Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1861 Page 3
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j OCAl. NEWS. 1^7* fljcit/fc Tn Star la prluted ou U* fMteat i4ms ittm tn oae aouta gf B>II1bwi , tta edition la au Intg- u to require tt to b*- pat lo pma it an wrf uuur, jtaTcitiBc-arccw, lutrinrt, mouiu or eat in before U o'clock m., otherwise they may act ftfpear until the next day. Noticb.?District of Columbia Adrertlaementa to he tMerted in the Rutwohi Suji are received at and forwarded from T*? Stab Office. Trcstsis or tmb Pcblic School* ?The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustee* of the Public ochoola waa held at the Aldermen's chamber, City Hall, yesterday afternoon. Present Mrssrt Abert, Holmead, Ironside, A. W. Miller, McKnew. Wlllett. Walsh, Ames, Wbyte, Fort, M H Miller, the Secretary and Treasurer. Monthly reports were received from the teachers, and referred. Tk. -r?..,,.... ?K.? Va V.ll with M easci Blue bard k Mohun* booksellers, for furnishing the public achoola with boaki and stationery, under the order lite It established for awarding the farni thing of books and stationery to tba lowest responsible bidder. Mr Ironside presented the application of Miss L'etUia Allen for a place as teacher; referred Mr Abert, from the select committee to whom was referred the letter of John E. Thompson, t acber of the Fourth district school, submitted a report. fbe report wss read, and showed that the com nlttee had investigated the charges contained In be letter against the anb-b<ard of the fourth district, the facts obtained by said Investigation being ?et forth therein Mr Abert stated that some expresaiona made by Mr Wbyte at a former meeting of the board with reference to Mr. Thompson, which Mr. Thomp ?<>n oaa regarded ? personal and offensive. Lad t?een withdrawn by .w. Whyte in the committee and in presence of Mr. Thompson. Mr. Whyte ?uu-d that the words he made use of st the lime the letter was received were uttered uoder a condition of excitement, and without reflection. He b.-id freely withdrawn them, as he .Lad not intended to be offensive to any one. The report was accepted and the committee discharged. Mr Abert, h? connection with the subject just disposed of, but not as a member of the late committee. submitted the following resolution : R'solrfd, That when any teacher or aasistant teacher ahall have any complaint or charge to make against any member of the Board of Trustee*, it (ball be made to the sub-board of that tracher or assistant teacher's district; and should the sub-board neglect the same, or fell to give it such attention as the teacher shall think DroDer and necrsaarv under the clrrnmitanm it it'll be the duty of such teacher or assistant teacher to present the nine, and all the facta of tb?- c?ae, to the ireneral board, in writing, within two months after the caute of such complaint or charge; and if such complaint or charge shall be against the whole sub-board, or a majority of them, It shall b* the duty of the teacher or asaistant tencher to present the same, in writing, to the geatral beard not later than at its second regular meeting after the cause of faid complaint or charge, otherwise the board will not entertain them. The revolution was unanimously adopted. Mr. Ironside ottered the following resolution, which was adopt- d : Httolced, That the Secretary be directed to make application to the Mayor to set apart a room for an office of the Board of Trustees of the Public Schools, in accordance with tbe provisions of the Vnth section of the act approved November 12th, life. Mr. McKnew, from the select committee to whom was referred tbe letter of tbe chairman of the committee on the public schools in the Board of Aldermen, transmitting a communication froui Mr. P. J SUser in ref reuce to the establishment of a sewinrj machine system in the public schools of 'ti^::ty, reported that the committee deem it lexpeiuent to give the quest-on favorable tons'deratlon at the present time The repcrt was accepted and the. rommittee ordered to be discharged, aud the Secretary was instructed to transmit the action of the board in the matter to the chairman of the committee in the Board of i Aldermen. Mr. Wlllettsti'ed that the chairman of the select committee to which bad been refsrred the 1-tter of Mr. Thompson, preferring certain charges against the sub-board of the fourth district, had ' submitted a report stating that Mr. Thompson's letter contained live charges against the sub-board or individual members thereof, which live chataea tbe report sett forth, but It give* no opinion a* to whether the charges are maintained by tbe evidence or not The letter of Mr Thompson had been spread before the public through the column* of the Star, and he would now like to have the committee or board sty whether these five charges or any of them have been sustained or not. The report of tbe committee dies not My. Charges have been made and souae^od v is in the wrong, and ought to be censured If it is the sub-board, why censure u*j if it is the author, then censure him Mr Ah#rt taiJ ftklt MiimlltM called upon to ezpreaa any opinion, only to investigate and report facts it was not for the com lutttee to decide for the board whether the charges are sustained or not, but the board itself. The gentlemen can certainly read the report and judge for thematlves. Mr. W'hjte said that he had taken the mrjor rnrt of Mr Ti-oinpson's letter to himself, because is name waa mrut;oned directly All his old companions of tne former board hadthoogntso also. So far as the charges coutalned in the letu-r were concern* d, he fell bound to aay the only one be admitted to be true was the one charging him witb showing his political preferencea in relation 1o school maitera. He was fr?e to cduiit that be was bound togoforhia part/. He tad helped to elect Mr. Ma-rudrr, wu turned out tbe old Know Nothing board wnich turned out a teacher . from tbe public achoolauf tbe Fourth Diatrlct, because ab? waa a Catholic. It waa through Ma ? ruder'* election that this teacner waa rtaiort-d to tr aituation aa te.icber, and aU* cornea forward now to prefer charges. He admitted having carried politics into bis government of tbe schools. If Mr. Berret bad not been elected not one genteman here would have been a member of this t board, and we ongbt to auatain our party. Why. tbe Mayor bad aent for him (VVbyte) to come to tbe City Hall to chide bim for giving employment to Know Nctotuga, saying that it would ba injurtoua to oar party' Mr. \ViU<-tt aald that acme one ought to be cen urea, mat me c barges in io? inter were either true or untrue, and he wanted to get at some expression of opinion about them. Mr Abert neld that the coiimiittre bad no right to < xpr?