Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1861 Page 2
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I 1 Uh EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY Febrw?ry 18 Wl. Spirit ?t the Mcrning Pre?? Tbt? I*ulligt*t*T ?) tLat the election by the Mont^onitrv Congrfts of Hon. Jeff D-^l* and A. r. si-*f,QCT.S !*rmafni ?nu ? icr rmiumiui uie Southern Confederacy was no? unexpected, a* It fc'id >x-en prefigured by the development of opin ion aroou^ lending seceisioni-U in Congress be fore tbe meeting of the Montgomery Convention, and will not satisfy that influential body of seces sionists ltd by the Charleston Mercury. Tbe Rtpttbltean endorses tbe resolutions adopted in tue House yesterday declariug tbe sentiment of tbe North not hostile to slavery in the Southern Stales A Naxxd Despotism ?Every day's mail brings seme additional proof showing that tbe disunion leaden who have usurped the government of tbe Gulf?8tates design to erect neither more nor less tb&n a naked desDotlsm upon the necks of the depriving them of every vestige of the liberties they enjoyed under the Government of the United States The very last evidence of this ffcct comes in the shape of an ordinance, intro duced among others of the same character by the brother of the absquatulator Cobb, into the Georgia Convention, defining what shall be treason againt the State of Georgia, and visiting any Georgian with long imprisonment, he.,who shall dare either to write or speak against any measure or plan of their so-ca led Government, bearing on their rela tions to the Government of the United States. We quote it, as follow*: "Any citizen of the Stats of Georgia, wherever resident, wbo shall, without the permission of Sfa!d State, directly or indirectly, commence or carry on any verbal or written corrr-apoudence, or Intercourse with any foreign Government, or any Htrmt or (Ulcer of the same, with an intent to in fl'ience the niruutu or conduct of ?uch Govern ineut adversely to the existence or interests of said ftate, in relation to any disputes or controversies vlth said State, rr to defeat the measure* of the government of said State; or If any such peraon, net duly authorized, ahall counael, aid, advise, or hiiiat In any such correspondence, an-h citizen of Georgia ahall be guilty of a felony, and on conviction, ahall be puniahed by impriaonirent in the penitentiary not leas than one nor more than three years, and by a line not exceeding five thousand dollara. ' On motion, this, with several other ordi nances Introduced by Mr. Cobb, were ordered to be printed." Who doubts for an Instant, with such proof before his eyea, that a relpn of terror has been fairly inaugurated over the Gulf States, under tstkUW 1I Ilk *? a - ? wmgu iuc me, uurrif una property 01 any man ?pposed to the late usurpation, are to be the pen alties for daring to express such opposition ? Thi Pkack Coxrranoi.?Yesterday's session of tbls body was very brief. Its committee of one from each SUte, who are considering the various propositions of settlement, not being ready to re pert. Tbe committee was In session until nearly ten o clock last night. It Is understood tbst a majority of the committee favor the plan in troduced by Mr. Gathrle, which is a combination of features of the Bcrder>tates and Crittenden p!jus. We are satlsutd tha: if they report that platform it can pass the convention by a majority vcte,'and have every reason to hope that its flnal sdoptioa. or that of something similar to it, will be by a decided majority of both sections There Is great unanimity among the ^commissioners who represent the States immediately interested That !i among tbose from the border non-slaveholdlnir ard sluveholding State*; the imprecticables be In^ ilmuit exclusively commissioner/ froin New Lngland, tLe far northwest, and New York. This morning tt serened to be understood that the com mittee would not make Its report until to-mor row Thiatik?There was of coarse an Immense audience last night, to witness the representation rrt Henry VIII, with Charlotte Cushman as "Queen Catherine " The wonderful power of her ren dition of this striking Shakspeaiian character kept the large assemblsg* spell-bound, and in some of Um? leading passages, the celebrated "Trial Scene" for Instance, one could have "heard a pin drop," so intense was the Interest of the spectators. Mr. Btodley. ss "King Henry," mad* a fine Im presslon, having a good stage voice and flours, and a good conception of the requirements of his part Tbe other parts were acceptably tilled by the capable regular company of tbe theater. To-night Miss Cuibman appears in tbe great part In which sbe flrtt made her faineasan actress nat of "Meg Merrilles," in tbe drama of Guy Maiuering Her representation of this part is a thing to be remembered for a lifetime. The piece is to be brought oat In tine style to-night, with incidental music, and all the auxiliaries to its meat effective representation. M*. Ediio??In your issue of yesterday eve ning you state th&t the difficulty between Senator Jcbnaon of Tennessee, and Wigfall of Texas, had been amicably adjusted by frleuds Mr. Wigfall has not been advised of the existence of any diffi culty between himself and Senator Johnson; or if on* has been adjusted, neither Mr. Wigfall nor bia friends here t?<ni any opportunity of taking part la II. H. P Buwiiu Washington, Feb. 12, 16G1. [JYort.?The referred to by Mr Brew ster was oopled into the Star from an exchange HP?) Mutul Law in South Caeplina ?Governor Pickens issued on Saturday last bis proclamation, establishing martial law over Solilvan's Island, upon which Fort Moultrie stands, and over tbe wilcrt and marshes edjacant thereto. The article in the Star of Saturday, rela tive to Lx-Gov. Lowe, of Maryland, should hare been credited to the Annapolla Gaztttt, instead of the Annapolis Kepitblua*. fry Active preparations are making lii NnHK Carolina for tb? can vim for delegates to the State Convention. Opposing nominations have been ctide In nearly every county. Personal. .... judge Duer and lady, N Y.; Gov Hicks, .Md , snd I! n Charles Hale, Maw , are at Wtl larda'. Amonc the Ute distinguish?