Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. tCTTbongfe Thk ?ta* la prlnta* on the tateat t ttr?m prtaa In uae aouth of Baltimore, Ita edition la ao lar^e aa to reqaire It to br pat to preaa at an WA.?*. * -* ?U .V IJ - wi j mi, jtu<m amBS) HamHtv, lavuHi sc rat la before IS o'clock m.; otherwise they may o( appear aaWl the next day. Notic*.?District of Columbia Advertlsementa o be taaerted In tbe Baltmobi Sen are received at and forwarded from Tax Ktai Office. Tbbatbb ?The Theater waa denaely packed laat night, the at'ractton being the new piece, "Our American Cousin at Home." The play haa no great pretenalona in the line of atructure or plot, but In tbe way of stirring incident and screaming fun It 6-ould be jiifflcult to Imagine anything more effective. The atrnaing bewilderment afforded by ^othern'a "double;" theauperb, 11 napprnac hable Vl lenesa of the " Dundreary" puna; the Ineffable aim per of tbe Hon. 8am. I a new creature of Sothcrn'a;) the life and vivacity of the homestead acenra; the touches of New York life; the ateamhoat trip; the capital musical intervale; the novel introduction of a moving panorama among the acenie effects of the play; the daah and lif* of the skating scene, ending In the characferlatic contretemps of 9am'a disappearance through the Ice; the tableaux melo-drainatlc, comic, and all sorts; the spirited songs and dances, all contribute to keep np the Interest of the audience unfUuglngly. It la to be repeated to-night, of courae, as everybcdv in Washington who ever enters a theater will go to see it, and those who aee It once will be Inclined to go again. We are glad to see that the spirited enterprise of Mr Glenn, leasee of the Theater, Is likely to be met In a similar spirit by the public. ThK RKFORTXD IttStJRBKCTlOit IN MaBTLANS. A day or two alnce we gave In the Star the particulars of a letter received from Leonardtown. Md , stating that a negro insurrection plot had oeen discovered In that vicinity, and the ring;leader had been seized and lodged in jail. In the 'St. Msry's Beacon" of Thursday, (Jan. 31,) we find tbe following : Commuted to Jail.?Hillery Curtis, f b., was committed to tbe county jail on Monday last, 'JBth last, by Justice Wathen, on the charge of being engaged in an attempt to excite insurrection among tbe negroes. John Thompson, f b , was committed to jail on Thursday last, the'Xfth Inst., on a similar cbarn. Both negroes, we believe, are from Patuxent district. \V e do not deem it advisable to give the circumstances which led to tb*lr arrest, until after their examination, which, we believe, will take place in a few daya. Thk Usios Ltfvi*? Avdibxcb at tbe Theater last nigbt (for what popular gathering in WaahIngton la not for tbe Union ?) were much diasatiafled with tbe facility with which band-master W itbers yielded to the clamor of a squad of halfwean boy*, wbo imagine tbemselvea seee'storrists, for the performance of "Dixie's Land " Now tbe people here have no particular objection to "Dixie." in moderation, even with all its discordant barrel-organ, harpist and braaa-band horrors, but they At kick against it when tbe attempt Is made to gag it vpon them as a disunion air, to supplant" Hail Columbia" and the "Star Spangled Banner " Tbev ex pressed this feeling very promptly and decidedly last night. A Sccp Horn* was opened the dsy before yesterday. In wMt is called the " Swampoodle" locality of tbe city, nnder tbe auspices ?f the benevolent association connected wttb tbe parish of St. Aloyslns. Tbe tirss dav some 2(10 1m?m nt h??it were distributed to the p?or of that district, and about 100 needy families were relieved. Tlie society have a committee which visits all the houses where relief is supposed to be required, and if, 1 after investigation, the parties are round to be deserving, bread and soup tickets sre distributed, i which are presented by the recipients at the soup house, near St. Aloyslus church. We have now In the city no less than four of thes* soup houses la active operatioa. Charge or False Rkpxisixtatioxs?This i it eming. Harrison Snaith was arrested by detec tive Allen, upon a charge of obtaining one hundred dollars by false representations, from J no A. Beattv. on the *2d of October, IB<J0. The parties < are old acquaintances, and have had frequent money transactions. The case was based upon the borrowing one hundred dollars for ?mith by Beatty, for which the former gave bis note. Smith admits the genuineness of the tranaction, and says i _ a -? - - ? ins ouuneja in wasmngton to-day was to pay tbe debt. The cue was taken before Justice Donn, i but tbe evidence of fraudulent intent being very weak, tbe matter waa left to tbe parties to settle without litigation. Stabbiho Cask.?Last night, two marines were behaving in a very disorderly manner in tbe i astern section of tbe city, yelling and whooping i In tbe streets. Guardsman Sylvester went to arrest one of them, and was stabbed twice by tbe other, Inflicting severe gashes in bis back and neck. A bystander was di<po?ed to ssslst tbe officer and < went to bis relief, when he also received a severe < wound in tbe same way Tbe parties were ar- 1 TMtfd tnd Uk?n tn I v*? ? ? ? ? ? - ? <HV L?awc> II uwtup) WUC'C they were retained for a further bearing. We Wm to-day that neither of the parties arretted wu the oue who did the stabbing. Salctr to* Ka.isai?At noon, to-day, a national salute was flrrd at the Columbian Armory, In honor of the admission of Kansax Into the Union. The nolae of the firing caused much Inquiry upon the streets as to the occasion of It The alu e was fired by Lieut Fry's company of light artillery now quartered In Dr. Uwmn's house, First Ward. As the troops rode through the streets, large crowds flocked from all quarters to ee them, and fallowed to the Armory grounds The thoroughgoing military appearance of the oidiers was the subject of admiring comment by all who witnessed the turn-out. PoETRKTors SorxDs ? This morning, although it was so foggy that the early morning wore the appearance of dark night, the residents In the lclnity of (be quarters of Company K. Second Artillery, k street, between Sixth and Seventh, fl^re awake a little earlier than usual. They acHtmr.X for it by the fact that for the first time they jfcrd the reveille of the United States Army In ?lMb Immediate neighborhood Tbe first taps of tbe drum caused a general hoisting of windows. from which protruded a host of night-rapped beads, seemingly to inquire what had broke loose. Sopskxk Cotr*t?Friday?Tbe Hon. Stephen H Phillip*, of Massachusetts, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this Court. No 63 John M Fackler, appellant, agt. John R Kord et al. Tbe argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Ewing for the appellees, and concluded bv Mr. Carlisle for the appellant. i No. 65 John T Martin et al , plaintiffs in error, agt \Vm H' Thomas et al., administrators of Maj J. Thomas, deceased, 4ot The argument ?r >ki. ...... . i ??? ? i??