Newspaper of Evening Star, 1 Şubat 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 1 Şubat 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL W F, W S 7 I L/ rtjooph Tub *t#? l? printed on (he (MM I atM -- ..^iv _# n-m? *i iu??. I f m miii vi uiinuinrr, m mwcn * largw ?a tt> rr^nlrr It tr >?* pnt ftp pw at nn "Vhr hour; Advertisement*, therefore, should be In brfore li ?'clock m.; ?tkfrwt* thfy my act ?preu ontil the next dtf. Novtct .?Platrict of Columbia Ad vettlMMUti o be Inserted In the Baltmoki St?n are received t and forwarded from Tub #tar OAce. ? rr? " Wmwam Last .Nioht.? A large audience w*a preaent. A Hoover, Patrick Crowley, and H Dsrev were rocelved aa member* Other routine business followed; after wblcb, Mr A. C. Rlebirda offered two resolotioqa, the first th inking Col Caaalua M Clay for hla able addreaa before the aaaoclation at Odd Fellows' Hill, laat Saturday night, and the second aa fol Rtmlrtd^ That while we would not presume to advise tb? President elect as to whom he should rail into hla Cabinet councils, jret we wonid hall vrltb delight the selection of Col. Cassias M Clay for the office of Secretary of War, and wr believe s*!d appointment would meet with the most cordial approval, not only of all republicans in the southern States, but or intelligent men of all parries, whether of the North or South The resolutions were unanimously adopted. Mr. Balance, of Illinois, being present, was l-jviud to address the meeting. Mr B took the stand, and expressed his pleasure at seeing what the people in bis section of tbe country wou Id thi n k a strange s>g ht?a republl can audience In a slave country. He had two objections to addressing tbe audience; one was that be did not like to uudertake what had been designed f?>r another to perforin, and the other, he did not like to address republican audiences When he ?poke. be wanted to hammer away at these whose minds are yet in the fog with reference to the doc Trine oj republicanism He presumed that all present wer-* already enlightened The speaker expressed hi* gratiticaticn at the staid the republicans of this city had taken; alluded to the troubles now impending over the country, and hoped that the great Hod of heaven -n*onld grant that the day might never come when he might not be able to addresa this audience as fellow-citlten*. Alluding to the sectional differences at more length. Mr. B. said that if the demagogues on both sides conld but be kei?t out of the way, our courat ns a nation would be onwnr#and prospercu*, that the people are having no Voice in this matter; tint the demagogues are ruling us, and misrepresenting the real views and wishes of the people Let the people themselves talie this question In hand, and oar country would be united In the North we have demagogues who don't speak the voice of the people; in the fonth theu have demagogue* who never speak tbe voice of the people, nor let the people speak for them elves Mr B went on to speak of the obnoxious personal liberty bills, which he claimed ought to be repealed; but while savins so, he would statical the personal liberty bills were nevi r thought of until the action of Sooth Carolina drove the North into their p?saat^e as a retaliatory measure ^o ith '"aroliM had passed a law that any colored if an that cam? tc Charleston on a northern ship, wheU?tr b* be *ree or slave, steward, cook, crew, or what not, 'ue must be taken at once from the 'Sfrd '['"laced in prison and remain there until the vl?sc' be ready to sail home, and then only be gcrt out ifter the captain had paid tbe costs cf his \ mpr' ton men t Massachusetts sent one of her W st distinguished and conservative legal counsel to Charleston to test this question of the legality of the law before the Supreme Court, ana they wouldn't even permit him to go Into court to pr?care his cam. but mnhh?J hi "" _ , __ _ .?w v ->vw Uiiia VTU? V* 'U W II. Mr B. said the republican party was ready and willing to enter Into such compromise ; * would be entirely satisfactory to the Border Slave States He alluded to tbe pains that are taken to spread all over the South the speeches of a few crazy abolitionists; and held that the conservative republicans are never beard, and that they are the great mass of tbe people; that they are neithtr crazy on tbe subject of slavery, nor would they Interfere with it in any way That they want the lave State* to have their rights, and if our southern brethren will have a little patience they will ee that the republicans are not their enemies After Mr. H. had concluded, Mr. Nathaniel Hatch made a brief address; and the association -adjourned " GcxsB Saxakitax Sour Hoc** "?This establishment, organized last Monday night at the Knvttsh Lutheran Church, is about to go into ttCUve operation. Tbe committee havine charge vf tbe matter have secured a bouse on Eleventh sr., >o 125. betw?*en G and H , and will open tomorrow Saturday) for distribution to the poor, gratuitously. It Is proposed to dispense aoup thrre days each week?Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays?and, If'the community sustain tbem, (it being supported by voluntary contributions ) every day, should the demand call for it So far, the enterprise has met with decided success Our citizens will b? called on for such contribution* ?? they may feel disposed to ?i v?*. either in food, money, groceries, or second-band clothing,whlc h is also recived and given to tb? ne>-dy. Con'ributlons may be left with Mr J Fossell, corner of Twelfth and F sts , or Rev Mr BlU?", nPxfto" tbe Lotheran cburrh ?. ^-eSimlttee will wait on ail applicants for relief, and if found worthy thev wiU be immediately provided witb tickets, eat b entitling tbe bolder to one quirt of soup, with hre*i<l. This investigation is deenmd necessirvto roard avi'mt tmnn?tM? ?? - - r r- ,..v^nuv Bic icauy 'w deprive the meritorious of sympathy in sacb matter*. We trust ^his measure will meet with approbation from our citizens, a* there I* greater dMt'tution atronti tbe poorer classes in our midst his winter than was ever before known. A weekly report will be made cf tbe operations of he association Tbe dispensiry will be open from l?a in to J p m The I'hios Rifles, composed of stone-cutters, met at Steuben Hall list nlgbt They were drilled for some time. and performed with grrat excellence the inauuel. They were th?n called to order by Capt A. H Rutherford, and an invitation was extended to all present not members to come forward and join. A good many did so Tbe Cap:ain congratulated tbe corps on tbe prospri t cf a speedy permauent oresnlzatioD of tbe company, and stated that tbe ct&cers would get tbeir commissions to-niorrcw, (to-day ) A resolution was adopted invitt?g all workingtneu and mechanics to join the company A committee was appointed to a^rec upon a uniform for the corps i ucv uicn (>iuvirucu IU cDQipiew ibe organization by electing tbe following officers: %tr Jas Grimlev third sergeant, Mr. M. P. Swain third corporal, acd Mr Rtgers fourth corporal Messrs Cuprland and Middle ton were elected color sergeants. Tbe company now numbers 125 men. t>*lt oxe Week Longer?Dr. Scbloaaer, who has been iu our city for some six weeks, during wbicb time (and also on a former visit) be bas bad a* many applications as be could attend to, bas met w'tb immense succ*s?in bis treatment of corns and dismtr-s of tbe feet, lie b:?s operated upon tbe pedal extremities of many if our most intelligent and respectable citizens, and tbe manner in wblcb tbev speak of blm in tbe numerous testimonials tbe Doctor bas in bis possesion, Is evidence sufficient tbat be is no humbug, and can do what be professes. Tbe Doctor has so manv engagement* tbat be la unable to Vive this week ;>s be intended, and bas con* qucntlv determined to stay one we*klonK?r. during wbicb be maybe louiia ai bis tuicr, .