x /\*jrii? 1 tvflicmij NATH'L BOIJSH. Ac't. Alexandria. fesn FRENCH FL0WKR90F THE VERY BE8T qushty, and an extensive vwriety. aA . At STEVENS'S Fancy Store, Imn no 22 tt S.tfi. h?tw. 9th and 1Mb at*. WATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARE manufactory. i have one of the t?et establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repair- JKl u>k every description of fine Watches, and , Particular attention give to the -samfl, by a^|C Knrnnsrk warlrmiia m ?? ? ? iwiv..*.! v"inj?w?cuv w1m ?ii?uh,o,iu n. wuh lunran- I tied. Alro, every deRcnp ion of atandard Sfl.VHR I WARE, pi&in and ornamental, manufactured under hit own auperviaion, which my ouatomera will find far nuperior in quality and finish to northern ware old Uy dealnra in general and resrraeiited as tiieir own manufacture. H. o. hood, e 6 33* Pa. avenue, near 9th at. Best fancy goods, AT PRICES to suit the times. And On* Prick Ojilt, i At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK, no a tf 336. hctw. 9th and 10th wU. j Proposal* f8r "k^.cting a coirt- 11 HOI.'HK AND POST OFFICE AT PHILAl'HIA, PA. Tbkarfry Dkfartmkxt, December a, isftt. j Sealed Paoro**l? will be received at this I>?B&Ttm^nt nnti thn /if kVKr.iar? a f* iti!i at 12 o'olf ck at noon, for the construction of the < Philadelphia Court-llous* et,d FoetUrtioe.accord i in* to the plan* arid specifications prepared at this < Department. These nrr po?a!? must be for the whole work; bet moh portion of the work and the amount b d there- , for must be separate * stated in the bid; the respeo i tive amount fur eaon kind of work carried out, i and the totai amount stated; the Department re- | serving the right to reject or accept the proposals 1 hereby invited, or any parts thereof, w..en itdeems the interest of the United States requires it; the Department also reserves the right to exolnde the bids ofany person or perrons whom there is just oause to believe will not faithfully perform the contracts, or wbioh the* have attempted to obtain by indirection; and all bids ? ben there shall he parties in interest who do not join in the bids, and all bids that, opon investigation, are below a fur prioe for the work. ? __.ll 1 > ?1 s. - 1 1 j * * ? J ? nu ooiiiiaat win im nwnnina to oiuncra unui no tails are furnished the Department of the prioea of the different kinds of work and material*, which a? all be au'r j^ot to the revision of the l>ep%rt?nent, ao that the eroaa hH ahaJl beeqmtab y apportioned upon the whole work to guide the Department in miking payments. Ninety pet cent, of the amoant of work done and material* 4Bivered, acoordiuc to contract price, <aaid amount to be ascertained by th? eaUin?teoi an agent of the Department appci ted for that purpose, ) will b< paid from time to time as the work progresses, and tec per o?nt. retained until the completion of the contract and acoeptanoe of the work, ao? by the arer.t aforesaid, aud bo forfeited in the event of non fulfilment of oontraot. Contracts will be awarded only to master builders or mrohanios, and the asaignme-it the-eot, exaept by consent of t e >eoretary ot the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of th? *am?. Each proposal mn*t be acoon panied bt a writt n