Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1861 Page 2
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f ? I IHK KV KMWti STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ATl'R DAY . Ftkruif 3. t?l. ?_______________? Spirit ( the n*rali| Prea* The ImttUtfenter treat* the resolution adopted at public mating in Prince George'a county, Md , and publitbrd yesterday In the Baltimore ???, that "Maryland will aaaert bar right to joriadlction over the DlitrWt of Columbia la cafe of a dissolution of tbe Union;*' aa a question revolving within tbe sphere of the law and not pertaining to the domain of revolutionary violence, where tbe voice of law la silenced by tbe din of arics It quotes tbe first and second section of tbe ft elatlve to tbe cession of tbe District of Columbia, showing that a retrocession of tbe District can only be effected by an act of Congress relinquishing all claim and title. The Republican says tbe demand from tbe North for some measure of adjustment la large and pressing, and that man la a most unwise politician, who does not see that there would be ~e . A I Nnrth if |h. ?""? ? - ? ? , republicans were not ready, to do anything, not , repugnant to their principles, to rem ore all stumblirg block* in the way of a restoration of harmony. Thb Potth Cabolika Ac tho*itim and thi Ho*. Wjg. Aiatn ?We perceive that Mr. J. D. Aiken, a relative of the Hon Wm Aiken, denies, through the Charleston Afcrcvry, that Mr. W. A has been taxed ?40,000 in the ships of a forced loan, by South Carolina's revolutionary authorities; that gentleman not being In Charleston to make the denial himself. The statement appeared originally in this paper, published simply as one that was being freely conversed over in secession circles here, and for which, in so publishing It, we disclaimed responsibility for its truth. I f thi ft f)?n l>l W trust tnil w# nn rs*i^n Ia doubt Its truth, we are glad that Mr. Wra. Aiken baa so far escaped tbe Inevitable fate, sooner or later, of all men possessing property to De taxed. Indirectly and directly, to carry out the purposes of such parties as control tbe revolutionary movements in tbe South. South Carolina's ordinary State governmental expenses were about ?150,000 per annum. Already the Legislature at its cnrrent session have made appropriations to meet tbe pecuniary cost of Jhe new state of things there for tha next year, amounting to an aggregate of 91 800,000. Though the banks may have loaned the Government hundreds of thousands, and individuals may have contributed an aggregate of perhaps 9100,000, and tbe " Republic" may have lasued bonds and notes to the amount of S700 000, all which have been done to meet those appropriations, yet property in Sauth Carolina is to pay the piper sooner or later, beyond all question. No argument is necessary to prove that fact. In this connection we may mention that we have noticed that the Charleston Mercury vehemently and vituperatively denies all truthful accounts of the state of affairs there?commercial, financial, Ac ,that are found in the press inimical to the secession movement; but, bei ng well aware that it is engaged in hiding from the world knowledge cf what South Carolina's revolution has already cost her people in sacrifices of every c<mceivable description, as well as the muchgreater sacrifices to be exacte 1 of them in due ttire, we have not thought it worth the necessary pace in which to remind the public that inter arma, Irge* ulent. and that when the laws are silent, and peaceful Industry is given up by a community en muse tor the pursuits of war, the 1 sacrifices and suffe-ings of tbe people are necessarily measurable only by the will ef tbe dictators arms in their bands, who for tbe time being rule #ver tbem He who does not know that eternal truth from his knowledge of history,which tells tbe saints invariable tale in this connection, will surely know it in due time, if living long enoagh to hear South Carolina's story for the pas* two and the next six months truthfully told. Th? \Vashi50T05 Cohvkntios ?There is no longer e question as to which States will be represented here in tbe Convention to meet on Monday next; but rather as to which States professing to reraein In the Union, will not be so represented. Our columns elsewhere to-day contain the names of tbe delegations from two or three more States, that have renohed us since the last issue of tbe Star We are gratified beyond expreaaion at being able to state that every delegation ao far chosen, whether from South or North, is eminently conservative; neither of them embracing more than one man, each, regarded aa being an ultraiat npon the question of the times. It la no longer to be doubted that nearly all the Northern States, at well as Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, Delaware, and Missouri will be represented by men bent on effecting a settlement that will keep the slaveholding States not BMiMriM la h? vm it ! ? S >?? w 0 ?.. _? laitUKUl Ito their allegiance to the Union of their fathers. We Me In the composition of the Convention entirely satisfactory evidence, that ere It separatee, It will recommend tome plan of settlement, by a vote of thrre-fjurtha of all Its components, from the North as well as from the South. We are now very sure, too, that Congress will promptly secede to whatever it recommends. And we farther forsee that upon that settlement the U nlonists will not only promptly triumph overwhelmly In every southern State not yet Identified with the cotton States' movement, but in less than six months In every State so identified. Time, and time only, ia wanted to open theeyea of tb? masaea la the Gulf States to the fact that they are being (shamelessly sacrificed in their every material interest, by aspiring demagogues, aiming entirely to changs the character of their political lnatltutlona for their own individual benefit, and operating by turns upon their feara and prejudlcea The adhesisn of Tennessee to the Union, securea powerful cooperative movementa In lta favor in a [very abort time In northern Alabama, Mlaaisslppi and Seorgia, and western South Carolina; while the entire dsatruction of their ocean ward com I ?... - .j- merce, wmcb !i to grow oat disunion, will, in