Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1861 Page 1
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* w 0 ? -> **??- . .. . ? I 11 ^ /v - ??.! (Stowing jltax, V-- XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 1. 1861 N?. 2.482 T the daily evening star ? r- puiviioif nvRKl ArlHAMSUn SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) \T THE STAR. BUILDINGS, L omtr of F**/:sytfiMm cv*nv4 tnd 1 ItA *t >1 H. D. WALLACH. H?^r* i*rnd id p*ck?{>M br oarriera at < a y*mr, or 97 oeota per month. To mail lohaeritoeri he prioc i? #jji' a year, ui adrawc*. }2 for all it 91 for three month*; and for leaa than ti :ee months at the rate of 13 oenta a week. ?mc 1* o?i?e. ox* rr-?T: in vrttifi. two rnti. A d / kuti* a*w*ts iitonSi be sent to the oIm | ?- : ./*? 12 o'e ook m ; otherwise they in*j not appear tr\i\ ?he noxt d%v. TOM MILLCR. Or, W he wa? the Thief? as english talk. Id the stuall market town of Halesworth, in the county of Suffolk, some thirty years ago, lived one Thomas Miller, who had long kept a bookseller's shop, and held the office of postmaster in the place of his abode. He was a tall thin man of some pixty years of age, with long gray locks, which curled round the back of his head, and showed themselves but sparingly on his forehead. His eyes were dark and lively, but generally covered by enormous spectacles, worn as much to hide their expression, and to five him an advantage over those with whom e had dealings, as to aid bis sight; for fre<lll?r.!lr wKon n tiah a f a avavntna anw more narrowly, the spectacles were thrust ba-k upon bi? forehead, lie wore a long dark grvr coat, rencbing to the middle of his legs, gr*y worsted stockings, and shoes with large silver buckles. Old Tom Miller was what is railed well to do in the world," besides baring saved a considerable in trade and by his economical habits, he had inherited, from an elder brother, funded property to some amount, and a collection of curious old books, china, and other articles, said to be very valuable. That this property should have been left Tbomas Miller, was a surprise to the little ^orld of Halesworth, for he had been for many years estranged from his brother, who had adopted an orphan nephew as his heir; bat on hie death-bed William Miller, who resided in *ke neighboring town of Bungay, sent for his brother?their differences were forgotten, and 3*>ung William Bullock, the nephew, confided to his care; but strange to say, after the death ?>f the sick man, a will was found in which he gave all his property to his brother. The date of this document was, indeed, previous to the adoption of the lad, and at a time when he had iuurrelled with his mother. the only sister of the testator, in con^eguence of her having married a Protestant?the Millers beisg a Roman Catholic family, strongly attaohed to the tenets of their religion. On his sister's death, however, William Miller had taken chargc of b?r orphan child, and no doubt was entertain*d bv hi* ftrnnaintikn(*A that Ko nrnwI-JA f->r him in af^er-life, being unmarried, and remaining so till his death. It proved otherwise m we hare seen. Thomas Miller htving, by virtoc of the will taken possession. returned tc worth with his orpnan nephew, who was. Iroin that time, a resident in the family of his new protector. But the situation of William Bullock was materially changed for the worse, and he held a doubtful position in his new abode, being required to do the ^ duties of a servant, though in other respects tr?nted as a member of the family. The ?stablishment of old Miller consisted, at the time, of an old female domestic, named Susan, and a daughter about a year younger than her cousin, the only child of her father by his ^ife, who had been dead several years, from her childhood, Betsey Miller had been remarkable for her amiable temper and promise of beauty, which increased as she grew up. A sincere affection naturally sprang up between the cousin, to which the circumstances of their daily life continually gave fresh energy. The influeuceof Betsey over her father was great, and to that influence William was indebted for every indulgence he obtained Whenever anything was to be asked from the old man, it was through her that besought to obtain it. It wis this love alone for his eou-in which detained the youth in a state of thrallom and inactivity,'which became every day more irkf-iine as he advanced to man's estate But no influence could induce the old man to part with money to apprentice the youth to any of the tradesmen in the town. It wa? in vain thnt many of the most Iti^bble inhabitants offered to take him at a >mall premium, and to untrue: him in their several employment*; for William w?? n nniv?rs?l I - ? - -- ?? ? ? ? ?? w? ?