Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1861 Page 3
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'till: kVEM.Mt STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY Frbr??ry 7 !*??!. SplrH ( the TKrniag Pr*?? The /nt<I/*{'*?r that If tbt Convention i ? ?-iu (i>i> i> tvfilltnrinirrrt muinrva ?f adjustment aa'isfactory to all parties, tb-y sb< uld unite in recommending a call of a general convention of all tbe t*!ates Tbe Rtjml'.ica* says that tbe secessionists In tbe Virginia election did not present tbe real issue of breaking up tbe Union, but a feigned one of "reconstructing" it Th* VitfriM* EiecTiojr ?We continue the publication of tbe Virginia election returns, as follows Fortkampion hss elected Fisher, secession. Wancirk, Ehz^btth City and Willimmtburg have elected Maliorv, Union. r I*U of ITwAt?W bitfield, secession. - Lewis D isbell.'Union, elected. Ph*n*iir?Marr. Union, baa 799 maioritv. and ?cott. Union, baa 661 mijority. Loudon?The majority for reference la 1,526. Fairfax?Dulany'a, Union, majority (official) U >06 frtdtritk gWee 859 average majority for the Union candidates. Warrtn?Robert Turner. aeceeslonlat, elected by 15 majority. Fk'n*nd<yiK?R M Conn, aeceaaloniat. 1.360; I* C. Williama, s^rtalontat. 1,312; M Walton, 731; Geo A. Huff. 459; R Miller, 141. For refer ence, 795; against, 1,296. Conn and Williama elected. Stafford and Kt?g Giorg??Edw*rd Walter, Union, elected bv 3(? majority over Mason Wtstmoreiand and R'rhmnud?John Crlfcber, Union, elected orer }Villou;;taby Newton by 3U0 majority. Lancatttr and XcrtkHmburland ? Addiaon Hall, Union, elected over Greeham. Kni?^ ?tieo W. jtummrn, Union, elected. ?t y ? a r 'u ir?'11 a'tv* nuiuuivuui i/mivu^ are elected by about 250 maj. Rockbrulg'?Samuel Met) Moore and Jaa. B. Dor man. Union, ele-ted Charles City, James City, and tfew Kent.?Ex President John Tyler ta elected. Rockingham?Coffinau, Gray and Lewis, Union, elected. Hanover ? Ricbardscn, Secessionist, taaa 25K mal , with two p> eel nets to bear from. The ma jority against reference will be about 400. Madison?A. R Biakey, Secessionist, elected. Bedford?Hon Wm L Goggin and Goode, Union, elected. The latter by about SCO maj. Sans mond ? Jobn R. Kilby, Union, electcd. Areomac ?Cuatis, Union, elected. Washington ?Floyd withdrew, and Unionists are elected by more than 1.000 majority Sea? and Queen, Gloucester, and Botetourt.? Bsi'^iou candidates are elected Henry?Peyton Gravely, Union, elected. I /uoT. W'n, \f 1 ,r.ku. - ( -1 Montgomery?Hon William Ballard Precton, Union. elecWd ? Norfolk County? Holliday and White, Union, " 7 majority over Wllaon and Murdaugh, aeeea lon. Majority for referring, Mil. Chariotf?Wood Bouldln, Union, elected. Br*niicitk?Tbomaa L Chambllaa, Union, lee tod Buekm^kam?W. W Forbea, Union, elected. Monroo?Caperton and Ecbola,Union, elected. B*tk?W. H. Terrlll, Union, elected. princtn Aunt.?Returna from Prlnceaa Anne county, sliow tbe tlectloa of Hon Henry A. Wise (who la for fljcbtlni: in tbe Union) to tbe Conven tion H ia opponent wii tbe Rev. Mr. Burrou^ba, a Method ut preacher tiov Wiae h&a a decided majority. Ptttxylvama.?Wui. T. S'ltberlln and Wm M. Tredway, Union, elected Pulaski?FrancU B F. Wyaor, ^eceaalon, ia "%l?**t?l in thla countv Wftk* ? Robt C. Kent, Secruion. is elected by >0 majority Dr. Crockett and William H Cook were alio candidates Thi Paosrsct ? We se? no reason whatever to change our opinion that the Peace Convention will prove a successful one. That is : that it will agree upon a basis of settlement by the votes of two-thirds or ttrre-fourths t>f all its components from the South and from the North. We care not what those terms may be, because certain that they will instantly be gladly accepted by aa large a proportion of the votero of every Bute tbat does not claim to have already seceded. We also feel assured tbat If the revolutionary leaders in the sreeded States refuse to accept the same terms, they will be deposed by their people as faat as the latter obtain oDrortunitlea in ?ni? npon their acts. Their poUcv bu everywhere been to deny the people the right to vote upon their ecu In neither weeding State have they ctorded to them that right, which is the bar.i of all American liberty, and without which any government most be either that of an oligarchy, monarchy of tome sort or other or a naked dta poUam, m litary or otherwise. In thla age and country it will not be long be fore they flud that the'.r people cannot be peace fully and auccesafully deprived of the right of elf-gpvernment? the right to ait In judgment on the acta of thoae who, by revolutionary means, have assumed to deprive them of the government common to all the reat of the people of this country. i oai mantr* a-e rapidly tending, in the seceded State*, to the abatement of the revolutionary le<td. ?:i and their scheme*, la evident in the raising of tb? stars and stripes In New Orleaoa, and the patriotic Union tone of the maaaea In north Ala bama and northern Georgia; and but for the reign of terror ex aiing In Charleston, we should hear of demonstrations there among the commercial and working white classes^ significant of the ap proaching downfall of the power of the South Carolina dictators What la wanted to restore the former order of things in the Gulf State* by the action of the people of those State*, themselves. In a very brief *?son, la, simply, the arrangement of *uch terms by the Peace Convention aa, In aatlsfylng the c uion-ioYing population* of the border litre bold ng SUtea, will aasure tbe maasea In tbe ceded State* whose liberties have been usurped at borne, that they may rely upon tbelr count* - sane* la tbelr work of recovering tbelr legal and eonatitutlonal rights under the Government of tbe United States ? Tbe Peace Congress will make sucb a settle neat, and under It* happy Influence six months will 8nd every seceded State restored to Its alle giance to tbe Uoion, by tbe exertions of the Ualonists within ita own limits only. Stork's Hamcock, ahdothir Woiii ?Stone, the *:ulptor, 1* hold ng quite a levee to-day of visitors *t hi* atudlo, ou New York avenue. The occaalon lathe completion of hit atatue of John Hancock, ordered by Congress for tbe Capitol. We have only apace to-day to aay that tbe statue expresses a fine Ideal of tbe man who signed bis same to an Instrument that might have proved bis death warrant with a band so bold "that Britain might read It without spectacles." There la bo bust of John Hancock extant, but Dr Stone by availing himself of the beat portralta of Han> each aad other resources, baa aucceeded In pro ducing an undoubted llkeneaa. To thla fact be bad tbe teatlmony to-day of a venerable lady, Mia Bradley, wife of the eminent Judge Bradley, ef Vermont, wbo remembera Hancock well fV sea la her youth R*? ? ?