* ' arrivals st Montgomery. Ala, is William M Browne, Esq , late of the Conmiuiion. A very distinguished stranger is said to have coaie passenge In the steamer Canada, at Halifax?Tom layers, the poglllat?under the nom deplume of "Wallers " Turn Gbbat Cm roa Dt?rar?iA ?One of the moal terrible evils la the community Is the wide spread prevalence of dyspepsia It is to be found tn almost every family la our land, and thousands arc suffering from wbat they believe to be the all. fnenta of th* h???t >>? ,v ? w?, uv MWI, IU6 tucft, IUC llffr or bowels, which are In reality but symptoms and the results of tb? presence of dyspepsia it? many forma docs this aire arrangement of the animal functions assume, that a thousand different cases might be cited Is which the complication or com bination of symptoms is entirely different Prob ably the most efficient remedial agent known Is the Ozfgtnaud Bitttri, prepared by 8 W Fowle k Ce . Beaton We have seen letters from indi viduals wboee character and position I a society entitle them to confidence, and the article has been approved by some of oar most professional men ?Bottom JVerrttrr The shove expresses oar opinion of this well known remedy. fTT One of the most noticeable results of the Vlnrtsla election la the entire disregard of party tics that has been shown by the people of the State They have utterly refused to apply the test of party to a Question beloni*?rf ?? Ut>? oX the "Union aud lie limitation*. The Lynch burg Virginian nyi: "Halifax ia tt.e largest alavehoidlnn county 1o tbe State; baa always been Democratic, and (jar* Br* klnr.due aver Bella K?jocifv<?f74ftv<?t?*. and \et it baa ?!*cted aound cuoaervatl ve xnen? Hon iboa d. Fleoruoy and JautM C Bruce, Kaq., old V. biga? to tbe Convention ? Tki Fe?l:>o is MiMorn ?The Si l.oula J-'.venlnjr Nrwi learna by private latter* that the Ptara and flUlpra are ftvlng above. Dearly every rounUy atere and hotel to tbe later lot of that state; tbna lndlrating the devotion of tbe Mia anuriana to their rountry'a glorlWM banner. C7"TIm twa Seaaters from Virginia ahoald. at lea*, after the recent vote ia tbe Slate, fort tb.m elTM to ha .V??1 ?- < ?? - COPIQRESSIONAl,. J*e:*ate.?After our report clo**d yeaterday? The Senate proceeded to consider the naYal ap pro priation bill; and, after a protracted dlacuaaion, adjourned. Hoc*! ? After tbe clow of our report Mr McKean. of N Y , offered the following resolution : R'folvtd, That the Select Committee of FItb b? Instructed to inqaire whether, by the consent (k . # . I. _ Cut., r a* k?* VI lur [.'rrrpir i?r VI IUC ."UIVC uuvnnuirnw, ui uj compensating the slaveholders. it be practicable for the General OoverniE?nt to procure the emancipa tion of the slaves In some or all of the Border States; and, if so, to report a bill for that purpose Objection being made, the resolution was laid over. Mr. Sickles offered the following: Resolved, That It be an earnest request to the people to celebrate the Midday of February Instant as a national holiday, in commemoration of the birth, the exalted character, the incomparable public services and patriotism of George Wash ington. our first President; and that the Speaker be requested to invite the Hon. Edward Everett to deliver an oration on that day in the hail of the Heuse of Representaslves; and, moreover, that the Speaker be requeated to direct that suitable ar rangements be made for the occasion. On motion of Mr. John Cochrane, of N. Y-, the worda relative to Mr. Everett were stricken out, and the resolution was thea adopted. Mr. Sickles then offered a resolution Instructing me secretary 01 me i reasury 10 lniorra me houm whether the duties on imports continue to be col lected in the ports of entry established by law In the seceding States, snd also of the condition of light-houses, beacons, Ac., what measures had been taken to secure revenue, vessels, public monies, marine hospitals, Ac.. Ac. Mr-Burnett moved to amend the resolution as follows: Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested, if net incompatible with the public interest, to report to this House what it wss that induced him to assemble a large number of troops in this city, and whether be has any in formation of a conspiracy ou the part of any of the citizens of this country to seize the Capitol and prevent the inauguration of the President elect. Tbere was no objection, and the resolution, as airifiiu**a, was |n?n-u Mr. Calmer, of N. Y , offered the following : Kesolrid, That neither the Federal Government, the people, nor the governments of the non-slave holaing State* have a purpose or the constitu tional right to legislate upon or interfere with slavery in any of the slavenoldlng States of the Union; and that those who do not subscribe to the foregoing principle are too insignificant in num ber and influence to exclt? the serious attention or alarm of any portion of the people After an exciting discussion the resolution was adopted by a vote of yeas 161, nays none, with the following modification : Re>olred. That neither Congress, the people, nor the governments of the non-slaveholdlng States have the constitutional right to legislate upon or Interfere with slavery In any of the slaveholding States of the Union After a brief consideration of the Senate amend ments to the Deficiency bill, the House adjourned Tcesday, Febaary 12. Smatk ?The Chair laid before the Senate a communication from the Department of tbe Inte rior In relation to tbe Lander wagon road. Re ferred to tbe Committee on Printing. Memorials favoring a settlement of the present difficulties by compromise were presented by Messrs. Dixon, Crittenden, and others Mr Wilkinson presented certain antl secession and coercion resolutions of the Legislature of Minnesota, and tendering State aid to tbe United States Mr. Wade presented a memorial favoring the enforcement of tbe laws. Mr. Crittenden presented a Union memorial from Massachusetts, with 22.230 names. Mr. Sumner said the only excuse for those memorialists was they did not understand what tbey signed. House ?The Speaker Hid before the House a cooiifiuiiicatioii from the Secretary of War, rela tive to the expenses of the several arsenals, dork Sards. 