Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS 1?7"The 3ta? publishes the Ll?t of Letters rftraining In the Washington City Post Offloe under the provisions of the Uv directing them to be printed in the newspaper having the largest circulation within the delivery of the olflce. Its total daily circulation Is more than double that of any other Dally printed In the District of Co lumbia. Lectv?b ? night, Mr. Williams ear? the la* of his course cf lectors on China and Jipan I w tubject of laii evening was tbr rank of tbe -1 >pai&s- among Asiatic nations, and aa w? have but n short time since bwn visited by distin guished representatives of tbia singular and hith erto nnknown mce, a perallar interest was at tached to h'* remarks. Before enUring upon bis subject, be desired to disabuse tbe m!mi? of tbe people of tbe mistaken lrt?*s relative to the reception of tbe American e?l)!MV in Prk'.n, China. In 1849. It was a gen eral belief, tbrou^hoot the rWllizcd world, that tbey wer? U*-i?ed venr rudely, but on tbe con trary. a?ter a fl-rce battle, In which many.of the French and English Teasels were sunk, and near* s. t i .v?-u ??ru ui . ?ru rniLi UJ IUC 1/UiHQBC) M KWQ a* tbe nature of their visit was made known, they were received with great courtesy and respect, and had explanations been made when tbe #qnadron (list entered lb* Pel ho, no collision would have occurred. They were escorted In yreat st? 1e across the country, and lustead ot be iaq < arried in carta aa a sign of derision by tbe Chinese, they rode In a conveyance exactly siir llar to the prime minister who received them, and were entertained In the capital at an expense to the Chinese government of #SW per day for thirty days. Japr.n Is composed of four large Islands, with sevral small ones of but little Importance. The northern part is occupied by tribes very nnllke the Japanese, who have but little intercourse wth them. The whole area of Japan is abont 150 001 square miles, or ubout ?s lar^e as the Stats of California; but Japin proper only comprise* nwui hu.'/tf wjufirp mtm, iooui iwo-tmras m large as Texas The population has been very ir u?-h overrated, some author* asserting It to be as Iilgli as 4u,WW.GtO; but this is not the case, ma their territory would not accommodate that num ber It is probable that the number of Inhabi tants is eighteen or twenty millions. Yeddo f wrongly pronounced by some, Jeddo) la the cap ital, containing about 2," (jO.WK) Inhabitants, and Is in the latitude of Raleigh, N. C. The climate is exceedingly pleasant, the soil fertile, and the scenery unriva'led. A large number of volcanoes ex'sts in the country, as well as hot and sulphur springs The people are principally en Stged in agriculture, but no animals are ra sed at require land to support them, and cons* queut ly they have no meadows nor pasture. It oeing very mountainous in many sections, terraces are formed one above the other, like a series of gi gantic steps, upon which they live and till the land, and tne^e are so numerous that from one point the lecturer counted over three thousand The principal agricultural products are wheat. barley, buckwheat, rice, and millet, and the vrajjes of laborers and mechanic! It about 12 cents per day. The people do not lire in Tillages exclu sively like the Chinese, but are scattered all over the country like the people in tfce western coun Vies. In their manners they are extremely polite and obsequious, but they are characterized cs be ing proi.a. irascible, vindictive, and exceedingly lice .tlons Their iioyernment is not as demo cratic as that of China, but is a sort of Fedtral oligarchy Their government was founded about WOu Tears before the Christian era, aud has had since that time 126 monarchs. some of wLom were females. They fcave two Emperors, one of wV>in is supreme in rank, but the other exercises the power. There are quite a number of nobles and dignitaries who compose a sort of court i otuovFrninent is fdmlnisUred by acouncll of thWteen members, each of whom ia a spy upon tbe"ie?t. Whenever any enactment i? pissriri by the council, It ia referred to the Emperor, who generally acquiesces in it, and it at once becomes a law. 'But if he should be opposed to it, be refers It to three of bis relations, one of whom is general!* the heir apparent to th? throne If they sustain ihe Emperor in bii decision, the council are dejraded and commit suicide. If, on the contrary, the decision is against tbe Emperor and far the enactment, tee Emperor terminates his own existence or abdicates the throne This responsibility is an effectual che^k upon the Intro durtion of any radical reform, and will render it difficult to carry into operation many of the salu tary Influences of civilization at present. A com ftlete svstem of espionage Is maintained by every ndlvidual, and every town and bamlet is but a collection of treacherous and ever-watebful spies. Th*re are about sixty-six prince*, differing in rank and power, but who are comparatively weak undT tbls peculiar system, and who have been much reduced in the last few years This syrtem ha* been in operation about a century and a half, and pervades the whole machinery of their social and political organisations. The Governors i>f the various districts remain half the year at home and the other bal/ at Veddo, so that any plot which mUht be devised would soon be exposed. The society is divided into eight classes, three of whom wear swords?the remaining five sre ?-ompoa-d of mechanics, laborers, tradesmen, kc. Tbey are noted for what is termed by them Nibo, or "official lying." If anything can be gained by- misrepresentation, the officials will not hesitate to perpetrate the most outrage cus falsehoods ai.d deception, tireat respect is shown their officers; ?ud when two of eqnal rank or grade in society meet, they bow very low and precise, invariably t - . l ' mi., k ..? ? ?. i J - t>n: 4"'- *ur~ ' "'c kuvi ui tut u|iuti lueir uum within about two inches of euch other Polygamy tj legal, and practised to a considerable extent. Whenever a present ia made it is accompanied by a little piece of dried Usb, tied to the yif: witt> red and whit*, strings; this eipres*es a hope that the receiver is well, and able to eat heartily, 'l'heir principal diet is rice and fish.aud the latter is to tbeoi what betf is to an Englishman or sour krout to the German. Tbeir bouses are constructed principally of wood, with nochiione>s nor winnows. and the Inside is built entirely separate and differently from the outside, so tbat In case of an earthquake the liiiier sbeLl will protect the loinaV*. Tbey are roofed with brick tile*, and are provided .with ta >11 l*p| * Knt fh/Mu A# t hfi ^ I ?aaua wv ) V? ^'ICI Lliosca UiC j i;en<*rolly thatched. They.baye no furniture at all in tbeir bouses?neither rbatr nor table nor bed stead. The floor* are elevated about two feet from the ground, end are covered with straw mats two ln< be* thick. During Commodore Fetry's visit to Japan, be asked for a full set of Japanese furniture, in order tbat one of tbe rooms at tbe President's House ni>gbt be ttted up in Japanese style; and to his surprise was furnished with one hundred very fine mats Their bouses and >ards are kept scrupulously clean, and every thing about thtir cities presents neat and tidy appearance. Tbe streets of their cities are 25 feet wide, with a sewer extending along' the middle qf each. Toey are paved in an excellent manner, and have nice granite sidewalks. Large gateways are erected in most of tne streets, and in case of a riot or an attack the massive gates could be closed at once, and thereby effectually rh?