guarantee, < igned by twor-aponaiblepersons (c-r titied to be so b* the United States District Judge, nr A HnrnAv nf tKft Hiatrint \ in ?lia ??? <?f 920,000. that the bidder will, when required, if hia p'l.poga t>> eonepted. enter into a contract and r?ond, with proper *nd sufficient securities for iu fa-thful performance. Plana, pecification* and working draw mca can beexamired after forty day*, an 1 other information obtained onapp ioition to the Depa-tmeit. The propoaala must be aent to this Department, addreaae<l to the freoretarr of the Treasury, (??dorrtd" Proposal* for the Philadelphia Court Houm and tost Ufee,") and will be opened at I o'clock p. m..ot the laat day named for reoeiving the same, in the preacnoe of the biddera. if any choose to attend. PHILIP F THOMAS, de 34 60dstaw Secretary of the Treasury. T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, *0. Wkeruu, At the present season o the year piifii t'p > MOD DUB DIARRHEA. DYSENTERY, CHOLIC. DYSPEPSIA, , DEBILITY, Ao., 4c., prer&il to ?n alarming extent: And wKmtiu. It moat be of the . . F1R8T CONSEQUENCE to every family to know of A REMEDY ???* [#: SrSsttfoQ?"" offers his ?V MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER m the moat .EOTgfKVMWfejS^kAIjm In order to atufr _ THE PUBLIC that no imposition ia inteiidxl in the eale cf tl.ia THEM ONE^. WjLL^uTk EFU N DED when the medicine Si la to give entire eatiafaetio Ask, then at wit Drnr ?U>re for DR. MONTARDE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, UJi* m directed, and if not perieotl* wtiafied Return to oar Agent, CLARK, E8Q.. 4K Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refund your money. Prioe?8* and M Cents per Bottle. _____ " For Ml* it all Drag Store# everywhere. jab. McDonnell. General Arect, Jyll-eotr Baltiiwof. ! r|UPQ(MT'8 ttUNPOWDKK, ' v tttV&ilfft&ZiSSZgc. 80U Armor fm tiu JH*tr%a af Coiumbia. A IATCA nia.T ?ijigmif' mmamm MPIMV. R1VB.?R 1 on hand,"nd delivered free to Ml parte of the Dietict. Order? ou aiso be left at the oflioe of AdMB* I Enw? Ci>MMf. WtAiaitw. D. if. fc ?-tawl* . | ADIF.8 THICK WINTRR BOOTS of Kid ml tto mS?*![VaL'ed . 'Aiep Mimm Boot* of the Mint tyle-.arejMl ? f olPnr l*r, lower* . than elsewhere la the ear. at J. ROSENTHAL'S, ;' "hand 9th ?K?. Ladies' and Mimm' Lon? Robber Boot*. >a 2*o . >. * . .. . WOOD AND COAL. Lr WOOD AND COAL. r J. OU Will surely jret your money'* worth by PlOSlKtR MILLS, fMtimsi c?r o ter af Strenlk ttrrrt and (UK.O PAUK, tJ tcent.) Th?y Mil cheaper ud five M>tt?r measure a han any other* in the city?cut, split, and dehv- t >r*d free of charge. If you don't believe it. (ire y he Pioneer Mills a trial, and he satisfied. t ja 17-ly,r IS7 II (I > t AND 1 COAL J Delivered to all parte of the city,at the loweit oeeible rata*. T. J. A W. M. SALT, * Offioe 999 F?.. * ., between 11th and 12th *ta., h ma 17-tf north eiae. F CARRIAGE FACTORIB3r~ 5 117ASH1N6TON CARR1A6E FACTORY. ' " D Sirttt, ?rttP4tn 9Ik ei%d lQffc Str$4iM. ? W? hare just ?c:?hed a number of irat olaaa CARRIAGES, such m Liskt mry^jHfta , (T?*o??, Park Pufxtimi, Cw-mRKR r ? ???. ?*</* ? rM.'