* * ? r* perfect with the exception of the cheeks, which at the time the knew Hsncock seemed fuller than la the statue This U easily accounted for by the toot that bo was a younger man althe date of her i collection of hint than it the time the portraits ware takao from which tba sculptor obtains his data No particular position was assigned at the Capitol for the statue by the act sathorlzing its execution, bat some of the Senators who have seen it hint that they shall lay claim to It for their chamber. other meritorious works of art claim attention at Mr. Stone's studio?such as the beautiful mon umental group to the memory of the wife ai?d three children of Senator Foster, of Conn ; busts at ? ?~?- ?>?wwiien, ke , Ac. A model iu clay for a statue of lira ton is of striking dignity, quit* In keeping with the so well-remembered Romanesque sttltudes of that statesman Id tbla model Mr Stone baa very happily avoided the dl Acuity eiperlenced by sculptors In managing the stiff and awkward modern coatume artistically By tlio Introduction of the character|?)c Bentouai cloak, drawn up in toga-like folds, Mr. S. his ' gained the f owing classical draperies demanded by the artist without in any degree sacrificing Iruibfniaw QT We have i*r?lr*d the Kebrwary number of riorwnr9l Democratic quanerly Retlrw.-pri h LJ^t# WW b*at ruirr K*? ? J -* " * - - , ? W IDII KOI f co >duot%d Review. of Ita d< zen article* we do A^c.ver one which would not do credit to tbe bleat public**)** of the klad, foreign of aalle?. 1 ? e ? - 4 \ A Tekps?t I!f \ Tka Pot?The public were doubt'ew imuied this morning by the publica tion of n correspondence between M*jor General We'ghtman, commanding militia of tbfa DIs trtct, and the Mayor of Washington?or at least the acting Mayor of Waahlngton, aa wbo really it Mayor of Washington remain* to be decided next week by the Circuit Court, unlet* the scheme to *Uve off the trial, which Is proposed to be' ewiyed we bear, prove* successful. General Weightutan inquires of Mayor Berret where the latter'* police are to be found In caae some emergency arises that may make It neces sary for him to leek tbeir aid. Msyor Berret replies, indignantly, that he alone has the right to use tbe police of the District, or rather to control them; Taunt* bis authority as chief executive officer of tbe District of Columbia; bis ability to preserve the peace and protect tbe rights of all here, under any circumstances whatever, with bis police force; and pitches into the authorities of me utaerii uovcrnmeni generauy, n-r uning measures to preserve the peace of the city until the 4th of March by force of arms, If that be necessary. Now, no man in Washington fails to compre hend that two months ago the camarilla, who, sitting in secret conclave here, plotted and directed the taking of southern forts by force of arms, and the revolutionary seizure of other property of the General Government In the South, embraced in their circle of suiji measures, a scheme to seise the public property in this oity In the same way, and by a reeort to similar means. The immense efforts to Induce Marvlnnd and Virsrlnltf to revo lutionize before the 4th of March, which the camarilla ewayed, w^re essayed especially to render successful their designs upon the public property In this city. The Richmond Enquirer, one of the: r organs, with more zeal thau discretion, for we*ks urged that organization should at once be completed throughout Virginia to the end of seiz ng the Federal Metropolis by force of arms. A political clnb of this city, composed with few exceptions of incumbents of small places at the expense of the national and city treasury, notorious political workers with the boot heel and brickbat, and of outside rowrtiea and deaperadoea aur.h at inaugu rated the reign of terror that exiated here at the season* of the laat and previous municipal elec tion!. sympathizing with the revolutionary pur. poata of the camarilla, in varloua waya aatlsflrd all sensible persona of the readlorsa of their or ganization to play conspicuoua par'.aln the contem plated seizure of W ashing ton. All know, further, that in Baltimore there were not long aince. if not at present, thouaanda of con genial rowdy and violent spirit* ready to enlist in the same enterpriae, after the faafiion in which they precipitated themselves upon Waahtngton, and with the notorious countenance of the police placed ua, here, under the supremacy of the law of the revolver, bowie knife and brickbat, ou the occasion of our two municipal elections referred to above. All know, further, from what the dis union camarilla have ordered to be done at the South, that they would be sure to be provided with other and more powerful elements of revo lutionary success by violence here, if allowed to do so with impunity. Ur.der such circumstances it was the plain duty of the President to make assurance doubly sure, that if the attempt to seixe Washington should be msde, the authority of the Government should not rect?for its supremacy in the District of Colom bia?upon the disposition of Mayor Berret's police to do tbeir duty; especially after the' display of the Banner in which they do do tbeir duty in uch cases, they made on the occasions cf the two laat Washington municipal elect ens. Upon the