Newspaper of Evening Star, February 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 4, 1861 Page 2
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% '1'llE hVEMISG ST A R. WASHINGTON CITY: MOHDAY February 4, 1*61. - " ~ " " 1 ? ? ttar M?rnii| frrM The InttUtgtn'-T urg*-? the representative* of ht Northern S'-'et tc avert. a* far In tHem lies, by an afi'melife movement In tbe way of conciliation, tbe dangers that bare already ensued frctn a mnt::al ro'.sandersUnding between 1h? p?op1? of the two sections The Rtjntltca* says the free States Will accept uc such thine esa peaceful occupation of Washington bv secrsslonlsts. after it Is earned one hundred miles into aforelgn country by the seres islon of Msrylaad, - but will assert the national jurisdiction over tbeir approaches to the national capital, at all cos's of blood and treasure There will be no "peectabU mgotiatttms" on that point with anybody. Tbe secession of Maryland is war, a rvar upon the instant, a war without truce, and a war to be terminated only with the humiliation of one of the parties to it." V~r Th?L*nicn feeling in Kentucky strengthens every aay, *r.a is naming in enecx upon toe L,eg:?lature in session at Frankfort. On Friday, the Senate, by a very decisive vote, passed a resolution declaring it inexpedient at this time to take any action towards calling a State Convention. The Senate had also made an appeal to the South I to stop the revolution, and to Congress to call a National Convention, and proposes adjourning ever to the '24th of April to await a response to theee appeals. The example of Kentucky is one that .Maryland may follow, certainly without dishoaar, and. we think, wisely Mr Ira Harris has been nominated by the Republican caucus of the New York Legislature as the successoref Mr. Seward in the U.S. Senate. TH? ? tiv ?UB HHM?. IV?WW *V VC vv t rw OUU iUI Evar'a, a distinguished lawyer of New York, who waa supposed to be favored by Mr. Seward, and Horace Greeley, who was pressed by tbe radical Republicans Mr. Harris is probably a compromise candidate, be haa no national antecedents, having never served in either House of Congress. IP1" From the publishers, H. H. Lloyd & Co., New York, we have " Tbe American Question In Its National Asnect. L'eing, also, an incidental reply to Mr. II R Helper's Cotrpendium of the Impending Crisis of the Sonth " By Ellas Pelssner, Professor in Lnion College. From the hasty glance we have been able to give thl? work, It strikes us as by far the most vigorous exposure of the fallacies of figures and argument of the mischievous Helper book that has yet appeared. irr This 4th of February Is a day of Important events It is the day appointed for the mqgting of the Border State Compromise Union Convention in this city; and for tbe assembling of the independent' Southern Confederacy Congress at Montgomery. Alabama, and It ia alan the it?u apart for the election of delegates to & State Convention in Virginia, on the direct question of weeaion ^ T~ A great Union meeting was held at Charlestown, Massachusetts. on Saturday night, at which Mr Everett spoke. The meeting endorsed the Crittendea resolutions and concurred in the sentiment of Mr Sewar i. '-that the question of slavery is uot now to bf taken iuto account. We are to save the l.'nion first, and will then save all that is worth saving " The VaLKDK Tor^ A di>3E*4K3 of .Messrs Slidell and Benjamin, in the Senate to-day, were listened t" by a ljrife audience. Air M?n tn ! r? annVu <?? ^ ?? ?j ? V t>*~ tiirpare. but .Mr. Slid'll's speech was delivered from manuscript, and so elaborately drawn up as to convey tLe idea that it was intended to enunciate the future poM' f of tbe Gulf States. !TV The Louisiana members ate expected to withdraw from Congreos to-day, excepting only Mr. Boullgny who will not withdraw until Instructed to do to by the people of his district. ID- The returns thus far from tbe Virginia election are moat encouraging to the Union men here. ITT It appears that tbe dense fog which enveloped our aity ou Saturday prevailed throughout the country Tbe New York Herald says : "A dense foe?the densest in fact that bas visited this region for a long time?prevailed In tbe city all day yesterday Objects could not be seen two hundred yards off, and as a natural consequence great inconvenience and annoyance were experienced by tbe public. On tbe rivers the effect* of tbe fog were chiefly unwelcome Navigation by tuts iwrry ??<:> was no easy matter. atid to avoid the dinners of eelHaton a sharp lookout was continually kept by the pilots, and the bells were ringing lacessantlv. None of the outwar<l-bound steamer* proceeded to aea yesterday on account of thefofc." o!? as Attack.?South Carolina'? position Is th: t of a high spirited little lellow who has be* n the fag of a big bully for years, and hasatlsst told the bully that the fagging must "OKe to an end The bully s^ys "Ho ' my lad. Vou are very game but you are not out of my c'ntrhes yet " Tie places bis finger on the sho ulder of the youngster, and telltbim :f he dares to move It he will thrash him Though it be but the tip of the bully's little finger, and therefore Its weight 11s unappreelable. the fact of its remaining on the bov's shoulder is an Insult not to be borne. Sumter la IYm n?.i ?<iuj d nine linger. 11 rr.uH oe removed from South Carolina's *b wilder if It cost* her life to move It ?Ckarltfto* Mfrcttry, Feb. 94 The Ds?bwce o? Wa?hix?tox.?Tbe Richmoi d Enquirer, after warinly advocating tbe attack upon tbe Capitol at Washington, now bitterlv complains of the efforts made to aectire Its safety aghln?t a lawless invasion, and attempts to ridicule all fears that any men should be fouud sufficiently desperate and foolhardy to follow its advice ft emphatically denies that Goy. Wise Is implicated In any design to invade it. and asserts not only that he "is far from well and is confined at botne in watching the sick bed of a mera- | her of his ffcmily," but that he Is opposed ou principle to '^private raids against the Federal, as well as MaUt Governments." ?T*otTAJ?T r*OM FiiSfl ?Cnmmi J*tsner? from South Curohna iff/re the French Ministtr of Foreign AJfatrs ?A letter to tbe editors of the French Coumer d's Etats I'nu. dated Paris, January 15. stat*-* that the Commissioners from the Vate of Hortb Carolina had arrived st Paris, and presented themselves to M Thouvenel, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who received them ?ri?h 1 browing courtesy and rfiprtt, but without taking side with them, or making any engagements with them. The Commissioners were fcorre days In Paris before presentation. If?