a try brief period, make the bone and sinew of Savannah. Augusta, Mobile, New Orleans, and even Charleston, and the country immediately surrounding each of those cities, aa anxious to get back into the Union, as their mobs are now apparently anxious to get them out of It. Th? Nkw You Committix and thi RxpcbttCAM Mkhbxbs.?Last evening, the committee coming here to present the New York 3?,<J00signed memorial for a compromise, Invited a large number of th? ? , , -- ..V.M UiV UI UCI I'l WIU Hooks of Congress to meet them for conference atWUlard*'. The meeting came olf in one of the parlors of the hotel. Mr. A. Low, of the committee, wss In the chair In the course of the consultation, remarks were msde on the state of the times by that gentlemen and Mr. Dodge, of the committee, and bjr Senators Cameron and ] ester, and Representatives Sherman, McKnight, Curtis, Grow, Nixon, Dunn, Spauiding, and ethers; theconimittee men urging a com pro mite of the troubles, and the rest generally expressing an earnest desire to arrive at some satisfactory settlement We learn that Mr. Grow. onlv. out ? ? ? I i himself upon grounds so extreme ss to lead to the Inference that it was not his purpose to field aught at this time. At half past eleven they adjourned to the tea-room, where the proprietors of the house had spread an elegant supper; wbM^hey (seventyfive la aumber) remained, dlscusVng tbe affairs of the nation and the good things before them, until two a. m. / Tbhixssks.?Private letters f om all parts of Tennessee represent that tbe Ualoa feeling Is carrying all before It tbere The doctrines and views of the memnrnble speech of Andrew iohnsen are those accepted by tbe mses of Tennessee's Unionism, as they w 11 sooner or later be ? w_ I |M r~- vy tbe aati-ttocessteoUts of every other southern State. Tbe Dlsunionlsta Ore destined to be overwhelmed at the Tennessee poll* even In tbe Memphis district, 4vhere, not long sloe*, they were well nigb ss dlctntlonnl, Insulting, and revolutionary, as In Charlestons. C. gT Tbe Uuuitat Hute Convention on Tb^ndsy, tabled, by s vote ai ayes 83, nap 3?, a rteolattun Instructing tbe State delegates to the Montgomery Convention to reelst any attempt to reopen the slave trade. A resolution ?1? , I qucstiy adopted, after an excited debate, deelarlicUaltte wto wu not axprwaive of the aenaa I CONGRMIOIIAL. 9ksatb.?After our report closed yesterday ? Memorials were preaented by Meaara. Ten Eyck and Green. Mr. Hlmmoas, from the Select Committee of Five on the Tariff, to wblcb wea referred I be bill to provide for the payment of oatataadlag Treasury notea, to authorize a loan, aad to fix the duties on Importa, Ac , reported It back with numerous' imfnamfnu, ana loe owl ana amenamem* wfre ordered to be printed, with Ave hundred additional copies, and on motion by Mr. S. wu made tbe apeclal order for Wednsaday next, at one o'clock. Mr. Trumbull Introduced tbe following resolution, and aaked lta present conaideration; but, objection having been made, It Ilea over under the rule: Rttolvtd, That a committee be appointed by the Prealdent of the Senate, to conalat of three member*, to join auch committee aa may be appointed by the Uouae of Representative*, to aacertain and report a mode for examining tbe votes for Preaident and Vice Prealdent of the United State*, and of notifying tbe persona cboaen of their election Mr. Hale submitted tbe following resolution for conaideration: Rnolttd, That the reaaons assigned by the Sec rtwy 01 me senile ior tin neglect vo oi*y me order of tbe Senate, made on the 20th March last. In favor of Mra. E A. Ltnn, are Insufficient and unsatisfactory, and that be be Instructed forthwith to execute tbe same Mr. Grimes introduced a bill for the construction of seven screw aloops-of-war; which waa read by ita title and referred to tbe Committee on Naval Affairs. [This bill authorizes the Secretary of the Navy to have constructed, at aa early a day as practicable, having due regard to efficiency and economy, seven screw sloopa-of-war, of the second class, with full steam power, whose greatest draught of water shall not exceed fourteen feet, to combine tbe heaviest armament and greatest speed, abd appropriates SI,000.01)0 1 The Senate then took up the President's message, upon which Mr. Latham addressed the Senate. The Indian appropriation bill was then taken op and mtde the special order for Saturday (today) at one o'clock Mr. Pearce moved that the Senate take up House bill making appropriatlona for tbe conaular and diplomatic expenses of tbe Government for tbe year eliding June 30tb, 1HW ; wblch was agreed to, and the amendments reported by tbe Com uiitvoc uu r lunutc were cuucurreu in, ana me Dill passed Mr. P. then called up the bill making appropriations for the legislative, executive, and judicial expenses of the Government for the year ending June 30th, W?2; which was sinended, the amendments coucurred in, and the bill passed k The Senate then proceeded to the consideration of executive business, and, sfter some time spent therein, the doors were re-opened, and The Senate adjourned. House ? After our report closta yesterday, the resolutions offered by Mr. Kellogg as a substitute for the report of the Committee of Thirty-three, were read They provide that in all the territory n<JW held north of 36 30, slavery shall be prohibited; and that all territory now held south of 30 30 may be settled by slaveholders with their slaves, and when the Territory shall be admitb-d into th? Union it shall be'admitUd with or without davery, at tbe people of the Territory may decide That nothing in the Constitution of the United Slates shall be so construed as to authorize any department V> interfere for or against slavery in the Territory; and that this article shall not be altered without the consent of every State in the Union Tbe third paragraph of tbe second section of the fourth article of the Constitution shall be taken and construed to authorize and empower Congress to pass laws necessary to secure tne return of persons held to service or labor under tbe laws of any State, who may have escaped therefrom, to the party to whom such service or labor may be due And tbe emigration or Importation of persons lield to service or involuntary