- ^ ?u?* vausc wm i,uiuiiicm;ru uy ?fir. l>WiiIMC for the plaintiiTa in errrot. Adj'd until Monday The 8t*bi.k for the uie of the U S troops, br^un by Mr Geo Narlor on Wednesday night last, was completed tots morning. Workmen have been engaged night and day upon ltalnce the commenc?ment. The structure la two hundred and twenty-four feet long by thirty feet wide, and contain* eighty stall* for horaea. A building b*s been erecu-d adjacent to the stable, in which to bestow the food of the horses. A guard ia stationed about (he buildings constantly. Pgtmam Rifles ?At a meeting of thia company, held last night at Island Hall, the following officers were elected:?Captain, George W. Thistieton, First Lieuteosnt, 8. C. Magruder; SWond do . J. F- H Purrpll' TKirA An i w McKUreab, Knaign. 9. N. Chipley; Orderly der4#ant, J. A Barcb; Second do., Mr. Uwraw; 'bird do , J. T. Angel; Fourth do , Q. W. *"K reamer. CatMiJAi.Cc.umT.?Edward Duffy alia* Edward Duckett (colored) wm tried and convicted of breaking Into tbe houae of Mr Howard for bargiarloua purpotea He waa sent to tbe penitentiary - for three years. Alfred Collins was tried for forgery His case waa submitted to tbe court, and be was aent to tbe penitentiary for two years. Poltcs matt?*a.?Btfort Jutiict Clark.?Patrick Ragan, throwing atones"; lined $1 M Atwell Cowling,accused of leaving bis back at the stand without a driver on tbe box, In violation of a Cornnr itlnn law. waa HomI 17 ? > ? throwing (tones; fined SI 98 Hugh Free was charged with profanity; fined S4 44. Vassal. 8cxk ?The aebooner Ocean Wave, Capt Owens, on her way down the river yesterday loaded with sundries, when off Indian Hud, capsized and sunk In twelve feeTwater The captain and crew reached the shore snd came up to the city for ssjtsUnee to raise the schooner ?AUx. GatetU. Pcbljc M*etis? ?The Urge crowd which ass-mblrd la and around the Marshall House, last atght was addressed by David Funsten, Esq. The temperature was very low, and tne listeners evidently enjoyed that delightful sensation called toid comfort ?AUx Ga*ett*. Boibbi ?One of Prof L 0 Marlnl'a monthly aolrera will take place at bia Academy, corner of Ninth and D atree*a. on Monday, February 4, 1341, and alao that ill bia pup)la will b? Inatteodaa * Great preparation haa been made for the occasion. To be Rkpbatkd ? We learn that tbe concert cf tbe choir of the New York arnac Prrabyterlan Church, lnlely given under tbe auapioaa of Mra Cecilia Young, la to be repented. Good. i In another column will be aren tbe notion of n ?birth-night bail of Compaar A, National Guard Battalion It promiaea to be a vastly pleaaant affair. ___ Fua.-Wa tana benrd of foga ao thick that they A ? ?wl - - -? 9truuon miitim in Alkxaxdkia ? A ika ion meeting wi? held In Alexandria last night, and at Liberty Hall bad been denied them, Mr. F ana tea addreaaed a promiacuoM crowd from the ate pa of the Marshall House Mr. Funaten commenced hia harangue by com?U;.I ?_ 1W. -1 A a ? -o * ? i^umarc cubvc h^uis He waa In favor of Virginia's taking decided action, but not by tbla "lighting In the Union." Voice acrosa the street Fight for your right*' Mr. F?How? How Is Virginia to fight the Federal Government while she belongs to it? She haa no navy and no right to own one. She has no right to an army. She la in the Union for projection, and pays large taxes as the price. Shall she pay all these taxes for protection, and then pay other taxes to fight her protector? Shall she help to pay armies that she fights ? Mr. F. was not willing to tie Virginia to the non-action of other border States Gov. Hlcka was not ruler of Virginia. He concluded by saying that be felt It no disgrace to have spoken in tie street, when such a man aa \Veb?t-r had Faneuil Hall closed ?u?ln?t htm when hi* theme was the same?the canse of Southern Rights Three cheers were proposed across the street, and given, for Mr. Brent, 'i'be crowd near the speaker responded with as many for Mr. Funsten, and the audience dispersed. Criminal Cor*t. ?Several cases of assault were submitted to the Court, and the defendants lined. Indictments have been found by the Grand Jury against ten principal parties concerned in the attack on the Republican Wigwam last fall. The specific charge against the parties is for riot. They are Dr. Reuben Cleary, Dr. J. E. Willett, J E Johnson. Thomas Haggertv. Richard Harrington, William Ogden, Chas. Donohoo, Ringgold Drowning, Henry Dudley, Joseph Crager. It is understood that the parties indicted are to come forward on Monday morning and enter ball for their appearance. It is understood that the cases against Floyd, Russell, and Bailey, are to be tried as speedily as possible, and accordingly arrangements are being made by the counsel for the defendants to that en?T Got. Floyd has cent word to the District Attorney that he It ready to attend here whenever bis presence is required Stablk amd Usstablk Quaktres.?The National Volunteers seem to have n time of it to find resting places for the soles of their feet. In their palmy days they flourished at the Jacksou Association rooms. As they got seedy they moved 1 into cheaper quarters up town; thence into a yet cheaper