Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS If I. Yr.n 9ni U printed on tfc? mu hi j ? . # lr at jtb c*f flVittmocw, Its lirge m re , if 1* to bt- put |g prt?# at as #*:ly N?nr: Adr-jnartnruta, U>'.^r0r*, shou d be . n? in ?>cfw I* ?>!<*;* ?>ttaerwlar tbey rosy sfpecr an'vli t>*;e aext dny. ' N^Titt.?IfcstrW of Columbia Advertisements I" be !ns*rted in tb? Baltimore Svsare received *? and forwarded from Thk J*ta* Office. Mktkopolit&s Poltk Rat?This bill, (the District ot Colombia's substitute for Mr. Kiluore's bill.) bow before Congress, provide* for this city a b-ard of politte to consist o# four comnil*sloneis, \Vilson, Jamn A. Wise, Robert Clarke, and J arm-* Lynch.) with tfcr Mayor, who sball bold tbe:r office for a trrm of four years, with a k.i?*rv of SI .a*j per annum. The board sball appoint one of tbelr number treasurer, wbo shall bold bis office for such term as may be hv the commissioners, and sball rertlin? such ad?!:t;<>mt compLiiMtion w. n ay be rllowrd by said ? onimasioners. not exceeding SlOO per annum. Hefor* entering upoti the duties of bis office be *ball tiiw b <nds piyaMe to the 1 nited States with Tie <-r more sureties in the penal sura of $25,COO, < ondltiorcd f<>f the faithful dUcuarge of his duties, said bond to be approved of by the Secretary ? T the Interior, and to be kept in his office. A majority of the board shall constitute aquorum, and tbe failure of tbe Mayor to qualify sball not impair tiie tight er duty of the commissioners to ^r^arilte md proceed with their dutirs; and in ase cf a vccaucy amon^ the commissioners, the "*eiT^U;y of the Interior sball appoint a suitable person to fill the place. When the commissioners st>ail lrave qualified themselves they shall be divided Into two classes, to be determined by lot 't he lirit c!? >s shall serve from the Wt of March, 1*#61. and the second c'ass from tbe 10th of the > mm month, until their succeesor ihall have been appointed. The police forre shall consist of one hundred to ii. exclusive of officers, which iiumber may be tcrrwrd or reduced es the public service may require. Tbe offices shall consist of one cj plain and S'jch number of lieutenants and sergeants as the l>oard of police s^all deem necessary. Tbe ord% titry policemen shall receive CIS per week, paid ftf-nii-TOouthly; and in case the board appoint detective policemen their pay shall be same The officers shall be paid semi-monthly, as follows : Captain, 81.300 per year; each lieutenant, $13 per week; and each sergeant, ?12 50 per week. The >??3td shall make and regalnte the laws governli?Z the police force, provide themselves with office furniture, clerks. &c , and shall adopt and use a common seal The city sbali l?e divided Into seviti police districts, tbe First Ward constituting tbe first district,- the Second Ward the second district, and ?o on with tbe sevrral wards Kach of the three first districts skall have two police officers, tbe fourth district four officers, and ?woior eacn or iDe other districts, and an additional onr for the fifth, who shall be stationed at the Washington a;jd Baltimore depots all of tvhom snail enforce the police regulations tn their re. spective distrl. ta, Slid officers to receive each ??>.*> per annuna, exept the one at the depot, who chall only receive >500. Tbe commissioner* ?hall have power to call out the military whea It sball he deemed necessary by them, er?l any Ihllitary officer who shall refuse to obey sueh call shall be liable to a penalty of &5?*J Any private or inferior cfficer who shall refuse to ooey shall be liable to a penalty of f'JUO The Board of Commissioners shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the police force, and when they t?ali hav>-estimated what sum will be necessary for each fiscal year, and reported It to the Mayor and City Councils, the Councils shall assess and i*?y su:h amount upon the assessable property in tbe city, and oollect the same for the use of the commissioners Tbe commissioners shall have the power, and it ball be their Hnt? ?/? ? --J 1? * -J , ? nuu CLUJJiUy >uca ]listless of the peece as may Ire required to alt at the respective station houses. said justices to be paid as the board shall deem proper. Each and every member of the police force shall, before entering upon ths duties of his office, take an oath that be will support the Constitution of the United SUtes, and faithfully perform his respective duties Nothing In the act shall be construed to diminish the responsibility of the Mayor and other corporate authorities for any failure to discharge the duties of the Corporation, and all laws conflicting with the provisions of this act are ropealed upon Its pissige Hish Wis#?The gale of yesterday seems to have been the severest tLat has visited this city la meny years, and its destruction of property here and elsewhere was quite extensive. Several bindings were unroofed, tre?s. signs end fences Mr*re blown down, tbe flags along the avenue whi pped Into ribbons, and the flag recently hoisted on the National Monument was torn to pieces by tbe wind. All tbe efforts of H D. Morgan, the waicnrain, and assistants, could not prevent the accldeat, tbe halyards having parted si tbt flag wan being lowered, and it was thus left to tbe int-rey of tbe elements Tbe Society have thus redeemed their pledge to hoist the Star Spangled banner on the Monument, and regret exceedingly that an unavoidable accident hat caused tbe experiment to be so brief and unsuccessful. It was almost a miracle that the fire which broke out on Seventh street did no further damage than it did, as it was in a densely settled locality, and the gale was at its hight. The telegraph wires were seriously atfected bv the gale, and Co'iifiiunication with tbe South was aim est entirely suspended. The steamer Thomas Co!Iyer was prevented from making her last regular trip last night. In Baltimore the sale was particularly BfVere A hctvv lhnwi>r r.f filn fa 1 cKa.i# , ? ?