Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1861 Page 1
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THE DAILY EVENING STAR ruhusirsn evbrtafternoon, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Conner / Ptniuyintnia av*n ut and 11<4 H . IT W, D. WALLACD. P%pera Mtrved in r*cki|M by oarriera M It ? j ??, or 71 MDti per month. To bmI aabeoribora tiic pnoe ia fi50 a y w, m advmn^t, #2 for am B'<ntuai #1 for three montha; and for laaa than three mostka at the rats of 12 oenta a week. 8ine> ac^iM, ow* c*ht; ia wrappora, two caim. n^ADvaansraiJTaaaoald be cent to the ofioe M vB 12 o'ciook m.; oUarwiae t*oy stay not appear anUi the aezt day. V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 12. 1861 N?. 2.491 THE WEEKLY DOLLAR 8TAK. Riagla oopy, P* Five oopiea Tea oopiea. It ia variably i that' haa ma4e tk? d*u*. ao gaaarally throathoat the i JE^SiBfie oopiea (ta< at the ooantor, laiantiHe y THE niYMBLD MYSTERY. from the xotk-BOOK OF AH ENGLISH JUDGE. The extraordinary event* which, under the above title, I shall detail to my readers, re quire no preface. Id the pretty, and even now romantically situated vicinage of Hampatead, proceeding further north than the old suburban village, -with all its well-known aaeociatiens. was a country-house, that went somewhat oddly by the name of Mayfield. This bouse stood very nearly on th? brow of a hill, and commanded a charming view over many miles' of highly cultivated couotry. It was surrounaea oy a very small Kind or balf fitrk, half garden, and the persons residing in t rented a field of a boat twelve acres close to their home, from which each summer a toler .able stack of sweet, fine hay was procured, to the greet delight of a oouple of ponies who luxuriated upon it. The owners and occupies of Mayfield were n old oouple of the name of Cattiey. They had one only son, an adventurous, but fiue spiritei and good-hearted boy, who, to the grent grief of Mr. CaMley, and to the greater grief still of his wife?if loud and tearful de monstrations portrayed greater grief?was fullV imurea^ed with Shikincirii'i ill** ?K?? *'H?me-keeping youths have ever homely wits." 80 he determined upon seeing something of the world before he settled down, either in town or in country, to the enjoyment of the very handsome income which would in the course of nature be his. There was a long struggle with parental -fondness before the consent t?f the father and mother could be prooured to Edward Cattley's departure to the Mauritius. Those islands, which we wrested from the French, but which retain ao muoh of their French character engrafted upon the nearly tropical manners and customs of the real island race, erer had for Edward Cattley an attraction that, at some period or other of his life, was sure to drag him to their verdant shores. And so, by dint of perseverance, Edward fairly started for the isles of beauty with the The young man was nineteen years of age, and he made a solemn promise that he would, under any circumstances, not be more than three years away from home. And so he departed, and a gloom fell upon the old house at home. It wad not until he was gone past recall that the old ceuple began to feel how completely bound up in his exist ence, and even in his presence, their lives were. But days lengthened into weeks, and weeks accumulated into months, and months became a year, and the time of the return of the wan derer was approaching; and when half his pe riod of absence had passed away, it was to Mr. and Mrs Cattley as if some dreary night was flitting by, and the first streak of dawn was mantling the east. Two years of the three were gone. A letter bad come from Edward, stating that he was well and happy, and that the dear thoughts of home were still with him, and that he would be back in the three years that were passing WAT. Then the last winter that waa to paa8 over Majfield House before the expected return came, and tbe loud storm-wind houled about the old gable end* of the place, and the snow laj deep on the ground. It waa a fearful night, when several of the old trees aboat the house were laid prostrate by a gale that at sunset had sprung up from the northwest, that a loud knocking at the outer door of Majfield Houae, just as the old couple were about retiring to rest, disturbed the whole household, and brought many fears to the