-so ?>/ renntyivania avenue, ready to relieve all who may desire it, from painJul and trou tilesome excrescences Land Waskant* a?d Mo*it?Very little baa b?-*-n doinjr in sale of land warrants tbla week, aitlinu^b there has been an Improvement in the demand, f>r the reason that there are few In the mirk" t Tbe dealers have l>een giving tor 160 to W) a<r?* warrants oo rents, an advance of 5 cents, asking 65, for to acre warrants Kivin? 85 cents, selling at S'. Kxrhanjje baa been dull?New York city banks, par; State, % per cent; New Jersey, DeUware, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and west Maryland, 5: east do , 3; Baltimore, IK, North Carolina, Illinois, snd Wisconsin, IV; Indiana^?; Virginia, 3#; Louis,ana,2*. Supbims Cocet?Thu7*<lny ?No 62 George They are a part at the tore*, from Fort Leavenworth, kiMf at Fort McHmrr. and have beca relieved from there by oae hundred men from Governor's It land. N. Y. There la atlll another comMay of the Jd Rrpimoot remaining at McHeary The two com pan Ira nmrr*?*d directly from the depot peat tbe City Hall, and halted in front of tbe bnildlng lately occupied by tbe Miaaea Bckrr as a yo unt lady'? aemlnary. on E street, where company K will quarter. Order* were here received for company K to qaarter, temporarily, la tbe new dwelling lately rrected for Mr George Burns on E street east of Sixth, until their permanent will be arranged. Company H immediately marched to tbe quarters prepared for tbem In tbe vrrat end of the city. Toe companies are composed of yotisg and active men, and they exhibit all the cool indifference to sarroondlng circumstances, which la common to United States regular troops They were equipped as infantry, ana marched by the flank, route step, exhibiting no disire to make a displsy. A OaxAT Bill-To-night, Mr. Sotbern takes his lx>nrflt, and one of the moat remarkable bllla It offered for the occaalon ever presented to a theatrical audience. The play la "Oar American Cousin at Home," written for Mr. Sotbern by Charles Gay lor. and prevented for the first time in tbla city. We learn that it abounds through every line and acene in most undiluted fun, and that it has nowhere been performed without eliciting such uproarious laUghtet as to threaten to unroof the theatre Sothern, in tblfe piece. performs a ?oft of "Corslcan Brothers" double, appeirlng almoat simultaneously as Lord Dundreary and the Hon. Sam Rosalyn Among other features of the performance will be the unrolling of a beautiful panorama of the Hudson River, and a skating scene, in which the participators ap pear on me rage wun real skaies Tbe piece is reple'e with stirring Incident, startling scenes and denouement*, striking tableaux, picturesoue dances, and everything calculated to keep tbe spectator's attention fully on tbe qui rirt Undoubtedly there will be a great rn?h to aee It. CmMi!?al Court ?Yesterday, George Porter (colored) was convicted on a charge of obtaining a $ '- M piece under falae pretences. Sent to the p^nitf ntiary for one year. William Robinson was convicted of an assault and battery on Wm. C. Noakes. Fined *10 and C"?tS i'bllllp Ford was tried and convicted of stealing a pair or shoes from Mr. Hafi* Sent to jail for six months. To-day ? Edward Duflee (colored) was placed on trial on a charge of burglary- This man was discovered under a bed, in the bouse of Mr. Howard, with the door key of the house in bis pocket, and a candle, box of matches, skeleton keys, and other burglarious implements In his possession. Tbe case was pending when our report closed. Remarkable Otsteb* ?Harvey, on C street, opposite tbe theater, la now dally serving bis cm'ointri with as fine oysters a* ever were seen ill this market. He deserves Infinite credit for thus procuring tbe best oysters tbe waters of the Chesapeake afford, for their use?and selling them too. as he does, at prices even leM?pound for pound ?than those charged for tbe apologies for oysters usually hawk* d about the streets in the early hours of the evening. Nominated ?\V? learn that last night Geo \V. Brent, esq . was duly nominated to be tbe Union candidate for the Virginia Convention for the town and county of Alexandria Both hla late competitors for the support of the Union party there?Mer?rs Snowden and Fowle?have accordingly withdrawn, and their friends will support Mr. Brent, of course His election we regara as beiug certain Mktropolita* Police Bill.?Mr. Kilgore, of Indiana, introduced to-day tbe bill for the or i' i fini'ii ui a metropolitan ponce lorce In this city It in probable that this bill will past tbe House at an early date. The Washington Mayoralty Case.?The contested Washington mayoralty election case. Wallach vs. Berret, la expected to be tried before the circuit court tome time in the course of next week. Thi Choir of St. Paul's English Lutheran Cburchgive aconcert in tbe First Baptist Church, Tenth street, on Monday night The Parteiio Family and tbe Amphlon Quartette Club will assist upon tbe occasion Circuit Court.?This court was to-day engaged In trying cases where action was brought to recover money due on notes and accounts. Mattresses can be bought of Messrs Oreen a Williams, No. 506 Seventh street, for Jl.50. See advertisement. The handsome tender by the Messrs Wlllard. of their fine Concert Hall for tbe use of the Border State Convention, taa? been accepted. Cor?n*.?Tbe sudden chance* of onr c'imate are aouroaaof Pulmonary, Hmnchial and As'hmitic Af"lw+*. P.xperierine having proved thnt simple remedies often act *p?edily and certainly wh?*n fc&fc 'ti"TB tlte arly ?ta'ea oT tli? ii**RS^rrPCfmTae atiould at onoa be had to " Rroicn'n Brontkiil Track's." or Lozenges, lot the Cold, Condi, or Irritation of the Tnroat M ever ?o slight. an by thia pr<^sauti in a more serious attaik ma* he Hleo'uaily warded off. Public Spunkert and will find th*?n effectual for ceanng an l atrengihemnr the voice. See advertisement. del-!j llOMKOPATHIC RtMimU All of Dr. Humphreya A Co.'a apeoibo HoineopatlHo Item?"