> clock In tbe aft-moon. which prevailed, however, only a few minutes At noon the thermometer wa? rated at 11?, but at night it was 6? below the freezing point An unusual number of roofs were blown off and h great many buildings seriously damaged. Wa^ons were sU-ept across the street*, signs, awnings and woodwork demolished. .Hid things smashed up generally. in Alexssdria, the chimney of the plaster mill belonging to .Messrs C. F. Smith 4. Co was blown down, tbe tin roof of the Relief engine-house torn off, window shutters wreuched from the hinges, and shingles, signs, tic , scattered through the streets The suffering upon the coast must have be?n exceedingly severe; and although tbe wind vras blowing off shore, yet we may expect to hear of numerous shipwrecks and casualties, especially in the bay, where there is so little sea room. 1 US IS?cl?KCTlO!? 15 MARTLA3D?We Clip from the St. Mary's Beacon, of Tbuisdav last, tbe following Items referring to the reported negro insurrection near I^eonsrdtown. Md : John Thompson, f. b , who was committed to our jiil on tbe '29th ult , on the chirge of being -itsjagei in attempt to excite insurrection among the ne.'roes, bad an examination before Justice WatUen on Saturday latt. Nothing wes elicited daring tbe examination to implicate Thompson or to t^irow suspicion upon him, and he was discharged. Curtis, wbo was committed on the sine cbar^fc. is still ia jail. ileary Holly, f b , living in St. George's neigbbo hood. Factory district, was committed to j ill on Saturday l's*. charged, in the language of the i ommitting magistrate, "upon tbe oith of Alexander Fletcher witQ conspiring and attempting to excite to insurrection tbe negroes of the Fact j.*v district " Tbe Baltitnose correspondent of the Ne*" York Tribune says of this affair: - The rtiuior of insurrection in St. Mary's is all i ooine wouoie arose Del ween a v. h te mm ud a negro boy, wbo let hia tongue run too freely, and forthwith the uewsmonfctrs magnified the affair Into importance. The bov wn, of coura*-, puuiabed for his insolence The deportmeat of the negro population throughout the State la aaid to i/tfer no aalJrot polntaof objection So change baa been observed In tbelr behavior In Baltimore calculated to excite remark " Muti Militabt?The detachment of cavalry mentioned in the Stmr ytaterday at on ita way here, arrived In Waabington yesterday afternoon from the Cavalry headuuartera, Carlisle, Pa. They come equlpad with Cavalry a words revolvers, and muaketoooa, and are well mounted Tbey only number fortv-two men. but the remainder of the company follow them here in a few days, or aa soon aa they can procure horses The detachment la coo^nanded by Lieut J P. Halliday ik iuum VI tune mm uave iero Oira service 01) the frontier, and are a hardy looking, able-oodied set of soldiers. On their arrival they proceeded at once to tbe quarter* provided for theiu in the bull over Burcn's stable, on Fourteenth atreet, which baa been comfortably fitted up for them. National Gc*ao Battalion?We are inform d that the National Guard Battalion are faat improving in drill, numbera. 4c On Monday evening company C, located at the Navy Yard, bad upwards of 'fifty men at their drill, and, bytbe by, all cold water men. During tb?- evening tary wer?- vlaitrd by C. 1 Tait and tjficers of A and B con. panics. who expreaaed themselves aa greatly pUas^d with tneir aoldierly appearance Compenlea A aud B are particularly fortunate in having aa their iuatructor Serjeant Pierce, of tue sappers si:d miners?one of the moataccompllabed d.Ml maatera in the aervlee. An alarm of fire yesterday morning, in tbe First Ward, waa c allied bv the rnriiil burnlnir nf I tbe roof uf the house if Mr. John Nightingale, which caught fire from a spark from thecbtir.ney The Arc waaeitlogulshed before hoy serious damage wjidco? lu theaft-rnoon there was another aiarm of fire. caused by the burning of a chimney t Um upper end of King atrrrt?Aitz Gaxrttt SrraKMi Cov%T?Tki*Ttday ?No 71 The Cleveland Insurance Company, appellmia, avt (/oorge R?-ed r( >1 . and tbe Milwaukee and Miaataatppl Railroad Company This ratia- w?a arg<fd by Mr. Doolitfle |or tbe ap^tllub, and bf Mr f.ynd* for tb* nppelteea Adjvirced _ . ... . a I K ? A .. II1I2?LIIWI| a J . vw WHiwm, d lir*rt ? < ii< rity ttrmon lu -t Patrick'* church ctI Sunday i:ul. for tfce briirflt of ti?e YuattJ c * VrJ,.4 Society. ?f 1 U* Fire -About o'clock lut night, a ire broke out in the brick lltefy fttable of Ju. H. Sbre?ea, In 5eTent* street, between H and I atreet* Tbe high wind then blowing caused tbe flamea to anread with great rapidity, and in a few minutes the entire building waa on fire A large number of boraea and carriage* were to the atable at the time, and were at once removed oat of barm'a way. All tbe fire compantea ware aoon on tbe apot, but their united effurta were required to keep tbe flamea from apr>-ading to tbe contlguoua building a, and in a brief pace the stable, mtp tbe walla, waa reduced to aahea. Tbia iatbe third time Mr Shrevea atable has l>een dtatroyed by Bre^within tbe laat ten years The paint shop of Mr. John A norland and tbe framv carriage bouse attached to tbe (table of Mr. Howard. ndjolnlMg, were torn down by the Hook and Ladder Company.which preven'ed in a great measure the spread of tbe tire to the adjacent honsfs. Mr. P. T hyson bad a considerable lot of general stores stowed awiy in Mr. Howard's carriage house, which wers saved. The amount of propertydmroyed is $4,000,covered, however, by an Insurance. The fire at Shreves' stable was the work of an Incendiary, and it is suspected that a colored boy who was accused of being concerned with the former destruction of Mr Sbrevet' stables, is the pnrty It will be remembered that on the former occasion one of tbe colored boys was convicted and s^nt to the penitentiary, and the other acquitted Tbe suspicion now recta on this one, wno ii i? rumored was seen coining out of the stable just before tjje fire wss discovered. m Mb Ed t?i : ? Last night, at the large fire on Seventh street, there was no water thrown on the fire until the flame* bad nearly consumed the bouse, though the Potomac prater runs in front, in rear, and to the "right and left" of It. Why was this? t will tell you. Over a year ago, the City Councils pasfd a law to erect fire-plugs on Seventh tr-'et and Pennsylvania avenue, and this law has not been carrIM out because the Water Registrar and Purveyor are at loggerheads. Those official!