hearts of the anxious father and mother. There were some five or six servants kept in the house, for the meaos of the Cattleys were much greater than their style of living ap peared to indicate; and m eld Mr.Cattley went naif way from the dining-room, where they had been sitting, to the ball, he heard some 4? _ ? I _ _ m * I ,* * * one que?u<'uiiig me wa ouuer, wno naa nar ried after the footman, whose duty it was to open the door. " Is this Majfield House ?" asked a strange I voice. . " Yes, sir," was the reply. " And is Mr. Cattley within ?" " Yes, sir " " Will you say. then, that Mr. St. George, from the Isle of Bourbon, is anxious to see him ?" Now, ?Id Mr. Cattley knew perfectly well that the Isle of Bourbon was the old French name that one of the islands of the Mauri ? tins went by; and, the moment he heard the message given, he felt oertain he was about to hear something of his boy But what would that something b? ? Would it be disastrous or joyful ? That waa . _ ?.?_ - * * * - - me question; ana 11 wu a question wfeich paled the cheek of Mr. Cattley, and set bis heart beatin* at a most unusual rate. Mrs. Cattley, too, had heard, while she stood at the open door of the dining-room, sufficient of what the visitor said, to feel that it had some connection with her son, and she ran oat of the hall, crying oat, " Oh, sir, sir! whoever and whatever you are, tell me at once, what yoa know aboat my son !" "All is well with Edward Cattley," said the stranger. Neither tho father nor the mother noticed the peculiarly strange and solemn way in whicn the stranger uttered these words, but they both exclaimed together. "Thank God ! thank God' Welcome sir, xeleome te May field with such news. Come in. sir?come in'" Old Mr. Cattley almost dragged the JtraDger ioU? the well-warmed, well-lighted dining room, and then thej saw that he waa a slight made young man, ef about twenty years of age. and that there was a peculiarity of com plexion about him, which, if it did not stamp nim at once as a Creole, at least signified that he had black blood in his veins. He had the vivacious eyes of the oreole race, and the dark olive complexion, but his hair and the hape of his head and features ware decidedly European. " My dear sir, pray sit down," said Mr. Catt 1 mv "VMl ikll) Bin ?na Km nmk*. bly not dined J*t<?what My you? What shall we order for you?" "Nothing, kind friend*, nothing for me." replied Mr. St. George, u he warmed himself. "My heart is too heavy to permit ma to par take of your hospitality " "Your heart heavrf" gasped Mr. Cattley. "Good Heavens ? cried the mother; "then it is ill news yon bring !" The young stranger shook his head. Mrs. Cattley burst into tears. Mr Cattley strove to speak in tone* of firm ness, as he clasped his hands together, and said, "For the lore of Heaven, sir, tell us all, for suspense is the worst agony the heart ean suffer. The young man was silent for a few mo menu, and then, with a deep sigh, he said, ? . i i a. .sr. .a.aI a ii #. ? _ "It^wouia N idktiuod ina iouj tor aim u) keep from 70a the information I hare come to many mile* to impart to job. Yonr eon" "Fp-ek* oh. speak"' " My ton, mj son'- screamed Mrs Cattley. 14 Your son is no more." I will not try to paint tha grief of the moth er, there ere foclings too aaored for the pen to pietara. It wm a terrible convulsion of des pair?a storm of sorrow that might well leave the heart wrecked by its blighting progress. The father paced the room, and wrung bis hands and moaned. 0 is. mf Sot' mr Door hot! Dead? Tbeo he |mumn1 Wow Mr St George, u he Mid, with a gl*nce of h?pe iu his eyea, "Are you sare, lir, or u it surmise only?" " I will tell jroa all, air. and yo? shall judge for y >ur?Hf " " Oh, yef. y?, tall me all?every particu lar" The mother strore *> list#* with dry eyaa, bat she oould not. ^ -- -i 441 am afraid," said Mr St. George, " that the bearer of anweloome tiding* mak'j* himself anweleome by a sort of identifios tion with I them; and if suoh be the oase with :ae, I will J leave your home so soon as I hare t jld yon all I have to tell." i "Oh, no, no, no," said Mr. Cs :tley; "we i are not so nnjust as that; bat we i nplore yon c. to tell as at onoe!" i " I will. Edward Cattley was iioch beloved in the island of Boarbon, and reared into the best society in the place; but he had the mis fortune to meet at a ball, which was given b7 ! a merchant named Antomus, a Greek, with a it. ? n.