strength of that display, nine-tenths of our fellow citizens realize that had the detlgn of the cama rilla to seize Washington been allowed to be car ried out unquestioned, the chances were ten to one that, instead of exerting themselves for the cause of law and right, more or lets of Mayor Berret's police would most likely be found the aidera, abettors?chief assistants?of the invading rowdy horde. These facts are doubtless at the bottom of the poller of assembling L'ntfrd Stit*?trfw?na >!??? the protection of our city bv lte chief executive officer?the President of the United States. Mayor Berrett'a pretence that with hla police force at his command, there was no necessity for any such pre csuilcn, is, simply, unt^er such circumstances, a display of cool assurance. In the style of his proifUnclamento, be endeavors to vaunt his official authority In Washington fsr above that of the President, and thus renders his pretensions as ridiculous, as they are truculent. Niw Books ?From Peterson 4 Bros , Pblla. delphla, through J Shllliagton, we have "Life In the Old World, or two years In Switzerland and Italy,M by Frederlka Bremer; translated by Mary Howut. in two volume*. The contact among American publisher* for the opportunity ct bringing out this latest work of M1m Bremer's in advance of competition baa been exceedingly spirited we bear, and the Petersons with their usual promptness and tact have managed to come out "a leetle ahead." They have, moreover, is sued it in handsome readable style, ar.d the "Peterson edit'on" will doubtless be duly sought for by eager purchasers, admirers of Mlsa Bremer. Alto, from the Petersons', through Sbilllngton, we bave"A message from the Sea" and "The Un commercial Traveler;" a series of tales and de scrintioni bv ?. *?? c- ? much In the Dickens vein aa not to be distin guished. Liucols Spiakiso?The opponent* of com promise Insist that the Springfield State Journal la Llncoln'a organ, while Insisting that he la op posed to any compromise of the trouble of the times. We commend to them the following brief comments of that journal upon Mr. Beward'a pa. trlotlc speech for compromise on the oceaaion of presenting the New York monster petition? which, we doubt not, It publlahed on the sugges tion of Mr Lincoln himself: "M*. Siwabd's Speech ?The Register la quite uneasy because we did not publish the tele graphic abstract of Mr. s*w?rd'? i. S n'ate on the 31st ult. It nerd give Itself no alarm Our reason for withholding It was be cause It was so mutilated and badly transmitted. We preferred awaiting until we should receive a complete copy. We shall give speech in our col u iiiiis as soon as It reaches us, and, mean while, we In advance commend its noble and patriotic utterances to our nadirs." UJ" From Leonard Scott tc Co., New York, through the Washington agents, Messrs Taylor 8c Maury, we have Blackwood for January, of aver age excellence. ?r.d the Westminster Review, (same date,) a number of very marked ability. The article on " American Slavery" will not be apt. however, to add much to its reputation on this side ft the water, characterized as it 1? w ?li thai utter misconception of American politic* and the Inter-relation of American States which la so noticeable In the article* of foreign magaztnlata when discussing our afT-ilrs The article upon 44 Bible Infallibility" la marked by all that radl eal areptlcUm which disfigures this indisputably able Review. Ths Peace Convention yesterday adopted the rules governing the Convention that formed the Constitution of the United States for the govern ment of their proceedings, snd appointed a com mittee to prepare business for their consideration. Till Pback Convention this morning nald 0 1 thrlr rcaprcti, In a body, to the President of the United Stat?*. They remained In the Eaat Room for an hoar, in ffc|P*41y conversation with him. VHmmI Commodore Armstrong, U. 8. N , ia at Willarda'. Hon. John Letcher Governor of Virginia, reached Washington this morning. He is at Browns' Hotel. Capt. Thos. C. Sullivan. U. 8 A; Judge Mr Kinney, Jadtfe Carutbers, Gen Mllligan and Thoe Macier, delegates from Tenneaaee; Robert Tylor, Pa., sre at Wlllarda'. Hon. Waldo P. Johninn ikf m? -> -- --- I ?" * about twenty member* of the Virginia Loglala ture, *rrlTe4 in tbta city yesterday and took lodging* t>t Brown*'. The Cask or J ace alo w.?Th? Trenton (N. J.) ftaz'ttc mv> : "A miaapprebMUloa tmelation to the trial of Jackalnw trrmi to ealat In thapablie mind, which we Uk? leave to correct Be wma tried only on one Indictment, Tit: for rpbbery on tb? bleb Ml. and of bit" Indictment, th?* punishment of w ?Uatb He waa not tried for murder at all ar- two Indictments for this latter matntnga?a}ost btm He has y?*" C0R0KEMI05IAL. ?*nat? ? After ouf report closed veaWdar? After a protracted debate upon the motion to reconsider the vote ou the passage of the bill to provide a temporary government for the territory of Colarado? Mr. J oh nun, of Tenn., took tbe floor aad re sumed bis speech upon tbe President'* measaye. He asked what great Injury had the Ualo^i niciea ou souiu uaroiuia inai ?oe is going on'' So much bad been said about wrongs and griev ances. and States going out of tbe Union because they could not get their rights in It. that It was almost like a chorus to a song What coaldSouth Carolina get of the territories when out of the Union which she cannot get In it? South Clroiln* had voted no longer ago than the '35\h of Mar )**t that no further protection was necessary for slavery in tbe territories. There wss no man la South Carotins who desired tocsrry bis slaves into new territory. She had won nothing by going out of the Lnlon. She had gone out to be free, but had got oppressive taxation and the right to tyranize over the people. If the question could be taken from politicians and submitted to the people, it would soon be settled. He would sooner see any line of division in the country than a division on the slsvery line. When disunion did take place tbe beginning of the destruction of slaverv