- wilh th? MtifAf ?? J ? ?v/ y VI , ui t kU WC lUCUtCU iur tfce treat losses which have occurred at the fires on Pennsylvania avenue and Seventh street. We, the citizens and tax-pavers, have to suffer from tbe quarrels of those officials. There has been great neglect on the part of the city officials in reaping tbe benefits of the abundance of water at our dispcul. Tbe firemen got water from plugs over a square from the fire, and there was not enough hose to any one of tbe companies to reach the front of the fire. If we had one or two steam ( Are engines we could put a more speedy stop to tbe tirts. but tbe committee on fire engines in the lower board of the Council, generally bury such n>eful bills in the "tomb of the Capulets," or jump down on them like a "duck on a June oug." or "snap them up wus than a snappen tur m ii mku umciuiciDDOt oe oi more benefit to tbe city than they are, we should put tome there who will be. Fourth Ward. Valc* or Rial Fstatk iw Waihitoios.? In tbe*e piping bard times, when every property-bolder In Washington feels that bis little bouse and lot would not bring half Its value under the hammer, it Is proper toVxhibit the other aide of the question. YesUrday Messrs "Cleary & Green sold at auction, under a decree of the Circuit Court, a house and lot situated on Massachusetts avenue, between Fourth and Fifth it*., for f6T5. Tbe assessed value of the property on the books of the Corporation, under tbe late high assessment, is 9096?only $-20 higher than wliat it sold for to satisfy a court judgment. This is the ?,.t ?i ?i??? - - u ? i?iicu me vi reai estate in iuis city since tbe Presidential election. Theat&k ?Perhaps the most flkclnatlng novel of the last live years la the French tale entitled "Tee Romance of a Poor Young Man." Of course the play-wright* snapped eagerly at It, and the graphic story w*s B|>eedlly dramatized and put on the stage, where it met with an extraordinary success, running every night for a wbole season, we believe To-night this play will be brought out at the Theater, with Mr. 8;>thern as "Maxime," the hero of the story Uelng his benefit night, it Is to be presumed tbat toe produces the choicest selection of his rrjitrioir*, and the public may look for a tiue entertainment Indeed. Tax Casal ?Tbe canal was dry this morning. and tbe boats which have been lying at the wharvn since tbe cloae of the trading season, were fast frozen In the mud This Is no unusual circumstance, for after every long continued gale from the northwest tbe water in the canal is low; but this morning the bottom was more apparent than at any time this season. It will not be long 1 ? 1 ? * - - uuwcTcr, uei re n.e ooau now grounded will be afioit, and again engaged In river trade. The ?ajon for fitting them out la rapidly approaching, and will afford tmplovment for many who for months have been out of employment. Bates & Biothkr, ?oap and candle manufacturers, G street, were relieved of half a dozen boxes of candles last night. They were worth ab-nit ?25. and were taken from the upper story and let down from the porch by some very careless thief, who left a few odd candles on bis track through the yard as be traveled towards the rear fence. Rogues are requested by the proprietors to be mere particular in their form of "secession" from the premises in future, as troublesome litigation may arise therefrom Toe party 'n tbis caae appeared ?o have been "familiar with theconstltutir n" of the establishment. Effect# of the I*ax:c ?We are afraid the la diet will be^in ta look upon the panic at a yood thing, for it certainly ia enabling them to purchase the!r needful supplies if jewelry at ra'es they co?ld not have dreamed of six months ago. At Evans', 476 Pennsylvania avenue, they are not only selling books at less than half price, but are disposing of elegant seta of jewelry of all descriptions for only one dollar each !!! See their announcement elsewhere. Cibccit Cocrt.?The quo wtrtanto case of the U. SS. ex rel Richard Wailach ajjt. .las (j. Berret w*s tip to-day. and. as we foreshadowed yinterday. was postponed till next term. Mr. Kr'adley, !*r , relator, pressed the Importance of putfiug the rase to a trial at the present term; but oil application of the defendant's attorneys, the Court gave them till the Urjt Monday in March next to answer the relator's reDlir.ation! snH ?fr,.rAir.?iu the case goes over to the May term. The Peace Co.xgkbss after their vlstt to the President yesterday, returned to Willarda', and siibft-qnentlv proceeded In a body to the Capitol. The strictest precautions are taken to keep the doing* of the Convention from the public eye; the reason assigned for such a course being to prevent outside pressure, particularly from the otker Congress which meets at the other end of Pennsylvania avenue. Giinatiow* College ?The rumors with regard to the Georgetown College are all <>f the most fabulous character. A very few Southern students have been withdrawn oy their parents and uuardlana, whose fears f jr the peace of Wash* Ington ou the 4th of March, as laid down in the programme of the Richruona Enquirer, had been excited. A Repcblicax Memorial?Among the rremoriail presented to Congress yesterday, was one by Mr. Florence, from g.MJU citizens of Philadelphia, all of whom voted for Mr Lincoln, asking for the adoption of the Crittenden Compromise The signers comprise one Republican elector, and the leading merchants and literary men of the city. Nor So ?The sudden illness yesterday evening of the orderly sergeant of the cavalry company quartered over Burch's stable gave rise to a rumor that be had been poisoned, or drugged The officer is on duty to-day, having recovered entirely from bis Indisposition. N a'.t Yard?We learn that in consequence of a scarcity of funds, the hands employed In the Navy Yard were not paid off on the Oth?their regular pay day. This has occurred once before this winter. Thk misiDiKTS on North Capitol street were -?