Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1861 Page 3
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i.nrAi, news. IP" Tbmch 1>* U printed on the ftsteat ^ MeMKt (Mi tn TMe ii-utb of Baltimore, tta edition 1? *o u t? requite it to be put to prea at aa mly boar; Advertisements, therefore, (boald be wnt La before U o'clock m.; Mberwlae they Bay ct appear until the next day. Nnttn TV-4.1 - ~r ? A ? ?? ?. * .?-yu- iv? ?n wi uiui? nu ?ci hvcihcuh o be *ne?rti'd ?n the Balthvobs ?t!tare received at and forwarded from Tkv St a* Office. Cin Councils. February 4 ?Board of Alift*?#ii ?A communication waa received from Ibe V?yor nominating Charles W Drury aa wood and real me?siireT, Jn place or Wm. T. Drury, Twlgned. referred TbepHitton of J. C Kennedy, W. W. 9*aton, . ?nd "ttiera, accompanied by a joint reaolution vranting perm ration V> erect a building on Judl- ' Hary Square, for the pnrp??* of holding a union ball on the 4tb of March next; pawed The petition of John R. N our so for refunding *>f money raid for a license which waa not re~ reiv^dj referred Tho petition of A. J. Dean, for remlsalon of * j line wag alao referred Bill cf the lower board making an approprla- I tion to gravel A atreet street south, between Tblrd ard Fourth streets wi pasted. mi1 of this board to ket the curbstone* and pave th?> footway on south front of sqnare 375, and tbe north front of eqnare 3T6, reported adversely on; lost on a third trading'. The monthly report of the Intendaut of the >svinm was received and referred. Th? nomination of Chas W Drnry as wood and coal measurer wm reported beck and confirmed. Bill to repair Certain gas fixtures in the Center Market; p.i??rd Bill for reiW of John J Clark; pawed. Hill for relief of Victor and Oscar Bull ski; Bill to provide for the purchase of a flag-start 'n*1. the rnrchase of a national flag for the Corporation of Waehinuton; passed unanimously ? Bill for relief of Nicholas Drummond; passed. Joint resolution appointing tbe Mayor, the President of the U< ard of Aldermen and two other aldermen, and tbe President of the Board of Common Council and three irembers of that body, to make such arrancements fir the reception of the Preshlert and Vice President elect as they may deem fit and proper; passed. Adjourned. Cimmon Council.?Mr. Morgan presented tbe petition of T. W. Mahoney, to fee reimbursed rertaln money; also one for a like purpoae from J Van Santvoord; referred By Mr Jon<s ?A joint resolution fortbe erection of a fl?gstafl' on the City Hall and the purchase of a national flag for the use of tne city; adopted unanimously. (Messrs. Robinson and Wilson absent ) By Mr Powell?A bill for the altering of a drop ewer at the corner of E street north and Fourteenth west; passed. By Mr Eashy?A joint resolution relating to ttie reception of the President and Vice President elcct of the United States; adopted [The resolution provide* a joint committee to arrange with *he Mayor for the reception 1 A communication of the Intend&nt of Asylum referred. Mr. Mulloy?A petition of Wm. Magee; Teferre<i By Mr Van Reswick?A petition of G. W. ^o?itb; referred Mr. Ob<?r, from the public schools committee, < reported bai k the bill from Aldermen, exempting certain property from taxation, with the request <; Tnai ix Of rercrred to the wayt and meant com- q mittee; so refrrred. e Mr Van R'-swick, from Improvement commit- c mee, reported a bill to gravel A street aoutb, from a Tliird to Fourth street; passed. e Mr. Edmonstsu, from fire department commit- j tee, reported a b 11 for the purchase of oil fcr certain tire companies; rtesea. Also, h hill for relief of the American Hook and Ladder Com- * ptnv, and a bill for the relief of the Metropolitan ' Hook snd Ladder Company; passed. Join* resolution, from tbe Aldermen, granting 1 permission to er?-ct a building In the square 8 attached to the City Hall, for the purpose of hold- ' ng a Union ball on the 4th March next, was token ?ip. * Mr. Lammond moved to strikeout Union and c !n??rt "Inauguration." c Upon the explanation of Mr. Borrows that the 4 nau.e was immaterial? t Mr Lammond said be was a Union iran, and only wished to call it by the right name He 8 withdrew bis motion, and the joint resolution was < adopted ? ? Un motion of .Mr F.dmondston. the bill for relief " of John Rrdgers 4. Son was taken up It makes ^ appropriation for payment f|f repairs of fire apparatus not exactly in accordance with the liw; J passed. 1 Aldermen's bill, authorizing tb? Mayor to em- ? ploy an extra police force. Mr Borrows moved to J refer to police committee; so refe red. r Bills for relief of J as A Wise, F B. O'Brien, v and F. Brandner, were referred I A bill for relief of Nicholas Drum mend, ap- u propriatinj; ?60 for taking down and removing the bell from Northern Liberty Engine House to ^ Central Guardhouse was passed. The bill for the prevention of nuisances was 11 taken up and referred to police committee 0 Mr Given presented the petition of 8'mon R Bausch for remission of a line; referred " A bill fur relief of John Fitzgerald, appropriating ten cents, with Interest from March -J3, 1353, e for balance due for grading certain streets, to be 0 I aid equally out of the funds of the Th>r<l and Fourth Wards The petitioner claimed ?113 fi* ~ m. ? L ? > - ? 1 i i<>r|fc numwr 01 aocumrnu were reaa, relating to the claim Mr Borrows contended for a further examination of the at&- Im fore th* board ventured to decide upon the bill as reported. Mr. Lrii mon<l thought the Alderman's committee report was sufficient. and the board mlgbt properly pass the bill as reported. Mr Kasby asked If the claims committee of this board bad reported the bill upon tbe merits uX tbe case. Mr. Mulloysald be had, but would move Its reference to a special committee of three: passed. The Chair appointed Messrs l?asby. Borrows, % ?cd Chapin. And the board adjourned. The Usios Dkmosstratiox 15 Alrxahdria ox Saturday Nujht?Grand Outpouring of tk? People ? Speck's, fc , Ifc ?Tbe Union party of Alexandria mndaan Imposing popular demonstration on Saturday night last. The friends of the Union assembled at an early hour of the evening. \ In front of Heflebower's t.'lty Hotel After nius'.c by an excellent band, which bad Wen provided for the occasion, \V. D Wa'.lach, Kaq , of Culpeper, opened the proceedings of tb" evening In an eloquent appeal iu bebaif of the Union of the States Mr 1 L. K nzer announced that after a procession of the Union men, there would be speaking at the Hotel Th" prortwion wag then formed, and to stirring and patriotic rtrains discoursed by the band, tbe line moved through the principal streets of the citv. Upon arriving at the f>parious and elegant manlion of Wm II. Fowle. es: , the line hilted, and load calls Wi re made for Mr Fowle Tbe hand played an inspiring tune, ai d .Mr. Fowle appearing on one of the balconies, was ^r^eb a with >?<.) />n if?