4c., of the United States. Laid on the ible and ordered to be printed. Several memorials were presented, praying an early settlement of the national difficulties, and laid on the table. Mr. Carter, of N. Y., reported from the Com mittee on the District of Columbia, a bill for the relief of the parish of St. Matheyr's Church, and moved that It be put upon its passage: which motion prevailed, and the bill was passe*. Mr Oa ter then asked that next Tuesday be set apart for the consideration of business pertaining to the District of Columbia Mr. Pryor, of Va., opposed It, and leave was not granted. Mr Sherman, of Ohio, laid before the House a communication from the Secretary of the Trea sury to the Chairman of the Committee of Ways ana Means, relative to the liabilities and nn?nifi of the departments, and reported from the same committee a loan bill, to m?*t said expenses; ob jected to, and not considered. Mr. Ely, of N. Y , presented a memorial from the citizens of Rochester, praying Congress to ex tend to the Southern States measures of concilia tion and concession, that the impending dangers to the country may be averted Laid on the table. Mr. John Cochrsne, of N. Y . reported from the Committee on Commerce, a bill to amend an act entitled an act to limit the liabilities of ship owners, and for other purposes, and moved its passage; object* d to, ana not considered. iMr Uo ock.of Va . offered a resolution instruct ing the President of the United States to transmit to Congress the letter of Hon John B. Floyd of .Nov. 3, H60, relative to the claim of VVm. Dcg roct; agreed to. Mr. Holmati. of Ind . presented a series of res olutions adopted bv the cltiien* <?r inHi*r.-^ a daring that'in case of an establishment of a Southern Confederacy. they would never consent to a line of division between them and the State of Kentucky. Mr. Stevens, of Pa , moved that tb? resolution* be laid over till the day of judgment. After aome excitement the resolution* were laid upon the table. TBI WaiTHX*.?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer ican Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock Fzbkcaby 12,1801. New York, N. Y... Washington. D. C WW MUJllgK/U XJ Richmond, Va. Petersburg, Va. Raleigh, N. C. heavy storm, tog. cloudy, wind S\V clear, pleasant, clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N.C dear, pleasant. Charleston, tt. C clear, 56\ Augusta. Ga. clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga. clear. Macon, Ga clear. Mon'gomerv, Ala. clear, pleasant. Prairie Bluff, Ala clear. Jackson, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala clear, 52?. New Orleans, La... clear, Hf. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m., (cor reeled for temperature,) 29.734; at noon, 29.703 TliCrmoireter 7 a. m , 51 at noon, 56J. Maximum during 2t hours, ending V ?. m. to day, G2jf?; minimum 49' Y-a-OR f>KR No 1.? Htnd<jnart*ri Rff.ment Li? Mihtta, U C ?The Field and Companv l?f fi triol tl rMcon't ihioi it are her?-h? i m?H>' 1!' SlUKK'HV { tV?l#eidi))KVKNiNG, at right o'clock, at the hall of the \Va>! it gton l.iiht lul utr?, Coomlis' Huildnz. Fa. avenus, n?ar T?>:,ih atr?#>t, ai d iorort lor duty By oide-. J .8. Y- DAVIS. Col. Com. 2d ?< ?. M.|> C. rflO OIK FKl LOW CIUZEN8 OK lL3 THE DISTRICT-Tkt Ftdtral RtJIts, a ne? military organisation. (having for ita oliiect the pioteotion of ths lira* and property of their fallow citizen*,t baa h?eu formed in the Second YVad.aud ia composed of a large number of it* citizen* Many of tliem are now ont <{ employ ment a-d cannot properly equip themaalvea They would, th" e ore. (Lirow themae ve* upon the lib r&iity of th-citizen* of the Diatriot lor ma erial aid. The following member* have been authorized t aolioit contribution*: >Vm. Goodrioh, A. R. Dent, Jame* H.Po??t. R. E. Moonejr, Wm Shedd. M P KlSHER. AdjJ^dlKe* fe li-tt* Ullwi r*? I Uf^T , IV* Mzt* Wvlfj, Bv order of the Compa y. fe 12 St* GENERAL. ORDERS-No. 6 HutuviiTiti D. C Militia. I W*IHlR?TO*. Peh atk iki I Bf direction of th? Hoc. Secretary ot Wtr, all that por'ion of the fifth regimental district liing ontside the oity limra will MrMftir be embraced in the seventh rezimei tal district. By order of Major Genera W fell 3t AdjutsntGeneral. lip TO THE PATRIOTS OP WASHING IL5 TON.-r?m^iii? B, Union Regiment. Washington city, ooi;?i?U of up tarda of a huudred voung men of tue First Wad, and are being per fected in their drill ev?>v night, and hope to make a o mpacjr creditable to the city. Bat we need some material aid, ar.d app al wirh confidence to the aitizrns of Wash nglon who love their o un tr?. th .r o nsntution and the laws of the lar.d. Home <f the members are poo', bat proud .and we we would therefor* ca'l upon thectizens of Wa h intton to gire as liberally as th?y cau The com mittee authorized t-> colleot contrihu ions consist o. th<* f -Mowing : ? 'apt. James Ktlly, J J Calvert, H. ?; VVi ?oa, Wm II. F^r at, J. Barrett, Col. J. W Irwin, C. T Doraett, Jacob CasK, Thes 'wi! wait npnn the cit z ns it Washington with a shicrptioa list. Hi n.i'ttt (the ooii.fra y. fa 11 St* nr^^OITV HA 1,1.. Filter**! "?rH ?Th# Auei- I Lk? ?'T? )Mvt.>g 6hi?ltp<1 their a< nunl aursi I m#nt ol ?al%nd >?i nnai pr pftrty, wil hm( U liscir Hal!) dally,m a Hoard nf Ap p al;, frc m th loth to the Sfiin of F?t>mary, iroiu iiv*. to h*ar ail oompUmt* and to nak* aaoh ?or rftotnn* ta over uitumlnt aa they may deem aeo ? Mary. fa? td GEO THOS STEWART IX r nglish . y # 'O I'M.'lljll'* ' ft DEPARTMENT NEWS. : Pboxotkd ? Second-claw clerk S Gough, of the Bureau of Yard* and Docks, (Navy Depart ment,) baa been promoted to a fourth class rlerk blpln the place of Wm O Ridgely, deceased, and Jamea F 8:ott. flrtt-class clerk In the Bureau of Construction. 