Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1861 Page 1
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THE DAILY EVENING STAR ! FUBLJSHBD EVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEFTED.) \T THE STAJl BUILDING*, Corner /rmv.-ylvmtt awrnut and llti ft., V W. D. WALLACE. wved in by carrier* at ?4 a y?*r, or *> oenta par month. To mall aubeoribera the prioe ia ?SJO a year, ? mdratut, $2 for aix ninths; 91 for three montlM; and for 1ms than tftree montha at the rata of 12 oenta a week. Sini 1? acpiee, owl cbrt; in wrappera, two caifTa. f77" ADT*Rti?iitaj*Ts anon Id be Beat to the ottoe b jtor? U o'e.ock m.; otherwise th?y may not appear wntil theneitday. V5t. XVII WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 7. 1861 N?. 2.487. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. rill UMUMt Kami It ?aiain? a greater variety at I -haa o*b be feaxi ta aar atMr-w FVHa? moriyni. lUli-OtL Piasie eopy. par aai Fire oopiaa , T?a eopiea Twenty -i*s - 1 . 4 rs . . ? W It laeanabiy orntains the " ?aa mads 11* D*>h o ftaeraiw throvehoat the eoaatry. IL/~9tB(>a eopiea (ia wrappers? at theon?Bt*r. iwuaetfiats y ef the A LADY'S 11EART TO BE LET. [COVTIMCXD.J ' Lady's heart to belat," mused Mr. Vioke ry, putting down the paper, his mind reverting back to the advertisement " How very odd. Bupposo -Constance' should be some respecta ble. middle-aged iady, situated as I am?wor ried to death in lodgings?lonely and friend lew She would not advertise for a husband if she were young and saw lota of society. Egad, I have a great mind to write to her, and arrange a meeting, if it were only to spy what she is like. Perhaps she has lodging to let. If I could see my way clear to a home of my own I'd let Mrs. Nagger be hanged before I'd stop here another day. I'll answer the advertise ment. I'll write now, and post my letter this very night." And full of his great resolve the old gentleman gat down and began to concoct his ' billet doux." He spoiled about half a quire of satin note paper before he produced a commencement to his satisfaction, and when he had got as far as to request that 44 Constance" 'would meet him, he could not for the life of him think of a suitable rendezvous. At length, when he had nearly given up in despair, his eye fell u^onsome writing, on his blotting pad, iii Jack Vesper's hand. Jack had written a letter there a few days previous, and in press ing it on the pad quite wet, had left an imprint on a portion of its contests, which his uncle made out as follows : ? can see you. There is a secluded little Talley, close ucder the seven fir trees, on the path toward Higbgnte. not more than " The rest was so smeared as to be illegible. "Ha!" thought Mr. Vickery, "Jack has been describing the beauties of the heath to some friend. This same little valley will do capitally for a place of meeting for me and * Constance." So he finished his letter, and started off in the rain to post it. Sunday came, and with it Jack Vesper to breakfast, as punctual as the clock. That re past went off better than might hare been ex !ected, and uncle and nephew set off to church, he Parker's pew was next to Mr. Vickery'g sittings, from whence Jack had a full view of the crown of an exquisite little bonnet, which, throughout the service, was bent downward, disclosing a glimpse of about two inches, of a little white neck, down which on? little stray curl of glossy hair trieked prorokingly. Poor Fanny ! it wns a great shame of Jack to dis turb her derotious, when he knew that they uiust pass at the church door without a word. Jack Vesper wandered oil over li:;mpstead Heath that day, from two o'clock until dusk, and went home as cross as two sticks, lie re covered the usual serenity of his temper, how ever, the next day, after perusing the foliowing letter: A/b.inE.31 . x V.UU1U BUb got UUk JQS terday to meet you aa I had promised. Ob, engagement, that much as I love you, I must tmpt'ore that you will not ask me to meet you again?that is to say?only once more, before you can ask papa's and mamma's oonsent. Don't be an^ry, I hare told a/l to my good old nurse, Mrs. Iredham. She has just recovered from a hard fit of the gout, poor woman ; but she hss promised to meet jreu to-morrow, at our old rendesvous. should anything prevent my being able to keep my appointmeat. Say when you will be there. I have ao much to tell yoa. Your own Fas." To which Mr. Jack replied in this ridiculous tyle : ' Mr precious 0w!?:?I cannot stand this any longer, and I won't. I'll go straight to my uncle?tell him all?get him to promise to see you, you darling ! and, then, hft is sure to make no objection to our marriage. Go on to our old rendezvous. See you there at four, and pop formally to the old people this even ashamed of this secret llig, 11 JUU n ill let U1Q. M Your own Jack." Business always flows in upon a man whan be does not want it. Jack Vesper was detain ed moat profitably until the middle of the day, and then sprang into a llan^om, and told the driver to cut along like?something?to Pros pect House, llampstead. Arrived there, be was told to bis mortification, that Mr. Vickery had gone out about an hour. Where bad Mr. Viekery gone? Let us follow bim. Mr Vickery had gone to meet hia "Con stance'in the little valley by the seven fir trees ; and arrived at the tryating place, saw an elegant little figure sitting on a bench very buay working " brwderie Anglaise." Can this possibly be Constance? he asked himself. He ewe a loud hem ! and a face in harmony with (M figure was turned toward bim. " It oan't Kibly be she," mused our Jeremiah. "She very pretty, and yet it's three o'clock, and there is no one else in sight. Perhaps she is an orphan, poor child ! 