servitude intfttntf 141 * * * " ...? J a rmiuiy ur piice WllQin IDS I 11 Ufa State*, frt<m any place or countries beyond the limits of the United States or Tereltories thereof, is forever prohibited The House went into Commutes of the Whole on the deficiency bill, (Mr. Burnett in tbe chair ) The consideration of tbe Cblriqui amendments occupied the committee till the expiration of the time allotted to this bill. The cummitUe then rose and reported progress. The House then proceeded to consider the report of the Committee ef Thirty-three. Mr Hamilton, of Texas said he lookod upon tbe Union botb as a constitution and a compact. He denied the right of a State to secede from the Union. We bebeld South Csrolina resorting to tbe most unheard of and despotic means to sever this Government, to overthrow the Constitution, and to imperil, If L.ot utterly destroy, the Interests of the neighboring States, with whom she has so long lived on terms of fraternal affection Louisiana too bad seceded, and by that act had comnlnt^lv rut nff ~? | - ^?..V V* i c*a? IIUIU vue mil existing States of the Union Thli wu one of the most flagrant encroachments upon tbe rights of others that had ever come to bis knowledge. Hsd Texas foreseen the likelihood of s secession of this kind?had she for s moment Imagined that this right of secession existed in the States, and that by virtue of It Lou>siana could at any moment have seceded froin the Union, Texas would never have joined the Confederacy He believed every i^rlevance could be settled within the Union, and had no doubt but that tbe slavery question would be finally and amicably settled Mr Stokes,of Teun . then addressed the House, indorsing the speech of his colleague, Mr Etherldge. When, at 4 o'clock, tbe House took a recess until 7. Upon its reassembling, the House was addressed by Mr Killlnger of Pa., Quarles of Tenn.. and Wilson of lnd ; and at 10 o'clock p. m. the House s? a aujournea Satckvat, February 2. Sksati ?A number of memorials In favor of the Crittenden amendment* were presented by various Senators Mr Chandler presented a memorial Inquiring If tbe United States had a tie /aet-i government, and if so, praying for the arrest ana Imprisonment of all commissioners appointed as commissioners from South Carolina. Mr. Trumbull Introduced a resolution for tbe appointment of a committee of three on the part of the Senate to consult with a like committee on tbe part of the House of Representatives aa to the roetnod of counting the electoral votea cast for President and Vice-President of the United States, and of notifying the successful candidates of their aiiM?llAn* ?* ? ** *-? * naivu rouiullUll WM SgreCO U). A number of private bills were Introduced and paved. Horn.?The Speaker laid before the House a communication from the Secretary of the Interior, transmitting to Congress a copy of a communication from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, relative to certain appropriations; referred to the Committee of Ways and Mefcns, and ordered to be printed Seveal memorials were presented to the House relative to tbe national crisis, and laid on the table. Mr Trimble reported, from the Committee on Public Lands, a bill confirming the titles of settlers on certain public lands in Iowa, and moved that It be put upon its passage; which motion nr?v?11~< *-iii - r.v ?aw ?u? Ul II w OB pnrBTCI. The House then took up the bill for the relief of Harris and But'erworth. Mr. ttfngham moved to lay the bill on the table, upon which motion the yeas were 97, nays 50. Mr. Nlblack Introduced a joint resolution instructing the proper accountant of the Treasury to revise and settle the account of J. Randolph Clay, late American minUter to Peru. Passed On motion of Mr. Sherman, the House resumed the consideration of the loan bill. (This bill In* structa the President of tbe United States to issue Treasury notes for an amount not exceeding fM.WO.ttlO.) Mr. Phelps, of Mo., took the floor, and proceeded to address the House, pending which oar report closed. The Sbizvbi or thi niw Orliam* Miht, Ac. There can be no doubt of the truth of the seizure of tbe New Orleans mint and custom-bouse by tbe Louisiana revolution lata, that comet thl> morning by telegraph. To day, the Treasury Department were notified by Adams 4 Co.'a eipresstbat A. J. tiuirot, the Superliitendent of the New Orleans mint and Assistant United State* Treasurer there, had refused to pay a draft of the Department for S3(J0,0UU, placed in their hands for transfer to J'blladelpbla. It Is supposed at the Department that in tbeae seizures a million of the money of the Gorernment have fallen Into the banda of the revolutionists. Gulrot's answer, on the presentation of the draft, was that "the money In his custody was no longer the property of the United States, but of the Repub ic of Louisiana " ' So they go," In the work of "peaceful and constitutional secession !" SiomricatiT ?The plan submitted by Mr. Kellogg, of 111., re*terday as a basts for the settlement of the pending difficulties has considerable Importance attached to It from the fact that Mr. *?mogg w jus* returned from a visit to Mr. Lincoln. The plan of Mr. Kellogg, It will be observed, It nearly the same that reported from the committee representing tbe border States. Pbomotid ?We perceive that ex-Major F.arl Van Dora, whose resignation of bis commission as a Major of Cavalry, U. * Army, we announced a lew days ago, baa been elected Brigadier General of the troope of the " Republic" of Mississippi (]T Hon Horatio Klnf, Aaalataat PatUnuMr, I ku bM? appointed PiUiBirti! e?mnl 1 " ' . v * t- m *i i?? - J J'-' w ft M?^ W?????II I I, I DEPARTMENT WW*. The Pkkbidzxt bu recognized J D? Brurn Reps iu Vice Consul of the Netherlands for North Carolina, Sooth Carolina end Georgia, to reside at Charleston. , ^ ^ Joan Savaob, Esq.?We owe this gentleman an apology for not before noticing the fact that he haa become the publisher as wsll as the editor of the Stmtn and Union newspaper, printed la thla #*ifir TKa nuKllaK?r1 a# *>? #?