* The United states soldiers now doing duty in tbe entire Department of the East are rapidly put upon a war footiuj although the orders have not been made public Indeed tbe preparations for hostile doty are so qui?!ly carried on thai recruits see nothing unusual Ball cartridges are In readiness at a'ltbe guard rooms, and marching ambulances are so arranged thxt the garrison of my fort in tbe department could be put upon tbe road in a few hours?X. Y Pott. (( ! ?< ? "? * " * ~ v. ?saa.?n^rurr io prevent tbe | [ hi pment of umi to tb? wctnionitti, tbe harbor police sod patrolmen of the first ward have re- | reived orders to watch all tbe Balling vessels, j large and amsll. deatined for Galveston. Mobile, New Orleans and other southern porta So king a the police exercise their vigils nee In this matter shipments of contraband article*, by any mode of transit, may be considered as impossible ? iV T. P?t. _____________ U. B. Bsie Dolfhir ?We understand that this vessel of war hss been manned, guns mounted, end a large supply of small arms put on board st j tbe navy-yard, and is Intended to be anchored iff tbe U 8 hcspltal to net as a guard vessel to protect (he magazine opposite the hospital ?portsmoutk Trmmtcript. Tmi SrxaiisBir Isabel ?We noticed yesterdav, steaming down tbe hsrbor. this well-known .mi nmiw reamaDip, in charge of her long tMed commander, Capt. Rollins We noticed tbat the bad tbe new 8:ate gag lying at her peak, and, we telleve, ahe la the first veaael that baa holated tbe new enalgn ?Charleston Mercury Asm* von ran South.?Twenty caaea of .Winnie rifles a>.d ten c?an of Colt's revolvers, Intended for tbe use of tbe Republic of Miaalaalppi, pi-aaed over tbe Orange and Alexandria Railroad ?>u Friday last, on their way to Jackson, Miss., iu charge < f'a Express Company. To HcsrsMBH ?The law* of Maryland prohibits tbe killing of partridges or quail between | tbe 13th January and 1st October, under a penalty mjL r~ w wl~? > " ? w >? w.u we law apptiM to woodcock httww 1st February and 10th August Mriftliori ?A steamer ran into Old Pulut m Friday, about one o'rtork. and took off a quantity <f ammunition What'* in the wind Home ?n ppooed it waa to mpfMT Fort ffomtpr?mo? Fort PW-kena ?Poritmouik Transcript ILTAt Brookl:ne, New Hampshire, on Thursday, the roof of th? dwelling of Mr. Uibsoa waa <-msb?4 la by Um snow, fits wife and two Haunters ware killed f ft | CUKOREUIOIIiL. Smears ? After our report closed on SaturdayMr Hale called up the following resolution, as ubmltted by blm on Friday: Rtsctrd. I hat tbe reaaona assigned by tbe Secretary of the i*enate for bit neglect to obey the erdar of the Senate, made on tbe 20tb March last, in favor of Mra .F, A Linn, are laMflclent and unsatisfactory, and that he be inatroeted forthwith n pypriit? aamit After a protracted debate, the resolution Wa? refnred to tbe Committee to aud't and control tbe contingent eipenses of tbe Senate. Oa motion of Mr Gwin, the Senate took up the Indian appropriation bill. fir Seoastian moved an amendment to the biil propos'n^ to pay ?-2.200,000 under former treatiea with the Choctaws. which amendment waa lost? yeas 17. nays 27. Mr. Kennedy, from tbe Committee on the District of Columbia, presented a bill, which be asked to be put upon Its passege, for tbe relief of tbe P*r1ah Church of St. Matthews, In Washington city. It waa read three times and pa&aed. Mr Green moved to take up tbe bill for the organization of the Territory of Idaho, which was taken Up accordingly; when, on motion, the Senate adjourned. Hoc**?After the close of our report? Tbe House bad nnder consideration the loan bill. After a protracted debate, tbequtstton was taken on tbe passaee of tbe bill, resulting?yeaa 121, nays 46; so the bill waa paaaed A message waa received from tbe Senate, notl fylng tbe House that tbe President of that body had appointed a committee, in compliance with & joint resolution, to act conjointly witb a committee to be appointed by the Houae. to count the electoral vote for President and Vice President, and to notify the persons ao chosen of their election. Mr. YVashburne offered e resolution to tbe effect tbat the Speaker appoint a committee from tbe House to act with the Senate committee, according to the precedent followed for forty years; passed. On motion of Mr. Sherman, the House went Into Committee of the Whole, (Mr. Burnett in tbe chair,) and resumed the consideration of the deficiency bill. Debate, being on tbe Chlrlqul amendment, continued for sometime. The committee tben rose, and reported progress. Mr. Corwin gave notice tbat be would close tbe debate on the report of the Spcclal Committee of T hi ftv.thrp^ an Thnrerl?w . ?mm -j ? V- ?? ? m UUID'lUJ The Speaker appointed the following members on the part of the House to join the members of the Senate a* a joint committee to ascertain and report a mode for examining tbe vote* for President and Vice President of the United States, aud of notifying the persons chosen of their election : Messrs Wasbburne, of 111., Adrain, of N. J.; Ely, of N. Y . Anderson, of Ky . and Craig, of Mo Adjourned. Mowdat, February 4. Senate ?Mr Hale, rising to a privileged question, said that In tbe debate on Saturday in reference to tbe cltlms of Mr I.vnn be had spoken of the interference of Comptroller Mediil as " impertinent " He would Hav now what he wouht nave said tbenbut for tbe sharpness of the Senator from Ohio.(Mr Putjh ) He merely u?ed that word In its lesal signification " not pertinent to the matter at issue " Mr. Pugb withdrew whatever he mieht have aid harsh on that occasion in reference to the Senator from New Hampshire, (Mr Hale ) A number of memorials from various States in favor of the Crittenden propositions were pre ented. Mr. Hale introduced a resolution of iuquiry as to whether any United States property or treasure had been seized in the State of Louisiana, and the particulars of the seiiures. Mr. Slidell, of La., sent to the Secn.tary:s dfsk and had read ths ordinance of secession of the State of Louisiana. Mr Slidell said the document just read witnessed on the tiles of the Senate the withdrawal from tbe union of the State of Louisiana, and the closing of the relations of her Senators with the Senate. Tint State would pay for all public property, recognire all treaties, and guarantee thp t\f th? ?