11 she is the owner of the 4 Heart to be Let,' what a luaky dog I am, to be sure. By Jove", I'll speak to her. ' Faint heart never woo fair '.*dy ! ' Bo here eoee. Hem! " it 1. 4 Uajj ^ a > ?? v 1/lU JVU tavAVAi vaO Ui^, mil . UStCU A HUIIJ, * who at once recognized our friend as Jack's uncle and guardiau. " Address you ; no, no, I?that is, I?Oh ! Aldrtxs you." stammered Mr. Vickery; '-you asked me if I addressed you ? Oh! I see?oh ; yes!?I?I?did not exactly address you. I merely observed?I mean I was only going to take the liberty of asking whether you were t-xnecting any one? i'anny instantly guessed that Jack had seen his uncle, had told birn all, and that the kind old fellow bud set off to giro his consent in per son, not wishing to keep her in suspense. She therefore replied, bending her face very cloeely down upon her work. "Well! I must confess that I am expecting ijme one '' " A gentleman ? " "Yes; a gentleman He was to hare met xue hare at four o'clock." "And his purpose in coming7" demanded Mr. Vickery, eagerly, 4* was mat?waa?waa * matrimony '" vPoor liule Fan crimsoned, and the tears tavlAiJ int/v k a* siTAa iai vvu iuiv uci ujw. " Tu Constance herself," thought Air. Yick ery, transported with joy. ' It's my uncle, that is to be," thought Fan ny. " My dear joung lady," Jeremiah began, trying to take ber hand ; " my very dearyoang ?lady. I see by your blushes, that my surmise was correct. You are?you are?I aasure it Is m not out of my disrespect for you; but I?I?' w "I understand you, sir," aaid Fanny, tiying would spare me all allusion to the 4 4 KKe men r. m the fk <1 ir a rt i rt ? " hspny Jeremiah ; but, of course, Fanny was thinking of her secret engagement to Jack. ' I own," she continued, still blushing over uci won, ion ik wii Terj, Tcrj wrung , uuv you will forgive me, will you not? Yob will forget the secresy sod concealment which sur rounds the cause of our acquaintance." ' Forgive ! of course, I do," cried old Vick ry, seising her hand, and shaking it violently " And we may be openly engaged ?" de manded the now delighted Fanny. "Of course," again, 4,my sweetest young lady," Vickery replied, getting more and more impreasive every moment, "don't give the past another thought. "It's all my own fault. Why did I not know yOu long ago ?" "Oh'" aaid Fanny, looking into his face with a little sigh, '*1 wish you had I should then have been spared many a sid hour." Old Viakery stared aghast ' By Jove f" thought h?, "she ia in love with me, poor little girl! But what'a the matter?" L'.n>> ka/1 aiirtiul from h?r seat, anil >iu tfriuj>liDf violently 4? I TO BE co?TI?US?.| ?? : * ' ICT The followtog note, uyi the Marlon (AU ) Commonwealth. wm Iste'y received by a gentle . tn*n In ttaU place from the overseer : Dit> Doctob : Pietk aend me by the bey * 4. emir of trace chelae u4 two doer blagea. Jane Ud iwlne^lMt ni*tu?ti?o two pod loo to. &sxTixi5T or Mastlaiid.?The Baltimore American of Wednesday aaya:?Talbot county, In thla State, in which the movement to favor of a Stite Convention haabe*n moat strongly preeaed, on Monday held an election, by agreement be tween the two parties The Union oandldatea were elected by a decided majority, and the county also voted against the oall of a Convention Meetings were held in all the warda of Balti more last night, in pursuance of the resolutions adopted at the meeting In the Maryland Institute on Friday evening last, to elect delegates to a City Convention, which is to b* charged with electing delegatea to tLe proposed State Convention. None but those favorable to the call attended, and no opposition wjs manifested to the carrying out of the objects of the meetings. The meetings par took of the characteristics of primary ward meet ings. and the delegatea were elected in the modea usual on such occasions. From fifteen hundred to iwu tuuusanu voters may nave, in all me wards, taken part In the proceedlogs * The Flag or thk Union Still Fltijto in North Alabama.?A letter from Athens, Ala , dated January 89, state* that the workingmen of that place met In the Public Square and fired thirty-three guns for the Union, and that the national dag still waves over the Court House. The workingmen paid a visit to Hon Mr Hous ton, who cordially received them, and expressed the hope that the Union would be preserved, and that they might always find work in the Union. On returning to headquarters, the following reso lution was unanimously adopted: Rnolvtd, That we, the Union and working men of Athens, return our sincere thanks to the Union and workingmen of South Nashville,Tor their kind and generous feelings towards us of Athens, and to all Union and workingmen in every State In this glorious Republic, ami espe cially to those of Tennessee, fnr in her holnnm tbe banner of defence. Mr. Yancey was burned in efllgy at night, and great excitement prevailed Thk Isdepesdrnt Rrvkxck System ?The Savannah Republican, commenting upon the ac tion of tbe Georgia Convention disconnecting tbe officers from tbe collection of revenue in the ports of that State, and which step it bid op posed as unwise and prejudicial to the Interest of Georgia, justly and truly adds: This step taken, before we atp prepared to offer a competent substitute, we should not stop there. If the idea is to make Georgia completely inde pendent and at once, let us cut loose entirely from every badge of Federal obligation We have cast expediency to tbe winds, let us not say that in one point our nonorcan be assailed. To beconsistent let us tike the Postal service of our State into our own bands, and not let it b? said that a citizen of Georgia is tbe paid officer of a Government foreign to our own, and responsible to its