* s an opinion The sub-board had the report bef?re them, and certainly were capable of coming to a judgment upon it. It was not for the select committee to attack or to defend the sub-board of the fourth district. Mr. Wlllett to Mr Abert ?"l)o you think the chirges are sustained ?" Mr Ab<rt would auswer the gentleman, beeanse be nerer shrank from answering a question when called upon. Still he did not think the gentleman had a right to ask for his individual opinion upon a que-tion like this In answering Mr. \V. he would begiu with the last charge in Mr. Thompson's letter, namely that of political favoritism That wusa mere difference of opiuion betwte# himself and Mr Whyte The speakrr rr<a dra itii? cuirge^stue iiion itioiii o:ie in the whole M'er; but whether it it to be confined ?r appl*n<ird ttepeiida upon tbe individual views of individual members of the board 80 far as the speaker w?s concerned, te certainly differed with Sir. W byte as to tbe propriety of introducing party matters into tbe management of tbe public schools. Tbe speaker certainly was of tbe opinion that it waa highly improper to introduce party predjndicea into tbe schools. Mr. Whyte thinks differently, and is honest iu his belief. It is a m>re difference of opinion between men. As to tbe charge tbat transfers were made in violation of the rules, tbe speeker did not tbink there was any culpability at all. On investigation, there was only one transfer found to bave been made in violation of tbe rule, and be bad no doubt this transfer could have been explained satisfactorily. p As to tbe charge of admitting suspended pupils into snother school of a higher Knd>., to tbe oet i riment of meritorioua pupil*, It was la evidence In Ibe eoauiiUre IbM Air Vviilett Inadvertently iaaued t jro ticket* of adulation to auapended pupil*. One \>l tae boy* waa Immediately removed, aa aoon aa it waa ascertained that be wu* a auapended pupil; the other waa rttained, and Mr. Thompson a*ya be ia a good boy. Aa to the charge concerning the night achool of I . the fourth diaUict not being kept in fall boura, Mr. A did not think there waa any cnlpebiltty there; there waa no evidence of antMr VV hyte aaid that, an far aa be waa concerned, he waa aatlafled with the report of the committee I He felt couecioua that he had done bla duty, and ahonld continue to do ao, rev a dieea of aoy aucb charge* He felt no ill will toward* any one. though perhaps be bad aome reasons to f?l hurt at the maimer in which tUa caarge had been the cineral board Mr. M H Miller moved that, as this matter bad been adjusted, the rote by which the general board at its last meeting had continued the su?penston of a pupil, who had been suspended by (be lub-boud of the fourth district for Improper dtpvrOuent, be reaitidtd lie did to b-oaute be thought the ^ib-board of tte fourth district capable rf attending to the business of their own d strict, aad a* far ?s be was crtutcrued If It was a ease that h id <?j urred la bli own District be sjould not have jfelt at all coiiii>l.m< uted by its L Wing takeu fr-in trie control < f thesqb b^ard and I referred to the general itosrd He thought the |L sab-board better judges of the rroper tlute to reI a state the suspended pupil than tbe general board. I Mr Abort opposed the motion, slating that his . principal reason for having the matter kept In " the bauds of the general board was the remarks 1 -'? vitue* iinoaika uw U tb> Ust meeting rno#t 4lMV^IV iff j?-? -3. >'! toT - ' ** I % f .: A public school STttem, and that be waa 1b frvor of tryin? this pupil In another acbool, and If abe benId acaln fell, In itill another. The speaker could not think tnch a cnuree at all calculated to benefit either tbe suspended pupil cr the different schools Into which Mr Wlllctt proposed to admit her. Tbe speaker believed tbat this belug tbe sentiments of tbe sub-board of the fourth district, they were not proper judge* of tbe time to roHmlt Mr ll' C-J ? v. .. ? . * ? ??' ? HOU raj'ii Niru Hirnirn a* willing to admit her immed] ;telv. and be j^Abert) supposed that was tbe opinion of tbe subMr WlUett aaid that Mr Abert had aUtcd bla (Wlllett'a) own views properly. Tboao werr bia individual aentimenta, but be only apoke for hlm elf, and bad no knowledge of what hi* colleague* thought upon the matter. Mr. Whyte *ald tbat for one he waa not in fhvor of Immediately reinstating thla suspended pupil; that before she could get back be should see ber parents and have aome positive aaauranee from them that tbe child should be kept under proper moral restraint at borne. He did not hold with Mr. Will* la the matter. Mr. Holmead.?Nor 1. The question was then taken, and the vote reconsidered. ?. Mr Miller now mored to reefnd the resolution, which placed the matter under the Jurisdiction of the general board; carried. Adjourned. Mechaxics^ Union Rivlks?This company, under tbe command of Capt. Alex Ruthferford, met at the Steuben House last night for drill and tbe tranaaction of business pertaining to their organization. After a creditable drill, under the instruction of L.leut. Campbell, the meeting waa called to order by the Captain. The secretary being absent. Mr. Philip Mcllenry was appointed secretary pro tempore un motion, tbe call of tbe roll and reading of tbe minutes of tbe last meeting were dispensed with. Tbe constitution of the Washington Light Infantry wa? then read section by section, and adopted with tbe following amendments : In section 1, article 1, ?trike out tbe worda " Washington I.ight Infantry" and insert " Mechanic*' Union Rifle* " In section 7. article3. strike out the word "muskets" and Inwri " rifles " Action article 4, stricken ottt entirely In section 3, article 4, strike out that part relating to complimentary tickets to balls and fcxcorsions. Section I, article 5, laid over for consideration at tbe next meeting In section 3, articles, strike out % and Insert ?. Section 1, article 7, stricken out entirely An amendment to section 2. article 7, fixing a penalty for intoxication while in uniform was laid upon tbe table. The committee on uniform made a report relative to tbe cost of the various styles of uniform, and were continued uptil the next meeting, that thejr might perfect their arrangements. .wtwii i4iu ueiore me meeting the resignation of orderly sergeant E Cr.rrol. Th- secretary desired to know tbe reason for Mr. Carrol's resigning. Mr. Carrol said that he bad declined wben ncmiu?le<1 for tbat positionkand only accepted it upon condition that bis appointment should only be temporary. He bad waited some time for tbe election of a sergeant to All tbe place occupied by bim, but no action bad been taken upon tbe matter. He was not fimlllar with the Hardie drill, while there were gentlemen belonging to the company who were; ??Jid he felt it Incumbent U;?On kin to vacate hi* nfllro ? > ? I* k . - - _ .'V) >uut It IS*i?U? UC tilled by a competent officer. The question was then put upon accepting bit resignation as orderly sergeant, and carried On motion by the secretary, the company agreed to meet on Thursday night, at 7 o'clock, for the transaction of business only. Th* company then adjourned, to meet to-morrow night, at the same place, for drill. RoctkoP the President Elect.?Mayor Berret. of this city, having addressed the following letter to tbe 1'resldent of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. John W. Garrett, Esq :? Sir: 1 learn that the President elect until very recently contemplated passing overyour road from Wheeling to this rMy. and that, owing to rumored intentions on the part of citiiens of Maryland and Virsglul* to inWf-rr with bis travel to our Capital, you were Induced to make diligent inquiry as to the truth of these threats If correctly informed, will you do me the favor to state the result of your inquiries touching this matter? Mr Garrett replies, that he understood sometime since that Mr Lincoln designed tn tr> Washington bv tbe western road, but In consequence of apprehensions that his progress might b?