* VI >W? ??UU UI1UJ were anxious to obtain the services of such a promising assistant. But, though his uncle profe^sod no strong affection for him, seeming to grudge every shilling expended on necessary articles of his wardrobe, souie powerful influence seemed to act upon old Miller, and to prevent bim from allowing his nephew to gait his family and immediate guaidianship, and manifested the greatest irritation at any proposal for having William removed from under his eye, appearing jealous of every one who took the slightest interest in his future prospec'i. Some years rolled on in this state of uncomfortable dependeace and uncertainty as to the future; and nothing but the increasing and mutual affection of the cousins prevented William from leaving his uncle's house, and seeking to provide for himself by the exercise of his talents.which were considerable, and were not uncultivated. By Betaey'a means be obtained admission to her father's books, which, though not numerous, were sufficiently so to give bim the means of self-instruction?the best, if not the chief source of education. The years which had thus passed saw young Bullock advanced to manhood, and Betsey Miller the belle of the small town in which she lived. Many and tempting were the offcrsof marriage she received ; but the damsel remained unshaken in her affection for her cousin, and her lather was not inclined to force her acceptance of any of her numerous suitors, lie was well aware of the att ichment the young couplo had formed ; but though he never opposed it, he would not listen to any proposition for their mar:Uge. Th ) same strange influence which t-eemed to hare impelled him to keep bis nepl ew in his family, appeared to weigh with iiauu pmoui uixu iruui pDmoillDg lOeir mutual engage uent; bat any attempt to obtain bid consent to their onion rendered him furious, and even bia love for bis daughter ooold not then restrain him from saying the harshest tbingi. " She wanted," ha would saj, "to get possession of his money, to set him aside from managing bis property, to make him dependant on herself and her oousin," and strictly forbade the subject to be mentioned to bim again. His conduct towards his nephew, also, was at times very peculiar; and he seemed, rea when inserting a supreme autho/ity over him (which he would not allow for a moment to be questioned) to feel tome strange and mysterious fear of the young man; and if called upon to defray any needful expense on his account. though be would complain heavily, he never seamed to contemplate the possibility of a refusal; and although the presence of William gave him no pleasure, and, from the moroseness of his manner towards him, would have led to an opinion that he desired to be rid of him. he was aridently resolved not to part with him, and retained him as if performlag an imperative but unpleasant duty Every loing in u? oia biq NUBiiismtfli was regulated with the greatest exactness, and his daily babita ware equally unvaried. After hi* early breakfast, he constantly locked himself up with his hooks and antiquarian treasures for some hoars, and no one intruded on his * elusion. Previous to his dinner, at one o'elook, ha walked in his small garden, which was under the care of Williatn and bia cousin, and at aach times was much addicted to tslk aloud to himself, and aeemed loat in thought on wme matter which weighed ?p?n his spirits, but of which no one had auy idea, for, notwithatandiug the atrictneas and even severity with which hakept all the observances of his religion.from the time of hi? brother's death he had never bean to eaafassioa, and he avoided as niauh as Wis* ?a aifh t h* R Amtn Patknlia clorgjman of hi* diatrict. At length. oaa day during tbair frugal dianor, tba aid aan waa evidently in a atata of mat mental exeitement, ao maok ao that hi* d?ugbtar aakod if k* was unwell. He aaid ao/' bat aaamad abatiaaUd aad unwilling to ba qaaatkmad on tba subject Oa tba following day, after breakfast, be ?M beard making a c *a?i J arable buatie in bio im*ll aiUio(-ro<>ui, an 1 oa bit appearance at dioner araa eves aioro . ?b?U-it^re<l and toeilarn tbaa on tba preri^ua ^Ij. He iuokfti around biui with an air of watchful taapiotoa. at tma* fxiag bit at too tioo steadfastly on bis nephew, and on hi* old servant, but made no remark from which any information could be gained M to the oause of his evident discomposure. The next morning he called William Into his room?an eTent of very rare occurrence?required bim to remove various heavy books, and to take down every article from the tops of two old-fashioned book-oases, and from a cabinet of ancient china, an object of the old man's ? ti ? L i ? ? v^piviai iuvicii/. xuosenrcu, nowever. seemeu very unsatisfactory; and at length seating himself in his chair, apparently much fatigued, and at the same time regarding his aephew