*ck *ny very ex ta?na4v?s htflnrrMtfinn T k.A rwvnr ru u>a 11 r\?/\uia4wi ? V VV'IV... . a MV J'WI Ult II yst V ? 1U<-Vi for; much b^twr than In any other Asiatic nation. Their langmgf 1* ditterent from the Chinese, and toelr modi; of writing wn introduced )u the y far A. L>. 730 Their language is somewhat si ra il ir in mauy respects to that of :he Cherokee lndi*na, aud is made up of 4S syllables aud 7*2 touads It is the most difficult language to learn in the world; more so than the Egyptian hiero glyphics It la made up to a great extent from the Chinese. but yet it la entirely unlike It. and a book without Chinese quotations and Chinese characters would be considered very vulgar and benesth their notice. Their religion is divided into two classes, the most important of which Is the Bhuddist system. They have a great many temples, and their form of worship is almost exactly like that of the Cath olics. Thev have a wav of Dravinir bv machinery A wheel, with a written prayer attached to it, ia tx?d upon a pott and with a alight touch of the band the wheel ia made to revolve, each revolu tion counting as one petition. Their exporta are quite extensive, aad the Japanese article* in the Patent Office and SmlthtoDiu are ftir specimens of their manufactures. The lecturer concluded hit lecture by exhibiting and explaining the uae of many of their utensil*. Ac , aad sxprnsed a conviction that If ctvllixad nation* were not too hasty in introducing their customs aad principles, s great reformation might be Inally effected among the inhabitants of thst comparatively ignorant and pagan nation. Miss Cbaslotts Ccshxas closes to-night an engagement la Baltimore of r< markable interest, and ou Monday night will appear at the Wash ington Theater as Queen Catherine in Bhskspear's tragedy of u King Ueary VIII." Mr. Glenn haa been at much expenae to procure for our commu nity tfe* oonortunitv of aeeim? so eminent a Mr former ea Him Cbsodh In her leading parts, and will, we believe, receive due encouragement for bis i;berality and enterprise, as tbe later est ex cit?d among tbeatre-^oera here by the announce ment of Miss CusbmaiTs engagement is undoubt edly very great Notwithstanding tte heavy expense to wb eh Mr Glenn is subjected by tbe eoj{an?iDrnt of Miss C'isbman, it will be aotic?d tnat tb?r? is bo increase of prices for admission. Seats may be sec ured at Aletzerott'a. Fun ?The supply of wood is running short; so ny tbe dealers, and their wood vards confirm tbe statement. The boats ea*a/?d in the rivar trade bave ceased tbeir trips since the beginning of the winter, and tbe additions to tbe supplies hav6 been mainly by tbe railroad, and from this source they arr comparatively small Tbe country trade by wagons appears to have reased almost entirely; a al 1 - i a A A am m 1 m Ik SW A Am a a * ^ A * inongn toia UU| V tb;s mmn the roads bav* not been for any length of time in condition for uae Oak wood is selling at *6 per rord at th- yards, and la sraree; plat 91.^0 aad *3 Coel W * per ton Witrinr it, 131 Pa. aveowi, Is furnlsbiag Alb jb cards la beaatiral style, with fbll length Hfceaaes Hi* price* are reduc?l to suit the fli?* alaoet 50 par cant. Mblakcboly 9vtcidi or a Natal officii ? Th>' community of Washington was shocked yes terday afternoon by the report that C?i t. Tilton, of the U . 9 Nary, and a member of the U. 8 Lighthouse Board, hid committed suicide It tceiM that for sometime past Capt. T. baa been laboring under an unfortunate depression of spirits, caused in the main by the sectional ditfl colties existing throughout th? country. He at tended to the business of his oilce yesterday aa usual, and after returning to his residence, a num ber offrlendscalled upon him,with whom hecon shnut t Via nrAesilUn "-*! 1 *v - J r .v? ? - ??? ?mv u/pn, uiitii mc uinner hour After bis friends retired, his family noticed his melancholy augmented, and in a few minute* be retired to bis room. Having no suspl c'.on as to bis purpose, they sat down to dinner, and in a few minutes heard a bear* falloverhead, and nulling up to bin room found him lying on the flex r, which was deluged with his life blood. The unfortunate man had discharged a pistol at bts bead, causing instant death. He entered tbeservice In Ias a midshipman, and was commissioned as a commander In 1853. He stood as high In the service as anyother officer of biarank. His last cnilze was in command of the sloopof war Saratoga, on the Home squadron, from which be returned In April, 1857. Subse quently he was assigned to duty here, as a mem ber of the Light-house Board, In which capacity be waa eugaged at the time of the aad occurrence ?_??t? - ?f urn iviutuaiiuiiij^ IOC C&raiO^l lie COniTHCIfcCI the Chagrea fever, and ever since bad been troubled with an affection of tbe bead from its eflVcts Ilia mind bid been greatly troubled with tbe sad condition of tbe country for two montbi put. His age wa? aomewbere about 54. He leawa a lirpe and very interesting family, residing in this city His remalns were to be taken to An napolis, where (being a native of Delaware) be rtsided for a long period. The Cask of Wm. H RcsskllIt was stated by the counsel for W m H. Russell, rwbo is indicted in connection with Goddird Bailey and Jobn B. Floyd In connection with tbe Indian trust bonds,) aa a reason for not going to trial tbe day before 5**terd*y, that they expected to be able to show tbat the defendant had been examined touching the subject of tbe indictments before a certain committee of Congress In case tbe coun sel should b? able to patahllah thla fxrt th?r should pat In the plea of the statute, which declare*, in substance. that a man shall not be indicted on a charge about which he has been examined. They expected to prove this in one of