?lieH put up expressly forlHmily uee, in boxes, at 39 and !*> centa each. Also, in tMsoa. coniHiuing iO viala, from $4 to (J5 each, with hook of full directiona. For sale by Z. D. Oilman, 330 Pa. avenue, wholesale and r*t?i! agent; \V. A. Fitxgoraltl, S.m n?>'th F street; also l?V F. li. Winter, corner vl Mas'?*oiiu*eUs ave nue ar.f Sixth street. Ala<>, Fon<rj Ejrtract af Witch Hixti, for internal and external UitianmiationH of 11 kr>?<4. W..I .4 .. - V r?i i k i uu?. cn/iu ne ?n"uvc. 11 lift U IJ FaoxMa.S. W. K. Hasdt, No 3'JT Pennsylvania At't.ltl. Washisstuh, 1). C., Sept. 26,1860. Oe*t,'tm n: After Buff-ring severely for Uiree yesrs with a*1 a<c>; ava ed form of iiiak in* use of rrany of t.iu p<>pu ar r^medius of the <ia*.a? well as th? prescriptions of some <>l our most eiuinii.t phy?icia<.s?and all t<> no purpose?at ttio suggestion of Mr H. H. Hazard I bad recourse to th? O ri/j,nntrii Bitter) with the most salutary rebut, 'loo much cannot bet aid in favor of this vatja le remedy, and I hope that all who a e aftliotud with that horrible disease, Dyspepsia, will make use of this remedy at once 8. W. K Handt. Prepared by Sefh W. Fowle & Co., Boston, and for *vo in Washington oity G. Stott, ?. H. Waite Z. D. fiiiman. John Sohwarze. Nairn & Pa.mer, John Wiiey, J H Moore, and H. II. MoPh*rson; in Ge-?r(t*town by R. S T. Clssll. and O. **. k J Southron, and by druggists everywhere, ja 28 1 w j Homr Testimony. Prom the Pitt: burg L'niird Pre*byt"i*n. Wob?v? tritil HuiWtter'n Mtomaoli Hi'ter* for dyspepsia, and can sptak favorably of itseiT'ctf, and l.av* no hesitation <n oimroendi?K them to those All.-non from anv de. ilitr of the kl"d. From tht Pitt*bur* Post. August 27.185J. Hostktt** ? Kitties?The-e Bitters tiaveobln ed? wide-spread and wo!I drsrrved celebrity n a!! p*rt? of tlio cuntry. They are au adnnrab e reme<fy for a g' eat varietv of stomach dis as a It la a 'flioie t evidence of ;'a l>euelicial character to observe the immense of it shipped by M '?sr^ II Mtetter A ^intli.ihe prop-ietois. to all I oiuts ia the country. From the Pittsburg (imzttte, August IS. IDS), Knowledge ia gained by experience, and,though we hive heretofore dealt very little in medical preparations, we are oompalled iu justice to the in*nuf?cturers to sar that Hosts trr'a stomach Hitie a has been the means of curing na of a severe attack ol dyspepsia, and haa removed pain in the a'oinach in a very ahort time. For aale by druggists and dealers general* every where. j?29 eo3t HniLOWiT'l PlLLX AMD OlNTXMT. Inilimmitiun of ik'K"!* ?s nml Urinn g-mtal Org***.?tn all internal inlltinin&tion of the Kid neys, i. auoer, co.. nau?*U n? gravel or other local irritation theee medicines will eileot a ?p*edy ami rariioa' our? Oat of fiv? hundred cuea of pera< n< attl ct?d with g'fevel and pronounced hy eminent members of the faculty as -incurable' all who took Uies? remedies recovered hut one, and he, d*spairirf of aucoMi, discontinued them af'er one w??k'a ae. >old by all Druggists, at 23 ots , 62 cts., and f 1 per box or pot. jaSO-lw To the Afflicted !? We sure to read the advertisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood PuAfier. in another oolumn. ti PENNIES. Persons desiring pennies wfll alwaya find them for exchange at the Star Offioe oounter. tf Readke, have yon man Prof. Wood'a advertise ment in our paper. Rea>_ it; it will interest you. au 90-eoly P. Blaell et al , plaintiff* In error, agt tbe City ft JeflVraonvllle T%la cause wna argued by Mr. Tafl for the plaintiff* In error, and by Mr. Reverdy Jobnaon for tbe defcndanta In error No 63. John M Farkler. appellant, agt John R Fordetal. Tbe argument of tbla cauae waa cooimenced by Mr Carliale for tbe appeiianta, and continued by Mr. Coomba for the appellee. Adjourned. Oca Georgetown route a^ent complain* that be baa difficulty In collecting tbe amounta due for furaiah'.ng tbe paper there, and our Waablngton agenti bint at the aame difficulty Thia la all wrong Tbe task of making aucb collection* In mall amounta, a* muat h?* the caae on a jwnnv paper, la oneroua enough at beat, and tbe collector should never be compelled to call twice for bla money. Fa*t Diivihg?We hear much complaint of careleasnea* on tbe part of our modern Jetiu* who eern to consider It a urent achievement to frighten unprotected females, and cauae tbeao to step from the fla^a into Ue nua aa UMir utn aun arouna a corner. The Indulgence of tbia pro penalty for exhibiting faat horse fleeb la in violation of law, and it behooves oar model police to attend to tbia uitbr. Ciitiu Gvi?io?ii Caama?Laat ilgkl, Alfred l.omax. colored, waa arrested and ukta to the guardhouse for belaf drunk and diaorderly; be waa flned 92 13 John Robaoo. do ; 9i IS / C Dillon, do ; S3 15 FoatroaiD -The lecture advertised by Mr R. A Pollard for to-algbt la unavoidably postponed P irebaaera of tickets will have tbelr money returned on application to the partiea froaa whom tbay were otrtaiasd AiiiTti Of Mtitr a*t ?Thl* morning, eompanlea H and K. of the *d Regiment of Artillery, 'Col Brook a and Capt Allen eoana ad ing. arrived in tbia city by tbeeleven o'clock train from Baltimore Company H. Col Brook*, number men; company K, Capt Allan, nam ben 53 RUKAIfiU. At Lone Old Fields. Prinoe George's county, M>1. on the 2Kh Jsnuary, by the Rev. Mr. G A. Johouor. M . GEORGE T. JARBOE to Mits MOuLIE QUEEN, both oi Maryland. At L<>u? Old Pields, Prinoe George's oonnty. M<t . on the?jth JsnuarV. by the Kev. Mr G. A. Johnston. Mr. H G. MITCHELL to Miss MaK V U EDEL1N. both of Marylacd. DUO, Ob the moraine of the Slat alt., of ooossmption, M s. ANN TAYLOR Gl l-M AN. v.fs of Goorgs J Abbot. daughter of Hob. NiohoUa Emory, of Portland. Mnlaa. Tr>e friends of the family nro respectfully invited to attend the fuaera!, to- morrow (Satsrday i afternoon, at 1 o'rtloOS, at the Rugby House, oorner of Fourteenth and K sts. * On Thnrsday evenisf. Januarjr 31st, at the rosi dsnoo of J Coiegate Psrksr, Esn^ Mootiinn-r; ooanty, Md., of paralysis. Miss HARRIET M. coleq ATjfc. js |he Wth yny^hera o. On the S9th ?f Jnanary, sJt Pa'tsrson. N. J? I. A l!li. dsuiktir o' Julias E. and Kute HiltsnT ng id i ymn and ft wMka. ! Nmt V?rk,oo W?daMd*y, th?MU of Janaajgju 5 r .1 ... k M'i * ) |*? - i* I ??! ' ? i * ? % SATE TOD TWO DOLLARS WORTH OF GO FOR THE ENSUING TWENTY DAYS STOCK ON HAND at an Imm*nae Sacrifice price. The Stock mn*t be cloaed out bv the JOth improvement* In the Store, and rather than pack without regard to coat or valna. We name, in pa French Mrrlncw*. 50 centa; worth SI, All-Wool Plain Delaine*. 3*2 cents; worth 6-?, H?