4c , baa teen promoted to a second-clan clerkship to flU tbe vacancy caused by the promotion of Mr. Goagh Navy Omens Ordered.?Commander R. Semmes bus been transferred from duty an Secre tary to tbe Licbt-hoose Board, and appointed a meinbrr of tbe Board, vice Commander Tilton, deceased, and Commander T. A Jenkins bat been appointed Secretary to tbe Board. Rmigkbs ?Tbe resignation of Commodore L. Rousseau, of Louisiana, has been accepted. Items Telegraphed from Washington. Wakhimctox, Feb. 11.?Captain Morrison, of tbe revenue cutter Lewis Can, sent his resigna tion to the Treasury Department, and acknowl edged that he bad surrendered his Tessel to the State of Alabama. It will be seen, however, by the following order, that no resignation, under such circumstances, will be accepted. Captain Breshwood's resignation, when received, will no doubt be disposed of In the same way. Tekascby Dkpartmk?>t, Feb 11, 1861. J. J. Morrison, of Georgia a Captain in the Revenue Cutter Service of the United States, late In command of the "Lewis Cass," having, In violation of his official oath, and of his duty to the Government, surrendered his vess-1 to the State of Alabama, it is hereby directed that his name be stricken from the roll of said service. By order of the President of the United States Johji A. Dix, Sec'y of tbe Treasury. Five of the postmasters recently appointed In the seceded States dfr.llnp to talr* th* nath trt inn. port the Constitution of the United States, and of course the offices will have to be discontinued, If persoi s cannot be found to take and bold them according to law Both the Constitution and the Post Ottire act of 1925 are Imperative In regard to the taking of the oath. No case* for the ap pointment of postmirters are acted on where the parties seek to ellVct changes with a view of head In? off the next adrnin'ftt atloti. It is stated here to day that a movement is on foot to introduce into the Virginia Convention a resolution requesting Senators Hunter and Mason to resign their seats on the ground that their se cession sentiments do not coincide with the voice and views of their constituents. The Republicans are considerably worried this evening, on account of a report which Is current, but not confirmed by anv reliable information, that the electoral returns from the different States nave own stolen rrom the State Department I have not been able to ascertain whether It it true or not, but If it ia it would only have the effect of deferring the counting for a few day*, as dupli cate returns are 1 n the possession of the Govern ors of the several States. According to the pro visions of the Constitution, the returns are " di rected to the President of the Senate," who Is, of course, responsible for their custody Letters received In this city from North Alaba ma and parts of Georgia, represent a great reac tion in progress against the secession movement. So strong is this feeling in some sections that they are said to refuse to acknowledge the secession or dinance, and kesp the Stars and Stripes flying. The same feeling prevails In portions of Missis sippi and Louisiana, and the question naturally arises, will the Southern Confederacy usecoerclon against its refractory subjects ? A letter from a Georgia membe r of Congress was srtown around tne House of Representatives te-dav, in which he deplores the reaction in tLe popular mind in the Gulf States, and fears its in crease If a compromise is ett'ecttd satisfactory to the ilorder StaWs. The returns from Tennessee have almost anni hilated the border States revolutionists, wbi'st the Union men of theSouthare in ecstacles. The secession vote is so small that but an Infinitesimal proportion of the people appear to have stuck to the Yancey programme, which wai com menced at Charleston, reenactrd at Baltimore, and the third scene Is now in course of presenta tion at Montgomery, Ala. Not only have the Union men swept the State, electing probably four-fifths of their candidates, but they have de cided that there skull be no convention; that the members who have been elected shall never meet to take Into consideration the subject of r cession. | In Mr. Stokes* district, one county gave 5,700 | fer the Union and 675 for secession; and even at Memphis, which was supposed to be a hottied of secession, the Union men have elected their del- j egates by a majority of 400. Messrs. Stokes, Nel- j son, Quarles and Hatton have been warmly ronar.ltllljltpH 11 rw*n ?U lt*n<4a An K-I. I P ? UK UHUUI VII lUCil ?lt?vlT . Henntor Andrew Johnson, who has sustained the Jackson doctrine, and act Inst wbom the fight haa been very bifer, regards the result aa the endorse ment of his vf?ws He was burnt In elfigy In all parts of the State, but It seema that those who made these demonstrations do not do all the vo ting. Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia have thus emphatically spoken out In endorsement of Mary land and Gov Hicks, who so nobly checked the tid? of secession, and resisted Its encroachments on the border States. His name will live in grateful remembrance, whilst those who traduced him will be forgotten, or If remembered, named in the same category with thos? of Yancey, Khett, Floyd and Cobb. It baa leak?d out that if the seceders bad carried the Virginia Convention, they intended to esCab list) a Provisional Government, and to declare tbe nlaP.P Of Hnvprnnf r?f VUoinU _ wa v VHCBICU} 'JUl UUIiCBl John wits too inurb for tuem. It is aild that the States bordering on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers will soon unite in demand ing of Louisiana that she shall place no obstruc tions upon their commerce, by requiring vessels engaged In foreign commerce to break their car goes at New Orleans when their goods are net destined for that city, but for the ports of entry at ?t. Louis. Loii^rvllle, and Cincinnati The V^'ar Deptrtment has received advicesfrom Maj. Anderson to the7th in?t He writes ingood spirits, and is fully prepared for any emergencies that may arise, lie has not heard bow the nego tiation* between the President and Col Hayne bad terminated. He knew, however, for be Lad already beeii informed what position the Admin istration would take in regard to tbe demands of South Carolina He bad received bis instructions some time ago through Lieut. Talbott, and he has }iM<n nri>n?rinor and ?1 ? 