behests Ks p-rially should this be the case where the account current shows that we receive more than we pay. At lea*t l*?t 11* I9VA AliP 1 - ? v wu? uvuui uj luaftin^ pruvinon, in cash, for the exert* The Destination of the Brooklyn ?Tbe Montgomery (Alabama) Mail of tbe 1st inatant, contains a special dispatch from Washington on the 30th instant, which states that the President had replied to Senator Mallory's dispatch, inqulr lng the destination of the Brooklyn, and threaten ing the commencement of hostilities if she at tempted to reinforre Fort Pickens, by informing him that tbe Brooklyn hud gone to Pensacola; that she would land provisions for Fort Pickens, and would then lay otl? with troops to aid tbe Fort in case of an attack. The dispatch further states that the commander of thq Brooklyn bad been or dered to watch closely, and if be discovered signs of an attack about to be made, or any preparations therefor, to instantly land the Artillery companies at Fort Pickens ana bring his guns to b?ir upon the attacking forces Who shall bb Kin? ?Tbe London Globa has an exceedingly caustic article on the rumor that South Carolina desires an English Prince for her ruler It says: "We have no 'Black Prince' at present to suit their taste*, and Indeed it requires a very strbng imagination to contemplate one of the sons of our gracious Queen sitting on a South American throne, with slaves for one-half bis subjects, and slaveowners tbe other half. He should gIve up the lion of England for tbe rattlesnake which the new heraldry of the South eflVets, or more elabo rately assume armorial bearings Crest, a cat (of nine tails); rampant a'ms. negroes covthant in a field of cotton, blood-hounds regardant, support* ers. slave-drivers armed; motto,'Lite and lash " It advises South Carolina to apply to Spain, or to take the dethroned King of Naples U /-The Charleston correspondent of the Rich mond Despatch writes, under date of February 1: "For the first time, I accompanied a party of gentlemen yesterday afternoon to tbe ship-yard, wbere the -floating battery' is in course of build ing This battery Is for war purposes, of immense dimensions, and at this time a mere skeleton of h'.ig* ani rough timbers, and resembles what oi,e mii(bt imagine tbe rare as* or skeleton of the mat t'don we read of, laid on 1U bark, with lta bilge ribs curving Inwards, only tbe ribs of tbe battery are bolted together with Iron, and ore as close together as they can be placed " Fibst Check to the Palmetto Flao.?The Portland D?iiy Advertiser, January 3U says: "Tbe master of a brig just arrived at this port froin Havana, reports that on the day previous to her sailing, about 10 a. m , a small brigantine, froin Cbarlnton, came in past the Moro Castle with the Palmetto flag living,or rather tbe Strip's with one star, but Immediately, by order of the otlloer In command at the Moro, brought to anchor under ita guns, and kept there Until 3 p in.,when tbe fiig of the Union was hoisted, and she was permitted to proceed up the harbor." Thi Schoose* Ocean Wave ?Tbe schooner Ocean Wave, whose sinking otf Indian Head were noticed last week, was raised some days al n<>? mmmi ^ ' J * ...v., auiicu uoic yr?icruay, in IOW 01 I s'esmtug A singular and Bad clrcumatance at tended the affilr. Captain Owena, the owner of theveasel, upon her being raised, went Into the cabin, and laid down to rest within hi* berth, and la a abort time was a corpse. The fatigue and trouble Incident to raising the vesvrl brought on an aifction to which he speedily auccumbed His body waa carried veaterday morning to hla borne In Northumberland ?Alex. Gazette Good# Nkw* from Kkmtcckt.?There la little cbance for diaunlon In Keutucky. A gentleman who baa juat arrived from Lexington aaya be found a perfect delirium for the Lnton. Kven the travellers on horseback had Union flags wrapped around their whip-handles, while at nearly every cross-road the banner of ths Stars and Stripes are floating to the breeze. Cottok Cosvsntioh ?On the 13th of February, a Convention of those Interested In the develop ment of the Cotton spinning industry of tbe South, will be held at Atlanta, Georgia. The object of tbe Convention is to secure such concert of action as will enable tbe South to export spun rot ton to France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Russia. Father Griffon, a Catholic priest, whose horse died under him on the great morass plains, Uritith Columbia, and who lay freezing and fam ishing for five days before be was found and con veyed to a place safety, has since had one of his legs amputated below tns knee, but Is now rsp ldly recovering. Ifr* Two ministers in Wyoming county, N. Y., recently had a law suit respecting two ser mons of the one, of which the other had obtained poss?ssion and refused to deliver them up. The bereaved author therefore sued his erring brother and recovered S00 damages. The costs amounted to mo. Suoac*riv>.?The Charleston Courier says: An ingenious fellow-citizen, Mr. Louia Fora, whose constructive and inventive powere are attested by all who know taim. is willing to stake a consider able wa?er on doing some things that have been much talked about Dflixqcbnt Lands in Vikoihia?Of lands sold for taxes and pnrchased by the State, there are nominally 30.294.496 acres; 19,601,096 being in the Trans-Alleghany districts. II T A bill has been introduced into the Senate of North Carolina to repeal eo much of the Con stitution of the State as prohibits Israelites from holding oflce Judge Seymour, of the Connecticut Supe pertor Court, has decided that students have a right to vote in the town In which they are at trnding college. Counterfeit ten dollar bills on the Bank of South