-.ai_J a -* ? - ?* " 1 " isiueu uy cry 01 are iui mgm aoout bair put >lx, caused T>y a burning chimney of Capt. Wllkea'a old houae. The lire waa aooo extinguished and quiet restored. To sioHT Mr Will lama conclude* his courae of lecturea at tb? Sinltbaonlan, on China and Japan. Tbe subject for tbla evening la the Rank of the Japanese among Aalatie Nation*. Rkfcblican Association?A few member* of this aaaoelatlon met at their wigwam laat nlgbt, bat in consequence of the extreme cold, and tbe I alarm of fire, elaewhere, no meetlug waa held. \ D*. Scblosskb preaent* In our advertialng I column*, to-day, testimonialsuf a high character, from source* which our community will at onoe recognise as entitled to unlimited confidence. To-hioht, Mtaa Charlotte Cuahman appear* In V ?- _ ^ L ? a * .< ? f *? ni ?i. ? ? ? - uci kiwi tiwiuwi ui " iue^ iucrrtiiu ' at IU( liollid iy-street Theater, Baltimore. Wb hbab that a flue concert la In contemplation, to be given by the Union Chapal Cbolr. a okaxd mualcal aotree will be given at the Smitbeonlaa on the 22d. Hoitittu'i 8t->**ch BiTTBma.?Thii prepare t on bu acquired iu immru? celebrit? not by dowery advertii im?nt?, b t f-o?? plain atatementa properti'a Ud affaota, v riiejt by every individual who haa given ita trial What the advertuementa of tUe propuetora promise, the medicine inw iably peMorma, and beooe the po ultrfa'thin it? vir mm. It aota aa a *eatle atinalant on tha "o-ra ha>d iiit-eidiarr organ*, eommnnieanng >n th'? way an amount of vigo equivalent to that of w'tioh the patient rim have been deprived by eioki Their natara ia attained. while tha dit'era ae an alterative and anti-biilioae a dioiee raliavaa th* m atein of all Morbid matter, aad imparts rem - Uk'lty to taaration#. 1 hull?h?iimili ?tuoaopKy? th? oniM of diarrh<ra, *?n?r*i debflitoTfai. *r* ?ra*U>>( a m?n< ed/fiia? of Mtooi.hment and w?sb^* *'i?ijiy ygi ? ?* n 5 *o8t ?* J * . TBI SBT. Jacob ^bcklbb, Wall rnown and much reapeotrd among the Ger ian population of tbia coun'r*, mak" the fol.ov int ?taiem?nt for tha bea?>fit of the afflictad : HASovr r. Pa., Feb. 16. I?a*. A?*s/t? setk W. Forelt t Co , Botu*? Dmr Sim liaviac realised in my family important l<eneS?a from the u?e of your Talnahlo proparation? Balsam of Wild Chtrri-it an rds me p'eaanra to recommend ic to the p*itil o. Some eight vara ago .>neof my daurht?ra teemed to be in a dtH>line, and little hop*a of her iMomt were entertained t then proonrfd ft b >ttle of ycnr ex I Calient Ba'aam, nnd b fore the had taken the vli?i? of th?-content1 of the hiitle th?r.< wa?a sreaf im prumiism id nrr nmin. i nave, in my individual os?9. mad* frequent use of your vaJaabe medioin*, and have aJwa>s been bsnefited bj it. I trou'd, hoteercr. caution the public against imposition b>cmute there m a toed atal of ipurwus Ivtjiar'* Bal sam qf Wild Cherry afloat thruutkout the coun'r^. Jack SlCHLaE. il r Beware of tile and worthiest counterfeits ! T%4 only Genuine, Pure and Medicinal Balsam hat the name of'4!. Bnt'a," tr^ten with a pen, a> d the printed name <>f the proprietors, ' & \V. Fowle A Co.," on ths outer wrapper. Prepared br Seth W. Fowle St. Co., Boston, and for ?ale in Washington city G. 8tottv i*. B. WaiteZ. D. Gnman. John Schwarse. Nairn & Pa.mer, John Wiley, J B Moore, and H H. MoPheraon; in Georgetown by R. 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For Uafcet* or obemM ia anr Of our lotteriaa addrraa MoKINNEY * C? Managers, ja? It* 8arar.nsh.-Gii. 1 fi?*J?45?.PHKItI>'8' *orB*f ^ y/aut' 1 *? 11 AM08EPKNTS. WA 8 H I N G ~T O N T O A T F. R! ? 8. W. 6 H!f?f Ae mc Manacer J.T. Ra\moxb THIS EVF.NIN6, Farewell of MR. S O T n B K N, Who Will ( ?i MAXIM K, In the tl?y 'he Romantr of A TOOK YOUNG MAN. la eoBsf^aerce of the ftfttreme Isnth of this play. it will conaMtate the entire performance. It WANTS. WANTED?Six oompetent TAILORS immadi- i ?t?lr. App > to G. KOLP,*t Wall. SUph*r.a A Co.'s, 322 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th its. fa 8 5t |I \17ANTED? A SlTUATiiiv k- - - . v??? ui ? icrpm;i*UiC TV T"Ud? g'rl, a? nuri? or cheral>erinat<l and to do plain sew in*. B-st referei oe t iven. Address Box i, Star Office. It* V|7 ANTED? Bt a young woman a SITUATION f" as nurte.chamee'maiJ, or to do housework. Her object is to get a good Acme, and she will do her beut to g re entire satisfaction to heremplov ers Please address a note to Box No. 21, S'ar Office, and the will call. fe 8-3t A YOUNG -LADV FROM THE NORTH would like a Situation in a dry ;ooda or fancy store Address V., Star Offise. fe P-tt* BOOKS WANTED?Wilkinson's Memoirs Moultrie's, Drayton's, Gardner's Anecdotes of the American Revolution, Heath Memoirs of the late War, St. Clair's Narratives of his Expedition Axaiofct the Indians, Early Volumes of the ftlohe, 3d volume of Nil**' He*i?.ter. 1843 '44 Fatent OfBoe Roport. Br ALFKKD HUNTER, O d Book ?tore,on Wil'iards' Square. fe6-3t* H7AN rlETk f M?" ? .... iiunn Ci street, & young 1" WOM AN , to do the cooking and homework if a small raniiiT. Recommendations reqaire-1; it>ne need apply without them. fe2-tf WANTED IMMEBIATKLV-Froin ?5 to Sio.oon worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI rUR K of all liinda, for which 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as u? toe shortest uotice. R. BUCHLY, " Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Jkc.t o<3 9 40S 7th tt.. bet. G and H east side. WANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons dec ining housekeeping, or having i surp us of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash ind fa.r prices by applyine at .Itly Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ k. GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOTTVn LOST?At the Capitol, Thursday, a lady'* small Mack cloth f^ArK. The finder, by leaving the 1 ibm-e at the Office of the Aveuue Home, will re- ? seivea suitable rewa-d. fe 8-2t* J C'lA RKWARD.