* 1_ mi* uiau ui vuo uauioui r virus, ? creoie. xaii man was a gambler, and he muoh pressed young J Cattley to call upon him the next day; and he j not knowing who and what Petrus was, did call upon him, and was pressed to play, there being 1 several persons present. For a long timo Kd ward steadily refused, and the party dined 1 and sat rather late, when cards and dice were [ again introduced, and as Edward Cattley saw t that he gave great offense by not playing, he t said, ' I will, for once, forego my resolution y not no play; but only for once!" " , " Ood bless him!" moaned the fathef. "Then," continued Mr. St. George, "he agreed that he would piny for one hour, but that at the end of that time, whether a winner or a loser, he would leave the party. He played for the hour, and was a considerable winner." "Alas! alas !" sighed Mr. Cattley. " A considerable winner, he rose from the table with bis watch in his hand, saying, ' I will now, as I said I would, go.' But Petrus was chagrined at his losses, whioh,'being an adventurer, be could ill afford ; and he loudly insisted that no man had a right to leave off a winner until bis antagonist choose." " Bat iny son had tn&de a declaration of the time he meant to play, before either winning or losing," said Mr. Cattley. "Just so. That was his agreement, and he left the house, but he was Allowed by Petrus." " Oh, Heaven !" " He was followed by Petrus. There was a lonely path by a precipice, which Edward Catt ley would have to take in order to reach his own homo. The precipice sunk down to an inland pool of salt water, which was unfathain able. It is supposed to have some communica tion with the sea, but it has never yet been traced." " Mj son ! my son !'* screamed Mrs. Cattley. " I shall see that pool in my dreams !" " Go on. sir," said the futhej. " Petrus attacked young Mr. Cattley at the edge of the precipice, and taking him at' una wares. he flung him over its brink, to rise no more!" The father and mother looked petrified at this recital, and could not say a word. Mr. St. George continued : 411 was so much attached to Edwsrd Cattley, and we were such good friends, that I would myself have arrested Petrus. but he fled, and left the island so soon as he had done the deed. I carefully examined the spot of the disaster, and guessed what had happened. I dived into the pool twioe to see if I could recover the body of my friend, but all in vain. Were I to live, though, fur a thousand years, I should never forget the hideous monsters of the sea that inhabit that poal, and who with their long fibrous arms strove to grasp me as I sunk into its depths." The young stranger shuddered, as if in recol lection of the terrors he had braved in the hor rid pool. W onder, fear, grief, despair?all were de picted on the countenance of the Cattleys; and it was late in the night before they,with heavy hearts and with tears that seemed as if they would know no cessation, sought peace. The young stranger was accommodated with thejbest room in the bouse; and soon, beyond the sobs that might have boen heard from the cnuinoer in me occupation oi tne Uattloys, all was still at Mayfield for that night. The morning came, but it brought with it* returning light no diminution of the grief <*f the Cattleys. On the contrary, they seemed to puffer more and more, until in the ceurso of about a week their dejection had reached a kind of climax, after which the heuliug effect* of time began to exercise an influence. A month?two months?six months passed away, and the Cattleys had somewhat recovered from thfcir grief. To Be sure that six months had aged tbem both more than the previous six years had done; and Mrs. Cattley was ever ready with her tears whenerq? by any accident her son was mentioned; but it wa? to bo hoped that further time would "heal tho wound, although it could not obliterate the scar." And during all this time Mr. St. George re mained the guest of the Cattleys. They let him occupy?the room that had been their son's; and as often as be offered to go, they pressed him to remain. lie was kind and amiable in the extreme. To the old gentleman he was like an attached and most considerate son; and to Mrs. Cattley be was so gentle and affectionate that she felt degree of affection for him that gew stronger