Carolina are in circulation. The men who used those notes mast have been In desperate cir 11 nuta ID-Hugh Miller's unpnbllsbed work, reeeatly announced in Edinburgh. It entitled "The Head ship of Christ, and the Right* of the Christian People " irT-Tbe !mpo40Mon of oxen, balls, and ?wi Into Geat Britain for the ymt ending 183?, amounted to MUM bead*. Er WMiMjVi.))M Mly 31 ?kw? la ? population of 14^ol4, CLOTHING, &c. New CA8S1 WALL, STEPHENS A <5o? 393 Pennsylva nia Avenue, have just reoeived a large varietv of new Fall Goods, to wnioh thejr invite tne attention of their friend* and oimtnmera. an 30-tf GENTLEMEN'S iJ READY-MADE CLOTHING. Onr preeent assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READV-MADE CLOTHING offers to citizeua and atrangera wishing an immediate out-fit supe rior induooments, embracing, at thia time, all styles and eaahtiee of Dress and Bnsineas h*r menu and Overcoats In all varieties. Fine Shirts and Under-olothing el all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of beat qua.ity. Soarfs, Ties, Cravau, Sto"k*, Hosiery, Ac.. Ao. All of whioh we are offering at ^ur nsua! low prioes. IE7" Clothing made to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. no 16-tf aaa Pa. avenne. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite oar oustomers.and oitisens general ly, to an inspeonon of onr present new, at __ tractive, and elegant assortment CLOTHS. CASSI MERES, DOESKINS, VKSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS. Ac. If which we will make to order in superior style at very low prises. WALL, STEPHENS A CO? oo 25-tf 334 Pa. av? hetw. 9th and 10th sts. GAS. FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would call the attention ot water takers to their lull aisortment of Fixtures necessary to its intro duction as foi:own:-K ITCH EN K ANGES.IJA TH TLBS. WATER CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron. l.?ad and Galvanised WA TER PIPES. HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH VOU D ITUUL* D u ?.??? mju'Tiix nuofi, ao. Having superior atlvantaceii, with practioal knowledge, we are prepared to introduce Water into dwelling* with all the latest improvement*, promptly, and at price* that oannot fail to satisfy. 269 Fenn. avenue, no 24-dtMar 1 bet.9th and Iftth sts.. south side. AWM. T. l)OVE * CO. KE Now prepared to execute any orders with whioh they may bo favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. JO- Store on 9th street, a lew doors north of Pa, avenu?, where may l?o found a com ale to assortment of CH \NDKL1 ERS and other GAB, STEAM and WATER FIXTURKS. ia27 It WGAS FIXTURES. E Havs in store, and are dai.y receiving, OAS FIJ.TUR ES of entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in ?t*l9 t" anything heretofore offered in this market, we inviteoitizens general ly to call and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the best elected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to oar oar* will be promptly attended to. MYERS & McGHAN. mar S-tt 37fi 1) street. T SNYDER. JL* PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth ana F aU. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the moat favorable terms, and guaranties entire atielAotion- * He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other BTOVKS, which he wiH cell leas than oost, aa he wishe* to get rid of them. no 17 OFFICE of inspector and sealer kj of gas meters. Washinsto?. July 18,1880, NOTICE AS HEREBY OIVEN. That, agre* ably to the provisions of the ordinance of the Cor poration approved May li, I860, the nndersigned if now prepared,"whenever resuired in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oente, to iospeotj examine, test, prove, and ascertain the aoouracy of registration or liny eis meter in use in this city." Every meter, if found incorrect, will be oondemned, and another, sealed and marked as true, will be setini'* place. If proved to be acourete in ita me?Mur- ment of cas, it will be sealed aooordingly, and again put in cosuios (or use. _ . Office No. 810 Seventh street.fnear Odd Fl ows' HaJ^ ^ov.&om 5 a..m.vtj>J^4.m... unnivLiLio tv. lyuiiniiiwnAJn, if 18-tf Inspector and Sealer of 6&e Motors. 10. O. DEMUTH 4; CO., MPORTER8 And Wholesale and Retail Deal ers in HAVANA CIGARS. FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, GINS. #c., No. 4 0 North Ciiarlf* Street, Five doors above Lexington ft., no 22-ly Baltimore. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE TI1E UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Who haajnst received a large supply of fresh LOB STERS, FISH, ami fine UY^TKRS.O^bv which he will serve to oustomors at tlie^^^Si? snortest not ce and on libera! t*rms. F. S ? Oysters served to families aiid hotels a-e not eoalded; tlie> are only scalded for persons eUt inc tiieni at the s&loou. '? 8 T. M. HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /Ov A A .. removal. atX Q U f k*VA rnmoiro/l " PAWN'OFFICE ^ W to .131 G street, between 4.'