sternly through his spectacle?, he said, slowly and deliberately?"It is true, then, I am robbed and plundered daily, and that by some one who knows my rooms and has constant means of access to them '' William regarded his uncle with astonishment, and repeated the words, " robbed and plundered " Yes, sir," exclaimed old Miller, furiously; " some one has carried off the most valuable of my china, a box of medals, my silver crucifix, which onco belonged to Thos. Howard, Duke of Norfolk, and I know not how many other articles of value; but I will not sufier this. Be the robber who he may, he shall bo pun? a JArflrol V ua tnaw Ko llanannAf aa.?o?? WW V* v< r MB UIWJ wv> 1*V V?11 uvv co\. a pr detection, for the thing? are too remarkable not to be easily recognized. To-inorrow I shall apply to the magistrates to search into the matter." He then sat in etcrn silence, and when his daughter entered the room, attracted by the elevation of her father's voice, he did not seem to regard her presence. William related to his cousin the circumstance of his father's loss, which he seemed inclined to consider as a mere imagination, when he was startled by her reply, as she appeared suddenly to remember sjmethiuc in confirmation of the fact. "It is singular, she said, "that, for the last two or three nights, I have fancied I heard some one moving in the house long after we had all been in bed.'' 44 Indeed !" cried her father, rousing himself from his reverie: "and from whenoe did the sound proceed ?" " From the front parlor," she replied. t. A t ? ? * aid you cure mm me snuucrs were closed and the window fastened "I fastened the window myself, and William closed (be shutters as usual." " Did you bear nothing more ?" ^Once or twice I thought I heard the creaking of the stairs, as if some one were coming up; but the noise was so slight, that I fancied I was deceived, and fell asleep again." "Was the sound from the garret staircase?" asked the old man. looking steadfastly at bis nephew, and evidently showing his suspicion of him The blood mounted indignantly to the cheeks of the young man, and his undo groaned heavily; but his daughter, who had not observed her cousin's change of countenance, or her father's suspicious glances, simply answered, "The sounds came from the stairs leading to your chamber door, my dear father, but tic eu Hiigni, iaai i may nave been deceived. Bat what proofs have you of the robbery ?" " The things I miss can nowhere be found; they have vanished one after the other. Two or three days ago I missed the medals; then the china; and the cruoifix, which was in ita Iilace yesterday, is, you see, no longer there Jut leave me,' he added; "I teel much disturbed and uneasy, and wish to be alone." The young people obeyed, and with the old domostio who had joined them, retired to discuss the mysterious affair, which baffled nil their endenvors to tind a clue to its solution. William could not help brooding over the idea of his uncle's suspicion being directed towards him: and though Betsey endeavored to make It, the matter engrossed %ii their thoughts and conversation. At dinner, the old man remained perfectly silent, and never onoe alluded to the subject ml klnK irn j 11 nr.ortw/va* ? ? uiuu ??uo uj/pviiiivov iu mi lUCii iuvu^ij ic. In the evening he retired earlier than ucual to his chamber, but still without an; mention of Lij lose; and when William observed that it was necessary that the affair fhould be investigated, and search made for the missing articles, he sharply bade him hold his tongue, adding that be did not want to be instructed as to what it was his duty to do. After he had retired, Betsey took up her work and William a book; but the latter felt too much annoyed at being the obiect of his uncle's groundless uipioion to think on any other subject, and sat for a considerable time in moody silence. His coucin, after trying in vain to engage him in conversation, gave up the attempt, and the evening passed in uninterrupted taciturnity, till the hour of retiring was near at hand, when their attention was attracted by a slight noise which proceeded from the old man's little room, and William was rising to investif*a f A f Ka AOiun Kio /*" ? *>? ><aw vuv UBHOV, n UVU UIO WUl^HUIVU IOIU Utl hand upon his arm, and motioned to him to wait a minute in silence. The noise was heard again. aDd the door of the room in which they were <iti?ug slowly opened. A figure appeared in the entry dressed in night attire, with eyes wide open, but in which there was no speculation; it who old Miller himself. Iu one hand he held a long and narrow China jar, in the other a candle and a small key. The daughter and the nephew remained in mute amazement, whilst the old man glided into the front parlor, and proceeded to a closet concealed in the wall, and in