two ways?either bv the testimony of a member of said committee of Congress, or by the record of the proceedings of said committee. It was under stood that the fraud committee declined to say or do aught touching this point until after tbey shall submit their report to the House of Representa tives. feeling a delicacy about exposing the pro ceedings, or any portion of tbem, informally. This morning the Criminal Court met fur the purpose of having final action upon' the above case. An attempt was made by the counsel on t-otb sides to come to an agreed statement of facts t inching the question above alluded to, but an agreement could not be made, and a messenger was s^nt 'o the Capitol for the Hon. Mr Morris, chairman of the fraud committee, who was ex pected. should he resoond tn th? rail of H.fenii. ant's counsel, to state ofllclaily what whs the sub ject upon which Russell was Interrogated before ihe committee. It is understood that if it come? out that Kussell teas examined in the committee concerning the subject for which he is Indicted, the fact will be a bar to the prosecution. Theatkr ?The performance list night was one to be witnessed with a keen sense of enjoyment. The play wss ' The Romance of a Poor Young Man," dramntized from Keuillet's fascinating tale Abounding In striking points and In situa tions of almost inelo-dramatic Intensity, thrre was a refreshing absence of rant and fussy pasilon that was * delightful as novel Mr. Sothertrs ex ample In this respect cannot be too much com mended; and if the stage is ever to become what its well-wishers trust it may, it will be through the agency of Just such artistes as himself, who, utterly repudiating the stereotype staxe howl, stimp, skip and Jump, min.ige to expres* emotion a thousand t- mes more t fl'ecti vely by strictly natural and legitimate means Misa Manu's'Marguerite" v..a iiuukMoiy gooa in tDe same direction? she has evidently studied In a pood school. Miss Shaw's "Madame Aubrey" was laughably effective In fact, the cast throughout wu ex ceedingly good, and the performance of course proportionately enjoyable. This piece is to be repeated to-night, and we heartily recommend it to our readers as better worth seeing than any late dramatization we have met. Hammack, (John) who caters so satisfactorily at bis e*-a>?llshment for all lovers of good eating, has just laid in a stock of g=ime ana other appe tizing good things, tbe bare sight of which will make the epltur>'s mouth water. Bv '.he way, ws heard lately a conversation amongst a party of gentlemen who have traveled some in the course of their l.ves. and who are considered ratber good Judges both bv tavte and expcrienc, of the good tilings of this life, and th< ir verdict was that in all cities, American or Kurcpean, mey oia visited. tti-y bad met with no tib'le aa satisfactory In all respect*, both for quality a rut Srice, as that set by Hammock. This is biu b but eserved praise, ilammack'a place Is 20*2 Penn sylvania avenue. Laud ajid Mojiit.?The bualiieaa for tfce wwk exbibits a favorable change At the beginning of this week the demand for land warranta waa livelier than for aeveral previous weeks, though the prices were not niaterielly changed. Tha excLange lis* slows qui:e a t llinti oft' in the rates, wuich iuav be regarded as a favorablt indication. .New York city banks, par, State, 1^ per cent.; .New Jersey. 2; Delaware, 2#; Pennsylvania,2)4; .Maryland, eaat^Jf; wrst.3, Haiti more, l)?; Ohio, *2; Tenneaaee, 8alU; North Carolina, H; Missouri, 10; Illinois, IV; Indiana, 5; Louisiana, 2X; Vir ginia, 5, District of Columbia, I %. Gooa Movfs.?Workmen have l>een engaged for sevi-ro days in rep .Iring the avenue in those placet wuTr i.-ir 01 lDK water irencnes naa iert tiuidUol'* which were dangerous to coaches and imi>acstt)le by pedesliiuta in wet weather. The work is progressing rapidly, and probably after a few da>>. aiid a little more lab?r h&s been ex pended upon It, the fart will be apparent that the avenue is j-avtd from the Capitol to,its western tsrminua. Thkfixe portrait of Washington loaned J>y the Mayor to the Messra. Wlllard, to be hung be hind the Prea'dent of th? Peiee Convention in their hull, haa been placed there, and adda not a little to the appearance of the chamber. It is au^tjested th it this painting should not bo suffered to hang there by its*lf, and that the Willard's petition the Mayor Immediately to lend them also the companion portraits of Clay and Jackson, which adorn the chamber of the'City Council. wuu wmuiuwiitu in iiurris rrfei, near LiVflcn burg, on Monday morning last, hat been found about fifty yard* below the point where he fell in. Thecre^k wai greatly swollen at the time of the drowning, and when found the body was nearly covered up with sand. Ilia remain* were brought to this city, where his friends reside, for inter ment ?Altz. Haxettt Bo?h ?The Alexandria Stntmelh** discovered a m .re's nest In aliened misconduct on the part of a portion of the Uuited States troops now quar tered here. Someone, whose wish is father t?> his thought, has doubtless Imposed on the Sentinel; as its statements on the subject are found not to hold water on due investigation. The troops here are certainly very orderly, and Interfere with the rights or comfort of nobody. / At a xbitixs of the Perseverance Fire Co., No. 5. held on the 3d nit., the following officers were elected for the year 1901: Preataent, John Y. Donn; Vice President, W. W. Grant; Secretary, George Fletcher; Assistant Secretary, C. 8. Hatch; Treasurer, Henry Janney; Directors, 1st, J Stro bel; 2d. Wm H. Osburn; 3d, no choice; Collec tor, F. SV. Colclazer; Keeper of Apparatus, A. Glatsgow. The 22d or Fkbrcahy.?It Is proposed that there shall be a general parade of the military on t .e 22d last In honor of the day?Washington's birthday. This is a good idea, and if carried out tbe preparations should be entered upon at once by our military companies. Doubtless the United States military forces now stationed here would join in tbe parade, thus making it one of the most effective displays ever witnessed here. Mabbiaoks ?The whole number of marriage licenses issued by the Clerk of tbe Alexandria County Court during the month of January was twelve. This Is an increase upon the same month of last year, and about equal to the average Issue of the past seven years ?Altx. Gax. Thi Old Fashiok Sociable that came of on Thursdsy night? was a vastly plessant sflblr all around In consequence of the faeavywlnd storm u?tAn^an<ta uras nnt mm mm IUO? piOTau^U| ?U' v*fCUU?iivg " U? uv? W tmgv m anticipated or dealred when we consider tU main object, and hence the sett amount for the little orptana will be