-4 and 6th streets, imme diately in the rear of the National Hotel, where the buaiiiOFs will be c ontinued an heretofore at the old fctand. |n<>)A-6ni) 1S*AC HKKZHKRG. fit\ NEW PAWN OFFICE. rfjy. O ? E. W A R U,~Dealer in New? U and cast Off Clothing, respectfully inform* the pu'nio that he haa opened a Llt'EfySED PanVLn OFFICE at No. 7l? Louisiana avenue, between 9'h and lota ata., a lew doora eaat of the new Cen tral Guard-house, where h) will l-e at nil times prepa-pd to wait on Ins patrona with promptness, attention and the strictest justice. N- H ?Jewelrf . Dry Goods, Clothing, Mechan io?' Tools, ao., a; ways on hand at private sale. ja 16 lm* THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CA8H CAPITAL 9300,000. Ir.Hurea Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, &o., against loss or dam&g? by fire. HEATH & KNOWLES, A*onts, Office?Room 16 over Bank of Washington. ja lo J. O Those of nur customers and friendi who have c?t settled their bills ai presented on the 1st January we would respectfully i.ut moat earnetty request them to make every effort to do so by the first week in February, as we are in want of all the money due us at this time. Our thunIr wm t#nH?r tn thnaa wlm Kaun naiH their bills promptly, and shall be pl'ase<l to serve them in future upon the beat terms, and hone to merit their increased oonfidei.ce and liberal patron age. J. W. COLLEY & i O? ja30 10t 323 Seventh it., above Pa av. EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. 1. EMRICH. at the oorner of Penn.A . A avenue and Eleventh street, haa beenVlfTAV greatly improved reoeutly and now offers ALdBJL greater inducements for the patronage of citiseis and strangers than any other publio house in the oity. his prices being less than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and his accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already beoome very popu lar, being all that can be desired by the most fas tidious. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted atten

uun kuu wuiiiusQ imni sxxnauurei 10 give Ul i?f*o;ion to all, and tnu? renews his invitation < all to give the European Hotel a oall. de*-ti IJOOIS AND TO SUIT TMK We are now mannfvsturine'all klnda of BOOTS and 8HQE8, and oo.-iatanuy reoeiviu supply of eastern made work of ever<ae-9H|l sorption. made expressly to order, and will W ? be eold at a mneh lower prioethan haa l-een" !)*? heretofore oharg ed in thia oity for mrch inferior artiolea. Persona in want of Boota and ?hoea of eaatern or oity made work, will alwaya find a jood at aortmen in atoreft&d at the loweat prioea. Git? na a oalL GRIFFIN & B.IO., apt-r 314 Pennaylrania avenue. 171VE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRt'INKB r arrived thia day, emt>raoim ali auali-aawr^ ti?a and aisee of Sole Leather, Ladies' EVrew Dreea and Paokinc Trunks. Oar trunk^****4 rww oauiuim ni lull time toe Kreaie?g TSr I61T of traveling reeui*ita>. at moderate prioee. w be found this Bid* of ? ? gon oCLAPI repaired or taken In atkiBf* WA^L, HENS * a-tf 9 Pa.a ^'NSMA " Marble IK8 ?*? 17 sm 1w> %fht ijik DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and-patentee of til* MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-^.*^ teads personally at bit off.oe id thia eity nay persona oan wear these teeth who^1 '*?*-* eaanot wear others, and no person can wear others who oannot wear these. Pmons oallinK at my office oan be accom mol*:e<i with any style and prioa or Teeth thej may desire; bat to those who are partionlar and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, aDd mo*t perfect denture that art oan prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this oitr*No. 339 p? aTerue, between ltkui4IMk.t. ? 1? "?* ...? aw, ?wi arsa nrwi, rmiariel ph?. oc 16 tf TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF hours. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, I860, the trains will ran as follows: LEATE WASHINGTON: First tram at 6.20 a. m. Seoond Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at S.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p in. LEAVE BALTIMORE-. First train at 4.15 a. in.. Express. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third at 3.10 p. m. iivuibii aru>'iiii ikuu tairu (aum irom mgton connect through- o Philadelphia and New York. The aeoond and third oonneot at Washington Junotion with train* for th? West, South, and Northweat; also, at Annapolia Junotion, for An napolia. For Norfolk take the * 40 a. m. trai-i. I-or the accommodation of the way travel be tween Waahineton and Laurel, a faaaenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leavea at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goea to Phiiadel ptua onlr. no jfi-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. THE STEAMER JAS. 8UY Will resume her tripa on TUESDAY. Slat of February, I860. Will leave WA8H-J" IN6TON every TUESDAY an< FRIDAY, at 6o'clock a. m..acd ALEXANDRIA at lialf-paat 6 o'clock, for Ct'RRlOMAN and the intermediate Lanrfinga. On her return tripe, ahe will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDA Y,at 5 o'oiook a. m. LUCIAN B. PAtfE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ac't, Alexandria. fe?0 I7RENCH FLOWERSOF THK VKRV h?.*t gfe vare .nd fur Idj^ I' quality, and an extensive variety. At stevens'S Fancy Store, no 22 tl 33K. h#tw. <>th and t<W WATCH repairing ANUSILVER WARE manufactory. I have one of the beat establishments, and fur nished with a complete set of tools for repair ing every desonption of fine Watchee, and , particular attention give to the same, by tU thorough oompetent work man.and a. work ruarau tlbd. Al?o,every desorip ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in general and represented as their own manufacture. H. 0. hood, se 6 338 Pa. avenue, nearfrth ?t. Best fancy goods, AT prices TO suit the times, A!stevens'S FANCY 8TO^Ef*0:'LT, DO Xt-U 3.16. betw. 9th and KHh sts. P OFFICIAL ROPO0AL* FOR ERECTING A COURT HOUSE. AND POST OFFICE AT PHILA PHIA, PA. Tssascry Dkfaiticekt, December 2S,18flO. Bkalkd PR0P0tiL> will Hb rraaiTMt at this De partment ontii the 2W day of February, A.D 1861, at 1$ o'olock at noon. for the oonstruotion of the Philadelphia Court-House and Post OfEoe.aooord ing to the plaus and specifications prepared at this Department. These proposals must be for the whole work; but Moh portion of the work and the amount b d there for must be separated