/l 'iiin'iiis.i fMuiuuicru wj j'-a-iov * Mr Fowle, m response to this greeting, drew a '* hippy omeu fnr tbe success of the I'ulou caudid-ite on M"?day, from the enthusiastic evidence* of popular strength by which be was surrounded ' He exhorted tbe assembly to stand Arm by tbe ' Union cause and tbe Union candidate, ana declared that he cordially supported tbe gentleman , who had been selected to carry tbe Union banner > la this contest The close of tbe speech was greeted with three ( rousing cte-rs for Mr Fowle, and three for the , I'nion of tbe States The procession then moved along Prince, Col- . umbus. Duke, St Asapb. and Prince streets, to tbe residence of tbe Union candidate, near tbe corner of Frlnce and Pitt streets Here tbe procession again stopped, the band played a popular j tr, and after loud calls for Mr. Hrent, that gen- . " tie mm appeared on the porch of his residence, and was received with repeated cheers. Mr Brent said he felt more than gratified at t demonstration of popular confidence, but be ? felt it waa a demonstration not personal to himself, ( but ti> the y reat cause of the Union of tbe States, framed by our fathers He addressed himself to ' the question of st^esslon, urging that the Union a'iouid be maintained aa long as waa poaalble con- ! latently with toe intereita and thfe honor of Virginia If a time should come when the safety of toe State demanded a severance of the bonds which united her with the Federal Government, f *he would be unit, and there would be no dl- ] vision amcug her sona' After urging the people t> vote "for rt/ere?r$," be closed amid loud appi i use The line then moved to the City Hotel, where Kdgar Snowden responded to calls, and anuouiiced his cordisl adherence to the nomination of Mr Brent, and urged all his friends to give a warm, hea ty, and working support to that gentleman W D Wallach, Kaq , followed, In one of the ablest defences of the Cn^on cause ever delivered in this city, presenting in forcible language, and with the illustration if mznyf.cta. toe minous - " * ' -* * ik.? ?r ?V,n consequences I am nion, ana urgmp ?U?* It IUV I voice of Virginia wjsfortbe Union, ail tbe border rotate* wou.d folic# ber riimnle, and a cutnprolutae be effected ?bich would aecure tbe honor and safety of the South In the Union. He vvu loudly cheered. After abort rxpouaeatocallafrom Mrun8 Heflehowrr, F W. Asbby, George K \\ lillams, and C*pt. John Gray, Mr T T. Hill addressed tb{ assembly In a splrited Union speech He argued that tbe Soutb bould seek safety in tbe Union, and eiprtaetd regret for having left tbe party of Millard Fillb>otc [Loud appUaae J rte meeting tben closed with load cbeers foe tbe Union ana tbe speakers?AUx. Gas. -V & _ Lictpb* Last N'icht?Mr. Williams de- | 11 vered an entertaining lecture at the Smithsonian < last night, on tbe literature and govt rnir.ent of < China The lecture room was filled with an ap- i preclatlve audience, and tbe interest manifested 1 promises a large crowd at the succeeding lecture* 1 of thta eotirte. Tbe lecturer MM that the liters- I ture and government of China were clotely cor- 1 nected But very few understood the true char. ] acter of tbe Chinese. Tboie Who have only read 1 the superficial works of many authors, have < formed a high estimate of their morality and at- \ f.inments; but ihose who have traveled through t their country and mlngWd with the people, hiv? 1 been painfully lmpr>*aaed with the tut-rVatlngand j debasing characteristics of their society. Their c literature Is exceedi ngly pure, and could be placed t In the hands of children with impunity, and mauy e have been led to attribute great morality to the r Chinese from this fact, but In this they have been f mistaken, and eastern traveltrs are astonished at o the grent difference existing between the charac- e U-r of the people and their standard literature. Tbls Is owing to their veneration for the teach* u Ings and writings of Confuclut, which are re- tl markably pure, and Is their itandard literature, n The Empire of China Is extended over a large b terrlt??v ( iwifi i??> " ... ,?.?rvU*?,vw.vw uaio Illiiiv UUt (Kink *1 which la necognited in Asia m China proper coin prim about 1,300,000 square miles Their first b dyfiasty Was in the davs of Abraham, and their p Iouk existence as a natiou is owin? to the pecil liarity of their language Cut off from other n governments by the oceans and lofty mountains, d and the almost insuperable difficulties of holding h communication With them in any language, they a have been completely Isolated from all surround h Ing influences Their language is composed of h lymbols and signs, and at first consisted of only o i few characters in Imitation of the objects in- ft tended to represent. But as the characters in- h :reas>d it was found necessary to modify aud tt irranue these characters into classes. and to allow o< ?i:e character to represent a vast number of ob- ci ects, which cotild on^y be determined by the o] riiwoiiBCKnwiice. TDe wbole number of tbelr t? bararWs nmnunt to about 44,4U0, but out of these b lome Iff .004) are obsolete cr duplicates No more b ban 10 000 are now In use, and none of their w icholars are familiar with even that number. c< rueae different characters have no inherent or ar- C jitrary sound, and many of them are exactly alike. bi )ut of 20,<i0*) characters there are not inorethan ei INI or bOO distinct sounds. Most of tbelr char- di ictcrs have a prefix to designate tbelr particular lr ne<mlng. but these are arranged without any regard to mood or tense. Their grammar it con- b< kned to syntax < nd prosody, and their literature h< ret retains the old stvie of t'Dnfucius e( A Chinese official's qiiallticatlon depends upon h lis knowledge of literature, and no mail can at- ir aln to auy office through the rank of bis father, p: The lower stratum of officers are elected by the c> >e?ple The empire is divided Into eighteen vl livis.ons, all of which are subject to the Imperial c? Kmpernr These are again subdivided, each ai 11 i Vi?inn * 1 A 41 M-rw< .vtvit 44cvi My on uuicrr answrrnoie 10 it >ne till above him The towns and villages are u 11 video Into clan*, like those of Scotland The fe :hlefs of these clans meet together and elect an a /Ulcer, who rules over the general welfare of the re whole community. These communities and clans b ire toa certain extent Isolated from each other by w he peculiarities of their language, those of one A lection not being able to read the characters of ir mother. Hence they are noted for a stronger love tt or their own clan or subdivision than for the tt hief government. No public officer is permitted o] o rule over his own section, but is removed to v. uuie distant part of the empire, and they ere all ol hanged from time to time, as the Kmperor sets tt It. In consequence of the Isolated condition of b he various sections, much difficulty Uex|>erienced ta 11 collecting taxes, officers often incurring the ct lispleasure of the people, wbo rise up and kill nem. When this li tbe case, the pro'ple lmiue- e1 iia'ely inform tbe Kmperor of the fact, and re[u?st hiin to ?end another, and here the matter ti nrts. Since tbe opening of intercourse with vi ivilized nations they have improved rapidly, ltd philanthropists are nuw disseminating the b levaiing and ameliorating elements uf christian- b ty. d Supreme Court?Monday.?No. 17 HenryS. ^ "ooie, plaint;!! in error, agt. Cyrus \V. fcgery r, tal. In error to the district court of the United states for the eastern district of Tuxav Mr. Jus- jt ice Campbell delivered the opinion of tbe Court, ? tttrming the judgment of tbe laid district court n this cause, With coot?. ^ No 4W Tbcs M . League, plalntifl in error, agt c| /yrus \V. Egery et al. In error to tbe district ourt of tbe United States for the etstern district if Texas Mr. Justice Campbell delivered the ipinloD of the Court, atlirming the judgment of he said district court in this cause, with cosU. -J No 79. Win Kellogg-* heirs, piaintiffsin error, igt Robert Forsyth. In error to tbe circuit court n ,f ),? i .. i ,...i ?i?