day by day. At length he announoed that he " must go." " You will understand, Mr. Cattley,'' he said, '-and you too, dear madam, that I was in animation at the Island of Bourbon, which I gave up to oome to you with my sad informa tion. The money I had I spent in coming here, and it is now my duty to seek for some employment." Mr Cattley exchanged elances with hia wife, and the nodded to him. It was evident that they bad an understanding about something, and what that was became evident in Mr. Cat tley 'a next words. [to COSTIXUXD.J ThxOuteasx OS a British Captain ?A pri vate letter atatea that the outrage recently com mitted at Savannah, on Capt. Vaughn, of the Britiah ship Kaloa, conaiated in treating him to a coat of tar and feathers, for allowing hia negro stevedore to alt down at the dinner table in nls own cabin with himaelf. A Savannah correspondent of the Auguata Dla patch givea the following account of the affair: "1 guess It will not be long before a muaa la kicked up in Savannah.' Yesterday an English Caotaln of a Livernool bark waa tarred and ered (cottoned) by the Rattlesnake Club for asking a colored lUvtdori to dine with him and family. His sable majesty accepted the Invitation, and this floe o'd English gentleman, refusing to permit his mate to dine with him, did his uttermost to render bis guest comfortable and happy. Rattle snake boys, not wishing to be thus eclipsed in gallantry, tbe Captain aahore, whereupon they treated him with a gtnuim hospitality, one that he will ever appreciate and long remember." Cestom Hocsk Fbacd?Eugene A. Koxlay baa been arrested, in New York, on the charge of committing tbe recent fraud discovered In tbe Custom House In that city. Kozlay was a clerk in the warehousing department of the Custom House, and had charge of tbe books of the ware ? _ ft. _ _ _ ? ? A M A % ? ? ? ?? nouse wcere uooaricu & waiser naa stored weir : invoice of silks. Suspicion wu directed toward* ? him from the fact that the permit wma evidently . filled oat in bin handwriting, slightly disguised, and wm written with the exact shade of blue Ink < that he ordinarily used. There was also a slight 1 mistake in tbe warehousing book copied In the permit Tbe prisoner denies the charge, and says that tbe tilling out is a forgery. Mr. Koxlay is a | Hungarian, and came here in Kossuth's suite. fET Tbe commerce of Havana, for the year t 1900, exhibits a marked increase over all former < yexrs. Tbe average of tonnage touching at I he 1 port amounted to 7S?.'J87 tons, of which 478,210 J belonged to tbe United States. With the excep tlon of sugars and molasses, the exports of tbe < whole island were leaa than in former veers. In consequence of the partial failure of many of the staple crops The total revenue of tbe Island, for the month ending November, 1860, amounted to Sl,iSl.lU6 an Increase of S383,M5 over tbe corres ponding period In i860 07" In the Supreme Court of Boston the fol lowing divorces were granted ?n tbe 4th Instant? Obea.fl Marks from Amanda 0 Marks, forcrim iasllty; Presets J. Lunt from Lpdte Jane Lunt, for same cause; Sarah M. 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The first, seoond and third trains from Wash ington ooncect through* o Philadelphia and New Tho seoond and third onnneet at Washington Junotion with trains for the West, South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junotion, for An napotis. For Norfolk take the * 4? a. m. traiu. l-or the aoeominodaUon of the war travel be tween Washington and Laurel, a passenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train wbioh leaves at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadel phia only. no 26-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. TPHE STEAMER JAS. GUV Will rMuma her JL trip# on tuesday, 21st of February. 18*0. Will iaa*e wash-J 1NGTON everv tuesday aatf friday, &t(o dock a. in., and alexandria at half-paet < o'clock, for CI RIUOMAN and the intermediate I .aLiintr. On hor return trip*. the will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY aad SATURDA V. at So'oiook a. m. lucian S. page. Proprietor. NATH'L roush. Ai't. Alexandria. fe 20 DClC M. m French flowers of the very best quality, and an extensive variety. At stevens'S Fancy Store, no 22 tf *3*5. h?fw. ?rh and l?'h ft*, WATCH repairing andhilver ware MANUFACTORY. - I have one of the t>eat eetabliahments, and fur nished with a complete set of tool* for repair- Jfv me every d?Hcnption of fine Watchea, and particular attention *ire to the narnr, by aaidfe (noruuKu oumpeieni worKinsn.and a. work cuaran ti?