small. StrKSHi CociT? Friday?No. 03 George W Day et al.. plaintitt's in error, agt W. A. Washburn et al This cause was submitted to th? consideration of the court on the record ind p"1 nt d argument by Mr. Henderson for the plain tiffs iu error. Adjourned until Monday. PtpMlBS. Pe-soas desiring pennies will Always tad them for uobuii nt the Star OAss euonter. tf Kkadsb. ton yoa mo froi. wooer loriroH inentin oor ptftr. Rar it; tt will interact you. m a&-?oir DIED, On Ike 9th inetaat, HKLENK, wife of Henry K.xikawnj, in ihe?th ol her age 'f fcefiieada ol the rami, j arc rngutid to attend h r funeral to norrav (Senear) altermou, at a oolo.k from her lata residence, oa Hub gtroat, lieori-town. * Of ?B*aatowa. MINERVA., yonaiaat ehild ol J H aaa ttermioaa 0 Pleat. The fneade of taa lazily are raefiptfyyy i anted Rl.MAINInHI^b Sie Voirt'o??w, Washington City, 0. C., February (Ordered to be inserted in the Mrsmiie St km., it being the newspaper having the largest circulation of any daily paper published id Washington.) ID-All persona applying for letters in the follow ing list, will please say they are adtxktmsh. LADIES' LIST. Allen, Mi?? Elui DennUn,Mi?i Mm; Nulin, Mti M A beth A Ann Olborn, Mr* Nelaon Allen, Mn Elut Delphy, Mn J*n? Owtm. Mi??M.trth? Arnuid, Mim I. Douotan, Mr* J me Orm?. Miu Annie V Albert, Mim Mtril Et?u?, Miu Le-m* Pool, Mr* Lac; A Bra>ii,MiHMir;b f'reucb, Mri Annie Rose, Mr* M<r; Bus.CaCStiae M Rili;, Mia Kmi Rssii Miaa Kinni* Primonf.Mri !?? '? Di/.l,../'..,.. W ^ Bogr*.Mr?EatherA Golf, Mra Sarah E A Brook*, Mn Mar; Uro???, Mr* Laura Ricbard*on, Miu Jan* UrtTtr, Miaa KataC Kcuit M Bruce, Miaailannih bodd>rd,Miu Kui Bt?;l, Mr* I* Bean, Mia* Rebec Harrtaon, Mia* K<tt Smith, Mra D C Bar k a r,Mra AlietC H*rfen, Mia* Cu,1 Steel, Mr* M Bowman, Mim R Hiulej, Mr* El la Smith, Mra P F Bryan, Mr* Ann E Hevm, Mr* Elixa Scott, Mi** Nina Brtnnir, MraKannv Jnne*, Mr* EluMi Scott, Mra Carolia* Baldwin,Miaa Lac j Jonn, Miaa B-trtwn Smith. Mr* Su* Baldwin, Harriet Jtfirt*, Mi** Mary Saitb, Mil* Agn*** Bonier, Mr* R T Strong, Mr* E J Butler, MmTirin Kinf, Mr* M S Smdiord.Miaa Eliu Brnnitr, Mr* Tan'* Long, Miaa Eiita M Aon Cooper, Mr* Jam** Ledell, Mra Jail* K Solliran.Mr* Elu'h Conner, Mr* Mathnr, Lucy Ellen Tucker, Mr* Mau Cidweil, Mm Miliar, Miaa Willie net Coleman, Mia* Sa- Mornaey, Mia* M'y Thmnaoo, Mia* rah H Mitchell, Mr* J C Ta Image, Mr* W C Coaper, Mr* Elnti Metjimit, Mm Vena, Emily C*hnhotf, Mr* Pau- McFeelcy, MraJo'e Wright,Miaa Fanai* 1m* McMillta, Mim E Ward, Mr* Pheby Cameron, Mr* McCleary, Mr* G Wattou.Mr* Harriet Marfan Mcknight, Mr* -Willi*, Mr* Milti* Collin*, Mrs ChasR Anna Whitak*r, Miaa A Dawet, Mra Neacey, Mia* M Zimmerman, Cath'* _ GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Arnolds W n Ajtr. WilUrd?2 Alien, Tho* G Arnold, l*aac N?3 Ander*ou, Jo* Armttronj, J?*?9 Abbett, Jm O Auchurchoea, H Arnold, Dr Allien, Ch.x S Armstrong, A E Boot man, W O Barry, W H Bright, W n Biahop, Wm S Bell,8*ral?2 Bowintn, 8 A B irrill, R UiDbin*, Kc> U G Goodrich, E 8 Gal*, D W G tr*t, D W Granger, B P Gardner, Addison Harroll, Win Hamilton, W H Horner, W H W H uston, W m?2 Hough, W P Hainmoni), M H Henley, T J How,T O HanUn, Tho* Harwood, Tho* Howell, S R Hurman, 8 B I'uleaton, J H Purnnrton, J L barker, Jaa Peirce, Henrr Putnam, Li H 8?3 Paiie, Geo H Parker, D Parson*. Cha* E Perkina, (J L Pendleton, A W Kiddle. W O Riley, Tho* W Renham, Spencer ' Reere, 8>ml Reed, R V Role*, Pasqnal* Rodman, P G Reid, Jno W?* Browmnr, K w Brown,/W-i Bopue, J J Boits, J M-l Birch, ]>i H Bell, John Byug, Julinn?2 Btikinu, J W-l Beeman, J C-i Bocua, Ciuiu<? Boweu, Jaa L Bradley, Jno J Bennett, Jno E W Berkley, Joo T Betta, H Barney, Hiram H A?9 Hunt, Kichd Ryan, J C Hn'ini, RA?3 Rollins, J 8 Horsey. O Raymond, J T Hunt, W G Randeli, Joaiah Holleren, Morris Rorers, Horatio Hufhia, M G? 2 ' RoT> iruon, D Healer, Maruu Richardson, ? D?3 Howell, L M Robinaon, K B Htnehett. Luther 3 Riplej, C G?'i Heja. J De wilt Ro<id, Chae W Heuderion, Jno J Randall, A N Hey wood, J C Rock, Andrew Hollias, Jaa F Reed, Arthur B Hmdy, Jts Ricketti, A O Hutchison, Jaa L Stew irt, W Hennire, Jno H Setnmet, W Uanre 1 I <2 W O Brambee, Henry Browue, Ceo H Belden.G W ? 2 Berry, G A Barry, G R Byer, Geo Briaton, F M Bradley, F M Barnum. E B Byer, Edward Bryant, E W Beat, Lt E Brooke, Eugene Baj ler, C G Barnard, C C P Board man, B G?S Buridge ft Brtnard Baldwin, B H?3 Berr?, a lonio Clark. Willie Crawford, Win Cook, Truman Conn. Thoa P Hurley, Juo Harrison, J 8 Hathaway, Jaa B Harris, Jaa Handy, Jao Hilton, Jo* H Hanmon, H ii Rancoek, H K?2 Haskell, H H Hamilton, H W Handy, H J Hilbert, H S Hanson, Gto M?4 Hudaon, Geo Htrbert, Francis Himou, D ff Hayett, 1> H Hafner, Mr Haakill, Chaa Hitvee ft Bright Irvin, W 1 Irwin, 8 B?2 ln#nhtm. W P?2 Sullivan, Tim 8mdera, Siml Sleinmona, Saml Shellabarger, Saml Sherman, S N Sprague, Senator 8il?ey, Robt W Semms, Paul Steel, Nelaon Sle'ens, Mithew H 8. hall ft McCamiy Scblay. Wm Shanks, Jno P C-3 Shank, Henry C 8toll, Jno E Snow, Jno Snioot, Jcs K Secor, Jaa f" Stevenson, Jai D Snyder, Jno 8hanaban,Jno Sauderaon. J fimrila. Jaenh Carpenter, S H C*i?pt)tll,C<ipiRP2 Cir;i!i, A D Cauitin, M C Cock?oa, Mr Clieyne j, M Courtney. Louie Cooini, J W I'r ng, Jno H, Jno Cl.irk, James Cockrell, Jno A Carmer, J K H Clemena, J Collnn, Jno McL Cieme.itaon, Joe Connor, Jae Canfleld, T H Covin, Jno P Cockrell, Jno Clnke, II Campbell, Hugh Crooke.Ueo Jordan, Thos Judre, Thos J Jones, M 8 Jones, J J?I Johns >if, Jno Jewell, J ts ? Jonny, Hujh Jotii,ton, G K Janet, Edwd Jackson, A 'j ^ JahuciMi, Alfred C Keers, Win Kii>?, 8 Kenned/, Dr S D King, Kufus H Kinf, R A Ken.on, Peter 8 Keui, Jai 8 Kelchner, J H Km*, Henr/ K Kreissmanu, H?3 Kernan,Jo Kesslsr, Fred U.... A U Sheet/, Juo Sherborn, Jno P Sherman, Jas H Kclioonorer, J Hinders, J 8 Stevens, Hatard?2 8cnver, Geo W Su-auss, H 8incible, Henry 8te wart, Geo H Stover, Geo W Sheldon, F Seeming. Fred Sen, Felix 8i uiiiiug, F Bteptoe, L J Shields, II N Stokes, K D Stewart k Co 8cott. Elison A Sturgess, Edward Stou^hton, E H Stewart, D M e?..k i t v* V>il??IU I u tu Cuueo, tiihon Coukhng, I1" A?2 Cleniinetia, Edwd Cariton, K C Clark, Hon Edwd CUmfitt, E C Cowan, Edgar Carter, D K Cooper, Gen D H 4 Chuamau, D W-l Co?deet,Cha* Cochran.ChaaBACo Cuatice, C T Curtu, Ch&i T Colliu, C Clieenfy, A Cranay, Ala* C?3 Chitlain. A L Davie, W H DeGroot.W H Kirther, Albert Kenaau,Juo Leib, Win Liggett, Win Licey, Woi Larneir, Gen W Laming, W E Low, Richd B Lewie, Rufui G Leeper, Col M? t Lomai, L L Lowude, Lloyd Leo, L Lao. J G La Moin, Judge L:?u, 8 L Littia, J A Lyon, J E?2 L itham, Dr H Luaiue, Cyrue Ulilla I' ML* Sunmone, C E Smith, Clarance T Stanley, Chae A?J 'Strong, Cyrua