_#? *? ?- - - . ?i. uixu oitKs iui iue ncriuern district ol y llir.ols. Mr. Justice Campbell delivered the >plnlon of the Court, overruling the motion to lismiss the cause. " No. 51. Chus F Mayer, surviving permanent / ruatee of John tiordlng, appellant, agt. Kobert . )liver's executors Appeal from tbecircuit court f tbe United States for the district of Maryland. .. ustice .Nelson delivered the opinion of the Court, eversing the decree of the said circuit court, vith coats, and remanding the cause for further .. >roceed:ii<; to be had therein In conformity to the pinion of this Court. ? No. 54. The United states, appellants, vs Jose ^ :astro et al. Appeal from tbe district court of the ' ."tited Stiles for the northern district of Califorlia. Mr Chief Justice Taney delivered the ipinion of the court, reversing the decree of trie D| aid district court, and remanding the c*use, with %v lirections to dismiss the petition of the claimants 0 No. 65. John T. Martin, et al , plaintiff* iir B1 rror, vs \. m h. TBOflMB rt al . administrator* " t Major J. Thomas, deceased. Ac. The ar^u- ^ neat of this cause was continued by Mr Reverdy *r! bbnson for tbe defendants In error, and concluded ;i y Mr Ewinii for the pla ntltl's in error. No. 72. Tbe Philadelphia, Wilmington, and 'g, Jaltlmore Railroad Company. plaiutiUs in erri r, f, 1'hlilp Qulgiey. In error to tbe circuit court n 'f the lTnited states for tbe dis'rict of Maryland a 1'bii cause wrs dismissed. wilb costsof tb<> plain- ^ iff* In error, cn tbe motion by conscnt of tbe ^ arties 8, No 67. The Powhatan 8W?mboat Company. c jtaintilfi in error, ajjt the Appomattox Hallroad ,, JoiupauT. The argument of this cause was comnrnced oy Mr. Schley for the plalntitls in error. rj ind continued by Mr Kobin >011 lor the defendants n error Adjourned. Thosr who ark Exempt from Military * Dctt 1* thr District.?As there isconsiderable ' nqmry ai mil uiue as to wtio are or arc not liable c o military duty In this District, we give below v be provisions of tlielaws Waring upon this point K n tbe order of their enactment - c Vice President of the United Sta tee; theot&rers. c udiclal and executive, of the Government of the ^ L"nlt?-d States; members of both Hons* s of Contress and their respectivecfllcers; allcuaiom-house v Jtficers, with their clerks; all post otllcers and a i:age drivers who are employed In the car*-and 11 conveyance of the mail of the Post Office of the ? L'ulted States; all ferrymen employed at any f?rry n in the post roads; all Inspectors of exports; all allots: all mariners actually emnloved in t*.?. * lervice rt any citizen or merchant within the ' United States; and all person* who now art*, (net ^ I7W.) or may hereafter In*, exempted by the laws . it the respective States shall be, and are hereby, xempted from military duty, notwithstanding beir being al>ove the age of eighteen and under F :h<s age of forty-five years ?Act of 17&! Artificers and workmen In the armories.?Act J )f IHJU Kvrrv ftble-Wdied white male between the ages >f eighteen and forty live years, except such as " ire exempt from military duty by the laws of the Unit d Suites (See act of 1702 )?Act of 1903. Professors, tutors, stewards and students of the iifferent seminaries of learning in the District of Columbia.?Act of 1b26. * corkesposdkxcb between gknebal W bight- v 4a7f and Mayor BtRhgT?A spicy correspond- F nee h ts taken place, It Is said, between ttie Mayor ? f ik1? i?1tu ?n/i n*nopft1 vvr oiirktman valvtltra t e\ ^ ?* Vlty ?!!** V* VMV UA ?? ? 1^ UVillUU , |CU*?1 *1, ?V he respective jurisdictions of the civil and mill- J :arv authorities here It seems that General W. * wrote to the Mayor requesting to know where all 8 :he day and night police of ttols city are to be r 'ound at certain time* and season, In order that be J night know where to find them in case of emergency. Whereat Mayor B took umbrage, and J ivrote a long and caustic reply, in which he de- 1 Jned the position of the Mayor, the extent of the * :ivll authority, etc., and informed the Major General that the peace of the city is entrusted to , :he civil authority under the organic law, and that } when the civil authorities become inadequate to ! :be maintenance of law and ord?r, then it will be the duty of tbe Mayor to call for tb? military * irm It Is understood that General W replied, disclaiming any disposition to interfere with tbe ' functions of the Mayor, and reiterating bis former j request. . ( Axotkbr Borp Room?We understand tbat tbe Sisters of Cbarlty bare opened a soup room at St Vincent's Asylum, corner of (J and Tenth sts , ? which is open every dsy from 11 o'clock a m to lpm Coaritably disposed persons can obtain < tickets from the Bisters at 10 cents each, entitling < a poor person to soup for self and family. The Sisters are thankful for donations in money, pro- < visions, etc. 1 The A i mighty Doll a*.? Since the commencement of the present 'crisis, the dollar has been ' invested with many times its Intrinsic value, if I on** Is to judge of the numerous judicious means j of expenditure and tbe return received tberefor. By the outlay of a single dollar at Riddle's store, < UPennsylvania avenue, you can obtain articles of jewelry and silver ware which must have cost in manufacture, apparently, many times that sum. 1 A Flagstaff and National Barns* foithi City Hall ?Last night, a joint resolution sp- , preprinting one hundred and fifty dollars to purchase a flagstaff snd national banner for the City Hall, to be hoisted on all regularly appointed national holidays, was unanimously passed in both branches of the City Council. Thi ladiis of Providence Chspel are now holding a fair la Thorn's Building, Seventh street, for tbe beneflt of their church. We would advise our readers to call In and enjoy tbe good things there displayed. 41 ? ? %'* ;, j-?r f 14*. - ^ t*. i * mtstihoc* aftatt is alvxandrii.?tv k?n*mi ?f IV* Murdtrtd Ckildrtn Dtteevrrtd ty 7Ad.?f?v Rttelnltims ?The Alexandria Garotte of fMt<Tday baa tbe following t articularaof aainguar development in that rity : Oa Saturday mornng last, a report waa circulated in tbe Firat Ward that the remains of an infant had bfen found in he hou?e No. 11 Wolf ati^et, opposite tbe Old tv.u v?? 1 * *- ? inn uuu?r uciuii^s to JfniflOr?n, hlaq ., in two story brick, lead colored, with a overed porch la front, haa during n nnmb-r of rears been let to different families, and!