*l Al?o, every descrip ion of standard SILVER ware, plain and ornamental, inanufactu'wl under mv own supervision, which my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by deaieri m general and represented a* their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, n* f! S3* Pa. avenue. near 9th st. Best fancy goods, _ at prices to SUIT the TIMES. At stevens'S FANC^^TollE?* 0^'LT, y a tf 336. hetw. and 10th eta. P OFFICIAL. ROPOSAL* for erecting A COURT house AND POST OFFICE at phila phia, pa. Tseascst Dbpabtm*nt, December B. 19P0. Skalkd Proposal" wiil be reoeivod at this Da i>arimem until the ttu day ol February, A. D IP61, at 13 o'olook at coon. for the construction of the Philadelphia Court- Houaf ai;d I'oat Office. accord int to the plaus and apecifications prepared at tliia Department. These proposala must be for the whole work; but oaeh portion <.f the work and the amount t><d there for inuot be separate % stated to the bid; the roapeo tive amount lor eauh kind of work oarriod out, and the total amount stated; the Department le nerving the right to reject oi accept the proposal* hereby invited, or any parts thereof, wncn itdeoma the interest of the United State* require* it; the Department alao reserves the r;*h. to exclude the bi<fa of any person or persona whom there lajunt oause to believe will not faithfully perforin theoou traota, or whioh tliey have attempted to obtain by indirection; and all bid* whet there ahaii be part:c* in interest who do not join in the b>da. and a'l bids that, uton investigation, are beiow a fair price for the work. ! No oontraot will be awarded to htaricra until de taila are furnished the Dt>partonrnt of the prions of ttn dilTcrect kinds o( work and materials, wluoh s1 ail be subjeut to the revision of the Depart-neul, ao that th? groaa bid shall beeituitab^y apportioneo upon the whole work to guide the Dop.vtinent id making payments. NinAtV BAr AAflt i,f Mm/vHnft ?f ? ?L J J . - rw VUH>? W4 kuv aUJUUUt VI WU'A Ul'lin llljU materials de:ivered, aco rdin* to oontraot prc?t>. (said amount to he aeocrt&iiicd by the estimate of an agent of the Department appointed for that pur pose. I will b? paid from time to time aa the work progresses. and ten p?ro:>?t. retained until theoom plt tion of the oontraot and aooeptanoe of the work, ao.. by the aceut aforesaid, ana be forfeited to the event of con fulfil ment of oontraot. Contract* wnl be awarded <>nlj to master build ers or mec^anios, and the asugnment th#reof, ex oept by consent of t*? f-eoretar? of the Treasury, wiil be a forfeiture of the same. Each proposal mast be aoooirp&nied b* a writt-n guarantee, signed by two responsiblepersons (oer tified to be ao by the United States District Ju<lg?, or Attorney or the said district.) in the sum of $20,000. that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal b? accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and sufficient seounties for ita faithful perr?rmanoe. plans, specifications and working drawings can be examined after forty day a, an i other informa tion obtained on application to the Depa-tment. The proposals must be sent to this Department, addressed to tho Secretary of the Treasury, (en dorsid" Proposals for tk* Philadelphia Court House and Pott and will be opened at I o'clock p. m .oi the last dav named for reoeiving the same, in the presence of the bidders, if any choose to at tend. PHILIP F THOMAS*, A A OA Gllxfrtm-vr T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, 6EOR0ETOWN, &o. Wkttttu, At the preeent itwon o the rear CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC. DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, Ac.,&o., prevail to an alarming extent t i?4 ??k?r*at, It moat be of th? FIRST CONSKitUENCK to every flamilr to know of A REMEDY ?t onoe S^?. grwdfc m?JPmc<mm. i/xvi mui* iaau&i or Puu, ?IRH"hiMIRACULOU8 PAIN KILLER A KM EDV'FOR1 THE A COMPLAINTS In order to Mtufr that no impo?itlon*ii intended in the etle of tHla THE MONE^WILl? BE^kEFUNDED f'jl dll cas$s when the medioine faila to fire entire eatief&otio MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. take u dirsotod, end if not perfectly satisfied Return to onr Agent, P. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4H Street *nd Pennsy Irani* Aresie, who trill rerand your money. Price?3# and 10 Cent* per Bottle. for tale at all Drug Store* everywhere. J AS. MoDONNELL* General Agent, fUl" Jrll-eotr timnr?. W TRAV^ING TRUNKS. K Havejevt reomved the largest ai and now offer ti# moat extensire ariel o. W?LE LEATHER, LAWKS" DRK? VAlTillsI CaZpCT h"a0^ SATCH*r.? -88 }' aw r-%. ftmm. f.. WOOD AND COAL. Ywood and goal ou Will surely ret your money'* worth by otlluu at tne PIONKER MILLS, lomtkwtu ear Mr V Seventh ttrut and (geo. PAttK. Aceat ) They wll ohat^r and fire hotter manure than any other* in the city?cut, split, and dehv erad free of oharge. If r<jm do?'t beliere it. fira the Pioneer Mill* atrial, and fee tatiifced. )a lT-ly.r WOOD AND Q O A h U0L1T0TM to ail parts of the oity, at the lowest possible rate*. T. J. k W. M. 6ALT, Office 999 Pa. a*., between 1 lttt tad 12th ?u.. mt 17 tf north aide. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WA8H1MTON We harejuat fimahed a numbgr of fnt elu CARRIAGES. evoh M Litkt hanryf Watotm. Par* Putntont. Mimti* Cmr riuut, and But tut, which we Will ?.. a ver* small profit. Rninc praotiaa! nn?ohamoa in different branchee of the bnsineaa, we flatter ooraelree that we know Ke at?lee and qn&kity of work that wi!l gi ve aatu stion, oombimng iirhtneee, ooin/ort and durabili ly. Repaisiiif promptly and oarefai> attended to Uia shorteot nctioe and moat r?u>inah!e ohsrtw. WALTER, KARMANNk BOPP. Cocchmakors, anoooaaori to Wn T. Hook. _M T CARRIAGES. BE Sabeonber taaricc made addtuoaalo hi lac to 17. maAin< it now one oltiie larceat^^HAM. Lb the Diatriett where hia faei.iUra cannlaotunnc CARRIAGE A LI6HT*^S3CT WA8ON80*all kind* oascot he ?nryaaeod,and Erom tua lone experience ia tho b*aioeaa, he hvpaa to (ire t?ceral aabtlactios All kindc ofCamacM tud kliht Wareaa to?t 01 An REPAIRSa aptly deaa.aadail tiiin yr?H Baoa&d-hud Carrlacoe takac la ?thtu? for an laaa. ANDREW J. JOYCE, 1 la-tf aoraar ?f 14th aad K ata. Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY *? tk* WORLD, fcnd the moit Dsliciovs and DELIGHTFUL ' CORDIAL EJER TAKEN." It it (trieilr I ?ci rilitc ?rd V |(IU* bit Con.peBuil, {r? Cirtd by thl Ua? af raots, hsrbs, and barks. Ysllow rS- t? t>ack, Bload Roat, lli^t Rom, Itrwrt- ; ' JH ri:U, Wild Oarry UKm^ Bark, and DnadiliM antara luta iia cam- Q } paalilaa. H '. Toa anura tcu*a 1^Pl i raniadial ptineip!? efaach infrsd'ar.t la Before taklfl? liati'.lin*, pradacia ' * dalicioaa, aahilsratmj apint, aad Us r.aat lufallibla rami 1T far raro?atin Lbs duiuM sustain, Ad rsalarinf iba al'.k, tafanaf, ud dakiliiaiad laTsIld la itallfa aad auaaftb. MtLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will sf.c-.aall* ear* Com plain I, Draoapaia, Jaaa liea, Chranic ar Har*oas Dsbility, Diasaaaa afiba Eidnaya, ad ail disaaaas anaicf fram a ilaordarad Uvar ar tamach, >T?papaia, sartkarn, Inward Pilaa, Acidity ar Bteknaaa af Ka lioniach.raHnaaa^af^Bljod taiba Baad, Dall JPajp at pw.inrnt | 10 u>* iwpnimi ? lafHiin, r iiinw r W tight la tha Iwawk, Bowr Itkuuni, Cbokinm or ImfacatLof r??unf wban Urn * down. Dryi:?m or TiUiV h of lb* tkin u4 Byaa, Wifht awoua, Uvui F**ara, 'aln to tha Small *f tka Back, CVaot, or liria, tvddaa imm *T Imi, Dapraaaioa ai Iptnu, PrifkM Pruii, ' .upw, Dinndwi; ? tmy r>?r?oa? duiui, l?m m , lit'.cbn m |t? Skin, ud Kmr u4 Apt (? CbiUa u4 } oyer A million bottles 1 a?a koto aold dartnf tba laat ail maatha, and tn te tanca baa it failad in fi'tnf auura a^tiafcctkm. Wba, (baa, rill aafai from Waaknaaa or Uakiiitj vbaa McLKill TRKNUTMKNIIM) CORDIAL will cara yoa t ' K? itufiifa (u wora; ta adaquta idaa W tba iaimti- , ta and ?in.nt rr.iracalama ehanft prodtcad bj taking tbia ordUl in lha diaatnd, dabilit&iad, and abittarad narvraa rr:?m, wfeaUar braktn dove by aicaaa, voak by nataro, r liryalrou by aicknaaa, tha raiisad and BDi'-tiUkf npu- . LllM U ratio, ad la iU priatina baaUb and agm harried pbrsoxsi r atbara, aanaetaaa af inability from wkattvar uih, will ] Dd MckCANf STKUHOTHENiHG CUROUb a tha- t rifh rifir.aratar of lha ayatam; aad ail wl.a may baoa ia ] k?4 ;har..?a>?i by tuifropar uids'f men will fed la thto larJU! a ctrtaia a'tl apaady r?mady. TO THE LADIES. UcbXA!