- - * ? ?, -? r-?v? ^ ? > mi w. caped cur obee-ration nntll the afternoon of the day before yesterday, and a briefer notice of the change, which we indited yeaterday, waa loat in " ending up" a crowd of copy. We have now to aay, however, that beaidra being a high-toned gentleman and one of the fineat fellow* on the earth, Mr. 8arage la one of the moat accomplished and agreeable literary writera In the country, and deaervea a thonaand timet the aucceaa In anght he may nndertake in the way of busineaa, which any man can poaalbly achieve tn thia city, In the pnbliablng line, In the deplorable !?*? ..UIA AW- A -? *? - i.uiiuiMvii iii?' wmcu me irouoifi 01 ?ue 111X160 have plunged Its affairs for the time being. 4T7* The Missouri Legislature bas appointed Commissioners to the Washington National Convention, and the Indiana Legislature has authorized the Governor to appoint Commlisloners on the part of the State. The Commissioners selected by the Committee of the New York I<egislature are composed of five Republicans and four Democrats, and inculde some of the most conservative men of the State. The States that It is now Aown will be represented in the Convention are Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Msssachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana?thirteen In all. Fbox Charleston ?The Charleston corres pondent of the Baltimore American saya : Fort Moultrie, under the akilful direction of Major Ripley, with hit black brigade of picka and shovel*, has thrown up breaatworka and mouhted heavy guns to such an extent that the whole appearance of the fort has changed, and hita almost attained ita utmost state of efficiency. Hugo heapa of sand-haga surmount the ramparts, faced with palmetto logs and covered with hides, from the ombracea of which the grim doga of war protrude their muzzles, nine of them leveled direct at Fort Sumter. What is conceived to be the weak- st point in the granite man has been selected aa the mark at which all these cannon are pointed, and they wiH give the work of the maaon a aevere test The Interior of tbe fort also presents a most warlike aspect The oven for hot shot is in readiness, like your steam fire engines, for firing up at any moment, and all the equipments for carriage piled up around the gun carriages. Tbe magazine baa been buried in a cavern of sand bags, and is believed to be beyond the reach of shot or shell Every arrangement has been made not only for the protection of tbe men, but for receiving the balls of Sumter with tbe least possible damage. The military are anxious for the fight to commence; as. having come to Charleston to fight, they are Indisposed to go home without sonelllng powder Thev are impatient at the delay, and the stormy and unpleasant weather lies rendered their military dnties very severe and irksome At Morris Island three large Columblads have been ~ -.A t.. I i t ? Jk \ lit. _ ?.-? luumitcu, oiiu niucnuucu in ftina o?g#,wno n roundf r and formidable mortar. Tbe batteries at ort Johnaon are alto becoming quite formidable, and it la Intended to keep up a Are on Sumter from theae three forta for twenty-four houra before nn attempt la made to assault tbla stronghold of Uncle Sam. The lmpreaalort la that a breach can be-made In tbe walla, and that Mnjor Anderson'a limited garrison will be so worn out by the aevere labor of working tbe guns incessantly for to long a time, that tbe storming party on rafta will be able to accomplish the escalade without much difficulty or loss of lifc In all the con versa; ions and speculations on the subject of the attack on Sumter I bear but few thoughts emrrurd u to th#> imnnnl of Axm-.urr Maj Anderson will be able to do on the military defences of hi* assailants The impression ti tba't be will take th*m seriatim, commencing with Fort Moultrie, and bere "sand bags" are considered a mateb for casemated granite. The question as to whether be can silence the guns of Moultrie Is never broached, though it is said that be can dismount all their guns in a few hours, and then turn hi* attention to the weaker batteries en Morris Island and Fort Johnson. Should be be able to thus sllenceall their Reavy guns before any serious Impression Is made on his walls, which ne deems Impregnable, what will become of the projected assault and escalade ? The (Jovernor and bis Cabinet doubtless anxiously discuss these matters of fact eventualities, but the military think of nothing but success and victory. Fokt Scm TKR to bk ImmediaTRLT Attack* 11 Under the head of 44 Startling," the New York Tribune of yesterday baa the following Item, 41 double leaded 14 We have been allowed by a gentleman of this city to make an extract from a private letter inst received from Charleaton, S C, dated on the ii?th ult , CTuesday ) The writer says he knows by direct Information that the State Engineer will on Friday or Saturday n'ght report to the authorities that preparations for tbe reduction of Fort Sumter are completed; a demand will tben be made for tbe surrender of the fort; if this 1* not complied wltb, a Are from three batteries will be opened at once. "If Major Anderson's shellac* reach th? city, he cannot bold out long, unless reinforced; for the revolutionists have a manked battery of two Columblads and four'24-pounders bearing on 1 th#> IrMkfit n?rt ? *"* - ' Rbiufoicino Fort Scxtxb bt Stbataoim ? The following extract from the letter of a Southerner In New York la worthy of attention: "1 hope your roastgaurd will keep a bright lookout General Scott would delight In reinforcing Fort Sumter by atratagem It might b? done by Intercepting at aea a merchant vessel or uteamer th*t bad been regularly cleared for Charlsston. Thev could then throw the cviro overboard, put the troopa aboard, fcolst tbe Pnlmetto flag off' the bar, Ball In and ttop at Fort Sumt r with men. stores and ammunition Charleston Mercury. CALiroBNia .?At tbe lateat date from San Francisco {January lltb) the popular branch of the Legislature had not been organized. Seventy-two ballots for a Speaker bad resulted in no choice. a soon u aa organization wai effected a series of resolutions were to be offered, which were expected to pass unanimously expressive of the unalterable attachment of California to the Union as it now exists, and of her Inflexible opposition to secession or disunion in any form. CI^The "scene" which a Washington dispatch to the Baltimore "Sun" says occurred between the President and General