# at pr< wnt K-Cnpied byCapt Goodrich Coroner Chancellor laving been lnf'<rmed of the fact, summoned a ury, which met at the house et4 o'clock on Saturlav evening, and great was their surprise and asonishment, as well as of the crowd which attendd. upon ascertaining that instead of one, the renalna of two well developed children had been ound jammed in the cuddy holea under the eaves i the roof. The witnesses gave the following idence: Henry Taylor testified that he had occupied the pper room, adjoining the spacs in which wer? be eaves of the house, for the past live or six aohtbs, and that during the whole of that time e had been frequently annoved and alarmed in tie night by unearthly noises coming frotn these I paces; that on Thursday night he wa< awakened 1 y something knocking heavily against his bed ost; that be arose ana struck a light, but upon ' j doing, nothing was discovered; that on Friday I Ight be again heard noises emanating from the 1 ark spaces; that on Saturday morning, having eard that old Mrs Rye had died In the bouae 1 bout a year ago, he thought that perhaps she ad hid some treasure during hrr life, and that 1 er spirit was uneasy about It, and wanted some < ne to And It; that on Saturday morning, having tiled to induce Mr. Cheshire to accompany him, | e had, with a lighted candle, entered the sp^ce irough a small door opening into the room he ccupied, and had fouud jammed in one of the uddy-holes between the rafters, under the eaves , f the house, the Jewed up l?g of a pair of black , antaloons; that upon seeing this, an indearrtba- ' le sensation pervaded his whole frame, and that a In mm.t?. * *1- .. . . t ?s?*v?s*y ichcmtu iivui lur pidLTj lliill DC ID6II i ent down staira and induced Mr Cheshire to jme up to bia room, and that then, while Mr. hftblre held the light, he re entered tbe loft and rougbt out the bundle, upon opening which? icaaed tint in rava and next In lime?waa tbe rled, atlfl'ened, and mummy-like remains of on ifant, with all it* appendages attached. Epkraim Cketktfe testified ?Lives In the same ouae; that the females in the house had often r-ard strange noises coming from the unfrequent1 spares, and that they*believed the house was aunted: bad been asked by Taylor to help him t the search, but had declined aolng so, saw the intaloons leg when it was brought out; saw it it open; saw tbe rags which rome then into lew, then saw the coating of lime; I Dr. Cban llor teated the material by chemical reagents, id found it to be the carbonate of lime;) saw, as e lime was removed, something protruding, hlch resembled a child's foot; called for tbe finales in the house, who came, and said It was human foot; aaw, aa the lime waa gradually >moved, the legs, thigh, abdomen, chest, and end. with a line coating of hair, the color of hich had been removed by tbe lime upon it. lso, saw an ther man, after Mr. Taylor had tade his search, enter the space, and band out terefrom?having found it in a cuddy bole at le other extremity of the roof?a bundle, made r a portion of an old coat, in tbe inside of which 'ere found tbe detached portions of the skeletou t r another well developed and viable child; at \ le time the second bundle was handed out, a alf sheet of the l,Charlestown bit Press," con- i lining an advertisement datedrebruary, 1NJ0, ? une with It. Mr. J. D. Humphries corroborated the above , ^idence. Thia being all the facts educed by the examinaon of witnesses, the jury returned the following ( erdict: ' That they are unable to find when, how. and y what means the infants came to their death; ut from th? circumstances, they believe that j eath was feloniously caused by some person or . ersous unknown." j The paper, rags, clothes, &c., found n?ar the j 'mains, were. l>y order of the'Coroner, preserved. j Though no clue as yet attaches itself ft the so- j itlon of the terrible mystery hanging over these roofs of guilt, the investigations which have arm inuuuieu. win De pursued diligently, and > o|.f* are entertained that the perjwtrators of the I irae will eventually be brought to justice. ? Tns Coscbrt of the choir of the Knjjlish f.u- ' leran Church. for tbe benefit of St. John's G;'r- t lan l.utheran Cbnrch, given last night at the enth street Baptist Church, was well attended, ( id the performance excellent, and highly satis- , ictory to the lovers of good music assembled, /here every part was so well performed It is no Lsy task to particularize Still we must mention le opening anthem, with full choir and organ ^otnpaulment, which, notwithstanding their 1 elng at opposite ends of the church, was rendered I i the most superior manner. Miss Thompson ing the " Gambler's Wife" in excellent style, [issf s Harriet Conner, Rosiul Uttermueble, Sarah arkhurst, and in fact all the young Misses, sang 1 imlrably. Tbe Partello Family sung better tan we remember ever having heard thla sinularly gifted family as before. Mr. J. H. 9elfrt conducted the performance with ability, and 1 Ir. W. G. Parkhurst presided at the piano ac- . -ptably Cistkr Makiit ?This morning the supply 9'er?"d at this market, though not as extensive as i e have seen, was sufficient for tiie demand, and 1 f superior quality. Tbe representation of farmers id gardeners from the su> rounding country were leagre, but the licensed dealers made up for their bsence. The approaches to the market were iu ithor hi.|ti>P rni./l ! ? nr? ??? ? 41 A mm i'liu.i.".! lunll 1u[ >uuie iidif ("'si, i nd th^ consequence wjii a more numerous attend- < nee of ladies th;m during the late inclement ] -ason The prices were not materially changed om those quoted ill the Star last week Poultry, 1 ot verv p'eutiful, whs selling at prices averaging ' bout cents per lb. Country pork, scarce, at 7 per 100 lbs. The fish market'begins to attract ibntion, the returns of the winter fishing pre- 1 anting an increased supply of rock, larire. at 50 cuts to SI per pair; small, per bunch, '25;i:}5 cent*; , erch, do.; white shad, $l vT>a$l j() Per pair, 'he hay market ott-red an average supply, price* inging from 70 to 90 cents per 100 lbs The Metropolitan Rule* ?Thi? corps had dress drill last night at their quarters, the Old Trinity Church," Fifth street. Seventylgbt men answered to roll call, about fifty of ^hom were in the uniform of the company? rey jackets, black pants, and the modern fatigue aps. This uniform will lcok well on a large orps, when the complete equipments of the L" >. Army are added. The company was divided uto two squnds. those uniformed, and those not, k-hlch were separately drilled by Sergeants Burr rid Hllburn. and gained the applause of a large umber of spectators, some of whom, U. S. Army iticers, complimented them upon the progress lade by them. Thk Treason Investigation 'The Cominitre of Five are pursuing their investigations with egard to the proposition set forth by the Richjond Kiiqulrer some time since, for the seizure of tie Capitol and the fort* of Virginia prior to the th of March. Gov. Hicks, of Md , lias not and irobably will not be Riiminoned to appear before be committee The testimony so far indicates dm me aiiac* wai coniempiatea, hut the failure i> drag Maryland into tbe secession programme as caused its abandonment. Deputv-Sergeaiitt-Arms Clayton has been dispatched to Baltimore irith lummonirt for Capt. Cipriani Ferrandiui, >. K. Ilertland and Philip T. Dawson, to appear lefore the committee to-day. ?'TH4T's a J ok k "?' Where's F tuny ?"