* Interfered with by thecltlz*nsof Maryland and Virginia, be bad givVn up this purpose, and should travel by a more northern route. Mr Garrett assures tbe Mayor that there bas not bjren the least foundation for any of tbe rumors to which the Mayor refers, but that they are simply inventions of those who are agents in the West for other lines, and are set on foot for the sole purpose ef interfering with the trade and travel on tbe shortest route to tbe seaboard, that thev might secure It for thems-lvrs. lie says tbe safety of the President elect would have been perfectly assured from tbe Ohio river to Washington, and he can only regret that tbe purpose of Ihe President elect to travel by another route should seem to give countenance to stories w hich are In every respect unfounded. ThBATSR ?The Dlav of ''Our American P?n?tn at Home," wblcb h*? h*d such a run at the theater. gives place now for other pood things Tonight, Sotbrrn appear* in two great part*?th?.t of * Klnrhen," in the " Flowers of the For*-*!;" and of ' Beeswing," In the farce ' Who Poisoned 9usan " Mr. Sothern's " Klncben," we bear from those who hive seen him perform the part in Philadelphia, Is a most remarkable peso nation . and its effective rendition was one of the main cansrs of the furor created by bis performances In the usually xtald (Quaker city. "The Flowers of the Forest"' is to be brought out In great style, and will no doubt prove a great card. Those who b-ve been puzzled for some weeks bv the handbill Inquiry posted upon tbestreets "Who Poisoned :*usan T" will find a solution In the afterpiece, one of Morton's best farces. A hunt rok Aims ?For some days there have been whispering* that a depository of arms for treasonable purposes hnd been established In this city. Not much credit was given to the rumor In any quarter; but tbc fears of some property owners In the Seventh Ward having been excited by a more definite statement that arm? were concealed In the old gas house, on Maine avenue, between Four and-a-half and Tbird streets south, an order was given to Capt. A R. Allen to examine the premises. The secretary of the gas company. Alderman J. F. Brown, wrote an order to Mr Dlgney,the keeper of the premises, to conduct Capt. A. through the building and premises Yesterday the examination was made, and the rnuii wm mat no armi wu discovered, and no arrangements were there made Indicating a purpose to receive aiiy. Fibk.? I .sat night about nine o'clock, fire waa discovered in the a'ore on Pennsylvania avenue, two doors from the Ktrkwoid House, occupied at a branch of the "United State* Clothing Store," by Jonas Click The alarm win given, and in a few moments the Frankiln Fire Company was on the apot, and succeeded in extinguishing tbo fllines and saving most of the stock It Is supposed that the lire was communicated from the sLnre, aa the silcsman and several yonng men were in the ?tore Derore it closed. and left together, supposing all was right Mr (flick was partially insu'ed. but rannot ascertain the amount of the Iom by tbe lire until ;ui examination of the stork sived can be made Had tbe discovery been made at a late hour, the destruction would have been very great to tbe valuable property in that locality. ?cpr?mb Cocbt? Tvnday ?James Malcolm, Esq , of Maryland, was admitted an attorney and councellor of this Court. No 67. Tbe Powhatan Steamboat Company, gain tills In error, agt tbe Appomattox Railroad ompany The argument of this cause was con unueu oy sir nooiown ior me aerendanta in error. and concluded by Mr. Schley for the plaintiffs in error. No S9 Joseph H. Adler et mi., plilntlffs la error, ast Aaron D. Kenton et al. This cause was argued by Mr. Doollttle for the plaintiffs In error, ami by Mr Lynde for the defendants In error. Adjourned. Ma Kditob Some time since a large sewer was built on Thirteenth street north, between F and K. It required a very large excavation, and after the sewer had been built, the dirt was thrown in again and the place left in that condition. Tbe tones on tbe paths were allowed to remain unlaid, and as tbe Inevitable consequence there has been a pool of mud and water In that locality ever since These paths lead to three or four of our principal churches, snd the people who worship at these churches are either compelled to go a square out of thetr usual coarse or else wade through It. V\ ill not the proper authoritiesattend to this matter and abate the nuisance. C. IxTSBkaTiKQ Caaa ? lost night, policeman Yeatman arrea'ed Larena Letty, a Frenchman, for miking tnreata of peraonal violence agalnat P. KW/>r Le'.ty was taken before J oat ice Donn, when the examination waa commenced. Tbe pi Intiff and defendant were permitted to atate their own cases; but as they principally used the undiluted vernacular, we are unable to give a full 'eport of the trial. Tbe result was a dismissal of tbe ease. What Nixt" Indksd Some simpleton i. a. Aft.. a 1 J.i. O ? ' . I M iLl' _ 1 A write" hi im airuwiM oi?iw!i uow in is CUT, on tbe beat aiitboritY." that Gen Scott Intend* ?tati oiling a company of U. 8 troops at tbe depot In Alexandria, to Intercept tbe freetranait ore* tbe Virginia great highway. Cmi kouo, Mr. Correspondent' Such canards are too late to effect the Virginia election. Wa Iivl every reason to assure onr friends tbat the old fashion sociable to come off to-morrow night will be one of the flnest aff.lrs In every particular that haa ever happened in oar city. , \Ve advise you to get your Ucket is advance, as I tbey ar? limited, and osa onlv be had of U* manager* Not* will to to 14 hi tfet 4?or. , * 0 Pun Coxo?