Scott, we are author!zed to sav is wholly untrue, from beginning to end.? lnttlligtnctr. J[~7" From now, until after the election on Monday, it will be proper to receive with caution all "sensation" telegraphic dispatches from Washington or elsewhere ? Altxandrt* Gaxettt. H fc" REV. DR. TL'STIN MAY BE htpect. IL3 ad to ?reach in the Westirn Presbyt-uan Church, (First Ward) TO-MORROW at eleven o'clock. It* rr^P?COLUMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL SOnllSf ETY ? A ?tat*d meet in* of the above go i tywitl beheld THIS EVNfNH at 7 M o'oock, in the Council Chamber, City Hai. If H. 8. BO WEN, Reo.Seo. SAY, STRANGKR, WHERE ARK L" you goicg .' You i'?m to be in a great hurry." "So I am. I am going ?o SMITH'S, No 460 Seventh street, to buy a suit of Clothes. The #eople ear he haa a very moe anortment, and they say he sells thein ao cheap." Note.?The last we saw of the stranger h* waa rnlining up Seventh atrett singing out 'SMITH, No 4b0" fe a->w O. O. F.?METROPOLIS LOIKJE.No. U s 16 ?Th-? members of Metropo i? Lo-1*e, N? 1*, *re r'questml to meet at the ha'lTHIs EVENING, at7H o dock, for the purpose of making arrangement* 10 attend the funeral of our late n? " v.wHvif ktinui ii> uookbvtt wmoti will tike plac* to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Memt ers of RUter lodges ?' fraternally invited to join us in th? proceasion. By order of ihe Nrble Grand It* WM. J BROWN,H>?.m). (ye?YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOCI lljf ETY.? rhe regular monthly meeting or thia Society will he held at St Aloyaina Chnroh. SUVDAY AFTERNOON next, Febrnaty 3d, at 5 o'olMk. faj l'HILIP I. MoHKNRY. Ree. See. UNI VERBALISM -IS THERE A HELL IS? /v ANOTHER irOKi-D'-TnaopttiLoa Fisi* will answer thia que tion in the negative on 8UND\Y EVENING, at the o'd Trinity Church, on Filth atreet Luke IfcZi^O-* I he rioh man alao died and was buried; and in hell he lift d ay hia yea being in t rmenC Thia iathe only paaaage in the Bible whinh alludea to miaary after death, aud it will be ahown that it haa not the remotest allusion to us, or to the literal death of tie body. Seat* Iree. " r? i-n~ YS?8M 1T H RON IA N LECTURE 8.-L. ILJ* Well* William*, Em-. w'H lecture on M<D N DA YT WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY EVENINGS, February 4Ch, 6th and 8th, on China and ja?au. Prat Lecture.?The Literature and Government of China. Second Lecture?The Civilisation of the ChiThird Leoture.?Rank ef the Japanese among Aaiatio Nations. v , The Lectures will oommenoe at qaarter before 8 o'clock, when the red light <>n the tower will be extinguished and the doora closed. fe l-l-y.M. WJtt mtiufi&sBfflb 8 , m_ t_ . . taajnogt ljmtinu itil? f. ?? Hm? T(l(fr?yk?4 tr*a WMklaitea. Wahitctm, feb 1.?The boundary dispute which ha* existed for many mn between Musachuaetta and Rhode Islaai. and which was amlcablr submitted to the Pupreme Court for tta decision. has to-day been prospectively settled by an interlocutory order to that cffect The papera are to be lied In August next, and tbe decree given at tbe next term of the court. Mesara. Clifford and Phitlipe appeared aa counsel for Maasachusetts.&iid Messrs. Jenks and Bradley, of Rhode laland, for that State, and Attorney General Stanton for tbe United States The well know* fliiiua <* ?) #?? w?i > Tuesday Colonel Havne bai received bis dispatches from Governor Plcaens and baa proceeded to bring the proceed!ngs of the authorities of that State for tbe vacation of Fort Sumter before tbe Administration. It la understood bere that tbe flrat movement In the Board of Commlaalonera from tbe States, to meet here on Mondav next, will be proposltlona from Virginia for tbe withdrawal of the Federal troops from tbe Capitol, the States guaranteeing that there ahall be no boatlle demonstration affecting tbe peso - of the Capitol. Dmcsios Mkkting ix Baltimoki ? We glean from the Baltimore American tbe following account of the p ill on flrathprlnty In night. The meeting held at the Maryland Institute last nlgbt, though a spirited and enthusiastic gathering was not one half as large, as earnest In Its enthusiasm, nor as respectable In Its p'rionn'l, as the splendid and Imposing Union demonstration held in the same building a few weeks ago. On that memorable occasion the vast hall of the Institute was densely crowded with an imposing repmentation of thf> lnt#lllcr#?nri* tnH rninm?rrUl enterprise of Baltimore, while the gathering last night only half filled the hall, though loosely scattered over its space About one hundred special policemen were present among the spectators, for the double purpose. apparently, of suppressing any attempts to interrupt the proceedings andtoald In stimulating enthusiasm?certainly none applauded with more energy, or with more mal-apropo? zeal than the red-ribboned gentlemen. There waa no music provided for tbe occasion, and those present were thus deprived of that solace to Impatience and emollient to intense mental and patriotic excitement?a deprivation which appeared to be deeply felt, at least by one earnest Individual In the vicinity of the reporters' table, whose persistent and determined effort to smoke a cigar and whistle "Dixie" simultaneously, created tor a while some little amusement. Tbe resolutions adopted approve the Crittenden resolutions, assert that Maryland must cast her lot with Virginia and the other slave State*, but, in the event of the State abandon! ng the Union, offer a guarantee that the District of Columbia and Washington city shall be left to the peaceable occupation of the Federal authorities until all questions relating thereto are settled by negotiation. The resolutions then declare that Governor Hicks does not represent the sentiments of the People of the State in the course be has pursued; aenounce bis appointment of commissioners to the Washington Convention, and recommend the local organization of the citizens of Baltimore who are opposed to coercion and in favor of the Constitution and the rights of the South Finally, the resolutions Initiate measures for a State convention to be held iu Baltimore on the 18th of February, to be composed of double the number of delegates to which the city and counties are entitled In the legislature The delegates to this Convention are to be Selertel hv th? m*. cbtneryof ward and district primary meetings, and c>ty and county convention* So far aa the resolutions indicate, It la not designed either to Buhmlt the question whether such a convention shall be held to the people, nor to elect the delegatea thereto by vote The meeti ng wae presided over by Dr A. C. Robinson, and was addressed by Hon. 