room, (gratuitous.) the celebrated one "over Burcb's stable;" tbence to Harmony Hall; and now, comptlled to keep-a-tnovlng, it is reported tbev are located in a hall "over Rainey's stable*," Eighth street 1 Crowding Is.?The principal hotels have been nearly tilled to overflowing for several days past. The demand for choice chambers has been very frequently refused, the proprietors finding it difficult to accommodate applicants, and have to ad- j vise patience to their guests until opportunities for change of quarters occur. The sessions of the Border Convention will attract mauy t" the city during the next week, and even now visitors begin to arrive in large numbers from the surroundin., ui?i iii j?g 01 ?uc cruci wctuncm OK OWHffl OI Liberty Hall, thereby compelling them to bold thrlr meeting In the atreet, while hla opponent, Mr. Brent, was permitted to occupy said hall. He aald (we qnote from the Sentinel. a aeceaalon paper.) the Held of competitor* had narrowed down tor tbe withdrawal of candidates thU after-' noon. Three Richmond* wetftn the fleldY? two had be slain,?tbe third remained to be slain. IVoice from across the street?You can't take Im! Another voice?That's so!J This had been done by an arrangement, of which, however, be acquitted tbe candidates But be did not believe tbe people would indorse such arrangements. [Voices ?Never! aever !] Mr. F. said fklse issues were sprung on this canvass He was charged with being for disunion. He was a better union man than any who would sacrifice tbs rights of tbe State to Union or anything else. [Voices ?Good! Derisive laughter across the street ) He was for our rights first, and tbe Union afterwards. He had been told that be muat '-fight In tbeUuion." He did not understand that fie wanted a settlement, and on tbe basis of State Right A voie* aero** the strtrt Constitutional Rights! Mr. F. Kiartly. Exactly*. Constitutional Oi-?. -i-t* ?.?S Restored? Mr. Andrew J. Martin, the workman in the laboratory of the Navy-Yard, who was suspended on account of a suspicious circumstance which srcurred some days at?o,an account of which was" ubllslied in the Star at the time, has been restored to his position, tberommandlng officer being satisfied of the absence of any improper intention on his part. The failure of Mr. Martin to report to his superior officer when be received the communication was the principal cause of blame. CslTKAL GCARCIior RK Cilll ?Tho nnl? for trial at the Central station were Henry Miller and Noah Young, both marine*, who, being drunk and disorderly last night, were sentenced to 90 days each in the workhouse. A Message from the Ska, and The Uncommercial Traveler, is the title of Dickens's New Year's and Christmas stories, for IStil. It is published complete in one volume, and Shlllington has it for sale. f Circuit Cocrt ?To-day, the Court took up the case of John \V. Mankin agt. John Fletcher. Action to recover a debt alleged to be due. CoraHs ?The sndden ohanges of our olimate are son roe 1 of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic A/tenons. Kxpenenoe having proved that simple remedies often aot speedily and oertainly when taken in the early stages of the disease, recourse should at onoe be had to " Brown't Bronchial Trochtt." or Lozenges, let the Cold. Couch, or Ir ritation of the Throat bs ever so slight, a* by thia precaution a more serious attack mat b? effectuallv warded off. Public Srtaktrs aud Singer* will find th?m effectual for dear ing and strong Uieninc the voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly Hoxbopathtc Remedies All of Dr. Humphreys k. Co.'s speoifio Homeopatltio Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxen, at 25 and 50 cents eaoh. Also, in oases, containing 90 via!*, from 94 to each, with hook of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Oilman. 350 Pa. avenr>e, wholesale and retail pgsnt: W. A. Fitxgeraftl. 353 north F street; also byY. B. Winter, oorner <>l Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Krtrart oj Wittk Saxtl, for internal and external inflammations of 1 kinds. Sold as above. ma 9-lj Hollowat's Pill* asd Oi^tmeht. Inflammation of tK* Kuin*yt aud Urino-g*mUal OrKtmt.?In all internal inflammation of the Kidneys, bladder, to., caused by travel or other local irritation these medicines will effect a?p?edy and radical cure Out of five hundred cases of persons afflicted with gravel and pronounced by eminent m-mbers of the faculty as 'incurabla' all who took these remedies recovered but one, and he, despair i c ui success. ui neon 11 mi mi inem aner one week's dm. fold by all Druggists, at 2} ct* . 62 cts., and 91 per bo* or pot. la 3<Mw % To THi Afflictkd !?Be sure to read the advertisement or MoLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood I'ua&er. in another oolumn. t[ Pkithiss. Persons desiring pennies will always fioJ them for exobange at the Star OiEoe Munter. tf 1 DIED, On the 1st instant, in the 21st year of her age, JOSEPHINE A., wife of Thomas K. Da*is. Her funeral will take plaoe on to morrow (8nn-' day)afternoon, at 3 o'clock, at No. 197 Sixth st. Relatives and friends of the flumly are invited to attaod. * <>n the morning of tha 3d instant, Mra. ELIZA WERCKMULl.ER. Her funeral wilktake place from the rasidenoa oi her danthter. Mra. Anu\ LeCompte, 407 Thirteenth st, on Monday, at 12o'olock. (Norfolk papera copy.) OA HIT. HIT, HIT. HIT. UR AMERICAN COUSIN AT HOME. It PRE4T REDUCTION <>F PRICE TO-iUIT iir THE TlMKS. We are offering great iudnoeroenta for oaah. Oar entire a took at a groat red notion. Pall ?uita of U *ok, n ade to order, for #35; plain auita of Blaok. reedy made for #10, with a large uaaortment of Genta' Kurmahinc Good a. Mi liary Over Coata made to order fur #6. WAI.L, STEPHEN'S A CO., jaM-d3w 388 Pa. het 9th and 10th ata. rp HERE'S A BETTER TIME VOM1NG! V to time of Self Abuae and Secret Diaeaaea ahould apply at SHUMAN'S Southern Medical Houae, under the Clarendon Hotel, oorner Sixth atreet and Pa. avenue, immediately oppoaite the National Hotel, and tJ7 Dr. Souther'a Celebrated I.ondon M'dioieee. Thry are warranted to onre the moat virilism tor me or uonnorrntFa, t>i*ei, p>> paiiia. Nocturnal Kmiaaiona, Strioturee, and Wetknsw of the iiiadder iu from 1 to 6 day*. TbeRemeriiaa can b? Mat by mail. Office honra from ? a. m. to 10 P m. ja ?