*%?*.? * *'? ? ... _ mutitu ui iLie ,ii inaiwi ppi. Louis.ana wsi ready to meet the free States In peace, or, if they so ?let?rmined. in war If they bad war, the militia of the ocean would attack the commerce of the North, and would carry at the masthead the starsand stripes.which belonged to the South as well as to the North, fie declared that in this war the South would not Are lirjt in the coming battle. He alluded to the vacant seats, and prophesied other* yet to come. He Cid a tribute to the Northern Senators who had Hen in defence of the Constitution, and closed his remarks. Mr. Beujtmin. of La., alluded with Indignation to the sta'ement that Louisiana was bought for a price, and was bence the property of The Federal Government. At the close of Mr. B speech both Senators withdrew. House?The Speaker laid before the House certain communications froin the W ar Department; laid on the table and ordered to be printed Mr Carter, froin the Committee on the District of Columbia, reported a bill with a substitute, relative to the extension of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad tbrouvb the r.ltv of ? O 1 ? that the substitute be printed, and with tbe bill be referred back to tbe committee; agrred to. Alao. an amendment to a& act incorporating tbe Columbia Institution in the city of Washington, with the same request; which was agreed to. Mr Branch ottered a resolution admitting tbe commissioners from the several states, now met In this citv, upon tbe floor of the Hall during the sessions of the House Agreed to Mr Wilson presented to the House a memorial signed by SIX) citizens of Montgomery county, Indiana, praying the Indiana delegation In Congress to vote for ttie Crittenden propositions; laid on tbe table. Mr. Brigkjs presented a memorial from the citizens of Chester and Orange tonntiea V v =? - "_7 ' * * I praying an early settlement of the national (Lrcullies upon the basis offered by fhe border State Committee; laid on the tzble. Mr. John Cochrane, of N. Y , gave notice that at an early Lour duri ng the present week he should call up for consideration and passage the bill offered by him a few days since, "to lurthrr provide for the collection of duties 011 Imports " Mr. McClernand, of 111 , introduced a resolution instructing the President of the United States to inquire into the action of Louisiana relative to the seizure of the United States Mi at and otter public property In the city of New Orleans, and to communicate the fact* to Congress at an early date. Objected to, and not received Mr. Sherman moved that during the present week the House take a recess from 4 till 7 o'clock p m , the evening session to be occupied in deDate only; not agreed to Again, on motion of Mr. Sherman, the House went into Committee of the Whole on the deficiency bill, (Mr. Burnett, of Kv.. in th? rh?t? * V * Morse, of Me , proceeded to address the Ccmmittee Stieeisg the F:ei? ?The Richmond Examiner of Friday last contains tlie following dispatch, intended to ' operate" on the election held In Virginia to-day:^ The following dispatch fullv explains itself The voters of Virginia cannot now fail! to perform their duty: ''Charleston. Jan 30, 1?60. ' To Judgt Hopkin*,, Virginia "Reinforcements have been ordered to Fort Sumter and tlsewhere. Will not Virginia, by her L egislature, interpose to prevent coercion' It *111 be too late when her Convention meets. "J 8 Fkkstoh The Rlrhinond Whig states that a similar dispatch was received by another distinguished member of th?* Virginia Legislature. '-to which, afttr consultation with many lead'ng members of the Legislature, a reply was made to the effect that we, here, hed beard of no attempt at coercion, but that the President was exerting himself to nr??n# no?r? " I - ? Sootheeb Co.triDSKACv ?The seceding States hire appointed Delegates to a Southern Congress, wtfcch is to meet this day, the 4th of February, at Montgomery. Ala Six states will be represented, u follows: South Carolina ? R B Rhett, James Cbesnut, Jr , W. P. Miles, T J.Withers, R W Barnwell, C G Memmlnger, L. M Keitt, W. W. Boyce Georgia ? Robert Toombs, Howell Cobb, Ben. H. Hill, Alexander H Stephens, Francis Barton, Martin J Crawford, E. A Ntsbett, Augustus B. Wright, Thomas R R Cobb, Augustus Keenan W.ii ?T_w~.? - ... ?<? ?? oiact, AWO ? Ki r?miio, Colin J. McRae, John Gill Shorter, 5 P. Hale, David P Lewis, Thomas Foam, J. L. M Curry, W P. Chlltou Missi*stppi.?Willie P Hani*,Walker Brooke, A M Clayton. W.8 Barry, J. T. Harrison, J A P Campbell, W. 9 Wilson. Louisiana ? John Perkins, jr , Duncan F Kenner, C M. Conrad. K. Spencer, Henry Marshall Florida ?Jackson Morton, James Power*, J. P Anderson The Rkmain* or Gts Lee?T?y committee appol ntrd to convey the remains of General Harry l?ee from Cumberland Island. Ga., to the fMate of bi? nativity, knv rteiivtd a pttstpori through Sou?h Carolina from Col Walter Gwln, the present chief military engineer of that Republic. Kki.iivino the Fort. ? Arrangements have brrn mulR for tbe departure < f the women aad oi.'ldrt-u froin Fortgumter, according to a request wU-< h lste'y appeared In the Courier Twenty women |id lerrDtses children will be Uken to <fw \ on in the ' -amshlp Marlon, or Saturday Wr ua<-e no doubt thai a aiaitiar mjueat for the i. > n would ?m? prnnled, ?o ?b* aatlsfartiou of all eonr-ein#d ? CharU ton iourur, t\b 1 <iovrrmmkmt Fp*d?.?Tu havannab Republican states tbat the collector of 4hat Khaa received written (Detraction* from Gov. arn directing blai to retain all money* now In bla poaaeaalon and received froai custom, aad make no payment ?n account of tb? Federal Go* __ DfcPART??T *KW?. ? Ircias T*c&t Frut) Ookds ?Aa tbwi Are levera! Imum of North Gatollua Sta'e bonda.of limiUr numbera. though of different d*t#t, we pabllah the following letter from the Department of the Interior, by wbicb It will be perceived the embarraaament and difficulty incurred in the neeo tiation of any of tbe bond* bearing the advertised la removed: DtrABTKVRT or TH* Iktkiios, > February t, I8?l. 5 Gentlemen : I have to acknowledge tbe receipt of your letter of the tJPtb ult . in which you request to be furnished with a full deacriptlon of tbe Indian trust fund bonds rtcenliy abstracted from thia Department In compliance with that tcquest 1 herewith endorse a carefully prepared list, giving in additU n to the numbers tbe date of issue, from which tbe bolder of