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Orders from the eoontry promptly executed. WALL. STEPHENS A CO? MS Peun. a venae. MILITARY OVERCOATS aa low aa #?. jaai-tw Cj THEATER. THRlTKl. THKATM. V ... * - 1* ? ? ?????M? RK?Am,^'.T u' VSTJSK..??Citr. D.-C.. F?brm*ry J. l?i. [Or4?rW to to lanrttd is U>? KrimiM #TU,lf bMM th? MWiftfW kanng U? iwtNl ?iro?l?tto? of mmf duly mw pvblishod in WMki?|b?.l IETA11 ftrwu applying for lottora in tk* follow lag list, will plMM HT tbor ?r? iirUTIHD. LADIES' LIST. AIIm.Mim Km* E Glytnn, Mw E * Kmmii. Mr* c *11. MM OnrJ.o. M.M K A Iriffct, Mim Hajrre4* Mr* M?I RafYiM. Miit H ' Iron, Mrehnk Htriti.lkr; I Mn I Bolnf, Mr* Mary H->ir(Miii I Iwtk, Mm A|mm Barlow, Mr* ltd] Hirfin, Mix C IwU, Mr* Am E Inuat. Miu H Hatcktna Mm M lank, Mr* M E Barker, Mim S R Jibimi, Mii K A ImU, Mm* lank B?k?,Mim E Jorttn. Mn M E ?{*,Mi** Ell* Branhair. Mim M Kirck, Mr* Ami lliank, Mr* Mart ?4 Crown, Mr* E Ku>(, Mr* H L Mtcmck, Mia* I J Cro*a, Mr* R Y Rxftr, Mim A ?w*rTill*. Mr* C Cutirrm.Mri a p l*a<}, Mim Mar* 8?w*ll, Mm* c Cawtpb?ll,\irt M E Etff r, Mim M P iHawr, Mr* A A Corcoran,Mi*a Aa* L<w(*ltr. Mr* Bhaaf haavt, Jalia Craafcy, Mr* A Moor*, Mm F V Mlioa Jl m Marri CtaMtiolin. Miaa C Mnlrf, Mr*J V T*fl?t Mr* Kau I Durall, Mim r A Mucfcall, Mr* J C Valu, Mm* Barak DtltN, Ell*n Milln.Mn* Ami* Ttrii, Mr* n..r v r. r... r M.i.r n n ... *4 ? Ml detlj, Briilrrt miitnxn, Mim Kac WHiimcj. Mim Doo?iJ?oii, Mri M?cau, Mn K Wilign, Mr? Jn? H Doancllj, Virfinu M?nrr, M'? li?o A WiIImm, Mim I)m|im,Miu A McJoj, Mim J A Wtll??Mn A Ehiiiiom, Mrs M A Mohol*, Mim EII?i Wdmm, Mim Litti* Elli* Mn Catb'nc Nillirtn, Mir; Wkf?l?r, Mih I I Edmunaina, Mr* K NiiwJNim Lain J Whim, Mr* H A rwd, Mr* Ana Oibw*, Mr* E Wilxw.Mr* R H t'rabir, MiuOlk' U?n.?,Mr?HB Yf jroibtrrtr, * E Ovian. Mri M E Powell, Mr* A W Wi?ch**l*r, Mim A G*m, Mr* Murr'tu Umn, Mm C W iltin*ou.M im A A Or**, Mr* A J Root,Mim N*I1i* R Winder Mr* M M UnAih, Mim E GENTLEMEN'S LIST. I^r(r*i WilliH (i*lp*n,Wm Mirriilrr, O B Addi*on, Or ff I Urttr, R*? Mr McJuly, Robt App*(mi, W m Gilbert, 8 B McMiirrtt, R t ii.. i? !. n.ik... a A i' . .i_ . D.La Alien, oiii|iriv? uiiihiv, n a i*ICI riij, bl aon Armnrm.jr. Mr Onllin, Put MeUnwell. Tkoe C Allen,;.. Uu.drlaan, M?t, W* Armstrong, J*??3 Goodwio, Jno N N(?h?,W H Arnold, liuc N?I Olllell, J M Newman. Rol>t Allen, J c u!ih|uu, Jno Nile., Nukanitl, Jno H Giffino, J R Xcmom, J H An.tin, J M (inmn, Ju H Nord, Pr<ncu Allen, J W (ill In, J.i C Ne\l, B I* Anderson, Jo* (irttiu. H I O'Cmir, Tkm Aiken, t'red N Gibbo, Geo Ofdea, Morna Artno, Prank Gerrtomi, Geo H Peboru, J W Atkinson, Kaftot Guu, Kd W I'attMoo, Wia Aston, Chas Gilmsn.CI P.fe,W J Blotwrn, Wildo Granger, B F Pember, Thoe Bush, Win iiurmotid. A B Phemi, Thoa Buxleifh.DrW A] Gray, A B Porter, Richard A J3ur>ia?, n n-j nenanci, w m n roiu, J? T Barna, Wm D Hodge, W D Paoldiaf, ] Barbae, W R W m Portia, JW Berkley, W I Hum, Wm Pollard. J Barney,WC Hoyden, Sidney Paiton.Jno Brown, Thoa A Hilton, R B Proctor, J B Bowler, ThoaP Hortnn, Robt Pike, FA Barr, Dan?2 Harriaon, Richd M Piwkha?,J C Bowera, Sanil Hucheock, P W Putman, E P Bowling. Rick H Hall, N C Price. CM Bradford* Dr R B Hitchcock, L B?8 Page/Benj f Bolton, Pat Hall, La?i A Perry, Alf.ed Batch, B B Hank ell, Li Richey.Wm Bright. JnoF Herd.Jno Rollina. W A Byrn, John Hiyne.laaac V RiCharJaoa, W A 1 Bell, Hon Jno Hirakell, Joe B Roaaell, Thoa H Brownell, (MM Hinckley, J C Reff, Mr Cyan, Jaa i Hemphill, Jaa?I Rct.eru.MO Bergea, Joea Hoxie. H M Roprrt, Lewia BeiTey.J Hurley, G Rowland, Lea Burner. J L C Herman, UD Roe.SR Birrenger, J W? 1 Hujrhea, I'raak H Rollina, Jaa H ?l.rv (! tJnoH VrmA Rnaltl1 Ian T Blish, Hwrj Hill, EV Rollias, Ju S?I Bird, H B Hattou, Danl H Ryaa, j C Breed,L H Hunter, Ch*a E Rodfiri, J E Beerna, Geo W IWjtktM, Chae?I Retuh<ir, H Btrtou.G W?5 Hirriioii t Bowie Rohena, Heery? t BnUjr, G F Hotthkiss, B B?i Rid, t-1 Bcanao, P C huliti, A H Read A Co, C M Babcock, H B Huaeoo, A?5 Refer, A R Bradley. Cyrue?I Inkatos. Waldo P Riddle, A O Botlar, Col lrune.Thoe Bneed, W R Barlow, BenJ Johnson, Phillip Shepherd, W W burlook, A Jonea. Oliver H Klapaiu, W A Csstll, Wm C?I Jonss, J Smith, Wm Christy, W m Jones, Jno T he well. Col W Groom. W H Jonaa, J W Seik, Wm Coleman. W 8 . Jaskaoo.Juo Spier, W A Cheoery, R llhart, J*a Stewart, W T C&mabell, Mr Johnson, H F?3 Steel. R W Cash, Mr Johnson, H A Stall worth, N Co*, Jno T Juleia, Geo W?3 Steivans, Dr Cooms. Joseph J.'hneoti, Geo L Shnell. Mr Caldwell, J A Johnson, E Sooghridg A Co C??puun, Jno B Jones. D & tw.r. J<m Cod rolh, J W?? I.,graham, B 8 8h-.nk, J P ? Ulcmcai, J C Jitonrty, B J?S Hhoernaker, L W ChedeeterJnoT?3 Jordan, Alexander 8moot, Jue Cochrau, J W KtuhMi, tta Bchaftt, Jh Camimtkee, Jno K.rby, W M Shomaker, J Oarthey, J...C Kieemen.W Srdner, Jno M Cr??ene, J?e A Kelley. Win M Snyder, Juo Cujler, Dr Jno Kin(, Wm S?I Bterlinr, Joe V C uius, iNft Z-i Kronkjmcn, Simon ttanr, Jacob Corbeu, H W Kiug, Riilua Blmlu, J?o A Cotba, H Klnnk, SI J Somere, Jno R CUrk, Henry Kramer, Mr S.(lord, Jacob Courtney, G?o Kendall, L 8cper.HU Oonover, Geo Kail, Juo T Sumpo, Geo Carroich, Ed H Kennedy, J P Bewil, Geo T Cohen, Edwd KWloch.JS Shaw, Geo Chaae, D D 4 A W Keeffe, Hugh Scrioer. Geo W Coltou, David Kendall, A L?1 8pilman, Geo Cooper, Go* D H Lowry, W K 8ummen, Geo W Caner, D K?? Larimer, Win Singer. Kr nk Cleiuim, C C Lmgley, Tboe H Schaabie, E B?I * Chaee.CC Lent, J C Skuuwi, E P Luhaa, Jao Suutherlaud, Mr<e Cnry, A C Lenhart, J 8??li 4 OaTinn Coflee, Andrew Lowry, Joe Bmith. C I^'"? Wm M Liv, Juo 8uiim?na, B J Dong-lae, Wm Lmott, D Sohoulcroft, A 8 l>en ma. W H Little, Cnlnnbue Spofford, A R Dyer.T I?I Liter. BF llaaa. A I Day.TheoC Lottos. B B Toviri. 8 A DeLacey, Richd Mulliu*, W P Trowbrjdre, R R Dechara, P L Moraa, Wni TWotnpku.a, R IHaddy.P Mitchell, Win Turul/, Cap P T Duo * MeRea Mitiktll, 8 Turner, R?