will take Dlace. Mr. Johnson concluded hla remark* by declaring that fkct, truth, and argument were on hla aide If the republican Senators cannot tbemseIres yield their assent to the resolutions proposing change* in the Conatltution, let the question be submitted to the American people. On motion of Mr. Cameron, the Senate went into executive session; after which they adjourned. Hou*x.?After the close of our report Mr Colfax called up thenbill relative to postal service In aeccdlng States, which be proposed to amend by substituting the following: Provided, That whenever, in the opinion of the Postmaster General, the postal service cannot be safely continued and the postal revenue collected, and the postal laws maintained, and the contenta of the mall preserved inviolate, and tn their proper addreM on any postil route, by reason of any insurrection or resistance to law, the Post master General ta authorised to discontinue the postal service on such route, or any portion of It, or at any post office thereon, until tbe sttne can be safely restored; and that the Postmaster General shall report such action to Congress. After some discussion the bill was passed?yeas 131, uavs '2ft. Mr. Humphreys then proceeded to address the House upon the report of the Committee of Thirty three. Kvrning Sri si on ?Mr. Maynard, of Trnn , and Mr. Wells, bf N. Y., addressed the House. Ad journed Thcrsdat, February 4. Srjcatk ? After the presentation of a large num ber of compromise-Union resolutions from various States, wl.ich were laid on the table? Mr. Thompson, of N. J , read a short speech In repiy 10 me remarks or bis colleague, (Mr Ten Evck)afew days since, In defence of the ri^bt of instruction He expressed bis concurrence with the recent conservative resolutions of the Legislature of New Jersey. Mr. Ten Eyck responded at some length In de fense of his position. Hoche ?The Speaker laid l>efore the House a coinmunicati: n front the Secretary of the Interior relative to Indian affairs; referred to Committee on Indian Affairs and ordered to be prluted. Mr. Spaulding presented a memorial from the citizens of New York, praying an early settle ment of the National difficulties, upon the basis of the Crittenden proposition; laid on the table and ordered to be printed. The regular order of business (bill fcr the pro motion of the useful arts) was then taken up, and the House proceeded to the confideratlon of cer tain amendments reported by the Committee on Patents * a*- * a * - ?.? - Aiier a proiraciea aeoaie, lue bill wai pasted with amendments. A Standing Army for VirginiaA bill it now pending before the Legislature which au thorize! and directs the Governor to raise and organize a military force of not leu than ten nor more than twenty thousand men, to be called "The Virginia Mate Guard," which are to be organized like corresponding cor|)t in the United State* Army, and to be governed by the tame regulation! and articles of war. Tbe bill em power! the Governor to commission (with tbe advice and co!i!ent of the Senate,) a person of suitable military experience and qualification as commandant, with the title of Alajor General, who shall have charge of all the forces of the State while In actual service The oAcera are to enlist to serve a term of years, and, as enlisted, If not previously competent, are to be "placed at a school of practice to t>e conducted under the orders of the Msjor-Gtneral in-Chief " trr The Baltimore Clipper, which has been exposing the disunion game of the Sun with a caustic p*n, commenting upon the facility with which that paper (the Sun) makes a somersault In view of the result of the Virginia election, says: " It would not be surprising to find this befogged lumlnarv. In the short space of six weeks, crying out loudly aglnst tfce seceders, and claiming to have been always opposed to their treasonable schemes, and In favor of tb& maintenance of the Union, the Constitution, and the Enforcement of the Laws." CjT In Philadelphia on Saturday night, an Irish woman named Mary Bradley attempted to commit suicide by drownlrg, but was rescued In time to save her life. She was taken to the sta tion house, and while there tried to strangle her self with a garter. Iyi n A 1 tin LiA C? 1 iH T. Ti 1 ' I" iHL *? C'l.UMBAN LVCEUM, the folio win* offi -er? ?er*elected for the ensum* term: Presi dent. J. M. Ucsc? nson; v ic* President, J P Toh Bf.KT, Secretary. T. E, Blows; A?a;st*nt Seore tary, T W. !?oh?n: Treae irer. J. T. Hutakt; t at-".'Tns, w. M Di'1cax?oii; Euitors J. T. H?T??fT*nd r. M. H'vm n. It* T. KDWIN P.ROWN, 9e-. r5f?CUMI'ANV A. WASHING ION LIGHT J. 9 1NFAMR> BATVALION-V??u will n eeton THllfDAY NIGH I,the 7th 7*4 o'clock, at Coombs' Huilding. Penn. avenue, bet*e<n 9th and loth fctr<e'?, on speoial and im ports t business. Every member is expeoted to be p-??ent. f*6 2t I.F.M. TOWER",CapU'n. ryy* ATTENTION. COMPANY B \VA?H JJf INGTON LIGHT INFANTRY-Vou arehereh* <>rd?*TeJ to meet at Coombs' Hall TO MORROW (Thursdaj) EVENING. ?t half past 7o'olook. P. M. DfBANT.Capt C. P. P. WROK o s r** ** [Y3="ATTENTION. No. 5.-The manners of 1 L3 the Perseverance Fire Company, No. 4,?re heieby notified that ihe regular monthly m eiingof the Compa't will be held on THliRSDA Y. the 7th instant, at 7* o'olock p. m. The memb r* will be punctual in their attendance as business of great importance will be transacted. fefi 2t* OEO FLETCHFR 9*o. 'Y^?PH02MX BUILDING ASSOCIATION. II A special meeting of the stockholders of this Association will t>e held at Tempersnoe Ha'l, E street, un WEDNESDAY EVENING. the 6th inst, at 7 o'clock. A full attendance is requeued, as important amendments to the constitution will l>e proposed. feVi* T. M. HANSON. Sec. rrg?"I SAY. STRANGER, WHERE ARK 13 you going ! You stem to l>e in a great hur ry^ "So 1 am. I am going io SMITH'S, No 460 Seventh street, to buy a suit of Clothes. The peo ple say he has a very nice assortment, and they say h" sells them so oheap." Note.?The last we saw of the stranger In was runininr ud Aaventh Hinging out "SMITH, No- 460 " fe g-6w T^-the union prayer meetings I J? will b? holden every day this woek, in the English Lutheran Church, corner of 11th and H treets, to ooiumence at 4 o'clock, and to ooutinu* one hour. Ja7 rrS?DEMP8EY & O'TOOL.K, WEDDING AND VISITING ___ Importers of fine wedding ^ATION^R^, wedding KNVELOPE3, the moat beautiful styles, 396 Fa. A v., between 9th and 10th sts., au 7)-6(n Washin?ton. I70R philadei.PH1A.