3 ,?jr~* "a6 "u<* anai'^iu^ mi piaui accora lnt?ly H-* expecU to be attacked immediately after Col. Hayne'a return. He save, judging from the activity of the peo ple and the exlrnaive preparations which are be ing made, that they will present a pretty formid able display, and make a moat desperate effort to take the fort. He la fully prepared In a very ataort time after the attack la made, the Government will attempt to throw reinforce menu Into Fort tSumlar They have inade all necessary arrangements, and if it is possible to get men, munitions and supplies into tbat fort, It will be done. It appears by letters received here from Charles ton that the people doubt their ability to take Fort Sumter. A gentleman there writing to this city says the Impression Is very general among tbe military men tbat they would not be able to take It; that whether they take it or not, there must be a fearful loss of life. WHO HEARDTHK TVKOON ? IT t right planos.-A vsrr pretty Piano for / siuah parlors; fjr sal* or rent chetp JOHN F. ellis. 306 Pa ar. Viojinoeljoe. MelO'<eoa?, io , lor rent. fa 12_ who heard the TVKOON i \1RS. M. 8. bishop anil mis* K. gair, of i'l 1016 Cheanut ?trn6t, fliila<lplpliia.TW-A - ha\e taken a part of Jlwt'i. Clagett tHag May's Sore. wh?<? they have ooeoed alSti choice assortment of pari IAN MILINE*V. le 12 5t* 3*24 Penna. avenue. who HEARD THE TV koon i Great bargain* in good second HAND mani's, Also, new Pianos at prioM to suit the times. Call and see JOHN F ellis. fe 12 306 Pa av.. bet. 9th and 10th sta. who HEARD the tykoon t Ct light for thk UNION. -OAI, OIL AND LAMPS of al kind*. Ethe real Oil and Alcohol always on hand and delivered to an/ part of the oily at the loweat erio#a <:?.n -? ma js??i K d Coal Oil tod Coal Oil I.amp Store, atoiid door from the Kxereaa Olfioe, or a few doora wit of Third ?t. and Pa. a? fe 12 St WHO heard the Tykoon? QREAT SECESSION MOVEMENT! The Citizen* of Waahmcton have eeoeded from the liutchcrato day, aud, it ia rumored,^? there will b? a great atiants on HaR /.J VEV9 fish AND OYSTER Vlfflf He haa reinforced and laid inalarr# lupply of the NORFOLK 0>S teks, and alao boston FISH and lob BTKRS There i? no doubt that it (the Bay) will he taken with all livea aaved and the Union p.e terved. 2SI C atreet. fe 13-3t Avery fine seven-octave i?iano, havp.? be?n in nae a few veeka only, will b <>ld lor one hundred (*o< ara ieaa than the original aoet. tlte owner leaving the <Mtr. To b* anon at the Mufio btote of YV. G. METZEROTT. fell '1^ hosierv AND Gl.OVhS. 1 HE Largeat and heat assortment of Ladiea', ilfnta', a.d Chiidren'a Hoaiery and Ulovcs, it wholesale and retail, ia at henry EGAN'S. " " " i duu! m iiu*^ rs it.i Dfl e* h nil 7lh itfl v fe 11 <t N?w Iron Hutldmga. I HOOP SKIRTS HAVE Juat reoeived a new supply of Ladies' ind Mia?ea* Hoop ?kiru of the newect And baat itv'M Alto, Uf p?ly of Prraoh CoraaU. u,?*~ ** ?m gsiter isssi. SiSdouth ?:da) Pft. ar? brt. 6U und 7th at*., la 11-CC New Iron Bnil ilgga. LT?OR TWO WEEKS LONGEI L'Of Dre?a Good a. Ph?vta ftod Clfaki, In fftot, all Win" tar Gooda at ooet, m*ny at iau. for OMC. tn o dar vsns&tas^Sir-"'' WUk l TWO WEEKS LONGER WE SHALL xa:. araufirj: sstf klllr *r? . lis . ft n? V?i "DP FKLLOWS' HALL! ODD FE?.LOWS' HAUL ! Bivextb Strut, Washikgtoh. I>. C. TOMORROW AFTERNOON,

TO-MORROW AFTKRNtH'N, TO-MORROW AFTERNOON. At 2 o'clock, at 2 o'clock, At 8 o'clock, at X o'clock. FAMILY ENTF.kTAI*MENT, A FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT, FOR * LAD1R8 M>R LADIKS POU * rwi po 1/11/1 FOR LADIES ajtd aho CHILDREN. CHILDREN. ? Admission 15 Cents, Children 10 Cents. Admission IS Cetts,Children 10 Cents. MIS? FANNY FOKRKST, MISS KANNV FORHE*T, Ml"!* FANNY FORRt-ST, MISS FANNY FOR KE**T, M'SS FANNY F??RREST, MISS FANNY FORREST. The Lyric Queen, and Authoress of GAY AND HAPPV! GAV AND HAPPY! GAY AND HAPPY! And . Asd FENNO BURTON, FENNO BURTON, FENNO BlJRt??N, FENNO BURTON, ri?MMn urniHAM M - w i ? w puiil vfl*. fenno BURTON, The Great Comio Vooal Arti?? of tha Age, la Ilia Uniqu* and Original PARLOR elttirtaismujit, ARLOR gmutaixhixt, Charattir Carpet Bag ard Skttth Book. Character Carptt Bit and Sketch Brck. Character Carptt Bag and Sketch book. pievioua to Monday ofthi? week over 189,000 LA mrs a^.ooo ladies 32,000 ladies LADIES Attended Iheae Popu'ar Family Afternoon Enter t&inm"nt? in Baltimore nitjr. hundreds of ladies were obliged to htand up for lack of auffioiekt eeate in the hail for their aoeoramouaiion. FORTY magnificent presents forty magnificent presents forty magnificent presents Will be distributed among the audience Tomor row Afternoon. see paragraph below. THF. PARLOR ENTERTAINM KNT Contains the s'mp'e snul moving mrlodieg of Mtss Fan*t Forrr*t and THE ECCENTRIC IMPERSONATIONS of Fifty Mattrr-of Fact Charactfrs, Fifty Mattkr of Fact CharaCif.k?, By FENNO BURTON. Introductory Address and Song?Vo?age in a Paoket? Felli w 1'' nger*?Mr- Sparkt ?A Sud den Squall?M r. Fidget F?eble?The Captain?M isa O-dont Muaioal M'lanre?ReconUeetiosa of Rnaa?U? Street tinting?Knife Grinding?Mr. Corpua? Visit to a Club house?!.itea.rr Young Msn. Viait t.i the Theater? Capt. Taffy? Ope.a Glaaa? Thi Old Play Goer. Pxggy Mops ey?'O, and he Lored me Drariy." Treeolieroui memory. The Pio-Nio?Mr. Brown ? Mr. Grumble-Miaa Piod?