which, when employed as postmaster, he bad been wont to place letters and articles of value, lie opened the door of his private depository, and, to the infinite surprise of the young people, who had followed him, displayed the missing articles carefully stowed itwav. William could not r?nr?M * Innrt ahimt of satisfaction, which suddenly awoke the somnambulist, who, in his alarm, dropped the china jar, which waa shivered to atoms on the floor; at the same time a folded paper fell from it, which William mechanically stooped and pioked up. The old man, startled from his sleep, wa* paralised with terror. It was in aio they pointed oat to him his recovered treasures; ne trembled violently, and was so agitated, that his daughter requested her oousin to take him in his arms and convey him baok to his bed, where she watched anxiously beside him, end would have sent for medioal aid, but her father recovered sufficiently to forbid her, and deaired to be undisturbed. In the meantime, William withdrew into the room below, in order to be in readiness should his presence be required; and thinking over the circumstanoes which had bo strangely hidden and brought to light the artiolaa supposed to ba stolen, ha remembered the paper be had pieked up, which he carelessly unfolded, thinking it probably of no value. Oreat, then, was his amasemant, at saaing his own name in larca letters on tha cheat. Ha glanced his eje rapidly over the content*; it wu tha last will and teatamentof bis uncle, Wi'liam Miller, in which, with the exception of a few trifling legacies to his brother Thomas and his daughter all bia property was given to William Bullock, his nephew. William carefully folded the paper, said no thing of the matter to hid cousin, "when by her father's desire she retired to her chamber; bat next morning had a long private conversation with his unoTe, which terminated much to the satufaotion of the young man. In a few weeks the oousins were united, and old Miller was aid to have advanced oounderable sum to establish his nqchew in an employment in which be fuund both occupation and emolument. ? , ?. JO" The Dover (England) Chronicle baa the following lUrtn of Maaontc intelligence: "It la ruinnr'd that his Royal Hlghacaa tbe Prince of WalMwillbe tnitiatrd this year in PreeMaaenrv. Owing to the death of the liarqnia of Dalbouale, the titles of the deceased noble matt (except the marqulsite) are now borne by I^rd Panmnre, Deputy Grind Master of F.agland' ' ICT Ttaa report that the British consul at Pen. aacoli had < mctally eudorttd a SUU clearance far a rott n-l'd- n ship at that port 1% positively denied to be trn? by the ffrtU?b legation InWuliib^wk, ' * ~ CLOTHING, &c. N" MERCHANT TAILORING. KW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSlMERS.AN'41 VE8TINGS. WALL, STEPHENS 4 Co., 38i Pennsvlvania Avenue, have just reoeived & larce variety of new Fall Goods, to wmoh they invite the atteatioo of their friend* and oimtnmers. an ?>-tf Panic times: PANIC PRICES! Wehavejust reofived a larce lotofCLOTlIING, FURNISHING, eOODi", CAPS, on cunsicnmeni, wuion must !? mild before th* 4th of Marob, without renard to oust. 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" j? 10-3w* !VI TEETH. l?l LOO-MIS, M. D-, the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at tends personally at hie office in this oity.neflssaf Many persons can wrsr theee teeth TH'iN i i i ? cannot wear others, ar.d no person oan wear other* who cannot wear these. l'eraona on.! in * at my office oan be aooommo<lat*ti with any style mkI price >f Teeth thAy may desire; out to those who arc partiof'ar and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, ard most perfect denture that art^an ?rodu<j", the MIN ERAL PLATE will be raorefnily warranted. Rooms in this city?Wo. 339 Pa. avenae. between 9th aud l'th fU. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadel iilua > oojfitf DOENTAL CAH1), K. M*'N*ON Has returned Mid resumed his Sofesaion. orhoe and honae at 4ttX E si..xyg> iru door east of Sixth- In addition t< MBBtf every o'her approved etyle, Ur. M. ha? eet^* 'lo teeth on vulcanite Base for the laat three yeara and, from experience, knowa it exoe.s all other*, H.nd I nnA-?KieW '? - ? ** * - ...... .? ?. ill pi icr nmn |?o:a. HIS Old patron* of \S's*h<n?ton. Alexandria, and Gworrotown are r??peotfulii to Kotted to oall. au ?