stated in the bid; the reepeo tive amount for eaon kind of work carried out, and the total amount stated; the Department re serving the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby invited, or any parts thereof, wren itdeems the interest of the Unitod tfl&tes require* it; ths Department also reserves the right to exclude the bias of any person or persons whom there is just cause to believe will not faithfully perform the con tracts, or whioh tliev have attempted to obtain by indirection; and all bids when there shall be parties in interest who do notjoin in the bids, and all bids that, upon investigation, are beiow a lair price for the work. No contract will be awarded to bidders until de tails are furnirhed tho Department of the prioesef mo uiuereiu kii.uo w worn and materials, which s^all l>e subject to the revision of the Department, s? that the cross bill shall be equitably apportioned upon the whole work to guide the Department in making payments. Ninety per cent, of tho amount of work doneaud materials delivfrot, aooonlinc to oontr&ot prists (said amount to be ascertained by the estimate of aa agent of tlie Department appointed for that pur pose.) will b- paiu from time to time as the work progresses, and ten per o-int. retained until the com pletion of the oontraot aiid acceptance of the work, AO., by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the event of non-iulfilinent of oontraoL Contracts will bo awarded only to master build ers or nioo^aiiios, and the assignment thereof, ex cept by consent of t*e cecretary of the Treasury, will bo a forfeiture of the same. Eaoh proposal must be aocon panted b* a writt- n f uarantee, tigned by two r'spo^siblejterrons lcer tified to be so by the United States District Judge, or Attorney of the said district.) in the sum of 92n,noii. that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal b> accepted, enter into a oontraot and itond. with proper and sufficient securities for its faithful performance. Plans, "pecibcationa and working drawings can be examined alter forty days, ani other informa tion obtained on appiicitidn to the Department. The proposals must be sent to this Department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, (en dorsed" Proposals for the Philadelphia Court Hans* and Post ojice,") and will be opened at 1 o'clock p. m ,oi the last day named for receiving the same, in the presence of the bidders, if any ohoore to at tend. PHILIP F THOMAS, J _ o * * *" ? ae .1 u'uaw fecrctArr 01 ttf Treasury. PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, 6EOR6ETOWN, Ac. Wktrtat, At the present season o the rear CHOLERA MORBUS, 71 DIARRHEA, __ IHOL1C, DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA, , DEBILITY, 4c., to., prevail to an alarming extent: And vkirtas, It ainst be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know of A REMEDY " """ o?: So^tSAlS!^"' ow Pajiis, offers his % MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER REMEDY FOIl THE A UOVKCO a i nts In order to uitiafy THE PUBLIC thM no imposition ia intend*! in the Bale of this Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED m all casts when the medioine fai'.a to (ire entire tatia&otio ilk) then at any Dm* Store for DR. MONTARDE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. take aa directed, and if not perieotly satisfied Return to onr Agent. D. B. CLARK. ESQ., 4K Street and Pennaylvania A venae, who will refund your money. Prioe?86 and 80 Centa per Bottle. For aale at all Drue Storee everywhere. JAS. McDONNELL. General A cent, jyll-eotr Bvtirrore. W lKAVELlNlv U'KUNKS. E Have jo?t reoeived the largest assortment and now offer the moat extensive varietyflrvrs WOOD AND COAL. Ywood and coal. OU Will surely get your mon?f'i vorth by oallinf kttuHIONEER MlLLt*, >o*t*teen t*r net nf Stvtnik ilrwt and Canai, (GEO. PAttK. Asent) They sell cheaper and tire hatter m??or( than any others in the city?out. split, ar.d <leli v. ered free of oharce. If v?a don't believe it. fire the Pioneer Mills a trial, and be satisfied. ja iT-ly.r WOOD AND - Q (f i i Delivered to all parts of the the loweet possible rates. T. J. k. W. M. 6ALT. Office 904 Pa. between 11th acd 13th sts.. ma 17-tf north side. Dr J. H McLEAN'S STRENGTHENIN0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD FCRIFIEK. THE GREATEST REMEDY tm ikt WORLD, fend the moat DKLICIOC8 4MD DELIGHTFUL cordial 'EVER TAKEPtr It ia atrictW a aci nlile and Vffitt bla Ouipobod, pr? earid by tha disuila ti*n *T iwu barha, and bark*. Y.I low Dock, Blood Rom. Black Roc'., Caraapa rlila, Wild Cbarr? Bark, and Daadalim artitra inla iu can CARRIAGE FACTORIES. Washington carriage factory, '? li Strut, Bitt?n 9<k and U'U Str?lt. We hare iniit finiahod a number of Srat o'.im CARRIAGES, web m Lutkt Fancy*.jnjfcj?. Wagon*, park Pktatons. Pnmti* Cmr WOBg: rtaro, and ?wtri*t, wh ion we will hII af ~ % rer* mall profit. Baicc practioni meohanioa in different branchea of the Dnaineat, we flatter ournelvea that we know the atylea and ^uantj of work that will ciTe aatia f&cUoQ, combining lightest, oomfort and darahill trke?aidnc ?rom*tlyand oarefnllr attended to tb? anorteat nctioe and moat reaaonabla nh*r??? WALTER, K ARM ANN * BOrt?. CoKchni&kers, anoo**aort to Wm. T. Hoot, ay r-dly THE S*beenb?