*t Figured Delaine*, 18 centa; worth 31. Very pretty Poll De Chevres, IS centa, worth 37, l,ong Brocbe Shawls. #8 50; worth S16, Stella Shawl*, < Brocbe Bordera) 93; worth Broche Shawl Border ins, 20 centa, Ladle*' Kid tiauntleta, 50 centa; worth tl, Ladiea" Vesta, at a great sacrifice, CARPETING, OIL CLOTHS, snd SHOES We have many choice and desirable article* n it call from all those wbo desire to supply themsel Bear in mind? You G$t Two Dollar % Worth 9J feb 1-31 T SPECIAL NOTICE. O Those of nnr customer* and friends who have nrt settled their btlla as presented on the 1st January we would respectfully out most earnestly request th?m to make every effort to do so by the first wrek in February. as we are in want of all the money due us at this ti me. Onr thanks we tender to those who hare paid their bills promptly, and shall be pi- aaed to serve them in future upon the best terms, and hope -o merit their increased confidence and liberal patronage. J. W. COLLEY A <ToT. ja30 1flt 533 Seventh st., above Pa av. WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Washinsto!*, D. C., Jan. 29, 1861. Proposals will he received at this Office until noon of the 16th d?v of February, 1061, for the plat firm (xivfrinnol Briilje No. 3. The work to be done will oonsistof the furnishing, cutting and setting of aSout 4,2"> oubio fret of granite. Specifications oe.* he nropnrfcl ?.n/f ?l?ll.?.?rriin?.l - ? oation at this Office. Each bid muat be accompanied hjr a guaranty that the pa-'y proposing will, if hia bid ia accepted, enter into contract withii ten daya thereafter. Proposals to be aeal^d and endorsed "Propoaala for Platform Covering," a^d addreaaed to JAS. tft'5. MORTON. I.ient of Eng'ra Ch. Eng'r Wash. Aqd't. jaco t16Fet> * WEDDING CARDS, New Sty lea, at dempsey A. otoole's, j%2a 3?eo 336 Pa. avenue. 486 OVAL FRAMES,&o. 486 Different atyUa and aizea OVAL FRAMES for Photocraplia, PICTURE CORD and TASSELS,all sizes and colora. PA PHIH ANGINGS, all trades and pr'c*a, remnants pa per hangings, at on?fourth leaa than coat, at JOHN MARK R ITER'S, No. 4?6 Seventh at.. 8 doo. a above ja 25-eolftt Odd FHlowa' Hall. nTOPHAM'S BEF18 PREMIUM TRUNK MJV ITFACTfiR V 499 Sivisth Strket, NVashisgtos, D. C. ?1*rer Metal awarded Maryland Institute of . iwaltimme, Novemlwr 7, l?Sf? Aleo, Medal b* Me ropolitan Mechanics' Institute, Washington, D. C., 1857. I am constantly making, and always have on hand, of the best material, evary d^tciiption of Fine Hole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladi?-' Dreas, Wood Box, an 1 Fackfng Trunks, Fellisier, Carpet.and Canvas Traveling Bars, School Satchels, 4c., At Low Price*. Members of Congress and travelers will plsase examine n.j stock t>ef?re purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made in oities. SuDorior Leather and lJrees Tmnki miule to or^er. Tturks covered and repaired at xhort notice. Good* delivered free of oharce t.> any part of the eity, Geortetown, and Alexandria ja23 lyeo JAMES ?. TQPHAM. I ASTONISHING, BUT TRI E ! T I* Very at an*e tliat SMITH should ret in New Goods when every body i? o' yin); hard time*. Hut he aella hia goods at auon low prices that the people will buv thein. N Hreceived a lot <>f CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS, wli'ch will l>e sold at 2" per cent le*? than their aotual value. At SMITH'S, INo. 460 Seventh at, opposite Poat Offioe. ja 24-tm A HICKORY WOOD. No. 1 artio'e of HICKORY WOOD. Alao, PINK and OAK WOOD, prepared or delivered O. rd length. |?^T??rm? ca?h. lt^A'1 orders *hould t>e aeonmpanied with the money ; drivers d >n't narry change unleas special orders are left to that effert. T. J 4 W. M. GALT, ja23 Pa av.. b?r. Ilth and lath at*. A PIANO FORTK, (NKW.) FOR #1T3.-I IX. have had left At mr "tore for sale a new ? Km?wi"?l Case. bom:iOil toD? Piaii?,|BSKM Htool and Cover, which cunt cash a .d the owner, in c?n??qu'nce wf the hard times, wjllf?ll_;? for #-!?S"'i>o udiug Stool And Cover. Call a> d see it. JOHN F. El.LIS, ia 25 Pa. av.. bet, ft h and 10th ?f?. CIlKM bK TfUN h VER UST RECEIVED a Fresh Lot of that SUPERIOR NOTK PAPER At 75 Ct*. r*r Kk*m. At SHEPH ER D'S, at ihe corn *r of Seventh an1 f> streets the bent we wave ever had. Call ao*n ail') supply yourselves. Other pApers in proportion. It won't last long. jaSB Iw BUY YOUR stationery and School Hooks at SHEPHERD'S, while you have a chance to save roiir money. ja I'.i-lm J ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAKS. UST Opened foi the Christmas and New Years t'rewenU, all marked down at the lowest prices to suit the tnii"sf for cavh. de 19 J. W. COLLEY * CO.. IMPORTANT TO HOUSER K.KPKItK t ? E. K DURKEE& CO.MS BIjEOT SFIOB0. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from frfflih Spices. selected and cleaned by us expressly for the purpose without referenoe to cost. They arc beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper,.' to prevent injury by keeping, and aie fall weicht, while the ordinary ground Spines are almost in variably short We warrant Uiem, in point of strength and richness of flaTor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, as a sincle trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured uniy by E. R. DURREE * CO.. ft l?-if.n* |K> Pmr) .t.Niw W, THVT NOTICE ABOl'T PERSONS CALL ing to pay up we find by manT disregarded VN e want it an"erst?>od we are in (anient; we want the money for all Mils due us. T. J. A W. M. UALT, Dealers in Wood and Coal, ia 23 Pa. ar., bet. 11th and Wth sts. /2REAT RKDUCTION IN PRI'JKS! ~ VJI SELLING OFF-SELLING OFF! The wbo'eofour larg- stock of Dreaa (iooda.furti aa?il? Robea, Dreas di k?, Menuoa. Popitna, Ail De Laina, K-p?. Valenoiaa, in faot a 1 W inter Dreas UolkIs we will tell t.ff this month, at greatly rrduo?d prioea, many at lea? than ouat for tke eatJk. Alao, 1* or handsome Black Cloth Cloaka remaining in our a took whioh we offer now at ?> per cent leaa than ouat. W? invite the ladieaandall in want of a handsome Dreaa or I loak to oa'land examine onr atnok before pnrohaaing elsewhere. J. \V. COIjLKV & CO., ja 16 2w 52'i Seventh at., above Pa av. PIANO k'ORTK INSTRUCTIONS-The underalgned, long well known to the^^H^ Washington public aa a teacher of fhelBHIB Piano, besa leave to state that he is are pared to take aoholara on terma to auit the exigencies of the tim^a- Having vacancies in hia time ju?t now which he ia anxious to fill up, he will teach a few aoholara, if dnsiraheto iheir parnnts, and taka hi* pay in auch uierohandiso aa may t>e agreed on when they are entered with him. He ia willinv tn aiftlrA mmh arranaomonl. V inoon* anion's many whodoaire to have their ehil dxen tauxht the Piano experience now in Kitting money. Mia method of teaehtng has t.eeii huh v approved for yeara, and hia referenoea are heads of the beat musical familie* in Washington. Hia terma are exceedingly moderate JOHN K. PCHKLL, Reaidenoe? 