*aa ? Aa Indicated by ua y eaterday, Hon. John Tyler, of Va., was appointed permanent President of the Peace Congreaa now in a*aaion it WillariU1, and Hon. 9. C Wright, of Ohio, Secretary On taking 'he chair, Mr. Tyler aaid that be feared they had committed an error in appointing him to prea'de over the deliberation*, ha a ions separation from deliberative bodies had rendered their rules unfamllar to him. while tbe variable state of hit health waa sufficient reason alone for declining tbe honor conferred upon him Tbe voice of Virginia had invited her o-Stat?s to meet her in counrll. In tbe initiation of the Government that same voice was heard and complied with, and tbe results of seventy odd years bad fully attested tbe wisdom of tbe decisions adopted. Tbe urgency of her call was no less great then than It was years ago. He referred in an eloquent manner to tbe promptness with which tbe States had responded to tbe call, and expressed tbe trust that they would prove themselves worthy of tbe great occasion. He thought their ancestors bad committed a blunder in not having fixed upon every fifth decade for a call of a general convention to amend and reform the Constitution Hn a% * - * 14 *? ? vm ure tuuuary, mry ob% inaae me aimcumes next to Insurmountable to accomplish amend* merit* to an instrument which was perfect for five millions of people, but not wholly so as to thirty millions. He thought their patriotism would surmount the difficulties, however, If they would accomplish one triumph in advance, the triumph over party. If that was done, and the country rescued from dancer, one Ions, load shout of joy and gladneas would resound throughout the land. Much feeling was manifested by the Convention during his remarks, and at the conclusion the members flocked sround him with words of congratulation and confidence Mr Chase, of Ohio, assured Mr. Tyler that they "were ready to follow tchen Virginia led, a* sk* pursued only the path of virtue and honor;''' itnd all expfeised themselves as being confident of ShAAA*. J ?*- ' " *' ' uvwcM uuu uoiHiuura prnippruy lor me union. It ii probable that all the State* which have appointed Commissioners will be represented today, when the regular business of the conference will be commenced. To-day ?The Convention met to-day at 12 m. It la understood that tbe Commissioners presented their credentials, which were referred to a committee. Connecticut's delegation arrived last night. They are Roger Balwin, Chauncey S. Cleveland, Gen. Jas. r *Pratt, Robbins Bartell, Andrew S. Treet, and Judge Chas McCurdy. It was believed the Convention will, to day, discuss the propriety of employing a phonographic reporter, to take an accurate report of tbe debates; and, also, the propriety of havlnsr a carefully revised report made up by one of "the secretaries, for publication, in order to prevent garbled or one sided statements from going abroad to prejudice the action of the Convention in the mlndi of the public, as well as to allay public excitement on the subject of their deliberations. Anotbzk Attimft to into thiUritkd State# Pksjtintiakt ?A scantling with kleets nailed on for the purpose of steps was discovered on Monday morning, by one of the night wall guards, laying by the side of the eastern wall of the Penitentiary; and no doubt but an entrance would hav? been effected if tbey had not discovered the night wall guards, which have been recently appointed to tbis station. There are at present about a doz-n convicts, whose terms expired within a short time, and have been discharged, now prowling about the city, and who are familiar w'th all parts of the prison, and no doubt are the main source of the many depredation* committed in the city. The Light Artillery Paradx?The (J. S. Light Artillery Company, Lieut Fry commanding, passed down the avenue this morning, with their trattery, attracting much attention. We presume the purpose ef tbe commanding officer is to keep bis men and horses In good condition, by frequent drills and parades Tbe Government reservations are in no fit condition for the execise of troops upon tbem at this time; otherwise, our citizens might have opportunities of witnessing the splendid light-artillery drill, wbicb was so admired when the battery of the lamented Kinggold visited this city some years ago. The National Rifles ? L*st night this corps paraded, numbering sixty men, under command of Capt F H Schaefler They marched to tbe vicinity of the President's Mansion, where they spent some time in c ompany drill Upon their return to their armory at Temperance Hall an election was held for a first lieutenant, in the rilace of A. Rom Fisch, resigned, which resulted n the Dromotlon of A Uuoort Davis, tlrst aerirvnnt of the' corps, to that position. The corps is in flourishing condition, numbering about one hundred and twenty men Thev design making a parade of the entire corps on the &2d inst. Last win wrsa bad one for Alexandria. We 9ot two heavy blows we believe on the same day. 'he House of Delegates passed a bill for strangling our Manassas Road by the Strasburg cut-off. and the Houae of Representatives gave its aasrnt to the bill for strangling the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Koad, by the Georgetown cut-off. Alexandria Sentinel. The A*cia Crkik mail steamer, on her trip down the river yesterday, got aground on Sheridan's Point. The pilot came up to the city, procured a tug, and succeeded in getting the steamer off. She passed up yesterdav afternoon without stopping at this place.? Alex. Gazette, yesterday. To-moiiow might a concert will be given at Odd Fellows' Hall, .Navy Yard, by the young ladies of tbe Third District School, under the direction of Prof Daniel. A quartette of young gentlemen will assist upon the occasion. A flue man Wo 1 J cilKlMiiiiiiiciik may uc *wuiru iUl . Lob?tkks ?The finest lot of lobsters (jnst received from Boston) we tavf wn this morning, at Ktnrictrs R?-st>urant?one of th?*m wtighs no lets tb?n 20 lbs. Mr Kmricb will serve them up to bis customers, In his us;:al satisfactory style, on call. Dkowmkd.?A brakeman on the Orange and Alexandria railroad, n uned Daniel Stonnell, wa* drowned about 3 o'clock Sunday morning in Harris' Creek, In Amherst county, near where it empties into James river. Stonnell was about 24 years of age, and was from Alexandria. Circuit Court.?To-day, the court took up tbe rate of Thos. Carberry agt J C and 11. A W11lard. Action to recover money alleged to be due on accouut of rent. A i.rand musical ?oikek will be given at tbe Smithsonian on tbe evening of tbe 'iid of February, for tbe benefit of St. Matthew's Washington Infant Asylum To-siqht Mr. Williams delivers his second lecture on China and Japan. Tbe subject for 'be evening Is "Tbe Civilization of the Chinese." Thr stramrr George Page was tiken from her i route yesterday for tbe pur|>o?e of undergoing repairs. Ho?t*ttk*> St mach Bittms.?Tim prepa r\t un li?< acquired its immense < oleiiritr n< t > ? llowerjr ativortisdinentu, b :t from plain rtatemer.ts of it* properties an?l etfVcts, v-rifie<< by every ir,dividual who has riv. n it a tiial. Wh*t the advertisements of tlis prop i?tors promise, the ni.dione iitv i ial?l> re''orhis, aurl hence the p<i>ular fa th in .. .... i? .. - !? l..i ... ti.~ VIIIVDB. II DU? rvo ^nuwv f UIIIUMIU VII kltO I'ton.arh a- d sul sidi&ry organs, conutiun rar'ti?r in thin wnv an amount of vino eqaivalei t t.thntof wfii-jh th? patient may have beau dt-prived by **ck n?sa. Their na' ure is sustained,* the liit'era an an alterative and acti-billious ni diciue relieves th*? ?yatem of all morbid matter, and imparts reiuiarity to tne secretions. 