>-eoly TRAVMi^rDl&EdTQBYT DALT1MORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. O WASHIXOTOX BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and alter SUNDAY, November 25th, 180n,the trains will run as follows: LEA ?E WASHINGTON: First tr*?n at?.2n a. m. S?oood Tram at 7.40 a m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p m LEAVE BALTIMORE-. First train at 4 15 a. in.. Exoress. peoocd train at 8.35 a. m. Third at 3.1" p. m. Fourth at 4.20 p. in., Express. The first, seoon-1 and third train* from Washington oonneot through* o Philadelphia and New York. The seoor.d and third oonneot at Washington Junction with trains for the West, South, and Nortnwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napoiis. For Norfolk take the ?40 a. ra. trai. . hor the accommodation of the war travel between Washington and Laurel, a pa?serger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leaves at 12 m. Ou Saturday the S.10 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia"bnly. _1!0 36d T. H. PARSONS, A gent. TKK STEAMER JAS. ?UY Will reume her trips on TUESDAY, Slat of -IT? ^ February, U?o. Will leave W ASH INtfTON every TUESDAY and*"H|^ ,"? PR 1 DAY, at o oiook a.m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-past? o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return trips, she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at i o'olock v. m LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Profristar. NATH'L HOUSII. Ai't. Alexandria. fear I7RKNCH FLOWKRSOF THKVLRY REST r quality, and an extensive variety. nA . At STEVENS'S MfM Fancy Store, VMS no 23 tf SIR. Ut?r. <tth *tw1 imh f>U>. WATCH REPAIRING AN DSILVER WARE manufactory. I have one of the t>e*t eKtahlishments. and furnished with accmpleto set of tools for repair- Jhk in* every d"soribtion of fine Watches, and farticular attention give to the same, by ? ! [ norough competent workman And a work rua'antied Al?o, every desonp ion of standard SII.VFR WAR E. pla:n and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, whioh my ouHtamers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware sold by dealer* in genera! and represented an their own manufacture. H. O HOOD, ee 6 339 Pa. avenue, near9th st. Best fancy good**, AT PRICES to suit the times. And 0*k Prick Oklt, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK, n<> ? tf 336. b(*tv. 9th and W?.h at*. Firemen's insurance company or washington and georgetown. Capital 9400,000. QgLtt corn r C strft and Louisiana mv., over Bank qf Washington. insure houses andother property against loss by fire. DikjccTOR*. G?o. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilaou, Rioh&rd Jones, John D Karoiaj. Jao<>l> Gideon, Andrew Kothwell, Thou. Parker, Rivliard Barrr. B. K. t-'renoh. No chars? for Policies JAMES ADAMS, President. Abel 0. Davis,Secretary. oo lo-eo6m , PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AHD BLOOD BEJTOVATER Is preoisHy what Us name indicates, for, while , lea?anttu thetaste, it is revivifying. exhilarating, , invijoraun* and atien the^ing to the vita powers, | mi 1 at the ?au;e time revivifies, reinstates, and renews the Blood la a i its original pu ity.and thus i at onoe restore * ami rru Urs tke system \*ruln"<tble 1 toattarlcs of disease. It is th-< only preparation I ev?r offered to the world, so cheinioally and skillfully o 'mlniied astobetne iroat powerful touio, and at the sain-j tune so perf?oUy adapted to, as to i act iu perfect acoordauo^ witli the lawa of natora. i an') henoe wii! moik' lite ice nicest jiomaM, and i fitnA UB the diirAltl v A iirrAlia an.l #K..? alia, ail nthrr irritation. it ia perfectly exhiiara i tine ami if tue Mme time it ia oompoaea entirely of < vegetable*, vet mi oomlnu?d a* to produoe the moat thorough tonic effect, without producing any iniurioua ooraequenoe*. Kuoh a remedy haa lore been felt to be a deaideratom in the metfica! w^ikT, fur it needa uo ineuical ?k It to aee that debility f liowa al! attaoka of disease, and proceed- and in Ueed laya the system open to the inndioua attaoka dI naiiv cf the n.oat latal, auoh, for example, aa the following: Consumption, Indirection, Dyspepsia, i oaaof Appetite. Faintn?aa, Nervoua Irntabiiit), Nou'% gia, Palpitation of the heart. Melancholy, Nieht sweata. l-aiuor, Gidilineca, Retention of. aa well aa Painful obatructed. too profoae, or too ac?nt Menstruation, and Pallinc of the \Vonsb Theae all depend upon general debilit*. Tln? pure, hoalthy tonio G-'idiai and Hood Renovator ia aa ! are toocre aa the auu ia to rise and aet There is no inutak* about it . Hot this is not all If the syntem ia weakened we are open to bilious attack*. the liver heoomea Torpid, or worae diseased, the kidneya refuse to perforin their functions, and we are troubled with scald ins and inooiitmmoe of nrine, or involuntary diaoi..irge of the same, pain in the back, aide and between the shoulders, ex oetxiirul) liable to slirht oolds, oouplt*. and if an ooeoked, soon emaoiation follows,and the pat.sut foes down to a premature rrave. But cease win not allow us to enumerate tlie in&nv ilia to whioh ire are lialiie in a weakened condition ot the nysteiu. But we will say in thia Cordial and B'ood Renura tor yon have a perfect, sate, pleasant