?The ;reat play of Our American Cousiii at Home," vith its life, fun, wit, sentiment, Dundreary mm. Rosslyn yawn*, touches, of young, old and niddle-aged America,Kthioplan delineations,tall kating for tbe million, brilliant scenic diipiays, nd general grand combination of all tbat tends n make a performance amuslnv, entertaining, aborblng, and all that sort of thing, continues in lightly demand at the theater. We know of >ome ilay goers who are so much taken with the piece bat they go night after night to see it repeated, ,ud avow their determination to do so If It Is coninned for the whole season. It is a great repreentation, truly. The OALLAWT old Franklin Fire Company, at U annual meeting last evening, elected tbe folntrri mr fnf tkft Anininor tron? ?l>? A UTTlll^ ? J ? ??? . ? ICilUCIH, irafton Powell; Vice President, A. 8 Dnnt; Secetary, Geo. R. Crossfleid; Treasurer. VV. 11 Fanilng; Engine Keeper, Wm. Hutton; Captain of Snglne, Ed J. Crampton; lit Assistant, Thomas Martin; 2d do., Wm Hutton; Captain of ffese. "red. H Frldley: lit Director, J. H Hilbus; 2d lo., Jno. S. Bessford; 3d do., R. E. Mooney. Not So ?We are authorized to aay, that the itatcment of the Washington correspondent of the Sew York Times (noticed in yesterday's Star), ;hat "a witness before the House Treason Committee testified to a declaration by Mayor Berret, that if Maryland seceded he would give up this ;lty so fir as he was concerned," Is unfounaq^ in every particular. A Joint Risolutioh passed both branches of the City Council last night, granting the use of a portion 01 me my niu 101 to a numoer or prominent

citizen* for tbe purpose of erecting a building in wMch to hold a grand Union ball on the night of the 4th of March next A joint commute* of tbe City Council* was authorized last night, to act la conjunction wli^ the Mayor, to take such measures for tbe reception of the President and Vice President elect as they shall deem proper. Tax orricsms of the First Ward Lnlon Regiment bare received their commissions The following Is tbe commissioned officers : Jas. Kelly. Captain; Win. J. Herbert, 1st Lieutenant: J. 6. Jewell, 2d do ; Wm. H. Hines, 3d do. Msmbkbs or Tits Thibtt-sixth Coroksss can ol>a 11 photagrsphs of tLemsrlres st White burst's Ualtery for oue dollar s copy. His photographic visiting cuds are ail the rage. )( \ ?- - - - #- . I T*t Piacs CoffTsmos met at noon to-d?r. at Wlllarda' Hall, wltkrcluaed door?, aa 00 yeaterday. It was understood that a committee wn? to be appointed on cfrdenttala bf the temporary rhflirman " ? * * * , | ngui.; Miorc inr inion aaouia De taken on a permanent organization, and that no reporter* wer- to be allowed ?dm!a?ion to tb?- ball during the acaalona. The Vermont, tNew York, and Maryland deiegatlona were pr- a?nt to-day. TL.e Committee on Credential bad male no report up to l)f o'clock. Tbe Committee cn a permanent organization had. it waa undent.-chI, reported nominating ez-Prwident Tyler for Preatdeiit of the Convention . A committee from Baltimore, of which Hon lx>uia McLane la chairman, are here to proteat against tbe reception of the .Maryland Commia ionrra appointed by Gov. Hicka to the Prace Couference They were joined here by a committee from Prince Georue'a county. appointed ror me same purpose. and will. It 1a rumored, preaent a proteat to day. The Baltimore delegates rurport to represent the n.eetlng at the Maryland nstltute on Friday evening last, though the Baltimore American cava there was undoubtedly no committee appointed by the meeting for the purpoae. They are therefore a self-constituted committee, and will doubtleaa be treated aa auch by the Conference Unfortunately for the success of the movement th?*re are other Commlaalonera, those of Indiana and New Hampshire, that hive been appoiuted by the (jovernora of thoae Statea without tbe cooperation of the Legislatures We take it for granted that this committee will foe aent home with a fl-a in their ear. in short >rder; their authority to Interfere in the matter Mng simply that of a regular 44 Pewter Mug'' lelegatlon. P. S ?The Convention adjourned ;it i o'clock p. m. Th? National Volestkkes met pursuant to jotlce In Rainey's Hall, Kighth street, last night. iome50 members b-ing present. The names of C. t*r u " ? ? ?t nnyeniipr. f i?. Miller, Brc^krrt. Jaiiiei HcHenry, George S Wilkin*, and C. I.ammond, rere proposed for memebersbip and voted in, ?rith the exception of one, who* nomination was aid over for Investigation. The business of the evening wai temporarily ntrrrupted by a "scrimmage," in consequence of i member of the association undertaking to eject 'rom tbe room two persons, (one of tbein tbe sus>ended candidate for membership,) on the ground hat they were not "sound on the goose.'' There ire many rightgord-looklng. gentlemanly fellows imoncst the Volunteers, and they should, by all nrans. get rid of the rowdy element so prominent n the association, and which has been so damping to its good name. Fob Cotrt ?Yesterday evening, Arthur G. ! Imitll Was arres'ed bv Dollreman Daw. with a varrant ohar?ing him' with threats of violence o hta mother, who allege frar that he will take ler life. Thia la the same young man who waa trought before the Court on a writ of habeas cor>wt, and remanded to the Insane Hospital. He vaa decided by tue faculty to be sane, and was lischarged His mother avers that his conduct .vas of a character to renew her fears, hence the equ#*t for the issue of this warrant He was aken before Justice Johnson, where the charge iwing sustained by the evidence of two of his irothera, he was required to give bail for Court n the sum of (ttMt. The bond waa entered into l>y Dominlck Dailey and Lawrence .Norton. Crixixal Covet.?George Sullivan, tried for surglary, waa found guilty and Bent to the Penlentiary for live yeara. George II. Varnell, charged with aasault and >atterv on James H. Wavne. Verdict not ren iered when tbe Court adjourned. To-day, the jury in the case of Geo H. Varnell, ;ried yesterday for an assault and battery,brought n a sealed verdict of not guilty. Win. Sullivan was placed on trial ok a charge )f assault and battery 011 Mary Couroy. Highway Robbery ?Last night a man named lohn Monohan.who works at the Navy Vard,waa knocked down on the avenue, between Sixth and Seventh sta., and robbed of inor.ey amounting to ibout 820. He was struck on the back of the uead with a billy, inflicting a severe wound. lie followed his assailant, and thinks be will be able .0 identify him. Compasy C, Union Regiment, are having a magnificent banner?tbe stars and stripes?m-jde 'or them by the ladles of the Third Ward They ire Also receiving contributions from the citizens. a aid them in uniforming- and nrpfrlnit t? ?rr?nt my offering in money, not exceeding one dollir, o that end Cikccit Cocht ?The case of Sibley & Guy v?. 3. Woodward, action In relation to a party wall, *'ii? before the court to-day. MARRIED. On the 4th insUnt, l>r tho Rev. Byron Sundfrand, GEORliE N.CHASE and MARY MoCuNVELL. D1K1), January 31st, Mri. JANE GETZENDANNER, w-d 47 year*. This Head that ached haa eased, Those wearisome nights have passed, ["tijr heaving, s ching &< ?