<ce?Mr Cylinder? Miss QiUby-Mr. Sparks agtin? other Visitor*. Railway return?Mr. Dcubtlul. Mr. Slowm%n? Miaa Tibbs, %n interesting middle aged Bride, Song Finale. FORTY SPLENDID PRESENTS. Are Distributed to the Andtence To Morrow Afternoon. The Ailmitsion is hut Fifteen Cents. And lor Children TEN CENT?. 017" A Huperb Moire Silk Drrts 16 yards. Pattern wil! be presented to some oneoftheAu rtiencw to marrow Altemoon vhich will cost the fo'tueaie recipient but 15 cer.t*, A Rioli Set of Knimeled J?we:ry to-morrow, 7 5et? of Beau'ilul Jewe'ry to-morrow, A Set <>f ;Sp.cndid Silver Forks to-morr?iw. Pica, R ines. Mivor Ware, Ornaments, Useful B< oks,&o.. Coal- cuo ary id Parcels, Kach of the ahove Keailv Elegant A' tules will oost the receivers but 10 or 15 cents OBSERVE OBSERVE. As the Fami'y Afternoon Entertainments are a novo.ty in thi? city, the attendance to morrow Afternoon wilt probably not be large. So that doubtless Each Person Attending will receive a Beautiful Present, worth from ten to a hundred and liftr times the prioe of aUniission. TO-MORROW N'GHT TO MORROW MfiHT TO MORROW NK.HT TO-MORKOW NIGhT TO MORROW NIGHT FANNY FORREST awd FENNO BURTON'S PARLOR ENTERTAINMENT. Admission Two Dimes, It* A MTTSRM MNTSi WASHINGTON THEATER! L?hm_ .8, W. Glbkh Ao'ing Manager. J. T. Katmoms Positively, last mght bat three, and farewell en gagement of MISS CHARLOTTE CUSHMAN. Who will appear aa MEG .M ERR 1 LIES. In the drama of GUY M A N N K R I N G ; Supported by MR. J. 11. 6TUDLRY. To conclude wi'h the comedietta of DYING FOR LOVE. Mf?. Dr Mans e Mm M*ryShaw VVitn Song of "Ever of Thee." It A CONCERT CONCERT OF SVCRED MUSIC will be given in Union Chapel M K. Churoh,(?'th street,i on THURSDAY EVENING next, 14th instant, oomnie'icinr 7,'a o'clock. The Cheir of the Chureh will b? assisted hy some most ex'i'llent n.umal talent from the cities of Haltirnor** anil t?eoreetown. *11 nnH?r <i>r "V kIWU vi Prof HcfTEE. A rich t'^at may be expend. Tiokcts 25 o?nt?: to b* hal at W. H Perkins' dry voods store, and Mr taidgelny'a and Mr. Moore's dror stores, and at the door uu the evening of the Conoert. It* " graud concert and Presentation or Colors COMPANY <'C," Wasblng'n Light Infantry At the Smithsonian Institution, THURSDAY EVENING, February 14. On whioh oooasion the justly oe!ebrat*d Marine Band and a nnmber o( the beet amateur vocalists of the oity will appear. PROGRAMME. Past I. L Overture. 2. Qoartettn?Come where my lore hoa d "earning Foster Mrs Duba&t, Mrs. Geiger, Metrri. Hudgson and Dawson. 3 Solo?The Un'on_? Deems Miss Laura Pa'sons. 4. Duet?Juma'a. Misses Warwick. 5. Solo? Rhode'* air. with vanationsfor voioe, Mr. Ana.. W *?* ? ?iii von tt mu|i 6. Duet?T*e lonMy bird. Mrs. Pope aati Maeter Pugh. 7. Chorus?Joy, joy, freedom to-day. Dunne the interiniaaion there wil! hen Presenta tion of Colors, on part of the Ladies, by taa Hon. John Cochrane, of Now VorK. Part II. 1. Overt*re. 2. Solo?The rock beaide the sea Conresse Mr?. Ritter. 5. Solo?There was a time ..Knight 4. Quartet?p?Be la Figlia. Miasea Cullum aud Eberhaeh, and Meuri. Noyea and Jonea. 6. Solo?La Manola Mra. Dub&nt. . 8. Song?Kate O'Shane Finier Mra. Pom 7. The Echoffong,( with fluteob'igato.) Mra. Amaia W. Kins. ; Flute aoownpaniment by Mr. SohatUr. 8. Chorus-O hail ua, ye free. Professor J. Cookman Adama will preside at the Piano Mu*ioal Director, Professor J. H. Daniel. Ticket* J*i oents ; can be procured at all tbe hotels, bookstores. of l aptain R. C. Stevens, No. S36 Pa. aveniu; and at thadoor oa the evening of the eoa oert fe 13 St f^RAND MUSICAL SOIREE V? AT TH* SMITHSONIAN, FlBBrABT 22d, For the Benefit of 8T. MATTHEW'S WASHINGTON INFANT ASYLUM Corner of Thirteen and a' half and E ats. Thia Ioatitution. under the oharfe of the 8i?tera of Chantr, ia of recent origin in thie oity, and haa for ita objcot to alleviate the phyaioal fferiaga and to avert the apintua! rum of infanta wh > are abandoned by th*ir natural proteotora. It now oon taiaa tweatv-fiv? cltiM'en wh > are nuraed and in everr way provided for under tl.e maternal oare of theSi?t?ra. Aa thia good work dependa 'or sup port entirely epor th? effort* of the oharitabe, ita oonduotora appeal with oonbdenoe on thia ocoaaion to a benevolent public for that patr< n&te whieh will inaure the aucoeaa of the propoced tnuaioal en tertainment. Programme in a future adverticment. ^TICKETS FIFTY. CENTS esch : to be had at me iuuiio stores, and at the eatabliahmenta of the Si -ter?. on lOflrct.. 13,'i ?t , and 18th at. fsS,7,12,14 (Intel, Stnta<, Confed.) R f.moval EK * ca.s ft 7-eoJt* Corner Eighth it and Pa. arena*. T*HE BOEDBm IITATKS: TBJS1K POW1I 1 and d?ty m the ereeent dieordarrd condition of Ike oonntrr; by the Hod. Joka P. Kennedy. <b?aMMfUffc 4n<><v ; ...r W *V .or * *4 ? - IE PIECES SPRING CHINTZES | I O OPENED THIS BAT. ' 25 doren Fine and Medium shirt Ro?wm. ? du nOect-'iid L*4i'i' L'nen Pockol Hta?kH I ohiefa eome at Al.45 afr dozen, which ?re % xtj I iraat bar*aih. Rich B4ain?e, R?h> Poplin", and Silk boods at eo t lor cask, to whicn tre atk the J r< cial attention of th? ladtaa. J. W. COLLEY * CO.. f?n t 323 Se*?ath ?t. aboT* Pa ar. " DINNER PARTIES. ITIZENS Aid St>jua;nera in V\ a*hinj ton are reapeoifaliT reir.ioded trat the tubeciitw la ?re- . faimah DINNER ENTER TAIN- | Mb'To, lor any ?u:nwr of fentlemen. lu a atile MBal to tli?t of inj limtlM ra**bli?hiner.t in the United Siatex cud on very moderate term*. Hit auitea of Parlors and Pining room* for tfw? aooooi m dvtion of Din?er and J*upp? r Parties In* Tab)* arianfrmectc. Cook*, Servants, Ac., are oniir p*a-e ; as well asm* ** inea, whioh enjoy much oeiebrity. He leapectfully aaks a continuanoe of the patronage of rhe publio heretofore ao liberally beat owed upol him. a. d pkdgea hiabeat exertions *f *1*1'ntire -Mufact on C. GAITIER. SGAU TIER'S RESTAURANT. OJOLRNKRS In Waahington are r? mfonKd that GaUTIER'S RESTAt' RANT, on Pa. avenue, between Uth and 13th atrceta, ia one of the completes!, mert eletant and agreenble eetnbishmer kind in the l'n;t jd btatea, b>i i at i] t: reapeotfal:y menu of its ded with the t*st to rn obtained in the MtrCete of all the largo cit *a, forwarded to him reralarlr by expreaa His prio-?s are moderate and hie ne etim-roration* u? furnuh Brenkfoat, Dinner, Ten and Sappers to geutlsmen oat, are an eqnalied br any others to thia city. B* addresses thia n tice e peoiallr to ?t-anger a. aa nil eninena nnU fre*aenter-> of Waahmtt n know v li the aupenoritv of hia How*e. He <s prepared to ne O 'lLino.'a e to their entire sntiafectiou any aanrier of geut'eu en wh > desire to take their Men e away from where they lodge. fe 11-lm "1 HAVE SAVED FIFTY PER CENT." A 1 gent eira i remarked % day or tw<? unoe. by .baying try Stationery at SHEPHERD'S, corner of MxvrAaifK a nH la at JV T Vlltll BUU i/ %I*T VB. THAT'S SO!" The aame i? t'n- of Si:H"Ol. BOOKS. BLANK BOOKS. M1SCF.L' ANF.OUS B<?OK!