-The steamer S. t*ey r mour. Captain Palra?r, will re- ^tTmm ^ omve freight for the aoov* port all d?T TO MORROW. Apply to hyde k. davidson, triuwn, I# *-? RP M O V A L* STOCK OF DRY GOODSCHF.AP 1,111 at M&roli n?t. we sha'l sell < ff for stpck at DUCED PRICES TO SUI T THE TIMES, prior to oar removal to Seventh it, n*xt J. W. Col ley k, Co., in store vanated (7 H Er*n. JOHNSONASUTTON, f?7-eo3t* Corner Eighth at and Pa avenue. E PISTOL CAPS. LEY'S WATER-PROOF CAPS, for Colfa piatola, juet received per Express, ani for salalow by ' J K. SHIKLDS, fe 6 St Hardware Importer, 339 Pa at*. rt PISTOLS-PISTOLS! V/OLT'S?Ph% p's, Smith & Wesson'*, and Al len's PlSTOl S. POWDER FLASKS. MUSKET r a p? p-- 1?1 w..a Ml ?*V| m VI MM IV IV W UJ J. E. SRIKLD8. ft 6-3t 339 Pft. iv., oppoe'te Biown'?. THHE CHEAPEST STATIONERY too er?r uw.tt8HKPHF.RDM. folMp DKS. > OCK W OOPjV DAK RE I. L ARE PRE pured to inxert TfcETHon VL'LCAN-^-*^> ITE BASK, s new ftud improved mode mlfav \Vh*n mftde *n thia pan they are ooia ^ ' p fortabie to wear ftnd muo'i oheaper than any other. Alio. Te?th iDMite<t on Gold Plate, ftnd til Dental peratiuna of any kind tnftt mat be denied Of fice Room No S. in tbe WHUifMBuiidmc.oor oar P? ft*, ftnd Savrath it ja ?0>m" /^LAtRNIWiN HftTltl ie Eeatan t or Pane. to it-form hu fnenda and the general.? that he hu taken a S? in f jB??r*!rw niMB-r the rant at the *o ithe&at oorner of Peon avenue and Sixth afreet He will at all t inea be ggSjlMSHwikSte BEfAIITlKliy HEWt. R k*i?nkd ? Brevet id LI eut Samuel H Lockett. (of V*..) U. 8 Corps of Engineer*, baa resigned. Alto. 2d I ..lent St Clair Dearlng, (of Ga ,) of ?d artillery, U. 8 A. seats aeiegrapneo mm wuaiB|t?B.

WAtimoTox, Feb. 8.?The Virata Seces aloniats. p*rr.< ularly those member* of Congress from that State who recently alined. In conjunc tion with Senators Maaon and Hunter, the sec?? aton manifesto directed to the people of the Old Dominion, aaeerttng that all hopes for compromise are gone, look exceedingly bine. A number of Republican members of Oincress are laboring to prevent conceesiona, and to bring back Into party traces those who have wandered out of the sectional fold The Seceaetontata per tt are also endeavoring to urge on the Conference the most extreme Southern demands, ao as to pre vent conciliation If possible. The Tennessee Commlasioners arrived here this evening. and aav that the Crltt?n<l?n M*nintin-? will be uticf&ctcry to their State, but they also assert unlets something li done before the asseni bltng of their Convention, the State will be unanl mom for secmion. Tber say that the Old North State la devoted to the Union, but mutt have her rights under the Constitution secured against all future encroachments. The New York delegates have telegraphed that they will all {>e here to-morrow morning. As usual, In all Conventions, the Empire State must be heard before any business is transacted. The Aid to Governor Andrews, of Maaa., is in \ mttA ^?11 I ! ?< Scott, it la understood, to tender to blm in the nacre of Got Andrews the services of tbe Muu chuietti militia. General Scott listened to tbe proffer, and then replied that tbe Government needed no volalteers, and if ntedtd, Mauncku/ttti would not 6? caltrd upon. Tbe proposition to auapend mall aervlce in se ceded States, as reported from House Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads, meets tbe favor of all parties Nortb and South. Tbe Postmaster General may stop tbe service on tbe border of a seceding State, and there deliver to an authorized agent of said State to continue the transportation to tki point of destination, provided the corres pondence thus delivered be in United States stamped enveiopea Ex-Gov Pollock, of Pa., haa token strong and open ground for adjusting the difficulties that vex the nation, and doea not hesitate to any that he la willing to agree to any reasonable pr^pos'tlon thnt may be inade by the Border States, f sj>ecially since the glorious result in Virginia. All Government telegraphic communication with New Orleans 1? cat off* The Secretary of the Treaaury ia, however, taking action in regard to the iate obstructions of the Revenue law* by the Collector of that city, and It la ascertained from an authentic source that the laws will be enforced to tbe greatest extent practicable, and on a Union basis. ?? Senator Wilson has been requested to report the House bill to provide for the "better organization of the militia, omitting the teat-oath to support the laws and constitution of the United State*. The democrats opposed the Insertion of this pro viso. General Scott's daily mail, reporting the pro fress of the armed conspiracy of the see onanists, as diminished one-half during the past three dars This foiling off is supposed to he the re sult of the Virginia eleoUon. No man has more reason to congratulate him kii on ine result or tue Virginia flection than Mr Seward, for. according to the statement of the Union men of Virginia,It was iirgely in con sequence of the encouragement afi'orded by his recent position that they fought their battle. Naval Apfaibs.?The Navy Department are in receipt of voluminous dispatches from Flag Offi cer Fendergast. of the Home squadron. In obedi ence to instruction* sent by Colonel Pickett, bear er of dispatches, the Commodore bad directed the Sabine and St. Louis to proceed at once to Pensa cola These vessels will not enter that port un less they can do so with safety In the event of the Captains of the Sabine and St. Louis not be ing able to enter that port, they are instructed to Sroceed to Hampton Roads, or act at their own iscretion. The Commodore further says, "I bee leave to state to th? Hnwrtm?nt tv??t l _ _ _ ? 