<>.n has fouud rest With its Redeemer at last. Dear mother, how can we g;ve thee up ? We've none on earth but thee ; [>h. Lord! we p-ay thee, oondesoend The orphan's friecd to be. * ^CHEIMCK'S PULMONIC BYRUP. Dr. SCHKNCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impos nbie to visit Washington erery vrf^k.'sr-d made arrangements to positively be in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He has a suit of rooms e.t the Avenue House, where patient* can obtain advice free. He om? charges wh?n it m nece?sary to make a tfior.-ugh examination of the l*ungs with the Kespirometor. S. B. W'aite is agent for Scheuck'a Pulmonic Syrup, pries 91 per bottle, for the cure of Coughs. Colas and Consumption; ;*chenok's s*e* \\ e<d Tonic, price 1 per bott o,for Dyspept ia; Sehenck'a Mandrake P.Us, prio^ is cents bur bo*, for Liver Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the B<>w els. Dr. !*chenok would be grat'fu. to those who have beea cured by his remedies if the* would leave their oertifioatee 01 cure withi*. B. WAITK, corner s*?vt nth st. and l.a. av. do l?-3rn (^iREVf KKDUCI'ON ?F PRICK TO-lIT I THKTJMKS. We are tlTering gr< at inducements for oa?h. Our entire stock at a great reliction. Full eaita of B uck, it arte to order, for ?.i; plan; suits of Black, ready made f<>r $l'i, with a large ussjrtment of Gen's' Furnishing Good*. Military Over Coats made to oider for #6. WAI.lj, srF.PHK VS A CO.. jaSl-d3w 322 Pa. av.. I>et. 9th and lothste. rpHERE'3 A BETTER TIME COMING! Victims of Self Aboreand Secret Direa?es should apply at SHL'MAN'S Southern Medical House, under the Clarendon Hotel, ooruer Mxtli street and Pa. avcune. immediate > opposite th* National Hotel, ami try Dr. Southey's Celebrated London Medicines. Thty are warranted to cure the most viruent forms of Gonnorrhrra, Glei-t, Syphilis, Nocturnal KmiHsious, Strictures, and Wrikness of the 11 adder ia from s to 6 days. The Reimdies can be sent by mail. Office hours from y a. m to 10 P m. ja S8-l2t* T^HAT NOTICE ABOUT PERSONS ^ALLing to pay up we find by many disregarded We want it understood we are in earnest; we want the mouey for all Wil's due us. T. J. & W. M. GALT, Dealers in Wood aud Oou, ja 21 2*2 Pa. &v., bet. 11th and 12th his. J NEW UOOKS. ITST REOEIYKU AT " FRKNCH AKICHBTKIN'S, No. 27* psm. Avmui, The Shadow in tlia Howe, a new novel, t.?y John Sauud'rs, ISirto., o:oth; $1 by irail. The Dutch Dominie of the CatKkills, hy the Kev David Mur ooii, D. D.. 12mo.,olotii; fl 2> l>y mail. The Romance of an Irish *>irl. 12mo , oloth; S1 .<<0 hy mail. A lar*e a?*'>rtmeut ol the be?t Miliary Works published. ja24 ORIUTIFIJI. AND VERY CHEAP. CURTAIN MATERIALS AT A SACRIFICE. Tli* stock now on band at the o il store of CLA6ETT & DODSON of all kinds of pretty and denirshle materials for Parlor, Drawing and other room Curtains is still ver* oomoletc. ami in vi*w of the slate of the tunes vill be sold oil at & very luinouk sacrifice. Members of Congress and other* who would a>'d to the heauty and comfort of their homes will find a treat saving and advantr* to make their purchases here, as the conoers "iu*t t>e closed out to settle with the estate of the ate deceased pa-tuer. jaj22eolot ci.AGfiTT It DODSON. W WINDOW SHADE*. AKRANTED Gold Hand Window Shad-s Bull..Green. and Hlae Holland Shades, all sises, made to order. Fins, Medium, and Low priced PapertianginiN At J. MaRKRITER'S, No. 4S6 Seventh St., 8 doors above ja 26 olOt Odd Fellows' Hall. H onk price only . aving on hand a very heavy stock of DRESS trimmings^ w ul offer the same very olieap for | ^aeu.ana une t'rtoe pair. R. C: STKVENS, 336 Pa. &v , no 28 tf Mwfen 9th in<1 Kith ?te. E* VERYTHING in the Stationery Line at price* U ti ?uit tlie tiro**. at Shepherd'*. j? 19-!in APtANO FORTK, (NKW.)ToR S 17i.-~4 h&v? had (oft at my "torefar aalea new- ?i .] Caae. beautiful tune Piano.RBBS Stool and Cover, which oaft oaeh jjolHlll a?d the owner, in oon?equ?noe ol the hara times, will eeil it lor $17.% ino udicg Stool and Cover. Callar.d aee it. Ju.lN F. Ei.LlS, ia 23 Pa. av.. het 9 li ?n<< IQt'i ate. I^LEGAM I CARPBTI NGS AT GREAT S*ACJ RIFICE. We still have on hanj and tor tale, some very superior and tx-autifui VELVET. WIER, BRUSSELS and TAPESTRY CARPETING?, wkioh mu?t b* sold off at come prioe; and, in view of tha state of the timee, they will be sold out without re aril tr\ n.vat VI om af PnnereaM a r\A ntk An in W 'JUOk. iuoiliwi* ui vu? I v*a w? vtuvia IU ?Mt of ?uoh joodi o?n be autUd by at now at a taring of thirty Mr <Mnt. than elMvhtr*. CLAOKTT fc DOUSON, Jta-IM No. 4, s?ooiufdoor ?ut of Ninth ?t. CAP a No. 4<0 8mitk at., ojfomte Poit7>T H*. f?? tw QO^O^HKFKtRb'B, oomw TthMd^Drt^, % ~ V ????? GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* of Tks Stmr. Giomitow!!, February ft, 18*1. The nf*1 f om Virginia thIt morning baa given great aatlafartioo to our citizen*. and tbe friend* tf the I'niou breathe ff*M than tor mmmmm ? ? i pMt. Oar citizen roldlery are very much dissatisfied ft the proposed action of the authorities in attaching our voluuteer companies to a Wasting ton city rrt'.ment They organized supposing tbrv were to form n part of the eighth regiment, and fto deep ) their disappointment that we will not be surprised if acme, if not all, the companies disband if the action Is carried out. Craodell has a great variety of comic and sentimental valentines Give him a call. See the call of ward meetings to-morrow eve ning ox ail opposed to the present nomination* GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. ? A Resolution amendatory to a Resolution In favor of l<ewla Carbery, approved June Is, 1859 Rrfolvtd by Iht Foard of Aldermrn and Board of Common Council of tkt Corporation of Otorgrtotm. That tbe clerk be and be la hereby authorised to pay to the estate of Lewis Carbery, der'd, ninetytwo dollars, out of any money in tte treasury not otherwise appropriated [Approved Jan 26,1861. A Ri?olctio5 In favor of the Weat Georgetown School Htsolrtd by tkt Board oj Aldrrmtn and Board of Common Countil of tkt Corporation of tirorgrtom, Tbat tbe Mayor and Clerk of thla Corporation be. and th#V h*r#v?u ? - ??"" j ? ? ?