'I his is >he simple phi tuoptiy o' the cures of diarrha a, general debility, int-rinitt-nts, liver complaints, chrome melancholy, hysterea. headache,ch lio, llitulei.ce. Ac. which are creating a muigied f-elin* of asioui*hment and gratitude in a 1 parts of the country. For sale by druggists and dealers generally every Where. fe 3 eo3t Thk Rkv. Jacob Skchlfb, Well known and much respected among the German population of this country, m%k<-? the fol ow ing statement for the benefit of the afflicted : Hanovsk, Pa., Feb. 16,1?53. SttK W. Fowlf 4" Co , Sot tin? Dear Sire: Having realised in my family important l>enefita from the uie r.f vonr vslimlil* nr??n?r?.. tion? Wtstar's Balsam of Wild Cherry? it aff rd? me pleasure to reoominend it to tbe p?bl o. Soma eight yr an ego one of my daughters teemed tub* in a decline, and litt e hopes of her recovery were entertained 1 then procured a b-ttie of jour ex oeilent Ba'sam, and before ?he had taken the whoia of theoontent* of the bu.tle there was a great improvement in her health. I have, in my individual oase made frequent use of your valuftb-e medicine, and hare always been benefited by it I would, however. caution the public against imposition because there ts a good deal of stntrtous Wit tar'* Bal sani of Wild Cherry ajtoat throughout the eountry. Jacob Skchl*k. K Beware of vile and worthless counterfeits f tip Genuine, Fttre and Meduintl Balsam has the name of "I. Butte," written with a pe<. a'd the printed name of the proprietors, S. W. Fowle a. m ? 'uu ma nuvrr wr*ppni, Prepared bv Beth W. Fowle tt Co., Boaton. and for aue in Waahington oitr G. Stott, s. II. WaiteZ. D. Oiiman, John Sohwarse, Nairn * Pa_mer, John Wiley, J B. Moore, and H. H. MoPberaon; in Georgetown by R. S T. Claa*ll, and G. M. k. J. Southron, and by druggiata everywhere, fe 4 lwjr Covasa ?The aadden ohangee of onr olimate are aouroei of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Atihmatic AJections. Experience having proved that aimple reinrtdiea often act apeedily and certainly when takeuiathe early atacea or the diaeaae, reooutae ahoald at onoe be had to ** Brown's Bronchial Troth**." or Losengee, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of tka Throat be ever eo alight, aa or this them effectual for olearing and atrengtfcenint the voioe. Bee advertiaement. de 1-lj Moh? with"book o^.I dinxjtion??mF<^4fr

2. D. Oilnu. Ill JPa. iwbm. wbol?MU? tod rotAil Meat; W. A. FitSferaTH, 3?3 north F ttreet; uo by*. B. Winter, ooraar of SUaaaohuMtU &r? an* aa4 Sixth street. Also, PomP? Extract of Wittk Haul, for intern! ud external UMMMom of tup** WiMibm. oat-ty ? i , a Hollowat*l Pill* a*? omixm. Wadde-, to.,otnrd b? ?rare I or other k>c*l irritation thee- rnoatrine? WfTT effect a ip?e?ly and rwlic*. our* (tat of 4vr hundred oimi of persona fttfl otrdvith gravel and frononnc-d by indent m-mt>era of the faculty *" mcura a'l who took tho-? remedies reoorwed bnt on?, a?xi h?. d??fiiir1 iff of income. discontinued Himi af or on* wrt'i ' old by all drasftuf, at s> ota..64 cu., anu 51 per box or poL iaa>-lw To thi ArTLTCT*?!?Bo tore to r*d the adrerti?*nie <t of MoLean'a Strengthening Cortiial and Rlood Purtier. in another eolutnn. tf _ PK5JI1K?. v P?r?ona deeirinr pennies will a!war* find then for exunanc* at the Star Ofcce oennter. Lf Riadu, hare yon aeer> Prof. Wood's advertise raent tn oar paper. Rea/ it; it will interest yoa. aa 35-eoly B1ARRLED. On the 6th in.t.nt h. th? n?r *1. m OM?RGK c. HRfcdl'S. ofthie city, to aTm HANNAH P. POWERS, of Philadelphia. (Philadelphia Ledger copy.? In Waalunfton eity, Jan.a. 1861, by Rev. Byron Zander.and EDW/s|ti> N LEWIS, of Waahington, to Miaa ANNIE OAKsHOTT. of Bo.ton, Maw. * In St.Mary'acounty,Md.,"n the8th January, by th? Rev. Mr, Marr. URIAH T1PPKTT to Miea SUSAN O'DONNELL, formerly of WashirRton. * DIED, On the 6th instant, in the 26th rear of her ace, MARY Jane, wife of Robert L.. Martin. Her funeral will take plaoe on to morrow i Thurtdayiat 10o'clock a. m .at No. 164 K it Relatives and fnenda are invited to attend, * (Baltimore 8*un copy ) I it A imir? IT un L' Domu - - * i?i w?vr ?? ? un in ?%ior??*"n MrKV 101 01 new 1T1 and fashionable Music, slightly damaged, aeilmg at half price. Call and ace it. JOHN F. ELLIS, fe l 306 Pa av.t t>et 9th and rth at*. H NOTICE OF REMOVAL. ENRV EGAN Has removed his stock of Dry Good* from 531 Seventh street to hia new building, 3*23 south sidi Pecn. avenae, between 6th and 7th streets, oppoaite Wa?hington Buildings, le l-6t BELLING OFF AT 3i PF,I CENT. LESS ? THAN COST. Remaining in stock a few fine f^loth Cloaks and Shawls. Tbe special attention of the ladies are requested, as we wish to o.ose them out at ouoe for cash fe 1 5t J W COLLEV A CO. 486 OVAL FRAMES, Ao. 486 Different styles and sizes OVAL FRAMES for Photographs, DIPTl'O L' /i? 1 s? T\ -1 m * aas** o ' nuiimD i/uny luu iA3:bL7,au eizes ana colors, PAPfcRHANGINGS, all grades and priors, REMNANTS PAPER HANGINGS, at onefourth less than cost, at JOHN markriter'S, No. 4S6 Seventh st.. 8 doors above ja 25-jalOt Odd Fellows' Hall. That notice about persons call ins to pa? up we find by many disregarded We want it understood wo are in tamest; we want the money for all hills due us. T.J.t W.M.GALT, Dealers in Wood and Coal, ja 23 282 Pa. av., bet. 11th and 12th sts. one price only! AVING on hand a very heavy stock of DRESS TRIMMINGS, I will offer the same very cheap for Cash, and One PnoeOjijj. K. U. STEVENS, 336 Pa. ar . no g tf hrtwwn 9th and 10th utii. EVERYTHING in the stationery Lineat orioe* to unit the tim??. at Shepherd'i. ja 19 lin A P'ANO FORTE, (NKW.) FOR *175.-1 A have had left at my ?t<>ref.?r ealea new?? Kosowood Caie. b*aunful tone Pian",p0?a Stool and Covor. which oo?t cash $3< a-id th? owner, in con*fquence of the hard time*, will sell it for 317% ino.uding Stool and Cover. C*ll aud aee it. JOHN F. EU.IS, ia 2.5 soft Pa. *v.. bet, 9 h ?n^ loth >u. |i |?! A T BDnl1AP<AM , , L' UDlf "*'? ? ? m-m?m m. ? aj / VV ' V ? " T 1 ItlbC I U C I I I *JT THE TIMES. We are ((Taring great inducements for i>Mh. Our entire stock at a great redaction. Full suits of B ack, n arte to orde-, for plain suits of Miack. rearly made for 910, with a large usurtmcct of Gents' Furnishing Goods. Military Over Coats made to order for ?6. WAI.L, STEPHEN'S A CO.. jail-d3w 3'2'2 Pa av.. t?et. 9th and 10th kta. NEW AND OLD VIOLINS, at price, to init the t'nier. Aim, Guitar*, Flutes, Acoordeons, tiacj n, Pianos. Stools, Cover*, he. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa av.. fe 4 betwoen 9th and l*th ?ts j^CHENCK'S PULMONIC SVRL'P. Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, find* it impos ibie to visit Washington every week. and has made arrangements tn i?o?itiv?lw h? m *>;? ? third Wednesday of every mouth. He has a suit of rooms at the Avenue House, where patient* can obtain advice free. He only charges when it is neoessary to make a thor< ugh examination of the Lungs with the Raspirometor. 