1 ?w?. . m ?^|'ICU(UU difficulties in regard to dispatches of the depart ment reaching me by way of New Orleans, and any dispatches reaching the departmeut, and therefor* recommend that duplicates be sent by way of Havana, in care of Consul Helm I may also find it necessary to move the squadron to Ha vana, and will there await orders, if i do not suc ceed in procuring money here. I will, however, leave a small vessel at this port for the present." The Commodore, in accordance with instruc tions from the Secretary, had held an Inspection of the vessel composing the Home squadron, and says he takes great pleasure In stating to the de partment that be found the vessels of the rquadron In the most satisfactory state of discipline aud efficiency. . 3CHLOSSER WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON Moit Positively NEXT THURSDAY. February 14th. FREfH TESTIMONIALS or THI UNPARALLELED SUCCESS or DR. M. BCHLOSSER'S ommsra a i uiois mftoring from that oauee not to delay longer, and call at the Dootor'a. JAMES BELOER. Major U. 8 Army. February 6th, Ifc?. From Cap:. S. Batrtn, U. 8. Navy, Dr. If oh loner has rxtraotei ?e*eral oorna from my feet very eooosaefally, and without pain. 8. BARRON. DR. SCHL08SER Respectfully mnounoe* to who wuh to ob tain a permanent oure of ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET to favor him with a oall without delay, aa thia will he hie LAST VISIT IN WASHINGTON. Intending shortly to return to Emrop* and retire from professional urrioM. CONS UL TING R 00M8, ?6T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (South aide,) between 13th and 13th etreeU. OFFICE HOURS From 10 a. m. till 5 p. m. LEAVE POSITIVELY WASHINGTON NEXT WUR80AY. f?7 FEBRUARY 14TB. I WILL TUf ?il kindtof vlrrci* bmit for mr book d?bU ltd for BooU,ftko?a, and Tmnm. An persona indebted to m will pl?*M Mil and settle HP. or I ?Jia 1 b? compelled to girt their aoooutta V N E R R I N G SYSTEM ci CURING ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. Tna following Waahiagton Certificate: ire simi lar to thousands >.n Dr. S.'a possession. From Major J9i, Btlgtr, U. S. Army Dr. Schloaaer has this day operated upon my feet, and, I atn happy to say, with the greatest ease, and has given me fall tatisfaolion. 1 have acfiered for several years with oorna, and. from tna oomfort I have already experienced, I would rec Rrparu (r?a SprlBfflald. 9rsi!(orixLD, III , Feb 5 ?Mr Llacoln has strlcted the lime for receiving flillHi to one aid a half bonra nrh day during the remainder of bit st*y A last raceptlon will be given to-morrow evening at his private residence Horace Greeley returned from tbe AVeettbla morning This afternoon be was called upon at bis bote! by Mr. Llncila. The Interview lasted aeveral hours Grrelv ur^ed a trict adherence to anti-compromise poller, and It said to have re ceived ^ratifying awuinrr' fits opinion a? to the Cabinet and other appointments was frec'f solicited and given. He is known to be strongly opposed to Cameron, and very much IntereaU-d la the apf*>intment of Cbasr and Colfai Col Fre mont, be ihinks should have a mission to Fresco. Although just defeated In Albany, be did not ask anything either for himself or friends G. D Lincoln, of .New York, was prevent during part of the interview. The "irrepressible conflict" it racing among the Republican organs of the State- The Chicago Tribune Is severely attacked for denouncing Sew ard and Kello/^ aa untrue tothe Republican faith. and claiming to reflect Mr Lincoln'* view* Governor Curtlu baa been Invited to meet Mr. Lincoln In Philadelphia. Seizes* or thi Ririmi Ctttib Caaa at Moiilb ?The Mobil* Tribune or the Slat make* the following mention of the leisure of the rev enue cutter "Lewla Caaa," already referred to by the telegraph : The revenue cutter LewlaCaaa, Capt Morrison, in compliance with an ordinance from the State of Alabama, having been demanded by tbe Col lector of the Port, haa aurrenderedZhla vraael to the State Capt. Morrison haa resigned hla commission la the United State* service. and on acceptance o/ It uy tug iseparnneni, win ta*e < ommand or tu cutter again under the State of Alabama The other cfflcera of the Caaa have declined ac cepting under the State, and will leave for their reared!re homes. We learn that afUr the aurrender of the veeeel, Car?t Morrison received ordera to proceed to Gal. veston and to take command of the revenue cutter Phillip Dodge, and carry her to a Northern port for the purpose of preventing her seizure by I be State of Texay. To three ordera Capt. Morrison paid no attention whatever. PATAPSCO. NKW R CHMO.NU. AND 19A BKi.KA Mll.LS F-OlK RITCEWHKAT MKM., ONIONS, Ac. iraibhl* Patapaoo K&imlr Floor, arrnnted tafi nor to an* otner br?"d? in this market, 1 AA & 1 I ftt - ? - ? ? - iwi oniB. jnfw iti<>iiinona AAA fcxtia Kl^nr, 3& bbl*. I*al>ella Kxtra and Superfine do. lhs. superior Penn<Tlv*na Buckwheat MmJ, Jo bMs. Onions, in prime ordrr, 5" bbla. Apple*. .Received this day. and for aale low, io iota to suit. by b. L. mor K l?ON A co.. fe 2 6t Corner Twelfth and B ata Baltimore BUTTER HOUSE. Daily reoeivins froth and aweet, tn Goshen pcok a?ea. Alao, Ouio Butter, at 10^ and 12H oenta. KLL1COTT A BEWBS, It (C I? Kvc^anre PIkm. N?ltimn?^ Amos klndall ox SECESSION Theae able ArtiHm, W'th an O ijtiaal i'refi 1st .mr. Which hu NEVER BEFORE BEEN PUBLISHED. CELEBRATED LETTER TO ORR. AMD THAT LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT. Which ha? ius ly excited so inuoh wonder mm] adir i au<>n. have tern neat j print*i in apamfhl t of atx>ut lorty paste, ai.d are m>w ready for distri bu'ioa These are at? oug the ab'tet produrtirns of the times, ard no one who denres a coco usive atgu m?n? ar.d a loci I exposition olear, o tuiee and brief, upon th<s siibjeot, should bs withou a copy. They a ill l e lurm-litd ty the suhacriber at the fallowing price>. via: l'i CE^Ts a Sing e Copy. $ in a HUNDRKI). S **D a. THf H'S * v fl! H?I| in U's.lii Baltimore, Philadelphia, Se? Yo'k and fusion. a .1 4 r \ru w'Pini/vi v J^EAUTIFl'L AND VERY CHEAP. CURTAIN MATERIALS AT A SACRIFICE, Tli* stock now on hand at the old atore of CLA GETT A DODSON of alt kind* of pretty and de sirable materia'.