-v. ?. wy ? ?u >uvi mu w iwr a vCTHO* cate of the stork of this Corporation, to the amount of one thousand dollars, in favor of and payable to the order of the " Guardians of the Georgetown School,'" for the purpose of enabling said guardians to put In operation the West Georgetown Public School : Preridtd. That the said guardians pay Interest on the said one thousand dollars, quarterly, at the rate of six per cent, per annum ; said Interest to be paid out of the schooltai fund : Prondfd. fvrtkT, That said certificate of stock be paid ott'as soon as said school-tax fund will admit,without Interfering with the operation of the aald West Georgetown School. Approved January 26, INll. A Ruturnox to pa? certain claims. Resolved by the Board of Aldrrmem and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the Clerk be, and he is heretiv. auton i??i to pay three hundred and fortv-flve dollar* and venty-aeven centa, In full for the following claims agalnat the Corporation, payable to the aeveral peraona hereafter named:? John A Smith, foe* Circuit Court SvM 60 Wm. Chamberlain, wrenchea for Are-plug* 6 00 Water* A Hunt, printing poll llata 'Jo <*? R . White, fee* from 8th September to 25th December, lt-60 30 78 R Balinger, blac work for I860.... 27 90 Jaa F. Kaaex, livery for horae for lr-6o.... 1*0 00 G. B. Barnard, for oil, Ac 26 12 K M. Llntlilcum A Co , hardware for I860. 16 56 Cha* H Trunnel, for gravel 6 00 1.8. Haney A Co , fuel for Levy Court... ? 81 Approved January 26. 1861. KIS *? GEORGETOWN ADVZRT'MTS GEORGETOWN PRECINCT MEKT 1 *<? ING*.?M pUrRs will bo field on WEDNESDAY EVENING. Ftbrwj 6th, at 7 o'clock, in the f?-uf predict* of thet'-wo. for the election of delegaes t-? comitate a ticket ft.r the Mayoralty and council in opposition to the present nomioa tions. A full atttn<1anc 11 requested. First Precinct wi 1 in^et at the Union Hotel. Second,at Geo:(J Arnold's school house, 107 We?t street. . Thi d, at Williim O. Drew's, opposite the Mayor's office Fourth, at Western Star Engine House, fe 5-St VALENTINES? VALENTINES !! VALENTINES!!! A large ami fine assortment of Sentimental and Coinia Valentine* r?w?Ai?r.wl ??< f?? - !- -I.? --* , ~ ~ CRANJKLL*T fe 2-St On Bridge st, Georgetown. Dancing academyT at Hotel. Geokoztown.?i'rof L. G MAK1NI * hit tf.e honor to announce to hi* patron* and in citizens of Georgetown that hiaeecond qu&r-JHPl tor wiil eminence on TUESDAY, February MHP 5.1851 IJaya of tuition TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SA1 l,'RI>A Y, Irom 3 to 5 p. m. fe 2 3t* I attention, squad. HAVE Received per express from New York 8Pve;ity four of thoae splendid large MILITARY OVELCOaTS, which i am prepared to aell vary low foroach. THOMAS DOWLING, Aaot'r, ja31-e*3t No. 174 Bridge at . Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 15n t,b!s. old n??\VHbKV, 25" tihis. HKRRING and ALE WIVES. 4<t bbis. ("rushc'l nnd Kffin?d ' L'GARS, 3n bags Rio and Java COFFEE. ltl hhda.ilow priced) MOLASSES. For Mile by JOHN J. BOGLE. se 1ft ~FOR SALE ZND RENT. [For ctAtr "For SaU *nd Kmj" o^tirttiMiMti, ] fj*URNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT?No 423 Seventh tt., b-fween G ana H, a lew door* above the Patent Office. le5 h'OK RENT?Four FRAME ftoUSES, oontaiM fig t> rooms each, situated on Massachusetts avenue and Fifteenth <>t. For portion an inquire on the premise*. Rent $6 per mouth. fe 5 6t Ij'OR RENT?A comfortable two-story RKICK r HOUSE on Mmsouri avenue. No 40. fronting on? of the imnrnvrrl ?u&rfi ,n..j |&<s and wstt-r. Apply toD. A. WATTf RSTOS, No 404 Kocond st. east, and 520 Seventh street west. ja 31-2weo* FOR KENT-TWO ROOMS, and useTfParlor, in a pleasant and he%!thy part of the city. Inquire at the comer of Tct*th st. and New \ ork avenue. ja 29-tf AM VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CI 1 Y PROPERTY?ContaninK mi acres, situated 14 nuleo from Alexandria. on the Orar.f*arid Alexandria Railroad, under food cultivation; t'nii>er, wa'er, fruit and a'l build ings neoessary fhra first-rate form. Inquire of G. W. BRAY, at the Jewelry Store, 516 Seventh st, Washington. j? 21 lm* FBOR RFNT-The three-story brick DWELLING-HOUSE, witn basement, No. 605, on E, between 2d and Sd streets, at present occupied by Dr Lewis Jones. Possession riven on the lit of February. It has all the modern imorovenienta water, gas. Ac Rout per year App'y to HENRY EGAN, 3S1 Seventh *t: or W. EGAN, 50.1 E st.. (next door.) (Intel.) ja 8 tf f|H?R RENT-Twoframe COTTAGE HOISE*, oonta;uing six rooms, situated on Ma?s. avenue and Fifteenth street; pump of good water in the > p.H jaS (BURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT,at 406 D street, I>et wen 6th and 7th ft*. de 4-tf ffOR REN I'?The fine BRICK HOl'*E No. 100 Westst.^ Georgetown. at present ocou pied liv the subscriber, it baa IS rooms, with tu and w.itnr throughout, a fine yard, stable Ac , and is in atood neighborhood. Apply to JA8. A. MAGRIPER. oc 25 tf EH?R RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the bulla JT tne immediately opposite the west wine of the City Hal., rocent'.y occupied by Chaa. S. Wallaofc as an office. Aiao the front room in the necond lory and the third floor of the same baildinc. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. * Louisiana avenue. " ia IS tf Ladle*, Call Early RIDHLF.'S ORIGINAL *1 STORK, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL 91 STORE, No. 302 PENNA. AVENUE, No. 30a PENNA AVENUE. Additional invoice* jnat received of N?v and Be\utiful Jewelry. From Or* Entibb Stock YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. CORAL and GOLD SETS, ENAMELKD TWIST SETS. MED vLIJO.N SETS, REAL ROMAN MOSAIC SKTS, RURY and VASE SETS, L*VA and BEAD SKTj*. VASE and BRILLIANT SETS, RUIN MOSAIC Ms.T?, CAMEO and GOM? STONE SETS, CARtU^CLE SETS, P..AIN GOLD SETS, DAi ^IT .^4 UIUU..M Of a v/v# v n 1 ?uu n 11) )? 'it r*r. i ladiks' nkck lacks, i adu8' neck chains, children's neck chains. CHIi.DKE.x'b A r MLIKTS, GKNTS' VEST CHAINS, GE VI s' watch KEYS. GENTS' SEALS and CHAIN?, GENTS' >l.f EVK Bl TTONS and STUDS. THIMBLES. PENS, PENCILS. kings. r*llvek p..ated fi-poon*, goblets, cups. &c. Everythi-g in the st>?re new ant perfaot, and guarantied t > bs sued a* represented |[j" Every artieU m*nu.f*e mrtd ft tkt rtgultir rttail trade, and warrants! to b* the Mine quality as retailed front five to thirty dolara raoh-your CHOICE KOR one dollar, Kioudiim or Cost. Aa thia great sale o<>utinuee tint a abort time, persous desmcg to supply themselTea with Jewelry at theae unheard of pnoaa will pleaae cal! early at out ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. 302 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th street* D W. RIDDLE. C7" Remember the Number?302?aa we hare no oonnection with others, profeaatng to aeil at our orioea. in thia oitv. Receive I tkla day a ltr<? > of 8ILVKR- I \V A R K, onnritini of Breakfast aid In Sen; Card and Cake Ha>keU; Pa'en; 8?ru> Pi to here; Butter Dishee; Froit Knives; Tea Kntvra; Forka; Table, Deaaert. ai.d I ra S?ooat; Tobtcco Boxee; Su^ar and Cream Spoons; Napkin Rin*a, Butter Knlrae, ia aeta ai>d uncle: Ki'iv*e and ? orka, in aeta; loe Cream, Pi* aad Kiah Knivea; Br'akbu and Dinner Caetora; Double aad ftinjle faita, a out regard to orif inal ooat, at from 91 to #J0, aad warranted to be wkat they are reprwted, aad W" w 1 THE LATEST NEWS. I T ELKO EAPHIO. ' Vtrglata Ilrrttra. " [Special tfiapatcfe to tfar star | "W D WmlUtk, t*s . K4*i Stmt Riritvoxn, Feb. $ ?9u Ac lent acconn* frooa all pirta of tbe Mate b?