-4t* W WINDOW SHADE*. ARRANTED Gold Band Window Shad*e. Buff, Green, ana Blae Holland ?hedea, all ansa, made to order. Fine, Medium, and Low prioed Fajterhangmia At J. MARKRITER'S, No. 4S6 Seventh at . door* ?U>v? jatteotot Odd Fellowa' Hall. Th\t notice about persons callmc to pay up we find by many diarefarded. We want it ur?<i*cet.x><I we are in earaeat; we want the money for all bill* dae ua. ' m Mm txr iff n a i t * ? ?*> _y .n* UAi.- A ? ja S) usa Pi.M.1 bet nth ud iith*?u. fjBAUTlPUL AND VERY 6llBA.FI CURTAIN MATERIALS AT A SACRIFICE. Th* stock now on hand at the old store of C LASETT * DODBON ol oil kinds of srutty and desirtble MUniM tor Parlor, Orawing and other room Cartaiea is still ?m complete, and ia view of the state of the uinee will be sold off at a very nuoous iAonfio6? Member* of Congraw andi others who would add to the beaaty aad eomfort of their homes will ftad a great saving and advaa*?re to make their ear * ??? ??m? TREASURER'S MO Stomal tk4 amount mt his crodit m tkt Trmsnry,? and m? Ik* Mtnt and branch**, fry rttwmi retttvtd i drafts have b*m istued, but trTf tken unpaid, and also, tkt miomI of future tranifrrt to and from d* " In what plaoe. Treaai.ry of the Unit<"d Status. Washington, B. C. A Militant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts Assistant Treasurer, Nnw York. Nnw York ?1 Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia. Pentisy I var.ia.. Assistant Treasnror, Charleston, South Carolina... A mutant Treasurer, New Orleans, Louisiana.,... A Militant Treasurer, St. Louis, Miaaouri Assistant Treasurer, Han Franfisco, California...., Depositary at Buffalo, New York.. ? . .. Depositary at Baltimore, Maryland ? Depositary at Richmond. Virginia..?..... Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia......... Depositary at Wilmington, North Carolina........ TUltAnitftW ftawannal. a M j ? ? ore* it 11 HI* ii vimn K m -? ?epositary at Mobile, Alabama ?.........? depositary at Nashvilie,Tenness?e..... depositary at Cincinnati. Ohio. depositaryat rittshure. Pennsylvania........... ? depositary at Louisville, Kentucky............... depositary at Galveston. Texas .... depositary at Norfolk <Sawyer> ... ...... depositary at Cincinnati (McLean) depositary at I.ittle Rock, Arkansas .... depositary at Chicago, Illinois. _ depositary at Detroit, Mioiucait... ?.. depositary at Omaha City, Nebraska ? depository at Falls ofSt. Croix, Wisconsin ....... depositary at Olympia City .Washington Territory depositary at Tallahassee, Florida...... depositarr at Omaha City, (Gilmore). Assay offieeofthe United States, New York Mint of the United States. Philadelphia. Pa Branch mint of the United States, Charlotte, N. C.. Branch mint of the United States, Dahlonega. (Ja... Branch mint of the United States, New Orleans, La Branch mint of the United States, San Francisoo, Ca J I . W?J a 1 ? A^ liOQOCV Of ?lUW ? ? ? ?? Dednot differenoe in transfers Net amount mbjeot to draft Transfer! ordered to Depositary at Norfolk, Va.. Transfers ordered from Assistant Treasurer. Ne Transfers ordered from Depositary at Mobile, i Feb 2-11 SAVE Ton TWO DOLLARS WOfeTH OF CKX FOR THE ENSUING TYVEVTV n?v? i STOCK ON HAND at an Immense Sacrifice. 1 firlce. The Stock muit be closed out by the '20th I mprovementa In the Store, and rather than pack 1 without regard to coat or value. We naine, In pai French Merinoes. 50 cents; worth SI, All-Wool Plain Delaines, 32 cents; worth 62, Brst Figured Delaines, Id cents; worth 31, Very pretty Poll De Cbevre*, 18 cents; worth 37, Long Broche Shawls, S8 50; worth #16, Stella Shawls, r Bmche Borders) S3; worth 36, Broche Shawl Bordering, 20 cents, Ladles' Kid Gauntlets, 50 cents; worth SL i,aaie? veiu, at a great sacrifice, CARPETING, OIL CLOTHS, and SHOES, We have many cboldto and desirable articles n< a call from all tbose who desire to supply themseli Bear In mind?Vote Git Two Dollart Wortk of feb 13t AMUSEMENTS. ! WASHINGTON THEATER! Lessee .S W. Glb*x Ao'in* Manager * J. T. Ratmosd Stage Mauagrr Humphrey Bland THIS EVENING. Immense Succops el MR. SOTHERN As Lord Dundreary and his Brother 8am. In Gayior's Comedy entitled OUR AMERICAN COUSIN AT HOME. Produoed with entirely New foenery, Panorama of the Hudson River, Skating pond, Ac., painted by Messrs. Jas. Lamb and Jos. Parker. To commence with the Comedietta entitled DYING FOR LOVE. S*a's oan be secured three davs in advanoe during the run of "Our American Cousin at Home." O N C E R T_ _ v/ r orId* or sr. JOHN'S HERMAN CHURCH. CHOIR OF ST. PAl"!'? KNGLISH LL'THSRAN CHURCH Assisted by the celebrated "Pa'BTEI.LO family." the "AM I'll ION qUARTETTE CI.LB" acd other musical taieu', will be given on mom day, February 4th, 1801, in the First Baptist Chvech, Tenth st? between E and f tickets 25 cts ; children 10 ct9.; It r For >ala r.t the usual places, and at'the door. (11^ The Piano used on the occasion is kindly loaned by Mr. F. C. ReichenKaoh. fe l-3t BALLS, P A RTIES,&cBall to be given BT Till ?. YOUNG MEN'S BENEVOLENT fit SOCIETY, iA At TEMPERANCE HALT.. faW On MONDAY, Feb'uary 4th, 1E61 Tickets Flft* PaiiU -? < 1 ~ ? , W...I101U& vm *,UI|V1V Hlfftll mill ladies. It* ^jJRAND BIRTH NIGHT BA1<L COMPANY A, W NATIO.NALGl ARD BATTALION, AT 1 HI IttA ASSEMBLY ROOMS. FKBRL'ARY 2SD, Particular* in future advertisements. j?3i W,?,8 Grand FANCY BALL AT fttt FOHREST HALL fit MUNUaY. Pohruart 4th. /fli Tickets $1. for a gentleman and ladie*. Cottumea and faunv dresnea oould he had next j- ? ? i?ionuay. ai L.aug ? noiei, .>o. lU'J Undue strict, Georgetown. fe 1 WANTS. WANTED?Two WOMKN; cook to waah and iron, and ohamhernia d, at 3Ati 11 at Reoommendationa required. If WAN I ED?At No.4*4 North E street, a young WOM AN , to do the cooking and hou*ewora of aamall lamny. Reoominenilatioua required; none need apply without them le 2-tf WANTED? A whit* COOK that ia willing to do part of the waanuu and ironing. None ne*d apply without good referoncea. Apply 292 H at., between J7th and lath ata. . VI/ANTED-A firat rate COOK, white or colWW i a I_ .4 ?r 1 1*1 - ? ' umi. nypiy *i luuur I'laor. 