* for Parlor, Drawing and other room Curtains is still very complete, and in view of the state of the tunes will be told off at a very ruin ous sacrifice. Members of Congress and othera who woutd add to the beauty and comfort of their homes will find a great saving and advanV*?e to make their pur chases here, as the conoer* nust be oloeed out to Bet tie with the estate of the ate deceased partner. Adiresa j* 2?-eo2v WM. !?T1CKNEV, Washicgton, D C. IK 99.&nln? p I a a. r\rvivo /% a* ? ? vnaufj i i a I" 'l/oi/.i. W WINDOW SHADE*. ARRANTED Gold Band Window Shadea. Bull". Green. an1 li te Holland Si.viet. a., (ilea, made to order. Fme, Medium, and Lowpnoed PaperhanciDc* At J. MARKRITER'S. No. 4 $6 Seventh ?t.. 8 doors above jafcieoiot Odd Fellows* Hall. WATCHES, JEWELRV, SILVER AND " plated ware. M. W. GALT A BROTHER oa 1 attention to their assortment of the above coods. all of the newoat style# and at creaty reduced prioes. M. W. GALT A BRO.i Jewellers. 324 Pa. av_ fa 5 St 4 doors west of Brown'a Hotel WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Wash:.nutos. D.C.,Jai.?. 1SS1. pRnPulK * w 11 Iwa -- ? ~ . - oMarc - vw > VVV I ? vu Oft mil V/U1UO UQMI Pooa i f ihe ?>ib d\r cf February, ia6i,(or ihepiat >rm oi.verin* oi Bridge >?o. 3. The work to b? done will consist of tii? lurniaHug. ou'tn-c And Bat ting of aSout 4,a?'cub:c feet of gra ite. Spfeifioa ttunx ca. h* procured a d planaeiamined on appli cation a^ thie Office. Each l>id m<i#t be acoomparned br a guaranty that the pvfy prqposme will, if bia bid i* accepted, enter nilj ountraot withii ton day* thereafter. Propotala to be tealrd and endorsed "Proposal* for Platform Covering." ard addreaard to J AS. ST \ MORTON. Meut of Eng'rs Ch. Eng'r Waah. Aqd t jaan tl6Fel. fOTOTHEPE PLES'C. OTH1NGSTORE, "I No. 460 Seventh ?t., to get ?our CLOTH ING. FURNISHING GUOlB, HA I t* and CAP?*. feS?w |N VIEW OF THE EXTRAORDINARY l otrincency or the times, and vuhinc tacloee oat oar heavy stock by spring, we will aeil from this datt?? follow*: HI< KUKY WOOD, 9*?i OAK. 530; PINE. RED ASH COAL, all sues. #6?; WHITE A?U COAL, all sues. ?6, CUM HEM LAND, 86. 2^40 pounds to the ton sua amied in all oases. Sawtd and Split WOOD all uses. Dli K90N A KINO, ja?-<o3w Yard?cor. Vermont a*. aa?l 16th sfr. PGR CLOTHING- H*T? and CAP*. Call at r SMllH'S No. 460 S recth opposite Poet ofltoe. f? a gw AT PANIC PRICES. FOR CASH. Fine Rep .Merinos, Figured Merinos, All Wool Deliuces, Silk Robes, Fancy Colorrd aud B aok Figured and StapleBilka. Aud our whole stook of Winter (roods, marked down at reduced crioee?many at less than oo?t - for the money, in order to re^uoe stock, J w nni.i.fev * rn INO oh?p,--? NT 4&0 ^ o7F?U Poit otw. |, j 6? I\l U8i9 AT HAI-F PRICE,?A l?rc? lot of lew 11 *1d fj*??ion?bl? Memo, slightly d*m?**d, Mil ing at half prioe. Call u>d Me it. r . ? JOHN F. ELLIS. - f? 1 306 Pa >r., Hfct 9th tad trth i?U H ?NOTICB?F removal. ENR < EG AN Hm removed hia itook of Dry 14/wwfa fmm SOI w . - ___ y;. ' ^T?U buwi vu an now naiKuni. 383 aouth ?id? Pecn. avecao, b?l?Mn tth ud 7th strecU, oppontf Wfhintton Baildn.;?. rt l-?t gELLING Or?,AT ?0PEE CENT. LOS Remaining in atook ? few fin* Cloth Cloaka and Brawl*. The special attention of the ladies are re quested, m we wisJt to e oee item out at one* for ovh fri ? J W COLLF.Y * CO. Dr, MUNSON Haa'removed hia Offioe to 304 Pennsylvania aveuue, next door WMt^g No. of Ellis's Mua.o Store. f*S <> Th\t notice about persons call inc to pay up we find by many disregarded Wi want it unoorstood we are in earnest; we want the money for all bills die as. fTj. A w. M. galt, Dealers in Wood and Coal, ja S3 3*2 Pa. ay., bat. 11th and 12th sta. a~"~~ ONE PRICE ONLY! ~ V1NG on band a v?ry hear* stock of DRESS UMINGS. i will offer tba same vary chsap for .and Ons Pnoe Only. ? c nTRivrniMQ u y ?1? i!* to ?it tr. GBFAT e*dWb?t"m?bJc" TO'v.lT W??r? r.fteriDf (MiiiMMMiliirciili. 0?r *?*? at'iok it * gr?4t rad-^tioJT F?i. *kiu { B ft*k, b M*toord<r, f- r $'& pin? tuit* ofitUrt, r?*dj ma te for l's viLU^kj*r(e kaa rMM-nt if G?b'?' KurawLin* tiooda. f- i-et SU3 it . ?hoT? P* av. DON'T HK UKCh.IV D, BUT C<'Mt TO tho ruht pilot to let your CLOTHJNG, HATS a d CAP?, At SMITH 3, No. 460 &e# enth at le a 6w A HICKORY WOOD. l No. 1 artio'* of HICKORY WOOD. Aleo. PINE and OaK WOOD prepared or aeliverM Ourd ie.gth. |?^T<titis cash. li^T" AH ord->r? should be accompanied with the money ; driver* d u't carry change Bnlee* apeoial vi u?i w v 101b vu Liiaw raocu T. J. & W. M. ?ALT, ja23 ?>-i Pa av.. bot. nth and lath at*. LTKENCU A RICH3TEIN. r ?7!? P**n. Arum, Aro agent* for the Baltimore Ame lean and Ki ohaaje, Charl?eton Mercury, As. Babeonbere errrd at low ratea Payer* from every oitr ia the Union?weekly, monthly and quarterly. Call and aubaenbe. Now is the time. New York, Phiia aubacrita. Now lathe time. New York. Pi deiphia, Baltimore and other paper* deurare the oitj and Seorgetown immediately after the _ _ _ i ar rival ot train*. ja 15 %*; K CAN'T HE RR1T IM Blfi I nunoi ?*. AUCTION SALES. Br J. C MoOt'lltr. * CO- Avon fWAPlS AT AUCTI0N.-0? RATUE V DAY MORMINU. KrbiMn MA. Mil o n<* in ItobI m the M?tico riMM, w? ?h? I Mil, vttfe eat rfi I S?o nd-h?r?l C?'Mb? or ?>*n Cftrntc*. ? - i.L. I "rati J oh?[ r mm ii j Term ruh. _fj^7-4 J. C M?GITIKE St CO . Ai Br j. C. MoGt lRR A CO.. Anotto??r?. Tim warr. tin waiif. tin-waek ?q? SATURDAY MOBNIN4. Fthrwrj Kh. ftt 1? o'clock, in from* of t*# u?Uoi r?MM. < oil ft atork of Tw vftr*. eoau'itmc? T *7-4 J. C- MtflUHB * CO , Amtu J. C. Mobl T*E * OO.. iMtlnwi. P?U*N?TU?E AMP EFFECTS OF A FAN 1 ilt D^i LiR n* HonnmtM *t A P" MOlMNtt, F( l? o'clock, ia frost of tk? * " ?h?*l II Ut9 rnfltm* Ard m*. at I, wo [T* 4*1 Mp*?n? 'r^Ml 'r??f*. Rook or %a4 Parlor Chain, larb to? Coator and Sola Tab m. KY"? 35KB4. *!???