'i?S G atre-t. ja5 1m or apply at M?tg?rott'a. T J. A. W. Al. GALT Dialers IN WOOD AND COAL Of all kinds. Oiioe?Peon avenue, jaM between l'th and 12th atreeta. /i 1 BBS' WIG. BRAID AND CURL MANUU PaCTORY, 349 Penn. avenue, near the corner of Thirteenth atreet.?A very oomplete aaeortm?nt of Braids, Carle, Friiettes, Bandeau*, Ac., ow on hand: also, made to order at the shorten nutioe. Hair Work reaairod or utlren in tmiiu,. aollw J" NKW BOOKS. U8T RECEIVED AT FRENCH A RlCHSTBIN sJ, No. 8T0 Pbmn. Atirci, The Shadow in the Huuie, a new novel, by John Saundtra. 12mo, oloth; At by mail. The Dutch Dominie ol the CaUkilla. by the lev. David Mnr Jooh, D. D.. lJmo., aloth; #1 Ti by mail, The Romanoe of aa lrith Girl, Uno , oloth; f l.ot ATarge aMortment ot the best Military Worki yabliahed. jaX I WILL Take ajlTtind* of Virginia money for mi book dabUaad for BooU, Shoes, aid Truake. Ail ESSSHHSfc "s* ? 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hail. no n Pa. ay., hatw?nlt^and loth it? OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATH of itH LI verr latoet sty lea, and in all oaeee made JgM of the Met material. Call at once and ge:?E| rented low to oare a fnonu. ?UJB, v4 *i? v?i '- ' l?i 4 7 < V ( . .'-Ji 0 * * t . i R MOIOT! . . 0D8 GIVE* FOB ONE DOLLAR - ? WE WILL SELL THE BALANCE OF OIR Minr article* will be offered at half the original instant, u we will comment* at that time tn make tht Good* away we have determined to aell them lit? | Pure Linen Towela, 12 cent* worth IS, All-Wool Table Covers. SI 40; worth f*J. Gentlemen's and Boys' l uderablrU aud Draw. era, 50 cents, worth SI. Best Calicoea, only 10 cents, Best Canton Flannels, 10 centa. Beat lJ-cent Cottons, 10 cents, | Ladles' and Children's Best Extension Skirts, ' at half price , at a very heavy reduction from former prices ot here en timers ted, and would respectfully solicit Yea with goods at half the usual cost., r Goodt fur On* Dellmr. R. BRICK HALL, 373 and 373 IEVKNTH KTRKRT FOR SALE AND RENT. [ Fbr oiktr "*hr SmU mmd Real" r?) I pOR RENT IN 0EOR6KTOWN?One tww" story ud buenuiit FRAME BOUSE, oa i Prospeot street. oontainiRg fi rooms. For particulars inquire of RICH AKD pETTIT, eornAr of ;<d and Market at* ; or J. J. MoQUILLAN, Hi(h at. fel 3t j POR SALE?The FURNITUR E of a dwelling 1- situated in a moatdelightful part of the city, and containing 8 room*. The house ia for rent. Addresa "Bargain," Star Office. ja 3n-3t* I7?OR RENT?The STORE ROOM formerly r occupied by the O'ange and Alexandria Road Company, corner of Sixth streetan<l Penn. av< nue, the f?est st*nil for Uusiuess in Washington. A pply to HOPKINS, coiner ?f fiixth street and Penn. 30-3t FOR RfcNT-A new BRICK HOUsTT, containing five roomi, with gas, on K street, betwe?B ]8th and 9th su , First Ward. Rent H12St per month. Apply to GEO. A. LaNE, ae?ler in t butter, No. 7 Center Market. I am selling good Batter at 12^, 15, and 20 cent* per pound. j% 30^3t | b?OR RENT-TWO ROOMS, and use of ParF lor, in a plrnsant and healthy part of the city. Inquire at the corner of Tenth si. a id New \ ork i avenne. ja 29-tf A valuable farm for sale or exchange FOR <M t Y PROPKRT V?ConI taming 181 aor^s, siti'tted 14 mileo from Alexandria, on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, under good cultivation; timber, wa*er, fruit and a'l build m*s neoessarr fhra first-iate form. Inquire of G. IV . BRAY, at the Jewelry Store, 31ti Sev^n'h st , Washington. 21 lm* Fj*OR RENT-Tlie three -story briek DWELLING-HOUSE, with basement, No. 300.on E, between 2d and 3.1 streeU, at present occupied by Dr Lewis Joues. Possession given on the 1st of | Februa y. It has all the modern improvements, water, gat, Ac Rent #45n per year. App'y to HENRY EGAN, 4ii Seventh?t: or W. EG AN. Krt i p .* / ? - * * x> oi.. i ut ii door.) (Intel.) ja I8 tf fpOR RENT-Twoframe COTTAG K HOUSES, oontaining six rooms. situated on Ma??. avenue and I-ilteenth street; pomp of good water in the yard. ja 5 Furnished rooms for rent, at 4o? d utroot, between 6th and 7lli sts. de 4-tf FOR RENT-The fin? BRICK HOUSE No. 100 Wentst.^ Georgetown, at presont occu pied by the subscriber. it has 12 ro .ms. with kw and water throughout, a fine yard, stable Ac , and is in acood neighl-orhood. Apply to JAS. A. MAORI; 1)KK. oo25-tf FOR RENT?A three dtory brick HOUSE,containing 8 good order, with *as fizI tures ooinpiete, on H street, Itetween 4th and 5th. Also, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of F street north an ' M'h st. east. To puuctual and reliable tenants the terias will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, : between G a .id H. no 13-tr K'OR RENT, in the First Ward?three iqu%r?i r west of the War Department?a small OFFICE, with back loom, or the former may answer for a shop, and Varlora and Chaml>ere, separate, or uita ot Rooms, furnished or unfurnished ; close to the Ave: ue. Inquire at this office. I de 3 Ztawtf Ir*OR RENT OR LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS*?The HOl'SE and GROUNDS lately I occupied by Postmaster General Brown, arid very recently held by Mrs. Smith as a female institute. For further information apply to CIIAS. AliERT, Esq , or to the subscriber. THOMAS LAWSON, de 4 ootf Surgeon Ganeral U.S. Arm jr. I^ORJRENT?The FIRfT FLOOR of the buiM me immediately opposite the west win* of tb? : City Ha!.,recently oocupied by Cha?. S. VVallaeh ai an office. Also the front room in the second story and the third floor of the same Mnldmc. Foi terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. ? i liOiiiKiu ?T?nn?. la 13 tl WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN PEOFLK take notion, as it will be to their Interest to do so, that W. H. READS OOM?'OUND SY KI P Of MVERWoR r for Coufkf, Cohl<, Hoar Croup and oth?r stT otions of the ttiroat and ch?*et, and also hi- SORE THKOAT PoWDKR. are two of the most in allible renoddies of th* ?i*y, and i.o family should t>e without them; and besides, the* are >> chenp a* to he within the teach of all. We do not expeot strainers to believe what we write in regard to our own medicine*, cons<quently we refer you to the following well known gentlemen's oerii Kcate*. which o*n l?e se' 11 st the ' r?ig store* where tho articles are for sale; tltet say tltey . are the best Cough and Sore Tbrost Medicines they have ever known : Rev. Ja* H.Brown. Rev. George Hi Wit. |tev. Sam'l A. Wilson, Rev. Wm. A. Hicks, Inev. ? m. A. 8nir?iy. Kev JohnToley, Rev. Ja? 8 McM?rr*j, R?v. Win. K.Mi I*. Of tkt Baitiwore Conferfnt',. K'ch articte 2a cm* a hot'le. i Wholesale b? W II Read Sc. Co., Druggist*. 