.WiacltWIWUIHU?? "M* o i Ten mftlI profit. /Jem* prftouoal meohanios in different braaokea f the buainesa, we [latter curselve* that we know I he it;let and <o&nty of work that will rire aatia ( ftotian, combining Uf htseaa, oomfort im darabill f keMJEirr promptly and oarefully attended to iie ahorteat not:oe and in oat reasonable oh*rjtea. ? WALTER, K ARM ANN k, FOPP. Coechmakera, aoooeaaora to Wo, T. Hook. f il-UlJ C A R R1 AS E8. J HE Stbeerihar kanni made addiOout* hi 11 Mtorr, marine it cow one of tie .arrest.. nth* District, where hie facilities forMBX^K aaanlaof ring CARRIAGE k LIGHT" " M r IVA80N9 of &il kinds ouoot be surpassed, u4 torn tus lone experience in the tsr mess, lie kopec ? rive Mneral satisfaction. All kinds ofCamajee ar.d Llfkt W teens kept ? 1 " Aii RKPA IRS neatly rd?r? pre apt | Ttt-tf ssrisrsf 14th u4 K Ha. C Db. J. H McLEAN'S J STRENGTHENIN0 CORDIAL AMD BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? ik* WORLD, 1 ?&n<i the most 1 Dmciorn AfT) ?*? DELIGHTFUL fbi I A EVER TAKEN%M^/ffL It i* atrirtW a aci- Vf TM[ \|r *1111(0 and Vagata- ^K)|4|Ar bl* Onipcaud, pra- V9^Pr I c*r*d by the diauiiak * 11 or. of recta, barb*, fjki %A & and Tallow Dock, Blood Root, |T* 'g Black S^Mj Baraapa- r6jjl| Jugrlf l - rk, acl Dand*ii*o [S3 *n<*r* ">U ita camI Tb* a itir* activ* r B| / afc flg**~lL TE ramadial prucipl* I II?01 ?icn lOfnaitn: ? . Before takin?j?SS;? tiking. iittillinf, rrodaeim & <Jelicioae, eahiUratinf epirit, u< t> meet infallible rensa'ljrfor r?no??unf the 4>nui< eyetem, .ad reetorinf the lick, Hfimif, ud debilitated invalid W health and etrenftk. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will efeetaallp ear* Li?er Complain, Dyepapaia, Jaanlie*, Chranie ar Narvoaa Debility, Dieeaaea of the Kidaaye, and all dieoaeee ariaii.ff from a disordered Lirar or Stomach, Dnp<;iu, Beartharo, Inward Pilee, Acidity or Meknaee of the tioniach, Fallneee of Blrod to tha Band, Dal I Paia or vimmir.f intbeBead, Pilpt'tt'oa of the Heart, Fallneea or Weifht in the Ptonuich, Soar Eracuuona, Cl.okir.j or afocatwf Feelinf when 'arii r down.Dryneoe or Yellow, neee of the Bkiu and Eyea, Ni^V. Bvaate, Inward Fe?era, Paio in tba Mmall af the Baek, Cheet, or Side, addoo Flaehee of Beat, Depreaeion of Epinta, Frtfhtfal Praatse, Lunar, Deepootle ey ? uj bervoaa diaeaee, Poraa ar Blotehee ou tha Skin, aad Fe*er and Afae (ar Cbille and JPg ^ ^ ^ \ OTER A MILLION BOTTLES koaa Waa. - ? 1 A /Iomfo fl|* laaf lit nuwfk* anal 4a ka laa ? Hue* hu it felled in entire eatiefacuan. Who. then, ' will aofer from Witmm or Detility when McLKARf TR KNOT HEM IN 0 CORDIAL will car* yea 1 ] Ht language cu eaai?ey an adeqaatt idii of the iattaodlila and alroeet miraealoaa char,(a rrodaced by taking One ' Cardial io tha duauai, debilitated, ud ahattered aervoaa yeteir, whether broken dawn by aicaaa, week by netara, u impaired by eicknoee, tha ral?tad aad?neirttag arftm alien la reetared ta Its pnawne ha?!th and aige* I MARRIED PERSONS, ?r ethere, cacaciaaa af inability fro-n whatever coaae, viil led MCLEAN* STREHOTitKNINa CORPUL a ibareafh refener&tar of the aya;am; and all wh* >ae? ha*a In |?rod tbaroaalTaa by improper indeljet.cea will lad la ifeie 1 Cardial a certain and epeedy remedy. TO THE LADIES. 