any bond bearing a number corres ponding with any embraced therein mav be enabled to determine whether It is claimed by this Oovt tnmeat It may be proper to add that thia Department Is In possession of the coupons which fell dne Jan. 1. l?5l, on tbe missing bonds, tbe interest upon whliji Is payable In January and July, excepting ten of the Tennessee bonds, numbered as follows 217, 278,2m, >97, 4U9, 3,148, 5,711,5,78?, 5,940.5.842. Persons, therefore, who are In possession of any bonda of ths States of Missouri. North Carolina. or Tennessee, will perceive that, with tbe above exceptions, if tbe January coupons lately falling due. were attached to tbe bonds they bold, their bonds cannot correspond with the description nnd numbers advertised, and will not be claimed by the Government All sbch must of necessity belong to a different class or series of numbers Very respectfully, your obedient aerv't, Moses Kxlly, Acting SecretaryMessrs. E. W'hitkhousb, Sow A Mohisom, I\ew York _ Rksiorbd ?The resignation of Capt. Inirrabarr. laic in command of tbe U.S. sloop-of-war Richmond. In the Mediterranean, has been received at the Navy Department, and accepted. The Wonder or the Microscope ?We understand it is through the agency of this viewing instrument that Dr Ayer has at length succeeded in finding'the Palludal Miasm and determining tta character. Of its effects we in thia section have abundant evidence In the Fever and Ague which it alone produces when absorlted through the lungs into the blood. It baa long burn held to be a vapor or ?omethlng in the vapor of water from decayed and decaying vegetation. Uuder a great magnifying power, Ihe Doctor baa found this vapor to contain distinct organisms or living bodies, corresponding precisely with tbose found in the blood of Ague subjects. Tbey are 13,000 times less than visible to tbe naked eye, but have distinct character and form. He thinks they are reproductive In decaying matter or In the blood, -and hence their long continued life or the remote effects of them in the system. He maintains that thpu Tf*ir. rt. In " j ...m vuuiatiti ?ur- wiurr icrmniiauve p?lM n<, or tur.b as the virua < f rabies or of a dead body, Ac , all of which are known to reproduce themselves with great rapidity like yeast in moistened flour, so that the slightest quantity impregnates the whole mass Yeast, through a power* ful magnifier Is seen to be a forest of vegetation which grows, blosoms, and go?s to seed In a sbort time. Miasm is not so distinctly vegetable, but baa more tbe appearance of animal life, although its motions cannot be perfectly distinguished What tbe Doctor claims to hive settled Is that it Is an organic substance and Le b;:s further f- und and embodied in hit "Ague CureM what will destroy it?Lender, St Louis. Mo. YpA FAIR WILL COMMENCE TPMfiHT, at Tnoru's Bii .'din*, tor the b?reht of Providence t'hspe:. The patronage c.f ?he public is re*peo*fii!ly m> <11 > ai: tho una 1 t*"ooi'tjr who worship tn*r*. Seaton tick t*5t <rnts s admission Id cents ; children it-, f-psi .o. It* YV?PHdKNIX BUlCDINO ASSOCIATION. L_3 A sceciil n??"ting of the stockh 1 ers of this Assoc-atiou will !>o x-ld at Temperance Ha l, E street, on vyEDNEfDAY EVENING,the6th inst , at 7 o'o'ock. A f ull attendanc* is rrqaeft?d, as important aim naments to tho constitution will !?e proposed f-Vat T M. II AN3r>\. See NATIONAL VOLUNTEERS.?Yon are il_?t ordered to meet at your driil r.wni on Eiehth st., between l>nnd E sts,,on THt* (Mob* d*t) EVEN ING, at 7^ o'oiock Punctual a teudauoe is deraided of wverj m<*inl>T, *s business of the hiRhost importance to the int*rests of ihe Volunteers will 1?? tr*ii*?nt?.?l Ki .. e? _ ?..... v/ wiuvi wi mo VIII ms.nding officer. It* (Y^ATTENTION, WASHINGTON ' NION IJ 3 UADhT8 OF THE FIRST WARD, UN1"N REGIMENT.?Themonthlv meeting wi 1 be held on MON DA V KVENINl?, the 4th in?ta?t Earh member ia r?quentei1 to be present, a* the roll wi'l be ca 'led. and ny memtier who shall fail'to he present f ir three consecutive m-etinf nights, his mine shall be stricken from the roll. By o:der of tne CompanT. It* Yj?TO THE Pl'Bl.lC-Company A, Uuim L St Regiment- of Washington, consists of one n ndred sble-bodied men?sonr.e oi the be?t yonri* men in the Third Ward. The roll it on fi e in the War Department* and the oitisens of Wa'hin*t'in can judge for the.nse vea Tiieydrt'l evefv nirht, and the m^t perfect discipline in observed. Only two men i ave been guilty t f insubordination and afpea-me ia ranks in a state of intoxication; th'y were promptly expelled by the Company Or.e inan heeitated t? obey the order of tli? Ciftnia ; he was unmediat'ly arraigned before the Company, and up >n eipl'iivi n h? w*.s excused and allowed to remain m the Company We hope to make a company oreditable to the city, but we need a l.ttle mattnal aid, anria~peal with c 'Tiidence t > tne citizens of V\ asliin*t>n who are d- teriniiifd to protict their homes and maintain the mtogiity of the Union, the Cor.?t tution and the Laws The member* of the eemp-ny are g-n?ral'y poor, but prowl and we ha\*?detormi'ied therefore not to r?"OMve fiom any oit.z^n of V\ athmgton less than <m- e nt, cc to anV of him more ttan on? dollar. Tho comrmt'pe au'ho-:z d to collect cont i'iution< oonsiktsi'f the following: b? JcsxpH MrarHY. Geosgk Gchdok ard gfohg? f a ? * a T'rixi r 'i'ho ? ?u . v.a . ? iiu. u vwu-io w i'i "an;fc ur^n the cit i ?ns of Watinncton wrh a unbsTirtion list b^ann* ?'P >n lU the rertifi'-* 'n of tt;o Captain Tha C'apia n, Li*nt?i.ants aid Tfa-mer a f a <> tuthOM^il to collect oonti ibu;ion? No o' lier iii'mb*.'" ? t the oomp*1 y except ?ho-:a ?l>nve na-reu nr.- autuorized to collect cont lbutons. order ol company. lt^ rnir*"I~savT SIR ANGKK, W H ERK A RP. 11 ~l you gome ' You ? em to be in a great hnrrv~ "So I am. I am going'o SMiTH'b, No 4?