63 Broadway. Baltimore. At retail by R- S. T. Cieael tt Co.. Druigiet, , Gmriatown. Chart a Sott, Drucrlst, .174 Pa. avenue. Win. Thompson. Druggist, Fifteenth at. and i New York avonue, Washington. John K. Bat's, Druggiat. Navy Yard. ja2? Im rpHLRE'S A Bh'ITKR TIMfc COMING! V lotinia of 8eif Abuse and Secret Diseases should appi* at SHIMAN'S Southern .Medical House, under the Clarendon Hotel, oorner Sixth street and Pa. avenue, immediate y opposite the National Hotel, and try L>r. Sou t hey's Celebrated London M'dicines Th-v are warrant'd to cure the most viru ei.t form* of Uonnorrhrca, ti!eet, Syphilis, Nocturnal h niissions, Strictures, and Weakness of tht B addi-r 111 from s to 6 days. The Remedies can b? sent by mail. Office hours from "J a. m loin p m. J ja a tt* m/. tu t( nu n*. i? ? . ? j'u 1? r.r* ion? Ail" rAl Ij.X I r, t J MIJNN A COMPANY, Proprietor* i?f the Pciit??Tiric Amkbitah, %n<1 Agents for procuring American and Foreign PATENTS, Witk Sixtetn Ytnrt' Frprrufut. in ike Bu; Refer to Hon. Judge Man on, Hon Josep . Holt, Hon. W D. Huhop.Ex Connniamonere ofPatent?, ai.d to more than //'<?* thousand inrrutors who have hvl busineaa Uonothrough Mulu A lo.'s Pat ent Agerej. Pamphlet of Advice aent free by m%il. rmoi.i bxwi sou nrgu.auons, i< ?i pa*ea,~jj cents mai! Office?No. 3T Park R"w, New York. Washington office?comer F and Seventh su., opposite Patent Office. de X eo2 it IN VIEW OF THK EX TK AORUINAR V stringency of the tunes, and w ishinc to clone out | our hfavy stock by spring, we wil. sell from Una date a* follows: Hl? KOKY WOOD, 8650; OAK, $5 50; PINE, 1 943ft. KED ASH roAL. all siaes. 96S5; WHITE ASH COAL, all ?iz-s. $>i; ( UMHEKLAND, ?6, 2/. V pounds to tne ton Kiia a-tud in all cases. I sawtd and Split WOOL) all size*. DICKSON A KING, ja26 ro3w Yard?cor. V^ripont a?, and 1Mb st. 9 lo.noe ORTH (IF BOOTS, SHOE* AN? TRUNKS, OJ itll Stflf* nnd (funlilits, AT A U6?r hACRiriCK on ro?T. Ci^., r i>^.a ? i.'.' ? * - **- ?. uiwjc rtrr jtsiM una riJ-*wrr> JOT Alt tho St?.ok in 8. P. HOOVKR'S STORK, I Mrartfelroii Hall.enbra luievcy varety mJU* , I .kiIi .i'. lirnu', Children'* and VHl ^MWiServan'a'SHOKS AUo.TRAV f ! KI.ING TRUNKS are i.ow.being aold, for Hk I t'ltkjkt treat *aci bceaon u<tual retail *ellindpricea. | indeed much below omental cort. The attention of the public ib ?<>lioil#d, aa g-eai inducements vill ha mad** to purchaaera. The above emprises a large stock uf the hne?t Quality French and Amer can uaiters.Shoes,Boots, (?.. *o., lor ladiea and gentlemen Th-? Store n for rent an I the Fixtuiea tor aale. ( AdbIj 011 t e premiscH, Iron llall ' N. B.?The ?> ova stock, either in whole or in part, will l>e aold at private aaie. T? any one deairoah o| entering tha Boot, Shoe and Trunk Busiueaa thia affordi a better opportunity than may again i>e presented. P?r*on? indebted will Oi>nfer a favor by promptly calling and nettling their accoanta ia7-tf ' I J M PORT ANT TO LAD1KS! I have just.receive** a lotSable Mink MUPFSfa ; maue iroiii ?Ki(ii oAUfbl this Ma w ' ?<>n, which 1 vill Mil at nearly ha'l their usual prioe. Also, on hand. Freooh Sable and hHHK] Wat-r Mink MUFF?, prieeelrom 1m . ' , nfiMeTfoCKEY HATS in Beaver and Pelt, 1 f1'Ji5iSM',"u,*1?Vme.RT!!. Hat Store 43V t*?nn. aveuue, ? ia U . htwen Wto aa* tatk si? I tt - - ONMPWCKONLY! X?A VINO on baad a very heavy bt ot of OR F.>f ' TRIMMINGS,! will offer fte same very okaa# lor > eog tf heip.i u ?th a?J ?ntk ?L. EVERYTHING In Ute Stationery Line at erieee to rait ihctiBM.MSiMyhero's. i ' HI K I** % I * OTORGETOWW. ~ Ctrwuptmdmm / Tk* Stmt OtoMiro*!!. February 1,1*91. bald la thm Con. e!I rpola last emiH, Nan "John Marbury, jr , W C. Magee VV H. Thecker. John Lut.tid Ellas Hutcbln*. wm elected delegates to the nominating convention These dele* a tea, repreaentlng the ? Addison" party, received SB votes each, the " Mag ruder" d-irgatss receiving 9 each. On motion of Mr VV H Hitter the vote vu declared unanimous. The convention to nominate caadidate* at the approaching election opposed to the present maniclpal .dii,,n.stration, assembled last malag at the residence of Mr. John T Bangs, consisting of In delegates from each of the four precincts. Mr. Jenkins Thomas was called to preside, and John Marbury, Jr . elected aecretary. A committee of three was appointed to draw up a platform, and a resolution pasatd to make a majority of all the delegates necessary to nominate a candidate for the mayoralty. On the first ballot Henry Addison received 11 votea. las. A. Msgruder 0, and 8. McKenney 3. It was then moved that Mr Addlaon be declared unanimously elected aa the nominee by thla convention; wbich waa agrred to A committee was then appointed to man nom!nations for the City Coanclla, and -V vvuvcnuvn auiuuiuni. The oncers of the Potomac Llgtt Infantry bare received tbelr commissions. we understand, and that coin nan? will be entitled to tbe right of the line la tbe elgbtb regiment. Tbe company met at tbelr armory for mapectloo, night before last. We were unable to be present, out understand that Inspector General Stone eipr eased entire satisfaction as to the efficient condition of the company and their belongings GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS I 1ST OF LETTERS REMAl *ING IN THK -J POSr OFFICE, GEORGETOWN. D. C., for the month andlbg January 31. 1*61. JUT Persons applying for letter* tn the following list will please say the* are advertised; otherwise they may not reoeive them. LAD1E8' LIST. Archer, Msry A Peltsrs, Miss Sarah McAunltf. Mmi J A<l.un?,.M?r? <rf l C titorfi, Miss A M-lous, Lsurs C Audcisou, M-iry (irt>ts, Mrs Jus McUirni^^Kaii Br i.HjkJ, Alintra Urates. Mrs K?is Mc AsrrmirMrs Beitly, Misa Noplna Uross, Mrs Mary McAanll/. M Booths, Mi<i Eu (iibtnws, Ttrtu M Oikts, Hit* Bsugen>*n, Miss E Harptr, E A Parks, Mrs J Brovu,Miss Ellsu Huichiuf Mrs H Roberts,Mrs Cel B a Bin If r. Miss K Huddlrsloti, Jkus E Rtce, Mrs Maty J Harriett, Wr? Julia Hufhei, Mrs R Stewart, Anne M Bourk, Margaret JohnMi.Min N bpicer, Catherine A Bro?:i,Mirr?rei A Kinff* Mrs Ellen J Stan*. Miss Eh?t Biuii'jrer, Kirs M Kiirht, Mrs LA I Santi. Mi?s M E E jell, L L?S Keeiui., Miss M Sjminfion.MiuMA Chisnaj,Harriett E Kit.*, Mils M A lichell, Mrs Paul CI if gett, Mif ?rei Kelly, Miss M A tfheckela, Mrs L E Dans, Miss O A Ke I lei. berrer ,M AC Hmoot, Mrs Rachsl Podson, Miss J Ludicke, Mi?? A Tubsoo, Miss K? t Delay, Mi?* Mary Leuord, Miss i Thomai. Lsara Dm.tar. Miss 8 Lewie, Lsura J Speed, Letty Eader, Miss A C 1 Lucu, Miss b E H ilsoti, Mr? E J Kaftou, Mrs L Lee, Sarah Auu Weldoa,Mrs Ellen Kr%e, Laura C Mahotiey, Emily H orthinftoo, Mrs E Kurtuer. Mrs E Mmi, Mrs Ellen Williams, Miss V Foster, Mrs GLN1 LEMEN'tt LIST Arupe, V H Goran, James Mackall, Luuia Alv.?rado,Pedro Oostis.C Msrdtn, M Arrtnftou, J C Orussinfer, Cbaa 8 Muldoon, Patrick A lien, G P OoMen. C Murphy 4 Rapley Alton, G K GUdineu, A Nicholson. A Be ruard,Cljy Hilleary, Leonard Nichols, J s M?2 Berkley, Jno W Hammond,Re w \% u Nt l.ols.C'M Brovii, Wui P Hull, Capt Thus G Kailoe, James Bar*ley, Wm H Him?, Robert H Peppard,8 BjtIcv, Wrn H Hanf, Lotus P sswafer, Levi B-iurn, Wm A Hay ward, Jos Putter, Master H Bilk, Win H Harry, Mr Pife, H Beslry, Wm B Haninfton, Juo Pheuia, B C H Berrr,ThosO?2 Haoley.J H Palmer, D P B<>yd, Thoa He r i.don.Maat'r Joo?