'ODgrcis |( , Georgetown Huht?. from 9 a. m till 13. ja31 3t* W ANTED-Bj a toung woman.aSlTUATION ? ? as nurae, chambermaid, or searaatieaa. Addreaa Box No. '.{O+Star Office. ja 31-3t V|7ANTED?A Copy each of the Re^>rt of the "" eeoretary of thrt Treaaurjr U. 8,'or the fiaoal years 1646 and 1847. Leave at this Office. ja?l Si* U/ANTED-A good PASTY COOK. Apply at " W1LLARDS' Hotel. jaa^lw WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From MS to Jio.non worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURF, of all kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as usnal. at the shortest notioe, R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, &o., oo 9 4 Oft 7th ?t.. bet. G and H east side. |VANTED-8E(?OND HAND furniture. M PAraona (tMliniuf hoiiMkMninc nr aurplue of Furniture on hand, oanr obtain theo&ah and fair prioea by applying at 369 Seventh at. no 17 BONTZ t, GRIFFITH. JCHkAPER TH*N EVER UST RECEIVED a Freah Lot or that SUPERIOR NOTE PAPER At 79 Cm. p?r Ream, At SHEPHERD'S, at the oorasr of Seventh and 1) itreeU the t>eat we have ever had. Call ao?n anU auppljr youraelvea. Other papera in proportion. It won't laat lonf. ja 36 Iw CEMETERY NOTJCE. HE ?nb?onberqfferB for ale hia atook of MAR- | 0I.K BUWUMBPII-O, TUMBB, GRAVE STONES and MARBLE MANTELS at reduoed KtSKC"""" * Marble Works. 8la E at. north, no ITJfcrn ><?twwan 12th aiwl mth. I BBS' WIS. BRAID AND CURL MANU\J FACTORY, 943 Pass, amu, near the oorner of Thirteenth street.?A rery oomplete aaaortmrnt of Braids, Carle, Fnsettee, Bandeaua, Ao., now on handialeo, made to order at the shorten notioe. Hair Work repaired or taken inexoh&nie. Jost ***? ? w ? ann? avsivvst The Shadow in the House, a new novvl, by John Saandere, 12mo., oloth; fl by mail. "The Dutch Dominie of theCatakillB, by the Rit. David Mnroooh, D. D.. ISmo.. oloth; 91 25 by nail. The RoMano* of to Irtah OirT, l2mo , oloth; |UA bVftrite Meortment o! the beet Military Works published. U ONE PRICE ONLY! Having on hand a very heavy etook of DRESS R. C. ST^VENS^M fa.^-, I ? 0 1>r I NTHLY STATEMENT^ nth ItiutMt Tr*antrert m*4 dtsienmfi Dtptuitmriu to Monday. 31ft January, Imi : tk* mmtmmt fmr wktci tkt mm*it (4m Tfmntning rukjft f drift. Si*?raf politmrMM, Oi trdtrtd by tkt Soerfry of IM rrw?f? DrafU hereto j fore dniwaJ Amount on de but not yd, Amount sub. polite. DA id. thoush tr> Wrmft parahie. #245.414 85 #lj,7W 83 f2?.705 ? 75.3?8 89 1* 4 " 73 56*51 l< i117 538 64 336.019 95 4W.V59 49 57.821 28 2.4J1 14 55.190 14 35,141 77 3KV7JI3 15.tVH ...< 336.078 60 S04,?U7?t 121.238 6S ......... 17,690 84 12,8* ?7 4,7^3 97 ? 4MJ.G5B 43 162 694 45 S43 383 98 _ 431 36 ?? 01 185 36 _. 8.77272 tO 79 8 76193 3',130 ?7 10.537 89 27 38B 38 62.482 25 1.8 7 00 25 ............ 23.24'm 13895 4.5 93"4 SJ ? *...m . 9.W5 "9 7,7MR W 1 to 47 V? ? tic ? i? ? ? ? ?? ?.?! I IWW 19 .. ? 3 046 41 313 9i5 2,732 46 ...... 6 969 87 2.392 45 4,377 42 2 327 14 2 327 14 1,437 57 mas 1.399 19 16,439 33 9,546 tin 6,892 73 1 413 0>l ... 1,413 00 ........... 9,697 81, 97 80 9.AV 21 58,692 29 55.053 19 3.639 10 3584 83 2,0533) 1,53147 9.647 41 1,810 28 7 KT7 13 ?. 1.S52 46 112 5> 1 98 54,323 21 C4 350 22 * *>,372 99 ?I6 79 ..... 5 6 79 2312 34 762 00 1.55t 34 9.803 38 9*3 ? 302,51300 ? 2nar5'3 ?o 125.154 16 ...U 125,154 16 32,O"0 00 32.000 00 27,950 (3 ?7.9? PS . 389 267 46 S??? i ?-| ann.oon no [...? 1 500,000 00 Hl7,5? 5<l #3.148,?B 16 I ft 1,051 ?40 M | 52.2I4.3J7 01 . ? 117.539 V4 2.096.W7 47 > .(<9.897 47 ?? ? 50,000 00 w York, Now York ?...... 55.000 oo LIS - 2,500 00 S7^f? 00 R MONET! >?5 GIVEN FOR ONE DOLLAR. WE WILL SELL THE BALANCE OF Ol*R VIany article! will be offered at half the original instant, as we will commence at that time to make the Goods away we have determined to sell them it? Pure Linen Toweli, 12 cents; worth If, All-Wool Table Covers, 91 40; worth 92, Gentlemen'a and Boya' Undershirts and Drawera, 50 cents; worth Si. Best Calicoes, only 10 centa, Best Canton Flannels, 10 cents, Best 1'2-cent Cottons, 10 cents, Ladles' and Children's Best Extensloa Skirts. ' at naif price. at a very heavy reduction from former prices >t here enumerated, and would respectfully solicit res with goods at half the usual cost. Goods for Oh* Dollar. R. BRICE HALL, 373 and 375 SEVENTH STREET | LOST AND FOUND. | t OST?At the Presidents levee, on Tuesdar JLunight last, a stono martin VICTORINK. The I finoer willgreatly oblige the owbt b* le*v>n?itat I tio Hardware Store o?i;r ifutb > RH * * M ' Oj 3-0 1'a. av., oppuHte Hrown'a. It* Jt REWARD? Lost or stolen,a black aid tan terrier, ca led "Yap." The plat? on the collar haa the name of "Mabel Bay ard." Anr one re'tirntng hut> to No lft4 " K w'reet will receive the above reward. fe 2 3t* | OST-On Monday last,a black NEWFOl'NDli LAND DOS, white lega. white^ neck, and the ti? of his tail white. An awera to the name of "Carlo." Thp find-?3* er will b? suitably rewarded by leaving him at No. 8 ' orth A street, Capitol Hill. f-> l-2t* IOST?At the concert aiven by the choir of St J Peter*a Church, in Odd Fellow*' Hall, Navy Yard, on the night of the 28th January, a I, A DY'!* FUR. Th? finder will l?e auitably rewarded on leaving it at ?17 Fourth atreet east, Capitol Hill, fe 1 Si' , ' I}()C RKW ARD.?Stolen from stable, on Elerenth at., K F sta , l?.?nd, on Saturday, January 19th, a jL tV MARE, blind in the left e<e; two whlt?**/ 1 hind feet. I will give 95 if delivered to me, on {. ouiaiana avenue, Itetween 9th aud mth *ta., and $25 for the thief. (fe 1 at* I R Witn IOST-A handsome I1ANDK ERCHI KF was i lost at the President's Levee on Tuesdaj evening last by a lady who'prigrd it very highly ? a memento. A' y information concerning it left at No. 1.1, Winder's Building, will be thankfully acknowledged. 