-Uit,thi? morninr, my small ? IU black and tan SI?l*T "Fly, A w*ishs aKout 8 pound*; ha* on a ooilar?^.^?. < with my name; no look on the collar; has " t * small soar on her side. The above reward will < liesivsnif returned liefbre Frday nuht, as she has , youne pups which rrquire her attention ; if re- . turned alter that, I * ill jive $5 reward and isk no questions, JAME*. T. LLOYD, \ fe 7 2t* 476 Pa. avenue. ' LOST?On Saturday, a small BREASTPIN, ! containinr seven sets; bluo enamel on the sterr. Beinc a present and valued very highly, a reward Of 4 15 Will bo eivan on i??*vin? it ? r\.!???. u.ii l Clothing Store", ooiuer O* et. and Pa avenue, te 6-J too ~ BOARDING. BOARDING.?Persona desirous of a comfortah e home can obtain Rood Hoard and p!?*?ant Apartments on F strict, No 339, between 9th and loth eta. Tabla Hoarders can also be accommodated. Terms reasonable. f(5-lw Ladles, Call Early RIDDLE'!* ORIGINAL *1 STORE, RIDDLE'S OKIGINAL #1 STORE, No. 30*2 PENNA. AVENUE. No. 30'i PENNA- AVENUE, Additional invoices just received of New and Beautiful Jewelry. Fkom Orn E*ti*x Stock YOU CAN TaKE YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. 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JO" Remember the Number?SOU?as we have no connection willi others, prcfessing to sell at "tir I prices, <11 tl<is city. ' E Received this day a large invo'o* of SILVER- " WARE, ounsiKtuin of Breakfast and 'lea Sets; * Card and Cake Baskets; Patent Svrup Pitchers; r Butter Dishes; Fruit Knives; Tea Knives. Forks; [ Table, Deport, and 1 ra Spoonr; Tolwvcco Boxes; t r*uear and Cream 5poous; Napkin Kinjs; Butter ? Kruve?, in sets and sin<le; Kiiivfs^iui ?- orks. in ? nets: lee Cream, Hie and Pirh Knives: Breakfast and Dinner Castors; Double and Smuts ^a is, a , larce variety of Plain, Chased, and tint Goblets, I Cups, io. All tho above articles to be sold without re?fcrd to nri 151; al cost, at fr >111 $1 to ??i, and warranted to be what the; are represented, and 1 fully 100 per cent, less than they cau be bought. t*2b-tr 302 Pa. av.. bet 9th and loth sU. 1 rpo INVENTORS AND PATENTEES MUNN A "COMPANY, Proprietor! of the SciKNTinc America*, md t Ageni? for procuring American and Foreign c PATENTS, | Witk Sirtten hzprrttnc* tn the Busmest, \ Refer to Hon. Judge Mauou, Hun Jnaep. Holt, 1 Hon. W D. Bish"p. Ex Commiuiouers of Patei>t*, . \nd to more than .After* thnutnnd inventor* who have had bubine?6 tioua through Mute A Cu.'i Pat ' snt Ageccy. ' Pamphlet of Advioe sent free by mail. Patent Laws and Regulations, It <> panes,25 cent* 1 rnn.1 I 1 Office? No. 37 Pr.rk R^w. New Ycrk. Wash- ! ington offio"?corner F anil Seventh ita., oppieite Patent Office. de 22 eo2 't i ?topham;s otttfi J PREMIUM TRUNK dl?D t MANUFACTORY, \ 499 Seventh meeki, Wa?hik?to:i, D. C. Si ver Medal awarded by Maryland Institute of | Haltimo e. November 7, ie69 J Also, Medal t>? Me ropo'iun Mechai.iu*'Icetitnte, t Washington, D C? 1857. j I am oonitantlT making, and always hare on hand, ? of the best material, every description of i Fine Sole Leather, I Iron Frame. L*di*<' Dree*. , , * T ? ?"? ? ' w oon ijox,am J Packing Trunks, Peilitier, Carpet,and Canvas I ravelin* Bags, J Sohool 3&tcfi?ile, ft c., ' At Low Prices. Members of Congress and travelers will please examine n j stook before purchasinc elsewhere I Trunks that are made in other cities. j Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to , or^er. Slllkl oovered and repaired at short notice. , oods delivered free of oharge t" any part of the , eitj. Georjetown, and Alexandria Ja 33 lyeo JAMKS t*. TOPHAM. 1 V j WASHINGTON , AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take J notion, as it will be to their Interest to do so, that < W. U, READ 8 COMPOUND SYKUP OP I.IVKRWORI' for Cougkr, (%U>, /%??,? ?rW-- ar . ?* ?*-- *' ? 1 - i/( v??f auu uwiri BU~UiM*Uft Ui HIP HIIU%1 ar.U OH Bl, and aleo hi- Hl?RK THKO\T foV*DkR, a? ? two of the nior.t in allible rem'diea ?.f the tiny, and to family ah >uid i? wi'r.?ot them; and b*pidea, tii?* are <> or.<>ap a- to b? williin the ieach oi all. Wedo not expeot atrangera to believe what we write in regaid in our own nreriioines, oon?< queutW we refer you to the fallowing well known ten- J tNmen'a oeruficaiea, wuioh c*u be aarn at ti.e < rug atorsa where the artiolea are for aale; tbe? nay they I are the beat Cough and Sura Turo*t Mrdicinea they have ever k no wn: I Pev. Jaa H. Brown, f e?. George Hildt. Rtv. f&m'l A. Wiiaon, Rev. Wm. A. Hioka, ;* ?? a. ouitny, . abv juaa rvivj* Rw. J?' 8 McMurr??, Rev. Win. R. Mills. 1 . Of Ikt Baltimore Cnf*rtnc*. t *oh artiaie 25 o*nts a botile W iioleeale by W. B Read * Co,, Drauists, 63 i Broadway, Baltimore. A* retail by F. 9. T- Cissal 4 Co., Drurgist, Georgetown. Cterl Siott, Druggist, 373 Pit. avenue. ?Wb).