<^ua?i.lury. 9i Brook, Pinekvy Haiue, Frank Kapley, Wis-4 Burk, Michael Hodf ee, Dr Re?diug. Wm Bridget, M H Heiur, Ubarlil Ryder, Jaa P Brand. Louia Hiraan, A Rodftrt, Jh? K Brui.(,L P Juuea, Heitrj Rot crtaon. Jaa Banaal, James Jones, Hamilton Ryder,Cart t H ? 3 Baker, Jwima K<?Ui Jonea, Jae W Raudall, Chat Baker H 1?3 Jouei, Wro S Rodier.C H B iker, HC J?ckton,HH Rice.CB B-irker, C Johuimi, Rulcn Rf(*M,Con?fliw Br< wtntrg, Geo G Johnson, Az^l feteeluMii,Ctpt W Bill, Geo . Ju?un, Pa iter ton Bprt, W T Crowlty, Wm Jaetm, Ret Dr 8ulliv<a. Tiaiothy C .r n lOjrh & Co Kirk, R L Shannon. Patrick Chew, Win B?2 Kil?nartiti, Eeruard &n<iih, M CoiaiH,Tuaalky Liter, Was #m indict, Jon A Cartiti, linie! Ledrrer, Ji.o L tkeplicua, Jm> Cook,8.iinl B Leipeld,J B Htmoua, JnoK ('au ldd. Mr L*afh. J A flaiilh. Jn? Cook, Master J H i?ee,Jatue# 8:uim, Juo CUrke, J#o W Lo?enn(, Joo A Juo Coonty, Juu Line,C?pt Geo R Bcott, EU?oci Ciani/, Jm Lawreuc?,G F H 8mi.h, Carroll Catron, Jno Luit, A 8e%te,A H Croatia, H L Muck, Miche-I Feuttr, A-f Cover, Heury AicBenej, Ueorge Tom, Buloui Cwtnpbfil, U K MtLaugiitou. Jno T rby. W m f)ant, Wm McGraue, Jno Tempter, Thorn*# P?rkey,RobtW McAldie,Ov(a Thornton, Ov?n Dotinell, J.u McCraith, R chard Titf?e,H W fl<dc, Hti r; McAualley,Patrick Tucker, fc tli, Joo Wm McCadery, TIiM Triou, Cha# t'lm#n#ton. Win E Mctallum, W <a De Violette, Clia# W Lckhart, Mr-Miloy. Dauiel W.?d#worth, A R fclleuberfer,Hiram Metuer, Franklin Wood, Trmple?S Frye,Tt?o*J?i Muhfii, H J W-tcr#, 8 Pitzpatrick, Jamea Moore, Jno W llace, 8 ?m Peuvick, Krauci# Mtddox, Jno 8?2 Wfitk, Jav B Fenly, Chn# Miller, Ja# Whi e, J (i?M**ii# Pink,C*#K>er Mitchell, Jamtt Woudm, Homer US Gtt?fto?, Tho# >1 jrrmti, Juo W Worster, George Gilbert, Juo?3 UIBPn t a V' Pi Il'o t / * ti r-? *- ?a ai ma ?J K, , IN 1/ L .^1 S(C "I Jlf ch?nic?* Lod^e, No. 16. cJ- Litter, is all ca?e? kc.t b> Peepaid. frb I-It henry WIRT tillky. P M. A CAR II.?To THI V?TK?* OF E *I?RTPW\ ? 1 have on n any occasion# notice 1 the rxtrava cant expenditnren made in oar (own 1>t lar?; ajpropria'ion* for the auppo. t 01 the Mft) ?ir, an<: ai I [ex?I annoui .or a rrt euohin^i t in the pren.-n alata ot our town trraiury, I would m mna e I. r tliat ctTice a gei.t einan who, lx?ing a large property owner, would look t<> toe interacts of the t<>wu, having no other o( j?ct in \ i?w than t ? aee that orr corporate ail*irs tnall lie well att?n <!?d to. 'I'liat mania Jo?Ern N. Peae*?s, one who ha? all to o-e|and nothing to cam Hi? aervrre* wi I l>e ? le'jr t ?<*? the people of Georgetown one# more rVp enentoil t j a teiitleinau not for lucre but lor the - i m- _ _ r . i 1_ i - wciiferu *?i ino wn'?io pJ?pie, It* A C1TI ZEN OF O EO R8ETO W ,N. _ jj^?OUTt*TANDlNG CJ.AIM5. Matoa'a Orrics, Georgetown. D. C,f January Jb'h 19hl. \ All persons holding an; claim* whatso*-ver (not heretofore presented? against the Corporation of Georgetown for any work done, or any material* furnished, on a> y of the streets of the ta'd to?n, are rtquMted t< iei>d?r to the aubairiber a state nmt dl the same, with the authority under winch nai't work wat done or material* furnished, on or before Thursday next, the 31st mat. RICHARD R. CRAWFORD, ja29 4t Mayor. Jtr>i RtLfcl Y C.U? 10 hhd*. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, IS) M)l?. u,d Rye WHIfKY, aBObblt. HF.RR1NG anJ ALE WIVES, SO Cruehed and Refined <*CGARs. 3n !>acg Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhd?.<low priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOH.N J. BOUl'E, ?e lft J^HREE Hl'.NDKED DOLLAKS REWARD. MAYOH'S OFFICE, ( Georgetown, D. C , J ant at y nth, 196? < The ?ub?ori er will give % reward of Thre? Hundred Bol at* to- suth icfoima ion a? will least to the oonvictioo of any p -reoa or persons who have (set on tire, or wLo shall h*re*fter ?ot on tre, any house within the Coi poraiion limits o'this town. HENRY ADUIS'?N, ja U-dltAaawaw Mayor. IfW.uuw ; MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduo* our large and veil assorted ttockol DRY GOODS we will, during the next 9* cats,deduct 1" per o*nt. from nil fa.'* of ft 5 and oi'tr. Sav# jour idob*; and oall at 99 Bridge ?t.,for bargain*. SPILM\N A HUNT, jal eolm G*orgetown, U. C. ASTERN FISH AND APPLES! HEKRINU, ALEW1VES AND MACKEREL! 40ii barrel* Eaatport No. 1 HERRING, J A do Boston No. l do lt? do Labrador No. I do half barrel* do do 3"?> t>arrels Mereniuobe No. 1 ALE WIVES, )0*> do *1. John's do 25 " O No.Sparge MACKEREL, 25 do No. 3?n.alt oo SUA do No. a BALDWIN APPLES. All of which we propose to close out at to 82.73 for herring; $4 to $4 50 for Labrador Herring; $3.5<Mi> $4 'or Mereinuebe and $4 Sr< for St jonnai wiv?; 9%<Ban<i siwiur tmaii and tare* Mackerel, and Apple* at pneea that oaanot (ail to meet the view* of buyers. hartley * brother, 99 and lOl Water ftreet. ja IS 2w Georgetown, D C. gchenck's pulmonic syrup. Dr. BCHKNCK, of Philadelphia, finds it iupos sib'* to visit Washington e??rj week, and has male arrangement* to positively be m the city the third Wedneeday of every month. He has a suit of rooms at the A venue Boese, where patient* can obtain adnee free. He oelv charges wh?n it is eeoeesery to Make a thorsgh txauuuation of the l.uug* with the Reapirometor. H. B. Waite is uent for Sobenck'a Pulmonic Myrap, price ft I per bottle, (or the oure of Couchs. folds and C onsumption; Sekenok's See Weed Tonie, priee 91 per botte.for Uyspeetia; Seheaek'e Mandrake f.lis. pries Soeati ber box. for Liver BiTtoes Complaints and Constipation of the Bow e's. Dr. Bohenek would be fraWu to those who IMS ISKiS Jr ^T7r .TSStf iistv men ntuiwHi ui nan wiin o. o. tw hi i b, .aoraer r*v< nth ?t. La a*. <? l?-Sw> k RARK CHANCE For barctina in tfohool [ A Hooka Blank Book a. Mieoelian-ou* Books and SUtior.ery Writing Plfar,**., I iMnlt SH KFH ^ RD'^, ??rMt Brrratk and Data. aeUtna oat to rwince stock ja !?-! J \FFICEK#. PETTY OFFICERS, AND 8M ' f nan who were ?mi toard o| My U.S. rhipa at the capture of any elaver eaa Mn then elaiou for Hdflftnly and Head Money prompt j attend to by c- r- WA';.Laffi BRANUY FRUITS. JflELf.IfiS. 4a?l KIW A BUfcitKLL. DRUNKS OF OUR OWN IMPORTATION, a We are to-day la raq ipt of oar aesal aapply at Uia want of ftrat q uaJiJj Burdeaax PrM*a%ao i , ?????* #PWWU. V ? J WMl WiTttti tllsl Ml I t .1QiKcrt at tl'Mi i.<ii> u<j ?w - * THE LATEST NEWS | TELEO B APHIO. ftTBACr*B, Ju *? ?The Altl -StoMTT On?n tlo* met km thta morning, la CmuMm Hal The Rev Mr E ftrltbr. or thta ett?, Ctalmtn of th? CmwiHt* om llaoelQilooe rgpwWd At trat the audience m email. hot gradually the dlMrgulitn nthmd. a a til tho Mil wo? lied Mr. Powell ittrmpM to apeak. >?4 through the effort* of thr po e, hr ?ru b^ard far eome Uoe. hot about boom # B?ob put hlfli down. aad got forward mm uf > dr aumber named Luke MeKtaacy. who mooated the platform aad ha r ?