^h*nni r^,?de rtjiPQM U hi too lory, nAkmj it dow one of the iViMtAM^. lathe District, where his faoiutiee f< MuriMtanacCARRIAGE A WAGONS or all kinds oanaot tie surpassed, and from hit lone experwnoe in the basiteee, he hope* to tire genera! satisfaction All bade of Camacea an* Llrkt Wa< eas keyt ei l^AirRK^A|Rg neatly rfeae.aaiali trltri p?ay( 'Se*ea4-haai Carrlafea taken :n esehance fer arv 1^Thl^intir* acU'a ^ Hf ? ShiUr ?tt.,asfi: Before taking. diatillinf. NttMin * atltciou, aitlUratinf ap4rtt, and U>4 DMt innJubl* ram# 1y far rano?atiof tka <imuM lyatam, u( rtiunnf tha alck, mCcriof, to4 dakilitaiad invalid tt kaaltfe and auanfth. MtLEAPTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will ifietullj ear* Ui'tf CwapUiit, Dyiripu, Jim disc, Chmk n DiWlKf, D?aaa?a? oftba Kidna^a, ud all diaaaaaa arlair,f from a diaordarad Li?ar m Stonaeb. Dyapapaia. Iitnbire, Inward Pllaa, Acidity r Sieknaaa M tb'a Biemacb, Fnllcaat ?f Blrod to tha Haad. Dmll Pus er wirumnf In lb* Haad, Palf-Uauoc rf tba Haaru FalUaaa rr Watrht In th* wrath. Bovr IricuUMl, Cboktnf ft afocatlnf ratling whan larr r dm,Drynaaa or TalltW. dm ?f lb* Skin and Ijai, Nirbt !? ??, Inward Pmra, Pais to U>a kaaS of tba Back, Chaat, or Ma, Baddon Plmabat of laat. Dapraante of 8pinu, rrigktft! Dnam, Uapar, Daaatodaocy "r any naraeaa diaaaaa. Baraa m Elotcbaa n tha Skin, and Fa?ar and Afta ( * ChJlla and r* > OTBR A MILLION BOTTLES baa a batn a*Id darinf tba laat an nectha, and In M lt ttanea baa K failad 10 firiuf ?uurt aautfactit* Wba-tbaa. will afar fram SiiVm ~ *?' ? rr*r*ar#rKii*G cardial will* car* fH 1 I 1 No larf-aaf * can eaoT?y an adaqaat* idai of tha iranadl aU and I matt ouracaiaaa changa prodacad by taking ibia " Cardial In tk* Uatuil, d*bilitat?d, and *6att*rod n*r*oa* y*<am, wbathor brokan dawn by ii'.ih, *art by natmra, of in fair ad by aicknaaa, tha ratal* J and anatrvng organi. ' latioo li ra*tai*d ta it* priaun* baaltli and ?iga? MARRIED PERSONS, ar atfeara, a?n*c*oaa of inability from wbtuxr caaa*, will | and McLKAlfa BTKEHOTltENINO CORDIAL a tba- S roafH r?f anara.tar af tb* lyatam; and all vbo may hava In |at*i thamsaWa* by ltcprapar indslf anta* will lad la ibia Cardial a aartain and apaady rtmady. TO THE LADIES. McLEAR"i rTREMOTMENINO CORDIAL ia a aa*ar atfii and *p**dy car* far locipunt Co<.*aiiiptton. Whit**. Obatraetad ar Diflcalt Manatrvtisn, Incootiaaac* af Cnna ar liiTalantara Piacharr* th*r*of, Falling of tb* Wotnb, KTClnoai, raiding, and all di**aa?* incidontto fimalaa THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT aftr na longer. Tata It according to direction*. It will ttnialata, *:r*nglfcan, and invigorate ;ti and cava* tt>* bloom of baalth ta moact y?ar cb**k ifaij. E'*ry battl* i* rinuud ta gi?a *ati*faetioo. FOR CHILDREN lfya?r ebildrati ar* *iekly. pan* or aEictad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will roaka tbam aaaltny, fat, and rabaw Dalay oat a ?H In U, and yoa ail) aa caaatnaad. It to da CAUTION. af drtfflata or daalara win "?? try M pain apon yet Mm* tittar or ivMpuilU iruh, which Ui; cut bay cbarr, tj >'IU( >( ia Inat ? jr. 1 AmM aach man A ah for McUKAlTa VrRKNGTHENiNli CORDIAL, and laka nothing alaa. It ia tha only ramady that will ratify tha Blood tnoroaghlr and at tha aaraa uraa atrancthan tha aratam Ona taaapootifal takau aaary aonuiif faatinf ia a cartun pntantiti for Cl.olara, Chilla and Fi'ir, Tallow Faaar, or any praralant diaaaaa. It ia pa: ap Id larva bottlaa fnca only $1 par boula, or baulaa for ft f. H. McLKAN, Sola proprtator of thu Cordial; alao, McLiai'a Volcanic Oil Liaiitant. Principal Da pot ?a tha carn#? af Third and Fina atraata, St. Laaia, Ma. XcLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLP ) Tha only aafa and cartain ear* for Cuc?ra, Pilaa, Ta rn a ra, Bwallinfa and BroochiU or Coatra, Paralraia, Naa ralfin, Waakaaaa of tha Maaclaa, Chronic ar Iniaamatory HJtaamauam, tufnaaa of tha Jointa, Contracted Maaclaa air Liramar:a. Eeraaha ?r Tnntharha RmU?? aiw.>? r*?k Gala, WtuiU, Clean, Fa?ar Seraa, Ctkid Snut, Bart Nipplte, Earr.i, Scaldt?Jb>ra Threat, or u; intnmtnauoa or % Cm, no dilirinct how Mtiri or loot tbt diuut ma? o aiiaud, McLKAMI CELEBRATED LINIMENT .a a corlain romody. Tiicaaaada of haman btmft ha*a boon aa*ad a lift of dia rtpitada and miaary by lha aaa of thia invalatbit raiaady. MrLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will roll*?* pain almaat inotantaaaoaaly, aod it will cloan, panfy and haal lb* foalaot aoroa in an .ncraditla abort una. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tbo only oaf* and ratiablo rttatdy for tbo cart of Spavin, RlnfMao, Windralla, Spliuta, Unnotaral Larapo. Nodao or Mwalluin. It nt?tr fail ad to eara Bif Haad, Polltnl, PiotaU, Old Rwolnf Sorao, or Swaoay, if pcoparly applied. For Bprama, Broiaaa, Bcraicboo, Crack od Haala, Chafoa, Baddio r Collar Oalla, Cau, Soraa, or Woudi, It ia aa iafalliblt ramady. Apply H aa dirocud and a cart ia cartaia in aoary hi?" Than trtio no lonrtr wisfc tbt mairr.wnrthlooa Linia nu offarod to yoa. Obtain a aapplr of D(. MCLEAN'S CELE BRATKD LllfIMKKT. It will ear* to*. i. H McLtiH, Bol? Prvpritter. Core tr Third u4 Pin* ?., Be t??i M*. CHARLES BTOTT, ?T5 P?. ??., ?ol. ?*?ut > Wiiju?| |*o; El. 8. T C13?iKL,<i???{?t?wn. m IT"' I The shore PURE WHISKY,Copra Distillxb noH Maltbs 6itn, being ?Bfenor and unrtorm IB <aality, ana highly in; proved by tft, it prefer red by ooncumeri to aii otter Whiakiee, and particu larly recommended by the beet phytioiana aad cbemnu m NMMiiiii all the reaairementa of a Trm* Ttmit In+*fvr*tor and Etm*ninl Agent. The Sctiuf ikiij Water of Philade.pkia, ueed la the diatiHatiac of th;? Whiaky, is erovod by aaaly da to be the aofteet and pareet water in the United St&tM : And to thia wulv in a. vmaI k? a*. Froat ?<yt, Phu*4el?htv MILITARY BOOK?-iMtrooUon. for FM4 Artillery, by a lon-J of Armj Ofto?n, l VoT, ^HiiDdVook^f ArUllwy, by OafC Roberts. U. H. ? r .lvoUfl*. .5 oU., ft ? i Army of tbo United b* EDUCATIONAL. femalI education. HOSK Parent* vlw with tCwr wtMiri to f Miv?