* P D?i* L J Maxwell, S Thompioi., N A?t Doifg, Ju R Moor*, R A Tappm, W A Daviaoo, J a* Mvcri, B R Tunion, Jno Dodami, J a* Morftlt, Mr Tirnor, Jn? Davenport, QW?I Moor*, M M Thompson, J W Dennis, E 1 Mehone, Michael Triplttt, FPC Dy*on, D 8 Murray, Laurenc* Thoinaa, Eliah* Denuia, Prank Mndner, L Wm, Wthtrl n?M,*C Macon, 8or? 8 Y W eek*, WH lfc>r*ey, l*aac Millar, Jo* 1. We lib, W H Divei,, A Mortimer, J H Water*, Tho* Dudley, Alex Mirim.JC Webtter, Nitbu Eatepi, W H Moory, J A Williai,*, J H Elelin, Boyd Middlelou, J V D Wbeeley, Jaa Eilioil, Haiul M?ore, J B Williamaou, Ja* Evaii*, S T Mur*h?w, Jno W iCiams, Jo* Evan*, L D Mitchell, Henry?S Webettr, Jno Emerion, L W Monro, HH William*, J C C 1 I I U.' * M ..... - ?,? rw nilltr, WllMB, J|I? Eraiia, J B M?rf au.Henr; W i Woiou. Jno W Kidlin, Dr MiJJlrton, H O White, Hollia Kitijerald, W H Mott, Henry 8 Walter, H U I'liU'pn, Wm Murdixk. G Weaioelt, HC t'lui;au, M Meek, F B WaldfbatU, O Forbes, Ju H?8 Moore, Kd*w W H luut F B Prion, Jacat M Mtrling, Danl W icoff, Kdwd Fry, Jno D Myers, CC Weir, ER Fame, J R Marshall, A C Whiner, D Folaom, R*? Israel Mead, Frank W Whesltn^D Flanagan, J Miller, Aaron?t Weber, C Fmnoi.i, J C?8 McCormsck, CH W?ellej,C W Forrester, Jaa McCano, Edwd Watsoo, Chas Kiaber, Geo P?3 McR>; I Faro? Wilson, Chas P Fercuaoo, B N McFeelr, Jno Whits, Aibsrt Puller, A C McGluirk, Micbal Wale oil, A M (iold, Win H7" Litters must in all casb? m Prkpaib. Feb 2 WM. JONES. P. M. Hundreds werk turned away from the THEATER last night, usable to gtt even Undine room. Anew lot of smrin? hats just received and for tale a*. very low pncea, at No. 460 Seventh street fe 2 6 w T^hk beauty and fashion of the JMetropolia witneaaed SOTHERN'S D'NDR EAR V AND SAM laat night. It VI/ASH1NUTON AQURUUGT. ? * WiigissTOH, D. C., Jaa. 29, ltPL PKOpnaaLa w II b? received at thia Oftoe nntil noon of the 16th dar of FeDruary, IMI, for the plat f>rm oorerin* of Bridge ^o. 3. The vork to bo done vill onnaiat of tho lurniahing, catting and Betting of about 4,2f*> cubic feet of granite. Specileatiuna oa* be procured aad pl*uaexamined oa application at thia Office. Each hid muat be accompanied br a guaranty that the pa'ty propoaing will, if bia bid ta accepted, enter into oontraot withi" ten daya theieater PiOFoaala to be aealsd and endoraed "Propoaal* for I'latforra Covering," a d a*-dre*a*d to J AS. ST : MORTON, f i?ut of'ri Cti. Enc'r WmIl Aqd'L ja 30 tl6F?h REAL SKATING-POND AND A REAL < It TO-NIGHT A^r THE THEATER. / 'o to the peoples'clothing store, vF No. 460 Seventh ?L, to ??t TO?r CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOOl/fi, HATS ud CAPS. fc? <w Baltimore BUTTER HOUgE. DaUy^reoemnj |re?h ud^iVMt, in Goahra p*ok KC11S6WT It sb M RrnkMr* PlkM. lUWmor*. BINNEY OVERBOARD AND SAM LOST IN THE ICS It TO-NIGHT AT THE THEATER. ITOR CLOTHING. HATS and CAPS. Call at r SMITH'S, No. 460 Serooth *,,opposite Poet oiio?. ^Tig |?LEGANT CARPETINGS AT GREAT SAC- ' We (till have oa hanu aad for eale. torn r*rj saeenor and beautiful VELVET, WIER, BRUSSELS and TAPESTRY CARPETING*, which must be told off at tome pnc?; and, in view of the tate of the umee, they will be eold oat without regard to oust. Member* of Cong.ees and others ta want of rueb goods oaa be suited by as bow at a saving of thirty per ?eat. lees thee else whore. _ ? . CLAGETr A DOUSON. jaaiix no.?, aooond door ?wt of NinU at. 1 HE GBEATKST BARSAlNS IN CLOTfl> 1NG, FURNISHING GOODS. HATa Md CAPott No. 160 Snulk it, opposite Po?t<?f600 fal-6w PANORAMA OF THE HUD30N RIVER TTO NIGHT AT TBE THEATER. 1< T\f ATTR ESSES! Jjl MATTRESSES! AT PAHIC FHICKS'. Oilt #1.50 Anj q nan tit j can b? had at GREKN * WILLIAMS', ja 31 ac3w No. M6 Sairiwitti and D ata QEOKOIA STATE LOTTERIES. Mmnmttr't OJk't qftk* Gtorti+ I Itunii. 9t , February 1st, 1MI. \ Qt yhr? nuaWrlaHwi? wdnw <W1t Ci*ital PrisM from 96JW0 to 0?,ooo. Tiokota from #1 to Frizes of 91 ,(it? and na<1er Mid ijamediate1t after the drawing ?; other pritee at 90 days. Tki 4r?vin|i of our loiteriM will or tub :i?h?d iiai> ia the National lataliigeeoer. For tialraU or giflws'B wi|, Braid. Cmri IfMifcatary, Ml , ? I * I 0 AUCTION SALES. Br THOS. DOW LING. AwfiNMr. ?tS4, I *h* I Mil ia front of t*? Aaobo* loom, mr tkt Markac a firnaM* M*orUM*t of Fmmilr Gr? 0*r'M. NIIMtilf of? hh,?. N?w Organs Skmi, ftba CniM Barara. Do Mo imi, Saoka iw 0?(?t, IW Mail BOX** Ud idlMltlM CudlM, BolM tt?r?h.6ro?a4 P#?p?r. Grovnd GiB?*r, CIotm, 6l?|OVl|?r ud Ol0B( T?m, ?oxm Ch*wiB? Tcbuoo. rMu BbU W h i *k*y. flr%?w?y, Gib. Ac , J*?k*0B WM?k?T. Fr*noh Bnuidi**. 3 Cvn iuuiw Ram. Hroom* H"c? **.If . ? . jaM-St THOS. POWL1NQ. A?I tW THE ABOVE 8AI K I? rOffTPOHBD. on teaoant of the rua, UlJ Tf fcSDA \ , Mh i?*t.. "frt THQ8. POWL1N8. A?Cr. By tiftKHN * WILLIAMS, A?Oubbbib. A'?. .*>46 ctrtkm tik mmd D flrtu TUl'STFE'S SALE OP HOUSEHOLD AND K itch a* FrsRiTrmB?Ob FR i DA Y. tk? ?ta inatant. al IB o'olook a. ft) , V* will sell at ?k? raaidea** of ahdr H-o'mng lioaaefcooplai.No f?rn?^TBni? or-nn*. l>*<wo#n Si and *% a reota. I y ?lrf of >?o 4?<bof tr?Bt,o? b?r D( kU ink | >i?r 1M?, and rooorctea m i6*r J . A. 8 . IBB, folio * *<M, and ih? I?ther hM in* date theM of Jaaaar*, 1WI. and dm j rooor ird aad by ordor of thotraaftraa, a Ut? H' B?ohold and Kitof?e? Fnraitur* ta Ik* Mouae. ? a enwinerat* ik wnI Mali' cut *"d Waln?t Sofa*. Chair*. ud Tablaa. i>o DrtMiof ud other Bureaa* ud Willi alMMta, To Jour Liad ud ctktr Berfataada ud Wth'tacda. F*ath?r B'di and v tttrfiMM, A large lot ol Bedding. Chin*, Ktaaa, ud Crockery W?r?, Ivory-Bandied Kn;v*a. PIMM Cu'nra Fork*. and Fpoon*. Three-pi*. I egraic.*n<i otner Carpet* and Otiolotk, FIm Refrigerator, booking and other 8 W uh a lire* lot of other art.alee, w kioh v* dNai < neeeetar? to enumerate. Tarm?: All tenia of and ander #yi oaak; onr J1 a credit of 9t and 60 data for notae aauafao wiriiT -ooorrnq r*?Brinf in'?r*?i. hi d ORKKV k WIL' )AM*.A?fU^ li j G R KK N * WI LI.| A MA. AMliMNn. Hb 496, cem*r 7th mnd D struts. Extf.nwvk sale of hardware. Cimkiit Gum. ard Wiluw W?u,*f? at Acctiow.?Ob Monday. tM ?th io??bm,?t 10 o'clock a. m.. we ehall at Store Nn. 133 P?nniilr?nittTMiir, Mvmd 19th and ?th at* , Fire! Ward, a (arte lot ol the abore named article*. oon*i*tibc ?f? Ivor*. Buck, and Cocoa Handled Kmvee and Forka. P atod. albkti, and other Spoon* tnd Fork*. A Fmeaa*ortni>-nt of M rbuiM' Tool end Hardware, F*'nii( ana Ga*den I mr>m*tir*, Chinft and h ranite Tea44 ud 91 ^inm, 8?