8. b. VV'site is acent for Schenck's Pulmomo Syrup, price $ I per bottle, for the cure of Coughs, Colds and Consumption; Schenok's Sea Weed "Tonic, prioe 91 per bottle, for Dyspepsia; Sohenck's Mandrake P.lls, prioe 25 cents ber box. for Liver Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the Bow e s. l>r. Scheuck would be grateful to those who have bean oared i.y his remedies if thev would leave their certificates oi oure withS. B. WA1TE, corner Seventh ?t. and La. av. de I9-Sm 'JpHKRK'S A BhTTKR TIMK COMING! Victims of Self Abuse and Secret Difea^es should apply at SHC.MA.VS Southern Medical H<>une. under the Clarearfon Hotel, corner Sixth street and P*. avenue, immedif.'e-y opposite th.? Naiiotial Hotel, and trv Dr. Southej'a" Celebrated London Medioinea. Tht y are wa-iaitt***! to cure the most viruent form* of tionnorrhcra, OI?-t, Syphilia, .Nocturnal h nusaiona, Stricturea, and XW^kne** ?f the Bia:lder i>: from S to 6 <lay*. The Rrmtdia* can bo aont by mail. Office houra from M a. m to 10 p in. jaiC?-12t* Ladies, Call Early RIDDLE'!" ORDINAL ft STORE, RIDDLE'S OHlfilNAL $1 STORE. No. 30U PENNA. AVENUE. No. 30'J PENNA- AVENUE, Additional invoieea juat received of New and Beautiful Jewelry. From Oca Extibe Stock YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. CORAL and GOLD SETS, ENAMELED TWIST BETS, MEDALLION SETS, REAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS, RUBY and VASE SETS. LAVA and BEAD SKTS, VASE and BRILLIANT SETS, KU1N MOSAIC *ETS, CAMEO and GOLO STONE SETS. CARBUNCLESKTS, Pi.AlN GOLD SETS, BOQUET and RIBBON SPT*. LA 1)1 ES' NECKLACES, LADI H S' NtiCK CHAIN'S. CHILDREN'S NKPK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S ARMLETS, GKNTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCH KEYS. GKNTS'SEALS and CHAINS. GENTS' sLiiEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, THIMBLES. PENS, PENCILS. m KINGS. SILVER I'I.ATEU SPOONS, GOBLETS, CUPS, 4c. Every the g in the store new an<1 perfect, and ruarantied t>> tie such as represented l?jT" Evrry article maHufae ur*d for the rftmlar retail trad', arid warranted to 1?? the oaine quality as is retailed from live to thirty dollars each votm nnnir.R n? hmk nm.i.iy Rbuardl*** of Cost. As thia treat aula c->ntinu?a hut a short time, peraons Jetirir.g to anpply themaelvea with Jewelry at these uniieard of pricea wiil pl^&ae call esrly at ?Ur ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. 302 Pennaylvmia avenue, between 9th and 10th streeta 1> W. RIDDLE. |C^ Remember the Numl?er? 305*?aa we have no uunnootion with othera, professing to aeil at our prices, in thia city. Reoeived thi* day a larie inroio* of SILVKRWARE. conaiating of Breakfast and Tea Sets; Card and Cake Haakete; Patent f**rup Pitchera; Butter Diahea; Fruit Knivea; Tea Kmvra Forks; i mo, i/entrri, wiu irar?poona; n<i?coo rjoxes; Sucar and Cream Spoons; Napkin Ringi; Butter Kiive?, in aeta and ?innle; K: iv? and ? ?rk?. in g*t?; Ice Cream, fie and Fish Kniv??; Briakfaat and Dinner Cantors; Double and Single ^a i?, a large variety of Plain, Chaaed, and Gob eta, CuMi *-o. All the at>ove artiolea tn be ?o|d without regard to original ooat, at from 91 to $ ?>, acd warranted to bs what they are repreoeuteri. and fully ion per rent. Iras than they ean be bought. ja frB-tr 30'i Pa. av? het 9th and 10th ata. BUY YOUR Stationery and School Hooka ar BIltPHKRD'rt, while you hare a ohanoe to are roar money. ) * "Uni ?TOPH AM'S PREMIUM TRUNK Qirfi M A K ITFA r.TH H V 499 SXVKXTH fTEKBT, WajHIXOTOS, D. C. tri ver Medal awarded by Maryland Institute of Baltimn e, November 7, i,*yi Alto, Medal b* Me ropo'itanMeehanios'Institute. Washington, D O., 1857. I am oonstantly making, and always have on hand, of the brat material, every d??o;iption of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Lftdio>' Dress, Wood Box, an*! Fackini Crunks, Fellitier, Carpet, and canvaa lravfiirc Bags, 8ohool batofceli, &o^ . . At Lew Pnctt. Members of Concreasand travelers will pleaee examine n.y stock before pu-chMiof elsewhere Trunks that are made in o.her cities. m parior LMtbar ana ur?u Trunks mads to oH?r. Trunks onv?r?d and repaired at short notic?. Good* delivered fraa of oharce to any part of the city, SsorgetowD, and AloxauMia jafa-iyo JaMKS S. TQPflAM. OiU* BONNETS, HATS, and PLATS of ths vmt latest ttjl*?, and ia aU easos ioads^^K of the bast malarial. Call at ono* and cttCBf cacSoa. At STEVENS'S, ZK nott-tf iU. hattr. 9th aa-1 iota st?. UATCHKLOR'8 INIMITABLE HAIR DYE. t j v \ lUinrTi^iWi^aj * ? , GEORGETOWN. ?? Correspondent* / Tk* Star Giomitowh, Ffkriiryl, IMI We comgrmtiilito our German friend* on tbe delightful entertainment afforded our ciUtens b? tike **bsl-masque" at Forrest Hall, oa Monday abt, whirb was a success In every way?numerfv. socially, and Inaacially. The costumes were In good tut* and strict order and propriety were rl?served. We regret that the spat s at oar disposal will not permit us to deacribe th? characters scenes, and Incidents in detail. Suttee It to say that the taste displayed by some of the Isdles elicited general approbation from the large number of citizens present, and that there was a general freedom from constraint and that liberty without 11 cease, which characterises the Germsns, and is a trait which our countrymen would da well to adopt Oae of tbe features at the evening was a jovial little fellow In motley and bells, who would have done credit to the Ravel troops, and who by a peculiar shake of his body canard the jingling of a bell attached to that Dart of his ature wbtcb la ordinarily eoacetM by the cost tails "Our American Cousin" waa Imarnir, and elicited about* of laughter. A view of the whole world, including --Sereasia." and all for 3 ceata, waa another feature of the entertainment. The dancing of waltxee, nrtazourka's. and acbottlshes and qnadrillea, waa kept up with great aplrlt, and when we left at an early boar next morning no'one showed any signs of fatigve Another hint to oar countrymen?If more "lager" and leaalghting wbiakr waa imbibed, tbey would probably oe a more orderly people We proved on Monday night that "lager ' U not lntasicatlng. but confeas, booeatly, that we went to bed with a whole ueat of "bumble beea" in our bead We regret to bare to announce the death thla morning, at Georgetown College, of tbe Rev J. F. Aiken, long an assistant pastor of Trinity (Roman Catholic) Cburcb, ana highly esteemed by our cltizena for his amiable dlapoaition and the | general excellence or bla character. Hi* lllneaa waa a long a id painful one, and bta death deeply regretted by a large circle of frlenda GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A RnoLrno* In favor of O. B. Barnard A Co Resolved fc jr the Board of AUirrmrn and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown. That the Clerk be, and he la hereby, authorized to pay George B Barnard h Co eighty-five dollar* and twenty-one centa, for bill of glaar. and charge the aame to tbe gaa Itght tax Approved January *26, 1861. a htoolutiox to supply the deficiency In the expense In repairing High street north of Eighth street. ~ He sol ved bf the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Gtorgetotcn, That ttie sum of six hundred and eighteen dollars and 1 ftv-three cents be. and the same Is hereby, appropriated to supply the deficiency of the front foot tax, north of blghth street, on High street, in covering the cost of urading, curbing, and guttering the same. [Approved January '26, JSfll. A Rksolctios in relation to the fine of A. Campbell. Hetolred by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of .the Corporation of Georgetown, That Andrew Campbell be, and he Is hereby, released from the payment of the fine of five dollars on the 14th July, for keeping a dog, be paxuK uir vmi oi ine Mine. Approved Februarys, 1981. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS V^GEORfiF.TOWN PRECINCT MKKT ll, INtf*.-M<-etin{i will be held on WEDNESDAY EVKNIN'y. February 6th, at 7 o'clock, in the four pree nct? of ?het< wn, for the election ol deleja'en t norm at? a tioket for the Mayora'ty and t^oun?il in oppoMtion to th? present ii?inu.a bona. A full attenuate i < r'queded. First Frecmct wi I m o: at the Union Hotel. Se3ond,at Goo go Arnold'* school houae, 107 \%>?t street. Thi i}, a' William O. Drew's, opposite the Mnvor'i officii Fourth, at Western Star Engine Hon**, fe 5 2t I?VO.OOO!~ MPOKTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In crdpr to reduce our large and well assorted stock of DRY UOODS we mill, during tbe n?xt & il\is, il,?duct li> per cent, from nil e?.?A pu'oha-^i of #5a'.d over. Save joanm?n~> a^d ea.. at 9s Bridge st.. for barcams. 8F1LM \N A HUNT. Ja7 eolm Georgetown, 1). C. JUST RECEl V El>- ~ 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, lfiObb.s.o,d Rje WHIfKY, 150 bbls. HERRING and ALKWJVE8. SO bbls. Crashed and Refinad MJGARs. # l>acs Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhas.(low-j?rioed; MOLASSES. For sale br JOHN J. BOGLE. se 10 FOE SALE AND REST. [Frr other "ftr Salt at%d Rttu" idtirttiMuaii I *M JUit M| ] OR RENT-The food BUSINESS STAND, No, 101 Bridge *t, Otorictovi, now occupied by Mr*. Jam* as a fancy and trimming store. Cal! at Stand > o. 340, lower end of Center Market, near 7th st., next to L Neume?er. 21* 8AM UK I, SHOEMAKER. l^OR RENT?A very oomTo'table two story r liRICK HOUSE, former!) owned and occupied by ;lie !ate ("apt. ihoir.a* R. Geduey, L. S. Navy, No. 154 F ?tre?t north two squ res weat of the Navy Department The house contains ijn.e rooms. It has a kitchen, ce1 ar, and servant's room; cas faxtnres.aud an rxoellent rain watrr cistern. Possession may be had immediately. For terms apply to ti:e siibsonber, at No. 157 t itreet, next door to the premises fe 6 3r JAMKS L. EDWARDS. UU RMSHKD ROOMS FOR RKNT-No 4-23 r Savectii tt., b-twecn G ana H, a lew d* >?rs ahove the Patent <?OQ. |/OR RENT?Four FRAM K HOUSES, coar tai'iir.j 6 room* each, situated on Maaaachuaetta avenue and Fift-*en:h nt. For pirtion are inquire on tbe prcmiaea. Rent SO per mouth. fe 5 6t I?OR RENT-TWO ROOMS, and cae of Parr lor, in a pleaxant and health; part of the city Inquire at the oorner of Tenth at. and New York avenue. ja 29-U Am valuable farm for sale or exchange for CI I y property?Containing 181 acres, ntusted 14 iniieo from Alexandria, on tbe Oraof e and Alexandna Railroad, under food oultitatioc; timber, wa*er, fruit and a'l l>uild inra neeeararj flira firat-iate form. Inquire of G. w. bray, at tbe Jewelry Store, 416 Sevn'h at, Washington. jv21 lm* FB OR RENT-Thethree-?tory brick DWELLING-HOUSE, with liaiement. No. ?03.on E, between 2d and 3d atreeta, at preaect occupied by It. I ? ' vi i??ii juefi, ruiWHiori iir?n on m? 1st of February. It has all the modern improvements, ftttr, iH. to Rent #4S0 per year. A pp y to HENRY EGAN.481 Seventh ?t : or W. EG AN, 403 F. ?t.. (next door.) (Intel.) ja i>-tf Fm OR RENT-Tvo frame COTTAGE HOUSE*. oontaining six rooms, situated on Mtti. avenue ai.d Filtoenth street; pump of good water in the yard. ja5 f| BURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT,at 40h D street, between 6th and 7th sts. d? 4-tf Fm UK RENT, in the First Waid?three ?qu*-es west of the War Department?a small OFFICE, with back room, or the former inay answer for a shop and Parlors aud Chambers,separate, or suit* of Rooms, furnished or ui furnished ; cioxe to the Aver ue. Inquire at this ofiioe. de3 gtawtf |^OR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE,con Ok t*UJIU| O IWIIIIF, III KUIHI urtin, ?nil (M IXturee complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Alto, a two-story brick COTTAUK, with larre jrarc attached, corner or F *treet north an 14th at. east To punctual ar.4 reliable tena'ita the terma will be uiodoratj. Apply at 44b Twelfth atreet, between G aid U. no 13 tf FOR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West at, Georgetown. at present oocu pied br the aubsariber. it ha* 12 room a, with gne and water throuxhoat, a fine yard, stalls Ac , and ia in acood naichborhood. Apply to JAB. A.MAGRUDER. ' oo25tf J NEW COOKS. U8T RECEIVED AT FRENCH k. RICHSTKIN'S, No. 979 PtKS.AvMri, The Shadow in the Houae. a n-w Lovel, by Joha Saand ra 12u>o , cloth; fi by wail. The Dntch liuinioie ol the Catakilla, by the Her. Davi-i Mar oon, O. (>.. 12:no?on-th; 01 2"> by mail. The Komanoe of au Irish Girl, 12mu , o.oth, by mail. A large assortment ol the beat Mi liary Works puUli-hed. ja^4 ARARK CHANCE For hartains in Scho- 1 Books Blank Books. Misoellaneous Books and St%*ionerj, Writing Paper, he v?!ope>, Ac., Ac., at SHEPIIJ" Rli't*, o<>roer Seventh and Dsta. selling oat to ro^nce stock. Ja 19-lm giO TO SHEPHfc,ftb'8. oori.?r Ilk D sts.. " tor t arsaics. ja 1m 1 iri INVENTORS AN Ik PATENTEES MUNN A "COMPANY. Proprietor* of the Scwmric Amificah, and Agents for procuring American and Foreign With Siztttn y?sri' Erptrune* to tkt Btumtss, tefer to Hob. Judge Mason, Hon Joeepu Holt, on. W D. Bishop. E* Commissioners ol Patents, 6nd to mors than Kflun tkousamd ismusrj vko are had business done through Mold A Co.'s Pat P-L1U of Adrioo Mnt ftroo fey nil. PkteU Uviud caiationa.ltOfMMtSMita "Sioo-N?. IT Pvkl?w, Now York. Waofcksii?r "" -1"*"* ' swjss" j>u tafe ktILiJ\iftV! Wo aro offoriog rroat iotfaoooMBta to Military CompaaiM who vuh ootfiu. Boibr largaty ragac 4 is array and jan wnrk,?? oaa rtro ??) UeUUr in tyl? and prioes. Ordon from th? country lroaiallt ITiintid w w ?^LL STEPHENS ft CO. MILITARY OVERCOAT^i low MfT" Mw * THE LATEST NEWS? I TKLKQBAPHIO. jj Appdita'it (( miitUirri U Ik* Pmc? ( HrfM fr*a ?ltiM(kaMUi Bo?tox Feb S -Tb* Hooar of Aamklf today pnaaed tbr Senate'a reaolntion for tba appoint- !, Hfui of ConniaioRMt to UahitgUx Tba Gorrrnor bat ippolitfd JoLu Gaadncb, C bar lea Alien, George 8. Brut well, and Meaara Forbca Crownatleid. Chandler and Watera aa aald CommWoam The Union meeting at Fanuell Hall to day ud tbia evening waa large and entbiiainattc Bmdreda were auble to gala adBlttuca A letter from Hoa Edward Everett waa reed atatine that ' CoBKPaaa waa unable to benl tbe branch Nta ben were bound by party ttea and tba alternation | waa tb* Union or a bloody atrife " Hla letter eoncludea let tba cry ring oat from Fanuell Mall. Tba Union rouat and a ball be prianread.' " Reaolutiona of attachment to Um> Union were then -1? * * ** recent apeecbea of Mr. Howard aiX Mr. Adam*, appealing to Virginia and ?