Bpeigal A Brock Sel'er,A A Schloegel, C A 8haw, A C Sieveuaoii, Armor Sloan,A X (Seinroa, Dr Alei J Turner, T J Thorn, S S?2 Turner, Saml Tuld, H Thompson, P Tnouiaa, P K Turner, N Tyral, Mirk Turner, Thoe J DeH<m, Ur W Davit, Tbeo H Dougiu, R H Dodge, Robt P Doran, Put I)ent, M M Deech&mpa, M Delehay, M rk W Dickey. J C I)rem-, Jo? W Daniel, Juo M?2 Dougherty, Jo? Duu nine ton, J A J)nvftll, Jab E D?vitt(J B Uenuicon, Jit Dement, Jno H Darnell, H W Deckereou, E N Dnl, Ed O Die^c, Eugene DeLtoo, Dr D (J Dockerty, Danl Dus-nbury, Con Dougherty, C Daveoa:, C May, Wm Moore, CaptW K Mitchell, Walter Mitchell, Win- 2 Moore, Tho? Mather, Thoe S Mitchell, TV* A Mouie, Thoe D Mowry, Srlrettcr Mitchell, 8 C Murphy, R G Ms the w, Robt Mitchell, R H Megourle, Owen Murk, Mr M alloy, M L Miller, O R M 11on t, Juo Miller. Juo Mockobe, Jno B Mirthall, Jno G M errymm, Juo Miller. Jno M Moran, J M if ill, J W Miller, Jai M 1aim irro, u u SThouini, O A 'J .;i ill -,li F Thuuiptou, Giome Te?t F W Thompson, ? H Tobey, E 8 Trook*. Dr I Vsn Horn, Burt?3 Vorhees, Daul W 2 V?;n Horn, F B Vmceut, F Van Buren, F B?3 Viume, Theo Van M vster, Wir?3 WalUs.". W H Wbiting, Win B ? W ilcox, Win W ?U, W 8 W at son, W F Wii?ht?ou, Win Wa tit, W J Wood, W S Wood, I C Wat*on, Thoe P Walker, Thoe W Davu, B liavis, Amos-? 2 Duncan, Alex Edward*. Hon 8 M fcvana.T H Elelio, T B- 2 Kdward*, Mr Elliott, Milton Ergleiton, J Khrimntout, J Edwards, B Ed too, Augustus Fres man tW in C?2 French, Win Ford, Win E Fl <n.\jran, Wm Fay, flu. hard Fusherbert.K LT 2 Fraiichot, Richd Fajiiii, P B Foley. M^run Mortnuore, J H Martin, J C Moflatt, Juo Miller, Jas B Morrison, J RU Merriwau, Henry Mi liiletou, Henry Miller, Frank Martin, E 8 M*lhews, E 8 Murphy, D J Murphy, Dennis Mitchell, C W Morsh, A J Mitchell, A S Morehouse, A Mcliuiggiu, A J McConuack.CH?2 McKmrkt, J D McMullen, F?* Mr Ke nney, Cieo Wiieeler, T I Woodruff, O D Williams, L A?4 Wi limns, L J Wheeler, L C Ward, J a A Wklsh, Jno W eyas, J no E Wiles, Jas Wilson, J do Wheeler, J J W'itli.tins, Jos?2 Woodward, J P Wilsou, Juo E Westvilee, Juo T W illiaiLS, Joa Weible, Johtun W&troos, J 8?2 Wart on, Jos H W 11 sou,J L W it grind, J C ??- . u r tie, L.0U11 Floyd, Jno B Frey, Jno A Pevercitii Jno L Polfir/F B Korrnaa* Ed wd Kjren, B Fuller, Allbert Flock, Rtt A Frt moot) J C F*unce,Jno K tion, Francis ? Kn:>kin, H B fiaL'lj, A (taruer, Tho* Gwjn, O T Green, O Jai <?er*berrer, Wm. Graves, L Green. J M Gidd;ng*, J R Gillett, J M Goodwin, Jno M Granougb,J J mcooiiiDe, n o McGuire, Jno McKenii?r, Jiio M McKeon, J B McKiiight. M H McCblloufh, 8 McLane.Thoe Nobel, N P Niveu, R J?3 Nnet, Jot A Nickltn, J R Nicker*on, B R OsL*oru, W H O'Donne 11, Joo O'Callahan, F Olden, Chaa S ? Phillip*, Wm Plomirer, Sarnl m Purvnuce, S A Patton, Richard Porter, R H Page,L Pork, J F P^e, J J n .11*011, a Whi ikar, Jno White, Geo Winter, L W eodon, Geo W Winter*, F B Whitney. Eli Walker, E W Williams. D William*, D R Willey, 1) M W a I ton, Dan Wi!liiiii*nn, D C Walton, C W Woolley, C W?5 Walker, C J Walker, Blair Whitcombe, A C Wakeman, Abram Winfard, A J Young, Joo 8 Young, Jno J Yewell, Jno W fcauge, N MISCELLANEOUS ?Dean Nat. Med. College: Hon. Mia liter ChMtf t d'aff?ir? of ihi Pin?m? Rtptiblic; Nat. Demo crat Ofllc*; O R ; Secreurr Trpo. Socinj, father of Win. Youhc, Uu of Co. "C." 7th Inf. fl^LBTTUa MVIT in AIL CASKS IS PlIFAID. Feb 9 WM. JONES. F. M. ^yASHINGTON^ QEORGETOWN PEOPLE take notioe, a# it will bo to their interest to do so, that W. H. READS COMPOUND SYRUP OK I.lVEiwORT for Cough), CeMs. Hoartetutt, Croup and other sflections of the throat and ohfet, a ad alao hi* SORE THROAT PuWDER, are two.of the most infallible remedies of the day, and no family ahouid be without ut?m; ana beaiaea, the* are bo cheap a* to be within the reach of all. We do not expect atrangerato believe what we write is regard to our own medieinea, consequent ly we refer you to the following well known gen tlemen'a oertifioatea, whioh oan be aeen at the? rug torea where the artiolea are for sale; tney say they are the beat Cough and Sore Throat Medioinee liVTi mo'Tiiiivji ?? iu. 4 Of tk* Baltimore Con/eretu*. E*oh artioie 35 o*nta a bottle. Wholesale oy w. u. R?M c vo? uruggisu, 03 Broadway, Baltimore. At retail by R. 8. T. Cissel k. Co., Drufglst, Georgetown. Charl?s SMtt. Druggist, 37ft Pa. avenue. Win. 8. Thompson. Druggist, Fifteenth stand New York avenue, Washington. John K. Bates, Drag gist, Navy Yard, ja ** lm QKORG1A STATE LOTTKRIK8. Manager's OJlrt 0/the Georgia Lotteries, ( Savajtsah, Ov, February 1st, 1MI. f Our three number lotteries are drawn daily Cap ital Prises from fft^no to 2S.006. Tickets from #1 St ?. Prises of $1 jOoO and under paid immediate ts to <3; * Him llAnel InialluranAee Pa* #i?lra#a a# JiS. T J. * W. M. ?ALT woofe4J?AL Penn. imw. j>? betw?n Ilth >nd lttk ?tr#iiu. 275 ALj.?N 275 JACKSON. II ? 1 I AMUSEBTENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! * S. W. Gill 9. W. Glkih Ao'm M^BAfPr J.T. RiTMtiD THIS EVENING. FonUvely, i??t Ditht n( MR. BOTHER N, Who will rs^Mt hia M?> ??<<! impersonation of MAXIM E. ^ tfmkt Id the beautiful pla0fC the Rotnanc if POOR vi.i.vh Mil Alio, hr rC9u??t. hi* famous DVNDRkAKy LETtER SCENE. 4n ttw? Third Act of OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. MONDAY~BVENING, MISS CHARL.OTTK OtSHM AN Will c?min?noA her H*r?wer Kngtcnmcot in DCton. SmU ennM^l at Metserotl-'t Mavio Store only. It ACONCRlT, For th?? banefi* of ST. MARY'S PARISH SCHOOL. Will b?firen on MONDAY NEXf. Uth in?t. .t th? ? - ?- vwhvui IIUUSO, n aldington at., below Fifth, ( ax the Church ) Aamiaaiou 2S oenta; children 10 oenta. fe ?-2t* ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE A 10* Grand Concert and Presentation of Colors, Benefit er COMPANY C, W. L. I. BATTALION, At the Smithaonian Institution, THURSDAY EVENING,February 14. The moat eminent Singers of the city and George town have very kindly volunteered to aid ua on the oooaaion. Programme and full particulars in future adver tisement. Order of Committee. fo 9 2t BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. First t? Wat, First iit Ptaee, and first tit the Hearts of His Countrymen. T'HE SECOND GRAND COTILLON PARTY 1 of the GEORGE WASHINGTON QUADRILLE ASSOCIATION will take 89 ? aoe at Tboiii'i Hall on MONDAY, Feb/HA Is. Schroeder'a celebrated ootilloii mumo lsMHHk sn?aged for the ocoation. TickeU 90 cenU, admit ting a t*ntleman and adiea. Bt order of the Committee. fe9-4teo* ^RAND BIRTH NIGHT BALL COMPANY A NiTinvll nil ? on n . II ?AblUn,jJ* at the UUMR ASSEMBLY ROOMS, FEBRUARY 33d, 18*1. Particulars in future advertisement*. j?30-W,8,S WANTS. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, oompetent to w attend on the dininc-room and wi line to he [enerally useful. Must be well reoomm'nded. Ap >ly at this office fe 9-2t* |*7ANTED?Six competent TAILORS immedi ately. Apply to G. KOLP,at Wall. St?ph*>ns V Cn ?. SO.J t?- ? * " * . U, w?? a n?< otouuo, UCIW0CI1 Till ftlld 10th fttft. fe 8 5t % WANTED?Bt a joune woman a SITUATION aa nurte, ohamee'maid, or to do housework, rior ohjeot I* to get a good home, and ?he will do ?er best to give entire satisfaction to her employ es Please address a note to Box Mo. 21. St*r Jffioe, and the will call. fe ?-3t WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From to S 10,000 worth of SECOND-HAND FIJILnI rURKofall kinds, for which I will guaranty UTpay he highest prices, and, as usual, at the shortest no ice. R. CCCHLY. Dealer in Furmture, Stove% Ac., oc 9 4 OS 7th st., bet. 6 and H eCatmde. H7ANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. f f Parsonm A? L ? - - . v.o^u<i uvuiiuiug uuuBCKQepinc, or n&vinjj i surplus of Furniture<111 hand,can obtain thec&cn ind (air prices by applying at 369 Seventh *t no 17 BONTZ k. GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND?This morning, a POCKF.T BOOK. The owner can have th? tame by proving prop srty and paying charges at this oflioe. fe 9 2t LOST?On last Sunday night, n?ar the corner of Thirteenth and F -U.. a small GOLD KING, with set imitating a diamond; valued highly on iccountof beiiifc a gift from a departed fu nd. 9J0 will be given to the finder by leaving it at OUA P VtAN LEE'S, No. 460 Twelfth at, ir_ r f! t 10 00 > r??. ? " - Ivo i ?n I] A1A D l\ AV^fi LjCi 1, With ft ( old a olMp, and the likmess of a gentleman in the :la?p ; va'unhle to the owner as a fainilv relio. It iras ;ost either in a Seventh street omnibus or on 1 itreet b?tw?en 7th and 9th sts.. on Tnnrsday last. k liberal reward will be psid the finder by leaving >l at^4311 street, between 9th and 10th. fe9 3t* LObT?At the Capitol, Thursday, a lad y's small black eloth <'AHE. Th-J finder, by leaving the ihoveat the Offioe of the Aveane Home, will re ceive a suitable reward. fe 8-Jt* |\R. SCHLOSSER WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON Moit Positively * NEXT THURSDAY. February 14th. * F.I LSll TESTIMONIALS OF THE UNPARALLELED SUCCE<?3 or r R. M. SCHLOSSER'S UNERRING SYSTEM or CURING ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. no luuuomi ??Huiaiuni uorunompi are mil iar to tiuruaanda in Dr. 8.'s possession. From Major Jas. BeU'r, V. S. Army. Dr. 8ohlosaer haa thia day operated upon my feet, and, I am happy to say, with the greatest ease, and haa given me fell satiafaotion. I have sclWed (or aeveral yeara with oorns, and, from tna oomfort I have already experienced, 1 would reo ommend all those suffering from that oauae not to delay longer, and call at the Doctor's. JAMES BELGER, Vfajor U. 8. Army. February 6th, 1861, From, Capt. S. Barron, U. 8. Navy. Dr. Behloaser haa extraoUd tever&l oorna from mr fMt T?ry auooeaafully, and without pain. B. BARRON. DR. SCHL038KR Recpootfallr announcea to parties who with to ?b Uin A BirmA.nant onri nf ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET to f?Tor him with a Mil withont delay, m thu will be hie LAST VISIT IN WASHINGTON, Intending shortly to retnrn to Earope and retire from professional eerrioea. CONSULTING ROOMS, MTPENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, mlA* k b?tw?a 12th ud Utk <mU. OFFICE HOURS I From 10 ft. m. till if.m. LEAVE POSITIVELY WASHINGTON NEXT THURSDAY. f?7 FEBRUARY 14TH. GEORGETOWN. Corrtsfndenc* / Tks 8t*r. Gioicitovk. February P. 1881 Oar citizen* a*eni to be alroaat u Bach Inter ested in the mult of the approaching municipal election u in tbe adjustment of the national d'.ffl cultlea. To keep them ported In tbe progn? of sffmlrm, we will stste that tba "anU-Add:?on" del IfwV*, from eacb of tbe four prerlncta, (com C'llnt; man-,- gentlemen who have heretofore n politically ODixiaed to earb other-1 tn#t in convention last'evening The first business trans a-ted wit the I'Siu^r of what is known to politi cian* as the "two-third* role " Vmtl ballotiugs l't a candidate l?r the mayoralty were then bad. without any definite result?the highest candidate MM We getting 13 votes We deem It annecesssry to give the balloting* la detail. Without making any nominations, the convention adjourned until Mon day evening next Our City Councils were In session last evening, and the ordinance which provide* for the " levy ing of a general tax and opeclal direct Uxes for the year lefil, and the collection thereof,"' pawed both boards, as also did the "Vanderwerken reso lution'' reported bv the conference committee. The funeral services of the late Rev. J. P. Aiken, at Trinity Church, yesterday, were of a most impressive character, and were wltnea by hundreds of our citizens of alldenomlnatU m -*/ ?Ci luun WW pmcaea oy Kev. Father Karly, P real dent of Georgetown College, in hi* usual elo ;uentmanner HUearnestandtruthful eulogy of tbe deceased deeply affected the large audience preaent. Man wu said by Rev. Father Biilo, and the service reed bv Rev. Father Ashwanden The funeral cortege to Georgetown College, where the Interment took place, was preceded by th? pupils of the Trinity Church Benevolent School, of which Institution the deceased was a warm friend and patron, and was greatlv beloved by the scholars for his uniform kinanesa to them His remains were followed by a large number of Bleats, by the Young Catholics' Friend 9ocietv, -j mvuKirxiiiuu vi vriniiy cnurcD, ana many personal friend* The water will be drawn off the Georgetown level of the canal on Tuesday next, for the pur pose of removing und bars and making some necessary repairs. It will b? off two or three weeks, probably. Workmen are enraged In re building lock it, (near the tire-at Falls.) which "caved in" last fall, It will be remembered, and hopes are 'entertained that everything will be ready for an early resumption of navigation. The friends of R. R Crawford, F.sq , sre in vited to assemble In town-meeting at Forrest Hall, this evening See notice below. Pev. David Wilson will preach at Congress at Chlirrh tfl.mnrrnw GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS fy"NOTICE.?Rot. David WilsoH, formerly j^_3 Pastor of the Methodist Protectant Church. onCongreas st.. wili preach there i'O MORROW (sunday) 11 o'clock, by Divine per miiiion. it ryg^town meeting.?The friend* of Rich jv_3 abd r. CitwroiD, em., (the persecuted present Mayor,)are respectfully isvited to assem We in town meeting at Forrest Hall THIS (satur day! evhlming, at 7 o'clock Speeches wilt be made by himself and other gentl*m?n of the Demo cratic party. Music will be on hand to enliven tne meeting. It Having made up my mindtochange my business, I will soil at private sale my Store. No. 113 Huh street, with Fixtures. If not so d before the 13th February, 1 will then sell i iuvhuu uu inoi uiT. f?9? JOHN H. LIPSCOMB. PHI LADEI.PH IA DRAUGHT Al.E.