*. Ao. Alto ttie cheap**! WRITING PAPER in ?h? world, everybrrfy eaya. fefr-lw \t ATTENTION! , . , ^ lTlKMBKKS of the \Va?hiB?t>n L<?kt Intotr*. I'nion Kejim'nt anil all other Military Men, will phase pr?ce?d to EVANS' GIFT BOOKSTORE . ? v an<l pro\id- th(mwl^n with MILITAR i WORKS, of wh oh he ha* a lerae afisortment, in cluding Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery factio. and is eel infc at rreatl* reduced piicee. Remember, 4 7?? Pa avenue. fe g-3t OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the very latekt t>tyle?, and in all oaeea mada^flN of the ba?t material. Call at once and get^Kp ohoice. At STEVENS'S, no 22-tf 33ft. hwtw. ?>tli an<1 l"th iU. Ci RE AT VIRGINIA REMEDV roa COUGHS, * COLD*. BRONCHITIS. Ao -Dr. Pauar'a Compound Tolu.Petertbur*, Vv See certifioa'ee of wonderful care*, to be had a; the different drat Wkolaialmont. E lli'A'I'l .1. * I.4W. RKNCK and J. JlT MOuRe," Weat End? fe 81* WASHINGTON V* AMD GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take no?ioe an it will be to their Internet to do to, tfeat W. H. READS COMPOUND UVKUP OK LIVERWORT for Coutkf, Cold?, Honrtetutt, Croup and other afT-otmn* of the throat and cheat, and aleo hi? SdRK XHKOAT PmWDKR. are two of the moat in allinle retit?die* of the day, and no fair.ily should be without them; and bet idea, the* are to oheap a* to he within the reach of all. We do not expect *tranger* to believe what we write in regard t<> ncr own rredioinee, consequent ly we refer you to the following wel. known gen tlf men'a oertifica:e?, wr. ich can be *cn at tee < rug tore* where the article* are for tale; the? say the? are the l>e*t Couch and frore Tnroat Medicine* they have ever known : Pev. Jas H Hrown. ?*ev. George Hildt. Pev. J&rr'i A. Wilaon, Rev. Wm A. Hick*. Pev. V m. A. Snively, Rev JohnFoler, Rev. Ja? 8 Me\1urr*y, Rev. Wm. R, Mil la. Of th?. Baltimore Confer nut. rj%cn aruoiP ^ cnm a voi'ie Wholesale b? W. H Read k. Co,, Drurgtsta, 63 Broadway, Baltimore. At retail by K. S. T. CieacI & Co., Prucciat, Georgetown. Charl*s Stntt, Draggint, 374 P*. avenue. Wm. J?. Thompson. Druggist, Fifteenth at, and New York nveiiu?, Washington. John K. Bat**, Druggist. Navy Yard, ja 2* 1m J^CHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. 8CHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impos sib e to visit Washington every week, aad nas made arrangements to positively^be in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He has a suit of rooms at the Avenue House, where patient* can obtain advioe free. He only charges when it is necessary to make a thorough examination of the Lungs with the Reepirometor, 8. B. Waite is asent for Sohenok'a Pulmonie Syrup, prioejtl per Dottle, for the eure of Coach*. Colds and CoEaURiption; Schenok's Sea Weed Tonio, prioe $ 1 per bott e, for Dyspepsia; Sohenok'a Mandrake Ptile, prioe 2f> oenta bar box. for Liver Bilions Complaints and Constipation or the Bow eia. Dr. Soheuck would be grateful to thoee who have been oured by hia remedies if Jhej woajd imvo inrir crrnntMllvl Ol CQT0 Willi 9. B. VVAITKI corner Wer#nt* ?t. and La. a*. 4# If fi^OK CLOTHING. H*'fS ud CAP*. Call at SMITH'S, No. 400 8*thU oppoiite Pott Otioe. f" ? >w UALTiMORK O BUTTER HOUSE. Daily reoeivinc frota and ?weet, in Goaben paok agea. Also, Ohio Butter, at 10S and I2H oent*. ELLICOTT * HEWES, It 2? M Kinntatit Plw*. Rultimnr*. 1TAKE NOTICE! Wl LL Take a 1 kuida of Virginia money Tor kit book dehta and Tor Boota, Sho^a, and Trnnka. All peraoDa indebted to me will pl*ace oa 1 aud arttie up, or I I be compi led to give their acoounta tnU. tho hauda ot a collector 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hail, no 21 Pa. av.. lietween 9t.i aivt W'b ?ta IASTON1SHING, HUT TRUE! T IS Very at aago that SMITH anould cet in New Goods when every body la eying hard timea. liUt hO Mill hl? rlMU<> *t ?W-? ?W? ?JI C?t> Hiw people will buy tliam. N M ? Just r<?ceived a lot of Ci.OTHlN'G au<l FURNISHING GOOIW, wh-oh will be sold At jo per o*nt le?s than their ac tual value. At SMITH'S. No. 4 60 Seventh ?U. opposite ro-ft Otficc. - ja 24-'m TJ. A W. M. GALT I)UIU9 IN WOOD AND COAL OfaU k.uJB. Office?288 Petin avenue, ja 23 heiween Hth tin ! 12th streets. _ VKRYTH1NG In the Stationery Lane at ?rio?a ZJ t<> nit the times. at Shepherd's. ja li-lwi F'KENCH A RICHsTEIN. 278 Psww. Aventz, Are agents for the Baltimore Ame ican and Kx change, Charleston Mercury, Ao. Snbeonbers servwi at low rate* Paper t from every cit* in the Union?weekly, monthly and quarterly. Call and subscribe. Nov is the time. New York. Phila delphia, Baltimore aid other papers delivered la the eity and Georgetown immediately after the ar rival ot trains. ja 15 E WORTH OF Bof>Vk?SHOES ajcdTRUNW, Of all Stylet and QssJilui, AT A. GKKAT SACKJP1CK OH COST. Ul^rc J UT Anil ana ruciurtt J Of Salt. All the Stock in 8. "FTHOOVER'S STORE, > 1 Irou H?i!,e'iibr&Mnx every Tarcty teSlrtuf L<adie?'. Genis'/Chiidren'a andBHI ^* *"Serv*ur?' SHOES Alw.TRAVfBl El.ING TRUNKS are now beinCaold./orw WL ?&cr.ftce~ on usual retail sellinrfprioes. iud*?d much Uoiow origin*! oo?t. The attention of the publio is solioiistJ, a* g-e&t inducements will bo mad* tc purchasers. The sIioto comprises a 1%'ge stock ?f the finest quality t'rench ai d Ainer cauGaiters.ahoee,Boots, 4c , Ac., lor ia-'Ms &.11J gemletnon Tii' Stiuo U for reiit aij: the Fixtures for sale. Apply on t' o premises, lam Hall. X. b.