> ft thorouch and fftematic r<!uc*u<?n. ?K?r? their ehyMoal trtiiimi wiil receive dailj *nJ tttfution. gDdrr the most approved arm mofC* lir tlwniM and Gjbu(U?i, tr* re?p*otftoliy urited ?n vuil the Union Femaje iMMBf, eornr Po?r teenth ?t.and New ^ vint the Union F*mtl* *~?nui st. aad New Vort" . mr. * mllls. z. RICHARD*, MMf rrtiwfroU. Female hoarding anddayscAool .. _ ALfiHypRjA, TA. mrm. P. J. MoUOR MICK. PimcifAU The thirteenth unitl ?e?sion of this ln?Utafcn? will oomrtipnoe on Tanadar. 8om*tit>#f Itth. id Ui? huuN reoeptly ocoup:#d by Sylr?iier Soot I. Km-. So. ISO King ?UM(L The conree of study pursued will oo?frM?i!i tfce MftnchM requisite to ft thoroush Kn?n?h Kdo oftCion, ftnd Music. French, Lfttui ftnd I>mwin?. if Mind. ? In ftddition to dfty eeholftrs. Mrs. MaCortniek ? prepared to receive ft limited i.umWer of pupils ft* boMtri, who. oonitititui ft Pftrt ?f Imt owft bm ily. Will bft IM?r her immediate Cftre ftnd nfWn ion. She will rndeftvur. ft* Iftr ft? poMib ear round then with the oomfortsftnd kind!* mlmM of Home. Rtfrrrntt*.?Rev. Geo. H. NortW, R?r. Dr. KliM Hftrrieon. Rer. D. P. S?ri((, Williftan H Fowle. "tUftr Snowden, Kn .. Edmund P-WttaM KKMfi2i?r 'STV-Hftfl bdfU'r Kvening Star" BVajwrun Wit?ri, Entwiile, Jr., F.m.,C?l. Jt'bn W.Minor, Loiuk>uB M?a?r?. blaoWM* k Marshall, MNin Cor Brothers. Tun. Board, with Tmitioa in aJl the Kncliah Branch**, am for the aimu?i seMioB?jayabi? mhj uiuii r. in vlvmnee. Ma?ic and LancuacM at Profe??or?' prtoM. 117 No txtrt ehtriM. M M-M Curt Cough, CoU, Ho*rnm?n>. /? firm to. any Irr, tar torn mr Sort ril ?( ikt T\romt. Rthrrt tk? Harkt?? r?wt ?? Cmwmv turn. Bfonrkut>, t Of*?rr4, (1?r mmd n? iirmrU ( i*' roxtt if r0' 'ii.s.sfM.' e *8 Few are of ih? ini?.rur? 1 - Coach or ''Common Coldr' in iU irit lUcr.tLl whioh in th? beginin* won Id yield to a ?Td rwne dy, if neglected, noon attaeka the Lanes. Bronrkial Troek?*." oontaininc oemuTeent in|rwc - ecu, allay Pulmonary and Uronotiai Irritation. 1 "That troehie in ; Throat, (for BROWN's whioh the T*otk*t" area ifMiici TROOHEi* SKft-* ~ "R-p'OTiuV brown'S "" " TROCHES rev. E. h. chap1n "Greateervioeinevtidninf Houii brown? rmi." rbv. Daniel wise. TROCHEE* " Almost inetact relief in the die i?bor of brattfetBf RIOWISI'K tO af THMA." ! KEV. a. C. EGOLKBTON. TROCHES brown'S troches boa brown'S troches brown'S iSKS* "iSfiVV*??'' (VflUI, JlMM. AiimHud ilcuwt oomMu 1 olTi.Vbig k 5.^^.- R" I h?v? th?m noMMt f?n iroches W,o,Te^^_ wa] brown'S troches I, brown'e troches RREN. Bmim . ?r Krncrnu la rm?riM H<*n? w>dlrnt?t?oB oflh? Tkro?t, mo eooimon with Briitui ta4 Si** browvs ? M Prot M. STACY JOHMfcO* rBAm 1 BROWN'S mOCHKB "Graat benefit ?h? taken Wo.-e ami after praMLr^.u they areTen' BROWN'S i Hf>are#naaa. From tta?ir pMt?ffwt 1 think they will be of ad rROCHES T*nl**e to nie.* BROWN'S PrMi&nt of AoSna *Teaa. ["ROCHES fWt&ltWttSia"' 4?ny pHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE?EMAR.1.2 and S-Protaotad by Royal Letter* Patent of England, tsd fcirw by tbe Mala of the Eoole de Pharmacia da FBia, ud the mptrifci Cohece of Madisine. Vienna No. 1 1a invaluable for exhalation aud natorrhea. Mid al phyaioa. diaabilmea. * No. 2 oompletaly eradioatea all traoaa of thorn* liaeaaesthat have been hitherto treated by the aav leooa and pemici na nee of ooraira and ovtobe. No. S haa entirely aupjianted the i&jurtoaa ?*e of rt Arnn r v lnanrin* ka ? ? - _ _ U ? elief. Ai'eper^M all imparities, ftri.iTootiti?~oti^ he nnon < KIK>K'IaR. No*.), 2wd s. are pnmtmi la > form of ? loienic, devoid of tfteti he form of ft loienje, de\ . itid oftn be eftrned is tiie wftiatooftt pookel. foM n tin oft?e?, ftM divided into eepftrftte doe*?. fte ftd u uu wv"wi ui? iwvu wn wvauitM mm ninittered by Veipeen, Lniemftad, Kmi, Rioori. to Prioe fS eaoh. or fjur eaeet for f*. which to rrioe 9s e?on. or uur mmk lor w, wi tftvee fa. ftod in ?^7 Beeee, wherebt tuere ia ft 1 nj of 99. To be hftd. wholesale ftod retell, of BAR ROW. of 194 Bleecker rtreet. New Y _? uineUiftte.) onreoeiviuf ft remittance. Dr. Barrow forward the Trtwcnkr to any part of the world. lecerely packed, ftod ftridreeeeo aeoordmtt to the in rill forwftrd the Tneeemar toany part of the wor?d, >ec?rely packed, ftod ftrid " itr?eti<>n* of the writer. The Book, of ftll other*, thftt abonM be read fc? nen with daraftaed ftod broken down ooeetitytlon# "Hnmftn FrftDtT.or Phrejolof ical Rcoaerr it is K?aunfuHy llluotrated, anC tr?ata " nately ef ill the ryip on* thftt mwntb r develop them >e vee. eooner or later. resulting front the fratltie* ind vitiating hftbiu of ear it vouth, laaapaeHMmg he victim from sharing the paifion of the njfttn - nAtll&l A.n/1 if BAt AkAAlr*H in tima A? kiicf all the'fano'ticna of manhood, ar-d* TtTInfin* ism. *tep by atop, to a lm*?rin? and untimely death Sola br IK. ma BROW, 194 HimkM t'MA.famt loor* b?lov Maodoura. New York. Prioe ? wnti Sent free^very where. Sold also by 8. C. Ford, Jr.. Dr*f Mora, Waah o?ton. D. C. 9-(n FOR STAMPING A TACK1CT OF PAPRR AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, at U? METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP A SOLOMONS, Nt ly 1861 i86i Commence the Year with Dwry. Odcon Hi:, icing, corner of.?M (treat ?nd <>ai> Pm> w?>. OIARIKB! DIARIES^ U 1 A ft I K 8!!! 1M1. 1M1, 1M1. ? tlMArHH TttAH MVMM Wo will (tit mi nut diMuttut <?/ ? fx o*?t. off of all lhtriM purohoted from ?i f<?r o**k- W * j??iroaa of cloamc o?? tho rowoiador of Nr i*rt? At P.. ?mu?-Mfioi 6rihMi, or HiiImt U-a Hippi neea.^b* NtUr Laador, Uta., cfotfc; mb! by n*ii sabino'a n?tM on d?*k aad Daohof , ltao. oioth; fUt br nail. Hito?rillootratod Pomm; oJoth fill; ? Umh'i F.wi ob Loli?; lSmo., eluU portrait. All of'^niiffoliow't aa4 Ifeo MarroT* ?>l? p?r MTMU tMTT diaooBnt on Book* froa Um m? rHFTfE-Snlia Zhrtafc. ^Anr^n^ im 9UR0SKtL.