*1 BTamCTHCMIJIG CORDIAL to a ao?ar If n m, J apaady -?r? for lneipiant Ceuanptioti, Whitaa, itacraetad ar DiSsali Hici:r?altw, Incootiaanca ef Cnni r Itiro.auury P-aeharre lhartof, Failiof of tbe Wnnk, ^duicaae, FtloUrf, ar.a til diaauee incident to rimiiw. THERE IS HO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar re longer. Take it according to 4irtc:ini. it vill tiujeUte, etranftben, and inriforate yaa and u>u th? leoo ef bealiL to meant yoar cheek cfaia. Every bottle la rajiuuad V gi?e eauafacaoa. FOR CHILDREN If raw children ara aickly, pan/ or aSietad, McLKAIVt lO&DlAL art 11 make tbaoi he&ltnr, fat, and rabaat Delay at a moment; trj n, and r* vtU ka MriiMi It to de .CAVTIOff. Beware of drarrieu or daalara whe iaay try t* palm apoc c? mri? biu?r or aaraaparilia treat, which they cu be* 1 heap, b* MTlrr it lejaot u rr?4. Avatd *ach nan Ait r MrLKA!** rTBENGTKKNlNU COEDUL, u< take J olhinj alee. It ia the oolj rimidj thai will pacify tha ! lined troroafh !t and at tha earae tint e'.renftheo tha ayetea. One taaapoonfal ukaa e?ery rooratnj (aatiof ia a canaia raviDliva for Cholara, Chi lit and favar, Tallow Pmr, at n? pre?*Ient duaua It u pat ap la larga bottle a. Briea > 11I7 |l parhoula.wtlMttlasrar^. V . Mr LEAN. 1 tale pi- prtetor of thU CcrdUl; alto, HcLaaa'i Tolcaaic Oil I L.niment. Pnuelpal Pepol ao the corner of Third aad l Pirn etreels, It. bni, Ma. McLean's Yolcanic Oil Liniment, \ (TEE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLP ) Tha only eafe and certain care for Caocara, Pllai, T*. tart, IwilUnfi and Bronchile or Caitra, Puilraa, Nta elfta, Waakaaee of tha Maaelaa, Chronic ar Ufajamatory Lheamatiam, Bufoeae af tha Joiata, Contracted Maaelaa a* lfaraaou, urUhtarToctliaelii, Bmiu, Ipniu, Traah ;>u. WnoCi, Ulctre, Tttat Scree, Caked Breaet, Sara ttjiniae, Bora*, Bcalde, Bora Throat, ar aay inlammation at < iud, no dtlareace hew Mtira ar law* tha dieeaae ma* AT a ejueied, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia . certain rtiaedy. riMuula M buiD aatnja bar* saan mM a lift af di? (apitaJa u? raiaai j by tha ? af ihta LaTalaabla ramady. MeLEAWS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rtlun pain tlaMt tQauntinaoaal?. and it will cliui, ??nfy and hail the fooltiL aoraa in an iocradibla ah on tin*. fXjR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN'flCkXK&KATKn 1.IN1MKNT la tha only ..fa ind rtlubla ramady for tha cora af, Rutrbwa, Wicdralla, H( !lnta. Unnataral Larapa, Modaa ar >w?llinra t rarer failad to eara Bif Htad, PoIi.tU, fire!., Old tinning 8?rta, or 8araany. if praparly applied Far tpnuie, Biueaa, Beratahaa, Crack ad Haala, Caafaa, Saddle ir Callar Uaila, Cau, Burt a, or Hoar, da. it U aa irfallibla -amady- Apply it aa diractad and a eara la in avary uuaca. Than triSe aa lanfar ?i?6 tha aaay aurthlaaa Ltmtnetta dferert ta yoa. Obtain a aapplr of Dl. McHAN'l CKLK SR.ATKD LiBUMlLNT. It ertfl eara yoa. J. H. McLICAN, Rata Proprietor. Career Third ud Put eta., k. Loaie. Ma. nvrr, HI rv Mil H?M m WU?U| N;R.I.T.CinEL,Oi?|?Wv*. ? *!)* Wly fREEMAN 05 SIMPSOIj'J I** acierixiu water ol Philadelphia.. weed ia the tliati1 alien of this Whisky, ia preyed by ana!y ?is to be the eofWt and purest water ia the U nitnd Stat**: and to this may. in a treat degree, be at tribeted t^.8 exaellenoe of tbi?.Wh:e1ry. For sale Lj FUKKMANTt SIMPSON. Pheux Iftati llbry. Q n the Sebarlkili rirerTPhiladel phU Ofioe*?96 W%il rtraet. New Vork ; 10? boa* Front rtreet, Philadelphia. *nar ?-?? ?y|lLlTA*Y. BOOK* ?lestr oet to na Inr FtoU Artillery, by a Board of Anq OAoari; I to I., irioe 89 5?>. Hard Book of Artillery, by Ca+L Roberta, V. B. v.jtifficfi.. rnwi I fc.HTB EDUCATIONAL. TFKMALK EDUCATION. HOftE Panoti who viak tSair dui Mit? ft tboroofh ud iTitMMtie ^mum. tbeir phrateAJ trftimnc will raoat radaJly Mf bilenilot>, ?Wt*r tha moat i| tHnioaand GymnMtiea.fcr nait the Union Fantje i ? X. RICHARD#,^ i ikn M *?-tf SCHOOL thi? laaUtaticr ibtr lRh. in tfca |iyuM racanti; ooou No. 1*0 King ?traal The uouraa of atodj nr" ^ Will aompnaa?.l ?k. Knr.k. -- - * ? J vanra w uiuro?