-S. Thompson. Drag*i?t. Fifteenth at. and N?w York avenue, Washington. John K. Bat-e, Druggist. Nary YarJ. ja & lm AP'AN? FORTK, (NKW,) FOR #17s?T-i Whwfcsd left at my * tore for sale a new__^^^ Norwood Case, beauMfal tone Fiano,|Bpn3| Blool and Cover, whish oo*t tiih III Y.'baownor, in ooa?eqa<>Boe oi the bard times, Siii " V>r *m' ina udjBg ^?om| sad Covor. GEORGETOWN. Tk* National VoluMttrr* in Gto>gftovn? C9U and Darlm***?Maryland vs. ITtide >Sn?The Canmri/ of ."irr?Attention Bftrad. Gioicktowk. February**. IGil. \\> were invited to attend the meeting of the National Vohmteera at Forreat Hall last evening, but h?vtnp r^nrl and b?*rd auch terrible account* f?rth*t migratory organization. beaiuted to accept ft. P;imnionl:ig til our courage bowerer. we breasted the nor'wettrf at tbe apeciBed boor, but on cur arrivnl found the building wrapt In a mantle of darkness Curioauv sot the better of discretion. we felt that it would - never do ?? give it upao. Mr Brown,"and peering-areound" we discovered au open door. In fear and trembling we entered and groped our way through a long dark passage. up several flights of dark stairs, then through another dark passage. then t<> the right, then to the left, then a streak of light through a partially opened door, which we ventured to open, and found onraelf in tn asaemblage of ttco mild, quiet, and very "gentlemanly young gentlemen " The room waa a large one, away up In the northwest corner of the building, somewhere, and the bowling of the wind, rattling of the tin roof, and banging of the window abutters, waa the reverse of exhilarating. The weather, too. was of the mos* ultra northern character?bitterly nnrotnpre uk?ma iof nosence 01" caioric" notijb to ;blll the blood of the mnat ferocious fire-eater exbat. In the Mura? of balf an bour *?r?a otber iouDfr gentlemen bad arrived, and after some In formal consultation Mr. J. E. F. Offutt waacalled io the chair Proceeding to organize the "Georgeown Division of the National Volunteers," Mr. Christopher C. Callan?late of tbe Tarboro* (N. D ) Gazette?was elected president, Mr James E. f. Offutt secretary, and Mr.T.W. Kindlay treasuer. Mr. Callan, In a speech, returned thank* or tbe honor conferred upon hlrr. and proceeded o say that be would publicly state (be oblects knd alma of the aasoriation, as they bad been rrcmly misrepresented The members were harged with being arrets!oni*tsand disonloalsts. Tbey Were not dlsunionitte ptr >?. but were for ittuclon if tbe South did not get ber Just rights; tnd he, fof one, admfred the patriotic step taken >y the seven sacefllng States Running a parallel .V,-!- -J >--? - ? " - /r???cvii tut 11 cuu I m~ ailU IDll Ul IDf 1/OlOnifl in 776, he aaid th?t bfMiiie ouf rnenoies should arrv the JJajj of tbe 1'nion, was no reaaon we itaould submit. He denied the organization *."i i aecret one, and said thai It waa to t>d Maryland \nd Virginia, if tk?y ttctded. in holding the j?roprty tr/nr* btlongs to tk*m Tbat tbe district >elonva to Maryland, and tbe National Volunteera should, under tboae circumstance* obey the ordera ?f tbe State of Maryland, to which //?linnet. '-If," said be, "thia ia treaaon, then we ire traitors and rebel* " A report waa then called for from tbe "council )f five." (whatever th't la,) and Mr.Offutt reponded, atatlng that thia room had be?n engaged it ?5 per month, and tbe gaa would coat from II 50 to S2 50 more Tuesdays. Thnrsdava, and Saturdars of each ,vrr* wrrc men oiM upon e.s regular rtrlU nights, ind It was stated that no time was to spare as hey wanted to be uniformed end armed and tnrn >ut with other companies on the of .February; il?o, that the members were expected to attend he meetings of the association every Monday light In Washington; and. also, that as soon as orty men '.fere enrolled here a company would > organized to be a part ?f the (Washington :lty) brigade. Some talk was had about uniform*, from which t appears that the "council of live'' hare recommended grey homespun cloth with grey trimulngs, and --Maryland State buttons." The president th nked the correspondent of the *tar for directing attention to the advertisement jf the meeting, and hopM members would so ;i>ndnct themselves as not to he afraid of the presence of a reporter, and make no sp*?*rh or :o(riinii no art thev would not be willing to have made public The meeting then adjourned, to have their first "squad drill," much to oar relief, aa our <-UK>e Were nearly froie" Not wishing to warm them up by taking part In tbe mlllt try exercise*. wv decamped. Mi . C-aiUn preparli g fo take bit squad in charge. TLwe were no leas than four alarms of Are l?t night, rauscd by foul cblmneva. Fortunately, no roofs were Ignited, or the result would probably bave bun moat disastrous, as the mind was blowing with the violence of a hurricane at the time. Mr. Wm. 0. Rldgely, Sr., a chief (bureau) :lerk in the Navy Department, and one of our nldeat and most esteemed citizens, died suddenly Inst night about past II o'clock He wasuniver* wily beloved and respected, and bis decease haa Lhrown a gloom over our entire community. UEOBGETOWNTDVERT'MTS Philadelphia draught ale.-w? are daily receivi g (r?ah auppiieaof Mwnfr,'i unnvaed Philadelphia Draught Ala. irbioh we are roady to deliver to oua.omera fcr ;a?h. (le?? ARNY A. 3H1NN. VfONEY. MONEY ? All peraona who have the L~1 oa*h can buy a mperi jr article of unadu teraed CIDER, guarantied 10 be the pure juice of tk? kppleg, by applying to fe8 ARNY k SHINN. A CAUTION. rl LL Person* are hereby cannoned against negoiaMnt for Certificate No. Ill (One hundred and lovetilof three sliarea atnek in ''Thirt Bnildn.g k K??cia?ion o' Georgt towl, D. C.." as aaid certificate haa Leen lost or mialai . samuel C. palmer, fehruary <th, 1861. fe 7 31* IUST RECEIVED? t 10 hhd*. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS. 15(i hbls. old Ryo WHISKY, W> bhla. HERRING and ALEWIVEB. bbla. Crushed and R??finxl *UGARS, 9> bags R .o and Java COFFEE. 10 MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. ? 