and effeotua remedy for loaa of Appetite. Biliousness. Flatnence, w*ak an-i siok Stomach. Lanioar, Laver Complaint, Chilis and Fever,or an? Bumo-attack Cottivenass. Aoiditr of the St inaob, Nervousness, N*ucalcia, Palpititiou of tlte Heart, Repression of Spirits, ^ores. Pimples on the Pane, or any disease arising from imrura blood, such as Scrofula, Krysip"un.s, Bronchitis, Covgh.diifioulty of Breath inc. and all that oiass ot diseases oai ed female weakness, and enumerated above. We willaUo say the traveler exposed to epitivmios, ohaiice of climate and water, will fend it a p easant, safe and sure remedy, ana no one should ever travel with oat. Revi r, try it, for we aaaare you toii will ft nH in il a fri-?nH i n.< oa.1 wall a *?? ?/ Ali persons of eedet.t?ry habits will tail it* perfect preventive of, as well as a cun* for those ailments whioh th?y are part<!y sxpoeed Henoa ministers. mudents, attorneys, literary (cnileraea, and ladies who are not aoenst >med to maoh oatdoor exercise, will find it to their advaatace t? keep a bottle constantly on hMid; aud abova a'l mothers or Uiose becoming snoh, will to tkroack that most d&nferiiii* period n. t .,r. t with all IMU aoous'omed strength, bat safe and free fn>i|^^^h thousand ailmenta so prevalent among, the MHK portion of ths woild. In short, ia indeed a imafD cordial. Try it old and yoang; no Iw ger raataa risk ofdelay; itwill reliereana prove lUelfemehaC iaally a Ktttor+Hvt Cordial an.4 Flood A Messier, O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 New Y<ork.?ad 114 Market Straet. St. Louis, Mo., and gridTpy all good Drns gists. Prioe One Dollar per PROF. W00D'8 RESTORATIVE CORDIAL _ anp < 1 y BLOOD RENOVATOR Hold in tkia oity by C. 8TOTT, St a IV av?a??. Mtt-?ly,?nr ?OU6HB, COLD8.HOAH8KNE8B, fto. COMPOUND gH&P OF GUM ARABIC tuT!? iVl'**** *??ul*r t;" twS?d ??Luh? jrfiSjfcl dnu WOOD AND COAL. \T WlHJD AND COAL. OU Will vitrei; < ! your mon?i'i tforth t>y Mlliof M Us PIOnKKK MILLH, iMiitMii cor *er ?/ f'rmik Hrt't mnd (liKO PAttK, Acent ) The* eell rlMtprrana *1 v? better mnrnrt th&n any otheri in the ?itjr??ut, ?plit, ivr.d delivered free of chftrre. If yon don't t>eliev-? it. jive the Pione?r Mm* & trial, and We a&liafifd. ja 17-ly.r WOOD AND C O A *? w mi pmrim m me 017, u tt* iovm pontile rat**. t. j. * w. m. gai.t. Oftoe 494 Pa. a*., between Uth aud liui sts., ma 17-tf north atce. CARRIAGE FACTORJEST" washington carriage factory. " ? 1) Strft, /" 'mtn 914 mU IWA Struts. We bare jnet finished a number of first e'ass CARRIAGES, SMoh as I.urkt Wattmi, Pmrk Ph?tent. FomJt1 Car K-I^p; 'iaiu, and Btugtn, which we will eeli at*==^B3 a ver> a:na.. profit. Seing praotioai m?ohar'os in different branches nf?k- ? ?m-~ ' - w Uu..iirn, mo uuwr uariVIVM MM W? IDCt the style* and of work that wiH fire eata fa--.ticn, oumbininf li(htneae, oomfort *nd durabili I j Reaa!dn? promptly and carefully attended to the ahorteat notice and most reaaonabie oharcea. WALTER, KARMANK * BOlT\ Co&ohruaWa, aaoo?aaora to Wm. T. Hoot, at T?~dlj T CARRIAGES. HE Sabaeriber aavim rna<le additloaa to kl factory, matins it now one of me ^(mIaMUL In the District, where hia fac:.itiea fcrBK^ER manulaotariniCARRIAGE & WAGONS of ail kinds cannot be anrpaaaed, and from hia lont e* perwnoe iu the baaiaa?, ka top? to tire general aatiafaococi. Ail kinua of Carnages u4 lOgkt Wag oca kept AU RKPA IRS neatly deas,aa4ali erdera praapt IT attended t*. I \JL. I9BMTVN. Bib. TIMOR lock HoariT^i, H? DitTtd ik* ?Mt Ctrtmm, Sf *Uj, mmd ?if KffttftU Rtmtdf m I4? World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENC& LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY 1MMED ATELY. A CVRE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE. IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. Witknu ( Ui ltik.ltr.itim UiiUmi <Ul KMatyt u< tBT?lu<ui7 OutktifM, InHtiHf, t?Mn| kiluj. llir'ouriH, L>y.??p??, L?Cr?ar. L?v ?j.nV CaafMi?i MJ.n, Filputua: afthi in,**?<idii?,Tr?iB?"iJafal Diutu <r w iiddiciu, IhMUl ifikl iMd.TktMl, Im? ?r Hkin, AfK.:in ?f lh? Lap,ltn>ilH Bavala? Umi Ttrrikl* thwr^in inut( <tmb Mitorj likln at T .??thati Oraadfa! ui4 Dn;ricjTi Pratucaa vkiftk itf dir Mutufi lapaaaikl*. u< daatray Ml Bady tad Mkt TO MM* wka b?i biiMci Ut >i(Uai af b.lurj Ifetl draadfal ted d ?.iracu*a kabu vbiaa umlli awaapa M U> ?ni;ro?!y fr*?? J;?m??r.d? ?? Taanf lUc fttl ?it IItltad tiltnu tad brillaat *ti m* hi atfearviaa kiri liuutid lutuicf Iiiiin vuk iki Itutin ?( iImiiui at vtkad m luuif Ua U?i?| lyta, My nil vnfc raU Mat|MU. HtUlll rnion, > T?aa( Mia muapluliiMurtaft, katnf iwimf akyi>ail vmIiim, nfitli diVlllty, Ii/iibium, *?., apaadUr iuii lis vh? rnmmm m? M. ?? -* ? , ?- ?