|l bft|UU M| oation.aud Mutic. French. LAUn aud DrawiM. if^. li addition to day aaholara. Mr*. McCoriniok M mm to m?i*t a imtaa wrtfi ?f fvpita am hoarder*, who. ooratitatinc a part at k?r ova lam ily. will be under h*r immediate car* aad ?uperri ion. t*h? will en<i?avor. aa far aa poaaibia, to nr round them with tiia oumforU and kiadlv mieeeaee of Horn*. HtfrrtnetRev. Goo. H. Norton, R*r. Dr. Kliaa Harn?on. Rev. 1). F. S*prm, William H Fowl*. Km-, F.diar Snowdea, .. Edmund F WiUaec K:,fe. ffttsji .Rrt Wjsar bditor Kveninc Star, Benjamin %>t?n K? U r? it hara Tun. Board, with Tuition ib aJl th? Kncliah BruclM J?" for the annual mwiod-pajrabl* aaroi anaaail j . in tdnnc?. Cnaic and at Profeaaora* pno?. ^ No?xtr?ohtr(M. aaSMf (Vi r?art, Cold, Mmthmii . In jiurmza any 'rrtltlui or Sa?* nr*$ of tMr Throat, K*lt*rt lk* HwktMt ( oiifffc ia Oiawap* ftn, firiwitlu, >IU<M, # Ctumrrh, CUmr mmd rt? ftreuttk ta f4* VMM Cook h or ''Common CoiTmb iU ittir.tUt vhioh in the begining would yield to a mid nm Oj, if ore ected. soon attack* the l.snsa. Bis?'? F'tm-kfl T*ixk*s." containing dam i; .o^ i t in|rMi nto, allay Pulmonary and Hionohial Irritation. | " That trouble IB *y Throat, (for BROWN'S which the -Trochtt" arc a t^ tio) haviBc made me cftas a mere whta TROCHES perer.' N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S TROCHES ** I rMommend their uee to Pfblic Sruuti." REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great eervioe ib buM meg J BROWN'S km." RkV.DAMhL * - relief ui the die TBnrqr, " A Ice oat ins tact relief I RUtnr.v treason* iat>or of breathing peealiar BROWN'S 10 A#kBkv. A. C. EGOLESTON. TROCHES BROWN'S " Contain no Opium or aaythiaf uurious." DR. A-A HA*ESm injurious. Omul, Bene*. TROCHES aiAS^.'S.KT" BROWN'S UR 4" " BleELgJi. TROCHES' BROWN'S . [ rrovMl tbta eiod^i'to TROCHES W??kWK WARREN. BROWN'S B-ttm. sr-aWRfiSK rpnrNrg " Errimu !b rmoruf Rotrit rKOCHtS MKilrntfcUOB alt** TkrvX. mo BROWN'S j 22?!??" WlU Srum' "* m** TROCHES >?* * STAGY JORNSON^ BROWN'S! IROCHE8 - and aft?r preach ther prerent BROWN'S Howbhi. From tk?r pa?\ I think tk?y will baof Kratnal ad rROCHES rutuf to ma." REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN*? Prendeat of Athwe Coli?g?, Tm. rRocHE? 4m 1 ly pHE ALLu#UFF1CIENT THREE. TRIE#EMAR,1J *nd 5?Protected by Royal >tt?ri J'atent of Enciand, and M$?red k? th? v? i of the Eoole de H armacie de FsTis, Ml tke in serial Couace of Medisine. Vienna. No. 11* invaluable for nnuilMi and natorrkea. md al phyuoal duabiiitiea. No. t completely eradicate# all traoea of tkoaa I- thnt hu* h*M hltaartntnala^ k? (ill km . leuusaad p*ru?'W>MofooMivtu4 oibttN. No. 3 bu eourely supplanted the injurious um of nercurr. thereby lnmriB? to tiie offerer speedy e'i*f. dispersing all i?parmos. ?4 rootif ost Jw rroon of TRIF.*E*IAR, NolJ.IuI 3. ar? pi ,h? form oft HMfcdevoid of mmx'. kod ca.ii b? carried m tiie waistooat fMtH DM n tin omm. and divided into separate doM*. M ad inistored by Velpean, lja3ieotai?l, Rou, R oord, bo. Price #3 each, or foer ?mu for which *rn S3; and IB *? caees, whereby tuere is a ear acoft9. To be l?d,wholeea?eai>4 retail, of Dr. HARROW, of 194 Bleeoker street. New York. I m mediate!; on reoeirin* a remlttaooe, pr. Barrow rill forward the Tneeemar to aay part of the world, tecarely Mcked, and addreeaec aeoordiag to the m itructi uKl tbe wntrr. The Book, of all others, that sboaid I nen with damaged and broken down o< s "Human Frailtv. or Ph/sioiocioaTlL | It is beautifully illustrated, and treats ? >} U1 tns symp.nm* that isvanab'y deveJc tad vittMini ktbiu of wit; u?tk, A* victim from ihariDr the froiMon isc jmg til the raaotiona of aituboud. m_ lim. uerby iU? to a linrermf: ud cntinMlr Si'd by nr. "A * ROW7l*4 B'eeeker ?u*et. to loorm below Mudo?|il, N*v York. Prw? _ ??Urs ewSx d , NO iRGI FOE STAMPING PACKET OF PAPBE AND ENVELOPE# VO MATCH, aft** METROPOLITAN BOO EB TORE. PHILP * SOLOMONS, ilMU for Lmmtrntf* nMrwrf Iww "Munv'umm MtUt," ft., *c. wVly >38 Pc. ?t.? b19t> and1BU Hi. DIARIES. 180| tke Ymr witk m Duvy. A nlubl* Pooktt Comimi for ate H*t. rant, tad fbun; mtuuii i of roit*l?< MPMM, ft blftak lyia for i _ _ _ MMkal Doalit vitko?t ?r?ti.r? Tfc? 1861 c of po?tft??, *?* for r?ry 4mf ta inonih. unui | Km* iwhl httSTm lit. tad dMirabt* MAIN \M1. Wa will tafi se erbs dlwemat oi ? Mr Ml off of all Diarist >nroliu?i for o?2k. Wim doairoaa of oiooiac oot tfca ifiixtor of Mrlvft At f*ewcb 7 jicssretn*. *r? n>>. sasSSa ? Jr2 . xviiWsr "~k"" Siro?m?v,s UlMtrtttod fowij oloth flit; f?r U5by wail. Jul of LrfMffeUow'a ta4 Ite Marvel'* Wo-ka Oar iiul hear? diaooant oa Books froa t?? Hf lMhara' pnoaa lor ??*_ french * ICHrWIN. J?T

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