>0 Seventh street. t-> buy a suit of Clothes. Tlio people -av he i;as a very nice a ?ortnieot, au<i they ray h? sells them so oheop." jVef?.?The last we r\w of the stranger h < wv> running >ip Seven'li street BiDgiug out "SMITH, No 4t>0 " fe2-6w y=r~smrr hsonian lecturrs-l. I Wells Williams, Esq.. will lectere on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRID* V EVEwiwru i'-i -*1 -* * ii iiuo, r curusrj t>u, em ana ti:h,oo Chiu and Japan. Fi'st Lectu-e.?Tha Literature and Gorrrnmcnt of ?'hira. Second Ltcture.?The Civilisation of the Chine-e. Third Lecture.?Rank of the Japanese among Asiatic Nations The Lectures will commence at a quarter before 8 o'olook, wh' ii the re t i*ht < n the tower will ba ex'inguishfd and the doom cloeeJ. fe l-K.NM.W.F't Yy?THK UNION PRAYER MEETINGS 1 will l>? holden everv day this week, in th? English Lutheran Ch-irch, corner of Hth and H streets, to commence at 4 o'olook, and to continue one hour. ja 7 TH5=?1>I5MPSEY A O'TOOLE. J_3 WEDDING AND VISITING CAllD ENGRAVERS. Importerc of fine WEDDING bTATlONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moKt beautiful stylo*. ^3it6 P*. Av., between 3th and loth sts . washington. i NEW and old VIOLINS, at prioea to rait th" t'me*. Aisn, Guitars, t iuHs, Acoordecns, bajcs Pianos Fto'Is. Covers, Ao JOHN F ellis,306 Pe *r. f?? 4 between 9tHSjcd loth >U. SPECIAL NOTICE. E return our sincere thanks ?o th"?et<four customers who have oiled and settled their aoeonnts. and we trust thst all?who h%v? nn? will oaii without delay and s*ttle up. WM. R. RILEY & BROTHER, No. 36 Central fetor#, between 7th and 8th streets, ft 4 at Opposite Centre Marfcet. ODRY GOODS UR Stock of ail kinds of Dry Goods is well ?suted. and we invite all persons in wanttooal snd lock thronch.aa we are determined to aell at the lowest market erica*. WM. R. R1LEV & BROTHER, No. 36 Central Store, between 7th a*d 8h streets, fe 4 St Opposite Centre Market. CLARENDON HOTEL RESTAURANT.? BF.NJAM1N lloBBS 'eKn leare^^ :..r t:- * - -* k<> ii.Mill hip irienus sn<i me pllMlolB \ general'y that he has taken ar<l fittml up in a nuperior raann-r the Keatau- v>lpy rant at the foittheaat corner o< Penn. aver ue ar.d t ixtn street He will at all times !> pr'-par o to nerve al who mar favor him with a aVM. with the heat WINES, LIQUORS awl ClG A RS. aa well as OYSTERS. (iAMK a d other delicacies ofthe neaion. fe4 Im KCANTBBBKAT1N SELLING CLOTHlv0 oh ap, at No. 460 Seventh Ft., opposite Post Offioe iei 6w PATAPSCO, NEW R CHMON1). AND ISABKf LA MILLS FI OUR. BCCKWHEAT MEAL. ONIONS, Ac. loo bbls Patapsoo Family Flour. warranted mpe nor to any otner hranrfs in tlii? [ 160 bbla. N*w Richmond XXX Kxtia Flour, I 38i bb!a. laa'??lla Extra and Suporfiiie do. 6, ??> lbn. superior Pann-jlvama Buckwheat Meal, I .*? btila. Oniona, in prime ordor, .W bbla. Appla*. , A ? Rdo ifM this da*, and lor tain low, in lot* to miub} U. I.. MOR KISJON A CO.. if ^ Corner Twelfth and B >u ~i HICKORY WOOD, A No 1 aMio < vf HICKt'ii V WOOD. Aim. PINK and OAK WOOD, prepared or delivered i. r*A'l ord-re ?honld be aooonipaniinl with the money ; driv?r? don't aarr* ohanje anleee tpecial WUott-*9f3. * w. m.jalt. MS Pa. a*M bat. ilUaod 19Ui tia. 4 f

w Item T?lr|rt^li?4 \T a?hutxton | ' Washingtoi. Feb 8?aa effort will br made by a mtmbcr of the Select committee of Fife to j report a joint insolation providing for tbe call of a National Con??ntton, fat tbe adjustment cf exj lstlng difficulties. An cftclal copy of the Loolfelana Ord'.nade cf I Secession has K-?ti MrrirMl mil th? from that State. with the eftception of Mr Bou llgny, will probably withdraw from the deliberations of Coo<jrrw to-morrow. H( It (b? rnly one from the weeded States who has taken part in the proceeding* since the several ordinances hare been pasted The names of all tb* member* of the House (31 In ail) from the aeced! njf SUtes con tinue to be called on taking the yea and nav v<;tes The Senators of seceding Statt-s tbis week bave all united In advising Col Hayne not to present the ultimatum of South Carolina until the Southern Confederacy is formed. Col. Hayne has replied, tbat If he could be assured thst'no reinforcements would be sent South, he would defer bis letter till he could have a consultation With his Governor A letter from Col. Hayne Wa* Sent to the President, and the Secretary of War state*, in reply, tbat without pledging the President not to send reinforcement*, be would say tbat none would be enI unless Maj Anderson demanded thetn This state of tbe case Col Havne communicated to tbe Legislature of South Carolina, when tbe resolutions were passed offering to pay for tbe forts, and, If refused, demanding a surrender Thrse resolutions have been laid before tbe President by Colonel Hayne, who awaits a replf. The Presideut, aa is generally supposed, will refuse to dispose of tbe forts, and so inform Colonel llayne. I? fact tbe latter anticipates this. When be receipts tbe an?wer be will return to Sontb Carolina. This Is the truthful condition of these negotia?U?. J * V. a * - *" - " * >iuub, n?u mux iury inns at prtifni Until Uol tlayne communicates the President'* action to South Carolina no attack will be made on Fort Sumter. Lieut J E Jewett, LT 9. N , of Ky , arrived here on Friday evening from I'er.sacola, and in consequence of the peculiar circumstances under which he left that city and made the transit of the State of Florida, be made haste to call ur>on Senator Crittenden, and report the facts to him and solicit bis advice It appears that as soon as It was known that Lieut. Jewett was about to leave Pensacola, the State authorities of Florida ordered him to be arrested. and would not ptfmit him to depart uiil*-ss upon his parole of honor that he would never take up arms at'aiist the State of Florida. The document was duly drawn and presented to the Lieutenant, who accepted it a* the only meinf of escape from imprisonment. Without this docu iijrm ne couia not nave passed through t!>e State. It seems that a plan bad been ccncocted In New Orleans for seizing the Crusader, but her commander was not to be entrapped. It was arranged that Lieut. MKffitt should visit New Orleans, and whilst there should be complimented with a dinner All the officers were to be Invited, and the \vhol? party made drunk. The cltv authorities were then to t:ikeaule* possession of the ship, and anchor her oil in the stream. A gentleman called on Gen. Scott to da?, and Inquired If it would besifeto bring bis family here. TheGeueral referred him to one of his aids, who, it is said, replied that be thinks it sale now, the necessary point* all being guarded The ej tects of thf. panic. JS'EW GOODS JU6T RECEIVED, Now cell ng. without r?*icard to oost, artioles of JEAE HV that are usual!; retailed from 93 to 9^0> for | ONLY fl EACH. Cal' and exarrin*!?At the Opposition Store, 476 Fennsf 1 ansa are., 2i door fmrn dar's Hctei, VOIR CHOICE FOR ONE bOi.l AR. Articles enuoic rated bo!