1 McLEANf rTREHOTREmWO CORDIAL le a eeoerelrn and apeedy care far Incipient Canearepuaa, Wlitee, Obetracied or Diflcalt Menatraitiion, Incontinence af true ' ar Indolent-ry D<*charfe there*.', FalJirj af the Womb, iddineaa, Faiclinf, and all dieeaeee incident to Fenaiee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT ftaf er no longer T-ike it according le directiaae. It will ;_ala(a ata?a>?tKAB an4 ink ivntal m wan a ^ a naa t ha I hlowa of haal'h to meant yoar cl.e'al igmui. Urtrr bottle u *triuUd U giw? aaliefaciion. FOR CHILDREN If year children are sickly, pai.r or aSicted, MrLEAift COKDUL *!ll make them healthy, fat, rod rotaet. Delay not a moment; Uj it, and 70* will bo convinced. It to dohciou to take. CA UTIOlf. Bo ware of dnffiata or dealere who reay trj to palm apoo y?a MfTio bitior or e&raapan'la traeh, which they can ba* cheap. by aajunr it lataat aa food. Avoid oach doc Aek for McLEAN-fl VrRENGTHENlNU CORDIAL, and uka nothing olao. It ta tho only remedy that will parity the Blood thoroafb.y nd ax tho ujni time otrinfthiii tho eyotcm. Out laaepooafal ukon ifirj looming lutit'f la a certua pre?euti?e for Cholera, Chilla and Ferer, Yellow Ferer, or my prevalent dioaaoo. It la ptn ap in lar^a botilea Pnci ooly 91 por bottle, or * !<?tUaa for fS J. H McLEAN, Sola proprietor of thie Cordial; a too, McLau'l Volcanic Oil Liniment. Principal Da pet 00 tho coraar of Toird and atraou, St. Loan, Mo. McLean's Yolcanio Oil Liniment, (THE BUT LINIMENT IN THE WOR.LP ) Th* nil7 nfi and eartain car* for Canc*ra, Pilai, Tmnan, vallinfa and Brnochila or Cottra, Pinlnu, Naaraifia, Wuknmif tk? MokIii, Chronic^r Inflammatory, '..fra*? af lb* Jouiia, Contracted Moaclo* ar k!fam*nt*, Earaeb* arTocthacha, Braiart, Srrama, rraah Cata, Woanda, Clean, P*?*r Soraa, Cakad Braaat. Bora Nipplaa, barm, Bcalda, Bert Throat, or any iniaiomtioa or dud, no diffaranca bow aarar* cr Ion* th* dtaeaa* mj { bar. asiatad, McLEANI CELEPRATED LINIMENT M a certain ramad*. Thoaaar,d> at baman bainf* hart baan *t?*d a lift af dia artpuad* aad miiary by tha aaa of thia iaralaabla ranady. MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ralitra pain aliaoat iueUnU-aaoaaly, and it arill clean, parity and baal tba foaiaat aorat in aa incredible abort una. FOK HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tba only eafe and reliable ramad* for tba ear* af Bparin, Rutfboua, Windfall*, B(linu,Unnataral Lar.p*, Nud?* or Swt.liojra. It naaar faltad to car* Bt* Head, Pol *'!l, Piatala, OU I Ranuuig Soraa, or Bvaaar, if properly applied. Par Bprane, Braitet, tfcraicnee, Cracked Heel*, Cnafaa, Saddle or Collar Oalla, Cata, Sorae, or Woanda, K M an infallible remedy. Apply it aa diractad and a ear* u certain ia every l?taara Than trite aa lonrer with tba many vartbleae Linlmente rid U> rN. Oliuin I upplT ?f Di MCLEAN'S CKLBB&ATK1) LIN1M1LNT. It will c jx. jam J. H. McLJtAH. lot* Profrimr. Comir Third tad Pia* ?., Bu Lo?m, SL. CHARLES 8T0TT, ITS P*. *?., Ml* *f?nt w *imhmf toe; R,? T C!HtL.t>Mrfiu?n. ?M D*WI? ffSEEIIAN SIMPSOK'J wu!u^iw'1Tlii T.FAMIIY RYETFAMHY RYE); M^BISREplyVHISKEl^ ThenborcPURE WHISKY,Corrnn D?TtLLD r&oH M altko 9k>ih, being anterior m.d auKurni in tnality, n;.d hifhly improved oy m?, i? preferred by ot niumtn to nil oUior Whiak'.en, nnd p*f tirn Inrly r?oo:aineadrd by tko boat phyaioinna nmJ aomitta na nil the rMiir*ai?Dti of n u, *b?diitihutioo of thi. Whiskr, i> pro~l K. tntlr us to b? the toftatt nnd pnroat wntor in tho U nited StntM : nnd to tfau mny, in n (rent decree, b* nt tilr>nte<3 the xeellenoe of UiiaJWhialty. For anle by FREEMAN Jk SIMPSON. nnu D.atel'.ery. On thoSoknylkili river,Pkiindniehm 0?ooo-#<& Wnll rtreet, Nov York ; 10? Soctb Front atr?o?, Phiin4el|>h?n. ? - ?