*f been received bere to war. rant roe la aavlng that tbe t'nioa ticket baa wept tbe PUte hjr an Immenae majority I donb* j If there will be over thirty ^eceaaionlet* 1a tbe Convention, If tbat [iVer? ?Tbe Convention will roaatai of l*f delejjstea In all. tto the aati Immediate aoreoalon majority In It bida Ibir to beat tea ft #0' ? XV. D W J CcLrirm Cor^tT W D WmUmrk. Edutr Ffr Cciriraa C. H , Fab 5?Jamas Bvbeur'i majority (I'nlon) In Culpeper ta 530 The Matkfra CoalrlrratlT* ( obt*attoa Moxtoomkt, Fob. 4?Tbe Southern CwiW ffttiw Convention mot at noon to l*i, t*4 R \V Barnwrll. Eaq wwm appointed temporary chairman AfW an ImpreaaWe prayer by R?? Baall Manlr. on motion by Mr Rbott Hon Howdl Cobb waaaelected permanent rhnlrman. and Jobnaon J . Hooper. Kaq , of tbe Montgomery Mall, i-crrtarr. both by acclnmatlon All tbe delegate* were present, except F Mor ton. or Florida. Mr Cobb, oc taking tbr chair, mode on eloquent address In which he aaid ; * Tbe occasion which aaaembled ua together la one of bo ordti a*y chararw We mret aa representatives of sovereign and Independent states, wblch by their solemn judgment have dissolvrd all tbe political associations wblcb connected tbein with the Gov eminent of tbe Stairs It Is now a flxrd and lrrero"*l?le fart that that tbe operation la p*r feet, complete, and perpetual, and a grea* duty la now imposed on na to a government foe our future security and protection We can and abould niend t<> our sister States, and our l?te sis'er States. who a?e Identified with ua in Interest, f???-llni>? and institutions, a cordial Invitation to unite in a common destiny, sad be desirous at the mr time nt ?ia our late confederates friendly relations. politic*! and commercial Tbe usual form wm cone through with, and the Convention adjournet untlt to-morrow. I niiMirl Crareattn. St Loci?, Feb 3 ?A Convention, embracing raprewntetive* of the Conatltutlonal I'nlon and Democratic nirtie* assembled yesterday In the Mercantile Library Hall, for the purpose of nominating a ticket for tbe State Convention, and to agree upon such a platform as would most likely meet the support of the national conservative * voters of tbe country Tbe consultations between tbe two parties were friendly and harmonious, all party d stinctio's being put aside Tbe rvatform whirl. <mi idnniJ ihmbImmW rritrratrs the rrsolutions passed at tbe great I'd ton meeting. January 12, expressing devotion to the Union, strongly opposing tbe si cii?Ion of Mta ouri, and Insisting that tb? action of tbe Convention aball b? submitted to tbe people Tbe following gentlemen were nominated aa tbe Constitutional ticket: John D Coulter, D A January, H 8. Turner. Geo Pean, Lewis V H"gT, Jobn W Wlllla. P B Jareaabe, Luther M Kennett. H. R hamball, Albert Todd. W T Wood, IV J Katon, Ar el Wright. H O VoatalT. Chaa. S*. CUrkson Lsaislaaa ('mtibUw New Oiliim, Feb t ?In tbe Convention tc day a resolution was oflered to eetabliab a stand ing army, and made tbe order of the day for Tuesday. Resolutions lu regard to citizenship were offered and refused A resolution as to tbe expediency of exempting fpAln lavaH/vn ?? ? * 1 ?1 ? ? * vni "'abmvii ivi u?c >rai an uspiMi ina piv^r ty employed in manufacturing purpose* was of fered A BmUi Dry 6m4? H*im la Traable. Boston. Feb 4.?(i H Hprague and G. G Mann, of tbe firm of Sprague. Mann A Co , dry goods dealers on Tremont Kow, wers before the ? Police Court to-day, and held lu$L5,UOU ball each. on the charge of attempting to defraud their creditors in New York and Biaton, of whom tuey had purchased goods. It Is alleged that their recent purrbases amounted to S50,U0U, and that they now account for but KS.IM) Treables a be at ( a>t?a-h*air Oatlea, etc. Locisivillb, Feb. 4.?Tbe New Orleans Cms torn house officials refuse to deliver foreign goods to the Louisville importers unless the Lonfsvlllt Surveyor will grant canceling certificates for the goods and the duties thereon, to be paid at New OrlMtna The "Democrat1* (Douglas paper) honted the national flay over it* office to-day. I'artllable Repsrt of m Ctalllcl at P?na cola. Niw Osleixi, Feb. t.?Hying report* are in circulation bere to-day tbat lighting baa commenced at Penaacola in conaequence of tbe aloopof war Hrooklvn baring attempted to land troop* at Fort Pickens The report, hewever, need*cob Urination. Ktrtk lartllaa'* l*art? Raliiub, Feb. 4 ?Tbe Houae of Representatives to-day paased unanimously a resolution declaring that in < aae tbe efforts at reconciliation fail, North Carolina will go with the other Slave States Tbe Legislature will adjourn probably and await results ? cola. New Yoas, Feb. 4?Arrived, atoreahtp Supply from Penaacola. with tbe officers, troops, em ployee*. efc., from Warrington Navy Yard, who were released on parole and taken under a flag of truce .Mr* Slemmer. wife of Lieut. Slemmer, the commandant of Fort Pickens, la alao a passenger A Demand far MzH Firearaai. Albany, Feb 4 ?Gov Morgan, it la said, has received a message from Gov. Drown of Gaorgla. demanding tbe immediate restoration of tbe arn ? belonging to Georgia received by the New York poilce on the steamer Monticello, to which Gov Morgan has not yet replied. Lsaisiaaa 4'aavratioa Ni? OmtiNt. Jan.4.?The Convention to-day appointed a Committee to adopt a flag for the State. A proposition to adjourn as soon as possible ?n account of iht expense was referred New Vark Baak Statemeat NawYoaa, Feb 4?The weekly statement of tbe city banks sbows tbe following result: Loans, decrease, #2.027 GUM; specie, increase, S2,063,(Mi, deposits, increase, S493.0U0 t nited States He venae (stier 6srrss4erH to the Revelaiiealsta. Mobil*. Feb 2 ?The United States rev en as cutter Cuss hss been surrendered to tbe Alabama authorities Te&as Legist a tare. New Oeleass, Feb. 2 ?Advices from Texas state that tue House of Representatives had legal lz<d tee calling of the State Convention under the Bill of Rights < sminttMiners Irons Maasachasetta. Bostobl, Feb 8 ?The Senate yesterday passed a resolution appointing seven commissioners to Washington, and tbe Houae will probably puilt to-day. LatMt freaa Ptuama. Pknsacola, Feb 2 ?A true* has been concluded and the Miaalaaippi troops will return borne on Monday The Alabama troop* will reaala until they are relieved Ltlrr trmm 1 rm New Uilihi, Feb h ?Tbe mr ?loa ordinance It la believed will be referred to tbo poople, and a new < onrentlon be called to memMi om tbe id of March. The Virftalo aitrtMi Nobvolk, Feb 5 ?It ia reported bore that EiGot. VViaa baa been elected delegate to tbe Va. I State Convention from PriMW Anne eooaty J KaituMT* Market* dUTWvti, Feb. ft- Flour ate ad e; Howard at , Ohio and Oltv Mtlta ft.5 -25 WhMi dull: r*d ?1 *7 I 33, white SI 4041 60. Corn i'?*4r; mixed .W 65c; yellow Ouadlc. Provisions active ud unchanged. Coffee steady at ri^al3\c. Wkliky ttrm at IHc. Aow Tor? ?tarfceta NiwVou, Feb 5 ?Floor 5e lower. Wheat 1 coat lower Cera Aeclialag. Provisoes dull. Whisky nominal at lbjfe TJ. * W. M. GALT ' DllLKll IJI WOOD AND COAL Uthoo-^S Pens events, >a M betwosa lith aad HU strsefca. _ I