<hj? Chin* P'a da and Uiaheaall eiiaa, Tumblera. G?Net?. Wme*,an4 ' ewonade* Toilet SsU. White and Color*d Ever* end Beam*. Lara* Yellow ami (toahinthani Ware, Tin Pan*. Cop*. Ladle*. Buck eta. and Beaina, Rraaa Bound Cedar and Pnint?d Water Buoketa. TnHa, K*eler?, Wavhboaidi and Wooden Ware, And many other artiolra too nnneroaa to ema?rate. Termaoaah. fa 1 GRKF.N A WILLIAMS. Aeota. Dy WALL A BARNARD. Aeetioi??er*. SALE OF FINE OLD WINES. PURE IM portbd BRAKDY, burst. ?Rt oriu Lluroia.Mii Bay Carriage Black Baddlr Hor?r, Wagox, Carriage, Ac. at Arcriow.? On TIJESDAV MORNING, theftlh of Pehratrv, w* vil I mII At thm A nntinn R MM. m. fflfl 1 AA*nrf mei.t of VVioes. Brandy, Whiskey, to , in wood and g!a*?, heme the st? ck of I*. P. Snips >n. Esq , dec'i etc* )>c?r?rjf, ?Dd eomprisingDuff" Gordon and Topaz Mierry. Port, Claret, and Chan earn#, Roohelle."Jules Rohm,"and Henneeeey Brandies, Unger and Soot oh Whiskey, and pare Holland 6ia, in wood and glaes. Clears, S'a> d Casks, Bottles, De?k a*?d Store, And other articles usually kept in a fine Liquor Store. Also, at Twelve o'clock M.? I fine Bay furnace Horse, 1 fine Back Saddle Horse, an exoellent Paoer, 1 Express Wagon and Harnees, 1 Carriage and Harness. Terms: R3b cash; over tkat amount a credit of 90 and 6" days, for approved endorsed notes, bear ins interest. fel WALL ft BARNARD, A?ta VALUABLE MARKET FARM FOR SALfc.The undersigned, by nrtae of the tower rested in him by a mortgage from John Tailor, executed "* on the twenty-eighth day of October, eighteen ban dred *nd tit? eitU, and bow of raoord fa the Clerk's Office or the Cirontt Court for Priaoo George's County, will offer at pcblie sale, on M<>NDAV. the ?th day "> February next, oa the premises, at the hour of U o'oiock m.,(if fair, if not, on the next fair day thereafter,) the PARM now in the possession of John Taylor, and lately the propertr and residence of Mr. Wilmer J. TaT bott This land oonsista of one hundred and seventeen Acres, more or less and adjoins the property of Dr. John H K?rne and Thomu E Berry, Ksq., and is distant from Alexandria about two miles and from Washington about six Both of th*ss are aooeesible h? good and direet roads. The location is hea thy and pleaeam,and m many othor renpects desirable. The soil is well adapted to the growth of fruit and a 1 the vegetables ealtivat*d in this section of ths ooentrv. The society in *he neighborhood is verv at r Mkble. Epi'oopa. Catholic ani Methodist Churches are within two enN of this farm. The beildmca^paeiat o1 a somfor wiiivi/?B;iiD(?na i\ wxn?n wrn an tmann oiibnildinn lor tuch a r?id*noe. The lit1* t > this property la ubioou inhered ani indisputable. The term* of aftle are: One-third in Oftah on the day of sale; and th* residue in three equal aaauai instalments of twelve. etchteer, and twenty-foar month*, a deed in fee simple to be given the parehaeer, and the deferred payment* to be eeeared ty a n.ortgage on the premises, to b* executed by the purchaser to the sabseriber. The deferred pay ments will bear in interest from the day of Mia. C. ?. KEKCH, Mortgagee aad Attorney f>r the paruee. jft ll-2tawts Ladles, Call Early !! FBI?!'!*!- ORIGINAL fl ?TO*E. K.IUULIVS OKKilMAL *1 STORK, No. *02 PENNA. AVF.NUE, No. 303 PENNA AVENUE, Additional iaToiwi ju?t roceired of Nov u4 Beautiful Jewelry. Fio* Oct EXTIKB STOC* YOU CAN TAKK YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. gORAL and GOLD SETS, NAMELED TWIST SEI*?, MEDALLION SETS, * REAL ROMAN MOSAIC SKT*. RITRV uul \ kfkv srw I'ahA HKAU SIKTS' I ims vs&ffi* &$%&"-?pT?:^fecKm9j iNosf sKvE^;/ 'pcfK- "TlD? 2 Vfe,c;re- *"*"fFUON*I * ' Wb^Xr,r^ *? b'the*L!** rtftu?r *? ?ks. ??t or Cnar ^?' ? ? >--? _ r-? Kiowt w?l? W' UM MHW? ? 'U* a innn 1IIH0, persons desiring lo ?uppl) themeelroe with Jewelry at those ar.heard of ptioM will please oall Mtl; at ?Ur ORIGINAL ONK DOLLAR STORK. >02 Pennsylraaut aveuue, between 9th and 10th etreets D W. RIDDLK. fCT Rwnember tbe Number?$0*?ae we have bo ooaneotion with others, professing to nil at oar pnoes, in Uie eity. Rroeived this day a large inroio* of SILVER%VARK, ooneietinc.of D-eskfast and Tea Sew; Card aad Cske Baskets; Patent Srrap Pitcher*; ?Btter Disbee: Freit Kniree; Tea Raivee; jKorke; at e, Desrert. ard 1>? S^oow; Tohaooo Boze?, 6tear aad Cream *pooae; Napke Rings; Bntto rire?, in sets and smgle:lKiiti aad > orke, tn seta; lo? Cream, Pie aad Fish Entree; Br?akft?t and Dinner Ca?to'a; Doable and Single Caits, a large variety of Plain, Chased, ami Gut Go (Mate. Cum, *e. All th? above articles to beeold withoat regard to original cost, at froa f 1 to RSD, aad Waerai (a<4 eL?? ?? Of tk4 Baliimort Ctmft'mm. K?ch artis (H?-nU? bot?l# _ Wiwl(nl? br W H Rn4 * Co? Dracftata, M BronJw*j. He.ltimot*. _ _ M At rrt&i by ft. S. T CiM*t * Co., Dra?fMt, 1 Georgetown. ~ jR$kbS2&?snGat*.mi % New York ??* ??, W?hiartaa. J?k? K Bkt'i, Drafctit, Wary Yu4. JtS^la , TH-K.csw?s%swof,"v fftsr % fa I It 100 per o?tt. I*M than tber oaa he boacM. ja 36 ir 308 Pa.ay..b?t 9ttiai>d lfllhato I A HICKORY WOOD. Ala 1 ftrtioU of HlCKOi Y WOOD. AIm, ! PINE tnl OaK WOOD. pfpuW or Mlinni rd iMftk. UT^Tw-n* omIl l^/*A'l ord?r? ?hooW ha aoermpaniad vitk Mm money ; driver* don't oarry cnM|t ?MM t|?al?1 ordara arc left to that effect. T. J. A W. M. SALT, I ja? 8*8 Pa a?.,, be*. lltfc aad lfcti ?U. I WASHINGTON " AMD GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take otio*, M it will be to timr tntereet to do 10, that W7 EL RKADB COMPOUND BY*UP OK LIVER WOR T for Coutkj, fW?, ITMr/MH, Crcvp and other ?ff .etioni of thetiroat and oh??i, ud SIM hi* 8K>K K THROAT PuWDKR. ?r* | two of the MPft laallibie rem*<liea of the A*r,a*d I co family ?ho*!d to withe at Um th?< are ?o th<?i ftokt vithu tho i?Mk of all. Wo do not expect itruimto belter* what va rite in refard tn oar ova sedteiaea, ooiw |alI 1* we refer *<> to tho foliowia* well kaowa job uemec'a certi*eate?. wt ich w be aara attaarr*K. otrrae whore the article* are for aale; the* ear the? are the beet Cough end Ron Throet Meueiaaa the* keMMtr kun

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