-'? REASONABLE DRY 600U8! Cloak*. Shnwia, Ftnnaots, Man not, Ottomni.e. BlnnkeU, Kail Cloth*. I.iuaoya, Fnnoy Silk., Alk Rohna, Yarns, Hooped Skirts, c .s?ssr-c??foru.AlrK%iiw All of which ? otT* M pricM to awit th* tinH". ?J*W TAYLOR * HUTCH l*ON "? *? < . . ? ' " ' * _ I 8lB?l?OOfT. ? ?- > * I KlT? cpl? ? n Tw^'aLlI^ ? It (availably ocntaina th? "WuluilM N*w" bar bu hdi IV tetif Xmhn Mar ?tr*aiau ? gwrslly Uroachoat Um ooidtry. I ?11 mmm?i I par. mw-THRKECEirra. I EDUCATIONAL. I r?.?E fX&VL'JSF&Vtiy*. I A 1- ??-A . * ? ~ ? ? heir phjaioftJ training vi;l ft?4 H lltntioo, yqd*r th?n>o?t tppror*d of C*bt |>mo? lid QywtHni, i ntNity i?vit??i isit the I'niop Femaia A?dmy. tora*r Fcmr B zvtr I P*KMALE BOARDING AN0D4Y SCHOOL I Mrt. 8. J. )L^OMi(^k. ^rnqru. I The Uiirt^er. th innuk. muivd of tkia Inatjtct.on rill ?omnt?no? or. Tne?dftrT&?pt*flibw ink. in U? P?* fMjitlr oommM by ferlmtof ???., 10. 1M Ki?| MrML The eoarM of at?dy pam*d will oompri** *11 ha br?noh*a r*qoi*>t? fc> ft thorough F.Ofliah K4a fttioj^ftod Mono. Franch, LMid Md Drawing. it la liditioi to dty Nkoltri. Mrt. MoCormiak ? I r?pftred to rw?iM? liautea no tutor of pupaik M oft-dem. vho conaUtating ft pftrt of h?r owa few _ IJ,?III uv hbuvt ?( inim?aiM? mtvmq ?pvr TI turn. She will MiWTOr.H tor aa poaaibln. tt> Mr oiyid lh?<u with U?? oom/orU tad kiadir latnw? a-j "z, ff^essX^rvviss Editor Evening SUr, Benjamin WnUra. Km .Jm ittttwialc. Jr-JE*.,Co,. John W. Minor. |,oudo?n leaara. Blaotoook * Marahnii, Mum Cor Irotherm. Board. with Tmtioa im %!? *?* Bmnch*a, I pm for the annual mtii'D-pti nt>.e NW-uiiiUr, n adraooo. Muiic and LU(U(M nt ProfoMora' yn?N. IlT" No antra charge*. a* M-tt ^iflW (Vr? Cmtk. Cold, K?ar*MW*, /?/IVWlTk ?u4n?a. any IrnUNm ?r Sri ?? < uU IVmi, /Mwr< >4? wMPtnl 6rrrT i LMhiiT VCMHPk/ nrmttA l? ti< mwi ?< xsEP'0 y.c?K&i? ? Few are aware of the lmportaso* of ohaekiac a 'ough or ''Comnoo Cold*' in iti fret ?ta?e, that rhioh in tk? beginiac would vivid to ? it* ia remer, if neclaatod.aooaattaokathe Lunte. frmukt+l Trodu*containing o fern al o?>c ttn? red I nta, allay Pulmonary and Bionchial Irritation. _ | "That trouble m any Throat, (for IROWN'S which the "Trockr*" area f'oiie) harioc made me often a mere whie rROCHES perer* N. F. WILLI*. IROWN'S "I ^omrnend their uee to Prnue mOCHE? REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "GrattwrnMinnMiiailloiifl' irown*? rev. Daniel wise. rROCHFS "A!mo?t loataot r<? \*f ic tk# dm IKUOMte )ahor brefcthln? ^,11^, IROWN'S t? AITHJU." ?kuw* s EKVj A c EGGLK8TON. rROCHE8 "Contain no Opium or wttiii injuno*?." DR. A A hX> E8. JROWN'9 Omul, Bofm. rvnruva . M A?imp>nod iImniI eanrtioa iROCH ES tiou for Cor?Hn. to." JROWN*8 D** *' BI0BL&Z^m. FROCHEB -Ben.?o^BR.r.IrL./-NE JROWN'3 J??. " I hare proved than xoallmt for rROCHEf* Waoffiw Cocas." KV H.VWAtin. JROW.V8 ' J*"""' TROCHE? ?