* #. Hf nnr ntl; moMi id hit ktow & ft pktitau ftfti mUn||;n9 pan kia (kill u pftyut'ftfttimes Wft. t torn rtiDivciiruir, ft ?tid aidaraing fna Baltlteata urtii, ? ft* daara fi? Jtl ftftfnftr. rill Ml U iWlttl MB* u( fttBklt. Mow at M paid ftad Mltlft ft atftM. ML JumrroB, . tin af tkt Rayal CaUag* ifliipMi, Uilw, mlltH Wo ana ?f ik? bmi aataaat CdltfH la tkft likil IMM, u4 mi |n?lir ptrtafvkMi lift ku ktn ipmuitiMr itala ?f Uidtn, Pftru, PbUadalakU ftftd il?*bwi, kaa ad' cud Mm* af iha bmi uMi.ukiD( hfm Okal ?in a*at maw ; many traaklad vilk nngir-g is tkft kaad aad mi rhtnuliip; rraat o?i'?uhm. kaing ftlariBftd >i ni4M taanda, inahfa'uata wttk fraqatnt klaaking, ftUasdad ?ft Wttk dfttftH(?B*Dt af mod. wara sarftd laaadlatalv. Tilt rASTICVkAft HOTICB. Tm| Mfta an J atkara wba ba?a ir.farad taamaalvaa kf larvain fracuftft mdt.gad id wbfta alana?ft kakit fraqaaaily ftroid fran aril campabiatta, at at (Cbaal, tkft afftftia m Men ara nightly (til t>? what aaiaap, and if Bat aatad. rar.dara narrtagft Inpoaaikla, aad daatraya katk Blftd ftad tadti *h??!d ?pply iramadiataly Thaaa ara a* in a aftbt tad tod nalaaftkaly ifaiu >ra4t??d IT aarlr hakr.t af vaaib via 1 Waaknaaa aftbft Baftk ftad ir?ka. Pallia in tfc* M a?d, Dimnaaa af s | - Lan af Maaaalft* Paa ar, Palpitauan af tha aart, DrapapaT. Harvaaa Irrftakld ly, ?f tha Digaauta faciCLaoa, Vacarftl DaklUtg ITinptafa rf Car aaropuan, Aft. MEMTAbLY.-Tn* faarfal afatUM tka -lad ara BMftk ta n urnui : UOH ai JltDHf.UMritlW af Idttl, DtlHMlH f if-rita. F?il Farbadu.fa, ATaraiaoafSaciatT, alf-Diatraat, U<a af ??:ua<Ja, Timidity, >u.,ui aaa a af tka (Tilt paalaaad. KK.RTOVI D*ilktTT -Tkaaaaadaaaa arvjadf* fM I* tka caaaa af tkair Ch.ulj kacitk, laaiaa tkalr ?ataninf waak, pala, narraaa and amaciatad, baring a aiofalaj ip^tirutt aaaattha im, eaagh Mtyreptmicf aaoaanpUaa DiiktAiij or iMpasnitacK. Vkn tka aiiad aad impradant aatary af pltum ladl ka kaa tmkikad iha aaada af tbia peinfal duiiH, it taa afua kifpi ii that ti. >:i-unad aanaa af akasa ardraad afdiata*ari daura hin fraic cpplTiuf la ihaaa vha, fraaa adacauau ul raapaef biiuy, cut afana kaftiaiid Mm Ha falla lata Ik* kai.da afifuaraut and daairmnf pratandara, vka. ii.capakia af carina, Itch hia pacatiiary aabatusea, kaap bin tnttaf naotk afiai mauifa, ar aa laiir u tka anallaat faa aaa ka aklamad, and in daaf>?tr laa*a bin vitk rainad kaaltk la atfk i?ar ha fxllir f il.i-Fpa - tmaot; ar ky tba aaa af tkat daadlV paiaan, Marcary. ktataa tka canautatiaoal ayattaaa af tkb tamkla diaaaaa, aack aa Afacuaraa'tba Siart Thraat, IIaaa, km,4c.. prarraaairf ?itk frtfktfa) rapidity, till daatk pau a aanad la ku draadfal aaftnun ky aaading kia ta tka I aaiUaavai ad eaaiury fraa vbaaa Mna aa travaiar tat?a l joimoivumidt for oaoa??c viaiM ~ Aim IMPOTUICT. By tkii rriil aad laaaaan m ranady waaknaaaaf tka atnai tra apaadily car ad and fail ript raatarad. Tkaaaaada ?tka at narvaaa and daklliuttC vka bad laat all kapa, kava AII iir ta Mtirlifi. PkytU*.! <r NmuI DUamittlMll?n<, Lm< ?f hNfUUX r?l>, lllTMH IrttatMIHl ri<aklii>( ?4 W<U|?I m BiklMlM WUt I tad <p??dtlj tin! EHBOUKMUT Of TU KM TIB MART TKiSIAHDIcixil tuau >r.>utMM ?Mk ik< ! <? HiMUn mn, tod U< ti?ra<r*u infotut Nait Ml ftrtuwi ftrl<rn<4 k? Dr. Mum, ?u<m<< ky tt< 'iHUn <f th< |if<n u4 aaay Mh<> Mtwni, uuim 4 rfcwk ki?< a??r<4 iftiiudiftli k<(W< tk< kaklll, k< ildo kit aiu>4b( u < nMl<au <f iktruui ul nwirt llrty, U < Mlilui (iunu< w lk< UlMi |u W-ly ^EWAN c\ SMPSOjj'J KOL^ff*T"\" FAMILY RYM FAUIIY DVCP ThijbowPURK WHlSKY.Cufrn rsoh Maltid b&?:nt b*in? so?erior and uniform p Quality, and btjhly in pro rod by a?e. is prWerrsd i j consumer* to all other and partien larly recommended try the beet physic.ans and a^emlsts a. ?o?MMinc all the requirements of a Sii0 "?5 Md MfMt water In ths Celt*' " ** For sale hy FREEMAN** SlM>SON. PMCiX DiltliifrT. lia Oatha 8ah?yltali rtajr,Fhtiadivjiua rZ^XK&'SXl"'* v<"{| izhv* ^KASONABLB DRV GOODS! Cloaks, Shawls, KiannoU, Men noc, Ottomans. Blankets, Fall Cloths. Linseys, _ , Fancy Silk., . Silk Rol*.. 1 ' Poplins. Vaieneiae. Reps, Yarns, Hooped Skirt*, Irish Linens, Sheetings. Ns.skins. Ueaver Cloth. Baok Flauel, Whit* Good*. Linen 9eU, Emtoroirta.-iea. BomhumM, Alpaoe**, CoinUrptnn, Comforts. Toweling*. All of which we offer at prioe# to ?nit thf ti t>e?. , fan TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. \ UTOBIOGRAPHY OF THE KKV.ALKXA ander CarijI*. Miniatar of IuTwe?k. centaur Nf Memorial* of tM Men and Emu of hi* Time, I to!.; prwie #1 fin. Ptreoaal Hiatorv of f ord Baooa. front irnblubtd jafiri, oj Wa. HMvotik Dixon, of tha louer Temple, 1 vol.; prioetfl SS. SLANCHARO * MOHL'N, Ji2? ooraar Eiaraath ?t- and Pa. aw. WXi, 5!Swm 01NGER K?B UNO A BUK.HM.L Tit ?a?M?MW a ? - - ? iixim: VAAiKNTlNtti! ?