'a31 3t* ! STRAYED OR STOLEN FROM THE PREil3 MI5*ESof John E Little, on the 2S>'h rv in?t.. five HORSES ot the followicg do- J i soriptlonTwo dark bay hors?s with"^^whiu spots in their foreheads; one sorrel mare, rath?r thin; one horse and mare, oolor nearly black. Any person giving information or returning the said horses will be liberally rewarded CLINTON LITTLE, ja 31 St* 6th St., bet. G and 1 sts south. BOARDING. MRS. JANE TAYLOR has several VACANT aOUHV, A few oermanent or Boarder* can be accommodated at 411 3d atreet. ja SI 3t* BOARDlNG.-PeraonademroiiR of a cwnforta ble home can obtain rood Hoard and pleaaant Apartment* on F atreet No. 339, between 9th ami loth ata. Table Board?ra can aUo be accommodated. Term* reasonable. ja 31-31* BOARDING.?A deairable front ROOM, immediately over the parlor, with all the modern improvement*, naa ju?t been vacated, and will be disposed of on reaeouable trrma. Apply at No. 453 Ninth atreet. A first o:ui CHAMBKRMA1D wauted. ja3Q-4t? ? FOR SALE AND RENT. [ For otktr "for Sal* and K$nt" advtrttitmint*, ui.Arst pagj I?OR 8ALK OR HXCHANfiK K>a \vi?u 1' in* ton oitjr property, at a lair deriuotion. a mall FARM in Fairfax county, 6% miles from NVashiagtou and five from Alexandria, containing forty-seven acre*. The improvements consist of a dwelling containing seven rooms,with the kitchen; a new stablu, feed house, carriage house, corn house, Ac. Also, a young orchard of the ohoicest fruit, containing 600 trees. Thirty two acres of the above land cearnd and undar cultivation, twenty down in wheat with clover and guanri. Should the undersigned sell, o ly one-eighth will be required in cash; balance %t the expiration of two yrars. For particulars address H. F., Mount Pierce, Fairfat county. Vs., oare of Misa Naaey Bums. f-? 2 law3w . F'OR RKNT IN 6EOR6 KTO WN?One twostory and-baeem?nt FRAMK HOUSE, on Prospect street, oontainiyg 6 rooms. For particulars inquire of RICHAKD PKTTIT, corner of 2d and Market sts ; or J. J. MoQUILLAN, High at. _le 1 9t FOR RENT-TWO ROOMS, and dm of Partor, in a pieaaant and he*.thy part of the city, i Inquire at the oorn?r of Tenth at. and New York avenue. ja?-tf A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CllY PROPK.RTY?Contamiok 181 acres, aituated 14 mileo from Alexandria, on the Orange and A lex*ndria Railroad, under cooa cultitation; tunlier, waer. fruit and a'.I build inga neoeaaary fhra ftrnt-rat? form. Inquire of G. W. BRAY, at the Jewelry Store, 416 Seventh st, Waahlagton. jt 21 Im* 1,'OR RENT?A oomfortab'e two-atorr BRICK F HOUSE on Miaaoun avenue. No 40, fronting one of the improved squares, and ia farniahed with cat and water. Apply to D. A. WATTKRSTON, No 404 Second at. east, and 580 Seventh atreet west. ja 31-2weo* FOR RENT?The three-atnry briok DWEl.LINti-HOUSE, with basement, No. 505. on E, between 3d and 3d atreeta, at preeent occupied by R Lewis Jouea. Poaaesmon civen on the lat of brua y. It has all the inodera impio/ementa, water, aaa. Ao Rent HENRY RGAN.atl Sevenftft: or W'fc&AN^ t0.< E St..(next door.) (Intel.) ja H-tf ifOR RENT?Two frame COTTAGE HOUSES, containing six roomi, situated on Mm*, avenue and t ilteenth street; pump of good water in the yard. ja& IfURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D street. between 6th and 7th st?. de 4-tl FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. ,100 WmI it., Georgetowa, at present oocu pied by the subscriber. It ha* IS rooms, with gas and water throughout, a fine yard, stable Ao , and is inagood neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. MAGRUPER. oog -tf E?OR RENT-A three story bnok HOUSE.oon17 taming > rooms, in good order, with gas fixture* complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Aleo, a two-story briok C??TTAGF., with large yard attached, corner of P street north an* 14th st. east. To pnnotual and reliable teaante the terms will be aioderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G aad H. no lS-tf Oft KENT?The FIRST FLOOR of Ue baildinc immediately opposite tie west wing of the , CitT Hal., r^oently occupied by Chii. 8. Wallech 1 "-war / GEORGETOWN. | #/ 2%i Stmr. Giouitowh, February *, 18ft. At the meeting of our City Councils. Uct oral a, bat little boslnsss was disponed of. Iko Ma ng cnas? nt la the Board of Common Com ell by a warm discussion of s partisan cbaracV between Messrs Stake and Tenney Our neighbors la Washington coonty, north < this city, ha^r organised a most ettc teat cornpaa , of able-bodird men to be called tk* DI?wm ? ' ... .T The oflcfti are?Captain, H W Blunt; Fir?t Lieutenant, J as W. Harry, See I ond do . Geo. F. Green: Third do , D W Li#hl foot^ FinK 8erjf?t W H Frnth: Secon, do , E. H Smith; Third do., R. L. Bail, Fourti , do., U. W. Hurdle. Remember the fancy ball at Forreet Hall 01 Monday. *ee advertiaetnent. GEORGETOWNADVERTMTfc Valentines! valentines.' valentines s; A lire* and fin* aaaortment of SoaUmontal am Comio VaUntinea r?coi rod and for hI< ohoap it cran ukll7*. ( i-Sl Oa Bndf at. Qaorieiown. DANCING ACADEMY. At UIKH Hotel I# Giouitovii.-Prof L. O MAR1N1 M has the honor to announoo to his patron* and J9 oibirai of Goorgotown that hn*tont4 <uar-/li tor will oomm*noo on TU EJ*UA Y, P*b> uarywft 5.1*1 Dart of tuition TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY, from 3 to 5 f. m f? ? St* 1 attention, st^lad. have r?cwnd p?r ?xr*? from Now Yorl aeveut) four of thorn apiendid larra MILITaRV overcoats, which 1 am prepnrod to aoll von low for oath. THOMAS DOWLINO. Anot'r, ja31-oo3t No. 174 Bnd?aat.G*or|t*owB. J UST RECEIVED? 10 hhda. prim* Porto Rioo SUGARS, ISO bbla. O.d r?? whihky, 390 bbla. herring aad alewives. fin hhi. rr?.k^ ?' j * -J v.?ii?u oiiu Itruuru 0UVAKO1 90 bag* Rio ud Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.i iow-sriood) MOLAS8E8. For sale br JOHN J. BOO UK. ? W ASTERN FISH AND APPLES! HERRING, ALEWIVES AND MACKEREL! 400 barrels East port No. 1 HERRING. sno do BoatonNo. 1 do 100 do Labrador No. 1 do 2D half-baireis do do sno barrels Meremnohe No. 1 ALEWIVES, ion do St. John's do 26 no No.Slarge MACKEREL, 25 do No. Samall do auo do No. 2 BALDWIN APPLES. All of which we propoae to close oat at 92.SO to #2.75 for Uerrinc; f 4 to $4J0 for Labrador Herring; $3.30 to $4 lor Mereniuobe and 9* & for St. John Al wires; $5 25and $8 .V for small and .arte aj. ~t ? * - r??u*croi. ana Applet at prioea that oacnot fail to meet tlie view* of buyer*. Hartley a brother, 99 and mi Water *tre?t, ja ?