^k, ufferint fron! Coy?"4**- ^ iROWN'8 * 8*'* ' A jj'i'ii;,. TROCHE? ** F-rrECTVAL in rtMnu Ho4tmoom and imtmot oflhe Throat m JROWN1? 5?on w,th Bruuu ud Hr>wTROCHE8 FroL * STACY JOHNSON. J?OWN, Tm^o,??T2& F>m*Ja CoU?f?. 1 TROCHES "?rwt heiMtt wbM tekaa (mTom 1 KSJW9J! U#T r*?*? BROWN'S HntrMBoii. From Unr J rROCHES J IWmvvs P .i??5'*uS }!5ii.ttS'?. I ro"""?r?a?UK..iin??i.?..,TiritM. J W FTVE'CEIVTS A"?o3f xiT de lly J?HE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TR1ESEMAR.1J uT 5-ProteoUd Ky Rot*! Letter* Patent of Eut.and, ac<3 ?ccnr?c by UM ieala of the Eooie de Pbarmaoie de ran*, and the imperial Collece of Medisine. Vienna No. t ic invaluabl* for exhMetk>B and natnrrhea, wd al physical disabilities. No. 2 ooirp.etely eradioatee all traces of thoee Iteeaeee that have been hitherto treated by the aaa levua and pernioi'Si see of eoeaiva and oabebe. No. 3 has entirety snpplanteu the injtmone lie of neroury. thereby 1 net ring to the safferer speedy ? lef. dispersing all imparities, and rooting ont ;he venom 01 dieeaee. TRIE9K MAR, Noe. 1,2 and S. are prepared ! he form of a losenje, devoid of taste and em el1, ind can be carried in the waistcoat poekec ts>id n tin oa*ee. a*d divided into separate doeee, ae ad ministered by Veipeaa. Lallemand, Rons, Rtoord, ko Price #8 each, or fonr oases for 0?, which tares ?S; and in #27 oases, wherebv tnere is a savin* of 99. To be had .wholesale aad retail, qf Dr. it i n n/\ttr ? Ai * - -- VV DA A I\V? , Ul 1 i?* *?i vuvkvi raiwa* j?cw vik* I tn tr.eli(vt?ij on raMmii a rernlttauoe. Dr Barrow will forward the Tnearalirtour ptrtoltkr world, securely packed, and eddreeeec MOordinf to U?e m truoti^ne of the writer. * The Book, of all others, that sboald be rea<l by men with damaged and broke* down oobstitntiona S"Humat. Frailtr, or Phraioiogic* Km"*/ciio?." i? b*aatiftiUy t featratrd. and (reeta "wnukaly of 1 tne ?jn,f oni that unnih; iere*op them e'ree. sooner or later, resulting from the frail tie* uid vit atiivg habiu of eerl? ronth, icoasaeitat ni( the victim from sharing the frmiu?s m the natn momal state, and. if not oheeked in time, deceuerKtiag all t^e functions of manhood, and Wringing him, step by step toa lingering and anbmeW d^ath. Sola by Dr. HAH ROW, 194 Bleecker atrtat, foer doora I'.Mow Maodongal, New York. Pnoe V> "giold *i?o t?T 8.C. Foitl, Jr., DniK Mon, *nhintton. P C. de ? ?ir, SFOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. lltt* METROPOLITAN BOOR8TORK. Y PHI LP * SOLOMONS, At mi i /o? Lawrtutt't etUifrmttd Lmm fap?ri, "Metropolian Mtili," ft., m V ly SS9 Pa. ft v.. b*. R? ftad lttk atft. 1861 D,Ai-,B8- 1861 Commence the Year with m Diary. A rtlttblt Poekftt Ooumin for r?fntan*i T?DU put. (TMHt, ftDd fdto r? ovBtftlftlft< ntM of poitftc*. ft. mftofto. ft biftftk apftfl for neaCTftndft for ttj dfty in the r?r, oft*h inmii for ?mp month, inpl ? > ry of a*?k tatoial hi/la Bftyfthl* ftnd r^of] Vftkjft. txi vinoit w ot tne*? n?ef?I littt* ?oiT??irft. Tm Boat mmM, Mfftat. ftod dMirtti t ftMortant mr DIARIES! D I A R I lit I Dl A I f K9!" 1M1. IM1, 1941. CHEAPER THAN ETEK. W? trill take an utn <L ?oo?at of tt> fj agiL of of all Marias paraha**c f'ua ti for oaak. 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