1<* FOE SALE ANDKENT. ~~ L/OR RENT?A very oomfortahle two story " HRICK HOUSE, formerly owned and <>oculed by t.'ie late Capt. Thomas R. Gedney, U. S. *lavy, No. 1 ? "? F rtreet norm, two M)<i?re? wmt of he Navy Department The house contains Dine 001:1s. It has a kitchen, eel ar, an 1 servant's room; as fixtures,at.d an rxoellent ra.u water cistern. *osse?sii.u may be had immediately. For terms ,ppiy to the subso'iLer, at No. 157 t street, next loor to the premise*. fo 6-St* JAMES L. KDWARD". DMIkNISHED ROOMS FOR RKNT-No 423 V Seventh st., b?lwe?n G aua H, a few doors ihove the Patent Oftiae. le&-lw LjM'K RENT-TWO ROOMS,and uxs < f ParL lor, in a pleasant and hea thy part or the city nauirA at th? ?>nrnftr nf T*.??w v --1 . _ ?? VI ? VU%U B>. ?.U ilCW *M ? iVfruo. j?ffl tl A VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE OR EXt\ CHANGE FOR CIlY I'ROFERTV-Cona;nio* lil Krei, ntu*ted 14 mileo from AlextiaIria. on the Orange and Alexandr>a Rai.:<>a<l, under ;ooa culli' fttion; timber, wa'er. fruit and a'l buil<1 H*g uece?*ary fur a first iate form. Inquire of G W. BRAY, at the Jewelry Stjre, 016 fevn h *t, Washinston. j< 21 Im* E^OR RENT?The three-story bnok DWKI.L" ING-HOLSE, with basement, No 504. on E, >etween 2d and 3d street*, at present occupied by Jr Lewi* Jones. Poaseacion given on the 1st of 'ebrua y. It has all the modern improvement*, r?rer. ja*. Ac Rer.t * v1*' per year. Appy to liEiNRY EGAN. iWl feevenOi ?t: or W. EGAN, >0.^ E st.. (n>*?t door.) (Intel.i ja 8 tf I7<OR RENT?Two frame COTTAGE UOl'SES, r ooniainiri? six rooms, situated on Mass, aveme and Fifteenth street; pan.p of good wat-r in Isylrt jaS 17I'RNISHED ROOMS FOR 40b D L ctr^t. ' et ween 6th and 7ti: t?tK. d? 4-tf I?OR RKNT?A three story brick HOUSE.eon I tainmt 8 rooms, in good order, vith ga? fixarea oomplete, on H street, beiwwn 4th and 5th. Mao, a two-twvry brick COTTAGE, with large rard attached, corner of F street north an1 14th at. >*st. To punotual and reliable tenant* the term* viit be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth atrert, >wtween G a.^d H. no ?3-tf li^OR RENT, in the Firat VVarU?thr*e aquarea I weit of the War Department?a amall OFFICE, with back room, o' the former may anawer 'or a shop: and farlora and Chambera, aepai ate. or iuiU vl Room*. furniahad or mfuraiaMd ; clou# o the A ve- ue. Inauire at thie office. de3 ?tawtf RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the onadr inc immediately oppoa.te the wept wise or the City Hal.,recently occupied by Chu. Wallach is a& otnoe. Aieo the front room in the eeoond rtory aad the third floor of the came Niiluinc. Foi terina apply V> K1CHA K 0 WALi.ACH,No. H I oataiac* ia 11 tf Fm OR RENT-The fire BRICK HOUfcE No. I 100 Weat at., Georgetown. at preaent oocu pied by the aulweriber. it eaa ?* ro<.ma, with ru inu water throughout, a fine ya>*d, staMe An . ai d ? in agood neighl-jrhood. Apply to JA8. A.MAiRlrL*ER. __ oo?_tf JU NEW BOOKS. 11ST KnKIVKII AT "pa KNci't" RI C H ST K1N S, No. Puns. Avkkck, The Sha-low 10 tit* Houm, a new uovel, by John ^aunri r?. IJh.o , c oth; 91 bj n ail. The Dutch Donwnieol th" CaUkilla, by the Kev Da . i l Mdr oca, 1). !>.. Kino., oloth; #1 f) hi man. The Romano* of an Iruh Girl, t2mo , oloth; Via^e aaaortment ol the beet Mlltary Worka EUbli-hed. i>24 A RARE CHANCE For bargain* in He tool J\ Booka Blank Book*. MiaoeUaaeoua Booka n.d Stationery^ Writing Paper. Knvelopea, Ac., fce., at SHEPHERD'S, earner Seventh and D at*. lelllng oat to reduce alock. ja 1* iwi y?o THE milijtaey: We are offering great inducement* to Military Cnmpaaiee who wub on tit* Being la-g*ljr engag< a in army awt navy work, we can fire erery facility In atyle aad prioee. Order* from the country promptly executed. _ WALL. STEPHENS ft CO, S9W Ptnn. areaa*. ui a im * a? ? ** HIK.II AH > UVUUUATBHMVUH \U ft. METZEROTT. SOLK A KENT OP ' "? lMIVMfc^'U>H4|Rt<MlBl?OB*Oo'l OwrttraM Piufl Porta*. Old tUtui mm m *Imf" ISSvVwUiitutPkitwh, i lil fvMttlWill *<*'. "? I ' V?? B r \ THE LATEST NEWS. tkleoraphio. " The Snih?ra i#mrf?-A<#pUM of * Cm. (MMlM *t. Feb 7 ?An official rof?f of tke act of tbc A Itbami Legislature, appropriate <**' for the t'rortataaal (rormniMt of the !<<otitbera Confederacy, wm laid before Cotigreas UMUT After a abort liaw Cong raai wait into secret laaiau It ta reported that the coamlttif on a Prorta looal Gov< rnmrnt rrport*4 In accret aeaaton, that the report waa dlrua^d for four Laora. and tbe body then adjourned until to Borrow at II, t n Tbe del^atea ear there waa great unanimity la tbe Congreaa on tbe plan aa reported Notbinz of lntrrr*t tranaplred outatde of Coagreaa Adrlrea from Fepaac ?la stale that tbere baa been no further mcvercenta there Still Latex MOKTOOMIIT. Feb 7 Th. i KMlitntlM m* IV. I'Rited Sates was adopted t ?-d?r br tbe Southern Congress, vrltti some addition*, and a free trade clause throwing open all southern poria to the commerce of tbe whole world. < aaaectlcnt Democratic State CsarssUsa. New Havbk, Feb. 6.?The Democratic State Convention tkls afternoon nominated Jamea C l.oomts, of Bridgeport, for Governor, he barlu 371 votea, and R J Ingeraoll 133, S'atterlng 9? A. G Hazard, of EnUeld, was nominated for Lieut (iovernor, tbe remainder of tbe ticket ths aame aa last yetr Mr. Loomls was introduced to tbe Convention and made a speech, accenting bla nomination, and dwelling upon the Importance of preaervlng tbe Union, hut without dlaruaalac tut-matt* r* 1 n laaue 1 be reaolutinna maintain that the Union ia a Confederacy of Mrmlgn and indep-ndent states; tbat any trenching on tbelr equality ta a violation of the Constitution, that tue present condition of tlie country la owing to the ac tional aplrtt of a great northern party de aylng th* equality of ri^bta, thittbr doctrine of coercion Instead of cancillatloa la apeitous. and should be resisted. a* leading to cml war and destruction of tbe moral and commercial iaUnf of tbe people, and will destroy tbe I'nloa and prevent ita reconstruction; tbat tbe C rittenden Compromise, or something like it, will barmonlae opinion*, tbat our r-enatora and Keprtaenta'ieea bare failed to meet tbe requirements of tbelr position, that tbe Personal Libertv billa should u repealed, and the ticket nominated should be elected. Important from tbe ladiaa Territory Fobt Smith. Abe., Feb. 6.?Advices received to-day by the editor of the Thirty Fifth Parallel tate that the Te<ans have threatened to take P**uh od of Forta Washita, Cobb aad Arbackje, in tbe Indian Territory. It i? thought that the force at each of the Nation* is sufficient to protect them Tbe conductor of the overland mall from Little R?ck, Ark . reports that 'ne arsenal there was taken possession of by tbe State troop* on Saturday evening last. From Key West?Saval latelllgeBe* New Yobe, Feb 7 ?The Tailed States steamer VI nKa ur kr fv.nn h*w Waof ">! * -d t * w*h ? vj ?? ?