* iimiiwira, mms u| * u?u. _ If SMeboard. Fef ifO ?lor, h-rj rhairt, it Action. Dining l?al T?kl?i. jrHti, Oi'e oth, Stair Rod* %nd Ky?, and Main Har*aa?, Waahataod*. Uh rfe" ~ ' b*,-Tr,U'* HurindHut Mt ..Jkirc, RtdiUor M ollior McrM, Tofth*r witu a |?oera. aworta.*ot of Kitohra R^aldlN ttw oath * f*7 d J C MoOUIKE 4 CO., A?f THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MORROW. By UREFN * WILI.tAM? A??tio iVf. 526 romtr 7th mnd D itrtmtr 'pvpiDC p BAi>n ur nuLCbnuuv Ami 1 Kitcim Frimrcii-On KRlDiY.lWttii inatact. at 1" o'clnok e. m , we will eeil ?t ft* rwtdenee ">f al%dy dofl'inlni hoaaeke*pI'f.No 498 P?nn?;!miii*r'ni<, Mvco SH and 4* r*t?. hr ?Irt"eof t?ode*eoftru? b'?r M Mti lW, and r*o??ru*n It ibei J A. t) . I*, folio *<H, ard th? other hM ire date the ?f J an ear?, 1K1, and duly reeor led and t? order of thetra?tr?e, ?! the H"?ehold and Kitchen Furniture in the Route. W??n?m?r?r* >r ?rt Mah jany and Walrut Bofke, Chairt, ud Tat..e?. Do Drsaem* and other 8errant aod v> aeh etftlMla, Po Jenc? Lind and other Beditead* wd Wa-h* Feather Bed* *r d **attreuee, A larre lot ol B^odinc. China. Glaae. and Crookery War*, Ivor*-Handled Knirea. Placed Ca?*ora I-ork*. and Spoon*. Three-air. Ingram.inn otMr Carpet* acd Oiioiotk. Fin* Refrigerator, Cooking ?nd otber Stover. Wi > a Urea lot of o'ber trtielH, hioh we dwm r neo???ar* to enumerate. T<>rm : AH phrii of and itdtr tVowk;*v*f ?. a credit of a* and ?< dara for note* aatiafac torily eud?r?ed hearing interest, fa 2 d GRFKX A WIL.I I AM?. A act*. FUTURE DAYS. By J. C. MoULIRK * CO, AactioMere. M| ARSHAi 'f 8ALK OF COOKING Btotj* aftD ?*Lr*B?a?' Mitisul ?On 8tTL'R OAY MORNING. Febrw ?HI .fct >0 n'o <ok la front of th? Anctiou Room, by order of tbe UirtM Stat#* Mar?h* . we shall ?el to tke hiflwet bM4?' 1? new Cook Btorea aod F.xtarea. * Hrdrar U.; B'-thTuha S Mar* le top W?t?r Mar.da. 4 Water Cioeeta. JMinwrf Hatha. 10 WaMrfirkt, J*' umua lor water I IomU, 4 Iron 2 pieoea L& then 1'ipe. Terma etah f S d 1. C. Mo*?UlRE k CO.. Amou. By J. C. MoGUIRk k. CO , AacUoowrt. SUPERIOR AND BEAUTIFUL BLOODED 0 Kim<i6 Maks at Acctio*.-Oii ?*At4jRI)AV MORNiNh, FelTUA'y 9th, at 1* o'clock, in front or th? Aaotiuo Ro?m?. v- thai! Mil a anp?rior and beautiful Blooded Mar>- of Arabian atock. wy atyliah and rpintari aoder the raddle, and w?rt? well in harceaa, ia of the oae brated biomed atock borcea. Her owner aeila her on aooount of lea* - 1 i the city. Tara>* caah. fe 6 d J. C McGtlEc, A CO., A acta. ? n . r.oi'LM a. ur v t i a mq * ? m*j vnoctit ? ?? IUUlA<nO| A iOUUUWI SHALE OF BOR!<fc?. COWS, BOGS. MAR kit Waoors add Fabmikg L tim?il?, Fr?m- x Trax. Ac , at Acctioh ?Oo MONi>AV,th* nth instant v? aha. a?.I, at 10 o'clock a.m., at Mr. Junta Hawl^y'r,(known m Li Tins* ton Ftrm.)'B Pimtmr load, 1 > milea the other aid* of tha Irsme Asvlam, o??r 'hf AnaooaUa or Nav? Yard brdce ?! r of the atoc k. Anoaiauaf of? 2 U'?)jon? and Harneaa, 30 Coweta fine orirr. I m? with oftlvM.and m aprincera of a ?uj*r?or auajitr. Hose, 2 Market Wa*on?, Hirn?u, Carti. Catt nc n< x biook aidlal. P on*h?, Harn wa, Caltivatore and RHlera. Hotb/d wd Box** in oo?t et? order .Perthes. Ciadlee, Pieka, 8b'<ve!a and Hpadee, u-- a...? P-iJ? " 1? A lot of HoiiMhi-d and Kitchen Forruturs, Alto, ft Horse Povst Sftw Mi 1 of raosst tavantiOF ftnd imp ooortmotioB, fit will ba pat is ope ration on tii* dftx of aftla,) And mftc) other artioits too iinMron to Nwr ft'ft. Farmers ftnd dairyman will do wftll to ftttend this Mis Tertnc All rams of and under fjpossh, ormr ft credit or ?>. 6" and 9? dats. for apart* fd ando' ted n<>te?, bearing i?i'ere?r fmna day of sal*. fefi d GRF.KN A WILLIAM*. Aaets Br J. C. McQL'IRK A CO.. Auotionsers. QO SHARKS* OF STOCK OF TRF. Mimit oO An** <*omp4^t at Arenow.? * i 1 ba sold at ! pub us ?action, at our auction loomi, in tfusoity, I on TI E-Da Y, t;i? ltth in?taot, at 5 o'clock p m . 1 tr? fKft hi ?KA>t Kji< * r f.-r ^a?w <" ? I ? ... ? ' vw^u? ?*u vnvra it ir.ay ooncern. k3 !*n*re? of Block of the MAyntra Arms Comptii}. feS d J. r. MoGLIRK 4 CO.. Aaof. Look at Tbls. rwi? errtcts of the pattic ? Artiolea of JEWELRY That caaftll* retail from ?1 to *>, _> now olliag at only ?xk dollar maoh, A* TBI 3 OPPOSITION STORE. 4T6 PsnH'TLTAJiu Arssrc*. t Cail and (ZMD^pt BOOKS!! BOOKS'! We are olo*inc o?: a larre aiook of Staadar4 *c6 Mueelianeoua Rooka at one-half of the re? prioea. 1 BOOKS SELLING FOR 40 CENTS. #1 24 BOOKS SELLING FOR 60 TO 1i CENTS, 9? BOOKS SELLING POR 91 TO Rl.Si. ALL NEW BOOKS kivimom mm wvai m [UUIIIINH, HQ BOM AT RETAIL. ftt the Low *t Wholesale Pncmt REMEMBER. YOU CAN GET BOOKS from ? to SO p*r o?Bt. )?m Um Pabh?h*r\(pnoM, and ELEGANT SETS OF JEWELRV. LADIES' NECK, GUARD, ui CRATELAfWB CHAINS. ul GENTS' VEST CIAINS, Ac.. A*., for ONLY ONE DOLLAR EACH. 476 PsaaiylvaBla Awm? 4TI fri lw.r n > to tii?r lilamt to do so, tM compound aYatr or ?r Ocmtks, Ceid*, HNriiwi, rriDr icstf SSSSsas 5Bfl tfce> are ?o cheap ??tob? within tM r?tk7|}l We do aot ex poet uruitri to htlitrc whtt we vnu in roivil ti> nor owe ntdwaM, ecwuim It WB rotor yo? to the folowinc v*ti ktnvi |M tiemen'?eeni<oa?e?. wt icM o*n he wdiIUi ra? et<ir*e where the artirilee are for Ml*; thei ma the* are the heet Couth Bad tor* Tiiroet Meiieiree U?7 haioovor kaown s Fee. Ju H ttrnwi, " ?. 0?or|? RiMu Rev. ftam'l A. WiIim, Re*. Ww A. Biek*. Mv.Wb.A. |?t John Foley, ReT.Jl* ? M?Mnrr??, Rer. \S m. R.Miua. Of tk* Ctmfrrmtt. K*ch arti* e 2S o-nte a hotMs. W (>?ueBBie bv W U Reu * Co? Drtf gists, 63 Broadway, Halt.m.-ro At ret?i' by R. ft. T. CiBBel 4 Co., Draff iai. 6eortet?wa. Chail ft?*?tt, Dr?(tr1?t, Mi P?. avoaoa. W#.?. Thom^tuo Dragnet. Fifteenth eland r 1 now i uii iTwncPi n?*nPIV'l. J"hn K tfctf , Dr?cct*t > ?n Yw<. KPIn QBOR6IA BTATK LOTTKA1KS. JfaMirr'i OJit of I At ffurrit LmturUt, I ^vtnika. Ui .fwtirr Id, MM. | 0?rtl?r?? nunifcoriotUri??*r+4f?v?4*i)y C? itaJ TrisM fr.-a &.?? to tS&.MO TUMl f t?*V PrliM?r|l^??>du4?rpMlM It alter tk? drwwiac*; oth?r ?riaM at JT 4r?winf of ?.*r Will ? rati in t*- N*. i-4Uki int*! if [ <<> f._ Pw dM uwMcr any of oar lou?n*? _ . McKI.NNEY * C.J.,1 |?r%<