-We are daily leceivi ? fiesh Rupn>ie* of Ma**ey, Col lm?A; Co.'f unrivaed Philadelphia Draught Ale, which we ate ri-ady lo deliver to oui omen for cash. (f??) ARNY fc 8HINN. AIONEY. MONEY -All perron*who have the 1*1. cash can boy a huperi->r article of anadu tera ted CIDER, guarantied lo be the pure juice of the apples, by applying to Jfe8 ARNY A 8HINN. A CAUTION. LL Persons are hereby cautioned against nego tiating (or Certificate No. Ill (one hundred and eleveujof threeshares stoak in "Thirl Building Association <?t Georgftown, D. C.," as said certifi cate has tret n lost or mihlai . SAMUEL C. PALMER. February 6th, 1861. fe 7 3t* JUST RECEIVED? 10 hlid*. prime Porto Rioo SUGAR?, ISO l?b!?. Old Rve WHI*KY, ?o bbU. HERRING and ALEWIVES, S<? hbiB. Crushed and R?f?n?d ^UGARs, ?? bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhd*.< tow-priced> MOLASSES. For Bale by JOHN J. BOGLE. k 10 BOARDING. SEVERAL GRNTLEMKN CAN BE ACCOM C? n.od%t?1 w>th evlecdid Room* and ejcclier t H<>aid. between I3th and i3H. on 1) ctreet, three d^or? from the corner. fe 9 at* UEVERAL GENTLEMEN OK FAMIL.IKH O ean t>? um mmnd&twl w t h ilMur.l B>U?? Board at Mrs. WEST'S. #25 H it, he'ween 6th tad Tttr Alio, Tebta Boarder*. ft ? loteo" DOARDING.?Persons desirous of a comforta D b e heme can obtain food Board and pleasant Apartments on F ?treet, No. 339. between 9th and loth ?ts. Table Boarder* can also be accommo dated. Terms reasonable. if 5-1 w FOR SALE AND RENT. 17*OR RENT?A handsome FURNISHED PAR ' LOK aad CHAMBbK. with gas, No. 413 (Seventh street, between ard H Ma, near the Patent or Post Oflaoea. Tin boose is in a qniet neighborhood. fe9 St* ii'OR RENT?A rerjr comfoitable two story BRICK HOUSE, formerly owned and occn ?i^d h> the late Capt. Thomas R. Oedney, U. 8. i .j.i r tiroei r.orin. two bqu*rei WMtol the S?tj Department The house contains nu.e ruomn It has a kitchen, eel ar, and servant'* room; cas fixt' res, ana a* excellent ram wat<-r cistern. Possession mar bo had immediately. For tenna apply to the subscriber, at No. 157 t stret, next door to the premises. fe&-X* JAMFS L. EDWARDS. 1 BURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT?No 423 Seventh st., between G ana H, a lew doors above the Patent Offioe. fe5-lw L'OK KENT?TWO ROOMS, and use of Par V lor, in a picaa&nt and healthy part of the city. Inquire at the oorner of Teeth si. aud New York avenue. jagitf Am valuable farm FOR sale or ex change for CI t Y PROPERTY?Con taining 1?1 acres, situntnd 14 miioo from Alexan dria, on the and Alexandria Raiiroa I, nnder food cultivation; timber, wa'er, fruit and all buiM ings ueoessary fhra first-rate form, Inquire of G. W. BRAY, at the Jewelry 8tore, 616 Seven'h st, Washington. js 21 lm* FOR rent-Two frameCOTTAGE HOUSES, containing six rooms, situated on Mans, ave nue and Fifteenth street; pump of food water in the yard. jaS Furnished rooms for rent,at 4o? d street, between 6th and 7th sts. de 4-tf IT'OR R ent?A comfortable two-story HKICK a HOUSE, on Missouri avenue, No 40, fronting one of the improved squares, and i* Inrnithed with caa and water. Apply to D. A. WATT* rston, No 4t>4 tooond st. east, and 590 Seventh street west. ja si-2weo* IpOR RENT?A three ttory brick house,con I taming 8 rooms, in good order, with gas fix tures oomplete, on H street, between 4th aad Mh. Also, a two-?tory brick COTTAttE, with large yard attached, corner of F street north an 14th st. east. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twslfth street between 6 H. no IS-tf ' FH>R s*ALE OR EXCHANGE FOR WASil in^ton city property, at a lur de^'uotion, a mail FARM in Fairfax oonr.tT. 6)* miles fnm Washington and five f eint Al? xar.dria, con tan <nc forty-seven acrei The improvement* consist of a dvillisg containing seven rooms, with the k:tohen; a new stable, feed house, carriage louse, eoru house. Ac. Alto, a young urehaidof the choicest f uit, eontainin; 6no trees. Thirty two acre* of t'e above land clearer and under cultivation, twenty down m wheat with olover and guano. Should the uoderMgne* sell, o iy one-eigl.ta will be required in cash; balance "t the expiia ion of two yea's. For particulars address H. F., M< ant Pieroe, Fair fax count> .Vs., oare of Miss Nancy Bum*. f?l lawjw P)R RENT, in the Firs: Ward?three Mua'M west of the War Department?a small OF FICE, with back ioom, or the former way answer for a anop: and Parlors and Chambers, separate, or uita 01 Rooms, furnished or rfurmahed ; close tn (Ka A wai na f e? ?Wi? de 3 2Uwtf FOE KENT?The FIRST FLOOR of tbabmid int immediately oppociie the *?t vine of the City Ha!., recently oooupi*d by Ctae. 8. Wallaob M an otfiM. Alto the front room in the eeeooO tory ami the third floor of the nme building. For term# apply to RICHARD WALI APH, No. 8 l.onniin* arson*. ia la ti E?OR RENT?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. r 100 WMtit, Georgetown. at present ooon pied by the aubeoriber. It hu it ro>aM, with |M and water throughon\ a fine yard, ?taMe Ao , and it in arood nei*hl,orhood. Apply to JAR. A. MA bRL DKR. oe 26 tf T NKW KOOKR. .HOT No. >TH Pawn. Amiri, The Shadow in tli* House, a ??w dot#I, by Jo hi. Smnd ri, 12mo , o otb; #1 by n.ail. The Dutch Dommit of the CtUkilla, br the Be* David Mar looh, D. U.. ISmo.,cloth; #1 tiy traiu The Kumarce of an Iriili Girl, ISkio , oiota; |t.w by mail. aj^e assortment ot the beat Miliary ^ A RARE CHANCE For bargaina ta Scnool Hooka. H ank Booka. Misoellaa*o<ia Book* ullimo<tto red pee atock jal? la TO THE MILITARY! THE LATEST NEWS. T ELEUK A PHIC. la^trtaal fr?ni Georgia. [Special 4l?p?tch to th# Star J finnil, G? , Feb. Wa?4t*ftm Sfor Got Brown, of Gwgli, bw ertfH oat auflcient military force to aefie and bold. aubjent to fata order, every abtp la harbor belonging to citizen* of New York. When tbe Georgia prop erty seized by tbe New York police I* retorted, tbe ships will be delivered to tbe &itlteaa of New York wbo own tbetn Tbe brig W. K. Klrby, bork Adjuster, brig Golden Load, schooner J alia A. Hallocb. bark D. Co Idea Murray, were aelied a\ hrusab to-day. [Notb ?Tbe ' Georgia property" aelied by tbe New York police was Georgia properly. It waa tbe property of cltlxeaa of tbe North, to wv (JBIU IIH wo wnvery, ana Ot OWttM IM 1MB, If any. fill* ob tbe northern owner*, to whew tbe property baa no doubt been returned.?Ed 9rtl ] Important front the ftontb?Irlxare of V?. Nil ia SaraiMk-Tbe bewtkern Coagreoo. Chabl**tow. Feb t.