< * vu iut wivt, ani w htre tbis morning. The sloop-ofwar Brooklyn arrived there on the 31s:, and would proceed on the l?t iust to Tortu^a* and Penaacota The Crusader was to tail in a few days from Key West for N>w Ycrk The Wyandotte may also be eipt-ctsd in a few wreks The aloop-of-war Macedonian was spoken on the Joth ott Sand Key, bound for Tortugaa. The Mm>M ka?fiU Military Bill Boston, Feb. 8 ?In the House to-day, the original bill in relation to the voluuteer milttta, providing tbat the companies bow organized shall be retained, and apecifylng the number of companies, battalions, etc . was amended by making auch compaules liable on the requisitioa (if th* in h? mtrrwitKnnl tK* MtaU It wu then ordered to be engroaaed. Sew Haaapahtre Politics Masi Ht?TfR. Feb 6.? Samuel D Hell, of this city, was to-day nominated for Congreaa in tbe Second-Dlatrtct, by tbe Democratic < onveation, In place of John If George, who declined a nomination A resolution w&a paaaed to throw rfl party tlea and uuite lu favor of tbe I'nion and tbe Constitution. Rnrey at Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Feb 7.?Rarey,the ftmouaboree trainer, delivered a lecture at the Academy of Muaic thia evening to a crowded houae. creating en imraenie furore. He may poaaibly remain neit week and then proceed to Baltimore. ? Baltimore mark eta. Uaxtimoib, Feb 8.?Flour dull Wheat dull, red f 136*1 JO; white SI .4Ual 60 Cora dull, bow yellow 59aozc. Provision* ateadv; meM pork tfc. Lard 10 jfc. Coffee steady at 12 j|al3lfc. Whisky firm at Inc. Wsw Tsrk BhMI. Niw Von, Feb 8?Flour dull sod a shad* lower. V\ heat end Corn dull ?nd declining Provision! dull. Whisky la quietat lfc#e. D REMOVAL. *. MUN90N Has rsnaovet his Ofis* to No. 304 Pennsylvania avenue, next duor of Kliie'a Muaic M >re. 1\f ATTRES8ES! ill MATTRF.WE8! AT PA MIC PRICES'. Ohlt 9\.i0 Any qu&ntitr can Iw had at GREEN k. WILLIAMS'. 1 s ?1 &rw No 3tt6 ' n iwiT1) ?ta Wf 10.0*0 ORTH OF BOOTr*, MHOE9 abp TRl'NKf1. Of *11 Stylo mn4 Qmmliiiti, st a 6rkat sacrifice oh cast. Store J or Rent and Firturt* for S"U. Ail the Stock in S. P. HOOVER'S STORE. RTfc Iron Hall,embracing ever; ---??T ? l.adit-s'. Qente'rCinMren'c ?i. d BS1 **uU<Servanta'SHOES Aiw.IRAV-fll BLINO TRUNKS are row bein? sold./er* K en.'croat aaci ifcoea on usual reta?l eel >ing|p noes. indeed much below oruiuai oo?t. The attention of the public it solicited, a* (-eat inducements will be made to purchasers. The above eomprises a large stock of the finest quality French aix! Amer.oaa Gaiters.Shoea.Bootr. ao., *o.. lor ladies and fentieinen Tn? Store i? for rent and the Fixture* for aale. Appl) on t*'e premise*, Iron Hall. N. B.?The above stock, either in whole or ta part, will be sold at private sale. To any ooe desirous of eutennc the Boot, Shoe and Trunk Bust cess this aflordt a better opportunity than may again be presented. ? Persons indebted will confer a favor by promptly oalling and settling their aeooaata. ja 7 W AT V U B TI AT COST' In order to redaoe our stock previous to laving in our spring supph?s, we wiil rroin this cay until st March, ?el. oar entire etook of DRY ttoOUt* tt con for tank. FiiO! Sil&s ana Silk R obea we offer for iriuoii leee th%iio??t. Muhi if, llarege ud Uwn Robes st k*!f p. iet Bajers wouH Ao well to examine our stock before *u chart or ei? Wbe>re, m we are determined to great inducements ?o purch%r*rt teS TAVLQR * HUTCHISON. 1AHMXISIIING, M'T TRI E ! T IHVery st ange that SMITH should set in New Good* whe-: every body is cyinf hard times. Hut he sells his goods at euoh liw pnc*? that the people will buy them. N ? ?Just reoeired a lot of ? I.OTHiS'G and FVRNISH1NG ?001*. wh eh will be sold at an per cent less than their aotuai value. At "M1TB S, No. 460 Seventh st.. opposite Poet Oftoe. ja?-! np J. AW. M. GALT wood'*anS coal UI Ml KID<1? Otto*?8*3 P?la imu, j* a botwoea nth and Hth atroafca. 275 ' ALL EM 275 JACKSON, r L AS T MAM A ft. ranu< ArwtnM, Wwt? XWII iwth and nth ?tr?a?. n I^VFRVBODV IN WANT OF C< OTHIN?. J FURNISHING OOOM, HAT*M4Cap1 Louid oom? to 8M I f 8 S, No. 4*0 ?*mU at. fa 3 fw Anew lot of s king mats jukt reoaivad and for aale at ?wj low p'ioaa, M No. 4 BO S?r?nth ?ir??t lb t v JU8T KKCFIVKD A LOT OF CLOTB1N9. FURNISHING ?OODt*. HAT8 aaJTCAP* ?t SMITH'S. No. 4W0 t at. f-Ma IN V1KW OF TMK F.X IKAORUINAKV >t m(?DCf of LM tirno?, boH wish .ac to cloaa wat ? ? ? iitjwi j ?"? m wy mjrt ih?, w? m an wit iivn uul dttcuwlovi: _ HI' KOKY WOOD. # ?; OAK. *!>*, PINE, 'kKO A*H COAL, til iiimu #??; WHITE Ar*H COAL. *11 UM ?; v CM REM LAND, |t. 3 i"4" pour>d? to tbo ton (M fti^d iu til him. Mti tud Split WlK)ll til ?i>m. Dl Ks*OX A KING. .j jt?-?o3w Vtrd?oof. V?fim??t t?, t?d 1<U t. 11/ WINDOW #HAl>K*. ? ARM ANTED Gold liud Window Sh?d*? Bur.GrMa.ui Ulo* H-lTUd t^htd^. til mm. it N a. 4M ?* ? ntk rt . door* l>iyi )%a?oi?t odd pwqwvTmi. |^?AUTIPVL AND veky^cheap. irabi* MtMWi for Parlor, ftrawiat ?atf oUr \SZ^S.iiSaiSSit?S ??w.2rsxrrer C?J3f a ?r?* fsfjzij?1?'~-iT ^^1* ^T|ifTt,

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