<w comprise i?ma of the goo is snl l for oni Do lar Kseh, such as are u*ua!lf old at other establishments at t'rom 93 to 921: Large aiz > splendid Cameo S -t*. do. Kiz*Fp!?n did l ava Sets, do size epiendid Carbuncle ?ets, do.aiae l adies Enameled *ud CarbuncH Mti,do, sisb uwh.'s r.nameien am Co al fete, do gold Clustar G-ape Sets, do. do. do VaseStts, do do. do. Jet ^cts. d ?. cio. do Mock Mosaic Sot*, do do. do. Gold stone Mosaics Set*. do. do do. f%noy -ton" ?o's, do. do. Kitd <>:> T? ist, with brilliants, il . do. Uri|!i ^ct", tew tyle*. do do. Cluster t*ets, enameled Htvies, do. plain Gold Sets, do. Gold Florentine Seta, do. do Onyx Sela? do. do Gold Mo;# rH-t?, do. do Co al !?et*, different at) lea. iio do. Ktriiscan Laya set*. <*o. do. Ktruscan Carbuncle Satu, Ladies fine Corel Hr ast >'ins, Plat.d Creain Cui><. pUiii and e: graved, P ated Salt Sellers. Ladirx Gold Thimble*, Plated Ohiidrt n's Cups, plain &n>' engraved, Ladies Port?r.onaien, do. pea l I'ortiiionsies. do Ladies Moiocco Fortii.oi airs, do. fuse Gold Onyx and Min. 1 1'ins do * r a rtnl o? a ?' VW.M r>i?w>v?, p.muamtc^ia>vu, ug, do. c?ra! do. Cainro do., do do. Mosaic do , Misses Gold Btacc ets, plain and engraved, co. do do. Fancy Link, do. do Neck t'haius, L'dlesGoId Guard Chains, do do Me r'aiioiin, large ?ize(for two ikoijesse*,) Gents' fine Vent Chain*. 20 different ctyles, i o do. Gold Onyx SI ev? Hu ton* n d s*tnd? to match, do. flo. Knarne ed do., do do Florentine do , *o. do. p am do., dj. do. Cameo Studs, do. do Carbuncle Muds, Etruscan, do do Pens. stiver extension lo'ders. ?lo. ito tljoii* Holder*, wit.i ca??s, do. li avygold Pens. prop?l ir.gho den, do Gold Prop- lUiu Pencils, do Fn ger Rings, do B'e>st Pins,Set* Stiver puted Table, Tea and Dessert Spoons, pairs Silver p!at'd Nspkin Rings, do. Butter Kn:vo?, do. Cups at d Gobltts ANY TWO ofth* be owartieles for#' being calr mail election ofthe large stock we hate on hand: Ladies' Gold Pencils, Tooth Picks. Cain? o Pins, l ava Pins, Mosaic Pins. Carbuncle Plus. Oryx Pins, <To.d Store Kins. Kr.amelod and Coral Fibs, Gold Stone Mosaic Pin*. Jet Pios, Camoo Far Kinzs. Lava do.. Mn>aio do , Carbuncle d?.. Onvx do., Gold Stone do., Knamel'ti and Coral Uo.. Jet do., Finger Rings, tlweve Buttons. difTereot styles. Lo^k' ts, nie Mum *iz?, Pea*l fitrtmonnai"s. Ge: t?' G'-ll l'ooth Picks. SI eve Buttons,<lirl rent styles, Kngravt d Studs, Scarf Pins, different style. rhe above goods are * ariauted to l>e of gond quaTiU, *11 of which aro ai G.>ld or Plat d, ard v ill w<ar lor yearn?in faot. tiiey are the paine gix.di that are usually sold for *<> id G<>H. Ladies and gent.emen are iavited local! and examine our good* book*: books:; \Vg ar ^ clo in.; put a large st ok of standard a- d Mi ceiiacfenus Books at one-half the regu a- prioe?. Sfl B<"ks selling for ji cent*. $i.?S Ho- ks selling fcir ft) to 75 oents. %2 liO'?i?8 -iling'or from 31 to ftl ?0. Welister's Picrorial (Quarto iJictonay, atf.iSi Worcester a Pictorial Quarto Dictionary, at SS. A'l ine New Books -eceived as soon *? pubti hed. and K'l i at re ail at tlie lowest wholes*!* prices. \(mcADi;>'taoy Hook*yOn want from J8?o 50 per cent d'scaunt f^rn the r'r.ular prioes. Klornnt Sets o' Jewelry. Ladi Neck. Guard and Clir.te laireChains; Gents' Vest Chair s, 4c.. Ac . now t selling at only One Ltolla' each, u!) and tike | luur ciiu.oj i> r 11. *t me opwisi rii'M store. 476 Pksn?tlvakia Avinri. fe 4 Washington. L>. C. ASHiNGTON AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take notic \ as it will be to their int?rMi to do so, that W. II. RBAUH COMPOUND 8YKIP OK I.IVERWOR r for Coughs, Coldt, Hoarfftutr, Croup and othrr sffeotions of th? tnroat and chesr, a'.(1 aim hi* SuKK THKOaT PuWUiK, are two of the most in'alliblo remedies of thertay,and ro family eh'tuid be with >ut them; and besides, the* aie to cheap a* to be within the reach of ail. We do not expect strangers to believe what we write in regard to our own iredioiDfs, conf^uentI? we refer y^u to tho following well known gentlemen's uertifioa'ov wMeh can be n nttne-rug stores where the articles %re for vale; tney *ay the? are the l>*?t Cough and Sore Tfiru?t Medicine* they have ever known: Rev. Jas H Brown. *"ev. George Hildt. Rev. !*am'l A. Wilson, Rev. Wm A. Hicks, rev. mm>A. r?niv<"iy, K?v John Kolejr, Rev. Ja- 8 Mo Murray, Rev. Wm. K. Mill*. Of Ih* Baltimore Conference. F.-.oh arttc.e 25 0-*nia ? uot'le. Wnoleeai* b? W. H Read A Co., Orugmata, 63 Broadway, Baltimore. At retail by R. S. T. Ciaael & Co., Dru.*gi&t, Gtorietjvii. Char! a S> ?'tt, Urussisf, 3T4 P*. avenne. Wir.?. I nompeon. Oruesiat, Filteontn at. and N<-w York avenu?, VVaehmnt- n. John E. L'at??, J5rn**ii>t. Navy Yard, ja 2<? 1m IN VIEW OF Til K EX fRAOR BINARY I gtiiureuov of the tunes, am! wislins to oioae out ourhtavv ato; k l<y apncg, we wih sell from thia data m follows: IIK'KOKY WOOD, $650; OAK, ?550; PINE, tiAl'- __ I K?ll ASH COAL, *11 sizea. $6.25; VVH1TK ASH COAL, all US'*, ?6; I'UM HER LAND, #6, 2 pounds to the tou eua antied in all casea. Sawid and S^plit WOOD all tizes. DICKSON ft. KINO, jaS6-fo3w Yard?oor. Vermont av, and 15th at. XK NEW PAWN OFFICE. 6 M E W A R D,?Dealer in Nn^ U a id cast Off Clothing, respectfully inform! the puMio that he haa opened a LICENSED PAWN OFFICE at No. 76 Louisiana avenue, between 9 h and 10t h ate , a tew doora eaat of the new Central Guard-house, where lie will be at all time* prepared to wait on hia patrons with promptneaa, attention and the strictest juatioe. N B.?Jewelrj, Dry Uooda, Clothing. Mecban ioa' Toola. no., always on hand at privaJe sale, ja 16 tin* W ORTIl OF BOOT8, SHOES and TRUNKS, + is n. . ? uj an oiyiti ana i/HMUUt, AT A 0BKAT XACRiriCK ON COST. Store for Kent and Futures /or Sal'. All the Stock in S. P. HOOVER'S STORE, II 11 iiii lia l.e :ihra tu* every variety BV^SitjRoi L.adiss\ lien'*', Children's andflHI ^""Servants'SHOES AU.TRAV-fl ! ELIN6 TRL'NKSarc row beinfsold./or* Hi eau^t ureat sacrifices on usual retail ellimttprioM. indeed much below original coat. The attention of the puliiio is solicited, as ?