-The ahove stook, either la whole or in p%rt, will he sold at private sale. To any one d*> sirous oi entering the Boot, Shoe and Track Busi ness this affords a better opportunity than may again be presented. Persons indebted will oonfer a favor by promptly calling and aettling their aoeounU. )a 7 tf T COST! In order to redaoe our (took previoue to iayin* in oor spring supplies, we will from this day nntC 1st March, sel1 oar entire (took or DRY ftyODt* at oost for catk. Fue? Silk* and Silk R obee we offer for much lee* than cost. Mouilin, Barege and Uvn Robaa at KaIf ptict* Buyer* wouM do veil to examine oar etook be fore tarotatoiDi eiaewhere, u we are determined to offer great induoemenU 10 parohaeeri lei TAYLOR k. HPTCHISON. A HICSORY WOOD. A No. 1 article of HICKORY WOOD. Aleo, PINE and OAK WOOD, >r??Med or delivered oord ,eL?tli. lE^Terins owh, Qjr A!l ord#re should he aooompanied with the money ; drivers don't oarrv chnnge nnleea ep^otnl order* are left to that effect. T. J. * W. M. GALT. J?? ?W8 Pa. av.. bet, nth and lnh eta. _ u ft ol/VAO< No. 2Tb Pih. Avuroi, The Shadow in the Home, a new aorel, bjr John Baandrrs. 12mo., oioth: #4 by wail. The Dntcti L>onunie ol the CaUkills, tj the Kev. Davj.i Muroon, D. D-. ISmo..oloth; 91 33 by nail. The Romanoe of aa Irish Girl, 12mo , eiota, $ l.oo A larje assortment ol the beet Military Works yahhahed. ja?t |Mt?0&TANT TO HOLftEkKErElttt. K. R. PL'RKEE A CO.*8 6i&r&QtMd not only ABSOLUTBLY^ND PERFECTLY f URE, but(round ? by as ex?r oost. " cifo* AtrcTTO* 9ALKS. By TWO*. DOWURG. A M?, P. C r,*0CERIEf^ 8ToRr. rixriRK* ?t Li ArcTnm ?O* To Mrtfnw < w*li MO*MN?. th? 13 ?, at 1- oVnck ' *^1 ? Ui* itor* <>l ? H i 113 M??h ?"*?? lit* ?t??k of CroMriMjOOMiibi)/ ?! lormxit, tritfc f" Te niUMla. m?Bt. with Wort FixUrct, ??., * a THflS. DOWI.INe. Auat tj J. C. Mottl lKK Jt CO.. As?ti< HOUKKHOt.D FCHNITI'RK ami KfT'*HKN RrQciatus Awctio*.?On 1 HI nSPAy MOKN.NG rwxt, Februart Uth. <x inrraiteir i at Mi o'clock. we a'i ? the rwitux <>f a - tlomao dac'ininc hnuaakfteptnc, at No. *? L at . t.?tw*?n I Mil and WU >U. Hoaeak.U Farnrtara ud Kitchen RrfiuitM. W'?mm?r?t?,U p*rt Mahogaur rentre and !*tde Tab aa t Do C*r< Titfl* ud O'Mf WtoUft Maple Can* e?at and Painted Wond mt Chain Mah> *any Diamr and Side Tab ea Do and Patrt?d HarMaa Cane-eeftt Ranker. Paintrd W aaha'anda Hatr. Ha?k. and Cotton and Hoik Mattrnifi Cotiac* Be?l?t**i*, Km w?r Be nek ftair tarfe', Straw Nitti?| "* " >rVtor*. Hip ?aii> Store and Kttohaa Re*nicit*a. J.C. Mc'SI'IRE 4 CO, Aneta. HV Br SREEN A WILLIAMS. Anctu OUSEHOLD AW KITCHEN an exo**.cat a*aortineut o? Fur nitare, w t: *ia? ecTejj octave l?l?oo Porta, made by KnaSe fir a t^na, Mahorar.y ??d Walnut Sofa, Am m4 Parlor Spring CUtra, Mah? tany Ottoman! t*>p and other T? M?, Da<n*'k and I-<aoe Wirdow Cart?m*and Fixlarea, Mar?>ie tu^ Urrimt tad other Buretui, ud Hat Tr*e, Oil f*ai"ttn?e, MmM VumN Ort anient*. ?'hina, Glan ard Crockery are. IC'ive-, Fork* and s*p?on?. Kin* Pa'n ted Cottage Chamlrer Set ard Ward robe-, r*arie and Won1-r?at Chair*. Washetand* and Toilet S tr heather B'd* and Bedding. Hair atd other Mat tre*?M. Jenny L-.nd. French and other Deri?te?d*, Bru>*e ? and oth?r Carpet# and Oi.rWth, ? ooBiag. *iuji?'or * a oil,or Mo???. With a food lot of Kito fn R^qoiirx^*, an<1 wan* o' h?r article* vbioH V? deom asnoooMary to ebaroera*. Term*: All rnmi of ?' and ynder o??h,nvM 19n. a c**dit of an and en <ia?? for u H?? >au*fao t?i 'It endorsed t???nr>e mi?r?t. {0 \\ 3t GRKKN it W1U1AM5. AbcU. Look at Tills. THE ??ECT8 OF TK7 PANIC! ArttciM of i E E L K Y That aaaallv retail from JK to I**, now Mlliaf at ONLY ONE DOLLAR B ICH, AT IBB OPPOSITION STORE, 476 Pnii?iLTiiiu Avmi < Caii and ' xamine BOOKS?? BOOKS* J We are clo-inc out a large atoek ef stand* ~d ard Mitoellansou* Hooks at one-half of the regn'ar prioea. ?1 ROOKS SELLING FOR 30 CENT*. J124 COOK? BELLING FOR 60 TO T4 CENTS. ?!2 BOOK:* SELLING FOR ft TO 91.2*. ALL NEW BOOK? Reoeired a* eoon a* Foblitbed. and Sold AT RETAIL. at the Lowest Wholesale Prices. YOU CAN GET BOOKS from an to to per pent. leva than Pu Mi char's prioea. Mi ELEGANT SETS OF JEWELRY. LADIES' NECK. GUARD, and CHATELAINE CHAINS, and 6ENTS' VEST CHAINS, for ONLY ONE DOLLAR EACH. G. 0. EVANS, 4T6 Pcaairlnalt A rent..*...476 f? r Ladled, Call Early elDOLR'S ORIGINAL f 1 STORE. lDDLE*S ORIGINAL ?1 STORK. 5 o. 304 PENNA. AVENUE, o. 30* PENNA- AVENUE. Additional inr?io?? J??t received of New ted Beaatifnl Jewelry. YOU CAN TaKK your CHOICEFOR ONLY ONE XH'LLAR. CORAL arid GOLD SETS. EN AM ELKO TWIST SE'rS, MED\lTiox SETS, REAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS. KL K\ Md VASE SETS. L*VA and DBAD SKTh. VASE and BRILLIANT SETS, RUIN MOSAIC *ETS, CAMEO and GOL.II fcTONE SETS. cakkl VCLE SETS. PLAIN GOLO SETS, UAAITc r n n ' uiii - D AX rF.NTS' VEST CHAINS. 1NW WATCH KEYS. 'NTS' SEALS nad CHAINS. _ SNTtt' M.fc EVKB' TTONB and STUDS il MULES. PENS, PKNCII<S. ...NO?, SILVER Pi. AT El) SPOONS. GObLETS, CL PS. Ac. Everything in the store new w4 perfect, i guarantied to be auch u represented fLT Every mrtitlt majmtfmt wtd for ru*tl trade. aud warranted to b- the ss as ia retailed from five to thirty dollars i YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, Rteimiii or Co?t. At this groat sals continues hat a abort tia?s. Mrwni desiring to supply theme?1vss with Jewelry at these unheard of prioes will please oal! early a t "" ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORK. 302 Pennsylvania ft venae, between 9th and 10th streets D W. KIDDLE. fOT R?*memhe>r the Number?30a?as we have bo oonoeotioc with others, professing to sell ftt our prioas, in t<is oity. Reeeived this day ft large invoic? of SILVER WAKE, creating ut Uisftkfftat ftad '!** Sets; Cart! and Cake Ui^k-U, Patent Svrup Pitohera. fat'er Diahea: Fruit Kaivea; Tea K-mres Forks; able, Desaert fti><l I >a Spot>nr; T<>b*oeo Suasr ftnd Creftin *ooou?: Ns.?kta - eeta ami andt, Kma aed ' ork?. in i?U: tM CfMin, fie tad Fich Kuivea; BmkfMt ai tl Dinner Caetore; Double and Ringla t^a-ia, a larte variety ol Piain, CUaeed, end Gilt 6ob'?U, Cupa, Ac. Ail the *t>ove art'dwa to beeouLwiu out regard to origtial ooat, at fram #1 to Ran. and wa.rriM.ted to b? what they are r*pr?w>nte4. and fnily 100 err ceut. "?? than they oan be bou?ht 26-tr 304 Pa. ? .. l?t 9th and l"th ate. f^REA r REDUCTION '?p PRICE TO 4UIT ' THE TlMKB. We are (.ferine great inducement* for oaeh. Oir entire atoo* at a iraat red->otion. 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