^OJl ^ 9vl of ?U My i? mm! pvtUrm. m ? I III ? T THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAt. Vkii m?U?IFtaUtyMi Neva TibiH in MB eu m touml IB Ml MMr-M f?bUaM PrMUr Boruii. Naci* eorr. Hr IUUL 01 w Hw eoptM ? . ? V? Tmomptm ? It mnmblT bobIbim the "WitUaitM WW' UM hM mBde TU DsU? IVWIM Stm* +T?mmU - m gmmnilf Umitotl U* ooutrr ID^Biacl* ooptM (la wimyyw) eu to pmwl %i UwtOMUf, tMMBdlBUly BltaT tto IMWtf uh> ??? EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. H09E Parent* who vi?k th?ir ?wfMm H ranni i > thnmmh jitii ? tin ?ImMmn. ?Uf? thoir y hywoa. trainiM wul raoatva tall* aad WMt i run tfc? Uaion FomaJ* Aaad?au. ?oraac roartmtk ilud N*w York a*. ^ tf MR. 4 MRS. *. RICHARPK.^ P EM ALE R<> UIN^AND^AY SCHOOL Mrt. P.-!. tU^oJ^ufSk.pluiKnrai* The thirteenth annua. a*Mion of this ImUMm will oomnietie* on Ti??<tT,tlipl?ih?r Nth. ia U* fc>aae reoently oocupiwl by pyirastar Bouti. F?? No. 190 Kmc straaL Tb* eoirN of stady pwr?u*d will eoeyrtee ?U the !>rtn?hM requisite to a ttioroaf h Kj?uw| Kmoat ion, anc Miwo. F reach, Latin and .DrawiM. Vn ehditioe to day e?holar*x Mr*. MoCorwuak t? r .. Wimmk 1>WU4 Bunker o( fiptl) M boftrdera. whc. conatitutini ft pftrt of ker ova flfca ilj, will b? inwr Ixr imaiditU eftn tad wyw nlion. J*h?w. "r.<:'<*vi>[ julir fti It m ro?b<l theaa viLb the ootnforUftad kiodlv IiiIbiiw of K</rr.?v?.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, K?,Dr. Kliu Hftmeon. Rev. D. F. !<eri(|, Willifta H rown. ^.T^cftr Snowden.fcea . B4?ftod P WiUbot ia-Jftss Uiior Evening Stftr,B<?nj*m;r, WftUrs. Eft*..Jft? Boftrd, with Tmtioinn Wi* Ei *t?fc limMi. #?*? for the ftonafti nmiod-f.?> ftb.e mi ?? >, in ftttvftnoe. M uiic ftnd lM(nt(N ftt fw>?T pri? try No extrft ohftrgee. ft* ? U _ Cur, r??ii CM, Hmkiimm. Jm M> trrxfnm KVVMRIA ?' > tf tkt Throat, (Wwn U< /SJPfmW Hat king CommK m (Wmmv l>t'MMW!lf:il no*. Brtmckiti*, 4ii?M, kMJiiyMM # Cmtorrk. CUmr mmd hw v3MvKr (A I* bU mw ?/ ' " ?'li.VMAV1 ? ? F?vtrttw?oftt( ituortote* of okMUif I Couth or "Common Co r imulnt Mac*; tWi wr.ich In the beg iamc wo?)4 yield to ? mim ran* dr. if neglected, loon atUoka the L.on*?. " Brmuk%ml T**U*r oonteiainc dMBwIoMtUcradl aU, allay Pu mocirr and tfionohia. Irritatioa. brown'S rt,5f^isy:.s^2V5yt troches is,;*?" - "R^vrwvci3S* BROWN'S U tnUr TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. *G rati Mvvioe 10 mibd sine Hp am a BROWN'S ??f." REV. DANIEL WISE. ?^rzi?-7uaE? zxz BKO\S N> 10 A c KGGLBSTON. BROWN'S ^SXSQE! TROCHES tion for^or?B?, ?jrV*r* BROWN'S "** TEOCHKP "'- 'liCiTn^n br?WN'P ., BROWN'S ha. 44 Rftn*fi OIaJ wkm to ZT"" ^S^frJSSs, TROCBES BROWN'S wlth ??**** ?? - TROCHK8 rrofc M.BTACY JORMRON, BROWN*? TROCHES "?r*t benefit when taken t>efc?t* and after preecuing, aa the* ?rfr#m BROWN'S Hoareeoaee.^Pr?in their fan etfee<. 1 think they will be of permanent * TROCHES vantage to me." ~niEV. K. ROWLEY. A. M BROWN'S President of Atheaa College, Tana. TROCHE!' de 1 ly rpiE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR.1.J and S-Proteeted by Rora. Letters Patent of Baa land, aad seonred by the Seal* of the Eeole de PWmaeie de Aha, aad the Imperial Collate of Medisina. Vienna No. 1 ta inraTnahie for ezhaaatioa aod natorrhea. and al phraioal dieabilmee. No. J completely eradicates all traoea of theee diaaaaea that hare been hitherto treated by the aac eeoua and peraioiua ate of aoaaiva and oabeba. No. 3 haa entirely auppianted the lajanoaa are of mercury, thereby lnaaring to tha auarer eased? relief, diap*raini all lmrnritiM, and rooting out the rwom uf diMtM. TRIK#EMAR. *oa.1,3aad 3. are prepared In the for? of a losaaga, devoid of taete immmI , and oan be oarried id the waietooat poekM. ts>t? in tin oaaea. a->d divided into separate doae , aa ad mi metered br vaipeaa, Lfll?Baaad, Rnax. Riaora, A o Price #3 each, or roar mm fa for 9$, vwk savae ft3; atid ia Mtf oaaea, wkw?bt U>ere i* a avint of #9. To be had. wholesale and retail. of Dr. H f R ROW, of 194 H eeeker ptreet. Mew York. Immediatelv onrif'.vmia remttanoe. Dr. Marrow will forward the Tneoenflftr to any p*rtof Ike wor d, aeoaret? . and aadreeeec aecoWiBg to the iaatmotrna of the writer. The Book, or ail othera, that ahoaM be read by Bavo with damaged aad brokea dowaaoaatftiooae ia "HaaMaFralltr, or Puyato ?? iaaifli hi|W" It ia Deaaiifally illaatrBteJ, aad treat* wtaateb of ail tne irmp obi* that invanabj deealop then e'vea, eoooar or later, reuniting from the Pailtlee and vitiating habiu of earlr ;nuU, laeapaoltatug the victim from ahanac the faitlon ff the aatn atoniai aLata, and. if aotchooted in Uate. deeeaar at id* all tna fnnobona of aianhood. atd brtac-v fO MW ; doora Mow Mudcutl, Nov York. Prtt* ? oonte. Soot frM erwj wh?r*. Sold liio by ft. C. Ford, Jr., Drmg Mora, Wuk lnitop. D C. 4>g > tm FOB STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPBB AND SNVBLOPBS TO MATCH. METROPOLITAN BOOKS TORK. PHIL>P A SOLOMONS. 1861 ?>*?_>* 1861 Comment* tk* Ymr wuk t Dimrf. 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