*eat indnoementa will be made to purchasers. The al>ove comprises a Ivte stock of the finest Iuaiity French and American uaiters,Shoes,Boots, o., Jtc , for ladies and gentlemen Tin Sture is for rent and the Fixtures for sale. Apply on the premises. Iron Hall. N. B.?The" above stock, either in whole or In part, will he sold at private cale. To any one desirous of entering the Boot, &hoe and Trunk Bumnem this afford* a better opportunity than may again be presented. Persons indebted ?ill oonler a favor by promptly calling and settling their aoooanU. ja 7 tf FRENCH * RICHSTEIN. F ar? Pkww. avimrt, Are ageuta for the Baltimore Am? lean and Kxohange, Charleston Msrourj, A a. bubeo fibers servd at low ratee. Papers from every eitr in the Union?weekly, monthly and tuarterly. Call and ijttbsoribe. Now ia the tin*. New Yftfi, Phila ? THEATER: THEATER THEAt** Psoked A ud 1rBOM, Pftckwl AuditncM, Parke*! Andi'doM, Uototf, Ts tit. Fuhi?a. B??v ?. T??nt. Faafctoa, Cit tea*. Cit;s< nt, OUi??n?. Citif^M. ViUMHV, DM ngatthed Vi>it r?, Viiifora. Visitor*. Vttitora, Vi?itor?. Vinto^s. F%n?t?r?. 9*a*tor?. Senator*. rf>r?, ?*a?tor?. ton*tcr?. Mfmbtri, jllembors Menib?r?. Miint er?, Mfo.t-n Ccncrr?s, Cocfre?>, Con(r#rf< (.'onjrc??, OomrPM, Congr???, On both net) Of tii* Sen&tt, Jf the 8?n?t? Of the of the & *<> and Hobi? of K ?pre??r.tati v??. lloiceof Keprettnt&'irr*, Nicbti) fttteat Th? Rrr'imt Triomph The Bull ant Triumph of MA KOTUEBN MR ftnTni-IN. Si: S&illti: 81 KfiliR: fcoSBB^KSif? iRs as fells ne-. in the I aaghtar provoking L?usliter provokms and Fein lufpinnr I'un inspiring _ Comedy of Ot'R AMF.RfCAN COI SIN AT HOMF,! OUR AMKNU AN COUSIN AT H? ME! Thunders of ArpUute Thunders of Air tow III" Panoran a of the Hurt ton River. Kno'imi of the Hudson Rivet, Skam.g P>>nd, Skawiu Pond, Skatin ; Pond, Skating Pond, The l.ftdiea on Skates, Tne Ladiea on Skates, The Ladies onSk&t?s. The Mjstenoiis Change# Ths Mysterious Changes of Dundreary to 1 am aid Sam t > Dundreary Are watchrd With th* most lntene* Interest, With tbe u:o?t I tease Interest. And oture Shouts oft onvu.nre I aughter Shc-tlts of Couruiiire Le lighter B) the Entire Andiet ce, Entire At iieno?. To Avjid the liush at fright To Avoid the R uah at Ntsfet Secure ycur r eats Duriag the Day. tt AT Co 8 T! ~T~ AT C (I ? f' In order to r'dnoe our stock prcrion* to la/inc in our spring suppli**. ire will from ?h.i day antil 1 a*. Xaroli. ?t?! our entire s'onlr of Ilk V i.iMHil at ooftt for r.n.<k. FaooT Silks and Siik Robes we offar for wuoh lets than oust. Alous ir, Baiege aud Hwd Robes at half price. buyers wonH do well to examine oar **ook before ?urehs?i'i* c!?ewhere, as we are determined to offer great indue mer.:.s ?o purchasers fejj TAYLOR A HUTi'-HlSON. I^VFRYBODY IN WANT OF CI.OTHiN<5. 4 FIRM'H'NO GOODS, HATSsrd TAPS, should come to fi'il I IH>, No. 460 Seventh at. f#2 6w ___ JOUVIN'S BF.ST KID CLOVES. IN BLACK, white and all the p.oper shades, wlirh we oonfidentlv roooir.mend as the b*st a^ticl" s>?m id the mark*'. J. XV COLLfcY A CO.. f* 1 5t 593 Seventh ?t. above Pa avenue IORD dun DREARY ON SKATES TOJ NKlhT AT THE THEA1ER. It \1 USIC AT II*I,F MICE.-* larce lot of new i"* &> d f*shioii&l)!e Mn?:o, slightly damaced, setlin? at U&if price. Call and sre if. - OH.N F. f? 1 306 Pa stj l?et 9th and ?th sts H notice of rkmoval RNRY K(?AN Hai romored hi? ftock of Dry Onorti from Aril Sevent street to his new baildmi, 3*23 * nth ??d? Pern. ayeiiue, Itetween 6th and 7tk streets, opposite Wellington Buildings. fa l-6t SELLING OFF AT a? PER CENT. LESS THAN COST. Remaimrs in stock a few fine Cloth Closks and Shawl*. The epecial attention of the Kdies are re| quested, as we wuli to o:ose them out at onoe for I cash fol 5t J W COLLEV * CO. JL'ST RECEIVED AT FRENCH A RI^HSTEIN. P?un avenue, \V ashington. ''The I Pickwick Papers," bsing the hrst of the elegant i h<'ii*ehon!d edition of the works of Charle? DiokI ?... u. t /? n rv? ? j ? ->? ^ ? f iiiuriinfccu uy i i/i 17?r ?i HQ" rfCBQ \Jiim hcrt. Kivcraido pr ?b. Call a1 <i rxamine them. Al?o, a new euFpiy of Darley'e l;iu?t:ated Cowper, the ficeat edition published. f? 1 A T PANIC PRICKS, A FOR CASH Fine Rep Meritios, Figafed .Meribos, Ail Wool Delate*, 8ilk Robe*, Fanoy Colored acd U ack Kuured and RutpleBilka. And our whole s>ook of Winter G<H*ia, marked down at reduced prioea?many at leea thin oOit-lbr the money, in ord?r to jeduoe stuck. J W. COLLEY A CO., f- 1 -8t i'23 Seventh ?t. ab:>v? P? n I W IUC it 11 rTTAV /?r? <-?*? ? ? n .?? | ocviiti i i\/ii \jr The firm of & Krothe* i* this day dle olveo by mutual oonse-nt. ? dolph r dler, who will continue the luiiaM* at the old t?nd, No, *29 Market Space, t* &u toeettl* the affaira of the firm. APOLPH 'DLKR, HI'NRY A DLER. Waehlugton, February 1st, 1991. t I'^raon* wiehinp to buy uh ap food* ?r? repeated to c*ll on n e eftr'y, a* I arr. Mr jc off tire *n"tre t< ck of *?oda without retard of in order to cliaeout. AD< A t'LER. fto. '2i Market Spaee, fsl-3t* between 8th acd 9th atreetg. CAN0LBMAS8 DA\T**ATURDAY^FMRrABY i'D. 1861. Al.TARCVND'.fcS.hei! qu*!ity. PAR1FINE WAX CANDI.KS for alUt u<e. cheapest and beet article for th? purpose, u?e-i in ai. th? cities In the ITnion For sale at N'o. 4**2 Per.n !> ??" n??r Tt?rd street. jay-at GEO PAVAOE. HONT ME DECHV. D, BUT COME TO LJ the risht alaos to net \o?r CLOTHING, HATSard CAP>. At BMlTH S, No. 460 f*?? ft ie^ 6w rj-'O THE MILITARY! We are offencf rr<~a? inducement! to Military Coinpaniei who wish outfit*. Being largely engaged in armv an?< navy w>>rk, we oan rive every facility in stile and pricea. Order* from the country promptly executed. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 822 P*nn. avenue. MILITARY OVERCOATS aa tow aa f?. j%31-2w Law school of harvard college. Two terir? of nine*e*n week* ea?h. ?onnaenci nc March 4th and September 2d. 1861. For Catalogue and Circular, ad<treas JOEL parker, royll frtftftt, Cixuiuei, mu?. Cambrtd?e, January. ??S1. j a A new lot of spring hats ju?t received and for tale af. very low piioae, at No. 460 Seventh strait fe2 6w WASHINGTON AQUE1 UCT. Wahhisgtos, 1). C-, Ja*?. 29.1851. Proposals w ll be received at thi? Offioe until nuon t f the 16'h dnjr of foDraarv, IMl,l?r (heplat f Tin oi-verint of Bridge "?<>. 3. The work to b? done Will 0< li?liitof the furrmhin* r? ?r*/l ting ol' aSout 4 3m cubic feet of gr? it*. Spocificaitun oa- be procured aid plans eiamiaed onappuc&lioc at tlus Office. Each hid must be aocompanied by a guaranty that the paity proposing will, if hit bid 11 aoo-ptea, enter into oontraot wi thn ten day* thereafter. Proposals to be sealed and endorsed "Proposals for Platform Covering," a- d aJdreiard to J AS. >t i. MORTON. Meat of Eng'ra Ch. Eng'r Wash. Aqd't. ja 30 tKFeb g TO THE PEOPLES'CLOTHING STORE, vJ No. 460 J*erenth st., to get tour CLOTHINS, FURNISHING GOOuS, HA It* and CAPS. is 2 ?w BALTIMORE U BUTTER HOUSE. Daily ree?rint freih ud ivmI, m Goaben pack? Al~-01"0 B?bciWSl Sfc Km. It ? M rtakntn piim. For clothing, hat* ud caps. Call at smith's no. 460 Seventh a'., opposite Post OBw. fi 1 <w LEGANT CAR PET jN 08 AT GREAT BACWs ati!l ha** on band aod for_aals, mm rfrr rap?