-Oor Brown, of Georgia, aelzed, nt Savannah ymterday. veaaela owned In New York, cooalailnf of tbe brlea VV. R Klbby and Golden l.ead. barto D Coldeo Mnr rav and Adjuster, and tbe arbooner Julia A Hal lock. Got Brown*a order waa executed bjr Col Lavrton'i military The order reada tbua "TaCal. Late ton Order out a ai-Sclent mili tary force, and aelze and bold, aubject to asy order, every ablp In tbla harbor (Savannah) belonging to citizena of tbe State of New York Wben tbe property of wblcb our citizena hare been robbed la returned, tbe ah I pa will bo dell Tared to Un citizena of New York wt.n a?? " Mostgomibt, Feb. 8 ?Tbe CoBcwiwai In secret session four hour* to-<lay, and will meet again to-night. The retails of the miIom will probably be made known to-night or to-morrow The only public procerdlnga of to-day were tbe opening prayer and KMDf preliminary remarks by mtnber*. indicating nothing Gen Hennlngsen It here. Momoxiir, Feb 9 ?Last night Congres* unanimously agreed to the Constitution and Provisional Government A *TaoMG (despotic) and vigorous Government will co into Immediate operation, with powers and ample funda. No propositions for compromise or a reconstruc tion will be entertained Congress will remain la session to make all tbe necessary decrees. Frem Sprtagfleld. 9raiKGriELD, Feb. 7.?The Springfield Journal of this morning has s leader, evidently Inspired ?W. H?i-1 a _? a * a * ? j wy iur i irtiuciil flPCi, urnuilBCl Og Ail OI W f Kellogg's proposition*, and their support by Re publlrans as Impossible It also denies tbe state ment that a prominent Republican bad sent a dis patch to Washington announcing the approbation of the propositions by members of the party here Mr Lincoln's wishes will be met br dispensing with sll established reception* In tbe different localities he proposes to visit on his way to Wash ington . Horace Greeley, just befors starting for W. Ixmls, received information wbich Induces him to forego his intention to lecture In that city, and change his course to tbe Kast He wrote a letter to the Missouri Republican la which be states that leading Republicans bad adelsed him that he would p<ubably be mobbed should ha at tempt to lecture. Mr Lincoln pronounces the letter published la the Cbsrleston Mercurv. durnort!hp to he ad drsssed by him to Mr. Spencer, of Wheeling, a forgery. The MamrkmiU Military. Bosto*, Feb. 7.?Military order* promulgated tc-dav by the Commander-in-Chief are prefaced a* follow*: ' Tbe present condition of national affair* rea der* It possible that the services of the volunteer military of Maasachnsett* may be required at no diatant day. and at ahort notice, by the President of the United State* for tbe defense of the Federal Capitol, and It la the dealre of hia Eieellency. tbe Governor, and Commander-in-Chief, that the troop* be in readlneaa for any legal requisition that may be made upon them " The order* apply more directly to tbe First Dl ylaion. and require rigid scrutiny of rompaav roll*, frequent company drills, and a thorough preparation for acti ye service LsaUiaia Cmt?U(i. Xa? OiLiua, Februarys?Tbe Cmnreatloa passed an ordinance conferring tbe right of eltl vnnthin An rt?r?r>na PMI/^ 1 ncr in tKa ttlaia a/ I nn Uiana at the date of tbc adoption of the 8 k walon Ordinance. The Convention ordered tbe printtag of a pre poaed invitation to all except tbe New England r*tatea to join tbe new Confederacy It waa made tbe special order for Saturday. Collector Hatch haa made a report on tbe ab ject of cuatoina and tbe condition of the two cuttera now in poaaeaaion of the State. * Graad fteceaatoa Jabtlee. New OaLKin*, Feb 7.?Tbe city ia magnifl cently and extensively illuminated in honor of acceaalon All the public buildinga and large atorea and dwelling! are exceedingly brilliant with appropriate mottoes Pelican flag* are flying everywhere. The people are out in great crowd* and there ia general rejoicing. In the Convention resolution* to Instruct tbe delegates to Montgomery on any point were tabled by a large rote Later frem L?iiidtM New OtLBiM, Feb 6.?The LouliitM Con vention adopted propositions to admit India bagvinz duty frwe The specific datisa on nnr are to be continued Thecrimlnlal law* and The decision* of the federal court* are to remain la jirce Latest frem Penaacsla. Mohtcombbt, Feb 7.?Tbe latest advices re ceived herefrom Penaacola state tbatall wasqaiet there and matter* remained la (Mm fmm Tbe telegraph Uses are down to day south of this point Later fraaa Califsrafta. Foar KutilT, Feb 8 ?Tbe Poay Liprm of tbe 23d reached bars to-day Tbe Uacto Sam mm the Mb took oat for tbe Atlantic aids Sl.uU0.000 ia specie. Tbe newt Is unimportant (iBlss Metu?|. Memphis, Feb i.?There waa an Immense ultra aiairi m rrmwmrj ovnai by PriM)IvfeBia Hakki^eveo, Feb. 0 ?The bill guaranteeing S2.wu?,?*iU United states bond* of the twenty million loan, pnaard both Houm* of the Legisla ture unanimously to-day A letter from Major Anderaoa, In response to the resolutions of the Legislature congratulating him and commending hi* bravery, was read In the House. It was a we 11-written brief expression of bis profound gratification. Iwt Firraaea Kilted. N?w Yota, Feb. 8.?The Ocean Pplor Milk on kiimom iirert. wrrr burnt uui morning, ana the adjoining warehouses of Menn Hedges A Co., paper dealers. Henri Mart k. Co., Importers of violins; and Bohnde It Co.. liquor dealers were bad! v dam aged Two firemen wore killed by the felling of chimneys. Florid* Legislature. TtLUltssit, Feb. 6 ?Both Houses of the t*tate Legislature hive resolved to adjourn oa the 15th. A b 11 providing for the carrying of lh? mails has passed the Senate, and will pass too House. The Free Negro Expulsion bill has bom lndefl llely postponed in the Senate torchlight proceealon hereto-night Tbtnttoail Ira were played and a display of Ircworki oc curred !tfw York t'(BaiMwa?n te the Pe?ee Cm Albany. Feb 8.?T*b ;rl<>w Weed hHhM an notated ComaalaaloMr to the Peoce Coafraa la p'ace of Mr Gardiner, declined Thar lew Weed DmIImi l?Wa Cm Aliiit. Feb S.?Thuriow Weed 4kHm to come to WaahlBgtoh aa a Peace CmalalMtr from New Y ork Lochville. Feb 8 ?Tb? Lerlolattir# ?rtU ad journ next Monday till the 4Mb of M.rck BrIUkw* turmoil, Feb. I Flour U 4nil and honi Ohio and Ho* rd at. *?O; Citf atltla U I* Wh M dull, red ?i ?*1 47; wbtto- SI Mai ?P Cora otcady, yellow 59-61, whttr ?8ad8c Pr??u IomouIK. CoCh aettw d UyalSMe Ublokjr doll at lfic. HERE'S A BhTTKR TIM* OU .lM?. T ?nlta?"(Wf 4'him and !<om? Piaaaiaa ?l?n< at HIlMi vj rW>aibam H m. umot tbi Clmrt miom uiw, jm .? r i*tk iliM P? fcWHia k <.aa iklb llM rio'ul Mil Uj Ur ' <Bt, MticilM. Til |T 4 ? ** mmmmm ; I

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