-2w Georgetown, d. C. JJNPRECEDENTEDSUCCESS: LAST WEEK or DR. SCHLOSSER IN WASHINGTON. THE ONLY CERTAIN, PERMANENT awn SAFE CURE ?o* CORNS, BUNIONS. SOFT CORNS. _ asd ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET IB TBS INFALLIBLE SYSTEM PRACTICED BT DR. >L 8CHLOSSER, SURGEON CHIROPODIST. The following Washington Testimonials are identioal with thousands iu possession of DR SCHL08SEP.. WASHINGTON TESTIMONIALS. From Hon. R. Toombt, V. S. S. l)r. eohloaaer baa this <*ay taken oat a great number of Coma from my feet without any pain, and it aeema to be effeotaal January 12. ls6<>. R. TOOMBS. From If. 5. Davit, Erq. Dr. Sohloaaer haa tKia day removed from my leet It Coma, whioh waa done without pain, and to my entire satisfaction. I cheerfully reoommend to all peraona, and especially my frienda who suffer with Corna, to oall on the Doctor. 11. ft. DAVIS. Waahinfton. From J. S. Hall, E*q. Dr Sohloaaer haa thia day operated upon my feot, and haa produced entire aatiafaction. I. 8. HALL From Tkot. P. Lncu, War Department. 1 certify that Dr Sohloaaer haa skiifu ly extracted several oorna from my <eet. and without pain. THOS. P. LEWIS. CViMM C D- ? ? * rvrr. V "r? Wi JJ?7TWI, Dr. t?ch!oa?er baa extracted ?e*eral coroa from my fret *ery aucceaafully, and without pair. Waahtncton. 19,1860. 8. BARRON. From Dr. T. S. Vtrtii. 1 teatify 'hat 1 hava bean very aucceaafully ope rated upon by Dr. Sohloaner without pain of aoy aor. T. 8. VERDI. M. D. Tectimomala from member* of the Imperial Royal Pamiiiea ot Europe, aa well aa numberleaa one# from Statesmen. uiplonatiate, C ert) men, f byai ciana Ac .Ac., of toia country and Europe n.ay be aeen at hia offioe. DR. SCHLOS8ER C4N Bt CONSULTED m WASHINGTON roK ' ONE WEEK LONGER. AT III CONSULTING ROOMS, aar Pennsylvania avenue, (South side,) ktwNB 12th And 13th street*. OFFICE HOURS From 10 a. m. till 5 p m. N. B.?No professional connection with Any one; hia method i? different from thoae per ton* who pretend to cure corn*, by cnttins or ?!a*t*ri?c . those five only a abort relief, but not a permanent on re. LAS* WEEK IN lei . WASHINGTON. / ^CHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. &CHENCK, of Philadelphia, find* it impo* aibe to Tiait Waahincton e??ry week, and baa made arrangements to positively be m the city the third Wednesday of crrr* month. He haaa euitof room* at the Avenae House, where patient* oaa obtain ad no* free. He on!; charge* whin it i* neoesaary tJ make a thornucb examination of the Lunge with the Reapirotnatur 8. B. Waite i? agent for Sobenok'a Pa into <10 Syrup, priee ft1 per bottle. for the oure of Cougbs, Cold a and Consumption; Sehenek'a Sea weed Tome, prioe f 1 per bott^.ior Oyapepsia; Sehenck'a iuanurnKO r?us, pric? BCtnU b?r box. fur Liver Bilious Complaint* and Con?tiaatinn of the Bow Dr. Sclietok would be grat*fu, to ttaoee who have been oared by his remedies if ther woa'.d leave their certificates of cuie with S. B. WAITK, eorner ffevmth ?L *r>d La. av. de I ASTONISHING, HUT TRUE! T IS Very st-auge that SMITH should get in New Goods when every body is cyitif hard finals. Hut he sells his goods at suoh low prioea that ttie people will buy them. N H ?Just received a lot of CLOTHING aud FURNISHING GOODS, wh'ch will be sold at J" per cent less than their actual value. At HMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh st. opposite Post Office. ja M-ln ARAKS CHANCE For barsains in School Books. Biaak Books. Misaellaneous Books tfjhSSRf feMWb fi' seIUm o?t to reduce stock- Ja !?-! V? ICERt, PETTY OFFICERS, AND tea men who were on board ot any U. 8. ?hips at the capture of anv slaw can have their claims for Bounty and HeaJ Money promptly sMfaded to by HHi; iu| w w? wurvmai r W AI.L.Mb, I WMhinitoa, D C. i* 14-tf FRENCH A RICH8TE1N. r 278 Pxww. imnri. Are *f?l)U for the Baltimore Ams ican wd ExohMp, Charleston Mercnn, *?. Sabaenhers erred at low rataa P&pe'i from ererj ait? m tha u-lpiut, Baltimore aad otbei mmi delivered la theeiYy aad 8aori*town immediately after tha ar nTiJol traina. Ja 1? 1* J. 4 W. M. ftALT J* U nth* aaYinVmitu m f \ ?? THE LATEST NEWS TRMlia i pnin - _ ^ w M a * U 1 V t ? rrM Etrtpr. i- ?T. Joins. Feb 1?Tbe taaakerralto* Kta? v don, fra? Glasgow m Ikr ttth ]? tor New York, bu been :nterrepted off Cape Race. wkkk 4 point >bf l m j ytetorday y The French Arar wm to bfinriaii by tbe 4 addition of aeventoea regla?eirta t. General Klapka waa preparing for a rial itg la y Hungary t- The trials at Bnrwil bad beaa ceacloded?tbe 1 Drawa prisoners sentenced to death sad the Tarka lah to exile It waa believed tbat tbe bombard s??at of GaeU I would recooo menoe on tbe list Tbe attack by sea would cooiaieace without delay Niw You, Feb 1 ?Tbe steamer Arabia, from j Liverpool ea tbs 1Mb, bas arrived below ' Tbe news Is ualmportaat, bela| ealy a tew ' bours later than previous ad rices It was stated that a treaty betweea Proasis and j AusUls ciists. guaranteeing to tbe Mbt tbo s? semion or venter The Kli| of Prussia, li as iddrw en the IM to ?hf (ifumli of the Russian snny. nn * I bin b?ra ctllfd M tbt thrtm tt u ?pock ( 4ugers, and with t pw?|*ct of combats It which I hall perhaps need all yowr de*ote<la?a. If I da not succeed la turning aside the Morn which to rising, we shall have need of all sar forces to defend miraelrea " This speech caused quite a sensation at Paris where, aa the King Is aware that Denmark la only I his nominal enemy, the real question Is regarded to be vk'tktr franc tj ( kmrt iht Hhimt More troops had left Genoa for Napl?a,and two frigates had alan left for (iaeta The whole French squadron ted toft Oooto Neapolitan province* and defeated the Italians at a certain point, compelling them to faClra, and that reinforcements had been sent Li via root.. Saturday ? Sale* of 40,000 bales of cotton to-dsy, Including 10,000 bales takes oa a per ulation and for export at vary full prloas Breadstufli are quiet and pricas steady. Provisions are dall. American securities have slightly dadlaad. Illinois Central Railroad 3te3l discount Ene Railroad 3U. Consols 91 *a?l u. The staamar brings ?