-ior and hesutif?l VELVET. W1ER. BRUSsels and tapestry CARPETING^, vhiok mutt b? told off st ioim Brio*; aod, in tmw of tM atsta of the tim^a, thsy will bs aold oat without ra[krd to ooat. Membera of Concrssa aad otksra la wan* of iuoh goods ou b* tutted by u >ov tt a nviuf of thirty p?r ooat. lea* than tlHvbtrt. CLAGETT * DOUSON. ja22 1<X No. 4, Moonddoor aaat of Niau at ri HE GREATEST BARGAINS IN CLOTH < 1NG, FURNISHING GOODS, HA'I> and CAPsat No. 460Scr?ntk it., opposite Poitoffioe f??4V lit ATTRE.H8ES! ifi MATTRESSES! AT PAKIC PRICKS'. ONLY f 1.40 Any quantity can l?e had at n n r*?< * ? ? * ??? v?|*r.r.r? c r? IL.U1AMS , J* 31 euCw No 686 8ovenl> >?d I) ?U QEORGIA STATE LOTTERIES. Mmnatrr't Of < o/tA' Otortim iKtmii, ( Savanjiah. Ga , February 1st, 1MI. | Our Lhrte tiuirfe?r i>ti?n???r* drftvn duly Cwit&l Prisoi from 95.000 to 935,000. Tiokt>U from #1 In $ >. PrisM of #1,000 &nd under fftid immediateid tk* N?tioii*1 iitolliftMtr. fm twkdi or )m rw- MTWIM. Hti ] ft -tno*, dowmn.inwt, 1 kftLA?&,^52cSR<ie??:' T erw. <h> of? ?blJLN*Vifi~ J^aST^SSSt t* B >xe- adtimmm* CMKllM. Bcxm i St*reh. ? rr>oB<1 Papptr. Groaad Ginger. i CIotm, Gatpovder aad oi?i>( t<m. ' B?i?a CJKewin* Trbaoeo. I tn Bbla Whuka*. f>*n fy. Gin. Ae . J?ekaoa Wfcrkey. French Br&adiaa, (cr the above sale is postponed. OB aootut af tk*raia, Ull TUESDAY, Mk tut., I jB THOS. POWL1N8. Aaalr. K* ORKEN A \VJLUAJKSt Aootionaarv J AV !< 7lA *Ml D ttrrttf I TPUSTKK'S SALfc OF HOUSEHOLD AND 1 Kitoir Frftii'tvffe ?On FBI DA Y. tka ?th in.unt. ?t l? o'clock *, ** will aril at Ik* 4*? rwi?*y.T*nin?v.>nii-.. t.?d aod ?* ifwu, yvlrt?? of two (! ? of tm?t,oir? b"*r at SmfWk ? ly.and r^soniM in ibor j A- ?..}?, folio ??, *a4 Up otkar hMiri <Ute Um * 4 ?f JfrnTj, Hutiifc ? l *n?iner?i* m B*rt? *.?' Walaat SWC.Ckttra.M4] ffeblMr. Birwa* u4 WMt ?? . i?'?T Liad *?d a*kot Bmtif d? iwt _ Wah'tamda. Faatkar H?di and "Xmm A Larga lot of B*ddin*, Chlna._G ;aaa, and Crookary War*. Irorf-Hani ?o RDim. PltlM Cw'nii Korki,t?d(foo*(. Three-p]j, Iotr?in.?nH other CfcrpeU tod Fine *Mri(*,*U>r, Cnokmc ??d other furm, ft lire* lot of other utielM, wbioh * mm mi Booeatftrv to enaferrftie. i T.rin*: All *am? ot Kd aodor $X omIi; ow #*? ft credit of S3 and an o?ya Ibr not** attiaftr tori I y endorsed t?oftrin? irtiiwL 4 fef d GREEN A WILIIAMP. ArrU. By WALL A BARNARD. AmUomwi. ? WALROP FINE OLD WINES. PURE JM f roBTKt* BliKDT, WllMIT. ?? ntin Ll yCO*i.Hf? BftT > ABBIAC.E AMD BlaOK PaDDL! Moi'i. Wabos, L'iiiitd, Ac at ArrrioR.? Ob Tl Ei*l>AV M< >A? I NG. the 5?h of IPtbraarj, we wil] II ftt the Auotior>_M oon>?. ft food fteenrt iner t of ,v in**, fJ randy. v? aiasey, ?.? , and (ifiv h?>iBK the stock of C. P. sia^Mii Esq., deciding business, and c. mprismiD--C Gordon And 1 op\z t?herry. Port, Cltrtt, *?< Chft'* iiiiia, Roeh-1 e. 'Jules Rohi* ."and H*hbmi*t Brandiaa. Unrer i>nd Sc ten Whitkey, and pare Holland 6in, in mood and*!%* Clears. 5H*r.d Cuki Bottle*, De-k ?nd Store, Aftd (Cher art'olea ally kept in a fine Lj^oot BtoM. Al?<>. at Twelve o'oloek M.? 1 i?e Ray <Vriiie Heme, 1 fine Blaok Saddle H<?'te. an excellent Paoer, 1 Express Waron and Harness, I Carriage and Harness. Term# s 9%< oaeh: over tvat amoint a credit of 91 and days, for approved endorsed notes. bearin* interest. Tel WALLA BARNARP. AwH By GREEN' A WILLIAM*. Auctioneers. JV?. ,196 S*rtntk Itrrmt. CHOKS AT AUCTION ?Oa WEDNESDAY. the 6?h day of FeKnarv next, we shfel eell at oar Aaotion Room*, at ? o'oloek a. n , a larva lot of Bhoea, ini: 384 pair* Men's Kip Shoec. ft " Boys' ^hanthai Shoes, I'M " M?ra r*r.o??. at Hot*' Shanghai Shoea. 56 M Mm*. Mnorut #?> Boy*'Oxford Tie " 46 Nea'a " " 47, .... .. M ?5 " Yoatfea'** ** 14 boy*' " ~ jH ? Monroe ** 5i* " Yoatha' * 3* " mixed - * 15 " Yo-*th?' Shanghai l?i *' Men'a M jcro* " 7V * Bova* " S " M toh'd Men'i Shanghai bboea. *' " Men i Shoes, qq * ? M | Q *4 ft 41 ' ha above rtook j? of a fine *caitj and aioaUeot order, from the ?hoe Factory ?t the U nited eta tea i'eait?nUarv, Washington. Shoe m*rchaota and dealera are raapaetlally ta- | l'.ed to attend the u!? Term: All lomi of and under $2* ouh : ow |%i ?re<'it < f*ai.d ? montaslorapproved nxiorHl ^ no w, brwiiif interact Hj or<1?r of * C. P. SENQSTAcR, GREEN A WILLIAMS. A?eU. }1 28 S'tvAds UNPRECEDENTED 8UCCEW! LAST WEEK or DR. 8CHLO8SER m WASHINGTON. * THE (1MI V CERTAIN, PERMANENT uu HAFECURE roit CORNS*. RUNiome. SOFT CORN?. AND ALL Dlt?EA?ESOFTHE FEET ! TBI INFALLIBLE SYSTEM PRACTICED v r\ n ti o/^rt ? ? ? uk. !u nv t\ l."3pt iv, SURGEON CHIROPODIST. The followirf Washington Tulira <m?li are J identical with tbooB?r<l? iu roteeaeion of DR. ' BCHLOSSER. WASHINGTON TESTIMONIALS. ?4 F??m Hon. R. Toomb*, U. S. 5. n Dr. f chloacer Km thin day taken oat a great mum-f bar of Coroi from tty feet with-mt any jaui. aJft teems to be effeoteal January IS. 18W. ft. TOOMB8. From H. 8. Darts, E'i. Dr. ftohloaeer haa this day removed from ay feet IS Corn*, which vu done withoat pair, u4 to ay entire aatiafactmn. .1 cheerfully recommend to all personi, ind eapeoially mr friends who aaffer with Come, to Mil on the Doctor. H. ft. DAVIS. Wasbinfton. From 1. S Hmll, Es%. Dr Bohloaeer haa thia day operated upon my feet, and h\a prod a Bed entire tatis&oUon. I. B. BALL From Tkor. P Levis. War Department 1 ewtif? that Dr gehioeaer hM kki fa ly ntitttd several oo'ds frcn my leet en4 w lthoat pain. THUS. P. LEWIS. 1 Ft cm Cmpt. S. Barron. Dr. Foh!oM*r hM (xtraetad >ereraJ oorcs ftrm my feet \ery sucoeeafulty, and withoat pats, Was hint ton, 19. Itt*. ft. BARRON. , >Vrm Dr. T. S. Frit. I testify 'hat I hare t*au rsry eaooeeafally operated npon by Dr. tfehloeeer withoat tain of any eort. T. *. VERDI. M. D. Tovtimonitla fro* aMibrn oftki l?pw ml ftoyat Familioa of Earopo. M wail M niaNtlM oim from Stataamoa. viplowetieU, Ciwiyw, Pky?oiiaa ko , A?.. of till wmatry m4 ksropt *? bo mob it bia oftot. DR. ?CHUU8?Kft ^ c&n ii CONSULTED 2 i WASHINGTON roa OfVB WEEK LONG EE, IffSM CONSULTING ROOMS, 84T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. (Boat* 44a.) MvwiUUftat Utt HiiHi. OFFICE HOUES Froai ic a. m. ttil i p. m. m _ma ?'? ?' _!?. his method m different from Uom ohe pretend to nra (oru, by nttm or ptaalartag, Uom give omly % short relief. hot Mt ft ptrMMt WW. UIT WEEK IN f?I WiMIWtTON. rr auamav wm? 1 1XAN(M FOR RENT.?6**?nl At dm i^kr * #