(hcr Border IUIm ? Mtnaln faithful to tbe Unloo, conceding the ?qitl rlgbta of all the S to tee la the common Territory, and approving the com pro in lac bams prmatad in the reeolutlona of Senator CrlHaudaw. Tk? Soother* CoaMrracy CwwattM Moittooxket, Fob. 5 ?Convention met again tbla morning and proceeded to buelneaa Doling a dlacuaalon on the adoption ot rnlea Mr. Stepbena, of tteorgU, aatd "the rulea were made on tbe principle that wo are a Cocgreaa of a eoverelgn and Independent gtatee, aad we muat ote aa State* " Pending a dlacuaalon oa tbe adoption of reeoto tlona providing for tbe anptdatment of a Committee to report a form of Provlatonal Government. tbe Convention went Into aecret aeaalon . l<>> - -- a Din appropriating S500.0UQ to tbe cidm of Southern Indeprnden' > psasrrt both Houm of ILe Alabama Legislature today The Governor baa signed the bill legalising bank suspensions Th? May law was defeated la tbe Bratb, bat an effort wlu be made to morrow to recounder It. wblch It la thought will be sin i issfsl Tbe line la down aoutb of tbia point Another Abolition Meeting Irakea l> Albaht, S. V . Feb. S ?Tbe State Anti-Slavery Convention waa beid at Asaoclstion Hall yeaterday. Tbe attendance waa very good Tbe aaayor bad promised to protect free apeech. and waa present at the convention tbla evening with considerable police force. Lucretia Mott made a speech reviewing tbe aatislavery movement, past and present, which waa listened to with occasional Interruptions of bias lng_ Gerrft Smith also spoke, and was followed br Mrs. Stanton, who attempted a portrait of tbe of the northern diaunlonists. that ia, tbe Garrison* lana, whom she painted aa very pure and worthy people, eng-ged in a holv crua?d< against a monstrous and j:li:antlc iniaultv. Durliui ber remark* many of those present Lias~d and stamped till the place became a perfect bedlam, and tbe meeting waa finally broken up before tne lady bad concluded ber remark* Tbe mavor wu compelled to address tbe disturbers, who finally dispersed 1 be New Mrxtcnn Mall iRDirinDiiici, Mo . Feb 4.?The New Mexican Mall fiom Fawnee Fork arrived to-day. * Tbe enow on tbe Plalna la from two to four fleet deep Tbe mall waa compelled to travel part of tbe wav on parked mules Tbey were three dava making six miles Nothing bad been beard at Pawnee Fork of the murder of Major's men In tbe Rattoon Mountain*. and tbe presumption is that If It waa so they would have beard of It, as they are in weekly communication with Fort Wise Quite n number of candidates are out In th;a county for the State Convention No doubt those who are for the Union as It is will be elected From Pike's Peak Dinvee Citt, Jan 31?a. E Riley, a young lawyer from St Josephs, Missouri *wat killed at Mountain city on Monday night last, by a man named Looney Riler was destroying some of i.opnyy i property ana wDfn 101a U> an'.R. be attemped to (boot Looney with a double barreled Bin. Looney wr?-?trd the gun from htm. when iley drew a revolver and fired twice at Looney who returned the lire with the (ua, killing him Instantly. rrm Texat New Oklkaxs, Feb 5 ? Advice* from Ausflr.. Texas, to tbe 29tb nlt. have been received Gov ernor Ho niton had aent a meaa\ge to the Leglala ture condemning tbe New York resolutions, (ton derlng men and money to coerce the Sooth) expreaaiug the hope that tbe people of Toua Will act a* a un't for the defence of her rights A resolution to cnbmlt the Secession Ordluace to tbe people was lost. Tbe Houae pissed a bill cstobllahlng patrols throughout Texas. . Frew tallteriU Fort Kiarkey. Feb *?The California Per? Express of the ltfth ult. has arrived. The MeM'tre of tbe Governor of California la strongly in favor of tbe Union The letter* of Congreaaoien Scott and Burcb, advocating; tbe erection of a Pacific Republic, are severely denounced by the papers Judge Mo A lister decision corfirm* the New Almr.den mine to tbe claimanta against the Government A coalition bad been formed between tbe Re publican* and Democrat* in the Leglaietoife to ekcta United Statea Senator. OpealB| ef tbe New Orlenna (mini Heat* by tbr itate Antheritlea ? beetasiea ef 1 eaa* Naw Orle*ra, Feb. 5.?The Coatom Houae at thi* port we* opened to-day undt r the Govarament of Uiiiiao* A rumor reached here to-day that the Texaa Convention bad paaaed an Ordinance of *8m: ?l?n by a vote of ayea 54 naya 6 The **ntlment in favor of uniting Texan In lb* Southern Confederacy la represented to be largely In tbe ascendant Iowa Delegate* to the Caalereaee. SrKiKcri(L?, IU , Feb. 4 ?Governor Kirk wood, of Iowa, arrived here tbla evening He aaya tbat tbe Iowa delegatea to Cnngraa* have been instructed to act aa Commlaalonera from that State It 1* rumored that Gov. Washburne, of Maine, not only refuses to aend Commlaalonera to the Virginia Conference, but advicesothers to pwene tbe same courae Part of tbe 1 lllnola delegatea to tbs W aeblngton Convention left here th a evening. v ar?n?a bf(iiuiarc. Ralkigb. Feb. 5 ?The Senate baa pMMd general itay law The Hoaae la employed on the Military bill The military will be thoroughly re-urgaalicd and vo' un leer corn panic* will be raiaed ana armed. The election newi from Virginlaelateaaomeand depreaaea others It ia the absorbing topic of conversation bare to-night Death af Key. Mehalas Marray. Niwat, Feb. 3.?Tb? Rev. Nlcholae Murray. D. D , the well known Kirwan." died laat evening at hia realdeuce, In Elizabeth, of a dlaeaae of the heart He was a prominent man In the old rhool Preab\terlan Church, and patter of the ftret church In Elizabeth for many yeara _ Krialiibi ttver the Vlniais flertiaa. IIAKBitsma, Feb 5?(jowrnor Curtis ha* order^i a lalutr of thirty-four (um la honor of tbe result of tbe Virginia election. Mr Shaffer, Republican, offered a reaolution congratulatory to Virginia in tbe Houae to-night, but It waa laid over under tbe rulea. Lviialaaa i ?a*eati?, New OmLXAKa, Feb 5?Tbe Louisiana Coo ention has paaaed tbe Military bill, prevtdlag for two regimenta?artillery and infantry?to conalst of 1,700 Hi en All Qaiet at Ckarlestsa. X Chaslkston. Feb. f'Tbere la aotblag traasplrinK here Tbe report la tbe New York Tiaaes that Fort Sumter haa bee a reiaforced la files Death ef the Rev. Or Khartleff Htsam.N. 11 , Feb. 4 ?Tbe v?arable See Dr. Kburtleff, a Prereaaor of Dartmouth College, died this afternoon, aged 97 years ? Tatted States Isaatsr Elected Alsasy. Feb 6?Mr. Ira Harris waa to-day -? a a w_ eU~ I ^1.1.4..^. * Aluit. Feb 3?The 8Mb A.a?bly teea pa Mod a bill appropriating f 1U0.0UU far tte relief of tte Kan? mftrw KU.nwn, Feb. 6 ?Flour stead r, Howard it sad Oblo Wheat Arm, red SI & white Si ttal 03 Cora Ira; wblte ?te7Jc, TeUow ftls 67c. ProrliloM active: n?a? pe'h fl? Lard IDJfe Coffee active at U^ilk Whtakyateadv W 1*. New Work Market* ? N*w Yeas, Feb. ?Fleer tea a dew a ward teadaary, aed prleaa area ahade aaaler. MTteaft dull aad price* aarteaved. Cera haaadeeraward tendef>cy, but oai>uaoBatrr uaaetrlcd. frey talons are qal*t Whisky U dull al ?**? Niw You, Feb^r ?? ? ? a - - HI/* CUT* \_u. ua KM "7 *1 ' Cmr*<\ hve Tii At kM**; Ml Uii? South, era J'.Jg, Niw V?1 OmMI ** *?? ?*; MiU-mi ? *?? M Hit # % I7{ (WWf " 7 - r ^ #