<i the crowd A tremeBdooa eoafuBtoa aa eued and dariag a brief lall of the tempeat. Mr Powail reeuaied hU apoarh. ud after a few remark a the aatl-alavery bin rial Bred that ihry had carried the point la dadartag their aeBWmeota After which the Coaeeatloa adjouraad *mm d*> The mob, not kaowlag what waa done, made a rloleot aaaault apoa the police. thr*vlB| lattra but Ibf ball WM MIM cterti wltkMl?mtIm* ooUUion It Is probable that mm arroata will ba MIimwI ArptUti ( wbilwiwi U tbo bukli|Ui ( raTratlM. Pt Lorn, Jan 30 ?A Joint reaolntlon paaaed tbe Senate TMtndaf, appointed General Dorr pban. Waldo P Johaaoa, J D Collar, Jadg* Hough. OtMrtl Atebiaoa FrrdiMnd KnmKm Judge BockaftjCMaMtamtotkiCaavaattN to b- brld in Waahlngton on tbe 4 lb of Kebraary Tbe Mine resolution waa introduced la the Houw and laid o? tbo table Mr Veat. Chairman of tbe Home Comnitt*e on Federal Relation*, reported resolution# ukuc tronj; ground igtinit tbe artloa of tbe New York and Ohio Leglalaturea, la offering aid to tt?0?a eral <> over n moot to ooeeoa aecedlag !*utea Tbo reeolatU-ae paaaed. by a rota < f "9 to I* #x bona. Jan St ?Tbe Hon* to-day re-eon aldered tbe vote upon the fVsnate'a re?oir'loa fi r W I'pHiiHKaivi vWMWHIiaiW nMn|M, aad again tabled tbeaiaUar. A Mare la tkf Right Qaartrr aad ta tk? Right Dtrertlaa. ALatn, Feb 1.?Tbe commit*** on tbr Convention rraolutlon have agreed to report, to day, a erieaof raaolutioaa free from anything like a par t un character?oppaalng coercion favors* tbe Crittenden comproinia-*. and eibortlng all maa to unite with them oa aubmlttlng tbat comj rami* to a vote of tbe people of tba StJte Tbev alao urge all aeeedla* Statea to refrain frui any acta ofagtrreaaloa. aad to aeoid adopting any courae calculated to plunge tbe aatioa into civil war, aa well aolielt all non-alaveboldlDg r?'al?a to nae their Infl nm> with tkrfr of tbe South to that eitd Military Mmwati No* ron. Jan 31 ?Tbe U. 8 brig Dolphin is receiving ber armament at the navy yard It la * sa d *h? will be moored off tbe I'nttod States magazine at I- ort Norfolk N est*rday an artillery company and a company of light infantry went to Fort Norfolk Tbr former prictis?-d with tbe'r guns on the beach Tbe ridiculous statement in tbe New York Herald that tbe keeper of the i nlted States magazine, Oliver, intended Mom iug up tbe place, la without foundation N? secret trsiits have been laid, and there Is no scheme to blow up tbe place Tbe garrison at For* Monroe consisti now of three hundred men, and will aoon be strengthened by an addition of tyro hundred more from Go vet nor'a Island Massachusetts Legislature. Boston. J?n 30 ?A communication *m received In the Senate yesterday from the Governor, transmitting a ropy of tbe SeeeMton Ordinance received from tbe Preaident of the Georgia State Convention It wai laid on the table Resolution* from tbe General Asaetnbly of Tenneaaee. proposing certain amendments to the Con tltutlon, arid from tbe legislature of Pennsvlva nia. in favor of the I'nion and tbe Constitution, were also received and referred to the Committee on Federal Relations The bill anthorlzlne tbe Trenaurer of the Plate to endorae tbe notes of tbe United Statea an rejected after debate by a vote of 14 to 19 -?-? Pennsylvania Commissioners fiAimisBDas, Jan 31.?Governor Curtin baa appointed tbe following gentlemen as Commie s'oners to tbe Conference of State* called by tbe Legislature of Virginia to a satiable la Washington Monday next:?William M Meredith, Tboa White, James Pollock, David Wllmot, Tboa E Franklin, Andrew VV Loomia. and Will tain MrKennan Tbe three 11 rat named have accepted Tbe other four bare not yet bean beard tram Arrival af the ta lfarala Pnay Kxpreaa. Koht Ktiamv, Jan 31.?Tbe Overland Pony Kxprraa, vmL Calif, rnla da tea to tbe llth inatanf, hia arrived Tbe steamer for New York baa fl,4'N>,U)U In gold A.I. SUv kflrtb, Conaul for Hamburg at Pin Frnnclaro, had committed auiclde He waatacpe ly Involved bualneaa and private affaira through unaucceaaful apeculationa Kerth < araliM Lagtalatara. Raleigh. Jan 31 ?The Legialatiire to-day reelected Hon Tboinaa Clineman l ulled Statea Senator. A reaolutlon ia now under conaideration declaring that In caae tbe preaent aertiooai diScuHxt SM nnt anaanliHv r?cAn< 4 V^alK aarl 1 ' go with the Sooth. Tbe military bill cornea up next Imptrlaii Irm L?l?l?M. Nrw OBLEARt, Jan 31 ?There baa bees co military movementa in relation to aCfclra at Pensa?-oU It la expected, since Mr Mallory's diaCh, that no action will be taken by tbe Fed err 1 ernmeut sMidell and Benjamin were defeated aa candidate* for tbe Southern Congresi Tbe revenue cutter Caaa and Iter officer* ha^e aurrendend to Louiaiana. Okie CNMMiwera U WuUaftai. CuvKun, Jan. SI ?The Governor hna appointed the fallowing gentlemea Commissioner* to Washington to confer with the Com miai oners iron \ irginta, ana tbey have been confirmed by the Senate Ex-GorerwrCbiae,Thomas Ewin#, J C Wright. William & or* berk V 0 Horto: , Reuben Hltcbcock, tod F T. Btckui lMtractlm U l?b ImUmh . CoLCxnrs, Oh'o. Feb. I?The Comnaiasi oners from tbls State to ttie Washington CMTeallon will be Instructed to procure, if poaslble. an adjournment to the 4th of April. Trade *f Narfeik NonroLK, Jan 31 ?The receipts of corn et this part for toe week amount to 13U.U00 bushels, sale* to day of *?.ooo bushels?mixed and yellow &v white 83a06c Cotton closed ftrm >lavt(ka>rtti U be Represented ii the RaUtaal Caariatwa. Bosrvn, Jan. 31 ?The Committee on Fodera' Affairs hi.a reported in favor of sending !* Com mis*)oner* to the W ashiuatou Conference P-IHitr- Vtrktu H&lttmor*. Feb. I.?Flour active large aa'.e? of Howard atreet at a decline at 6c. Wheat dull: red Sl.i&al.33; white *1 Ual 65 Corn ateady; yellow Prorfitom Arm C?f<* ateady. Whiaky nominal at l*a18J|e. Haw Tar? llarknt New Yoit, Feb 1?Flour arm Wheat aaiat Cora dull Pork quiei Lard atedy Wfclakv ateady at 18Jtfc. PlMAClftl* Niw You, Fob 1 -tMtcn lowor M Int. Cumb Coal Co. 8*; Illlneia Certial akom TOfci Michigan Southern id; New York Cea?al 7?k; Reading tt; Had? R ft 44#; Cantcaa C* Mfc; Va. Mo 6*?7fc; Treasury tweivaa tot Buf. Grvaa.MTp.M HolUnc atwBe. *11 mm. ?&&?& ;r nra^Mrk"?vno*: ja??om ?'4 t**t*"u(mdv^i?ovyy*; /^v new PAWN OFFICE /9\ y 6 E. w A B D,'[M?r ia N??? V < 'ffice it n*. t# lmumii irm*, uvms 9 h and 10th au. ? taw doors (MuftteMVUi tmlVMrd-kocM, ?h*r? ha Will N> aft *11 til? >m> < to m: on hia pMrow wlU *tt*oti?n and the atnetoat jaaOoe U-JH ? Jawair- Drr #nCT Cl?tya?. Mac has mm* TWa. a?h ilnfa t a kaai At prtwh aaia. J* M ? ' W*i MKTZEftOTT, SOLK AdKHT OF P'.nnm kfw'uilt'ti ?*eob*Co ' Owrtft" P?r> rnrtd, OM humi Mm is *' "ffV "**'**?'" it ,i _ir_ !NK-^"5vAi!/-Vt4KK ySS* I S^HBaMaag \flLJTAftY ?<K>lLt? -Ipmtrmma*** tor FmM M itttftii, bj ofAHHj oa?*rs; I w*i.. 'tSV.okrf ArtiMarr.fer Iob?r??, 0. A. A"' ^ |j i] | , jflP* i Ki - ^ -

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