*tt,000la apacie Lsaldua Csanatlsa Ntw Ointns, Jan 31.?la the State Coo res M ? - * " "" ?iuii w-aiy a rrsoiuUon u tt|ud to the nptdtatf of sending reinforcement* to aaalst In taking Fort Pickens ?u offered, bat laid on the table subject to call. . A resolution* was passed asking that the Military Board report theirpregresstetbeCooveotloa Resolution* were offered instructing tbs dategates to tbe Montgomery Convention V> resist snv , attempt to re-open tbe African slave trade Tabled?reas 83, nay* -JB. Mr Walker, of New Orlenna. offered a resolution tbat tbta vole was not expressive of tbe sens* of tbe Convention on tbe quest on, but simply indicated tbat it waa not thought proper to hamper tbe delegates with instructions Much excited debate followed, but finally the resolutions waa paased Mr. George Williamson, a member of tbe Convention. was appointed a Commissioner to Texas. Names of New York lenamlss toners Recem loaded Albaxt, Jan. 31.?Tbe majority of tbe Joint Select Committee on tbe Virginia resolutions, proposing a conference of Commissioners at Waabington on Monday next, will report tbe name* of the following Commissi oners: David Duo lev Field of N? v~v tv.nt? CuitU Nov ea, of New Vork; Jamea W ads worth. of Buffklo; Jamet C. Smith of Canadmgua. Green* C Bronaon. of New Vork; Eraatua Corning, of Albany, Ex-Lieutenant Governor Addiaon Gardiner, of Roc heater, William E Dodge, of New York, and Gen. A B Jaroea, of Ogd*aab?rg Five of theae are Republicana and four are Demcrata Together the Commlaalon Include* aoma of the beat and maat conaervative men of the State Fram Alkaaf. albany, Feb 1?The Com prom lae Convention reaaaembled thia mining and immediately devoted lta energies to the bualueaa of adjuatment. Mr. Tremain apoke in favor of compromlaaa, praiaing Thnrlow Weed and Senator Seward for the attitude they bad aaaumed The lobby praaaure ia beeomiug formidable, and the graataat excitement pre valla In the Leglalature the atruggle over the Sena torahlp ia exceedingly animated A 1mm n,,n* a resolution appointing Waldo J Johnson, Judge Hough. Col. Doniphan, Judge Buck iter and J. D. Coulter, Commiaaionera to tbe Waahington Convention, and the Senate immediately concurred. and the Governor waa requested to notify the said Commiaaionera, without delay, of their appointment From Ho?t?B Boston. Jan 31.?Tbe United State* brig Bainbridge la beinz rapidly fitted for aea at tbe Chariest own Nary Yard Tbe Merchantt' and Miner*' Steamship Company of attamablpa owned in Baltimore and Boston, baa discontinued trip* to Savannah, and will here.f|a. ??u L>_ 1*1 1 * '* ber of letter* biv* been recet red by iliwtl member*. urging the election of Mr. tnrU, for tbe reason that a rompromUe man ia needed la the Senate. A legislative caucus baa been appointed for to morrow night Petitions are in circulation praying for a postponement of tbe election of Senator. Msaasekasetu UfUlstars. Rostox. Jan. 31.?In the Senate the Committee on Federal Relations, to whom waa referred the Virginia resolutions proposing a Convection at Washington, presented majority and minority reports The former diaarnts from tbe method proposed by Virginia, but is willing to coonare opinions with loyal State* la an effort to traag&tt tbe Union and promote tranquillity, and authorize* (be Governor to appoint live Commissioner*. subject to tbe control of tbe Legislature Botb were laid on tbe table In tbe H < s resolve was introduced tendering tbe hospitalities of tbe State to tbe Prealdent alert, and inviting htm to visit this city prior to tbe inauguration . Frsss ( aaada Toaosio, C W , Jan 31?There la much feeling excited at tbe action of tbe English Government In tbe extradition case The Leadertthe Governmeut organ) ?ya : "It 1* an unpreredenU%act of interference with tbe right* of a free people, and Canada will not aurrender her right* in obedience to tbe writ of au Engllah court." The Missouri ( ommiaalsnera St I -/ti-1 * l>? "? ?Tk. 11-? ?- *- M bjvvi uu tv jjBiiiuiurc ana .1 (TIU1K . The Rk*4? liltN ( nitim. P?oviDK3C?. Jan 61 ?Tbe Governor baa apCinted the following Comm asioners to Waabjftou : Chief Justice Ainea. Alexander Duncan Governor Hoppln. Geo. 11. Browue, aad Mmotl S. Arnold The ladltaa Camnaiaalooers. 15du5apoli?, Jan 31 ?Tbe Indiana Legislature baa authorised the Governor to appoint Coin- " mini oner* to the Washington Convention, and their nana* will beannounced to-morrow. Balttasr* nsrkau Htirmoii. Feb. 8 ? Flour steady; Howard at , Ohio and City Mills *5 25 Wbeat dull, red 1.30a I 33; white ?1 4Ual.6U Corn stead r, vel low ?ti>a6?c. Provisions active; meas pork fit* lt-JB. Lard lOJfc CoBee .te^dv at mite Whisky nominal-at trtc. M?w Ttr? *ltrk*M. New Yon, Feb. I ?Hour dull and ali^htlv declined vv beat dull, wttb a declining Vidency. Corn declining Provision* quiet. Whisky dull at 16c. ^MO? KENDALL Tl~. 4? NEVER BEFORE BEfcN PUBLISHED. CELEBRATED LETTER TO ORR. AWTI TN A* LSTTER T<TrrfB PRRflDEWT. Whioh Km ju?Uj excited ao muen wonder and aini-a ion. have been neat j printed in tMa^ ft of &boat lortj ftfti, aad are now ready for dfrtriba'ioe Tbea? ar? aironc the ableet prod notion* of tbe tirnee. and no he d<?irena eoue1 naive argu :ra. jio a TW^lfNb; delivered ia WeekiactoB. assr>? p rW\ "ww urncE 0 0 E- W A R D, Mir ? ? ajd LMt Off Clothing, rMMotfally inform the that kt hM oMwd a (/iCkNfeEO PAWN 'FF1CE at No. T6 Loaiataoa itmm. hotvooa b ud Mth ?u.. a >w door* (?*C of the aaw tral t>i<hl koiM, whore h? will ho at all rr*fft'?4 to wait oa fcia aatro? with >ro?yta??. attoaliwB aad U* atnotoat j oatioa N B?Jowotrj, Drr Good.. Clothinc. Marfcaa ioa' Toota. *0., afwaye oa fcaad at pnvako aalo. iaM lta* I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Tafca all tind* of \ ir*inia niowrfprma Jg&SHMnflBh. *

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